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  1. Carl

    Hubbs Sea World fish farm plan.

    Anybody else see the LA Times article where Hubbs SeaWorld is planning to operate a fish farm in our waters in order to sell us their pen raised YT? Feel free to post link. Im not too tech savvy. Just when I thought I couldn't dislike that organization any more, they up the bar.
  2. Carl

    La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    There are cameras on that lot. Believe it or not the Lifeguard station in Quivira Basin is who to talk to. Sdpd should look into it as you have an assault with a deadly weapon case as opposed to attempted theft.... did you call sdpd?
  3. Carl

    Marlin Reports?

    How do you get a four cornered triangle?🙂
  4. Carl

    Threshers galore!

    What is the "problem"? The fishery is managed. This is California, its Heavily managed /regulated Commercial and rec... if anything this pic shows just how healthy and well managed the fishery is... if guys can have that kind of success of a damn pier how does one conclude anything else? What is...
  5. Carl

    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    A spearfish is still an unchecked box for me. That's awesome. .. I thought the pic I sent u was badass but you had a topper maybe lol
  6. Carl

    Tie Line or Swivel to This?

    Snap on, snap off
  7. Carl

    Spinner experts...advice on proper technique?

    No, never fished before, much less owned a spinner or crewed charter boats with spinning gear.
  8. Carl

    Spinner experts...advice on proper technique?

    Too much verbosity to read through.. Going back to the OP quote is snapping at your leader. Makes me think you are trying a shitty connection knot to your leader. Otherwise, tight drag, wild hookset etc would be just as likely to break elsewhere than your "leader".
  9. Carl

    Student Of Slay – Reconnecting To SoCal

  10. Carl

    Basketball is over...

    Alright,, so am I the only perv who clicked on the womensbasketballshorts link hoping to see booty?
  11. Carl

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Damn.. love you buddy. Val really thought you were as good looking as me?
  12. Carl

    First time San Diego-Zero

    Fishing sucks here at the moment
  13. Carl

    Update on my wife’s cancer

    Awesome! Love you Tommy, all my best going forward!
  14. Carl

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Jason has a shitload of decoys and calls. No need to scout......if you go out into that furnace for the opener, I'd appreciate if you would leave your boat fueled up... I promise I won't bring Billy or Lou lol
  15. Carl

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    You need someone praying for your heathenous soul. Couple of weeks til Birds of Peace can be indiscriminately slaughtered. I think I'll go fishing/ bikini watching on the first
  16. Carl

    Happy Sunday my friends

    Pterodactyl or Bat Ray?
  17. Carl

    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    Theres no question the hull should be kept clean. I dont understand why a dirty hull would only affect one motor of twins.. Or I totally missed something
  18. Carl

    One Dead, more Missing off San Clemente Island: 7/31/20

    Yesterday I heard the Navy on 72 asking rec. Fisherman including a couple sport boats to clear the search area... and of course a couple idiots picked up the mic and started talking shit... Wtf is wrong with people? Why does a microphone = ass hole?
  19. Carl

    Parker 2310 - why d/c'd?

    That's a shame. I like the 10 models and think the 20's are extremely poorly designed.
  20. Carl

    What’s the purpose of dragging line behind San Diego sport boat, not trolling

    Prop foul the sportboat followers
  21. Carl

    Background check delayed?

    Was your prior submittal a handgun? You have to wait 30+ days between new handgun DROS submittals or you will get a 30 day rejection
  22. Carl

    Wanted accurate bv 1000

    Go to turners and buy a new one for that price
  23. Carl

    Can I buy a hand gun online?

    Yes. Arrange with an ffl willing to do the transfer in your area. Also, the handgun must be on the California Roster of Approved Handguns unless you are an active leo... Most on line stuff is out of stock too.
  24. Carl

    Background check delayed?

    No... a "delay" notice is different than still "pending".... a "delay" does not equal "denied"... he may very well be "approved after delay"... or not... The last week or two the background checks have been completed within 10 day waiting period generally.
  25. Carl

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    Why the hell anybody starts on a paddy uphill of it is beyond me...
  26. Carl


    If you intend to release the fish you'll need to mouth hook the shark... ie eat a live bait like a mackerel. Trolling generally results in a tail hooked fish that often dies before being boated.. As a side benefit of baiting them the mouth hooked fish tend to do some spectacular jumps.
  27. Carl

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Marcus just skimmed it. He was running into the shop to pick up his bullhorn for the next protest.
  28. Carl

    Why no love for the original Albright knot?

    I can tie the modified albright/rp/john collins/alberto knot much quicker due to fewer turns than the Albright. Also when I tie a bad one it pulls out in my hands not in the water... = zero incentive to tie an albright... I have zero mechanical ability or patience. It's the knot that works for...
  29. Carl

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Hail Mary full of grace, please don"t let me whiff on all 3 again and be a disgrace... blessed are thou among women, this time let me have dead birds all over the place...
  30. Carl

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    I need all 3 shots.. The 20s that I'm looking at are all back ordered.. So many guns bought to protect the horded toilet paper by guys like Meeker..
  31. Carl

    Braid to braid splice or no?

    Not correct.... You've made the almost certainly false assumptions that the lines abs= the pound test label on the spool... Unless it is an igfa or "tournament" line the lb. Test label on the spool is pretty irrelevant to abs... Obviously the reference you questioned would be the weaker of the...
  32. Carl

    Mako sharks are so bad ass!

    Cool post and pics! I assume "sharky Dave" is Dave Trimble?
  33. Carl

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Get that shit figured out so I can mooch some shells off you... now I gotta find a 20 gauge that I want that isnt back ordered
  34. Carl

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    There is something inherently wrong with someone that invests time and thought into shooting Birds of Peace.
  35. Carl

    Fishing line Installation at a tackle shop

    Good God! Really? You're talking a variation of maybe $1 per 100 yds... you want a spread sheet for that? You're going to burn more gas than that going to the second closest tackle shop to your house. If the person doing it is competent, especially with larger reels is far more important as...
  36. Carl

    Lost bait receiver mission bay

    Dummy... fish oil knot on the receiver?
  37. Carl

    Upper Hidden 5/26 & Fish ID?

    Also note the color of the anal fin. The white anal fin is the easiest dead giveaway of a bft. Length of pec fins proportionately longer on bigeye than bft or yft. Yft have similar fin colors.
  38. Carl

    FFL03 + COE Questions

    Perhaps some retailers in other states don't care; but cops in California are sworn to uphold the "BS laws" (I agree with that characterization of internet ammo sales prohibition).. ..n
  39. Carl

    Looking to getting back

    RUGER PC Carbine for cheap 9mm ammo plinking. Do you want a semi auto or bolt action in 5.56? If you don't want to play the California Compliant AR game (as the rules now stand) the traditional mini 14 or mini 30 in 7.62 x39 are good calls. Howa makes a good rifle scope combo pkg in a bolt...
  40. Carl

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    Then stay home! I respect your choice. Don't dictate to me whether or not I choose to fish. My intention is always to distance myself from tuna fisherman.
  41. Carl

    It's Good Friday and "The State" is infringing on my religious right

    The various governments/officials, school superintendents et al will be taking credit for the low numbers. After all it was their policies that saved us.... be sure to remember that when its time to vote... I'm sure the political ads won't let us forget their wonderfulness
  42. Carl

    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    Then again its "adults" who have decided to horde toilet paper...
  43. Carl

    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    I'm not persuaded by the argument that " they stopped at 7/11 and put people at risk." If the people at 7/11 didn't need their jobs they wouldn't be there. Without customers there is no job. I haven't exactly noticed "essential" retail and food employees dying en masse.. adults need to make...
  44. Carl

    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    Omfg! Two guys went fishing. Mobilize the National Guard....
  45. Carl

    It's Good Friday and "The State" is infringing on my religious right

    I remember when I showed you what a halibut looks like..
  46. Carl

    Possible Positive Unexpected Consequences

    The California commercial bluefin quota for this year was filled long ago. If you have information to support " commercial fisherman ARE fishing a whole different zone then we ARE RIGHT NOW" I'm sure the authorities would love to hear about it.
  47. Carl

    Melton’s Tackle Looted

    I mentioned SDTT because their gear wasnt nib nor the boats gear. ... several retail businesses have been hit as well.... but go ahead and buy "great deals" on line and come on bd and Express shock and anger over thefts... they steal it to sell it... some of these stores have outstanding cameras...
  48. Carl

    Melton’s Tackle Looted

    There has been a lot of tackle burglaries over the last few years... you guys buying tackle on line and swap meets from private parties are perpetuating this...
  49. Carl

    Seaborg or Tanacom

    Lindgren pittman.. $$
  50. Carl

    Ocean Institute’s tall ship Pilgrim Sank

    I like the quote from Mr. Goldbacher. Lol
  51. Carl

    3/28/2020 Local Report

    Half Banded Rockfish or not
  52. Carl

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    Soooo by going fishing we are taking the lifeguards away from what duties you dummys? They're fucking lifeguards not physicians or biotech scientists. Boaters and swimmers are their duty.
  53. Carl

    Mission Bay Closed?

    What did they get tickets for? What did the citation say?
  54. Carl

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Who wants to sue that this is a clear cut violation of the 2nd Amendment.... oh yeah let's also mention "right to assemble" perhaps..
  55. Carl

    FFL03 + COE Questions

    Those are questions that if answered incorrectly could land you in handcuffs. I hope you have other sources of info. Call Bruce Colodny. He's a lawyer with expertise in gun laws
  56. Carl

    What caliber after.22 need suggestions

    If you want a 9mm carbine for target shooting, get a Ruger PC carbine. If you want a hunting rifle go with a rifle cartridge. .270, one of the 30's or 6.5 are all good choices.... if you're in SD pm me. You can come to the store where I work and have the lad handle all of the above.... I'd...
  57. Carl

    Sea Launch going to Russia

    Hopefully they know what they're doing or somebody is gonna be pissed... That cargo looks pretty spendy.
  58. Carl

    Chillin in PV!

    What's that weird fish?
  59. Carl

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    Soooooo who else has never heard of all these "sand Diego tuna jigging charters" ?
  60. Carl


    Bump so Sunny can find it
  61. Carl

    Reading this thread, You are missing out!

    Jon, I remember meeting you several years ago when I did some electrical work on your garage, I still remember thinking you were a super nice guy. Apparently, I didn't place you yesterday or I would have said "Hi" sorry about that. I doubt there will be another fishing auction as pretty much...
  62. Carl


    Thank you everybody! We did something special for a wonderful person. :appl: for everyone involved
  63. Carl


    Pre_ heading down bump
  64. Carl


    Bump for Super Sunny! Gettin close
  65. Carl


    Adapt and overcome.... What was your career path? 😉.... Personally, I am going to make an appt. With my hairdresser for Sunday morning in the event my coif gets out of whack. Btw I want to thank my buddy Brian of worldclasssharkfishing for offering to take Sunny and myself out fishing after...
  66. Carl


    Look forward to seeing you Max! You know I have a soft spot for your dumb ass LOL
  67. Carl


    The Raider jigs are secured and gonna be sent tomorrow (separate from the auction).. I am going to donate a brand new, still in wrapper, Graftech rail rod which between the long range guys and local bluefin I am thinking Somebody would find useful.... Sunny is a wonderful person let's help...
  68. Carl


    Bump for Super Sunny!
  69. Carl


    I talked with Bo this morning as well as Lori(thanks Lori!) who is also trying to help Bo out. I wanted to get a better feel for what is going to be available at the auction. I can assure that there is going to be tons of stuff. Including fishing tackle including high end rods and reels...
  70. Carl


    Thank all of you so much for your support :loverz:
  71. Carl


    You can PM me to arrange drop off. Also, I don't see a problem with showing up a bit early on the 22nd and discussing with bo what you'd like to donate so he can include it in the auction or whatever is appropriate... some prior heads up would probably make it easier on bo.. I'm in regular...
  72. Carl

    WTB Shimano Crucial 6’3” spinning rod

    Whose rod did you break Tommy?
  73. Carl

    SOLD NEW Trinidad 30A

    I'll trade 1 dinner at Venetian
  74. Carl


    Thank you guys! I returned the pm. Let's take care of Super Sunny!
  75. Carl

    Setting up a Daiwa BG 8000.

    If you're thinking bigger bluefin on big poppers, crimp 200 lb.. leaders to the popper. Come by the shop and I can do
  76. Carl


    Bump for Super Sunny!
  77. Carl


    Bump for Super Sunny
  78. Carl


    Thanks buddy.. I heart Mike... :loverz:
  79. Carl


    Not at this time Mike. I just got the flyer from Bo this morning before starting work. He did mention to me that he is not going to handle any cash. That is something that warrants more consideration perhaps. Frankly, I wouldn't know how to even go about that. Call me around 8 tomorrow...
  80. Carl


    Anybody that has met Sunny doesn't need me to tell them how wonderful Sunny is. If you haven't, I'll be happy to tell you. She's my favorite:)... Sorry Snaggy LOL Please help support this event.! I'm reaching out to a lot of people in the fishing industry to help Bo & Sunny any way we can...
  81. Carl

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    Hey Yessok I said the knot does not increase the breaking strength of the line. That is absolutely true! If line breaks at 30 it breaks at 30. Putting a knot in the line does not make the line break at a higher number. As a side note. the Lb test # printed on the side of the package of all...
  82. Carl

    Bed bugs on boats

    bump :D
  83. Carl

    Deep Drop Swords

    That queen queef guy just sent me a pm and got added too
  84. Carl

    Deep Drop Swords

    Id have to un Ignore somebody to see what the shit show was about. Ill pass
  85. Carl

    Bed bugs on boats

    Sooooo I'm the only one that looked at the original pic and thought " I would"?
  86. Carl

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Sooooooo nobody misses Gil Marlins "jokes"..... shocker :
  87. Carl

    Loaded the boat.

