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  1. heman

    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    LOL.. all these stories make me feel so much better.. i think. Been chasing the triple digit BFT for last 4/5 seasons... lost count of how many trips. Finally got on them this year.
  2. heman

    SOLD Redline Proline Mini BMX Racing Bike (for a kid) 20” wheels. In Fullerton

    My little girl can probably ride this. I’ll take it!
  3. heman

    SOLD Bearing Buddies + covers

    I’ll take them! Def need to swap my trailer’s. Sending pm
  4. heman

    WTB Looking for trini 20A

    Good meeting ya! Enjoy the reel. Smooth transaction great buyer
  5. heman

    Ouch. H&M fish counts.....

    They all go through their ups and downs. But I'd ride on the Liberty any time... I've had fantastic fishing with Capt Taro and his crew more times than not over the past 5 years.
  6. heman

    For Sale 6 gallon portable gas / fuel tank

    Used, but works. Asking $40. Located in Anaheim.
  7. heman

    Jig hooks sizes?

    ahhh.. i remember the days when I was tackle whoring and buying upgraded rings, hooks, old jigs i didnt have, new jigs that just came out... etc etc... oh wait.. that was last Thursday...
  8. heman

    Difficulty w sardines on circle hooks

    I hold the hook like above recommend along the bottom outside and then try to wedge sardine belly/shoulder between the opening shank and circle point, then do a little rotate left to right getting the point to catch.
  9. heman

    Gaffed in the leg?

    awesome job being able to talk through some help. Glad to hear he's ok. Recently just finished putting together an IFAK/bleed kit with tourniquets, israli bandages, etc... going to order extra quick clot gauze and start carrying my kit along with the tackle bag.
  10. heman


    sent a text.. looking for latest released model? or any of them
  11. heman

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    I think my old dislocated shoulder just flinched hearing Stella 30k... i have a Stella 10k paired with BH Challegner S-801H, same rod as hucklongfin, and its perfect for popping. I don't know if i'd go anything higher than 18/20k just cause... well it takes a toll on my old body. LOL
  12. heman

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    Samsies on leader and knot location... +1 on that BH Challenger Bank S801H and 65# spectra. I'm using 60# mono right now though. I'm partial to one Halco 135mm in Yellowin (call me superstitious)... its 5.25" and 49g weight. Not the heaviest thing, but I can get pretty good distance on my...
  13. heman

    Starting them young

    love this man!
  14. heman

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    how long is your topshot? and what knot are you using for braid-topshot? Just wondering if maybe the knot or something is catching or slowing down ? I typically have a braid with a short mono about 3/4 the rod, my knot typically few inches from the tip guide.
  15. heman

    Reliable kill bag stitching

    I'd use white vinegar OR baking soda (NOT BOTH 💣 ).. those are both pretty safe in terms of odor removal and cleaning. I actually use baking soda when i wash my fishing clothes and have had great success with smell and blood.
  16. heman

    WTB Looking for a spinner set up

    Have this new cali classic 720S Rated 15-40lb Asking $75 Also have a stradic 4000fk xg for sale, but thats gonna be a bit light for what you’re looking at. Pm me if interested
  17. heman

    Best bolt cutters?

    +1 here on the knipex... they are expensive.. but the quality is worth it. Just like using Channel Lock duck bill pliers.. they are 10 seasons in and still going strong rust and all. I wouldnt want to use a pair of bolt cutters that aren't going to "cut" it.
  18. heman

    Popper Rod for a Stella 18000

    this is my exact go to... BH Challenger Bank S801H + stella 10k for popping BH Challenger Bank 801H + tranx500 for irons/ backup popper.
  19. heman

    Where to get supplies online

    What brand? And mind sharing the seller?
  20. heman

    Yummie flyer for bluefin

    I would love to see a mexican flag yummie!
  21. heman

    Check out how cool these pliers holders turned out!

