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    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    As noted above, Neosporin (or generic triple-antibiotic) applied to the cleaned cut, covered by a high-quality bandage & finger tape. Change out during the day if necessary. Can be very effective.
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    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    Hand-offs are generally disallowed as jackpot fish. But: shenanigans.
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    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Googling shit that leads to FaceBook pages is not research. Your post is crap. Own it.
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    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Complete, unmitigated, 100% Bullshit. But thanks for playing. "the same companies that own the patent on the virus". FFS. That sentence does not even make sense. The OP shared a perfectly legitimate concern. There is an entire thread for conspiracy theorists -- take this over there.
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    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    What the heck are you babbling about? The “flu shot” is most assuredly a vaccine.
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    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    I'm solidly in my lane, thank you. You posted something that is scientifically completely 100% bullshit and I called you on it. So you came back with an ad hominem (with a side order of blatant racism). Your reply is typical of a 13 year-old.
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    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    Oh FFS. Scientific studies on viral shedding of asymptomatic infected individuals are published fairly routinely now. Stay in your lane.
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    This statement right here " The common cold is of the same Corona-virus family...still don.t have a cure or that." is not close to being relevant. The common cold is self-limiting and usually mildly annoying at the very worst. What is the value of even a vaccine against such a disease? Little...
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    California Rollback

    2/3 of verified "community outbreaks", not all infections. SD County defines a community outbreak as three or more infections that can be traced back to a single source (through contact tracing as noted above). And "2/3" was true when I posted. We are down to 13 County-defined "community...
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    California Rollback

    2/3 of San Diego County community outbreaks are bars/restaurants. A couple of grocery stores; a spa; a daycare, a gym. There is no (public) rationale for shutting down the sportboat fleet. Doesn't mean it won't happen. But it shouldn't.
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    Albacore filleted

    Whoever posted on the Excel's FB page ID'ed a Big Eye. Kind of funny reading all "BET vs. Albacore" comments there.
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    3/4 Day; San Diego

    Or a pic of a 20-lb model, for that matter.
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    6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Excellent job & better write-up. Thanks.
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    Bitterroot in Runoff

    Thanks. Went there every year as a kid; never saw anything close to that level!
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    Bitterroot in Runoff

    Wrong video? Would love to see the right one: only saw the Bitterroot ripping a few times. Was usually pretty low/dry when we were there . . .
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Two questions: 1) How do they possibly know where the employee got infected? 2) Given the current number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, how many positives would one EXPECT to see out of a "thousand or so" employees? (HINT: Not statistically convincingly different from...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    I didn't have to do the research; somebody did it for me. And published in a little journal called "Nature Medicine". And, it's well-known that the virus particles are carried primarily via aerosolized droplets. What research did you do? I'm...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    But masks cut down on droplets escaping. That's pretty easily shown. Your mask doesn't do much to protect you; it cuts down on the risk of you spewing virus-laden droplets onto your fellow citizens. Surgeons wear surgical masks to protect the patient, not themselves. Are you saying...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Where did you get that Desmond is saying that? Because there is certainly nothing in the article you cite that supports what you claim. Nor could I find anything else on-line to support your "completely inflated" comment attributable to him. He's actually very clear, on the record, that he...
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    Trader Joe's in 4S has plenty. It's organic, I think, so kind of expensive. But your ass cheeks will appreciate it.
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    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    Fair points, worth a response. a) "similar" is indeed almost always left out. But in what flu season did hundreds (if not thousands) of health workers die of the flu? (And those are verified COVID deaths). No, IMO, not that similar to the flu. b) I'm not even considering death certificates...
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    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    Don't shoot the messenger . . . I don't think Pinhead was defending that POV. Hey, I'm one of those crazy scientists (who reads scientific papers rather than mainstream media stories) who thinks: a) COVID-19 the real deal (it absolutely is not "just the flu"); b) the death count is, if...
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    Robby Gordon / Boating Dynamics

    Looks like a good move for both parties!
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    Acceptable sport boat scenario

    And the second highest population in the State. So that's hardly surprising.
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    SOLD Found a 95j Mag. Moderator Please Delete.

    "900 bucks, dude, the cool kid club!" It's a quality video. Longer version on Instagram . . .
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    SOLD Found a 95j Mag. Moderator Please Delete.

    Sounds like this guy is in the market to sell one:
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    No holds barred opinion

    No; I mean to be careful here. I am not aware of a definitive study that demonstrates that chloroquine + zinc + aza does not work. It would be great if it does. What I am saying is that Raoult's study (that many, many people are hanging their hat on) is flawed -- no control group (he is on...
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    No holds barred opinion

    This is pure and utter BS. Shoddy research is shoddy research, and Raoult is conducting shoddy research. SkyNews? Give me a break.
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    Refund Policies On Trips COVID-19? Lets have the conversation and not radio silence.

    This thread is about as lame as the one complaining about Ken's Custom Reels. If you're worried about the COVID situation, don't put a deposit down. How hard is that?
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    Our Constitutional Rights

    The first was a quote. The second was a paraphrasing of your statement. (No, it is highly unlikely that either your science or your math skills exceed mine. And among the folks I work with, I'm rather average.) There is really nothing terribly unusual about the spread of this particular...
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    Our Constitutional Rights

    "I still don't see how a few animals and a few humans. Infected the entire world. That took evil help to spread imo " Do you even math, bro? "I don't understand science, therefore it must be an evil conspiracy". REALLY?
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    Ken's Custom Reels is closed. WTF

    Maybe he's smarter than the flower shop owner. Or you. Or maybe just more cautious. Flaming a business publicly like this is pretty weak sauce.
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    The day is fast approaching...

    Well, first off, you have no idea where I will be this weekend. However, living in San Diego, going out on my boat is not an option. And I make no recommendations on how anyone should live their life (unlike a surprising number of people on this site who at the same time profess freedom of...
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    The day is fast approaching...

    "First off Sweeden [sic] is a good example. Yes more infections or positive test results, BUT similar mortality rates to locked down countries. Freedom vrs lockdown getting similar results. I vote for freedom. " Do you have any data to back up that statement? I provided data just three posts...
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    The day is fast approaching...

    I cannot comment on what you mean by "similar results", since I don't know what data you are looking at. But this set of data suggests that the death rate per million population from COVID19 in Sweden is (more than) twice that of any other Nordic country. And more than 4X that of Norway...
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    The day is fast approaching...

    People changed their behavior. Why is that so hard to understand?
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    The day is fast approaching...

    Comparing Sweden to the US is hardly an apples to apples comparison. Try comparing Sweden to other Nordic countries and come back with your analysis of that.
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    The day is fast approaching...

    This is what is so enjoyable about COVID19 threads on BD that make them so VERY distinguishable from all other social media. One can make a couple of factual statements (all but "to my knowledge" 100% verifiable) with no opinions shared, and no "advice" on how others should act based upon...
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    The day is fast approaching...

