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    Where are the tree-huggers?

    man when I read these posts it reminds me of when I am on the freeway.
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    Wolf Pack Confirmed In California

    who cares if they introduce wolves back into cali you should be more worried about a nuclear storeage site on the beach in so cal.wolves rule a lot smarter than you also.
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    L.T. vs. A.J.

    fuck aj smith piece of shit.
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    Surf, Snow and Skate videos, on VHS, what ya got?

    the performers one of the best sound tracks to surf movie ever then comes along beyond blazing boards i used to get so hopped up watching these movies then go surfing.those are the glory paloma theater used to show surf movies in the summer back in the 80,s go watch the movie and the...
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    u r an idiot,i mean got caught with shorts GOOD job DFG.i hope more idoits like you get caught.
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    My kids boyfriend hit the big time

    some of the best fishing in the world along with perfect waves no malaria and best of all no crowd.thats my trip to tavarua.
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    Yakutat, AK

    sounds cold
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    Zodiak @ mexico??

    watch out for the guys in ski masks with automatic weapons and dont take your family
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    El Nino. good or bad for inshore?

    local weather forcasts are wrong all the time what makes you think they can predick an el nino just claim el nino for 25 years every year and one of these years they will claim la nina and it will really be el nino then they switch it to being el nino.
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    Late squid bite at the Nine Mile

    thats pretty awesome i want to take my kids looks like they are having fun.
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    What to do with BFT Bellies???

    shits only 40 dollars a lb.
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    Surfing MB Channel 1-23-2010

    pretty cool
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    Great Storm Surf Shots - PHOTO HEAVY

    big rock is unreal wave
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    If you could go anywhere...

    tavarua island fiji i have been there during apirl,may full on paradise.
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    Guess this spot part II

    mushy left.
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    1/2 Pipe Snowboarding in the Olympics, yes or no?

    yes it sould be.sking is down right BORING.
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    Jan El Nino Report Now "Strong"

    mabey its the new age el nino
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    love that place
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    Jan El Nino Report Now "Strong"

    wheres our rain giant surf nothing so far.
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    Caldo De Siete Mares (7-Seas Soup)

    sounds really good thanks.
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    Mt. Baldy

    when the planets are lined up just right baldy can be fun.
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    I need some help

    what sdfishkiller said.
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    What does it mean when cooked lobster tails smell like ammonia

    buy local fresh is the best.
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    Surfing Indonesia-Wavepark resort

    looks prettty fun
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    not a yellow but just as much fun

    nice catch little ones taste better.
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    Coastguard hits private boater, child, 8 yrs, dies

    very very sad for the family of the little boy.coasties and the navy need to quit driving around like they are the only ones one the bay.helicopters colliding with each other now thats fucked up.does it mater weather the child was driving stupid comment.
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    CIF Open Div State Championsip Game

    congrats to an amazing oceanside football team.
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    Hooping and diving

    you can hoop and dive all you want some of us have found out the hard way that when you leave just leave your nets soaking they tend to vanish even with glow sticks,sirens whatever you have on your bouy dosent matter.things like strong currents associated with kelp main culpit or run over...
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    rather eat sardines from the bait dock.
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    Possible ban on PWC at Mavericks

    surfrider has nothing to do with surfing,using surf in the name makes you think they have something to do with surfing.they have actully killed projects desiged to enhance some surf breaks and expand marine habitat operations a rip off.
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    out of norm sighting's

    perfect surf in places that dont normally dont break like that hopfully happens again its only been 20 somthin years.
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    cold but crawling

    the big ones taste just as good you get more meat just dont overcook.male lobster dont lay the eggs so enjoy your feast.
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    80# Local Louvar-Photo

    thats pretty cool thanks for the report.
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    Black Cod Misoyaki

    thats awsome!
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    Help with information why they're trying to close recreational fishing

    you should do your report based on facts not peoples opinons.
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    Hoopin last night and WTF!

    wow scary.
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    very early El Nino report

    el nino really.warm water,tons of rain,huge west swell rocking our coast.bring it on!
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    11 # [email protected]

    holy shit spiny lobster kick ass
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    watch your stuff at mb!!!

    sting operation! and when you do catch them dont call the cops just use then for lobster bait.
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    Something wrong?

    dosent seen like somthing to wine about i am stoaked mine 20$ also.
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    First Finns

    thats pretty epic!
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    Guess whats next! Yup ... Lobsters

    please leave your girls here.
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    what is this?

    mexican mackerel
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    Pellet Gun Use

    the desert is a good place to play target practice,carlsbad....mabey 30 years ago.
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    THEE BEST fish/shrimp taco you will ever have

    thanks for the batter recipe sounds for Rubios far from the authentic baja fish taco, Rubios tastes like cardbored.
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    Newbie to halibut fishing in SD

    that lagoon in carlsbad by the power plant is polluted dont recomend eating anything from that water.
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    Rodney Mullen

    one of the best freestyle skaters if not the best ever.
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    Speared by a Marlin

    thanks thats cool footage
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    2/4 no hoop love

    also called marbel crab.
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    Headed to Oceanside

    try helgrens sportfishing at oceanside harbor
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    Should electric hoop pullers be legal ?

