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    Captain’s license courses

    The maritime institute in San Diego is the best. The class I attended had people from all over the US that were attending. The classes were 8 hours a day for two weeks! They teach you to know the material. The homework is the most important your homework and you’ll pass!
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    Lobster season coming up-ready?

    Yep everyone stay home!
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    Weak tell tale after impeller change

    Run an impeller dry for a short time and you’ll fry em.
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    Took a Hidden Beating 9-5-20

    Was bumpy out there. That wind was howl. We only found 1 kelp that had biting baby yt, the other 50 were not holding! Seems like ya need to get into that deep blue water before ya find the dodo. We were a couple miles away from it. Congrats on getting that spear and finding the dodo. Think the...
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    Full speed yellowfin and dorado 9/4

    Nice work! the ocean looks lake like!
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    Yamaha fuel consumption

    Interesting question....that all depends on what your putting it behind and how much stuff you have onboard.
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    Reel Hard 8/29/2020.....Dodo

    You getting married in the cockpit of a boat?
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    8/30 Dodos and Dales

    Awesome! Great pictures! the ocean looks nice and calm!
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    Reel Hard 8/29/2020.....Dodo

    We were 18.5 miles from the point. The lucky kelp on the way home!
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    Reel Hard 8/29/2020.....Dodo

    The plan was to get to the boat at 4 then head to the ramp...the plan rockfish then offshore looking for kelps. Everything went as planned. After 4 drifts we had limits of bottom dwellers. Some big vermillion in the mix. Now off to search for kelps. The first kelp we find produces very very...
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    Islands 8/19/20

    Them reds do taste great!
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    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    And last night was grilled yellowtail and some zucchini done on the BBQ.
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    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    Well you know exactly how the taco was put together.
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    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    Nice work!...looks like I know where not to go this weekend.
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    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    Well my picture taking...did not include everything we had..there was a freshly made white sauce and home made mex rice. The yellowtail tacos were epic. Also a first for deep fried YT but we needed it to feed the neighbors in the driveway (just like a restaurant now a days)!
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    FREE what can you do with "old gas?"

    Heard good things about this stuff. They also sell it at Dana Landing Market.
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    YT limits for 3 at the Middle Grounds 8/16

    Nice work! That water looks nice and blue!!
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    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    We heat up both types corn and flour. I prefer the flour.
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    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    And tacos for dinner!!
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    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    Well we decided to go fishing even though the reports were...not so good! The plan was hit the 9 for some meat and then go see what we could drum up. After last weekends trip....tons of paddies and zero caught. My expectations were low. Well to my surprise the kelps we found...were loaded with...
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    BFT front side of Clemente

    Nice work! The smiles say it all!
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    Why low RPM on outboard muffs?

    With my skiff I use a tank for the outboard. No earmuffs. for the bigger boat I use an out drive bag. I can see into my strainer...I know the flow. My motor will not go past 1500rpm while in neutral. No way you could put it in gear! Water all over and the bag would empty in a second. Here is the...
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    SOLD Smoker, "old school" with consumables.... FREE

    Free!!!! a $5 can of paint will make that thing look brand new!
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    How dope is fish dope?

    Fish Dope is the number 1 tool in my bag of tricks! Just reading the reports will help you become a better fisherman. Many firsthand ideas and knowledge to help you catch.
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    Inside the 226 8/2/20

    Nice work getting it done! Here is how it went for us on Saturday in the same area. enjoy.
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    BFT limits @ 226

    That second picture! He was getting into it with that tuna! Nice work!
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    What’s the purpose of dragging line behind San Diego sport boat, not trolling

    When ya do it make sure its bare line no hook tied on..with a hook you’ll twist it more!
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    SOLD Grady White Marlin 28

    She is gonna sell fast! Nice boat!
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    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    When we were getting loaded up they had said that it was a fresh batch of bait we were getting. Has everything to do with it not lasting.
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    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    Decided it was time to buy an ice machine for keeping fish cold...didn’t realize how much ice I would use until I got it!! Love having it!!
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    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    U do just fine staying in your perch up there!!!🤫
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    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    Thanks. I’ll have to figure that out. I am no expert when it comes to videos. I learn something new every time. right now using Quik is fast and easy. go get em!!
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    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    The fish magnet what’s the special juice u put on that popper…I know what it is…u can cast a mile! Great times!
  34. downtime

    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    We fished Saturday very close to home. Lots of fish busting on bait. Tossing the popper into the foamers proved deadly. At times we had 4 poppers at once sliding thru the foamers. We were able to land a bunch of tuna. We just kept after it school after school. The hot hand for the day was...
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    How much ice?

    I fill 2 100 quart coolers to the top with shaved ice. If I don’t use, it waters the yard.
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    6pack license course

    Agree. 2 weeks of class from 8-5 m-f. Well worth it.
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    437 casts, 1. Cherry poppin fish! 7/11/20

    He looks extremely happy holding that fish! congrats! nice work
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    Bookends by 11

    Awesome video!!! Nice work on the tunas!!!
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    BFT July 3rd 2020

    The why.........
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    Do you use a flying gaff for big BFT?

    Most of the bft that ive personally caught or watched on videos are so done that once gaffed they just stop. You need multiple gaffs cause they are so heavy. flying gaff is overkill.
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    BFT July 3rd 2020

    Thanks!! We need to get u dialed in!!!
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    BFT July 3rd 2020

    He’ll tell u he had other things on his mind at that instance..keeping his pants up was the last thing he cared about!
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    BFT July 3rd 2020

    That boy needs a belt!
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    BFT July 3rd 2020

    Holiday....time to go fish! We got lucky and hooked up. A little bit of the action...this is how we did it! Enjoy
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    Helium Gas Discounts for BD Members!

    Sweet! No more shortage?
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    Stern Drive Flushing Tank

    This is how I do it. Searched out drive flush bag.
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    Yellowfin with a side of Yellowtail 6/20

    Thanks y’all! The yft responded to the live bait really well they stuck with us for a while The key was to continue to chum.
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    Yellowfin with a side of Yellowtail 6/20

    Used the tool in my tool belt to come up with a plan....only tool in the belt was fishdope....all the other tools in the belt were gonna fish the Nados. Came up with a plan based on where fish had been caught and pointed the boat north of that knowing I could go south if nothing was found...well...
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    BFT at the San Salvador Knoll 6/20

    Our plan was to fish outside of 302 well we ended up way way past that. Lots of surface signal! It doesn’t get old watching 200lbers breezing!
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    BFT at the San Salvador Knoll 6/20

    Nice work. We were not as fortunate as you. But we did score some meat. Congrats! Trophy fish!
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    I'll take it

    Why not eat the dines you catch! I was told to buy the sardines in oil from Costco. Hmmmm I thought that is bait. But they had a pallet of it and I bought it for..not me to eat.
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    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    Traeger makes great food. I dislike their auger, it Is long, had mine bind many times and it destroys your cook. I really like my yoder. The auger is short. Never a problem with it. So far my yoder has never let me down. BBQ get a Weber. Weber is the best. Some will say their smokers are the...
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    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    I was just giving u a hard time...thank you!
  54. downtime

    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    That’s cheap. U know something I don’t? Is there a date for Fred Hall this year.
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    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    Usually West Marine does deals on holiday weekends. I called they said they were going to be doing it for Memorial weekend save $50. I get down there and they say it just ended. Weird to be the week prior. I don’t even need it till October but I am completely will to pre buy to save $50. Now I...
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    2WD launch vehicle for San Diego

    It just depends on the tide. Low tide can be super slick. When it used to happen to me I had to rally 6 big dude to get in the bed of the truck to get traction. It was all about traction not power. It was not easy finding guys to get in the bed of the truck at 1am after a long day of fishing...
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    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    Does that sound like u......🤐
  58. downtime

    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    It did not. It pulled the kite down but the clip stayed closed.
  59. downtime

    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    What the spread looks like from the fish....
  60. downtime

    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    Well yes the neighbors did enjoy some poke!
  61. downtime

    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    We had a bite on the dead flyer. Person tending rod was not paying attention while working on the fish on deck. I turned my head saw a huge eruption at our bait and once he stated reeling nothing there. The flyer looked smashed in the center of the body. Right where there was no hook. I am...
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    BFT ON 5/23/20 (PB)

    Nice work way to stick it out! The explosion these beasts make when they slam the bait....dreams! congrats!
  63. downtime

    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    Made it out to the tuna grounds Saturday. The weather was predicted to be the snottiest on Saturday for this long weekend. Well it was not the best in the morning but it mellowed out as the day went on. Fishing with a need the turn the conditions are not always ideal. We...
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    Skipjack 262 Vs. Blackman 26 ride quality.

    Ok here we go. the Blackman has a bigger deck. But the step down is part of the deck. Skipjack the step down into the cabin is in the cabin. the bow rails on a skipjack are high, easy to lean on (pacific coast style) Blackman are lower. bridge on a skipjack u sit while driving or stand to...
  65. downtime

    Skipjack 262 Vs. Blackman 26 ride quality.

    Couple of videos.
  66. downtime

    Skipjack 262 Vs. Blackman 26 ride quality.

    Well if you and your wife or buddies like to be comfortable taking a dump the skipjack wins. The skipjack also has a sink in the head. U can see what’s important to me. Both are killer boats just the Blackman is a hardcore fishing boat. Super big fish hold on the Blackman. The skipjack well...
  67. downtime

    Shelter island Launch ramps

    launching was super easy on Saturday morning drive in wait 5 minutes then launch and leave. Now retrieving the boat in the afternoon a different story. I had to tie up to the dock to get the truck, the boat sat on the dock for 45 minutes while I sat in line for 45 minutes to retrieve the boat...
  68. downtime

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    When owning a boat ya best like and know how to tinker (fix) with almost everything on the boat. With that comes $$$. Those new electronics would look nice on my boat, we need an electric reel for the kite, I really want gunnel never stops! That’s why I have 2 boats!
  69. downtime

    WTB Blackman 26, Billfisher or Skipjack 262 wanted.

    You are looking at the biggest small boat there is. Both are awesome both have their + and - can’t go wrong with either.
  70. downtime

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Is bug rider gonna teach you to fish now!:D
  71. downtime

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Hmmmm let me think about that.....when are you free?
  72. downtime

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Thank you caught this just in time. Now I can go fish by myself.
  73. downtime

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    Was told by a sales dude that Furuno is used by the government...why they don’t have updates on apps like Garmin and Simrad. Any truth to that? Must say Garmin and Simrad are very user friendly.
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    SOLD 2000 Ford Super Duty 7.3 Sold !

    That’s gonna go quick. Nice truck!
  75. downtime

    let’s see your personal best

    A morning I will not forget. Sat on the hook all night awake waiting for the ghost (seabass) only to strike out, while Shawn (pictured) slept. As it started to get light Shawns dad and I could not keep our eyes open any longer. Shawn wakes up and we go to sleep. Ten minutes later we wake to...
  76. downtime

    SOLD soldsold

    Nice ride!
  77. downtime

    BOSE Surround

    Well that looks like a deal! Someone that needs this buy it!
  78. downtime

    My FIRST bird!

    Nicely done! Congrats!
  79. downtime

    CoronaVirus "stay at home" Movie lineup for today........

    After all that work yesterday.....u need the lazy boy and some good movies! Nice work!
  80. downtime

    Finally got out on the boat

    Thanks for making my other boat look brand spanking new!!!! Great work!!!
  81. downtime

    Best of BD Offshore / Inshore videos.....

    Man what fun these trips were! Ready for this soon........
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    Coronavirus Quarantine Food Thread - What are you cooking?

