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  1. tylerderdan

    Sportfishing Show Orange County Fairgrounds

    Looking forward to it again this year. I brought the kids one day and went solo the next last year so I could hit all the seminars. Looking forward to another good time and seeing some old friends in process.
  2. tylerderdan

    Graftech - 8' inshore rod

    Killer in shore bass stick. Cork handle, one of the ceramic eyes was broken and fixed. Rated at 15-25lb. Has scratches, but kills fish. $50 obo Please just call or text if interested, I am always away from the computer. If interested call Scott Located in Glendora 626-251-0174
  3. tylerderdan

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival

    I took my boys with me and had a good time. My kids love seeing the boats and want dad to get a bigger one. It was fun though. I ended up buying a couple rods and bunch of little stuff. Damn it adds fast! I spent way too much, but the kids and I had a good time. The kids really were not into...
  4. tylerderdan

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing festival

    Just curious to find out who is going again this year? I really enjoyed the seminars and am looking forward to that again this year. What I really liked was the fun atmosphere there. Bob Hoose was fun hosting the Q & A and I even took some time to chat with me between seminars, very cool of...
  5. tylerderdan

    Marlin mount 102" long

    For sale is my real skin striped marlin mount. 102" long For pick only. Asking $180 Call Scott 626-251-0174 Pictures do not do it any justice, from cell phone.
  6. tylerderdan

    Pelagic Jacket, blue XL

    Used several times, but in great shape, not totally water proof, but keeps you pretty darn dry. Arghhhh, pics not loading
  7. tylerderdan

    Pelagic Jacket, blue XL

    For sale is my Pelagic Jacket Size XL in Blue. $60 Call Scott 626-251-0174 Text for pics
  8. tylerderdan

    California 30-80lb rod

    For sale is Californian 30-80 round. This round was on the boat twice and never used. It is in near perfect condition. Color is blue and black. I can email picks Call Scott 626-251-0174 $50
  9. tylerderdan

    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    If you have something you would like to raffle, I can find out where it should go and what to do. I am not collecting anything, simply trying to help. Cash is prolly the best thing to send since it will put you in the raffle and help a friend, but if you want to add something to it I am sure we...
  10. tylerderdan

    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    It is my understanding that Carlos brother in law is tracking everything that comes in making the list so people who contribute are entered into the raffle. Additionally Carlos is keeping a list so everything is double checked and nothing gets missed. I hope that clears it up, if not fire the...
  11. tylerderdan

    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    Ok boys here is how it works to get in the raffle. Use the paypal link to send the money to Carlos. When using this link mark the money as a gift of contribution. Then in the comments section write bloodydecks and your user name there. After that you are entered in the raffle. Good luck guys...
  12. tylerderdan

    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    It is a bit confusing... I will try and get more clarification for everyone.
  13. tylerderdan

    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    I want to give a big THANKS to our Vendors for stepping up !!! See what they Donated >>> # 1. Midwest PX # 2. Liberty Optics # 3. On Target Range # 4. TDS Guns # 5. Tin Star Supply # 6. Stone Cobra Tactical # 7. Colfax Tactical # 8. North Bay...
  14. tylerderdan

    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    As most of you well know Recondoc242 "Carlos" and his family lost their home to a tornado not long ago. Here is the link for a raffle that all proceeds go directly to helping them put their lives back together. There are some great things...
  15. tylerderdan

    Mother Nature Just Kicked my ass....but we are getting back up.

    Hey boys, tomorrow I hope to post the link for the raffle page that is going to benefit Carlos and his family. There is some killer stuff there, so if anyone wants to help and have a shot at some good prizes the details will be up soon. I appreciate everyone and their contributions thus far...
  16. tylerderdan

    Mother Nature Just Kicked my ass....but we are getting back up.

    Hey guys, thank you so much for the offers to donate things for auction to help. If you have anything you want to auction or want more info, please feel free to pm me.
  17. tylerderdan

    Mother Nature Just Kicked my ass....but we are getting back up.

    I am happy to see the overwhelming response to give Carlos a hand. I have always known Carlos and his family to be the most generous people I have ever known. Whatever anyone can do for him would be awesome! Knowing Carlos and his family personally I know how hard it is for him to ask for any...
  18. tylerderdan

    Catalina Classic is moving to San Diego! Sept 19-21

    Good luck guys... kills me to not be out there with my team this year.
  19. tylerderdan

    2005 Trophy 2352 WA Fish Hold drainage

    I fish on the same boat all the time. We took some adhesive backed foam tape and lined the rim around where it seals. It keeps almost everthing out. It's not the best looking fix, but it works great. Good luck
  20. tylerderdan

    Temp Boat Partnership offered San Diego

    I have been on that boat many a time and it is sound. Fished hard but well maintained. Sucks to hear you are outta here for while Los.
  21. tylerderdan

    Pacific Coast Sport Fishing Festival Review

    First off let me say that I spent way too much money, lol! I really enjoyed the show and got see some good friends and talk with some of the pros one on one. It was nice to be able to absorb some good info from the guys who know our fishery the best. I spent a lot, but also feel good about the...
  22. tylerderdan

    SHARKING @ the 209

    It's rediculous that almost every thread can have some uninformed tool in it. Looks like this one has two. Knowledge is power boys! Do some reading and get educated on what really happens in the ocean. When you learn more you will be a better angler and know what fish to take and which to...
  23. tylerderdan

    Quick run to Raahaunges for some pheasant

    Very cool Carlos! I can't believe how big she is now.
  24. tylerderdan

    Penn Zane Grey Invitational Marlin Tournament - Updates

    Mike, Passed the new C-bandit yesterday trolling around, what a beautiful boat. We were out yesterday with our team, I can't wait for the classic! The tourneys are a lot of fun.
  25. tylerderdan

    Kaenon Glasses

    For the past few years I have fished these glasses and own multiple pairs. One of pairs was having some trouble with the lenses and was getting really bad. After a quick call to Kaenon I got warranty number and sent them in. Yesterday I got them back with the new lenses free of charge. Great...
  26. tylerderdan


    That's wrong the guy was basically fired for doing his job. Perhaps a little discretion in his approach would have been better though. I agree obesity is a huge problem in the country and should be hit hard. And believe me, I know all about it. I weighed 300 once upon a time, now I am 156 lbs...
  27. tylerderdan

    Swordfishing on Discovery Channel

    Yeah it works, but you are a fool for bringing one live in the boat. The other way to calm them down is turn them over. I have done this twice on sharks under 3 feet.
  28. tylerderdan

    tattoo artist rec's

    That Marlin is Killler!
  29. tylerderdan

    Second Happiest day of a boat owners life

    Hey thanks guys. Yeah it was tough letting the sled go. For now I am just focusing on Marlin season fishing to ease the pain. Luckily the team I fish with has a great boat and I am always out there running the deck. Who knows maybe in the next few years I will just get another one and pay...
  30. tylerderdan

    5-10 unit apartment complxes

    The advice on getting a smaller place such as a four plex to start is sound advice. Going bigger to start is a major hastle, having to do maintenance and property management etc. With a four plex, you can pretty much do all your own management and maintenance. Over the years we have done apt...
  31. tylerderdan

    Scotty electric downrigger w/ swivel base

    For sale is a used in good condition Scotty 1101 electric dowrigger with swivel base. $200 Call Scott 626-251-0174
  32. tylerderdan

    Second Happiest day of a boat owners life

    Well boys and girls today my boat sold and went rolling out the driveway for last time. Knowing this was coming I took the family out of Dana Point on Saturday for one last trip. On Saturday the kids all got to catch some bonita and had a fun day on the water. Difficult times force some...
  33. tylerderdan


    Hey I found the phone you have been looking for
  34. tylerderdan

    Reliable Kill bag & Chum grinder

    Reliable kill bag 60 x 24, only used on a three trips, great condition $180 Weston gear chum grinder, mounted on board with rod holder mount, used twice. $80 These need to go, call Scott 626-251-0174 Kill bag Sold!!
  35. tylerderdan

    Rods for sale

    Californian 6 ft. 30-80lb used once. $50 Californian 7 ft. 25-50 used one season $40 Call Scott 626-251-0174
  36. tylerderdan

    Legend vs. Eldorado

    Never been on the Legend, but have fished with Eddie on El dorado several trips and love the boat. Always a good experience with them.
  37. tylerderdan

    He Didn't Get His Seabass, But...

    Hey Tim, It was very nice fishing with you and Cory! Cory did great and handled those fish very nicely. The crew of the Ultra worked hard for the fish and was outstanding as well, what a great boat and crew. Scott
  38. tylerderdan


    Hal, Thanks for taking on the tourney in chris' absence. Team unforgiven certainly appreciates your time and effort making this happen.
  39. tylerderdan


    Tommy, Thanks for the update, hopefully some of the rational thought will begin to take hold here.
  40. tylerderdan

    Bitch slapped by thresher shark

    Man's game bitch!! Dude got so lucky not getting hooked
  41. tylerderdan


    Chris, Looking forward to another fun year! Scott
  42. tylerderdan

    2002 Triumph 210

    I am selling my 215cc with a suzuki 140 df. Look it up in the classifieds 2007 triumph 215 cc(REDUCED) check it out. It is the most fully loaded and equiped 215cc you will ever find. I am open to offers
  43. tylerderdan

    Buy or Rent?

    Gatorade all over the screen, thanks.
  44. tylerderdan

    Stop dipping tobacco NOW!

    I quite 2 years ago now, and it was the best decision I ever made. Good for you to finally go for it.
  45. tylerderdan

    Military recruiting and lack of class

    Saluki I thought you stopped selling the mando's after the incident?
  46. tylerderdan

    New Boat Needs a Name Suitable for 2 Women!

    thelma & Louise
  47. tylerderdan

    Built a New Toy for the Ranch

    looks good J.
  48. tylerderdan

    Dana Point Shark LOOKING

    glad to hear the new electronics are working well Jim.
  49. tylerderdan

    Need help with the California Lobster laws!

    There are big differences in costs between commercial crew members and permit holders. The initial upfront costs as Josh was talking can be very quite considerable for the permit. In addition to those getting all additonal tags on license make things far easier to do business with whom ever you...
  50. tylerderdan

    Got my BOATT back

    glad you got her back Jim
  51. tylerderdan

    What's your occupation?

    I got's no problem with that. someone's got to do it. I retired years ago from pimping in the OC, glad to the torch is still being caried.
  52. tylerderdan

    What's your occupation?

    he has no shame
  53. tylerderdan

    Calf killers DEAD w/pic 2/23/08

    Hold your ground Sneekee!! nice shooting and happy b-day.
  54. tylerderdan

    Calf killers DEAD w/pic 2/23/08

    what about your women then?
  55. tylerderdan


    I am pretty darn sure Jim is not about start trailering his boat after considering he has a view of his slip from his balcony. I am sure to hear about the boat problems Jim. I hope things get figured out.
  56. tylerderdan

    Nissan Titan vs. Toyota Tundra

    I drive an 07' Toyota crewmax and love it. Pulls the boat and handles everything just fine. 5 people and a full load. Lake powell fully loaded and trailering. You name it, I have been very satisfied. And yes I have owned them all before buying my last two toyota's.
  57. tylerderdan

    Happy Birthday Le Tigre!!!

    Happy B-day Kristie!
  58. tylerderdan

    New Furuno 585 and 526 Transducer

    Jim, glad to see you getting things all ready for this season.
  59. tylerderdan

    Any other quitters out there?

    Right on Mike! I quite chewing tobacco over 2 years ago now. Sometimes it is just a day at a time man but it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
  60. tylerderdan

    Happy B-Day Punkfish....

    Happy b-day J
  61. tylerderdan

    Plastic Debris field twice the size of Texas!

    Even better, just go to a local beach and you can see how much plastic trash washes up on the shore. Good point Marcus. All of it is a problem. On a recent trip over to Catalina with my wife I stopped over 10 times to haul out cans or balloons or some plastic bag floating in the water. It's a...
  62. tylerderdan

    Please Send Up a Prayer For Him and His Family!

    Damn sorry to hear that Jason.
  63. tylerderdan

    Internet Spammer gets owned on a NSX Forum

    That fool was owned bigtime!!!
  64. tylerderdan

    What are your favorite Knives?

