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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    I’m all in for the anti-body tests I say 30-35 percent of folks have had it , including myself (moderate) and my gf that was in Vegas and back via airlines in Jan , so yeah Guys fishing open water is the least of our worries vs supermarkets and the such . Just another punk, not thought out...
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    Unemployed, furloughed, got your hours cut?

    Background check deep no prob ... Not so sure bout the poly though ...:D
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    Anything on Halibut yet?

    Been busy with all this chit at work .... but I’m close enough to just run outta OR this year if this chit continues ..... what a crock of chit .....
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    Let the games begin

    BEAST ! Looking good boys , saw her the week before ya moved her north at wp.
  5. FINATIC 21

    RIP Tunahore

    Nice guy for sure , I bought a radar setup from him when first putting the pilothouse together . He went way out of his way to meet up with me . Rest In Peace Brother ...!
  6. FINATIC 21

    Halibut 2020

    Sent ..
  7. FINATIC 21


    Those 30 inch motors look great running in the video , up high, no spray whatsoever on the cowls or in between motors , no muss no fuss ! NICE install Patrick
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    Covered Boat/RV Storage In WP Available

    Gates going the front of each stall as well and possibly between bays , I have one till the shop gets up on the property down there . They will have power for each stall as well and cameras that actually work monitored by the onsite folks , it’s about time the lock the place up with keypad...
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    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    Yep , that’s why I included “we always switch positions” once each persons limit is reached .. Cause we do , cause that would be the only eothical thing to do ..... ugh daughter is plenty big enough to dig her own now , but all they years past , Her and I just got er’ done by ourselves .. Just...
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    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    Gas propane lantern with a homemade stand ! As far as carrying it , that’s what the daughter is For !:D She marks with her foot and I dig with a headlamp after that , we knock emm out fast . Then we switch ( just to be in accordance with law of course). Small strobe in the rig is excellent...
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    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    WHHHHAAAAAA ? No Tuna And yer’ building a walk around Coldwater , I’m confused :confused:
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    Small boat builder recommendations?

    I’m starting to think we are dealing with a trust fund kid ........:D
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    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    How the hell did I miss this build ... Very nice , Envious although my ph does get it done for us halfway comfortably...!
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    2019 cast for kids

    Awsome , These are the kids that will in the future , Own boats and get thier families out fishing ... definite impact , Good stuff
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    SlapShot made it to Everett

    Nice , was wondering how the trip went , Woke up this morn in WP and the CG flag was standing out and pretty solid rain ...and the slap shot was gone looking across ..
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    22' TJ Alexis OS

    Really a nuthin’ thread without pictures of said “NEW” boat ...... Just sayin ......:D
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    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Sheesh , how bout ya split everything evenly ? , that’s what we do on my ride , if it your first fish of that species or a personal best for the person , I’ll let anyone keep the whole thing . Good luck Bro , make sure you explain YOUR fish keep rules to whoever you get to go out with you , so...
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    I’ll take one to add to my collection Vance .. Bring it to WP and I’ll catch up to ya please ! Jay ...
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    Eatin’ good part 2

    Grilled is good but this is the chit , daughter and I devoured a few plates last 2 nights
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    Anywhere local that carries these in stock btw ??
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    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    We had fish marking @ 40-50 ft on the sounder as well most of the day, north a little of the fleet. Thru Hull 744DV If we are not getting bit on the troll will slow boat to 2-3 kts and let the spread drop for 3 or so minutes and then speed back up slowly to 6-8 , Works well especially when we...
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    Tactical Strike is for sale

    It’s a 26 ‘ , 28’ Never looked Maybe I missed in the listing ?? That’s a good price regardless Norm !
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    Tre-Fin Sport Jackpole

    Sent ya pm ...
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    Roof rod rack

    15 minimum.... lotsa room down the sides to keep them tucked in for WA as well ...
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    Tre-Fin Sport Jackpole

    I’ll take it , can pickup on the way home from work if that’s good ? Thx jay
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    PSA Ocean Meeting - Sat 8/24

    Thx for posting , I don’t do FB We’ll be there !
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    Can I borrow a kill bag?

    I’m in Centralia/chehalis area , still north of ya , try ifish boyz ..!
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    Tuna run 08/18

    Dammit I hate sundays for clean and recoup dayz .... It is what it is though I guess ...
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    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You mean you were below 10th this year ? Whoulda thunk it ....!
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    Took a kid from Kirkland Sturgeon fishing today!

    Great fish and nice pics ! But I’m not so sure I would have them online if your a Washington angler or guide .. just sayin Some about in whole from water comes to mind .. Awsome getting him on fish though !
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    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you just jealous you didn’t get to catch any tuna last weekend or that your stuck in your supervee in the rivers with no fish ??
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    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did all the final place standings get posted ? On the Facebook page or ? And is any of the shirts/sweatshirts available on mission outdoors page Scott ? , GF didn’t get out in time to purchase what she wanted . Thanks much
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    Race for the Blue 2019

    Hmmm just a few extra barrels of fuel Should do it ..! Some of Those guys were down here last year !!!
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    Hot set up for this last weekend

    Well purple and black WAS , the lucky color for us ! Not sure it was quite the size of that thing, popper wise ! But to each thier own I guess :D
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    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    Our two penn 30’s out the back should handle em’. Friggin awsome jump shot man ..! Nice job.....!!!
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    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the same boat , we had 4 hooked up at once with 2 of us , telling my first mate set the drag and put it in the rod holder and reel on one at a time ..... good times and mayhem for sure ..... gotta say it’s kickass to hear the drags on the avets scream ...!!!!! Hell yeah ..! Set bait rod ...
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    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for posting !!! Top ten baby :D With 2 anglers .. lol
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    WP Slip

    Yes , But looking for something a little closer to the accommodations westward .. if possible
  39. FINATIC 21

    WP Slip

    I realize it’s late and most are all full or being used . Anyone have a slip they arent using Thursday -Sunday ??? Will pass along $$ , Liquor or whatever. Thx guys ..!
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    Stainless triple sink and counter $250

    I’ll take it for 100 , can you drop it at bobs house in wp , or I can get it Thursday around 1-2 pm when I get down there ?? Can PayPal the cash if needed Jay
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    Safety gear; sea anchor & immersion suits

    I’ll take the suits ... jay sent ya a text
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    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    As you know Norm I’m a Alum guy myself , That is one badass Pilothouse , Love the beam. Congrats , Can’t wait to see her on 12 !
  43. FINATIC 21

    ‘‘Tis the season

    If they would have put the left slide out too ,THEN IT COUNTS as stabilizers !
  44. FINATIC 21

    North of Falcon Updates

    Wait anybody remember when the state said we can’t come to a agreement we are filing for our own permit ??? What the hell ever happened to that submission ?? Fucking lies on top of lies .....
  45. FINATIC 21

    I need a tractor, w backhoe

    Recently bought a Kubota L3301 33 hp HST(considered a compact) , just remember get the quick disconnect loader and ANY (well almost any) attachment that a bobcat can use , so can you (with the 3rd function installed) and easy as hell to hook up and go. The gray market Chinese (most have this...
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    Bad news for WTC

    Somebody’s gots to say it ... How are you going to beat anyone without a boat ?? :D Loooong paddle in a kayak
  47. FINATIC 21

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Glad your ok Vance , just saw this I’m right behind ya @ 50
  48. FINATIC 21

    Get em while they last!

    Did you guys order online ? Or was this only at the WP store specific ? Thx
  49. FINATIC 21

    We need your help Washington

    Done , Sure hope that doesn’t quadruple my email in my inbox ! LoL
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    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    No worries either way , it’s all there right on if ya ever need to fix one , I do warn though to lay out a white towel when ya take apart cause they is a lot of tiny stainless tiny balls and springs/posts that all come out of the hyd manifold
  51. FINATIC 21

    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    Same Trim motor Assembly , if fact the t9.9 has the updated spacers and small relief valves/springs that do not poke thru the screens and disable them where they only operate in the down position... I rebuild them on the side .. part numbers the same with updated “g” on the 9.9 parts diagram...
  52. FINATIC 21

    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    RH side of transom bracket , there is a hole in bracket with a Flat Tip screw , turn 1/4 turn either way , pull up and turn again , locks up or down , or anywhere in between. Btw , I have 2000 plus hours on one of my T8’s and never a issue with trim , the fix isn’t that hard with 60 dollars...
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    Need Some Help In Westport

    Bob can do the work of 3 men , he's strong as a OX , :D
  54. FINATIC 21

    Making memories

    BADASS ZAK !!!!
  55. FINATIC 21

    Boat down today?

    Glad they had a buddy boat close !!! I run this chit thru my mind all the time and try to be ready for everything .... Ongoing battle fo' sure ...
  56. FINATIC 21

    Boat down today?

    We found em'
  57. FINATIC 21

    Boat down today?

    We were outside of grays canyon all day and didn't hear anything in the radio ....
  58. FINATIC 21

    Removable bait tank

    Put it in , leave it in ! Center your tank in the center of cockpit best you can to work around , build a cutting board top that fit securely and don't worry about pulling , you'll find many uses for it including Dabs .... My 2 cents , mine never comes out ..
  59. FINATIC 21

    WTC Short Video

    Are all the pictures from the WTC available Anywhere to view by chance ?? Thx
  60. FINATIC 21

    '93 Grady Gulfstream twin 2015 150's

    Not a buyer , regardless the price that cockpit steering/throttle set up is nice !
  61. FINATIC 21

    Sure Sounds Slow for Albacore....

    Thx , we were down there with ya ....
  62. FINATIC 21

    Where did the tuna go!???

    Ok one of you retired Guys go NorthWest this week and report back please ! :D
  63. FINATIC 21

    Buoy 8 Sunken Jetty

    I noticed that yesterday coming around the tip, Normally cutting the gap , Our return course brought us in straight up the channel . Noticed plenty of folks cutting across sunken Jetty unknowingly , both going out and coming in .
  64. FINATIC 21

    If you need to fill a seat(s) for tuna, I'm interested

    :) Says the guy with the ACB Alum pilothouse ......o_O
  65. FINATIC 21

    A2 7 days a week...2 kings. Starting tomorrow.

    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 August 23, 2018 Marine Area 2 to open 7 days per week for salmon fishing Action: Marine Area 2 will be open seven days per week through Sept. 3. Anglers may...
  66. FINATIC 21

    Want to buy... outriggers for our Duckworth

    Getting out in that clean water is gold ! I love when I see them load up and nobody else does on the deck , KA POWIE !!! One guy always ducks like there is incoming artillery......
  67. FINATIC 21

    ST Ilwaco

    But But ...the center of the W IS the cedar :D Glad ya got out man ....!!!!
  68. FINATIC 21

    ST Ilwaco

    Nice , but where is the rod with the Natural Cedar down the middle waaaaayyyy back ?
  69. FINATIC 21

    Assorted Live Bait

    We had some of the same , caught one on both , one of my rookies hooked one up , almost told him to change it but said throw it over .... zzzzz went the reel We did have a pretty good bite going though and multiple rods already hooked up . Those cod looking things were good swimmers , straight...
  70. FINATIC 21

    Too Close

    We are just coming back in on the holland America explorer of the seas.. I was watching the radar on the bridge a lot of the trip up top , the had two different screens up , the close in one showed every single little ice chunk 2 ft or bigger no prob at water line in the glacier channels in she...
  71. FINATIC 21

    New place to drink in San Juan Islands

    That dog needs a beer ........
  72. FINATIC 21

    WTB - Half sheet of Starboard

    For the money , you might just draw one up on the Boatoutfitters website and see what the price is , it might surprise you, they are very professionally made with your choice of latches, color, thickness , drawer size , etc . I had all my cabinet faces made in the pilothouse and they a very nice...
  73. FINATIC 21

    The good, the bad, the ugly

    Great hoist job by the CG Flight Engineer in that video . Comin from a guy that used to do it in a prior life ....! Glad everything worked out . And btw that water is a niicccccceee blue in that overhead video footage of the Ultra.
  74. FINATIC 21

    Canada-origin salmon transport

    THIS WDFW previously instructed anglers to fill out an online form before going fishing in Canada. Consistent with action taken by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission, this regulation makes filling out the form a requirement. Looks like our "commission " just passed this little...
  75. FINATIC 21

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    That's looks pretty level , doesn't seem to be squatting it . Is that lance built with Alum wall studs and structure by chance ? Hence wayyy lighter Good luck and have fun Eric
  76. FINATIC 21


    I don't remember seeing it there on Saturday , when we were out .
  77. FINATIC 21

    Close call today...

