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  1. Abaco

    Finally Getting on the Shogun

    What are the better state rooms?
  2. Abaco

    What if the worst happens?

    Each time I convince my fishing buddy who goes down to SD with me (this is the guy who introduced me to this fishing) I say, "We need to enjoy this while we can." I'm not too old. But, I've spent many decades living around the west coast and I have seen fisheries taken away by a few various...
  3. Abaco

    Finally Getting on the Shogun

    I'm getting lower and wider. So, maybe there's a connection. I know Aaron was/is the caption on that boat(?) Don't know if he's still there. He was the very first deckie who took the time to help me learn a couple key knots on my very first LR trip years ago.
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    Finally Getting on the Shogun

    I've always been intrigued to try to get on this boat. Wide hull, lighter load than I'm used to. Finally getting on her next fall. Can't wait...
  5. Abaco

    The Last Tough Guy

    Awesome. I dig it!
  6. Abaco

    Getting in shape for the trip

    Yeah, this is a legit question. Now that I've eclipsed 50 things are a-changin'... I have a habit, for better or worse, or trying to muscle the fish and get them in quickly. Probably would have been much easier 20 or more years ago. I, anymore, do compound, basic power lifts 2 to 3 times per...
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    Traveling Anglers to San Diego, TAKE NOTICE

    I think this is pretty cool and will keep it in mind for my next trip. Thanks!
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    Dolphin Motel closing Oct. 31...... It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

    We had a bit of wild time on the town the night before launching on the Royal Star...haha..
  9. Abaco

    Dolphin Motel closing Oct. 31...... It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

    Stayed there several times. Was just there a few weeks ago. Sad to see it go. Will try to find a picture...
  10. Abaco

    Possible theft at H&M Landing this morning.

    I stumbled upon a system that works well for me for keeping track of my gear. I have a backpack tackle box. I put that thing on, carry my duffle in one hand, my rods w reels in the other and am off the boat with everything - straight to my truck. I never planned it that way, just really liked...
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    I Tend to Hook Huge Fish

    When that one really big one shook his head...I've never felt a fish like that. He was way out, up high and the head shakes were huge. He was pissed...haha...
  12. Abaco

    I Tend to Hook Huge Fish

    I didn't have an exact repeat. One went over the shelf. One ran to the opposite direction into a reef (and this one was probably close to expected size - just had a good first run). The one that I saw on this last trip was really big...I saw it. I've not seen a ton of tuna firsthand in my life...
  13. Abaco

    Have Tuna Returned to the Rocks?

    Alijos Rocks, that is. I remember having some epic yellowfin fishing there about 8 years ago. Then, the word was that the sharks took over. A couple years ago I went back with Frank for an epic day of wahoo. Have the tuna returned?
  14. Abaco

    I Tend to Hook Huge Fish

    ...and lose them. I just got back from a 6-day on the RP last week and have come to see a pattern for me in LR fishing. It started on my 2nd trip many years ago. We were at The Rocks and I hooked a fish that destroyed the reel on my 50-pound rig. Spooled me down to the knot. I got it turned and...
  15. Abaco

    RP Next Week...yeah baby!

    Yeah, I've not fished with Johnathan, but I bet he's great. There's only one guy I won't fish with again and he's not on any of the boats I fish anymore. Ready to fish like my hair's on fire...
  16. Abaco

    RP Next Week...yeah baby!

    Yeah, Roy's a good driver. If Roy's driving the RP or Tim's driving the RS daddy's bringing home the fish...
  17. Abaco

    RP Next Week...yeah baby!

    After a couple years away I'm on the RP next week. Anybody else? Really looking forward to it. I gotta pick up a few more hooks, inventory my coolers, and I'm ready to go. Out there on the blue water is my church...
  18. Abaco

    How often do you recharge your Flat Falls?

    In my prep for my upcoming trip, for such scenarios, I'm looking at my basic Sumo Jr and thinking, "oh yeah". I've hooked a lot of fish running that jig deep.
  19. Abaco

    First Cow with 7 year old on the Royal Star

    That is friggin awesome! Almost brings a tear to my eye...
  20. Abaco

    PM me about processors

    Thanks for the input, guys. I am familiar with some processor antics my buddies have endured over the years, I will be paying close attention to my own fish count during my trip. We spend a lot of money to do this and my family really depends on my catch for our nutritional needs. Almost...
  21. Abaco

    PM me about processors

    It's been a couple years since I've been out LR fishing. There's been a little change in the processor industry since. You do you suggest now? And, rather than say anything negative here (which would be unfortunate) feel free to PM me your input either way. I bet there is some quality processing...
  22. Abaco

    Help a Brother Catch a Grouper

    I've always wanted to get a swipe at landing one of theses beasts. How would I gear up on my upcoming trip? I'm assuming putting a dropper loop on my large rig (80-pound), torpedo weight (how heavy? condition-dependent?) and pinning a mackeral to a big J-hook. How big? Help a brother out here?
  23. Abaco

    Red Rooster III rescues Mexican Fishermen.

    Good news, for sure. Gotta look out for our brothers...
  24. Abaco

    Hey Wahoodad. My buddy loaned me the book, The Southern California Angler and I just read your...

    Hey Wahoodad. My buddy loaned me the book, The Southern California Angler and I just read your section in it. Pretty cool story and information. Enlightening. I hope I get to shake your hand someday. I just make annual trips down for 3 through 7 day trips. Going on the RP at the end of this...
  25. Abaco

    Tired of waiting, making my own lure

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  26. Abaco

    Vagabond CRUSHES the BFT

    My exact words upon seeing that photo..."holy S*&T!" Man, that is a great shot... Good for them.
  27. Abaco

    ALBACORE up north!

    Yep. I have read and understand that many of the old recreational salmon fishermen in Washington (I was once one up there in my youth) have switched gear and tactics to target the albies.
  28. Abaco

    ALBACORE up north!

    I really want to do this sometime. I remember the last albi I saw. It was a few years after they vanished from our SD LR trips. I was out on the 1st or 2nd day of a 6 day on the Royal Star. We were on the troll when a rig went off. We landed the biggest albacore I've ever seen. Looked like a...
  29. Abaco

    Leader Length Redundant Dumb Question

    I remember, at one time in my past, simply peeling fluoro off the spool using 2.5 of my wing spans and tying that on. There's your 15 feet. I need to go LR fishing more often...
  30. Abaco

    Leader Length Redundant Dumb Question

    Thanks guys. I imagine this topic's been beat to death. I was in fishing purgatory the last 2 years.
  31. Abaco

    Leader Length Redundant Dumb Question

    I did do a quick search on this and figured I'd just ask here. Is 25 feet a good default leader length? (fluorocarbon tied straight to braid) I'll be doing a 6 day soon - probably hitting Guadalupe, yo-yo for yellowtail, jigging...lots of flylining bait. I generally like to put a leader each rig...
  32. Abaco

    How Tight are Your Rubbers?

    I've been wearing 1/2 size large XT boots all these years. They keep the feet dry. I wear them with thick socks and it's fine. But, not optimum in terms of comfort. I'm enough of a klutz already, anyway, with my f'd up legs. I'll use the boots and the sandals on this next trip. These sandals are...
  33. Abaco

    RR-3 Lupe very short report.

    I wanna go see Meg. You know what's trippy about that trailer? That one brunette lady looks like a digital character. Looks like a fun flick to take the kids too...
  34. Abaco

    How Tight are Your Rubbers?

    This forum rocks. I asked recently for somebody in my area who can load my reel. Done today on my way home from work. I complain about my rubbers being too tight and I ended up getting some new, close-toe'd Keens tonight. These things rock. This forum rocks. You guys rock. After a 2-year...
  35. Abaco

    How Tight are Your Rubbers?

    That's right. I've got a problem with tight rubbers....There you go Fog Ducker...
  36. Abaco

    RR-3 Lupe very short report.

    Mucho thanko for the report.
  37. Abaco

    How Tight are Your Rubbers?

    For years I've been wearing these xtratuff boots that are a little big. In looking at replacements yesterday I see that they don't make half sizes so I try the smaller size. Can barely get my feet in/out of them. But, once in, they seem to fit. Is that how these things should fit? Do they break...
  38. Abaco

    Excel made big bait at home.

    Don't know yet. I was in the store local to my house yesterday and they got nothin.
  39. Abaco

    Excel made big bait at home.

    picking up bait catchers for my trip next month now...Thanks for the note on this.
  40. Abaco

    Need Braid in Sacramento, Any Suggestions?

    Just saw that Pacific Extreme relocated here in town! Thanks so much, guys. I'll hoist a cold one on the transom for you...
  41. Abaco

    Need Braid in Sacramento, Any Suggestions?

    So, I'm going fishing next month. I have a smaller Avet that I've had for about 10 years and the line became a collection of various splices. Decided to get this reel loaded with some new powerpro. But, I don't know of any shop around town here that can do it. Fishermens Warehouse used to be my...
  42. Abaco

    What lures for 7 day Guadalupe Island trip?

    Regarding yoyo for yellowtail...For whatever reason I have had great success with the Sumo Jr. I don't hear it mentioned very often. But, I've driven the yellowtails nuts with those jigs.
  43. Abaco

    Bob Sands or RP knot?

    Thanks so much, guys. I remember the Bob Sands being somewhat more involved, but strong as hell.
  44. Abaco

    Bob Sands or RP knot?

    After a 2-year break I'm finally getting back out on a trip on the RP in September. Can't wait! Before I get out I like to sit by the pool and practice my knots. In years past I experimented with a few different knots on splicing fluorocarbon to braid. I had some success with the Bob Sands. I'm...
  45. Abaco

    Ramp Monsters

    Looks like a lot of fun!
  46. Abaco

    What trips are you on this year?

    RP, September Charkbait trip. Looking forward to it. Hoping to see some old friends. Starting to retune my gear, look at knots, etc. Missed my annual trip last year so I have to avenge that...
  47. Abaco

    Physical Training Ideas

    If I didn't have so much wear and tear on my knees I'd certainly be jogging. If you can't do that, biking is great. As far as time in the weight room. You really want to work the following exercises: dead lift, lat pulldowns and rows, hamstring curls, you always want to strengthen your quads...
  48. Abaco

    Royal Polaris Clipperton 2020 is already sold out

    I want to take this trip sometime. Looks like the trip of a lifetime.
  49. Abaco

    Long Time No Post

    Just wanted to say "howdy" to my buddies here. I got real busy and sidetracked last year and am finally returning to check in. Doing the Charkbait 6-day in September on the RP this year. Jonesin bad for some bloody deck! I hear they've been getting some bluefin close to San Diego lately. Tight...
  50. Abaco

    Lengths of fluorocarbon topshots

    Yeah, I have pretty much settled on 25' top shots. Sometimes I'll do 18'. Go figure. I don't use the hollow braid, though. Often, on my 6-day trips I'll end up trimming the fluoro back as the days pass, perhaps replacing one or two 25' topshots during the trip. I figure if I get down to 10' or...
  51. Abaco

    5 Star doesn't miss a beat

    I've gone through this process several times and the results are always fantastic. You make it sound like they treat the fish like Curly Howard preparing a turkey dinner.
  52. Abaco

    Feedback regarding the Shogun

    I want to fish this boat. On my very first LR trip many years ago Aaron was a decky on the RP. He took the time to teach me a couple key knots as we were leaving the port, making sure I got started off well. Class act.
  53. Abaco

    Report from Shogun Guadalupe trip 12/26/2016

    Taylor is a fishing god. He has to hide behind a tree to bait his hook.
  54. Abaco

    Hole Tuna for Canned Trade

    hehehe..."hole tuna"...
  55. Abaco

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Thanks for sharing those great shots.
  56. Abaco

    Don't Look Now...

    Excellent. I'm living vicariously through you so you better do some killin!
  57. Abaco

    Five Star Fish Processing from Sarah

    Yeah. Time to stop neglecting my golf game... My next tuna trip, ironically, looks like it will be out of Oregon...
  58. Abaco

    Five Star Fish Processing from Sarah

    This has been on my mind. After much thought I've decided, Sarah, that you can't go. There you have it. Honestly, you will really be missed. Your work ethic has been inspiring. Oh, yeah - and you can't go...
  59. Abaco

    San Joaquin Report, Stripe's and a Smoker

    Easy mistake to make "grumpy". That's certainly a king. But, yeah...those gums are pretty white. I'd broil those fillets and open a nice bottle of chardonnay...oh yeah...
  60. Abaco

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    Yep, they're good people. I'm a Cal Poly alum so I was happy to see the boy go be a Mustang. Tanner's a good kid. I remember the first day I met Sarah and I was impressed with how hard she was working. Sad if this news is true.
  61. Abaco

    Reading "The Dark Side"

    Just started reading this book by Del Stephens. Really enjoying it. I got into some albies several years ago when I started long-range fishing and they were still showing up out of San Diego. This book has me looking north with the wheels turning in my head. When I was a little tyke I used to...
  62. Abaco

    Winter Tuna Fix Suggestions

    So. I didn't bring any tuna back in my July trip. Oh, lots of yellowtail which is nice. What can a west coast longranger like me do in the winter if he wants to spent 4 to 7 days away from work to bag some yellowfin or bluefin? I've seen some mention of "PV", etc. Any suggestions greatly...
  63. Abaco

    it happened!

    Holy snikeez!!!!
  64. Abaco

    May Need Another Sacto Get-Together

    It was fun getting a group of us together for beers, grub and stories up here in Tramp Town last time. Will try to put another one together soon.
  65. Abaco

    Never expected this...haha

    Very cool. Happy for you guys.
  66. Abaco

    What's around SD in springtime?

    I'm hankerin for a trip before next fall. What kind of fish can one expect to run into on a 3-day trip in the spring? Thanks.
  67. Abaco

    Catch a cow in PV...

    I hate to sound stupid but what's a "PV"? Thanks.
  68. Abaco

    Bluefin confirmed in NorCal

    If they sunk down when you motored up...that sounds like the bluefin I know.
  69. Abaco

    Santa Cruz Offshore

    Damn the bad luck!
  70. Abaco

    Are Billfish Protected on LR Trips?

    Hope this thread doesn't turn into a poop tornado. I've had the pleasure of seeing several of the marlin up close on trips - all released. They are a beautiful fish. I assume they're released because they are endangered or unusually rare(?) I never really inquired...
  71. Abaco

    Cabo Charter Suggestions?

    I'm new on this particular forum so I'm sorry if this question has been asked a billion times. I was just contacted by a former coworker who will be going down to Cabo with his lady and they are interested in a day charter out of there. I'm thinking six-pack or similar (is there such a thing as...
  72. Abaco

    RP knot

    Yeah, I had the same thing happen a few times. Since I only get out LR fishing once/year, "a few times" is way too many for me. The Bob Sands has never failed on me. When I would screw it up early on it would - but that's not a Bob Sands...more like a "Chimp Hands". But, that would apply to any...
  73. Abaco

    RP knot

    Well, with what I experienced the Bob Sands is like steel when tied well. I've never had one fail on me. For whatever reason the RP didn't tie much easier for me on the boat than the Sands. And, since I did have some RP knots fail on me I just went back to the Bob Sands. For some reason I found...
  74. Abaco

    RP knot

    I went from using the Bob Sands to the RP for one trip. Back to the Bob Sands now. FWIW I'm not using the hollow (so sorry if gumming up the thread).
  75. Abaco

    Gaudalupe reel setup ?

    That's interesting. First I've heard of that reel having issues. I have seen a couple Avets self-destruct, but mine has held up well. Not heard of the Tallicas having an issue. Thanks.
  76. Abaco

    Gaudalupe reel setup ?