    Rox I was just looking at of those the other day. Very nice!
  65. tylerderdan

    The value of a CCW Permit.

    No kidding, I imagine you were carrying something nice.
  66. tylerderdan

    The value of a CCW Permit.

    Good to hear you did not have to use it brother.
  67. tylerderdan

    boats within the code group??

    I could not have said it better myself.
  68. tylerderdan

    Kicker Bracket and placement?

    Solid advice right there. I totally agree
  69. tylerderdan

    How much HP,and what make?

    Actually I think putting a kicker on a boat that size is a waste of money. Why would you honestly have the real need for a kicker on that boat. That money could go into something to increase to the fishabilty far greater than that.
  70. tylerderdan

    Bouys for hooping

    Marine Supplies should have everything you are looking for. You would need to look under fishing commercial, and then lobster to find it though. Good luck.
  71. tylerderdan

    Are you a "rod" guy or a "reel" man?

    The force is strong with this one.
  72. tylerderdan

    Bigdo & Diane Get Their "T"

    Nice job Dan! I know you have been waiting for this for a long time.
  73. tylerderdan

    VHF and 2 MTR radio question

  74. tylerderdan

    Auction for 750 hp of 33' monster

    Midnight express are sweet boats.
  75. tylerderdan

    Happy Birthday Corb!!!

    Happy b-day girl!
  76. tylerderdan

    Diamond Jim needs some prayers

    Let's hope this is last time Jim. Godspeed and get better soon my friend.
  77. tylerderdan

    Whats the deal with the lobster traps?

    At the start of every season is when most guys fish them hardest, have the most gear in the water. Some guys will actually just fish the first part of the season then hang it up for the rest of the year. A lot of these guys have been doing this here for a long time, not too much new blood coming...
  78. tylerderdan

    Furuno FCV620-PWD

    That is same unit I have in my boat. Excellent unit, but much better with the thru hull transducer.
  79. tylerderdan

    How many bugs in your best pull?

    you look so stoned!:smoking33:
  80. tylerderdan

    Letter to my ex-wife

    I think it's funny but don't share show the wife. She would not find the comedy in that one.
  81. tylerderdan

    Old #7 will be the last one.

    Jim I am really sorry to hear that buddy. If you need anything at all, give me a call or have Betty call me for you.
  82. tylerderdan

    Day 3 Hatteras Classic update.....

    Tough fishing out there. I was on 1 hot tuna for the classic and it was pretty hard fishing. Conditions were rough and not many fish around. We were within 5 miles of good karma when they hooked their fish that ended up being the winner. After spending 4 days glassing for fish it is nice to see...
  83. tylerderdan

    Need your opinion & advise

    Congrats on the new edition coming Mike! I really don't think it's a good idea. As mentioned before seeing her mother in that condition and all the last minute chaos that goes on in the room is way too much for a six year to handle in my opinion. I am around kids all the time with coaching as...
  84. tylerderdan

    Protest Song

    That's classic Mike!
  85. tylerderdan

    My Battlewagon

    Beautiful rig! That chair would look and work great on a davot to clear the rod tip over the far sides in battle. That engine room is sick also. Being a former finish carpenter turnered developer, I love and appreciate the wood interior. Very nice!
  86. tylerderdan

    My Battlewagon

    Beautiful rig! That chair would look and work great on a davot to clear the rod tip over the far sides in battle. That engine room is sick also. Being
  87. tylerderdan

    Congrats Jerod (Hooookup)

    Congrats Jerod!
  88. tylerderdan

    Huge props to Jorge at Melton International

    Yesterday late afternoon, I called Jorge (Notorious SUA) about a getting a couple more Trinidad's to add to the collection. After having been on vacation for a week, I have been lagging in getting some of my marlin gear set up this year, and I needed these reels quick. Just as if I had known him...
  89. tylerderdan

    Telescoping outriggers. Any good?

    I have the taco grand slams on a 215cc triumph and they work great. Being able to bring them in or put them out from standing at the helm is nice. They also collapse small enough to leave on the boat at all times.
  90. tylerderdan

    Palm Tree Mover?

    pm sent homo
  91. tylerderdan

    My Birthday wish

    Congrats Jim! I thought I did hear ambusher also, but that was me talking to you and Betty yesterday on the radio. You sounded pretty tired after that fish broke off. Nice job on the fish!
  92. tylerderdan


  93. tylerderdan

    Marlin at 302

    That is a killer picture!
  94. tylerderdan

    50 cal.

    He's a Darwin award candidate, he just needs another year to make it happen.
  95. tylerderdan

    Toyota Tundra Owners

    Don't be all butthurt because you the older body style now.
  96. tylerderdan

    Toyota Tundra Owners

    I would do one of two things, tell them that is the deal maker. they need to either bring the price of the vehicle down or give you enough on your trade to make it work for you. They should be able to do a little of both to help accomodate you. Or your other option is sell your vehicle...
  97. tylerderdan

    Toyota Tundra Owners

    I used to tow my old boat a 20 ft w/a trophy with a 05' tacoma and it handled it like a champ. It also pulled my new triumph 215cc really well also for the first month. The new tundra's rock. I loved my tacoma, but shortly after I got the new boat I purchased the new crew max tundra. I have...
  98. tylerderdan

    I saw ELVIS today!!! 8/4

    Killer pic! Nice attempt on Elvis!
  99. tylerderdan

    ?? Burning DVDs to Ipod

    Yeah whatever! So how many porn dvd's have you been able to cram into ipod now? Can you say spanktravision?
  100. tylerderdan

    Want one of those whip-stick thingies.

    Those pacific series kencor are great rods for the money. And the Trini 16 perfect reel for slinging it.
  101. tylerderdan

    My Huntington Beach

    Very nice J!
  102. tylerderdan

    Habbe Berf Dai Jorge

    Happy Birthday Man!
  103. tylerderdan

    Sometimes They Win (pics)

    Steve, Congrats to you and your wife for your continued effort toward getting that record. It certainly sounds as if it will fall shortly. After hearing how long you two have been after it, I couldn't imagine a more worthy recipient. I may have to throw my hat in the ring, just to give...
  104. tylerderdan

    which outboard motor do you prefer?

    Another vote for the Suzuki 140. I have been really putting the hours on my 215 cc triumph and have been great performance and killer mileage.
  105. tylerderdan

    Anybody know about the shark turny on21-22

    Tough luck on the motor John, hope all goes well getting back on the water soon.
  106. tylerderdan

    Anybody know about the shark turny on21-22

    I know you feel. Every time team Okuma hooked up Saturday I was like again! They did a great job though and deserve their win.
  107. tylerderdan

    Tournament Results

    Chris, Thanks for putting on a great tourney this weekend. Team "unforgiven" haad a great time and we will be back. Things ran great, and everything was handled very professional. Tell Jude I really appreciate her effort at tourney contol in DP harbor. This was a great time and a very good...
  108. tylerderdan

    Need fishing help

    Start keeping a logbook. Make notes on all of your trips from the date to the areas you fished, depth, wind, air temp, water temp, current, current direction, sunny or overcast, rough seas, birds...etc... Good skippers and great captains learn over time. By making notes and reading your notes...
  109. tylerderdan

    Anybody know about the shark turny on21-22

    Thanks Dan, Congrats to you as well, but I thought another team had 15. Either way it was a great tourney, Chris did a great Job putting it together. Jude handled tournament control like a champ! It was a lot of fun and we will certainly be back next year for the tourney. Our team...
  110. tylerderdan

    Scooter vs Car

    Dude in the car ran the red light.
  111. tylerderdan

    7/18 Bass Pro Shops Grand opening

    I always knew you were a catcher. :gay:
  112. tylerderdan

    Found returning from it yours?

    gimp suit & gag ball PM SUA he's been looking everywhere for it, he will be so relieved.
  113. tylerderdan

    Sick of this SHIT

    Hey Jim, I was just about to send you an email to see how you are doing, I guess I found out now. Sorry to hear about the cold. Hope ya feel better soon my friend. Scott
  114. tylerderdan

    Plan "B.............. 3/4 day out of Newport

    Nice write up Bill. Say hi to Jeff for me, and tell Sally hi also.
  115. tylerderdan

    Anybody know about the shark turny on21-22

    We will be fishing the tourney also on my triumph. Team "Unforgiven".
  116. tylerderdan

    Thanks Jason

    Welcome back Chris!!
  117. tylerderdan

    New Ride!!!

    Very nice, great lines on the Viking!
  118. tylerderdan


    HAHAHAHA Your the one asking for a ride to people who have boats, but we are all worthless to you. Maybe if you put the bong down for a few minutes you might realize that you don't have to blaze to be cool. So maybe don't buy your ounce of weed for a couple months and cut back to a couple beers...
  119. tylerderdan

    7/12 the real story

    Exactly!! Well said Charles, but I don't think either one of these left balls that have making posts are the skipper of that rig. I am sure the actual skipper would have had some class and handled things much better or atleast one would hope, but who knows. There are a lot of assholes out there...
  120. tylerderdan

    7/12 the real story

  121. tylerderdan

    7/12 the real story

    I am going to go with a verbal bashing, then an anal violation followed closely by the loss of privileges. But I have been wrong on occasion.
  122. tylerderdan

    Attention Striper Boat owners................

    LOLLOLLOL Wow! Thanks for playing TMI Dayle!.
  123. tylerderdan

    Attention Striper Boat owners................

    Dayle why is your purse blowing in the wind in that video?
  124. tylerderdan

    More Fun at the Ramp

    I think you mean stupid bastard
  125. tylerderdan

    7 gored in 6th day of Pamplona running of bulls

    Stupid fuckers! If you mess with a bull, you get the, well get the picture.
  126. tylerderdan

    New Boat! New electronics? Recommendations?

    I use the furuno 620 sounder and love it.
  127. tylerderdan

    Review - Chef's Choice electric sharpener

    I prefer a stone, but with being really busy and sharpening multiple knives, my electric does a fine job and very quick.
  128. tylerderdan

    had a fun day

    Sounds like another adventure as usual Pence.
  129. tylerderdan

    What would you do?

    Sporty, Charter boat it doesn't really matter in this case. Either one will take priority. Yes sometimes they get bait before picking up their passengers, it happens. The skipper should have been ready to receive bait though. You may not like, but I can understand your frustration. Yes I have...
  130. tylerderdan

    First Albacore on the "New Kathleen"

    Congrats John, way to get some albacore on the new sled.
  131. tylerderdan

    What would you do?

    Well said! Sporties get proirity, always have and always will. They do the volume and actually make it feasable to run a bait operation there for all of us to use. If you don't like it don't buy bait, or go make your own.
  132. tylerderdan

    A day of Makos

    Great day Bill. You guys are getting close to that record now, shouldn't be too long.
  133. tylerderdan

    Daiwa or Shimano and kencor or a classic series seeker

    You won't with a torium and a pacific series.
  134. tylerderdan

    Daiwa or Shimano and kencor or a classic series seeker

    You would really like the torium on a kencor pacific series rod. I have several of those rods and they work great. I was catching albacore with a trinidad 20 on a pacific series just friday. So the pairing works great. I would suggest putting the rod and reel combos together at the store to see...
  135. tylerderdan

    7.06 Not my first two Albies!!?

    I guess that wasn't you I heard on the radio either. Congrats. Recon doc and I were playing with albi's also.
  136. tylerderdan

    Sealskinner in bad shape

    Hope ya feel better Mike.
  137. tylerderdan

    Top Gun 80 Trip 24

    The capt. of the Top Gun is great guy and a real good capt. he should do well for you. It's still early in the season.
  138. tylerderdan

    New 2007 Trophy Pro 1902 WA

    Congrats Anthony! I know you were looking for a quite a while. Good luck with the new boat.
  139. tylerderdan

    6/28 LJ

    HAha Very nice, paid dues right there.
  140. tylerderdan


  141. tylerderdan

    Tijuana bullfights info needed.

    Lmao!! I don't think that's exactly what he had planned for his 13 and 17 year olds.
  142. tylerderdan

    Tijuana bullfights info needed.

    And I was waiting for someone to photshop Jiggz face onto a bullfighter. I am so disappointed in you guys.
  143. tylerderdan

    I hate going out to dinner these days!!! MANNERS!!