    ITS COMING RIGHT FOR US !!! is your answer
  78. FINATIC 21

    PSA Ocean Anglers June 16th

    I'll be out working on the boat , see ya at the meeting Paul ..!
  79. FINATIC 21

    Shop Build

    Wow that turned out super nice , looks like builder did a great job...horses will be cozy in the winter !!
  80. FINATIC 21

    Well this happened...

    Need closer pic of bottom paint edge to alum Nice ride for ya , I hoping whatever salesman told ya is wrong and it is proper bottom coating for alum with prep and barrier
  81. FINATIC 21

    Halibut season update

    What a jumble of crap , the friggin nearshore area just opened on the 2nd then closes on the 6th it a joke for them or what , let everyone make plans then let's out all these dates in a bag and shake it up and draw for office workers fun or what ? Sheesh what a joke , and then oh oh oh...
  82. FINATIC 21

    Bubble Cherry

    Nice ... But you just caught the whole quota with that fish and wdfw knows now ..! :D
  83. FINATIC 21

    Mail Box Theft

    Fixed it for ya Ryan !
  84. FINATIC 21

    Alcohol and boating

    Alum side bunks and he woulda' been golden !
  85. FINATIC 21

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    Well let's find out a official answer in where the fish will be counted , email sent I really wanna hear the justification whatever the answer
  86. FINATIC 21

    Bait tank photos

    Here is the one out of the Lumacat I modified for a buddy that put it in a 27 NR . The top is on my bait tank , i built him same one so can check bait health in the run out without pulling top off .....! He had it blasted zinc'd and powder coated
  87. FINATIC 21

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    Looks like the 2/3 line is 47' 31 700 just south of the queets straight out
  88. FINATIC 21

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    As long as they don't fish in between for ANYTHING including lings or rockfish I don't see why it wouldn't go against the proper area it was caught in and why it would be illegal. Just be prepared to back it up with a gps track to wdfw officers . Just sayin .... I could be interpreting it...
  89. FINATIC 21

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    This whole system of state quota is a crock of shit ! Straight up
  90. FINATIC 21

    Neah Bay 5/27

    What did ya throw at them ? Thx
  91. FINATIC 21

    Suspicious people of westport

    Damn it , I just gave that guy a bunch of cash he promised me a "Good Deal" .....:smoking33: Wish ya would if warned me 2 days ago
  92. FINATIC 21

    Seaqualizer locally available

    Used mine Friday on a big yelloweye , worked perfectly .......watched it on the Raymarine release .... No other encounters
  93. FINATIC 21

    Finally ready for tuna !!

    Well that's one work around I guess ... :eek: He should probably hook his safety chains up though .... just sayin , for safety's sake and all
  94. FINATIC 21

    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    Buy the yami !!! I told my gf to tell Betty already ....:D
  95. FINATIC 21

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Maybe a few hundred calls to the AG office may make a difference ? Or maybe not who knows , couldn't hurt Would be nice to know the actual date the "contract" between the tribes and wdfw was made .
  96. FINATIC 21

    Defiance Delivery Day

    I am glad Bo is taking care of you and hope your back on the water soon ! On another note , One of the ideas of this site is to share information between like minded fisherman and boaters , A lot of us run these same Seastar systems on our vessels and any information you may have discovered...
  97. FINATIC 21

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Dave your front fill cap IS a vented cap correct ? And rear is a NON Vented cap right ?? Whichever helm is higher needs the vented one .
  98. FINATIC 21

    2 Cannon Mag 10 DRs

    :DI KNOW goat wants these real bad ... @goatram
  99. FINATIC 21

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    What the Fuck did that have to do with anything .... ! Did you you run out of "New Posts " to look at in the Kali forums .. sheesh
  100. FINATIC 21

    Holy Crap- We lost one of our own

    Rip Brother ....
  101. FINATIC 21

    For the SandDab fishermen !

    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 April 16, 2018 Coastal recreational bottomfish limit changes Actions: Increases the daily limit for canary rockfish to two fish (from one) in marine areas...
  102. FINATIC 21

    Adulting Sucks

    27 Ocean boat and a 17 ft sled right next to each other in shop ! One for each season I fish .. And maybe 2-3 more in the back yard :D
  103. FINATIC 21

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    All good if they they fish their window , BUT mulitiple permits ?? Maybe following though by wdfw getting our own permit is easier than being stated ... just thinkin out loud and all ...
  104. FINATIC 21

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    Headed down myself , maybe visit Paul's open serve bar after for a bit :D
  105. FINATIC 21

    Anybody know this a$$hol3?

    Wtf , who does that ! Reminds me of the cry wolf to many times and nobody comes after awhile ...
  106. FINATIC 21

    Shop recommendations

    I have a chain hoist ready to go, right on front of my shop on slab, your more than welcome to use it anytime and I'll give ya a hand . All tools needed on site as well as 3m 4200 and 5200 tubes in the fridge. Just sayin ..
  107. FINATIC 21

    Who Wants To Be a Skokomish Test Victim?

    LOL , My name is Gettim' Young, the Mormon preacher
  108. FINATIC 21

    2018 Starts with a bang

    Anchor ...! Straight up yacht policy Any chance was mouse damage on wires ? Doesn't really matter either way . Enjoy the new yami 90hp man ...
  109. FINATIC 21

    Ap project

    Bout time ! You will never figure out , how you got by without one .....
  110. FINATIC 21

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    Depending on the deal they cut you on a 26 ... Take your money to one of the well known builders and get what you want the first time to include a quality self bailing deck .. Sorry bout the hassle , that sucks !
  111. FINATIC 21

    LED Lights

    Now yur' just being silly Paul ....! But after thinkin' bout it , you probably should buy a spare Motor !:D
  112. FINATIC 21

    King 5 interview on Director Unsworth

    Very Nice Ron , solid work , let's move on and hopefully get the right person in the #1 spot My Vote goes to Ron if at all Possible ...!
  113. FINATIC 21

    WTB Raymarine e120/c120 mounting

    I was going to buy one for my e120w , and ended up just tigging one up Ryan out of 1/4 plate in the same shape/design and got Hardware/knobs , painted it matching grey with the other stock one on my lower 120. Can't tell it Apart from the stock one below it ! They are about 60-85 bucks online...
  114. FINATIC 21

    Let me guess ! Great job as a lobbyist for another nation Sure seems like great timing , who knows !! Ahem , I meant consultant , cough cough
  115. FINATIC 21

    2015 Duckworth Advantage 16'

    That Brandon , he seems to be a commodity ... Great mate fo sure......
  116. FINATIC 21

    2015 Duckworth Advantage 16'

    Movin UP Brandon ??
  117. FINATIC 21

    WTC registration opened today

    We are in !!!!! #35 See ya'all on the pond
  118. FINATIC 21

    Yamaha corrosion

    What a shame ..:( nobody gave em a little direction on boat maintenance in the beginning .. would have save em in the pocketbook ! I baby mine and they are old 4 strokes ! Nice motors btw...
  119. FINATIC 21

    Salmon for Soldiers needs skipper for Roche Derby

    5 minutes late ..... Good luck guys !!!
  120. FINATIC 21

    Looking for help - licensed captain

    My boss has one .... if it is inboard gas , run , even his with the bigger motor is a Dog ... Just sayin , good luck
  121. FINATIC 21

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    I have a couple of the Tanacom SS-80's Justin , they work fine and seem to hold up, they are a little slower on the retrieve than the newer 750 or 1000 bulls , but the get the job done and hold a chit ton of braided line. I know Monte has had his for years in the same model , that's why I bought...
  122. FINATIC 21

    auto pilot question

    I have MFD' at front and rear helms , I also have a dedicated AP controller at each station, seems to work best for us
  123. FINATIC 21

    Ballard Inflatable Auction 12/2

    I need that Jim Bouy raft in the pics if it's serviceable !!! As a backup to my Valise raft !!
  124. FINATIC 21

    Oahu guide recommendations

    Raymond out of Haleiwa is a buddy' and charter, from living living over there almost 10 years , he is versatile and lets ya keep what ya catch as well offshore/inshore whatever .. pm if ya need info , biggest ever chunk fishin yellowfin with him on the FAD'.
  125. FINATIC 21

    2007 Suzuki DF250

    Thermostats ...... Just sayin ,
  126. FINATIC 21

    Marine Hydraulic steering line fittings

    Some of the helms use the newer ORB style fittings , they serve as a bit more of a jamnut style for getting the desired direction/angle of fitting before tightening . If need , I believe I have some left over from my builds , I'll check in the spare boxes in shop.
  127. FINATIC 21

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    Discussion on HT , somebody talked to the captain , boat was taking on water and pumps could not keep up. Hull was full of water , I think that hull would have no problem if not waterlogged and proper throttle control thru that bar . 2 cents of course
  128. FINATIC 21

    Thursday Columbia River Sturgeon retention fishery.

    Neighbor went by himself and produced a nice fat slot limit fish today , .... was done by 11, out of Kalama We hit the silvers today instead ......
  129. FINATIC 21

    How many fish the Cowlitz?

    Grew up across the hwy , down there nearly every good weather weekend in the fall/winter at least one day . Give me a pm if ya need any info , or want to run together and fish a wall of death in a few holes ... You bring the Barley Pops !
  130. FINATIC 21

    Hit and miss tuna trip.

    So Is the sign up sheet, posted on the boat orrrrrrr ???? :D:jig:
  131. FINATIC 21

    Single diving bird last Saturday, Lesson for everyone!

    Ahem ..... My parked birds were gunna be a blank right ?? John Calllng John @goatram ........
  132. FINATIC 21

    Beautiful Boat

    Always admiring this boat ..... sweet project
  133. FINATIC 21

    Different boats for different folks

    Or for a better term .... "unreported" as the bad stuff seems to be more newsworthy in the network's eyes ...!
  134. FINATIC 21

    PSAOA meeting...this saturday

    I'll be down for the meeting .....
  135. FINATIC 21

    A place to rest my head in Westport

    Hell' yeah !!!! DUCKER ......!!!! I'll be in the water for 4 days as well ..!
  136. FINATIC 21

    Canadian pilgrimage to Westport

    Nice job guys .....
  137. FINATIC 21

    Theft on Float 12

    Eyes peeled !
  138. FINATIC 21

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    Like I said in other post , find some fish food pellets or As Ducker Mentioned , dog food stuffed into a small size Seahawk (or whatever one you have in the box) brads cutplug lure , take the foam pieces out and crumble and pack As Much as you can in there , repack often , they will Follow Like...
  139. FINATIC 21

    I'll just leave this right here.

    Time to get out the brads cut plug , stuffed with hatchery fish pellets ....!!! Haha
  140. FINATIC 21

    TRAC Pot puller 325.00

    Good condition, lightly used TRAC Pot puller , comes with quick disconnect mount . 325.00. Trying to clean up and cash for other projects for the boat , so it's gotta go I have a power winch I'm going to use on my davit instead.
  141. FINATIC 21

    WTF where are the WTC results

    Guess I should of turned in our 4 fish , would have been in top 14 ... :D
  142. FINATIC 21

    Wtb Lowrance lcx "blue"power cord and gps antenna

    Have a lcx 111 color head unit I'm going to put in my sled , looking for the blue power cord and possibly a older 2000 or 3000 gps antenna for it, Figured someone might have some extras laying around from prior upgrades they might want to sell. Pretty sure any of the blue connector cords will...
  143. FINATIC 21

    My greatest day as a captain.

