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  1. Arima-bob

    New charter boat in San Diego! OUTRIDER with Capt. Jeff Spafford!

    After I thought about it, I thought it was the Orion. Looks similar. I’ll book a trip this year, I want to check it out. Is Chapo working on this boat, or did he stay on the Tomahawk?
  2. Arima-bob

    New charter boat in San Diego! OUTRIDER with Capt. Jeff Spafford!

    What boat was that prior? Sure looks familiar
  3. Arima-bob

    2.18.2020 Catalina east end

    We don’t toss bonito anymore either. My kids even eat it!
  4. Arima-bob

    For Sale Bait tank, Todd seat pedestals & more

    I’ll take the pedestals
  5. Arima-bob

    SoCal shops or stops

  6. Arima-bob

    Anyone wanna go fishing?

    Sporties are nice when you don’t want to worry about much except fishing. I don’t like combat fishing, so I would avoid crowded boats (which sucks, cuz I love fishing the San Diego but so does everyone else). I still prefer to fish my own boat most of the time
  7. Arima-bob

    Mantis shrimp, not much else 2/17

    Hmmm.... honey badger and manta shrimp. Bit of unique version of surf and turf with a side of badass. I’ll try it!
  8. Arima-bob

    Mantis shrimp, not much else 2/17

    Hell, I’ll eat it.... after someone else dispatches it
  9. Arima-bob

    For Sale Mako CC 17’

    That thing must haul ass with that motor on it
  10. Arima-bob

    For Sale 2007 seafox cc17 with Mercury 75

    I say keep the boat. You’re gonna need a break from the crumb cruncher soon enough. Grandparents LOVE babysitting! (Usually)
  11. Arima-bob

    Mantis shrimp, not much else 2/17

    That might have been crotch lobsters
  12. Arima-bob

    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    Rooster fish and baby yellowtail... OH THE HUMANITY!!!
  13. Arima-bob

    Mantis shrimp, not much else 2/17

    Yeah, they’re nasty little fuckers. Check out some videos on them things, including the one above (which is funny). I’ve heard of them cracking fiberglass while on decks.
  14. Arima-bob

    Lobster Hooping Lucky Catch!

  15. Arima-bob

    Mantis shrimp, not much else 2/17

    Shoulda ate that shrimp! I’ve heard they are good if they don’t wreck your boat
  16. Arima-bob

    Prado Lake

  17. Arima-bob

    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    I can’t say that I have, but we did land a 150 pound mako with the old 114 a few years ago. Reel handled it no problem
  18. Arima-bob

    Best Baits for BIG CATFISH fishing: worm vs mackerel! Which one is more effective? Let's find out!

    I used to fish the aqueduct for stripers, and there was this old man that would sit out in the evening and load up on catfish. He would be done shortly after dark. His bait of choice... GRAPES!
  19. Arima-bob

    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    Cow tuna have been landed on old senators. :D
  20. Arima-bob

    WTB Skipjack 24 Open or Similar

    @kindafishy has one that might be for sale. It’s a nice project boat with twins. If I could, I’d take it and drop a couple AD-31’s in it. That IMO would be awesome
  21. Arima-bob

    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    I just go to the bottom, but you can always get colored line. Each color represents x amount of feet.
  22. Arima-bob

    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    Or go old school with a Penn 114 senator and a power handle
  23. Arima-bob

    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    Depends on how fragile the bank is.
  24. Arima-bob

    19 foot camp trailer retro fit

    That thing is trick! Nice job
  25. Arima-bob

    Finding Catalina yellows

    I can’t remember if he wrote it under his forum name or as a BD write up. Either way, if you find it, it’s a good read and lots of info.
  26. Arima-bob

    Finding Catalina yellows

    Erik Lansfield did a whole write up on this very subject like a year or two ago. Might be possible to find it in his archives
  27. Arima-bob

    Nacho's bait same thing as Long Beach Bait Company?

    Have you seen Nacho?? I don’t think changing his brand is gonna make any difference. Funny bumping an old thread, but my word of advice... let the other guy be the first one to wake him up.
  28. Arima-bob

    Spreader light/ docking light recommendations

    Found these in a two pack on their site for $99 with harness
  29. Arima-bob

    3M 5200 Marine Adhesive instore????

    My local Home Depot and Lowe’s used to carry it as well, but not anymore. Home Depot sells a different brand of a similar product (I can’t remember the brand) that I have had good results with. It’s cheaper too
  30. Arima-bob

    Little engine trouble..

    I’m gonna step out of the norm here and say check your secondary spark evaporator module. Could also be the hydrocelator valve.
  31. Arima-bob

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Why not?
  32. Arima-bob

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    It was.
  33. Arima-bob

    What the?

    Hold my beer and watch this
  34. Arima-bob

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    You’re right, and as soon as I can, I choose to move to Arizona!
  35. Arima-bob

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Ridiculous amounts!! But at least most can be changed back :) Rub it in... At least I can say nobody I know voted for these dumb laws.
  36. Arima-bob

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Man, I hope it goes through!
  37. Arima-bob

    WTB In need of boat

    Would a project boat be of any help? I have one that could be a good candidate for you.
  38. Arima-bob

    Cory And His Wife Update

    This thread made my day. God bless you Cory and Sheryl!
  39. Arima-bob

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Tease!! This state will forever fight against the public’s rights.
  40. Arima-bob

    Stuff for sale and free.

    Wish that tuner worked for a 7.3
  41. Arima-bob

    Boat name painting in IE?

    Tom Rogers aka Towerfab
  42. Arima-bob

    Sea World at it again

    I can’t wait for the day when the GW’s realize what a buffet is awaiting them at the local islands. I’ll keep a good camera handy and let Nat Geo supplement my fishing funds.
  43. Arima-bob

    Thoughts on Jig?

    Definitely add some glow. Tuna might hit it on the drop too
  44. Arima-bob

    Boat ho etiquette?

    It’s kind of a funny story
  45. Arima-bob

    24 Skippy gel coat and new deck new lights new engine compartment custome

    Looks good! did you fill in the deck hatches?
  46. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1975 Valco 14' & Trailer with "Like New" 2001 Honda 9.9hp 4 Stroke.

    I have a strict lake near me my Valco wouldn’t be allowed on. My Arima has an Etec on it, so I’ve had that one there a few times. No big deal to me though, there’s plenty of lakes that don’t have restrictions that are great to fish and visit.
  47. Arima-bob

    How many batteries on a small boat?

    One would probably be fine, but two is better. Sucks being on the water with a dead battery.
  48. Arima-bob

    BD late winter/early spring swap meet

    I’m already a hoarder
  49. Arima-bob

    Anyone here a CFI?

    Cool, we’ll check him/her out
  50. Arima-bob

    Catch of the day in Cabo

    I hear those are worth a lot of money
  51. Arima-bob

    Anyone here a CFI?

    For medical?
  52. Arima-bob

    Anyone here a CFI?

    I appreciate the understanding. Yes, airplanes and boats get expensive quick. At least with the boat I can add what I want and do it myself. Since the airplane isn’t an experimental it has to be certified airplane as I’m sure you understand. The plane is hangared at Cable airport and there is a...
  53. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1975 Valco 14' & Trailer with "Like New" 2001 Honda 9.9hp 4 Stroke.

    Right on. I have a 14 valco too, but I have an old 15hp two smoker.
  54. Arima-bob

    New guy needing advice

    Shipping will depend on the size of the boat, but I found most cost between 5-8k. Shop around as well, not all prices are set in stone.
  55. Arima-bob

    What’s your first memory of fishing?

    I don’t remember my first fishing trip, but I remember being almost obsessed over it since I was around three years old. My dad tried, but he wasn’t a fisherman. We went a few times trying, but I didn’t catch a fish until my dad’s friend took me at nine years old. He taught me how to tie knots...
  56. Arima-bob

    Anyone here a CFI?

    Cessna 175, but hasn’t been flown or annualed in a few years. It does have a transponder, but I have no idea if it is compliant with the new regs. I suppose that will be part of the annual.
  57. Arima-bob

    Anyone here a CFI?

    Wasn’t me. I haven’t been up in a while.
  58. Arima-bob

    Anyone here a CFI?

    In the words of Indiana Jones “fly yes, land.... NO” In the training I have had, I didn’t make it landings. Don’t worry, I’d rather jump out of a building than fly into one.
  59. Arima-bob

    Looking for suggestion

    Hugs not drugs! Take him fishing... The only thing I know about Toronto is that it’s cold there and hockey is popular with crappy bacon.
  60. Arima-bob

    Anyone here a CFI?

    Logged, I have only a few hours. Unlogged, I’ve done well over 100 hours. Unfortunately most of that is basic flying and takeoffs. I’m not far from French Valley, maybe 20-30 minutes.
  61. Arima-bob

    Anyone here a CFI?

    Yessir! Cessna 175 (tri gear), new radios, IFR rated, powered by a Lycoming 180 with a variable pitch prop. Just gotta get the annual done, and she’ll be ready to fly. It’s hangared at Cable field.
  62. Arima-bob

    New Year New Special! All Trailers 10% Off!

    Wish I could afford one!
  63. Arima-bob

    Anyone here a CFI?

    Have airplane, need lessons. Maybe trade lessons for fishing trips?
  64. Arima-bob

    For Sale 24' Skipjack Flybridge - Turnkey!

    Guys, this one sold a while back
  65. Arima-bob

    Looking for friends in lake elsinore

    Game consoles and phones make good target practice! :D
  66. Arima-bob

    New guy needing advice

    I was considering making a move to the islands not to long ago, and started poking around for info similar to you. What I come to find is that the wind can pick up pretty good out there, even on the leeward sides of the islands. A boat with a cabin (especially for the family) would be ideal...
  67. Arima-bob

    SOLD Tent Trailer $2500

    I must have missed it.
  68. Arima-bob

    SOLD Tent Trailer $2500

    Wish you would have post it here. I probably would have made you an offer, and better than what you got.
  69. Arima-bob

    What has Fishing Done to You?

    Fishing saved me from being a porn star, along with being fat.
  70. Arima-bob

    Looking for friends in lake elsinore

    Ah, this is where kids come in handy 😉
  71. Arima-bob

    Triggerfish limit?

    Watch out for them teeth too. They ain’t no joke!
  72. Arima-bob

    Never owned a boat want to see if anyone can guide me on what to purchase

    I totally understand! Once my skipjack is working, I’ll be thinning my herd as well. That 24 open will be a nice boat for someone.
  73. Arima-bob

    Never owned a boat want to see if anyone can guide me on what to purchase

    Scott, you’re selling her??? Man... she is a sweet boat. Twin diesels in that girl would be AWESOME!
  74. Arima-bob

    Looking for friends in lake elsinore

    Boats are a pain in the ass, trust me. I have five boats
  75. Arima-bob

    Looking for friends in lake elsinore

    I’m a half hour away from Elsinore. Bought my boat there too.
  76. Arima-bob

    Never owned a boat want to see if anyone can guide me on what to purchase

    Being a mechanic is a good thing if you want to own a boat. New or used, they are always projects. I know a few people that have bought new boats and finding themselves going through the boat because they didn’t like how things were done (usually electrical). As an owner of several boats, I...
  77. Arima-bob

    Never owned a boat want to see if anyone can guide me on what to purchase

    If you have to go new, check out the Arima Sea Angler. The come in 17’ or 19’ platforms. It’s the same hull as my sea ranger (almost, there’s been some minor modifications over the years). I’ve had my Sea Ranger in Perris, DVL, Big Bear, Hemet, Elsinore, and even up to Convict lake in the...
  78. Arima-bob

    For Sale 2007 seafox cc17 with Mercury 75

    I get that... it’s rough having babies and a boat. When my two were born, the boat didn’t do much for a while.
  79. Arima-bob

    For Sale 2007 seafox cc17 with Mercury 75

    Didn’t you just buy this boat a few months ago?
  80. Arima-bob

    Boat Ho Available 4/29, 4/30, 5/1

    Seriously! I don’t know the guy personally, but damn... I hope he’s not feeding worms
  81. Arima-bob

    Boat Ho Available 4/29, 4/30, 5/1

    Papa J died?? When did this happen?
  82. Arima-bob

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I’m using iOS, and when I click on your name, I can see that you are from San Diego.
  83. Arima-bob

    For Sale Skipjack 24 Flybridge w/ Diesel Power - $16K

    If I didn’t already have one, I’d be all over this thing. By the time mine is finished, I’ll be into it 10K or more than this one is going for. This boat will sell, so if you are looking at it and debating, better be the one to get it before the other guy does.
  84. Arima-bob

    Freezer emergency

    I’ve had a similar experience myself. I just cleaned the thing out real good and left it open for a couple weeks (unpowered of course). I don’t smell a thing out of it anymore.
  85. Arima-bob

    What lb thrust trolling motor 14' aluminum?