    Happy St Pattys Day all harvested from the store....
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    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    As of yet no.
  84. downtime

    They're Still Crawling

    Gonna follow u next time :D! Nice work! congrats
  85. downtime

    Ice-fish capacity

    Always seems to work this way for me..bring a ton of ice to chill a limit of fish and we come home with a limit of ice. Leave the dock with only a bag of ice and find the mother load and don’t have enough ice. Ice is a lot like bait bring as much as you can!
  86. downtime

    Beginner SUP

    I like the inexpensive ones that Costco carries in the summer. They are foam 10’6”. U can toss them on the boat and not have to think twice. I had a big 12 foot fiberglass board that was like a piece of fine china. My 2cents.
  87. downtime

    My 12 year old niece hangs out with bug rider

    Hands down your best trip so far....and you caught bugs! She's hooked! I liked it when she said we can't leave yet.
  88. downtime

    SOLD MAGMA stainless steel boat grill w/ gimbal mount - $50

    Bar keepers friend will clean the stainless! Make it look new.
  89. downtime

    Still picking away

    .........Bug Rider.........Snickers....... Great average!
  90. downtime

    43 Donelle

    That is one badass machine! Nice work!
  91. downtime

    Let's see that Christmas joy

    Merry Christmas
  92. downtime

    Big disappointment from Penn customer service!

    How can you say they pissed off fishermen! When your late to the bite you don't catch any fish.... Penn makes a great product and u know it cause u tried to buy their product.
  93. downtime

    Small bowling ball before the storm

    Nice work! You should weight that for the Promar big bug contest There is even one where whoever catches the biggest and releases it.
  94. downtime

    Bug rider collecting bugs

    That bug rider know where and how to catch bugs! He also does a great job cooking em up! Nice work!!!
  95. downtime

    The Crawl Goes On...

    I agree, the customers should pull. I was not sure who pulled, heard some boats the deck crew did the pulling. Thanks for clarifying. 260 feet is a ton of pulling! Nice job putting bugs in the nets!
  96. downtime

    The Crawl Goes On...

    260 feet...who pulls those nets in?
  97. downtime

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    I tried this it worked for me....
  98. downtime

    Giving Thanks for my BD Brothers

    BD is magical..
  99. downtime

    Found 2 nets in SD harbor

    Lobster tournament kicked ass!!! Them beer brats were awesome!!!!
  100. downtime

    Ice Machine - for home use

    Having an ice machine in the garage is awesome!! Plumbed into the hose and it drains onto the yard. Mine is smaller. Has a 60lb bin but makes 300lbs in 24 hours. Just fill the yeti and let it fill back up to empty and repeat. Right before we leave we top off.
  101. downtime

    For Sale Mud River Kennel Cover and Kennel

    Just like picture. Barely used. $100 It is an XL.
  102. downtime

    I hate turkey.

    She is a cooking....nothing like a simple turkey leftovers sandwich. Bread..mayo..salt and pepper!!
  103. downtime

    How big are these YT?

    That was less than half a rat...
  104. downtime

    How big are these YT?

    I’ll take the small ones for a good sushi dinner. We did not fill the boat. 3 fish out of the 1000 on the paddy isn’t gonna hurt the population.
  105. downtime

    How big are these YT?

    When I went they were rats....but they turn into this.....
  106. downtime

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    I think you should look into these...
  107. downtime

    Near the Corner today. Nov 24

    Awesome Mark!! Great job!
  108. downtime

    SOLD Electric Boat Toilet

    $150 The pump alone is worth more than that. The toilet is 2 years old.
  109. downtime

    Skipjack Theory? Keep-Smoke-give away?

    Keep a few. If it’s all we catch then we eat. If we get bft or yft then the skipjack becomes lobster bait.
  110. downtime

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    That is a 65 pacific edge tank and a 105 yeti on the deck.
  111. downtime

    For Sale Total Trainer

    Maybe after the new year...
  112. downtime

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    Really depends on what u want. Skipjack is like a mini yacht. Has an enclosed head with a sink, a dinette, a sink and stove, hot water, a shower... Or a Parker like a sports, kinda comfortable but none of the yacht like amenities. A skipjack will get u further but take longer and u...
  113. downtime

    November 2019 YFT Limits

    How could I forget...we brought home a few micro yellowtail. They were very thick on a paddy in the Coronado Canyon. The kinds of pictures I receive from my crew...
  114. downtime

    November 2019 YFT Limits

    It was like it was August. We were running late but it didn’t matter in the end.
  115. downtime

    November 2019 YFT Limits

    Cold fish is the only way. machine in the garage.
  116. downtime

    November 2019 YFT Limits

    With all the good reports we decided last minute to hit the yellowfin tuna. Well they showed up! The best all year! Not a plunger bite...this was full speed. Numbers are on the video. Enjoy!
  117. downtime

    100 Ton Master's Course

    The Maritime Institute is the best place! Guys/gals come from all over to attend the classes there. Just cause u pass a 100 ton class doesn't mean u get that license. Once the tests are passed then you apply to the coastguard for your license, size of license is based on experience on that size...
  118. downtime

    Invite from the Bug Rider

    Bug rider getting it done! Nice work!
  119. downtime

    For Sale Total Trainer

    Cleaning out the garage. This is like the Chuck Noris Total Gym. Has a bunch of different attachments. Local San Diego pickup only. $40
  120. downtime

    SOLD Electric Boat Toilet

    This toilet was taken out for 1 reason. We put a full size toilet in. This is a compact. It is in excellent shape. Local SD pickup only. $150
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    Lobster Hooping 11/20

    They were crawling! Nice work!
  122. downtime


    Pork butt/shoulder done on the Yoder.
  123. downtime

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Lots of good info here. Looks like everyone has their way of looking at this. I personally like...if it drops then it goes back.
  124. downtime

    Bug rider at it again

    Bug rider catches bugs!
  125. downtime

    For Sale Todd Gas Caddy 28 gal

    That was fast sold!
  126. downtime

    For Sale Todd Gas Caddy 28 gal

    $150 Cleaning the garage
  127. downtime


    Your garage looks like a store. Nice setup! Too bad it all goes.
  128. downtime

    Wide Open YFT mix BFT San Clemente 11/2

    Awesome report! Great seeing the youngsters enjoying fishing!
  129. downtime

    Broken record Lobster report, 11/2/2019.

    Time to break the record again:D Nice work!
  130. downtime

    Bug rider at it again

    Anytime u have bug rider he catches lots of bugs... Nice work!
  131. downtime

    Super Cow 11/1/9

    Your face tells the story! Nice work! Awesome fish!
  132. downtime

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Went hooping last night. Caught the bug pictured. Would you keep it or toss it back? It stuck in between the gauge so tight you could...see picture. We tossed him back!
  133. downtime


    My vote is for Yoder! Will say the Traeger does make good food but the craftsmanship is nowhere near the yoder at all.
  134. downtime

    Bug rider

    Real thirsty for a pot full of boiling water!
  135. downtime

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    Awesome! Nice fishhh!
  136. downtime

    425 Area Sat and Sunday

    Sweet video! Brett u don't have long before the boys ask for the keys to the boat to go fishing while your at work!
  137. downtime

    425 Area Sat and Sunday

    Absolutely awesome trip! Definitely a trip that will be talked about many years down the road! Looks like u have a new first mate...he's three.
  138. downtime

    Bisbee tournaments

    Just a little bumping.....that's Bisbee! Inches...millimeters! Amazing...he must have seen a tailer:D
  139. downtime

    Coastal Hooping Trip

    Nice work! Your gonna be eatin gooood!
  140. downtime

    Bisbee tournaments

    Getter done! I had to go catch some of your bugs last night...
  141. downtime

    Catalina 10/8 Fog Delay and a PB Toad

    Nice work! U have a sharp knife!
  142. downtime

    Masked Lobster Bandits

    well anyone that catches lobster knows how bad they smell. I left the bag of tailed bugs out over night and found all but one in the drive way. Hmmmm what happened? Did some investigating and found the bandits.... As for where the one that I could not find, that's anyone's guess as to where the...
  143. downtime

    WTB Cheap Short Shaft Tiller Outboard

    Good little motor here....
  144. downtime

    For Sale 15 hp mercury 4 stroke

    Nice motor!! What I have on my skiff!!
  145. downtime

    Lobster 2019

    That bug was 3.77lbs on the official scale at Fishermans Landing. It was the highlight of the dock for a few minutes even with the yellowfin being offloaded from the boats.
  146. downtime

    Lobster 2019

    Thank everyone! Yes opening night is a mess but we knew that going into it and we're presently surprised at the fishermen working together! Any other night it would get ugly cause there is so much open space that there is no reason to hoop on top of others. The reward.....
  147. downtime

    Lobster opener, Whoo hoo

    The only other place they are going is someone else’s freezer! Good luck out there!
  148. downtime

    Lobster 2019

    Well the opener was just what I thought it would be....tons of boats all wanting a piece! We had 3 boats out all in the same area working it hard. Lots of great laughs with the boys!! Here is the evening. Would have been home by 11....but someone drove their car into the water at the ramp...
  149. downtime

    SCI 9/27 Big BFT & a Marlin!! 4K Video

    Nice work! I had a Grady 208. I did not have the range for Clemente, even with the 30 gallon tank I strapped to the bow. How do u do it?
  150. downtime

    Yft Wide open.

    One important lesson here....chum!
  151. downtime

    Mercury Mechanic San Diego Recommendations

    When I had a larger mercury I took it to Bay Marine. Dave (858) 635-9096 That was a while ago. I recently called to see if he would work on my 15hp and he said he did not work on the smaller motors. I ended up doing the work.
  152. downtime

    YFT Fishing

    We started our day late pulled away from the bait barge at 7am. We were called in by Madrugador to a good bite! We landed 5! Thanks for sharing Madrugador! The name on the video says it. When I first watched it all I could think it.
  153. downtime

    Bluefin at Hidden 9/20

    Way to land that beast on 20!
  154. downtime

    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    The curly impeller is fried will not piss. Once the new one was installed it worked great. An impeller that is starved of water will look like the impeller on the top. Hopefully yours doesn't look like that. It doesn't take much to turn a brand new impeller into the one on the top. Good luck!
  155. downtime

    Sat 9/14 South Tuna Solo

    Nice job solo! That first fish! Some gnarlyness going on there!
  156. downtime

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Nice work! Y'all killed em!
  157. downtime

    Who bought me my coffee and breakfast sandwich?

    You'll never know..and you'll never forget! Awesome when strangers do kind things.
  158. downtime

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Nice work! Best $120 you've spent!
  159. downtime

    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Cool video On a boat I fish they call those dolphins!:D
  160. downtime

    best bang for buck polarized sunglasses

    I hear shitty sunglasses hurt your eyes more than help. They shade your eyes in turn your puples dialate and the crappy sunglasses let in harmful light. My opinion is go with Costa glass or Maui Jim glass. Why glass... I was asked what optic company (scopes, binoculars) can you tell me that...
  161. downtime

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    Costco Business Center!
  162. downtime

    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    The smoker is a Yoder. The temp is set at 160 leave it on for 2.5 hours. Don’t over cook. You want it moist. I usually let it soak in the marinade for a half hour.
  163. downtime

    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Smoke it. Marinate in Mr Yoshedias then smoke. Tuna Candy!! Some yellowtail on the left.
  164. downtime

    Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits

    Don’t tell the guys that won’t fish mex:D Nice work finding em!!
  165. downtime

    Check this out.

    Hmmmmm........that boat is bitchin! Beautiful!
  166. downtime

    For Sale 1936 Ford Hotrod

    Nice ride! Ali needs this...not sure how he'll toll in it though.
  167. downtime

    Yellow fin US waters

    Just buy a Mex license and go fish where the fish are. Or go sit on the border and hope u get some on the edge of the mass. The only way your gonna catch is to wet some lines. To answer your question...yes. They already have hit us waters....just not where you want them to be.
  168. downtime

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    Go with the biggest tank u have room for. U want as much bait as you can hold without overcrowding. That 13gal holds half of a half scoop well. I have one on a 13 foot skiff.
  169. downtime

    Limits 8/17/19 Madrugador - Video

    Yellowfin Poke for dinner!
  170. downtime

    Limits 8/17/19 Madrugador - Video

    Yummy YFT and yellowtail smoked! Soaked in some Mr Yoshedias then smoked.
  171. downtime

    Yellowtail Tuna Fishing

    Yellowtail tuna on the BBQ!
  172. downtime

    Limits 8/17/19 Madrugador - Video

    Try your volume button. Makes the bad music go away.
  173. downtime

    SD rod and reel big fish tournament 1,2,3 +

    Yes definitely great crew that got it done! We all had a blast netting these fish! We found the fish, caught some and decided as a team to leave the fish to find a different type (yellowtail) and it worked! Then back to where we knew there were fish to catch more! Here is the day. Enjoy
  174. downtime

    YFT SW of the 230/ 8/18

    Nice work! What lake was that?:D
  175. downtime

    Limits 8/17/19 Madrugador - Video

    The tournament....the net worked for us! We won! First, second, and third place!! We won some great prizes from Fishermen’s Landing and Anglers Choice! Thank you San Diego Rod And Reel Club.
  176. downtime

    Limits 8/17/19 Madrugador - Video

    The cleanest the boat has been in a long while!
  177. downtime

    Limits 8/17/19 Madrugador - Video

    For some reason the tuna like Mexico water! Yes we were on the Mexico side of the border.
  178. downtime

    Limits 8/17/19 Madrugador - Video

    We fished today. We had a great day, with every yellowfin caught on bait. We also caught yellowtail! Some on kelps and others were open water jig strikes! Great day out on the water with the boys. I am glad I am able to share some of our times on the water with you all! Our goal for the day...
  179. downtime

    I have returned. Here is my report...