  88. Carl

    Your experience with Fishdope

    I just fish with Travis :D
  89. Carl

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

    This would explain a lot of the posts in the LR Forum... IE a new thread on how to connect braid to fluoro every 20 minutes... :D
  90. Carl

    Beat the ammo deadline ammo sale at Turners El Cajon

    Btw if your ID's magnetic strip is damaged and wont scan you can't be background checked for ammo. IE you are screwed. If your ID has "Federal Limits Apply" on it you must have a passport or birth certificate additionally to purchase. Effective 7/1
  91. Carl

    Abyss or Black Diamond

    And you know its not stolen
  92. Carl

    BFT rods

    You can borrow mine
  93. Carl

    FREE San Diego Tackle Traders break in

    Some "good" deals coming for those of you too shrewd to pay retail. They wouldn't steal it if they couldn't sell it.
  94. Carl

    Pulled some hooks on big Yellowtail at San Clemente

    For Gods sake ignore the horrible advice in these replies and listen to the crew.....
  95. Carl

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    Regardless of the date you purchase a 365 day lic it will cover days you dont fish... Also, the lic fee was static for at least 3 years before this years increase
  96. Carl

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    Non-issue. Changing the system would drive the price up.
  97. Carl

    SD Padres starting out on fire

    Way to jinx them Mike :shake:
  98. Carl

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

    Walk around you lazy dipshit
  99. Carl

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    It was good news. You got a couple stents and you're healthier than you've been for many years.... Let's fuck with MM
  100. Carl

    Mako sharks listed as endangered

    I don't think rec anglers kill enough sharks of any species to worry about.... Pretty sure the fisheries management professionals set limits around here accordingly. But, you dummies see a video of a shark finning boat off Malaysia and equate that somehow to California anglers; very few of whom...
  101. Carl

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Damn bro.... Time for a smooth spell healt wise huh? Glad you are good to go. You're a good dude and I wanna fish with you again. :loverz:
  102. Carl

    PLEASE! Dont sell me any more Newells.

    Dont tell Frank you're a lefty
  103. Carl

    1st timer flyfishing

    A spinning rod
  104. Carl

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    Im with you Carl. But, for the record it's not "Miss" otherwise I'd be puttin the moves on her LOL Orrrrrrr I'm mistaken and need to up my game :D
  105. Carl

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    Finally, a conservationist representative I can support. go Wendy!
  106. Carl


    You're turning Tuna Town to Tinsel Town with all your blingy new shit. I think I'll come up and scratch something this summer
  107. Carl

    2/9-1.5 day trip to Colonet on the Pacific Queen

    Good fishing guys! The pics would be goo too if Ezekiel kept his ugly ass out of them LOL
  108. Carl

    5th Annual Super Bowl Prediction Contest - 2019

    Max tried to deflate his score pick :shake:
  109. Carl

    How bout them Chargers!!

    The kneeling turned apathy to boycott
  110. Carl

    How bout them Chargers!!

    I grew up a SD Charger fan. Im not an LA Charger fan. In fact I quit watching the NFL last season altogether. however, I will predict the Chargers win the superbowl this year; confirming that the universe is a big conspiracy to fuck with me.
  111. Carl

    Siemens 200 amp Panel

    Now that the sale has been settled... I've never understood why sub panels are sold without the seperate ground buss.
  112. Carl

    moving to Poulsbo from socal.

    Definitely spend some time in Westport. dragonballs was kind enough to invite me up a couple years ago. Really enjoyed meeting him and a bunch of other guys on this board.... Except ducker :D
  113. Carl

    La Jolla 12/21/2018

    Stinger hooks = dead shorts and other throwbacks
  114. Carl

    My Report For the Holidays

    You shoulda brought more ice
  115. Carl

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    I'd hit it
  116. Carl

    HXW Raptor line fill up

    Why? Have you been popping them off on 100? What do you set your drag at?
  117. Carl

    Oceanside Chabasco II

    :appl: Tiny(not skinny) , ernie and the guys are a good bunch
  118. Carl

    Legislature Passes Measure to End Use of Deadly Fishing Nets

    Take out the part about it killing pinnipeds and im cool with the ban
  119. Carl

    Sorry flip flops or ??

    Three pages of people giving a shit what kind of shoes mike wears :zelfmoord
  120. Carl

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    I enjoyed fishing on that boat with greg obeymako. Sad to see.
  121. Carl

    8/12 Oside - marlin or blue?

    Why are there so many lame nicknames for purple dragons?
  122. Carl

    First time fishing today

    :appl: Are those THE pliers? :D
  123. Carl

    New Law Prohibits Sale Of All Billfish On U.S. Mainland

    Do any of you dummys read English? It says Marlin, sailfish and spearfish.... No mention of Elvis :rolleyes:
  124. Carl

    Truline , Conolon for Sealskinner

    Great looking work! Make sure he pays you in cash and scrutinize the bills
  125. Carl

    Need a good fish processor near Mission Bay...

    It aint going to happen in your time frame. If you drop fish off in the afternoon, they wouldnt get cut until the next day. Sportsmans Seafood is across the street from the enttrance of Dana launch ramp in mission bay.. I've pulled up to their dock via boat and unloaded too.
  126. Carl

    Awesome MT flyfishing

    Where do you get your fishing shirts? I need some high performance fishing apparel....,,
  127. Carl

    Visx as a Kite reel

    130 is conciderably thicker than 100 in most brands. Thus it catches a lot more wind producing a larger belly in your airborne line....aka slack that needs to come out after getting bit. Do you pull so hard that you've been popping 100?
  128. Carl

    500 gram FlatFall

    You forgot to mention the expert advice from the friendly and handsome salesman and the bargain on the graftech rods particularly the 80-100 rail rod lol
  129. Carl

    Recommendations for a 4 pack charter SD/OC

    He moved out of state
  130. Carl

    Kelp paddy strategies?

    I strongly disagree with the stop upswell as the first move approach. If you do this you have no shot at keeping a fish out of the paddy. Simple physics, you're drifting in the same direction. Ive seen it countless times and it never ceases to amaze me that so many people make and repeat this...
  131. Carl

    Free UFC on FS1

    Im watching, but those two guys should be retired
  132. Carl

    Braid vs Mono Rod Ratings

    Not to take this too far sideways buuuuuuut Another one of my favorites is the ridiculous numbers stamped on a spool of line. A frequent conversation with customers goes like this. Customer: " Hey, spool me up with 30# abc brand, because it's the strongest 30lb." Me: " Really, what's the...
  133. Carl

    Braid vs Mono Rod Ratings

    I work in tackle sales. I pull on the rod and decide what its rated. The numbers on the rod are to be ignored. The exception being if you have a proteus rated 30-60 or whatever and want another proteus lighter or heavier, then the rating is useful as a reference point. Most manufactures...
  134. Carl


    I got wood for you
  135. Carl

    I Was Almost Killed By Discarded Fishing Line!

    Thats a bit out of his way...,,,,,
  136. Carl

    Help me with FG knot please

    Dont be fooled by the "60" or whatever number is on the line spool. With the exception of seaguar premier, fluoro will break way over.... Braids vary a lot. I've generally found that high thread count/thin diameter braids break rather easily. Sometimes we get bored at the tackle shop and do pull...
  137. Carl

    BD Reunion Vendetta Trip 7/14/2018 to Take Back the Crown

    Nick gave it a damned good effort under tough conditions. Thanks Snaggie for putting this together for us! Thanks BD for the swag... I heart Michelle. Sorry I was so beat down and napped so much guys, long week, long Fri., minimal sleep is tough on an old fart. I now know what its like to be...
  138. Carl

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    Call (858) 775-7812 (brian) Or 619 559-5930 (jack) They are partners in World Class Shark Fishing charters. They run charters targetting the monsters up there. I've fished with both of them many times and they know their shit. It is probable that you will get into a fish over #300 with...
  139. Carl

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    With a little research you will find that some of the bigger names in SAC are heavily investedin commercial fishing.
  140. Carl

    Pops went to be with Jesus,(Tough week)

    Sorry buddy, I heart John
  141. Carl

    BD Reunion "Take Back the Crown" Vendetta Fishing Trip 7/14/2018

    Im more of an afternoon fisherman..... Nevertheless, I so have this in the bag. Regaining the crown will be nice. Making Pachodie cry will be priceless.
  142. Carl

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Apparently you can Be a recipient if you're having homosexual intercourse?
  143. Carl

    Old toriums

    Call dougy at dana landing early in the morning
  144. Carl

    Shoulder issue. Need advice

    Quit being a pussy! Rub some dirt on it and get back in the game....
  145. Carl

    Use helium balloon with the kite?

    Not on a boston big game kite. What kind of kite do you have?
  146. Carl

    Dropper Loop vs. 3-Way

    Thanks for posting the pic of the weight with the line on it! Most BDers have no shot at visualizing that :imdumb:
  147. Carl

    Looking for 2 this memorial day 05/28

    Are the Gerfelte Fish running?
  148. Carl

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Bump to hook Jason up.....Unfortunately my kidneys are not a match, so Its time for part of someone beside me to be inside Jason....
  149. Carl


    He ran out of ........................s
  150. Carl

    04-15-18 aboard the Newseaforth

    If i knew you googans were on ther i woulda cruised by and flipped you off
  151. Carl

    I feel trapped...

    Awesome, now guys can catch all the shorts and lizardfish that were raking their baits
  152. Carl

    Lead Tackle Ban Bill Stalls In California

    A glimmerof hope in this political cesspool of a state. Where is the petition, so we can sign?
  153. Carl

    dreaded googain question (im the googain)

    As a proud Googan, I must show you the proper spelling of the word.
  154. Carl

    White Seabass hatchery a failure

    Regardless, the ratio of turned in heads being hatchery fish is the telling number.
  155. Carl

    LynDeva could you some positives vibes and prayers

    All my best Debi!
  156. Carl

    You probably knew this

    I sing on 27 so i can hear myself on the radio
  157. Carl

    California White Seabass NEWS!!!!

    According to my face to face direct question to The Hubbs/ Sea World WSB honcho(s) the rate of hatchery fish to returned heads is 1:470...... Thats less than one quarter of one percent.... You draw your own conclusions if the program is worth funding. I drew mine years ago. Between the money...
  158. Carl

    Perfection loop for our albacore?

    Izor is significantly thicker than BG per the lb test label on the spool..... Ie it is the most mislabeled. They put a 30 on the side of a spool of 50... People then buy it because "it's the strongest 30"... :rolleyes:
  159. Carl

    Check out this Pigzilla

    I hope you left the cucumbers
  160. Carl

    Check out this Pigzilla

    Hey Marty are you back from Hemet?
  161. Carl

    Pacific Star might lose it license?

    Someone please learn the difference between the MLPA, and MPA's. :shake: After that we'll broaden to MCA's.
  162. Carl

    Weird starfish

    Jason at duck camp.
  163. Carl

    Tonights CCA Meeting

    Anybody going to see, or have thoughts on Wayne Kotows choice of presenter?
  164. Carl

    Braid to Mono/Fluoro: Winners and Losers

    If the knot snapped how does one know what the lines breaking point is? i always crack up at people coming in to have their reel spooled up with brand x line because "it's the strongest 30 lb test"... i reply " really, whats the heaviest 30 lb weight you ever lifted?"
  165. Carl

    sheena was a man!!

    Sooo Marty is trying to pull it together in Hemet
  166. Carl

    Penn 30SW & 50SW Bluefin set up

    Put the yummee on the 50 and. the kite on the 30. 130 is heavier than ideal for the kite though. Better yet, give them to me because you don't fish anyway.
  167. Carl

    Sinker advice for a new guy to saltwater.

    Go to a tackle shop, explain your needs and buy what they recommend.. From them.
  168. Carl


    Hey, for .88 cents a pair for new chonies the road trip was worth it.
  169. Carl


    Hey, for .88 cents a pair for new chonies the road trip was worth it.
  170. Carl

    Horrible So Cal Duck Season 2017/18

    These stupid things keep buzzing around. I’ve wasted 20 shells to them so far and haven’t connected. Shell 21 went better:D
  171. Carl

    San Jacinto 1-17-18

    Any size to the coot? Full plumage drake?
  172. Carl

    Are anodes that important?

    If you need to remove your outdrive, work smarter, not harder.
  173. Carl

    BD Points I Don't Give a Shit

    I got a Free bumper sticker. I'm hoping if I tell the dorky owners, That they're cool I can parlay that into a coozie this year.
  174. Carl

    Crocodile Bay Resort New Years Family Vacation

    Glad to see you got some snapper down there.
  175. Carl


    I'm jelly LOL Based on that last pic you were fishing commando style. Maybe thats the key to cracking 40?
  176. Carl

    Wish list fish.

    I can make myself available at that time Mike :D Opah 40 lb SoCal hali...... I've caught a number of em over 30 but can't seem to crack 40
  177. Carl

    Sculpin Closed Until March 1 2018...?

