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  1. Squibob

    parker 2110

    1995 parker 2110 w a 2005 yamaha 200hp 4stroke 1000hrs. bait tank finder gps radar.. brand new 2015 pacific trailer .. 20k firm call me 310-531-6932 Lonnie
  2. Squibob

    Two avet ex30w for sale

    Two avet ex30w silver 350 each or both for 650 .. Located in Chula Vista .. I'll send pics if interested .. 310-531-6932
  3. Squibob

    Oops I did it again !

    Another beautiful day on the big pond.. Went 2 for 4 on the yellows today .. Seals were on us bad.. Got us for two fish dammit.. Lj shelf area.. All bait fish today 2 oz sliding sinker Carolina keeper and a hot dine was what worked.. Short bit once on the iron.. 62.3 on my meter.. An
  4. Squibob

    Local toads !

    Well since its no secret the yellows have been going off, thought I'd share .. Went 4 for 6.. Everyone and there mom was out .. Fished off the pack of boats in lj .. 270 in the am for nothing then to del mar for nada then back to lj for a quick 4.. Bit between 1-230..
  5. Squibob

    No c bass skunk report

    Sat over night off lj looking for a c bass .. Fished fresh dead and macs dropper loops balloons, gave it hell didn't get touched.. Try again tomorrow night after the boat parade..
  6. Squibob


    Went hooping last night took my boat out around midnight at si. As i was taking all my stuff down getting ready to go some drunk dude was pushing his girl around so i got kinda distracted and left my canvas parker bag on the rail of my boat and took off.. Has my handheld vhf, all the paperwork...
  7. Squibob

    Anybody that can weld a lower unit ???

    Looking for someone to weld my cavitation plate on my 06' Yamaha f200 .. Or if u have contact info for someone that does let me know .. I know someone needs extra holiday cash ?? 310-531-6932.. In San Diego but willing to travel ..
  8. Squibob

    Any suggestions ??

    Need a lil help.. What do u think ??
  9. Squibob

    1995 pacific trailer $1500

    1995 Pacific trailer.. Had a Parker 2110 on it.. Works fine, tires are good dual axle.. Call me 310-531-6932 located in Chula Vista .. 1500$$ can't figure out how to flip pics .. I can text them if needed ..