    Hmmmmm I think I see a spot. Maybe not. Have you talked to Mark Whish at Pacific Edge? Your boat is awesome!! Only lacking the bait capacity
  180. downtime

    Offshore 8/13

    Nicely done!! Way to put the meat on the deck!!
  181. downtime

    Fishing Trip ;) ;)

    o_Oo_Oo_O Awesome!
  182. downtime

    I have returned. Here is my report...

    Sounds like a great time! Thanks for sharing!
  183. downtime

    Couple on the troll

    Beautiful! Nice and close! Great work!!
  184. downtime

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    As I read this I can only wonder what is worse the carcass dumped in the harbor or dumped in your trash can. Kinda strange that they are floating. Would think they sink and become lobster food...
  185. downtime

    New boat and the nados 8-4

    Beautiful boat! Was expecting to see a bass boat. Saw a badass boat!
  186. downtime

    Bluefin fishing with the boys...Madrugador

    G-FLY frozen flyers. They are big. U fly em under the kite. We were stopped when we got bit. U can slow troll em. One fish gulped it up first try. The second missed on first try, second try it was game on!
  187. downtime

    PB BFT Sunday August 4

    Nice job! It's awesome to see the bluefin fly out of the water completely committed to eating those dead flyers.
  188. downtime

    Bluefin fishing with the boys...Madrugador

    So how many G-FLY u buy? These are for immature fishermen! So everyone needs one!
  189. downtime

    Bluefin fishing with the boys...Madrugador

    well this day was not Madrugador. We were cruising out of the harbor at 7am (gentleman start)! The day did not disappoint. The usually bitching paid off! No I am not superstitious or anything. The fish hammered the G-FLY flying fish! Enjoy!
  190. downtime

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    You can see how these worked for me. Put the meat on the hook! Now have a fresh couple packs ready to go!
  191. downtime

    Coronado Islands “Video”

    We hit the islands aboard Madrugador in search of yellowtail. We found some. What worked for us was 20lb fluorocarbon and a circle hook. Here is the day!
  192. downtime

    Little G has The Big D!

    Nice work! Congrats on nailing em!
  193. downtime

    7/27 Coronados BIT (Video)

    Nice work! Saw y'all out there pulling on em! Definitely crowded out there today.
  194. downtime

    Moo Cow

    Beautiful! Nice work JD!
  195. downtime

    How did you pick your boat name and why?

    If your a coast guard documented boat you have to name your boat. If you have cf numbers you don't have to. It's not easy naming a boat.
  196. downtime

    For Sale Boston Whaler Dauntless

    Beautiful boat!! Whalers kickass! Worth every penny...
  197. downtime

    Displaying your catch instead of processing?

    I said I rather dump it into the ocean but that doesn't work for me. Tough to filet at 18 knots cruising in.
  198. downtime

    Displaying your catch instead of processing?

    For me it is easier to have half the crew clean the boat and the other half filet fish at the house. The fish stays on ice. When we filet, we cut all the blood line out and the skin off (ready to eat). Then we wrap the fish in paper towels and then into zip locks (after taking the paper towels...
  199. downtime

    Fishing Mission Bay 7-20-19

    Thanks! Funny u say that about the rod holders. We did have one come loose when we were getting pounded outside the jetty. Luckily the holder fell toward the inside of the boat.
  200. downtime

    Fishing Mission Bay 7-20-19

    We wanted to take the 13 Whaler out to La Jolla to fish but once we got outside the jetty we realized we brought the wrong boat for that job. We knew the wind would be up but thought maybe the forecast was off. Well it wasn’t. We fished the bay and had a blast catching all sort of fish. None...
  201. downtime

    Watching big tuna..Video..Reel Hard

    Thanks!! It's not easy getting good footage when the number 1 priority is catching the fish not videoing em. So frustrating when the fish are so skittish.
  202. downtime

    Watching big tuna..Video..Reel Hard

    We decided we would go offshore and look for tuna even though there are many spots to catch yellowtail right now. Well all we did was look at em flying out of the water! Easier for me to make a video of our trip....enjoy! Make sure to subscribe to my channel as I put up trip reports on YouTube...
  203. downtime

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    Good to see all the Ford guys! My .02 cents. 7.3 fords are great motors. When u get a 4x4 7.3 they will have leaf springs up front. This makes for a rougher ride. Other wise they are killer. Guys are getting big bucks for these older trucks. The 6.0 a different story. Been called a bomb...
  204. downtime

    1/4 day Islands trip July 12 WFO Yellowtail

    Put the video on YouTube. Easy to post. Just copy the link and paste it. Nice work getting it done!
  205. downtime

    Ice Machine! Manitowoc Series 250. $400.00

    Y'all have cool stuff up there! I need one of those!
  206. downtime

    Foamers...Reel Hard

    I do cast from the bridge when I have 1 guy up front. I like to stand on the walkway and drive from the side standing up. Easy to grab my rod up front and cast.
  207. downtime

    Foamers...Reel Hard

    we hit the water and we were rewarded. Fish galore are out there. They are on micro bait but the popper has been teasing em into bending your rod. See the birds see the fish under em! Enjoy
  208. downtime


    Not stolen...borrowed. In a hot bite I have had rods taken from the rail and used. I come back to grab another ready rod and it's not there only to find someone else is using it. Most of the time they claim honest mistake. I can see how they can grab a rod and reel combo that looks similar to...
  209. downtime

    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    From what I have heard is if you want a reusable air filter on a boat you use a walker airsep. The k&n are not approved by the coast guard. The walkers are. Now what that means... Had a k&n on one motor and now a walker on another.
  210. downtime

    Yellowtail Shootout 2019 "Reel Hard"

    Found it at weight in...hmmmm
  211. downtime

    Yellowtail Shootout 2019 "Reel Hard"

    We entered the shootout this year! Initially we planned on fishing the we were driving to the ramp the plan changed to fish for tuna..well even though we were on the tuna grounds we scored more yellowtail than tuna. Score 12 yellowtail and 3 yft. Video pretty much sums it up. Thank...
  212. downtime

    Any Ford parts managers in here?

    I know many that use John Woods...including Diesel engine mechanics. Where I would go!
  213. downtime

    6/22 BFT and Fails Video

    Nice work! Very frustrating tossing right into em and nothing! Way to keep after it!
  214. downtime

    6/22/19 at the 425 and 371

    Good job saving the day at the Nados!
  215. downtime

    Boston Whaler Restoration

    The tank almost looks like it's homemade. With a little paint and glass work it's pretty much new again! It's perfect for this size boat. It holds bait well too.
  216. downtime

    Tailgated me all the way home!

    Nice rig! Congrats I'll take that kind of tailgater any day.
  217. downtime

    Boston Whaler Restoration

    Thanks for all the comments! Next is blood all over the nice new paint!!
  218. downtime

    Boston Whaler Restoration

    Well I had the time so this is where I spent some of it....very rewarding to see the finished product. Enjoy!
  219. downtime

    Bluefin,YFT,YT on BD Sponsored 1.75 Day Tomahawk

    Nice work! Epic trip on a sick boat! Way to land that beast on the bass reel!
  220. downtime

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Congratulations!! That there is BFT fishing. Extremely frustrating but extremely rewarding when ya land one.
  221. downtime

    San Diego Bay 5-19-19

    See what happened to the fish....
  222. downtime

    San Diego Bay 5-19-19

    Thank you! Fun day with the swell outside.
  223. downtime

    San Diego Bay 5-19-19

    Saturday we took Reel Hard out to try our luck at some halibut and anything else that would give us a fight. It was almost like a little tournament between Reel Hard and the boat I have been HOing on Madrugador! Well we both got one legal halibut for dinner but Madrugador kicked our butts on...
  224. downtime

    SOLD 2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    Bump. Not sure on the exact weight will need to look at the tag in the door jam. It way under 14000lbs.
  225. downtime

    May 10 BFT near 101 solo battle for hours 71 yo

    U da man! Nice work getting a biggin!!
  226. downtime

    Southwestern Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament 1st Place

    Ahh!! The kill bag must be for 300lb tunas! Maybe too much ice! Good to see you at the event!
  227. downtime

    Southwestern Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament 1st Place

    I will fish with Mikey any day! He slays!! Chad thinks he’s the fishy one but it’s all Mikey!:D
  228. downtime

    BFT 5/5

    Nice work!
  229. downtime

    Cinco de Mayo Reds on Madrugador

    Well the majority of the weight we had in buckets from the day before had been taken off the boat (we were not planning on rockfishing and why carry all the extra weight) so we used the reds go to....Ed’s jigs. It worked!!
  230. downtime

    Cinco de Mayo Reds on Madrugador

    The plan was to go looking for BFT on Sunday (Cinco de Mayo). We fished the Southwestern Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament on Saturday and donated all of our rockfish to the event. We were extremely tired and knew we needed to get some rest. Got home from the awards after taking 1st for the team...
  231. downtime

    Southwestern Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament 1st Place

    We fished the Southwestern Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament this past Saturday (Chad, Mikey, and Ronson). We signed up early and were ready to get some bottom critters. We arrived at Southwestern at 5am for check-in and breakfast. The shotgun start was at 6:30 right out in front of the club. We...
  232. downtime

    BFT on Madrugador

    Saturday it will be rockfish...we will just watch the bft jump in the distance.
  233. downtime

    I don’t post often ......

    Beautiful fish! Congrats on a sweet trip!
  234. downtime

    BFT on Madrugador

    Lots of good meat in the head!
  235. downtime

    SOLD 2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    Does that mean your moving?
  236. downtime

    BFT on Madrugador

    Like has been said before these fish have been moving....use your tools and figure out where you should go look. Based on the best tool out there fishdope.. you can put together a great plan. This day the plan worked. A day later and that same plan didn’t work so good.
  237. downtime

    We found them!

    Nicely done! Luck with a side of skill...30lb line and a fish like that isn’t easy!
  238. downtime

    BFT on Madrugador

    One of the reasons why......
  239. downtime

    BFT on Madrugador

    well it was time to switch from the bottom critters to chasing the finicky blue fin tunas! We were rewarded. Definitely skill involved. And some luck like always. Video shows it all. The jelly beans are special BFT treats:D...that’s a secret.
  240. downtime

    Got a new kite

    The bigger the kite the bigger the tuna..
  241. downtime

    What keeps you awake, other than coffee?

    Sunflower seeds. Keeps you busy.
  242. downtime

    SOLD 2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    New price $6500. The camper is sold.
  243. downtime

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Put these under the gunnel. They are poly planer had to build the boxes.
  244. downtime

    SOLD 2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    The max is 12500 for towing a traditional trailer. The trailer will do just fine behind it. The 7.3 is a very sought after motor.
  245. downtime

    SOLD 2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    Those campers are very nice. A brand new one is almost $5000. It’s going with the truck.
  246. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

  247. downtime

    Catching the fish on the bottom

    Ahhhh got it.. next time we’re gonna catch bigger reds and your making tacos for us at the dock! I am in!!!
  248. downtime

    SOLD 2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    Bump for the 7.3
  249. downtime

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    Nice! The military uses these batteries. That there tells u something. They are aerospace grade! Best of all family owned Made in USA! Congrats on your purchase.
  250. downtime

    Catching the fish on the bottom

    Like...those yellow tail tuna, or blue fin?
  251. downtime

    Catching the fish on the bottom

    Been good fishing for rockfish, halibut, and lings. The video shows it off. This day was Reel fishing on Madrugador. The reds ate the Eds jigs extremely well.
  252. downtime

    Day at the docks...

