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  1. Orca

    RCE 900 Mag reel seat

    go with a CAH23
  2. Orca

    Teacher needed... ambitious and patient learner here

    there you go Len is a great wrapper ,maybe he can take over the rod classes and I can retire again.
  3. Orca

    Ceramic bobins

    I have a couple of them they work fine been using them for years. good find Mike yours are nice in that they have inserts at both ends of the tube.
  4. Orca

    Lamiglas Pink Rod/Walleye/Bass (CWB75MH)

    Nice thread work . I'm sure the title had guys thinking a pink colored rod. LOL
  5. Orca

    Calstar Blanks in Washington State

    doc smith friday harbor 3503786923 redden marine supply bellingham 3607660250
  6. Orca

    New sticks for win at WTC

    nice work
  7. Orca

    Old Skool "Marlin Brothers Rod Thread"

    I have used it. Nice color selection, good color retention easy to work with as it is size C
  8. Orca

    What size thread

    no just a smart ass :D
  9. Orca

    Hey electronic nerds... foot pedal question

    The thermister is a self resetting circuit breaker rated at 145C (293F) and 2 amps it is to prevent you from burning up your mtr. You already have speed control on your wrapper so the foot pedal is just a momentary switch. Knowing the way you wrap (balls to the wall) you should have no problem.
  10. Orca

    Hey electronic nerds... foot pedal question

    that is a thermister they are crimped on the power wire. you can crimp it with a crimp from your crimping kit. or you can just by pass it and connect your power wire directly to the foot pedal . Don't have the crimp? stop by the house and I'll help you.
  11. Orca

    Line guide & Spiral wrap

  12. Orca

    Help with Hypalon Measurements

    I believe Einar ment 3/4" for the rear 1/2 " for the fore with epoxy at the final position Use rubber cement and it will slide in place easily.
  13. Orca

    Gold Leaf Dragon Scale

    Todd you are like a bull in a china shop. Gold leaf takes a delicate touch and patience. reapply sizing to the bare spots and add your leaf and go through the process again. be patient and gentle grasshopper. :)
  14. Orca

    Marbling Question

    looks good. nice and clean
  15. Orca

    Putting New Finish on Old Rods

    i can refer you to a good shrink
  16. Orca

    Any of you guys own a Renzetti Rod Wrapper?

    12' bed, 3 rod stands 4 spool thread carriage $500 you pick up san diego
  17. Orca

    Madeira thread in epoxy

    in response to your question no
  18. Orca

    6465 xxh

    What is the diameter of the blank in mm where you want the seat?
  19. Orca

    Salvage rod or ?

    What is the total length of the rod? It looks like someone extended the rod to make a surf rod or a long jig stick.
  20. Orca

    Forecast SULG guides question

    SaltyDawg has used them and liked them a lot
  21. Orca


    Classes are temporarily suspended due to covid-19 panic. this is purely a precautionary measure in keeping with current city directives on gatherings. class will resume when things calm down however, there will be a charge of one roll of toilet paper for each class attended.:D
  22. Orca

    Merry Christmas BD!

    bah humbug
  23. Orca

    Does EPDM need to be covered if it won't see the rail?

    no need to cover use it as is
  24. Orca

    Forecast or Pacbay chrome guides?

    Forecast boat guides, just a tad bit more costly but better quality and finish.
  25. Orca

    Stripping Off Paint?

    no damage to the blank takes some time but a nice clean job
  26. Orca

    Getting a tip off

    I agree not that hard
  27. Orca

    Stripping Off Paint?

    Try acetone Seeker rods do not like acetone
  28. Orca

    Alps XN Guide - Question

    The xnlg guides are fine no need for the zirconia guides unless you want color. UC rods typically use one or two more guides than the old addage rod lengh + one. Give UC a call at 714 898 7500 I'm sure they will tell you the guide train they use on their built rods.
  29. Orca

    Sometimes you just want to do something simple

    nice work Steve as always
  30. Orca

    remove all references o your business see rules for avatars etc

    remove all references o your business see rules for avatars etc
  31. Orca

    Another amateur re-wrap job now for my little 6 yo princess

    Very nice Great to see kids involved in fishing and rod building
  32. Orca

    Rainshadow ISWB Trio

    Quality work as always
  33. Orca

    28 page rod wrapping book

    Should have said something when you were here I'd have given you a copy free. just pay S/H of $27 :rolleyes:
  34. Orca

    Mile's and Kens Fall Classic / Open 8 Day / 09/21-10/01

    your going to have a long wait to board. the trip doesn't leave until the 23rd.
  35. Orca

    Prokote mix ratio questions

    You and geebee should get together You'd make a great pair.
  36. Orca

    Tip selection for Alps TIXNZG guides

    yes that is the matching tip top
  37. Orca

    A Trueline refresh for Sealskinner

    I know you spent a lot of effort refurbishing that blank it looked really shitty to start. well done.
  38. Orca


    start in the middle and wrap both ways
  39. Orca

    O ring question

    you can use them.
  40. Orca

    Braid to Mono line rating

    30 to 65 lb line rating is line rating
  41. Orca

    Fixing up/enhancing cork-tape on Seeker A270s

    Typical of deckhand style rods, an inherent quality. A 6" piece of shrink tubing will clean it up. Replacing the cork tape is easy and fairly inexpensive Still need shrink tubing . Cork puppies will exhibit the same sort of damage over time.
  42. Orca

    Pac Bay model t

    Alps MXN would be a better choice imho
  43. Orca

    Trueline rebuild

    replaced old Aftco rollers with Alps rollers, free frozen handle, refurbish cork, correct spine (off 90 degrees) refinish blank, wrap guides old school yellow blue and red as requested
  44. Orca

    Rare Earth

    very nice
  45. Orca

    Olive Branch Nightmare.....

    Toot Toot
  46. Orca


    must have heard of my bubbling personality :D
  47. Orca

    Tip tops for Centaur, Raptor, and Rainshadow 96xh

    Centaur = 10,raptor = 9.0 & 9.5 7' 7.5' 96 XH = 8.5 Alps PP tip top or SU tip top
  48. Orca

    Dragon skin - 2nd try - Better

    looking good Steve
  49. Orca

    Rainshadow Judge JDGLB810ML

    As always fabulous
  50. Orca

    UC US 76H rod tip guide question

    So much for "common decency " How about a pic of the damaged tip ?
  51. Orca

    Clemens wrapper News ?

    Go to The rod stands RS 2100 are compatible, the bed extension is a BE 1303, the thread carriage comes in two parts the rolling carriage RC3200 and the TF 8000 Pricey
  52. Orca

    Info on Fishing New Zealand

    I second Rick on the Pursuit out of Whakatane. great skipper and boat White Island Kingies are killer. Be aware minimum keeper size is 39 " fork length . This is a self imposed size limit by the sport boats out of Whakatane to preserve their fishery.
  53. Orca

    Calstar 800L for Butt Crack

    nice looking Eurasian collared-dove. Rod is nice too
  54. Orca

    Want to jump in and learn

    A few years back a member from the riverside area (big eye guy) used to come to the classes. He was going to try and start some classes. maybe he will help you. ???????????
  55. Orca

    Bill Batson to attend Rod Class 10/3

    Bill is in town and will be attending the rod building class Tomorrow. Bill is always a welcome addition to the class bringing a wealth of knowledge and info on new addition to his product line. I'm sure he will have example of the new EPDM grip material. Class begins at 6 PM with a bite...
  56. Orca

    Just Starting

    see the rod building materials post at the beginning of this forum . Purchased individually cheaper than the kit
  57. Orca

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 760M fresh off the dryer

    Yes he is a full fledged mentor .
  58. Orca


    Bloody Decks Rod Building Class Est. 2004 When: Every Tuesday 6PM til ?? Where: Mira Mesa 10174 Embassy Way 92126 Phone: Mobile 774 277 0388 Cost: FREE We've been helping bloody deck members learn to build and repair rods since 2004. Started in Jason's uncle's "barn" moved to Mira...
  59. Orca

    line Rub rubs me the wrong way

    Bring it to the rod class Tuesday and we'll help you out
  60. Orca

    UC US65H for my Uncle in Conn.

    nice work teach
  61. Orca

    Puerto Vallarta 2016

    nice trip
  62. Orca

    Who says rod shops aren't dangerous!

    Fucking klutz :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  63. Orca

    Custom Power Wrap thread tensioner question

    You can buy the tensioner alone it is a sewing machine thread tensioner. they are on e-bay for $6 & up
  64. Orca


    Going fishing no class until 4 Oct
  65. Orca

    Reel Seat Color Change Question !

    You can tint your finish and do the hoods no problem with durability. I marbled an entire reel seat ten years ago Sill going strong no problems.
  66. Orca

    Thread carriage needed...

    Go to squidco the pacbay carriage will fit your machine
  67. Orca

    First Rod Build Questions for Now, Play by Play coming soon..

    Who are you calling "old" soon to be on the social security rolls.:D:D
  68. Orca

    Which guides for 40-50lb Spinning ?

    X2 I have a spinner built with these guides works great
  69. Orca

    PacBay power wrapper question (Metal Chuck loosens)

    I stand corrected the wrapper does turn CW but the force applied to the rod while wrapping creates a ccw force on the jaws which loosens them.
  70. Orca

    PacBay power wrapper question (Metal Chuck loosens)

    Your problem as stated is the the chuck jaws loosen while using the wrapper. While Capt Ritchie's solution (CW rotation) will work when in the dryer mode it will not work in the wrap mode as the chuck turns in a CCW direction which is the direction you turn the chuck to loosen it. Two...
  71. Orca

    Recent Build

    Oh if it were that easy. :rolleyes::D:D:D:D Nicely done Doc.
  72. Orca

    16 miles out from mission bay

    subscribe to fishdope bd product good info and up to date
  73. Orca

    Tuna Cord question

    Verathane, Spar Urethane Outdoor UV resistant
  74. Orca

    CPW Dyer... thanks Don!

    glad it worked out for you. Pick up the rod supports tonight at class. Chicken enchiladas.
  75. Orca

    Rodbuilding class

    Most of the guys are sucking down designer tea in plastic bottles. I'll have a beer or wine with dinner. Although there are time when the class will drive me to hit the hard stuff.:D
  76. Orca

    Need help finding a rod.

    go with the calstar
  77. Orca

    Batson Thank YOU to SoCal

    Once again it was a pleasure having you attend our rod building :"class". Very informative and as you know we are strong supporters of your line of products.
  78. Orca

    Directions for BD rod building classes San Diego & synopsis

    10174 Embassy way San Diego Ca ph # 774 277 0388 6:00 PM Tuesday There is no charge for the classes. A one time donation of $5 to cover cost of shop materials would be appreciated. The class is very informal, we begin with a bite to eat at 6 and then move on to rod building. There are...
  79. Orca

    How To Remove Aluminum Reel Seat?

    Use a dremmel tool with an abrasive wheel and make two cuts from front to rear at 180 degrees. Insert a flat bladed screw driver in the cut and twist.
  80. Orca

    Bill Batson at rod class Tue.

    Hard to teach an old dog new tricks
  81. Orca

    Bill Batson at rod class Tue.

    Bill Batson will be attending the rod class Tue. 8 Mar. He has some new items to show us. We willbe having a bite to eat starting at 6. please let me know if you are planning on attending so that I have enough food.
  82. Orca

    Refinish old fishing rod

    Wax them with a spray wax
  83. Orca

    Newbie shopping for equipment... Please help

    Check out the sticky on rod building supplies at the top of the forum.
  84. Orca

    Rod classes cancelled

    Next San Diego rod class Feb 9th. Gone fishing
  85. Orca

    Biggest Fish on Avet SX or MX Series

    30 lb albi on SX and 52lb YFT on MX
  86. Orca

    Rod Bond

  87. Orca

    CPW Deluxe Question

    Once you have the shaft out of the head stock, pry the shield off one side of the bearings with a pen knife. Clean with break cleaner. If the bearings have any rust on them lube with WD-40, Wash with break cleaner again, repack with grease and you're good to go. no need to replace the shield
  88. Orca

    Need a new tip for seeker classic 970

    your stock stainless guides are fine. You can also use a stainless tip no need for the carbide tip.
  89. Orca

    Reel Servicing needed.

    Agree Tony Alva. Outstanding work at reasonable prices.
  90. Orca

    I have one shot...can you help?

    Since you only have one shot. Once you have burnished your bottom layer wrap some clear mono line over the wrap. You will see the resulting pattern and can go back and make adjustments to the burnishing to get your desired look.
  91. Orca

    114 lb opah and 13 albacore out of Eureka on 30 lb test

    Nice fish of a lifetime. El Niño
  92. Orca

    Rod building class

    Next weeks rod class will move from Tue. to Wed the 8th of July so that I can attend my grandson's Eagle Scout court of honor.
  93. Orca

    Alps Winding Checks...Where???

    what size and color?
  94. Orca

    Australia / New Zealand

    Highly recommend Earl Grey great boat great skipper fished with him before and he's really good
  95. Orca

    40lb bait stick blank for straight spectra

    rainshadow RCJB 84H
  96. Orca


    This is one that I fabed using a piece of conduit. Attached the conduit to the switch using 2 self tapping screws coil springs at the ends for stability.
  97. Orca

    Rod building classes or training and equipment for newbie?