    No. They've reopened jan 1 the last several years
  178. Carl

    unhooking a shark

    I feel a longer solid strand leader is preferable. Sometimes the situation dictates clipping father than 18" from the hook. Stranded cable is more difficult to cut than the solid. You can cut a longer leader within 18" if is safe to do so, the reverse is not necessarily true. Super easy to...
  179. Carl

    unhooking a shark

    How is cutting the hook advantageous to clipping the wire? The portion of the hook in the shark remains. Personally, I clip the wire. Screw the hook. I've seen sharks feeding with hooks in their mouth. All the larger sharks I've seen bore scars from old wounds far greater than any hook in the...
  180. Carl


    I don't know what your trip is. I'm sure I can find on the internet lots of people that I don't know spewing e verything that I disagree with. I couldn't care less. I'm going to wake up tomorrow, take care of my business and talk with some friends. Live my life. I wont toss and turn tonight...
  181. Carl


    Who cares?
  182. Carl


    Im glad you're done going deer shooting and got to do something fun
  183. Carl

    corrospondence with santa

    Merry Christmas Doug
  184. Carl

    Education needed... New Lightweight Composite Rods

    With the space age rods the blanks are generally so light that the felt weight differences come in the grip selection.
  185. Carl

    Education needed... New Lightweight Composite Rods

    You already know the pros. Con is they are probably a bit more brittle than the thicker/higher glass content rods.... Bounce fish with caution if you must do it. Dont do it straight up and in ie rod perpendicular to boat.... Point rod along rail and go sideways maintaining a bend in rod that...
  186. Carl

    SOLD Hookup Baits Lot!!!!!!!

    They resemble Gitzits in appearance but have a much different action. I fished Gitzits in the 80's for green bass and remember them well. They fell with a spiraling action, the hub's dart around..... I fished a couple of the demos chad left at dana landing to see what the hubbub was about.
  187. Carl

    Epic day on the Toronado

    :appl: Btw it was a pleasure meeting you and Liam the other day Debi... After you went out I was pissed I didn't think to ask you to let me hold your pliers for good juju :D
  188. Carl

    quick earthquake or tremor....around 4 pm anyone else feel it ?

    didn't feel it on the boat in Cabo :D
  189. Carl

    CBX Border Bridge, Aero Calafia review and Loreto fish report 4/8.

    Ok is this still accurate info? Im flying out of tj tomorrow on volaris. Just bringing a few changes of clothes. Show up at pedestrian gate with boarding pass, have some cash and passport and i'm good to go? How long before flight do i need to get to U.S. Side of gate? I
  190. Carl

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    Well if you're not doing anything wrong in the first place, you don't have to worry about pictures etc..... Instead of respect, we've had a culture of arrogance that results in the reaction of "these ass holes don't want to follow our laws. Fuck em we'll close them out altogether". Reaping...
  191. Carl

    Tuna at the nipple 11-24

    Great comment. :rolleyes: Then you get 150 pounds or so of fillets in ZipLocs that get freezer burned after a week.. Isn't ice Your usual focus, now you've expanded into whether or not they use the processor.... Taking fish to the processor is worth every penny imo. Congrats on the tuna...
  192. Carl

    Waypoint transfer

    I claim everything W of the 117.00 line........
  193. Carl

    Hey Halibut Fisherman......

    I've done zero prefishing, have no idea where to fish. I havent even heard a good halibut story lately..... It's going to be my year. :urno1:
  194. Carl

    Waypoint transfer

    I'll do it.....:D I'm always open to learning new spots errrrrrrrrr helping a brother out
  195. Carl

    What kind of eels are these? Good eating?

    Better read up on legal methods of take before you keep anything out of a hoopnet that aint a lobster or crab.
  196. Carl

    Congrats on 40 Years for Catalina Offshore Products

    What's Tommy going to put his mug on next is the big stir LOL
  197. Carl

    Local San Diego rockfish and cod

    For the record... That was Billy V on Johnnys account with the sunblock... It was a little slow and we were having a little fun with our friend and my son once removed Kiel.
  198. Carl

    Jim Mora fired at UCLA

    :eyepoppin: Shit, they could fire me for half of that$........
  199. Carl

    Local San Diego rockfish and cod

    When going "stealthy" for the rockfish with the hoochie sinker do you recommend going to light floral line?
  200. Carl

    Friends of yours??

    A SanDieGoogan would have drawn :boobies: Just sayin
  201. Carl


    LMAO Leo LOL I want you in for sure! I'm going to buy myself a special dinner with your dinero.
  202. Carl


    I processed at least one other entry besides jons today too mikey.......
  203. Carl

    Wister In The Heat 10-28-17

  204. Carl

    Next week makes 50 years...

    Cool I'm coming down. Wait in the road for me.
  205. Carl

    28' Flybridge Tollycraft.

    Lots of good trips and memories on this boat. I always thought the old timers talking about how certain boats got bit better on the troll than others were full of sentimental bs. This boat gets bit. Marlin seem to like it. They bit us on the troll multiple times this year and I'm a marlin...
  206. Carl

    Can you tie a dropper loop type knot in braided line???

    Guys use it for a loop to attach the release clip for yummees. The kite would be at the tag end. Tie one, attach the tag end to something immovable and pull. I've done it by tying a heavy snap swivel on the tag end(double san diego) and clipping the snap swivel onto an eye bolt screwed into a...
  207. Carl

    Oside-95 11/5 report Bluefin

    "Like with girls. Start light, when you get dumped go heavier" lmao
  208. Carl


    :rofl::rofl: I don't totally disagree with Mike necessarily, but that's funny.. If I spot a paddy in the gyros I can't call dibs on it til my slower boat can get to it... That being said I've hunted swords working with a plane and if a Skiff zipped in on a fish our plane called us in on there...
  209. Carl

    Need a mobile boat detailer

    Josh 619-456-1217
  210. Carl

    Can you tie a dropper loop type knot in braided line???

    Spider Hitch Tie a loop with one, drop loop over your tow hitch and pull like a MF'er. I'm guessing you'll deem it strong enough for w hatever you have in mind.
  211. Carl

    Michael Bisping vs Georges St Pierre - Title Fight Sat 11/4

    Nice to see the loudmouths lose to the classier fighter..... I can't stand bisping. Can't believe he ran smack after that shitty performance against henderson. That being said, I'm glad i didn't bet on this card. I would have lost my ass
  212. Carl

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    When I become Divine Holy Emperor I'm going to forbid idiots and nutjobs from commenting on politics. Most who do are double qualifiers. I enjoy peace and quiet. That decree alone will satisfy that.
  213. Carl


    Thanks for posting on here Again Bud. Informative and or funny. I always click on your posts.
  214. Carl

    I got out-fished at San Vicente today...

    Cool pic but the bird farmed it bieber
  215. Carl

    VIDEO - BD Reunion Charter 10.14.17

    thanks Pachodie is Brandon, the googan in the dorado colored shorts on the trip, BD handle
  216. Carl

    VIDEO - BD Reunion Charter 10.14.17

    Great job on the video LJ! I can only imagine the countless hours you spent editing out all of Pachodies bird nests and tangles...... :D
  217. Carl


    The location of your holes is well known to me',,,,,,,,,, and many others.............
  218. Carl


    I appreciate your contribution to mine. :D
  219. Carl

    We have a new King!!! Snaggie BD Reunion Charter Trip on the Vendetta, huge success!

    That was fun and great fishing. A tip of the cap to capt. nick! Next year I'll be coming back to kick some royal ass :D
  220. Carl

    Lizardfish everywhere

    My proudest angling moment was when otto, Simon and myself threw those 7 slob lizards on the weigh in table to crush the competition. I miss fishing with those guys..... On another trip otto dropped down a lizard for bait and hooked a hundred pound thresher that got full air..... I heart...
  221. Carl

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Count me among those that prefer the 10 model Parkers over the 20. Isenglass with a hard top and a belly hoop in top is a setup that is hard to beat. Personally. My dream boat is a Davis with outboard power.
  222. Carl


    Holyfuckingshit! :eyepoppin:
  223. Carl

    BD members reunion charter trip on the Vendetta Oct. 14th Avail spots open

    i'm going to cruise around listening to Lorde this week to get my mind right :D
  224. Carl

    Boycott NFL Sunday Nov. 12th 2017 please read ....

    I think if I had a free ticket I would stand for the anthem. Then I would walk out during the kickoff and go home.
  225. Carl

    Boycott NFL Sunday Nov. 12th 2017 please read ....

    I won't be watching to see who stands or anything else. No longer a product i'm interested in much less enjoy.
  226. Carl

    Now that the Chargers have moved. Are you hate watching?

    I flipped on the charger game for about 2 minutes to see how LA was warming up to them. LMAO and switched to golf. That's been the extent of my NFL viewing this year.... i intend to ignore it for the foreseeable future. Given my level of apathy I don't see myself watching again anytime soon...
  227. Carl

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Too dangerous, you'll need to stay home.....
  228. Carl

    BD members reunion charter trip on the Vendetta Oct. 14th Avail spots open

    I'm such a benevolent King that I'm surprised at the hate from the serfs LOL
  229. Carl

    BD members reunion charter trip on the Vendetta Oct. 14th Avail spots open

    Those two peons will be tangled with each other all day. Not even on the radar.
  230. Carl

    BD members reunion charter trip on the Vendetta Oct. 14th Avail spots open

    What rod do you Googans think I should get for my new Okuma Soltera? Snaggie, are you bringing jewels to add to my crown or are you adding a scepter or something to my royal acoutrements when i extend my reign? Perhaps a wench for his majesty :boobies:
  231. Carl

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Travis told me that he did all the work and you put in the bait net holders in the last pic. Something about you liking a fresh net for a fresh bait.....
  232. Carl

    Best eating----- Calico Bass or Lingcod?

    Let's assume they've been eating seafood....
  233. Carl

    Left them biting near the 182 today, Wed 9.20...WFO Yellowfin

    Between you and the Legasea guys the neighborhood really went to hell for a while there. LOL Congrats on catching
  234. Carl

    Tuna live bait pinning reel that doesn't twist line?

    I doubt it. No albacore has ever pulled 20+pounds of drag. Furthermore, an anchovy appropriate hook would almost certainly straighten or pull on a bigger fish with that drag. 6 or 7# is probably realistic.
  235. Carl

    Labor Day 5 day SoA cliff notes

    Congrats on the fish and slimming down jason. But, what happened to your face?
  236. Carl

    Hurricane Irma help

    I'm going out on a limb that he's sending the 14% to Fla..
  237. Carl

    Dana Landing Hit and Run (9/2)

    go to the lifeguard/ harbor patrol station in Mission Bay. I think thats who has that video
  238. Carl

    BFT @ SKR 9/1

    It'll be a parking lot now.
  239. Carl

    Follow the sport boats?

    Wrapping Bonito Can't wrap what's not there.
  240. Carl

    Fishing The Coronado Islands August 25th

    I'm surprised you were able to find sinkers on that boat after 10 minutes of fishing with him.... You must have brought a shitload :D
  241. Carl

    Guess everything went nanners today

    If I found myself on a LR boat it would be a result of misfortune.... :shake:
  242. Carl

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    Thats impossible. A knot does not increase the breaking strength of the line.
  243. Carl

    Respect your motor or the motor won't respect you....

    What? The oil light didn't come on!
  244. Carl

    Fishing Coranados

    No, yes, yes. Fishing permit, fmm, passport. I have heard of the mex navy accepting a drivers license as ID vs passport. But, don't count on it.
  245. Carl

    Northern Michigan Fishing this Summer

    :appl: Those are Some big largemouth for that far north. Now get home before winter comes:D
  246. Carl

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    I knew it......
  247. Carl

    Canadian fisherman survives sexual assault by dozens of seals

    I saw vance on that island, smoking a cigarette with a glow about him... It all makes sense now.
  248. Carl

    Patriot Fish Count - Saturday, July 22nd

    Saying the captain was moving too much and complaining about the lack of catching is contradictory. When you're moving you are hunting for better conditions/fish. Mullet was right. If the skipper sets the pick and sits for hours on bad catching that's when you might have a bitch to pitch. Sounds...
  249. Carl


    I frequently do the bait cutting with help. I usually have it all cut up by 830. Then i strike out with the hotter milfs and walk over to Dennys for breakfast is the norm. You wont be on bait lockdown all day... Unless something changes I'm going to be down there to cut bait.... This is gonna...
  250. Carl

    Happy Birthday Gil Marlin...

    That's long enough....bieberbieberbieber
  251. Carl

    Happy Birthday Gil Marlin...

    Good grief Gilly...... Happy Birthday amigo. When an appropriate amount of time has passed so that I don't rain on your birthday we'll revisit the Happy Birthday selfie.. :shake:
  252. Carl

    7-15-17. La Jolla Exotics!