    I think it sucks you had a bad experience Mike, but a lot parents just don't teach their kids how to eat out, or don't do it enough to make it a good experience. We have three kids, a one year old an almost 3 year old and a six old. We have been taking them out to eat their entire lives, and...
  144. tylerderdan

    Parker 2520

    plus Dayle is Gay and smokes crack.
  145. tylerderdan

    **** Happy Birthday Gato Gordo ****

    Happy birthday fag.
  146. tylerderdan

    Got out

    Glad you and Betty got back on the water. Sure been awhile, that's awesome the boat is working good also.
  147. tylerderdan

    sea fox 236 cc

    For the price it's tough to beat, I took a look at those when I was buying my triumph at AAmarine. The seafox looked good to me when I looked at em, but AAmarine themselves made the difference with good service and taking care of me. Atleast that has been my experience there.
  148. tylerderdan

    shark report for Wed 6/20

    Yeah I can't wait for the post when you shot a hole in your boat also. It's just a matter of time. All you need is a good flyer and a little know how.
  149. tylerderdan

    Goodbye to my Angel (fishin4fun)

    Real sorry to hear this. Only knew him through his posts and online, but I know he was a great guy and will be sorely missed. Prayers to his friends and family in this hard time.
  150. tylerderdan

    Are outriggers necessary

    I was just going to echo kind of the same thing. I do think they are really important for Marlin on a small boat, it's pretty much the only way to get a decent spread. I do find them reall handy for other trolling aswell. I guess if you get used to having them, it sure makes it nice. I can't...
  151. tylerderdan

    Chorizo and Eggs

    Hahaha I was thinking the same thing about the egg beaters.
  152. tylerderdan

    Seward (and other places in Alaska) Report - 6/2 - 6/11 - Caution: LOTSA PHOTOS!

    HAhaha I thought the log pic was funny as hell, but my wife be saying the same thing. Killer trip guys! Thanks for sharing the pics. I have really got to get up there.
  153. tylerderdan

    Three- vs. Four-blades?

    Although I can't speak for your Merc. my new suzuki 140 actually recommends using the 3 blade. Maybe you can pull up some manufacturer research on it aswell. I am switching it to stainless, but staying with the three blade for my engine. On other boats though, I have seen a world of diffence...
  154. tylerderdan

    shark report for Wed 6/20

    220/221 whatever it takes. KCkevin is one of the nicest guys on the board. Whatever Kev says goes. I was thinking a little more like 300-335lbs though. Teamlosdos:gay:
  155. tylerderdan

    shark report for Wed 6/20

    Your lame ass better be fishing Mako madness Jason! We start prefishing as soon as I get my boat back in a couple days. I can't wait to take your money . Sorry thead jack over. :imdumb:
  156. tylerderdan

    shark report for Wed 6/20

    Make your first shark fishing trip with someone who has experience fishing sharks. That is by far the best to make your first time out safe and enjoyable. Mako's are really unpredictable especially boatside, so having someone with the experience and proper gear to handle them is critical to...
  157. tylerderdan

    BD'ers published!!

    There's a dildo in every group...cough duramax cough. :finger:
  158. tylerderdan

    Oh Boy!

    Damn Babu, that does not look fun at all. Good luck with the surgery.
  159. tylerderdan

    Just got home from an 8 day

    Yeah she's a keeper Ron. Congrats
  160. tylerderdan

    coolest lunchbox on the playground

    That sure is a huge improvement over you last box.
  161. tylerderdan

    A Father's Day Wish.

    Damn Jim you made me cry.
  162. tylerderdan

    dock line economy vs premium

    Don't put anything on your boat that you wouldn't potentially trust in an emergency. It's as simple as that. For that reason, all my ropes, vests, radios, flares, etc... is all top notch stuff. Yeah call me a snob but if I need another 10 or 20 feet of rope I will know for a fact it's going to hold.
  163. tylerderdan

    A note to my friends here on BD

    HAhahahaha I hate that shit also. Oh damn does that make me old? Love ya KC
  164. tylerderdan

    Our Thursday shark trip

    Nice work Bill! Sounds like another productive trip. I get the boat back next week and we will go tag some on my rig. I still need to get down and pick my new tag stick.
  165. tylerderdan

    I usually dont post this kinda stuff

    I hate hearing shit like this. There is nothing including death that can possibly repay what he has done.
  166. tylerderdan


    Don't mind him, just give it to me, you won't need it.
  167. tylerderdan

    California Sleigh Ride with T Shark

    my thoughts exactly
  168. tylerderdan

    New 215cc Triumph

    I'll post some more pics when I get it back from getting the radar and some other new toys installed.
  169. tylerderdan


    Howz about you go fuck yourself quietly in the closet while the men the are talking out here. I for one appreciate the dope you throw out Tommy, thanks.
  170. tylerderdan

    Beautiful Tropical Sights in Kerala

    alrighty then, keep moving, there's nothing to see to see here.
  171. tylerderdan

    Quantum Aruba-new cow reel?

    HAhahha that's exactly what I was thinking.
  172. tylerderdan

    2006 215 Triumph

    I have a 07' 215 triumph and I run the crap out of that boat. I have had the boat one month now, and just dropped it off for the 50hr service and to add some more tricks to it. Great boat!
  173. tylerderdan

    I like Lake Perris

    Is that what you call it? :(
  174. tylerderdan

    Fat Green Fishies Swimming the "Green Mile"

    The rod looks good, but I like the blue love machine van outside.
  175. tylerderdan

    6-5-07 Baited a Swordfish today & 6 YT

    Huge props for all the pics guys, very nice. I came across 5 of them last year and was always too busy trying to bait them for pictures. This year, I plan to get some killer shots though.
  176. tylerderdan

    Anyone like Oranges?! GAFF

    Looks real good Jeff!
  177. tylerderdan

    first mr.T and post

    Being my little bitch!
  178. tylerderdan

    Dana Makos 6/3

    Your funny Bill! 0 Now that's funny!
  179. tylerderdan

    Dana Makos 6/3

    What does Bill (Hanapah) know, he's just butcher. LOL
  180. tylerderdan

    Dana Makos 6/3

    Damn, I knew I had seen that name before(salispuedes). You were launching right next to us in the morning. Next time I'll come and say hello.
  181. tylerderdan

    First Albacore of the Year Landed

    Bastard you beat me to it! LOLLOLLOL
  182. tylerderdan

    Rpt: Dana T-Shark 6/3/07

    Nice work Josh! Tell your pops Scott said hello for me.
  183. tylerderdan


    Holy Fuck those things are pricey.
  184. tylerderdan

    Here She is!!

    Very nice!
  185. tylerderdan

    Another fun day sharkin

    Nice work on the catch on the release Bill. Again good work getting that program going for your club.
  186. tylerderdan

    Daily Double 5/29 am

    The linger was getting out of line! :fighting0061:
  187. tylerderdan

    Happy Birthday mziadeh

    Happy B-day Michael.
  188. tylerderdan

    how the FUCK do you sharpen your knives?

    Good idea Michael.
  189. tylerderdan

    EPIC wall fishin'...8's 6's 5's & 4's w/pix 5-29

    Very nice Boys, that is some quality right there.
  190. tylerderdan

    New 215cc Triumph

    That was a beauty rat's nest. When you can't pick it out, and have to rack the rod and cut it later, you know it's a beaut.
  191. tylerderdan

    New 215cc Triumph

    Not a big deal, and already being taken care of.
  192. tylerderdan

    African Gang Fight

    very cool video!
  193. tylerderdan


    Why do I open your posts?:rolleyes:
  194. tylerderdan

    I won the jackpot!

    Congrats Marcus, very cool brother. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  195. tylerderdan

    SCI 5/20

    Very nice, Barry is good guy with a lot knowledge to impart.
  196. tylerderdan


    Cool pics Pence!
  197. tylerderdan

    What Electronics do you like?

    I have the furuno 620 ff and love it. I have the Garmin 492 gps and really love it. I am not a big a fan combo units, that's why I went with a the 492 because it is only the gps and chartplotter, not a sounder as well. Then my radar is the basic furuno 1623 16 mile.
  198. tylerderdan

    Sloppy and Wet

    Jim if it was your ex it would have been fat, sloppy and wet.
  199. tylerderdan

    My new Parker 2520XLD

    Congrats Randy, looks really nice.
  200. tylerderdan

    Makos Vs Blues 5/19

    Nice fresh eats Stan.
  201. tylerderdan

    Thresher Processing/Prep in Dana Point?

    No, but I am going to be in the area on Fri. around noon, sent you a PM.
  202. tylerderdan

    Thresher Processing/Prep in Dana Point?

    Patience pumkin, I'll show you how to clean & butcher one up.
  203. tylerderdan

    Changing from Hypalon to Cork Grip?

    Looks great Michael, but I am kinda surprized you didn't handle it yourself, everyone knows your a pro with a shaft.:D
  204. tylerderdan

    Dana point Bait dock, calling Joe

    Thanx brother.
  205. tylerderdan

    Dana point Bait dock, calling Joe

    If anyone has Joe from the Dana point bait barge cell number shoot me a PM. Or we can do it vice versa. I know Joe is a member also, I just can't remember his name on the board. He asked me for some help with something, and I don't have the number. If it's the wrong forum :finger:
  206. tylerderdan


    Yeah he might night ya. LOL And suck it up Karl. :gay:
  207. tylerderdan

    Garmin 498,178,or the 420's question.

    I know the 498 is a combo unit ff and gps. I just got the 492 gps/chartplotter color unit that comes with all the maps fully loaded. I love it. THe thing rocks.
  208. tylerderdan

    How to keep your saltwater boat looking new!

    Jim is ultra anal about his boats. It's a good thing though. Everytime I went fishing with him the boat sparkled & when we put it away it did too.
  209. tylerderdan

    light humor

    Lmfao LOL
  210. tylerderdan

    A-Scope on a fishfinder?

    It does make it easier to set up on spots, trust me.
  211. tylerderdan

    Bought Us a Little Vacation Home

    He's been scamming the Nigerian's for year's, how do you think he paid for this place. LOL LOL
  212. tylerderdan

    New 215cc Triumph

    HAhahaha yeah I totally agree with you there. Your comment about Russell is funny though. Dude is so mellow, but really knows his game. They took care of me big time.
  213. tylerderdan

    Is there a site that tracks red tides and water clarity

    Terrafin shows the chlorophyll charts also, that's what your looking for. When you sign up, tell them I refered you.
  214. tylerderdan

    Have Truck and Boat

    What he said.
  215. tylerderdan

    New 215cc Triumph

    Well Last week on Monday I decided to drive down to AA marine in Vista and work out a deal with Bill for my new Triumph. This is something that had to be the right deal, with all right electronics and accessories worked in. Oh and did I mention I needed the boat on Thursday afternoon so I could...
  216. tylerderdan

    Dana Point 5/14 Got me a T-bird

    Nice work Jim. Your a good student.
  217. tylerderdan

    Diamond Jim & Betty 5/11/07

    I have kept in touch with Jim after meeting him through the BD talking about shark fishing. I first actually met him two years ago at the pre-fred hall dock party in Long Beach. Jim always told when whenever I was down in Dana point and had time to stop by and say hello. Well fishing the...
  218. tylerderdan

    Center Console, Walk Around, Cuddy, or Full?

    I have owned both, and I love the cc. Tons of room to get around the boat, very comfortable to fish from.
  219. tylerderdan

    Dana Point thresher tourney

    I'll wrap up our tourney here aswell. We had a great time, but some tough fishing. Friday we began our prefishing early, working a lot water and having a few knock downs. It seems whenever we would get ready to make a sammich we would get ripped. It was nice have having Justin (Gunnyslinger) on...
  220. tylerderdan

    Dana Point thresher tourney

    Nice Galcatraz, we heard you over the radio and knew that fish was going to big.
  221. tylerderdan

    Quote of the day.

    I can laugh, I haven't been through it, and hope not to.
  222. tylerderdan

    Golf in Ireland

    It's not a sin my son
  223. tylerderdan

    HUGE sink hole!!!!