    worthless next thing will be to pick up some workers at the street corner have them pull for you!
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    Chit for Chat, Japanese Jigging Revisited

    thanks for the cool info.
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    Lobster Total for the season so far.

    vote for arnie then wine about it obama better than bush.all the billionairs getting free money from bush before he leaves office.
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    Too many shorts

    mabey try inside the bay.
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    I just made Striped Marlin last nite and it was good. In 8 easy steps

    good eating there try smoked marlin real tasty.
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    Fish Poppers

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    sounds like you will have more luck inside the harbour.
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    ahhahahaaaaa thats stupid.
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    How to Skip, Jack(

    thanks good eating right there.
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    New 2008 Lobster Reg's. DFG Report Cards

    man,and you thought lobster stupid!
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    When OK to drop nets? AND Eclipse net modification?

    lobster dumb! they seem alot more intellijent them most of yall.
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    Patty Marlin 9/11/08 on 30lb @182

    nice!enjoy your smoked marlin surprising how many people come out when its all done smoking and want some.
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    senor hefe question

    why not make baja part of california and be done with it i think they have some oil to boot.
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    Mission Bay Bait Price Goes Up....

    e-bros best bait op in town.
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    Gas really is'nt expensive enough

    a new president will fix everything.
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    My First Cabo Trip

    looks like a fun trip marlin is good smoked.
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    BonitaFest 2008 (5/15 w/pix)

    thanks for the good report.
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    great white also spotted off ponto in north county eating large sealion,where you see seals you can bet that the man in the grey suit is lurking.some advice dont go swimming offshore in a black wetsuit.
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    How is everybody killing their sharks?

    a bat is cheap safe effective
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    Overdue FV Pelican

    prayers to you and all involved hope they are found soon and awnsers to how this could happen.
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    BONITO SLAYING 5/10/08

    nice grade of bonito there next time try taking a cooler w ice and save a couple for the smoker if you like to eat sushi good eats,probably not as quality after sitting in the sun.
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    kelp is good keeps things like surf breaks nice and smooth all day long also makes a nice place to fish in the summer time kelp cutters pretty much fucken suck.
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    Fishing Carlsbad Lagoon????

    enjoy the lagoon while it lasts, city of carlsbad will probably mess it up somehow.thanks mayor lewis.
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    and this is why I have a gun in my car

    only pussies carry concealed guns in there cars.
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    South Nine 04/01/2008 No April's Fool

    nice job hope i can get into some fish like that when i finnally make it out.
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    All you outdoor BBQ people.........

    pour beer on your flar ups works pretty good.
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    OAC Open Halibut Tourney 4/5/08...Here's Last Year's Winner!

    that guy holding the fish watch out he is crazy.
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    La Nina What does it mean for fishing?

    cold water red tide late coranado iland bite
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    Surfing anyone???

    no sharks at lower trestles just more kooks than ever.
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    Surfing anyone???

    its really a soupfin shark looks like a big one good to eat.there are no sharks at hunnington beach.
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    Fish & Game in Mission Bay

    a good time to buy a fishing license is before you go reg books are free.
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    Anyone ever win in Court vs the DFG?

    go ahead and fight it you have a good chance and if that warden has anyone else complaining about his conduct he just may have his fun time on the taken away.
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    La Jolla 2-24

    worth the trip forsure nice fish,now i want one.
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    Oside Flattie Report 2/16

    thanks for the good fish report,sucks about the job.
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    sounds like you got bad ju ju,you should stay off the water.
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    02/09 La Jolla

    i had fun watching the hornblower run over commercial lobster traps.
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    Help Save Trestles

    glad to see that piece of shit is not going to happen,how bout fixing the i-5 at del mar race track first definetly more important than some stupid toll road its only going to be used by the rich and famous anyway.
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    *****TRAVEL ALERT******

    there has always been problems with banditos and corrupt police near tj the problem seems worse now more than ever with the thevies getting bolder taking cars and putting our families in bad situations.seems like gang members and police uniting to take advantage of us.
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    Christmas Dinner Limits

    on a full moon even merry christmas slayer.
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    boarding boats

    manttanza sounds like hes ready for an attitude adjustment.
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    boarding boats

    lawman on the water much needed helps keep the kooks in check.
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    some of the best fishing there.
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    Popcorn Lobster Legs

    unreal thankyou.
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    bugging in big surf

    last season 2 guys died in san diego while hoop netting big windy conditions.
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    Thansgiving Bugs

    line pullers are for pussies.
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    WSB in mission bay channel

    beautiful white sea bass.
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    OAC T tourney

    get a forschner.....its a knife.nice fish.
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    Big shark!

    seal killing machine right there!
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    Fishing in Cabo. PICS

    is this greenpeace or bloody decks?last time I was in Cabo < I was 15 > I caught my first marlin the captain killed it by bashing its brain, then donated the meat to a church for homeless kids, then took the head and tail had it sent to rosarito for taxidrmy{sorry for spelling} and is now...