    Congrats to My amigo on a rare and memorable catch! Not the first LJ dodo this year though. Wyatt who works at Dana Landing with me brought one in a couple weeks ago. Then he inshore slammed a couple days later while i tried my best to misgaff his fish off and tangle him up.... I hate that kid.
  253. Carl

    Release the small tunas guys

    sealskinner got the same response from his urologist
  254. Carl

    Fire @ Port of Everett

    Wtf is it with the marina fires up there? ive heard of at least 3 in the last couple years.... Shitty install jobs on stolen kickers or what?
  255. Carl

    Happy Birthday Carl

    Thanks guys. It was a very special one thanks to my friends at Dana Landing... Snaggie made me a cheesecake too
  256. Carl

    Happy Birthday Drangonballs

    Happy Birthday Brutha! Seems like the cool guys birthdays are yesterday and today. :D
  257. Carl

    Deckhand salary

    There are a lot of deckhands at my golf and polo club
  258. Carl

    Dana Landing

    It's cloudy and breezy down here now. Between that and tomorrow being Sunday I don't think you'll have a problem launching early.
  259. Carl


    My favorite moment in Whale Wars was when the whalers ran over the Ady Gil and hit em with the hoses for good measure.....
  260. Carl


    If I gave someone a discount that wasn't necessarily in line with policy, I wouldn't want it on the internet. I hope she doesn't get fired.
  261. Carl


    Maybe we can go check out the prop foulers and tear gas bombs they were throwing at the whalers.
  262. Carl

    Which reel for poppers

    I agree that the 20000 is on the humongous side. I wish there was a saragossa 14000, I would own one. There is not, so i don't own a spinner in that class (hint Shimano) I'm a fan of spinners for poppers. The 10000 is a bit on the small side for what I/we are looking for imo. a level wind...
  263. Carl

    Fishermans Depot in Bellflower Sucks

    That whole area went to pot when Bank Robber left.... i miss my Dean Googan.
  264. Carl


    Maybe things are more clear cut up there. Down here a licensed uscg capt, and registered with dfw is a given. It gets murky with local ordinances/regulations. Maybe this guy had none of the above, or some idk
  265. Carl

    Looking for someone to take us out Monday for $$$

    That's my choice. I've fished with both of them many times.
  266. Carl

    Need spinning reel gloves

  267. Carl

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Now I need a new stash spot...... Whats the combo to your safe?
  268. Carl

    Woodinville Kicker Theft Attemp

    So, where was the thiefs car? I find it hard to believe the getaway plan was to jump the fence carrying the motor.
  269. Carl

    In case you missed it...

    I'm going to go poop on your porch.
  270. Carl

    Novice Tuna Help

    No Not for a bait rod using anchovy. The leader or topshot will top out at 25. 50 braid is fine. Caveat: I like to have a rod with 40 mono on it for when the fish go stupid. Drop anchovy over on bigger than the usual number 2 hook and jackpole them. Avets are good reels and will work fine...
  271. Carl

    Shark on shark.

    Can't really throw out a wild ass guess without knowing what the + in "10+" means
  272. Carl

    Favorite Hook Knot

    Exactly! I enjoy when peoply say "my knot on 30# broke at 40. It's a 125%knot" or "Izor is the strongest 30#" I usually respond with something like "really, what's the heaviest 30 pound weight you have lifted?"
  273. Carl

    News Channels "Chumming?" White Sharks...?

    Going back to the original article, I didn't read it as the Marine Safety Officer being in the harbor. I read it as the officer being full of it.... WTF is a Marine Safety Officer anyway?
  274. Carl

    News Channels "Chumming?" White Sharks...?

    Since when is chumming iilegal?
  275. Carl

    Trouble in NOLA invlolving Bloodydecks LLC

    I find it hard to believe that one could believe that Brant was serious. A few bucks worth of Aftco stuff for a 6 figure contract. C'mon...... Absurd Seems like a real reach to me. Besides, I have a good idea that Jason was giving the dude sexual favors to seal the deal ;)
  276. Carl

    What to replace my junk Phenix rods with?

    I'll take them
  277. Carl

    Fish blood stains on clothes...???

    You don't get caught of guard in your good clothes. You add to your fishing clothes. It's a matter of perspective.
  278. Carl

    LJ pm trip 6/10

    You better look at the weather report before you go. An 8 second interval with 3' wind chop on top of the 4-6' swell. Even if they were biting thats a poor call imo.
  279. Carl

    Impulse 6 pack Mission Bay, any thoughts?

    According to sportfishing, the Impulse was the number one 6pack in numbers of Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna caught last. The same captains are running the boat this year. As a bonus you may wind up with me processing your payment and fishing licenses prior to boarding. Win, win.
  280. Carl

    what is a good 8' rod for Stellas 14k & 18k for throwing poppers

    Look at the 801h for the 14000
  281. Carl

    What's the latest from Camalu?

    Is Daniel available to take me fishing if i cruise down? i assume Trace has enough Sabikis already.
  282. Carl

    WTB Parker 2510 Bow Rail

    Get the higher rail. If I'm not mistaken Parker has it as a factory option. Aftermarket it would be called a "California Rail"... Getting to the bow at sea with the low rail is a bit sketchy.
  283. Carl

    MB 6/1

    "MB" = Mission Bay; so Dana Landing.
  284. Carl

    Mlpas have they created better fishing?

    Let's get the terminology correct. We have Marine Protected Areas (MPA's) along our coast. Not MLPA's. The inshore fisheries were, are, and will continue to be healthy with proper management by fisheries professionals. IE fishing seasons, bag limits, size restrictions that have been in place...
  285. Carl

    Lauren Parker – The Next BD Fishing Chick

    I need to get more serious about moving to Fla.
  286. Carl

    No Bolts, Padres worst team in baseball.......

    Pads just swept Cubs.... Honestly I would have had no idea who or if the Padres were playing had not a customer at the landing volunteered the info. But,you can bet it all and give odds that I've seized the opportunity to send Saluki needling texts.... Pads just scored again.........
  287. Carl

    Bayliner trophy w/ Force outboard

    Irrelevant. What Shad said.
  288. Carl

    Decorating Interstate 8 East

    Your shit damaged my truck. I'm willing to accept cash to not drive up your insurance.
  289. Carl

    La Jolla Coasties

    Had 2 buddies tell me the water rolled and was cold.....
  290. Carl

    If you could target 1 exotic...

    Francella Perez the KUSI 9/51 morning weather hotty in San Diego
  291. Carl

    FMM Visa Stuck

    Print out off your computer the page that shows you've paid for it. Bring that and you're good. That's what guys have been doing and presenting to the mex navy since day one. I know of many, many instances where that sufficed and none where it did not.....bring your other paperwork too certainly
  292. Carl

    Looking for a general contractor

  293. Carl

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    i'm in for a long summer.... LOL Btw don't launch and then tie up to the Dana Landing dock. It's for fuel customers. Buy your drinks, ice, tackle etc and then launch. Theres plenty of room towards the street if the white zone is full to park while someone runs in. People can still launch behind...
  294. Carl

    Sea Lion Snatches Little Girl

    I would say that applies to humans and pinnipeds.
  295. Carl

    Thoughts about San Diego launch ramp closure

    The contractor is R.E Staite. I think what you're referring to is a Port district guy who voted against due to the wall bidding thing. i hope he gets fired for putting his personal thoughts ahead of his professional capacity which was the situation. EDIT Damn I type slow.
  296. Carl

    30 year old corroding aluminum fuel tank

    don't you want a gap below the tank so that its not sitting in bilge water?
  297. Carl

    Some Do's and Dont's of Gonzaga

    I aint selling you any more hooks Ruffo. It's for your own good........
  298. Carl

    Tuna Feathers

    What are you after; the head or the skirt?
  299. Carl

    Favorite Hook Knot

    Because I've had many knots with one loop through the hook eye get cut by the sharp edge at the end of the wire in the eye.... Ie I dump a fish, reel in and check the end of my line and find the knot still there with a cut loop where the hook should be....... I've had it happen many times over...
  300. Carl

    Sober Fishing

    Keep it up! I've been sober going on 8 years. If you or anyone else wants to talk to me send me a pm with your # and I'll give you a call....
  301. Carl

    Surface Iron Leader # Class...?

    What do you guys who fish 50 or bigger on the yoyo do when you get snagged in deep water?
  302. Carl

    La Jolla Canyon 5-12-17

    Nice fish congrats! By any chance did you leave with the tail rope from Dana? It's missing as of this evening
  303. Carl

    Taxman in the House

    [QUOTE="RideHPD, post: 4330206, memb That and the South Bay has been ripe with them less than 50y from shore, mostly because of jackasses fishing off the piers with cut bait. The weekend before the attack in 08 in Solana Beach a juvenile jumped up onto the board of a stand-up paddler at Cardiff...
  304. Carl

    That's Dr. Dexter Holland to You

    How many people with his talents would choose to go home and study molecular biology as opposed to party like a rockstar :boobies: in their spare time? A celebrity that one could point to as a role model? Good for him:appl:
  305. Carl

    Fish ID?

    I'm going with Shiner Surf Perch with mating garb on. Do the lips look right Debi?
  306. Carl

    How much would you pay for bait pen?

    The sea lions in Mission Bay have learned to push the trash can bait recievers up under the docks and boats and pop them open. Think Popeyes spinach can. The simple solution is the plastic septic tanks with threaded lids that they sell in Home Depots in Mex.... They may be available...
  307. Carl

    Dixon lake?? First time tips

    Polarized sunglasses
  308. Carl

    Any "Cavers" out there

    I'm not a spelunker. A guy, Trevor of Vessel Assist, that I was friendly with died diving in a cave a year or so ago. Risk vs reward
  309. Carl

    Beast mode... the one that got away.

    In cases like that I tellmyself " shark" ...... It helps
  310. Carl

    Time to start wearing a cup fishin.

    MM is on the way over to ice down the boys Lots of punch lines here. the plays on Ding a Ling alone........
  311. Carl

    Why aren't these fish moving up the line?

    Where are the Mexican and Ca seiners in respect to their quotas?
  312. Carl

    New favorite guy

    I hope you decked him.
  313. Carl


    No..... You've been around since the early days. OG flamer.... I'm with the guys who are saying BD used to be way less touchy feely than now. There used to be a core group that would be on daily throwing each under the bus. It was a lot of fun. We learned not to pick on Gil Marlin and Marty...
  314. Carl

    Thinking about going knotless

    I don't see the advantage to going knotless and a 25' leaderfor what you're doing. Whether you're going braid to topshot or braid to short fluoro leader, id still not see the advantage. Also, my preference of braid weight would be higher. On my Torium 16 I generally run 50, on my 20's I...
  315. Carl

    Westport launch this morning 5:30 AM

    Sorry about your boat bro! I've been looking forward to seeing you again in august. I'm glad it's not likely to be visiting your grave..... That would've taken the shine off of winning the WTC.
  316. Carl


    Have you ever fished seabass since you've been in San Diego?
  317. Carl

    Salt creek 5-5

    Soooooooo you're saying he's a switch hitter :confused:
  318. Carl

    T-shark with help!

    Somebody let you on their boat? that speaks volumes as to the desperation of the situation..... Nice fish and great eats. Just don't over cook or over season and your good.
  319. Carl

    Gaff Sharpening

    If its bent, get a new one.
  320. Carl

    Would pipe jigs work in deep socal waters?

    No........ Rockfish are super finicky. They only eat lures with realistic paint jobs and tied to light floral string.
  321. Carl

    Mission Bay - Dana/Paradise Point : will these work?

    Cruise into Dana Landing tackle shop/deli next to Dana Inn hotel. I can promise the most expert advice and friendly service. If it's my day off so are all bets :D
  322. Carl

    I have Jeff Norwoods phone

    As cold as it is up there the state motto should be " Land of Shrinkage "
  323. Carl

    This was a fun project to work on: ROBBIE MADDISON RED BULL PIPE DREAM 2

    How come the bike didn't sink when he wiped out leaving the boat?
  324. Carl

    BD yellowtail shootout?

  325. Carl

    Sustainability of Calico Bass Fishing

    I release them but squeeze the eggs out of the breeders first
  326. Carl

    First report of year

    How do you wait at the dock for 2 hours and not rig up?
  327. Carl

    Looking for a realtor.

    Give yusef a call! he'll be helping me with my pending move.
  328. Carl

    Day At The Docks -- Well, . . .

    If only those with a severe need brought their dog from the car into the grocery store did so we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  329. Carl

    Day At The Docks -- Well, . . .

    I wasn't at Datd.... But I'm sick of everywhere I go ass holes are walking around with their "therapy" dogs. :rolleyes:
  330. Carl

    San Diego reel repair

  331. Carl

    Tranx 400 for the Popper

    You'd get about 3 yds of 80 on it.
  332. Carl

    San Felipe 250...

    Shoulda never tipped us off that you were gonna be there if you wanted some company.....
  333. Carl

    Need a boat detailer in SD

    Call josh 619 -456-1217 Tell him i gave you his number
  334. Carl

    What's considered bad weather?

    Going to catalina I would expect winds over 15 on the way back. Especially, if you're heading N.
  335. Carl

    San Diego shore fishing near Paradise Point Resort

    You can walk the beach on P. Pt. cast small 3-4" swimbaits and catch Spotted Bay Bass. Freshwater size 8-12lb. Tackle. Freshwater size crankbaits and spinnerbaits work well too.
  336. Carl

    What's considered bad weather?

    General rules of thumb. Wind 15 or less in the afternoon, swell interval 12 secs or more equals nice day.... Swell height more a concern getting out of the harbor. Work from there....
  337. Carl

    Tres Marias 3/27-3/30

    Congrats on the cow Richard!
  338. Carl

    Want to borrow some goats for my yard in Encinitas

    if they weren't big enough for him, you're definitely looking at a hot dog and a hallway scenario....
  339. Carl

    Site Suggestion

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many forums is the main issue imo..... Pretty much any thread could be in any of umpteen forums. Don't get me started on Jason breaking things and Ali taking away the "don't like" button...
  340. Carl

    Flat fall line twist

    I/we at Dana Landing have rigged lots of them with a swivel- heavy mono/fluoro to beefy split ring at lure. crimped connections swivel to lure. I've not heard of any line twist issues. One would think that a knot connection from the braid to leader to a swivel/ split ring at lure would have the...
  341. Carl

    Kill bags. Are they created equal?