    Reading this with interest. I am thinking of acquiring a rig with a Talica II 25 reel for battle at the 'Lupe. Should such a real cover it there? I've got a Talica II 16 already. All it takes is money...
  77. Abaco

    Arm and hand cramps

    At the gym my coach has one of those things that's a dowel with a rope through the middle of it. At the end of the rope is a clip where you add weight. You hold this thing straight out in front and twist it with your hands, moving the weight up and down as the rope wraps on the dowel.'s...
  78. Abaco

    Arm and hand cramps

    Assuming you're in good enough shape the issue, I have come to realize, is diet. If I've been sweating out a lot of salt and don't replenish my electrolytes I cramp just sitting there watching the birds fly by.
  79. Abaco

    Stress relief for traveling anglers

    I just may try this sometime. The drive from here down to SD sucks. Would much rather fly and flirt with the stewardesses.
  80. Abaco

    Spangler Knot

    Thanks for sharing. One more to figure out while drinking beers by the pool...
  81. Abaco

    Best Time of Year

    Shooting for a late-Sept 7-day next year, Kris. Hopefully hit it hot at Guadalupe, or open water. That July trip was the first one I took where I didn't land a tuna - July. That was a shocker. It's better later, I think.
  82. Abaco

    2nd Note In a Bottle Found

    Yeah, I remember you mentioning the books. I love to read. I, after escaping reading it in my youth, just finished 1984. Scared the crap out of me. For the last 10 years I shut the tv off, other than for golf and boxing, and just read books. Now, I'm even more of an outcast.
  83. Abaco

    2nd Note In a Bottle Found

    Funny responses, thanks. It is a great idea to add money. From now on I'll put a dollar in there too. I love getting foreign currency. Yeah Kris, the currents are a trip. that Saipan bottle was really a needle in a haystack because Saipan is basically the last chance to hit land on the northern...
  84. Abaco

    2nd Note In a Bottle Found

    Each year I go LR fishing I put a note in a wine bottle and launch it from the transom after dinner one night. I've launched seven so far over the years. A few years back I reported here that one of my notes was found in Saipan six months after launching it way off the coast of Baja one night...
  85. Abaco


    Bummer on the break-offs. Interesting thread, though. Beyond our regular "which hooks?" thread. I need to bone up on this...
  86. Abaco

    Video #2 - Royal Polaris - NorCal Guadalupe Trip

    Hey Gabe. Will have to invite you to the next Sacto tuna and beer meeting. Parking can be a pain. However, what works well is (assuming you get there the day before your trip) just check into your hotel then cruise the parking lot at the landing looking for a parking spot. So far, I'm batting...
  87. Abaco

    Video #2 - Royal Polaris - NorCal Guadalupe Trip

    Awesome. I hope to fish with you guys sometime. I'm looking at targeting the 'lupe next September - either RP or RS. Thanks for sharing...from your one-man Sacto chapter...
  88. Abaco

    Where are big dodos

    I've watched them hang on the outside of schools around paddies. About a month ago I hooked a big one. My bait (like several that day) made it past the paddy. It was a long soak and a big dodo picked it up way out. A few other fishermen started pointing and yelling about a big dodo jumping way...
  89. Abaco

    3 Day on the Royal Star

    At first glance it appears to be a lot of gear for that trip. But, I tend to the minimalist side on this. Each trip I put my rigs in the holders and stand around watching most other guys tinker for another hour or two while I enjoy a cold one. For your first 3-day LR trip the RS is a very good...
  90. Abaco

    Question for the Gear Heads

    Wasn't sure where to post this. I figured here is cool. I've got a rod that's reel-less. It's a Calstar GFGR-765-ML, ring guides. I like my two smaller Talica II reels and am wondering if the 25-size would be a good match. I'm wondering if this would be a decent rig for YFT up to 150 pounds...
  91. Abaco

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    Yeah, I dry them while putting them in the freezer. Has worked great. I also handle the packages with care, not tossing them about like bricks. That should do the trick. Just made tuna rolls tonight with tuna from last year. Oh yeah...
  92. Abaco

    30# Rig

    For my 30-pound my reel for years has been a little Avet MXJ. It has been very effective and reliable. First LR reel I ever bought. Got it at Charkbait after they chartermastered my first LR trip. Pretty much started my illness...
  93. Abaco

    Going on a 5 day

    Bluefin fishing is like fishing for ghosts. They are very boat shy most of the time. But, they are beautiful and delicious! Best of luck. I just did a 4-day. Be ready for lots of yellowtail fishing. This, in my recent experience required a good 30-pound rig and very small circle hooks. That's...
  94. Abaco

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    For my fishin I use, so far, the RP and the Royal Star. I use Five Star for the processing. Why mess with success? I have used one other processor once years ago and they were good. But...if it aint broke don't fix it. There are two people who have batted 1000 for my money in the LR business...
  95. Abaco

    July 4 day, Royal Star Report

    Yeah, you looked like a long range veteran in short order. The fishing can be like that at times...not getting bit while everybody else is. The only consistent thing that seems to fix that for me (other than dealing with the mystical fishing gods...etc) is going to a lighter line and smaller...
  96. Abaco

    The Occasional Mystery Fish

    How to opah fight? I've never seen one in person. This last mystery fish was stubborn as hell, up and down. Who knows? I don't think it was a foul hook because the jig just stopped dropping, I cranked tight and swung. Surely seemed like a fish just grabbed it on the drop. I kept the lure...
  97. Abaco

    The Occasional Mystery Fish

    I take a LR trip every year. Every couple years I hook a fish I never see and can't seem to land. You guys experience this much? It's always very memorable. The first one is a fish I hooked at the rocks several years ago. Hooked it on a 50-pound rig while we were repeatedly bringing 40 to...
  98. Abaco

    Hey Kris. Call me anytime. Nice meeting you and fishing with you. 916-390-5313

    Hey Kris. Call me anytime. Nice meeting you and fishing with you. 916-390-5313
  99. Abaco

    Clarity Through LR Fishing

    24 hours after stepping back on land the thought hit me, "I don't belong here." From going to the bank and hearing all the sob stories at the teller windows from all the other people there (I think I was the only one not broke), to almost getting in a head-on crash because some guy decided to...
  100. Abaco

    Clarity Through LR Fishing

    Yeah. On this trip we didn't turn on the tv.
  101. Abaco

    Clarity Through LR Fishing

    This is probably the strangest thread ever posted here. At least it pertains to LR fishing. I just got back from a little 4-day on the Royal Star. Had a great time. Tuna were shy and lockjawed a bit but the yellowtail were eager to jump on board. Anybody else ever notice how screwed up things...
  102. Abaco

    Royal Polaris

    Last year I was on the RP with Frank driving for a 100-wahoo day at the rocks. That was interesting. Yeah - great boat.
  103. Abaco

    RP Knot

    I switched to that knot last year and am switching back to the Bob Sands this season. The RP knot is simpler to tie. But, I have had more success, in terms of knot failure with the Sands. I think the RP is a good knot, though.
  104. Abaco

    Red Rooster going to PV.

    This is very intriguing.
  105. Abaco

    Hey Kris. Will be on your Royal Star trip coming up. Let's get ready to BS and visit. You're...

    Hey Kris. Will be on your Royal Star trip coming up. Let's get ready to BS and visit. You're gonna really enjoy this kind of fishing. Good stuff! - Dave
  106. Abaco

    Royal Star 4 day - july 15 - what to expect

    Yep, that's about it. Also, practicing casting is great. But, looking back on it - I almost never cast a bait. I see guys doing it pretty often but, for me, the risk/reward ratio never seemed promising enough. I like to get a rowdy bait, gently drop it down, let it good a good look at the boat...
  107. Abaco

    Royal Star 4 day - july 15 - what to expect

    Hey Kris. I'll be on that trip. Feel free to fire questions at me. This is my first 4-day, having done mostly longer trips in the past (6 and 8-dayers). I think this will be a bit of run-and-gun for some yf tuna and a little yoyo for yellowtail. I hope the fat bluefin are about as we could be in...
  108. Abaco

    What is it about 40lb set ups?

    Yeah, I was running my Talica II 10 as my 40# and it was surprisingly sufficient. A 16 is my 50/60# rig and it's a little beast. Yes...40# is very-much a go-to rig. Can land most fish encountered on a LR trip on a good 40# rig. Sure, you might get a run for your money once in a while...enjoy...
  109. Abaco

    Another bft foamer video

    Wow. Epic. I'm sitting at my desk and am now too wound-up to work...
  110. Abaco

    An Unexpected Turn of Fate

    That's good news. Great place to end up!!! Keep that wife!
  111. Abaco

    Amazing video of big BFT on the poppers.

    That makes me LOL. Epic clip there...
  112. Abaco

    5 day on The Shogun coming up.

    Hey Jim, I think I need to have another martini on the rail when I go back out in July. Hope you are well. Kick ass, Patrick!
  113. Abaco

    My first trip on the RP part one

    Yeah, the RP's a very good boat. Roy's a fishing machine, too. Been on her a few times, including my last trip out.
  114. Abaco

    Tuna off the drone!

    There is great drone footage of a white shark at my old favorite surfing location - Pismo Beach. I see this is the next logical step - especially for shore fishing. Pretty cool way to get bait outside the surf!
  115. Abaco

    RP had an interesting trip

    Best wishes to Bill and Sue. That's tough.
  116. Abaco

    Duffel Bag Suggestions

    For years I used this huge duffel bag on the LR trips. My buddies called it "the body bag" because you could put a dead guy in it. Well, it tore last trip and I need to find a replacement. I'm hoping to find a heavy canvas, military-style bag that's really big so I can pack all my crap into it...
  117. Abaco

    Surface Iron for bluefin

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I'm also thinking that chrome/blue tady could double for a hoo iron. I also just noticed a BD article on gearing up for these fish. Man, I've been working too much lately. I may not just turn my phone off and put it deep in the duffel. I may throw it overboard at...
  118. Abaco

    Surface Iron for bluefin

    So, much to my excitement I see that the RP got into some bluefin close to home. All fish caught on "surface iron". So, that got me wondering what is good surface iron for these fish. they have some photos and the spoons kind of look like Salas. Any input/suggestions? Man...I love me some bluefin.
  119. Abaco

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    Well, you're a good man. Maybe even a better man than I.
  120. Abaco

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    4-day on the Royal Star, mid July. Really looking forward to it - getting back out on the water, likely trolling/hunting for breezers and checking some paddies. Gotta keep the freezer loaded, baby!
  121. Abaco

    ...and so it begins

    Man, you gotta love that. Welcome to the fraternity, kid.
  122. Abaco

    Roller Guide Question

    Hey, my first post on this rod building forum. I figure you guys might have some useful info. I am putting together my "80-100 pound" rig for long range tuna fishing. For mating to a Talica II 25 would I need to transition to rollers at that size? So far, I've only used rigs with roller (loaner...
  123. Abaco

    Anybody Else Not Fishing Guadalupe This Year?

    Hey Darrin! I'll be out a couple months before you so I'll try to leave some fish out there for you. I had one trip to the rocks about 5 years ago that was pretty epic tuna fishing. I miss that. Out there on the last trip we SLAYED the wahoo (and battled some sharks). But, I miss the experience...
  124. Abaco

    Anybody Else Not Fishing Guadalupe This Year?

    Just checking. I'm doing a 4-day, freezer-loader, trip mid-summer on the Royal Star. Fun fishing...cruising the paddies and chasing some breezers. Looking forward to it. Best of luck to all my fellow BDers as we get this season rolling.
  125. Abaco

    Penn 12 VSX

    Yeah, those are powerhouses. I had a 16 but sold it due to lack of use as it was a little big for my 4-8 day trips. I'm guessing the 12 would be 50-60 pound rig.
  126. Abaco

    Rods and Reels - attach before or on the boat

    Interesting question. Everybody has their own style and it appears that most guys prefer to rig up on the boat, based on what I've observed. I started LR fishing by rigging up in the hotel the night before. Any more, I assemble my gear before even driving down to SD. I want to make sure I've got...
  127. Abaco

    Looking at a larger Talica II

    Thanks for the input, guys. FWIW, my fishing is long range out of San Diego. I do trips that go from 3 to 8 days, typically. I own a 10 and a 16 II so far. My experiences have included things like landing a 65-pound bluefin on the 16 and it did very well. The 10 is a fantastic reel for it's...
  128. Abaco

    Looking at a larger Talica II

    Over the past several years my humble gear collection has gotten somewhat focused as my learning curve progressed with LR fishing and my taste in gear got better defined. A while back I sold my Penn 16 2-speed. I felt like I was three monkeys on a football using that reel. But that left a void...
  129. Abaco

    Oh where art thou albacore?

    Let's not be hatin' on the albacore. Yes, I love the red-meat tunas too. Yes, wahoo. Yes, yellowtail. But, you're a real dingaling if you're saying grilled albie steaks are no good. Give me a slab of rare, grilled longfin and a nice IPA...that's the shizzle. I've got a buddy who takes his own...
  130. Abaco

    2 Super Cows on EXCEL today...

    That makes me emotionally erect.
  131. Abaco

    Oh where art thou albacore?

    So, I'm thinking (which is usually dangerous) - anybody else hoping the albies show up this year? What has it been, about 5 or 6 years since we saw them in good numbers in the south? My first trip, about 7 years ago on the R.P. we got into them and I had never seen one before. But, I got to see...
  132. Abaco

    RP 6 day in NOVEMBER LUPE?

    I'm hearing that this all still involves a stop in Ensenada going out and coming back. I need to get serious and get my ass on a manifest...
  133. Abaco

    RP 6 day in NOVEMBER LUPE?

    Which boats? I know the RP and Shogun are on that list. Which is the third? Thanks...
  134. Abaco

    Sashimi with Wahoo??

    This is all news to me - cryogenic flash freezing, etc. I freeze all of my LR fish solid as a brick and have eaten probably a thousand pounds of it raw. Go figure...
  135. Abaco

    Sashimi with Wahoo??

    Doesn't freezing the flesh solid for at least a day eliminate the danger of parasites, in general? All of my fish goes into my freezer for a few days before the feast begins.
  136. Abaco

    RP gets a Super-Moo

    Oh, hell yeah!
  137. Abaco

    Long range fishing out of San Diego for a relative newbie

    Hey PM me anytime with questions. You'll probably take quickly to this sport, but there is a learning curve. It took me a few trips before I started really getting comfortable with this stuff. But, the first trip is a great experience, too. I got started renting gear from the boat I fished on...
  138. Abaco

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    Brian on the Royal Star is an EXCELLENT wing man. I'd fish anytime with him on the deck and Tim driving. That, in my LR experience, has been the best team.
  139. Abaco

    Royal RSW and Fisherman Processing

    I love how Royal Star handles the fish.
  140. Abaco

    Sashimi with Wahoo??

    5 Star does my fish. I've eaten plenty of raw wahoo lately. it is a risky proposition because you can f it up pretty quickly if you're not paying attention. It's very good raw.
  141. Abaco

    Shogun 11/27/15 to 12/2/15

    This makes me...emotionally erect.
  142. Abaco

    My Thanksgiving Gift to the Bloodydecks fishermen!

    Those are great! You from Bend? I love Bend.
  143. Abaco

    8 day on AA 11/1-11/9. We caught one of these...

    Oh goody! I hope they make a reappearance. I remember my first trip on the Royal Star about 4 years ago. The longfin had already pretty much vanished from the grounds at that point. We were out in the windy chop with the jigs out, out in the middle of nowhere, really. And, a rig went off and we...
  144. Abaco

    Blue Fin Tuna Update!

    That is good news. For me, all chimp-fisted, two bluefin in one day is pretty good!
  145. Abaco

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Killer post, Dave. I have had a couple different guys give me a couple of their fish at the end of trips. This means a lot to me as my family actually thrives on the fish I bring home - they love it. Longrangers, it seems, are a special breed. We tend to gladly share this passion.
  146. Abaco

    How would you..

    I second the Bob Sands knot. Killer knot, albeit a little complicated for weekend warriors like me. It's worth the effort, though.
  147. Abaco

    Lupe Info

    Good news. Glad to hear it...
  148. Abaco

    45 Dollar Convenience Fee

    I send a check. Send it requiring a signature by the receiving party. I know of a couple checks that got lost.
  149. Abaco

    Sacramento Roll Call

    Great time was had. Thanks for showing, guys. Was great to see guys I have fished with in the past and connect with some new friends.
  150. Abaco

    Breaking News on fishing Guadalupe!

    Great...just when I had some extra cash in the bank... I do need this. This is beyond want...this is need.
  151. Abaco

    Sacramento Roll Call

    Come on up to Tramp Town!
  152. Abaco

    Sacramento Roll Call

    Last reminder (and forum disruption) for those who want to show up. We've got a few confirmations. Hoppy Brewing in Sacramento this Saturday at 3pm. May not use the separate room and may just get a couple tables, depending on RSVPs. Gonna be a good excuse to not mow the lawn or clean the pool...
  153. Abaco

    I guess its cow time.

    I suggest heavy drinking. I'm pre-med...
  154. Abaco

    Water temp on the ridge

    Wow, that's warm!
  155. Abaco

    Small fish...

    I recently commented here about my observation that we're seeing a lot of smallish yellowfin coming in - boatloads of 25-pounders. I don't remember it being like this a few years back. There are plenty of small yellowfin out there where/when I remember seeing plenty of 50+ pound fish coming over...
  156. Abaco

    Telica 10 II or 12 II

    Marketing, methinks. I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think any reel is really that brand-specific. Get white, though. You want white. My 10 has the dark green on it and my eyes are showing their age now...dammit.
  157. Abaco

    Telica 10 II or 12 II

    My 40-pound rig has a 10 on it. It really works well for that size. I also have a rig with the 12 on it. That 12 is a beast. A 65-pound Bluefin gave it a surprising test once, though. The 10, for it's size, is surprisingly strong. The Tallica II reels are very, very good.
  158. Abaco

    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    Haha! Great thread! Before I even clicked on it I was smiling. Great way to start the week. Just don't sleep nude, ok?
  159. Abaco

    Can You post General Tie Up Photos

    There are some good youtube videos (I reference them before each trip) on the RP knot, Bob Sands knot, the series by Roy and Frank on the Royal Polaris. All good stuff, there.
  160. Abaco

    Sacramento Roll Call

    We have a place and time. Hoppy Brewing in Sacramento. Afternoon of Saturday, October 17th. I have 7 people's emails from those interested. PM me here with your email and I'll get you on the distribution and send out the details. Won't disrupt the forum any more (sorry guys) but will communicate...
  161. Abaco

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    Tetanus isn't caused by rust. It is, however, somewhat of a concern on a fishing boat (deep punctures not easily cleaned). I'm not a healthcare provider, but an engineer who has worked in healthcare and been forced to learn more about illness prevention than any non-doctor should ever have. I...
  162. Abaco

    How do you cook your fish?

    You guys kick ass!
  163. Abaco

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    Dangit! Jon, I hope that gets worked out quickly. Thanks for the reminder! I've come to realize that I have a strong immune system. I think, knock on wood, that's why I'm a 3-time melanoma survivor. My body fights stuff off. I've never had a raging infection. But, man, I sure should have a few...
  164. Abaco

    How do you cook your fish?

    Wahoo sashimi....yes! Anybody eat dodo raw? Man...I like it.
  165. Abaco

    How do you cook your fish?

    Actually had me drooling...haha...
  166. Abaco

    How do you cook your fish?

    LOL...glad to see I'm not the only one who takes such pictures. Our fish looks so beautiful on the plate, doesn't it? Really...what a blessing to get to eat like we do with this hobby. Each time a package comes out of my freezer to thaw I get all giddy. I remember the boat ride, the crazy...
  167. Abaco

    Health Related PSA for My Fellow LR'ers

    Well, after a long wait post-surgery I got the word late yesterday that the margins on my surgery looked good. I made it through. Stitches come out Monday. I have decided to tell people that a marlin got my neck. This has made me appreciate things a bit more, and pay attention to really what...
  168. Abaco

    Hi Donna!