    Check out the sticky at the top of this forum. Weekly classes just down the road from you.
  98. IMG_0408 (2)

    IMG_0408 (2)

  99. foot switch

    foot switch

  100. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  101. Orca

    Rod supports on power wrapper ..

    Are you using a bobbin to wrap? When using a bobbin you must insure the thread is pulling down on the rod. This means the tip of the bobbin needs to be near the track of the wrapper, otherwise it will pull the blank away from the rollers whether they are spring loaded or the L bracket.
  102. Orca

    Batson blank suggestions

    Bill, Saltydawg, should have the blanks to pull on. If not I have the RCKJB you can pull on.
  103. Orca

    Recommendation on an all-purpose blank for yellowfin and/or bluefin tuna blank

    x2 or for a slower action the RCJBH 7' 30 - 60
  104. Orca

    Cheap blanks

    Batson blanks are made in China. Good blanks.
  105. Orca

    Cork Tape with Cord?

    A couple of drops of super glue at the start and finish is all you need since you are using shrink wrap to finish the cork tape and a butt cap at the other end. Be sure to melt the ends of the cord.
  106. Orca

    My first Rod back.

    X2 good to see the classes took. I remember the pink.
  107. Orca

    Batson at FRED HALL L.B.

  108. Orca

    Wahoo Chasers! Ken Bush Custom Rods/Tuna Chasers 8-Day on Intrepid

    Tha That's alright Jim, I have a hard time remembering what I did this morning let alone 3 months ago.
  109. Orca

    Finally finishing my own, 1 silly question

    Leave it smooth. You will be able to move and pack your Maltese cross easier on a smooth surface. I coat my cross wraps with color preserver after packing to hold them in posistion while appling finish.
  110. Orca

    Just curious......

    Try looking in the rod building section.
  111. Orca

    Correct Forum to Sell Rod Wrapper?? Help!!

    your post has been moved
  112. Orca

    Rod Building W/ Bill Batson Tues 9 Dec

    Yes I have A catalog for you stop by anytime and pick it up. You missed a good one.
  113. Orca

    Rod Building W/ Bill Batson Tues 9 Dec

    Rod building class will be hosting Bill Batson This week. 6 PM start time, Turkey and Ham, rolls , butternut squash. who all is coming? Stop by and check out the Batson line of products, enjoy some food and camaraderie with fellow rod builders.
  114. Orca

    Batson Coming to SoCal

    Clarification Just spoke to Bill He will be at the Rod class on Tues 9 Dec 6 PM
  115. Orca

    Looking for Custom Powerwrap Chuck Upgrade

    Do you need just the Chuck or the the chuck , head stock and torque converter ? Taig has the chuck and head stock. You will need to reposition the motor if you do not use the reduction gear. You will also need pulleys . If you go with the Alps chuck you will need to reposition...
  116. Orca

    SD Rod Class check it limits Don's favorite fish!

    Don got one skinny skinny and one fat skinny, 51#. Caught a few junk fish, did my best to stay away from them. On a rod building note I fished a Rainshadow IMU 76H with a Lexa400 throwing bombs and jigs. Rod and reel combo worked great 60 to 70 yd casts and I'm an avid jig caster. Got orders...
  117. Orca

    Wood Turners

    Try searching wood turning sites on the net.
  118. Orca

    Report Giant Bluefin Race to Prince Edward Island 2014

    Two broken lines? Tough. Better luck on the next one.
  119. Orca

    Rod wrapper in San Diego?

    Define "help". Do you want to build the rod with assistance from a professional builder or watch (help) as the builder does the work. Not many craftsman like someone looking over their shoulder as they work. As for price remember the old adage $300 if I do it $500 if you help. You could go...
  120. Orca

    Is grip replacement a big/expensive deal?

    replacing with cork tape would be the cheapest and easiest. replacing the reel seat and rear grip cost depends on the reel seat. In most cases the existing reel seat can not be saved. you could come to the rod building classes and learn to do it yourself.
  121. Orca

    Need a little help finding an old componenet

    Bill what size tube? I have 7/8, 3/4 & 5/8 There are 2 different style nuts. and they don't inter-change.
  122. Orca

    Alps heavies are here

    XBHXNLG black Al. oxide XXHXNLG silver Al. oxide XXHXNZG silver Zirconium
  123. Orca

    Alps heavies are here

    Got a set going on a 765XXH for a fellow fisherman on Ken Bush's fall trip.
  124. Orca

    Lawnmower tune-up?

    Sean, old gas and dirty carb. Try Western Mower and engines 12823 Pomerado Rd, Poway, CA 92064 (858) 748-2292. They do good work and are reasonable.
  125. Orca

    tiger question

    No, two or more threads with at least one sacrificial.
  126. Orca

    Wanted - Fighting belt

    careful he's a "freelance exhibitionist"
  127. Orca

    First rod build in progress (advice needed)

    obviously you need to cut off and re-wrap. Do a test wrap on a scrap piece and try using color preserver before applying finish. Another option is to do a CKW. Do your tiger base wrap, burnish, wrap with mono then wrap the mono with cellophane tape, apply finish.
  128. Orca

    First rod build in progress (advice needed)

    burnish your wrap and then wrap over with a clear mono-filament. You will see the pattern of your tiger and see how the color combo works. You then remove the mono and continue with the over wrap or adjust the burnishing. If you don't like the color combo cut it off. It is best to do a...
  129. Orca

    Acid Rod questions

    No need to switch to spinning guides.
  130. Orca

    Stretching Hypalon

    :rofl:X2 :rofl:
  131. Orca

    A Little Christmas Holly

    Looking good Steve.
  132. Orca

    Rod building class

    every Tues in San Diego. long drive.
  133. Orca

    rod building class cancelled for Tue 29 Oct 2013

    major water leak, house is all torn apart. next week.
  134. Orca

    Reel seat for Avet Raptor HXW

    My HX raptor fits fine on an Alps centra lock 22.
  135. Orca

    Where can I get a handle???

    Jannsnetcraft, acidrod and mudhole list 10" Tennessee grips. Remember you need to purchase the slip rings as a separate item.
  136. Orca

    Classses to resume 10/8

    Back from fishing. class will resume Tue. 6 PM
  137. Orca

    I asked for porn from Jason and got this.

    What a relief. I was expecting Jason's pig.
  138. Orca

    Root Beer Dragonscale

    very nice
  139. Orca

    Bass rod and kudos

    nice tiger Bill. Know how you feel about those micros, wait until you get old, half blind, and have fat fingers.
  140. Orca

    8 foot Varmac rods

    A couple of 8" Varmac GC 2-8 & 3-8 rods for give a ways on Ken Bush's 10 day in Sept. Poly cord on one and rope-a-dope grip on the other.
  141. Orca

    Ken Bush Custom Rods... Intrepid 10 day Sept 23, Spots Available..

    A couple of 8" Varmac GC 2-8 & 3-8 rods for give a ways on Ken Bush's 10 day in Sept. Poly cord on one and rope-a-dope grip on the other.
  142. Orca

    Removing aluminum butt cap

    with your rod being held securely in a vice apply heat to the gimbal while twisting the gimbal with a screw driver inserted in the slots. once the gimbal begins to turn the heat can be removed and the gimbal pulled off. Batson and Fuji make a rubber gimbal which can replace the metal one. let...
  143. Orca

    Small knick in new SS 6480H

    You're over reacting. Wipe the rod down with some pledge wax, should hide the scratch and will protect the rod.
  144. Orca

    2013 Roy Lively Marlincaster

    As usual nothing but the finest.
  145. Orca

    2 More for MAW

    30 and 50 lb trollers with uni butts. Simple Black and gold.
  146. Orca

    Removing aluminum butt cap

    Apply heat with a propane torch insert screw driver in slots and twist.
  147. Orca

    MAW Tuna Challenge rods

    This years BD rod building class Donation to the Make a Wish foundation consists of 5 Calstar Rods. BT 660XH, BT 270H, BT 670H, BT 870H and BT6485L. Blanks donated by Calstar, Thanks Leon and Ceasar. AFTCO roller Guides, ALPS reel seats and guides. Hardware donated by Don Castor. Steve...
  148. Orca

    Rod repair San Diego area

  149. Orca

    Damien's first Largemouth Bass 7 30 13...

    way to go gramps !
  150. Orca

    simply the best!

    Wil and Ken bundling up rods wrapped by Bloodydecks rod building class.
  151. Orca

    Rod building

    the pac bay, alps, and american tackle lathes will al work with your Alps chuck. Squidco has the Pac Bay Lathe localy.
  152. Orca

    UC AT702 in action

    Capt, not knocking your build or the rod. Several of my personal rods are GUSA blanks. They are quality blanks and the United Composite blanks with their better QC are great. Don't know who on the video made the comment. I thought he was being a smart ass and facetious. Just thought it...
  153. Orca

    UC AT702 in action

    Might want to do some editing at the end. :rofl:To quote the Capt. " on a custom rod I'll never be able to fish again. Tips broken, gimbal fell off. " :rofl::rofl: Too funny.
  154. Orca

    Need an old favorite rewrapped

    Take the rod to Ken's custom tackle down at the harbor. John , his rod man does great work at reasonable prices.
  155. Orca

    Bad Mouthing

    If you want to stop getting hate mail from this person block the senders domain.
  156. Orca

    cutting off wraps?

    Since you state there is no pattern I would agree that your tension was too tight and the threads did not move when you burnished them. Next time use less tension and before you coat with CP and finish wrap a layer of clear mono fishing line over the base wrap. this will show you your pattern...
  157. Orca

    Rod Building in So Cal

    e-mail sent
  158. Orca

    30 lb stand up rod detachable storabutt

    peterjacson has been banned
  159. Orca

    For the record

    Your comments and feelings have been noted. No further discussion is needed. Closed to comments.
  160. Orca

    OOPPPS, I screwed up!

    You are correct Dave you have had your say on two posts now and have totally waisted my time. Feel free to post when ever you have something that contributes to rod building. Bashing and lies that take place on other sites should stay on those sites.
  161. Orca

    Confused X-wrap

    Deck hand grips are typically 30 inches in length. You could trim it down where the x-wrap is tight if you are comfortable with that length of grip or remove the x-wrap and replace with a smaller size. X-wrap only shrinks to 40% of it's original size.
  162. Orca

    OMG, What the F#@K

    Dave Your point is ????????????? Looking for an atta boy or just shit stirring. closed
  163. Orca

    Happy Birthday Jason

    Happy birthday Jason. Tell Nancy to treat you.
  164. Orca

    rod wrapper roller qusetion

    wrap some masking tape where the rod supports contact the rod.
  165. Orca

    Real seat loose

    I'm with John on this. The guy has no experience working on rods to attempt a more complicated fix. I did it on a rod Thirty years ago and it's still working fine.
  166. Orca

    SD rod bulding class change

    Tuesday wraps my rod quite well, Sundae does even better. Taught both of them. I can teach you too.
  167. Orca

    California Fish and Game Now California Fish and Wildlife

    Open mouth insert foot. "Many department materials will continue to bear the old name because AB 2402 reduced the cost associated with the name change by preventing CDFW from undergoing a wholesale turnover of materials, including signs, uniforms and supplies." I just picked up my lifetime...
  168. Orca

    SD rod bulding class change

    Please note the class has been moved to Tuesdays.
  169. Orca

    Accurate BX2-500 Clamp/Alps Reel Seat Incompatibility

    The problem is not with the Alps reel seat. The Problem lies with your builder and you. Your builder should have asked you what reel you were going to use on the rod and made sure the that every thing fit. If you specified the blank model and reel seat mfg. to use the builder should have...
  170. Orca

    Not rod building, but new pinstripe canvas

    Sissy bike....... :rofl: You're showing your age, soft tail, faring...... no ape hangers, no extended fork
  171. Orca

    Alps guides

    can't beat those fuji tite turbos the're the shits. damn hard to come by though, something about supply and demand.
  172. Orca

    Christmas comes to the rod building class

    Christmas came by way of Steve Tomiyama and his Christmas theme rod.
  173. Orca

    EVA disaster!! Please help me

    Sometimes it helps to read the post carefully. "The EVA slid down the blank to where the epoxy should start so there was no need for rubber cement. Don't use the rubber cement or a lubricant and you will always have difficulties.
  174. Orca

    Latex Tubing

    Marshalls hardware off MiraMar road. Sells by the foot .50 cents and up depending on the size. 8423 Production Avenue San Diego, CA 92121 <table class="ts intrlu" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td valign="top"><nobr>(858) 271-5555</nobr></td></tr></tbody></table>
  175. Orca

    Fuji guide placement software (GPS)

    This software sizes the choke guides (which should be 3 - 4 guides) it does not tell you the number of running guides you will need. That will be determined by your static test and the length of the rod. If your rod blank has a fast taper you will use more running guides closer together than a...
  176. Orca

    Power Wrapper

    Dan I have an American Tackle, Pacbay, Forecast (old Alps) all have been upgraded with the Alps chuck. If you can find a used one for around $150 buy it and get the alps chuck otherwise spend the bucks and get the Alps. I also have two Custom Power Wrap machines. Good machines but expensive.
  177. Orca

    Bay area fresh water fishermen/women

    nice rod building post
  178. Orca

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    That's a tough one. Stan was a great guy he will be missed. I'm out of town but I'll hoist a few in memory. RIP
  179. Orca

    cracked epoxy on guide foot

    Go with Capt G's advice, scuff the guide wrap epoxy and recoat. Should be a go for this season and maybe longer. You can re evaluate at seasons end.
  180. Orca

    2nd crosswrap attempt on this rod

    Hey Josh, Good to see you are back on the board and wrapping again. Need to work on your axial alignment. It will come with practice.
  181. Orca

    Batson Dream Reamer

    The benefits of the rod building class. :shithappens: :hali_parkutuli:
  182. Orca

    SD Chargers Rod......(no signatures)

    very nice Jim
  183. Orca

    United Composite MAW rods

    Set of five United Composite Rods For Make-a-wish tuna challenge. Challenger Platinum CP60HP 50-80 lb CP60XH 50-100 lb United Saltwater US78Mag 15-30lb US70HL 20-30lb US70HP 30-50lb Alps...
  184. Orca

    Guide Wrap Question

    I prefer up and tie off.
  185. Orca

    New Here/Question regarding classes

    You don't need anything to attend the classes. Just show up soak up some knowledge and enjoy
  186. Orca

    Broken a rod tip on a Calstar

    Tips are sized tube size in 64ths and ring diameter in mm. You could contact 8 weekwonder (steve) he is in poway or me I'm in Mira Mesa if you don't want to make the drive to Squidco. Steve and I are both retired and usually available during the day.
  187. Orca

    rod building class 7/11

    classes will resume in Mira Mesa at 1800, I've milked it long enough.
  188. Orca

    what do I need to start?