    That's why we have soils tests and they don't.
  224. tylerderdan


    I'll take that as a no.
  225. tylerderdan

    Thresher Tourneys

    You know I'm in all in pumkin.
  226. tylerderdan

    Deadliest catch tonight

    Blakes a tool,he should pay his their money. Northwestern are some funny fuckers painting jail stripes on Matts grunden's, that was some funny shit. And Sig's comment about him looking he's from tony the tiger gang. Good Show.
  227. tylerderdan


    Your begging has gone to a new low. If you want to go fishing so bad, you can go with me when I prefish for the dana point thresher tourney.
  228. tylerderdan

    Sharking 101

    I believe I misread your original post. While I don't fish the BOM, I have heard they should be rerigged before being fished though. After that, whatever knot you feel comfortable with and tie well usually does the trick just just fine.
  229. tylerderdan

    Dana Point thresher tourney

    There is a mandatory meeting for atleast one person from the team to attend at 6:00p.m. friday at the dana point fuel docks. Just an FYI, hope to see you there.
  230. tylerderdan

    Doing your own OB maintenance?

    No kidding Matt I did mine on my last boat and it was really easy and only cost about $30 in parts for my old boat.
  231. tylerderdan

    Kaenon News

    I was hoping for once you reach 3 pairs you get a pair for free. I have the beacon in the g12 the rhino in g12 both black and the rhino in c12 in ruby to tell them apart quickly. These glasses are definetely worth it guys.
  232. tylerderdan

    Sharking 101

    You need some good crimps. use the right size wire and crimps and you should be just fine.
  233. tylerderdan


    Thanks we know, welcome!
  234. tylerderdan

    Poor Range on VHF?

    Get off the antena. :( I can't believe I just said that.:zelfmoord
  235. tylerderdan

    Honest opinion please

    Honest opinion please Yes yur gay, and sue him
  236. tylerderdan

    Patriot on Thursday

    Is that what your going with, alrighty then.
  237. tylerderdan

    Patriot on Thursday

    I just remember the last trip, "dude gaff already, it hurts so bad" me, don't be a pussy Justin
  238. tylerderdan

    This looks like the place for me.

    HAhahahaaha very nice!
  239. tylerderdan

    Photo of the Day

    Very nice Bogiii...
  240. tylerderdan

    Patriot on Thursday

    Very cool Bill! I'm sure your kid Jeff outfished you like he does all the the time.
  241. tylerderdan

    It's Friday, Who's going where this weekend?

    Yeah but that's only a small little piece in the middle that's hard to get to get to.
  242. tylerderdan

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Seminar

    As I said in another thread, the seminar was solid. There were some good ideas presented on how to fish the islands. It was good to get some different insight on the ways the pros look at things differently. Certainly opened my eyes to a few more ways to catch fish and have productive days.
  243. tylerderdan

    PCS seminar - Clemente/Catalina

    slacker - I knew I should I should have pm'd you
  244. tylerderdan

    PCS seminar - Clemente/Catalina

    For those of you who missed the seminar, it was very good. Joe Bairian from Bongos spoke as well as Jimmy Decker and Dave Hansen and all did a great job and provided some great insight to fishing the islands. Barry Brightenburg, owner of fishtrap lures really did a good job bringing things full...
  245. tylerderdan

    First Blue Fin of The Year For Tunaman

    It's a bluetailed barred bigeye, geez everybody knows that.
  246. tylerderdan

    In the Gray - Wisch

    Donkify - That's awesome.LOL LOL LOL
  247. tylerderdan

    Honda commercial

    That's bitchen
  248. tylerderdan

    New Tundra - Anyone?

    Steve it's called maintenance, try it sometime.
  249. tylerderdan

    First Blood!

    Very cool, nice trip with the kids.
  250. tylerderdan

    Show me your BASS...

    Why thank you for noticing Jesse.
  251. tylerderdan

    Show me your BASS...

    Did you say ass or bass?
  252. tylerderdan

    Pilot house is done !

    Sharp looking rig.
  253. tylerderdan

    4 rods and my shark rig got stolen

    especially if nothing else is missing, it has to be someone you know or knows you have gear.
  254. tylerderdan

    4 rods and my shark rig got stolen

    Dude that fucking sucks Justin.
  255. tylerderdan

    Update from Iraq re: my son

    Thanks for sharing Kevin.
  256. tylerderdan

    Horrific Boat Fire - Puerto Penasco 4/28

    Scary stuff right there. Nice work Stuart.
  257. tylerderdan

    Must See!

    Those are some hardcore necks right there.
  258. tylerderdan


  259. tylerderdan

    Commander of US prison camp in Iraq arrested

    Hey we all make mistakes.
  260. tylerderdan

    I am gay and very proud

    <LEGEND>Attached Images</LEGEND> That's some funny shit Ron.LOLLOL
  261. tylerderdan

    Dana Point thresher tourney

    No worries about the call Jim. I am just glad you are doing better. We are all set for the tourney. Whenever you are ready to go DJ you just let me know and we will make it happen.
  262. tylerderdan

    I am gay and very proud

    <LEGEND>Attached Images</LEGEND> That's one hardcore mullet right there.
  263. tylerderdan

    I am gay and very proud

    Or realizing he's actually a 95%er after all this time.
  264. tylerderdan

    I am gay and very proud

    You just beat me to it.
  265. tylerderdan

    Really Tough Qustions - What grade for you?

  266. tylerderdan

    "Helicopter Parents"?

  267. tylerderdan

    Nile Perch, Egypt with Pictures

    Very cool report, killer read "I stood there, blood dripping down my arms and face, some mine mostly others; clenching a handful of dirt in one hand and the remains of some poor bastards beard in the other. At this time I felt no pain, no aching shoulders or back. Nothing but rage emanated...
  268. tylerderdan

    Prayers needed for family friend.....

    Sorry to hear that Corb.
  269. tylerderdan

    Tony Stewart........ what a whining Cunt!

    That is the most lame comment I have seen in a long time. NHRA? give me a break. Almost anyone can floor it for a 1/4 mile.
  270. tylerderdan

    Happy BDay homie........

    Happy birthday big guy.
  271. tylerderdan

    Akuhed out did himself this time

    Very nice Corb!
  272. tylerderdan

    Cooter is in Orlando??

    The news reporter was laughing so hard, he could barely talk.
  273. tylerderdan

    Saluki Busted!!!!

    LMAO! that's fucked of you Brandon
  274. tylerderdan

    High Voltage Worker

    That's some crazy shit right there.
  275. tylerderdan

    Ha fuckin' Ha, see you bitches in the Bronx

    Oh yeah I almost forgot.
  276. tylerderdan

    Ha fuckin' Ha, see you bitches in the Bronx

    Well said Kev.
  277. tylerderdan

    Boat Found!

    My thoughts exactly.
  278. tylerderdan

    Cheat'n Bastard

    A good reason not to cheat.
  279. tylerderdan

    Diamond Jim update 4/21/07

    I was getting ready to head down and see DJ in the hospital, and called ahead to find his room number. Well Jim went home yesterday and is doing great and is in much less pain. I just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago, and he sounds great, aside from the phone not working so good...
  280. tylerderdan

    New girl wants to go fishing

    This is when SUA tried to party with Ceez.
  281. tylerderdan

    New member here

    Welcome back.
  282. tylerderdan

    Hey Corb

    Lmao!! LOL LOL LOL
  283. tylerderdan

    do you have to...

  284. tylerderdan

    Update On Diamond Jim

    Very good news Kevin, thanks for the update.
  285. tylerderdan

    Hey Kids...1st post

    What's up Rob? Welcome :finger:! Don't worry about Vito, he's just mad his testicles never dropped.
  286. tylerderdan

    Happy Birthday Fishin4fun!

    Happy b-day Chance!
  287. tylerderdan

    BD sighting-Cuda

    Saw Ron yesterday while he wass having lunch.
  288. tylerderdan

    Hey Corb

    Can you explain why you were caught leaving SUA's place dressed like this in the wee hours of the morning?
  289. tylerderdan

    Happy Birthday Saltydawg

    Happy b-day salty one.
  290. tylerderdan

    Batting Practice

  291. tylerderdan

    Prayers and thoughts for my daughter....

    Prayers sent for Lacy and the your family.
  292. tylerderdan

    I'm putting my dog Lucy down today...

    Sorry to hear that Jeff.
  293. tylerderdan

    Here, I'll try it.

  294. tylerderdan

    the big game 90 4-7-07

    The eldorado is a fishy boat. Have a good time with Capt. Eddie.
  295. tylerderdan

    #4-#6 reel advise needed

    That Daiwa is good little reel. I love mine.
  296. tylerderdan

    need funky old car for photo shoot.

    My thoughts exactly. LOL
  297. tylerderdan

    If I see you throw used line in the water I will punch you

    That fucking sucks Jim. I guess that means we need to win the thresher tourney to make up for your loss.
  298. tylerderdan

    Lilly Call

    Hahahahaha I thought you would like that.LOL Yeah we need to get out again.
  299. tylerderdan

    Lilly Call

    Lily call :gayfight:
  300. tylerderdan

    Fishing in Heaven.....

    Sweet! Stoked for you brother.
  301. tylerderdan


    Good luck Jim, we'll keep you in our prayers buddy.
  302. tylerderdan


  303. tylerderdan

    Deadlest Catch Favorite Crew

    Yeah the brother from last year got all scared and said he was going to jump overboard, it forced the boat to return to port to drop his ass off.
  304. tylerderdan

    BAC now has a Shark release board

    Congrats Bill, nice work man. I know you have been wanting to get that going for sometime.
  305. tylerderdan

    Deadlest Catch Favorite Crew

    No kidding, it will probably be smelling like bad beaver on the next episode.
  306. tylerderdan

    Deadlest Catch Favorite Crew

    Phil Harris on the Cornelia Marie, his son Jake is on board. Yeah that's guys pretty punk rock also.
  307. tylerderdan

    Deadlest Catch Favorite Crew

    HAhaha yeah no kidding, the whole crew and Blake.
  308. tylerderdan

    Deadlest Catch Favorite Crew

    I can't wait for blake to find that rotting fish that Edgar and Sig put under his chair.
  309. tylerderdan


    very cool
  310. tylerderdan

    Dana Point thresher tourney

    Here ya go guys. I am not affiliated, but am going to fish the tourney. Should be fun. Dana Point Thresher One Tournament The winner-take-all, catch-and-release tournament is scheduled for May 12th at ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com6:00...
  311. tylerderdan

    Braid to Floro

    Tony pena
  312. tylerderdan

    YE OLD #7 Cat 3/30

    Alrighty Mr. 8 posts.:shake:
  313. tylerderdan

    I need a Real Reel for Real Sharks

    Wow that sucks Steve. Congrats to your wife though, that takes some skill.
  314. tylerderdan

    I need a Real Reel for Real Sharks

    I was talking about drinking while fishing mako's. I could really care less what reels you use to fish mako's, but if you do while drinking, it's just a matter of time before you get tagged. And 100lber is dink.
  315. tylerderdan

    Grab popcorn or set your TiVo!!!

    Huge fan of the show. Only caught the last half our of last night though.
  316. tylerderdan


    My name is Ballsac T bagger.:rofl::rofl: :rofl:
  317. tylerderdan

    I need a Real Reel for Real Sharks

    Oh yeah shark fishing and getting plowed goes great together.:shake:
  318. tylerderdan


    Yeah and she would know. btw remind to never get those recipies from you
  319. tylerderdan

    local trolling colors???

    green and white green and red If your looking for a real good daisy chain or just the materials for putting it together, contact Darrell Primrose owner of Ballyhood and top gun lures. Last year I had Darrell make me some killer yellowtail luers. He is great guy and will take care of you...
  320. tylerderdan


    HAhaha that's bitchen!
  321. tylerderdan


    That would have been perfect! LOL LOL
  322. tylerderdan


    Damn it Adam you beat me to the pic! LOL LOL BTW menudo fucking sucks, why in the fuck would you want to eat that. And yes I have had menudo and everything else possible when I lived in South America. Still not a fan. :shake:
  323. tylerderdan


    You can go to the national do not call registry and enter your # there. It takes a little while, for the info to be removed, but it does work great.
  324. tylerderdan

    new to the board

    LMao! :rofl: :rofl: That's funny, but pretty accurate. Welcome :finger:
  325. tylerderdan

    Santa Rosalillita Rpt. w-pics

    Very cool trip Vince, great pics. Makes me miss trips down there.
  326. tylerderdan

    New site, tell me what you think.