    I’d second that notion.
  86. Arima-bob

    What lb thrust trolling motor 14' aluminum?

    A 30 pound will do, but I have a 55 pound for mine. Gotta push a little extra weight 😁
  87. Arima-bob

    Ammo for older shotguns

    After duckdog’s above comment, I did some digging around. Boss shells are bismuth rounds. They aren’t the only brand available, but bismuth is the answer for the older shotguns. It’s lighter than lead, but heavier than steel. A good amount of waterfowlers like it better than steel too.
  88. Arima-bob

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I miss the old black and tan colors. Could we get that back?
  89. Arima-bob

    Ammo for older shotguns

    You’re Browning and Remington are good to go. The other two will have to give up hunting in this state, unless you want to have the barrels bored out to be modifieds.
  90. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1973 mako 19’

    Also, could you post a pic of the transom?
  91. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1973 mako 19’

    Sounds like it needs a new fuel bulb. Probably a new fuel line too.
  92. Arima-bob

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    It’s working normal for me, at least on my iPhone. I haven’t used my pc in months.
  93. Arima-bob

    Ammo for older shotguns

    Don’t shoot steel through any full choke barrels, and you should be fine. My Citori has been demoted to a target/out of state gun. Thankfully my Benelli doesn’t give a shit
  94. Arima-bob

    SOLD 800m calstar

    I have two of these rods. One has a Torium 30, and the other has a pro gear v-32. Both are great on these rods, but I think the pro gear casts just a little bit better. Somebody buy this rod! I don’t “need” a third one.
  95. Arima-bob

    Fishing in Long Beach

    You’re 14’ will handle the Long Beach harbor most days just fine. On occasion the water is nice enough to run out to the oil rigs
  96. Arima-bob

    Fishing with the DFG. (Oldie but a goodie.)

    New to me... thank you!
  97. Arima-bob

    BLUEFIN still biting

  98. Arima-bob

    BLUEFIN still biting

    Link doesn’t work
  99. Arima-bob


    I’m thinking the stock was never in threat of depletion. Those fish were always around, and maybe they just filled in from other areas.
  100. Arima-bob


    I hope it’s true, but I haven’t heard anything of the like. I won’t be surprised to learn it’s just a rumor.
  101. Arima-bob

    Protection needed for this surf fishing trip!

    The day San Francisco went quiet Except the loudmouth lezbeans
  102. Arima-bob

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    Hurry up and get that bitch on the water! I’m waiting
  103. Arima-bob

    75-foot Wave 20 miles off Norcal Coast

    So... maybe a deep V Parker for the next boat.
  104. Arima-bob

    Good karma luck Kind of lurking around us so I picked up the bait and drove overtonight

    OH NO!!! Now that guy is gonna tell EVERYONE about that spot and no lobster will ever be found there again!! >:(>:(>:(:D good on ya man!
  105. Arima-bob


    That’s pretty damn sexy
  106. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1980 Skipjack 24 w/trailer

    Cuz you know I hoard boats. LOL Yes, you’re right. It is in the title o_O
  107. Arima-bob

    WTB Iphone 6 or better

    Switching to sprint? Your trade in has to be a 6s or newer. A regular 6 won’t cut the mustard.
  108. Arima-bob

    Beginner to Fly Fishing looking for some direction

    8/9 wt would probably work for trout, but it would be like catching a 20# tuna on 60# gear. The rod might be a bit heavy for you tippet though, and a lot of fish and flies lost. 3-6wt is ideal for trout.
  109. Arima-bob

    I am C0rnH0lio’d

    But you got your fish
  110. Arima-bob

    Johnson Oceanrunner 200 Starter issues

    Glad to hear you’re back in business
  111. Arima-bob

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    I’ll make it a reason to take a trip out there
  112. Arima-bob

    Keep fishing or not ?

  113. Arima-bob

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Travelers

    Sadly, I miss living up there. Snow days like those were great to watch the kids and dogs have a blast.
  114. Arima-bob

    FREE Propane Smoker

    I just ate... and now I’m hungry again
  115. Arima-bob

    FREE Propane Smoker

    Oh yeah!!!
  116. Arima-bob

    FREE Propane Smoker

    Now hurry up and post up some Q pics!! :D
  117. Arima-bob

    For Sale 14’ livingston with a 2009 40hpYamaha

    You take that thing 40 miles out of Frisco? Must be hard having to keep a wheelbarrow to hold your nuts!
  118. Arima-bob

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    Y’all keep bumping this thread, I might just say fuck the turkey
  119. Arima-bob

    Keep fishing or not ?

    I had a dream I went vegan once... when I woke up I almost called the rape hotline because I felt so violated. a pound of bacon with a rack of ribs cured me though
  120. Arima-bob

    Amazing archery skills.

    Tom Knapp’s replacement?
  121. Arima-bob

    Keep fishing or not ?

    #Kimchi ON sushi... that sounds way better
  122. Arima-bob

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    You must own a restaurant or food service
  123. Arima-bob

    Keep fishing or not ?

    You’re on the wrooooong website dude! But please, keep posting. This could get interesting.
  124. Arima-bob

    24 Skipjack Flybridge Prop???

    Alpha ones aren’t very common on skipjacks. Most likely put in to replace a crappy OMC.
  125. Arima-bob

    24 Skipjack Flybridge Prop???

    Mine is diesel with a dp, so The best answer I could give you is to call these guys... they’ll tell you what you should be running.
  126. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I’ve heard of some people using an electric range with an inverter.
  127. Arima-bob

    Tiger fish out of Emeryville with Daughter

    :appl::appl::appl: Great job DAD!!! those shirts are great!
  128. Arima-bob

    THIS IS IT!!! The 20th Annual Halibut Classic!!

    Mike, is the tournament rain or shine? Weather doesn’t look to be very good that day. It’s still a week out, so who knows?
  129. Arima-bob

    Hey guys! If you need crew for the winter or summer?

    Got one ready to go, and another that should be running in a few months.
  130. Arima-bob

    trip to Florida

    Living the dream
  131. Arima-bob

    Mind Blowing Bluefin Fishing in the Next 2-3 Weeks?

    Sounds like a good happy hour! Save me a stool
  132. Arima-bob

    Big blow coming 11/20

    At the least, it will probably send them into deeper water, but it’s anyone’s guess
  133. Arima-bob

    2019 Halibut Classic - Those looking for boat or crew....

    Mike, sorry to hear about Vinny. He was a good guy, and will be missed. For those looking for a boat to hop on, I have the boat but I don’t know much about halibut. I did this tournament a couple years ago for a nice stinky skunk. Although we had no fish to turn in, we had a lot of fun. I...
  134. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1986 Arima Sea Sprinter

    I think I’ve seen you at Dana Point.
  135. Arima-bob

    Fuel flow meter?

    Got a link? Everything I find says Gone!
  136. Arima-bob

    Fuel flow meter?

    Didn’t floscan close their doors?
  137. Arima-bob

    Thank you Veterans

  138. Arima-bob

    FREE Propane Smoker

    Feed me Seymour FEED ME!!
  139. Arima-bob

    FREE Propane Smoker

    Nice! I bought a small used Traeger a few years ago. It doesn’t have WiFi, but it’s a kick ass little grill/smoker. Since I bought it, the propane smoker doesn’t get much use, but it’s great if I have a lot to cook.
  140. Arima-bob

    FREE Propane Smoker

  141. Arima-bob

    FREE Propane Smoker

    A little meat porn... She gets a little dusty though
  142. Arima-bob

    FREE Propane Smoker

    I’ve got that same smoker, just wider. Works great!
  143. Arima-bob

    For Sale Honda XR650R up for grabs!

    Exactly! I got a bilge to paint, a transom shield to re-seal, and get the outdrive service with new bellows. I’m sure there’s more. Haha OP, sorry for the hijack. I’d love your bike, but I got a boat that needs fixing first.
  144. Arima-bob

    For Sale Honda XR650R up for grabs!

    You’re tempting me Scott! I need to get my boat done first though. I want that thing ready for spring
  145. Arima-bob

    For Sale Honda XR650R up for grabs!

    If I wasn’t so damn fat, I’d love to have this. Always wanted one
  146. Arima-bob

    For Sale Radon 15

    I forgot you had that thing
  147. Arima-bob

    Tuna Virgin. Going out Fri. Need help!

    Bring your savage appetite! The first tuna you catch, cut the heart out and eat it. Gotta please the tuna gods!!!
  148. Arima-bob

    November Catalina Tuna

    Damn... I’m surprised you didn’t get any likes for that report. :oops:
  149. Arima-bob

    Can Overnight's still reach the tuna grounds?

    No worries. The 3/4 day boats have been getting them.
  150. Arima-bob

    Huge Brook trout in small creek

    That brown looks a little different than our US models. Beautiful fish, and even better catch. Is fly fishing popular in Sweden?
  151. Arima-bob

    1968 Luhrs 25’ project

    I like that bait tank built into the stern. Nice boat!
  152. Arima-bob

    For Sale deuce & half

    Seriously! My first (working) vehicle was a ‘74 Courier. That thing was a huge turd
  153. Arima-bob

    For Sale deuce & half

    That bronco is clean too. It needs to be resurrected
  154. Arima-bob

    For Sale deuce & half

    Throwing it out to a few locals around me. Hopefully someone around me grabs it.
  155. Arima-bob

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    I miss the smell of Blenzall! Golden Spectro was my go to... CHEAP! Haha
  156. Arima-bob

    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    As bad as I want to sympathize with you, my biggest bluefin was football size. Next year I’ll have my Skipjack working. Game on!
  157. Arima-bob

    1st Thresher

    That’s an awesome catch Chris! You two must be stoked. PS, I’ll be by this weekend for QC :D
  158. Arima-bob

    Roller guides and braid, your thoughts?

    Who offers lessons?
  159. Arima-bob

    Roller guides and braid, your thoughts?

    All my trolling rods have rollers and braid. Never had an issue before.
  160. Arima-bob

    ULS diesel in Baja norte?

    Carry the majority of your cash in your sock. If you find yourself having to buy your way out, they’ll want everything in your wallet.
  161. Arima-bob

    ULS diesel in Baja norte?

    I don’t think you’ll have a problem taking a few fuel jugs, but if you can, an auxiliary fuel tank in your truck bed might be a safer option.
  162. Arima-bob

    Deep V versus Mod V = So Cal Fishing

    Listen to Brett, he knows his shit! I know aluminum boats are popular in the PNW, but I don’t really know why, sand bars maybe? I would like to comment that knowing how to handle your boat makes a big difference too. My current sled is a 17’ Arima with 12° deadrise and doesn’t weigh shit. That...
  163. Arima-bob

    I want a parker BUT?????