    Come by tomorrow eve and i'll sell you a reliable at a good price. Done deal.
  342. Carl

    shark fishing in socal

    If you want to hook a big Mako (300 plus) book a trip with World Class Shark Fishing for the summer months out of L.A. (858) 775-7812 Trying to learn how to fish for and fight BIG Makos on the internet is not the way to go.
  343. Carl

    What kind of shark is this?

    Aka sand shark....Are those your Wahoo pliers?
  344. Carl

    Sailboat Capsized Into Redondo Pier

    Aren't you the grammar Nazi guy?
  345. Carl

    Do you rmember the guy on the barge ?

    We were freezing our ass off on a wsb trip and used it for firewood
  346. Carl

    Friday night/sat 3/31- who needs one?

    Pretty windy down here at the moment
  347. Carl

    Bait and tackle store robbed

    Thats the sixth burglary that I'm aware of at a SD tackle store in recent months. There was 3 in one night targeting reels. Another was also only reels.
  348. Carl

    Shimano Torium 20HG

    If you're coming down to SD i have a bnib 20hg I'll sell you for $220.
  349. Carl

    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    Thank You! i wouldn't be caught dead in Nordstroms.......
  350. Carl

    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    Lets go harass Gil Marlin instead of watching football
  351. Carl

    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    The only thing NFL that I still cared about was that the Raiders didnt come to SD. Now my apathy is complete. :appl: I may try and become a Packer fan.
  352. Carl

    Cast Nets for

    as a poor guy who cringes at the cost of live bait',,,,,,, I think continuing the prohibition on cast nets is a good idea.
  353. Carl

    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

    Sooo, I take it nobody went to the recent meetings up in northern California?
  354. Carl

    Unboxing a new SKB tackle storage box

    One of the reasons i prefer brick and mortar buying.
  355. Carl

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    Boat lives matter
  356. Carl

    Pilot house in front of Dana Landing

    Nobody said it was made of balsa.
  357. Carl

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    I need to quit screwing around with expensive traffic tickets. I should be going for big $ capers in federal jurisdiction..... If i get caught I'll just be told not to do it again for 18 months
  358. Carl

    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

  359. Carl

    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

    Our hope of loosening or removing closures as appropriate, lies with a favorable Fish & Wildlife Commission. These are political appointees, not professional wildlife/fisheries managers. The chances of this happening under Moonbeam or God forbid a Gavin Newsome in The governors office are nil...
  360. Carl

    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

    Anybody going to the other meetings please pm me
  361. Carl

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    I believe it's today on the p.m. Docket.
  362. Carl

    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

    Now that I have your attention: Reminder that at 5 tonight at Marina Village is the first 5 year review of the MPA's meeting. Hope to see you there.... Oh, and :boobies:
  363. Carl

    Freedom boat club

    Ask Dan about splitting a membership with a friend. I know a couple guys who went that route.
  364. Carl

    Freedom boat club

    No. I'm pretty familiar with the SD operation particularly the Mission Bay location. There is also one in SD Bay. I know less about other locations. I haven't heard any members with a major gripe about availibility here. I've had hundreds if not thousands of interactions with their members...
  365. Carl

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    I tend to agree on peoples pasts. We seem to differ greatly on holding people accountable for their current behavior.... Playing the holier than thou card is one thing, speaking with your wallet is another.
  366. Carl

    Freedom boat club

    Yah but for 4k which is what i last heard the buy in was you're not going to get but an aluminum skiff with a crappy motor. FBC has nice boats at locations around the country in addition to SoCal.... Fly to Florida jump on a boat, take it out. No I'm not affiliated. Give them a call and arrange...
  367. Carl

    25 people rescued from sinking boat off San Clemente Island

    Looks like they saved the people, the boat and the hot dogs! :daman:
  368. Carl

    for Wahoo, or whoever takes the offering

    Why a gimbal on a bomb rod? Then again, why not? :D
  369. Carl

    Legend reputation

    My school of thought is that I'm not going to knowingly spend a day stuck on a boat with an ass hole. You don't have to be rude to catch fish. It is not a pleasant atmosphere when the Capt is being a dick to the passengers or deckies. I don't have a horse in this race as I have never fished...
  370. Carl

    SD Fly Fishing Guide?

    Dave trimble. He does sharks and "regular" fishing. 928 380-4504 He'll pick you up at Dana Landing You can't go wrong with Capt. Jack Vincent who in addition to filling in for Dave on occassion on shark trips runs his own boat. Cal jack at 619-559-5930
  371. Carl

    Bisping vs Henderson 2

    I just watched this fight for the first time. Hendo got robbed. The only round i gave Bisping was the third. Bisping threw more strikes in a couple few rounds but to me in a fight the object isnt to touch another man it's to hurt him.... Hendo was putting the hurt on .I can't believe...
  372. Carl

    Local Knowledge

    Good for you giving Rush the opportunity to have someone on the boat who isn't a total kook. Looks like a good time was had by all :appl:
  373. Carl

    Keep my teak or go with Starboard or something else?

    Imo exposed wood on a boat = bad
  374. Carl

    Rock fishing/Green Wardens YIKES!

    I'm going with a play on Salmon Grouper
  375. Carl


  376. Carl


  377. Carl


    On youtube look up darcizzle, also bikini bowfishing
  378. Carl

    Giving paddy #'s over the radio.

    If you're done give out the real numbers and go in. Enjoy the Googan Scramble on your way. Otherwise I use a code predetermined...
  379. Carl

    Lake Hodges filling up.

    Hopefully they'll leave it full for that to happen. Historically, Hodges and Sutherland (as well as Morena and others that I've fished less than these 2) would be low for extended periods. The fish populationswould crash, the brush would grow below the high water line and then they flood again...
  380. Carl

    Fishdope down?

    In laymans terms: Jason fucked up and pushed the wrong button like a dumbass........again......Trying to find somebody who knows what they're doing to fix it. It's Sunday so its taking a while....
  381. Carl

    Fred Hall and SQ

    I want to head down there just to eat! good report Ruffo. Maybe after this vacation you'll quit being such a curmudgeon.
  382. Carl

    Guess where I would rather be

    I think you need to go back to bed for a while. You woke up with your cranky pants on...
  383. Carl

    California MPA Meetings Upcoming

    Wont know until we go.
  384. Carl

    Commander Sinking

    We were trying to pull a yacht into Driscolls for haulout yesterday and the Eclipse was in the way at their hoist...... Small world
  385. Carl

    Do fish know what they are smelling?

    if you're going to use a squid strip you gotta buy one of those Bait Wraps squid irons or you aint gonna get bit
  386. Carl


    If that $ figure is even remotely close I would be tempted, and I'm the most honest person I know..... I find that hard to believe.
  387. Carl

    Gentleman working Avet booth at Fred Hall LB

    Yah..... You were probably the only guy at the Avet booth asking how to fish their reels. :D
  388. Carl

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    Opt for the 10 model over the 20. The pilot house needs to be completely redesigned imo. If you plan on fishing offshore even more critical. Get the 10 model and have Pacific Yacht Towers put a belly hoop on the hard top. I agree you want the higher bow rail and good windlass too. I have two...
  389. Carl

    Croc Stores Closing

    You have whole stores devoted to them up there? LOL I'm starting to see the tie in with the yoga pants in the "mens" dept at Fred Meyers...... :shake:
  390. Carl

    California MPA Meetings Upcoming

    I will be at the one in SD at least.
  391. Carl

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    .Metal Health I win.....
  392. Carl

    Baby Great White Gaffed @ Huntington Beach Pier

    white people are crazy. :shake: The one woman in the wetsuit should be arrested for battery. She's lucky the guys had a sense of humor, were honorable men when it comes to striking a woman and realized those broads are nuts.
  393. Carl

    What do think?

    I'm the only one who finds the skull and cross bones in poor taste for this context?
  394. Carl


    Thanks for all 4 pics! Gil Marlin didn't get the idea after the first one.......
  395. Carl

    Celebrate San Diego event.

    Sad state of affairs that the only pro team in SD worth watching is the Gulls.
  396. Carl

    Our new parker 2501 build up, and rigging!

    Nice! i still can't believe those are already at the 9
  397. Carl

    Toyota repair in San Diego...

    Cool..... Now all of us that offered suggestions can borrow it.
  398. Carl

    Big Tuna 2 piece Spinning Rod Question

    Hammer and chisel...I'll cruise over.
  399. Carl

    Tackle shop bitch...

    Real fisherman leave the sticker on
  400. Carl

    Looking for a new reel for yellowtail and tuna!!

    Check out the new Saltigas. Then see if you have the same opinion. I think you'll find they compare favorably with a Trini or a Torque
  401. Carl

    Looking for a new reel for yellowtail and tuna!!

    I don't think a two speed is going to be much if any advantage on that rod. A level wind doesn't prevent backlashes. Baitcasters like Lexa and Tranx require a lot of extra maintenence as the slot the thumbar travels in is a direct portal for the salt water to the gear box. I'm thinking Torium...
  402. Carl

    Electrical Connectors

    Why does the specs say 10amp for 10 gauge wire? NEC is 30 amps for 10 gauge. Disclaimer: I know something about wiring residences. IDK squat about boats/cars.
  403. Carl

    Motorflush/boat wash locations in SD?

    That ramp is closed until Memorial Day
  404. Carl

    Cannot log in

    It happens to me all the time.... ?? Nows your chance to chime in without ridicule LOL
  405. Carl

    20,000 posts

    Your write.
  406. Carl

    UFC tonight

    That was maybe the only card I've looked at and had absolutely zero interest in any matchup..... That was ppv?
  407. Carl

    UFC tonight

    Worst card ever
  408. Carl

    Celebrate San Diego event.

    Wtf is it? Stand around lookin at bulldozers?
  409. Carl

    I've got 99 problems.....

    How many gallon tank are you putting the 1100 on?
  410. Carl

    Confessions of a Marine Slumlord

    Agree... Clearly imo, cutting funding for mental health programs and dumping the ill on the streets and locking them in prison is not the answer. It's neither humane nor cost effective to the taxpayer. Yes, there are those who are "mentally competent" adults who choose to live in the streets...
  411. Carl

    Mint colored surface iron...

    Dana Landing has mint Tady, Kicker and JRI right now. Btw we just got a Tady shipment today. Some bitchen colors i haven't seen before in the heavy 4/0 that I'm gonna yoyo.... Including a mint variation.
  412. Carl

    Cousin's kid sign w/SDSU.

    Basketball or football? My money is on football.
  413. Carl

    Commander Sinking

  414. Carl

    20,000 posts

    What a loser.... :zelfmoord
  415. Carl

    Devin Lloyd, Otay Ranch HS

    Why are they showing penis size? Must be a Utah recruiting criteria... Compare with the coach or what? :shake:
  416. Carl

    El Nino vs La Nina...

    Pendejo tonto Gilly
  417. Carl

    Please be on the look out.

    Damn,,, all my best bro!
  418. Carl

    FlyLine & Egg Sinker Rod Suggestion...???

    The 808 and 809 are pretty much interchangeable. I own both. They are excellent choices for all around surface bait fishing, and shallower bottom fishing, throwing dart type lures. For yo yo, and deeper bottom fishing I far prefer the 700xh. I'm talkin specifically about Phenix Black...
  419. Carl

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    No.... That was Tool circa 03..... Listen to the chorus of that song. It's Fog Duckers favorite.... He sings as he trolls tuna town
  420. Carl

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    Have I told you guys about when I invented the anchovy?
  421. Carl

    NMFA - what's it mean to you?

    Personally, I like to multi task
  422. Carl

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    This thread going sideways is yet another reason I'm glad I went and shot birds today instead of picking my ass on the couch.... I might have cracked 20k stirring the pot LOL Btw Jason, you need more beans in the trailer.....
  423. Carl

    Toyota repair in San Diego...

    ConSeaMate Auto and Boat Repair in Escondido
  424. Carl

    1/12/17 Run of Site crossover to HTTPS

    Somebody bring this to ??fisherman attention... How many new wtf threads do you think he will start? I put the over/under at 5.5
  425. Carl

    Join the CCA CAL and get $40 ?

    I think it's 40-40. not 30-40.
  426. Carl

    BCS Championship game

    I didn't think to shop ESPN's when I turned on the game.... ESPNHD didn't have that crap.... What a horrible prsentation. Awesome game! I was pulling for Clemson
  427. Carl

    January 14 event at Dana Landing

    I'm working a half day trip. Have your people get in touch with my people regarding my availability before and after. I try to make time for the little people. It keeps me grounded.
  428. Carl

    BCS Championship game

    THis split screen sideline reporter bullshit is unwatchable... I barely know the score, much less able to enjoy the game.
  429. Carl

    January 14 event at Dana Landing

    Lets see, free fishing info from top notch anglers, free grog, free grub, and free stuff at Dana Landing with a CCA membership. Well, my motto is " If it's free it's for me !" Seems like a no brainer to cruise over.
  430. Carl

    San Diego lodging

    The guest slip recommendations is probably the way to go. Another place to look into is Campland By The Bay, particularly if you have an rv or trailer amongst you. One issue with trailering and staying at a motel in SD is that there is a total lack of freshwater washdown/flushout facilities...
  431. Carl

    The Journey

    Looks good enough to get you second at the WTC 2017... :appl:
  432. Carl

    Any recommendations on a tuna tower?