    Great deals and a great time to checkout the charter boats. If u like fishing and the San Diego weather why not go walk around down at the landing and buy what ya need and don’t need!
  253. downtime

    Who carries these on their boat?

    My issue when this hook was thru this guys calf was..the whiskey was gone! Solved that one too!
  254. downtime

    Who carries these on their boat?

    Never heard of that.... just peroxide and pressure.
  255. downtime

    SOLD 2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    2002 Ford F-250 2-wheel drive. $6500OBO Salvage Title - Theft recovery Airlift airbags rear axle 5000 pounds. B and W gooseneck fifth wheel hitch. Drilled and slotted brake rotors good condition. Brand new Michelin STX tires discount tire warranty. New transmission 200,000 miles. Viper alarm...
  256. downtime

    Sight fishing big uglies on light tackle!

    Big uglies.....they sure are big and ugly!! They must fight!
  257. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

  258. downtime

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

  259. downtime

    Local Pond Still Producing

    Nice! Awesome watching them blowup on baits!
  260. downtime

    Halibut PLK

    Beautiful gaff! O nice butt too!! Congrats
  261. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

    ...someone needs this!
  262. downtime

    She’s little and cute but she’s mine! Here goes nothing!

    It's started....and never ends....always things to buy for a boat! Congrats on the new sled!
  263. downtime

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    Yes sir!! This setup makes it easy to control when the tank fills. The tank will fill when the pump is off if there was not a shutoff valve. Also the overflow needs to be higher than the side of your skiff. If it is not the tank will overflow. The setup I have is easy to remove for hooping...
  264. downtime

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    Some not so good photos... ..
  265. downtime

    Auto pilot for 19ft Bayrunner

    Auto pilot is a game changer on a boat. It can drive a straight line in the dark. Easy to put jigs out.
  266. downtime

    Now that Lobster Season is Done

    Hang your nets up and go fishing...
  267. downtime

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?*PLA+-+All+Products%7CAll+Products%7C67500&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&mkwid=sROYldmlw%7Cpcrid%7C327822404853%7Cpkw%7C%7Cpmt%7C%7Cpdv%7Ct%7Cslid%7C%7Cproduct%7C67500%7C&pgrid=7...
  268. downtime

    What bean bag?

    The big Joe is very comfortable. That was me chilling in it. I saw the big Joe at WalMart. I was filming the video below from big Joe.
  269. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

  270. downtime

    SOLD 28 skipjack diesel

    A diesel for 20k....who needs a boat! Good luck with the sale!
  271. downtime

    35.7 Homeguard

    Saw u hauling ass in!! The tail was hanging over the edge of you boat! Nice work getting it done!!!
  272. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

  273. downtime

    2018/2019 Lobster Season Recap

    Nice work! Bugging is definitely fun! Now it's time to mail in those report cards!
  274. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

    Too many nice days!
  275. downtime

    ISO Reliable Diver To Dive For Some Bugs

    The ramp is now different than before. Much more space but poor design with the entrance in the center. The picture shows a small portion of the new dock. There are pictures and diagrams on bd. Your boat would fit just fine. Better for me that u stay in Mission anyway!
  276. downtime

    For Sale Pursuit 2870 WA - $65,000

    Nice!!! She holds some fuel!!
  277. downtime

    ISO Reliable Diver To Dive For Some Bugs

    What kind of boat doesn’t fit shelter island ramp...
  278. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

    Beautiful day to be using a sup!!
  279. downtime

    WTB Blackman 26 Radar arch

    Saw this on a Blackman. Never have seen one like this...custom. An idea..
  280. downtime

    SOLD Looking for transom mount bait pump

    500-1100 thinking either should work
  281. downtime

    SOLD Looking for transom mount bait pump

    Not sure about cool but nice!:D
  282. downtime

    SOLD Looking for transom mount bait pump

    Looking for a transom mount bait pump for an aluminum skiff. Anyone have one laying around in their garage? Thanks
  283. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

    I need to trade for greenbacks. Thanks
  284. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

    Another not so rainy day bump. Beautiful out!! Time to cruise the bay!
  285. downtime

    FREE Delco 27 Batteries

  286. downtime

    Refinishing deck need help with priming/paint

    2 part proline paints are the bomb! Read the will have a gooey mess if it does not completely combine in the mixing container. I know from experience. Good luck with your project!
  287. downtime

    SOLD 2 Person sit on top Kayak

    Great day to use bump.
  288. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

    Beautiful day bump
  289. downtime

    Local YT

    Congrats!!! Nice fish!!!!
  290. downtime

    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

    Standup Paddle board for sale. It is 12 foot and fiberglass. It comes with a cover and a paddle and a leash. $600
  291. downtime

    SOLD 2 Person sit on top Kayak

    2 person kayak. Great shape, perfect for La Jolla. $300 619-204-613five
  292. downtime

    My new gregor hoopster

    Think it’s called retired...he is employed as Chads HO. :D
  293. downtime

    $3,000,000.00 BFT....!

    So how much $ does the fisherman get...
  294. downtime

    AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale

    Congrats Marcus! I want em all!:D
  295. downtime

    My new gregor hoopster

    Hoopster works as it was intended to...
  296. downtime

    A-22 Buck in the Truck

    Nice buck!!!
  297. downtime

    Dana Point Halibut 11/27

    :D Nice flattie! Starting at a young age with the tat...:D
  298. downtime

    This is why I love this..

  299. downtime

    My 2018 Montana Whitetail

    Beautiful buck!!
  300. downtime

    YFT Trip Video - 11/17 & 11/18

    Nice work! When your so far's awesome a sportboat captain would pass you some bait.
  301. downtime

    Light weight scope for modern hunter.

    Burris Eliminator 3 Saw a commercial for one of these. They look sweet. I have no experience with it but the reviews seem good.
  302. downtime

    Big Eye near the 302

    Awesome! Congrats!!
  303. downtime

    Can NavnetVX1 send an NMEA2000 signal?

    Limited to 0183??
  304. downtime

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    They need to offer a necklace that is good for the year....
  305. downtime

    Fuel in my Bilge

    Sounds like the pump or container your pumping into is leaking. Or the connection u made to the hose so it would reach your container...just guessing there is one.
  306. downtime

    the bugs are very shallow

    Oooops! Nice haul!!
  307. downtime

    Meat Wagon Friday 9/28/18

    Fished on the Meat Wagon Friday. We left the dock a little bit too late and arrived to the tuna grounds after the bite. We ended up at the Nados picking away at the Bonita. The baits from mission bay were huge and made it difficult to hook the fish. Great day on the water!!
  308. downtime

    Bait issue, but not fish issues 9/23

    Saw y’all down there. Skipjack were thick.
  309. downtime

    Fuck you, fucking fuck Facebook hackers....

    Your shittyest day ever by the looks of it. Good luck getting it back.
  310. downtime

    Yellowfin Report 9/22/2018

    Nice! Way to getter done!
  311. downtime

    Garmin or Simrad GPS/Chartplotters which one to purchase?

    Garmin now has a Doppler radar...
  312. downtime

    SOLD 2004 Parker 2520 XL PRICE REDUCED!!!

    I don't see this lasting long. Nice sled!!
  313. downtime

    Tuna/Do Do locator service

    fish dope you can learn a lot reading the reports
  314. downtime

    Extra fuel capacity for my Bayliner 2052 20ft cuddy

    See link. Shows what I used to do when I needed to carry extra fuel on my 20. It is still available.
  315. downtime

    2 miles off Torrey pines (late report)

    Interesting info on dodo. These fish are not comparable to calico.
  316. downtime

    Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Never again....when u fish it’s there is so much that contributes to the rush...that’s why you’ll keep doing it with these big beasts. Absolutely awesome! Great videos and pictures.
  317. downtime

    Garmin 742XS issue

    This is after adding the maps card from West Marine. The card was less money at West Marine. You can buy it online and download it from Garmin but it is more expensive. This was before I added the maps card.
  318. downtime

    For Sale PROLINE 23F Honda 200HP 4Stroke

    4stroke and a boat....good deal!
  319. downtime

    Awesome MT flyfishing

    Awesome trip!! Beautiful country there.
  320. downtime

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    Yep Water in the drive kills them!
  321. downtime

    Need insights on how to repair killbag

    Dana Landing has the replacement reliable drain plugs. Something like $15. Easy and convenient if your launching there.
  322. downtime

    Budget kite fishing...

    I always find the best answers to questions like this at the tackle shop. Imo you just need to get as much 100lb+ braid on the reel, set you drag with a scale and go for it. Also pair the reel up to a rod that will support the braid.
  323. downtime

    Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    I see how everyone has a different perspective on the guide. For guys that buy a boat for $6000 and fish as much as they can and split fuel costs with everyone onboard (this was me and my first boat) $1000 is a lot of money to spend on a guide. The other side is a guy that spends $500000 on...
  324. downtime

    Do you shit on your boat???

    The shitter is on the boat to shit in! Go for it just clean up after yourself.
  325. downtime

    Who carries these on their boat?

    My brother got a sabinki stuck in his finger while putting it away in the garage after a trip. The rack was over head on the rafters. He was coming down the ladder and it snagged his finger the rod was bent and the line was tight. It was hard not to laugh at the site of him stuck, needing to...
  326. downtime

    San Clemente 28th 29th

    Tough to beat a day like that! Nice work catching.
  327. downtime

    Who carries these on their boat?

    The bolt cutters cut thru the hook like butter. Very easy.
  328. downtime

    Who carries these on their boat?

    I have to say the guy this happened to is one tough sob. We did minor surgery on the water and continued to fish. Without the bolt cutters it is extremely difficult to cut those hooks and the torque you put on the hook makes it hurt even more. The bolt cutters saved the trip.
  329. downtime

    Who carries these on their boat?

    Bolt cutters! Because of this.. I was asked why do you have those on the boat...why do you have that stuck in your leg? Also keep a bottle of peroxide on the boat. I have seen this twice. Once I had the right tools. Whenever you hear on the radio....does anyone have some bolt cutters you...
  330. downtime

    201# Cow at SCI 7/26

    I know I set mine at 35lbs and it can’t be pulled out by hand. Made me cringe when the back door opened all I could picture is the guy hooked to the rod getting yanked out. By the looks the angler was just as wasted as the fish at the end. Congrats! Awesome catch!
  331. downtime

    SOLD Grady White 228

    Good luck with the sale...trying to figure out the head lights and the anchor. Is that a Washington thing...
  332. downtime

    Boat US/ Vessel Assist /Tow US

    Very confusing... Boat US offers Boat/trailer insurance. Or Boat US towing on water with the option to get on the road towing coverage. Towing you get the West Marine points and receive checks in the mail. Two separate things that are purchased separately. Geico is boat insurance only? Sea...
  333. downtime

    201# Cow at SCI 7/26

    How many pounds of drag did you have you reel set at strike?
  334. downtime

    201# Cow at SCI 7/26

    Totally a team success right there! Three monkeys fuckin a football! Love it! Zero room for error! Congrats to the entire crew! Great video. Those of us who have not caught one have no idea...thanks for sharing!
  335. downtime

    302 on Thunderbird

    Amazing! Nice work! That fish on the left is humongous!
  336. downtime

    Thoughts on the Searcher

    Just saw the searcher on shark week..they were down at Guadalupe.
  337. downtime

    Choosing a new radar Garmin Fantom I hear this new technology is good..
  338. downtime

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    The mayo is a great way to bread the fish. The crumbs stick very well.
  339. downtime

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    Lightly dust the fish then sear each side. Be careful with the cayenne pepper.
  340. downtime

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    I leave my boat running the entire trip unless anchored or on a mooring. Like previously stated diesels like to run. As for never go out on a boat that will not start...I think it's batteries that cause the no start issue.
  341. downtime

    Got far

    You need to leave more often...the big beasts have woken up and are biting. I am sure your having fun!!
  342. downtime

    Got far

    Pulled the boat out of the water to find green spectra in the props. Took to the shop and no water in the oil and the way the line was in the drive it did not compromise the seals. The line is not from my gear. Can only speculate on where it came from. Hopefully when I check the oil the next...
  343. downtime

    Brine to smoke Tuna and YT???