    nice! how much they approx run in cost?
  22. heman

    WTB Looking fora good 40lb Spinning Reel & Rod

    I hve a Penn battle ii 8000 size and a Cali Clssic rod i was gonna post this weekend. Send me a pm if interested
  23. heman

    SOLD Light and Heavy Jigs

    I’ll take them. Sending pm now
  24. heman


    Where in so cal you at? I have one for sale prefer not to ship
  25. heman

    WTB Spinning reel for popping setup

    I have a Penn Battle II 8000 size. New in box if you're interested. Send me a PM
  26. heman

    FREE PLZZZ...Rod and reel combo

    Was about to post this spinning setup if you’re interested. Both are brand new in box. Asking $200, shoot me a DM if interested Penn Battle II 8000 California Classic 870S 15-40lb (i believe is Sabre blank)
  27. heman

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    LOL.. beat me to it.
  28. heman

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    not saying the protests dont matter.. but that’s A LOT of people in one small area.
  29. heman

    Fiancé and I trying to get out!!

    congrats on being clean and getting married. 3/4 day may not be in range for the tunas quite yet. Overnight maybe.... I'd try my luck on the overnight or if possible 1.5 day trips out of San Diego right now. Lots of good boats, some are targeting blue fin and some are hitting the islands for...
  30. heman

    Sliding sinker on a short fluoro leader?

    why not use the carolina keeper on the other side and have the weight slide between the keeper and the hook then? You can adjust as needed, would work the same in theory?
  31. heman

    BNIB Trinidad 14A

    Might have one for sale, not new in box though, lemme check with my buddy. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  32. heman

    Lure identification - who dat?

    oooh yeah I think you are right. Looks a lot like them. thanks.
  33. heman

    Lure identification - who dat?

    Wondering if any one has any idea who is the maker of these jigs? They are heavy 9-10oz and no other info on it. Single treble on the end and solid ring at the front.
  34. heman

    SOLD 1/2 day trip

    props to OP for his move... and props to sealskinner for offering a trade back. I'm always happy to see us fellow fisherman being good humans to one another
  35. heman

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    yeah kinda figured they'd all be Sat based and fairly limited on bandwith. But even just having it is pretty nice. Thanks for the reply
  36. heman

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Loving this thread and info.. now I’m considering popping my long range cherry. i did notice RR3 advertised they provided wifi on the boat?!?Can anyone comment which other boats have this available? Might be able to work enough on the ride down or back (i do remote work and hours are flexible...
  37. heman

    Plans for wood tackle box

    I know this is an old thread... but just wondering are wooden tackle boxes just a personal preference thing? Nostalgia? I notice more long range guys tend to have them?
  38. heman

    For Sale Shimano Calcutta 400 TE - NEAR MINT!

    awesome reel! Still use mine for smaller yellows and inshore stuff. My back can't handle it as a swimbait reel anymore. Bump, GLWS
  39. heman

    SOLD Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Back pack blmbp260bk

    this has been sold. Thanks for looking.
  40. heman

    Expired Passport???

    Bring extra forms of ID along.. helps back up your information. It's not that you don't have a passport.. its just expired vs not having one to show them at all. Ideally if you have Global Entry card.. take that with. That's my backup
  41. heman

    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    congrats on the fish of a lifetime!
  42. heman

    Bluefinn 5/27/20 Down and Tight

    nice report. and good words about starting points. Lotta guys want to be fed exactly how, where, what... nothing beats time on the water.
  43. heman

    FREE Fathom 15sd to San Diego enlisted man or woman

    This is awesome and a great thing to do! I would ping my cousin to msg you but his rotation just came up and are deploying.
  44. heman

    5/1 DVL

    Is there a max # of boats restriction?
  45. heman

    FREE Granite pieces, pizza stones, step stones?

    texting for more info.
  46. heman

    SOLD Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Back pack blmbp260bk

    For sale, great condition Shimano Blackmoon fishign backpack. It is the smaller one. Comes with the ziplock binder bags inside and plano boxes (sorry not the shimano branded ones). Retails $120... Asking $75...
  47. heman