    By the grace of god, go I .... Frickin' awesome Norm , great times
  144. FINATIC 21

    New Reliable Kill Bag-30"x72"

    Oh, Oh , oh ..... we are doing this again ..... :D Awesome , I love auctions , except when Norm is involved in the bidding ...!
  145. FINATIC 21

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    Is there and chips/shavings or signs of wear ? I would Flush a couple times with lower unit fluid and run em' I mean ya got two,! What the chances ha :eek:
  146. FINATIC 21

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    Puget Marina in Olympia is a Suzuki dealer and usually has lots of used stuff , although not the most reasonable sometimes ..! Just sayin a option , George I believe is the owner ....!
  147. FINATIC 21

    BoatUS July Winner Announced.....

    Congrats for sure excellent post ..... but now about that whole Seattle sharing the wealth thing ...?? :D Sorry Mis-quoted .. RE Distribution of Wealth ... (and fishin' gear)
  148. FINATIC 21

    Elliott Bay Gillnetting 8/9 Sport Fishing 8/11-13

    True , and if a non tribal wrote a article like that , you all know what we would be called !!
  149. FINATIC 21

    Elliott Bay Gillnetting 8/9 Sport Fishing 8/11-13

    We need the Feds to intervene , as much as I hate to say it ... at state level it's a stalemate at best .... these jokers can't figure their way out of anything .. and the kickbacks either to them or their lobbyists buddies are just to sweet ... Of course , just opinion ..
  150. FINATIC 21

    Sekiu Kings end of July

    Solid King Fishin' man .......
  151. FINATIC 21

    Elliott Bay Gillnetting 8/9 Sport Fishing 8/11-13

    SAND DAB FISHING '!!!!! The new recreational Washington fishery !!!!!
  152. FINATIC 21

    Suzuki 9.9 kicker idle issue

    Take a look at the cables from the handle to the throttle bellcrank next to the carbs , you may just be able to set some tension back there were the cables clamp up prior to bellcrank or they are moving a bit. But if new , tell the dealer to make the damn tensioner WORK as advertised ...
  153. FINATIC 21

    Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    Very nice Dave ..! And sweet offshore killing machine
  154. FINATIC 21

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    Too late !!!! Obviously @Jason , didn't think he had been punished enough yet ! And then this public statement by dragonballs , who would of figured ...
  155. FINATIC 21

    Vance and Mikey....the Ambiguously Gay Duo

    Good seeing the Kelli Ann back in her appropriate place !!!!
  156. FINATIC 21

    Who likes gossip

    Straight up !! Lauren has been very helpful @ Anchor ! Total difference from standard insurance in coverage with a yacht policy and appropriate offshore protection .!!!!!! Check your policies guys , your not covered more than 15 miles offshore . At least with my former coverage I wasn't .
  157. FINATIC 21

    moving sale....

    I texted ya Dave !
  158. FINATIC 21

    Ilwaco OTC

    Bring the cash back to WP !!! Good luck, Team TailWalker !!!
  159. FINATIC 21

    Urgent help needed

    It's all good , I don't worry till the auto bilges kick on , and I only moor the the weekends in Westport , otherwise on trailer across the street in storage. ....... I actually forget the keel plug this weekend and was in the water for 4 hours , woke up and had to trailer the boat at 2 am and...
  160. FINATIC 21

    Kill bag(s)

    I have used these while living in Hawaii for 9 Years and they are very. nice bags and hold ice well as well as very durable Dave , we had the high capacity ones in different lengths .
  161. FINATIC 21

    Okuma Andros 5s

    Sent ya a pm thx
  162. FINATIC 21

    Okuma Andros 5s

    What does that ole' fucker know anyway ! Wouldn't you be considered the LowBaller in this situation ??? Just Sayin :nopity:
  163. FINATIC 21

    Okuma Andros 5s

    151 :D. Without the line , I have plenty of blue to match my others .......
  164. FINATIC 21

    Area 9 yesterday

    Sweet , Looks like the boy is HOOKED !!!!
  165. FINATIC 21

    Four men took my virginity this weekend

    Awesome job out there Justin !! YOUR FUCKED NOW ..! Hope your significant other is a understanding gal ......
  166. FINATIC 21

    Westport Washington tuna questions from a newbie

    Excactly , invest in a EPIRB for the boat and a plb for your personal life vest . If you wanna go I'll have a seat and you can join us , be cool , bring fuel money to split cost even, help out and there is no worries man , I gleaned a lot of info from here and close friends and figured it out...
  167. FINATIC 21

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    I'm kinda missing Vances land yacht as a landmark for my buddies to make it to the correct dock in the morning What the fuck is the story on that thing returning to its rightful place on float 12 anyway ?? Anyone know ...!
  168. FINATIC 21


    Kickass Mark ..! It's onnnnn.....
  169. FINATIC 21

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    Well crap .... just got done loading salmon rods for the weekend. Guess I'll be unloading those now:D
  170. FINATIC 21

    Westport 7/7 and 7/8

    Nice haul guys and gals !!! We passed you on the way out in the fog , Sunday morn .! Nice looking ride
  171. FINATIC 21

    Neah Bay 6/30-7/8

    Nice Dave ...! Good thing we built that filet table supports extra beefy ! Looks like it's getting a work out .
  172. FINATIC 21

    Lumacat's 1st tuna run

    Very nice .... you went screamin' through right by us , with those Zukes all spooled up moving right on out .........! Hope they are a bit closer and more plentiful soon, I'm ready for a run
  173. FINATIC 21

    spotty in Westport

    Nice report , I was moored right across from you Saturday night in the bare alum pilothouse , those boys are quite the crew , saw you coming in docking with them, they got it handled . We got our fish Saturday , and actually had a killer bite Sunday afternoon for bout 3 hours in close north of...
  174. FINATIC 21

    Didya No?

    WDFW doesn't monitor or read these silly forums , no way , no how , I don't believe it !:waglleybooty: Welcome To BD Dr Lowry.......
  175. FINATIC 21

    Westport roll call this weekend

  176. FINATIC 21

    Sea trial fail

    Adjust OR Spray guard bend up outta alum mounted with bracket/transducer assy . Your choice .....
  177. FINATIC 21

    Kali experience

    Very nice , I'll be at Westport this weekend as well , and of course wasabi and Hawaiian soy always on the boat ..! Break it out .!!!!!
  178. FINATIC 21

    Kali experience

    How would you know ? , you don't have any Albies :D
  179. FINATIC 21


    I knew you were pocketing those things Ducker , one minute they were on your line , next minute they were gone !!!!!:D
  180. FINATIC 21

    Valuing Used Honda Outboard??

    Just hit every Honda shop in the PNW if they want more than one letter ... Is it power tilt and electric start model ??
  181. FINATIC 21

    Anyone fishing Saturday ?

    I agree, that sable is good stuff .......BBQ'd couple different ways for the fam. !
  182. FINATIC 21

    Any Area 10 Charter Recommendations?

    One more for Matt , great guy to fish with !! And is a fishy dude !!
  183. FINATIC 21

    Back Yard Firepit

    Pm sent Mike
  184. FINATIC 21

    There she goes...

    New owner is lucky you do your maintenance in that sense , plenty of truck to tow it looks like , boat and trailer will make the trip no prob as long as they keep tabs on the heat on the hubs across the USA..! UShip or whoever at its best , reminds me of the Cannonball Run ..... Eastdown and...
  185. FINATIC 21

    Livebait Rod and Reel Combos

    I'm with your way of thinkin' ....... badge that the rod is getting used as it was intended to be ...!
  186. FINATIC 21

    Before I drill some holes...

    If your going to seal edge , tape off a small line around base ..... No Mess ...
  187. FINATIC 21

    My attempt at a boat porn music video

    Kickass , I'm gunna have to find a guy to do one for me ...
  188. FINATIC 21

    bitcoin/ cyber currency

    MSN news story today was , 100 bucks of bitcoin 7-8 years ago @ .03 cents would yield ya' 21.7 mil right now ....... Seems like it was a pretty good risk if factual ..! SOB
  189. FINATIC 21

    Westport Halibut Thursday????

    I'll be headed down as well Wednesday night , if I can just get all this chit done on the boat for the season ..!!!!
  190. FINATIC 21

    "Fishy" Craigs List Ad, anyone missing a Honda kicker?

    I agree at first , but upon closer inspection the end of hose had a clamp indentation and a guy having the second prop may indicate otherwise ... Never know these days ..!
  191. FINATIC 21

    Westport launch this morning 5:30 AM

    Wow , glad no one was hurt seriously !! Guess another reason I'm glad that I'm forced to be in the water the night before a trip , due to my storage situation. I escape that morning chittery at the ramp at least for now ... Hope insurance makes you right on the whole deal ....
  192. FINATIC 21


    I am at work and headed out for lunch onto i5 northbound @ around 1130 saw the Miss Eliza taking up the highway around jblm headed southbound and down , black smoke a rollin' from the Dually' Ford .....!
  193. FINATIC 21

    Bait tank wanted.

    Another option would be , just sell all your salmon chit to fund it , cause you'll be ruined after the first Tuna trip anyway ....!:D
  194. FINATIC 21

    Bait tank wanted.

    Try it a couple times , lmao. That's a good one , hahahaha
  195. FINATIC 21

    Towboat US/Vessel Assist on sale

    Next Morning ???? REALLY ..? WTF I can see he really gives a chit about safety of others ..! I think I would have payed him a personal visit at his shop in Aberdeen at that point ..... and explained a few things.!
  196. FINATIC 21

    Arneson Outdrives?

    Thanks Tim ...!
  197. FINATIC 21

    Towboat US/Vessel Assist on sale

    Is the guy in Westport even active ?? NEVER have seen the boat move. And to be honest think my rig is in better mechanical shape than that thing ..:confused:
  198. FINATIC 21


    Headed out Wednesday after work to Westport and dump the boat in , staying on the boat ,crew headed out early Thur AM.
  199. FINATIC 21

    Arneson Outdrives?

    What was the asking price ??? Potential... for outboards
  200. FINATIC 21

    Tribal Clam digging

    This is what I've talked about before ! The state could impose rules upon the things they CAN regulate (unlike the harvest apparently) Normal non-tribal establishments are not allowed to buy seafood from tribal entities unless verified by non tribal DOH. Do they even do the things they can...
  201. FINATIC 21

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    Recreational Fisherman/women , the New True Stewards of the resource !!! Cuzzzz. We never get to fish for ANYTHING and put all the cash in the coffers' Just sayin
  202. FINATIC 21

    Hewescraft restoration build

    Tank out , and All that foam out for sure, as said pressure wash extensively , prep and treat any corrosion..!
  203. FINATIC 21

    Trailer Issue

    Mike , let me know if ya want me to TIG up a plate assy to bolt on , I have some 1/2 plate aluminum and some bigger stuff if need be . Just got done redoing my lower and upper bow stop Jason I'm pretty close in chehalis ...
  204. FINATIC 21

    Electric reel recommendations?

    ^. This , bigger sealed motor , Bigger beefier gears .... 40 bucks or so more for the 1000, 599.00 depending where ya buy
  205. FINATIC 21

    TR-1 Autopilot - FREE

    Whoever ends up with this , I have a extra brand new resvior, someone can have to go with this , just pm me and I'll get it to you !!
  206. FINATIC 21

    Monday madness

    5 hours to go 60 miles ? I know that badass ride goes way faster than that !!!!!:D Apparently the coasties weren't kiddin'
  207. FINATIC 21

    12-digit HIN # requirement

    I received one As well, what is the DMV requiring for proof ?? Pictures, actually see it ?
  208. FINATIC 21

    WTB Stainless Burnewiin Mount

    I don't have any of the flush mounts ! But I do have the matching stainless mountable bottle opener if your looking for one....
  209. FINATIC 21

    Reasons to buy a fiberglass boat, and why you don't buy a Dodge

    Looks like Alaska registration on the numbers ...... From the looks of the motors , Hull took it pretty good
  210. FINATIC 21

    Roofer needed

    Torch Down maybe a option for that pitch ...???? We used to do a lot of it back in day , pretty easy , seal seams good will last forever . Does it show , from the front of the house or ?
  211. FINATIC 21

    Manual DR, Scotty covers, Mootching rod&reel. etc

    Sent ya a pm on that spreader bars Thx
  212. FINATIC 21

    Does anyone have a Shad in the freezer?

