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  1. ElFuego

    2/9-1.5 day trip to Colonet on the Pacific Queen

    Interesting your friend did so well on the low gear. I was on this trip as well and got 4 but I was reeling as fast as possible for the first half of the water column. Mine were all on the red but the guy next to me got 3 on scrambled egg and 1 on blue/white. The thing that seemed to be most...
  2. ElFuego

    Colonett 1.26.2019

    I was on the boat last weekend. Good luck and get ready to wind your arm off!
  3. ElFuego

    Colonett 1.26.2019

    I'll be on the queen this weekend and this is what I'm bringing. Jigs: Tady 4/0, Salas 7x, JRI 66, and Salas 6x Jr. Not too concerned with color as you are fishing these jigs in 150-300 ft of water. Lots of rods will work but I like a heavy rated 6-7 ft rod. Minimum 50 lb mono with a high...
  4. ElFuego

    JRI Custom Lures/BPT 2.5 day Colonet Report

    Looks like a blast! The JRI 66 is my go to yoyo iron for Colonet
  5. ElFuego

    tackle recommendation on condor 1.5day

    I was on the queen 2 weeks ago and used 60lb and got my limit quickly. The crew was more convinced that hook size was more important than line size. I started with an Owner 2/0 and then dropped to a Gamakatsu 2/0 since hook size is not standardized. I'd bring 1/0 to 5/0 for hooks. Also you can...
  6. ElFuego

    What does bump mean in the classified section.

    Bring Up My Post = bump
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    Torium 14 Info

    Could anyone could provide some info or experience using the new Torium 14 or 14HGA? I'm interested in using it as a small tuna reel for fish up to 30lbs, but not sure if it's too small for that application. Looking at the specifications from Shimano it looks like it'd be a great small...
  8. ElFuego

    PQ Colonet 1/12-1/14

    True forgot to mention the greasy calm weather. Looks like we got lucky as it is going to blow this weekend.
  9. ElFuego

    PQ Colonet 1/12-1/14

    I used the JRI 66 in red. The heavier irons were getting bit better probably just because they were in the zone faster than the lighter ones.
  10. ElFuego

    PQ Colonet 1/12-1/14

    Loaded up last Friday night and only 22 of us had signed up for the trip which is the first time I've been on the Pacific Queen with such a light load. Gavin gave us the game plan of looking for yellowtail for a bit and then switching over to rockfish if they weren't biting. We stopped multiple...
  11. ElFuego

    1.5 day on the Chief

    Thanks for the report! Looks like you two had a great time. I'll be out there next weekend. What were the bluefin caught on?
  12. ElFuego

    CONDOR 2.5-day: Light Load + Paddies = FUN!!

    Awesome write up! All these reports are getting me excited to go fish this week!
  13. ElFuego

    Starnge Lingcod Parasite - Any Idea What it is?

    It's a type of isopod. You'll see them in the gills or on the tongue of some of our local fish, especially sand dabs.
  14. ElFuego

    Anyone fish the Tribute?

    Not sure what your rod and reel setups are but I brought 20, 25, 30, 50 and 80 lbs setups and used them all. Good luck!
  15. ElFuego

    Anyone fish the Tribute?

    I was on the boat this past weekend and the boat and crew were awesome!!! Make sure to bring all the proper gear so if you hook up with the right kind you can land it!
  16. ElFuego


    In. Falcons 34 Patriots 28
  17. ElFuego

    Commander 9/11

    Returned last Sunday from a great trip aboard the Commander! I almost canceled the morning of cuz I had a sore throat and felt a cold/fever coming on but figured I could tough it out and I didn't want to lose my deposit. The day before had been tough on the fleet with most boats only getting a...
  18. ElFuego

    Dominator kills it today

    North or South of the Border?