    WTB Penn battle II 4000 and 5000

    I have a brand new Penn Battle II 4000 for sale. Willing to ship to Naples FL, payment must be sent to me via VenMo or Zelle first. Otherwise.. I know some Nigerian princes that might have some for sale.
  48. heman

    SOLD Shimano Reels & United Composite Custom Rod

    Txtd you about 14a and tiburon clamp for 14a. Thanks
  49. heman

    WTB Trinidad’s 20a

    Sending pm
  50. heman

    SOLD Daiwa Proteus 70MFS *PRICE DROP*

    Have that S801, amazing popping rod! Easily handled fish to 50# last season. I’m sure it could handle bigger I just didnt hve a chance to pull on bigger. GLWS
  51. heman

    For Sale Shimano Tranx 500/ Lexa 400 like new

    Would you be open to selling just the Tiburon reel clamp for that $25 difference posted?
  52. heman

    SOLD Plastic bait tank***GONE***

    Nice! Way to pay it fwd. I’d love to grab but too far for me.
  53. heman

    For Sale Mix of freshwater rods and reels

    Citica and crucial are sold, pending meet up/payment. Also, lowering the Trini 20a down to $400.
  54. heman

    For Sale Mix of freshwater rods and reels

    Crucial and citica pending
  55. heman

    For Sale Mix of freshwater rods and reels

    Clearing out some items. Photos available upon request. Most items are in very good to mint condition unless otherwise stated. PM me here or text 714.333 0490 REELS Citica 200e mint condition $80 (SOLD) Stradic 2500FI new in box with extra spool. $120 obo Shimano Trinidad 20a...
  56. heman

    SOLD Xtratuf 6" deck boots NIB (sz 9)

    Sold for asking price. Thanks Tom
  57. heman

    SOLD Xtratuf 6" deck boots NIB (sz 9)

    Size 9 Brand new in the box. Bought for my brother and its too small for him. Kryptek pattern (no longer available from what I hear) Retails about $70+tax. Asking $60 cash, no trades. PM or text 714.333.0490
  58. heman

    FREE Propane Smoker

    2nd if doesnt work out.
  59. heman

    FREE Low Ball Offer Question

    Think it depends on the person... at $300obo.. $275 to me would be considered, but depends on the item, condition etc. Then there’s the $150 offer.. 50% of asking.. like really? Obviously if they provide some recent posts/links supporting the lower price it makes a good argument, but otherwise...
  60. heman

    SOLD Phenix Black Diamond PSW 809-H

    Nice rod... just bought the decky model..
  61. heman

    For Sale Avet MXL 6/4

    To the top.... $200 asking price
  62. heman

    For Sale Phenix Axis HAX 909hj $220

    Forgot I was still selling this... bumping thread up, bumping price down. $190
  63. heman

    SOLD Phenix 809H and Trini 14

    Have this exact setup.. its money! Dont forget to mention the tiburon clamp (adds value)
  64. heman

    For Sale Last of the slow jigs

    GL on the sale I recently ordered those wrench rolls from Sears too for the same storage idea... too bad they F'd up the order and cancelled it on me.
  65. heman

    Help Reading FishFinder

    Helium balloons.. i think we were talking about balloons ( . Y . )
  66. heman

    WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    It’s ok to high stick this trip
  67. heman

    For Sale Phenix Axis HAX 909hj $220

    Bumpski.... price lowered to $200
  68. heman

    For Sale Phenix Axis HAX 909hj $220

    Asking $220 (no trade) Phenix Axis 909HJ jig stick. Bought brand new from Fishermans Access last season. Been on a handful of boat rides, pulled one 40# YFT otherwise just been in the rocket launchers. Few small rash areas, otherwise clean. All guides and tip are perfect. Pm or text...
  69. heman

    Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    Was having trouble sleeping... but now I’m def good after reading parts os the thread... Night BDers
  70. heman

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    GL with sale.. great looking rig..
  71. heman