    Just half hitch a larger male smelt all the way up his back just like a shad for the presentation , I can give you a whole 2 dozen frozen in clear cowlitz water bagged if you wish !!! I got lots
  213. FINATIC 21

    6 Hole Rocket Launcher

    Did ya keep the other 5 holders missing from it ??:D
  214. FINATIC 21

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!

    Does anyone else subscribe to the treaty regs/announcements for the various tribal seasons ? I just got the emails with attachments (halibut) For the Skok and the elwa and I'm just in amazement of the amount and length of the seasons they get . Sure doesn't seem like any kind of fairness is...
  215. FINATIC 21

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!

    I'm with this thought , Our own lawyers paid from our own donations and some type of political group/committee to advocate for us and only us , most folks don't have the time to donate , but do have time for a couple clicks to a go fund me account or the like. Push for our own permit , and...
  216. FINATIC 21

    Anybody use pantographic wiper arms?

    I have them on all 3 Pilothouse Windows , work well for me , keeps more glass area clear of rain then normal sweeping wipers...
  217. FINATIC 21

    What does it cost to add a rear helm?

    Just that easy, if ya have Non Fly by Wire, takes up a little more room with twins ..! Are the Vice grips part of your cool custom install though ?? Folks will need to know what size ???:frehya2:
  218. FINATIC 21

    Ideas for rocket launcher

    Nice boat , yeah just a dropped row, match the existing material ride is the same , I'm the only one that can access the top row without someone stepping up on the gunnel. Kind of like it that way
  219. FINATIC 21

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Albie Access TernChaser
  220. FINATIC 21

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Albie Access
  221. FINATIC 21

    Help Name the Lumacat...

  222. FINATIC 21

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Nice ! get after it , I'm no fiberglass guy , way to much patience involved with that shit ... I'm more of a tack and weld out guy ..! DONE...
  223. FINATIC 21

    Interesting Clamming Reg

    There are to be no commercial sales ..! YEAH RIGHT ....:finger:
  224. FINATIC 21

    Yamaha 703 control box

    Am I missing the price in the ad ??
  225. FINATIC 21

    Well We have jumped in with both feet!!

    Now to get Winston and his boys on a NW Albie Trip and film it ....! In 4-6 seas of course Good luck with everything , looks nice down that way
  226. FINATIC 21

    Slip in Westport

    If it's sunny warm Florida and all , umm why does that guy in the pic have multiple coats on ???
  227. FINATIC 21

    Minn Kota Bow Mount Trolling Motor

    Pm'd ya Mike , was thinking bout this for the little sled when I take the kids to the lake ..
  228. FINATIC 21

    Anyone know when this started ??

    Haha , When I received the confirm email for the purchase , I was like wtf , did my little town jump on the Interwbez tax collection schedule ...>:(
  229. FINATIC 21

    Anyone know when this started ??

    I guess it's the 1.62 , either they are just breaking it out differently on this site or it's a additional tax ... I'm in Washington , down south in chehalis I have never seen this ...
  230. FINATIC 21

    Anyone know when this started ??

    Ok so I realize , state tax collected when business has a presence in Washington state on Internet orders. But when did the local municipalities hop on board and get another cut on top of state tax ??? Has anyone seen this ??
  231. FINATIC 21

    Goat has competition.

    But I do !!!! Gotta admit , alum wheels are pretty Cool.....
  232. FINATIC 21

    Daiwa TANACOM 750 and 1000 on sale

    Good seeing ya at the show mike ...!
  233. FINATIC 21

    Please be on the look out.

    Heck yeah !!! That's what we wanted to hear ...
  234. FINATIC 21

    Calling BloodyDecker's to get off your ass!!! House Bill 1229

    I received 2 replies from Ed ... With a mini discussion
  235. FINATIC 21

    21 foot Glastron

    Email sent ..
  236. FINATIC 21

    Does WDFW purposely Fuck us?

    X 2. Lmao Somebody has a new friend ....
  237. FINATIC 21

    Calling BloodyDecker's to get off your ass!!! House Bill 1229

    DONE !! Pretty easy and quick to send your comments and support by using the link guys !!!!!
  238. FINATIC 21

    WTC registration

    Team Mad Salmon ... I may be looking for a couple crew members to step it up this year !
  239. FINATIC 21

    WTC registration

    "IN" again this year , Just under the wire .... See ya'll there ..!!!!
  240. FINATIC 21

    2017 WTC Registration

    Only 3 left now !! See ya there !!!!
  241. FINATIC 21

    The Journey

    This is your F/W wash down tank ? For back deck ? I'm looking for a 10-20 tank myself for same purpose to put under my RH counter ..
  242. FINATIC 21

    Life Raft

    I'll take it mike Sent ya a pm Jason
  243. FINATIC 21

    The Journey

    You can also just get some Permatex Super 300 pn#80057 in the small bottle , same stuff non Hardening , they just mark it up , look at the two properties nearly the same, I stopped buying the expensive evenrude stuff .... Both a dark brown ,very thin consistincy The aviation Permatex...
  244. FINATIC 21

    Removing Epoxied Transducer?

    I was forced to splice my thru hull 744v for my Raymarine system, spliced, soldered , environmental heat shrink, then liquid tape and another heatshrink layer since mine is in a underdeck bad location . Worked perfectly all last season.
  245. FINATIC 21

    Get a jump on the New Year's Resolution

    Those 2 items look like ALOT of work , no thanks I'll stay chubby..! Ha .. Chubby
  246. FINATIC 21

    2011 North River Seahawk OS 24' *LOADED*

    Is that a 12 V heater for the defroster , or on a inverter ?? Brand ?? Thx Glws
  247. FINATIC 21

    Live Wells

    Your in graham ? I work at the base and live south , buy the scoop and I'll Tig/tack it on for ya free of charge to make it work for ya, I have the same scoop for my tank . Depending if your Fuel tank is Right above .. Pm your number if interested ...
  248. FINATIC 21

    Winner winner, tuna dinner

    Wow , very nice Good to see a local guy win it as well !!!!
  249. FINATIC 21

    Never thought this would happen

    Rip big guy !!!! such sad news man ....
  250. FINATIC 21

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    I just want a trip on this bad mutherfucker before I cut mine in half to make a cat outta it !!!:D:D:D
  251. FINATIC 21


    ^ ^ THIS
  252. FINATIC 21

    Icom M-604

    Price ?
  253. FINATIC 21

    Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle 11/16 is last day for free registration

    I sure wish I could make it up for this ....
  254. FINATIC 21

    Northriver bait tank

    I'm thinking John is gunna make a great boat salesman when he retires ..!!!!!! He'll be the Highliner @ the dealership .:smash:
  255. FINATIC 21

    Marine Electrical Wire

    100.00. :jig:
  256. FINATIC 21

    SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    3 dollar scoops at Westport ???, I'm not sure what year he is talkin bout , but I gotta talk to Mike again at WP Seafoods , I thinks I've been gettin taken !!! Sheesh more like 50 a scoop for 10 lb single scoops :D:D but I'm sure a little cheaper for the commies. Keep on with the stories , but...
  257. FINATIC 21

    What do you do when a major system fails on your boat?

    Glad ya made it across and up the channel Kevin !!!! Did you try re-engaging the A/P , since it may have been a helm failure ? Just curious
  258. FINATIC 21

    Freezer , MIDEA WHS502FWE 13.8 cf

    Yep, it's gone Thx
  259. FINATIC 21

    One year later!

    Awesome ! Your girls will never forget growing up on the water !!! Mine just turned 16 , she's been on the rivers/ocean since 2 yrs old and it's defiently in her blood ... Looks like your enjoying the boat , good times !
  260. FINATIC 21

    Bought This

    AC and Heat ??
  261. FINATIC 21

    Pulled the trigger...

    Nice all around boat right there !! Pooch looks comfy fo' sure
  262. FINATIC 21

    WDFW Panic Before Season

    I'm amassing points now in order to draw the best area to catch my ONE salmon ....:finger:
  263. FINATIC 21

    Lacey area Electrician

    Neighbor just had a similar problem , drove him crazy for 3 weeks , finally figured out it was a buried/sheetrocked over junction box with a short/burned wire nut connection ..,. Something to keep in mind , when going thru the troubleshooting.
  264. FINATIC 21

    Freezer , MIDEA WHS502FWE 13.8 cf

    Mr Thrasher pm'd first , so he's up first , Patrick sent ya a pm.. We'll go from there if deal doesn't go thru . Thanks guys
  265. FINATIC 21

    This might explain the lack of Texmojo postings lately?

    When they are gone , boil a dozen eggs and dump those in there , back in the fridge for 2-3 days , good stuff .! :madfire:
  266. FINATIC 21

    Freezer , MIDEA WHS502FWE 13.8 cf

    As the title says, freezer was used one month , cleaned and unplugged , have no need for it as I have 2 already. I have plugged in in my garage to show, I noticed its Very quiet unit , Shows nearly new with plastic protective plastic still on most areas., has low temp alarms and auto door lock...
  267. FINATIC 21

    This might explain the lack of Texmojo postings lately?

    Mmm Hot Mommas'. Themz' my favorite , Gramps would always buy us each one on the way fishing in the morning , then it was pretty much a ass gas contest all day in the boat ! Ahh the good ole' days
  268. FINATIC 21

    So umm, I got the Crabs....

    If you go to the right place , you only need 4 !
  269. FINATIC 21

    So umm, I got the Crabs....

    Nice Mike , looks like "A" jetty bonanza ? We use the Bait tank , just like a aquarium for the daughter to play with , keeps em lively till we hit the dock , then into the cooler on ice for the ride home ..!
  270. FINATIC 21

    44 lbs of tuna

    Frickin NICE ..!
  271. FINATIC 21

    WTB Bait Pen

    Just a observation, but all the ones I ever saw walking along the docks in Florida were much bigger diameter (4-5ft) same approx depth , not sure if this was for more bait/volume or because the bait needed the room to stay healthy and swim.
  272. FINATIC 21

    Tuna and elk....Friday and saturday...

    Very nice Paul .....way to get it done !
  273. FINATIC 21

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Promise Nothing .....!!! :Death_To_Above:
  274. FINATIC 21

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    No delta pad , Vee feeds the pump crappy and comes unhooked from the water 12.5 requires more HP , I'm not buying anything from you just because of the insight into your business practices on here and other sites , but if you were to build some and put them up for sale , I imagine you wouldn't...
  275. FINATIC 21

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Travis , no, just trying to give you some insight into a market that I'm very familiar with , and you may be missing out on , a lot more guys looking for a reasonable priced alum sled hull than there are guys looking for a 22 ft bay skiff because it's versatile and with a pump can go between the...
  276. FINATIC 21

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    All this over a damn Clam , just move the thing above the friggin waterline sheesh .. I agree , pretty weak shit !
  277. FINATIC 21

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    In all honestly Travis , I like the look of the boat/style , but you would be money ahead in advertising and social media man hours , if you just would have put one of your boats in the water at Westport for the season and fished it as much as possible this year , Let the boat do the talking for...
  278. FINATIC 21

    Muzzy ?

    I own both brands , my opinion is Knight hands down, Way tighter construction and fit ..!
  279. FINATIC 21

    Tokeland boat ramp

    Working fine for me .!!
  280. FINATIC 21

    Sunday tuna?

    Hmmmm , thanks I'll hit where I have been hitting em and go where the sst and chloro says they should be after that , Thx for the response
  281. FINATIC 21

    Sunday tuna?

    Did you just troll ? Stop on any marks and drop weighted live baits ? Jig ? Just curious
  282. FINATIC 21

    Sunday tuna?

