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  1. prater

    SOLD 20' Mako CC

    Condition of tank? Cruise/WOT?
  2. prater

    SOLD 2001 Silverado 6.0L $5000

    Had same truck in 4x4. Put 200,000 trouble free miles on it. My neighbor down the street bought it. He's a roofer, and the truck now has over 300,000 miles. Still trouble free.
  3. prater

    Breaking Tuna (video)

    Corey: Although I've never had the pleasure of meeting you, there's just something about your brother's new boat that doesn't seem to fit you. It's just so amazing, dare I say "soft core." Then, around the 6:20 mark of the video, when you switched to your skiff, there was something familiar and...
  4. prater

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Whether anyone is negligent is still unknown. What is certain, is you are ambulance chasing dirtbags.
  5. prater

    Would you eat fish caught inside the harbor?

    I've seen the dock trash some of you hang out with, so I take whatever you claim you wouldn't eat with a grain of salt.
  6. prater

    How to fillet a ahi!

    I'm envious of so many things in this video I don't even know where to begin. Wow.
  7. prater

    How to Fight & Land a GIANT Bluefin

    Some of the best info I've seen on BD.
  8. prater

    So sick of California, CA taxes, Gov Brown

    So said the people as the Bolshevik's marched in...
  9. prater

    32 Albemarle Express or 31 Cabo Express

    Not sure if this is fair comparison, but I fish on a Cabo 43 and have been up close and personal with a Albemarle 36. Both are outstanding with really nice fit and finish, and assuming their other sized boats are made as well, I don't think you can go wrong with either brand. But given your...
  10. prater

    Boat Loan Advice

    Boats and women. Both get old lose value to others with time, and both cost a shit load of money every month just to keep around. That doesn't even count maintenance costs. I wouldn't live without either.
  11. prater

    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    "I'd tell her to shut the fuck up and mind her own business." Once, I was only THINKING about telling my wife to STFU. I still haven't recovered.
  12. prater

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    Horrible test. That boat is a Scout 255. Look at their website. With twin F150s top speed 52. Twin 150 mercs top speed also 52. Twin F200s top speed 57. Single G2 300 top speed 57. Top speed in video with one F200 and one G2 150 is 50. The only thing you can say about that test is the boat...
  13. prater


    Penn vs. Okuma. Seem kinda the same to me...(honesty check: I own Penn, Okuma and Avets). Reminds me of the "8 second rodeo" joke; you know, the one where the man is having sex with his wife and says "man, your sister is so much better in bed," and then tries to hang on for 8 seconds.
  14. prater

    FIshing Cabo San Lucas

    Absolute no brainer. The Tailchaser is a 43 Cabo in immaculate condition with unbelievable crew. Located at marina in CSL. Last month my wife and I caught 21 marlin (not a misprint) and two months before caught 10, along with assorted fish such as YFT, rooster fish, cubera snapper. Each time...
  15. prater

    number 26 is an idiot

    I sincerely hope my observations are wrong, but fear they are not.
  16. prater

    number 26 is an idiot

    It's been obvious for some time there are fisherman who post on BD who sell a lot of their catch. There's no way even an extended family can eat a small portion of the volume of fish these people catch, and it's unlikely even an outgoing person would have enough friends to give it all away. Do...
  17. prater

    4/1 The Ridge and the corner. Nothing for me.

    Out of the house 0100, in the water 0600, out of the water 1700, home 2130. No love. Fished 182 to almost 181 back down to the corner back to 182. Gorgeous weather. Several pods of dolphins. No National Geographic foaming story, no almost-spooled-me tale, not even any rats. No luck at all...
  18. prater

    Seriously, how?

    It's simple: You live in a state where taxes are ridiculous and the cost of living is unusually high. I know, I used to live there and couldn't take it anymore. But I do keep a boat in San Diego!! Example: 90th percentile income in US about $100,000. Fed income tax on $100,000 is 28%. CA...
  19. prater

    Fishing Charters Keeping the Catch ???

    Cost to charter in HI much less than CA. Four Hawaiian charters I've done this last year, all 10 hours with Captain and mate: 1) Immaculate 37' Merritt $1000 (what a boat!) 2) 41' Hatteras $950 (twice) 3) 54' Bertram $1300 Cost to charter my 31' Luhrs for 8 hours in San Diego (took off...
  20. prater

    Maui in October

    Chartered several times in Maui. Two things I've found: 1) Walk the dock and choose the boat right for you. Shouldn't be much of an issue in late October if you're fairly flexible on the day you go, even with fairly popular boats, such as the 37' Merritt the Finest Kind (one of the boats...
  21. prater

    Report 16 March

    Thanks for taking time to post.
  22. prater

    April Ono's

    Ono and Rum. The only way it gets better is if there's a Wahine in your open bow...
  23. prater

    WTB Barely functional trailer for 31' 14000lb boat.

    The people on BD are amazing. Generous almost to a fault. Thank you, Tom. Text sent to 714-200-6366.
  24. prater

    WTB Barely functional trailer for 31' 14000lb boat.