    X2 on Yoshidas The way I always do tuna and yellowtail. Tastes delicious!
  344. downtime

    How do you rig your anchor?

    Every time I have used zip ties they have broken. Now I use string that I wrap bamboo gaffs with.
  345. downtime

    BFT steaks on the grill

    Either that’s a small grill or huge steaks.. I am going with huge steaks. Looks delicious!
  346. downtime

    2018 Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up is back bigger and better and it starts now!

    Wide open balloons today. 23 total. Fishing was more like watching.
  347. downtime

    SanDiego did great today

    Those that have the numbers have paid $169 for the year to get this type of info. $169 well spent.....
  348. downtime

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    My shepherd loves the water. The lab sits and watches this go on.
  349. downtime

    Looking for good new trailer tires! Anyone have a HOOKUP?

    I looked at mine and I was wrong...they are endurance.
  350. downtime

    Looking for good new trailer tires! Anyone have a HOOKUP?

    Goodyear Marathon is what I got from discount. Looks like Walmart has them also.
  351. downtime

    Foamers and fast moving BF at 302

    Looks like it did not eat the popper?
  352. downtime

    Trolling Idea

    Sitting behind your keyboard this is easy to suggest. Once you get out there and start tossing everything you have in your tackle box and nothing gets bit....then you get home and go buy some stuff from the tackle shop and still the fish don't respond to your new flashy baits. There have been...
  353. downtime

    Mrs Legal - Halibut off Encinitas

    Nice butt u have there! Congratulations great eats.
  354. downtime

    Catalina on my parker

    Great job on the monster yellows!
  355. downtime

    FISH DOPE Pros & Cons?

    Without it your headed out blindfolded. Many things about fishing to be learned from the service. Get it if you fish!
  356. downtime

    Away from the crowds yellows 6/30/18

    Those are some nice yellers there! Nice work!!
  357. downtime

    Boat tax due soon!

    I am sure there are exceptions. The reason I say this is I kept the trailer ed boat in front of the house and never received one of these. Then I move it to a lot where there’s a bunch of boats and wham I get one in the mail. Not exactly sure how their process works for who gets them and who...
  358. downtime

    Where is the good fiberglass repair guy?

    Mark at Monsoon does great work.
  359. downtime

    Boat tax due soon!

    The guys that keep their boats on trailers at their house will not get one of these. If your slipped or at a yard with a bunch of boats you will get one. Have heard stories of the tax guy walking the docks and boat yards writing down names and cf numbers of boats.
  360. downtime

    6/23 report-Yellowtail Shootout

    Nice Nado Tails!! Congratulations on placing!
  361. downtime

    6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    Looks absolutely beautiful out there!! O nice fish!!!
  362. downtime

    YT Shootout 2018 / Nados

    Proud of my baby yellowtail! Delicious!!
  363. downtime

    YT Shootout 2018 / Nados

    This is what the babies look like at dinner time....
  364. downtime

    6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    Nice work!! We see so many of these caught but so many have never caught one. Congratulations to all!! Persistence pays!
  365. downtime

    YT Shootout 2018 / Nados

    Well it was almost a usual day at the Nados. Everything that was usual (sea lions stealing your hooked yellowtail, catching yellowtail, bonita, and barracuda). The unusual was the stiff wind blowing out of the south. It made it difficult to get away from the wind. We had a good time pulling on...
  366. downtime

    Cool gift from son, by local artist

    Mike that is sick!
  367. downtime

    Mexican FMM Form

    Did mine today and it was emailed back in a few minutes
  368. downtime

    6/20 - 3Bs at the Knoll (wrong kind of blue)

    I feel your pain!! Your next stop is the tackle store...that’s where I went when I got zipped. Thanks for the report!
  369. downtime

    Bluefin What We Saw 6/15/18

    I have been feeling seasick since we got home. Gut wrenching loosing 2 BFT!
  370. downtime

    Say Whaaat!?? I heard some things.......

    Now that is a monster SOCAL hali!! Great eats! And a nice payout!
  371. downtime

    Bluefin What We Saw 6/15/18

    Congratulations on hooking and landing the fish!! Definitely challenging getting them to bite.
  372. downtime

    Saturday 6/17 226 302 371 got one

    Awesome!! Way to get hooked-up!!! And land one!!!
  373. downtime

    Bluefin What We Saw 6/15/18

    Thanks! I have seen guys getting them. Definitely adrenaline pumping action!! All grades of fish out there.
  374. downtime

    Bluefin What We Saw 6/15/18

    Getting them to bite was the tough part. Had at least 20 tries! Hooked 2 one on iron the other on mega bait tied to 50lb. Had line snap on one due to other fish hitting the line. The other spit the hook in my face due to me messing up!
  375. downtime

    Bluefin What We Saw 6/15/18

    This basically says it all...
  376. downtime

    SPJ Socal Yellow 06/2018

    Sweet! That's a pig!
  377. downtime

    2018 draw results

    Too many applications to go thru...
  378. downtime

    IPad on your boat what apps do you use

    FishLegal by FishLegal
  379. downtime

    What is the best fillet knife?

    I like the guy filleting to use the sharpest one..have a steel handy. Bubba blade or forschner for fillets. A cuda attached to the bait tank for cutting bait.
  380. downtime

    IPad on your boat what apps do you use

    I just put one on my phone called Fish Legal. It shows where your at in relation to the MPA's. I am only using the free part.
  381. downtime

    Need some help with video editing please. Anyone in San Diego?

    iMovie is what I use. Now on the iPhone 8 there is an app for iMovie. Easy to edit right on the phone. When you want to add music you can create you own on garage band app. This helps with copyright stuff when uploading onto YouTube.
  382. downtime

    Garmin 741 input, please.

    Looks like there is a rebate on them now.
  383. downtime

    Garmin 741 input, please.

    I found the price from the one at west marine is better than the one from Garmin. The one from west marine is an SD card. The Garmin rep told me they are the same thing.
  384. downtime

    WTB Tacoma or 4Runner

    The truck looked even better in person than in the pictures. The truck was used but taken care of.
  385. downtime

    seating options for skipjack flybridge

    Found a picture from the front. This thing was built back in 2010.
  386. downtime

    Garmin 741 input, please.

    IMO it is for the 7610 on the fishing map there is much more detail down south. Also download the ActiveCaptain app to your phone. It makes things easy.
  387. downtime

    Madrugador 6/2/18

    Tossed that mantis back. Pretty sure they are just cool looking not for eating. Sure someone would want to eat it but not me.
  388. downtime

    Island Bluefin

    Awesome! Nice work on the tuner! Y'all had a great trip!
  389. downtime

    Here we go. New boat and new problems. Yamaha OX66 alarm

    Just a thought...sure you looked at this but with my experience with 2-strokes there are 2 oil tanks one on the engine the other is remote. Are both full?
  390. downtime

    WTB Tacoma or 4Runner

    These trucks hands down have the best resale! I experienced this first hand. I sold a Tacoma in 2 days for full asking price. It had many upgrades. It is on this site. The only way to go is brand new. You can drive them for three years and get what you paid for it..if you take care of you stuff!
  391. downtime

    Good YT fishing at the Islands today 6/3

    Can I say yellowtail shootout! Nice work on the yellows!
  392. downtime

    Madrugador 6/2/18

    Thanks Chad! (Madrugador) not so much of an early riser...left the dock at 8am. What a great way to spend Saturday morning. Catching halibut, spotties, mantis shrimp, and calicos. To top it all of the butts was a keeper! Dinner!! Everything else was released. Many raked baits..but...
  393. downtime

    June 1 2018. Coronado Islands Report

    Ok shoot!! Good to hear a fur bag did not pull u in! :D
  394. downtime

    June 1 2018. Coronado Islands Report

    Nice! Good to see the fur bags stayed away from ya...
  395. downtime

    Traeger Smoked Yellowtail Belly and Collar Recipe????

    My go to for fish is Mr Yoshidas. Let it marinate, then toss it on the smoker for a couple hours on the smoke setting. I like to keep it moist.
  396. downtime

    Thresher Fishing 2017

    For was all about controlling the tail..ya don't want to get slapped by it! Once we had the tail under control we slid the rope around the tail then removed the rapala. We then dragged it backwards, then cut the back of its head. We then lifted it into the boat. We processed it then and...
  397. downtime

    Thresher Fishing 2017

    Thanks. Yep it sure did taste great.
  398. downtime

    Thresher Fishing 2017

    Last year in May we boated our first Thresher shark. The shark pulled hard and in the end we won the fight. Put this together. See the video.
  399. downtime

    YFT on the Popper 10/14/17 Video

    Our last trip for yellowfin last year we limited out with 20 YFT. We then started tossing the popper. These little YFT were slamming the popper half their size. Enjoy the short video.
  400. downtime

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    That’s did you bring any part of a yellow home? Frickin seals! Glad your buddy is ok but I am sure he is shaken up by that experience.
  401. downtime

    Autopilot issues , simrad Ap44 and Nac2

    Not sure on your issue but there are settings for hi and low rudder responses based on speed. It is set in the dockside setup and then the on the water setup. Also there was an update I needed to do on mine.
  402. downtime

    Cummins QSB380 Install

    Looking awesome Mark! This thing is gonna be a beast when she’s done.
  403. downtime

    Rockfish...270 5/27/18

    That’s my brother..I’ll tell him his diet is not working...more salads.. Jason orders
  404. downtime

    Rockfish...270 5/27/18

    Went out for some rockfish on Sunday. The wind was blowing at 4am as I prepared the boat. All I could think is man usually earlier in the morning it's not blowing and it picks up later in the morning. We proceeded to head out to the 270 at 6:00am. It was windy and not the best conditions but we...
  405. downtime

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Bologna and cheese sandwich when in a pinch. KFC or a philly cheese steak sandwich (hot)..
  406. downtime

    Fish hook to the hand video...tough dude!

    My friend says why do you have bolt cutters on the boat?...I say why do you have that hook in your leg. This happened to be the first day of a three day trip. He stayed away from the rapalas after this. The rapala ended up in his leg due to horsing in a yellow keeping it out of a seals mouth.
  407. downtime

    Dead creatures

    You do some sweet huntin trips!
  408. downtime

    For Sale Costco Generator

    Senci engine in that one. Never heard of that.
  409. downtime

    For Sale Costco Generator

    Saw these today 5/6/18. Morena one.
  410. downtime

    5/6 the 182

    U trying to tell me I need a slip next to yours:D
  411. downtime

    371 5-6

    Did the wind come up and blow u off the water?
  412. downtime

    5/6 the 182

    This wind is what is keeping me off the water!! Will be nice to do big bay trips once the shelter island ramp is done!!!
  413. downtime

    Export Garmin Waypoints

    Try ActiveCaptain.
  414. downtime

    Overnight trips on personal fishing rigs

    It makes things so much easier on the guy running the boat when he can get some rest and have someone on watch that can be trusted and has experience. It makes for a long trip when u are sleeping with both eyes open. Last year there was some epic fishing to be had in the dark.
  415. downtime

    New Melton Tackle website

    I noticed the same thing on the iPad (horrible). Did not try PC but sounds like it is good on PC.
  416. downtime

    32 Albemarle Express or 31 Cabo Express

    The Cabos I have been on were built like no other boat. Like a Rolls Royce or Bentley on the water. The fit and finish is superior. Good luck in your search.
  417. downtime

    seating options for skipjack flybridge

    Not the best picture..
  418. downtime

    seating options for skipjack flybridge

    Had mine custom built. Have a bench with drawers underneath on the port and a single Captian chair starboard. It is nice but...expensive. I can sit three guys up there if we want. I like to sit on the bench and steer with the auto pilot. I went thru what your doing and custom fit my taste best.
  419. downtime

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    I would call Mark and have him fix it.
  420. downtime

    To Spray Engine With WD-40, Or Not To Spray....