    I'm in ... Most likely both days
  283. FINATIC 21

    WTB TR-1

    Only other option I know of would be a saltwater panther for steering and a pro troll for throttle control .. But now you would have two different wired remotes to deal with .Alot less $ though , than a TR1(3k plus installed) TR1's are awsome when they work , I have had 2 over the years on...
  284. FINATIC 21

    Shakespeare 5225 XP VHF antenna BLACK

    If it can somehow make it to Westport this weekend or next I'll take it Can PayPal ya the 50 if need be
  285. FINATIC 21


    Nope ...!!!!!
  286. FINATIC 21

    Coast Guard Rough Bar Crossing

    That's some HP , If there was only some audio from the engine room on that run in ......
  287. FINATIC 21

    WTB 70-115 Jet O/B

    Looking for a affordable 2 or 4 stroke jet outboard for a new sled project , tiller or remote is fine , motor will be tiller at some point . Open to a non jet motor as well that I can convert , Whatcha got sitting in the shop/garage. Thx !
  288. FINATIC 21

    I guess Grady P's are smart than us..

    That's one of those new Fangled Self launching Grady's I think ....! Sheesh
  289. FINATIC 21

    She's Gone

    I know the feeling ... Like 15 times But , I just brought a new sled home , so I'm on the upside right now .. Hope ya find what your looking for in a boat man !!!!
  290. FINATIC 21

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    Word will get around the harbor said I would hate to be the guy ..!! He shoulda manned up , straight up !
  291. FINATIC 21

    Coho fuckery

    Wellllllll ...... Maybe the new director is doin sumthin ' A little something , might be mopped in the majority before they even make the ladder at the locks ... Who knows ! Just saw this link was previously posted above Dup ! WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife...
  292. FINATIC 21

    Coho fuckery

    Why would they , look who buys and runs tv ads for their casinos on their stations !!! Impartial my ass !
  293. FINATIC 21

    Tuna Jihad Cow tippin' - 9/1

    Kickass ! Ali .... I was just down in your neck of the woods last week and turned down a trip out with a buddy for the BFT. , guess I missed out ..! Oh well back to the Albies up here ...
  294. FINATIC 21

    Hammered a Washington Yellowtail today!!!

    I Want One !!!!!! Nice Mark
  295. FINATIC 21

    WP Offshore Tuna Report North vs South

    Nice ride ..! Did they have a minimum you had to buy to have them blow ice down straight into the boat that way ?? Just seems be a lot easier , thank the way I'm doing it now to fill a couple half totes used on the boat ..! Thanks
  296. FINATIC 21

    Labor Day Weekend Report

    Last line in the video ..! Lol Youz ain't kiddin' , this tuna izzz hard...! Awesome Video ....!
  297. FINATIC 21

    Tuna weekend....Westport

    Good looking water , came In late Sunday night loaded and bailed on goin Monday. Nice trip Paul and Crew !
  298. FINATIC 21

    30 x 90 Reliable Kill Bag

    Looks like ya finally got the website to work for ya :D .. I received my two 30x60's in about 5 days from them . It certainly was a good deal at that price.
  299. FINATIC 21

    Heading out now over nighter

    Hope ya got into em , we got out late and fished late , didn't hit the dock till 10:15 pm , It was nice out there, slowed down a little to look out for pots and had the flood lights a blarin' !!
  300. FINATIC 21

    Saw this in Kali .. Kind of applies to Norm ..!

    Thought this applied to Carries Bait Boy .!! Kind of applies when my Daughter is on board Fishin as well .. LOL !
  301. FINATIC 21

    Who will be out Saturday?

    Home from Kali (Disneyland) with the Kiddos and back to REAL vacation in Westport .!!! I'll be out Sunday and Monday ...!
  302. FINATIC 21

    My mama told me there would be days like this

    Very nice norm .... Way to put some blood on the decks
  303. FINATIC 21

    Anchor Chain and Rode

    Sent ya a pm , I'll go 60 Thanks
  304. FINATIC 21

    Found these fish 1 hour from Westport

    Thanks for confirming what I was thinking Checking temps a bit ago , figured I would run into em even closer tommorow than before .... Headed down to WP , to get the boat in ..
  305. FINATIC 21

    Kodak is getting wet Friday

    Trying to pull a crew together , hope to be heading sw as well Greg on Friday morning ..I'll have 68 or 69 up , if/when we find em I'll give ya call if your in the area.
  306. FINATIC 21

    Just in From WDFW

    I'm starting to wonder why we should give any agency, company or otherwise ANY personal info if nobody can protect it .!!! Including the the govmt. OR , just hire all these hacker guys , cause they seem to know th Ina and outs of all these systems ....!
  307. FINATIC 21

    Idle question 150

    Take a look at that little filter/screen below the pressure sensor on the intake manifold , part 28 and 30 on the yami breakdown in intake #3 diagram , it's a little felt pad that becomes clogged/dirty , it's a part of that IAC or sensor with a retainer ..! Something to check since its idle...
  308. FINATIC 21

    What's really going on

    Where is your report from last week Norm ? Did I miss it .........:D
  309. FINATIC 21

    West Marine manual inflate PFD failure.

    The em to west marine in oly and tell Mira , what happened , I bet you walk out with new ones .... How long have you had them ? New ?
  310. FINATIC 21

    Aug 12-13th WTC Report

    :D:DLOL .....Ok , so John is fishin', without even being on his boat !! But, Credit where credit is due So I aquired this boat/hull in a trade I made with a guy down south in the Oregon coast that had started a remodel/rebuild but because of a accident was unable to finish it (you may have...
  311. FINATIC 21

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Nice job Kevin , Sweet they are still there ...........
  312. FINATIC 21

    What's really going on

    Maybe you could just MAKE it say the wind is blowing from the south .... I know I would feel better. .... :-)
  313. FINATIC 21

    Ilwaco 8/19 - 8/20

    Nice job !, now get them skiens in some cure for the fall in the rivers !!!!:D
  314. FINATIC 21

    PSA Ocean Anglers August meeting

    I'll be there with two big bowls of the girlfriends awesome potato salad and her secret recipe beef baked beans in the crock pot ! Anyone have some fridge space ??, Otherwise will ice down in the big cooler good and leave in the shade at Paul's , be in town around 7 am Would kinda be In the...
  315. FINATIC 21

    Westport 8/18

    Thx , I'll be out deep giving it a try in my normal spots
  316. FINATIC 21

    What's really going on

    Thanks for sayin it , excactly what I was thinkin' Thrill of the hunt ..!
  317. FINATIC 21

    Westport 8/18

    Headed out Saturday , what depths were you fishing ? Thanks
  318. FINATIC 21

    WTB Trex style decking for bunk boards

    This is kinda the problem I have now with the Trex boards , power up sides right back down , usually launching by myself , wouldn't be so bad if I had someone to hook up the cable with maintaining a little power !!!
  319. FINATIC 21

    Hewescraft goes down at La Push

    That sucks , he and pax are alright ? I sure hope so ........
  320. FINATIC 21

    WTB 3 4500-5000 LiveLiner/Baitrunner Spinning reels

    Nice reels for sure , but a little small for my use Thanks for offering them up !
  321. FINATIC 21

    WTB 3 4500-5000 LiveLiner/Baitrunner Spinning reels

    As the title says looking for 3 ea LiveLiner type spinning reels in 4500-5000 size maybe bigger depending on maker of reels Thanks , let me know what you have
  322. FINATIC 21

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    >:(Dammit .. DB beat us by a full pound, but hey we're just rookies at this anyway
  323. FINATIC 21

    Team Hype Machine WTC Report

    Nice work ..! We had a pod in our spread as well , thought they were get into the gear but never did ...
  324. FINATIC 21

    Need aluminum welding help

    I would ask what method they would use to weld it , if they say spool gun or mig/ push pull , I personally would ask them to TIG weld it on for max material penetration , seeing that you already cracked the bolt on one with the weight of your current kicker ..! Just sayin
  325. FINATIC 21

    Need aluminum welding help

    If you were closer to down south , I would knock it out for ya .. I'm south of Olympia though .!
  326. FINATIC 21

    Aug 12-13th WTC Report

    First WTC from my own boat , pre fished Friday inside of 40 miles, went 12 for 20 or so hookups on troll and bait conversion stops with some really nice grade of fish mixed in, had a newbie on board that managed to lose 6-7 fish , after some instruction on technique :smash: he fared much better...
  327. FINATIC 21

    Float 9 NN slot, stolen property.

    I believe it , my slip/dock was barely even usable because of a charter staircase and a giant tote mid dock , had 6 inches of dock to hang onto tote and slip around.
  328. FINATIC 21

    WTF is it

    She's Rocking the MIC of course .... At least I hope that's what she's doin.,...!
  329. FINATIC 21

    Tribal Coho fishery openings

    Am I missing something ? This is the first page of 2 upcoming openings , both announcements state these tribes will harvest their full share of quota , do the mets know the difference between wild and hatchery fish ? This is not listed as cerimonial either , commercial harvest it seems . So...
  330. FINATIC 21

    Kicker problems!

    All good advice ! Verify Spark then go to carb as suggested above , Just sayin , I've done extra work I didn't have to do ... Toooo many times .!
  331. FINATIC 21

    Kicker problems!

    pull the plugs, set against bare metal on block or bolt on block and turn over , sparking blue ..?
  332. FINATIC 21

    Kicker problems!

    Isolate fuel , then if not pull the carb and clean idle and main circuit , pretty easy .. Spark Fuel Air
  333. FINATIC 21

    Kicker problems!

    First things first , you say won't turn over or won't fire , ? Your first statement is a little confusing ! More info and maybe we can help , basic chit first , neutral safety switch a little off maybe , lanyard on , basic stuff all good .!?
  334. FINATIC 21

    Full size van for towing?

    Yep , 2 weeks ago and thats no normal diesel bus engine in that thing , sounds turbo'd or sumthin for sure
  335. FINATIC 21

    Tuna reports

    New rule this year Patrick , no boats over 100 ft. , didn't you read the rules ....? :finger:
  336. FINATIC 21

    Westport boat storage

    Which one is yours ? I will keep a eye on it , I'm there workin on the boat quite a bit on weekends if not Fishin' I have the bare alum pilothouse with the Honda's on it
  337. FINATIC 21

    Willapa Bay

    Ssssssshhhhhhhhhhh. !!!!!!! :D
  338. FINATIC 21

    WTB Large KILL BAG

    :finger: With all the great support you guys have provided to the needs of Danny and WW , figured he might be taken care of by this point .... And someone might have one to part with .. Hope your bringing lots of food donations old man , I'm doing my best to beat ya this year:finger:
  339. FINATIC 21

    WTB Large KILL BAG

    Looking for used Kill bag , prefer Reliable brand , open to sizes ..! Thanks ...!
  340. FINATIC 21

    ACR 2881 ResQLink+ PLB Floating 50 % Paid to Danny Gabriel

    Contacted Danny and made arrangements to get LJB's donation to him .!!!!
  341. FINATIC 21

    Westport Tuna Reports?