    Get a belly hoop from Pacific Yacht Towers
  433. Carl

    WOW!! 632K for a BFT

    I know a few people who spent close to that trying to catch their own last season.
  434. Carl

    ID please

    He got more than one? :rofl:
  435. Carl

    ID please

    Where's the coot? :D Do you have any other cool teal pics from today?
  436. Carl

    Stolen Decoys at Henshaw

    I never steal anything from anybody. I Might be inclined to kick mud all over somebodys decoys if i walked all the way the hell back there to find them set up... Knowing the deal there, i dont go there and spend money for any reason... I'm surprised this hasn't happened more.
  437. Carl

    Chargers Fire Mike McCoy - Finally

  438. Carl


    I think the only big $ womens fight out there is Nunes vs Cyborg.
  439. Carl

    It's good to be king

    Somebody that knew about the day from hell I had duck hunting yesterday must have bumped this to bring me back to a better place. LOL nice gesture if thats the case..... I'm OK.....
  440. Carl

    I have to cancel. No party

    I hope Kelli is better soon. I heart Kelli :loverz: Shouldn't really impact too many people though. Most of us are going to Goatrams.
  441. Carl

    Utah Bowl Win Over Indianna

    But they had all those wins against top ten teams;)
  442. Carl

    Somebody better check on Vance

    George Michael passed away. On the upside, Vances collection will probably rise in value....
  443. Carl

    The Browns

    Nice paragraph you stuck between two periods. Who is "they"? Merry Christmas Gilly :D No Charger fan will ever feel bad for the Raiders or their fans.
  444. Carl


    I haven't gotten to hear my favorite Christmas song this year. Santa Claus and His Old Lady
  445. Carl

    Merry Christmas

  446. Carl

    Shotgun Recommendation

    Practice clicking the safety off on the way up too......It will become muscle memory. ....ones safety should be on while hunting unless a planned BOOM is imminent......
  447. Carl

    Mako On Fly – Tips From Conway Bowman

    Hey , I recognize that elbow and boat. That's Capt Jack of and He and Capt Brians boat the Pompano....
  448. Carl

    Hooping Mission Bay - 12/18/16

    Couple guys going out now....:Singin_In
  449. Carl

    Hooping Mission Bay - 12/18/16

    That's how I do it. She does smell good! :D All kidding aside hooping has been horrible in MB this year. Even worse than last year. I Haven't even bought a card this year.
  450. Carl

    Need a pool cleaner in Clairmont Mesa

    Sooooo Mark had an "accident" in the neighbors pool... :shake:..... I wouldn't let you back to clean it up either :slap:
  451. Carl

    Damn I'm awesome

    I had another miss free day yesterday. Jason didn't miss either.... :daman:
  452. Carl


    The blue moon has occured. Gil posted something I didn't regret clicking on! Thanks for that link, it was a good read.
  453. Carl

    Urijah Fabers last fight tonite! Free fights on Fox

    I hope Faber stays retired, like BJ Penn should. it's time.... I hope Rua, Hunt, Silva, Belfort follow.
  454. Carl

    MNF 12-15

    thanks for bringing the WashiBoys attire back to the fore... barf
  455. Carl

    Northern California Gets ALL DEPTH Bottom Fishing Season

    Interesting development. Good to see a re-opening. Now the trick for the angler will be to find a weather window conducive to fishing deep during the season.
  456. Carl

    MNF 12-15

    I got nothing..... I think the Denver Dumb Dumb was off too LOL
  457. Carl

    MNF 12-15

    i don't want to hear any more wisecracks about my fancy yoga pants from you googans... I see what you boys wear to play football.. :shake:
  458. Carl

    TapTalk on mobile devices

    It got shut down because hackers used it to jack up website. I think Jason screwed the pooch somehow and blamed on tapatalk.....
  459. Carl

    Helpful hint's from the horrified grammer Nazy in me!

    Sooooo since we bet a buck a pound on who could lose 15 first, you won by losing......
  460. Carl

    Not sure, I think they're selling boats or something.

    Nice sterns on them things
  461. Carl

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    I'm strongly opposed to sniping animals. i would agree with the sentiment of ostracizing via peer pressure these people from the hunting community.... The whole feeder thing ties into the big rack or skull equaling a "trophy" mentality.. To me a trophy would be something that come with some...
  462. Carl

    Calculating and Sizing Bridge Wiring

    If possible, go bigger gauge wire than you calculate you need. If/when you want to add load to it down the road you can just up the breaker/fuse on the feed and you're good to the meantime the larger wire will conduct more efficiently.
  463. Carl

    Helpful hint's from the horrified grammer Nazy in me!

    Funny this came up. I just had this conversation with a guy a couple days ago. My favorite is when somebody attempts to insult someone by calling them a "looser"... :idiot:..... Since I've been using an Ipad to screw around on here, I,ve stopped punctuating correctly because its a pita to find...
  464. Carl

    Go Chiefs!!!

    Raiders looked like the Chargers with the blown opportunities.
  465. Carl

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Aint no way I'm boycotting Mexican food.....I'd starve.
  466. Carl

    Damn I'm awesome

  467. Carl

    new web site issue???

    The log in box was wall jacked up a minute ago
  468. Carl

    amazing texas whitetail hunt lucky b's ranch

    :eek: Damn bro, your buddys is awesome, yours is freaking ridiculous! Freaking Christmas tree on his head
  469. Carl

    Damn I'm awesome

    I have not missed a single duck in my last three duck hunting trip
  470. Carl

    Shotgun Recommendation

    Rather than getting into a wrassling match with the literati, i'm going to try and get this back on track for the OP..... He's a novice hunter looking to shoot doves, with a budget under $800...,, This would exclude high dollar grouse shoots with gun bearers in Scotland and any new, quality...
  471. Carl

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Sooooooo to sum up these four pages... Nobody knows anything and some feel compelled to spout off and make that clear. Got it!
  472. Carl

    12/4 Limits within 2 Hours

    Why not just cruise out in the morning? That sounds terrible.
  473. Carl

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    I'm in hunt mode. Leaving this afternoon after a couple errands. I'll look into it when I get back... There is no expiration date on your open invitation btw. Give me a call if and when you want to go
  474. Carl

    Shotgun Recommendation

    i think this is absolutely horrible advice, particularly to a newbie....if you're thinking about different chokes and loads in your gun, you're thinking too much and missing as a result. Your brainwaves are far more useful thinking about being a better hunter than on that stuff. Getting yourself...
  475. Carl

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Why did you have to start my day off on the wrong foot?
  476. Carl

    BD formate change??

  477. Carl

    Lure Candy

    Looks like a couple of googans rigged tho se beautiful jigs LOL
  478. Carl

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    I'm compelled to announce that I wont be winning Max's monies because Lou
  479. Carl

    Two things.........

    After Simon, Otto and I obliterated The "competition" at the Lizard tourny that sealskinner put together it's been impossible to get any action going on our most prized gamefish.... I propose an optional $10 Lizard side pot..... You in big boy?:rockin:
  480. Carl

    Two things.........

    You're going to need JUMBO imagery to fully capture the fish I'm going to weigh in Mikey....
  481. Carl

    11/19 Dana Point halibut

    With some of us that extends to curlicues and swing and misses too LOL
  482. Carl

    MIchigan St.??????

    It would seem they took him straight into surgery...LOL
  483. Carl

    Free UFC

    Did bader win? I was at a hockey game
  484. Carl


  485. Carl

    MIchigan St.??????

    I think if OSU were in the SEC they'd be at or below .500 in conference. In either division.
  486. Carl

    MIchigan St.??????

    Lame kickoff
  487. Carl

    MIchigan St.??????

    Going for two? Let the second guessing begin.
  488. Carl

    2106 - the year of shit you don't have in your tackle box

    True. Also true that as long as Man has fished, guys have gotten skunked. The result is a hungry and or pissed off guy that tries to figure out a way to catch them.... I agree that the title of this thread perfectly sums up the year....
  489. Carl

    Old Glory or New Lo-an ?

    Which is why there are so many new faces on boats when school starts in Sept....New guys replacing the college kids. gotta start from scratch learning the boat, capt and crewmates. The level of "skills of the trade" they bring with them will vary and impact the learning curve. You can have the...
  490. Carl

    Old Glory or New Lo-an ?

    Wow they must have really been biting!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and small.....:D It does seem like it takes longer to build a good rep than it takes to shake a bad one. Part of that as Doug knows is that there is so much turnover of crews. It's hard to get and keep together a good crew on the...
  491. Carl

    Looking for a deckhand job ?

    Heed these words. Get a meaningful college degree. I would add to never work the overnight boats. It's the worst job ever.
  492. Carl

    Old Glory or New Lo-an ?

    Ok. The first time i fished on the boat was in the early 90's when Nick Cates ran the show. It was an overnight at that time and had always been to my knowledge.....If that aint far enough back for the purposes of this discussion, I stand corrected :D
  493. Carl

    Old Glory or New Lo-an ?

    NLA is not and never has been a 3/4 day boat. Maybe an odd charter in the off season. Markus ( correct spelling) doesn't typically run the boat once commercial lobster season starts. I would guess Keith Hilton will be running it. He has been running it lately. I know Keith and can tell you...
  494. Carl

    Braid/topshot pairing, need help

    You're way overthinking it. If you think you might snap say a 20lb leader on 65 braid back the drag off to the appropriate level and keep your thumb off the spool.
  495. Carl

    tOSU's Odds of a B1G Championship

    Using Mrasematics I could tell the chicks I'm a millionaire when I have about $20 to my name......LOL "Well after I pay for my cheeseburger, I'm going to buy a powerball ticket and it's going to win because my palm reader said so ",,, Worth a shot....
  496. Carl

    How much does this weigh?

    Go to the dump and get weighed with and without the trailer
  497. Carl

    Hey Carl...

    You're not going to make additional monies as a comic......
  498. Carl

    Hoop Net...Best Knot to Use

    I just tie like 4 overhand knots and call it good. Wrap some duct tape around it if it makes you feel better. If you bought a bridle that has the cheap plastic thingy that you tie the mainline to eliminate it. I've had them break when the hoop gets snagged.
  499. Carl

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    What were the "seasons" like 10,20,30 years ago? In my limited scope of awareness, you guys have only been allowed to fish for a few days a year. I don't see how anyone could argue that the Washi rec fishery has any real impact on a wide ranging oceanic fish. Thus, why is there so much that...
  500. Carl

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Bump to bash Max.... Need to be sure we get our monies worth out of this... Did you see what I did there Gilly?
  501. Carl

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Why do you want a list of those who have paid their monies?
  502. Carl

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    I'm looking forward to winning the big monies this year.....:picknose:
  503. Carl

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    Good Gawd.... What a waste of time and money. How much of both went into forming 3 day"seasons". It's a de facto closure so just do it and be done with it. Quit the expensive dog and pony show. What a joke
  504. Carl

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Nobody says "monies"....:shake:
  505. Carl

    Stadium Referendum

    That "world class city " argument is among the more disengenuous pieces of propoganda... So I'm to believe that over the last 20 years tourists flocked to Detroit, Green Bay and Buffalo because they had football teams, thus making them "world class cities" and nobody went to LA????(which has no...
  506. Carl

    Pete Carroll

    John was in tears wondering what was wrong with the world. Trump is president and the Patriettes lost at home....
  507. Carl

    Pete Carroll

    And had they scored they could have tied with kicking the extra point as opposed to having to score a second time with a two point conversion to tie. Brain dead move Kick the extra point and NE has to march the length of the field and score twice in less than 2 minutes against Seattles...
  508. Carl

    Stadium Referendum

    Unless I get a share of the revenue, I aint pitching in to build a business.
  509. Carl

    Official Chargers Post

    DEbi, Debi, Debi,,,,I figured you were a sharp gal til now. Brilliant move by a heady veteran. With 3 teams solidly ahead in the division, Rivers realized the smart move was to secure the loss with a pick 6. Secures a higher draft choice.... Best I could come up with to explain those late...
  510. Carl

    Pete Carroll

    Another stupid call under pressure
  511. Carl

    tOSU's Odds of a B1G Championship

    Buckeyes ranked 2 today in AP and coaches polls....If they win out I just don't see how they can be out of the top 4. Granted I haven't devoted attention to the selection process.
  512. Carl

    tOSU's Odds of a B1G Championship

    After Michigan and Washis losses yesterday, wouldn't you agree the Buckeyes are a shoo in for the top 4 ? Assuming Ohio St. Wins out they're in the BCS by my math. Obviously the Game vs Michigan is pivotal. If Michigan wins,,,,,,, Tomorrows polls will be intersting for washi and Mich
  513. Carl

    Utah vs ASU

    With Michigan losing Id wager your boys are back in the top 4
  514. Carl

    November 12th.... Madision Square Gardens, Records Broken!!

    Only real surprises were weidman getting KOd, not a shock, and wonderboy surviving the fourth. I had the 1st and fourth as 10-8 woodley. The other 3 narrowly for wonderboy. Not surprised they called it a draw. Miesha did the right thing retiring. Its time. I think McGregor would have KOd...
  515. Carl

    Utah vs ASU

    We watched two different games through 3.5 quarters. It was tight and ASU had momentum and a chance to pull ahead well into the 4th when they drew 2 phantom pass interference calls that sustained UTahs drive. Granted Utah drew 2 ticky tac at best holding calls shortly thereafter. Very poorly...
  516. Carl

    November 12th.... Madision Square Gardens, Records Broken!!