    There is no scientific evidence of which I am aware to support that statement. None. If you have read a scientific paper supporting that argument, please post. (I am not interested in anything reported by any media organization, frankly.) The viral genome has been looked at carefully and...
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    Processor leaves the skin on?

    Wahoo, yes. Generally, everything else, no.
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    Long Range shutdown?

    Yeah, what he said. I am unaware of anything close to a definitive study on this.
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    Long Range shutdown?

    To be clear, the first diagnosed case was (apparently) in Kansas, not Spain.
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    Holy crap.

    China controlled it by putting the country on lockdown for over a month. And most businesses still check temps at the door & insist employees wear masks. is that what you are advocating?
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    Ban Coronavirus

    My reply has nothing to do with politics, or individual choice. It was simply recognizing the math of the situation. The US doesn't have enough ventilators or intensive care beds for a pandemic. So choices will need to be made. That has nothing to do with socialism.
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    Ban Coronavirus

    Wait: you SERIOUSLY think that cannot happen here? Really?
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    Pacific Queen posts 30 BFT today and still fishing

    The San Diego ran into a school while rockfishing today. So, yeah, close & near the Coronados.
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    Is April too early for SD tuna?

    I believe the Tomahawk had two BFT for the boat, not 2/angler.
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    Long Beach FH Long Beach Vendor cancellation due to the Corona Virus

    It’s an odd statement because it is untrue. There is evidence that it is less likely to catch one when you already are fighting off the other, it’s not rare. (Links easily accessible). And, certainly, there is not enough data on THIS particular Coronavirus to support that claim. We’re simply...
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    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    But that's not what is disappointing here. Personally, if I had received an email the next day saying "hey, sorry, turns out we're out of stock, your order is canceled", that would have been fine. Instead, I (and many others) received an email confirming my order and stating it would ship...
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    Must have terminal gear for Colonet

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    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    Same here. That company’s systems are pretty screwed up.
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    Must have terminal gear for Colonet

    Big lead heads & larger plastics can be fun. Don’t forget to bring a live bait rig, in case you hunt BFT in the afternoon.
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    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    Mine, too. But this is looking like a Penn screw-up.
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    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    Penn website still has 25N, 30, 40 Gen 1’s at half price. Sold out of 12, 15.
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    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    Penn website has them, too.
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    Any advice for choosing a Long Range boat?

    Yeah, what scott v said. Since the closure of the islands ( Cedros, Benitos) to the LR fleet, I haven’t been on a trip that targeted calicos at any point. Really a bummer.
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    Black Friday deals?

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    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Like others have said, THANK YOU for posting this, and glad everyone was safe.
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    Thawing our bluefin

    For me, this is spot on. Refrigerator, 24 hours for thin fillets, 36-48 for larger pieces. I cut package open an hour before cooking and pat dry thoroughly. Don’t care for thawing at above refrigerator temperatures, personally.
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    What does the Fed have to do with state sales taxes?? Or the IRS, for that matter?
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    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Now you’re just making shit up. No way anyone knows whether or not the deceased entered the water alive without an autopsy. And this is, what, you’re 4th post since “one more”?
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    Capsized Parker

    Yesterday morning around 6 am it was at 36/30; by 2pm it was at about 36/29.5. Well north of the 226. This is the cat Salvay posted pics of. Maybe there’s a second capsized boat south of the 226, but I sure hope not.
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    Capsized Parker

    Unless Parker makes cats, there were two capsized boats. There’s a capsized cat at 36/30 today. (Or it wasn’t a Parker).
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    US waters tomorrow

    Except they reported limits, at 5/rod. US limits would be 10/, right?
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    How to Treat Seasickness

    I agree with egarrat above, so I won't give any advice (and I'm not a medical doctor, anyway), but simply state some facts: This doctor is wrong. The information from the clinical trials is right on the label: about 29% of patients in the trials got dry mouth (interesting tidbit: 16% of...
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    How to Treat Seasickness

    You need a new doctor.
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    50# / 60# Guadalupe Set Up?

    I like bringing too much gear as much as the next guy; but, I agree, that looks pretty good. Bring some 40# fluoro as well; you may need it. I always like to have a 30# outfit in case you fish kelps along the way.
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    Boats not fishing Guadalupe Island?

    And now the Shogun is also reporting good action on both YFT & YT (this morning report on their website). Things are looking up for sure.
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    RR3 5 day report

    Nice report. Great operation. My June RR3 8-day was canceled so I’m living vicariously through these updates. . .
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    Rate my rods....

    Those are great but what are the other 10 rigs? :frehya2:
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    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    Until recently, they've been going out with lighter loads chasing the BFT. Costs are fairly fixed. Can't blame them.
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    H and M landing - Processing fee

    Why pick on H&M? Fisherman’s Landing has the same notice on their website.
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    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    Great news that everyone got away from that situation in one piece . . .
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    Liberty Killed it...

    Video works on a mobile. Yeah. That’s way too close.
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    You can get a Mak 8 on Amazon right now for $324. Makes the decision a little harder . . .
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    Day and a Half...

    And it looks like meals are included on the AA trip, making the cost difference even smaller. And they’re only taking 32 res. Vs 35 on the smaller boats. Nice.
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    Tested for high Mercury

    How would you tell that a cat has neurological problems? Asking for a friend.
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    RP - on a BFT bite...

    Then the rail shot that shows both Jeff & Eddie is a decent Photoshop. They wouldn’t have been on the same crew before this year, right? But, yeah.
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    Boat cash. Questions for the uneducated.

    If you bring all your own beer & gear, you can easily avoid a galley tab altogether. But bring check/cash when you check-in (‘Lupe permits would be extra; jackpot, etc) even if you paid the fare in full. The processors take CC, or you can pay when you pick up.
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    Okuma SEA 8 on Amazon

    Amazon is testing Okuma SEA pricing again, like they did with the 10 a few months ago. The 8 is bouncing around $335-339 right now (>$140 off) if anyone is looking.
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    1/22/19 Point Loma

    Because it's not March 1 yet.
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    Light line super?

    Yikes. That doesn't sound like fun. The buddy I was referring to was actually Dan with the jackpot fish (~330?) -- Talica 25 on a 2X4, is what he said.
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    Light line super?

    One of the other 2 supers was caught by a buddy if mine, on 100. Took him a little over an hour, he said. Don’t know the actual gear he used, yet.
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    Royal Star 5 day After Christmas Trip

    RR3 yesterday caught some quality YFT “off-shore” according to their FB page.
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    United Composites 50-60 rod

    Rodless Jim had a thread on his choices in this range about a year ago (“Which UC rods”) that is well worth reading.
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    Okuma Makaira SEA 10ii on Amazon for less than $350.

    Yeah, it does now. Sale’s over, I guess!
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    Okuma Makaira SEA 10ii on Amazon for less than $350.

