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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    A buddy of mine just got ticketed from the DFW for running a "charter" when one of the passengers claimed they split the costs of fuel/bait during a stop by the DFW. It seems like the DFW are targeting recreational fisherman again. Its not clear if the DFW is correct given how the current...
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    New: Simrad Evo3S Next Generation (NSS9/NSS12/NSS16)

    It seems like Simrad just came out with the new EVO3S line of fish finders with smaller screens (NSS9/NSS12). The EVO3S NSO line has been out since January (16/19/24 inch size), but this is the first I heard for the NSS9/NSS12 size. It looks like it has a faster 6 core processor and updated...
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    15% Off Ebay Coupon

    Only good for today (6/29) till 9PM Pacific Time. $25 min purchase and $100 max discount. code: PERFECTDAY You can put multiple items into your cart and buy them at same time with the discount. If you use a cashback card and Ebates, you can get an additional 2-5% off also.
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    Boat crash. Yikes! Jump!!

    Anyone saw this boat crash posted online? Crazy drivers not paying attention. They were probably texting, drinking, smoking weed or all at the same time.
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    150 YFT?

    Did anyone else go out to the 150 area around 1-2PM time frame on Sunday? We were out in the area next to the City of Long Beach fishing rockfish when we noticed a big school of fish break the water about a mile away in the direction of Catalina near the double rigs. At first we thought they...
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    OMG... Insane collection!

    This guy is insane! WOW!
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    Offshore OS30 fiberglass bait tank (SOLD)

    I have a used white fiberglass offshore oval OS30 bait tank for sale. It has a cutting board mounted to the top with all stainless hardware and a holder for the net. The board has one chunk missing, but the entire board can be removed or replaced. The cutting board is a very hard density...
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    Johnson 150HP intake manifold plugged?

    I have a 1993 Johnson 2-stroke 150HP outboard (J150EXETG) that I recently did a carb rebuild. When I looked at the intake manifold on the port side, I noticed there are two orange plugs on the left fuel ports on the top and middle cylinder. It did not look normal to me. The port on bottom...
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    New Andros 5IIA drag problems and bad warranty repair

    I bought two Andros 5IIA reels from J&H tackle. One of the reel works great and I have already caught 35+ lb yellowtail on it. However, the other reel has been giving me nothing but problems from the start. Long story short, I spool one of the reels with spectra with no problems at around...
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    WTB: Heavy Duty Line Winder

    I'm looking for a Pro Power Line winder or a Triangle HD140 model. I'm located in the Los Angeles area. If you have one available for sale in decent shape, PM me.
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    Japanese fishing history

    Very cool video that was found on youtube. It shows some of the techniques they use in Japan that is unique. Its nice to have a country that appreciates the history of fishing. Its awesome to see how they fish for Ayu and compete to catch the smallest fish possible.
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    Fresh Lobster Sushi

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm.... Delish!
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    Amazing close call on a sailboat

    Saw this video and was amazed at how close that sailboat was away from hitting the other boat. It looks like the other boat was used for practice since it had two large floats, but its still a close call.
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    Kodiak 32 Bait Tank

    Does anyone have a Kodiak 32 gallon bait tank for sale? Please PM me if you have one in good shape. I'm located in the LA area. Thanks
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    30-32 gallon bait tank

    I am looking for a Kodiak 32 gallon bait tank or a fiberglass 30 gallon oval tank. If anyone has one for sale, please PM me with the details. Thanks.
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    Aquaworld UT-38 or Kodiak 32 Bait Tank

    I am looking for the Aquaworld UT-38 or a Kodiak 32 bait tank in good shape. I prefer the tank to be unmodified from the stock condition (no trays, rodholders or extra holes). I am located in the Los Angeles area. If you have one available, please PM me. Thanks.
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    sgaf fo hcnub

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    Bluefin Tuna may be harder to find in the future

    It looks like Bluefin will be be harder to find in the future with all the investments into tuna farms in Japan and other countries. The banks and investors are pumping over 10 billion yen ($122 million) into more more Bluefin tuna farms to chase 7% or higher returns. They are also catching...
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    GOOD old WFO days (1988) 1000+ YFT in one day!

    I found this video on another web site. Its amazing how many were caught in that time.
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    SKB 7000 Mini Tackle Box

    I know this box is no longer made, but if anyone has one for sale in decent shape, please PM me. Thanks.
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    Tacklewarehouse 15% off sale!

    Tacklewarehouse has a big Labor Day sale. Free shipping with over $50 purchase. You have to pay CA tax though. Some of the deals for new reels (shipped): Curado 200E5 - $120 Stradic 4000 CI4 - $187 Shimano Stella 4000FE - $637 You get the point.. There are lots of good deals on the site.
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    Interesting video of Commercial Albacore Fishing...

    Its interesting seeing how the commercial fisherman just handline the fishes back into the boat. Maybe that's why we see less fish now.
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    Problems with Curado 300EJ Design?

    I've been noticing that when I cast my Curado 300EJ, it randomly causes the freespool button to disengage. It has been very annoying and causes the line to wrap around the tip of the rod. It happens more when I whip the rod when I cast with lures. I just figured out what caused the problem on...
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    Top Gun 80 made a killing today - 106 bluefins, 4 YFT (19 people)

    Did anyone see that count today? This was on an overnight boat, so they were not too far out. It looks like a hit an miss, but some boats are getting them to bite. I wonder if they are the smaller 10-15 lb bluefins that has not been spooked by the seiners. Were any of you guys on the boat...
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    Old School video of the Freedom boat back in the days... Its interesting how things have changed since then. Its nice to see albacore tuna between LA and Catalina island.
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    Video of a police boat chase with illegal immigrants on boats

    LA Times had a great FLIR video of a boat chase in the article. The guys on the boat have guts to try to outrun the police.,0,559991.story
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    Pro-Gear Albacore Special Parts

    My reel is making loud clicking noises during casting. For some reason, the noise goes away when I flip the reel upside down. I think the pinion gear is either worn down and/or the bearings are bad. I'm planning to get new bearings and pinion gear to fix the problem. My reel doesn't have a...