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  1. Squibob

    8 YFT's on the hook up all at once!

    Fished outta Oregon inlet for awhile ..everyday I thought to myself, all they need is bait tanks and bow rails !
  2. Squibob

    8 YFT's on the hook up all at once!

    Stop the boat throw a dipper !!
  3. Squibob

    Loreto Panga recommendation

    I say u tow the triumph hefe ! Cheers dood
  4. Squibob

    Colonet Intel

    Good fishin w ya Walt ..
  5. Squibob

    Penn Fathom 40 lever drag; 2 Speed Reviews

    We have killed a lot over 100 and several cows with the 40n fathom .. not ideal for the big stuff but can get the job done in the right hands .. NLA KMF
  6. Squibob

    Bluefin 2019???

    Long range boats coming up the line have seen spots at 200+ miles south .. we’ll be on em after the holiday
  7. Squibob

    Round ball handles more comfortable?

    Personally i don’t like them at all ..
  8. Squibob

    Charter boat deck hand etiquette/behavior

    Fish the new lo an !
  9. Squibob

    Mustang overnight out of h and m questions

    I work on the boat .. first yellowfin were caught yesterday, we will Do well .. pretty sure you've been on the boat before if I remember correctly
  10. Squibob

    Mustang overnight out of h and m questions

    Looking forward to fishing with u .. we have a lot of fun and kill fish !! ..
  11. Squibob

    2004 M40 Knight and Carver Sportfisher

    I was looking at it the other day while it was in the yard we were parked a few boats down, that thing is rad !!
  12. Squibob

    Favorite H&M Landing boat?

    Mustang, new owner great Capt and crew !
  13. Squibob

    Need Some Advice on Sun Glasses for the Keys

    Maui Jim hands down .. I'm on the water 200 + days a year only thing I'll wear is Maui Jim .. poly lens suck although glass is a bit heavy
  14. Squibob

    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    5.9 Cummins dodge hard to beat .. 2004-07
  15. Squibob

    Need some help looking for a charter boat out of SD for 15-20

    Mustang H&M landing, new owner lotta upgrades fishy boat !
  16. Squibob

    Tld 15 Vs Calcutta 700

  17. Squibob

    More Patience

    poor guy that's terrible
  18. Squibob


    100-120 a day usually 16-18 hr day
  19. Squibob

    Which reel? Penn torque or Truth SS?

    two brand new outta the box both hooked yellows maybe 5 min in the reels fail .. go buy one i dont give a shit just my experience with em .. and yes when i get pissed i throw shit in the water.. my money i do what i want with it.. is it crazy when i spend a grand at the strip club in a few...
  20. Squibob

    Which reel? Penn torque or Truth SS?

    Yes I threw it in the ocean among a lot of other shit I don't like .. just grab one and turn the handle and then grab a penn and u will tell right away the difference .. If u get one I wish u luck and even more luck trying to land a few yellows on em .. Just don't start crying when u hear em...
  21. Squibob

    Which reel? Penn torque or Truth SS?

    actually two they just sent new reels didnt even want the others back and the other i threw it the ocean to see if it would float .. super unrefined shit reels imo .. lifetime warranty is good cause ur gonna need it
  22. Squibob

    Which reel? Penn torque or Truth SS?

    seen three blow up on my boat not just talking shit just giving my opinion.. glad u guy like em but far better options imo
  23. Squibob

    Which reel? Penn torque or Truth SS?

    is truth the former release reel company if so those things are shit reels .. penn tried n true hands down
  24. Squibob

    Anybody want free deckhand/pinhead work?

    walk the docks talk to capts and crew .. unload fish scrub the boat just be there always ready .. pull ur pants up chin up chest out .. dont act like u know it all and bust your ass.. if u want it u will get it .. good luck
  25. Squibob

    Don't forget to report

    right arm up brother !
  26. Squibob

    parker 2110

    boat kills fish and runs like a champ !! best 21 ft local boat ive ever owned .. ive had skippys stripers trophys this think is killer !!
  27. Squibob

    parker 2110

    like come over go on a sea trial and offer me 16k and want all the shit that i have extra .. if i sale it cool if not i guess ill keep fishing it ..
  28. Squibob

    parker 2110

  29. Squibob

    parker 2110

    Robbie Gordon says all is well .. It was the previous years that had the problem .. I can always drop the lower for u too look
  30. Squibob

    parker 2110

    Two axle 5000 lb vaulted hubs
  31. Squibob

    parker 2110

    Ez 3000-5000 hour engine .. I do all the maitenence on it every 100 hours she gets new oil top and bottom and every 200 a new impeller .. I put 300-400 hours a year on my boats
  32. Squibob

    parker 2110

    No that was the old trailer
  33. Squibob

    parker 2110

    1995 parker 2110 w a 2005 yamaha 200hp 4stroke 1000hrs. bait tank finder gps radar.. brand new 2015 pacific trailer .. 20k firm call me 310-531-6932 Lonnie
  34. Squibob