    I do appreciate a PH, but Mead in the heat of summer? You’re gonna be sweating like a whore in church!
  164. Arima-bob

    Deep V versus Mod V = So Cal Fishing

    Parker’s handle SoCal just fine. The deep V will cut through the chop easier, but the tend to roll a bit more on drift. They also consume more fuel because more of the hull is in the water. Bigger engines work better for deep V’s as well. The mod V is a flatter hull, so less hull is in the...
  165. Arima-bob

    Deep V versus Mod V = So Cal Fishing

    Two different animals. SoCal waters are usually pretty tame, but once you get past SCI it can get a bit nautical.
  166. Arima-bob

    I want a parker BUT?????

    I couldn’t see why it wouldn’t. I’ve seen a 30+ foot sportfisher pulling a wakeboarder once. I haven’t done it myself, but I’m pretty confident my little Arima could do it just fine too.
  167. Arima-bob

    Mak 20ii sea rod question

    Different gearing and better bearings I believe
  168. Arima-bob

    Local OC Tuna

    Get out with RodRage. He’s got a nice boat and a decent knowledge of the local waters. I don’t know the guy personally except from here, but he seems like a good dude.
  169. Arima-bob

    Noodle this

    I’d like to noodle her!
  170. Arima-bob

    Local OC Tuna

    It’s true, they’re around
  171. Arima-bob

    Local OC Tuna

    If I was heading out, I’d offer you a ride.
  172. Arima-bob

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    I was thinking that same thing. Those are common around Hawaii, yeah?
  173. Arima-bob

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    Can’t wait to see the SDLR boats cruising Cat. That would be hilarious!
  174. Arima-bob

    Queequeg = Ahab

    Sounds like he’s hittin on ya bro
  175. Arima-bob

    Queequeg = Ahab

    I do remember him under that moniker. I remember son of ahab a lot better. There’s another one nobody has mentioned that might have been the same guy... PeteKing
  176. Arima-bob

    Queequeg = Ahab

    After that weird rant, I don’t remember much posted from that individual. Posts prior to that were somewhat normal, slightly colorful.
  177. Arima-bob

    Looking for options/advice to upgrade the old points ignition to Electronic on Ford 351W....

    I haven’t applied it to a boat, but I had a Ford 302 in a 65 Falcon. I changed the the points and condenser to an MSD electronic ignition, MSD box and distributor. Noticeable bump in power, and a huge jump in fuel economy. Also carbed with a Holley 650DP w/ mech. secondaries. That car was fun...
  178. Arima-bob

    Queequeg = Ahab

    That shit was hilarious! He/she/it had quite an imagination. That was a fun one for me.
  179. Arima-bob

    How rare is this

    I dunno how rare, but I’m sure it’s got a date with butter
  180. Arima-bob

    Boating etiquette

    If you can, get a second vhf and keep it on 16.
  181. Arima-bob

    The Captain that is....

    I’ve seen Booger on the San Diego come out and start hook and hand. He knows how to get bit
  182. Arima-bob

    Dont know where this belongs....

    I was on the NLA once and the deckie knocked a guys rig over the rail. The guy was a bit bent over it, and the captain came out of the wheelhouse (before Marcus) and asked him what the rig cost him. He told the capt. what it cost him and they reimbursed him with cash. I don’t know if they were...
  183. Arima-bob

    WTB Info on 80% Lowers

    I’ve seen some great deals on uppers from Del-Ton as well. Usually around patriotic holidays.
  184. Arima-bob

    SOLD Jagermeister Cooler 6-Bottle - $30 (Palmdale)

    It needs a Red Bull dispenser with it.
  185. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I’m probably the last guy qualified for wood identification, and I could use some lessons in proper woodworking. I do like the idea of building it myself. Yes, my current engine is a 41A, but it’s frozen. That’s why I bought the 41B.
  186. Arima-bob

    Rpt.-10-16-19 A Ducky of a Tail!

    Glad to read a successful ducky report again! That’s a nice bruiser too
  187. Arima-bob

    Which UC Blank Equivalent to Calstar 800-M?

    If it can be something other than a UC, I’ve heard the rainshadow 800m feels identical to the calstar. @gnehekul he might have more info on this.
  188. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Holy crap! That’s some impressive woodwork. I don’t think I could come close to that level of craftsmanship. What is your opinion on mahogany?
  189. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I don’t have an answer for any of your questions. I bought the engine about a month ago, and I’ll be installing it over the winter season. It doesn’t have a pyrometer, but I’ve definitely considered adding one.
  190. Arima-bob

    Need some help in Port of Edmonds

    Rutch gonna git him a booger!
  191. Arima-bob

    Mr Wong

    I obviously haven’t been on the water in a minute.
  192. Arima-bob

    Where do you take your boat to have it regelcoated

    I haven’t had it done, but I’ve seen Tom Rogers (towerfab) do it, and I believe Mark (pescaloco) does it too
  193. Arima-bob

    Hoop Netting For Spiny Lobster From Piers/Jettys?

    Give any pier a shot. I couldn’t tell you if any are better than others, but plenty of lobster have been caught from piers. Just make sure to have your lobster report card and no more than two apparatuses ie; one rod and one hoop net, or two hoop nets, or two rods.
  194. Arima-bob

    Mr Wong

    Who the hell is Mr. Wong?
  195. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I wasn’t sure if the props would be different. I don’t know of anyone else who has gone from an A to a B. I have an A in my skip, and I recently bought a B. I knew the hp was the same, and the things you mentioned. Someone had told me they had different power curves, so that was my concern. I...
  196. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    So I fired up the google machine and went digging. Saw a few interesting ideas, including one made of cusa board, fiberglassed, and covered with cork. That was neat, but I love the wood look. I also saw one made of mahogany too. Not sure which is cheaper between mahogany or teak but both are...
  197. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    What did you coat and stain it with?
  198. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Sure looks good! I’m thinking of building one for my skippy now.
  199. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Love that swim step! Did you build it? I want one!!
  200. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    @Axl when you repowered from a 41A to a 41B, did you have to change your props?
  201. Arima-bob

    10/13... it could've been epic... but...

    Sucks about the seals, but 27 mph into the dark? Braver man than I
  202. Arima-bob

    For Sale Cooler Seat

    Looks like it would make for a little bait tank on a small skiff too
  203. Arima-bob

    She’s little and cute but she’s mine! Here goes nothing!

    I share your pain! This weekend ain’t happenin for me, but hopefully soon. Go get em Alleigh!
  204. Arima-bob

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    I’ll let the more experienced answer, but I think a fish hold would be a nice addition.
  205. Arima-bob

    Are fish counts accurate? My experience...

    I catch a hundred plus fish on my boat every trip. I don’t usually mention that the vast majority of that number is sardines from the bait receiver.
  206. Arima-bob

    Lots of lost hoop nets

    Fasten a few heavy weights to your nets, and add a couple feet of rope to the depth. The currents can move them around into deeper water, then the the floatation device lets it hover over the bottom for who knows how far. Also (speaking from experience) tie a good knot to the hoop net. I lost...
  207. Arima-bob

    Line capacity of Makaira 30

    You might find your answer in this thread.
  208. Arima-bob

    How far North for BFT?

    They were out there earlier this year too
  209. Arima-bob

    50 year old ammo safe to shoot?

    Just check for corrosion
  210. Arima-bob

    Aluminum 16ft Electric advice needed

    Normally I would fully agree, and it still might hold water in this case as well. However, the 90 is definitely more power than that boat needs, I don’t believe it’s that much heavier than a correct sized four stroke would weigh. I think with the trolling motor batteries up front, and it being...
  211. Arima-bob

    Aluminum 16ft Electric advice needed

    Couple options I can think of is A: get creative with a sawzall, or B: put a couple anchor points in the rear at the transom, and put a battery on each side inside of a battery box, then anchor the boxes down to the anchor points.
  212. Arima-bob

    Aluminum 16ft Electric advice needed

    Without the trolling motor, two would be ideal. One for the engine and the other as a house battery. I would keep that system, but I would probably look for better places to keep them. Is there another hatch that can house those other two batteries?
  213. Arima-bob

    For Sale Aluminum Valco 16’ skiff

    I’ll start the bid at $5.00
  214. Arima-bob

    A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    At least it wasn’t feet AND ass. That guy after a few too many beers and a chorizo breakfast burrito... :shithappens:
  215. Arima-bob

    For Sale Great Trailer

    You know the rules... HOW MUCH??
  216. Arima-bob

    Winter Fishing in Mexican Waters

    Late winter, early spring the yellowtail like to stack up around Collinet. It’s long ride though
  217. Arima-bob

    Fall turkey

    Paso Robles/King city area I’ve heard has a healthy population.
  218. Arima-bob

    30lb live bait rod

  219. Arima-bob

    30lb live bait rod

    Another rod to consider (and I love the 800m) is a UC Tilefish jr. I have one but I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but everything I’ve heard is it’s a great 30# stick. I paired it with a Pro Gear V-52.
  220. Arima-bob

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    Oh man, I forgot about their linguica. That S*** rocks!
  221. Arima-bob

    Muzzleloader Advice

    CVA has a pretty good reputation.
  222. Arima-bob

    California Fishing News

    Go for it! I’ll sub.
  223. Arima-bob

    Beginners Luck 9-19-19

    He’s cursed like the rest of us fucks.
  224. Arima-bob

    For Sale Rail rod combo

    $150.99 AND I’ll throw in a tall boy of miller high life. That’s a genuine offer
  225. Arima-bob

    Beginners Luck 9-19-19

    Kickass! Nice to see Cat is back in action
  226. Arima-bob

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Is there room for an elbow to shoot down?
  227. Arima-bob

    any other Deuce owners here?

    A friend of mine has an uncle who lives out in Landers has a few of them. I think because of the year of his vehicle, there are no smog requirements and is exempt. I’m hoping the state doesn’t come after my pickup. It’s a 7.3 as well, but it’s safe (for now) because it’s a 3/4 ton.
  228. Arima-bob

    SaltAway vs White vinegar

    Never heard of that, but hopefully someone has some real info.
  229. Arima-bob

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Mine is 1980, and aluminum. I don’t believe it’s original though.
  230. Arima-bob

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    I’ll be watching too. Hopefully it’s not in my near future.
  231. Arima-bob

    Beware Barnes Vortx ammo!

    Well crap! I have a brand new box in 30.06. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll check mine.
  232. Arima-bob

    Difference in Maks

    Good and better
  233. Arima-bob

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    That’s quite a fleet you guys are creating. I’m a little jelly.
  234. Arima-bob

    First time fishing San Diego

    In mission bay, quivira basin
  235. Arima-bob

    Big Girls 9/13

    Done with making kids, so I got a left nut to throw in. I’m keeping righty though, gotta hold something over the ol’ lady’s head
  236. Arima-bob

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    I wish I knew it was up for sale! A buddy of mine and I probably could have gone halves on it. I really hope Rocky enjoys it. I too hope he posts reports from the deck. Also, since the Jihad is gone... can I adopt Jason?
  237. Arima-bob

    Ethanol free fuel in San Diego or El cajon?

    I’m not exactly sure which additive in av-gas does it, as it has several. I think it’s a de icing additive. Also, it’s 100 low lead. The octane rating could be anywhere from 80-100 octane. The octane probably wouldn’t be an issue, but I have seen a number of engines blow out the rings from...
  238. Arima-bob

    Ethanol free fuel in San Diego or El cajon?

    Unless you have an airplane, I wouldn’t recommend av-gas. It will damage the piston rings. Ethanol free is not available at the pump in California. Possibly the race gas at the stations, but I wouldn’t trust it.
  239. Arima-bob

    Who bought me my coffee and breakfast sandwich?