    Have 31' boat in San Diego, and I need to ship to Hawaii. Twin inboards and weighs about 14k. Boat must be on trailer to ship. Ships from San Diego to Honolulu, so will use trailer to drive boat 1 mile and then put on transport ship. Once arrives in HI will drive another mile and put boat in...
  25. prater

    Stolen gear, moderators feel free to move this

    Similar happened to me with my truck. Found the truck a month later and inside was a grocery list, a child's artwork from preschool (!!!), condoms, and a receipt for cigarettes from local convenience store. Police were honest and said they didn't have time but advised me to go to convenience...
  26. prater

    2/26/16 South Oahu-Farmed Striped Double

    Surprised how calm it was offshore after size of waves for Eddie Aikau. Left Kewalo 0600, returned 1600. Went to 1000 line east of BO and then past buoy and then along 1000 well past Ko'olina but not to point. Then traced back along 500 all the way back to Kewalo. Had double of Striped...
  27. prater

    Sauerfish 2016 Repower

    Thanks, that's what I figured.
  28. prater

    Sauerfish 2016 Repower

    Curious as to how professionals like you think: Did you put in the high output 550 hp version or another version?
  29. prater

    American Angler cuts trip short???

    Boats break no matter how diligent the maintenance. AA showed itself to be first class in their response. AA proved it cares about passenger safety first and foremost. Any suggestion otherwise is ignorant.
  30. prater

    Weekend Warriors- engine hours?

    Guys, beg to differ. If you're putting that kind of hours on a boat you're a lot more of a weekend warrior than most...leaving the rest of us envious.
  31. prater

    December 5th YellowFin on the Madrugador....

    Thanks for intel. Hope to duplicate your results!
  32. prater

    302/371 yesterday

    Shoulda gone there...
  33. prater

    12/5 San Diego.

    West of the 9 before grey light. Trolled feathers on outriggers, cedar plug center rigger long, and purple Zuker 3.5 on short rigger. Hit twice on feathers but came off. No other takers. No mammals. Some birds. Didn't see many paddies, but swell a bit up, making spotting them difficult...
  34. prater

    Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

    You can cut off your dick?? Then how do you bang hot chicks?
  35. prater

    South Oahu 11/15/15

    Fantastic day offshore on the Play 'n Hooky out of Kewalo. Caught mahi, shibi, aku. Missed/farmed what looked like hebi. Biggest fish bull mahi 37 lbs. Caught on both troll and chunk. Multiple smaller shibi and aku. Weather a bit rough, but more than tolerable. Can't say enough about Mike and...
  36. prater

    What would you have done?

    sounds like you handled the situation perfectly.
  37. prater

    upper 9 lower 9 /302/371/425

    Are they going out past the 117.30 line before turning south to comply with no FMM?
  38. prater

    Sinus Congestion Everytime I Go Offshore

    1) You sure it's not the sunscreen? Many people are allergic to the perfumes in the sunscreen. Try a hypoallergenic sunscreen. 2) Take an antihistamine an hour before you go out, such as Claritin, Zyrtec or Allegra. If the problem is allergic mediated, the problem will likely be solved. 3)...
  39. prater

    Right Boat, Wrong Captain

    Disagree with those calling this useless thread. His purpose was not to lambast a boat whose Captain was away, it was to encourage potential customers to identify a Captain they like and make sure he is actually on the boat for the trip being booked. He specifically said he likes a vessel...
  40. prater

    What is the deal with Hawaiian Marlin? Steroids?

    Excellent reply, Tbrownie 21. I'll take it a step further. I live on the mainland full time due to work, but have a place on Oahu, and my daughter lives there and goes to UH. My wife and I visit as much as we can. What you are saying about respect and humility is something I've noticed is...
  41. prater

    F350 on the 22' Whaler Guardian.....

    I remember when my uncle put a 454 into his Vega and would drag race down Woodward Ave...
  42. prater

    Videos and pictures of BFT the last 5 days & 168# fish dead

    Is it just me or did that fish look about average for that school?
  43. prater

    Bluefin Tuna Watching Cruise

    Had identical experience yesterday as well, including 182 and along Mex border back to point loma. Hardly any boats, no wind, no sun, flat calm. And caught no fish. Nice to get out though.
  44. prater

    4/24 HiKai

    Beautiful fish.
  45. prater

    4/19 Ono's and Mahi

  46. prater

    Boat not done but fish in the box

    Shibi? Look pretty big, although no frame of reference...
  47. prater

    Deciding on the 28-35 Sportfisher

    I own the 30 Luhrs, which was new model in 2004, and purchased by me new in late 2005. Great boat, used for overnight trips with my kids. They are now grown with two of them in college in Hawaii. Am only selling because I plan on buying another similar boat in Hawaii. If my kids still lived...
  48. prater

    Late report.......North Island and 9 mile bank, Prez Day

    So, we all know you can't go down swell of a sport boat, as it's in the chum line (I've been an idiot and done that). Now you can't go 1/4 mile upswell, either? Soon we're not allowed to go out at all...
  49. prater

    Lobsters tonight

    The future of bad ass fishermen right there!
  50. prater

    New Lame-Anne

    Don't see any eyewitnesses disputing the only significant alleged fact presented, i.e., the NLA poached the paddy. Take that fact and make of it what you will. Seems the NLA has built up some good Karma in the past. Maybe this'll just be chalked up to uncharacteristic behavior and eventually...
  51. prater

    BOAT FIRE !!

    Glad you're OK
  52. prater

    Paddy issues solved

    We've all done stupid things and been that guy, or at least most of us. I drifted right into the chum line of the San Diego off the Rockpile once. Right through the middle. A VERY well known and respected BDer who posts regularly here as an "authority" came in on a paddy I was on and literally...
  53. prater

    18/7 dp-209

    Thanks. Nice day!
  54. prater

    7/17 Epic fishing

    9 miles! I've never seen this before. What a year. Can't wait to join the party.
  55. prater

    Yellowfin, Bluefin and Yellowtail 7-14 ( Video )

    Not sure who he is, but the guy in white T shirt and handlebar mustache CAN FISH.
  56. prater

    Honolulu 6/1/14. No luck for me but good time with family.