    I think you just sumarized my thoughts as well.
  327. tylerderdan

    Happy birthday Sealskinner

    Happy B-day Mike!
  328. tylerderdan


    I hate that shit, but it's dead on.
  329. tylerderdan

    Canning Carnitas for Troops in Iraq???

    Go fuck yourself, if your not contributing something positive STFU. And for the record no I can't say botulism. :finger:
  330. tylerderdan

    Sad morning

    Sorry to hear that Jack.
  331. tylerderdan

    I need a Real Reel for Real Sharks

    Bill you fish the light gear, because you all always going for records. I know you can land em on the light stuff, but you are an exceptional angler. Most guys don't stand a chance with the light stuff. In my opinion you are far better off using the heavier gear and being to release the fish...
  332. tylerderdan

    Tattoo Hook Up

    NIce work, looks killer steve!
  333. tylerderdan

    Mako questions???

  334. tylerderdan

    Things you don't want to hear while fishing/hunting

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  335. tylerderdan

    Child tax credit

    And that after he said he would take you in. LOL
  336. tylerderdan

    Now this is customer appreciation!!!!!

    You Cretin my Guy!!!
  337. tylerderdan

    Will it blend????

    That's one bad ass blender. They have commercial grade that's 20amps.:eek:
  338. tylerderdan

    Alamo Lake, AZ 3/20 & 3/21

    Very nice Kevin, glad you had a good time bro.
  339. tylerderdan

    Makita VS Dewalt???

    Makita hands down for cordless. Those new makitas won't have battery problems like the outdated xrp stuff. 4 years ago I switched all of my cordless to the lithium ion makita's. I got some of the prototype's and was encouraged to use and abuse them and them give them a comparison to the other...
  340. tylerderdan

    Shooting Sea Lions...

    Too bad they are only using rubber bullets.
  341. tylerderdan

    Whale revenge...

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  342. tylerderdan

    Costa Rica 3-6 to 3-13 lotsa pics

    Very cool report and pics Mike. Definetely looks like a good time.
  343. tylerderdan

    The World's Shortest Books:

    Very nice!!
  344. tylerderdan

    Newport harbor Cuda's.

    Haha that's exactly what I was thinking.
  345. tylerderdan

    Have you seen this thing?(Airbus 380)

    Looking at the website, it looks bitchen inside. Nice and comfy.
  346. tylerderdan

    Here's a couple good ones......

    I thought they were pretty good. Fuck the haters. :D
  347. tylerderdan

    Grady or Boston Whaler

    If I had to choose between just those two I would choose the Grady. I think it would be wise to look at some other options though. Albermarle makes one hell of boat. I would check those out if you are really serious. You will not be disappointed.
  348. tylerderdan

    WWII Pearl Harbor pics

    Intense pics, that must have been hell that day.
  349. tylerderdan

    Pyramid Alligators

    Very cool report Bruce, great pics as well!
  350. tylerderdan

    My new Boat... 21 Bayrunner

    Very nice Jim. I would do the pilot house also, so long as you still have plenty of room to get around the front. Looking forward to the pics and progress of your project.
  351. tylerderdan

    How many of you read PCS?

    Great mag with good info.
  352. tylerderdan

    Storage Fee jacked again

    What are you talking about, I thought you just left it parked on the street in front of your house. :D
  353. tylerderdan

    3.13 Chance is in the house Y'all!

    Hey Chance the porn studio called, they want their mustache back.:D Welcome back man!
  354. tylerderdan

    A little bedtime story for 'Cuda........

    that's funny. I worked up there for four months and was staying in Oakland close to the stadium. Not a good area.
  355. tylerderdan

    help needed with fish ID

    Very cool looking fish. I have never seen one of those.
  356. tylerderdan

    Whales attacking boats ????!

    Nice! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Darwin award.
  357. tylerderdan

    This guy is NOT a BDer I'll Bet (Shark Bite)

    Dumbass for sure. What a tool. Darwin award candidate.
  358. tylerderdan

    Fred Hall Impulse Buys

    new harness renew terrafin pacific coast sportfishing swim baits another fly gaff Etc. etc. Looked at the boats, getting closer to pulling the trigger.
  359. tylerderdan

    GPS/Cell phone tracking

    nice!:rofl::rofl: :rofl:
  360. tylerderdan

    Shout out - BD Booth version 2.0

    You don't know them well enough yet. :D Looked great guys, definetely one of the sharpest booths there.
  361. tylerderdan

    Prayers Please for Diamond Jim

    Keeping big Jim in my prayers. I sure hope they get it right this time.
  362. tylerderdan

    A different kind of Fred Hall Story

    That's too cool Kev, thanks for sharing.
  363. tylerderdan

    Lotto prank

    now that's some mean shit to do to someone.
  364. tylerderdan

    First time to catalina questions....

    Nice job Jim, glad the trip turned out well
  365. tylerderdan

    Here's what happens when you try to take the family to Catalina...

    Your family and close friends are bunch of flakes Jim. I should have called this one earlier. Give me a call brother.
  366. tylerderdan

    The end of the world is officially here.......

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  367. tylerderdan

    Marlin on a jetski - New Zealand

    That was killer.
  368. tylerderdan

    Fish Story, etc. from my Son in Iraq

    Very cool Kev, thanks for sharing.
  369. tylerderdan

    Congratulations, Jack!

    Congrats Jack!!
  370. tylerderdan

    Who remembers when...

    Hell ya Gemco was killer.
  371. tylerderdan

    Hot off the Press for Fred Hall....

    I dig the reaper. Hoodies?
  372. tylerderdan

    Leaving for Costa Rica

    Sounds like a killer trip Mike. Get some good pics for us stuck at home.
  373. tylerderdan

    Steiger Craft Boats

    That 26' steiger looks sweet. A 22 degree would make for a nice ride also.
  374. tylerderdan

    Shark Dehooking Tool

    Precision makes a nice one, but I am far bigger fan of cutting the wire just like Bill mentioned.
  375. tylerderdan

    Happy B-Day Aclemieux

    Happy B-day Adam.
  376. tylerderdan

    Happy Bday Jack (Bertram31)

    Happy B-day Jack!
  377. tylerderdan

    Anna Nicole

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  378. tylerderdan

    Deer roping.................bad idea

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  379. tylerderdan

    sad day.

    Jay, I thought you picked up all the pussy you found in alley's.:D Sorry about the cat Daron.
  380. tylerderdan

    T-Top fracturing at welds w/photos - Need help!

    220, 221 whatever it takes. :D
  381. tylerderdan

    The next time you beach launch

    Very nice!
  382. tylerderdan

    Good Morning Blooldydecks

    Take it easy Jim. You need to get that back all healed up for this summer buddy. I'll give you a call next time I'm down there. Still have your number.
  383. tylerderdan

    OK, who messed up and didnt even get her a card?

    I went the romantic route this year. New tires for her car. But hey at least they are perelli's.LOL
  384. tylerderdan

    Winter in Huntington Beach

    Very nice Jason! I should have known you would go big like that.
  385. tylerderdan

    A Business where 'customers' are a bad thing...

    Thanks for sharing Kev, our thoughts and prayers are with your son.
  386. tylerderdan

    Nancy & Jason's Baby has arrived!!!!!

    congrats you two.
  387. tylerderdan

    Redondo 20lb halibut and a limit of bugs 2/6

    That's awesome, a bagged halibut.
  388. tylerderdan

    What is a TribeNwater?

    Congrats guys, looks good!
  389. tylerderdan

    Prayers Please for Diamond Jim

    Why does shit like this have to happen to nicest people. My family and I will definetely keep Jim in our Prayers and hope for a speedy recovery.
  390. tylerderdan

    My son left for Iraq yesterday

    Will definetely remember Brad in our prayers.
  391. tylerderdan

    The amazing racist at it again

    Ok pegboy! :finger:
  392. tylerderdan

    God Hates Gays?

    Scribby I think that's awesome your old partner wrote a song.:) Funny stuff man.
  393. tylerderdan

    How DARE you...

    I going with Corb and the grill cheese. :rofl:
  394. tylerderdan

    Urgent prayers needed

    Prayers sent Mike.
  395. tylerderdan

    Never thought I'd wanna bang a 60 year old

    LMFAO!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  396. tylerderdan

    Never thought I'd wanna bang a 60 year old

    but you'd still bang her
  397. tylerderdan

    Amazing sight - 'pumice raft' in the South Pacific

    that's some pretty wild shit. Thanks for posting that.
  398. tylerderdan


    Damn Jim, you get the boat fixed and now your breaking again. Prayers sent buddy.
  399. tylerderdan


    First of all, I can't believe I just read the whole thing. Reasons you are a Hick. 1. You show livestock 2. You chew tobacco 3. Your from Oregon 4. Your camo hat and tight ass jeans in your avatar 5. You can't spell Anywho this could go on quite a ways, but I do think you are the alter...
  400. tylerderdan

    Harness repair/sewing

    Hey, what a man does in the bedroom is his own damn business.:eyepoppin
  401. tylerderdan

    Habbe Berf Dai Lil Ceez

    Ho 4 sho. Have a good one.
  402. tylerderdan

    G Loomis Warranty Story.

    You should hear Kevin's BBQ story and you'll really be a believer. I think Kevin calls it frugal.
  403. tylerderdan

    roland martin is a pussy

    Fugh King classic Mike. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I need to find my Fugh King cold weather gear cause its Fugh king cold.
  404. tylerderdan

    Sweet setup for more rod holders and downrigger mounts

    That is a pretty swap meet looking set up Bro. Having been on your rig, I would recommend a radar arch with launchers built in you need more storage. Or the hard top with rocket launchers, but that is even more expensive.
  405. tylerderdan

    It's been a long Summer and Fall.

    Very happy to hear that Jim!
  406. tylerderdan

    Seaforth - 1/10/07 Heck of a Squid Trip!

    What, girls from BD seeking attention? I call BS.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  407. tylerderdan

    Rock, paper, Saddam!

    That's exactly what I was thinking.
  408. tylerderdan

    Job offer, Java hotshot wanted

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  409. tylerderdan

    Dana Point Bassin' 1/7

    Jeff you never outfish your host, unless you just have to. I think Jim has the boat running.
  410. tylerderdan

    Dana Point Bassin' 1/7

    Nice little 3 hour tour.
  411. tylerderdan

    Van lesbian?

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  412. tylerderdan

    Clams Have Feelings!!!

    Nice work there scrib!
  413. tylerderdan

    Kencor SUCKS

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  414. tylerderdan

    Blowin Like a MUTHA

    Damn Pence, Looks like good times right there.
  415. tylerderdan

    Send good thoughts please

    Prayers sent out
  416. tylerderdan

    Same Old Shit

    Damn Jim that sucks! I hope it all works out soon.
  417. tylerderdan

    Matthew James Rogers Memorial Fund Raffle

    Just got my 10 tickets. Wtg guys helping get this organized for the family. Big props to the prize donors also.
  418. tylerderdan

    If you are looking to purchase a home or sell

    The market every so often needs to check itself to remain in balance. This is normal. We cannot expect a market to sustain 25% to 50% increase every year without some sort balance being made to compensate. Although we are not a huge home builder, we build around 100 homes a year in LA, inland...
  419. tylerderdan

    If you are looking to purchase a home or sell

    If you believe everything you read in the paper or on the news, I'm sorry about your luck.
  420. tylerderdan

    Please take a moment to remember Pearl Harbor today.

    Thanks for posting this. This morning I mentioned to my wife that this is the day Japanese bombed pearl harbor. Reading the post it reminds me of the four times I have stood on the monument in the Pearl and all the brave men and women who lost their lives their. Makes me proud that so many have...
  421. tylerderdan

    lj canyon swordies report

    The best info I have come across for swords was at the PCS seminar. Chugey Sepulveda spoke on their activity for about an hour. Todd and John Mansur local Sword boat captains did also. Then to finish the night Cory Burlew the catain of the Reaper in Florida spoke. Killer info on the swords.
  422. tylerderdan

    Why do they call it "PMS"?