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    alot of people dont understand the glass graphite thing, there are 2 types of 90js one is gg and one is glass.. my personal opinon is the gg sucks ..
  35. Squibob

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    big difference in the glass 90j and the gg.. the gg imo sucks
  36. Squibob

    Epic Yellowtail run out of Ensenada

    that panga hauls ass .. good job boys
  37. Squibob

    Best in class Parker 2110

    i have the same boat and its probably the best 21 ft out there !! someones gonna score !!
  38. Squibob

    What are the best stops/gas stations on the way to San Quintin?

    take some snacks and bottled water and blow on down have fun Probably wanna leave the blow at home :D
  39. Squibob

    Oil Burners Enjoying Their Day in The Sun

    I have the same one, love it ! 05' ram 2500
  40. Squibob

    Fish cleaning station

    Saw horses a piece of ply and the hose clamped to table..
  41. Squibob

    Repower Would you go with a Mercury 115 or a Yamaha 115 4 Stroke

    I put 2700 hrs on a 2012 yami 115 great motor !
  42. Squibob

    Pulling The Bilge Drain Plug

  43. Squibob


    Silly red shirt
  44. Squibob

    Rapala X-rap 30 wont stay down

    Pretty sure an xrap is an xrap wether u buy it at bass pro or Wally World ..
  45. Squibob

    Rapala X-rap 30 wont stay down

    Go to wal mart buy a new one, put the shitty one In the box and return it
  46. Squibob

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    Hook n hand from the deck hand .. International 16 w 100 lb spectra to 60 lb top shot .. Nice fish !!
  47. Squibob

    Ensenada Charter Recs?

    last cast X3 can't go wrong ..
  48. Squibob

    Two avet ex30w for sale

    135 lb izor spectra also
  49. Squibob

    Two avet ex30w for sale

    Two avet ex30w silver 350 each or both for 650 .. Located in Chula Vista .. I'll send pics if interested .. 310-531-6932
  50. Squibob


    Good work !!
  51. Squibob

    Salas 6X completely out of stock up and down the coast

    I'll take all u got .. I work a lot so can only meet between 11pm - 4am .. I like to meet by lake otay let me know if that works :D
  52. Squibob

    Salas 6X completely out of stock up and down the coast

    Tackle store in ensenada has some .. I can get u some if need be pm me if u want some .. I'll sale em for what I got em for !!
  53. Squibob

    Mexican FMM question

    Got kicked out last fri tried to play the I don't need one game, didn't work
  54. Squibob

    Limits of Sm to Med Reds

    Pic of gorgeous gf Lori :-)
  55. Squibob

    Corrosion on the new A series

    I fish 10+ days a month and after 18 months just opened up two 16a and one 20a and everything looked ok .. Maybe over washing em or high pressure rinse.. A light spray and wipe usually works .. Make sure drags are tight and clicker on while rinsing then wipe back off drag good to go !
  56. Squibob

    Light line topshots

    I like the john Collins knot or try the Alberto knot they both seem good :D
  57. Squibob

    Slow Troll in the winter Coronado's

    Try 2-4 oz sliding sinker then a swivel then a 4-5 ft leader to your bait (Carolina rig) I like macs but dines work also.. Just put your boat in gear and putt around watching your meter.. I fish the reel out of gear with finger on spool, you'll know when your bit, soon as u are throw it in gear...
  58. Squibob

    Valentines day LATE POST

    Good shit red shirt !! I'd expect nothing less from the widder !!
  59. Squibob

    Who is "That Guy"

    Then throws the butt in the water ..
  60. Squibob

    San Diego Bay

    Great day on the water (except loosing ur rig).. Dfg has checked me a few times this year also and everytime super cool ! Thanks for the report !!
  61. Squibob

    2/7 One and half day trip Colonet trip on the Vagabond

    You get what u pay for ! Way to whack em !! ..
  62. Squibob

    Insurance for fishing Mexican waters

    Seaworthy covers to Punta Banda as well .. Switched from boat us after a buddy had his super legit claim denied..
  63. Squibob

    La Jolla Yellow

    Nice work !! Been hit 4 times by dfg so far this year..
  64. Squibob

    Tips on Yellowtail for a beginner

  65. Squibob

    Oops I did it again !