    McGregor Wonder Boy Joannat Weidman Cerrone if Gastelum makes weight Tate :boobies: Edgar KN Who cares Deepest card ever probably
  517. Carl


    happy Birthday jarheads; and thank you for all you've given us.......Even Max
  518. Carl

    San V

    Has anybody ever done well on lmb in a Santa Ana anywhere?
  519. Carl

    Boat capsized off windansea

    A friend of mine rescued another boat at MB Jetty. A wave backwashed off the jetty and came over the transom of a hooping skiff killing the engine. My buddy saw it and got em just in time..... Good job Rick! :appl: hooper lives matter....dont risk your ass. If its dicey wait a day or two. Its...
  520. Carl

    Mazatlan 11/5-6 Blue Marlin

    Glad you had a good time Larry
  521. Carl

    Election Day: Were My Civil Rights Violated?

    Im writing myself in for prez and voting no on everything
  522. Carl

    any decent yellows at la jolla

    Wrong... How can you start off a paragraph stating you don't know what you're talking about and then advance a conflicting theory? :confused:
  523. Carl

    What Gaff are You Using and Why?

    And a pair of Wahoo grabbin pliers :D
  524. Carl

    Penn Torque Star Drag in black

  525. Carl

    Used Johnson...

    I tried one once but it got caught in my throat. It gave me a stiff neck...........
  526. Carl

    any Termite killers 'round here?

    Don't worry Mikey. I got this!
  527. Carl

    iBOATS return issue...

    Goatram only wanted the chaps.
  528. Carl

    Bluefin tackle help

    Pound for pound a yellowtail will outfight any tuna imo. If you have the skill set to land legit big yt on 30 lb class tackle you might have a shot.... I'm basing my original post on helping numerous new anglers hook larger fish, within 5 minutes I had to help them, every single one, as their...
  529. Carl

    Bluefin tackle help

    If you've never caught a tuna before, you will break down on a big one before your gear does.
  530. Carl

    iBOATS return issue...

    You might say we ConSeaMated up there Mike. :D Those PNW boys just have no eye for fashion and style.... Those pants were fashion that I bought. Style is something I possess.
  531. Carl

    San Felipe????

    Why San Felipe? If you're looking to fish go somewhere else.
  532. Carl

    Go CUBS.

    Shoulda pitched to rizzo. Dont give free passes whe you have last ups. Sissy move
  533. Carl

    Go CUBS.

    Roll out the tarp.....yougottabeyankinme! I
  534. Carl

    What Gaff are You Using and Why?

    WOW! That gaff is so awesome you use it with plastic tubing on the point! :daman:
  535. Carl

    Lessons learned in tuna town

    I forgot about them pants.....The only style they sell at Fred Meyer. They didn't have what I'd consider a mens department. I guess Washi doesn't get enough visitors to support a mens dept....:waglleybooty: I'm gonna dig em out next year when i cruise up. When in Rome.......:D
  536. Carl

    Lessons learned in tuna town

    Nothing about KaliTards being worse than you thought? I'm disappointed :D I'll have something to shoot for next year.
  537. Carl

    Free Fishing Trips for Military

    Yep A more recent thread by op. A must read imo
  538. Carl

    Great opening to the Waterfowl seasons

    :appl: Whats the limit on Aleutians up there?
  539. Carl

    Poll....Who got drunk dialed by Vance and 2 Tap this morning

    Yep....I got a call Didnt answer
  540. Carl

    Go CUBS.

    I was texting with Saluki last night. He said if the Cubs don't win he's becoming a Padre fan.
  541. Carl

    Aztecs whipping that ass.

    It's a shame they've had to suspend their cornerbacks and suffered another injury at the position last night.. They're a hard playing, well coached, fun to watch team.
  542. Carl

    NIB WTF?

    Gary, you have FakeDuaneDiego(funny name btw. I told Duane about it a few weeks ago and we had a laugh) and Titan05 mixed up.
  543. Carl

    friday 10/27

    Do I want to drive around through LA in the inevitable rain induced gridlock to possibly catch stupid 20 pound tuna? NO! Do Iwant to go out in the ocean in rain and possible thunderstorms to possibly catch stupid 20 pound tuna? NO! Do I want to do both to catch a boat load of 20 pound tuna...
  544. Carl

    Well... fellow BD'rs...hereI go again

    I am a roommate....i would be willing to share my room :boobies: Berts cool but not bunkmate material for me.
  545. Carl

    BD Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest 2016

    Apparently Michelle has Jason B in the office pool:D You guys are good! Artistcally is among the many areas I am devoid of talent
  546. Carl

    Woman On A Mission…Possible!

    I might add that Lisa and Kenny are as nice of people as can be.
  547. Carl

    Are You Going To Enter?

    A WashiBrutha getting ready for sex?
  548. Carl

    The jokes on me......

    You've lost your mind. Get professional in patient help immediately!
  549. Carl

    Go Aztecs!!!

    With a new stadium the price of tickets will skyrocket and that will prevent people in my bracket from going. i'm not sure that is the solution. People just need to get their ass out to the games
  550. Carl

    What did this guy hit?

    goatram found the perp
  551. Carl

    Go Aztecs!!!

    I'm disappointed with the level of fan support. Granted the SJSU's of the world aren't marquee draws, but come on. The stadium should be packed.
  552. Carl

    No Tuna Report

    Glad you had fun and didn't get clobbered. I heart Debi
  553. Carl

    W/O @ 209 10/22

    Somebody replied on my acct while i was logged in at work,,,,,,just for the record. Well done Ron!
  554. Carl

    W/O @ 209 10/22

    W/o??? is that like the wfo on that asian guy's post?
  555. Carl

    BD'ers who live in SD district 7, go vote....

    way to stay on top of current events Yusef. :appl: You would probably shoot more birds if you weren't browsing from the blind......
  556. Carl

    10/21 Wister Opener

    We just drove around on the dikes looking for birds to shoot. We took turns standing in the back of the truck.... Jason pulled a sweet double while i was driving 30 plus.
  557. Carl

    WTB or Where to Buy Unrigged Cedar Plugs?

    Dana Landing. Were you in tonight? Edit.....just saw the time of your last post. I rigged 2 cedar plug daisy chains for someone tonight....thers plenty left.
  558. Carl

    10/21 Wister Opener

    That was awesome. I guess the hot weather kept everybody away. A few more hunters to push the birds around and we would've been done even sooner i bet.
  559. Carl

    Dead quackers and their bigger cousins

    Actually, i have a seat in a club.....i dint want to walk around in 98 wearing waders....skeeters will be going fishing
  560. Carl

    Dead quackers and their bigger cousins

    :appl: The weather forecast for our opener this saturday is. For 98 degrees. I think i'll wait. :(
  561. Carl

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Your compass is broke
  562. Carl

    what LB test for BFT flat fall

    If you have say an 18" leader of 150 on your flat fall the 80 main line is unnecessary. How much drag does your senator produce?
  563. Carl

    Lacey area Electrician

    Pm me if you want larry. I try to add to what i had to say and am involuntarily getting logged out
  564. Carl

    Lacey area Electrician

    My money is on the neon roses lag bolt The gfi thought was a good one but you seemed to have ruled that out....often homeowners and handymen who have no business fucking with electrical put gfi devices incorrectly on the same circuit. The problems might not manifest til later. In this case...
  565. Carl

    Lacey area Electrician

    Loose Wire on the upstream end of that series of outlets in that circuit. Probably in a receptacle that is loose fitting in the wall. Startat the end of those outlets that is closest to the panel that feeds it. Then go to the next working receptacle that would seem to be "upstream" to the panel...
  566. Carl

    New Stickers Available

    I lmao the other day when i jumped on the boat and saw that... i have a lot of friends in the fishing community. Fishing and throwing each other under the bus is what we enjoy......LOL ive been friends with Lou for like 25 yrs....We've sent a lot of zingers each others direction over that...
  567. Carl

    There Be Dragons RIVER MONSTERS in Texas

    I could get in to that
  568. Carl

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Im in............Team Albienut must go down
  569. Carl

    Damn the Bar is Closed

  570. Carl

    Coronados 10/9/16

    Sometimes its an offer you can't refuse LOL
  571. Carl

    Chargers beat Super Bowl Champs

    Poised to run the table......
  572. Carl

    Ocean Fishing shows (let's start a list)

    Darcsizzle on you tube
  573. Carl

    San Felipe 10/13/2016...

    I see low tide pics. No fish. You went all the way down there to take pics of mud?
  574. Carl

    Commander Sinking

    He said "asses" :D
  575. Carl


    What a terrible game. Its seems to me that there isn't enough talent to go around in the NFL. There is an awful lot of bad football being played. I don't watch as much football as I used to, but it seems every game I watch is a series of miscues......stupid decisions by players and coaches...
  576. Carl

    Super Bowl Winner Predictions Contest February 7, 2016

    I'd like to use my Mulligan and switch my pick to the Patriots
  577. Carl


    Wtf am I watching? Is this a Charger intersquad game? :shake:
  578. Carl

    Time Warner Cable...out ?

    I had the same problem. The only two channels I lost was the football games. I thought it was God messing with me......Why not the channels with politics on them?
  579. Carl

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    I don't understand the PNW's seeming love affair with Defiance. Down here most knowledgeable boaters regard them as a boat to stay away from. With your budget I'd focus on other options.. Remember that what you're really buying is the engine(s). That's where the value is. Buy good power on a...
  580. Carl

    What reel for Phenix 809XH hybrid

    I agree that Talica 16 is overkill, too big for that rod. I'd be thinking more along the lines of a Torium 20. If you want a 2 speed aTalica a 10 would be sweet.
  581. Carl

    ? about Zodiac rib 10'

    Marty I got a pic of you and Gilly out in it yesterday. I was in a hurry or I woulda stopped.
  582. Carl

    Drywall texture work - looking for referrals

    Pm widgeon on here. When hes done at my parents he can schedule you
  583. Carl

    Chargers the Worst 4th Quarter Team in NFL History

    But if the chargers maintain their pace theyll destroy the giants by like 13-5 in the blow it dept.
  584. Carl

    You can only go after 1 type of salt water fish out of LA area...

    That would be 2400 to charter a boat with a captain or two and a deckhand for you and up to five others....2400 split 6 ways....legth of trip and boats will vary in price. Sounds like you are on a party boat budget. The Thunderbird and Freedom would fit that parameter. i dont have a pick for you.
  585. Carl

    Chargers the Worst 4th Quarter Team in NFL History

    Funny you mentioned that. I was contemplating that same thought yesterday.. i'm a Weddle fan but,,,,,,,, They were what, 3-13 last year with him? I would conclude their issues are deeper and more widespread.
  586. Carl

    Fresh Dead Squid

    Keep in mind that the price of San Pedro squid has gone way up. 20 lb is going to set you back well over $100. Might want to consider not using the good stuff for chum.
  587. Carl

    bye bye Cabela's?

    Nobody carries bell bottom shirts in your size.........anywhere...:nutkick:
  588. Carl

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Maybe we should go with a WashiGoogan got screwed by a KaliTard angle......
  589. Carl

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    I'll go with that if we don't come up with anything better. I've fished the last two days. Took a nap, went to the buffet and now I feel like talking some smack...I'm going to go take a post buffet dump. I'll check back to throw some gas on the fire before i go to bed. Then I'll see what burned...
  590. Carl

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    The plot thickens......maybe kurt is bullshitting us.....lets get him!
  591. Carl

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    WAITAFRICKINMINUTE......Hannibal posted a drama thread about someone getting banned who wasn't even banned? THat's bieber
  592. Carl

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Lets not let the lynch mode( no nothing to do with Marshawn you WashiGoogans ) slip away.....Lets flame someone else..... How about goatram? Lets take a poll and we'll nail the winners hide to the barn door......vance, markfromsea, cornfed, marlin mike, putnam plenty of candidates up there...
  593. Carl

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    I would be surprised if he wasnt contacted politely and then things escalated As much as I enjoy flaming ali and Jason I have to be fair on this one. They've earned my respect by talking me off the ledge a couple few times over the years....It would have been easier to just ban me but they...
  594. Carl

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    I forgot to mention Mikey....Didn't want you to feel left out of the tool box.
  595. Carl

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Just wanted to say Jason and Marcus are dicks before this gets deleted...Kurt, Limpet, Mike P. Ali too... Does Howard let someone come into his business and insult his customers? Disclaimer this thread is all i know about this. I aint a mod
  596. Carl

    Lobster ?

    the guys I talked to said it was full combat fishing for few lobsters. Total shit show. tonight will be worse..... No Im not trying to thin the herd because I'm going....I aint going.
  597. Carl

    tuna run on saturday the 1st

    I'd love to. Gotta work. I'd like to put in an RSVP for next years WTC and hope to get together with you sooner. :loverz: Fishing down here isn't fun again lately. LOL I label this years SD season " zero or hero"..... Lots of zeros
  598. Carl

    San Felipe Panga Fishing

    Bring something light to chuck small Krocodiles. the triggerfish will maul your plastics.
  599. Carl

    Rpt.-09-28-16 The 302 and 371 Tuna bite.

    The fish have generally been in the green water, Often miles from a chlorophyll break, another oddity of recent vintage to me. Did you find them in the cleaner stuff? I was out Mon., and I felt like I was in a desert all day......
  600. Carl

    Rpt.-09-28-16 The 302 and 371 Tuna bite.

    The "smart" baby yft is new to me the last two years. Never seen that before in my previous decades of offshore fishing. It used to be finding fish was pretty much synonymous with catching.... You know what I mean...Remember waaaaaay back in the day, like 3 years ago, LOL catching fish on the...
  601. Carl

    Problems with seaguar floro?