    See the post at the top of this forum titled rod building materials.
  189. Orca


    The "pure " acetone your granddaughter was using is the same as the acetone you have been using for thirty years. nail polish removers usually are acetone combined with oil. The oil added to reduce the skin drying effects of the acetone. rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol either one can be...
  190. Orca

    No class 4/18

    Once again there will be no rod building class as I recover from my bout with pneumonia. It's hell when you get old.
  191. Orca

    no class

    this week and most likely next week too. I'm down with pnuemonia.
  192. Orca

    Thread size

    I wrap with c and a. C is easy to work with and works well for most wraps. A is best for fancy cross wraps and weaving.
  193. Orca

    No rod class 3/28

    Sorry guys but a nasty bug hit the house this past week. Don't want to expose anyone to it. see you next week.
  194. Orca

    Roll Call

    Chicken gumbo
  195. Orca

    Roll Call

    Anyone planning on attending the rod building class on Wed or are you going to the Fred hall show?
  196. Orca

    NO SD rod building class 2/28

    Sorry guys My leg and I are are not up to it. Next week.
  197. Orca

    "I just bought a new house, that cost 1.8 milli,

    Anybody know what this tasty dish is? kuzu mochi
  198. Orca

    SD Rod Builders Class: Extra Credit

    Way to go. Those Varmac blanks are really nice and a great price.
  199. Orca

    Cork Ring Assembly

    I use I-40 to glue up rings. Once you have them clamped wipe them with an alcohol soaked rag to clean off excess glue. you'll also be sanding them which will clean up any areas you missed.
  200. Orca

    Looking for Gudebrod Tremar Silver/Blue

    Thread Whore, you're giving some of your stash? :rofl:
  201. Orca


    Look at page 19 of the fishing supplement.
  202. Orca

    Hey, where did my

    I turned them into gaffs,
  203. Orca

    Wed. rod class

    You're giving Peter a heart attack.:rofl: Kevan brought a fine line up of United's rods from the old standby GUSA blanks to the composites, jigging and their 10 ft models. The strength of these blanks is amazing. The finish is immaculate and the blanks are straight.
  204. Orca

    Reel Seat Problems

    Couple of questions. Does your reel seat have a metal hood or graphite, is your rear grip cork or EVA/Hypalon ?
  205. Orca

    Wed. rod class

    The deep holes have been filled, however there are some odd depressions appearing.
  206. Orca

    Wed. rod class

    Salad would be nice
  207. Orca

    Wed. rod class

    Kevan from United Composites will be at the class with some samples of their blanks. spaghetti on the menu because I'm lazy.
  208. Orca

    Happy Birthday Jason H.

    Happy birthday Jason.
  209. Orca

    Where can I get a motor for a CPW wrapper?

    The replacement motor is a Dayton 2M034. I have two CPW wrappers and they turn cork, hypalon and EVA just fine with the 1/10 and 1/15 HP motors. If your motor mounts on the left you want the 2M034 CW rotation if it mounts on the right you want the 2M037 CCW rotation. My wrappers have the...
  210. Orca

    Happy birthday Doc Ski

    Happy Birthday Doc. You're catching up to me.:rofl:
  211. Orca

    finding the diameter

    Your diameter computes out to .318 or 5/16th. To use Capt G's method of installation the ID of your EVA needs to be 1/2 the OD of the blank, (1/8th"), not going to happen. Get .250 (1/4") ID and use an adhesive.
  212. Orca


    I have four spools of gudebrod 326 Scarlet and they are all different shades. Different dye lots.
  213. Orca

    Saltydawg Rods SCAM! DO NOT TRUST

    Hey Bill Cuda's looking for you. He said he would give you the real thing.
  214. Orca

    Saltydawg Rods SCAM! DO NOT TRUST

    Very appropriate , Jathon.
  215. Orca

    Telescopic rods - question for G

    The hole was in the back yard (out of sight) :)There may be something other than dirt in the hole, only Guido knows, don't ask don't tell.:rofl:
  216. Orca

    .22 Supressors

    It is a felony for any person, firm or corporation within the state to possess a silencer (California Penal Code, Section 12520). Upon conviction, punishment includes imprisonment in the state prison or a fine not to exceed $10,000, or both. A silencer is defined as "... any device or...
  217. Orca

    Telescopic rods - question for G

    80 yards of dirt
  218. Orca

    Telescopic rods - question for G

    Don, I am sorry that my pet sheep, Molly , ate half of your front lawn when I visited your rod class. I hope that grass has grown back. I gave Molly a good spanking. No worries Greg, the front lawn suffered more from the 80 yards of fill I had dumped on it. I hope Molly enjoyed her...
  219. Orca

    pretty new to wrapping

    Another FE opinion from quote Jeremy Vota Florida Not on Rod Building, boring and not a fan heard of Bill Colby through this site "
  220. Orca

    Telescopic rods - question for G

    They were also catching those poisonous puffer fish that looked just like our sea toads I know if you clean them the right way they're great tasting but arn't the puffer (toad) fish over here poisonous too? Since Owen is in Australia and you are in Florida "over here" doesn't make much sense...
  221. Orca

    be careful

    Where you wade
  222. Orca

    JTrelikes has given up another secret

    Jim and Bill came to a class a few months ago and shared this technique. Although I wasn't having any real problems putting grips on with the exception of replacing butt grips on built rods Jim's idea made it much easier. Replacing rear grips is a piece of cake now. Thanks Jim.
  223. Orca

    SD rod building class

    Classes have resumed every Wed. 6PM
  224. Orca

    Need some opinions, maybe pointers?

    If you do your inlays in the manner shown in the drawings you will never have a tag end to deal with. When finishing your wrap insert your pull loop 12 to 15 turns before the end of the wrap. upon completion of the wrap insert the tag end through the pull loop and snug the loop to the wrap...
  225. Orca

    Ken Bush Custom Rods... 8 day Intrepid Trip.

    A few pics of the trip. Lots of give a ways, great food and some tough luck. Great trip overall.
  226. Orca

    SD rod building class

    Next "class" will be on the 12th of Oct. Gone fishing.
  227. Orca

    Phenix give a way rod

    Spun up this Phenix blank for Ken Bush's 8 day next week. Someone will be a lucky winner. Metallic burgundy dragon scale base wraps, black over wraps with gold olive branch. Alps guides and reel seat. Tempted to keep this one for myself.
  228. Orca

    guide size selectin

    Come on down to the rod wrapping class on Wed. and we'll help you get started with spining, guide size and lay out. Individulized help at no cost. we start at 6 PM with a bite to eat and go until 1130 or you get tired, whichever come first. Jim's right the rod build needs to be matched to the...
  229. Orca

    Fingerprint in finish...

    You can finish it while still tacky.
  230. Orca

    Guide Repair/Replacement

    Not when you charge the same as replacing the guide.:rofl: you need to buy a new guide and remove the insert to install on the old. At the 1st west coast rod show Bill Batson had a display of guide inserts, when I asked him if he would sell just the inserts he looked at me strangely and asked...
  231. Orca

    Guide Repair/Replacement

    Have to disagree with two fine rod builders but the guide does not have to be replaced if there is no damage to the frame. The insert can be replaced by removing one from a new guide and reinserting it in the old frame. done it many times. This is a great way to repair a guide when it has...
  232. Orca

    cpw machine for sale.

    Is it because of the tats or the missing fingers???
  233. Orca

    San Diego Rod Building Classes

    The class has been moved to Wednesdays. Same time same place.
  234. Orca

    I don't post often, but when I do..........

    Once again the Bloody Decks Rod building class has stepped up to the plate providing 8 rods for the MAW Tuna Challenge. Seven of these rods are autographed by San Diego Charger players. Jaws W72050 #54 Stephen Cooper Jaws W73080 #73 Marcus McNeil Jaws 7602 #83...
  235. Orca

    Gold Guides Recomendation

    SIC guides are not necessary, all of the insert materials available from the major manufacturers will handle braid. try the GNLG's from acid rod they will do the job.
  236. Orca

    handles and grips

    Nice weave. Thanks for the demo on marbling at class last night.
  237. Orca


    Enough said on the subject, Dave is banned and not coming back.
  238. Orca


    Had a few, have ya ???? rofl
  239. Orca

    Some of my best work by far

    Very nice Len.
  240. Orca

    Replacing reel seat with another

    If you have X-wrap over cork it is an easy fix. If the X-wrap is over hypalon or EVA a little more difficult but very doable. any reputable rod builder should be able to do this.
  241. Orca

    Sabre Rod Repair?

    Have it repaired. should be 10-12$ per guide.
  242. Orca

    Funny how life works sometimes...

    Great news Kevan. It will be good to see your product back on the market.
  243. Orca

    I need everyones opinion on this

    Could the student be a reflection of the teacher????????????
  244. Orca


    Mike, you're in SD why not come to the rod class Tues and we will get you fixed up. No cost, come by anytime after 6PM. See anchored post at top of forum for directions.
  245. Orca

    Closed wrap training

    Both I would think.
  246. Orca

    old school look with a new school feel

    very nice Len, your cord work is so tight and straight.
  247. Orca

    Removing some epoxy?

    you could come to the next class Tues. in Mira Mesa and we could show you a few techniques. Lots of talent at the classes.
  248. Orca

    loads slow

    If you promise to miss more classes I'll speed you back up.:D
  249. Orca

    Gunner and Recon working a little...

    Good looking dogs. that water looks like an ideal place to try out my new swimbait rod and reel. :D
  250. Orca

    rod building class tonight

    there will be no class tonight. i have an infection which can be contagious and don't what to expose anyone unnecessarily. see you next week
  251. Orca

    One can of OBs

    Nice work doc, but when did bud start coming in a pink can?
  252. Orca

    The Humblest Thank You.

    Attention on deck!!! You have to stick around, you have made an appearance at the rod class, or fished Laurie's tournament with me yet. glad to see you back again you stubborn old goat.
  253. Orca


    At the bottom of the post, below the submit button is a section labeled addition options, check the add signature box. If you do not have a signature go to user cp under settings and options choose edit signature and create your signature.
  254. Orca

    Thank you Tommy!!!

    Tommy was all out of the Godiko, so I had to settle for the California Gold Uni. My god is it ever so good. So sweet with the smell and taste of the ocean the taste lingers on the pallet like a fine wine. And a fabulous price. Thanks again Tommy.
  255. Orca


    Okay I learned this trick from "The Bushman" I use a metal machinist's rule for measuring wraps in mm. For The basewrap (underwrap) I use the with of the rule which is 12mm and add it to each end of each guide foot. Since the guide feet get progressively smaller the wraps get smaller as you...
  256. Orca

    Guide Wrap Problem

    Pictures would help.
  257. Orca

    Phenix 760XH

    not bad Steve
  258. Orca

    Thank you Don...

    Ya you know the saying about the blind squirrel.
  259. Orca

    Gold Leaf and Cord Weave project

    Nice job Len.
  260. Orca

    Tip size?

    Since you have the rod in hand, What does it measure.
  261. Orca

    First ever, lots of room to improve.

    Where the hell are those conditions? Nice work Ed.
  262. Orca

    Operation "Keep Our Rights To Fish Our Coastline"

    That's fine with me Bill. I don't have enough fire extinguishers or insurance to cover your work.
  263. Orca

    Rail Dawg writeup for Salty's new product!!!