    I was pretty surprised to see a Makaira SEA 10ii available for $367 yesterday on Amazon; but today it's $349. Somebody buy these things (there are six available) before I have to.
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    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    THIS. I can totally understand both boaters here; they each had their point of view on the situation. I won't comment on what happened afterward; we all handle ourselves differently in these situations. But I don't understand how other posters (like m.e.b.) are quite willing to call...
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    Guadalupe Tips

    You should be ready with rigs that can fish heavier; certainly 50, but 60 & 80 as well. If they start biting heavier, you'll want that to get through the sharks if they are around. In addition, you need to be at the rail to hook them. My last two trips to the Island, there was always a band...
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    Holy heck, somebody is going to score.
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    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    No, I know; I was referring to the "over limits" quote, which was obviously wrong, and channeling (unsuccessfully, I guess) Yoda at the same time.
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    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Reading comprehension with this one strong is not.
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    turn left or turn right

    Yes, that's not uncommon. Or, one can do both. The current RP trip (a 7-day, I believe) apparently spent about a day and a half at SCI and then headed to Guadalupe.
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    Best LR boat/trip for an inexperenced friend

    Try calling the office of one of your favorite boats & ask one of the captains. They often know the vibe of specific trips you may be interested in. Some groups are more hard-core, some more easy-going & welcoming & have passengers who go way out of their way to help. The vast majority of...
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    Skipjack showing up??? Good or bad??

    On our recent 5-day, none of the passengers wanted to keep the skipjack, so the crew tagged them for themselves and dropped them in the RSW hold. They planned on making canned & smoked tuna with them.
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    Guadalupe Permit fees ?

    How many guys on the trip? Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the fees were per boat, not per angler. So, for a limited load trip, or if the trip is not full, the fees would be higher. We just paid $225 for the 'Lupe permit; plus $110 for the other MX fees. I.e., it was going to be $110; when...
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    Guadalupe Island... Red Rooster... JULY 31- AUG. 5 I just got on

    Bring the 30, we fished kelps today before heading to Ensenada. Fished until almost 2 pm today. Lots of schoolie YFT off-shore. 50 rarely got bit, but it did happen. 30 got bit a lot, but most of the guys who fished 30 on Day 1 switched to 40 on Day 2. Many insta-bites; some long soaks...
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    Guadalupe Island... Red Rooster... JULY 31- AUG. 5 I just got on

    Steady fishing on 40 today, 2/0, 3/0 hooks. Nothing hooked on 50. Plenty hooked on 30, fewer landed.
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    Guadalupe Island... Red Rooster... JULY 31- AUG. 5 I just got on

    Steady fishing on 40 today, 2/0, 3/0 hooks. Nothing hooked on 50. Plenty hooked on 30, fewer landed.
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    RR-3 Lupe very short report.

    Thanks for same-day report; we’re headed out on the boat you just left, headed for the same spot.
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    Rod Rider to Rail Rodder in 30 Seconds

    "Plus you had it in high, I put it in low", said respectively, not being judgmental. Dude's a class act.
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    Guadalupe fishing time

    An afternoon, a full day, and than a morning plus, I would think. So two evenings of YT dropper loop would be nice. This is the trip that leaves the 26th?
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    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Well, that is an INCREDIBLY cool solution. I almost wish I didn't get mine, so I could get a 25N instead(!). Well done, sir.
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    They turn it off a lot, when I’ve looked. It’s usually on when they’re in port.LOL
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    Red rooster 3 ( fire fighting vessel).
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    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    Anyone know to what boat he is referring?
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    Wahoo moving up?

    Excel got several dozen at the Rocks a few days ago; but Indy may be starting at the Ridge?
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    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    The item was shipped by Penn , not Cabela’s. Presumably Penn recalled the packages, not Cabela’s. I don’t see a misrepresentation or mistake by Cabela’s here, given what we know. I’ll wait for the Penn rep to opine before commenting further.
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    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    I don’t think this is on Cabela’s. When I ordered mine (which arrived yesterday), the Cabela’s website specifically stated the item was being drop-shipped from Penn. Blame Penn.
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    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    There are 3 here already, at that price.
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    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Conventional TRQ25 450/50 290/25 6.0:1 8 25 pounds 32 in/turn 19 ounces Right Regular Price: $199.88 * Ships directly from manufacturer. Still there.
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    To yoyo or not to yoyo.

    Those jigs in the middle will catch YT. Everyone has their favorites, but 6X Jr.'s are classic YT killers (need at least a blue/white & a scrambled egg); Colt Snipers or knock-offs work; flat-falls work great too (not a "yo-yo" jig per se). If you have 2 6X Jr's, 2 Colt Snipers, and 2...
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    Had a stroke..back home....luckiest man alive..please read

    Thanks for posting, and glad you’re on the mend. This could literally save someone’s life some day.
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    Flat falls with circle hooks trials

    April 21, Hour 2, starts around the 44 minute mark.
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    Traeger Smoked Yellowtail Belly and Collar Recipe????

    Surfgoose speaks da tru. I personally go a little lighter on the sugar, and sometimes add pepper, but that’s why you should go with small batches; to experiment. It’s more interesting. I always go with mesquite for smoking.
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    Good YT fishing at the Islands today 6/3

    That is indeed a fine-looking sled. Very nice set-up.
  117. T

    La Jolla 5/28 One YT

    Yeah, nice local ‘tail. Congratulations
  118. T

    No angles no tangles... what about "yo-yo"ing?

    Two flat-fall guys right next to each other, or a flat-fall guy right next to a yo-yo guy, has led to some amusing situations, IMHO, particularly on O/N & 1.5 day boats.
  119. T

    Shimano Fathom

    I doubt Shimano sells one, but Penn might. :frehya2:
  120. T

    Bloody decks advertising

    I have seen that exact same ad in the past, but only when viewing ESPN, never on BD. As noted by others, this is NOT an ad from BD, but something you (& I) accidentally stumbled into that your phone has now linked itself to BD (ESPN in my case). Clearing history worked for me.
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    Guadalupe in Sept or December

    In 2016, September was great for YFT 60-100 lb and big ass YT 30-50 lb. A truly memorable trip. Low shark percentage on our trip. Last year, it was sharked up a lot -- we didn't even go on our 7-day because so few fish were being landed, but the very next week they did OK getting almost half...
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    Where do you purchase your fishing gear for the salt?

    [. It was a demo model. the price was right out the door with a 40 pound flouro top shot 372.00 tax included. What do you think. Is that a good deal? ] JX G2 2-speed with MC for $372? Uh, yeah. Sounds like a good deal. I shop at lots of places. Many are very good. But I do most of my...
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    Will Albacore make an appearance?

    Um, no offense, but didn’t you ask this same question this morning? Conditions haven’t changed that much.
  124. T

    Looking for help picking first boat.

    Completely agree with the posters above who warn about headroom in a Parker 2320. Stand in one and see -- and don't forget that you might be bouncing. Hitting your head after taking a swell is no fun. I'm 6'3" and like to lean against the seat when I drive (no way could stand). Can't really...
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    Sick Yellowtail Video!