    John, re-read his third sentence. I think it says it all. Seaguar Premier breaks a little below what it's labeled as. Ie 20 Premier will break at close to 20. Most lines labeled 20 will break closer to 30. Sooooo if you pull on Premier the same way you would pull on 30 lb line labeled as 20 the...
  602. Carl

    Young Cock

  603. Carl

    HO Sarcasm

    Dude some of those "nos" are hilarious....The first two in particular. LOL I'd fish with you; and I'm leery of committing to being on a boat with someone I don't know.. Too high of a risk of being stuck on a boat with an asshole for me.
  604. Carl

    MPA = Marine Poaching Area

    BD literati at their finest
  605. Carl

    Marlin blues

    Sooooo Jason farmed it.
  606. Carl

    Patriots minus Brady, Garoppolo, Gronk & others - 3/0

    No shit. Someone should cruise over to Fonzi's and see if he's pinned under a motorcycle in his garage,,,,,,,,,,again. :shake: I'm busy today....
  607. Carl

    HO Sarcasm

    Does anyone else think, "this guy is either new in town or a real asshole if he can't find anyone to go fishing on his boat with him".
  608. Carl

    HO Sarcasm

    If you do the math thats a deal for the ho. On the surface anyway.
  609. Carl

    Patriots minus Brady, Garoppolo, Gronk & others - 3/0

    Ummmmm Too Tall Jones was on the Cowboys. The Steel Curtain had the Purple People Eaters, The Raiduhs, and Americas Team barf to provide rivalries.....The Montana, Young. Rice et al 49ers had the Cowboys of Aikman and Ervin, Smith and the 0fer5 Bills to provide rivalries..... The NFL isn't...
  610. Carl

    Patriots minus Brady, Garoppolo, Gronk & others - 3/0

    Max is not going to win the Vermy award at this pace....Perhaps he's gearing up for a stretch run.
  611. Carl

    9/18 Sunday - Voyager out of Seaforth

    The Voyager and Pacific Voyager are seperate boats. Both out of Seaforth......Mark Oronoz is the PV.
  612. Carl

    Another "which reel" Thread...

    The Torques cast great but their A/R's fail regularly. I'm not an engineer or a reel mechanic, but I had 3 more failing on me last week with fish on. I don't care how they perform in theory. Otw is what matters. Not a reel good feeling when you throw a reel into gear and it sounds like you...
  613. Carl

    Kayak and accessories for sale

    Does the vest come with it?
  614. Carl

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    Sorry John, that sucks. I'm blaming Mo.
  615. Carl

    Patriots minus Brady & minus Garoppolo 2-0

    Where are you Harry? i was hoping you, Mikey and I would fish together again this year. i enjoy fishing with you ass holes.
  616. Carl

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Good idea.... I could identify That Guy before I left the harbor and plan my fishing strategy accordingly....avoid that initial megatangle when im naive....
  617. Carl

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    How were the breakfast burritos?
  618. Carl

    Bananas on long range boats>

    The superstition I am adamant about, is to NEVER talk about how well the engine is running.....The next words out of mouth will be "Vessel Assist, Vessel Assist" :shake: This applies to bait pumps as well.....
  619. Carl

    Reel repair Dana point?

    Take it to kens custom reels in oceanside, on the harbor. They fixed my pos torque with the same problem.
  620. Carl

    20 Fathoms - Collection of Yellowtail fishing

    Good stuff Afran! As a side note...I learned to flyline corn for trout at Mo's Hole at Lake Miramar from Mark, Afrans dad when I was young....
  621. Carl

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Based on this thread, it would seem there is a high likelihood that the individual at the helm wasnt concious.
  622. Carl

    Barge rock

    I would but I have commitments tomorrow through Sunday. Good luck. If I find anything good the next two days ( I'll be out)I'll pm you.
  623. Carl

    Barge rock

    Shoot Jason, I have today off and would have tried to fish with you. I would have been down to fish with the Denver Dumb Dumb.....The Bronco Backlasher LOL......I gotta re- find that video. i forgot about it til now.
  624. Carl

    Arm and hand cramps

    I always rub one out before getting on a boat and shaking hands as I introduce myself to my new friends.....surprised you didn't notice.....
  625. Carl

    Chubasco2 9/9/16

    I recommend the Chubby on an almost daily basis....They're a cool group of people on the Chubby and Pronto.
  626. Carl

    BD Outdoors Tagline

  627. Carl

    Chefs suck...

    Allen is injured. chargers may never score again.
  628. Carl

    Chefs suck...

    Woodhead was taunting Max
  629. Carl

    Chefs suck...

    I think is safe to say at this point that the Chargers will go undefeated and Gordon and Attouchu will be first ballot Hall of Famers....
  630. Carl

    Superbowl 2/5/2017 Winner Prediction Contest

    Chargers.....melvin Gordon Hall of Fame
  631. Carl

    Boxer Puppy Available

    You need a new guide on that spinning rod Deb :D
  632. Carl


    Gaff,,,,,,or not. I have one you can borrow if you come to sd
  633. Carl


    LOL i didn't see that coming. Unlike Gil Marlins "jokes".
  634. Carl

    I only got two bites

    Well done to you for the catching and Oby for getting you on them :appl:
  635. Carl

    Is there any reports from down south?

    Put up some pics of the ladies. maybe I'll entertain them while you boys fish bft.
  636. Carl

    Fishing cliches..

    I agree with the worst day fishing is better than the best day at work is total bullshit....Im surprised I wasnt the one who brought it up. nobody who has ever been seasick, waiting for Vessel Assist, fishing with BillyV, or cbass fishing in January would say that.
  637. Carl

    Largest leader I can tie using 65pp?

    Lines vary so much from brand to brand its impossiblr to answer this ? Try it with what you have. If it cinches down right it will work. I can tie An RP with 100 lb Big Game, other brands 80 wont go...the sticker with the number on the side of the spool is a useless number unless its an igfa...
  638. Carl

    Fishing with the Ski's

    :appl: where was TimSki?
  639. Carl

    Is anyone fishing the 9 mile bank any more ?

    there is nothing more bieber. Than rockfishing for 9 hours :zelfmoord
  640. Carl

    Looking for a 6 Pack out of SD - 9/10 or 9/11

    Of course it was the SAC boats that provoked Mexico into closing BFT in the first place; but thats another thread. I second the Impulse, Pinnacle and Seasons operations. I don't know the others, so I donT have an opinion on them.
  641. Carl

    Another reason to hate Carl...

    I felt I could trust the hooks based on the information I had at the time. I KNOW not to trust Gillys advice......That would have been straight dumb....
  642. Carl

    Another reason to hate Carl...

    I rigged his Yummee. I felt I could trust those hooks when I ran out of the ones I had been using(back ordered)...They were used to catch a large blue marlin, among other large fish including bft that I know of. It failed. I feel like shit...:(..I wont use them again.....Sorry Ali and the other...
  643. Carl

    Why not use straight braid to fluoro?

    One of the few occassions i fish mono is on sprtboats......Tangle, cut line, tie on new hook, back in water while everyone stands around waiting for the deckhand to untangle the mess......cheaper and faster with mono..... I've not had a problem with pulling hooks since going to braid to short...
  644. Carl

    Any 300lb BFT this year??

    I cannot confirm a 3. We've weighed numerous over 250.
  645. Carl

    Looks Like Carl could not stay away

    That's a SoCal dock cart.....I don't see a problem.....Putnam swamped her off the dock maybe?
  646. Carl

    2016 Make A Wish Tuna Challenge Results

    Gil Marlin = Champion :urno1: Congratulations Gilly :appl:
  647. Carl

    Nothing grande on the GRANDE but definitely an awesome trip

    i remember way back in the day, like two years ago, when the fish in your pics were considered " grandes" for SoCal fish.
  648. Carl

    Superbowl 2/5/2017 Winner Prediction Contest

    Carolina..... I mean patriots...
  649. Carl

    Sum fun chit

    Did you stop the boat with the XRap?
  650. Carl


    i'm coming back for sure! No visit to the PNW is complete without a Neon Rose viewing. I feel cheated.
  651. Carl

    Utter BS!!!!!! Venting

    Bring your rx to tj.
  652. Carl

    Where is the true 12 miles for the fmm from?

    Incorrect. I was under the same impression and stated as such on here many times. the three men who are at the top of the Mexican fisheries ladder came in to Dana Landing while I was working. I specifically asked them this question due to conflicting info going around. I was told that the 12...
  653. Carl

    Carl, Drunk Again

    LOL Ironically enough, today marks 7 years clean and sober for me.
  654. Carl


    I have a new phone. Same number. i lost everyones numbers, sooooooo if you're expecting me to call it prolly aint gonna happen.
  655. Carl

    Knockin'em off the bucket list with Team Accurate - Thursday 8/18

    :appl: that might be the biggest local bft weighed on a real scale that I know of. it certainly is in the top very few.
  656. Carl

    San Diego in October

    Borrow marlin mikes boot
  657. Carl


    Never found it. Just got off boat. Going to shower and then sleep. Then repeat the next few days. Dont need it out there anyway..... i guess im not going to get into that pokemon shit...... Did you hear about the dork who walked off the cliff playing that...:idiot:
  658. Carl


    No luck...... Still phoneless....was out on the pond watching the Yummee yesterday thinking about where that MF'er could be. hearing phantom rings and shit...... I'm a Yummee blow up addict...
  659. Carl


    Im at work so quit calling it. the battery has to be low
  660. Carl


  661. Carl

    Went Fishing ... Caught 4 Deer

    Apparently salmon don't respond well to venison chunks? :confused:
  662. Carl

    Vessel Operator Card Requirements Will Be Here Soon

    Looking to get hitched Dan?
  663. Carl


    Tore house and car apart......need a miracle :(
  664. Carl


    Cant find the pos......I was at home yesterday morning and used it to call my buddy about An hour before leaving to work at the landing. ......left to go to work, couldn't find it and still cant find it..... I bet the Charger Girls called. :(
  665. Carl

    New record BFT 269.7

    I believe this fish becoming the official record is imminent. The Rep. From the State of California called me yesterday to verify it. Good thing I put Dana Landings phone # on the weigh slip since I lost my phone yesterday.......
  666. Carl

    Vessel Operator Card Requirements Will Be Here Soon

    I am going to go out on a limb and surmise that a Captains License enables you to operate a vessel.
  667. Carl


    Still no dice.... The good news is I found like $6 worth of coins in the chair i was sitting in......
  668. Carl


    I hope we both find what we're looking for in the morning..LOL
  669. Carl

    Help going to go look in the truck again then go to bed. I dont hear it inside.
  670. Carl


    Try one more time
  671. Carl

    Help least its ringing
  672. Carl


    Did it ring first or go straight to voicemail? If it rang, try again.
  673. Carl


    I'm betting someone who has my phone number is on here. I lost my phone in the house somewhere. Somebody call it so I can hear the ring.
  674. Carl

    New Lo-An Report Aug. 12-14th. 2 Day

    :appl: Awesome seeing Dom smiling ear to ear! Good to see BKII out there too! i heart BKII. You're a good dude Rob- O
  675. Carl


    :rofl: Thanks for reminding me about those damned things. They served their purpose and kept me from freezing my ass off on Saturday. now I need to get rid of them before anyone around here sees em....I still havent unpacked my bag. Did you think they make my butt look too big?
  676. Carl

    WTF is it

    Theres definitely nothing " hot " or "Carl" about that.... barf
  677. Carl

    Need a crew for tuna tomorrow.

    Soooo You're on your way over with a Bleu Cheese bacon burger for me.
  678. Carl

    Need a crew for tuna tomorrow.

    Whitecapping in Dana Landing Basin as I type. Otherwise I'd want to go.
  679. Carl

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    i had a blast! I can't wait to go up there and do it again....I'd try and arrange another turn and burn trip next nice weather window in fact. Everybody, and I mean everybody,(even Goat :D)was super cool, totally great vibe, whether on the boat or the beach. I can't overstate how much I...
  680. Carl

    Need 3 D WIDE BOOTS

    My shoe size is 10-1/2 eeee. i wear size 12 gills with the aftco insoles in them. muy bueno. Xtra tufs are way narrower and rub my foot on top too......Gotta have the insoles if you're standing all day.
  681. Carl

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Looks like shit Congratulations guys. Hopefully I'll be able to go with next time Jeff....I was thinking Tuesday::D Billy is optional LOL
  682. Carl

    In Regards to BD for sale ads..... I have an idea!!

    Good gawd another ??DramaFisherman thread. :zelfmoord
  683. Carl

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    Glad i left.....Some sights are better left unseen
  684. Carl


    Just got home. I'm having a kicker sale.
  685. Carl


    I heart WashiGoogans! :loverz: Thanks guys. I feel like I made a shitload of old friends. You guys are awesome. You made me realize what dicks my friends are:D I wish I could've arranged to hang out til tomorrow but I gotta go.
  686. Carl


    Rental car fuckstick...Drive it like you rented it. I'm out.
  687. Carl


    Get the fuck out of my way! :_shoppingKaliTard coming through!
  688. Carl

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    already thought that through. I've resolved not to hit anything while I'm up there......Continuing the trend I've established here:(
  689. Carl

    Yummee trolling speed

    come in to Dana Landing and have us rig it for you. What we are doing works. Ive seen the Melton Rig and that of a local competitor. We,ll cut that crap off and do it right. I know of dozens over #100 that have come to our dock from our rigged Yummees. Many over 200. Bring your own Yummee if...
  690. Carl

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    I've been on the wagon for 7 years. Will remain there. Was there a good Penguin hatch up there this year? I,ve always wanted to do a penguin shoot. i think I can call Them in with my WingSetter duck whistle. I'm going to practice on the plane.
  691. Carl

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    what in Gods name am I getting myself into? LOL