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  1. dsivak

    Electrician in South OC

    Replace your GFI.
  2. dsivak

    2320 Parker

    Very nice work!
  3. dsivak

    Skipjack Theory? Keep-Smoke-give away?

    Catch and release! They taste like shit
  4. dsivak

    ULS diesel in Baja norte?

    You will have no problems finding ULSD. Do not take any fuel with you, it's not allowed. Take your Jerry can's empty and fill them in Mexico.
  5. dsivak

    Car rental advice in Cabo

    Yes Catus is the best and second is BBB. All the rest will always try to rip you off.
  6. dsivak

    For Sale Shakespeare 5401 XT Galaxy Marine Antenna Black 4'

    I have two antennas I need to sell. One is brand new and the other is about 1 year old and works perfectly. $100 for the brand new and $85 for the used. The link below is the exact antenna.
  7. dsivak


    I have it and really like it. Feet feel much better at the end of the day. Just keep lots of water on it when fishing and the clean up is simple. I carry a 5 gallon bucket I fill with salt water and dump it on the deck when bloody.
  8. dsivak

    Another FMM question.

    You can purchase your own FMM. Your supposed to get one every time you cross the border but most people just get a 180 day and use it multiple times on any private boat. Just make sure the captain has a manifest with your information on it and a copy of the email thats been approved by the...
  9. dsivak

    Gonzaga bay

    It’s the best month to fish that area. Cabrilla, Sierra, Roosters, Yellowtail and sometimes Dorado. I would take your kayak if possible. If not you can catch triggers and roosters from the shore.
  10. dsivak

    SaltAway vs White vinegar

    Tom why both, just curious...
  11. dsivak

    SOLD Sold test, 1,2, 1,2 do you copy.

    Yeah, we need the ability to modify the title of our listing so we can change the status from For Sale to Sold.
  12. dsivak

    For Sale Rule 800 Livewell Pump

    sorry for the delay, its the entire pump head. It's yours... I might be in SD Wednesday and Friday
  13. dsivak

    Small smoker for beginners

    These things work pretty well...
  14. dsivak

    Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    I would strongly recommend you have a passport with you anytime you leave the US, all depends on who stops you...
  15. dsivak

    Thursday Offshore Trip

    Art, I'm going out solo tomorrow also, I'll give you a call on the radio (The Last One)
  16. dsivak

    For Sale Rule 800 Livewell Pump

    Got a new Rule 800 livewell pump for $25. Located in OC and SD Anyone interested let me know...
  17. dsivak

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    Sure looks like a Coho (Silver) to me. Scales and silver streaks on the tail.
  18. dsivak

    How to Treat Seasickness

    My wife gets sea sick, car sick, everything sick from motion. She has tried basically everything and the only thing that has worked for her is the Scopolamine patch. She didn't have any luck with Dramamine, Cinnarizine, and Meclizine but I believe it's because she didn't take it early enough...
  19. dsivak

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    Man that sucks, I hate those thieves. Maybe you can file a report here. I would, the more people who bring attention to this the better something might happen.
  20. dsivak

    How to test knots

    Well said!
  21. dsivak

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    "If Any you assholes are complaining about the tax Bill on your boat Are also voting for Democrats then shut the fuck up" Next time you post something check your grammar so you sound intelligent or sober up first.
  22. dsivak

    Big Boat Bumper

    Found this out at sea the other day kind of by the 302. Anyone missing it? I’d like to return it to its owner...
  23. dsivak

    4pack guide recommendations? Good guy and very knowledgeable Oops my bad, wrong location.
  24. dsivak

    WTB Terez Spinning

    Looking for a TZS78XHBLK
  25. dsivak

    Anyone need anything from Florida? FL to CA

    Man that's a nice offer!
  26. dsivak

    25W Radio minimum?

    First check the antenna connection, make certain it's clean and tight. Also make sure the battery voltage is adequate, look up the proper voltage and verify at the radio itself. If that seems good to you take your radio in for service to Standard Horizon, they charge a flat fee of $65 to fix...
  27. dsivak

    For Sale RODS for sale !!!

    What model is the terez? Can't tell from the photo if it's conventional or spinning. Thanks
  28. dsivak

    Edgewater 188CC

    Thanks! I keep it in Mission Bay, better fishing down South in my opinion. I’d rather drive down then boat down.
  29. dsivak

    Whoever returned my Jig tote to H&M landing 7/1/19

    I’m happy for you. Nothing worse than things being stolen or not returned when found. About 25 years ago I found a purse in a parking lot with $3,800 cash and a ton of jewelry. I was able to returned it to the owner who was selling jewelry to help her mom pay for cancer treatment. It was a very...
  30. dsivak

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    I’ll pass!
  31. dsivak

    Edgewater 188CC

    I have a 228CC, it’s a very stable boat but pricey. I only have 1 complaint about my boat, live well is too small. A full scoop is just too much for it so I only buy a 1/2 scoop. Oh and their customer service sucks ass!
  32. dsivak

    Tecate crossing FMM...

    You can print one out here. I use this regularly.
  33. dsivak

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    Unfortunate, disappointing and just a plain tool bag!
  34. dsivak

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    "Processing fee" what next??? Glad there are other options!
  35. dsivak

    WTB Daiwa Proteus PRTB80HFS Spinning Rod

    Looking for a Daiwa Proteus PRTB80HFS Spinning Rod
  36. dsivak

    6/15 Coronado Islands report

    Very good detailed report, thanks!
  37. dsivak

    For Sale Penn Spinfisher 7500 and Daiwa Proteus combo

    How much for just the rod if you’re willing to separate?
  38. dsivak

    For Sale (Price Drop) Shimano Baitrunner 12000D $100

    I have a 12000D bait runner I used 1X. It's a 9.5 out of 10. It's literally perfect. This is the one if you are looking for a nice deal. $100 Local pickup only, I'm in Irvine, CA and have a boat in Mission Bay
  39. dsivak

    Fresh Intel.

    Great report, very good info. Thanks! and nice job.
  40. dsivak

    SOLD Raymarine CP370 Digital Sonar Module - $400

    I sold my boat so I no longer need this module. Works perfect and comes with necessary cables to connect to your chart plotter. Unit is about 6 months old. Features 600W/1000W depending on Transducer Improved bottom tracking algorithms Dual frequency 50/200 kHz ClearPulse automatic noise...
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    Fishing Coranados

    This explains everything you need to know.
  42. dsivak

    Honda 30hp

    Is this still available?
  43. dsivak

    Pre- work solo strike 1/10/17

    Very cool. Nice job in tough conditions.
  44. dsivak

    Shimano BTR6000D Baitrunner D Spinning Reel

    ****SOLD*****Got a Baitrunner 8000D I want to sell. Prefer local pickup. $100. Live in OC and headed to SD this weekend. Thanks
  45. dsivak

    9/18 at the 181 to 182

    Sounds like my outing last week. So irritating to see Tuna busting bait all around you and they won't have anything to do with your dine. They are so fixated on anchovies, nothing else matters.
  46. dsivak

    East Cape Fishing Update

    thank you for the information, I will postpone my trip a bit.
  47. dsivak

    East Cape Fishing Update

    How is the Rooster fishing Bill? Thinking about heading to Los Barriles.