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  1. trlrtrsh67

    Mercruiser Exhaust Pipe

    I may be looking at the reality of replacing my exhaust pipe due to corrosion. I'm going to confirm the source of a small trickle of water running down the transom into the bilge while the engine is running on the earmuffs over this weekend. I'm assuming its a corroded pipe due to the age of the...
  2. trlrtrsh67

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    Finally decided to start documenting my new project. Not so sure it'll come out as nice as the other boats I've followed here over the years but maybe it will help somebody. I've been sitting on this for close to a year and am just now getting to it. For now I'm just worried about safety items...
  3. trlrtrsh67

    Bilge and bait tank plumbing

    Looking for material suggestions on bilge and bait tank plumbing. I've got a mixture of vinyl braided tubing and a ton of sch. 40 pvc pipe and slip fittings. I would like to go with the braided vinyl tube and eliminate all of the glue joints/ possible leak points below deck. Is this vinyl tubing...
  4. trlrtrsh67

    Fuel line source

    I'm needing to replace all my lines and was just looking for recommendations. Biggest concern is the fill line, 1 1/2" x 13'. Thanks!
  5. trlrtrsh67

    galv. anchor chain

    Where's the best place to find a good price for 25'-30' of galvanized? L.A. /S.B. / O.C.? Thanks!
  6. trlrtrsh67

    Shooting near a roadway?

    I know you're supposed to be no less than 150yds. from an occupied dwelling and no shooting over a road/highway...but I can't seem to find what the requirement would be on a distance from the roadway where shooting is allowed? Or is there one? Thanks.
  7. trlrtrsh67

    Big Game 90 2-day

    Couple days late but thats the norm for me. First time out on a 2 day and I had a blast! We left Friday night, picked up some dines and headed accross to Catalina where we picked up squid of off one of the light boats. After that we ran around to the backside and anchored for the night. The...
  8. trlrtrsh67

    I've got crabs

    Went out Sunday with a friend from work and my brother on his boat for some fishin/hoopin. The fishing was pretty slow, short calico and a few micro sculps, so we should call the fishing part "making bait" as we ended up filling the tank with a bunch of macs. We ended up releasing the macs at...
  9. trlrtrsh67

    Hoop Net Floats

    Anyone know of a place to find some of those bullet shaped floats like promar sells for marker floats? Just checkin to see if there is a cheaper price to be had out there?? I googled but I could only find links to manufacturers in china that'll sell you about 1000 of them "minimum order"! Thanks!