    Classic!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  423. tylerderdan


    fucking Jason.
  424. tylerderdan

    Question Concerning Polarity?

    Nice mind fuck, thanks for that Howie! And here I was trying to relax.
  425. tylerderdan

    For those who missed the PCS Jaws seminar

    Nice write up Bill. For you guys who missed the seminar, it was great. Very informative. I would be sure to make the next one.
  426. tylerderdan

    Governer's New Telephone Poll

    :rofl::rofl:Very nice Brant
  427. tylerderdan

    Riviera Maya 11-23/24 with pics

    Very nice pics Mike!
  428. tylerderdan

    Big Party

    That is pretty funny. :rofl::rofl:
  429. tylerderdan

    New "Chew On This" 10 Bull Sharks attack boat.

    Ben, I enjoyed watching both of clips you put up. This next year I am going to try and get out there and fish with you. Also I am going on the Reaper with Cory Burlew for some swords, atleast that's what I am trying to plan right now. Keep those reports coming!
  430. tylerderdan

    Half Moon Bay weekend, crabs n rockfish

    Nice trip Mike! Killer pics as always.
  431. tylerderdan

    I'm looking for a new front door.

    Good advice Lee! Therma tru makes a good door. I have never experienced a fiberglass having those kind of problems, although they can happen. Either way, fiberglass still tends to be one of the most durable and industry preferred doors used these days. We use it, and are very pleased with the...
  432. tylerderdan

    Positive energy please

    Prayers sent for your Dad and the family.
  433. tylerderdan


    Matt you sick fuck!!:rofl::rofl:Now I have that image in my head, fuckin nice!
  434. tylerderdan

    Shark Seminar - Oct 24th 6:30pm

    Sucess speaks for itself focker! And you wish I was gayz:. Maybe one day Jim I'll explain where cake came from.
  435. tylerderdan

    Shark Seminar - Oct 24th 6:30pm

    Pink and White Ballyhood Bitch! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Gotta love it!!! Cake
  436. tylerderdan

    Shark Seminar - Oct 24th 6:30pm

    Chugey does a real good. Great info that most certainly helps targeting mako's. His info from the sword seminar was unreal. The best thing about Chugey, is that he makes himself available to people and is more than happy to answer any question. I thought Capt. Josh had some good material for...
  437. tylerderdan

    New Sing along

    :rofl::rofl:My bad :rofl::rofl:
  438. tylerderdan

    New Sing along

    I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die!
  439. tylerderdan

    Happy B'day WreckinBall

    Happy B-day Jerry. Have a good one man!
  440. tylerderdan

    Strawberry in Utah

    Great lake! I haven't fished strawberry since I was about 12 years old.
  441. tylerderdan

    Shark Seminar - Oct 24th 6:30pm

    I'm going to be there. Any of you guys that had the opportunity to go to chasing swords seminar and listen to Dr. Sepulveda know there is going to be some real good info.
  442. tylerderdan

    Mike.... they're moving in!!!!

    Thanks Cliff:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  443. tylerderdan

    FLATLINERS TEAM gots a boat!!!!!

  444. tylerderdan

    wrapping checkers?

    that's killer jeff! Nice work there.
  445. tylerderdan

    OK the new boat to me

    Congrats Jack! that is one sweet ride right there.
  446. tylerderdan

    Happy BDay Kurt & Corb!!!!!

    Happy B-day boys
  447. tylerderdan

    New Sponsor Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses

    Congrats on the sponsor Jason. Kaenon's are great glasses. I have the beacon's in the g-12 lense and love them. I do need something for the overcast days though, I will look at the copper.
  448. tylerderdan

    Happy b-day MOTS

    Happy B-day Greg
  449. tylerderdan

    Great day

    Good to hear Jim! You must be feeling just fine if your ready some marlin. Good luck with the sea trial.
  450. tylerderdan

    Looks painful!

    where do you find this stuff? I bet that was fun.
  451. tylerderdan

    Team Hanna in MAW Tournament

    Way to give it shot boys. Sounds like an awesome event.
  452. tylerderdan


    Captain Eddie is very cool and knows his shit. I have fished the boat several times and always had a great experience.
  453. tylerderdan

    is there fish in mission valley golf course

    Pro-V1's suck, unless you hit fuck out of the ball everytime, the ball doesn't perform like it supposed to. thread jack over
  454. tylerderdan

    One Pissed Off Neighbor

  455. tylerderdan

    Firday 9/22 Marlin hunting with success

    That was good times out there Jim. Our best shot of the day came when the marlin came in close to the boat(30-40')off the transom going for some of the bigger lures. Once I realized the drop back had come undone the fish had fadded back to the ballyhood on the outside rt. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz...
  456. tylerderdan

    Need a Shark Reel

    I use the a lot of different avets, but I would recomend the 50exw for one reason, threshers. I prefer to have the extra line capacity when you get a pig.
  457. tylerderdan

    an easy mistake

  458. tylerderdan

    Another door question - Wood or Fiberglass?

    Mike, On most of the homes we build, we use the fiberglass doors for several reasons. 1. they are really durable. 2. they are well insulated 3. They don't dent or bend like light guage metal doors. Most of these doors are available in every type of wood grain out there. We have used these doors...
  459. tylerderdan

    Anybody have any knowledge on prehung doors??? HELP!!

    I have always been big believer in staying away from the special order items from Depot or Lowes. I hung doors for did finish work 7 years before getting back into the developement side of the business. Most of the special order or pre-made units are going to be light guage metal. You might be...
  460. tylerderdan

    Yellowtail Darkmeat?

    Tastes like bad beaver Bro. Don't go there.
  461. tylerderdan

    What weight line do you fish with the most?

    I would have called B.S. if you were not on my boat right next to me with that mako on 15lb. test.
  462. tylerderdan

    10 hour fight on EXW4/02?

    A lot of the guys on this board really know their gear. They are NOT making this shit up. Gear gets tested on big fish, used and most certainly abused. When things are pushed to their limits day after day and still hold up these guys know about. Just enjoy it, and please try to learn something.
  463. tylerderdan

    Dodgers/Padres Series

    Fuck the Padres! I'll be at the game tonight.
  464. tylerderdan

    Fat chick in a visor in Fish Taco..............

    WTf? What did I miss?
  465. tylerderdan

    09-13-06 Domes Late report

    I have been getting bait in DP since I was 16. One thing I have learned that your attitude generally will be reflected back at you. Yeah it's true everyone has bad days, I know this. But yes a lot those guys are members here and do read the boards, so take it for what it's worth. And welcome to...
  466. tylerderdan

    Avalon Billfish Classic

    Nice work Rick! That quad would have been killer to see!
  467. tylerderdan

    09-13-06 Domes Late report

    Yeah I'm sure they won't remember your 22' valco and give a shitty scoop again either.:rolleyes:
  468. tylerderdan

    Maui Jims?

    That's a perfect example. They are not cheap, but worth the money in my opinion.
  469. tylerderdan

    Batson/AA Titanium Build

    That's one killer looking piece of work!!
  470. tylerderdan

    Maui Jims?

  471. tylerderdan

    Maui Jims?

    You hijacking your own thread? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  472. tylerderdan

    whats up with Avet clickers?

    Your wife gets seasick just looking at the boat. :rofl::rofl: The clikers will break some.
  473. tylerderdan

    Maui Jims?

    I should have asked you about that. Until I bought these glasses I never realized how much I was missing.
  474. tylerderdan

    Maui Jims?

    I have the Kaenon Beacon's and love them. Have owned all kinds of glasses, but non have even come close to the Kaenon. G12 polarized lens. You won't regret it.
  475. tylerderdan

    Unigoop with Shark Chum???

    Nice work Carlos! I bet that hook was set damn good.
  476. tylerderdan

    Man Massage video

    That was funny shit!
  477. tylerderdan

    hi im new to bloodydecks

    I thought Leathalman69 was the captain of team snowballer. That's just what I heard. Welcome to BD:finger:
  478. tylerderdan

    Quotes of the week from the Mrs.

    Jim this is how you respond. 1. Yes I can and I will. 2. No, after this I am going to tap that ass for dessert.
  479. tylerderdan

    Better Rod Holder?

    Not a good idea.
  480. tylerderdan

    Pray for Lefty today...............

    Good luck Chris!
  481. tylerderdan

    senior prank

    I wouldn't care about telling people to it eat like #4, I would just buy a sick ass boat and have fun.
  482. tylerderdan

    Catalina 2day Bonita blowout

    Jim you are one hardcore dude! That is killer trip in that boat, but I know you fish the theshers in it also. Nice report bro.
  483. tylerderdan

    9/4 - Dana Pt - From paddy crasher to fishing bud

    Jim couldn't concentrate for shit for with that chick around. She needs some bolt on's though.
  484. tylerderdan

    9/4 - Dana Pt - From paddy crasher to fishing bud

    Lick my Nuts Bill!!!! When are we fishing next?
  485. tylerderdan

    Rojodiablo did an awesome job

    Looks great Kevin! Very nice work Paul!
  486. tylerderdan

    Croc. Hunter dead.

    One of my favorite things to watch. His passion for animals and wildlife is awesome. I remember watching his shows when they first started. Jumping out boats a wrestling crocs. Sad day...R.I.P. Steve
  487. tylerderdan

    9/4 - Dana Pt - From paddy crasher to fishing bud

    :rofl::rofl: No scars reveiled that trip. It was a good time though. No tails on the boat, but still a good day. Jim is solid guy and definetely would fish with him again.
  488. tylerderdan

    Good News from the Doctor

    Very good news Jim!
  489. tylerderdan

    mako fishing help....

    Some good advice here. But I am not a big fan of using a gun on the boat, there is too much that can go wrong. The best advice I would give is to fish with someone who has experience handling sharks. There are million things that can go really wrong when getting ready to land a shark and having...
  490. tylerderdan

    We lost a friend last night

    Prayers sent for his family and friends, I hate hearing about this shit.
  491. tylerderdan

    hahahaha (I'm an ass)

    Go suck a fart RumpRanger.
  492. tylerderdan

    Prayers Needed

    Man that's hard to even hear about. Prayers sent
  493. tylerderdan

    Lake Powell Info

    Been going to Lake Powell for years. Didn't make it this year though. And last year the wife pulled some ninja shit and took all my fishing shit out of the truck before we left. 7 days with no gear, wata biatch. Well atleast we had some seadoo's. Beautiful place, camping or do the houseboat...
  494. tylerderdan

    How To:Rigging Tuna Feathers-Crimped

    If you know how to crimp properly it's not an issue. You never squeeze the shit out of your mono crimps, you work them down. The ends will flair if you don't work them a slight bit. Who cares what tool he uses, his crimps probably don't fail.
  495. tylerderdan

    Whaler Makeover Part 2

  496. tylerderdan

    Whaler Makeover Part 2

    Looks good puto!! Are you still mad about the ben wai balls comment?
  497. tylerderdan

    Father needs to brag!

    WTG Mike, great pics of the kids too!!
  498. tylerderdan

    Fucking cancer

    Prayers sent for you, Joyce and the family.
  499. tylerderdan

    Phone call gone bad!

  500. tylerderdan

    First Hawaiian Marlin and Ono's

    Very nice Jack! killer pics and play by play.
  501. tylerderdan

    Mot's First Marlin + VIDEO 8-25-06

    wtg Greg and Mark too cool guys! Stoked for the both of you.
  502. tylerderdan

    Kidney stone surgery tomorrow

    Don't be bitter Mr. No Karate Asain. I think your just mad that I suggested you have your ben wa (spelling) balls removed from your ass. When you didn't know what those were, I told you to call Cuda to find out what they are. Needless to say I got a call back in five minutes saying your going to...
  503. tylerderdan

    Kidney stone surgery tomorrow

    I didn't get the good stuff, but I was ok. I sure appreciate the call and the info. It helped making me feel more more comfortable about the whole proceedure. Thanks again Mike
  504. tylerderdan

    Kidney stone surgery tomorrow

    Just to follow up, things went really good. They used the basket retreival for the first stone in the ureter and then I had lthrotripsy on the second one. Still sore and pissing some blood, but I am damn glad this all about over. I should be going back in Monday or Tuesday to get the stent out...
  505. tylerderdan

    Kidney stone surgery tomorrow

    After talking to sealskinner last I am a little more prepared for this. You guys laugh it, your time will come bitches. Well I'm off to see the wizard.
  506. tylerderdan

    Kidney stone surgery tomorrow

    In case any you are not sure, Kidney stones fucking suck! After going to the doctor and dealing with the pain for a week and a half, they are going to take out one for sure tomorrow and hopefully get the other one as well. I am ready to just be done with it all. I go into the Kidney stone center...
  507. tylerderdan

    Back Home and feeling good

    Good to hear your back home and doing well Jim.
  508. tylerderdan

    Those with Daughters

    That is some damn good advice right there!!!! Bitches can be fucking ruthless and they get help from dumb fuckers that they bullshit into helping them. Change the locks and the passwords ASAFP.
  509. tylerderdan

    Those with Daughters

    James, Do not take the bitch back!!!! There are plenty of chicks out there without having to deal with some lazy cunt. Do not keep taking her calls, schedule a time for her to pick up her shit and be done with it.
  510. tylerderdan

    Maybe not Mexico related...