    Got me some of that!!
  421. downtime

    2018 Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up is back bigger and better and it starts now!

    Hope u caught more fish than balloons. Nice work cleaning up our pond!
  422. downtime

    How to fish the Yummy

    Dave have I give you big props for what you do for the future fishermen / fisher-ladies out there. My friends 4 year old little boy was stoked to get the hat and jig from you!
  423. downtime

    It begins again...

    Now that this is done....what’s next...:D
  424. downtime

    Battery Advice

    Lifelines are great batteries. My preference is 2 6 volt and 1 31. There's a reason they put 6 volts in golf carts. In my application I have 2 6 volts and 2 31. The 2 31 are for starting and the 6 volts are the house. I have brewed 6 kurig cups of coffee back to back off the 6 volts before the...
  425. downtime

    Where Is A Decent Used Boat?

    End Game looks sweet! Always fun buying boats.. Unless your Ali...he has them built from scratch. Gonna be a sick boat!
  426. downtime


    Congrats!! Nice fish!
  427. downtime

    FREE Anyone...

  428. downtime

    For Sale 2005 Grady White Sailfish 282 - Yamaha 250's, West Coast rigged - PRICE DROP $72.5k

    That’s what I am talking about...thought I saw a 23 sell for this price.
  429. downtime

    For Sale 2005 Grady White Sailfish 282 - Yamaha 250's, West Coast rigged - PRICE DROP $72.5k

    Nice boat. Killer price for a boat that size...and it’s a Grady. Top notch fit and finish. Loved my Grady but it was a 20 footer.
  430. downtime


    The guy paid more than u were asking..u have a bidding war going on?
  431. downtime

    FREE Anyone...

    No need for this...
  432. downtime

    Outdrive Bag

    This is how you get rid of all the salt water.
  433. downtime

    Outdrive Bag

    It is possible to pull the back of the bag down so the exhaust and water blows outside of the bag. There is 2 spots on the bottom of the bag for hoses/drains. Fresh water is consistently being pushed into the bag. I realize this gadget is not for everyone but it works the way I want. Tried the...
  434. downtime

    What's better than free beer and tackle?

    Ali knows how to catch the attention of all us bloody deckers!
  435. downtime

    Outdrive Bag

    The big one is about $225. Much more than a horse trough. Was my easy option, probably not the least expensive.
  436. downtime

    Outdrive Bag

    I really hated hooking up the earmuffs and seeing puffs of water going thru the strainer. Little searching and I found this. I like the way it works. Check it out.
  437. downtime

    NWTF Youth Hunt - Santa Ysabel

    Nice job!! Way to stick it out! Crazy how when you least expect happens.
  438. downtime

    How did you last get Spooled?

    Had a newbe on the boat...look at him, then his reel and before I could say put it in gear or reach over to put it in gear snap the fish had 300 yards of mono attached to it.
  439. downtime

    Local Knowledge Season 3 To Air On Discovery Channel

    Exactly the channel I am watching at that time on Sundays when I am not hunting or fishing. Great news! Tons of exposure! Watch you mouth Ali...
  440. downtime

    Early 2000's Ford 7.3 help

    Not sure where your doing your smog but they hooked mine up to a machine and had to keep it at a certain rpm for a time then a different rpm for a time the truck is also an 06. Maybe on the older trucks they only do visual inspections. They will also tap the accelerator to see if it blows...
  441. downtime

    Skipjack 262 Autopilot options

    Not totally sure if this is the exact unit but it looked similar to this.
  442. downtime

    Skipjack 262 Autopilot options

    Back when I had the power assist steering with the kad44 series Volvo. There was an electric ram that was connected to the steering down at the back of the motor. It worked very well. Now I have hydraulic steering with a hydraulic pump.
  443. downtime

    Autopilot Frustration

    Love my Simrad AP44. I had to update to to get the alarms to work. It is networked into the Garmin thru NEMA 2000.
  444. downtime

    For Sale Todd Gas Caddy 28 gal $730 for a diesel one!
  445. downtime

    For Sale Todd Gas Caddy 28 gal

    Used this to take my boat further than my boats fuel tank could take me. See pictures. $150. These retail for $500 without the pump. I would tip the tank up on the bow and gravity would fill my tank with 28 fresh gallons of fuel. My boat now holds 160 gallons...plenty to get me further than I...
  446. downtime

    WTB kite set up

    Here is a good reel. The question is does it have spectra on it cause that can cost hundreds.
  447. downtime

    Garmin 7610 Maps

    the maps on my garmin were cutting off below the 371 425. It was just white. I purchased the BlueChart map from west marine and it filled in what was missing. See photos. Another interesting deal is the price for the map at west marine is $259 and on the Garmin website it is $349. I called and...
  448. downtime

    WTB kite set up

    What he is trying to say is your budget will barely get you started.
  449. downtime

    Garmin will not update, Why?

    Like I said I tried cards that would not work. I then called Garmin to help with the issue...his first question was how big is the sd card that will not work. He then told me that cards over 32 will not work. Maybe there are exceptions. I tried the format deal on the cards that would not work...
  450. downtime

    Garmin will not update, Why?

    You can’t use a card bigger than 32gig. I had some smaller cards that the unit would not recognize. After buying a new 32gig it worked. With ActiveCaptain you can update thru your phone. Also the unit needs a sd card to stay in it once u start using the ActiveCaptain. It sounds like your putting...
  451. downtime

    Electrical system Layout

    This gadget has worked well for my application. I have two starting batteries and 2 six volts for the house. The inverter is hooked to the 6 volts. The engine on it charges all batteries. Shut down and the switch clicks and the engine batteries are left alone and the draw is only on the house.
  452. downtime

    Garmin ActiveCaptian

    Get the app called Garmin Helm. It will do what u want. U can even control your Garmin with you iPad or phone or set it so it just views what you have on the Garmin.
  453. downtime

    WTB Garmin GPSMAP 7610xsv Head Unit

    The new ActiveCaptain app for these units is pretty sweet! Easy to update and some cool map features.
  454. downtime

    Great fishing as usual in Guatemala

    Is that 3 sailfish at once!! Awesome trip! Now that’s some epic fishing!
  455. downtime


    When bottom fishing braid is the way to go. You feel all the bites. Mono has so much stretch that it makes it difficult to set the hook and feel bites. Add a small mono leader to your braid where you can do your dropper loops.
  456. downtime

    My new to me blackman 26

    Beautiful! That motor looks sick!!
  457. downtime

    6 Pack Near Coastal capt license?

    Once the tests are completed and passed you then have to apply with the coast guard to get the license. Nothing wrong with knowing what it takes to become and be a licensed captain. I am, all it is is a piece of paper to me but what I gained from the classes and tests is priceless!
  458. downtime

    Premium Coolers- Yeti, Grizzly, etc. Are They Worth It?

    2 reasons these types of coolers are a must. The ice stays ice. A big guy (300lbs+) does not crush the lid when he sits on them.
  459. downtime

    Acquiring a sixpack certification I went here...awesome. I was completely overwhelmed at the beginning. The only recommendation I will give is be the homework. I passed! I then applied for the license and received it.
  460. downtime

    Rpt.-01-12-18 1.5 day on New LoAnn 300 mile boat ride.

    Good to hear y'all found they were not on the chew.
  461. downtime

    A-22 Buck

    Nice buck!! Congrats!!
  462. downtime

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    Duck Picts...I call this boat porn! The boat is awesome! Like the art work! Nice work on the ducks! Seems like only snows have shown up in the valley.
  463. downtime

    Australia trip of a lifetime with Nomad Sportfishing

    U mean u would rather do this than go sit in a duck blind in Imperial Valley!:D Sounds epic!! Have an awesome time!
  464. downtime

    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    With that said...most negatives of a slipped boat are due to extra costs. If your loaded you should have a slipped boat. Like others have said it is very convenient. Cons Fuel prices at fuel dock. No Costco fuel Haul outs Slip fees Mobil mechanic Bird poo on canvas Zincs Pros Load and go...
  465. downtime

    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    Mikey your situation is slightly have a trailer to pull the boat out to do maintenance. Buy a 30 and that boat has 1 home and that's in the water. If for some reason money were to get tight in your situation you pull the boat and it sits at your house. Not an option with a 30...
  466. downtime

    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    Try putting your Davis in a slip. It will talk you out of having a slipped boat.
  467. downtime

    Insanely good BFT fishing

    Keep up the awesome work! Your boat always hammers them! Great boat, great crew!
  468. downtime

    For Sale 2002 Osprey 30' Long Cabin

    Ed I have seen you hauling her south on the freeway...what a beast!! We are still enjoying your old sled!! Ed knows how to setup a fishing machine. Good luck with the sale.
  469. downtime

    Why we fish!

    Tonight's dinner!
  470. downtime

    Why we fish!

    We had an awesome day out on the pond 9/24/17.
  471. downtime

    South of 425 9/26

    That is the best and really only way to hand off fish that are glued to your boat. They have to be very close. Nice work handing off the school!
  472. downtime

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    An outboard that needs to stay in the water..not right. Find a different slip where you can tilt it out of the water when not in use.
  473. downtime

    Pacific galvanized 10k trailer

    Who is building your new trailer?
  474. downtime

    is 1 scoop of bait for two fisherman chasing YT enough ?

    Start with a scoop then make the decision for more based on that.
  475. downtime

    Dorado & yellowfin US waters 9/17

    Awesome!! They don't look so stoked in the last pict. Priceless!
  476. downtime

    YFT 9/17 sunday

    Nice work finding the fish.. for them!!
  477. downtime

    kite trolling help

    By no means am I a pro at this but this happened to me the first time I started to fly my Boston. When u let it out can you see the writing on the kite?
  478. downtime

    KUIU Merino 210 Zip Off BottomsVerde XL $50 SHIPPED

    I wear a 36 waist and wear a medium in these.
  479. downtime

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    Beautiful ride! I agree autopilot is a game changer especially at night.
  480. downtime

    Fishing the Jumbo's, use Rail or Fighting Belt/Harness?

    These fish are tough. We hooked a bigger model and it kicked our butts 3 of us! RESPECT! These fish are smart and strong. Don't even try if you are not setup right.
  481. downtime

    Guess everything went nanners today

    If your's real! Look into where it came from. Bananas carried killers back in the day..literally killing boat loads of people.
  482. downtime


    These are the beefy ones.
  483. downtime

    Last sunday 302

    Sweet! Drones are overrated!:D Just jealous I don't have one! Awesome video!!
  484. downtime

    Limits of Nice Dorado and Yellowtail and Heartbreak (video)

    Awesome to see you brothers out fishing. I feel like I am watching my brother and me fishing when I watch your videos. Just brothers being brothers!
  485. downtime


    The ones I busted were blackfin titanium ones. The new ones are the big beefy ones they sell at dana landing market and they use clamped in a vise. They look like bolt cutters. No name on them. They were 170 or so bucks. The blackfin were 40 bucks.
  486. downtime


    I busted some inexpensive ones. Decided not again bought the same ones the tackle store uses. Like most things ya get what ya pay for. Yep they were an arm and a leg but I don't want to go thru breaking them when you need them. IMO money well spent.
  487. downtime

    Home Flooring Installation Question

    Heard some really good things about bamboo flooring.
  488. downtime

    SCI 8/12... 1 for 1

    Nice job! Way to getter done!
  489. downtime

    WTB Full Cover for Skipjack 262 Flybridge

    Have looked into a new cover....the price of a small boat! Good luck. Interested in seeing what other 262 owners have done.
  490. downtime

    Is the Shelter Island Boat Launch Open or Not?

    That looks painful! You are good at backing up a trailer! I can understand with the illustration you have there why it takes so long. Many have a hard enough time backing up when it's throw in a turn. Not gonna mess with that..due to others!
  491. downtime

    Is the Shelter Island Boat Launch Open or Not?

    My understanding is launching anything over 20 feet is impossible right now. Mission Bay..
  492. downtime

    Opinions on expired passport

    As far as I know and require on my boat if we are outside of 12 miles we do not bring passports only drivers license. If your going to the islands passports. That's me
  493. downtime

    Fishing after abdominal surgery?