    Where do you guys get some of this chit , and then be able to edit it ... Friggin funny Guess I'm behind the times ...!
  342. FINATIC 21

    Food Donations at the WTC

    Me too , so bout that metabo meat axe ..?:D
  343. FINATIC 21

    Food Donations at the WTC

    Can't weld right without , takin off the back side crap , fo the second backside pass ....
  344. FINATIC 21

    Westport boat storage

    Across the street from hungry whale at holland storage is where I keep Mine , seems safe enough access 7 days a week 7 am to 7 pm then it's locked up , manager lives on site , just a FYI
  345. FINATIC 21

    ACR 2881 ResQLink+ PLB Floating 50 % Paid to Danny Gabriel

    Sorry for any delay , I am in Yakima today inspecting one of our helo maintenance sites and haven't had reception , I will get Danny's cash to him , I will be back at work at ft Lewis tommorow and get with you in the morning/afternoon Sent you a pm with my phone number
  346. FINATIC 21

    Need ideas-crab pot repair

    Round aluminum stock in 1/4 or 3/8 and bend and wire/zip tie In place , or let me look at the house for some stainless rod and I'll weld one up to fit , if I have some , or at least weld up the alum rod ends , to form a half moon style like that, lots of things there at HD that would work for...
  347. FINATIC 21

    Food Donations at the WTC

    BUT ..I'm gunna win and I wanted a MEAT AXE for back cutting welds Vance ..? WTH>:(
  348. FINATIC 21

    Westport Englunds

    Us marine is prob your best bet , being that they are a yami dealer FYI .! Ask for Paul he owns the place ..!
  349. FINATIC 21


    Has Vance Announced what time Cocktail hour IS yet ?
  350. FINATIC 21


    Down as early as I can get out of work on Thursday, with the crew on float 10.......! Looking foward to first year running my own boat in the WTC ...
  351. FINATIC 21

    Westport Tuna Rollcall for 7/30

    Wow that's sucks ,nice repair job though ..! I notice even Grady uses some Aluminum in their boats .... Must be a really good material to build a boat out of, if they use it ...right ?:frehya2:
  352. FINATIC 21

    Westport Tuna Rollcall for 7/30

    Wow that's sucks , I notice even Grady uses some Aluminum in their boats .... Must be a really good material to build a boat out of, if they use it ...right ?:frehya2:
  353. FINATIC 21

    Anyone in Olympia , have a SEASTAR spanner wrench ??

    M Called SEASTAR and they supposedly will have kit here tommorow , we will see how that goes ..!
  354. FINATIC 21

    Hydraulic Steering question

    If ya use the instructions and hold the motor as someone at helm continues to turn THEN shut the bleed port as he is still turning , the bleeding process goes much quicker .. Use same for both sides , Just sayin , I've been there , Leavin bleeder port hose in the fluid at the back to prevent...
  355. FINATIC 21

    Hydraulic Steering question

    Easy to bleed , even easier with two guys , for instructions , if uflex , go to their site , I have the helm Bleed screw in adapters and tubes for front and back if you need them in Westport in the boat , let me know if you need a hand . Prob a combination , bleed first then see if...
  356. FINATIC 21

    Complaint About Raymarine - Raynet(ng)

    I run similar stuff on NG , hook the two MFD's together via NG and set one to the master for data, I have a short NG cable I'm sure if ya want to try it ..
  357. FINATIC 21

    Tuna virgins day at Westport 7/25

    I ran out Saturday after Salmon by myself , on the troll 4 rods, 2 handlines ...., No Bueno :eek:, even had a tank full of bait (I needed to test it anyway)
  358. FINATIC 21

    Open seat for Ucluelet August 4th ~8th

    Wow sweet deal ..... Seems like a guy could run the boat up there for same or less cost and hassle of driving .! There is the trapped by the weather thing from getting home ..!
  359. FINATIC 21

    Anyone in Olympia , have a SEASTAR spanner wrench ??

    Let me check if that seal kit will work I'll pm ya back !! Thanks
  360. FINATIC 21

    Anyone in Olympia , have a SEASTAR spanner wrench ??

    Fished Westport Saturday , pulled out Sunday only to find one of my SEASTAR cylinder end caps was halfway threaded OUT and leaking , this is a brand new cylinder with less than 30 hours , there is no way it was tight (torqued ) from the factory ..! Was hoping someone in oly area had one I...
  361. FINATIC 21

    Open Tuna seats next weekend?

    Hmmm , Seems appropriate that 2 short (Todd) should take him tuna Fishin' :gayfight:
  362. FINATIC 21

    Free passing it foward , Verado owners and other stuffz

    I have a Verado flush adaptor kit , including the low water harness and another for a bottom flush , (merc kickers?) Also have 4 new black plastic drink cup slide in holders , I didn't use on my project (went with smaller ones ) And lastly I have 2 near new electric 12 in round Dry Airz that...
  363. FINATIC 21

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 23rd....Tuna!!!

    I'll be there , ...! I need a new 1106 for the port side fo sure.....
  364. FINATIC 21

    Chasin' Tail's kill bag rack

    John , how much were the round weld in ones with the stainless pin ? Do ya remember ? I'm gunna use those for my fish box lid and weld em in , I likee ..!
  365. FINATIC 21

    Two kings in Westport

    We were in regardless ...! Searching scatterd tuna after salmon , straight west ..! I know I know .. They are all southwest ! o_Oo_O Already at the 300 line so what he hell ..!
  366. FINATIC 21

    Anyone live in Lake Stevens headed to Westport ?

    Ok headed to the guy in Olympia for 4 (2 12's and 2 15's). This afternoon Anyone else need any downrigger balls while I'm goin anyway ?????? Looks like 20 bucks apiece for the 12's and 25 for the 15's see Eric's link in the post above , I will be in Westport Friday evening or early Saturday...
  367. FINATIC 21

    Anyone live in Lake Stevens headed to Westport ?

    Thanks didn't see that , here's the link for the lake Stevens ones , slightly cheaper , but yours are way closer !!
  368. FINATIC 21

    Anyone live in Lake Stevens headed to Westport ?

    Guy there on Craigslist has some insanely low prices on poured downrigger weights , and would like to pick 6 or so up from him ! But to far from Chehalis , happy to compensate in $ or good spirits ..!!!!! I will be in westport nearly every weekend ... Thanks
  369. FINATIC 21

    The Fishin' Luhrs is For Sale

    I went by to pick up some stuff from Kevin Saturday , I agree , nice quiet street and nice place for sure ....! Mls #. ?
  370. FINATIC 21

    Place to park a boat for a week in Westport ?

    R Thanks Robert , appreciate it , I just took the day off from work. Out Fishin this morning , and will get it in the storage his afternoon .! !!
  371. FINATIC 21

    Place to park a boat for a week in Westport ?

    I have a issue as I am coming down to westport tommorow(sat) and fishing both days , I cannot get into my storage because the office isn't open on the weekends and I cannot sign up get codes/keys to the place unless it's a weekday, ((storage has access 7 days a week once signed up)... Couldn't...
  372. FINATIC 21

    Westport Info?

    Do they have ya park in the old restaurant lot ? Or out front in the thin strip by the road ? Anyone know ... Thanks
  373. FINATIC 21

    Big D!

    Be careful, be civil and do your best to keep it out the lawyers hands as said above . ,just get it done , thru the waiting period and OVER ...! Buddy of mine went thru it , kids all grown , she made MORE than him as a credit union upper management person , she still took half his retirement...
  374. FINATIC 21

    Can't make the WTC - someone want my spot?

    Cool , well Somebody will end up being Team 13 @ the WTC ..! I contacted the WTC folks as well lookin for another spot .!!! Thanks for the response
  375. FINATIC 21

    Can't make the WTC - someone want my spot?

    So Marks is still available , is what your sayin ? Thanks
  376. FINATIC 21

    Raymarine sonar screenshots!

    Hey mike , is it possible to get my depth numbers that big in a second window on my back deck E120W ..? Thanks
  377. FINATIC 21

    Can't make the WTC - someone want my spot?

    Hey mark , curious if ya saw my PM i sent around 530 am on Saturday ..? Thanks ...
  378. FINATIC 21

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    Both nice boats , my boss has that same osprey in the long cabin , but unfortunaly in a Inboard ..! Chit load of razors for sure ! Nice Haul cigar guy and company !!!!!
  379. FINATIC 21

    I'm about to become Carrie's permanent bait boy

    Congrats , Norm and Carrie Great cause, being a veteran myself !!! Now that will be a party to remember I'm sure .!
  380. FINATIC 21

    Check out what we caught Wednesday

    Sweet , 20 lb steelie 2 years ago at the spark plug , down on the Columbia , buddy said look at that silver ... I said that ain't no silver , and it's clipped ..! Friggin get it ! As it ran by the boat for the 6 th time ...! Lots o fun , fo sure in open water .!
  381. FINATIC 21

    Upgraded rod holders

    Minimum 15 across , not counting the kickers on each side and centerline ...!!!! You will won't regret it, maybe Steve can stuff a few more In , depending on reels !!!
  382. FINATIC 21

    Two speed, Left hand retrieve, Lever drag reels

    Sure wish these weren't all lefties ...! Dammit ..!
  383. FINATIC 21

    WANTED -- Older 4-stroke 9.9 -15 HP
  384. FINATIC 21

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    Isn't this the so called bad ass gal he spoke so highly about in one of his write ups on here that bought a boat .?That is saltier than half the guys in Alaska ..? But she gets seasick .. WTF Have to admit I have never seen a Craigslist ad quite like that , or any ad for that matter ...
  385. FINATIC 21

    Bow fuel tank

    If you were closer to the south sound I would take it and do some welding to fit my buddies boat, so he could get away from the portables in his 16 tide runner , but that's a haul
  386. FINATIC 21

    WTB Trex style decking for bunk boards

    I'll check that out, I think I have a line on enough to do both bunks .!! Thanx
  387. FINATIC 21

    Looking to get something made in 314 stainless

    If you can't find someone to knock it out for ya quick and reasonable let me know , I do go to Ft Lewis Everday for work , so could meet up.... Would just cost ya the material .....! Well the first one anyway. The first ones alwayyyyysss free .... Just to get ya hooked , kinda like tuna ...
  388. FINATIC 21

    So this happened yesterday

    Did those yami's you sold, go on a Northriver pilothouse by chance Todd ?
  389. FINATIC 21

    Lapush series of events

    That sucks man.., We were off your right aft corner for quite a while out there ....
  390. FINATIC 21

    Saluting the short bus

    Looks like he had his priorities straight !! Spend the big cash on the boat and buy a 1500 auction bus to tow it .... Decisions, decisions ......
  391. FINATIC 21


    This is who I just dealt with recently at Anchor Tom Hill tel:206.273.6996
  392. FINATIC 21

    WTB Trex style decking for bunk boards

    I don't , I have used the Trex and similar for years with my aluminum river sleds and it has worked great , slick but not to slick Again this is for a Aluminum pilothouse , so results with fiberglass or wood boat may be different and cause damage , not sure I have not used it in that...
  393. FINATIC 21

    WTB Trex style decking for bunk boards

    I guess depends what the cost is, I need to get something down when I take to Westport instead of what is on there. trying to get things finished up enough to be ready on this project by the 1st of July and get the boat to the storage at Westport , probably dump the boat in the water and switch...
  394. FINATIC 21

    WTB Trex style decking for bunk boards

    Does anyplace carry it local ? Thanks
  395. FINATIC 21

    WTB Trex style decking for bunk boards

    Length doesn't matter, longer pieces the better for single runs, but hey can't be picky Not worried about flex as it lays the entire length on steel channel ..... Prob 40-50 ft total of pieces, or there bouts Used is fine, I will install, then use skill saw to cut drainage lines in along full...
  396. FINATIC 21

    WTB Trex style decking for bunk boards

    Looking for some of the Trex style (plastic) decking for the bunk boards, thought someone may have some left over from a previous deck project they may want to part with, for a reasonable price ..! That chit is expensive at the lumber yard .. Sheesh Approx 40 ft worth maybe a little more ...
  397. FINATIC 21

    WTB SCOTTY 1106 Rigger with swivel base

    Just have to figure how to get it TO me .. And a little Tig work to lengthen it up proper like !:frehya2:
  398. FINATIC 21

    WTB SCOTTY 1106 Rigger with swivel base

    Sent ya a message Bob ..
  399. FINATIC 21

    WTB SCOTTY 1106 Rigger with swivel base

    Thanks it was gone quick , still lookin ....
  400. FINATIC 21

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    That's pretty spot on, right der'
  401. FINATIC 21

    1991 NW Signature Series 20' Jet Boat

    What are you replacing Clifford with ?
  402. FINATIC 21

    Salmon Seasons announced!