    "few days before Fred Hall" is what he said on the video.
  126. T

    Since fishing is slow, looking back to 1997 Long Range prices

    Prices have approximately doubled in 20 years. That’s about, what 3.5% annually, compounded? Not that bad, actually.
  127. T

    28 Albemarle or 28 Carolina Classic - Questions

    Doesn't one of BD's sponsors have a solution for that?:frehya2:
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    ebay 20% off site wide

    Penn 16 VISX $450. Yikes.
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    Yellow fin at the beach?

    I don't care where or when that was caught, but you couldn't pay me to eat it. It's clearly a very ill fish.
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    6day RRIII trip Sept 26 2018; Calstar Rods

    You could be headed to Guadalupe and use nothing but 60-80-100 outfits; or get sharked and only spend a day there. Or head off-shore and the Ridge and never need anything heavier than 30-40, or catch fish over 20-25 pounds. That's how it was this year, on trips of that length during that...
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    Does anyone what kind of fish this is.

    Some kind of midshipman, right?
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    Long Range On Board Fish Handling

    The most likely explanation is the handling, either on the boat or at the processor, if your BFT was fine. I’ve had YFT turn out fine for a year or so in freezer; not good enough for sashimi, but plenty good seared. I’ve had BFT not last 4 months, when I went with thinner bags or knew the fish...
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    First 3 day on the Excel booked, what to expect and tackle opinions?

    No casting of jigs in/near the stern. That's a pretty common (and completely rational) guideline on all the boats. Some crews police it better than others.
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    Boat US help put the boat on the trailer?

    Have had the misfortune to need them twice over the last 16 years; once for a trailer boat, once for a boat in a slip. Both times they hung around to make sure boat was exactly where I wanted/needed it to be; they didn't just unhook & run. Each of these guys was obviously very skilled at...
  135. T

    Prop repair?

    Another vote for Propellers of San Diego in Spring Valley. They were quick & very cost effective when my brother banged up one of our props . . .
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    Is September Too Early for Guadalupe YFT

    The Rocks are probably out, but I was on a 6-day to the Ridge several years ago; fishing was limited to days 3-6, of course, but Cedros was on the menu then and it isn't now. So, I think that kind of trip is out of the running today.
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    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    I’m not sure trip insurance would pay out if the angler changes his/her mind, would it? And that’s not the case here, anyway.
  138. T

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    Why would you? That is part of the OP's point; the 8-day isn't going to the 'Lupe. Now, if a boat changes a planned destination, I don't see any issue with the boat not making a full refund if someone backs out. No guarantees are made about destination. In this case, the trip length was...
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    Emotional Support Animals

    Man, I guess I'm missing out. I've averaged ~40 legs per year for the last 4 years and have never been on a flight with an ESA (ASAIK). Go United.
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    Proper rod length for 40# line

    He's not kidding. I have 6.5, 7, 8, and 9 foot rods that I fish 40 on regularly. I'm too much of a pussy for a long rod. They all have different applications. I use 6.5 for dropper loop, 7 for yo-yo, 8 for bait, 9 for jigs. YMMV.
  141. T

    Vinegar for corrosion

    But it's a very, very weak acid. I wouldn't soak a reel in it, but I soak parts all the time. And we're talking household vinegar here, not glacial acetic acid. Someone else asked about soaking Rapalas to get rust off of hooks -- that might work, but slowly, and the hooks will not get...
  142. T


    Up 50% in the 8 minutes between his post & yours?
  143. T

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Sorry, going to have to disagree. Best YT I've ever had are the 40-50 pounders (from Guadalupe). Super fatty. Almost like a different fish. But I'll keep a local 10 lb. fish any day,
  144. T

    Fishing for Rockfish in Mexican Waters After Jan 1?

    Don't forget your declaration form -- and fill it out before re-entering US waters. And for sure don't fish for sanddabs in US waters with MX-caught RF on the boat.
  145. T

    Yellows west of the Whistle bouy. 12/17

    Well, then, that's a mighty small jig in it's mouth. And, his hands must not be so bigly.
  146. T

    12-7-17 43lb Halibut

    That’s a beast. Nicely done.
  147. T

    Guadalupe updates

    They updated on FB. Small shot on the Saturday, put 76 YFT on the deck the yesterday. "60-150#". So, I'd say your partner is probably doing pretty well.
  148. T

    Royal Polaris General Info.

    Tackle storage is definitely an issue. Too many boxes on deck. Can be a mess after a few days if not policed. Long rods need to go up top, or up at the bow at an angle; never had a problem finding room. I actually like it on the anchor, plenty of room up the sides. Food is really good...
  149. T

    RP 10/3-13. Fall variety with a bonus

    Now THAT was a quality write-up. Thanks!
  150. T

    1st 6 Day on the RP

    Hell ya! Nice write-up.
  151. T

    What's your idea of a successful Long Range Trip.

    IMHO, it's easier to have a great trip when the crew is good and the fellow anglers are cool but the fishing is slow, than it is when the fishing is great but I don't like either the crew (very rare) or a subset of my fellow fisherpeople (sometimes not so rare). Your mileage may vary.
  152. T

    Advice on terminal tackle for Guadalupe

    Yeah, the fish are definitely getting bigger. Most of the fish the RP put on the deck yesterday were 120-170.
  153. T

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    I'm not seeing that -- my reading is that someone else with a similar screenname said there was a splashwell hatch issue. The guy on the boat just said hatch in the stern. My recollection is that the FBC boat that I might take to the 371 has a bracket, not a splashwell.
  154. T

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    Exactly. Do we even know if the boat in question has a splash well?
  155. T

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    What boat were you on? Not the 2320?
  156. T

    Slow 7-Day in the RP, 9/8-9/15

    I looked on the Salas website, and the pattern was green sardine, but the paint color was straight gray. A couple guys (who were fishing together) had them.
  157. T

    Wahoo moving in 13 days to go

    Marauders, flavor didn't seem to matter.
  158. T

    Slow 7-Day in the RP, 9/8-9/15

    Quick version: Hit the Rocks for ~28 Wahoo & similar # of nice YT; upper Ridge for all you can catch small tuna, 2 long, painfully slow days at San Pablo for not much, finished up at Colonet for ~56 decent YT. Long version: Left Friday, 9/8 on the Accurate 7-day on the RP, with Bob Peterson...
  159. T

    Wahoo moving in 13 days to go

    Good luck guys. It was a lot slower on Sunday, 9/10, on the RP trip to the Rocks. ~28 total for the boat -- mostly on the troll. A Tony the Tiger 6X Jr. got the first non-troll fish, and some gray swirl 6X Jr. the jackpot fish (49 lbs).
  160. T

    G-lupe intel ??

    And now one they're calling 124. Sounds like RP is headed there tomorrow morning, fishing Saturday.
  161. T

    New Lo-An nails big BFT 8/31

    Excellent write-up, and great fish. Congratulations!
  162. T

    G-lupe intel ??