    Wasn’t me, but pretty cool! That’s something I’ve only heard of happening. Myself or anyone I know has ever been so fortunate.
  240. Arima-bob

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Who owns the jihad now?
  241. Arima-bob

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    Badass!! One day I’ll hopefully join the ranks
  242. Arima-bob

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    :ashamed::ashamed::ashamed::indabutt::frehya2: Good job Ali. Glad to see you still fish locally
  243. Arima-bob

    Pls help I need info

    It’s all in the feeling. Practice as much as possible
  244. Arima-bob

    Pls help I need info

    Good rod, but I’m a little partial to pro gear myself. Although I think an okuma tesoro or komodo would be a good fit as well (I’m not a big shimano fan).
  245. Arima-bob

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    If you are going to be within 12 miles of shore (islands included) you will need your passport. If you are going on a chartered trip, check with the landing and or captain.
  246. Arima-bob

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    I looked at it for sure, but I need one a wee bigger. I’m going the commercial route :D
  247. Arima-bob

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    Their tri-tips are the best! They will make you fall in love with your grill all over again. Santa Maria grills are awesome! I’m gonna have one made for me.
  248. Arima-bob

    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    Makes me wonder if the shop forgot to put the keeper key in the impeller, or the thermostat is toast.
  249. Arima-bob

    Recommend me a blank !

    UC 7’6 Viper
  250. Arima-bob


    I was working at ONT that night/day. I was just fishing up with my shift and noticing jets that had just departed coming back in. Confused, I get a radio call from my supervisor telling me to finish what I was doing and come back to the office. We spent the next four hours in disbelief, not...
  251. Arima-bob

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    The only time I’ve been disappointed there was when I didn’t have enough money to buy more. If you’re ever around Chino, it’s worth a visit.
  252. Arima-bob

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    Been going there since I was a kid. I was there Friday and dropped $400 on some goodies. Ribs, like six tri-tips, a huge brisket, and a bunch of sausages. Never had them butcher an animal, but I know a few who have. I was even talking to a young lady in line who had raised a steer through the...
  253. Arima-bob

    HH Bendo. It Wasn’t Me

    So... where DID you do it??? :p
  254. Arima-bob

    Want advice. Time to sell the old boat, and shop for new.

    I got lucky, and bought it off a guy I worked with. He needed the money more than the boat.
  255. Arima-bob

    Want advice. Time to sell the old boat, and shop for new.

    My bias is obvious. Look for an Arima! As for your bayliner, someone will buy it, but I wouldn’t expect to get much for it. Sometimes they are worth more in parts. I have a Reinell in this situation. Nobody wants it, so I’ll be parting it out. Maybe donate it to a school? I would think...
  256. Arima-bob

    First Trip to SoCal

    Hismosa is right, San Clemente would give you a better chance at catching yellowtail, and tuna aren’t too far away. Just check with the navy to make sure it’s open. Keep your VHF on 16. That’s the channel the navy will use to contact boats out there.
  257. Arima-bob

    First Trip to SoCal

    Keep towing your boat to San Diego. Avalon is neat, but you can get a temporary slip in San Diego bay. Lots of nice restaurants and things to see. The fish will be a lot closer and you won’t have to wake up Nacho for bait. Also, there’s a few good tackle shops new the bay that will gladly help...
  258. Arima-bob

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    I fear the gremlins I’m gonna run into when I get into that skip. I’m really hoping there’s very little to repair.
  259. Arima-bob

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    I would have to agree. Peace of mind is invaluable
  260. Arima-bob

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    I think that foam has seen better days
  261. Arima-bob

    Smoke Detectors

    Would you be able to test the “sniffer” part with something that smokes, say an incense stick? I suppose a cigarette or cigar could have the same effect but most people probably don’t want the smell of tobacco smoke in their boats.
  262. Arima-bob

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    Hey Josh, if you need a hand hit me up. I’m hauling my Skipjack over to Scott’s later today. I finally got a running engine for it, and we’ll be getting the outdrive off to get the old engine ready for removal. Scott lives pretty close to you, and I wouldn’t mind lending a hand if you need it. I...
  263. Arima-bob

    24' Skipjack FB ideas

    Please do! I just got an an engine for my skip today, so it’s game time to get it going. I like the whole back couch idea
  264. Arima-bob

    Will a Rav 4 hold 8' rods and an ice chest - looking for a boat ride 9/24-9/27...

    Boat ho list
  265. Arima-bob

    Will a Rav 4 hold 8' rods and an ice chest - looking for a boat ride 9/24-9/27...

    I got my 9’ 90J in a Ford Focus, so you should be fine.
  266. Arima-bob

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    I love Hottingers! I have to drive down to Orange tomorrow, I might just hit Hottingers on the way back. Their tri-tips are absolutely awesome!
  267. Arima-bob

    FREE Intel on stolen engine!

    I suppose it is a little small for a panga
  268. Arima-bob

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    Nice rig, but how did this for sale add make it as a sticky?
  269. Arima-bob

    FREE Intel on stolen engine!

    I hate to be pessimist, but that thing is probably pushing a panga in Mexico right about now. I-5 south, and 45 minutes to the border. I really hope it’s found and unmolested. Sorry man
  270. Arima-bob

    lost your boat?

    And that’s why I don’t drink while I’m fishing
  271. Arima-bob

    Saturated flotation foam.

    There was an opening somewhere. Water will find a way
  272. Arima-bob

    Saturated flotation foam.

  273. Arima-bob

    Cystal Pier fishing off MB?

    Parking sucks around that pier, but go early and you should find something decent. The hot chicks in bikinis are well worth the effort. Not much to pier fishing etiquette, but keep in mind there are people up and down, all around you. Tons of yellow fin croaker around. Use a tiny hook with a...
  274. Arima-bob

    For Sale Galvanized Trailer up to 14’ boat

    Where are you located, and is registration current?
  275. Arima-bob

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Post 18
  276. Arima-bob

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    A similar thing happened off the LA/OC coast a few years back. A deckhand was ordered to send an iron at a PB, and the iron put a nice crack in the engine cowl. The PB sued (on judge Judy I believe) and won the case. It’s on here somewhere, and I personally know the PB.
  277. Arima-bob

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Tuna shuffle lessons should be part of the safety speech
  278. Arima-bob

    WTB 24' Trailer

    I have one, but you gotta take the boat too
  279. Arima-bob

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I know a guy who is a member, and likes it.
  280. Arima-bob

    Money making opportunity this weekend

    I know, it’s depressing!
  281. Arima-bob

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    As corny as most of them were, I kinda miss em.
  282. Arima-bob

    Breeding a Brittany advice

    I haven’t done this myself, but I’ve talked to a few people. Any breeder will at a minimum charge a stud fee, and that can vary depending on the studs blood line and history. Some breeders will want to know your dogs pedigree as well. I don’t know what your intentions with the pups are, but...
  283. Arima-bob

    Money making opportunity this weekend

    Damn! My boat is only 17’ Day late and a foot short
  284. Arima-bob

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    I remember said shitfest... that was some good entertainment! I would have paid to see that fight happen too. The good: I’ve made some good friends here, and learned quite a bit. I try to give advice where I can (and lots of sarcasm). The bad: I don’t care for all the snowflakes, but what can...
  285. Arima-bob

    8-17 Oceanside

    Every time I see them things, ain’t nothin else around but them. :confused:
  286. Arima-bob

    Tips on my first long range trip!

    Three months salary for a tip
  287. Arima-bob

    Anyone in need of rings from Roscoe

    I’ll take an order of chicken and waffles
  288. Arima-bob

    Keeping VHF Antenna Upright

    I think it’s loose too. Mine holds it pretty solid
  289. Arima-bob

    Friend wants to fillet his own fish; where in S.D. ?

    Snitches get stitches!
  290. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1987 Arima w/ 2003 Suzuki DF70

    I’m surprised this thing is still for sale! Fish are biting, and this boat could get to them easy and on the cheap
  291. Arima-bob

    Skipjack Project

    I have a set on another boat that might work. Do you need the whole system or just the tabs?
  292. Arima-bob

    Capt. Shaina Cox – BD Fishing Chick

    I hope she has a single sister!
  293. Arima-bob

    For Sale Fishing boat for sale

    Ill start the bidding at $10
  294. Arima-bob

    Fall fishing?

    September through November are my favorite times to fish! Although the summer weather has been making me want to go out, I still haven’t splashed my boat yet this year. That’s gonna change here soon.
  295. Arima-bob

    WTB Used F150

    Any specific years, engine, 4x4 or 4x2
  296. Arima-bob

    Albacore in SoCal?!

    Isle six... LIMITS!!
  297. Arima-bob

    Yellowfin smoking question

    I find the skin really sticks to your papers when you roll it, but other than that it tokes well ;):smoking33:
  298. Arima-bob

    RR3 5 day report

    I’m glad to hear you had a good trip Josh, even despite the follies. To me, even if the fishing isn’t the best, nothing better than relaxing on a boat. Sorry to hear you got a hernia. I’ve been told those hurt like hell
  299. Arima-bob

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    There’s always the temporary trash can tank.
  300. Arima-bob

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    Yeah, but they weren’t coho, they were Kokanee.
  301. Arima-bob

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Winter is the best time to get boat work done.
  302. Arima-bob

    The Legacy 9.......

    Repetition, but don’t overwork her. Leave her wanting more.
  303. Arima-bob

    Why Are The Big Bluefin Sticking Around SoCal Waters

    So the next question is, How long will they stick around? I don’t know when bluefin started being targeted by seiners or any other commercial operations, but to my knowledge it has been in the last 30 years or so. I do know back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s they were considered a...
  304. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    How does it do with those twin Etecs?
  305. Arima-bob

    How To Care For Your Bluefin Catch On The Water

    Then drop the carcass off in Huntington Harbor! :rofl:
  306. Arima-bob

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    It’s not common, but it seems to happen once or twice a year
  307. Arima-bob

    Is this boat still around??

    I’m not sure which is more disturbing... that boat might sadly be in the Carolinas or that you’re searching the classifieds again. ;)
  308. Arima-bob

    Irvine Lake..........

    I don’t know how low the lake got, but sturgeon are good at surviving. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some still in there.
  309. Arima-bob

    Irvine Lake..........

    There used to be... I remember guys bringing them in to weigh. I think the biggest I ever saw was maybe 50 pounds. Seen some big catfish pulled out of there too
  310. Arima-bob

    FREE xxx

    Booze, porn, straight edge, fat clothes??
  311. Arima-bob

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    I’ll sell you a boat, cheap too!
  312. Arima-bob

    Here Is The Plan

    Yeah, have fun Ap! I’ll be waiting for an epic catching report.
  313. Arima-bob

    WTB cheap running car/ truck

    I might have something for you Scott.
  314. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1987 Arima w/ 2003 Suzuki DF70

    Looks like Brandon’s old boat. Whoever buys this boat is going to love it.
  315. Arima-bob

    For Sale 2012 Parker 2320 Yamaha 300

    Good luck on the house hunt and the next boat!
  316. Arima-bob

    Here Is The Plan

    Very true. The last one I’m lacking a lot.
  317. Arima-bob

    advice: looking to buy a family friendly fishing boat

    Bias aside, an Arima checks most of your boxes.
  318. Arima-bob

    Here Is The Plan

    You got a point... sounded fun though. I have this romanticism with taking private craft to places like such. I know it’s hardly feasible, but the adventure of it calls to me.
  319. Arima-bob

    SOLD International V 30vsw (price reduced)

    I’m surprised this is still for sale. That reel can easily handle the bluefin biting off the SoCal coast.
  320. Arima-bob

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    Whiskey! Don’t forget the whiskey
  321. Arima-bob

    New boat and the nados 8-4

    When I read Ranger, I was thinking of a glitter boat too. That’s a damn nice looking sled! Congrats on getting a fish the first time out!
  322. Arima-bob

    Ok, so what is your favorite reel for throwing surface irons and why?