    Boy the Pew is going to be scraped void of every living fish this year ... But hey that's tribal conservation, right Loraine !!!! Sheesh
  403. FINATIC 21

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    LMAO. :devil: Fvck yeah !!
  404. FINATIC 21

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    LMAO. :devil: Fvck yeah !! Not sure what happened with the multiple posts there , only hit it once hmmm
  405. FINATIC 21

    WTB SCOTTY 1106 Rigger with swivel base

    Looking for one more Scotty 1106 with swivel base Let me know what ya have and price ! Thanks .
  406. FINATIC 21

    Anyone hear about this one yet?

    I was out there test running the big boat late Sunday afternoon around 5 pm , since I just finished installing the motors , it was a ghost town , 1 trailer at the launch and saw them up lake towards the cowlitz arm in a little 12 ft boat when I ran up there , 2 folks fishing from the bank near...
  407. FINATIC 21

    West Marine Bean Bag on Sale $80

    I checked a blue teardrop one this afternoon in the oly store , look pretty decent and well made from what I could tell , it was in plastic though , They have 20 percent or all shore power cords and accessories as well
  408. FINATIC 21

    Raymarine transducer parts available local?

    Try this contact info ( from a email when I ordered last ) her direct email is at the bottom!
  409. FINATIC 21

    PSA Ocean Anglers May 21 meeting

    Let's see , 100 raffle tickets (all tickets MUST sell). 970.00 bucks a piece ... Hmmmm , seems like a no brainier Kevin ..... And pretty good odds to boot
  410. FINATIC 21

    Looks like round 3 didn't work either...

    Holy crap , did anyone else hit the link and read the numerous and I mean numerous investigations into Cenci's behavior on the job , WOW .... That's a lot of allegations over the years for some Crazy chit ......
  411. FINATIC 21

    Looks like round 3 didn't work either...

    So we shouldn't see ANY commercially caught salmon on the market from puget sound streams , TRIBAL OR NON TRIBAL , right now then , if that's the case of ceremonial and subsistence fishing only ..? That would have been my question to Mr Cenci ! That's something the state does have control...
  412. FINATIC 21

    Looks like round 3 didn't work either...

    I asked Ms Murray the same question ! I stated if not you Ms Murray then WHO , is going to bring this to the Feds so some enforcement is started on this ..!
  413. FINATIC 21

    Travel trailer parking in Westport for summer

    Stayed at American Sunset for Halibut opener and it was a nice facility. Only issue was the mosquitos. Never seen anything like it, step out of your camper and at least 50 were on you in 30 seconds. Big un's, buddy said he saw one fucking a chicken flat footed. Great place, bring DEET. I...
  414. FINATIC 21

    Looks like round 3 didn't work either...

    Where are the friggin Feds ... As Mr. Unsworth said again ..! THEY DONT HAVE A PERMIT !!!!!
  415. FINATIC 21


    3 Words ....... Jetty proximity Alarm ...!!!!!!:eek::eek::D:D:D
  416. FINATIC 21

    Votervoice is ready!

    She talks a awful lot about the treaty tribes RIGHT , to 50 percent of the harvestable , but doesn't talk about the 50 percent of the folks she actually represents ..!! Wtf I received the same response and sent a reply back thru her normal channels on her website , since it wouldn't go thru a...
  417. FINATIC 21

    If you can figure this out, let me know!

    :eek::eek: Someone has sold their soul fo' sure .........!
  418. FINATIC 21

    It just needed a little TLC

    Looks good !!!, I was at Toms getting parts and took a walk around her ...!
  419. FINATIC 21

    Seastar 5271 helm , Anyone have one ?

    Started bleeding Both helms and the AP , in the project boat , and come to find out front helm Leaks like a sive around steering shaft , upon further examination the main shaft is pitted after disassembly , not screwing with it anymore , need a different one , like pronto So if anyone has one...
  420. FINATIC 21

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    That would come with a pretty BIG price tag , But hey maybe if you kali guys all pitched in you would have a chance !:rofl:
  421. FINATIC 21

    Tribal Statement Regarding May Fisheries

    The fact, that they would put this statement out with this wording and fish with no approved permit makes my blood boil ! I mean are they that stupid to think , this wouldn't just make matters worse and piss every boat owner that fishes PS off royally ?? I really can't bring myself to...
  422. FINATIC 21

    Votervoice is ready!

    Done !
  423. FINATIC 21

    I need two of these. Kid's boat

    That's sweet , I wonder what the guy used for the small jet nozzle ?, Sounds like a small weedeater motor or the like .. Now I gotta start drawing one up to weld up ... Thanks a lot ..!! My buddy's boy is just about the right size for this :beerbang:
  424. FINATIC 21

    Tactical Strike update

    Once again , Nice work Jim and John......!!!!!!
  425. FINATIC 21

    A Shout Out to FINATIC21

    Thanks Monte , glad ya like it ... I snuck a couple flat mounts in for deck floods as well , and we got his transducer set up changed around and welded in a area for a 1k tilted 20 degree thru hull style transducer as well ..! He obviously won't be able to use at the same time but , gives him...
  426. FINATIC 21

    Happy B-Day You Old Goat

    Hope you have have a GREAT birthday ya ole coot !!!!!!! After you sleep of course ..!
  427. FINATIC 21

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    I'm with ya, I just like to give her a ratio of chit , cause she is always making me leave with chit I didn't plan to , I call her the UPSELLER... She's had a pretty tough life and is one tough cookie !
  428. FINATIC 21

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Mira called and said they were in, I told her that I expected them inflated and ready for duty when I pick them up tomorrow She said no problem , we will see As much as stuff cost in that place , I'm just getting some credit back thru customer service I know , what a dick huh !!!
  429. FINATIC 21

    FREE, electric wheelchair

    Vance would look awesome in that thing rolling around Tuna Town as the ambassador , welcoming everyone to Westport after a few .. You would have to install a full mini bar and multiple drink holders of course though ..!
  430. FINATIC 21

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    UPS , just dropped my 10 at the oly store
  431. FINATIC 21

    LaPush Lings

    Ummmm Jim , Yes Bruce ... Ummmmm did you remember to wash out the bleach I had soaking in the fishbox ... Ummmmm I thought you did ..!!!!!. Lmao:frehya2:
  432. FINATIC 21

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Let Mira know , we will all be by to pick up our balls ....!
  433. FINATIC 21

    WTB Mid/Large Helm seat

    Found a Air Ride seat down south of me , thanks ..!
  434. FINATIC 21

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    My 10 say shipped as of yesterday ... Ohh the front yard fir trees will look great come Xmas ... Neighbors love the hickbilly fisherman !
  435. FINATIC 21

    WTB Mid/Large Helm seat

    I did see that lookin around the net, I can put air ride in for that money ..might just hit the truck suppliers and go that route , still lookin
  436. FINATIC 21

    Custom crab/shrimp pot puller

    Maybe you should check your email more often ya ol' coot !!!!!!!
  437. FINATIC 21

    WTB Mid/Large Helm seat

    Looking for a decent mid to Large size helm seat(armrests a must), let me know what you have sitting in the shop/garage ..! Thanks
  438. FINATIC 21

    WTB SEASTAR 5271 Helm

    Let's see , bending over to finish the boat ... Hmmmm Not sure I'm ready for that kind of commitment.. They said that in the army once too and it didn't seem to end well ..!!!!!!
  439. FINATIC 21

    WTB SEASTAR 5271 Helm

    Only used one in my range , I see right now is missing some stuff.. I'll keep checking Thanks
  440. FINATIC 21

    WTB SEASTAR 5271 Helm

    Thanks monte, just need a straight 1.7 helm , no tilt for the rear station !!!
  441. FINATIC 21

    WTB SEASTAR 5271 Helm

    As it says , looking to buy a used seastar 5271 helm, need a second for my rear station , on my pilothouse project ...! And possibly some more hydraulic lines in varying lengths to complete my system ! Thanks ....!
  442. FINATIC 21

    Boat Show Report

    Travis .. Kind of wondering why on some of the really up front welds why you just don't have your guys break out the TIG machine instead of spooling those areas , for example the dash/instrument panel area ?? Kind of hard to miss , ..... ? Just a question , I like the design of the boat and...
  443. FINATIC 21

    Raymarine DSM300 225.00 shipped

    Good working condition DSM300 with data cord and other small cord , see pn# in pic Working great when pulled 225 shipped in lower 48
  444. FINATIC 21

    Helm Chair Replacement

    How much are those Bad boys ..?
  445. FINATIC 21

    Kill Bag Rack Retrofit

    That Cadnium plating would go to chit fast though John with the direct salt exposure .. We use some all stainless ones In the 60-M floors that would be better suited , I'll see where they could be sourced from , but they aren't gunna be 14 bucks, I can tell ya that ....
  446. FINATIC 21

    F/S wallas 1300 kerosene heater

    Yada, yada yada ...... Slow your short bus roll there Goat.. I'm working it ...
  447. FINATIC 21

    WTB Arima 17' Seachaser, Update: found a boat

    There is a 17 on CL in bothell for 4500 with no motor and galvanized trailer , might be willing to deal with the owner , no affiliation , just saw as I was going thru ...... F
  448. FINATIC 21

    Introducing my new boat "Turbos Palace"

    I'm a hardcore alum guy and I was just about done with this thread since thier were no solid pics of the new mothership ...... !! Solid tiller , wide open platform !!
  449. FINATIC 21

    Bacon Explosions

    Have been making something very Similiar for years ....... We just called em' BACON BOMBS..!!!! Good stuff , right there ... !!!!!
  450. FINATIC 21

    WTB.. SeaTalk ng and Seatalk hs cables

    Putting a Raymarine system together for the latest pilothouse project , need one hs cable in 1.5 or 5 meter length and one more blue longer backbone ng cable and couple spur cables and tees for the two auto pilot control heads ,deck and helm.., Anyone have some extras left over from a install...
  451. FINATIC 21

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Gotta agree with this , boss had a motor put in for his 26 Osprey , motor don't make it 90 hours and they laughed at him , the one time they would return his call , it's still sitting on a stand in his garage . I have personally never had any dealings with Tanglewild , but he had them put a...
  452. FINATIC 21

    Troll Master pro 2 for Yamaha 9.9

    :imdumb:Dammit ........ To slow
  453. FINATIC 21

    The build: 28' 1980 Slickcraft Tiara

    NICE , Looks clean
  454. FINATIC 21


    Go figure ...gramps always said yellow crappie jigs were the ticket , he was a avid fishermAn and never lied...... Wait a minute ... Hmmmm...
  455. FINATIC 21

    changing from an inboard to an outboard with a bracket

    Nice lines on that bigger Dory ... That turned out sweet ..floats nice
  456. FINATIC 21

    Skagit sheriff's boat

    I have for years maintained helo's and now oversee helo operations for this type of mission , if a mistake was made in navigation like this with a critical aboard , it would not be acceptable ... My 2 cents and I agree with the above ....! And by all means ,,, thanks for what you deal with ...
  457. FINATIC 21

    New Style of Crab and Shrimp Pots

    Don't worry , the wdfw has them, I'm sure , they have just never seen any like that ......:Rambo_Throwing_Kniv:D
  458. FINATIC 21

    Raymarine DSM300 (SOLD)

    Pm back to you , I'm am actually down here working in SoCal .. Thanks bigjoe
  459. FINATIC 21

    Are your lights up yet?

    I only take them down , if I plug em in and they don't light up..........
  460. FINATIC 21

    Skagit sheriff's boat

    FLIR EVEN ......! not sure what the problem is , push that fvcker off the logs and continue on yer way :shake:...!
  461. FINATIC 21

    1/4 new boat build

    I'm curious also , and approx what ya have into the cut sheet , before forming
  462. FINATIC 21

    Raymarine E90W display and more...