    Hope it takes off for you Bill.
  264. Orca

    WTF is "malware" on this (BD) website

    I'm running Mozilla and haven't had any problems, but then I run Norton protection and spybot.
  265. Orca

    First Cross Wrap

    I totally agree Doc, hell at my age with my eyesight I'd like to do that well now.:rofl: You're not passing the torch that easily Donnie. Now get in there and clean that head!
  266. Orca

    Phenix #2 for High Point

    you're getting better Steve.:D
  267. Orca

    Dryer motor rpm's?

    While Mark is correct that the 36RPM and above are finish motors, if you are using a PACBay, Batson,or AMtac lathe they have a 4/1 reduction through the pulley and thus are turning 8rpm which is why the switch is labeled dry and wrap. If you are replacing the drying motor on a lathe be sure to...
  268. Orca


    Man I must be getting old , I had to look twice to see the wahoo in the sea. very nice, definitely subtle.
  269. Orca

    Doc Ski's Father Passes Away

    My condolences Doc. He did a great job for his country and raising You. You a tribute to him.
  270. Orca

    Poway Lake 01/28/11

    Good job Austin.
  271. Orca

    My first day of attempting rod wraps. (couple pics of my suckage)

    Actually very good for your first time out of the closet. Nice to see someone take the time to develop the basics . Wraps are nice and tight. Make sure your inlays start and stop at the same point, preferably on the back side of the rod, the whole length of the rod. The dragon scales do...
  272. Orca

    Alvey suitable rod / blank

    Squidco has some blanks that fit your requirements, they are local so you can go pull on them.
  273. Orca

    Pac Bay RW3 XL

    check out the thread carriage at acid rod the one with the vertical thread post and holds a 4 oz spool.
  274. Orca

    best guide for live bait

    this is the rod building forum Troy.:rofl:
  275. Orca

    best guide for live bait

    Alps 316 guides for 20 to 50 lb, the Alps lite XN guides for under 20#. Price and durability the SS and Tich with the Zirconia inserts are a little more costly than the black with the hard ceramic insert but both hold up to spectra.
  276. Orca

    Red, White & Blue 2X4

  277. Orca

    Tigers on the Guide wrap

    That's what you get for thinking outside the box.:hali_parkutuli: Looks like you need some dust control. "BTW if you were hoping to get more rubber cement, good luck. Don has 2 cases on the table, and if i know ken (not to be outdone) he has four cases coming. Looks like the So-Cal Market...
  278. Orca

    New Rod Finished

    Aren't you supposed to be working??
  279. Orca

    Swap out a reel seat.

    First off seeker will not replace or repair it under warranty. The warranty applies to the original owner only. It covers defects in materials only, stretching of hoods from over tightening would not be covered. The butt of your rod is .820 inches so you will need a 22mm seat. 22mm is a...
  280. Orca

    Polishing a turd..

    "Other than it's still gonna be ugly when it's done..." Pretty doesn't catch fish.
  281. Orca


    Nice job Josh. good color combo.
  282. Orca

    Some of the best rod art in the world.

    If you would like to see some of the best rod art on the planet, Doc has downloaded 39 pages of his work on his BD photo gallery. Impressive, to say the least.
  283. Orca

    Rule Of Thumb

    I use the width of my machinist's rule added to the length of the guide foot, about 13 cm. A trick I learned from Ken Bush. This gives you a nice uniform progression from large to smaller guides.
  284. Orca

    GUSA70MM 30-60lb

    It's obvious now why Mary does the wrapping. :D
  285. Orca

    RCLB and Purple Throop

    Looks nice. Guides are a little off though. :D
  286. Orca

    what size but cap

    What are you smoking?? Butt cap size to match your butt grip. If you have a straight tapered butt grip, go for it.
  287. Orca

    Smoked Ahi

    tonight's dinner
  288. Orca

    Lets see some pics!

    Good bye!
  289. Orca

    Installing Reel Seat

    X2 A size 28 seat will fit your rod blank with about 1/16" clearance. Make sure you rough up the blank and the inside of the reel seat to insure a good bond. With that tight a reel seat I would use just two arbors one at the front and one at the back. Batson, PacBay, Perfection,Am tac all...
  290. Orca

    BUFFALO HORN Thread Burnishing Tool

    That looks real nice.
  291. Orca

    What guides?

    the cheaper of the two. cheap ass blank = cheap ass guides. quoting an earlier post of yours. "For me the rods are going to get the snot beat our of them so why spend the big bucks?"
  292. Orca

    Another question from the FNG

    divide by .0156 to get the tip size in 64ths. then buy a tip gauge.
  293. Orca

    American Tackle & Gorilla blanks

    For local fishing here in San Diego or multi-day trips of less than 8 days you will be fine. No real need for anything larger than 80# for local fish other than sharks or swordfish.
  294. Orca

    vinyl/rubber but cap instalation

    epoxy will work fine, use tape a arbor like you would for a reel seat
  295. Orca

    Tuna Cord

  296. Orca

    micro set n micro sol

    Brian, put them with the foot pedal. :D
  297. Orca

    Don't be frownin cause you know I'm clownin

    It certainly looks like something Dave would have done.:D
  298. Orca

    Save or scrap...........

    Bring it to "class" tonight. Was the dragon over wrap silver? If it isn't what you were looking for, do it again. The craftsmanship is flawless.
  299. Orca

    Another for Bill Batson

    Very nice Steve
  300. Orca


    Very nice Jim.
  301. Orca

    Fish Eyeing over stickers

    X2 a second coat usually cures the problem.
  302. Orca

    First feather inlay.....

    That was quick Bill. Still trying to figure out how to incorporate the parrot feathers into a rod. feel free to to advise me as you know I'm no arteeeest like you. :D
  303. Orca

    What is the difference for size J fuji's

    Flanged rings have a F designator.
  304. Orca

    What is the difference for size J fuji's

    The j designation is the ring type. ( U, L, H, J, UJ) In this case the j type ring is lighter.
  305. Orca

    Custom PowerWrap Part/Maintenance

    Congratulations on the CPW They are a very good mach. and should give you many years of service. A light machine oil such as 3 in 1 oil for the chuck maybe once a year. The o rings are available at hardware store. Just take the top roller assembly from the rod support with you to fit the O...
  306. Orca

    "Magnificent Clemens Wrap??"

    This may be the thread you are refering to. capt g on feb 21 2009.
  307. Orca

    Thank you Orca Don

    a few pic of the guys and Jim giving a tutorial on the olive branch. No pics of the hot dogs, the guys ate faster than I could serve. :D
  308. Orca

    Happy Birthday "Smudge"!!!!!

    happy birthday Matt
  309. Orca

    Branch work up close with big thread....

    Magnificent as usual. Good of you to post detailed pictures of what I considered your signature wrap. Especially in light of recent events.
  310. Orca

    Rod class roll call 12/22

    Okay guys I need a head count. Who's coming? I need to make sure I have enough hot dogs.
  311. Orca

    New rod builder needs help

    That's for color preserver.
  312. Orca

    Dragon-Scale Wrap.....step by step

    Jim, I want to thank you for revealing your technique for the dragon wrap. It is unfortunate that you felt pressured into revealing it before publication. I think you know now that the vast majority of builders here appreciate your contributions to the rod building community. That being said...
  313. Orca

    Guide Difference

    You sir are soooo profound.
  314. Orca


    Nurse to patient: hear take this pill. Patient: No I don't want to. Nurse: let me get another Nurse, "Oh Ron" Patient: Oh shit! :rofl::rofl: Congrats big guy.
  315. Orca

    Rod building class

    Contrary to popular belief we do more than eat and drink at class. After a repast of chile verde, rice, guacamole and chips accompanied by beer,wine,and sodas, and followed with apple and cherry turnovers and coffee we got down to doing some actual rod work. Donnie SD didn't show up so...
  316. Orca

    7wt Fly Rod

    Odd looking Leopard shark. :D
  317. Orca

    Missed you all- Im Back

    Welcome back Shell.
  318. Orca

    Building my first rod

    Have to agree with Mark, the 130 class rod from calstar has a 1.105 diameter butt. The slick butts I have measure 1.008 X .945 you can take 3 to 5 thousands off that blank with no worries. You could ream the slick butt with a rotary file and an extension bit, but that would leave you with a...
  319. Orca

    a few stix ready to be shipped and fished

    Ohhhhhhhhh shit!
  320. Orca

    Rod Builder Needed In North San Diego

    Talk to John at Ken's custom reels, Oceanside harbor.
  321. Orca

    Stay away from the yellow label stuff

    X2 Alzheimer's setting in.:rofl:
  322. Orca

    Rod class roll call.

    My place, Mira mesa. Directions at the top of the forum.
  323. Orca

    Rod class roll call.

    Spaghetti, wine Donnie the potato salad looks good, I stirred it up and you can hardly see the green any more.
  324. Orca

    Rod class roll call.

    Who's in? Class is at my place except for Donnie. Donnie the class is at Ken's. Got the new Batson chuck installed on the 10 ft wrapper. Really nice well worth the money.
  325. Orca

    post a few of your most recent photos thread...

    chiricahua Mts
  326. Orca

    post a few of your most recent photos thread...

    anyone recognize this?
  327. Orca

    San Diego Rod Class

    Steve can you pick me up? I'll probably be in El Paso.
  328. Orca

    San Diego Rod Class

    Pad Thai again?
  329. Orca

    Trim band help?

    You've answered your own question. Consistent thread tension. Practice, practice, practice.
  330. Orca

    Need Info Please

    I'd say it's about 30 to 40 yrs. old. Made by Nelson Mandella. Not too rare as he plenty of time to crank them out while in prison. WADF.
  331. Orca

    New Here - Hi All

    Wrap some mono over the tiger and you will be able to see what your wrap will look like. Do this before you put your finish on the under wrap and you can see where you need to do some more burnishing.
  332. Orca

    New Here - Hi All

  333. Orca

    look at these vids of rods

    Old hat, guy was banned for spamming.
  334. Orca

    For Keith, Swords and Opah

    What Tuna season?
  335. Orca

    Crooked wraps

    Your slope on the guide foot grind may be too sharp try giving them a longer taper with a file. The other thing you can do is pack the underside of the wraps more than the top to make the wraps more perpendicular. Doing three or four wraps and then packing usually straightens the wrap so that...
  336. Orca

    Braided Handle Help

    If you didn't get blisters on your hands you were not applying enough pressure. I wear thin pig skin gloves for cord work, protects the hands and still leaves you with dexterity.
  337. Orca


    Talk to Ken Bush (The Bushman) he's in El Cajon and will be doing the rod classes for the next few weeks while I take a vacation from Donnie.:rofl:
  338. Orca

    Brush Cleaner

    Xylol, just don't breath the fumes.
  339. Orca

    Let's talk for just a moment about

    It translates DOCK SKI
  340. Orca

    Built a wrapper and a 10' 3wt

    Will your guides pop off?? Probably not, depends on how you treat your gear. Since most fly fishers are pretty anal i doubt you mistreat your gear. All the single foot guides that I have seen come loose have been from abuse or age. The locking wrap will definately satisfy the anality of a...
  341. Orca

    Seeker Ulua Blank

    In a paint shop.
  342. Orca

    Troller blank suggestions

    Take a look at the Rainshadow RTCB60H at acid rodrod, 40-80 lb about $55 plus shipping, the FSU60H 30-50 $33 or the FSU60XH 50-80 $37. The last two are e-glass the first a composite.
  343. Orca

    Happy Birthday Sandiegofisherman

    happy birthday Tony
  344. Orca

    Roller guide help

    Don't know what Winthrop is offering in OZ but here the express come in 30# and 80# class. I would go with the 80# for your setup. You won't have any problem with line pinch with those guides, very close tolerances.
  345. Orca

    OB Pier

    Shredded hands don't go well when you work with shit.
  346. Orca

    Another RFS Rod

    Very nice Randy. See you tomorrow I've got some Whale meat to go with dinner.
  347. Orca

    Rod Crafters Journal??