    Another beautiful day on the big pond.. Went 2 for 4 on the yellows today .. Seals were on us bad.. Got us for two fish dammit.. Lj shelf area.. All bait fish today 2 oz sliding sinker Carolina keeper and a hot dine was what worked.. Short bit once on the iron.. 62.3 on my meter.. An
  66. Squibob

    Rpt.-Wed. 02-04-15 A Tale of Tails!

    Yea doooood !!! Nice ones .. I got two today also !!!!
  67. Squibob

    got one 2/1

    :hali_olutta:Good work !!
  68. Squibob

    Local toads !

  69. Squibob

    Local toads !

    One spider hitch Mac 30 ft off bottom and three yoyo, dorado and blue white 6x ..
  70. Squibob

    Local toads !

    Well since its no secret the yellows have been going off, thought I'd share .. Went 4 for 6.. Everyone and there mom was out .. Fished off the pack of boats in lj .. 270 in the am for nothing then to del mar for nada then back to lj for a quick 4.. Bit between 1-230..
  71. Squibob

    braided to Flourocarbon

  72. Squibob

    New/used boat advice wanted !!!

    My 1995 parker 2110 was 17k 2006 fourstroke yami 200 w 680hrs .. Had it 5 months put 150 hrs on it w not one problem .. Maybe worth a look at those ..
  73. Squibob

    NO Bait Mission Bay

    The barge was heading in yesterday evening around 3pm.. Passed it on my way in.. Had to get my yellows on ice
  74. Squibob

    Colnett Boat?

    You will prolly be within a 100$ of the shogun price. Remember u get what u pay for, this is indeed one of those cases !
  75. Squibob

    North Carolina Trip Question(s)

    Oregon inlet ! Great fleet of all custom Carolinas .. I like tuna fever or rigged up .. Can't go wrong really .. Good luck
  76. Squibob

    "The Jewel" of the coast is still biting...

    And there all solid fish !! Nothing better than pulling on slugs in your back yard !! Nice one !!
  77. Squibob

    Advice for Cabo

    Renegade mike !!.. As for the rental car with Dominick there is insurance and paper work that comes with the car it's all legit..
  78. Squibob

    Advice for Cabo

    For dominick I have 949-338-8075 not sure if its still his number but worth a shot.. super easy to deal with like big dog said cash and keys in hand at the airport..
  79. Squibob

    2.5 day trip on Top Gun 80

    I know hector and just wanted to say good job on the switch to a better faster newer boat.. Said nothing about capts or what boat he left.. My bad Randal decided to jump in and comment.. And all u guys wanna cry.. Wonder why his group requested to switch boats hmmmmm.. It's all u guys that keep...
  80. Squibob

    2.5 day trip on Top Gun 80

    When did I rag on any body.. Just said I'm glad hectors on the tg80.. Who knows where Randal came from .. Glad u got a free trip enjoy .. And that was today in lj got three .. And will be back at it tomorrow ..
  81. Squibob

    2.5 day trip on Top Gun 80

    Yea I don't fish :rolleyes: This was today !
  82. Squibob

    2.5 day trip on Top Gun 80

    :ashamed: Did I mention any thing about a shitty boat ?? Put down the vodka bud :drunk
  83. Squibob

    limits @ catalina

    Big time trouble taking lobster in Mexico !! So no hooping at coronados ..
  84. Squibob

    2.5 day trip on Top Gun 80

    Cool shit hector .. Glad u made the switch to the tg80 .. Wayyyyyyyy better !!
  85. Squibob

    limits @ catalina

    Good job on the bugs.. 45 knots at night is pretty scary !
  86. Squibob

    New 2015 Shimano Torium A model

    Utah .. I'll take two !!
  87. Squibob

    Colnett Boat?

    Shogun hands down.. From comfort to the food to the service top notch..
  88. Squibob

    How big is this Sea Bass?