    Hi Donna!
  169. Abaco

    Trolling lures bring them or leave them?

    Yeah, take them. Should you get into trolling near/for wahoos you'll want them.
  170. Abaco

    Health Related PSA for My Fellow LR'ers

    I appreciate the mentions of different face masks and related gear here. I don't want to fish like a bandit but looks like I should consider it. Should hear today or tomorrow if the margins were clear. Meanwhile, I'm in a huge ("uge" as Trump would say) public meeting today with my suit on and...
  171. Abaco

    Health Related PSA for My Fellow LR'ers

    Yeah, I often wear the long sleeves. I hate sleeves and all that and go with the short sleeves and tank tops in the evenings. But, I need to stay on it, for sure. Just changed my first bandage out and didn't puke or pass out. That first one can be a doosey. Got a pretty big scar across the side...
  172. Abaco

    Health Related PSA for My Fellow LR'ers

    Today, I'm home from work, sitting here with a big patch on my neck. Yesterday morning I learned that I had a third melanoma and was in surgery in the afternoon. Prognosis on this one is very good. But, I was thinking that one reason I deal with this crap nowadays was because of all that fishing...
  173. Abaco

    Sacramento Roll Call

    Yeah, I'm thinking Oct 17th, afternoon. Everybody feel free to pm me your emails and I'll compile the list and send out a blast.
  174. Abaco

    Ever wonder why the bluefin don't bite?

    ...Placed on the top of my reading list. Thanks!
  175. Abaco

    Sacramento Roll Call

    OK, firing this back up. I plan to get us together at a pub in Sacto area in late October. schedule is that crazy that I need to plan that far out. We'll have plenty to talk about, I'm sure. Looking forward to it.
  176. Abaco

    best 40lb live bait set up help?

    I had a lot of shite gear growing up, too. Without thinking about it I tossed stuff that failed and kept stuff that held up...over many decades. As I look at my quiver of multiple rigs now (local freshwater, LR, etc) every rig is a Shimano reel with the exception of one Avet. The drag's a little...
  177. Abaco

    best 40lb live bait set up help?

    Yeah, sorry. Hope the OP does good for that dough.
  178. Abaco

    best 40lb live bait set up help?

    I remember seeing the same question recently by somebody else. For my 40# rig I have the Talica II, 10. It is a great 40# reel. Compact, strong as hell, and smooth drag. Very happy with mine.
  179. Abaco

    Eldorado Sportfishing - Saved the 7 day charter

    Great to see it was a good time, with BFT, even! I hope to fish with you boys sometime.
  180. Abaco

    Fancy beer on multi day trips

    Somewhere there is a photo of me holding a martini on the rail of the Royal Star (thanks Danny Noonan). That was a good martini. Send me that photo if you have it.
  181. Abaco

    Fancy beer on multi day trips

    Oh!? This is big news. And, yeah, I stick out my pinky...just like the Three Stooges.
  182. Abaco

    Mamas, don't let your babies play football...

    Yeah, football (for better or worse) is looking less desirable. I can't believe the damage that's showing up in my body a few decades later. It's scary. I was a battering ram on the field. Due for a brain scan in the near future. Getting around much better today. When you tear the padding in a...
  183. Abaco

    7/26 Royal Star finds WAHOO 150 miles below San Diego

    Oh, that's good. I was on that epic hoo day at the rocks on the RP a few weeks ago. Killer. Cooked just right...can't beat it.
  184. Abaco

    Fancy beer on multi day trips

    Boats typically have shit beer in the cooler. I'm not too picky after a long day fishing, but I'm with you - a bit of a beer snob. I'd say (like others have) bring your own. My rotation includes Sculpin, Lagunitas IPA, Downtown Brown. Snob...
  185. Abaco

    Internet on LR Boat?

    I recently was on the RP. I was hoping to text the wife and kids a few times. Over 8 days I probably got 2 or 3 texts out. But, I'd guess it was unavailable 90% of the time. I do enjoy the disconnect from civilization with LR fishing but I don't think that was the point of the thread(?) It was...
  186. Abaco

    Mamas, don't let your babies play football...

    Well, my one good knee is locking up on me finally. Note in my photo. That knee brace is no longer needed since I had that knee rebuilt a couple years ago. The other one is starting to go now. The first one was ligaments (or lack of them) while this one is cartilage/meniscus. Couldn't walk to my...
  187. Abaco

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Good. Very good.
  188. Abaco

    sad day for the family

    Sorry to hear. I do think our dogs wait for us in heaven. A few years ago I had to put my blue heeler down when he came down with a mystery illness. He was my best buddy. I never fully recovered from that one...
  189. Abaco

    Advice on Long Range Trip

    More gear thoughts. PM sent, by the way. I remember being surprised at how simple the gear is for tuna fishing. Line tied to hook. My trout bait rigs are much more complicated. True that 40 and 50 pounds rigs will be the deal. You can use the boat rig on the troll. First trip you'll want hooks...
  190. Abaco

    Hey Dan. I'm in the Sacto area and have done 5 LR trips out of SD so far over the past 6 years...

    Hey Dan. I'm in the Sacto area and have done 5 LR trips out of SD so far over the past 6 years. Feel free to call me to chat about the particulars. 916-390-5313 Dave
  191. Abaco

    Advice on Long Range Trip

    What town are you coming from, Dan? When I got started I rented gear, then bought a one rig after each of the first few trips as my learning curve, and gear preference, progressed. A 7 day in the timeframe you're talking will be a great bet.
  192. Abaco

    Playin Hooky Comes home

    Hey, nice looking boat there!
  193. Abaco

    looking north for albies

    Hey guys. A few of us are looking to maybe head to Oregon (we are in norcal) to fish for albies in the future. We are regulars in the San Diego LR fishing but we miss our albies. Where would be a good place for us to go on the Oregon coast where we could get lodging and a good charter? Are there...
  194. Abaco

    LR boats need to be fishing North of San Diego right now

    Wow. I find myself thinking about this since the BFT closures started (see pantybind thread nearby on this). The tribal knowledge of the waters north of the border might not be as good as those south. But, just know there are lots of fish out and north of port.
  195. Abaco

    Independence 3 Day 07/10 - 07/13

    Thanks for sharing. Nice photos there! Should I feel concern over the general size of the YFT lately? Maybe I'm trippin, but I don't remember 20-lb being the common size - but I've only been at this about 6 years now.
  196. Abaco

    Making bait for the next trip

    When we were making bait at Cedras on the RP I took a video with my phone to show my kids. "See, to catch big fish we need little fish." I was chanting my trout song while bait fishing. "Trout, trout, pretty little trout. One more splash and come right out!" I was close to being the weirdo on...
  197. Abaco

    Making bait for the next trip

    Is there a smiley for panties in a bind?
  198. Abaco

    Any boats fishing cedros?

    Lots of bait there for the catchin...
  199. Abaco

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    I think the OP on a question like this should indicate either, "I have unlimited budget" or, "I have a limited budget". I realized this looking at the responses...
  200. Abaco

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    Yeah. A reservation if you've got a plane to catch will help if you want to be there for the processing. Fishermen's and Five Star will ship. Haven't used the other place. The quality at Fishermen's and Five Star is excellent. Last I was there, last week, Five Star was still at 75cents/pound...
  201. Abaco

    Intrepid 7 day

    Heck, I go solo half the time. It always works out great. The only bad part, really, is the 9-hour trip home from the landing. That drive solo, tired with sea legs, sucks.
  202. Abaco

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    My 40-pound rig is a Talica II, size 10. Let me tell's a badass reel for 40#. Smooth and very powerful.
  203. Abaco

    Royal Polaris 8 Day June 24 to July 2

    Pat's a jig-throwing maniac. I enjoyed getting to chat with him and fish with him. One of the many cool characters on that trip.
  204. Abaco

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    I didn't anticipate this much activity on this question. I am still learning this stuff. On my last, fifth, trip I figured out that there aren't really any hard/fast rules. Gotta be detail oriented yet use common sense. I learned one lesson. I have one rig with dark green braid. I'm having it...
  205. Abaco

    Royal Polaris 8 Day June 24 to July 2

    That was a great trip. Lots of variety. That wahoo stop at the rocks was unbelievable. I like to target the tuna. We had plenty of mixed tuna and yellowtail locations. I found the tuna were enjoying the big baits kept up at the top. One day the tuna would only hit up to 30-pound fluoro. Close...
  206. Abaco

    Intrepid 7 day - July 25 - Aug 1 - few open spots

    If I wasn't already booked I'd sign up for this one. Looks like a good group of fishermen.
  207. Abaco

    RP Knot?

    Tied up some knots in my poolside session and that RP knot goes together really simply. Maybe I'll put a Bob Sands on my 80# rig. Looking forward to putting the wood to some fatties next week. Praying to the tuna gods for some slob yellowfin...
  208. Abaco

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    RP, Ringed Hook. Can't wait to get fishin! It's been two years since my last trip and I've been working like crazy. Well-deserved trip...
  209. Abaco

    Black Pearl 2 day 6-5-2015 Morrow Bay

    Taylor doing Tramp Town proud. That's how we roll... Looks like a great time!
  210. Abaco

    New storm could change some plans.

    Warmer water this year, right?
  211. Abaco

    RP 8 Day June 24 Dilemma

    You are correct. Bluefin are very boat shy. I've seen few caught over the years. I've seen plenty of breezers of them, only to slide in and have them vanish.
  212. Abaco

    RP 8 Day June 24 Dilemma

    Maybe I'll see some of you guys the evening before. I usually can be found wondering the waterfront that night before with a big, stupid grin on my face...
  213. Abaco

    RP 8 Day June 24 Dilemma

    I wondered why that bait wouldn't stay on the hook very well...
  214. Abaco

    A couple questions

    Yeah, it's easy to miss. I think it's fairly new. I just remember the curvy, young blond lady I bought my license from mentioning it in passing and me going, "huh...what?" Another errand before the trip.
  215. Abaco

    A couple questions

    Hey, since us LRers might be fishing near SD are we supposed to be in possession of an ocean stamp on our fishing licenses? I am not too familiar with the stamps now but remember catching wind of such a stamp when I got my license for this year. Also - here's a weird thing. I was watching a...
  216. Abaco

    RP 8 Day June 24 Dilemma

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to this one. I'm coming down solo from Norcal and it will be fun to make some new friends. I enjoy when Frank drives. If you get Roy and Frank on the same trip it's really great. Very good crew on this boat. And, she's a beautiful boat. I saw that one of the changes to...
  217. Abaco

    Taking Bluefin To Mexico in RSW

    Let's not get our panties in a bind over this. Let's breathe through our noses, relax, and go fishing. :gaygroup:
  218. Abaco

    Hey, do you bathe every day? Maybe they'll put us together on the boat. Looking forward to our...

    Hey, do you bathe every day? Maybe they'll put us together on the boat. Looking forward to our trip. I prefer to have Frank drive but Roy is very good too. It's always nice to have wives on the trip, too. Prettier than us... Dave [email protected] 916-390-5313
  219. Abaco

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    Yeah? Well, I've seen you catch tuna with candy bars for bait. This thread is for mortals.
  220. Abaco

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    One last technical question that's probably been discussed before. How long of a leader (after end of braid) do you guys like to use for tuna fishing? The past few trips I've been just tying 25' of fluorocarbon on. I'm wondering if that's overkill ($). It works, though, and works well for those...
  221. Abaco

    RP Knot?

    I have pulled on the Bob Sands knot like a shaved ape (see photo) many times and am impressed by its strength.
  222. Abaco

    RP 8 Day June 24 Dilemma

    I'm on that trip. I need a roommate. Anybody who isn't bringing marital toys and who does take a shower every Looking forward to it. Should be a great trip!
  223. Abaco

    RP Knot?

    Thanks for the prompt feedback, guys. I'll give it a whirl.
  224. Abaco

    RP Knot?

    I'm a once-a-year LR guy. So, about this time each year I sit out by my pool with what little spare time I have and practice knots to get ready for my upcoming trip. The past few years I have been using the Bob Sands knot to connect fluoro to braid. It's fairly involved for a schlub like me but...
  225. Abaco

    Late June RP Trip

    Anybody else on the end-o-june Royal Polaris trip?
  226. Abaco

    Who is headed out for a week in mid June?

    I'm thinking that'll be a good trip. I would consider (since I've been wanting to ride that boat) if I wasn't already booked.
  227. Abaco

    Shogun 8-day openings June 13-21, 2015 trip

    Interesting. I really want to fish on this boat. I'll be on the RP about the same time. I'm very interested in what kind of fish will show at that time. If it's bluefin, I'm game! I need some yellow tail for tacos for the kids, too. Aaron's a great guy. I got my very first long range lesson...
  228. Abaco

    World Tuna Purse Seine Organization Agrees To 35% Global Tuna Fishing Reduction

    You are correct. I didn't take extra ethics courses in college for nothin.
  229. Abaco

    Guadalupe Rigs & Conditions

    Yeah. Isn't that a pipe dream, still? Maybe I'm missing something (wouldn't be the first time).
  230. Abaco

    World Tuna Purse Seine Organization Agrees To 35% Global Tuna Fishing Reduction

    Yeah, that statement caught my attention. First I've heard of a "market crisis". Strange...
  231. Abaco

    Anything going on down at the Rocks lately?

    8-day on the RP next month. Gonna be an adventure.
  232. Abaco

    Anything going on down at the Rocks lately?

    Fishing report request here. I'm curious if anybody here has fished Alejos Rocks lately and how it was. Thanks.
  233. Abaco

    Oh, it's not bad. Yes, I have fished on the RP twice before. It's a nice, big boat and should...

    Oh, it's not bad. Yes, I have fished on the RP twice before. It's a nice, big boat and should accommodate us pretty well.
  234. Abaco

    Hey Leo. I'll be on that 8-day June RP trip. Looking forward to it. Freezer's almost empty!

    Hey Leo. I'll be on that 8-day June RP trip. Looking forward to it. Freezer's almost empty!
  235. Abaco

    Royal Star----Tackle

    Yep. I agree. Good fishin' boat.
  236. Abaco

    RIP LR Brother Sam Lewis 4/20/2015

    Always sad to see the news of the passing of a fellow LR'er.
  237. Abaco

    West Coast Sardine Fishery Shutting Down

    I do agree with a comment above that I, too, would be happy to reduce my Bluefin take (which is, seriously, about 1 fish per year) if Japan would reduce their take, too. Oh, I'll still reduce my take, just not happily. In my limited experience, catching Bluefin is pretty challenging. Those...
  238. Abaco

    West Coast Sardine Fishery Shutting Down

    Yeah! That too! LOL Thanks for bringing up a relevant topic! I'm typing this with Elvis sitting here drinking a beer... He's looking surprisingly thin! Where's that tinfoil hat I left around here?...
  239. Abaco

    West Coast Sardine Fishery Shutting Down

    Here we go again. The enviros have us in their sights. We'll be seeing regulatory limitations squeezing this sport every year from here on out now until they kill it. Just my opinion. It's a slow, steady squeeze. MLPA, then no bluefin, then no bait, then no barbs, no boats, no humans, no fun...
  240. Abaco

    First Time on the Royal Polaris

    Yeah, Roy does a great job. My first trip was a 3-day on the RP. Frank was driving and Roy was on board. The food on that trip was probably the best I've ever had on any vacation.
  241. Abaco

    Just booked first lr trip royal star here I come

    I really like the Royal Star. I learned some things from Chef Jeff. If he's cooking say hi for me. That dude can really prepare fish.
  242. Abaco

    panfish technique/bait question

    Thanks! Took the kids out there Tuesday after dinner. As soon as we got out of the truck by the lake (had the place to ourselves) my little girl said, "Thanks for taking us fishing dad." We got her into a couple bluegill. It was great.
  243. Abaco

    First Time on the Royal Polaris

    A few years back when I was on the RP the food was excellent. I'll be on her again in June. Looking forward to it. I don't carry a big tackle box so I've never really had problems - always just placing my box up in the rack against the bulkhead, no prob. I use the rod holders on the side of...
  244. Abaco

    Wicky Tuna

    Beautiful fish!
  245. Abaco

    panfish technique/bait question

    Yeah, I am up with the worm/bobber stuff. Just curious if the winds are up a bit and we want to do some Okie fishing where we cast out and relax in the lawn chair a little. Thanks...
  246. Abaco

    panfish technique/bait question

    Hey guys, I have a dumb question. I found a local body of water where I plan to start taking my little ones fishing for pan fish - bluegills, etc. Is there a decent, off-the-shelf, floating bait I can use for this? I remember using little power nugget baits under a bobber years ago (sinking)...
  247. Abaco

    Cedar plugs?

    Those look very nice!
  248. Abaco

    First time long Ranger gets super cow on the RP

    That's really great. Chased it with the skiff like The Old Man and the Sea! Good for him!
  249. Abaco

    Spectra Lifespan?