  348. Orca

    Amazing New fishing Rod Technology

    Okay just saw pics of Dennis and Kilsong fishing the same boat and catching 1000# and 900# BFT. Both were using Dennis' stand up harnesses. KUDOs to both for outstanding catches on their rods. Seems to me to illustrate that fishing ability may have more to do with catching than the equipment.
  349. Orca

    Amazing New fishing Rod Technology

    Let's stop the shit slinging right now
  350. Orca

    Amazing New fishing Rod Technology

    I haven't seen the Denis Braid vid that I know of. There is no doubt that Denis is the master of stand up harness fishing. Technique has a lot to do with landing a fish quickly. Was Denis' fish in the 900lb class. I've seen video of him landing cow tuna in 20+ min. 300# YFT vs 900# BFT...
  351. Orca

    remove a reel seet

    same procedure unless you are trying to save the seat. Then you would heat the seat to break the epoxy bond and twist the seat. Be careful not to heat it too much or you will damage the blank
  352. Orca


  353. Orca

    Grandaughters Fishing Rod

    Good looking rod. Grand daughter looks real pleased with it. Hope your G-daughter shows your son that pink can catch. :D
  354. Orca

    Metallic Spiders

    not bad, steve
  355. Orca


    Yes they are pretty quick about shipping. They don't ship on weekends or nights so don't expect something ordered on Thurs or Friday to be at your door Mon or Tue. What with the show right around the corner I would expect a 3-4 day delay between order and shipping. You can select faster...
  356. Orca

    My first cord weave handle

    Len did a really nice job on this cord weave, eight axial passes and they are very tight. Very comfortable to grip.
  357. Orca

    09.07.10 Helen Slaying Bonies on the Pursuit

    It's a sad thing when people steal fillets. Nice report though.
  358. Orca

    CP Show down

    Bill I did a similar test a few months back. Casons wasn't available then and I had U-40 in the mix. U-40 was the best with chroma seal a close second. should probably do another test and document it now that there are more products on the market.
  359. Orca

    MAW final 5

    signatures were on peel and stick labels
  360. Orca

    MAW final 5

    The final set of five charger rods are on the dryer. Got the autographs from the players last night, Jammer #23, Weddle #32, Hardwick #61, Mathews #24, and Hester #22. Thanks guys. Thanks to all the wrappers who built rods for the Tuna Challenge. Thanks to Marc and Colleen Of Acidrod for...
  361. Orca

    some new rods using Bullard Pigments.

    Very nice Steve. The marbling is great as usual and the black cork looks great.
  362. Orca

    American Tackle or Fuji Guides

    Point and counter point has been made, time to move on.
  363. Orca

    Talk about Customer Service!

    Customer service is great but their billing sucks. Took 3 months to get them to bill me for an order.
  364. Orca

    Tuna Challenge

    A few of the finished products. More to come.
  365. Orca

    Tuna Challenge

    A couple of weeks ago he San Diego BD rod builders class decided it was time to get hot on their contribution to the MAW tuna challenge. It began with grips being applied to the spined rods and progressed to reel seats and cord grips. Ken Bush and Steve (rooster rods) gave a demo on weaving a...
  366. Orca

    Major shop upgrade

    I had a clean bench like that.........once.:rofl:
  367. Orca

    Tiger Wrap

  368. Orca

    I would like to introduce......

  369. Orca

    The idea i got from Capt. G

    Welcome :finger:. Nice use of gold foil and good looking tiger. Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher handy when following Capt. G's advice. :D
  370. Orca

    Another little Vermonster

    Congratulations Sean.
  371. Orca

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge Rods

    Mark I put the order in through the web site. figured you were busy with the show and all. The girls may have it pulled already.
  372. Orca

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge Rods

    Bobby, if you can't get any of your former students to step up to the plate I'll help.
  373. Orca

    I'm calling this the "Gingercatz Special"

    Time to close this thread as it is no longer serving any useful purpose, you've all had your chance to vent.
  374. Orca

    send it back?

    Since you are ROFL i take it this is not a serious post, however if it is, I'm surprised you can even see a .5mm chip let alone blame it on the shipper. a tip will cover it and you will have no problems with the rod.
  375. Orca

    7/21 LaJolla

    I tried to tell you last night.
  376. Orca

    I'm calling this the "Gingercatz Special"

    That may get you about an inch.
  377. Orca

    Chris (Medunn16) new rod

    Not bad Steve.
  378. Orca

    Tsunami series

    Set of four Gusa bait sticks for first time builder Harris at BD rod building classes. Nice job Harris.
  379. Orca

    One problem I see with the Alps Seats...

    Did you tell your builder what reel you intended to use? He should have asked you. An Alps 24 will fit a 9/0 and the 760M blank. Two choices now if he won't use another reel grind down the feet on the 9/0 or cut the reel seat off and install a 24mm seat.
  380. Orca

    Cutting a blank

    Dremel tool with a cut off wheel.
  381. Orca

    Square spacing

  382. Orca

    Black guides?

    Hey best way I know to hide my poor workmanship. :D
  383. Orca

    La Jolla WSB/Yellowtail Frenzy 6-26-2010

    who do you think was taking the pics? Duh
  384. Orca

    Problems with finish

    good for you Josh.
  385. Orca

    Black guides?

    Here you go black on black with cork grips.
  386. Orca

    Scared me (Gunner)

    Damn scared the hell out of me Mike. Give me a call if you or Gunner need anything.
  387. Orca

    PROGRESS Tuesday night SD Class

    It is a long journey that you have just begun.
  388. Orca

    Life Vest question

    State law requires all children under 13 years old to wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket while on board a vessel that is 26ft or less while underway. Also, anyone being towed behind a vessel (such as skiing) and anyone riding a personal watercraft must wear a life jacket. Life...
  389. Orca

    Sea Adventure II on the rocks?

    :rofl::rofl: Just remember to keep the islands on the good eye side Pete. They will let a deaf person operate a boat but not a one eyed man. Go figure.
  390. Orca

    SquidCo This Fri & Sat

    good info Jay
  391. Orca

    OK, who's gonna step up?

    Only one whore on this board. :D
  392. Orca

    fish eye on second coat of finish

    There are many variables that could cause fish eyes. Since this is the first time it has happened did you do something different went mixing or applying the finish? Are you pouring the finish in to a foil pan? If so always use the dull side. The shiny side has a release agent on it which may...
  393. Orca

    Fuckin Quake Again!

    Just had another aftershock.
  394. Orca

    Free Roller Guides, Who want's them?

    Thanks to all that gave up the guides for MAW You guys are class. Bloodydecks at it's best.
  395. Orca

    Free Roller Guides, Who want's them?

    Mike if they are available We could use them for the make a wish foundation rods we are building .
  396. Orca

    Tiger Wrap

    There are many variables in doing a tiger wrap all of which can affect your end result. Wrapping the under wrap so tight that you don't get much thread movement is definitely one of them.Thread sizes can make a difference, matter of choice and how you like the results. The number of coats of...
  397. Orca

    North Island YT

    Decided to brave the holiday crazies and went out solo today. SI launch ramp was the typical zoo. Stopped at point Loma kelp to make bait and the headed for the Islands. Washing machine with the reflect swell off the island made for some rough water. weather side of north island was a...
  398. Orca

    Butt Cap

    3M cold shrink end cap EC-3. Range 1.02-1.94 ".
  399. Orca

    First build

  400. Orca

    First build

    Capt. G>20&#24180;&#20197;&#19978;&#12418;&#26085;&#26412;&#12395;&#20303;&#12435;&#12391;&#12427;&#12435;&#12391;&#12377;&#12397;&#65281; &#12381;&#12426;&#12419;&#26085;&#26412;&#35486;&#12506;&#12521;&#12506;&#12521;&#12391;&#12377;&#12431;&#12290...
  401. Orca

    Guides & Size?

    Bobby's guide sizing is a good start although I would most likely use one more of the smaller guides, but as Bobby stated this would be determined by your static test. also the tip ring should be the same size as your last guide. As for guide selection, a lot depends on how much you want to...
  402. Orca

    First build

    Capt. G> &#12489;&#12531;&#12392;&#19968;&#32210;&#12395;&#20303;&#12435;&#12391;&#12427;Naoko&#12391;&#12377;&#12290...
  403. Orca

    First build

    Actually that is rod bond. Pretty nice stuff for the fresh water gear. Still using Marine Tex for the Salt. Hard to teach and old dog new tricks.:D
  404. Orca

    Cascade Lake

    Not to worry Troy those guys will be lucky if they can hobble down to the docks when they get to be my age. By the way there are some nice rainbows in there too. Fish were caught mainly on purple UV Apex. Electric motors only on lake.
  405. Orca

    First build

    This is one of my students. She wanted to build a UL trout rod for her brother and his wife and son in Japan. Rain Shadow blanks, Fuji sic guides.
  406. Orca

    Cascade Lake

    Some nice Kokes available in cascade lake, Orcas Island. These fish were caught in a couple of hours on three diferent days last week by my brother. Located in 28 to 43 feet ranged from 13.5 to 17.75 inches.
  407. Orca

    Watermelon bent butt

    Is that for Kuda?
  408. Orca

    Almost took one in the grill

    Speed kills Bill
  409. Orca


    Nice work. long metallic wraps are really difficult. Those multi-color center accents look sharp and are time consuming.
  410. Orca

    Playing around

    That was the hard part. I used the same three threads I used for the CKW. Put them on bobbins and twisted them together to make one thread. I varied the twists per inch so that would not end up looking like a barber pole. Time consuming but I like the end result. Looks a lot better in...
  411. Orca

    Playing around

    Okay decided tp play with an abalone motif. Three metallics, sapphire blue, teal and rose.
  412. Orca

    4th annual kill it grill it party menu

    I'll bring a pot of ciopinno.
  413. Orca

    U40 Quick Bond

  414. Orca

    Cold Shrink Over Cork??

    In answer to your question, no the 8428-18 is designed for 500 to 800 CM cable which is .5 to .8 " in diameter. Your best bet is to cover it with heat shrink or redo the cork tape.
  415. Orca

    Cold Shrink Over Cork??

    It will depend on the size of the cold shrink. Cold shrink is marked with it's OD range.
  416. Orca

    what adhesive for foam grips

    The adhesive you are using for your reel seat will work just fine no need to get another adhesive.
  417. Orca

    Rod Repair

    Bill don't forget the band aids and the fire extinguisher. :D
  418. Orca

    The "MissileTits Baby Contest"

    6 lb 14.5 oz
  419. Orca

    Screw the 'Scotch'

    Quick take the rod off the dryer and wipe it down with acetone or alcohol before it sets. Get a good amount on each wrap quickly as this will help keep it soft while you remove the finish. A gray scotch pad should not have left visible scratches. What most likely happened is you did not...
  420. Orca


    I use #2,6 and 10 sable brushes that I get from a sewing and craft store. Not the expensive ones. Clean them with Flex coat epoxy brush cleaner. The purple flex coat brushes are nice and can be cleaned and reused if desired. I fan them out by flattening the end with a pliers.
  421. Orca


    Guides are facing correctly.
  422. Orca

    Capt Kevin's Cow killer

    LOL:frehya2: Nice work Ken. I was wiping off my computer screen on the first pic.
  423. Orca

    Hello from the newbie...

    Welcome Mary, John is very lucky to have such a talented wife.
  424. Orca

    Visiting New Zealand in June 2010, looking for where to fish

    That time of the year Bay of islands is a good choice. I have fished with Steve on the Earl Grey II. Top notch boat and skipper. Contact at [email protected] phone 64 9 407 7165. Another possibility is Rick on the Pursuit Rick runs out of Bay of Plenty, Whakatani (white...
  425. Orca

    Dropp'n the "P-Bomb".

    apology accepted.
  426. Orca

    Gudebrod size E

    Discontinued size. I have some that we use in the class for a sacrificial thread when doing tiger wraps.
  427. Orca

    Jaydogs Beast Stick

    Very nice Randy. I have to agree with Kris you are one of a very few I would trust to finish the wrap on that stick.
  428. Orca

    Santa Clause at BD rod class??????????

    I hope he had some customers Tues. evening after you made him work in stead of playing with the boys.:rolleyes:
  429. Orca

    Gutermann Thread

    I was thinking the same thing. :D Come on over to the class we'll show you how it's done.
  430. Orca

    Santa Clause at BD rod class??????????

    Yes, Santa made an early apperence at the rod building class Tue. I was the only one fortunate to see him. He was tall, no beard, brush haircut and uglier than sin. Just kidding. Mark from acidrod showed up with a gift box of goodies for the class. Thread lots of it, a bottle of each...
  431. Orca

    How to improve fuji guide spacing chart...

    Thread is closed and the following are being put in time out. Hopefully the will learn to stop acting like children. Comedie; Dennise B; RHJ, Royce Harrelson.
  432. Orca

    Part replacement.

    Seth, you are local, check them out at Squidco. If you have to buy on line look at they are here in LA and shipping is way cheaper. They onl charge what it cost them. No handling charges. Colleen and Julie are the tits, Mark's okay LOLLOL.
  433. Orca

    Big thanks to Ken Bush!!

    Looks like Ken ripped me off. He charged me $10 for the one I got 2 yrs ago.:rofl:
  434. Orca

    Looking for Rod Bldg Class

    "class" starts at 6PM with food ciopinno, salad and a crusty bread this week. Actual rod work begins around 6:30 ends ???? 11 or so some sooner some later.
  435. Orca

    Looking for Rod Bldg Class

    What's wrong with my image?? Hard to improve on perfect.:D :D Susie' didn't get your e-mail.
  436. Orca

    Fixing epoxy finish woes

    makes better sense now.:)
  437. Orca

    Important though Off Subject

    Agree Doc and a belated happy birthday to all you fellow Marines. Semper Fi.
  438. Orca

    L.O.S.T. post on forum

    Okay that's it I'm tired of this bull shit. CLOSED.
  439. Orca

    L.O.S.T. post on forum

    This thread is coming very close to editorial input. Any further personal attacks will result in the thread being closed and the offending parties being put in time out. grow up and chill out children.
  440. Orca

    Pretty in purple

    Owen when did you move to Sydney??? Gimbal on a gaff, is that to prevent it from turning in it's holder?
  441. Orca

    Turk Head Knots

    Primarily decorative however, they do provide a clean means of terminating a cork or cord wrap grip.
  442. Orca

    Tiger wrap ?