    Pro gear... just flows beautifully
  323. Arima-bob

    Here Is The Plan

    Sounds like a good game plan to me. With that kind of range, why not do Guadalupe trip? That would be interesting
  324. Arima-bob

    Recommended Fishing Trip

    There’s always Florida and the keys. Lots of family stuff available and good fishing. Trailer CnG down there and cruise the islands. Maybe you can hire Rutch?
  325. Arima-bob

    Doritos 7/28

    And that’s why I stay in the boat. The plus side is they might just help with our over population of pinnipeds.
  326. Arima-bob

    WTB Can anyone identify this boat?

    Women.... always wanting bigger. Lol Twofootitis is common, but twelvefootitus is bad brother, really bad!
  327. Arima-bob

    WTB Can anyone identify this boat?

    But your skippy is a work of art! Tough call... how much are slip fees for this boat, and does the slip transfer with the sale?
  328. Arima-bob

    Secure gun storage now a law

    It is scary, but I go with the belief criminals don’t seem to worry about laws much, and are concealing anyway. Who knows, might cause people to drive with integrity again. Haha
  329. Arima-bob

    WTB Can anyone identify this boat?

    3208’s were used in MANY applications from boats to fire trucks, buses, semi’s... I even saw one in an early 70’s Ford pickup (with a turbo). It barely fit but it was awesome!
  330. Arima-bob

    Is the 9 mile inshore or offshore?

    Before you pass out, get me a beer! All them tuna you passed up... man...:shake:
  331. Arima-bob

    anybody seen the tranny playmate ???

    John is funny... lol
  332. Arima-bob

    8/1 Accurate Sponsored 1.5 Day on the Tomahawk

    Glad you had a great time out there! I haven’t heard much of any negative things about that boat, and what I have heard was pretty minor. The crew along with a good platform sure makes a nice difference.
  333. Arima-bob

    Irvine Lake..........

    I’ll bet the bucketmouths, catfish, bluegill, and whatever sturgeon were left in there have gained some good size. Hopefully they’ll allow boats soon as it’s quite large.
  334. Arima-bob

    FREE Boot stuff

    You know what they say about moosehead right? Moosehead is better than no head!
  335. Arima-bob

    Irvine Lake..........

    More info please
  336. Arima-bob

    Mackerel Out Of Oceanside?

    I’ve jigged up a lot of lizard fish straight out from the harbor mouth
  337. Arima-bob

    It’s on!!

  338. Arima-bob

    Posting in Classifieds

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted something in the classifieds. Sorry I couldn’t help
  339. Arima-bob

    Where the hell did my avatar go??

    Alright... someone made her disappear. Why?
  340. Arima-bob

    Doritos 7/28

    I’ve always wanted to try a spear, but I’m too chicken shit to jump in. I resemble a sea lion a little too much... shark week isn’t helping either
  341. Arima-bob

    Posting in Classifieds

    Try clicking on the edit title function
  342. Arima-bob

    It’s on!!

    It’s about time you left the bench and went fishing! Nice haul Jake
  343. Arima-bob

    Tackle Shop Getting Closed Down By The City

    City managers could care less about a little tackle shop. All they are interested in is money. Besides, they’re probably vegan and hate fishing.
  344. Arima-bob

    Good Luck Rituals

    If I’m not getting bit, I crack a beer. That’s when I usually get a hit. If I don’t get bit, I’m gonna catch a buzz.
  345. Arima-bob

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    My boat, $250-$350 typical day. If I invite two people to fish with me, and costs (fuel, bait, ice) are split three ways, and we’re using all the fuel we can hold, depending on fuel costs, it’s about 60-100 per person. A friend of mine has a bigger boat with a deep V and pilot house. Comfort...
  346. Arima-bob

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    That depends a lot on the boat. Especially if the captain is heavy on the throttle.
  347. Arima-bob

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Congrats on getting those first fish on the CnG! (CnG= Cut n Gut :D)
  348. Arima-bob

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Scott, @kindafishy pressurized his bait tank himself. I’m planning on picking his brain and possibly his help on pressurizing mine as well.
  349. Arima-bob

    White sea bass out of Point Loma

    Cool! I’ll give that a try, thanks! Not yet.
  350. Arima-bob

    White sea bass out of Point Loma

    With or without the shell?
  351. Arima-bob

    Little G has The Big D!

    Hats off to you boys!
  352. Arima-bob

    Skipjack 262 in rough seas?

    Skipjacks were made in SoCal for SoCal. It would be pretty snotty out to be worried in 262
  353. Arima-bob

    Which Boat 7/30-8/3?

    LUCK!!! Is wished. Catch a freezer full
  354. Arima-bob

    FREE Duck decoys

    If aeon passes, I’ll take them
  355. Arima-bob

    Skipjack 262 in rough seas?

    No problem, great riding boats. Find someone willing to take you on a ride when the wind and swell is up.
  356. Arima-bob

    BSB Video - SO 07.26.19

    Even the small ones are just impressive! Cool catch and release LJ. How are you liking your Arima?
  357. Arima-bob

    Which Boat 7/30-8/3?

    I’m partial to the NLA and the Tomahawk. Condor usually does good too, but I haven’t been following.
  358. Arima-bob

    Coyote Jerky Recipe

    Curtis, if we ever meet save me some of that jerky. I’ll pull up my big girl panties and give it a shot.
  359. Arima-bob

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    I hate to be a buzz kill, but I agree with the others on the logo. On a side note, I’m sure you’re stuck on a name but I think the color of the hull looks more like Mountain Dew’s “Baja Blast” which I think makes more sense for a boat name. Your boat, my opinion...
  360. Arima-bob

    So 5 day in 2 days

    Don’t forget duplicates of each rod! And plenty of leader material
  361. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Nice new to you skippy there Larry! Is that the one that was in Newport Beach?
  362. Arima-bob

    So 5 day in 2 days

    I wish I had more advice for you, but I don’t. Looks like you are ready to go get some good groceries! Don’t forget the Dave Hansen rule of 50% tip, and have your soul ready to hand over to 5 star. :D
  363. Arima-bob


    Beautiful wrap on an awesome stick Jake! It is tempting
  364. Arima-bob

    Fish hook removal

    I was gonna post that video too! Hahaha
  365. Arima-bob

    Need a place to leave my car for a month.

    How far are you willing to take it?
  366. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Same here!
  367. Arima-bob

    7/19 catalina

  368. Arima-bob

    Displaying your catch instead of processing?

    Save them for my asshole neighbors, or lobster bait.
  369. Arima-bob

    Prayers needed - Been very ill the last 17 mos Check it out
  370. Arima-bob

    For Sale 2012 Parker 2320 Yamaha 300

    When houses get cheaper. If you watch real estate trends, they go up and down. Usually a little and sometimes a lot. Some analysts believe the market will drop like it did in 2008 again, but who really knows? I suggest saving your money until it does, and when the time is right you’ll have...
  371. Arima-bob

    For Sale 2012 Parker 2320 Yamaha 300

    Wait for the real estate market to change. It’s a sellers market right now. It will change around eventually
  372. Arima-bob

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Here’s a little glimpse of mine. He did a great fade too.
  373. Arima-bob

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Shameless plug... I had a rod wrapped by Scold a few months ago and it’s a damn beautiful wrap job. I would shoot him a pm just for a shits and giggles. He had mine done in about three weeks.
  374. Arima-bob

    Best Open Party Deep Sea Fishing? - SoCal

    I would also look at the San Diego out of Seaforth Landing. It is one of, if not the best 3/4 day boat out there. If you want an overnight trip out of the LA/OC area, I’d probably consider the thunderbird. They’ve been doing pretty good lately.
  375. Arima-bob

    After the right dine is chosen, what’s the proper handling method?

    Not exactly. The other thread brings up picking the right bait. I’d like to get an idea of how others handle their bait once picked.
  376. Arima-bob

    After the right dine is chosen, what’s the proper handling method?

    Surely it’s user error, and a technique I need to practice more.
  377. Arima-bob

    After the right dine is chosen, what’s the proper handling method?

    I’m sure this thread will go down as a lame question thread, but I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t really know how to handle their prized bait from tank to hook, and even casting. What seems to work for me is pinching the sardine on the gills (not tight enough to squish it) so it...
  378. Arima-bob

    Shotgun Advice

    I use a Benelli super nova for just about everything. I always have preferred a pump, and although I rarely use 3.5” shells, it is nice to know I can. I use 2-3/4 for everything but geese and turkey.
  379. Arima-bob

    Two Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    My tub ain’t big, but three is just fine so long as everyone knows what is going on. If I’m fishing with a noob, I try and keep it to just us. I’ve taken two noobs before and eventually we had a good system working, but experienced guys that are used to small boats figure it out real quick...
  380. Arima-bob

    Two Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    I’ll definitely keep you guys in mind. I would probably get out more if I had help in the financial department. Being a po mofo makes it tough most of the time.
  381. Arima-bob

    Help me buy a boat!

    X2! I’d snap up that invader, then do a repower next year.
  382. Arima-bob

    Do you guys make bait at Catalina or get a scoop?

    I just stop and get a scoop from Nacho. Word of advice; don’t be the first to wake him up, he’s a grump first thing in the morning. I try and let a couple boats go ahead of me.
  383. Arima-bob

    1978 Skipjack 20

    Take your time, the fish will be there. You can always hop on a party boat or be a boat ho when you need to get a pull on your rod that the girlfriend just can’t do. Lol
  384. Arima-bob

    Shake Down Cruise/Report DP 071319

    I’ve considered the waders idea too, but never did it. I have been fairly successful at driving up on the trailer so far. I will admit, I have jumped in to strap it. Thankfully it was summertime and warm. Glad to hear you got her wet LJ! More pics please
  385. Arima-bob

    7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    Stripe sucks, but at least you got out there! Good juju for sure
  386. Arima-bob

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    Probably, but the one I linked is cheaper and has everything done to it that will go to a million. Also, the one I linked is a 6 speed manual. If you don’t mind that, they’ll last a lot longer than an automatic. Clutches depend on how it’s driven
  387. Arima-bob

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    There will be... twofootitis will set in eventually.
  388. Arima-bob

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    It’s either a car, a boat, an actual “she” (she could be a he too, I don’t judge)... we all have something t have after. Sounds like you got the top three now.
  389. Arima-bob

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    Here you go
  390. Arima-bob

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    You’re gonna have to change your BD moniker to “I finally got her” and name the boat “My Boo-E”. :D
  391. Arima-bob

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    7.3 with a ZF-6! Yeah baby, yeah!! Btw, I posted a link to a nice one in San Diego a couple months ago. It’s still for sale too. If I didn’t already have one, I’d grab it.
  392. Arima-bob

    What is your Catalina YT set up?

    I love squidders!
  393. Arima-bob

    Lots of Show and Some Go - Newport Beach Bluefin Report

    Erik you dirtbag! I got exited thinking there was bluefin off Newport. I was gonna jump on a twilight boat and bring my UC Viper! Great report though, thank you!
  394. Arima-bob

    Chunking For Local Bluefin?

    I’ve had success with a long soak dine and chunking up dead bait every few minutes. I think the chunk gets their attention and maybe intrigues their appetite.
  395. Arima-bob

    Teach a man to fish...

    The 24’ Reinell. If I can’t sell it, I’ll part it out.
  396. Arima-bob

    Teach a man to fish...

    I got a project boat I’ll sell him. It ain’t little but it’s cheap
  397. Arima-bob

    My Parker 2120

    I got a buddy that just moved to Georgia... he’d probably be happy to ho with you if you need one. He knows his way around a boat too. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll get you in contact with him.
  398. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1996 Arima Sea Chaser, Loaded! ready to fish!