    Hey! Don't you melt purified butter into the finest French champagne and run the spectra through that from one reel to another? Please don't give up your position of number 1 cork sniffer here!
  250. Abaco

    Hooks for Sardine Fishing

    This is what I'd do. I've never been a convert to the ringed hooks, though - at least not yet. Super Mutus really are great. I've had j-hooks lodge deep in the mouth, breathing a sigh of relief when we actually deck the fish (who's been gnawing away on the leader for a while). I have done well...
  251. Abaco

    Son's first Multi-Day fishing trip

    That's awesome! I look forward to family trips in my future.
  252. Abaco

    Celebrity Long Rangers

    On the RP a few years back we had Wayne Gross, retired Oakland A's, on the trip. I enjoyed chatting with him about sports and the wild boar around his place (not too far from where I live). Remember Cole, that brilliant young deckie on the RP? Cole came in to the salon dressed in a really nice...
  253. Abaco


    I regularly use any of the fish we catch on these trips to make fish tacos. The family loves it. Tuna works great, obviously.
  254. Abaco

    Sacramento Roll Call

    Yeah, cool! I'll follow up in the next month or so and we'll figure out a time/place to have a cold one. I'm a 1-trip per year guy, too. Living in the Rancho Russia area - right by the American River (luckily). Love that photo of Jayne Mansfield above...
  255. Abaco

    We lost a good one

    That's sad news. Even though I had no idea he was a LR'er Mr. Casper's passing was news at our house because we are duffers.
  256. Abaco

    Sacramento Roll Call

    I know a couple more guys. I'm thinking in a couple months here I'll send out a note to the Tramptown guys here and see if we can all meet up somewhere for a cold beverage.
  257. Abaco

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    Dixie is in my thoughts.
  258. Abaco

    Sacramento Roll Call

    Hey, I know of at least a couple other LR fishermen on here in the Tramptown region. Check in, my brothas...
  259. Abaco

    Excel Coming in Early on Jan 11th

    A lot of Monday morning quarterbacking here. So be it. I'm glad everybody lived to fish another day.
  260. Abaco

    This forum is losing its appeal.

    Lone Shark hit the nail. People barf out whatever the talk show they listen to yaps on about. This is why I have Republican friends who think we should blow people up and practice hard-core statism and Democrat friends who argue for less regulations. Most people don't even know how to think...
  261. Abaco

    2015 CA. BFT Limit

    I have watched the enviro-loons go after sport fishermen all my life - gradually destroying fishing opportunities for the average shmo with a hook and line. Meanwhile, commercial boats from the far east will continue their assault. Almost none of these measures are ever based on real science or...
  262. Abaco

    New years trip on the shogun (a few pictures)

    Yeah, I'll give him a shot of Maker's Mark in a couple days. That'll fix him right up. This reminds me...note to self, bring Maker's Mark on next trip....
  263. Abaco

    New years trip on the shogun (a few pictures)

    Nice photos Taylor. My buddy representing Tramptown (Sacramento)! Impressive hook photo. That kind of thing can make a man angry...
  264. Abaco

    My personal best on Intrepid - report and slideshow :)

    This is outstanding. Thanks for sharing.
  265. Abaco

    Newbie Boat Question

    I have heard good things about the operation.
  266. Abaco

    The Fisherman

    Sorry for your loss, Rick. He sounds like he was a great guy and, more importantly, a great father. Being a great father is tough, and many men simply don't seem to be cut out for it. But, the great ones are. My father was, and remains, a disfunctional wrecking ball. However, his father...
  267. Abaco

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Yeah, have a great one, fellow LRers. And, to the bachelors going fishing on Christmas, carry the torch. 2015's going to be a great year, I can feel it in my that little tingle you get just before your reel starts screaming at the end of a long soak. Oh yeah....
  268. Abaco

    Let see you best yellowtail

    Great photos, guys. I'll have to try to put one in here later. It seems that I'm too busy fishing when I land nice ones to stand still long enough to get my picture taken. But, a couple good deckies have caught me over the years.
  269. Abaco

    cortez bank question

    If so, it must be on the DL...
  270. Abaco

    Wahoo Video - Alijos Rocks aboard the Excel

    Beautiful tuna! The Excel is on my short list of future boats to ride.
  271. Abaco

    cortez bank question

    Do any LR boats ever go there?
  272. Abaco

    Intrepids 10 Day Report???

    You know...I've seen that there are plenty of football to 25# yft around the past couple years, for whatever reason. I hope the fatties (75#+) start coming within 6-day range again soon. That's really fun fishing.
  273. Abaco

    RIP Mario, Sportsman's Seafood

    This is sad news. I have a bit of fish from his shop in my freezer at this time. I will eat a piece tonight and hoist a glass of vino in his honor.
  274. Abaco

    ORION Splashdown off Baja

    Yes, truedat. The first decade of my engineering career was in the aerospace industry. I loved it. Then, it really got feeble in the US and I got out. I built a couple satelites, did stress analysis on plenty of different aircraft (including a couple you guys have surely flown on). I wish this...
  275. Abaco

    Shogun 5 day dec 26 roll call

    Give em hell! Representin' Tramp Town, baby!
  276. Abaco

    After the trip

    That's right. Noonan did get bit a couple times on candy bars. The fish were out of their minds that day...
  277. Abaco

    After the trip

    I have to think back on when I was a kid. My brother and I used these little, plastic-side Penns for our salmon fishing. We'd beat em on rocks, dunk em, spend endless days casting lures with them. We'd just hose them off and hang them each day. Never did anything to them. I'm pretty sure my...
  278. Abaco

    After the trip

    I don't know...I think you could probably do a little more. I found that Pierrer tends to discolor the grease. Don't forget to put the bearings in your mouth, gargle with WD40, then gently rinse with a Cabernet - preferrably from the Central Coast region. It helps if you lift a foot and too the...
  279. Abaco

    Intrepid on the Big Fish

    Great pics! Man, that gets me all wound up. Nice fish there.
  280. Abaco

    Tuna article in Sunday's WSJ

    Glad you guys liked it, as I did. I thought the author did an outstanding job. In my print version of the WSJ there is a little photo in the middle of researcher Hidemi Kumai with the quote, "These fish can't protest with their mouths so they protest by dying." I didn't realize they were so...
  281. Abaco

    Do it all knot

    These threads get lives of their own as everybody chimes in, "do a tripple-lundee". Here let me add to it. I have been using the Bob Sands knot for connecting topshots with great success. I will need to revisit the Albright per the suggestions here when I get time to open a beer, sit down and do...
  282. Abaco

    Tuna article in Sunday's WSJ One version Scroll down. Some extras here too...
  283. Abaco

    Tuna article in Sunday's WSJ

    In Sunday's Wall Street Journal is a very good article about farming of Pacific bluefin. "More Fish Make the Leap From Farm to Table". I think you guys will find it interesting so this is my PSA for the day. Happy Humpday...
  284. Abaco

    Humbling experience in PEI Canada 7,8 & 9 September

    Thanks for that report! Awesome photos!!!! Someday, I'm going to do this. I need to do this...
  285. Abaco

    What would you do?

    That's cool.
  286. Abaco

    212YFT Landed from Beach, Ascension

    That's really amazing!
  287. Abaco

    Melton Tackle

    I have bought a few things from them over the years. I like their store, it's very nice. But, I did have one issue with them advertising a product they simply didn't have in stock and took too long to get. However, I am seeing this problem across the industry - and chalk it up as tougher times...
  288. Abaco

    5 Star Fish Processing

    I wonder if I'm unusual in that I eat a vast majority of my fish raw - probably 90% of the tuna, half of the yellowtail, 80% of the dodos. I'm pretty picky and I've had no problems with fish 5 Star has cut for me.
  289. Abaco

    5 Star Fish Processing

    Yeah, that's my go-to shop.
  290. Abaco

    Still Whackin Albies from Eureka

    Very nice. Thanks for the report.
  291. Abaco

    RP 10 Day

    I'm thinking that's going to be a good trip. You know when you can just feel it in yer bones?
  292. Abaco

    Will the real slim shady please stand up...

    The internet forum medium is prime ground for that type. Sad, really. My own rule is to never say anything I wouldn't say in person. I'm worse in person, actually...haha. Just can't let the keyboard tough guys get in yer dome. That's what they live for. I've never met a real dickhead on any of...
  293. Abaco

    Most Helpful

    There are a lot of good people here. I've had a couple crew members over the years who have really done a great job. I know it's off-topic a bit. But, Aaron was very helpful on the RP, as was Cole. Good guys, those two. I hope to fish with Aaron again.
  294. Abaco

    So how is the fishing really?...

    Yeah, that's right.
  295. Abaco

    Time to fess up about the tuna!!

    Oh tuna, where are thau?! While my head is full of visions of long-fins dancing on the waves I continually awake to this empty life, devoid of any of your fine, grilled flesh. You know it's bad when I'm writing this stuff...
  296. Abaco

    Albacore where are you

    Fudge. I miss the longfin and was hoping they'd show so that I may load my freezer with their fleshy goodness. But, no...
  297. Abaco

    Had an idea for my tuna belly.

    So, I pulled a fat tuna belly from the freezer this weekend. It was from my 65# bluefin. It was a well-fed fish with a big beer belly. I noticed it has a thick, 3/8", slab of blubber under the skin. So, I got an idea. I took my filet knife and skinned it, leaving the fat on. This piece was about...
  298. Abaco

    Time to fess up about the tuna!!

    Yeah. I'm chompin at the bit for some longfins.
  299. Abaco

    Albacore on the Excel

    I need a moment alone...
  300. Abaco

    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    For my next trick I'm going to go on a poultry farming website and show a photo of a couple guys holding up a dead chicken and yell, "Those focking asshats!!!"
  301. Abaco

    Albacore on the Excel

    Two years ago we were heading out on the Royal Star catching tons of football yellowfin and throwing them back on the troll when WHAM we nailed one albacore. It was the largest I have ever seen firsthand...a real fattie. Then, nothing ever since. Not a peep. Now, here I sit waiting for them to...
  302. Abaco

    Penn 16svx

    I have had this Penn 16svx for a couple years and it has been on the ocean only once and fished for a total of about 30 minutes. It's in like-new condition. 80# braid loaded. It's flawless. It's not hardly used at all because it's too big for the fishing I do. It's really beautiful and could...
  303. Abaco

    lodging in Fort Bragg

    I'm on call for an albie trip in Fort Bragg. What are a couple hotels that are decent on short notice? Thanks...
  304. Abaco

    5 day trip turned into a 3 day

    Interesting commentary about how the fleet was once supported by construction workers. I have been doing this fishing for 5 years now and noticed lots of participation by those guys. But, the rest of us are guys who drive a desk for a living (few others could afford this hobby), drive long...
  305. Abaco

    abs and fresh fish every night.

    Cool report and love the photos.
  306. Abaco

    Albie rumors again!

    Man, I'd love to get me some bluefin on my upcomming trip. Let's hope for a good season up here.
  307. Abaco

    Casting the Talica II 10

    Thanks. When I was a little tyke I used to fish for salmon throwing buzz bombs with my grandpa's old squidder level winds. I hope to get back to my old glory, vs. making bird nests...
  308. Abaco

    sizing braid to mono/fluoro

    Happy Friday. I will be setting up a rig for use with topshots 20 to 40 pound. Which braid size? I remember seeing a basic guide on this and, since I need it about once per year I am not smart enough to know where it is. (Yeah, I admit it)
  309. Abaco

    Eureka Albacore.... We Got Um!!

    Oh yeah. I'm salivating...
  310. Abaco

    Blue Fin Ban in Mexico to be lifted....verbal confirmation, written 8/11 due

    In my work I recently saw a document about sustainable energy where they discussed tidal energy, etc. In that document they got into (for some reason) the financial impact of sportfishing in California and the numbers were staggering: Somewhere over $1B and 20,000 jobs, or something like that. I...
  311. Abaco

    Casting the Talica II 10

    Hey guys I'm planning on chasing albacore and was thinking of bringing a Talica II 10 along. May be using it to cast 1-oz lures. How is the castibility of this one? I plan to take it down the park in my hood and practice getting my thumb tuned up in the field. Thanks.
  312. Abaco

    Just braggin'

    Excellent! I'm a golfer when on land. Good excuse to get out, drink cold beer, and take a nice walk.
  313. Abaco

    Looking for an albie operation out of Fort Bragg

    Thanks. Will be fishing with Captain Tuna soon, 6-pack. Looking forward to it. I have been wanting to try this closer-to-home fishery for some time. I have to thank the Mexicans and Center for Biological Diversity for helping nudge me to it. Any tips on this kind of fishing for a SD long range...
  314. Abaco

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    That should be a great trip, guys. Rip a lip in my name, please.
  315. Abaco

    The Stupidity Out There

    I feel bad for the guy, actually. People who come to this sport need help. I sure as hell did. I'm still an idiot...come to think of it.
  316. Abaco

    NorCal Tuna Club - 7 Day Trip Report

    Great report. The pants-down shot was the winner photo. LOL Hey, I love tuna and I live in Norcal. I wouldn't be a member of any club that would have me, but a shout out from a potential club member here...
  317. Abaco

    San Pablo Reservoir, Only 1 but it was his first fish ever!

    Yeah baby! That's what it's all about. Good job. My son developed autism very early so I thought this wouldn't happen, but he's recovered well and has caught several fish now, thank god. My daughter is 4 and she's into it. I think she's going to be daddy's fishing partner. And, since she looks...
  318. Abaco

    Boat Crash on El Capitan Reservoir, 1 dead, 1 missing

    "Yep they tell you where there at not that you have to where it while fishing." Uh. What?
  319. Abaco

    albie rumors

    Hey, got a question for you albie veterans (I've only caught a few on LR boats years ago). If you get a jig strike what do you use to catch these fish on the stop? What kind of plugs, jigs, whatever? I'm in rapid learning mode in preparation of my first attempt at these fish in Norcal waters...
  320. Abaco

    Looking for an albie operation out of Fort Bragg

    Are there any recommendations for a charter boat operation out of Fort Bragg for albacore fishing? My buddy and I are wanting to give it a go. Don't want a crowded boat. Thanks guys...
  321. Abaco

    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    Well, here's a thought. In the 5 years I've been doing this sport (still a noob) I've never once been surveyed when I've gotten off a boat. Not once. If you're counting fish being harvested wouldn't you actually go to where there are fish being harvested? - especially if we are such an integral...
  322. Abaco

    Bluefin Tuna Closure-Make Your Voice Heard

    OK...this gives clarity on what we're up against.
  323. Abaco

    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    Well, I can tell you from firsthand knowledge... In the realm of medicine and pharmaceuticals, major studies are often bastardized, their results completely mangled. I've been involved in studies and have seen it happen. Then, the B.S. conclusions are handed over to the AP and publicized. The...
  324. Abaco

    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    I do not believe that the science justifies banning our recreational fishing for these fish. I need to be convinced. I'm open to the idea. But, as that old Wendy's commercial said, "Where's the beef?!" I need to know what kind of survey's have been taken, what kind of data has been collected. I...
  325. Abaco

    Shiamano Talica 20 II Question

    Badass reel that can probably fish as your 80# rig. Those Talica IIs fish a lot bigger than they look. I have a 16 and it's a beast. Acquiring another Talica II soon.
  326. Abaco

    Bluefin Tuna Closure-Make Your Voice Heard

    Yes...I'm pretty sure it's the same organization that got us below the border (based on reports I've seen). Center for Biological Diversity
  327. Abaco

    Bluefin Tuna Closure-Make Your Voice Heard

    Thanks Michelle.
  328. Abaco

    Pinhead in JP

    More JP drama. This is why I avoid the whole contest. I've seen too many jip jobs over the years...
  329. Abaco

    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban So, if bluefin take north of the border is rulled out how would that affect your LR habit? I remember a few years ago when we were hammering YFT and rarely seeing a BFT. In that environment, no...
  330. Abaco

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    Me too. I need some dough.
  331. Abaco

    Thank You Five Star

    Five Star rocks. That's a nice photo of the chopped tuna, by the way.
  332. Abaco

    could all blue fin be banned?? feds want to ban u.s. blue fin

    As we used to say in the aerospace industry, "It's o-f*cking-ver". I mentioned on the original thread on this subject that in all my decades of fishing I've never seen governmental limitations on sportfishing get reduced, only increased. This may start sweeping over the sport quickly. Why not...
  333. Abaco

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    This is really turning into a mess. Feeling less and less eager to be a part of the scene. Maybe a little, peaceful trout fishing will be better for my peace of mind. LOL
  334. Abaco

    Question about the Current conditions,Itineraries and BFT on LR boats

    Looking forward to getting some feedback from some fellow LR clients who are returning from these adjusted trips. This will be the new norm, I think. So, might as well get a little report on how it's working out.
  335. Abaco

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Do I understand that right? The closure doesn't apply to Mexican boats? It applies to American LR boats and private American boats? Or is that just a bunch of malarkey?
  336. Abaco

    Is Mexico using Pew model to close bluefin?

    I looked at SAC's website and I must have missed something because they seemed to represent the LR businesses, not the LR fishermen customers.
  337. Abaco

    Is Mexico using Pew model to close bluefin?

    The sport fisherman has the misfortune of being saddled with a lot of responsibility while having no authority and just about zero representation - much like being an engineer. Up here in NorCal we have a group of sport fisherman who focus on the "inland salmon" fishery. They organize, pay dues...
  338. Abaco

    So what's next?

    Well...We could form an organization that specifically represents sportfishermen like us. That organization would have to be well-connected politically both here and in Mexico. We would need scientists who would help us question any scientific claims that some restrictions are based on. We'd...
  339. Abaco

    So what's next?

    I expect limits or closure on yellowfin. Not now, necessarily, but in the next year or two. The normal progression for limitations placed on sportfishermen is to incrementally tighten over time. I hope our friends in Mexico don't follow that trend. I hope I'm wrong.
  340. Abaco

    Would You Catch and Release Big Bluefin?

  341. Abaco

    Would You Catch and Release Big Bluefin?

    A couple nights ago I placed a link on this forum to the memo that I think this all came from. I can't find any other sources with such numbers. It was a bay area group called something like "ecologic diversity" or something like that. Frankly, it smacked of poorly researched radicalism. I am...
  342. Abaco

    Would You Catch and Release Big Bluefin?