    Want to know how it will look? Wrap over the bottom layer before putting on any finish with clear mono use the mono you have on a reel. Makes it easier to put on and off. You will see the pattern of the tiger and can adjust your burnishing until you get what you like. Takes a lot of the...
  443. Orca

    My 7 day Intrepid Charter... Fish Report

    Great trip, thanks Ken and Miles for putting it together. Tons and I mean tons of raffle prizes and fabulous fishing. A big thanks to Kevin for coming up with a game plan that produced some great fishing. Kevin and crew are the best, very service orientated and personable. Fished with a...
  444. Orca

    Who would have thought???

    Dave is very good as a deck hand and a great fisherman with a good sence of humor. Yes Dave is on a 15 day now. Those photos were taken Thursday at Cedros , boat did a turn around on Friday.
  445. Orca

    Who would have thought???

    The great David Choate fishing a spinner for yellows at Cedros. How do you make this thing work? Got it Now we're fishing. Fresh one. The end result. Quote from David "I may have to add to my arsenal."
  446. Orca

    Painting A Winding Check question !

    Why don't you wrap it with metallic gold thread and then finish?
  447. Orca

    Dumb question, Little help?

    Definitely true in Bill's case.
  448. Orca

    Check out this relic

    Fuck you Stan.:frehya2:
  449. Orca

    United Composite Blanks ( GUSA )

    Evan this is the contact info for United composites in OZ he should have the blanks in stock there in Au.Phone: 61 755 641 630 Fax: 61 755 641 763 E-Mail: [email protected] Web...
  450. Orca

    Looking for a Gold Annodized wrapper?

    Yep that is a custom power wrap. You want the upgraded chuck.
  451. Orca

    Micro Guides?

    Ultra light fresh water rods, spinning rods, fly rods.
  452. Orca

    BD rodbuilders class 9/22

    Saving So Cal's water one pool at a time. :D
  453. Orca

    For the Patriotic fisherman that has everything...

    Like the way that flattened cord turned out. Beautiful work as always.
  454. Orca

    BD rodbuilders class 9/22

    The group got together again to eat and discuss rod wrapping. Oh and we did work on some rods. Caught Steve T wrapping a rod "backwards" :frehya2:, Ken starting a new rod and Tony working on his guide spacing. I put the finishing touches on an E GUSA.
  455. Orca

    Tuna Cord for under wrap?

    If one layer of cord will lift the guide high enough to relieve the pressure on the top of the stripper guide your placement of the guide is fine. The purpose of the top roller is to have a roller surface for the line to run on when the reel is full. If however, your line is still touching...
  456. Orca

    Is this worth the $

    $200 is not a bad price for that wrapper, however it probably will not be the cure all to your finish problems. Like Doc said many builders apply finish by hand. Not all of them are old farts either. I use both power application and hand turning. Getting a good clean, even finish is a matter...
  457. Orca

    Fish On Tourney Rod

    looks nice , Mike. Good cause.
  458. Orca

    Custom hand painted Camo Troller

    Nice job on the camo. Done so well I can't see it. :)
  459. Orca

    United Composite also heard that squidco has a few blanks in stock.
  460. Orca

    Rod Repair

    Have to agree with you Denis. No need to mess with the under wrap. Gudebrod #50 NCP is pretty consistent in color also so that shouldn't be a problem.
  461. Orca

    red ht metallic thread??

    Welcome to the world of metallic thread. Best advise I can give is to go slow and easy. Fishhawk and Superior thread have a nuetral base thread which shows less if there is a small void of the metallic.
  462. Orca

    Going to have to quit wrapping for a while

    Hang in there Jan. Heart felt sympathy.
  463. Orca

    Tampa area

    Happy birthday Curtis, hope you got out to fish.:xlbirthda:xlbirthda:xlbirthda:xlbirthda:xlbirthda:xlbirthda:xlbirthda:xlbirthda:xlbirthda:beerbang::beerbang::beerbang::beerbang::beerbang::beerbang::beerbang::beerbang::beerbang:
  464. Orca

    MAW rods, the finished product

    Not sure how they are going to use the rods. They may be used as a prize in the Tuna challenge or auctioned off at the awards banquet on Sun Sep 13.
  465. Orca

    MAW rods, the finished product

    The BD rod builders class MAW rods are finished. Thanks to the builders Vince (Vdub) Allen (Donnie SD) Tony (SD Tone) Steve L(Vilters) Jay (Produce man) Ken (The Bushman) Steve T (8 Week wonder) Thanks also to Bill (SaltyDawg) for the MAW logo decals, to the unknown donor of the blanks and of...
  466. Orca

    Rainshadow IMU824

    Beautiful as usual, Randy.
  467. Orca

    Just starting...

    You might want to contact Big Eye Guy. He lives in the riverside area and was doing some classes a few years back.
  468. Orca

    have u seen

    They are United Composites-USA. nice blanks.
  469. Orca

    A Big Thanks To This Forum !

    Job well done. Nothing like an old school glass rod for deep divers and back trolling. Catching fish on a rod you built yourself is a great feeling. Is that buoy 10?
  470. Orca

    Protecting cork?

    Great now I have to disinfect the rod building equipment after classes??????????
  471. Orca

    I'm moving to Australia

    Just put a handful of marbles in your mouth.
  472. Orca

    How to remove tape residue off cork?

    Denatured alcohol.
  473. Orca

    Make a Wish rods Part 2

    After our usual repast of BBQ, wine (Saki) and beer we got down to work. Fore grips installed, guide placement and static testing. Under wraps, butt wraps, jay doing his thimg with the tigers. Steve supervising as usual. .
  474. Orca

    where can I buy this Rubber Gimbals?

    Get a hold of Rooster. he has them or can get them.
  475. Orca

    OUCH! Did it again

    Bill, looks like you need to attend a class or two. :rofl::rofl:
  476. Orca

    Antique Rods by SCHELTER

    Langley reels started on Euclid ave in San Diego and then moved to Lakeside. 1950s to 1960s. Inexpensive bait caster and spinning reels.
  477. Orca

    sanding blank

    On a new blank the only place you would sand is where the grips and reel seat are going. This is so that you will get better adhesion of the epoxy.
  478. Orca

    Make-A-Wish rods

    Now the reel seats. next week ,foregrips and static testing.
  479. Orca

    Make-A-Wish rods

    Damn this is hard work.
  480. Orca

    Make-A-Wish rods

    Rods are spined and eva is in the pot softening, ready for gluing.
  481. Orca

    Make-A-Wish rods

    The Bloddydecks rod building class will be building a set of 2 trollers and 3 bait sticks for the MAW tournament prizes. Hardware and caps donated by Batson Enterprises, Thanks Bill. The motley crew of builders. The blanks are spined and ready for butt grips. Eva into the pot to soften...
  482. Orca

    USC Trojan Rod

    There is no accounting for bad taste. :D
  483. Orca

    First time

    Good first attempt. Try to make your wraps the same length on each side of the guide. Use a rule or with small trim bands count the number of turns. Under wraps are more for decorative purposes than anything else. Some will tell you that they serve to cushion the blank from the guide feet to...
  484. Orca

    Happy birthday Sluester

    Happy birthday Mike.:beerbang::beerbang:
  485. Orca

    Marlbled tiger

    Very nice.
  486. Orca

    Autumn gold

    A little glitz for a GUSA blank. SW65H, marbled reel seat, gold under wrap with nylon copper over wrap. If I were to do it again I would do first over wrap in gold and second copper to get a candy apple affect.
  487. Orca

    Sun July 19th Birthday Albies and a dodo

    Belated birthday wishes, Ken. Nice trip.
  488. Orca

    World's shortest acid wrapped jig stick.....

    :rofl::rofl: Glad to see you went to such engineering detail to insure the optimum rod. Always wonder why guys needed such long rods for jig fishing. If the fish are too far away I just move he boat. :D Nice job.
  489. Orca

    Gold Marble, Rod & Reel Combo

    It will be here. Beef ribs on the menu.
  490. Orca

    Rookie question

    Something I have found helpful is to wrap clear mono over the base wrap after burnishing them and prior to applying any finish. This will reveal the pattern of your tiger wrap. If you don't like an area, note its position, unwrap the mono, move the threads wrap the mono again and observe the...
  491. Orca

    Gold Marble, Rod & Reel Combo

    Posting these pictures up For Steve (8 Week Wonder). Accutized Penn 500 marbled with matching reel seat and wraps. Black and tan cord wrap grips.
  492. Orca


    Nice job Donnie. Try taking your pictures outside in natural light or use an absorbent back ground like a white towel or sheet.
  493. Orca

    Game Wardens say no to MLPA because of furloughs, understaffing

    I agree Mike, more like a plea for their hours back than anything else. It will fall on deaf ears. Too bad the courts do not punish the game law breakers now.
  494. Orca

    Steve Ross Baddog gets busted again!

    Here is one "freedom of speech flag burner" Maine Corps combat vet who fought so that you would have the right to open your mouth and show your ignorance. You are right you don't have a clue. You don't have a clue as to the owners of Tuna Jihad, their beliefs, or what the USA stands for...
  495. Orca

    Blank recommendation please

    Owen, talk to Peter at GCCR, there in Queensland, he bought out the old GUSA factory Aus Ph: 0407 378 715 . gives you a list of their complete line. I'd recommend the C665DHX cut 6", the 55XO, or the challenger 55MH or 55H. All of these rods sell for around $100...
  496. Orca

    Gaff quality bamboo

    Squidco in San diego has 20' gaff bamboo.
  497. Orca

    Rod repair needed

    If he was a grumpy old man, that would be me.
  498. Orca

    what is the best ink for hand signatures?

    Speedball acrylics for silver and gold. Higgens for white and black. With a fine tip in a calligraphers handle.
  499. Orca


    Send one over I'll pay the air fare. The one in the middle looks like the one I'm trying to get to move in upstairs. I think her husband is the problem.
  500. Orca

    Doc Ski *** A-Okay ***

    Thanks Mark. Give those nurses hell Doc. Pat one on the ass for me.
  501. Orca


    Interesting catalog with a section on building rods. Too bad I can't read Japanese.
  502. Orca

    ???baja boomer, #2 unibutt???

    a Goliath grouper.
  503. Orca

    Thoughts & Prayers for Jim Labonowski (Doc Ski)

    My thoughts will be with you Doc. make sure you have a good Doc and if he doesn't do a good job sue the hell out of him.:D
  504. Orca

    Hey Old Timers, What are these???

    No, we used bronze on the Ark before that we used bone.LOL
  505. Orca

    Hey Old Timers, What are these???

    Used to join two pieces of a rod together. They are still used today for fresh water rods, fly rods, and surf rods. Also used on salt water rods to attach the handle/reel seat to the rod.
  506. Orca

    Can you thin hypalon?

    Drywall screen (120 grit) works really well and as mentioned you can clean it out. You will know when it wears out as the cutting reduces drastically. Word of caution if you are trying to thin foam grips on a rod that is already built it will turn elliptically in the lathe. Taping a counter...
  507. Orca

    Madeira thread - Carriage?

    If you have the horizontal thread carriage you can loosen the set screw on the bottom and slide the rod over to accommodate the madera spool. you can only do on thread at a time this way. Make a longer rod and you can do Two at a time. A half inch hole saw will make some nice bushings to shim...
  508. Orca

    Where is class this week?

    Change in menu. Steve is bringing fries, he wants to try out my new fryer. I have rolls and chips and crackers.
  509. Orca

    Aftco Roller Guides

    Yes, when you look at the guide from the top with the butt towards you ,you should be able to read the guide size # from left to right.
  510. Orca

    Ken you'r reel seat is done

    Only after drinking Sake.
  511. Orca

    Where is class this week?

    It's on. I'm providing BBQ brisket, salami, pastrami, Munster and Cheddar cheese, wine and a salad. Oh and olives.
  512. Orca


    The back of a plastic picnic knife should remove the varnish without damaging the blank. U40 perma-gloss for the refinish.
  513. Orca

    Rainshadow SW1087

    Looks nice Jay.
  514. Orca


    have fun guys I'm still stuck in Texas fishing and relaxing. Do miss the classes.
  515. Orca

    ? about 05, 1802 Trophy

    boat will be fine for fishing locally and the islands. wouldn't want to take it to the tuna grounds.
  516. Orca

    Stupid question

    Point taken!LOL
  517. Orca

    Anyone expieriencing problems with bloody decks

    Still screwed up here. The loading isn't as much of a problem any more, think that was more a problem with the WiFI and IP I'm using here in Texas. Still having problems with posts changing format and switching to code while reading. refresh corrects. Using Firefox 3.0.10 and windows XP Pro.
  518. Orca

    CUBS SWEPT by the reportedly lowly PADRES

    He's got his head stuck up his fleshlight.
  519. Orca

    My first tigerwrap. . .