  89. Squibob

    best place to buy fishing gear

    Squidco !
  90. Squibob

    2310 Parker O my!

    Who did ur electronics ?? Need to get mine hooked up ??
  91. Squibob

    2310 Parker O my!

    Saw it while it was at chignon. I had my 2110 next to it and man that extra space looks bitchen ! Just got mine in sept ! Bet your just as stoked as I am !
  92. Squibob

    21' Boston Whaler Guardian re-build

    Looks a lil under powered.. Beautiful skiff !!
  93. Squibob

    No c bass skunk report

    That's exactly where I sat off crystal pier 110 ft from 4 in the afternoon to 7 am !
  94. Squibob

    No c bass skunk report

    That time of year.. Got a lil dope that said go.. Pride had a trip the night before and also struck out.. Figured it was worth a shot !
  95. Squibob

    more odd rock fish

  96. Squibob

    Merc Bravo Outdrive Service

    A good mechanic is worth every penny !
  97. Squibob

    No c bass skunk report

    Sat over night off lj looking for a c bass .. Fished fresh dead and macs dropper loops balloons, gave it hell didn't get touched.. Try again tomorrow night after the boat parade..
  98. Squibob

    A fisherman's fisherman

    Great article thank you .. He will be missed !
  99. Squibob

    Adding a hydrofoil or whale tail

    No just a rough day and gone !.. Took it to Ramon at chignon to fix it and he said it's the 6th one he's done like that .. If u drill holes he says slightly countersink (kiss) the edges of the hole and u shouldn't have that problem ..
  100. Squibob


    Thanks Randy I hope so too. I wouldn't say he got his ass kicked but he no longer was pushing any women around that night..
  101. Squibob

    Adding a hydrofoil or whale tail

    This is what happened with mine..
  102. Squibob


    Went hooping last night took my boat out around midnight at si. As i was taking all my stuff down getting ready to go some drunk dude was pushing his girl around so i got kinda distracted and left my canvas parker bag on the rail of my boat and took off.. Has my handheld vhf, all the paperwork...
  103. Squibob

    Leather double plier sheath

    stonehedge leather co I heard they can do it ..
  104. Squibob

    1995 pacific trailer $1500

    Sold pending payment .. Thanks for looking
  105. Squibob

    Yamaha flush ?

    I pour a lil soap in the hose and connect it to the hose flush adapter on the motor slowly turn on the water ... Manual should show how to flush .. Leave running for a beer good to go ..
  106. Squibob

    1995 pacific trailer $1500

    Don't mind at all 1. Yes 2. Anythings possible 3. Gel coat repair/ all stickers removed and Parker polished up real purdy.. Hydroglow squid light.. Squid dip net.. Bitchen shit?? What do u have ??
  107. Squibob

    Your average jackass !

    Your average jackass !
  108. Squibob

    1995 pacific trailer $1500

    Dead serious .. This trailer is under my carport cover and id like to put my boat under it when it rains.. I have no use for it and it's in my way.. Somebody come get this chingadara ! 500 bucks I have the pink ready !!
  109. Squibob

    1995 pacific trailer $1500

    Okay just want it gone $500-..
  110. Squibob

    Surface Iron Reel to match a 90j

    Yes plenty ..
  111. Squibob

    Surface Iron Reel to match a 90j

    I have a 90j w a tourium 16 and I use a aftermarket clamp ..
  112. Squibob

    Anybody that can weld a lower unit ???

    Thank you I'll give em a call !
  113. Squibob

    Anybody that can weld a lower unit ???

    Looking for someone to weld my cavitation plate on my 06' Yamaha f200 .. Or if u have contact info for someone that does let me know .. I know someone needs extra holiday cash ?? 310-531-6932.. In San Diego but willing to travel ..
  114. Squibob

    RIP my friend "Mario"

    Damm rip
  115. Squibob

    Any suggestions ??

    I guess I'm going to look for someone that can weld .. I'm guessing it's aluminum ??
  116. Squibob

    Any suggestions ??

    2006 Yamaha 200 four stroke ..
  117. Squibob

    Any suggestions ??

    No, the whole hydrofoil rubber piece and the chunk off the lower unit are gone .. Didn't hit anything that I know of ?? Bummed dont really wanna buy a new lower unit..
  118. Squibob

    Any suggestions ??