    That's a very interesting question, Brian. I can't imagine not wanting to eat these fish. But, the catching is really fun, too. In my case, my wife and kids really love the food that results from these trips. It's literally our favorite thing to eat. That's been a huge motivator for me to make...
  343. Abaco

    cancellations due to bluefin closure

    I hope it soon becomes what I remember a few years ago - lots of fat yellowfin showing up. I love me some yellowfin.
  344. Abaco

    Thanks for the info on the closure, Jim. For those of us to love bringing the BFT home to the...

    Thanks for the info on the closure, Jim. For those of us to love bringing the BFT home to the family we're fairly screwed. Perhaps they'll show up in force north of the border - one can hope. Cheers... Dave
  345. Abaco

    cancellations due to bluefin closure

    I'm half-paid for a trip in September. I'm on the fence.
  346. Abaco

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    If this is about people fishing the pens why didn't they just put a buffer around the pens - just outlaw that? I know this may seem like a stupid question, but I don't get the connection. Note - I've never been to the pens, either. Are these pens often damaged by fishermen?
  347. Abaco

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Good thing I'm wearing my rubber high-top boots while reading this thread. I have never taken our ability to fish in Mexican waters for these fish for granted. I always had a feeling we'd face major restrictions in my lifetime - because that's how sportfishing evolves. I regret that I haven't...
  348. Abaco

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    It makes me think back about an owner who keeps telling my buddy that we are going to fish Gaudalupe every year. LOL. Fishermen do lie, you know. Sounds like you were lied to. In reality, this will devastate the fleet. I'm now looking elsewhere to spend my fishing money. I hope this cluster...
  349. Abaco

    Surf fishing with the boy

  350. Abaco


    Well, my fishin buddy and I are mulling over cancellation now, too. This, I'm sad to say, will devastate the fleet. I also just placed an order for a 40-pound rig. The thought of driving for 8 hours to get to SD, paying for meals, gas and hotel room, forking over a week's worth of pay just to...
  351. Abaco

  352. Abaco


    Evaluating the viability of my September trip now. I may keep a couple grand in my pocket and go chase albies up north or just relax in the Sierra with the family. I know that guys are saying this closure is no big deal. But, based on all the activity on the LR trips I've been on the past couple...
  353. Abaco

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    I was just getting ready to acquire a $500 reel, and send another $1200 to a boat in San Diego for a trip in September that I've already started paying for. My wallet just slammed shut, though. And, I can't seem to pry it open. All kidding aside, this is a big deal to this hobby of ours. Very big.
  354. Abaco

    Bout Damn Time! BFT are starting to bite!

    "...bft that responded and settled in producing 87 fish out of a 5 houir drift." -- This is key. My last outing on the RS we would catch up with a pod only to have them slink away, pretty boat shy. I'm glad they got the fish to hang around them. Very cool.
  355. Abaco

    Hooks for chovies?

    Thanks guys.
  356. Abaco

    Hooks for chovies?

    What hooks are suggested for flylining anchovies? Any favorites? Last time I used anchovies was many years ago fishing for stripers in the bay (S.F.) and am guessing I might see them again in a couple months in S.D. Is there a name for the syndrome that takes your brain over as a L.R. trip...
  357. Abaco

    Questions from a Hoo Nube

    Another noob question. What kind of rig is suggested for these fish? I know this could result in a big array of suggestions. For example: a 40-pound, lever-drag model with longer rod than what I've used for tuna(?) I have G.A.S. and may acquire such a setup or may just ask the boat to have one...
  358. Abaco

    Questions from a Hoo Nube

    Thanks lady and gentlemen.
  359. Abaco

    Fishing the slide on jig strikes

    Oh no - just flying bait and a bunch of spaghetti...
  360. Abaco


    I busted my nose a few times and can't wear normal glasses anymore. But, I take Oakleys, tear the rubber nose piece off, dremmel the frame for my nose, and wear them, usually M-frames, all day. I am seriously thinking about getting a pair of the polarized ones. new Oakleys and...
  361. Abaco

    Its Getting close!!!!

    I think I remember seeing the photos from the little sunset ceremony on the deck of a LR boat. That was pretty cool...
  362. Abaco

    Questions from a Hoo Nube

    OK, pardon my ignorance. I'm seeing that lots of wahoo are being caught lately and I've never caught one. Almost all of the photos show fish with scratched up lures in their mouths. I've always been a fly-lined sardine to catch tunas guy. How are all these wahoos being caught? (basic technique)...
  363. Abaco

    Fishing the slide on jig strikes

    This reminds me of a few times in the past when I'd be at the corner reeling in a troll-hooked fish and, as the fish gets near I have what looks to be about a dozen sardines hurled over my head at the same time, hooks and lines attached. Every time I think "WTH?"
  364. Abaco


    Sport fishing, over time, will just continue to decline. There will be some better years. But 20 years from now it will be worse than it is now. It's the same pattern that I've seen in other venues. Commercial fleet, Indians, global warming (if you believe in it), pollution, regulations...
  365. Abaco

    Floro leader ?

    Yeah, that's right. Probably no fluoro there in the troll. This is giving me GAS - gear acquisition syndrome.
  366. Abaco

    Floro leader ?

    Hey Taylor, another Sacto guy here. On that trip I would expect to fish 20, 40, 50 and troll with 80. This is just one guy's take on it. And, the troll on 80, if it's like all other trips I've been on, may likley be boat rig (no need to bring). But, last year they did get into some big fish...
  367. Abaco

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    Panties in a bind over making bait? Jeezusmaryjoseph... My only complaint about making bait is that I can tie a sabuki(sp?) in the worst friggin tangle you've ever seen. Just a total friggin robin's nest...(which is notably worse than a bird's nest).
  368. Abaco

    Bait and long range boats.

    I've been known to eat sardines, anchovies and mackerel. :gaygroup:
  369. Abaco

    Albacore article in Sunset

    Dave - I recently spent a little time in Shelter Cove. Cool place.
  370. Abaco

    Albacore article in Sunset

    The latest issue of Sunset Magazine has a nice little write-up on albacore, with several cool recipes. Just thought I'd notify. I sure wish we'd start seeing massive, hungry schools of them around socal again this year.
  371. Abaco

    Did you see this? 64lb Yellowtail!

    Imagine how hard that sucker pulled. Wow!
  372. Abaco

    Fishing fitness?

    I integrate fishing-related stuff into my workouts. At my boxing gym I leanred that my wrists are a weak point so Coach got me started using this exercise that is basically a dowel with a rope throught the middle of it - you hang a rope through it and put a little weight on the end of the rope...
  373. Abaco

    Meniscus tear sugery....

    I used to fish with a brace (see photo from two trips ago). Had no ACL left, torn lateral. When I finally got a big potato-chip size tear in the gristle I had my knee rebuilt by a brilliant surgeon here in the Sacto area. Got a dead man's tendon put in, two titanium attach brackets for it, and...
  374. Abaco

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Yep. The last thing I want on the water is more rules. I left shore because of too many rules. the horse flogged enough? Good.
  375. Abaco

    So, where do you get bit?

    I like to get my string tangled in the prop and rudder. That seems to trigger a strike.
  376. Abaco

    One tip

    Yeah, that's always been the case with all fishing reports, pretty much. I remember reading the local reports around here in norcal for all kinds of fishing, getting our folks to drive my brother and I out when we caught the fishing bug as rug rats, and finding that it was all bullhocky. Around...
  377. Abaco

    56.6 lb. Yellowtail

    I saw a nice photo of Sofia Vergara in a skimpy bikini this morning. This photo makes me just as happy inside as that one did.
  378. Abaco

    An Opinion To Stir The Pot

    While I can't discuss from experience with fish that size...the bluefin I caught last year really handed me my ass, compared to comperable yft.
  379. Abaco

    "Dude, don't over think it, just go fish"

    When I first got into this hobby about 5 years ago I made a comment here that you guys (me included) reminded me of many of the musicians I used to play music with. They'd go into things like how much iron was in their guitar strings, where the tubes on their amps were manufactured, even which...
  380. Abaco

    Scopace - Rx Seasick Med

    I've barely felt motion sickenss twice. Sometimes, I'll take a portion of a dramamine in the morning on the boat - but they make me space out (even more than normal). My mom, who lived on a sailboat for many years, warned me against the patch. A friend of hers started suffering hallucinations...
  381. Abaco

    Tony Pena

    Hey Steve! Get some cows. If you have too much for your freezer my house is on your way home. I'll help out with my freezer.
  382. Abaco

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    I have used Melton's, Baja Fish Gear and Charkbait. I like all three. Melton's store is pretty nice if you get a chance to visit...all kinds of stuff in there. Mark, who runs Charkbait is a good guy and works very hard. I respect Mark. The guys at Baja Fish Gear are always helpful...and, like...
  383. Abaco

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    I won't do jackpots anymore. I had a fellow angler foul hook a nice fish that ate my dine once and the crew came up with a way to give him my fish. Then, on a recent trip I caught a fish that was clearly in the running but it wasn't weighed/included in the contest. It certainly was one of the...
  384. Abaco

    yellowfin on the apollo,allready?

    Yeah. I miss them. My grille in the backyard misses them too.
  385. Abaco

    Upcoming 8-Day Trips - What's the Scuttlebutt?

    A few months back I was told by a captain we all know that some truly massive bull sharks have taken up residence at the Rocks. Any experience on this?
  386. Abaco

    Top Gun 80 into big Bluefin

    Very interesting. Yeah...if you don't have a stout rig in your hands a 60# Bluefin will have its way with you. Man, those fish pull hard. Maybe we'll be getting into these again throughout this year. They were tough fishin on my last trip...boat shy.
  387. Abaco

    Booked my first trip out of San Diego: 3day in Aug with Shogun

    Warning. This is an illness, horribly addicting. Welcome to the club...
  388. Abaco

    Fish of a life time????.... Lost at color

    Jamie...there's something about losing these fish that makes it not hurt as bad as one thinks it might. These fish are badasses and they continue to humble me. Excellent writeup of the events, and appreciated by this reader. I lost a lifetime fish out at The Rocks a few years ago. It's...
  389. Abaco

    Hey Taylor. Call me if you have questions (fellow long ranger from Sacto) 916-390-5313 I...

    Hey Taylor. Call me if you have questions (fellow long ranger from Sacto) 916-390-5313 I started doing this sport about 5 years ago and have been an avid student of it ever since. There's quite a learning curve to it. But, it really is a blast. I also try to do some local trout fishing around...
  390. Abaco

    Help me on my first long range trip

    Hey Taylor! I'm in the Sacto area too. There are a few of us here from Sacto. Congrats on taking your first trip. I would try to target a trip that will make it down to the Cedros yellowtail waters. You can load your freezer well there and target tuna to and fro. This means something like a...
  391. Abaco

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    You Shimano Talica II 16 has been the best reel I've used so far. I would certainly consider it. My own experience has included Penn, Shimano and Avet reels. Avet certainly makes a good reel for the price. These toys can get damn expensive, for sure. Congrats of having a wife that...
  392. Abaco

    "Slippery Ramp" at Pt Loma Landing Resolved

    Yeah, I remember reading that thread! Man...a lot of panties got bound up on that one. Cool that the ramp may be safer now for clumsy bastids like me.
  393. Abaco

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    I agree....that would be interesting.
  394. Abaco

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    Drones are only for blowing up weddings.
  395. Abaco

    Pink Fluoro

    Interesting. I also started shying away from having the mono/fluoro splice knot so started using just about 25' of fluoro at the beginning of each day. We all have our flavor of the day, I guess.
  396. Abaco

    Pink Fluoro

    There's a lot of knowledge here on this. You guys are all smarter than you look.
  397. Abaco

    Fishermans Processing- New ownership.

    Interesting. I have always enjoyed having Frank drive the boat. Tim too. Frankly...those two are the best fish finding captains I've ever seen. My one trip with Tim driving was friggin epic. I caught so many fish I came off the boat a few pounds lighter. I've tried different processors and...
  398. Abaco

    Season ahead of us...

    I'm going on a VERY similar trip. I'm really hoping for hoards of longfin this year (finally) on this trip. And, with El Nino perhaps we'll get some fat slob yellowfin within range of San Diego. I'm definately itchin to kick some ass on the fish...
  399. Abaco

    Another "which reel" thread.

    Thanks again guys. Great info!
  400. Abaco

    Pink Fluoro

    Thanks guys. I was perusing through different gear available in perparation for my trip this year and saw plenty of the pink being sold. Was curious about it...
  401. Abaco

    Pink Fluoro

    Anybody fish with the stuff? Any firsthand reports appreciated. I've seen it a few times but don't know of its track record for catching fish, vs clear. Thanks...
  402. Abaco

    What's up with the Vagabond Inn, or is it just me?

    Vag's gone downhill, IMO. Dolphin is sufficient.
  403. Abaco

    Another "which reel" thread.

    Thanks a lot, guys! I've been very impressed by my Talica II 16 for it's pulling power, given that it isn't a very big reel. My little Avet MX has really been impressive on some big yellowtail. The weak link anymore is my office-working arms and former football player joints...
  404. Abaco

    Another "which reel" thread.

    Hey guys. I am the happy owner of a Talica II, 16. I have actually been using it for my 40# rig which I understand may be overkill (long range SD fishing, by the way). It's really been my bread-and-butter reel on the last couple annual trips for me - allowing me to slay 40-70# bluefin pretty...
  405. Abaco

    Fishing the Anchovie

    Thanks Connor. I'm trapped up here in Norcal...
  406. Abaco

    Fishing the Anchovie

    That's interesting. I fish them hooked through the jaw and snout, jaw closed - for striper up here in the bay. They seem to do well. Sorry to ask this if it's been asked, but how much are the LR boats loading up with chovies lately on their way out to sea? I've been going out for 4 years now...
  407. Abaco

    Cow trout at Castaic

    That's funny...
  408. Abaco

    Sushi Knife Recommendations?

    Yes, that's what I went with. I selected the Global G-11. Single-side blade. Should do the trick. Thanks again guys for the input. I plan on making lots of sushi with this new toy.
  409. Abaco

    Sushi Knife Recommendations?

    Thanks for the info guys.
  410. Abaco

    Sushi Knife Recommendations?

    Well, I cut up a lot of tuna, dorado and yellowtail and since tomorrow is my birthday I have decided to buy myself a sushi knife (or two). I have been using an old, carbon-steel filet knife for years with decent success, even for cutting sushi rolls. Can anybody here give me any suggestions...
  411. Abaco

    Amazing Shogun report - 200lb BFT

    Wow. That's a beast.
  412. Abaco

    How does Shogun ride?

    I am curious about this. A buddy says it rocks at least as much as the Royal Star (I love fishin on the Star) but the website says the Shogun is pretty wide. So, how does it ride? Does it rock quite a bit?
  413. Abaco

    Amazing Shogun report - 200lb BFT

    Yeah, I was thinking about that, too. You better be equipped and fired up for a 200# bluefin or you'll get a bad ass-kickin. Man, those fish pull hard.
  414. Abaco

    radioactive tuna

    Exactly. I remember living in Davis right in the middle of a bunch of professors and grad students. Much of the conversation was of how they were trying to write grants that would capture the Federal money. The scarier the better the chances. Total joke. Ironically, the researcher who blew the...
  415. Abaco

    Amazing Shogun report - 200lb BFT

    Awesome. Sounds like real good fishin! I'm glad to see this news about albies showing up, too.
  416. Abaco

    radioactive tuna

    My favorite novel has a quote, "In times like these, when their fat little comforts are threatened, you can rest assured that science is the first thing men abandon." I'm going off memory there but I think that's it word-for-word. I have found that to hold true in many things. Anybody worried...
  417. Abaco

    Note in Bottle Launched on LR Trip, Found

    After some email snafus I got the email that included photos of the beach where the bottle was found. It is a small beach with jagged rocks on both sides. I'm a little surprised the bottle survived the landing. Here is the message describing it... "I found your bottle on a beach called Old Man...
  418. Abaco

    Note in Bottle Launched on LR Trip, Found

    Yes, I was looking at the globe tonight to get a reference. Saipan is a very small target. This bottle drifted past the Marshall Islands and south of Hawaii. It went on a very long journey. I remember including the year of launch on each note so that will be interesting to see. I am pleasantly...
  419. Abaco

    Note in Bottle Launched on LR Trip, Found

    I have a tradition on each LR trip out of SD. I bring some wine and launch a bottle with a note in it after one of the dinners. I've done it a few times over the past few years. Well, tonight I got a call from somebody up in Washington. He said he just came back from vacation. When he was on...
  420. Abaco

    Question For the "Knot Heads" Out There

    I remember trying to fine tune different methods for the flouro/braid connection, including this knot. I ended up being taught the Bob Sands by the crew on the Royal Star and I've stuck with it with great results. Like your modified Albright, there's some heft going through the guides. But...
  421. Abaco


    You guys are inspiring me. I've mostly been making lots of poke and eating plenty of sashimi but haven't made any sushi rolls for a long time. I need to get busy with that. Good job Wicky Wicky and that's a great freezer shot Lone Shark! You guys kick ass.
  422. Abaco

    Depoe Bay tuna

    Me too. My SD LR fishing buddy and I are talking about hitting Oregon next year instead. I'm very interested in learning more...
  423. Abaco

    Long Range Drag Settings

    I hear ya. Yeah, it is a big difference. You oughta see how lightly I test my 4# trout rigs. If I can't move a line on a reel with my tricept it will pull you overboard. I'm just saying what has worked very well for me. And, yeah, I know drag varies with line load. Gotta take that into...
  424. Abaco

    Penn 12 VSX

    Hey guys, I'm selling my Penn 12 VSX International 2-Speed. Just adjusting my arsenal a bit. This reel has been used no more than 1 hour total since I bought it just a couple years ago - just pulled it on a 3-day recently for a short stint. It's in perfect condition with very clean white...
  425. Abaco

    Long Range Drag Settings

    Like a lot of us here, I've been fishing since I was a little tyke. I remember my grandpa teaching me how to estimate drag setting for salmon trolling with the ole arm-pull method. I don't know if it developed a good feel with that over the years but I use it while LR fishing too and have done...
  426. Abaco

    Incredible story in this weeks WON - Last weeks "bft school of a lifetime"

    That's friggin awesome. This weekend I will lift a drink in honor of Tim Pittsford, too. Something about those bluefin. I noticed that they are pretty boat-shy so this story surprises me. Man, they pull like a damn freight train. Impressive fish. I recently had a good 3-dayer and was happy...
  427. Abaco

    FIVE STAR???????????????????