    The customer is always right, even when he's wrong.
  520. Orca

    My first tigerwrap. . .

    I believe lend-a-fish was referring to the guide wraps rather than the tiger wrap. Romel has a tendency to rush as he wants to fish the rod right away. A second black over wrap should take care of the gaps. The gaps certainly won't effect how the rod fishes.
  521. Orca


    Happy birthday Val! :urno1::xlbirthda:xlbirthda:xlbirthda:xlbirthda:xlbirthda
  522. Orca

    Bengal Tiger Wrap

    Looks good Bobby. Classes are helping.:rofl:
  523. Orca

    First Multi-Color Weave!!

    Good job Ryan. You;ve come a long way.
  524. Orca

    Rod Class

    all that beauty sleep hasn't helped one bit. 1500 mi. is a bit far 5 miles is just lazy LOL
  525. Orca

    Rod Class

    long drive for me. see you in four weeks.
  526. Orca

    Brutha in need of support

    Been there, know what you are going though, hang tough, my thoughts go out to both of you. Viginia Mason is a top notch hosp.
  527. Orca

    Galvaston, Freeport MAY/June

    Funny, my grandson is in Humble too actually Atascocita. He is 16 and has no problems being on the sea. Been out on my boat and party boats here in San Diego. Thanks for the leads on trips.
  528. Orca

    Thanks to the Good People of Washington State

    I had considered hanging around after the project and doing some fishing, maybe even relocating. Yup them damn Californians sure drove up the housing prices. :D So. Tacoma and the Ft Lewis area are not the best places to judge Washingtonians by. Definitely check out the San Juan Islands...
  529. Orca

    Galvaston, Freeport MAY/June

    Headed down to Houston. Want to take my grandson out to the rigs. any suggestion on boats and gear. Thanks
  530. Orca

    Best starter kit?

    You could come to one of our "classes". The class is free, scope out what is used and make up your own list.
  531. Orca

    Applying finish in heat

    Never had a problem loosing levelness in heat and humidity. It could be several things or a combination of things. First off and most likely, too much finish. I find it is best to do several light coats on long butt wraps to get a level finish. You didn't say anything about the guide wraps so...
  532. Orca

    WCCRS my .02

    A big thanks to all who made this show possible.:urno1: Great improvement over last year. Great to have the heads clearly marked so Doc didn't get lost. :D Thanks to all that came by Ken's booth to look at his handy work and maybe pick up a jig. Fantastic response to the jigs, we sold out...
  533. Orca

    Thoughts & Prayers for Jim Labonowski (Doc Ski)

    Knew that feisty old bastard would come through okay. Talked to him Saturday about the tests. Rocky was trying to get him to sit still, every time he turned his back Doc was up and running. He'll be around for quite some time. Too damn ornery to die. Take care Doc.
  534. Orca

    West Coast Custom Rod Show!

    Nice meeting you Ryan.
  535. Orca

    Wife Wins Custom Rod At WCCRS

    It was good seeing you again Guy. Congrats on the door prize.
  536. Orca

    Working with cork tape

    Have to agree with Erika you are trying to get the wrap too close. Wrap the tape snugly and then wearing gloves twist the wrap to tighten the joints.
  537. Orca

    My 1st go at it.

    Nice job
  538. Orca

    Turk Head Knots

    Come by one of the BD rod wrapping classes. Ken's always there, he'll be glad to show you.
  539. Orca

    Where the hell am I?

    Hey David, good to see you come out of the woods. Trying to imagine you in a canoe. :rofl: If you can't catch a fish in Oregon you're drinking too much.
  540. Orca


    Good for you, karma will come your way.
  541. Orca

    NITR Titan Turbo Guides

    A 20 stands 14.5mm at the bottom and 29.5mm at the top from the rod blank. Don't have a 25 to give you those dimensions.
  542. Orca

    Blue on blue

    I'd forgotten those. Are you old enough to have used one? Sometimes when I'm not drinkin' or cookin for some wannabes. :)
  543. Orca

    Blue on blue

    American Tackle IGFA 30#, slick butt, Alps reel seat, Hyp fore grip, AFTCO HD guides, Royal blue over Electric blue.
  544. Orca

    2 of 2 tigers

    Doing one for Ali?
  545. Orca

    Sneak Peek

    Ken was at it again last night at rod wrapping. Pink orange and gold.
  546. Orca

    Shop build, Update

    Bill's use to windowless rooms, just need some bars across them. Tell Bert to make sure he uses type X sheetrock.
  547. Orca

    Now this is a jigstick!!!!

    Is that one piece? Looks like the rod they use in New Zealand for shore fishing.
  548. Orca

    Gaff handle complete

    Here are a couple of pictures of a hook in one of my gaffs. I rough up the shank and grind three grooves in it on the grinder. Stuff the blank with Marine-Tex and coat the shank with the Marine-Tex. Insert hook into the blank. Obviously the inside diameter of the blank has to be large enough...
  549. Orca

    Gaff handle complete

    A word of warning, if using the braided nylon cord use color preserver or the color will darken immensely just like nylon wrapping thread. Cotton cord definitely needs a sealer. The tuna seine cord used to mend nets does not need and will not accept a sealant. I've been using the braided nylon...
  550. Orca

    Waterdog owners?

    Mike, think you can get Makensie to remember what retrieving is about?
  551. Orca

    Gaff handle complete

    Nice Bill. Kind of looks similar to the gaff handles I've been doing.
  552. Orca

    Need some ideas

    friends ???????????????
  553. Orca

    Need some ideas

    Bill look through your old rod builders mags. There was an article on a bench with a bar that went the length of the bench attached to the wrapper foot pedal control. pretty neat idea, no searching for the control pedal.
  554. Orca

    Fish Slayer

    The reel, seat is not backwards.:idiot:
  555. Orca

    Need old parts

    Bill you are looking for a 60 guide. I have a 50 and it is 2" in diameter.
  556. Orca

    First Rod

    An under wrap and two over wraps will suffice. Thread size is a matter of choice.
  557. Orca

    we really do build rods

    You left early, rod work was done after Capt G left.
  558. Orca

    we really do build rods

    After a nice repast of Chicken and shrimp fajitas, rice pilaf, pasta salad, Achari mushrooms, and the beverage of choice we got down to doing some rod building. New guy Allen prepping his rod for guide placement and load testing. Foreground rod Is Jud's doing guide placemen the old way with...
  559. Orca

    Doubling up on saltwater wraps? Noob needs help!

    Definitely going to need a coat of finish on the "D" thread before wrapping "A" over the "D". As for the area between the guide feet beneath the guide ring I would apply a coat of finish. Simply because it is easier and insures a good seal of the guide feet. don't worry about Dave's comment...
  560. Orca

    Doubling up on saltwater wraps? Noob needs help!

    As long as the guide feet do not have any sharp edges on them to dig into the blank you will be fine without an under wrap. A double over wrap is not needed for strength on rods 30# and under. Applying a coat of finish to the first wrap before doing the second wrap is not necessary, although...
  561. Orca

    Channel Island Carnage 4/5 w-pics

    Way to go Vince.
  562. Orca

    Cuda Killer's logo weave

    Very nice Bill. You are improving by leaps and bounds. Looks like the Madeira thread is giving you much smoother edges.
  563. Orca

    gaff and hook

    I concur with Bobby on the grooves, also rough up the shank for better adhesion. I use a fresh water wind check at the hook blank joint for a clean look. Marine-Tex epoxy
  564. Orca

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE "Sealskinner"

    Happy birthday...
  565. Orca

    Capt. G's Swimbait Seminar @ Orca's Class

    Capt G assured us the plastic he uses was nontoxic. Drank coffee from the mugs used no taste or ill affects. As for the microwave unless you were melting plastic and heating food at the same time shouldn't be a problem, there are no porous surfaces to retain fumes. Capt G did recommend using...
  566. Orca

    3rd one done...

    Looks really good Tony. Lots of help from the other mentors as well.
  567. Orca

    Rod Building Classes In OC Have Started

    looks like you're off to a good start Bobby now where's the beef?? :)
  568. Orca

    Head count for tonights "class"

    What Lawn? I'm conserving water. Now the back, I could use 15 to 20 yards of dirt and the dozer. If it would stop raining those weeds would die and I wouldn't have to waste fishing time cutting them.
  569. Orca

    Head count for tonights "class"

    Thanks to everyone that showed up and provided the eats, I only provide a venue for you to share your knowledge and expertise. Thanks Greg for the demo on swim baits, the Fuji catalog, even though it's in Japanese, and the raffle prizes. Thanks to everyone that brought the fire...
  570. Orca

    Head count for tonights "class"

    BYOB if you don't like Cab. One of the reasons class runs 5-6 hrs. Nice try Bobby LOL Do you really think there is anything left? Also everyone is checked on the way out. :D
  571. Orca

    Head count for tonights "class"

    Who's in? so far I have Steve T Ribs Ken Rice-aRoni, wine, cheese and Crackers Steve L Scones & Crumpets :imdumb: Jay Pie Tony Potato Salad Randy & Pat Rolls Capt G Metal Myself Brisket, Port, cheese, olives
  572. Orca

    Colorful test marble or scratching

    Looks like a technique that needs to be demonstarted at the rod show.
  573. Orca

    Cord Grip from 1946

    the term on that patent has long expired. 20 yrs from date of issue.
  574. Orca

    new lake record irvine

    Agree quite a feat, although 4# is a little heavy for bait fishing.
  575. Orca

    Orca's Rodbuilding Class

    Does the scooter eat grass like the sheep?
  576. Orca

    Rebuilding old friends.

    Nice, Pink fits you Doc.
  577. Orca

    24 karat gold

    Good choice for a seminar but he probably doesn't want to give up his technique. Steve did you use the new tools you picked up at the show?
  578. Orca

    Quick survey

    Far left
  579. Orca

    Working with cork

    Contact cement works well.
  580. Orca

    East Coast Classes???

    I believe Mudhole was advertising a class on their web site.
  581. Orca

    happy birthday Bill Batson

    happy Birthday Bill, hope it was a good one and you got to go Salmon fishing.
  582. Orca


    This is Bloody Decks and we don't give at rats ass about I-fish. Case closed, thread closed.
  583. Orca

    ALI Done good

    Bill do you have a small for me? :D
  584. Orca

    Jumping Dorado weave

    we can look forward to many more then. LOLLOL
  585. Orca

    First weave attempt

    Ok I give. What is it? LOL
  586. Orca

    Old School Tigerwraps

    Must have counted the wraps, I've seen him using a rule. :D
  587. Orca

    Recommendations For 8' Graphite Blank?

    Nothing wrong with GUSA blanks just the company and owners. I'd go with the Rainshadow blank considering price.
  588. Orca

    Old School Tigerwraps

    Not a tiger, Romel, but the wraps are pretty tight for a hand wrap. we'll show you a tiger and how it's done at the next class. As Doc says "think improvement not perfection".
  589. Orca


    Try a refrigeration supply house. We bought it in varying sizes in 5 foot lengths.
  590. Orca

    Class 1/20/09

    Ken, if you're supplying the explosives you can supply the venue also. :D Capt G your presence and input would be greatly appreciated.
  591. Orca

    Class 1/20/09

    You can come over anytime Bill you've had your rabies shot. :D
  592. Orca

    Class 1/20/09

    Sorry guys there will be no rod class next Tues.
  593. Orca

    how to get guide measurement?

    17 is a very large ring size. You might want to look into an AFTCO ringed roller top. Designed for bill fisherman who cast baits with heavy leaders and large knots. The ID of the ring is 19mm comes in both 18 and 20 tube sizes.
  594. Orca

    how to get guide measurement?

    Depends on the type of guide and or manufacturer. Metal ring guides, outside diameter, insert guides, outside diameter of the ring or outside diameter. These numbers are nominal.
  595. Orca

    Christmas Present

    Good start but it's way to clean for a rod builders bench. :D
  596. Orca

    just wanted to...

    You need to fish to break a rod.
  597. Orca

    Merry Christmas!

    Aloha Pete. Happy Hanukkah.
  598. Orca

    just wanted to...

    Thanks Tony, enjoy your new rods may you catch many fish on them. There is nothing like cathing a fish on a rod you built.
  599. Orca

    How difficult is it?

    Look at the sticky at the top of this forum. It is a list of materials needed to build a rod. you are obviously good with tools, you can build a hand wrapper for very little. Rather than "V" blocks use rollers it makes the job much easier. For about $250 you can get a PacBay or Forecast power...
  600. Orca

    Hypalon grip question

    If you would come to a class or stop by the house sometime we could help you. give me a call or PM and I'll get it off for you.
  601. Orca


    Happy birthday G. Keep the fire extinguisher handy, we know how you have a tendency to set things a lite.
  602. Orca

    Bouy 5 11-29-2008

    I hear they put a new bouy in at mission bay channel. :D Post up the pictures Maggie.
  603. Orca

    A few new ones

    Nice work as usual Ken. Don't forget we're expecting wahoo at class when you return.
  604. Orca

    Jigstick Repair

    Ryan, It really depends on where the wear is on the cork. If at the reel seat location regular shrink tube would be best, shrinks tighter, if it is the overall cork wrap get a cork tape kit from Mark at$11.49) It is easy to apply, peel and stick.
  605. Orca

    bone hook collection

    Nice assortment of J and circle hooks.
  606. Orca

    Class 11/18 cancelled

    Class canceled due to illness. see you next week.
  607. Orca

    No More Eating Prawns From Saanich Inlet!