    Unfortunately Guadalupe is still really slow. Leaving on a 7-day next Friday, I'm certainly not counting on going there for long, if at all. Need to be ready for anything.
  163. T

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    That's # 1; #2 for me is inviting some friends down to the landing, handing them a fish or two, and pointing them to a processor. Works out well for everyone.
  164. T


    Looks like one LR boat goes there about once a week to be the sacrificial lamb/scout for the fleet. Vast majority of boats are looking elsewhere so far.
  165. T

    Boat limits

    Now what you're talking about is the LR fleet, not the O/N or 3/4-day boats (at least in San Diego). The LR boats are the only ones using cones. Personally, I may have seen a single angler have over his personal limit on a species once or twice, but it's certainly not common (in my...
  166. T

    Shimano is smart

    But you still have to use them with the Shimano "system" or they won't work properly, right? <snark off>
  167. T

    Grout for simple DIY Project...?

    Yeah, what he said x 3 more times. Grout crumbles pretty easily.
  168. T

    Avet vs. Fathom?

    I think you need to be careful here. Folks fishing LX's and JX's as 60 pound outfits has led to a lot of failures, in my experience. Avet calls the JX & LX 30-40 pound reels; I tend to listen to the manufacturer.
  169. T

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    This is a joke, right? Willful ignorance is not something to aspire to.
  170. T

    Jigs for Nov. 'lupe trip

    7XHeavy. Not convinced color mattered, so I stuck to blue/white & scrambled egg.
  171. T

    Big Tuna in 7 day range?

    Pretty sure that means you'll be spending at least some time within eyesight of Point Loma.
  172. T

    YFT on the Troll 6-25

    Not exactly footballs, either! Nicely done.
  173. T

    Beefing Up the Quiver

    I'd go for a Penn Fathom 40LD2. Smooth, nice size, inexpensive. Put it on a UC Wahoo. Always try before you buy!
  174. T

    First try at Thresher Sharks 5/13

    Now that's first-class service right there.
  175. T

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    "dont (sic) come here and bitch!!" No, you got that covered. Besides the wet floor (admittedly a pretty serious issue), it just sounds like bad timing.
  176. T

    If you take 2 overnight trips in a row, can you leave fish on boat?

    Personally I wouldn't do it. In addition to the "limits" problem (remember BFT limit is 2), the fish from your first day would be sloshing around in the hold for a long time, and if the 2nd day's fishing were good, would be under a lot of fish. A kill bag with some quality crushed ice seems...
  177. T

    LB report 5/1/17

    That whitefish is about the size of many of the yellowtail being tagged down here in San Diego. And, yes, I think they're very tasty.
  178. T

    Shogun back to back Guadalupe trips

    Nope. YFT, YT, wahoo only, is what were told last year. Everything else went back.
  179. T

    TIP OF THIS WEEK-dont tell me what to tip on bloody decks

    Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.
  180. T

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    This. So much, this. I don't go fishing for drama. The only jackpots worth it to me are the ones where I end up buying my buddies beers if I catch the biggest/first/whatever fish. Everyone's a winner. And nobody ever, ever whines about the results.
  181. T

    Budget 6 day Yoyo / Guadalupe bait 50-60 setup

    I used the Fathom 40 for bait and Fathom 30 for yo-yo at Guadalupe last September, and agree that they worked great. Several other guys were using Fathom 40's for bait with no issues. But you do need stouter rods. Too many choices for that! I used a 15-year old Seeker American 50-80 rod for...
  182. T

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    If you count on empty bunks for extra storage, avoid 19&20, they store soda, etc in the bottom bunks there. Also, that rear head can get ripe by day 5 or 6. I've never been in 1 or 2, but am told temp is hard to keep down because of galley.
  183. T

    Chargers weren't the only thing getting beat on Sunday

    A two-dimensional mind in a three-dimensional world.
  184. T

    What would Kroenke pay to keep the Chargers in San Diego?

    Why would he pay anything? With both the Rams & Chargers in LA, they might be able to get to six home wins per year.
  185. T

    Amazon goofed and sent me two Penn FTH40NLD2, keep or sell on ebay?

    The OP asks a simple question & the BD Moral Majority jumps on his ass. A Fathom 40 is a very useful reel for a 7-day, but you could sell one and pair it with a nice UC rod and be good to go. The fishing at Guadalupe is not so fast-paced that you can't re-tie after catching a fish or being...
  186. T

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Their country, their rules. I'm just glad I don't have to clear Customs anymore (unless I'm on a Guadalupe trip).
  187. T

    A real Game changer

    Yeah, I can just see a couple dozen of those things crashing into one another at Lake Poway after a trout plant.
  188. T

    Penn Fathom Questions

    I took a 30N to Guadalupe and it handled multiple 30-35 lb YT with ease. Several guys used 40N's on 70-100 YFT and had no issues. Not as smooth or refined as Accurate or Avet, IMO, but work just fine and priced right.
  189. T

    Fishing PL Kelp tomorrow.

    Read this. You'll be good to go.
  190. T


    I like to plan too far ahead as much as the next guy, but do they even know the Lupe will be open for your trip? It wasn't for the Hi's 7-day in July of this year. Caught a lot of wahoo on the Ridge, though.
  191. T

    Guadalupe in June

    Because I don't think anyone has been there in June for a while. If memory serves, the "3" got their 2015 permits in late October/early November. This year, the renewal didn't come through until July. I'm sure someone will jump on me if I got this wrong!
  192. T

    What lures for 7 day Guadalupe Island trip?

    On the recent RP 7-day (during full moon), full size 6X and JRI jigs produced pretty well on YT during the day. Several guys were trying flat-falls and knife jigs, but I didn't see any caught on those. Color didn't matter. Fish didn't always hit near the bottom. Cranking up about 1/3 of the...
  193. T

    Wind-on's for 80-100lb

    We were at Guadalupe last week on the RP. Almost everyone was tying a short (3-5 foot) FC leader directly to the spectra. Various knots. Several folks glued over the knot. Didn't see any failures at the spectra/FC knot. More failures where the shark's teeth met the tuna's (or YT's) flesh.
  194. T

    Jx raptor at the lupe

    IMO you want 60 or 80 and set your drag appropriately. Last week, guys fishing 40 or 50 got hooked up a little more frequently, but had a harder time getting fish to the boat in time to avoid getting sharked. The hot sticks spent a lot of time at the tank picking the right bait and didn't have...
  195. T

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Awesome information, thank you VERY MUCH. And timely, we leave on Saturday.
  196. T

    Excel sending distress signal, boat false alarm.......

    As noted above, the Excel was on the Ridge yesterday. Hard to see them being "50 miles from Point Loma" today.
  197. T

    Chief 2.5 Day is cancelled!!!!!!

    That right there tells how well this guy plans ahead.
  198. T

    Malibu Tackle 3-day on the RP.