    Wife and I came to see our children, both UH students, and chartered Queen of the Ring. Nice crew, comfy boat. Trolled all day and covered a lot of ground, no luck, but good times with family. Weather nice, some swell. Few birds working. Mahalo, and blessings to you!
  57. prater

    Whats up with Seeker

    Personally own a half dozen Super Seekers, some Black Steel's, some Classics and even Stealth's. Bought Classics and then Stealths for my children as they got old enough as well. It's not that I particularly like them better than Calstar, but my first rod happened to be a Seeker and was very...
  58. prater


    Still can't figure 'em out. When asked where you are from it doesn't even offer the US as an option, and won't let you proceed unless you check which country you are from. Seems to me they're either making it difficult to go on purpose or aren't any good at making websites.
  59. prater

    yellowtail at the Nado's

    I can't figure it out, either. Wanted to take my kid out next weekend. Anybody been successful?
  60. prater

    radioactive tuna

    The first alleged fact is the claim of 3% increase in Cs levels, as the data resulting in this claim is not presented. The second alleged fact is the FDA claim, as no documents to support this assertion are given. I assume both of these are true, although the author must be taken at his word...
  61. prater

    radioactive tuna

    As a trained scientist, I find these articles irresponsible and politically based. I am taking NEITHER side in this debate. In this particular article, there are only two statements of alleged facts: There is a 3% increase in Cs levels and the FDA finds the levels safe. All other statements...
  62. prater

    Looking For A Yellow Tail Setup

    Let's face it, we're all tackle whores! My first yellowtail rig a penn 309 level wind (!) and west marine cheap rod and used it with straight 30 lb mono. Still have it, and I'm sure it would still be bullet proof, but...then bought an MXL which I just had to have along with a Seeker Black...
  63. prater


    One of the neatest thing's I've seen. The picture paddling home afterwards is something else. Congratulations!
  64. prater

    Fishdope Update for Tuesday 10-8-2013

    You're right. Thanks for the info, and my regrets for the initial reply. Must've been pissed at one of the kids - at least that's the excuse I'm using.
  65. prater

    Fishdope Update for Tuesday 10-8-2013

    This is an advertisement, not a post.
  66. prater

    San Diego lobster

    I love Havasu! I stay out of lake on holiday weekends, and I don't go lobster fishing for two weekends after season opens...
  67. prater

    Problem with the Excel

    OP: Are you affiliated with another boat? Seems a lot like complaining about a gorgeous, hot nymphomaniac because she gets too wet...
  68. prater

    Fillet Knife (Bubba Blade)

    Dexter Russell. US made and still the best. And cheaper. Best of all worlds.
  69. prater

    Whats your average haul? Trying to get an idea on what to expect for processing

    7 day trip: About $3000 750 lbs fish processing fee: About 750 Gas/parking: About 200 Hotel and bar bill night before: About...
  70. prater

    LR prices went up next year

    Offshore fishing is an EXTREMELY expensive sport. The average boat in a slip costs around $1000/ft/year over a ten year period if maintained correctly, and I'm talking about just the boat. Not gas, not crew, not fishing toys, not bait, not the parking. Just boat maintenance and slip. If you...
  71. prater

    Elk Hunt Help

    An injured animal in a flight scenario will build up lactic acid. Lactic acid tastes bad. Adrenaline causes the peripheral blood vessels of an animal to constrict to preserve blood supply to the vital organs, thus indirectly delaying the clearing of lactic acid in non vital muscles. Adrenaline...
  72. prater


    Thanks for sharing. Generous and appreciated.
  73. prater

    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    For displacement hulls, cruising speed generally 1.34 x square root of the waterline. So for Pursuit, WL about 65 ft. So, 1.34 x 8 or about 10-11 knots.
  74. prater

    Scopase; Scopalimine Tablets for Seasickness

    1) Get sleep the night before. Fatigue plays a role in making the inner ear irritable. 2) No alcohol. Alcohol is an inner ear irritant. 3) Eat before you leave. Food in the stomach helps suppress one of the inner ear reflex mechanisms. 4) No caffeine, it is an inner ear irritant. 5) Limit...
  75. prater

    Fathom 25n vs 30

    I have a 25N with 50 lb spectra and 75 yards 30 lb topshot on Seeker Black Steel 850M. Casts beautifully. Don't know capacity but 40 lb BFT didn't spool it during repeated runs. Only issue was wished gearing were a bit lower in this particular case. Smaller BFT, maybe 15 lbs, proved no issue...
  76. prater

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    Remember, this was the 9th Circuit Court, probably one of the most liberal leaning courts in our country, and they didn't like what was happening. That really says something.
  77. prater

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Checked fish count on Daily Double. Seven anglers today, at $45 per angler. According to Hansen, who recommends $20 tip on half day, that's $140 in tips total. Assume two deck hands worked 7 hours (including cleaning boat, etc). That's $70 each for 7 hours, or $10 an hour. If you tipped...
  78. prater

    Accurate 30T vs. Okuma MAK20IISEA

    Have a 2002 Chevy 2500HD with 200k. Still runs great, never any problems. Also have a 2011 Tundra. Really nice truck. Still drive my Chevy when no one is looking. Have an Okuma, a Penn and an Accurate. Use them all. My wife is 40. Still ride her, too, and always will. Newer models...
  79. prater

    1/14 dana point squid trip!