    My thoughts also however, photo #5 is a Dungeness.
  608. Orca

    Guide/rod repairs?

    Talk to John at Kens custom reels in Oceanside. He is a grouch, but does good work at a reasonable price.
  609. Orca

    Another Tiger Wrap question

    You bat lovers have got to stop eating those mushrooms. :D
  610. Orca

    Head count

    need a head count for class tonight. Who's in?
  611. Orca

    Happy Birthday Marines

    Thank you.
  612. Orca

    I Love Acid

    Colleen, no worries just yanking your chain a little. Ken, we need to get up there and spend some money I could use some more rod blanks LOLLOL
  613. Orca

    I Love Acid

    Got to agree C&M is the tits. " Hey Colleen I need one rod tip for a customer quick." " No problem Don I'll mail it out today you can pay for it latter on one of your orders" Had the part the next day, what get customer service. Only one problem..... getting them to bill me for the parts...
  614. Orca

    looking for someone to wrap a rod

    talk to John at Ken's Custom reels , Oceanside Harbor. Mr Limpet on this board.
  615. Orca

    Need Help on Rail rods

    You can get the slick butt from Mark at Also the material Bushman used on his rail rod is available from Merrick tackle, called mooseskin rail rod grips. I have used it for a rail rod and it great.
  616. Orca

    50lb Ulua

    Good job Matt.
  617. Orca

    This happens when you have no patience.

    Lets keep this on subject guys. Rod wrapping.
  618. Orca

    This happens when you have no patience.

    I don't know why they don't come John. I've had a least a dozen ask about the class this year and only two have shown up. Maybe it's my bubbling personality. The price is right, plenty of equipment to work with and several knowledgeable builders to help. As for my drinking, I only drink a...
  619. Orca

    This happens when you have no patience.

    Fuck you John! :D
  620. Orca

    This happens when you have no patience.

    You guys need to learn how to read. He didn't wrap the rod, Frank did.
  621. Orca

    Code Groups Cause Owners To Lose Boats!

    Good skippers find fish.
  622. Orca

    Discuss - Bashing / dogpiling other members

    Glad to hear you have three friends Chris. :D
  623. Orca

    Some funky odds N ends

    Nice looking GUSAs.
  624. Orca

    All chain on a windlass?

  625. Orca

    I can't make this Redneck shit up!!!!

    Explains a lot.
  626. Orca

    calstar GF760L

    LOLLOLLOLLOL Nice fish wraps, and nice clean wraps and finish. Full wells fore grip is interesting.
  627. Orca

    Water based Polyurethane for CP?

    That's pretty funny right there.
  628. Orca

    I am clueless

    Doc, the high chlorophyll count will have more nutrients in it therefore more likely to have baitfish. Try to match the temp breaks and chlorophyll breaks. Game fish should be in the cooler water (which also should have a higher oxygen content) and move into the warmer, high chlorophyll content...
  629. Orca

    Class 7 Oct 08

    Maggie you need to wrap a rod, fishing rod that is. Come on by, your deserts would go over great.
  630. Orca

    Class 7 Oct 08

    Good for you, school is where you should be putting all your efforts right now.
  631. Orca

    Class 7 Oct 08

    Steve Tomiyama had some Tee shirts made up for the class. The Group. Tony working on his second rod, a jig stick. Terry getting help with his first build, a fly rod. Jay load testing and adjusting guide placement. Ken working on a couple of purple rods. Steve (Vilters) posing. Jay and Tony...
  632. Orca

    Hand Rod Wrappers

    If your budget is limited and you're not sure that rod wrapping is going to be a major commitment a hand wrapper is the way to go. A great deal of the detailed guide wraps are done by hand even on a power wrapper. You live in Mira Mesa why don't you come to one of the classes on Tues...
  633. Orca

    Final Make a Wish rod

    As you may recall Steve Tomiyama was asked to build a set of five matching rods for a make a wish raffle. Then they had two winners to split 5 rods. Steve volunteered to make a sixth rod to even things up. Steve brought the rod by the class last week before giving it to the lucky winner...
  634. Orca

    Help? Manual pull cord not getting in gear

    get professional help
  635. Orca

    Help? Manual pull cord not getting in gear

    dirty, corrosion problem. Pull cover and spray the cogs with some lube, WD 40, Corrosion X.
  636. Orca

    Anyone catching the LW Silvers?

    Try contacting the Muckleshoot Indian Nation 235 939 3311 they count fish for their hatcheries. Washinton fly fishers reported large #s of coho going through the locks the first week of Sep. Should still be in the lake now.
  637. Orca

    Anyone catching the LW Silvers?

    Anyone look at the fish counts at the locks? should give a good indication of who is in the lake at what numbers.
  638. Orca

    Humboldt squid in Humboldt

    Catch and kill all the Humbolts you can find. They will decimate your rockfish stock.
  639. Orca

    build a rod so long...Deep-Color rods Scott Throop

    This issue is closed. Scott has replied and provided both an e-mail address and phone #. Anyone with problems with Scott deal directly with him. The fishing community here has long been aware of Scott's problems. no need for further "warnings"
  640. Orca

    build a rod so long...Deep-Color rods Scott Throop

    :gay: Come on Jay you got a rod built for free by your "friends" at bloodydecks rod building class. Post up some pics. :D
  641. Orca

    Win XP service pack 3

    I've got an older machine, no problems with service pack 3.
  642. Orca

    Rod Wrappers Please read

    As stated above I'm sure the guys would be glad to mentor you. We have a wealth of knowledge and talent in the group.
  643. Orca


    Well the Japanese are known for liking large breasted blonds so that fits.
  644. Orca


    What's with the four breasted mermaid?
  645. Orca

    Perfection Tip Company

    They make a good quality seat and less expensive than Aftco.
  646. Orca

    Happy Bday Nancinator

    Happy birthday Nance. :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers: It was good seeing you Sun. Jason should take you fishing for you birthday.LOL
  647. Orca

    Maybe one of you builders can answer this...

    Steve picked up large jar of colossal green olives just for you. In a special dish too. :) Pork chile verde, potatoes, rice and tortillas on the menu tonight.
  648. Orca

    Hey Don...

    Don't know him but I know of whom you speak. I believe Larry Cofe said he no longer wraps.
  649. Orca

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge rods

    Steve let me know if any of the GUSA blanks I have will fit the guy's needs. donated of course.
  650. Orca

    Going to NZ in September - need advice

    If you get a chance fish White Island off Whakatane with Rick Pollock on the Pursuit top notch outfit. [email protected] Also the Earl Grey at The bay of Plenty
  651. Orca

    Hey Don...

    Whatchu talkin about Willis??
  652. Orca

    Starting Small

    After 3 hours with you guys I have to switch to whiskey.
  653. Orca

    Starting Small

    Vincent, definitely come by for the class they start at 6PM and go until the last guy leaves. Along with the 3 power wrappers I also have a hand wrapper you can borrow. Best to start out with a hand wrapper until you decide that you really want to get into wrapping. Sorry no adult beverages...
  654. Orca

    Maybe one of you builders can answer this...

    Why don't you come to the "class" on Tues. Plenty of help there.
  655. Orca

    Just for your information...

    John, you are real good at charring things on the barbi although I have to admit I did char some dogs last week. Acetone will change the ignition point quite a bit.:D Thought at first you had come up with an inovative way of removing a cork grip. You and SaltyDog should exchange notes you...
  656. Orca

    Maybe one of you builders can answer this...

    Common problem with GUSA rods with their small diameter blanks. As charlie stated it can be corrected without removing the guides. Remove the rear grip, remove the real seat, this will most likely have to be cut off. Install a 20mm graphite seat from the bottom up. This is the smallest seat...
  657. Orca

    Bad Dog

    Critics, ya got to love them.
  658. Orca

    SuperSeeker Ulua "Reversing Chevron"

    Kris, good to see you back on the board. You'll have to stop by class some evening and share your knowledge and talent.
  659. Orca

    2nd Build Seeker Black Steel

    Very nice. Nothing wrong with C and D thread for basic wraps. Save the A for cross wraps and weaves. Although a single A inlay on a C or D wrap is very subtle.
  660. Orca

    Rod repair

    PM sent
  661. Orca

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge rods

    Eight week wonder!!!:frehya2: :D :D :D Very nice job Steve. They look even better in person if that is possible. Big thanks to Bill for donating the components.
  662. Orca

    8/7 Alberts

    A cord an hour.LOL
  663. Orca

    Happy B-Day Maggie

    Happy B-Day Maggie. Hope you're fishing.
  664. Orca

    8/7 Alberts

    After a long hiatus due to hand surgeries, got out on the water with Kevan, (fishingfool). Long wait at the receiver for bait 17th in line and 5 sport boats ahead of us with just the old man working. Kevan was supposed to make some macks while we were waiting but only caught slimers. Got a...
  665. Orca


    Not sure I would go out with you Steve after hearing you pleading :hali_parkutuli: on the radio Thurs for someone to show you where to fish. :D Not wishing you good luck as luck has nothing to do with it.
  666. Orca

    RE: Mark's Charter - Wide open bite in San Diego

    I too like the Aug date. Weekday would be fine also.
  667. Orca

    silver and black bloodydecks rod

    no. nice looking turks head. :D
  668. Orca

    Can guide insert be fixed or new guide needed?

    Arnie, heat the guide with the lighter, press the insert in and then put a couple of drops of super glue on it. No need to over engineer with two ton epoxy....... unless you have a reel capable of 2000 lbs of drag.
  669. Orca

    About to build a rod for my girl.

    Shimano Symetre or Sedona 1500 both come with 2 spools.
  670. Orca

    Rod building classes

    Look at what Steve has done for marbling. Not bad for a newbie after eight classes. Who the hell is that guy applying finish. Finished a rod in 5 minutes.
  671. Orca

    First official marble job

    That young'n has a long way to go to one up Doc. :)
  672. Orca


    Welcome back Steve.
  673. Orca

    We should have weighed him...

    nice fish
  674. Orca

    Hanna BD YT Shootout run 6 21 08

    Ah, you guys do know this is a Yellowtail tourny right?? Two years running just Albacore.
  675. Orca

    YT Shootout Report for Team Dos Locos

    Damn Chris, still farming tails, get your thumb off the spool!! :D Seriously congrats on the team effort.
  676. Orca

    Bait on The Deshka...

    Interesting, not only is it closed to Salmon fishing but you can not use bait either. Do they also fish for trout in this section of the river?
  677. Orca

    Ring on the guide broke off

    Take it to a real tackle shop they will get it fixed for you. Should cost about $12.
  678. Orca

    Bait Pen

    300 -400 lbs
  679. Orca

    Woo hoo!!

    welcome back to the warm side of the world.
  680. Orca


    Happy birthday Jim.
  681. Orca

    Seattle Wash. What is there to do?

    Ivar's is just down the street and a great, seafood place. There is also an aquarium in that neighborhood the usual fish thing but worth it if you've never seen a 6-8 foot Octopus.
  682. Orca

    Chicken in the Current

    Hey guys I've got a fishing bridge in Arizona for sale.
  683. Orca

    Seattle Wash. What is there to do?

    Pike street market is always nice, check out all levels. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, touristy, but interesting. Check out the Ballard locks and the fish ladder at the locks.
  684. Orca

    Dominator sold

    Best of luck in your future endeavors Pete, you will be missed.
  685. Orca

    Anyone know the price of King Salmon?

    Copper river Salmon is going for 14.99 to 19.99 a pound here in San Diego.
  686. Orca

    Happy Memorial Day

    Happy Memorial Day to all those who served. Those who served prior to 1967 should understand. Semper Fi
  687. Orca

    DFG check and recheck recheck

    Sounds like you need to improve your filleting skills.
  688. Orca

    Happy Birthday Tommy (M/V Santa Rosa) on Monday

    Happy birthday Tommy, Quite a move from the Broadway mole.
  689. Orca

    fund raiser auction for Bder (Custom wrap Rod)

    you got it Stan, reel seat turks head if you want. This is a custom rod.
  690. Orca

    They do exist....

    Nice fish and stable looking boat.
  691. Orca

    line questions

    The diameter of the whole line.
  692. Orca

    They do exist....

    Nice , can you post the pics?
  693. Orca

    First East side Big Su King....70 miles up river

    Nice bright fish. Nice job on the heavy trout gear.LOL
  694. Orca

    Informnation on mounting downriggers

    Down rigger mounts are specific to the down rigger.
  695. Orca

    Trends in Japanese Custom Rods

    Personally I hand letter the rod info. (mfg,model & line class) on all rods. The owners name unless requested not to include name. Some do not their name in case they decide to sell the rod. I believe hand lettering adds to the custom look.
  696. Orca

    Finish question

    If it's dry to the touch you are good to go with another coat.