    First in line to board, typically. But sometimes Dharyl invokes pasenger numbers for tackle box spots, which is cool.
  199. T

    Seeker American Seies question

    Yes. No, sorry. I like it too much. Bought it new at Turners for $49 when Seeker discontinued.
  200. T

    8/27 Not a Bluefin...

    I guess I would have been MORE excited after seeing the fish, but I don't really know because I've never even seen one caught. Congratulations on an amazing catch.
  201. T

    1st trip: borrow or buy?

    The absolute worst mistake I've ever made in LR fishing is buying something before actually going on a multi-day trip. I had no idea and bought something that is very useful, just not for the trip I was actually going on. Call ahead and have the crew set you up. You will not regret it. Talk...
  202. T

    Wahoo at Guadalupe

    Not so sure, the check-in and check-out in Ensenada might take that out of play. I don't think the recent Norcaltunaclub 8-day got further south than Guadalupe.
  203. T

    Looking for 1.5 to 2.5 day trip leaving 9-2

    Couple spots left on the Prowler 1.5-day (Fisherman's Landing). Otherwise, you waited too long . . .
  204. T

    Lookin for a fish and weather report for the Nados 8/20

    My brother went early today; a little rough early but laid down. They went 8 for 10 on YT in the lee side of North Island; bite shut down for them around 10. Bounced outside a little to watch the tuna, came home at 25 knots, so not bad at all.
  205. T

    Gearing up for Guadalupe!!

    If you haven't read this thread yet, you might start there. A lot of good info all in one place.
  206. T

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    Thanks for all of the updated POVs! Looks like the 700XH gets an LX Raptor to fish 60; I picked up a SS 1X3 to fish an EX at 80; and I'll borrow a boat rig if I need 100(!).
  207. T

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    Resurrecting a 2-yo, very informative, thread: I'm on an 7-day on the RP next month and assume we will be hitting Guadalupe. I have an Avet EX on a CalStar 700XH (a new rod I've never had the water) that I had planned on using as an 80 lb live bait outfit, and am re-thinking the rod since I'd...
  208. T

    LR question -- kind of

    This seemed unlikely to me, so I looked up some data. I found various sources on the lowest concentration of salt (actually, sodium ions) most people can taste. It's pretty low-- 0.01M is mentioned a lot. That's only 58mg in a liter of water. You'd have to drink an awful lot of water to have...
  209. T

    Limited load

    Filling a boat that fishes Monday is harder than one that fishes Sunday. I wish more boats fishing weekdays would charge less.
  210. T

    Where are big dodos

    In my experience, it's the first few (sometimes one) dorado off a paddy that are the larger units, then it goes down to cookie-cutter size. Hence the desire to get in early. Your mileage may vary.
  211. T

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    New report on the Shogun trip -- an estimated 75# YT. Yeah, that'll change a game or two.
  212. T

    RP is on em good at Guadalupe

    Don't be a dipshit. As noted elsewhere, they recently got their permits renewed. Why accuse a boat/captain of something serious with ZERO evidence?
  213. T

    Gear checklist for 8 day trip?

    A 2-day drive from Montana hardly sucks -- Montana is awesome. Buried in one of the replies above is something warm to wear -- that can be really important at night, either on deck or in your stateroom. A Fisherman's Landing long-sleeve shirt, for example . . . Might be a little late, but a...
  214. T

    out of MB intel report for BFT

    Pretty sure he means 32* 49 " which is straight west of LJ. Nice same day report!
  215. T

    BFT Tuesday 6/15

    Outstanding. Makes up for a lot of down days.
  216. T

    Do I need to rent a heavy rod for a June 8 day

    No, you're not. An 80# set-up might be nice for a dropper loop rig. 2-speeds are nice for 60#, maybe 50#. The boat will have kite/trolling rigs. JMO.
  217. T

    PASSPORT RENEWAL - Who's done it recently?

    Last year, I renewed on-line at travel. using the expedit service; took 6 days. About $150-160.
  218. T

    Amazing video of big BFT on the poppers.

    Guess that fish wasn't boat shy.
  219. T

    Losing irons during cast

    Does the spool stop spinning or do you get a backlash when the jig breaks off? If there is no backlash, look for an underwrap,
  220. T

    day at the docks??

    There are spots at Shelter Island and double-decker buses for shuttles -- which can be an added treat for the kids, but they do get crowded at times. Fortunately, they come by fairly often. Parking is at a premium for a reason -- this is a really good event, even if you don't spend any money...
  221. T

    Mission Bay out of bait.

    I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. Without the sporties, there would be no bait barges of the size and capacity we see today. So, yes, EB needs to keep them happy. They pay the rent. We are gravy.
  222. T

    FDA Approves Genetically Modified Salmon

    Some trying to confuse people with science or logic!
  223. T

    10/25, Smoked Wahoo on the Water, "FIRE in the Sky"

    My brother & his buddy got a smallish (~35-40 lb.) wahoo at the 270 this morning right around 8am on an Orange & Black Yozuri. He went there because he got bit off by two wahoo on Friday while rockfishing (lost a small Flatfall & a big Halco). On Friday, he didn't have any wire -- he was...
  224. T

    Jackpot Drone

    Depends on the situation. In this particular situation, there is no privacy to be invaded. Everybody was on a public pier.
  225. T

    Odd fish count.

    How about the count for today's NSF pm trip: 37 anglers, 1 BFT. Talk about odd.
  226. T

    Spectra to mono knot - The "John Collins / Royal Polaris" knot

    To be fair, I don't think it's John Collins calling it the "John Collins knot". He showed me this knot personally on the RP about 7 years ago. At the time (emphasizing "at the time"), the on-line tutorials I saw for a Modified Albright were not exactly what John demonstrated. Back then, I was...
  227. T

    Cabo to San Diego fishing trip. Advice needed.

    Cool website, and very cool travel blog, BTW.
  228. T

    spring 8 day or fall 8 ?

    I'm guessing you were on the Accurate 7 day last year . . .
  229. T

    Bluefin Limit 2015?

    Yeah, you would lose pretty badly on that one. Mid year changes do occur, and it's up to you to keep abreast.
  230. T

    Like Mike said...nada

    Really nice picture, better than what I was doing . . .
  231. T

    2015 predictions

    I predict at least five threads whining about the lack of albacore, four on tipping, and eight on fuel surcharges.
  232. T

    Butts at the secret spot

    But you haven't used all of the simple geometry that there is to use. The smaller fish is CLEARLY farther away from the camera than the tape measure, so your calculations are not reflective of the size of the fish just based upon that fact. How much farther away depends upon the actual angle...
  233. T

    Local Yellowtail

    Pretty sure he was in a: 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A
  234. T

    Norbert Headed north

    We're leaving on the 13th too, but there is another hurricane coming up the line I see . . .
  235. T

    Coast Guard Dfg boardings

    Body odor, duh. I think he is implying that Everybody but Barack Obama hates that.
  236. T

    Coast Guard Dfg boardings

    CA DFG can and does enforce MX fish and game regulations, and it's not like they don't know what is going on, with all the public posts about flouting those regulations.
  237. T

    Ban on fishing tuna pens!