    I'm sick of boat bashers. After it all pans out, rarely is there significant fault with the boat or Captain. Like someone else posted in the other thread, there's a percentage of people that are just whiny ass pieces of shit.
  80. prater

    Bubba Blade - Worth the $50?

    Dexter Russell remains the gold standard knife. And it's still American made AND costs less. Let's see, better quality, less money, American made. Hmmm...
  81. prater

    I'm seeing RED,... or am I ?!

    Actually, based upon the number of rods and cones in fish eyes, vision is usually less important as a sensory organ than touch, taste, sound and the lateral line. Most fish have far more rods (used for light perception) than cones (used for color perception), and their perception of colors is...
  82. prater

    Which rod for new Avet SXJ

    I'm really happy with the Seeker Stealth. Great price, and a very light rod.
  83. prater

    I'm seeing RED,... or am I ?!

    The answer is a color is that wavelength of light which is reflected by the object. If no light is reflected by the object, it appears dark. Visible light is generally a combination of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and there is more "energy" in the wavelength progressing...
  84. prater

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    Mark: I'm a longtime CB customer, having purchased nearly all my Avets, Penns, Seeker Rods and miscellaneous supplies from you. I also own a business and understand the constraints of money in this economy. I suspect, however, your new line of products are sourced in Asia, and as you can tell...
  85. prater

    Interested in your comments

    Yes, I'm one lucky SOB. That's my wife and mother of 5. Yes, FIVE. And she's hotter than ever, and 40, and trying to kill me. And doing one heckuva job. Whatta way to go. And the IGFA sucks. And the MLPA sucks even more.
  86. prater

    Interested in your comments

    The IGFA is an elitist piece of shit organization manned by rich-in-bank-account-only people who, as a general rule, inherited their money, rather than earned it. They have neither earned our respect nor deserve it. They are stereotypical Blue Blood Northeasterners, usually with vacation homes...
  87. prater

    Aging Gracefully in Long Range

    Reminds me of when my dad used to take me hunting and fishing when I was a kid. When I was really young and by his side, he always let me have the shot or baited my hook, or handed me his rod, so he rarely harvested an animal. When I got older and we separated on our hunting and fishing...
  88. prater

    Lets make a Deal.

    Are our Stone Crabs like the ones in FL? If so, can you take the claw off and throw 'em back? Not judging (and don't care), just curious.
  89. prater

    WFO mackie bite on Shelter Island Pier Thanksgiving Day

    Your pictures make me feel good. Thank you.
  90. prater

    The right Avet for a 700M Grafighter

    All three of my daughters prefer the MXJs over the MXL/JX, which they feel are too big.
  91. prater


    Once, in anticipation of a big score later in the evening, I came home early from work and cleaned the house, hired a babysitter, and cleaned my truck and took my wife out to a really nice dinner. At the unbelievably overpriced restaurant, I feigned interest in the what she was saying, got a...
  92. prater

    1010 to 220 9/15-9/16

    Thanks for posting.
  93. prater

    Tipping on a 7-10 day fishing trip.

    Simple here in America, or at least it used to be: You earn your own way and you pay your own way. And that includes tipping people in the service industry. Otherwise, other people are paying your way for you, and that makes you a freeloader.
  94. prater

    Fathom Gear Question- for Penn

    Agree. Had a helluva time cranking in a 40# class BFT last week on 25N with 30lb topshot of mono. The 6:1 just didn't have enough juice. Think 4.5:1 would've made much quicker work of fish.
  95. prater

    GO NOW! Solo easy trifecta.

    Only saw one boat at Nados on the way in, so I can't comment on the islands. However, it didn't seem to matter where you were (at least according to channel 72) the fish were chewing hard all the way up the line, including 43, 371, 302, 181 and 182. Many times throughout the day someone would...
  96. prater

    GO NOW! Solo easy trifecta.

    Solo trip to pens with only two sporties (gone by noon) and a scattering of PBers. Double on Dodo's within two minutes. Kept one in water by boat and and just kept catching his friends (CNR) until I got tired of it. Kept two, one 16 and one 14 lbs, and gave to my dad this am, since my family...
  97. prater

    209 - 181

    Fast boat!
  98. prater

    NIB Torium 16. $130

    If you are willing to drop off at Seaforth Boat Rentals in Coronado (I live in AZ), it's worth $110 to me. If that sounds fair to you, let me know. Thanks, Mike
  99. prater

    8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    Loosely quoted from Robert DeNiro in Goodfellas: "There are two rules to being a man: Keep your mouth shut and never rat anybody out." Leave the drama to your wives or girlfriends.
  100. prater

    Offshore 8/7 with a Surprise Ending

    Not sure whether to be scared or impressed by that thing.
  101. prater

    WTB TRAILER- 30 Grady w outboards

    I have a gooseneck trailer custom built in 2006 for a Luhrs 30 open (31.5 ft, 11'10" beam) with inboard diesels. Paid $12K. It's on triple axle and rated for 20,000 pounds. Used one time to take my boat from Lake Havasu to San Diego. Boat simply too big to tow (wet weight nearly 19000 lbs)...
  102. prater

    Bubba Blade

    Gold standard knives are Dexter-Russell, which happen to be American made.
  103. prater

    SUCKS (just venting)

    In the seven years I've been going to EB in SD I've never been shorted, but I always pay in advance, with a tip. Sometimes the workers are a bit cranky, but that goes with their long hours, and is probably amplified by them having to deal with know-it-alls who have chips the size of Texas on...
  104. prater

    7/20/12 Islands

    Fished islands again today with my 11 year old son after tough outing Wednesday with his sister and some of their friends. Unbelievable conditions and weather after fog cleared in the morning. Water "as blue as in my dreams." Weather so nice that after metering around just set anchor in...
  105. prater

    I'm "that guy". Islands/Rockpile with kids.