    What’s up Jack! Did you find your replacement yet? Happy 4th to you as well!
  399. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1996 Arima Sea Chaser, Loaded! ready to fish!

    I know my Arima’s worth, both monetary and on the water. This boat listed is a good deal. Jim is right about their drawbacks, and only listed a few of their strengths. An Arima can be a forever boat if you are happy with it. They will last a long long time so long as it is cared for. My Arima...
  400. Arima-bob

    Maybe be dumb question about ceviche ? just maybe...LOL

    In response to mtnfshr and stonefly, I’m not a poke fan either, but I love love LOVE a good ceviche. You guys hit the nail on the head for me
  401. Arima-bob

    WTB Need a Rod + Reel

    I just so happen to have a 700h with a lefty metaloid on it... I wasn’t planning on selling it, but I could be persuaded. :)
  402. Arima-bob

    Catalina - 6/29 Big Yellowtail and the Boys first Real Fishing Trip

    Good times, and a great report! I’m surprised you didn’t get hassled by a certain member for using the “R” word.
  403. Arima-bob

    Any Open Spots Departing 9/13/2019

    Or a good pair of sandals
  404. Arima-bob

    Ski to RIB

    I haven’t been on a RIB myself, but I see them on the water plenty. I’m sure a 70 hp will be plenty of power for it, but it won’t be anywhere near as fast as your ski. Sorry I don’t have more to add, but I’m sure someone will.
  405. Arima-bob

    Would you eat fish caught inside the harbor?

    I wouldn’t. A friends kid caught a harbor halibut, took it home and ate it. He got pretty sick from it.
  406. Arima-bob

    Noob seeking boat advice

    I would put myself out there as a ho, then you really get an idea of different boats and what you like (or don’t like) Or jump on this deal. Great fishing and family boat, capable of the local islands and you can install a flushable crapper if you really want to...
  407. Arima-bob

    Fur Bag Deterrent

    Full auto airsoft gun.
  408. Arima-bob

    SOLD 24 Skippy FB oportunity my loss your gain

    Good deal! IF I didn’t already have one, I’d be calling
  409. Arima-bob

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    Now that’s just dirty! Haha
  410. Arima-bob

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    Oh yeah, with lightly aged fromunda cheese!
  411. Arima-bob

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    Nothin like a fresh case of herpes!
  412. Arima-bob


    Just costs money. Do your own maintenance, you’ll save a lot.
  413. Arima-bob

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    Just take a bunch of bananas. You’ll be everybody’s hero
  414. Arima-bob


    If the boat breaks down, I call vessel assist... after cussing for about ten minutes. Lol
  415. Arima-bob


    Yeah, Better call Saul was a spin off. Gives the back story of Saul Goodman (Jimmy McGill)
  416. Arima-bob


    Never watched “Better call Saul”?
  417. Arima-bob


    Saul Goodman
  418. Arima-bob


    The place in San Dimas I mentioned yesterday
  419. Arima-bob


    I love a good Sierra trip, but I’ll scrap it for a shot at tuna. Lol
  420. Arima-bob


    It don’t count till your thread gets locked. Haha
  421. Arima-bob


    They aren’t too far out. I’ll be after them soon. Hit me up. I’m sure I can make room for you
  422. Arima-bob


    TROUT??? It’s tuna time bruh!
  423. Arima-bob


    Hit up Acid in San Dimas. They are a rod building supply shop. I’m sure they would have the parts you are looking for.
  424. Arima-bob

    Another Great Week of SoCal Fishing

    Gang bang... hahahaha
  425. Arima-bob

    Bait Tank Install & Hatch

    Is it access to the sending unit?
  426. Arima-bob

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Congratulations! Welcome to the Skipjack club. Did you buy that off a guy named Tim?
  427. Arima-bob

    Bait Tank Install & Hatch

    What is under the hatch? That’s going to be a deciding factor
  428. Arima-bob

    Moving to San Diego, Looking for some Fishing Friends

    I don’t fish nearly as much as I’d like to, but I’ve fished from Palos Verdes, to Ensenada on my 17’ Sea Ranger. And the local islands too.
  429. Arima-bob

    Penn International 50 Year Anniversary

    What are you gonna spool it with? It’s old school, but it should handle a bluefin. Don’t forget to send it to Cal
  430. Arima-bob

    Anyone fishing this week?

    Where about are you? I have a funeral to attend this weekend, but the following weekend I might get out. I usually head for San Diego
  431. Arima-bob

    Moving to San Diego, Looking for some Fishing Friends

    I fish San Diego predominantly, but I’ll go north now and then, fishing Catalina and the Long Beach area. If you miss your Arima, mine will probably be up for sale soon. I have a Skipjack that better fits the family that is in need of some $$$ love. I can email you but to be honest, I hardly...
  432. Arima-bob

    Moving to San Diego, Looking for some Fishing Friends

    Perry, do you still have your Arima? I’m not in San Diego, but I’m not to far either. Hit me up
  433. Arima-bob

    From Mayday to You’re Bit! 6/24

    Great report! I do need to add some stickbaits and poppers to my tackle array. Glad you didn’t create the next rockfish hotspot too!
  434. Arima-bob

    For Sale Raptor 700r se & 350se

    I had the same 700, and my wife had the same year 350 se, but the grey and red. I miss having them, they were a lot of fun. GLWS!
  435. Arima-bob

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    I don’t knock cabin boats. I prefer them as I tend to get tired around noon. Nap options are great, and not a lot of fun on a CC. PS, Oceanside is the closest launch to SCI (I believe).
  436. Arima-bob

    SD piers open 24 hours?

    Thanks Dave!
  437. Arima-bob

    SD piers open 24 hours?

    We have some friends in from out of town, and everyone wants to go pier fishing. I know most piers close at 10pm, but can anyone point me to a pier that doesn’t close in SD county?
  438. Arima-bob

    Mixing squid with sardines?

    Add a bait bag for the dines, and put the expensive squid in the tank.
  439. Arima-bob

    Bassin on the Shoe Sat.

    Great to hear the ducky is back in commission! Can’t wait to get Cory’s reports of your slay days. BD will be back to normal again. Haha
  440. Arima-bob

    For Sale Volvo Penta AD41P-A

    Is that the engine or the drive?
  441. Arima-bob

    For Sale Volvo Penta AD41P-A

    What are the hours?
  442. Arima-bob

    Pics from the first Yellowtail ShootOut back in 2007

    I recognized a few faces. Sad I’m gonna miss this years tournament.
  443. Arima-bob

    Steak Knife Blades - smooth or saw-edged ? Why ? Thoughts...

    I prefer a smooth blade myself, but a good quality serrated like cutco will do just fine. I have a set of cheap saw blades and I absolutely hate them. Side note: I’m not opposed to scarfing a steak by hand either. I’ve been known to grunt and growl
  444. Arima-bob

    Not a fish report-Are Cast Nets Legal

    No idea, but I’ll be watching
  445. Arima-bob

    Clemente vs Catalina

    I hope I didn’t make them poor guys jealous. I don’t imagine they get bacon wrapped Hoffy’s very often.
  446. Arima-bob

    Quality yellows and a peanut dodo 6/18

    I want a wahoo! That would be great if they showed up
  447. Arima-bob

    Quality yellows and a peanut dodo 6/18

    I’m sure it’s happened before, but this is the first time I’ve heard a local dodo being caught in June. Usually they don’t show up till August
  448. Arima-bob

    Clemente vs Catalina

    Awe crap! They’ve seen my wiener!
  449. Arima-bob

    Arizona Folks

    I’m looking at moving out there too. I plan on keeping my Skipjack too. I’ll be making some trips out.
  450. Arima-bob

    Weatherby moves from CA to WY

    Can’t blame them for going. They’ll probably do a lot better there.
  451. Arima-bob

    Clemente vs Catalina

    San Clemente usually has a little better grade of fish than Catalina, but not always the case. Catalina gets crowded, and San Clemente gets shut down by the navy.
  452. Arima-bob

    Fishing with the family

    What a great way to spend Father’s Day! Despite the asshat, looks like a pretty nice day
  453. Arima-bob

    Non-lead options in an old shotgun

    You’re not wrong. Probably time to buy a new shotgun. I have plenty of newer options, but I love my old Citori. It ain’t gonna see the field any time soon. :mad:
  454. Arima-bob

    Best One Stop Shop in OC?

    NO doubt! It’s go time!
  455. Arima-bob

    Best One Stop Shop in OC?

    He’s pretty busy, and hard to get in contact with. I find it best to catch him in the off season. He’s pretty open and willing then.
  456. Arima-bob

    Best One Stop Shop in OC?

    Another choice is saltwater specialties (towerfab) Tom, but he’s in Ontario.
  457. Arima-bob

    First 1.5 gear check

    I’d keep the 25# rig. Yellowtail and schoolie tuna happen. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  458. Arima-bob

    How To Fish Bluefin Foamer

    I’ve had a foamer happen upon me. Stopped on a jig strike (yellowtail) and as the jig fish was being handled, baitfish decided my boat was good cover from the bluefin about to ruin their day. Unfortunately, we weren’t geared for these size of fish.
  459. Arima-bob

    Reasonable seafood monger near Laguna Beach!

    I don’t think the torture is worth the reward at that point. I’d rather blow a hundred bucks ant the titty bar.
  460. Arima-bob

    For Sale 24' Skipjack Flybridge - Turnkey!

    Great deal! I don’t have a mini van, and trading fishing gear would be counter intuitive... but the work things you mentioned sound like things I can handle. I got a diesel pickup and a flat utility trailer that are always ready to work.
  461. Arima-bob

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    With all due respect, I don’t refer to someone with Down syndrome anything different than what it is. They do not have a choice, and I feel for those with such a condition. That said, I may be a lot of things, but politically correct is not one of them. I withhold the right to call people who...
  462. Arima-bob

    Not as easy as it looks...

    Not to be a dick, but this report makes me feel better. With recent reports and the weather looking good, I was gonna haul the boat down for a shakedown trip with visions of a full freezer making me feel like a little kid on Christmas eve. I was bent to add up my upcoming bills and just...
  463. Arima-bob

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    GOD, I love retards!
  464. Arima-bob

    Reasonable seafood monger near Laguna Beach!

    I had no way out. Take it head on
  465. Arima-bob

    Reasonable seafood monger near Laguna Beach!

    My boyfriend never misses it. Haha
  466. Arima-bob

    Reasonable seafood monger near Laguna Beach!

    All kinds of rainbow wrong :supergay:
  467. Arima-bob

    Reasonable seafood monger near Laguna Beach!

    Good weekend to be in Laguna Beach. Most of the population is at the pride parade in west Hollyweird
  468. Arima-bob

    Yellowfin in June...

    I hope this doesn’t mean I have to go to Monterey to catch a bluefin
  469. Arima-bob

    WTB Old school rock cod rod

    I got one collecting dust.
  470. Arima-bob

    SOLD 2 Sheds

    I could really use those, but the crane is way out of my budget
  471. Arima-bob

    Goto Knife Sharpener

    You sir, know your knives and stones. Pretty cool!
  472. Arima-bob

    Help Needed Damaged Guide Ring Insert

    Had that happen to me a few years ago on my 20# stick. Little 8 pound yellowtail were busting me off until I realized what happened. Luckily I had a backup
  473. Arima-bob


    Rules is rules. Also, if I were on here boat shopping and didn’t see a price, I would move on. I don’t want to call unless I already know the price and I have questions.
  474. Arima-bob


    I’ll see your $5 and raise a stick of gum
  475. Arima-bob

    For Sale 24' CUSTOM STAMAS CENTER CONSOLE Read between the first and second paragraph
  476. Arima-bob

    Predator Ate My Bait w/Water Wolf Cam!