    SOLD Phenix Black Diamond 700H Price Drop

    Thank you sir. Good seller
  72. heman

    WTB Phenix Rods

    dude.... I just went back through my fishing notes.. I bought that Abyss 909 from you last september lol
  73. heman

    WTB Phenix Rods

    I’ll text you in a few . I actually have the abyss and the access 909 that I was going to post up later tonight
  74. heman

    For Sale Avet MXL 6/4

    Bumpski... $220 new asking price
  75. heman

    For Sale Poppers

    Can’t quite tell, what length are the Bulls
  76. heman

    Liberty tuna report Friday 9/6

    +1 vote for Taro and the Liberty. I have two groups I fish with that charter them the last 5 years. I'll jump on his boat any time. Capt and crew always top notch from my exp. FWIW, I've had good experiences on San Diego, New LoAn and Aztec down there. OP, Great report and glad to hear you...
  77. heman

    For Sale Avet MXL 6/4

    Avet MXL 6/4 2 speed silver Lever drag Comes with clamp, no box. Cosmetic: 8/9 out of 10 Mechanical: 10/10 About half spool of 65# power pro Asking $250. No trades. PM or text 714-909-9239 46A8F876-AB36-4C23-8823-79189F2B2189 by heman posted Sep 6, 2019 at 10:35 PM...
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  81. heman

    For Sale Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Probably adjusted prices to compete with the Shimano Speedmasters
  82. heman

    For Sale Penn Battle II Spinning Reel (5k and 8k)

    Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel 5000 and 8000 (one of each) for sale. Both are brand new. Asking $110 for the 8k Asking $75 for the 5k PM or txt Tony 714.909.9239 for photos or questions. thanks.
  83. heman

    Black Hole CB 801MH or 801H?

    Been using the same rod and love it. Which ball bearing swivel and size are you using/recommend? Also, notice any action difference on the hook swap out?
  84. heman

    TRADE / wtb jig stick

    I have an extra Axis 909HJ, send me a PM.
  85. heman

    SOLD 3 Blackhole Challenger 801H $200 per rod

    Smooth transaction. Thx ken
  86. heman

    WTB 9 foot surface iron rod

    I have an extra Phenix hax 909hj for sale. Been on the boat 2x last season used only one of those trips. bought new from Fishermans Access brea. Pm me if interested.
  87. heman

    What Rods to pair the shimano stella 10k and 6k

    recently picked up a Black Hole challenger 801H for my stella 10k... pretty excited to get this setup out on the water
  88. heman

    SOLD BlackHole Challenger Bank 801H Spinning Rod

    Thanks! Smooth sell, GL on that upcoming trip
  89. heman

    WTB Phenix PSW 909XH/j or UC Monster 900

    I have a brand new 909xhj, but its deckhand style. Lmk if you are interested.
  90. heman

    SOLD Large office desk and office phone

    I might be a bit late on this, but is it still available? I'll take the desk
  91. heman

    For Sale Shimano Tac 8ii and Tac 50ii NIB

    Bumping on price drop and new contact info...
  92. heman

    For Sale Shimano Tac 8ii and Tac 50ii NIB

    Still available! Bumpski
  93. heman

    For Sale Shimano Tac 8ii and Tac 50ii NIB

    Two items for sale, both are brand new in the box. Not lined, but I can line with 65 or 80 MC for additional pricing. Shimano Talica 8ii asking $425 == reduced to SOLD Shimano Talica 50ii asking $1100 == reduced to $1000 Text for fastest response 714.225-5555
  94. heman

    SOLD Tac 8 II

    PM and sending text now.
  95. heman

    Phenix HAX 909HJ rod new

    This still available?
  96. heman

    LADY LUCK abord the Big Johnson Tuna 9-15-10

    way to get'em! looks like those pix were from a GoHero camera? i assume you got video using the same camera? i use one when i go scuba diving and its pretty nice.
  97. heman

    Avet Price increase???

    so let's all get together and get in on a huge group deal.. who's in?