    I just used Five Star and I was so disapointed! Why?! Because I prefer to pass out on their couch before my long, 8-hour, drive home. But, they were done so quickly that I drove to their shop, said howdy to the crew, and they loaded my fish into my truck for me within a few minutes. They...
  428. Abaco

    Wifi performance on the boats

    Royal Star reportedly has it but it wasn't up a couple weeks ago, for whatever reason. Frankly, if I'm on it I'm working and I don't mix fishing and working. That's like putting catsup on your wattermellon...
  429. Abaco

    FIVE STAR???????????????????

    Spoke with Sarah recently. I'm betting they're still there. Just call em up.
  430. Abaco

    Talica II kicks ass

    I'm still a relative nube. I've been on 4 long-range trips so far and gotten to sample many different reels. I just must say that my Talica II kicks ass. I will certainly looking to gear up with more of them. The folks at Shimano really did a great job designing this reel.
  431. Abaco

    Good Taxidermist?

    Thanks guys! The fish mount photos on their site look amazing. Exactly what the doctor ordered... Don't forget to look at that link for bad taxidermy...funny stuff!
  432. Abaco

    Good Taxidermist?

    Who did those mounts I see in Fishermen's Landing, for example? Anybody know a good taxidermist for fish mounts? To entertain my friends here I will include this link. I did a search for "bad taxidermy" and got this. I found it to be really funny. Enjoy...
  433. Abaco

    Royal Star Stateroom Advice???

    I was just in D last week. For me, I prefer to have a bunk that runs perpendicular to the boat. Otherwise, you're rolling back and forth all night. I was in 5 on the previous trip and prefer it due to that. And it feels just a tad roomier. All you're doing in those rooms is wrestling with...
  434. Abaco

    LR prices went up next year

    Well, this is not a cheap hobby. Like all things fun that burn a lot of fuel, this will be harder for the middle-class to do over time (especially with the new hope and change economy). Trust me. I used to fly airplanes for fun...
  435. Abaco

    Report 2-1/2 Day on Pacific Star

    Thanks for the report! This is good info. I'll be chasing them soon...
  436. Abaco

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    This thread is why they shouldn't put fluoride in the water.
  437. Abaco

    Bluefin Counts Getting Smaller

    I'm going out for a 3-dayer next week. I'm chompin on the bit to get at these fish!!!!! They eat like a big stick o butta!
  438. Abaco

    So what's working for these BFT?

    Let's go get em!!! No Mercy!
  439. Abaco

    So what's working for these BFT?

    Just the info I've been looking for. I'm going out on the short, 3-day on the Royal Star soon and hoping to get into these fish. I'm planning on my trusty length of 25' flouro topshots, 40#, 50#. I'll have one plinker set up at 25# - probably will pull that if we hit patties. We'll see. My...
  440. Abaco

    Royal Star 7 Day 9/28- Still a few spots left...

    This would be a great trip! I love this boat and crew.
  441. Abaco

    That guy!

    That is soooo hot!!!
  442. Abaco

    That guy!

    Dude! I almost spit my coffee all over my desk. Cracked me up... Sounds like the ball washer was probably looking foa special time with his roommate. Geeze...I'm gonna puke.
  443. Abaco

    That guy!

    I had a crew member on a boat mouth off to me. He was an insulting ahole. I had a few options, all of which would have probably resulted in legal problems for me. So, I just ignored him and kept it to myself. I stopped fishing on that boat, though. I understand this individual had some, um...
  444. Abaco

    Any Albies Yet?

    Sounds like a deal. My freezer's emptying out. It gives me that empty, need-to-go-fishing feeling.
  445. Abaco

    Any Albies Yet?

    Hey guys. I am curius if the albacore are showing up much yet. I haven't seen much news on them. Any idea? Thanks...
  446. Abaco

    a Blue Fin Tuna in the troll at 179 miles from Pt Loma

    This is good news. I'm out in August. I'm salivating....
  447. Abaco

    Bluefin on the Shogun! (almost)

    August - I'm getting me some bluefin. (I'm already talking smack about it.) Mmmm, bluefin. Just like a big stick of butta!
  448. Abaco

    achilles tendon help

    Man, I'm sorry to hear that. I've not heard of complete tears being allowed to heal without surgery. Best of luck. Like with me, LR fishing is a motivation to heal up!
  449. Abaco

    Hotel recommendations - where to stay before a LR trip

    So, if I wanted to stay near the landing at a place that would keep my truck for a 3-day where would I stay? The Vagabond used to let up park there if we stayed but they no longer do. Any suggestions? Thanks guys. Tight lines...
  450. Abaco

    Amazingly stupid question

    Haha! That's actually a great question. FWIW, I can eat a lot of fish so let me know if you need my address. I'll ship you some California wine in exchange...
  451. Abaco

    Hotel recommendations - where to stay before a LR trip

    I just booked a stay at the Vagabond. I've stayed there a couple times before. However, the new manager no longer allows parking there while we're out. So, I might change plans. It was always so nice to just walk our stuff down the landing and get on the boat.
  452. Abaco


    My buddy, Ray, trained long and hard for this race and went back to run in it. His lovely wife, Brenda, also went back to watch. I've been worried about them all afternoon but am getting word that they are ok. Thank goodness. What in the hell is wrong with people?...
  453. Abaco

    indy. 16 dayer - on water report.

    I can relate. I, too, get tuna fever. I also get trout fever in the fall and winter around here. Tuna fever is starting to get ahold of me lately...
  454. Abaco

    Bob Sands knot failure

    This explains why when I was taught the knot I was instructed to weigh down the braid with something and keep it straight/tight while wrapping. Made it simple to do.
  455. Abaco

    New bluefin setup

    I was thinking along these lines too. But, we must assume the size of the bluefin in question and you and assume the same, probably. I am acquiring a Talica 8 just for this purpose - albies and bluefin in the same size range. The one recurring theme I keep hearing in regards to bluefin is...
  456. Abaco

    Bob Sands knot failure

    I became a convert to the Bob Sands knot on the last trip. I could reel in a buick with that knot and had no issues. You're probably making a booboo - which is very easy to do with that knot. It took me a few tries just to learn it and now I have to relearn it before my next trip. Bob Sands...
  457. Abaco

    In Memory Of Scotty Shintaku

    This is sad news. She was always so on the ball and so good to the clients, including me. RIP...
  458. Abaco

    Credit card surcharge for LR trips?

    Sure. That one confused me too. I rarely use plastic anymore. However, its use does contibute a layer of protection to the purchaser. I send checks to pay for my trips. No matter the method...this is an expensive hobby.
  459. Abaco

    Which Talica II?

    Thanks. Yeah, I'm getting the 8 with 50# braid loaded on it. I'll put my own topshot on it. Speaking of that, I better practice my bob sands knot again... Sounds like this reel will be great. My last trip out I used my Talica II 16 and was surprised at how powerful that reel is at such a...
  460. Abaco

    Which Talica II?

    Thanks guys! Great input. One of my favorite shops is having a deal on these with Shimano rods too. Good timing. It sounds like the 8 with 50# braid is the deal.
  461. Abaco

    Which Talica II?

    Which size Talica II for albies and maybe some bluefin, 20-40 pounds? I'm guessing a 10. Thanks!
  462. Abaco

    Fishing With Both Knees Next Time

    I'm back home, with rehab goal of a 3-day in August. I generally feel like crap. But, my knee is doing ok. He did a little extra work in there and I have plenty of staples. August is a good, reachable trip time: 3-day on the Royal Star - looking for albies and blues, I figure. The first...
  463. Abaco

    New fishing "Partner"

    This is good news! Cute kid. You should be proud, papa!
  464. Abaco

    Fishing With Both Knees Next Time

    Dirty mind. I like it. If the crew was the Swedish Bikini Team...yes.
  465. Abaco

    Fishing With Both Knees Next Time

    Alright, I'm going in on Monday. Wish me luck. Got a very good surgeon. I was just looking at the Royal Star update and realizing that I won't need my brace on the boat in August if things go as planned. I've had a loose knee for a long, long time and am looking forward to having one that's...
  466. Abaco

    Three Rules in Negotiating Long Range Trips

    My ex would have given me the stinkeye for this hobby. She's not in the picture anymore. My current wife is probably happy to get the break from me. I do dream of taking her and my kids with me LR fishing eventually. The kids are too small right now. My ex is probably a lesbian...not that...
  467. Abaco

    want to get a tuna setup

    I've grown to really love my Talica II reel. I'm thinking a 12 or 16 for your trip. Not sure which pole to suggest. Many here suggest a 40# rig. A 50# may be your go-to, as it was for my on a 5-day a couple years ago. Have fun, and welcome to the hobby that helps you form a habit of...
  468. Abaco

    Clipperton, nonfishing related events.

    The map of it reminds me of another place I visited on my honeymoon - Fanning Island in the nation of Kirabati. Looks just like it. That place, also, had amazing fishing from what the locals told me. I hope to return to fish it someday. Most primative place I've ever been.
  469. Abaco

    We have lost a friend

    To to hear that you lost your friend. Sounds like he was loved and respected. Can't ask for much more than that. Keep yer chin up.
  470. Abaco

    New bluefin setup

    I'll be out hunting albies and bluefin this August. I have a little MXJ which I will probably rig this way, 50#/25# in case we get into spooky fish, perhaps 20# top shots. Next rig up is a TalicaII 16 which just mauled the fish last time out, followed by a Penn 16vsx. But, I may acquire a rig...
  471. Abaco

    Shogun Ownership?

    I have fished with Aaron and Cole and I'll report that they are the shizzle. Both of these guys are fishing machines and I respect them very much. I bumped into Cole at the Sportsmen's show recently that was nice. I will fish on that boat with those guys again. Aaron was patient and...
  472. Abaco

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    I'm on the 3-day, mid-August on the Royal Star. I'm in need of some albacore for Summer grilling. And, I'm hoping the bluefin show up close to home like they did last year. Should be a really fun trip, and economical (except for the additional rig I may buy). Aside from that, plenty of...
  473. Abaco


    Good advice here. So far, I find that I like to kick the tuna's ass, not let it turn it's head at all. I do get in fish quicker than most. But, I admit, it's taxing. I'm trying to breath through the nose more and take my time. I buddy of mine who's much smaller than I am grips down near the...
  474. Abaco

    Spreading Sickness on LR

    I once prevented salmanella (sp?) with Maker's Mark. All those in my golf party got it and I was the only one drinking the fine product and didn't get it. We all ate the same, mayonaise-laiden chicken rolls they were giving out for the tournament.
  475. Abaco

    Spreading Sickness on LR

    Take two, since I don't take them anymore. Worst flu I ever got was in a season when I was vaccinated. Interesting thread. I just left the medical industry yesterday. I'm an engineer by day and have been working in hospital design, including infection control. I got my hands on a ton of...
  476. Abaco

    went to Sacramento Sportsmen's Expo

    Dangit. Sorry Steve. I was mesmerized by the Seekers. Will search you out next year to pick your brain again.
  477. Abaco

    went to Sacramento Sportsmen's Expo

    My buddy who introduced me to LR fishing and his son joined me Fri night at the Sportsmen's Expo. I said, "Frank (LoPresti) has worked this show in the past" when, a minute later we stumbled upon Frank at the Fishermen's Landing booth. He seems to recognize the goofball customers (us). And...
  478. Abaco

    Fishing With Both Knees Next Time

    Thanks all. Yep Scold - same story here. If my knee slips it's a week of pain. Last several winters have all been very painful with the cold. Now, the last slip resulted in permanent substantial pain. The doc I'm seeing soon is very reputable (Stephen Howell) and fixed my boss' ACL years...
  479. Abaco

    Fishing With Both Knees Next Time

    Sorry, I was saying MCL when it is my ACL that is gone. Just re-read my original post - what a dumbass I am. The other ligaments are still there, just damaged. That's what I get for typing on my iPhone. My MCL and LCL are probably good enough to get me through. Not having an ACL has been...
  480. Abaco

    Hello questions from a newbie

    Hey Chen. The Royal Polaris is an excellent boat. I have really enjoyed my trips on it. Recently, I tried the Royal Star and will be on it again this year for a short trip. The Star isn't quite as large but the crew is fantastic. They untangled the worst clusterf*ck I've ever seen on the...
  481. Abaco

    Fishing With Both Knees Next Time

    I've been deligent about wearing my knee brace on my LR trips due to knee instability from an old, severe sprain. But, my knee has gotten to the point of really being a disability. Think I tore cartilege a few weeks ago. Hurting like hell. Seeing a very good surgeon in a couple weeks. I...
  482. Abaco

    stupid Zuker question

    OK, so this weekend I got my new fishing license. I remember paying $20 for it...does that mean I'm old? Anyway, I snagged a smallish Zucker off the rack on my way to the front counter and now need to rig it. How does one do that? I assume a stretch of 80-pound mono with a crimp about 5...
  483. Abaco

    Hey Guys I would like you opinion

    Mike, I read about you in that article recently. Cool read. Livin the dream! Anyway, I watched that clip and I certainly wouldn't worry about what you did, at all. No worries, as far as I can see. It made me think back about a trip I took on a popular LR boat a few years ago. One of...
  484. Abaco

    So sorry for friends and family of Sean Bickel

    I never met the man, though I was on the boat recently. Geez, that's young. I too am sorry for the loss. Can't take life for granted. Every day's a gift...
  485. Abaco

    Aging Gracefully in Long Range

    Bullcrap! It's all about lots of big fish! No, seriously - I understand what your saying. On my first LR trip my dad came along. We noticed he wasn't following his line because he couldn't see it. Now, in my 40s and beat all to shit from gridiron abuse...I realize that my physical...
  486. Abaco

    Deposit sent for 3-day quickie

    I decided to try the August 3-day on the Royal Star next year. All those reports of fat bluefin near SD this year in August, and a freezer that will only be half-empty...I'm thinking this may be good bang for the buck. Besides, I don't have any albacore in the freezer...mmmm, grilled albi...
  487. Abaco

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    Awesome beast of a fish. Man...didn't think they got that big.
  488. Abaco

    Bob Sands Knot examples?

    Thanks guys. I'm going to invent a variation and call it the "Tripple Lundee Knot" and you can tie it like this...the flourocarbon goes between my toes, the braid in my arse, and such...
  489. Abaco

    Bob Sands Knot examples?

    Sorry if this has been covered before. But, on my last trip the crew was patient enought to teach me the Bob Sands knot. Does anybody here know of a good example of it online? I know there is at least one wrong one online. I like to practice my knots between trips. It requires that I sit...
  490. Abaco

    Tabasco Soy Sauce

    Does anybody else remember that product? - Tabasco Soy Sauce? I remember finding it and buying it about 14 years ago. I loved it. It was short-lived - probably misunderstood by the market. Man, I wish they still made it. DOH - I just found it tucked away on their website. Oh, hell yes...
  491. Abaco

    Tuna Chops

    I don't know what else to call it. I just did this one last night based on a variation of something I saw on "Hook Line & Dinner". Take some tuna filets (preferrably from Five Star) and slice them into steaks about 1" thick. Cover the steaks in a thin layer of mayonaise. Dip the coated...
  492. Abaco

    What Does a Good Trip Look Like?

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Love that photo of the bass...
  493. Abaco

    flyliner hook

    Wow. Lots of interesting input here, thanks. To clarify my experience. I had a 4/0 Flyliner (no ring) on a 40# rig on a stop where we landed a few yellowfin about 50# in weight. Man - 50# yellowfin pull hard. As Danny mentioned, we were fishing pretty large sardines. I'll look at some of...
  494. Abaco

    flyliner hook

    On the last trip out somebody gave me an Owner flyliner hook, 4/0 I think. Anyway - I caught my biggest tuna with it and noticed that it worked quite well in terms of belly hooking and allowing the bait to swim well. Any others here try this hook and like it/not like it? Just curious. It...
  495. Abaco

    your yo-yo reel

    So, what is your favorite reel for yo-yo fishing for yellowtail? Just curious. I was using a little Avet MXJ last outing but was jonesin for more speed. What do you like to use? Sorry if this has been been asked 1000 times already. Howdy to Hot Tuna, Chasntuna, and Danny Noonan (MISS IT...
  496. Abaco

    How will LR Industry Evolve In The Future?

    Younger guys don't have the money or income. On my second trip on the RP there were several guys younger than me. However, I'm usually one of the younger (mid 40s). This is not a cheap hobby. It's a step down from my past expensive hobby - flying aerobatics. What the hell was I thinking?
  497. Abaco

    Eating it Raw?

    Tried some mahi tonight. It was really good! A little soy sauce, wasabi and a Downtown Brown. Perfect.
  498. Abaco

    How will LR Industry Evolve In The Future?

    Ultimately, LR and some other forms of sportfishing will become passtimes for the wealthy. Some more boats will transition to more premanent ports down south, like Panama, for fly down/back client$. There will be fewer boats, overall. Another reason why I work two jobs...
  499. Abaco

    Eating it Raw?