    Not that I have big balls. The fishing was good and I hated just sitting at home. I was back to work after 4 weeks the doctor cleared me for 6. Just not fun being off work and not doing something other that wasting time. I hear you on not wanting a hernias. That was my biggest concern. When I...
  494. downtime

    Fishing after abdominal surgery?

    I had a section taken out and was out fishing yellows at the islands a week after getting out of the hospital. It was killing me watching the good reports and just chilling at the house. And taking my mom on a tour of every tackle shop in San Diego. I had to make a deal with mom who was...
  495. downtime

    Flat Fall Rig

    Got the yummy rigged at fishermans landing and the flat fall at dana landing. The flat fall has a welded ring. Both still need to be eaten by a monster BFT!
  496. downtime

    Smoke YT Need Help

    Yes nothing else.
  497. downtime

    Smoke YT Need Help

    The way I like to marinate my fish is with mr yoshidas. Always turns out awesome.
  498. downtime

    What is this sea creature

    We saw the same thing this weekend. At first we thought squid then netted one. The only thing we caught this trip was these things (dicks).
  499. downtime

    First time fishing on a kite Saturday

    Nice job on first trip flying the kite. Need to listen and fish the afternoon/evening myself.
  500. downtime

    BoatUS Pride Photo Contest

    So glad we have such an awesome service!
  501. downtime

    What is Your Dream (Realistically Affordable) SoCal Fishing Boat

    Living my dream! Anything bigger is really just a dream.
  502. downtime

    2002 FORD 7.3

    Great deal!!
  503. downtime

    Not a cow but its my best!

    Nice fish! That's a great way to spend your b day.
  504. downtime

    We totally suck so don't get any ideas!

    The best part of all of this is buying all the right tools to get the job done. Then you hear of a better or different tool that maybe easier. Have a boston big game kite. Is it time to get the aftco or bob Lewis kite and attach a balloon to it? It's the never ending tackle story. Having the...
  505. downtime

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-20-17 Bluefin Tuna Ghost hunting.

    These monster BFT are similar to the elusive white sea bass. You see guys catching 4 in a trip and many others just washing the paint off their yummy. All we can do is keep at it and it will happen.
  506. downtime

    Local Knowledge Preview "Skip Skip Boom" Airs Saturday July 22

    Watched it this morning. Great show! Still wondering why I have not been successful at this skip skip boom. Y'all rock!
  507. downtime

    Seadeck Cooler Topper

    Had a couple cooler toppers made over at Blue Seas for my yeties. They look awesome! Ken and his team do great work! The price ranges depending on the artwork and the size of the cooler. I could not be happier! Thanks Ken and team! Ronson
  508. downtime

    Huge local bluefin on PENN 50VSW

    Beautiful fish!
  509. downtime

    Great BFT bite yesterday 7-14

    Beautiful Nice work! Epic year for the beasts!
  510. downtime

    San Diego Offshore Fishing Report 7-13-2017

    Is this a socal report?:D Nice work!! Y'all kicked some tuna ass!
  511. downtime

    AutoPilot Install Cost

    U will spend around 3 grand on parts and labor. Depends on the unit you choose. A good installer will install and do the setup required to get the pilot working.
  512. downtime

    Truck Lift & Height Clearance...?

    Check this out you can ask the exhibitors all the questions you want. Happens once a year in the west.
  513. downtime

    Truck Lift & Height Clearance...?

    Many have what are called leveling kits. Generally they lift the truck 2 inches in the front. U can either leave the rear or also add blocks or add a leafs. These kits make the truck look meaner than stock. U can fit slightly larger tires. A Tacoma with a leveling kit has no problems anywhere...
  514. downtime

    BBQ'S! Who uses gas, Charcoal, or wood pellets?

    As many have said...each has its place. I have and use all three. Yoder pellet Weber propane Weber charcoal
  515. downtime

    9th inning stretch

    Nice work! Way to keep skipping!
  516. downtime

    Trailer recomendations

    I am also interested in hearing this. Have heard good things about Alex at ABT.
  517. downtime

    ,302,knoll,182, 7-1-17

    Nice job on putting the yellows in the boat! Same story here washed the lures for nothing. Great meter marks at 50ft in the morning then down to 200 in the afternoon. Paying dues!
  518. downtime

    We suck. 6/27 and 6/28 report

    U make me feel better that u can strike out like me! But u got bit multiple times! Skill in that. It was Evans fault this time :D Way to keep at it and keep learning for all of us on what to do and not to do.
  519. downtime

    Another notch in the old

    Y'all are pros! If there was a tuna tournament this year it would be insane weights that would win.
  520. downtime

    Saturdays are for the Boys!! and Blue fin. (Video) 6/24/17

    Catching these beasts is definitely a team sport! Nice job!
  521. downtime

    Kite Rig

    The zip ties on the tail are key.
  522. downtime

    6/24 Finally on the meat 302 area

    That's worth loosing a kite over! Nicely done!
  523. downtime

    YFT on the Iron and Popper

    Halco roosta popper 195 in the baitfish color. That is blue and silver, looks like a popper mackerel. The iron was blue and white.
  524. downtime

    Best boat to buy

    Well my best friends happen to be my best ho's. So it works both ways! Any boat owner knows how much time and money boats require. The joy I get from my boat is irreplaceable.
  525. downtime

    BFT 20 miles from mission bay

    Awesome!!! Epic fishing here in SoCal!!
  526. downtime

    Best boat to buy

    I have always been told the best boat is your friends. There are major differences with the types of boats. Like others have said figure out what is important to you and look at that type of boat.
  527. downtime

    YFT on the Iron and Popper

    We need to get out and chase down one of those jumbos. Sucks my bro broke his wrist and ankle just in time for the fishing season.
  528. downtime

    YFT on the Iron and Popper

    The boat is running great. Have 60 hours on the re power. How is your big sled doing?
  529. downtime

    YFT on the Iron and Popper

    We decided to go look for the jumbos on Saturday. We arrived at the numbers at 7am. We see jumbos in the distance under terns. We slide up and they go down. They were massive! One cast of the popper and that was it. We wait, scanning the skyline looking for turns, we see some in the distance...
  530. downtime

    Worked hard and made a day if it.

    The gentlemen start worked out!! We got our 2 in the morning around 7:30. Saw jumbos rolling before that. Nice job putting fish on the deck!!
  531. downtime

    Skip.....Skip.....Boom! - 182 Area - Weds 6/14

    It's all the guys that know what they are doing that are catching. So many kites flying..who would have thought in SOCAL. Nice work Ali!! U suck!
  532. downtime

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    Nice Blackman!! That bridge looks... awesome!
  533. downtime

    What size kite for skipping?

    Dana landing Market They had a bunch of the Boston Big games. They have all you need to get it done.
  534. downtime

    Just Keep Skipping Just Keep Skipping - Jumbo BFT

    Nice work!! Your a fishy dude!! Way to not give up. I hear u on not stopping on breaking fish. We did and the kite fell out of the sky and we had to get moving so it did not crash.
  535. downtime

    What do you pack for your trips?

    Lots of ice!
  536. downtime

    Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    Way to get it done!! Lot of us can say we have never done that.
  537. downtime

    big bluefin

    Nice work! It was blowing good on Sunday!
  538. downtime

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    Had me a Traeger. Now I have the yoder! Love it! The issue I had with traeger was the auger going out.. then a pile of pellets. Food not cooked. Had my yoder 4 years now with zero problems.
  539. downtime

    Utah draws

    Nothin here. First year putting in up there. My buddy that lives there also blanked.
  540. downtime

    Doing what I do in La Jolla

    U guys on the kayaks are killing it in LJ! The yellowtail shootout with a kayak division...gonna be good!
  541. downtime

    Where Mr. T wasn't on 5/20

    We ended up finding ours later in the day (3:30pm). We were thinking good try maybe next time and then mr t hit the rapala.
  542. downtime

    Thresher shark recipes

    Yes this is an old thread but I need to do some cooking! Nice work that looks delicious!
  543. downtime

    Cleaning really dirty vynil seats amd bolsters

    Goop hand cleaner and a brush. Cleans em up nice!
  544. downtime

    YFT in May

    Nice fish!
  545. downtime

    What is a Ford Excursion 7.3 Diesel 4x4 Really Worth?

    The fords with the7.3 are like gold. Retail for those trucks is over the kbb retail high. Try to find a nice one...if u have one people will pay more than u think.
  546. downtime

    Watch Red Bull Air Racing in San Diego from your private boat?

    Who is going to anchor up and watch the races? Planning on it!
  547. downtime

    New bait tank for my parker 2320

    Awesome tank!! Pacific Edge has exceptional customer service!
  548. downtime

    My new to me blackman 26

    I looked at the hood on my truck and installed my new ones on the boat the same way. Shaft left corner.
  549. downtime

    Local Knowledge - Road Trip - Puerto Vallarta

    Is that really a job u have....your living all our dreams!!! U need to invite Jason at least once!
  550. downtime

    All new gear

    Get Salty Dawg Bill to wrap custom rods for u. Reels - definitely get some 2 speed
  551. downtime

    Good food ,good friend and bluefin

    Nice work! Now that is a lunch!!
  552. downtime

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    Tip hmmm is a tip. If the jackpot should go to the crew that is not a jackpot or a tip it is a surcharge. All u that say it should all go to the crew obviously have too much money. A jackpot is like u tip the dealer in Vegas all your winnings?
  553. downtime

    Full Canvas for End Game

    Smokin deal!! Looks great!!
  554. downtime

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    Now if those videos don't make u want to go rockfishing....awesome videos!
  555. downtime

    Watch Red Bull Air Racing in San Diego from your private boat? April 15th and 16th. Sounds like a raft up!! I am in!
  556. downtime

    First D16 buck (late report)

    Nice buck!! Way to keep at it!
  557. downtime

    Looking for Lab Puppies

    Second that...look at my avatar.
  558. downtime

    Salt Away motor flush?

    I do not use salt away but I have found that using muffs on the drive most likely is wearing out the impeller fast. In my opinion doing more harm than good. The new motor I can see the water going through the strainer when the engine is on. With muffs the water comes in waves not very good...
  559. downtime

    Epic Dana Halibut 01-18-17

    Nice job!! Epic trip for sure!!
  560. downtime


    You have my attention...I know all of us with old rusty trailers are drooling over this trailer. Will be awesome when done! What does one of these put a guy out?
  561. downtime

    ID please

    Who's kids did you hire for that picture? Priceless! Love it!
  562. downtime

    ID please

    Looks like an awesome day all the way around!
  563. downtime

    12/11/16 - Don't forget your Tow memberships

    I wondered the same thing. Was told they would do what they needed to assist you. Hope I never find out first hand but hopefully someone that has experienced a large boat on a trailer having trailer issues and will chime in. Best insurance you can buy. Like most insurance you never plan on...
  564. downtime

    AO Buck

    Beautiful buck!! Nice work filling the AO.
  565. downtime

    Blackman questions

    I can say that the skipjack 26 cruises at 18knts very nice. Get the boat over 20 and the ass of the boat is the only thing in the water causing it to get a little squirrelly. With the new motor I can do 25 knots 225hp with the old it would do 28 knots 260hp. I never need to do over 18 in the...
  566. downtime


    I must say that looks bitchin!!! Totally changed the look of your boat! Ken is the man he does things right!
  567. downtime

    2 yr old Choc Lab...not eating...goin South fast...???

    Pups are awesome!! When their hurting you wish they could talk to u.
  568. downtime

    Have Bow, Will Travel.... AFRICA! 9/24-10/7

    The pictures tell a great story!! Awesome trip! Did you have all that was taken euro mounted to be displayed at your castle?
  569. downtime

    SOLD Sold the boat, bought a Henriques. Volvo Penta D4-260 (motor only, no boat)

    Why do you need so much power? Does the boat not go fast enough for you? How fast do you need to go? The glass cockpit is sick look into it. It is a garmin unit with Volvo programming.
  570. downtime

    WTB, 25-28 outboard powered, quality, cuddy or pilothouse

    Looks like u want a big whaler or Grady White. That skipjack and Blackman are sweet boats!
  571. downtime

    Green Mountain vs Traeger

    Had a traeger it cooked great food. The problem is the auger is so long it is prone to binding. Had it happen twice. Now America made yoder! It is awesome heavy gauge steel is all around a great smoker. Cook brisket, ribs, pork shoulders, turkeys, and even bake on it.
  572. downtime


    That was caught in Alaska....:D Nice butt!!!
  573. downtime

    SOLD 2005 Blackman Billfisher. REDUCED PRICE! $69,500

    Why not get this and have two boats.....I know u want it!
  574. downtime

    Private boats to fish Guadalupe?