    Congrats G!! Let the games begin. Dude they grow so fast, it was like yesterday I had my first. Now you started a something though, she is going to want more kids. It's a vicious cycle.
  511. tylerderdan

    SM Mako Fishing

    Very cool scribby, nice pics!! Definetely ain't no perch!
  512. tylerderdan

    Kidney Stones, need some suggestions

    :rofl::rofl:Thanks for that Brandon, between you and Bob I will be back on the water this weekend.
  513. tylerderdan

    Kidney Stones, need some suggestions

    Just got back from the Dr. and I have blood in my urine and fever. Getting a ct scan Wed. and I should know more then. No major pain today though, just discomfort for now. Hopefully this thing is small and will pass easily, who am kidding. I am not that fucking lucky!!
  514. tylerderdan

    Bloodydecker are the most.

    Best of luck Tuesday Jim, time to get you put back together.
  515. tylerderdan

    Engineering Quiz

    Nice!! One of those accidents you are damn glad did not happen on your job, and hope no one was hurt. Bob was that piece of equipment from one of your jobs?
  516. tylerderdan

    *** ADDED KIDS VIDEO***Rampaging Bulls Oside 8-13-06

    Very cool, the kids look totally stoked!
  517. tylerderdan

    Kidney Stones, need some suggestions

    Appreciate the advice!! Pain is gone for now, but I could feel something moving through me, and it was no fucking picnic. I haven't passed anything yet, but it is not killing me either. Going to the Dr. on Monday just to make sure it's all good.
  518. tylerderdan

    Need all of your good thoughts please...

    Hope it all works Jeff, we will keep you guys in our prayers.
  519. tylerderdan

    Kidney Stones, need some suggestions

    Was planning on fishing today until early yesterday afternoon I started to have some pain. I can handle pain, I have broken 17 bones and dislocated my shoulders and even my hip, but I wasn't prepared for this. The pain started down by my right nut and went up through my stomach. Withn 30 min. it...
  520. tylerderdan


    Let the moderators handle that, you just try not be an idiot ok.
  521. tylerderdan


    Ok maybe I was a little harsh. :rofl: Babu I only met you once and you are a damn nice guy. The point I was trying to make to Totally Clueless is that he does not need to make a comment on everything that people do wrong on the board, especially with the rough start he had.
  522. tylerderdan


    Shut the Fuck Up Travis!! You are a smart mouth whiny little pussy who just got here, and you need to learn to shut your fucking mouth. Am I pretty clear! So just fucking shutup and sit there until your name is called, got it...
  523. tylerderdan

    8/6 la jolla mako

    Dude your clueless!! Your 29 years old and still clueless that's just sad. This has nothing to do with money or your sad attempts to justify yourself. Oh well, I don't know why I waste my time, you wouldn't understand anyway.
  524. tylerderdan

    Sat 8/5 What a dodo day! plus the zoo that was Dana Point

    First off, that's big of you!! Huge props for that. Trolling the outside is a great way get hooked up on these fish, especially when the Dorado are breaking the surface like that. You guys I'm sure saw the free jumpers around at times. I would troll it about 150 to 200 yards away. Never once...
  525. tylerderdan

    Sat 8/5 What a dodo day! plus the zoo that was Dana Point

    12 miles off the Domes trolling and stopping, Like a fucking retard!! Dude you guys trolled way too fucking close to me and everyone else. My personal favorite was actually when you cut through drifting boats though. I bit my tongue because I had some guests that are new on the boat and it was...
  526. tylerderdan

    Sat 8/5 What a dodo day! plus the zoo that was Dana Point

    Hey Jim nice fish, but I call BULLSHIT!! I remeber seeing each one of those guys that day on your boat. If that's where the fish were caught, they sure as fuck were not on the troll around us. And for FUCK Sake JR. could you get any closer, dude you were way to fucking close. The one time, you...
  527. tylerderdan

    Wood Planner Needed

    My planner can only handle 12", good luck with it. If the 12" planner will work, let me know, I also have 6"joiner.
  528. tylerderdan

    8/6 la jolla mako

    First off why are you yelling? Now let me get this straight, you caught a 130lb blue shark and cut it up for bait? Dude your a fucking tool! I fish sharks all year and never have I seen or heard of anyone that stupid. You originally came here looking for advice, and when people who are in the...
  529. tylerderdan

    The Painting

  530. tylerderdan

    292.7 yellowfin PV 2006 Tigerlily

    Right on Bogii!! Too cool man!!!
  531. tylerderdan

    Wood Planner Needed

    What width planner do you need?
  532. tylerderdan

    Weekend Report:Yt,Yft,Dodo,Marlin

    No shit Cabo style! Nice trip! Killer pics also! Nice to get some tuna in the mix also.
  533. tylerderdan

    I killed a marlin and it felt good!! 8/5

    Nice Job Loren!! kick ass pic also!!
  534. tylerderdan

    Gallilean Marlin

    Nice catch Harlan, a week and half ago I saw a small blue down off the 425 come into the spread, very rare for up here. Oh yeah killer old school reference with Philo Beddoe there.:rofl:Nice work!!
  535. tylerderdan

    1st Marlin Kill YES OR NO ?

    I fully intend on taking a local marlin this year! This will be my first marlin after a long time of trying for damn sure am I going to stick. After that I'll C&R, but the first one is all me.
  536. tylerderdan


    Killer looking stick!
  537. tylerderdan

    To all you FORD lovers out there...

    Whatever Jack. Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge That is all.
  538. tylerderdan

    Wednesday fishing down south.

    Nice job on the tails Carlos, sounds like a good one man!
  539. tylerderdan

    Prayers please...

    Prayers sent for you and the family.
  540. tylerderdan

    ATTENTION: All Dirty Old Men

    I'm a fan of #6:jerkoff:
  541. tylerderdan

    WFO at the 277

  542. tylerderdan


    I am big fan of the fighting chair chick.
  543. tylerderdan

    3 time loser finally get some..sort of / pics

    WTG Mike!! I'm stoked for you bro. getting in some dodo finally. persistance pays!!
  544. tylerderdan


    WTG Bob!! I hate fuckin theives!! score one for the good guys!!
  545. tylerderdan

    Dana Pt. Dodo's 8/2

    Nice job Tim, great pic!!
  546. tylerderdan

    new boat/ glass & alum !

    Fuckin sick ride!! I am a huge fan of the bow thruster, nice touch!!
  547. tylerderdan

    Dodo n' Mako fishing 7/29 and 8/1

    Very nice Vince, great pics as always!!
  548. tylerderdan

    Shark Week on Discovery

    I don't like to get involved the mess of the shark debate, but as one who fishes sharks frequently I feel I should. If you notice one thing about most of the sharks taken for food is that they are Juvenile sharks. I would much rather see an angler take juvenile than a big breeder any day of the...
  549. tylerderdan

    WFO at the 277

    Right on Bill!! Sounds like a killer day man. How cool is that to have your kid and your brother with you also. Nice pic. my friend.
  550. tylerderdan

    Happy birthday KCKevin and FIshKiller Bill!

    Happy B-days guys, hope it's a good one!!
  551. tylerderdan

    If you were calling charter boats...Would you this?

    Your obviously TomTurtle because your a little slow eh? perfect name
  552. tylerderdan

    They're baaacckkk Dodos at Nados 8-1-06

    Very cool report and some killer pics!!!
  553. tylerderdan

    How to shut down a wide open dorado bite...

    I fully agree with Mike on this one! I am also willing to bet that the fin in that picture is a Mako.
  554. tylerderdan


    I am not a huge fan of the trades, and am not going to make any predictions here. We have Dodger season tickets, the same tickets since they opened the stadium. The Padres can lick my nuts!!
  555. tylerderdan

    Tubes + Poto stand up?

    killer footage!
  556. tylerderdan

    Cowboy hats???

    Broken Horn sadlery in Baldwin Park has a good selection. Yeah call me a Neck if you want, but that place has fuckin everything.
  557. tylerderdan

    Cabo 4/27 w/pics (short version)

    Right on Jason! Sucks the weather didn't cooperate for the first couple of days, but it sure looked nice after that. Time to kill some fish brother, I'll give you a call in the next day or two.
  558. tylerderdan

    Local Run Wed. August 2nd

    Go getem Boys!! I was planning on heading out also, but I can't change a meeting. Keep a rig ready with that shark gear, they are finning all over the place.
  559. tylerderdan

    Big Kahuna's PV Lesson 3- Vaconas (7/29)

    Congrats on the Cow! That's awesome.
  560. tylerderdan

    Transom tiedowns, c'mon are they really that necessary ?

    That fucking sucks for that dude!! Can you say real bad day!!
  561. tylerderdan

    Epic Paddy

    Jesuschrist bro. It is their trip, it is legal, and they do what they please. So shut the Fuck Up and go hug your tree and save the seals somewhere else! :banned::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  562. tylerderdan

    Oceanside inshore Dorado,Yellows, Mako

    Great report Jim! That big Mako would have really been something on your fly gear. I would have loved to seen that.
  563. tylerderdan

    Sword, Mako, DODO's and YT

    Nice, Congrats on the swordie boys!!
  564. tylerderdan

    7-27-06 Marlin!

    Killer pics! Too bad about the early release. We had a good shot on Wed. and couldn't get em to go.
  565. tylerderdan

    GREAT day on the water

  566. tylerderdan

    21' Striper

    Nice ride Paul Congrats!!
  567. tylerderdan

    Offshore Bait tank

    Nice lookin tank Frank! That's some killer capacity also.
  568. tylerderdan

    Whaler Makeover

    Looks good snapper! Give me a call Bro.
  569. tylerderdan

    The Hunt Continues.....First Dodo and Mako 7-25

    Holy Shit Bro. It looks you used a chain saw to take the head off.
  570. tylerderdan

    Please help the children of C.U.N

    Eddie, I have to agree with Saluki here looking at charitable organizations in general. Most people these days do not have a lot a dis-posable income. When they look for organizations they can put their money toward, they want it to be close to home. If this is your cause my friend, more power...
  571. tylerderdan

    Holy Mola Moly

    Good times Carlos!! Yeah so I missed on a gaff shot and almost my broke ass doing it, It happens. Very fun having Mikayla on board! Not my day yesterday, I couldn't cast for shit! Luckily I could still help with the boat. Too bad we couldn't get the marlin to go, but we it's still early in the...
  572. tylerderdan


    Nice Job Eddie, Killer pics!
  573. tylerderdan

    GREAT day on the water

    Nice Job Bill! Way to get the new club record for 15lb. also. Your still gay though.
  574. tylerderdan

    Name Changes???

    Lil Ceez = Da Shocker Royalwitcheez = Iwaxoff Cuda/hoo killer = HookilledKFC
  575. tylerderdan

    Oh shit!

    That's funny!
  576. tylerderdan

    Offshore/ Inshore Report 7/18 SCI

    Nice report Kevin, that's some damn good bass fish'n! You'll get some yellows next time out.
  577. tylerderdan

    golf ball mako's...

    I have to agree that blues can be a pain in the ass. If you have some that won't go away, on a pole with no steel leader, tie on 3-0 or a 4-0 hook and bait it with a small chunk that is easy to eat for the blue. The second the blue takes it, set the hook hard. Blues do not like their jaws pulled...
  578. tylerderdan

    Nice thresher caught of pier.