    Sent ya a message Mark ..
  463. FINATIC 21

    Factory 2001 Ford F-250/350/450/550/EXCURSION Truck WIRING Diagrams Shop Manual

    Does this cover the diesels ?? Buddy at work has one ...!
  464. FINATIC 21

    New 2013 Mercury 300XXL Verados $12500

    The one and only RED FLAG. I would need is when he's asking ME for information and he's the one selling the motors ..! Run away ...... !!!
  465. FINATIC 21

    popped dads cherry after about 23 years

    That is super cool ..!!!!! Does your father fish other species at home ?
  466. FINATIC 21

    BD secret rules

    Fuvkin eh !! Way to get it DONE fng's .....!
  467. FINATIC 21

    Best Deal at the Newport boat show ...

    I am down workin in so cal , drove down to the marine salvage store , then walked thru the Lido/Newport boat show .. Saw this for 13 k even with a trailer .. 24.5 ft .... Not a bad deal .. Hate the ficht though ... Clean boat Damn some of these boats are spendy .. There is a 28 ft runabout open...
  468. FINATIC 21

    Boat Salvage place in SoCal

    Working down in the southern Cal area from washington for a few months, Looking for a boat salvage type place open on the weekends, figured I would try to source up some seaglaze type windows I need for a 24 ft alum pilothouse project I have going on back home, while I am here. Any help...
  469. FINATIC 21

    Smokers, Stupid question

    I have the pan for the drippings and I clean the racks religiously before each batch .. The cabinet I simply hit with the hose once in a while if it's been sitting .. The rest is SMOKEY GOODNESS ..! I have a gas 5 rack that is a bitch to keep temp down so I just crack the door and pour the...
  470. FINATIC 21

    What pucker factor do you rate this video?

    Somehow Jonah comes to mind , but I don't think the story would turn out the same ........!!!!!
  471. FINATIC 21

    52# Blue Fin

    I'd say that's a 50 lb plus fish from lookin at it ....!
  472. FINATIC 21

    lihgtly used Grady for sale

    Hell. !! motors look fine ... Rip that hard top off and go Fishin' , look like the bottom may have got the soft landing in the brush ..!!! Sucks for the owner ...
  473. FINATIC 21

    Dad update - bad

    I don't know you or did I know your father , but I imagine it's gotta be tough .. From pics it looks like he was a avid outdoorsman an went the way he would have wanted to , doing what he loved ! My sincere condolences from my family I spread my fathers ashes in front of our cabin near...
  474. FINATIC 21

    Little help here

    And for gods sake , you can paint the bullet anchor for corrosion protection .. It's steel.. BUT .. Clean that aluminum can , base and clamp cleat off and polish the aluminum up .... That's just a shame ....:shake:
  475. FINATIC 21

    Little help here

    That bullet anchor has a recessed area inside the bottom hole , find a stainless washer that will fit inside , first run a piece of tubing slightly bigger than your rope ID( prob 16 inches ) that will for inside the anchor hole on top , slide the tubing up the rope, then slide the rope thru the...
  476. FINATIC 21

    PSA Ocean Anglers August event success

    Great time ..... And I know Bob was tired after all that Thanks much to the crew that made it all happen !
  477. FINATIC 21


    Sweet video .....!
  478. FINATIC 21

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    I had a buddy out salmon fishin'while I was working on the boat , we were textin bout how it was kickin up hard, I told him just get the hell in ... That was bout 1:20 ... Glad all are safe !!! . Always learning !! Takes a lot to post that up !
  479. FINATIC 21

    Memories made and not forgotten

    And she's still hitting the water hard with dad at 14 .... I hope it continues for a lifetime ......
  480. FINATIC 21

    Westport 8 July

    Took the daughter out on Wednesday for salmon , nw from the bar to the 300 line and our fav area , 130 to 200 on the wire , quick limits of nice kings on hoochies and herring . One decent clipped silver on a spoon and proceeded thru multiple schools trolling back west with 9 extra fin silvers...
  481. FINATIC 21

    Need help

    John , just saw this sitting down in the Cali desert workin' , text me your info for PayPal , veteran to veteran always glad to help with whatever I can ...!
  482. FINATIC 21


    Girlfriend and I picked up easy limits on the way to the sportsman show before 7........... Lots of folks out and about ..!
  483. FINATIC 21


    Your gunna get awfully tired and not get many, if they are not thick.... Make it easy on yourself and don't try to chase them upstream. Drop your net hoop in vertically at a 45 degree upstream and use a gentle foward downstream motion to keep your net bag trailing and let em swim right up into...
  484. FINATIC 21

    Opinions on a welder !!

    For your best bang for the buck , buy a good used 250 syncrowave and if doesn't have a cooler get one for the torch ( its a machine you can grow into) and it will do everything you want plus, the when you have a few more bucks pick up a used Lincoln 250 wirematic (with or without a spoolgun...
  485. FINATIC 21

    Should have called someone down with their boat....

    I know...... Frickin sweet a weekend above bonneville towing the boat with the f250 big block, gas bill 50 bucks up and back to chehalis , lotsa miles , lotsa shakers and 3 keeper fish with the daughter ....! Priceless .. Good times
  486. FINATIC 21

    Sturgeon charter recommendations

    We'll be above the dam this weekend.... Agree with above , not my favorite character , but Paul will put you on fish ...! He's got it figured out, prob your best money spent if you want a chance at a slot , keeper fish... My 2cents
  487. FINATIC 21

    Parts washer

    40 dollar bait tank , lol .. Its ok he was holding my frabill as collateral ........... How'd Vance get in this ..!o_O
  488. FINATIC 21

    Parts washer

    Weird , that net had never even been used but maybe once , and stored in the shop , oh well have to put a new bag on it , that long handled sucker comes in handy sometimes.. Regardless , we could square up when you come down for the psa meeting maybe..??
  489. FINATIC 21

    Parts washer

    I'll take it , if you'll deliver it ...ha Text me , well work sumthing out , I need my net anyway ...
  490. FINATIC 21

    Boat Gear for sale!

    Does the cannon have a swivel base or fixed ?... First in line buddy needs a second.....
  491. FINATIC 21

    La Push Tuna Run Anyone?

    Boss went 55 miles straight out and worked south on Wednesday never touched a fish out of Lapush, just a FYI ......
  492. FINATIC 21


    LMAO...............come on ..! Johns running a little low on gear everybody knows that ...
  493. FINATIC 21

    No fish and Down 2 riggers.

    I have a new end pulley assy that slides right on the end of the tube...if you need one to get goin again....just sitting on the bench. Free .. Send me address .......!
  494. FINATIC 21

    Yamaha T-8 running issues and question

    I have owned quite a few of these , you say it dies pretty suddenly , no sputtering or ? Like a fuel prob ? Check and see if the oil pressure light (red) in front starts ti come on shortly before cutting out , if so , you may just have a bad oil pressure sensor , it cuts the spark when it opens...
  495. FINATIC 21

    First time at Westport. Trade a seat for some experience

    No prob nick , glad ya' got out with us ..... You were right there with us suprised you guys didn't have more hook ups , we scratched out 4 nice grade silvers bout 10 lbs , that's when I texted ya , we were headed in.... Next well stay for the weekend , I had to be home for prior plans with...
  496. FINATIC 21

    What would you do?

    Bonk and on the plank ...... No issue..! Shouldn't even be a issue , obviously the fin has been altered In some way, that's all matters.....!
  497. FINATIC 21

    Another Trip to the Bank!

    NICE .... That one looks like a steelhead !!
  498. FINATIC 21

    SeaLocker external fish box

    Pm returned , call anytime
  499. FINATIC 21

    Westport 7-26

    Straight out ... 300 ft , couldn't buy a clipped silver, moved 3 times in and out , lots of silvers to the boat , just no clippers ..! 3 Solid Kings .... 220 on the riggers , spoons and hoochies', a few on bait, silvers all through the water column .....
  500. FINATIC 21

    SeaLocker external fish box

    Left over from a boat I sold a while back , SeaLocker external/stern mounted fish box, I have two of the metal mounts, but a person could make much nicer ones out of aluminum, has a cutting board inside of lid. Needs new elastic cord , and a little tlc. 36x16x11. Figured someone on here could...
  501. FINATIC 21

    oh no its alive again.

    I'm sure even my daughter would tell me, Get that thing off my bow dad ...... The coasties can't see my position lights !
  502. FINATIC 21

    oh no its alive again.

    Yeah , actually running AND idling , it has a few issues to address nothing that cost much, I just quickie cleaned the carb and stuck it back together to see if it was worth my time, or use as a parts motor for another I have ,,,, its just gonna be a kicker motor for my daughters zodiac...
  503. FINATIC 21

    oh no its alive again.

    I found your stash .....! Wanna know why you had no spark Vance ...?
  504. FINATIC 21

    honda 10 hp outboard

    I was just waiting to post a appropriate video of vances little mistress, he threw out like yesterday's trash ........ Shame, shame. .....(
  505. FINATIC 21

    Mayday call of WP/Willapa Saturday

    Glad everyone made it back to the dock... If this was a a 2052 wa , I sold one due to not being able to get to the plug hole and bilge pumps from the inside, virtually impossible from the access hatch in the splash well AND if the water was anything other than flat you would just swamp the boat...
  506. FINATIC 21

    WP 6-22 Thank YOU

    I knew excactly who's set up that was without even scrolling down to gary's post.... There might be a few homemade setups on my boat as well.......
  507. FINATIC 21

    SKB 7200 Long Range Tackle Box - Sold

    Sold Pending Funds ------ thanks
  508. FINATIC 21

    SKB 7200 Long Range Tackle Box - Sold

    For Sale 1 SKB 7200 longrange box with the optional 4 rod holders (unmounted) all plano's unused (4) This box is brand new tags still on it ! 200.00
  509. FINATIC 21

    Garmin TR1 gold Deckmount Switch/Harness new

    I have a extra Garmin TR1 Deckmount Switch/harness still in the bag PN# 120-2215-00 160.00
  510. FINATIC 21

    WTB F200 Yami 4 Stroke 25 in XL

    Just like the title says, figured someone might see a deal out there before i drop change on a new motor, cause i have been lookin hard cash in hand really only interested in a well maintained lower hor motor thanks much
  511. FINATIC 21

    Charter fishing- shipping your catch off island

    I guess I am on the otherside of the coin here, I have worked on Oahu on and off for the last 17 years, I fish alot on the mainland and own two boats, therefore when I am here I wanted someone I could develop a relationship with here on the island and fish with on a regular basis, Believe me, me...
  512. FINATIC 21

    Haleiwa 2 January

    Nice Fish Guys, saw ya at the ramp even nicer Force, lookin' for one with outboards myself, right now Finatic
  513. FINATIC 21

    Back over for 4 months,

    Had a few PM's from folks willing to share some info and put some trips together, booked a nice house on the northshore for the time I will be back over!!! It will be nice to surf in some WARM water again, I stay off the waves in the cold stuff over here, LOL, mahalo guys:hali_olutta:
  514. FINATIC 21

    Back over for 4 months,

    I will be headed back over for 4 months working(if you wanna call it that) and am looking to get in some serious fishin' time while I am there, I lived on Oahu for 4 years in the 90's had a decent boat and life was good, had to come back to the mainland because of job. I fish Albies, salmon...
  515. FINATIC 21

    The next generation of the Beees gets busy in Chinook

    Was that the BEEE that passed us by the shipreck, goin downstream for another troll, doin about 45-50, it was a Tiderunner fo sure, think it was thursday you guys were flyin if so----------------really wanted to see what happend when ya hit the bridge and the washin' machine, LOL good on you...
  516. FINATIC 21

    WTT or WTS 2003 Honda 8HP Longshaft

    Want to trade OR Sell 2003 Honda Longshaft Manual Start, Manual Trim, Very Low Hours, all original Stickers paint, Starts first pull, 4 bladed prop looking for a Extra Long preferably in a Honda, so my troll master 2 will switch over, but a Yami t-8 or 9.9 OK too will add some extra cash for...
  517. FINATIC 21

    Bottom Fishing off Westport

    Hello All, New to the site, not to the online forum thing!! I have fished the rivers and all of the big C, including the estuary in my 21 ft sled, thing is, on the crappy days I really wish I had a Cuddy for the daughter, she is out in all kinds of weather with me and loves to fish, just when...