    Yeah, I'm familiar with the issue of eating it before it's frozen. I've been tearing up the yellowtail with wasabi, red pepper sauce, Last couple trips produced lots of yellowfin which made poke for quite a while - about a year. No issues. My freezer keeps stuff rock solid and...
  500. Abaco

    Eating it Raw?

    I'm curious how many others here eat their fish raw. I imagine quite a few, perhaps most. I find that I probably eat 90% of my tuna and 50% of my yellowtail raw. Haven't tried the dorado, as I like to grille it for mama.
  501. Abaco

    Fishybuzz super cow!

    What a beautiful fish. Outstanding!
  502. Abaco

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    I recently took a trip on the Royal Star and used 5 Star. In reading the comments here I'm surprised at how people are making assumptions about many facets of this drama. Many comments don't apply to what we experienced on that recent trip. And, yeah, pick your processor and go with it. It's...
  503. Abaco

    Royal Polaris on Cows

    Geez! They stuck some hogs there!!! Makes my mouth water...
  504. Abaco


    A few weeks ago I got a good look at the Indy while at the bait barge. That boat is a beast. Pretty cool-looking vessel.
  505. Abaco

    What would you do?

    Aw man, that sucks! Looks like you did a number on it. Keep up on that PT! You'll be back in the saddle. Me?...I'd go on the trip.
  506. Abaco

    Cow sized bluefin on the Excel

    Very, very nice fish. The angler looks a little tired. Man, I hope to get me a fish like that someday!
  507. Abaco

    Interesting article on the UT San Diego

    I've tried different providers in the LR industry. Five Star has gone above and beyond in assisting this fisherman. Off hand, I can't think of any other business in any other industry that's been as responsive and proactive for me, the customer. It troubles me to see any such business under...
  508. Abaco

    Fish Sorting after a trip.

    If's the weakest one I've ever been to. Total sausage fest - ya bastids. Should add that the group of guys (and one sweet young lady) on the Royal Star recently were really a great bunch. We had no "that guy". Everybody helped sort fish at the landing. We were all commenting about...
  509. Abaco

    Interesting article on the UT San Diego

    I like having a choice. It's worked out great for me.
  510. Abaco

    Rice Bowl 8 dayer departure with Rice Bowl Girls

    That's over the top. :rofl:
  511. Abaco

    Rice Bowl 8 dayer departure with Rice Bowl Girls

    Yesserie... Pretty girls there. My current wife wouldn't mind me going on a trip with those girls. My ex wife would. Winning!
  512. Abaco

    How is John...Red Beard? Spirit of Adventure

    Man, that sucks getting hurt like that. Good luck with the recovery. You'll probably be back at the rail in prime form before you know it.
  513. Abaco

    Gear Love

    Oh, and I thought I'd report on another tidbit. When I was a kid living up on Whidbey Island my little brother and I would slay the salmon from shore throwing a lure called a Buzz Bomb. Now, almost 4 decades later, I pulled a few of them out and tossed them in my tackle box for this trip. One...
  514. Abaco

    How is John...Red Beard? Spirit of Adventure

    Hey, right on! Nice fish!
  515. Abaco

    Excellence in Long Range Fishing

    Yeah, that was really good. Jeff blew me away with his sauces, too.
  516. Abaco

    Excellence in Long Range Fishing

    It was Chef Jeff and I was really inspired by his cooking. It was the best food I've ever had on a vacation anywhere. Damn, that guy can cook.
  517. Abaco

    Excellence in Long Range Fishing

    Hey Mike! Great to hear from you on here. Really enjoyed fishing with you.
  518. Abaco

    Gear Love

    On my recent 7-day I got a chance to try out some new gear. I used my Shimano Talica 16 quite a bit and found it to be perfect. I think Shimano has a winner there. Very smooth reel and easy for this noob to use. I used my old Avet MXJ for yoyo fishing and found it satisfactory. It has very...
  519. Abaco

    Excellence in Long Range Fishing

    Yeah, I know a few longrangers around here. May have to organize a gathering sometime.
  520. Abaco

    Excellence in Long Range Fishing

    I just got back from my first trip on the Royal Star. I was intrigued to meet Tim after reading his reviews on the website and seeing a captain who is a better writer than I. I really enjoyed getting to chat with Tim and Brian. Those guys would be successful in any type of business, I'm sure...
  521. Abaco

    Wifey goes on first six day

    Rignt on! That's a good woman, there!
  522. Abaco

    427# YFT...Possible New All-Tackle World Record?

    What a beautiful beast that is. And, it would be so cool for the angler to get the $1M for this fish. Fantastic!:hali_olutta:
  523. Abaco


    I'll be fishing with Brian. I'm getting fired up with hopes of pulling some big bluefin over the rail. Man, I love the bluefin...
  524. Abaco

    fishin soon, reports tepid

    So, I'm heading out soon on the Royal Star. Looking forward to it but am noticing something in the reports (for other boats too). It seems with Guadalupe out and the sharks at the rocks there's a lot of meandering around on the open sea looking for schools of 40# fish. Am I reading that...
  525. Abaco

    My first post .

    :rofl: Nice to find somebody else who uses that term too.
  526. Abaco

    Cow sized bluefin on the Excel

    Beautiful fish!!!
  527. Abaco

    My first post .

    Yeah, what he said. The guys here rarely get their panties in a bind, which is nice (panties not in a bind on you guys). If you ask a question here you'll get a lot of good advice and some crappy advice thrown in for good measure. :hali_olutta:
  528. Abaco

    Dumb Question About Braid

    Thanks guys. I was trying the nail clippers, which work great for standard line, and just mucking up the braid. I'll look into the suggestions here.
  529. Abaco

    Dumb Question About Braid

    So, I'm out by the pool practicing my knots today and find that I'm struggling to get a clean cut on my braid. Any suggestions on how to cut braid cleanly? Thanks. :hali_olutta:
  530. Abaco

    leaders in a month

    So, I'm looking to go out on a 7 day in about a month. I'm looking over the reports and seeing plenty of 30-pound, 40-pound fish. This is different than when I went out a couple years ago when the flavor of the day seemed to be 70-100-pounders. So, I'm starting to wonder as I look at my...
  531. Abaco

    Eating your catch! How do you prepare these fish?

    Get ready to eat like a king!!! With the YFT I typically have the processor vacuum seal it in 1-pound packages and I make a pound of poke each weekend and chow down. I like to slather yellowtail in a dijon mustard mix I make and grille it - it's really good! I put the recipe for that on this...
  532. Abaco

    Look what I got

    That is good, actually. In order to support my hobby while financing a family (and prepping to send my kids to college someday) I'm working two jobs now. This wifi feature could help. It will be me and some idle rich on board...haha.
  533. Abaco

    Five Star - Amazing customer service!

    Yep, much of my catch is eaten raw so I gotta trust the guys with the knives. Bluefin sashimi - oh hell yes. Thanks for reminding me - I need to get another cooler!
  534. Abaco

    On board photographers

    Ditto that. I'm too busy to take pictures. One of the great Royal Polaris crew members took that photo in my avatar for us and I love it. It is tough to set aside the time to properly photograph a fish and fisherman when the bite is hot...
  535. Abaco

    Metal Fish Art

    I had an idea a while back of making a flat tuna out of simple sheet steel on my friend's flame table and hanging it out on my back fence, letting it rust even - just having the sillouhette(sp?). My back yard is a blue pool, a few palms, black would go perfectly. Interesting to see...
  536. Abaco

    golf stickers for rod ID

    There are many sources if you just search online. My lastest batch came from
  537. Abaco

    golf stickers for rod ID

    Just thought I'd pass on something I do to put ID on my Calstars. One of my other hobbies is golf and when putting golf club ID stickers on my clubs a couple years ago (why to thieves love golf clubs so much?) I realized they are well suited to fishing poles. I noticed on my first LR trip that...
  538. Abaco

    What length trip to bring wife for first time?

    This is my vote too. You can prep a little for seasickness with a low dose of dramamine in the morning and a 3 day is a good introduction. The RP is a good boat for this in my opinion (but I'm sure there are others too).
  539. Abaco

    5 star new colors

    Looks great! I'll be picking up some (more) swag from Sarah in September.
  540. Abaco

    checking in to ensinada

    It just keeps getting better and better. Hope and change!
  541. Abaco

    Five Star Kick's Ass Again...

    I hope every boat in the LR fleet and every processor gets filthy, stinkin' rich. How's that for a new paradigm?! Yeah Baby!
  542. Abaco

    Radioactivity in BFT?

    There's been a healthy amount of media hype on this. Frankly, I think there's an agenda to try to get people to just eat less tuna. A couple of years ago I got in touch with a local professor/researcher to ask about mercury in the tuna. According to her studies, line-caught sport fish isn't a...
  543. Abaco

    Five Star Kick's Ass Again...

    Yeah, I really like that operation. Using them again soon. A buddy of mine was out on one of the more popular boats, delivering to one of the popular processors (not 5 Star) and they lost his biggest tuna. He had to raise hell and have them hunt down his fish. He was pretty pissed (he's...
  544. Abaco

    Proud Dad

    Looks like a cute couple. Congrats.
  545. Abaco

    new rig

    7-day, Royal Star My freezer is woefully empty at this time. It's very sad.
  546. Abaco

    new rig

    In preparation of my upcomming trip I ordered a new rig today: After some research and thought I ordered the Talica II 16 and a Calstar 700H - from the same shop that's sponsoring our trip. I'm thinking I will bring much death to the tuna population with this getup. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  547. Abaco

    Suggestions/Advice for a newbie on his first long-range trip

    Yeah, you're lining it all up well. Yer gonna be fine. I only got hit with seasickness once - in severe and foggy seas, and it was minor for me. But, it was enough to know that I didn't want to mess with it. From what I've seen, it's rarely an issue on these trips. My own tradition...I...
  548. Abaco

    Suggestions/Advice for a newbie on his first long-range trip

    Warning! This hobby is highly addictive. There's really nothing else like it. I'm going on my 3rd LR trip on the same boat right after you. I still feel like a noob in terms of the learning curve. There is a lot to learn. However, if you pay attention, learn how to stay out of people's way...
  549. Abaco

    Fuel Surcharges

    And, at first it seemed like such a simple topic.
  550. Abaco

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    Late September on the Royal Star with the Baja Fish Gear guys. Haven't met them yet and this is my first time on that boat. I'm really looking forward to it. Man...I'm hankerin' to kill me some tuna!:2gunsfiring_v1: I've been working so hard this past couple years. I really need to get...
  551. Abaco

    Polaris Supreme

    Never like to hear that a trip is cancelled due to lack of customers. I hope this isn't a trend. And, thanks for the input regarding a staff of good business folk. I'm not familiar with the operation but can add them to my list of potentials for future trips.
  552. Abaco

    I found Jesus!

    The image in your avatar is proof that God exists. That's all I'm gonna say about that...
  553. Abaco

    Royal Polaris Crew

    I like Aaron. He did a good job educating me on my nube trips on the RP. Good man...
  554. Abaco

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    I know a couple doctors and, yeah, I can see that it's not an automatic path to riches. The HMOs are killing them. You know what "HMO" stands for? Back in the 40s there was a doctor that found that the hospital could save money on pain killers before a procedure if the doctor just poked the...
  555. Abaco

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    Great minds think brother from a different mutha.
  556. Abaco

    Royal Star First Albacore 2012

    Great news! I'm on the boat later this year.
  557. Abaco

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    Certainly. My commentary wasn't about Titan as I don't know him. Just glad he's still with us. Heart disease is a complex beast. The first symptom of high cholesterol is a heart attack, for example. And, anybody seems to be fair game. Meanwhile, more recent research seems to indicate that...
  558. Abaco

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    Good to hear, Titan. I'm "middle-aged" now but this subject enters my mind more now. I'm in very good shape but that, alone, isn't a guarantee. My wife lost her best friend at age 41 a few years ago to a freak heart failure while she was sleeping. No cause of death, so it was ruled that her...
  559. Abaco

    Which Talica II for 40lb (long soak)

    I'm looking at acquiring one of these, also. 12 or 16 methinks. I always remember the unexpected ~150# I hooked at the rocks. That fish kicked my ass while spooling me and before spitting the hook under the boat. Don't want to bring a knife to a gun fight next time...
  560. Abaco

    great trip on the Excel

    Great photo. Good going Donna!
  561. Abaco

    Excess fish

    I can relate. I'm a mediocre fisherman and I have a big appetite for fish. No excess here. I wish...
  562. Abaco

    Wicked Tuna

    Yes, my fellow Americans love drama - hence NFL, MMA, Desperate Housewives, etc. (I love football too, though). And, regarding the conservation...I find that I'm much more worried about the Japanese factory ships than I am some guy with bad teeth on the east cost buckling the tape one inch...
  563. Abaco

    Wicked Tuna

    I can't believe the whining over this show. Of course it's contrived. Who cares? Beats the shit out of Dancing with the Stars (except the old episodes with Stacy Keibler (sp?). She's better than bluefin. I just enjoy seeing the big bluefin on this show. The cast of clowns does its job of...
  564. Abaco

    What an eipic trip on the RP...

    Roy is the shizzle for fizzle. I'd fish with Roy again any day.
  565. Abaco

    casting a level wind - am I the dummy?

    OK, so I was looking into the display case of our local big fishing store here in Sacramento. I'm toying with getting a nice Penn level wind for my young son to start learning ocean fishing with (avoid the cockeyed packing of the line while reeling - one less booboo for the little guy to do)...
  566. Abaco

    how to handle a bait?

    I don't wear gloves but do preventive maintenence on my hands each night with nuskin, neosporin, etc. You're hands can get pretty bunged up after about a week. Look at a deckhand's hands sometime - hamburger.
  567. Abaco

    how to handle a bait?

    I like to chase all the fish around in the holding pen...first with the net, then with my bare hand. I get it all stirred up and get the fish really traumatized with scales all swirling around in the water. Then, I violently pin a fish in the corner with my bare fist. Then, I squeeze it...
  568. Abaco

    Any one fished with Baja fish gear group?

    I'll be fishing with them later this year. Looking forward to it. I'll try to bring a little extra red wine with me. My fishing buddy and I will probably be making a bunch of scatalogical jokes. I hope that's ok.
  569. Abaco

    RP gets a super at the Atoll

    Is that Frank in the costume photos from earlier? Haha!!! Looks like some great fishing!
  570. Abaco

    lost check with LR boat

    Thanks. I'll pass these comments on to my buddy. My check went through to the target fine. His is the one that didn't make it.
  571. Abaco

    Wicked Tuna

    I really enjoy this show! Good entertainment for those of us who don't get enough fishing.
  572. Abaco

    lost check with LR boat

    Just thought I'd report what happened to my LR fishing buddy. We mailed in our checks to pay the deposit on a trip later this year. His check was cashed in SD but never showed up on the books of the boat. So, who knows where it went? It could be anything from mail fraud to a staffer on...
  573. Abaco

    Best trips for swag

    Each trip I bring some wine (red, of course). After we drink it during a dinner I'll double-bag a note, put it in the bottle and launch it overboard. I've launched two of those over the past few years and haven't heard back yet. I understand that if they turn up it will likely be in S.E...
  574. Abaco

    Best trips for swag

    I'll be on one of these this year. Good sign. freezer's void of tuna flesh and it's killing me. Counting down the months....
  575. Abaco

    Long Range Bible???

    I really enjoy learning from deckhands and some of the better fishermen on the boat. You can learn a lot from just watching people. Oh, and I have one of those plastic card sets with different fishing knots. Before my fall fishing I make sure I spend some time sitting out by the pool...
  576. Abaco

    Changing top shots ever day....waste of time/line?

    I think long range fishermen can get too anal about their gear. I've seen this with golfers, musicians, and some car guys I know. I wouldn't change a top shot unless I knew it had been major tangles, been keelhauled, had flaws I could see or feel with my fingertips, been mangled by a toothy...
  577. Abaco

    Fall 7-day reel question

    Thanks guys. The 16 sounds like a good move.
  578. Abaco

    Fall 7-day reel question

    I'm doing a 7-day on the Royal Star late September. I've got a 12vsx. Should I add a 16 or 30 to my collection? I picked up the 12 after I had an unexpectedly large tuna turn the drag on a borrowed Trinidad into mush - thinking the 12 can probably allow me to get in a tuna up to 150-pounds or...
  579. Abaco

    dumb question about reels

    OK. I look on the website for the long-range boat out of San Diego that I'm fishing with in the Fall. Their equipment suggestions includes the term "4/0" to describe the size of a Penn reel. But, I don't see any reference to "4/0" on Penn's website. So, what does this mean? - "4/0" or "5/0"...
  580. Abaco

    First timer looking to plan trip. Advice needed.

    Royal Polaris is a good first-time boat. It was the first boat I took and it was very good. A 5-day will get you into yellowfin. A 3-day is a good first trip but will get into albacore/bluefin most likely. Good luck on your first trip. It sounds like you're well-suited for this...
  581. Abaco

    7-Day 2012 Fall Trip Gear Recommendations

    I'll be on a 7-dayer late September. I have two rigs. I better get ready to spend some more dough soon. I'll be renting, too. Can't wait to get going!
  582. Abaco

    so what do you do?

    LOL - Yeah, that should convince it. Lovingly stomp the first one...
  583. Abaco

    so what do you do?

    Yep, change it. I seem to grab the most homesick sardines from the bait well. Last trip out I had one turn around and swim right under the boat. We were anchored at the rocks. Everybody else was way out behind the transom. I just let my dine head straight down and when it was only about 6...
  584. Abaco

    6yr old - 3-5 day trip?

    My boy is 6 and talking about catching yellowfin with me. But, we're going to wait. I'm teaching him on local trout right now. And, I tell him he's got to eat more because he needs to put on about 50 pounds. I think the RP kids trip would probably be a good bet. I too have seen some...
  585. Abaco


    Yes. +1. I'd add, "It's personal." I've never believed in any sort of automatic tip in anything I purchase. I know some would think only a bastard wouldn't feel obligated to automatically give a tip. So be it. The crews I've fished with so far have been fantastic and I've tipped them. One...
  586. Abaco

    Good news for those fishing the Lupe!