    Eddie is posting a fish report of a good catch, leave it at that. Eddie Congrats on getting Mr. T from the pier. that's hardcore dude! Even if you can't get the video up, let's see some pics. Nice job man!
  579. tylerderdan

    Polish girls

  580. tylerderdan

    Needing a few prayers for the new Family

    Hang in there Aaron, Our family will keep you and Barb and the whole family in our prayers.
  581. tylerderdan

    07-13-06 Fishing with Stinkass & Chimney

    Right on Jay!:notworthy:notworthy
  582. tylerderdan

    Almost my first mako

    Nice effort on the mako! Every Mako fights differently, if the fish comes to the boat to quick, you can always back off the drag a little and let the fish make another run. We do this quite often to avoid taking a major ass whopping when trying to subdue or release the fish.
  583. tylerderdan

    Western Pride 1/2 Helmet

    You lying cocksucker Bill!! Yeah I fished the Western Pride 1/2 day and talked to Bill last night while I was making more shark rigs. I told Bill I was throwing the iron from the bow most of the time and caught 4 sandies and a calico. Bill thought it would be funny since I wasn't going to post a...
  584. tylerderdan

    Drag: Set it and forget it?

    I fish all my lever drags at 33% and do not mess with them at all during a fight. If a fish is taking long runs and needs be slowed down, I use the rod to my advantage, and make the fish bend it over constantly. It will slow a fish down a lot faster, but will wear your ass out also.
  585. tylerderdan

    Dancing Dolphin

  586. tylerderdan

    1/2 day newport landing 7/11

    Nice job Gabe, Matt's smile say's it all.
  587. tylerderdan

    Sharkin 7/9

    Don't get butthurt little one. I gave you the heads up, but you had plans for some gay pride picnic with your boyfriend.
  588. tylerderdan

    MDR mako 7-11

    Nice solo Mako, that's hardcore bro.! Killer pics also.
  589. tylerderdan

    She's under construction Part 15..World cup...

    Looking killer bro. I love the pics, keep em coming, that's one sick ride you got going.
  590. tylerderdan

    Pics of my new baby Boy!

    Congrats man! They grow up quick, I had my daughter(my 3rd) 5 weeks ago. It goes by fast.
  591. tylerderdan

    Refugio Kayak Thresher

    Nice work on the Yak! Those bastards pull hard as you well know now.
  592. tylerderdan

    Cat YT and Calicos fish and dive 7-7/7-8-06

    Very nice trip bro. Some killer pics and play by play usual! Nice memorial also, very cool thing to do.
  593. tylerderdan

    Sharkin 7/9

    Everyone has different opinions on the subject, but I used to have on board a chum grinder. It was huge pain in the ass!! We just use the frozen chum blocks and buy the refills and keep filling the same bucket through the day. It's far the work and makes a much more enjoyable day of fishing...
  594. tylerderdan

    Prince Rupert Report:6/30-7/3 Return of the Shrek

    That's funny!! Killer report and pics G!
  595. tylerderdan

    Sharkin 7/9

    I'm in Carlos, give me a call and let me know what time.
  596. tylerderdan

    Sharkin 7/9

    If you want to restock the freezer Carlos I have no problem going out with ya.
  597. tylerderdan

    323 AND 239LB YFT on Pacifico 7/8/06

  598. tylerderdan

    1st Mako finaly a real report w/pics

    Nice job Dude, good eats right there!
  599. tylerderdan

    Sharkin 7/9

    Met hannapah (Bill) down at Dana Point and launched around 9:00 a.m. I also had my brother in law with me. Headed out and set up for a kick back day. Shortly into the drift I'm on with a Mako, after a short battle the meat part of the day done with a 100 lb fish and everything else is catch and...
  600. tylerderdan

    Wuff Wuff

    Very nice Jack! Yeah keep the gold reels out the pics.:rofl:I do.
  601. tylerderdan

    Eye Candy BD Style!

    I have no recollection of that:rofl::rofl:
  602. tylerderdan

    Cool Fish

    That's some wicked nasty shit right there scribby!!
  603. tylerderdan

    UFC 61 Bitter Rivals Predictions

    I don't know about the rest, but tito oritiz is going to stomp shamrock hard!
  604. tylerderdan

    A Great fourth of July

    Sounds like a good time Jim.
  605. tylerderdan

    Eye Candy BD Style!

    Very Nice! What a gentleman.:rofl:
  606. tylerderdan

    Newport Beach Patriot report yesterday

    Nice talking with you yesterday Bill. I am more than ready for the swords, lets make it happen and prove we actually learned something at the seminar.
  607. tylerderdan

    B/D sighting in AZUSA.7/6

    I haven't seen that one, but there aren't too many of us up here in the SGV.
  608. tylerderdan


    I fished with Eddie on the El Dorado this past weekend at SCI. Eddie is a great captain and so is the crew. I think we had 39 YT some going over 30lbs, it was a great trip. Always have a good on that boat. In my opinion it's a great boat, and crew has a good attitude.
  609. tylerderdan

    Happy Birthday how2fish

    Happy B-day bro.
  610. tylerderdan

    Is Cuda OK?????

    That's fucking great!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  611. tylerderdan

    missouri micro bass

    Sounds like a good trip Justin. But from my last there a couple years I am pretty sure it's Missery.
  612. tylerderdan

    LJ bouy shark fishin

    Nice mako! That little senator must have been close to exploding! Nothing like some fresh mako steaks though!
  613. tylerderdan

    North Shore, Lake Wilson

    Killer eyeball shot! very nice!
  614. tylerderdan

    For your enjoyment:)

    Nice work there!!
  615. tylerderdan

    7/4 238 YT limits and Dorado

    Very cool nailing the dodo!!
  616. tylerderdan

    7/4 YT, Marlin and other junk

    Defintely a swordie and some damn fine work baiting the fish! Those fuckers are hard to get to take a bait on the surface like that.:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy
  617. tylerderdan

    Need a winshield for a 65' lincoln cont.

    That 65' Lincoln has got to be a bigger boat than your truimph.
  618. tylerderdan

    Sword seminar

    It's all my fault.:rofl::rofl: Bloooooww me! I had to sit next to Einstein the whole time, notice the resemblence :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Just let me when Bill, and I am ready to go.
  619. tylerderdan

    Sword seminar

    Definetely some real good info! Learning the habits and the best times to fish is going to help out a lot. I am damn glad I took notes, trying to remember all that stuff would cause a major meltdown. Some real good info though, and a good time!
  620. tylerderdan

    got CAMO?

    That's classic!!
  621. tylerderdan

    6/4 First Mako

    That's hardcore right there! They are really aggresive little bastards. Nice shot BTW, and good luck with the shit stains.
  622. tylerderdan

    My new ride!

    That is one sick ass sled!
  623. tylerderdan

    Happy B-Day Hellbear!

    Happy B-day Dude!
  624. tylerderdan

    Bloody Decks Represented in Photo Shoot!

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Don't feel bad J. I care, now give me a hug big guy. Cake. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  625. tylerderdan

    425 6/25

    That has to be one of the funniest fucking posts Iv'e ever read! The mail man going postal on eachother!! that's fuckin classic!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  626. tylerderdan

    Penn 30/2vsw VS Avet 30/2exw

    I have a 50vsw and the 50exw and have fought fish on both. The avet seems to perform much smoother, and atleast for me feels far more solid. My next 50 is also going to an Avet exw.
  627. tylerderdan

    New to Board

    Brandon That pic is fucking classic! Welcome to BD! Atleast your coming in with the right attitude.
  628. tylerderdan

    vigilant rides again....finally...

    That is one bad looking sled my friend!
  629. tylerderdan

    Son's first legal Halibut - of the Dome's

    Very nice, that's what it's all about dude!
  630. tylerderdan


    Big congrats to you and your son! Having shot competitively in international skeet, I know how much time and dedication goes into shooting at that level. Best of luck in the comps!
  631. tylerderdan

    Gato Gordo B-Day

    Happy B-day Dude!!
  632. tylerderdan

    Mako 06/25 with Pics

    Nice Job on the Mako! Nothin better than some fresh mako steaks right off the the BBQ.
  633. tylerderdan

    I still got it

    That's too funny! We used to have two ranches up in the antelope valley that were about 1500 acres each! I learned how to drive up there in one the ranch trucks, a 1/2 ton chevy pickup when I was 10 years old. :rofl:I used to go up there atleast once a month with my Dad to check on our...
  634. tylerderdan

    Tragedy Strikes One of Our BD Members

    Adam, I am so very sorry for your loss. My family and I will keep you guys in our prayers.
  635. tylerderdan

    It's been a while

    Glad your feeling better DJ! Just ease on back into it, a relapse is just as bad a the first round. Take care buddy.
  636. tylerderdan

    PCS Seminar Series - Chasing Swords June 27, 2006

    I am in! This should be a great seminar and a good time.
  637. tylerderdan

    Long beach harbor bassin

    Nice toad! WTG on the release!
  638. tylerderdan


    Happy birthday you big silly slut!! You crack me up.
  639. tylerderdan

    Three day on Sea Adventure 80

    What a killer trip! congrats
  640. tylerderdan


    Nice!! I think you forgot stupid ass (_?_) my bad, I just looked again and saw dumb ass. :rofl::rofl:
  641. tylerderdan

    Don't do meth.

    I couldn't agree more with Rob. Having been there myself for sometime and breaking free from that shit is the best thing that ever happened to me. What a scary reminder though of what I'm sure several of us here have been through.
  642. tylerderdan

    Cooter, Swazi, & M.M. get BFT, Albies, YT's 6/18

    Very Nice! I am dying here, I need to get back out there!!
  643. tylerderdan

    She's under construction Part 13...Ready to wire.......

    Looking really good!! I love watching the progress of the boat. What a killer project!
  644. tylerderdan

    Mako near the 182 on 6/17/06

    Go fuck yourself Dino!! :finger::finger: That is perfect size Mako for eating!! Nice catch guys!!
  645. tylerderdan

    Heading to Cat. Sat. 6/17

    Baby and Mama are doing great! Congrats on getting the boat back, I bet your stoked!! Have fun out there Bro. , be gentle on the motor. I can't wait to hear that thing!!
  646. tylerderdan

    Heading to Cat. Sat. 6/17

    Are you taking your rig Jason?
  647. tylerderdan

    And now batting for the Lakeside National Majors Allstar Team..............

    Congrats Zach!! WTG Chris, Some of my best memories are of playing ball!
  648. tylerderdan

    Buttock Implants

    I was thinking the exact same thing! That's classic!!
  649. tylerderdan

    Anyone Tries This Reel Yet?

    Holy sheep shit Batman!! try some DE-caff next time!! Still Funny, but wow!!
  650. tylerderdan


    Kick ass as usual!! :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy
  651. tylerderdan

    181 , 182 , San Diego Solo w/pics

    Nice solo effort Mike, Glad you got a couple.
  652. tylerderdan

    They're not dead yet.

    Now that's some gas will kill ya!! Classic!!!
  653. tylerderdan

    29' Beachcraft

    Nice looking sled Loren, Looks like a fish killer man!!
  654. tylerderdan

    Pic of my new golfing shirt

    I am not sure if I can match the stylish attire you have for the golf course though, but I'll see what I can do.
  655. tylerderdan

    Pic of my new golfing shirt

    Thanks Jack, I might take you up on that some time. I am having fun again, back fishing after a few years off from my addiction. But with a great wife and two good sons and now a new daughter, things are great! You said it just right though, you have just keep putting one foot in front of the...
  656. tylerderdan

    6-10/6-12 BFT,WSB,YT,

    Ver nice Trash T, killer pic of Eddie. That's classic! I am sure you boys had fun, Eddie always looks a little wild in the pics! Nice trip Guys!!
  657. tylerderdan

    Temp break maps

    Terraffin is a subscription based service, but the maps are totally up to date, and accurate. is how to find them.
  658. tylerderdan

    Pic of my new golfing shirt

    Jack as if the shirt wasn't enough, the shorts really pull the whole thing together. That's classic!! 17 yrs. is a long time my friend, that's awesome! I have 18 months and am loving life again.