    Arrived at middle grounds for first drift around 0600. Metered fish briefly a couple of times throughout the day. A PBer caught one yellow just outside lighthouse on South Island around 0800, otherwise didn't see or hear of anyone hooked up, and that includes my unusually good vantage point of...
  106. prater

    I'm "that guy". Islands/Rockpile with kids.

    I always thought Mary Ann was hottest. Still feel like an idiot, but kids didn't seem to notice, which at least lets me save face with them (for whatever that's worth)!
  107. prater

    I'm "that guy". Islands/Rockpile with kids.

    Fished islands and Rockpile today and brought my 11 year old, 14 year old and three of their friends, for nada. Flylined dines, dropper looped deans, jigged. No luck. Wind 15-18 with whitecaps made for tough outing. Some of the kids puked. Regardless, all said they had fun, including those...
  108. prater

    They Ate It All.....

    After reading nearly any of yours posts, if I didn't get to do my own wife and be dad to my own kids, I'd want to be you. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and if I didn't say it, :finger: By the way, can you take me fishing next time?
  109. prater

    Calico Bass: The Collapse is Undeniable

    I can't believe you kept 3! Don't you know the bag limit is 2? Funny stuff and anecdotally interesting (and I'm a pro-slot limit guy...).
  110. prater

    SD bay with my son before he heads for Afghanistan.

    My son is an Army Ranger, and he got a few days off before he goes to Afghanistan next Wednesday, so we got up at o-dark-thirty and drove to SD to hit the incoming large tide shift from 1300 to 1900 with his younger brother and my dad. No chovies at EB, only horse dines, which got raked but not...
  111. prater

    Changes to bass regulations proposed

    Slot limits and trophy stamps worked really well for Redfish along the intracoastal waterway and Gulf of Mexico when I lived there. People -including me, as I literally lived on Galveston bay with my own boat dock, fishing lights and boat lift- initially complained vociferously. However, the...
  112. prater

    Changes to bass regulations proposed

    Don't think you should be allowed to take 5 Cali's. Think 3 should be limit on any single species and the slot should be narrowed to 15-18. If wanted, can purchase a "bull" stamp to take single trophy above 20 inches per year, with all funds from stamp put towards production of artificial...
  113. prater

    Team Hanna catches Blue Fin Tuna 6/9!!!!! (Full Report & Pix added)

    Glad you got at least one. Would have hated to ante up to reimburse you for gas, bait and boat repairs!
  114. prater

    Boat Rules

    To Trayschool: Ibid.
  115. prater

    Boat Rules

    Here's to hope eternal, as I clearly need it, being guilty of several named offenses more than I'd like to admit. But you know what? This year will be different! I will get a tuna grand slam within 45 miles of PL, I will get a PB yellow on a single paddy stop on the way home from the slam, I...
  116. prater

    stripper in the surf

    I'm disappointed. Went through 3 pages of posts, convinced at least get one good picture would be posted before the mods got to it, but NOOOO...You guys are losing your touch. Used to be we could absolutely depend upon the debauchery, lewd behavior, sarcasm, and near criminal content of this...
  117. prater

    point loma bass slaughter

    Only had 'em once: Sauteed fillet over high heat to make nice crust, barely cooked in center. Was outstanding. Even my picky wife liked it.
  118. prater


    I'll bring the harpoons, let's get some swords!
  119. prater

    Anybody throwing iron with the JX?

    Been practicing with my JX 6:1 with 65 pound magic braid and 30# top shot here in Lake Havasu, while waiting for surface action to really get going off SD. Getting a good 50 yards on casts using Salas DX, and I suck at casting. After an hour of practice backlashes much less of a problem than I...
  120. prater

    3 halibut in 2 days, for all the haters and juvie WSB catchers in tube socks...

    You shouldn't remove them from the water, bring them to your driveway, hold them by the gills and then expect them to live when you release them! Don't you know the crabs already have enough food?
  121. prater

    WSB Poachers

    Please tell me you're not a school Superintendent, considering the grammar in your first sentence. On second thought, don't tell me.
  122. prater

    Mexican Visa press release 3/12/2012

    Say you were passing through, then get satisfaction for telling the truth, then donate your unbelievably expensive boat.
  123. prater

    04.19.12 - San Diego - Big Yellows

    Awesome to see such a positive person/report after a long winter. Made me smile. Thank you.
  124. prater

    Does Party Boat fishing affect the fishery?

    26Grumpy, those last two paragraphs are really great points and well thought out.
  125. prater

    Does Party Boat fishing affect the fishery?

    I respect the sportboats and professional fishermen immensely, and appreciate their contribution to my "Old Man Porn Site", as my wife calls BD. However, it's been obvious for a long time these professional, highly efficient boats, have a tremendous impact upon our resources. By the way, don't...
  126. prater

    Mini Baja Special

    Sounds like offering the Fathom 25N with 4.25 gears would address most issues, especially price point.
  127. prater

    Are San Diego Landings' issued Mexican FMM entry permits legal?