    Well, quality sportfishing, more and more, is getting expensive. This is just another step. I've always wanted to fish Alaska but simply couldn't justify the overall expense of a trip. I've been able to to SD LR fishing for about half the daily rate an Alaska trip would run. So, yeah...I...
  587. Abaco

    A Buddy of mine lost a beast but, got a cow...

    Yep. The very first fish I hooked on a LR trip was a random bluefin that was swimming with albies we stopped for. I had the fish hooked in the rib and it literally fought me until it died. It kicked my ass, bigtime. I knew, halfway into that battle, that these were special animals.
  588. Abaco

    A Buddy of mine lost a beast but, got a cow...

    "that fished earned every bit of it's freedom". Reminds me of a biggun I lost. When we were out at the rocks for a few days we happened to hook 3 fish that were unexpectidly large. Didn't land any of them. Most were 70-100 pounds. But, I think there were some about double that size...
  589. Abaco

    Wow! That's a frickin BIG ONE!!!!!!!!

    Yes, that is a big ole fish! Excellent news!
  590. Abaco

    Catching Cows for Noobs...some questions...

    ...yes, this works great.
  591. Abaco

    A very good read

    What do you know? I've been fixin to head down to my neighborhood park with my 50# rig to practice some casting. Any suggestions on something I can attach to approximate a dine? I could use a real one and get in a fight with the coyotes...
  592. Abaco

    Ever fished Midway?

    Thanks for the responses. I figured it geographically looked quite fishy. My grandfather was in the Pacific in WWII in the Navy. He used to talk about ticking off a CO and getting stationed on an atol somewhere where he decided to spend the time by learning how to fish (he eventually taught...
  593. Abaco

    Ever fished Midway?

    I know this is a strange question. I was looking around on Google Earth with my son - showing him Guadalupe, etc - and we surfed up to the Hawaiian Islands. I noted the Midway area and all those peaks around it and it sure looks fishy. Has anybody here ever fished it? Would there be good...
  594. Abaco

    Rail fishing history?

    Great question Hydra. I like standing on my feet and just using a fighting belt. But, I've only been fighting sub-100# fish. Once, I hooked a fish larger and a deck hand taught me the rail/sitonrod technique. It was Kenny on the RP - real nice young man. I really enjoy the physical work...
  595. Abaco


    Yes - Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. I'm the cook and now taking a break between courses. Enjoy your families.
  596. Abaco

    Tuna Taken by Feds

    Atlas Shrugged
  597. Abaco

    The Royal Polaris is on the nice fish..

    My god that's a nice collection of fishing photos. Way to go RP!
  598. Abaco

    caught on the Q105

    Yes. Awesome fish!!!
  599. Abaco

    Sun protection clothing

    When selecting a sunblock make sure you get UVA and UVB coverage with it. Saw a comment earlier that a tee shirt would still allow skin cancer. I don't think that's the case here, for the most part. If you're getting skin cancer now, it's likely from the damage you endured in your...
  600. Abaco

    Crazy Insane Tuna Video

    I'd probably go nuts and dive in too.
  601. Abaco

    What gear next?

    Thanks for the input guys. I'm going to read through the responses again to properly digest them. I had a borrowed Trinidad at The Rocks last trip and a big tuna burned it up. It was fine until (I'm guessing) a 150# fish grabbed it. And, I'd be looking for lever-drag, 2-speed. Oh, and I think...
  602. Abaco

    What gear next?

    OK. Just got a job offer making more dough and might as well spend some on some gear. I have a couple rigs only, as I'm still a relative noob. One is a yellowtailish rig with Avet MX reel, the next up is with a Penn 12VSX which I acquired for targeting 50-100pound tuna at the rocks, for...
  603. Abaco

    Different picture ideas

    LOL - 5 Star ladies riding those tuna? Funny. Great shots!
  604. Abaco

    Sun protection clothing

    I've had several bouts of skin cancer, including melanoma twice. I have found that standard long-sleeved tee shirts work fine when out on the water all day. I know people will say you will burn through a tee shirt but it has to be a pretty thin one for that to happen. I wear them out there...
  605. Abaco

    Royal Star Oct 22- Nov 1 --- My First 10 Day!!!

    Thanks for sharing Jonny! Great report!
  606. Abaco

    Got the Idea to Possibly Host a Trip

    Darn! They're on to me!
  607. Abaco

    Getting Out on the Royal Star

    ...not till next year. But, my fishin' buddy and I are signed up on the Royal Star (Baja Fish Gear) trip next September. Thanks for the input on an earlier question I had about the boat. Seems like it should be a blast - 7-day trip. I've been hearing some good things about the boat and crew.
  608. Abaco

    Got the Idea to Possibly Host a Trip

    No. Not Primerica. I wouldn't host a trip to push insurance. Good gawd. Should this happen I'll let you guys know. The End
  609. Abaco

    Got the Idea to Possibly Host a Trip

    I appreciate all the input here. Had me chuckling. No..I'm not a high-pressure sales guy. lol No...this isn't something like snake oil or Amway. My profile is only half the story. I have two jobs. One is mechanical engineering and a national finance house picked me up recently for my...
  610. Abaco

    Got the Idea to Possibly Host a Trip

    I recently got the idea of hosting/sponsoring a LR trip. I'm not a gear manufacturer but work in financial planning. I'd still dole out gear and swag but might offer a (very) brief presentation on investing in additon to answering questions during the trip. Maybe gain a few new clients from...
  611. Abaco

    found an old lure I may try out on next trip

    Half of our garage is my gym. So, given my wife's problem, I often start my workouts by moving a bunch of crap so I can use my gear. Haha...when nobody's looking I've been known to toss a box of random crap into the garbage...(shhh) I see some good knowledge in the responses here. In...
  612. Abaco

    Age limit

    :rofl: Perfect.
  613. Abaco

    found an old lure I may try out on next trip

    Yeah, I caught many a king on that color. We used to catch lots of cohos with buzz bombs too. I figure throwing one by a paddy could be pretty interesting, or just jigging one vertical in the yellowtail. Just a thought...
  614. Abaco

    found an old lure I may try out on next trip

    So, I was cleaning up my garage yesterday (a constant battle as my wife likes to put all kinds of crap out there) and stumbled upon a lure I used to use on salmon when I was a kid in the northwest. Buzz Bomb. Has anybody else every seen these or fished with them? I don't even know if they...
  615. Abaco

    Bluefin tuna parasotes

    Once frozen, it's good. Straight from ocean to mouth does have some risk as freezing kills the parasites.
  616. Abaco

    Topwater Tuna Madness!

    Thanks for sharing that fantastic collection of photos!!!
  617. Abaco

    Injuries and incidents aboard a Long Range vessel.

    Some of these remind me of my football days. lol
  618. Abaco

    any long range tuna boats in Atlantic?

    This may be an odd or stupid question but: are there any long range boats on the Atlantic seaboard that offer something like what we have out here in San Diego? Just had a thought about going after some large bluefin and widening my horizons but am unfamiliar with the fishery on the right side...
  619. Abaco

    1st Super Cow,already!

    Looks like they are having a very good trip.
  620. Abaco

    Documentary - Sushi to the Slaughter

    Yeah, that dude loves eating tuna as much as I do. Probably not the best man for the job...or maybe he is. They put that bowl of "enough tuna for 6 people" in front of him and he couldn't finish it. Hell...I'd tear through that lickitysplit. I'd make a mockery of it. I found it fascinating...
  621. Abaco

    Documentary - Sushi to the Slaughter

    Did anybody else happen to catch this show on Vanguard? I found it very interesting. It covered the decline of bluefin populations and (thank goodness) how much fun it is to eat bluefin sushi. The contradiction was great. And, the footage was pretty fun - including a pen of the first totally...
  622. Abaco

    1st Super Cow,already!

    Outstanding! That's what we want to hear.
  623. Abaco

    Is it an off year for yellow fin?

    I imagine it is cyclical. One of the jokes when my brother and I were fishing for salmon as kids up on the northwest - "Shoulda been here yesterday." My favorite fishing saying of all time was told to me by my grandpa (RIP) - "The fishing was so good you had to hide behind a tree to bait...
  624. Abaco

    Is it an off year for yellow fin?

    I've been reading the fishing reports with great interest lately and noticing a real lack of yellow fin tuna. It seems unusually slow, with many boats going after yellowtail and halibut, etc. I DID see, however, that Roy on the RP took a risk the other day and headed back out to the rocks and...
  625. Abaco

    Cow Tuna on the Iron?

    Sounds interesting. I'm a relative nube at this but on my last trip out I hooked a beast when my bait swam unusually deeper than all the others on a long soak. It planted a seed of thought that perhaps an approach that can get you down is worth looking into.
  626. Abaco

    Where do long rods go at bow of Royal Polaris

    LOL, thanks for sharing. My wife's never had a problem with her's either. It's like a Timex. Sorry guys, this just cracked me up... Oh, and yeah, plenty of room up top on the RP.
  627. Abaco

    Excel 10 Day November 2 - 12

    I predict cows.
  628. Abaco

    Coast Guard airlifts passenger from the Indy

    That's too bad. Bummer. Gotta be careful out there.
  629. Abaco

    Best Day Ever - Suprise Trip to Cabo - A Fishing Story

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing and the photos are great! Love that last one with the meat and booze. I could taste it just sitting here...
  630. Abaco

    PIC INTENSE! Indy 4 day MOSH PIT 09/06-09/10

    I met Mark at the Sportsmens show here in Sac and he seemed like a real nice guy - and fish-crazy like the rest of us. I had a crew member mouthing off to me on my last trip on a different boat. The rest of the crew was great. But, it was enough to motivate me to start looking for another ride...
  631. Abaco

    Royal Star and others...?

    Thanks for the input guys.
  632. Abaco

    Royal Star and others...?

    My buddies and are looking into a trip in a year and I've recently heard some good things about the Royal Star. Has anybody here fished that boat? I also lik what I see with the Excel. So far, I've only been on the RP and want to try something else. I know you guys get this type of question...
  633. Abaco

    What is the best outfit for the current bluefin bite?

    Which beer to go with that? I'm thinking Anchor Steam...
  634. Abaco

    What is the best outfit for the current bluefin bite?

    I just acquired a pack each of the Owner Super Mutu Light 2/0 and 3/0 in preparation for an upcoming albie/blue trip. Today, I'm getting my Avet MX loaded with braid (probably 50#?) and will be putting a 25# topshot of flouro. I'm feelin like this may result in some blood on the deck. Pacific...
  635. Abaco

    A few thoughts on Long Range or fishing in general

    Yeah, it's a beautiful thing. Fishing is certainly a gift from the men who came before us: fathers, uncles, grandfathers. They typically give us that gift by teaching us when we're kids. I was thrilled at the prospect of doing the same for my son. However, he came down with autism before he...
  636. Abaco

    Fishing with a hyateal hernia

    I feel for guys who have this condition. It must really suck. Is it somewhat genetic?
  637. Abaco

    Passports now MANDATORY!

    That's a nice story. (sarcasm)
  638. Abaco

    Passports now MANDATORY!

    We're starting to get on a different subject here. I don't think anybody should have to be subjected to a body scan or "enhanced pat down" in order to catch a fish. I don't think it should be done to get on an airplane either, though. We've been paying for Mexican permits already, right...
  639. Abaco

    Sushi Feast.....Thanks Tommy!!!!

    Looks really good Rick. Hey, have you made sushi with yellowtail? I'm going to try that soon.
  640. Abaco

    Butterfly Vs. Yoyo

    My last trip out I was surprised at how often I got bit by fat yellowtail on a Sumo Jr - almost every drop. Next time out I look forward to dredging for some tuna.
  641. Abaco

    New Talica 50 specs.

    It looks beautiful. So, educate me. Would this be an 80-100 pound type of rig? Is there a linky with this info? Thanks. - nevermind...I found the linky on their site (long day).
  642. Abaco

    Excel sold - discount offered

    I happened to just get off the phone with my tuna fishing buddy and we were discussing booking a trip on the Excel next year. I've heard good things about the crew and boat.
  643. Abaco

    Excel Sold

    Sounds like a good deal, all around. Good news.
  644. Abaco

    Why Do It?......

    Yes, a rare breed. I married a woman with similar enthusiasm. Hell, what was I supposed to do - let her get away? Back to topic - I also really love that feeling of turning off the cell phone for several days and spending the time where I feel happiest (the ocean) doing what makes me 2nd...
  645. Abaco

    Why Do It?......

    I'm feelin ya. I just grilled a tuna belly on Sunday. Can't beat it. I bet I've eaten 100 pounds of poke this year - haha. I would also like to add that Frank is a guy I respect greatly. He's the real deal.
  646. Abaco

    Long Range room-mate from hell

    Our last trip out I asked Roy, "So, are there some guys who actually don't take a shower!?" For those that know Roy you can probably picture him saying "Hehe! Hell yeah!..." Sure enough, there were a couple of those on that trip. Man, after a day of fishing I can't stand to be around myself...
  647. Abaco

    Barking Spiders 8 Day on the Royal Star Report

    Sounds like a great time. Sounds like the tackle was kept on the stealthy side with the 40# flouro and such. Those are good fish for the rocks, too. Gotta love the rocks...
  648. Abaco

    7/3 Delta Stripers - Teaching the wife to fish.

    Having a wife who will fish is very good, indeed.
  649. Abaco

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending July 14th, 2011 at 5pm

    There's much to enjoy in that photo. LOL! Man, that's just great. I can relate, being a trout fishing dad with a couple little ones. Good stuff there!
  650. Abaco

    The boat "Erik" capsizes, one dead, others missing

    This hits home for me too. Very close fishing family friend and his son perished in the SF Bay here years ago. We just happened to not be with them that day. I'm sure many of us here have lost people close to us on fishing trips. It is my hope that something is learned from this. The Eric...
  651. Abaco

    The boat "Erik" capsizes, one dead, others missing

    This is horrible news. Praying for all involved.
  652. Abaco

    Gear Question For My First Trip To Alijos

    Great advice. I borrow equipment needed, then after each trip buy one rig of my own - accumulating one rig per trip - based on what I've learned from the trip. It's a great way to learn and not break the bank. The Royal Polaris operation has been great on this. When I was out at the rocks...
  653. Abaco

    Shogun on the BFT

    Howard, that's terrible. Man, very sorry to hear this. Hell yeah you should be pissed. Life is so fragile. Keep your chin up.
  654. Abaco

    Shogun on the BFT

    Deleted comments and revised below.
  655. Abaco

    Fall on the Intrepid

    Very cool! Hey Jason, give us a report afterward please. I've been eyeballing that boat for a potential trip.
  656. Abaco

    Selling your catch

    Fine since I stopped getting flu shots. Actual studies based on real tuna in the Pacific are pretty promising regarding this. One of the leading researchers is a few miles down the road from here at UC Davis. I meant to post some of her studies here actually. I'll have to look those up again...
  657. Abaco

    Ray Jarvis aka Iron Thrower..Long Ranges loses a great friend

    Sorry to those of you who have lost your friend. It sounds like he was a heck of a guy.
  658. Abaco

    Great Father's Day

    Thought I'd share my story, knowing you guys would appreciate. My son just turned 6. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with autism very young. However, he's made great progress. He's my only son and the last man to carry the family name. We've really poured every energy into healing this boy and...
  659. Abaco

    Selling your catch

    This is a topic that's always been in the back of my mind when I see guys who go on long-range trips every few months and, being good fishermen, must bring in several thousand pounds of meat each year. Based on what I'm reading here I'll assume the best and guess that they donate a lot. I go...
  660. Abaco

    Personal Traditions

    This made me crack up. I do the close shave just before and no shave during the trip, as a few others here mention. My partners and I tend to open beers in the parking lot of the Vagabond right after pulling in after the 8-hour drive. Something about the SD air, the ocean, and the cold beer.
  661. Abaco

    What's Your Choice for 130# Outfit?

    Do I understand right that some of the big cows are caught on Penn 30s? Wasn't that 405#er caught on one? I look forward to getting into my first 200#+ fish, maybe on next trip, just to feel what it's like.
  662. Abaco

    Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon "yellowed"

    I've had my lighter flouro (stuff I use for fresh water) really degrade if subjected to heat. Because of this, I don't mess around with the heavier stuff I might use long range. It certainly degrades. Knot strength can go to zilch if it is not stored cool.
  663. Abaco

    June Heat 2011 aka Shark F%*k Fest pt 1

    Thanks for sharing. Some GREAT photos in there!
  664. Abaco

    Rail Dawg rolls big tuna

    Good job puttin the hurt on em!
  665. Abaco

    Long Range Tuna

    God I love bluefin. My first fish caught on the RP was a bluefin. It kicked my arse and was possibly the best flesh ever eaten at our house. I'm jonesin for some bluefin. Go slay them for me.
  666. Abaco

    Additional $225 cost for going to Lupe on 5dayer!

    Can somebody remind this nube why we're doing all this? I see national security mentioned and some other stuff. Is it wildlife preservation combined with revenue generation for Ensendada? Sorry for my naivete...and thanks. I'm enjoying watching Shark Men lately. Anybody else watch that...
  667. Abaco

    Fishing The Excel

    Best post I've seen anywhere for quite a while.
  668. Abaco

    7 Day to Alijos Rocks leaving 6/24

    Congrats on graduating and this is a great gift. Last Summer I went out on a 6-day to the rocks on the RP. Loved it. Go for it. The trip is an experience. We hit Cedros (sp?) on the way back that was fun fishing for yellowtails