    Pretty neat. What kind of camera are you using?
  477. Arima-bob

    Denatured alcohol banned in CA??

    If you’re not in a hurry, you could make it. It’s just alcohol with a little something else that denatures it so it cannot be consumed.
  478. Arima-bob

    Shout out to Advanced Marine

    I haven’t used them before, but never heard a bad word about them. Wish there was a good evinrude shop in the IE. My nearest is Cal Kona in Oceanside. They’ve treated me right, but I’ve heard mixed reviews.
  479. Arima-bob

    Are Calico Bass good eating?

    Some people love em, but in my opinion I give them a six on a one through ten.
  480. Arima-bob

    Tip for the month of June

    I disagree slightly on the time at a kelp patty. I give it ten minutes at most. I’ve had fish hold out that long before taking bait. I will agree that MOST of the time you have a bite within a minute or two, but not always.
  481. Arima-bob

    What’s a Penn 6/0 good for?

    It can handle a cow too, if you’re up for some pain.
  482. Arima-bob

    Question maybe even a little help

    I think it does because of all the ads loading and such. I frequent a few other various forums, and bd is by far the slowest, and I have the same issue as you. Only one other forum is possibly busier, but it doesn’t have the ads.
  483. Arima-bob

    For Sale 16' Arima sea hunter

    There’s a section for freshwater reports
  484. Arima-bob

    small home considering small boat... what do you have?

    Yes, thank you! Both those and Force are great boats
  485. Arima-bob

    small home considering small boat... what do you have?

    I think that’s it. There’s Haii kai? (Something like that) as well. One of them makes smaller boats. I haven’t been on the Hawaiian forum in a bit.
  486. Arima-bob

    small home considering small boat... what do you have?

    Radon, or Hawaiian made boat (can’t remember the name).
  487. Arima-bob

    Where to Fish in riverside

    Fairmont Park is your only mud hole option in Riverside, besides the river itself. Not sure you’ll catch fish in there, but I’m pretty sure you can catch hepatitis.
  488. Arima-bob

    Where to Fish in riverside

    I mentioned Perris, and that it’s not ideal for shore fishing. Doable, but better if you have a boat. DVL is overpriced and overrated! Never been to Vail.
  489. Arima-bob

    Buying boat in Oregon - need help

    I want a ride!! :-):rockin::drool:
  490. Arima-bob

    small home considering small boat... what do you have?

    I don’t know if I could top Alex88. He’s taken his Arima (smaller than mine) WAAAAAY further than I have ever taken mine. That said, if I had to pick a 15-16’ boat to take out far, an Arima would be in my top three. They really are great little boats.
  491. Arima-bob

    Flat fall set up

    Depends on who is rigging them. I think Carl is working at the Turners in San Diego. He rigged up some lures for me at Dana Landing a few years ago, and did em up solid!
  492. Arima-bob

    Where to Fish in riverside

    The dam is off limits, but the park lake is stocked with the usual culprits. Carp, green bass, bluegill are also plentiful there. Puddingstone lake in Pomona or San Dimas, or LaVerne (whichever it is) has a big swim beach for the family, and some nice bass coves within walking distance. Same...
  493. Arima-bob

    Where to Fish in riverside

    There’s Rancho Jurupa lake in Riverside. Complete with camp ground and play ground.
  494. Arima-bob

    Boat ho etiquette?

    I’ll give you a show!! Haha
  495. Arima-bob

    Tomorrow’s Weather

    Let’s see the hookers!
  496. Arima-bob

    PARTING out Skipjack

    The boat in question here went to the landfill a few years ago guys.
  497. Arima-bob

    Kristen Petersen Is A SoCal Fishin Chick

    A SoCal girl!! Love it
  498. Arima-bob

    5/17/19 - Tribute BFT Report

    Thank you for the report! How you were able to study on a boat is beyond me, but more power to you. Pics of Casey!
  499. Arima-bob

    Best way to clean reels?

    It probably is available here, but under a different name or label.
  500. Arima-bob

    For Sale 14' Livingston w/ 25hp Yamaha

    Sick little sled! I’ll bet it hauls ass with that 25 on it
  501. Arima-bob

    Best way to clean reels?

    I love that shit! Got some in a tournament goodie bag, and I have used it on my guns as well as my reels. A few other things too, like the wheel bearings on my r/c car. They will spin damn near ten minutes!
  502. Arima-bob

    For Sale 2001 F350 7.3 crew cab 4X4 SOLD

    If I didn’t already have one... I’d be calling
  503. Arima-bob

    We're Not in Cali Anymore

    You never know when you’ll need a genny, but if you’re in an area where natural disasters are common, it can make things a heck of a lot easier.
  504. Arima-bob

    89 25 skipjack fb convert too hydraulic or leave power assist

    I want to convert mine to hydraulic steering. If you can do it, I would.
  505. Arima-bob

    Awd vs 4x4 vs rwd..

    I’ve gone up the ramp sideways a few times with a two wheel drive. My current truck is a a 4X4, but I haven’t had to use it yet.
  506. Arima-bob

    For Sale 23’ custom

    Made me think of this song
  507. Arima-bob

    Bloody Decks Revamp

    I was hoping the BOTD stuff would come up
  508. Arima-bob

    Anger Management......kinda long but good!

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m really glad this one got resurrected!!
  509. Arima-bob

    Help me decide a boat

    At 6’2 I can understand!
  510. Arima-bob

    Help me decide a boat

    I could really dig that boat in the eastern Sierra’s. Small, shallow, nice bow for jigging or fly casting. It would be a cool little boat along the break wall too
  511. Arima-bob

    Help me decide a boat

    Good little bay boat, and Catalina capable on good days.
  512. Arima-bob

    1978 Skipjack 20

    Damn, you too?!
  513. Arima-bob

    1978 Skipjack 20

    Nothing like a project boat to get you divorced... :D The plus side of the IE is there are a few good boat shops around. I would look st Fontana over Rancho. Fontana has bigger properties and less likely to hassle you about your boat.
  514. Arima-bob

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Make a comeback lick Aerosmith Cory! Can’t wait to read your reports again soon.
  515. Arima-bob

    For Sale 16' Arima sea hunter

    I don’t know the weight of his boat, but I have a 17 which a V-6 Nissan pulls and stops without any problem. I wouldn’t worry about pulling it with a Highlander.
  516. Arima-bob

    Just a quick "what are these ?"

    I remember seeing those all over the place in 2014
  517. Arima-bob


    That’s an awesome find LJ! PSUH!:cheers:
  518. Arima-bob

    First time boater

    Same here man! Hope all goes well
  519. Arima-bob

    Boat ho etiquette?

    YES!!! Lol
  520. Arima-bob

    Boat ho etiquette?

    Man... you gotta get out there, if only a couple times a year.
  521. Arima-bob

    Kite reel? What are you using?

    I’ll be using an old 114 senator 6/0 with a doo-dad made by Gary (gecsr1) that allows me to hook up an battery powered drill.
  522. Arima-bob

    Boat ho etiquette?

    When are you going to put yours to use? I got a few capable setups now. Just gotta get out there!
  523. Arima-bob

    Boat ho etiquette?

    I was keeping an eye out for sharks while drinking a beer of sorrow... remember, I had just lost that big bluefin.
  524. Arima-bob

    Boat ho etiquette?

    That was hilarious looking back
  525. Arima-bob

    Boat ho etiquette?

    If you are a seasoned boat owner or a salty ho, what do you like in a good fishing partner, or advice on being a good partner to keep the invites coming and a good reputation?
  526. Arima-bob

    First time boater

    I think he meant there’s a lot of turds out there. The more you know about boats, and what to look for, the better off you’ll be at finding the right boat. There are lots of good ones too. Just gotta sort through them.
  527. Arima-bob

    Looking for fiberglass center console SoCal

    Hit up towerfab, I’ll bet he could make you one
  528. Arima-bob

    First time boater

    I could always use a good boat ho. I got a couple buddies that would probably hit you up too as sometimes they need an extra person. BTW, ho’s bring the beer. I like Pacifico
  529. Arima-bob

    First time boater

    I’m not too far from you, so it kinda puts you at about equal time to Long Beach or Sandyeggo. I think the ho thing would be the best to do. You can ride a variety of different boats and find what fits you best.
  530. Arima-bob

    First time boater

    Where do live, or plan to fish?
  531. Arima-bob

    First time boater

    They have locations in a lot of marina’s. They typically have four or five boats to choose from, but you do have to reserve them. Also, if you want to use a boat, you have to take it out and get certified with it, which isn’t a bad idea... There are a few down sides though. $4000 to join, and...
  532. Arima-bob

    First time boater

    I chase yellowtail and tuna in my 17’ boat. I’ve had it down to the upper hidden, the 43, and all around Catalina. Maintenance isn’t hard. If you’re a car tech, you should figure it out pretty easily.
  533. Arima-bob

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    You got fuckin lucky bro! Badass shit right there
  534. Arima-bob

    Do you use NADA when buying a used boat?

    I believe NADA gives you a base cost, and doesn’t do a good job a factoring in real world pricing. Location has a lot to do with this too. Ever look up boats in Florida? Considerably cheaper out there, but you do risk hurricane and whatever weather damage that is common of the area. Some boats...
  535. Arima-bob

    SOLD Portable Sports Net

    I see a future squid crowder net in the making there
  536. Arima-bob

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    Almost as good as the PVC shark cage
  537. Arima-bob

    Good Yellowtail Fishing Spots around Dana Point?

    If you don’t mind spending the money, hire Dave Hansen for a day. He probably knows the area around Dana Point better than anyone.
  538. Arima-bob

    Dead Bait...

    It played for me.
  539. Arima-bob

    Yellow Tail at the oil rigs 4-27-19

    I’m gonna say bait. Just above the eye, you can see the hook.
  540. Arima-bob

    Tuesday 4/23 BFT

    That fish had mange! I think it was an escapee from a seiner net or the tuna pens. Nice to get a report from the Jihad again.
  541. Arima-bob

    Cost to rent gear

    If you are fishing a big game (i.e; cow tuna) and the reel is loaded with 100# braid, a 130# mono or flouro will be fine. The larger leader will aid in abrasion from the fish’s teeth. Even 80# braid, you can really put some pressure on it. My lighter setups all have a way higher rating braid...
  542. Arima-bob

    For Sale Glock 27

    I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it... but I want it!
  543. Arima-bob

    Got a new kite

    It’s bird, it’s a plane.... no, it’s a big DICK!
  544. Arima-bob

    Valco Boats Location?

    I think they were made in Bakersfield
  545. Arima-bob

    For Sale Glock 27

    I’ll offer $100.37 :D
  546. Arima-bob

    SOLD Camarones a la diabla

    You sell some neat rods, but your titles are making me hungry! I think I’m single handedly supporting my local taqueria
  547. Arima-bob

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    I agree with Kerry. If the filters are post pump (that would explain why your first pump went the way of the dodo) then that crud is clogging up in the pickup. I would try to get all the fuel and liquid out of the tank, and leave it open for a while to let everything evaporate, and all fuel...
  548. Arima-bob

    For Sale New Freeman Boatworks Build - FOR SALE

    I got a Reinell flybridge I’ll trade you!
  549. Arima-bob

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    Not sure what the red stuff is, maybe rust from something steel or iron, but some of that looks like sand. It actually does explain the bulb collapse, as the bulb should be post filter, but pre pump. As the filter clogs up, the pump is pulling vacuum which causes the bulb and fuel lines to...
  550. Arima-bob

    Kmart 207

    I have an old Ted Williams spinning outfit with a carrying case. Don’t think I’ll be heading to the water with it, but it’s kinda neat. My buddy that gave it to me even had a Ted Williams tiller motor. It was frozen solid, so it went to the scrap pile.
  551. Arima-bob

    Rockfish jig

  552. Arima-bob

    A Happy Passover!