    SOMEBODY (Jason, Ali, whomever) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post an official BD recommendation for what we should do, even if it's "please wait until we can give you a recommendation." Listening to these opinions reminds me of trying to make sense of my teenage daughter's conversations with her friends!
  128. prater

    Are San Diego Landings' issued Mexican FMM entry permits legal?

    What are the LR boats doing? They don't seem to be having any problems...
  129. prater

    3/12/12 Daughter and friends off La Jolla

    Sorry, guys, the picture of mom in the avatar will have to do...
  130. prater

    3/12/12 Daughter and friends off La Jolla

    Captain Murphy took my daughter and eight of her spring break friends from University of Arizona fishing off La Jolla 3/12/12 for rockfish/cali's in my boat. She just called and reports Captain Murphy lead them "to more than we could count" of rockfish and calicos, and a couple of lings as...
  131. prater

    What's up with law enforcement?

    Although irritating, being stopped on the water is understandable, but being taken back to the docks without probable cause is not. NOTE: This does not mean the original poster should not have been taken to the docks, because we haven't heard the whole story. BTW, when I have been stopped...
  132. prater

    T.Shark towing 3.9.12

    Best post in a LONG time! Livin' the dream.
  133. prater

    MLPA Monitors (undercover)

    These boats should be careful, because if they are outside the MLPA area and too close to a boat with inexperienced anglers, they just might be hit by a stray jig. Safety first!
  134. prater

    pic of 115lb bat

    Is this the same kid that was banned last year with the garbage mouth who was asking absurd prices for the junk reels? Sure seems like it.
  135. prater

    Grady-White vs. Skipjack

    Almost assuredly an East Coast West Coast thing. Out here most seem to love the SJs. When I lived on Gulf Coast, if you had a trailerable that was anything other than a GW, you were thought to be compromising due to cost. Been on both, and love both.
  136. prater

    Anything worth fishing for out of SD in April or May?

    Whomever you purchased the boat from probably told you this, but if not: If you leave your boat for longer than 30 days in California the great state will charge you property tax at 1% of the purchase price! Somebody has to pay for the jobless volunteers monitoring the MLPAs. Might want to...
  137. prater

    Braid color???

    Beautiful picture, but it's taken with a flash, and that's why the red is visible. Red light is filtered out by 30 feet, and therefore is not visible at any deeper depth unless artificial light is used.
  138. prater

    Ed's Jig's go to Punta Colonett

    Love the BD salute with the ling...
  139. prater

    Mexican Visa News Released

    You may be right on points number 1-3, and I tried to address this, however inadequately, with point number 3, and we should be open to any reasonable alternative to protect our hardworking fleet. The writing may already be on the wall for the short range fleet, however, particularly if we have...
  140. prater

    Mexican Visa News Released

    UNITE! Do not have a fatalistic, defeatist attitude. Fight for your future and your children's fishing future! DO NOT ACCEPT THIS WITHOUT AN ORGANIZED, UNITED FIGHT! (We already failed to unite with MLPA...). 1) Do not purchase a Mexican Visa or fishing license and write the Mexican...
  141. prater

    Mexican Visa News Released

    Reading this thread reaffirms what is paradoxically so wonderful yet distasteful about individuals and cultures, and reminds me what it is to be human and what makes me like fishing so much. I grew up fishing and on the water with my dad, yet like most on this thread I fish much less often...
  142. prater

    Fishing 12/23 on Split Decision

    Because they have little to do with the environment and a lot to do with politics and emotion.
  143. prater

    Calstars and Seekers

    6465H looks perfect and awesome price, just wish it were longer. Should be great buy for someone. Thanks and good luck on great rod.
  144. prater

    donkey boaters...

    You've seen nothing. I'm lucky enough to live in Lake Havasu and unfortunately that's an HOURLY experience all summer long, although many are going a lot faster than 55. Try triple digits in the early morning or at dusk (yes, at dusk, when a lot of folks already have alcohol in their system)...
  145. prater

    Who shot whale? $12,500 reward

    (Feel free to move to more appropriate forum if needed, just didn't know where to post this rant). Here it is: Some Jackwagon shot a pilot whale on the east coast AND WE ARE GETTING THE HEAT! Sea Shepherd and the Humane Society are uniting and offering a $12,500 reward to catch the...
  146. prater

    Coronados with my boy: He had a blast!

    A 24 hour period like this has never happened to me before. Who says full moons are bad luck? Leave Arizona Saturday afternoon after my 11 year old son starts both ways on 12/13 year old Pop Warner football team and does better than imagined. Arrived late Saturday pm and fished Sunday in...
  147. prater

    Big Mako

    Dan, great advice, particularly the STFU part, which I should have the saying goes, opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one, and I should have kept mine to myself, particularly with such a great catch. And Bud, what a great post. I believe I automatically qualify for the...
  148. prater

    9-3 tuna and bloody deck

    Tips like you gave are what makes this site so great! Thanks.
  149. prater

    Sat Sept 3rd BFT Report at the Hidden Bank

    Fantanstic and congratulations to your son!
  150. prater

    Big Mako

    Glad your friend got the job running the Luhrs. Two years from now when he loses his job because the MLPA extended closures over the entire Southern coast because pictures of fairly rare large Makos hanging off boats were posted, neither of you better bitch. And if any of you "lovers" bitch...
  151. prater

    Big Mako

    Don't agree, but it is your call. Anyways, heck of a catch.
  152. prater


    It was played out. Issues raised and then answered respectfully by Chris. After that, just piling on and re-hashing same original complaints. Time to move on.
  153. prater