    Need a lil help.. What do u think ??
  119. Squibob

    Another Great Trip With Renegade Mike

    Good job mike !! Always on em !! Hopefully your arm is all healed up and u got a less aggressive crew :Beat_Them
  120. Squibob

    Remote drain plug

    My 79' 20 skippy had no scuppers and even w a low profile bilge pump at the lowest point it would still have a lil water and caused a lot of issues .. The float was just hi enough for a inch or so to sit in there and if I wasn't constantly flipping my switch on it would just slosh around ..
  121. Squibob

    Remote drain plug

    One of the biggest reasons I sold my skippy was all water that went in had to be pumped out.. No scuppers.. Having a "wet bilge" cost me new starters, rusted out oil pan all kinds of bull.. Not sure bout that plug tho kinda sketchy..
  122. Squibob

    Skipjack 262 Towing truck recommendation? or similar sized boat

    5.9 cummins diesel 05' 4x4 dodge.. Pulls a 26 striper very well ! 15-16 mpg towing 21 fwy not towing ..
  123. Squibob

    Tuna Trolling Reel

    What tuna north suggested or a shimano tld 25 or 30 2 speed..
  124. Squibob

    I was looking for a little job to fill a blank this morning and scored!

    This guys for real! I just looked at his fb page.. Da FAQ
  125. Squibob

    Just Purchased 1984 Skipjack 24 ' open check it out

    Looks badass.. A new 06 motor w 4 hrs seems weird.. Put all that money into it and take it out once and not even break it in all the way.. Otherwise seems cool..I'd say 15k tops.. Just got my 1995 2110 Parker w 2006 Yamaha 4 stroke w 650 hrs for 17 k..
  126. Squibob

    Which Power Plant?

    After owning both inboard (skipjack) .. And now an outboard (Parker).. I would never own another inboard unless it was a straight shaft diesel on a bigger boat .. Jmo !!
  127. Squibob

    Do it all knot

    I like the improved Albright but only for mono to spectra .. Uni to uni for mono/flouro, Mono/mono.. There really is no "one" knot for all applications (that I know of)..
  128. Squibob

    First SUP Yellowtail of County Line

    Badass !! And sea world almost had another seal w a gaff stuck in its culo
  129. Squibob

    1995 pacific trailer $1500

    What forum would u like it in tank? It's a boat trailer in the boats for sale classifieds .. If your looking for a trailer make an offer .. Thanks for looking
  130. Squibob

    1995 pacific trailer $1500

    1995 Pacific trailer.. Had a Parker 2110 on it.. Works fine, tires are good dual axle.. Call me 310-531-6932 located in Chula Vista .. 1500$$ can't figure out how to flip pics .. I can text them if needed ..
  131. Squibob

    Solo run to LA Jolla

    Nice .. Was out there too for a bunch of bones. .. Good job on the yellow !!!
  132. Squibob

    Galvanized vs Aluminum trailers

    Just picked up my new pacific trailer today for my 2110 Parker .. 5600 bucks out the door, galvanized 5000 lb, torsion axles, vaulted hubs. Things pretty badass.. Joe is a super cool guy..
  133. Squibob

    February 2.5 day Baja Freezer Trip

    As long as the boats name doesn't start with a C and end with a F u should have a great time .. Otherwise good luck !!
  134. Squibob

    Cressi speargun?

    Go to spear shack in ob .. Mark will dial u in !
  135. Squibob

    I wanna go fishing tomorrow

    32.50.75 x 117.19.95 meter around .. Good luck
  136. Squibob

    Hoopin Big Bay and Bait Barge curiosity

    Worked at it from 6-12 for 4 legals slow for us too ..
  137. Squibob

    Skipjack power

    The new 200 yami 4 stroke looks sweet ..
  138. Squibob

    Record Wahoo off Dana Pt!

    Awesome !!
  139. Squibob

    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    SQUID CO !!!!!
  140. Squibob

    What line should I put on my Tyrnos 12ii?

    Green spectra is very hard to see.. White is more visible ..
  141. Squibob

    Bar Joke

  142. Squibob

    three contractors

    Good shit redshirt !! LOL
  143. Squibob

    Who to use for Yamaha repower?

    Robbie Gordon at boating dynamics ..
  144. Squibob

    What happened at the bait barge

    Hahaha ask n u shall receive !
  145. Squibob

    Artist Spotlight- Micaela Lawson

    Get this girl a tattoo machine ! She'll be making 200 hr in no time !!
  146. Squibob

    212YFT Landed from Beach, Ascension

    Melted a 1000+ dollar reel on one fish badass !! Too cool !!!
  147. Squibob

    Help me pick a Center Console

    I know the glacier bay cat I had would "sneeze" constantly and had a bad down hill "snap roll" .. Coming home down swell I had it snap roll on me and I was in the water quick .. Sold it the next day .. Might not be all cats but the 24 glacier bay was bad ..