    WFO gefilte fish at the local grocery beds here
  553. Arima-bob

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    Curt, go buy that, then shoot North about a half hour and have a beer with me.
  554. Arima-bob

    Ahra Ahn

    Never fished it, but I’ve heard good things about it.
  555. Arima-bob

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    I think this would work good. Especially if he could find something that could aid in scraping the walls of the tank.
  556. Arima-bob

    A Happy Passover!

    Happy Passover everyone!
  557. Arima-bob

    Overnight tuna trip

    Yeah, the Tomahawk is terrible! Who wants an open soda fountain, plenty of bunks, good eats, an RSW, a fishy captain and a hard working crew...
  558. Arima-bob

    Need a boat recommendation

    The San Diego is my personal favorite 3/4 day boat, but I know it gets pretty busy too (and for good reason), but check out the Malahini too. It’s another good 3/4 boat.
  559. Arima-bob

    Long Beach Break Wall Question

    I’ve seen a bunch of tin boats fishing the wall. Just like tail chaser said, pick a calm day and go for it.
  560. Arima-bob

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    Sounds like you got the right idea. I think the secondary tank is a good idea too. I’m 99.9% sure it’s an issue from the tank though. However, I’ve been wrong once.
  561. Arima-bob

    Need a boat recommendation

    New lo-an, tomahawk, condor, old glory (the glory hole), shogun, all do overnight trips. The first three I listed are my top picks. The old glory pissed me off, and the shogun I have no experience with.
  562. Arima-bob

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    I think a secondary setup would be a great idea
  563. Arima-bob

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    I haven’t used it myself, but it’s worth a shot. I would stock up on cheap filters and set it up to swap them in a minute. As that crud in the tank breaks down and breaks off, let it clog the filters and not your major components. What I would do is run a series. 10 micron, 2 micron, then a...
  564. Arima-bob

    Need a boat recommendation

    If you want tuna and yellowtail, you’re gonna have to go to San Diego. Right now out of Long Beach, I’d probably take a trip on the new thunderbird going to San Nicholas Island. Good rockfishing, with s few yellowtail popping in.
  565. Arima-bob

    Day at the docks...

    Plenty of free parking at shelter island with a shuttle! If I didn’t get suckered into working tomorrow, I would be there
  566. Arima-bob

    Used electronics for project boat

    10 year old thread...
  567. Arima-bob

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Sorry for your loss Pete.
  568. Arima-bob

    We're Not in Cali Anymore

    I understand how that can go! Find a place with a GOOD A/C, and invest in a hurricane kit.
  569. Arima-bob

    We're Not in Cali Anymore

    Just wait till summer hits... hot as F***! Great fishing though, and cool pics.
  570. Arima-bob

    For Sale 16' Arima sea hunter

    I think you’re asking a good price. Lowballers will always try, and I can’t say I blame them. Everyone wants a smokin deal. Arima’s are great boats and hold their value. The right buyer will find it ;)
  571. Arima-bob

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    Taking my buddy Kris before he leaves for Georgia. He’s finally had enough of kalifornia
  572. Arima-bob

    Old blank restored for rock fishing.

    Nice resto! The rockfish will be impressed for sure
  573. Arima-bob

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    Thanks for the heads up Billy! Getting my boat ready for the weekend
  574. Arima-bob

    What size boat/trailer for Toyota Tacoma v6

    There’s a 16’ Arima in the classifieds. Very capable boat, and your Toyota would handle it easily.
  575. Arima-bob

    She’s little and cute but she’s mine! Here goes nothing!

    I had towerfab Tom build the arch for my boat, and he did a great job. Pacific yacht towers does good too.
  576. Arima-bob

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    Looks like a ball valve to me. Bo, I might have a spare transom plate. I’ll look tomorrow when I’m out there.
  577. Arima-bob

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing? Get one of these. I’m sure the 500gph would be more than adequate. Put a plastic ball valve inline to regulate flow. Easy peasy
  578. Arima-bob

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    I agree with Curt. Get a transom mount bait pump (call the tank manufacturer for gpm rating) and run the hose up and over. Send the exit hose over the side. EASY!
  579. Arima-bob

    Jackpot Money

    It’s quite simple, the deckhands on some boats feel they are entitled to the jackpot winnings (as a tip?). The OP and many others don’t appreciate this behavior, where some are just fine with it. When someone wins a jackpot, they have a choice of what to do with it. I am of the opinion that...
  580. Arima-bob

    For Sale 16' Arima sea hunter

    Yeah, they ain’t cheap!
  581. Arima-bob

    For Sale 16' Arima sea hunter

    My boat still has the factory seats, but they’ve seen their better days. If I could afford it, I’d put some nice suspension seats in it.
  582. Arima-bob

    For Sale 16' Arima sea hunter

    I’ll second the the sea worthiness! I have a 17’ Ranger, and have had it out in a lot of different conditions. I’ve been all around Catalina and the Coronado’s, out to the 43, upper hidden bank, and up and down the coast from PV to Ensenada. Wind chop is the biggest issue to me. Not for safety...
  583. Arima-bob

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    Has the boat had long periods of sitting? Looks like old gas that reduced down and stuck to the tank. With fresh gas, it’s slowly breaking down and clogging up your pumps and filters. I’ve seen that on motorcycles I would work on. Those tanks were a lot easier to clean though.
  584. Arima-bob

    She’s little and cute but she’s mine! Here goes nothing!

    Fish killer there! Go get em!
  585. Arima-bob

    Problems out of the hole

    I haven’t tried one, but I’ve considered it. You’re post might just push me into buying one.
  586. Arima-bob

    East Cape Fishing Trip Reality

    If you’re going to the east cape, and willing to spend the money worth your while, check out Jen Wren sport fishing. Mark runs a superb business with superb boats and crews. Granted, it’s still fishing and they don’t always nail it, but they nail it pretty good...
  587. Arima-bob

    Boat for Monterey

    My sisters old neighbor is selling a 21’ striper In Soledad. It’s only 45 minutes from Monterey. I don’t know any history of the boat, other than he used to fish it quite a bit when she lived there. If interested, I can get you more info, or possibly a contact number. I think he’s asking $8500
  588. Arima-bob

    For Sale Calstar 90j combo (Sold)

    Love that 90j combo! Free bump
  589. Arima-bob

    Why not roller guides on heavy rail rods?

    I don’t understand the problem with them either. I have a few rods with rollers and never had any problems with them, even casting! Saw a deckie on the NLA take a troll rod with rollers, bait up a big mac and sent out half a mile to hook up on FAKE Elvis. That marlin fought like hell till it...
  590. Arima-bob

    What's the most you'd pay for a rod, and still fish it?

    I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had one. I’ve got some old rods, but none are worth using on the salt pond. Mostly just old 60’s spinning rods. As for salt gear, maybe mid 90’s Calstars. I got some older penn reels, but they ain’t worth much.
  591. Arima-bob

    What's the most you'd pay for a rod, and still fish it?

    Just givin ya shit Mike :)
  592. Arima-bob

    What happened to "Fattony"?

    Don’t know, but that shit was funny!
  593. Arima-bob

    Blue fin gear

    double post
  594. Arima-bob

    Blue fin gear

    A good trolling rod will work in a pinch if you’re on a tight budget.
  595. Arima-bob

    Reminder...New Sheephead fillet regs now in effect..

    You mean they don’t?
  596. Arima-bob

    Suzuki 16 hp for kicker, overkill?

    It’s only got as much power as you give it... until it has no more. Lol Overkill maybe, but it would do the job.
  597. Arima-bob

    Jackpot Money

    I would be good with that! However, if the crew sucks they won’t be in business long. PS, I don’t enter jackpots if they are offered. A big fish is a great reward in it’s own.
  598. Arima-bob

    RIP Mike (Sluester)

    A sad day for bd.
  599. Arima-bob

    San Diego Trailer Storage

    There’s a lot of launch ramps around San Diego. Shelter Island will probably be the most popular as it’s the closest to the bait barge and to open water. I prefer Dana Landing unless I’m pushing my range south. I doubt parking will be an issue, with the exception of holiday weekends...
  600. Arima-bob

    Looking to start reloading 12ga

    IF you got all the reloading equipment for free, you might save a few bucks by reloading. I found it more useful for customizing rounds from what I have learned. If you shoot competitevly, and blow through thousands of rounds, then it might be a money saving investment.
  601. Arima-bob

    For The Kid

    Hopefully he’ll fish it for life too. It’s simple, looks good, and you built it together. That said, my dad quit wrapping rods shortly after I was born. It would have been cool to build one with him.
  602. Arima-bob

    Need a good, trustworthy maintenance shop

    At 300 hours, I would change it just to be safe. They always work great until they don’t work at all. I changed mine out at 300 hours per Evinrude’s service advisory, and it still looked decent.
  603. Arima-bob

    Rock fishing so cal

    If the girl is singing cotton eyed Joe, fish at will!
  604. Arima-bob

    Florida Peacock Bass and more

    Great pics!!
  605. Arima-bob

    SOLD My rod

    No need my friend. Already got one :)
  606. Arima-bob

    SOLD My rod

    That didn’t take long! Haha
  607. Arima-bob

    “All or nothing” Dana Point

    Looks poppy!
  608. Arima-bob

    Where are all the single "fishing Chicks"? :boobies::Beat_Them:720icon::rofl:
  609. Arima-bob

    Just acquired a boat/trailer, how do I register them?

    At least it’s a nice boat and worth the hassle.
  610. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1990 Cabo Marine Cuddy Con 256

    Nice boat btw, looks like a good deal too. GLWS!!
  611. Arima-bob

    Where to buy chum near Ventura?

    I think Cisco’s will sell their dead bait for cheap. Throw it in the freezer for later use.
  612. Arima-bob

    For Sale UC CX70 Gladiator

    I completely agree! However, my bank account doesn’t. :cool:
  613. Arima-bob

    FREE XD 100 oil

    If you still have it, I have a buddy nearby. I might be able to convince him to grab it.
  614. Arima-bob

    FREE XD 100 oil

    If you still have it, I have a buddy nearby. I might be able to convince him to grab it.
  615. Arima-bob

    Bone Dry Engine Oil Dipstick...!!!

    Sounds like the rings might worn out. Is it ran hard or raced? How many miles? I wouldn’t drive it without oil
  616. Arima-bob

    For Sale UC CX70 Gladiator

    I considered it, but then I would have to drop $500+ on a reel for it!
  617. Arima-bob

    5 blade?

    I’m no help to answer your prop question. Just posting to say NICE BOAT!!
  618. Arima-bob

    Fishermans Wiki

    What happened Jason, it’s gone!
  619. Arima-bob

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    I posted up an F-350 with a 7.3 and manual 6 speed trans in the vehicles for sale forum. The owner has done just about every upgrade for this truck to go beyond 500k. For $11.5k, it would be hard (for me) to pass up in your position. At that price, you could get a lot of boat and that truck will...
  620. Arima-bob

    United Composites CX 76 Viper for Big Daddy Al

    Surprised I didn’t see this originally. SKILLS BRUTHA!
  621. Arima-bob

    For Sale VHF Antenna with 4' extension

    Don’t be a weenie! Just get it
  622. Arima-bob

    Gas vs Diesel

    If you don’t plan on covering a LOT of distance, stick with gas. I’m not sure how Tahoe feels about diesels either. They don’t allow old two strokes, so diesels might not be welcomed either.
  623. Arima-bob

    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    Every time I stop to piss.... surprise muthafucka!
  624. Arima-bob

    Big bluefin reel bang for the buck

    If you don’t mind heavy and gold, you can’t go wrong with an old school International. They’re cheaper than any of the reels mentioned.