    Pt. Loma 8-21-11

    Was out there right next to you in the Luhrs-power drifted by you at slack tide near Ballast Point. Nearly same story for us: Endless macks and lizards, and lost an estimated 10-12# butt right at boat due to lousy knot. Looked at the curly cue knot end and nearly cried, as it was my 11 year...
  154. prater

    Top Gun 80 2 Day 8/5 - 8/7

    Hopefully I fall into more than one of your categories!! But wait, with two more posts I will have passed 50 and therefore will obtain full internet credibility!! All sarcastic and snotty replies aside, when a well respected Captain of 30 years experience gets a one sided skewering on a...
  155. prater

    Top Gun 80 2 Day 8/5 - 8/7

    Man up, quit your bitchin', and go cry to your Momma you babies. Sounds like this trip was similar to most others, including Captain Randel's (you can even read his thread. He could have even been on this boat it sounds so similar...). Bunch of p*&@@#s.
  156. prater

    7-17 ... 371 and 425

    Fantastic post, and it's your first! Nice to see people happy instead of bitchin'...
  157. prater

    accurate or Avet what do you like and why?

    COMPLETELY different reels and ridiculous to compare, as they are not in the same niche. No reel, to my knowledge, does what Avet does FOR THE SAME PRICE. No reel does what Accurate does (period), at their MUCH higher price. Avet's are Corvettes, Accurates are Ferrari's. Unfair to compare...
  158. prater

    DFG Phone Survey

    Despite our urges, we might want to resist telling them to shove it, and emphasize the truth in these surveys about how much money we spend and how much we support our ocean environment through the practice of catch and release. There are several possible scenarios at play here: Case Scenario...
  159. prater

    11 Pound Calico

    Wonderful catch and revival effort. I think we're all jealous, at least I know I am! Incidentally, with regards to decompressing fish bladders, the only issue with inserting a needle into the sterile peritoneal cavity (abdomen) of any animal, including humans, is the introduction of bacteria...
  160. prater

    DFG is after me

    "I could understand if it happened in Mexico, but here in America WOW" Let me get this straight, you're complaining because you were written a ticket and then let go without further incidence, and now accused get your day in court in front of an impartial judge, elected by we the people in a...
  161. prater

    Lupe trips

    Jim, thank you, and may you prove successful in your endeavor! With regrets, however, I must point out that few things in this world do not revolve around money. As you seem fond of axioms, remember a common parody of Sherlock Holmes: Follow the money, and whatever answer is left, however...
  162. prater

    Fishing in Maui advice?

    Fished Start Me Up five years ago and had an unbelievable experience. After showing an interest in learning how to fish marlin from a Hawaiian perspective, the crew spent a tremendous amount of individual and detailed time teaching me the ins-and-outs of their take on marlin fishing. Have...
  163. prater

    Calstar, Carrot Stix, shimano rods and Mixed reels

    Pictures of 800XLH? How old is rod? Thanks, can pm me if you wish. Mike
  164. prater

    Mexican Navy and a nados fishing report

    Used to go to Rocky Point with family and charter boat at least twice a year, but stopped with the border violence three years ago. Would go with at least two other families as well, and I suspect that represents a significant amount of money to their local economy. Thought fishing Mexican...
  165. prater

    REELS !

    pm sent re: jx 6/3 MC
  166. prater

    B/D yellowtail tournament 2011?

    Second that, why no tuna tourney?
  167. prater

    SD Bay: Crabs/rays, no lobster. Kids had fun.

    11/6/10: Worked outer and inner jetty, north island and even harbour island but no lobster for me, only small crabs and rays. Kids and a couple of their friends had a blast. Great time anyways. Weather unbelievable. Even though we were skunked from lobster standpoint, kids asking when we can...
  168. prater

    10/13 offshore

    Thanks for report. Like OciferDave, also burned about 200 gallons Sunday instead of 35. Like you, had wonderful time, but with regards to tuna, am o-fer 2010. Good luck to you and all BDers. I'm gonna try one more time, if possible...Tight lines to all, Mike
  169. prater

    Oct 10 Upper 500/lower and upper Hidden/425/371: Spectacular weather, no tuna for me

    At 20/50 0400. Spent day trolling Zuker feathers with idea of chunking any meter marks, of which there was only one for me, at which time my 10 year old son caught a small mako and small blue, both relased. This was just after grey light just south of lower hidden. By the end of the day...
  170. prater

    Sun. 10/3 report: Hidden Bank area BFT/YFT

    Thanks for the report. Nice info!
  171. prater

    local banks tuna and lack of etquette

    Markus: You write well and are a joy to read, and your patience with us infringing upon your business demonstrates an acquired wisdom that only the combination of education and experience can provide. Further, I would like to echo sentiments from another post, as I have learned greatly from...
  172. prater

    302, SSK, 230, 226

    Same story for me 9/20. Think I saw you working your way out in your Grady. Now I know my C120 temp gauge isn't broken, as I was reading 66-67 at the 302 and west as well. By the way, I was reading 65.1 just outside the S9! Last year per my records on 9/11/09 I caught a marlin in 71.1...
  173. prater

    Monday 9/20. 302 and West.

    Took my 10 year old boy and worked from 302 west (general area covered 24-28/35-58), mostly on troll with Zuker feathers, hoping to meter fish or see working birds/mammals. Started grey light and just got back. Essentially nothing. Few radio fish as well. Saw 3 schools of porpoise-no meter...
  174. prater

    Need a lawyer to sue US Coast Guard (Sector San Diego

    Hello, Jose: It sure sucks what happened, but I'm not sure you have a case either. Bottom line is your name tripped a warrant, you were brought in professionally and when they realized you were not the Jose A. Gonzalez they were looking for, you were let go. I'm sure the coasties regret they...
  175. prater

    Tell me how to get a mako?