    I don't see the problem here. As noted elsewhere, fishing the pens has never been "legal". "Fishing the pens" is probably what got us in trouble in the first place. Hopefully, people will learn to play by the rules, so that the rules don't get (seemingly) changed again. Find your own fish...
  238. T

    Tony Stewart guilty of murder??? What say you.

    Not seeing it. None of the noises on the video can be definitively attributed to the 14 car. That video is picking up noises from all over the track. I don't really see what the wheels are doing in the second or two before impact -- the video followed the previous car. I see what they did...
  239. T

    Grande Slaughterfest

    Apparently, they know that there are BFT in US waters. I guess you don't.
  240. T

    Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    Congratulations. You are now at the point where more than half of your posts show you to be a bit of a tool. Gotta be some kind of record.
  241. T

    What would you do?

    Your earlier posts mentioned 2-day trips. Wahoo are not in the cards for those trips; even if one gets caught and posted about on BD, it will net about 100 replies claiming BS.
  242. T

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    I don't see too many captains risking their livelihood & their boat until this is "clarified". Can't blame them.
  243. T

    Need bait?

    That school (or one just like it) was in the shallows at Torrey Pines State Beach this afternoon. Huge batch of chovy!
  244. T

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    And thus there is no sense complaining about either one . . .
  245. T

    Strange Catches on Long Range Trips

    While a whale shark was circling the boat, I had a remora pick up my sardine, pulled some real drag until I was able to yank him off the shark. Crew threw him in the bait tank. Does that count?
  246. T


    Damn this thread went to hell in a handbasket in a GD hurry . . .
  247. T

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    Then don't go. Guys like you won't be missed.
  248. T

    Baja special and seeker stealth series 6540 $250

    I know the Stealth must be fairly new, but how old is the Baja Special? Any pics? Ths.
  249. T


    They have some blems for ~10% off (and loaded with spectra), but they were going fast. Really good deal on Seekers rods. And there are a ton of people there. Good food, too. Lots of people buying those gift certificates to use later. Glad to see them doing so well.
  250. T

    Bait situation

  251. T

    50 miles and need a fish ID

    Caught a Spanish jack in the PL kelp yesterday. Also saw a mola mola. Not unusual, except this was in May, about a mile outside the mouth of SD bay. Strange year already.
  252. T

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    This thread has more drama than any long-range jackpot issue I've ever witnessed. The only jackpot I enter these days are with the guys I'm with and whomever we befriend on the trip. And it's usually the guy with the biggest fish of the day buys everyone else a beer, or the first wahoo means...
  253. T

    RP 7 day in sept

    They bring more rigs to try out than people to try them out (meaning there's usually no room to lie down on the beach up top). Frank has personally run that trip for the last few years.
  254. T


    So, let me see if I understand this correctly. You made an assumption (your word). The Mexican government imposed a new visa fee. The Intrepid is passing along the cost of this new, unexpected, fee to its customers. And your complaint is, what, exactly? That you are a bad assumer?
  255. T

    LR prices went up next year

    Apparently your memory isn't that good. Christmas 2008 we were paying $1.90-$1.95 in San Diego County. Early 2009 it was $2.00-$2.10. Cheaper elsewhere, of course. Historical retail gasoline prices are not that hard to find in these days of Google. Oil tanked during the financial crisis...
  256. T

    Albacore Caught

    Or a 40 lb. BFT. With the Bluefin off the hook, who wants albacore?
  257. T

    1st YFT caught off the Sea Adventure 80

    "no mention of it on rr3's site at this point" Try their Facebook page. 25 YFT on Saturday.
  258. T

    If you never check out Facebook . . .

    You may want to start by looking at the Red Rooster III Facebook posts for today.
  259. T

    LR totals

    $1000 is not out of line, it can add up fast and go higher. Shirts -- $50. Jackpot- $50-100. Beer - $0-200. Tip -- $300-500 (not looking to start a new thread guys!). Permits & fuel surcharge -- $100-200 or so (unless you are on the Intrepid, but then the ticket is $2900-3000, not $2500)...
  260. T

    Indy gets a 100lb bluefin

    Not sure those pics are from today, unless no one brought a change of clothes. Which is, of course, possible . . .
  261. T

    Bob Sands knot failure

    Well, I am by no means a knot expert, but I've failed a lot, and I am a scientist, so: The braid could be bad -- try breaking it by itself, or perhaps wrapped around a screwdriver shaft. I had 60 lb. braid fail at 20 lbs. after 2 hours of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with a...
  262. T

    Tuna Jihad at the Coronados

    You do know "Tuna Jihad" is the name of the boat, not a description of the trip.
  263. T

    Avet ex 4/02

    Same thing happened with one of my older EX's. Sent it in to Avet they fixed it for the annual service price ($39).
  264. T

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    I'm just trying to figure out what "dissimilate" means.
  265. T

    Is Cedros Open?

    Received a letter from the RP office regarding an upcoming 7-day (reminders, balance, etc.) -- stated that both 'Lupe and Cedros would require "checking in" in Mexico, so everyone needs to bring their passport. No mention of closure (but no mention of actually going to Cedros, either). Like...
  266. T

    My first eight day.

    This write-up by Bruce Smith seems to hit some important points:
  267. T

    This kid doesn't...

    Did he have a fishing license?
  268. T

    Question about fish cleaning

    ON & 1.5 day boats will (generally) gill & gut or fillet on the boat for a nominal fee. You need to vacuum pack them yourself though!
  269. T

    First Long Range trip....

    Lots of good advice here in other threads, from "bring a notebook" to "don't be that guy". You will probably travel for 2 days straight before really doing any fishing. On my first LR trip, I got so geeked up on day 3 anticipating that first stop of the day, I neglected to drink enough that...
  270. T

    Tuna Seiner Helo crash

    You, sir, are an idiot.
  271. T

    Oh Oh! Check out this REPORT!!