    Funny how people think that 40 miles off San Diego is the open ocean. We have islands that shelter us out of San Diego. Once your further south there is nothing blocking the swell. Also look at how gnarly it gets north of point conception. Just saying.......
  575. downtime

    Private boats to fish Guadalupe?

    Why not start out touring the islands in US waters there are quite a few all the Channel Islands. Here your in US waters yet doing a long trip island hopping. Start small before going so long to Guadalupe. Yes Guad sounds like an epic trip but like many have said its a long way in the open ocean...
  576. downtime

    Ford F250 7.3 L Diesel 2001 Superduty XLT

    Nice truck! You will get what your asking. She is clean.
  577. downtime

    Ordered a Furuno 12 inch screen, mounting ideas please

    Will something like this work. I have one on my boat because of the mounting location being so small.
  578. downtime

    New Garmin 7610xsv with B-175HW

    Looks like u work. Nice fish!
  579. downtime

    2016 SoCal desert Buck

    Nice work! That buck huge!
  580. downtime

    SOLD 2005 Blackman Billfisher. REDUCED PRICE! $69,500

    Nice boat! This will not last long..
  581. downtime

    10/6 267 to 14 mile

    It is alway said that private boats are fishing near sporties but in some cases the sporties are fishing near the private guy who found his own fish and attracted a mob. It's the ocean we are all out there for the same reason...
  582. downtime

    'End Game' 10-01-2016 Bugged Out

    Nice work. I feel your pain...going thru a repower myself.
  583. downtime

    Volvo out drive won't stay up

    Have been told when raising the outdrive you go all the way up and then slightly drop it. This reduces the pressure.
  584. downtime

    Have Bow, Will Travel.... AFRICA! 9/24-10/7

    Wow to wonder what could be next on the wall....I thought an opah was cool. Good luck! SD hunting is still better! Who am I kidding! Dream hunt enjoy it! Absolutely sick the wifey is there.
  585. downtime

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    If your looking for a truck to tow....diesel! Every tow truck and I mean tow truck I have seen is a diesel. Sure a diesel is not cheep but they are well worth it. Ford F-250 diesel pulls my boat.
  586. downtime

    Hit a mola mola.

    Been there hit a mola on the way home from cat to dana pt. Once I stopped I checked out what had happened and the mola had a huge chunk taken out of it. I looked at the outdrive and all looked good. I now come to find out that this incident most likely bent the prop shaft slightly. This was...
  587. downtime

    Water in lower unit oil?

    Usually when water is in gear oil a pressure test is done first.
  588. downtime

    2005 Seaswirl 2601 WA Diesel

    Someone is gonna get a nice boat!
  589. downtime

    Success in D 13

    Nice work!!
  590. downtime

    MADRUGADOR finally gets a cow.

    Nice fish!!!! You been catching some nice fish! I can't wait till my boat is ready! Seems like forever!
  591. downtime

    Tuna Jihad Cow tippin' - 9/1

    The Jihad is looking sick!! Nice work on the beast!!!
  592. downtime

    2520 Diesel Repower Volvo D6 Read this. It will help you. It has helped me.
  593. downtime

    Knockin'em off the bucket list with Team Accurate - Thursday 8/18

    Absolutely awesome!! East coast vs West coast! Local Knowledge!!! Who gets bigger tuna closest to home? Ali or Rush! Ali wins this one this year!!
  594. downtime

    Diesel mechanic in North County

    If it's for your truck go to Diesel Tech. I can help u get it there if u need help.
  595. downtime

    Just Keep Skipping ... Just Keep Skipping - Another big one on the Jihad

    AGAIN......u guys rock! Who let Marcus have a day off!
  596. downtime

    Got one

    Great job!! That is a beast! This year we are spoiled!
  597. downtime

    Parker 2520 Repower With D4-225

    the drip rail that was built out of stainless is it off this repower is beautiful!
  598. downtime

    Smoked Brisket Method From a Pit Master

    Smoker loaded..these still needed time.. Low and slow
  599. downtime

    Thursday and Friday 8/12 and 8/13

    Nice work!!! Engine work fun stuff there! Look at mine. Out of boat right now. Will be ready for MAW hopefully!
  600. downtime

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    That is a sweet setup!
  601. downtime

    Bowtech Help, strings popped off

    Performance Archery is a great shop also. They are not a bowtech dealer but will work on any bow.
  602. downtime

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    I know everyone reading this that does not own a kite or yummy flyer.....will soon. Hopefully the tackle stores have em in stock!
  603. downtime

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Nice work! These fish are amazing! Congrats on getting them!
  604. downtime

    CA Big Game Draw Results

    the best part about this encounter was my lab was a foot away from the fawn and had no idea it was there. the fawn played dead and they really are sentless (what a great mechanism to help them have a chance at life)
  605. downtime

    What do you think about Fishdope? is it worth it?

    If you use dope as a tool it works flawlessly if you know how to use it. The point of dope is to give you the latest info there is. these guys are the fishiest dudes i know. the only way you can guarantee fish on you dinner plate is to go buy it from the store. the only way to guarantee your...
  606. downtime

    Seeking cool fisherman for San Diego offshore and inshore islands when appropriate

    Just have to say...once invited a guy I did not know. We finished the trip and he says these are all my fish. I don't know about u but the fish on my boat get split up just like fuel, bait, ice, food and all costs. Some trips I don't even pick up a rod.
  607. downtime

    Towing with Isenglass up?

    I only do it when towing on the local streets. If on the freeway I secure everything.
  608. downtime

    Parker 2520 Repower With D4-225

    I saw this boat. Absolutely awesome!! Extremely clean repower. The attention to detail by the guys at Cogswell is incredible! Show some Picts of that engine now that it is finished.
  609. downtime

    Smoked Brisket Method From a Pit Master

    It is Costco business center on convoy.
  610. downtime

    Captains License

    When I took this class there were guys from all over that were staying in hotels near the facility. Goes to show how good they are there at the institute.
  611. downtime

    Captains License

    Maritime Institute in Point Loma. Great school!! I learned a ton!! The instructors are the best. I put in the time and passed all the tests. After the tests are passed you submit your logged time and apply for your license. The crew at the maritime institute will assist with this process. The...
  612. downtime

    Davis Rock Harbor #0001

    solid platform there! first picture looks scary!! She cleaned up very nice! Congrats on the nice sled
  613. downtime

    They are still here.......Sunday 7-10-16 out at the 43 spot on Madrugador

    Nice work getting it done!! Good catching up with you at our favorite store "west marine". Glad you found what you were looking for and boated em!!
  614. downtime

    Wellcraft reviews or thoughts

    First boat I owned was a 89 18 Fish. Loved that boat took it to the islands and even offshore. Sold to upgrade to bigger boat.
  615. downtime

    Yellowtail Tuna Shootout Dope for Saturday

    Those fish look skinny!! No wonder they are all over hooked baits!
  616. downtime

    CA Big Game Draw Results

    Almost stepped on this fawn the other weekend!!
  617. downtime

    CA Big Game Draw Results

    A22 for me!!
  618. downtime

    Personal Best BFT on Flying Squirell 6/5

    Absolutely awesome!!!! Great read!! Well this year all the tackle stores will be out of poppers! Last year it was halcos!
  619. downtime

    1999 Ford F-250 7.3

  620. downtime

    Bluefin Fever

    Nice work! I need to get the boat wet!! There are tons of fish out there right now! The sushi looks amazing!
  621. downtime

    Toyota Tacoma 4x4 2014

    Photos are up. Still can't believe I am doing it!
  622. downtime

    1999 Ford F-250 7.3

    Yeah truck is still available. As for a road trip to Buford GA...have thought about it. His warranty out there is awesome! My issue is a 4x4 Tacoma and a 2x4 f250 equal a 4x4 f250. I would not be selling if it was 4x4. I even thought about a conversion.
  623. downtime

    1999 Ford F-250 7.3

    All of my friends have said "don't ever sell that truck". Well the time has come. I need to down size the number of vehicles I have. Hopefully I am not kicking my butt later. The new truck has a 6.0 powetstroke.
  624. downtime

    Toyota Tacoma 4x4 2014

    The tacoma is immaculate. The only reason for selling is I am going from 2 trucks to 1.
  625. downtime

    Toyota Tacoma 4x4 2014

    A sad day!!! My 2014 Toyota Tacoma is for sale. This truck has everything. Off-road package Short bed Rear locker Icon suspension (icon upper arms, icon coilovers, icon remote res shocks in rear, front diff drop, and rear add-a-leafs) Stock suspension goes with truck. (In a box) Body mount mod...
  626. downtime

    1999 Ford F-250 7.3

    SOLD 1999 Ford F-250 7.3 Diesel XLT Super Duty 2 wheel drive 145000 miles Extended Cab Long Bed Gray Cloth Seats (Buckets) Spray in Bed Liner 2 Costco Batteries New Belt (Installed 4/1/16) Always used Rotella Synthetic oil Hate to sell the 7.3! (Awesome Motor!) $9500 619-204-6135
  627. downtime

    Local Knowledge RAW – Pez Vela

    Dammmm! That is some sick footage!
  628. downtime

    Anyone remember?

    Man o man! A few clicks on dope and the answer is right there. O u want 14 it is there too.
  629. downtime

    Looking to re-power my Parker 2310! Anyone have some good intell on what the best go to engine is?

    U watched Local Knowledge on TV? Those e-techs looks bitchin on the center console they are pimping! 500 hours till first service!
  630. downtime

    Local Knowledge Episode 2 Preview

    Just a preview...that a sick show! Nice work to all involved. First show was awesome. I am ready for more!
  631. downtime

    LED Lighting : where to buy I have a few different styles of these. I also changed out the interior fluorescent fixtures out with the led dual tube fixtures with red and white they work very well.
  632. downtime

    Don't forget to report
  633. downtime

    First West Coast Buck......

    Awesome! Great job!! Us who persue these ninjas of the woods know it's not easy.
  634. downtime

    Spike down.

    Great picture of your pup! Nice work.
  635. downtime

    tagged out!

    Awesome!! Nice work!! Nice bucks there!!
  636. downtime

    New Batteries

    I also use the Sears agm batteries. Was told the are made by odyssey. Same battery in a different case. Sucks they are discontinued. Great battery.
  637. downtime

    A Bunch Waholes jump on the Basshole, in search of Wahoo. 10-22-15

    Awesome! That looks like he was gonna take a chunk out of your ankles in the picture he is lit up and bent.
  638. downtime

    Custom Refit 35' Albin Command Bridge

    Sick boat!!! Nice work!
  639. downtime

    Repower a Blackman 26 Billfisher

    Believe it will fit but will be tight. The nice thing with the d6 300 is it does not have a super charger. You can go any rpm without a supercharger kicking on and off. This would be the package of choice for a repower on the 26 skipjack. 260 hp on a 26 skipjack is perfect. Many 26 Blackman and...
  640. downtime

    Guess WHOO just scored #2!!!

    Sweet pictures of the marlin! Congrats
  641. downtime

    WTB Female Lab

    Rainey is the place! She is 7 months now. Fun day is the woods for her. Woody and Nellie are the parents.
  642. downtime

    1996 Grady White Adventure 208 - San Diego

    Sweet ride!! Loved mine when I had it. Great all around boat.
  643. downtime

    Wanted a great chocolate lab pup or started dog The best there is!!
  644. downtime

    So Cal Exotics

    I just want to catch one; striped black or blue. We are all lucky we don't have to fly to Hawaii to fish for these this year!! When I catch mine I will let ya all identify it. This debate is much like the big eye. Does not seem like there is a resolution to this one...everyone is sticking to...