    You'll need lots of chum. Start on an offshore bank and drop your fresh made chum or store bought chumbucket overboard and SLOWLY power a few hundred yards into current to start a slick. Then just drift while chumming, again either with large bucket or with fresh made chum which is...
  176. prater

    CA DFG in Gulf of Mexico?

    Well said, JJONES660.
  177. prater

    Green Water Keeping Tuna Down South

    Because idiots are too stupid to know they're morons.
  178. prater

    Great White San Onofre

    Keith- It seems we're hearing of more GW sightings. Are you noticing the population is increasing or is it just more people on the water and better/quicker information? And if the population is increasing, why is there no apparant improvement in the seal problem?
  179. prater

    295 - Save your Fuel Money!

    Thanks Ali! This is one of the reasons BD is so great for many of us.... Personally, I have cancelled/delayed six offshore trips this year because of appreciated help from people like you, including this weekend, when I was scheduled to leave sat pm and fish sun/mon. Estimated savings: 650 mi...
  180. prater

    "Pretty"picture fish report are BORING

    Hello Goat 15: Although your statements ring true, I believe you are missing the point of the original post. No reasonable person would ask for your honey hole, but on a website designed to share fishing information is it unreasonable to request some general data, particularly with regards to...
  181. prater

    6/30 Laguna Shark (diving) Report

    I am envious of your experience, but if a large sharks shows up and wants to eat you, it will! Congratulations on what you've done, and I hope you continue to improve the integrity and function of your cage.
  182. prater

    Yellowtail 6/10/10

    Gives new meaning to CNR: Catch, nourish, release!
  183. prater

    The Coronados are holding some tail..

    Thanks for post. Join Fish Dope to get tips on fishing? Isn't that what Bloodydecks is for?
  184. prater

    544# Tshark for TEAM KNUCKLEHEAD

    "Either say it or....SHUT UP" I'll say it. I resent this type of selfish behavior because it will affect my children's right to fish. By the way, one impressive catch.
  185. prater

    late report- KONA GOLD

    Grow up, Pots and Kettles, and use this site respectfully. Saluki, where are you?
  186. prater

    Constitution and the Todos Santos closure

    "Last thing we need now is any unneeded attention..." This is the most important statement in the entire thread, particularly with regards to our long term ability to fish both Mexican and SoCal waters, as unfortunately in politically charged times perception often trumps reality. Examples of...
  187. prater

    Welcome Aboard. Spectra Sportfishing / Long Beach Squid Report

    Captain, it's people like you that make America great and who will lift us upwards in the future. Congratulations, best of luck, and God bless you and your family.
  188. prater

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    "but the garabaldis made up for it" Priceless. Like President Nixon, he should pay dearly for trying to cover it up/blame others/spin it. If he would have just shut up, apologized and offered to pay his fine no reasonable person would even care anymore. What ever happened to standing...
  189. prater

    9-5 425 TO HIDDEN 1/2WAY

    Heard you on 72. By the timing of your reports, I couldn't have been more than 5 minutes ahead of you on both the high spot and south of 425. Appreciate your intel, as it motivated me to easily add rapala to my spread of cedar/tuna clones. Great job and thanks again!
  190. prater

    9/5: 425/Hidden/371. Scratch fishing.

    At 425 1/2 hour before grey light with my 9 year old son and father (along with 15 other boats by my count) and fished 425 to Hidden to 371 to west Coronados for one farmed YFT on troll, caught at 425 shortly after grey light. Might have been lost due to faulty knot on cedar plug, but official...
  191. prater

    Yellowtail Bonanza

    "I have to be honest, I think Bill and I fought one or two fish all day and the 3 boys landed the rest. Bill and I were left with gaffing duties. LOL " That's the way to do it! Nice!
  192. prater

    8/22/09: 425, 302. Bad judgment. No fish.

    Sorry for late post, but just got back home to Arizona. Short story: No fish trolling 425/302/west of Coronados am of 8/22/09. Real story: Am idiot and exercised poor judgment for going out in bad weather, particularly with my 9 year old son. Longer version: Cleared Point Loma early...
  193. prater

    Yellowtail in the box, and my "Issues"

    FANTASTIC post! Nice fish! Am jealous your wife goes fishing with you so often! -Mike
  194. prater

    Casper 425 > Islands July 18

    These conversations demonstrate what is wrong with us. Through our bickering and stupidity we will all get what we deserve when the La Jolla kelp beds and others are closed, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves when we can't take our kids fishing. Otherwise, to stop what appears to...
  195. prater

    Casper 425 > Islands July 18

    It seems egos are getting in the way of the bigger picture Richard is writing about, namely: How do we, as sportfisherman, present a UNIFIED and effective alternative to extensive MLPA closures so that all can enjoy BOTH sustainable fisheries and the freedom to take our children fishing?
  196. prater

    9/2 Man Overboard and YFT

    Nice job on the fish, and great job helping out your less experienced fellow boater! We all could use more people like you out there. Thanks for the post.
  197. prater

    08-16 Report

    Thanks for the report. Also, love your cockpit bait tank. Thinking about getting one as well, but prior to seeing yours, was concerned about space. Do you know how many gallons it holds and by chance the footprint? Thanks.