    It's a Twitter, Twitter world we live in . . .
  272. T

    Fuel Surcharges

    The Q105 and the topic of fuel surcharges are two completely separate situations. One is not relevant to the other.
  273. T

    Fuel Surcharges

    The airline analogy is pretty funny, if you actually think about. Do you really want to get on the boat, after paying your $2395 for an 8-day, and find out the guy next to you paid $2195, the guy in stateroom #1 (who gets his breakfast served in bed, along with a small glass of champagne)...
  274. T

    Diawa Pacific Friday 6/22/12

    outerbanks -- I think you're missing the space. 16 anglers caught 6 yellowtail and 1 BFT.
  275. T

    Royal Polaris Crew

    My first trip on the RP, Aaron ran the trip and he was great. A highlight was seeing him jump in to swim with a whale shark down on the Ridge. On my 2nd trip Cole ran the boat. Roy was giving him a lot of guff about handling the boat to get on specific spots. Kid was very solid, didn't...
  276. T

    Japan's radiation found in San Diego bluefin tuna

    No, it took this long for the scientists to publish the paper. The media picked it up immediately (probably from a press release from the journal). Not such a crock.
  277. T

    Sea Adventure 80 puts first bluefin on the boat 5/26

    Did they have a Geiger counter on board?
  278. T

    Dead Body found at Sea, Coronados 5/6/12

    Very well done. Thanks for looking out, I'm sure the family now has some closure.
  279. T


    I think we know who "that guy" is on his trip . . .
  280. T


    The easiest thing is to ask the ranger when you buy your permits. The ones I have dealt with up there have been incredibly helpful -- even recommending leader lengths on bait outfits, and which jigs have been working the last few days. Since you will be in a boat, the Lake Cuyamaca website has...
  281. T

    speaking of acetone

    Ahh, I had never heard of "DNA" as a solvent (it means something very different in my world!), but ethanol has an interesting MSDS as well. An exerpt: EMERGENCY OVERVIEW Appearance: colorless clear liquid. Flash Point: 16.6 deg C. Warning! Causes severe eye irritation. Flammable liquid...
  282. T

    speaking of acetone

    Great question on the gloves. Yeah, latex can be bad. The nitrile gloves are much, much better -- I use the purple ones. They're very good for handling small amounts of material. If you're actually dipping your hands into stuff, get some good heavy-duty chemical-resistant gloves. Harbor...
  283. T

    speaking of acetone

    I hesitate to jump in here, because I am a chemist who has used acetone on almost a daily basis for about 30 years. I am NOT a toxicologist. I don't know anything about rod building, but stumbed into this thread out of curiosity. BUT: I see a lot of mistaken information here, with hints at...
  284. T

    MASSIVE trout die-off at lake poway, no opener :(

    One of the rangers said this morning same thing happened at Dixon and a second lake, all from the same truck . . . probably not the lake. It was super busy anyway, more anglers than fish. Did see two legit 6-7 pounders caught, one at Half Moon and one in that area left of the docks next to...
  285. T

    RP knot,4 Essentially it's an "improved Bristol" with the following changes: The loop is the mono. No need for a Bimini. No need to moisten the line. Don't use leather gloves. There was a thread on here earlier about...
  286. T

    wahoo surface iron reel

    There are almost always 533's on eBay. The BD eBay feed under Classifieds is an easy search. A "near new" one went for ~$120 plus shipping yesterday. The Big5 in Poway was blowing theirs out, but I got the last one there ($130). Might try other Big5's . . . .
  287. T

    DFG is after me Follow Up

    For someone who has repeatedly commented that he posted in part "to hear the public", dude is awfully touchy about what part of that public thinks of him.
  288. T

    Tipping, Fillet costs info

    Unlike fillet charges on a boat, it's not per fish, but per pound. List price is about 75 cents a pound, gross weight, but they will all match the lowest price going at the time. Everything comes vacuum-packed, very high quality stuff. I'm hoping for a mini-price war this year . . . 5-Star...
  289. T

    Tipping, Fillet costs info

    Tips: too many threads on this already. It's a personal thang, but I'm about where you are. Fillets: No filleting on long-range trips. You'll get your fish whole at the dock -- for you to fillet or to get processed professionally (Roy or whomever will explain on the first day). Too many...
  290. T

    New Knot

    It just looked like a modified Albright to me. Loop the mono, spectra through the loop, wrap the mono 5 times up, 5 times back down, tag end back through the mono loop. Tighten up smartly & trim.
  291. T

    Does the crew have a nickname for you...

    On a 7-day this year on the RP, a friend of mine was hooked up in a particularly good YT bite at Cedros. Roy looked out of the wheelhouse and shouted "it's so hot even f***'n whatisname is hooked up". I think he's kind of stuck with that one . . . .
  292. T

    What to do with fish

    Need to be careful about donations. My understanding of the tax law is that California sport-caught fish have no market value, since they cannot be legally sold, therefore there is no federal OR state tax deduction to be had. The donation can warm your heart, but not your pocketbook. (Might...
  293. T

    How early to arrive for morning LR trip departure?

    Like someone mentioned above, I'd want to be 100% sure about timing. Also, check Google maps for construction on I-5 in the L.A. area right before you go. A 2-hour delay at 2am would not be good . . .
  294. T

    long range fish limits

  295. T

    Calling all BD'rs

    A deck of cards and a book (or a couple of DVDs). We're probably going to the Rocks and it shouldn't take all day Sunday to get ready. The notebook idea is a good one, particularly if you keep asking questions and (most importantly) listen to what is said. Oh, and Roy is one funny man...
  296. T

    Parking problem at the Point Loma Landing

    Funny as it seems, my keyless remote didn't work last weekend at the landings, either. It does work elsewhere. Fortunately, I remembered that when I was a little kid, my dad would actually use the thing attached to the keyless remote (I think he called it a, uh, key), and locked my doors the...
  297. T

    Is Fish Dope Worth the $?

    It's worth it if you just read the front page and look at the map and save a single trip. If you spend some time with it, play with more of the features, and use it as a learning tool, it's a real bargain.
  298. T

    Cuyamaca stocking schedule

    No secret spots, but tons of info here:
  299. T

    Fishing the 182 tommorow 9/12/09

    Heading straight west in a small boat at any kind of speed would not have been fun today, unless your idea of fun includes taking a some air. Hope it's better tomorrow for the tourney guys. There was more action south, anyway. 425 sounded OK. S9 was very fishy, 302 seemed like a desert...
  300. T

    Dolphin II 7-15 Albies, BF, and an Orca

    Coolest story of the month, maybe the year, thanks!
  301. T

    If you are going for albies on Saturday...

    We did just about the same route today (7/13) for exactly the same result. Had to be a dozen boats sitting drifting at the 182 waiting for an afternoon bite. Should have gone south, but we were short a permit . . .
  302. T

    1/2 day albies

    Now THAT is a same day report!
  303. T

    7-6 albies 302

    You want no excuse? There were plenty albacore to be had today (7/6) a few miles southeast of the 182, in U.S. waters. Don't even need that Mexican permit -- take a friend. 38/38 and 39/39. Same story -- small b/p jet heads, or daisy chains. We only had one bait fish, but we were out of...
  304. T

    No BS-- Finally good albacore sign

    You and Captain Randel taking the time to post so soon after a return is very cool and much appreciated!
  305. T


    Well, you have already scientifically proven that you DO NOT have the cognitive ability to comprehend that the original post was about the porpoise school reacting to the boats circling, not the tuna school. Dumbass.
  306. T

    Albies, 4-14-05

    <<No albies! Where did you get info?>> 976-tuna has an audio report from the Legend, 16-22 lb albacore 125 mile south.
  307. T

    Islandia catch report 7-29

    Blue Horizon and Dolphin II reports are either BS or U.S. waters -- both are way over limits for Mexico. And the Aristokat only had 2 anglers, so they had Mexican limits of YT plus 3 dodos -- not bad for two . . .