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    what kind of fish this is?

    Island Jack?
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    Conventional Casting Help Please.

    I learned on a Jigmaster in the 70's. The thumb screw take apart was great confidence builder. I knew if I backlashed, and I knew I eventually would, it would only take a few minutes to get back to fishing.
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    Recipes for preserving small fish (grunion, sardine, anchovy etc.)

    Cast nets cannot be used in California freshwater. Cast nets can be used in California saltwater (north of Point Conception, and for certain baitfish). nets may be used north of Point Conception to take such species."Apr 5, 2011
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    Recipes for preserving small fish (grunion, sardine, anchovy etc.)

    Cast nets cannot be used in California freshwater. Cast nets can be used in California saltwater (north of Point Conception, and for certain baitfish). nets may be used north of Point Conception to take such species."Apr 5, 2011
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    Has Anyone Ever Fished Howell's Hook?

    On a Florida fishing forum, it was mentioned that Tampa fishing outfitters has an electric reel they rent. It's "behind the counter...:
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    Has Anyone Ever Fished Howell's Hook?

    Seems long for a manual reel, but I'm old. Post what you get.
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    Has Anyone Ever Fished Howell's Hook?

    Will this help?
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    Maui Jims Model Help!
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    What happened to the Chief

    Any settlement would include property damage and loss of income I believe.
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    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    In FLA it's normal to dump fish carcasses in the harbor, but it's requested that you poke the eyes so they will sink.
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    Penn Fathom FTH40NLD2 on sale at Walmart.

    I also saw really good prices in Australia, but the shipping brought that back up. I wasn't needing this reel, well I was. I sent my son in South Bay a bunch of gear. I just didn't need it now. I probably won't get to the salt until next spring. It was just a good deal. Let's see what...
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    Penn Fathom FTH40NLD2 on sale at Walmart.

    I just ordered a FTH40NLD2 from Walmart for $219.99.
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    Air Travel with rods - how do you do it?

    I have a Bazuka tube and have been using that for 20 years flying Southwest. TSA opens it EVERY TIME. Minor damage twice. Only lost once, in the Philippines. Never had any real problems, you can collapse it when you get where you're going It maxes out at 7 feet, limiting my rod purchase and...
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    We're Markin'
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    stun gun for halibut

    From the folks that I know that have had Taser training, the immobilization only really occurs when the shock is applied.
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    Cocoa Beach Florida

    No trip this year. My wife has some health issues we have to deal with. Hopefully San Diego next spring. Let me know how you do.
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    Thoughts about Fluorescent Paint to Highlight Iron and Troll Lures

    In the Chicago area / Lake Michigan, we do a lot of salmon fishing at night or low light conditions and use a lot of "glow in the dark" lures. I bought some green from this place,, for a knock off flatfall a few years ago. I top coated the lure with clear acrylic...
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    Cocoa Beach Florida

    The Deckhands do seem to appreciate an angler that knows what's going on. Have fun. Post what you get.
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    Cocoa Beach Florida

    West Coast Sport boat fishing and Florida head boat fishing are vastly different. I believe it's due to different customer base. I enjoy SoCal fishing more, but I will be fishing Hubbard's Marina and the Canaveral Princess in June. Glad to hear about live wells on the O.P. boats.
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    Bonito Flies
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    Huge Florida Middle Grounds and Beyond Catch

    I'm out on the 10 hour next Tuesday. Do they still let you troll in between stops? I'm just trying to decide what gear to bring? Thanks. See you all on Tuesday.
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    Harness Lug Option for TRQ40LD2?

    Charkbait has these...
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    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    Mike Sakamoto. My mother has a painting by him.. Sorry, I was thinking Fishing Tales...
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    3.5 Day on the SA 80 on Wednesday

    I'm out of Chicago going on the 3.5 day. I have all the gear, but I have one question, are big Bluefin still around? Should I still bring the heavy out fit? I believe do in, "better to have and not need...", but it seems as they have moved on. Hell, I could troll with it. Thanks all.
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    Gear for a 3.5 day on the SA 80.

    I'll be putting the Penn's up on EBay... Thanks.
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    Gear for a 3.5 day on the SA 80.

    I just booked a spot on the Sea Adventure 80 for a 3.5 day trip. And I see this on the landing website; "The bigger fish are coming in! Bring 30, 50 and 80 pound setups if you’re on a 1 day trip or longer!" I don't have any 2 speed reels, but I do have a Penn 6/0 and a 6/0 Wide, both have 50lb...
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    Is Spectra allowed on party boats?

    I don't like Head Boats in FLA. I'd much rather fish SoCal. Too tourist-ie. There were a few times that I was the only non-rental rod on the boat.
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    Vacuum Sealed Bags

    You might need a new TFE strip. It insulates the heating element.
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    Who says Bonito isn't good eatin'?

    When I was a kid, fishing out of Redondo during the 70's the main catch were Bonito. Where did they go. Back then anchovies were the only bait. Was it the resurgence of the sardines? I've been away from SoCal for 35 years...
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    Gear advice...

    Thank you!
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    Gear advice...

    Hey All. I'm going out a 2.5 day on the Sea Adventure.Sept. 10th. I'm flying out from Chicago so weight and bulk is a factor. I have 20, 30 and 40lb outfits along with a speed jigging outfit. I just keep hearing of bigger fish in the area. I do have a couple of Penn 6/0/s spooled with 50lb...
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    Black Cod fishing close to Catalina ?

    I just remembered doing this. By the sack full. My first time fishing in the ocean. I was hooked.
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    Chief out of H&M - Question?

    I grew up in LA and fished local boats until 1980 when I moved to Chicago. I haven't fish is So Cal for 20 years. I fished partyboats in Florida for the last 20 years but it is sooo different. I really miss this style of fishing.
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    Chief out of H&M - Question?

    I flew in from Chicago for this trip (actually I was on the trip that left the 11th). I did get my first Blue fin. I was bummed that we didn't look for anything else, but the skipper was in a tough spot. Do you sit on a non-bite and wait for them to turn on, or make a change. If we would...
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    Please leave a report upon your return. I'm going out on the Chief in August. Have fun.
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    Chicago Smallmouth @ Dresden Island

    Are you talking about Dresden Island in the Illinois River?
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    Charter Recommendations for Port Canaveral

    I've been out with Copout Fishing Charters twice. Out of Port Canaveral Caught fish and had a good time. I was going to book him the week before you're out there but he's going to be in Alaska filming.
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    November Info

    I flew from Chicago for an overnight on The Old Glory. Broke a hydraulic line. We didn't fish. My next time off is the Thanksgiving week. How is the fishing during that time frame. Hell, anything will be better than working in Chicago that week... Thanks.
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    Another rental gear question.

    Thank you. You save me a lot of hassle. Tight lines.
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    Another rental gear question.

    I'll be in San Diego the end of July and doing an overnight on Producer. I'll only be in town for four days. How is the rental gear there? I have enough gear but I'd rather not hump a 7 foot rod case if I can help it. I'm bringing a couple of jigging rods but they aren't the same hassle as...