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    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Very cool. Thanks for posting.
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    The time is coming up fast for our trip out in the Pacific. I pray we have flat sea's and lots of fish to catch. I have 3 more weekends off before the trip to get my stuff together counting this one. I slipped on a piece of bacon fat at work a week ago and tried to stick my right foot up my ass...
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    oh bullshit Huckey. I eat them Tranx for breakfast. I'll show you what I get when I get out there. You're going to be singing the blues.......................
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Well guys and gals its getting closer and closer to our annual trip. Since the 80's going out in the GOM I carry a tackle tool box with me...and I still do. My tools may be the Harbor Freight grade of tools but they still work. Several times on a trip someone needs a torx driver, or a metric or...
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    RR3 5 day report

    Thanks for the report. Tex.
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    Split rings and pliers

    I agree Huckey. I have both the Texas Tackle in large and XL as well as the HPA's. The HPA's are awesome.
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    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    But David. Me being a novice. Meaning I've never caught a fish over 100#'s unlike you veterans that catch fish over 200#'s...I don't have the experience or trust in my knots over 100# test. I defer to using my Nicopress crimpers/swaggers. Yes. I've had Mr. Pappas re-set my 33V-CGB4 swaggers. I...
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    ling cod squid jigs do they work on yellow tails

    Dam this long range fishing. It's like drugs. After I retire, hopefully, I plan on doing 2 - 10 day trips maybe back to back, then a 16 day trip. 10 days a year is not enough. I made best friends for life on my first trip back in 2014. Yes. Danny, Bart, Lou, Ric, Stan, John, Ed, Mike, Herman...
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Whatever gave you idea??:rockin::ele::lux::git::drool:
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Maybe one of these days I can invest more $ in artificials for yellow tail and wahoo. I have 6 bombs, 3 raiders, and some other iron. I only get to fish 1 time a year therefore I don't get the "luxury" of trying different artificials. I usually stick to bait. Maybe one of these days we will have...
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    ling cod squid jigs do they work on yellow tails

    Uhhh. Riding with you. Well. Ok. I guess. I have it here in my logbook that on 9-23-17 on a Saturday afternoon you picked up me, Bart, and Mark. We were headed out to eat supper. We no more than left the Ramada when some dude cut us off. Bart was riding shotgun. He rolls down the window and...
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    Out of Country Health Insurance

    Thanks Steve. That's good information. I buy travel insurance every year...but to me what they charge is too much. I will check with Dawson this year. Tex.
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Back to the top. I took a few days off, pulled all the top shots that were on my reels; re-filled them, set the drags (on my lever drags) will set the star drags once on the boat; made up a bunch of wahoo leaders; used a 20 turn Albright knot on my rigs up to 60#'s; 80# used a 15 turn; then a FG...
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    ling cod squid jigs do they work on yellow tails

    Dam. My computer or the operator is jacked up. Hi Bart. Hi Danny. We need to go to Squidco and help me buy a couple of jigs for yellowtail before the trip. This will be our 5th trip this year and I have of yet to catch a yellowtail on an artificial. Tex.
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    First of 3

    Yessir. I would have to agree with you. You have a very nice looking daughter...and after going long range fishing she will have an addiction for life. Get out the pocket book dad!! Tight lines for all. Tex.
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    First of 3

    Dam right man! Me and the wife lost our 3rd child due to pregnancy issues. We knew it was going to be a girl. We have 2 boys we are very proud of. Taking your daughter(s) or son(s) on fishing trips will last a lifetime of memories. Be sure and post back pictures. Be safe. Tex.
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Not sure Danny. While ultimately it's up to mother nature as to where we go first, last, and in-between; I think the BF would have to be chewing the paint off boats for us to go to SCI first. Most people on a 10 day trip want a variety of fish and that is what they have gear for. From what I...
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    Crew Members Fishing

    Wonderful. I think zzzzz is on our trip this year.
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Hasn't that happened to us twice? One year we passed by the Lee side of Cedros. The Capt said to button down the hatches. After we passed Cedros we were taking Green water over the boat. Not bad. We rolled back in forth. The boat got a good washing. We watched movies the rest of the trip. Good...
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Being that this is a variety trip I wouldn't get my hopes up for a blue fin. The past years we have headed for the rocks and the ridge. Altho we did try for them last year...but I think the only reason we did is because the rocks and the ridge were a little dead. Myself I would rather spend time...
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    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Hi Dan. You picked a good time of the year to go for a variety of fish. This will be my 5th year to go and I'm already booked for 2020. Their are a lot of "regulars" on this trip. The first trip I took I didn't know a swinging dick on the boat. By the time the first trip ended I had made friends...
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    Whoever returned my Jig tote to H&M landing 7/1/19

    Mans that's bitchin. I'm glad you got your stuff back. The person that returned it has some very good Karma. Tex.
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    Excel Phenix Rod 10 day roll call

    Glad your on the trip again Ric. See you soon. Tex
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    Where’s the Excel?

    Almost that time. Getting my things in order. Need to pick up a couple bottles of wine. I'm not much of a wine drinker, but we always have some and share at supper. Chomping at the bits to get this thing going.
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    Where’s the Excel?

    Any bets on what we will hit first...the ridge or the rocks?? Sounds like the bait situation has improved. I'm still picking up some Sabiki rigs for making macs. Danny has been trying to teach me some Croatian words. I keep telling him I only speak Texan. He called me a dickhead.
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    size bait long range

    Yesterday afternoon on the Everingham Brothers facebook page said they were getting some 5-7" deans with some macks mixed in.
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    PM me about processors

    Excel and 5 Star. Lower back is shot. Left arm will have to be rebuilt. Glad I don't have to push them dam carts anymore...but I would if I had to...and I did push a few last year when some of the people didn't go with 5 star. Tex.
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    Excel Phenix Rod 10 day roll call

    Welcome to the gang Claude. In 2014 I picked this trip randomly. I didn't know a swinging dick who would be on the trip. It's amazing the friendship a person can make on a trip like this. I made friends for life...and I cant imagine going on a different trip...unless it's a 16 day cow trip with...
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    Angler Choice 8 Day Intrepid 8-27 - 9/4

    Great write up. Thanks for the report. Is that a big broom tail grouper? Tex.
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    size bait long range

    I've been accused more than once of mutilating the English language. You got a long row to hoe Danny.
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    size bait long range

    I didn't say swimming I said floating. Dam they were huge. Dam good booze. LOL
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    size bait long range

    I enjoy making bait as well. We made bait several times last year. I skipped dinner and supper several times last year because of tummy problems...but when it came time to make bait I was there. Mag bay last year. 9-28-17. Making bait. I swore there were 2 orstriges (big birds. Overgrown...
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    size bait long range

    I do speak English. You fuckers on the west coast don't. Tell me again what gram's of flat falls you have for me.
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    size bait long range

    Thank you for the intel. Did yawl do any good fishing?
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    Confusing Gear Choices

    Just having a little fun.
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    Confusing Gear Choices

    I don't have any of his contact numbers.
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    Confusing Gear Choices

    Thank you sir. Greatly appreciated!
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    Confusing Gear Choices

    Ok. I am currently set up with rigs from 20# to 150# or more. My longest rods are 7'. I don't feel like I can cast an anchovy with a 7' rod to get away from the boat. What 8' rods can a person purchase in SD to fish 20-30#, and 30-40# live bait? Charkbait has some UC rods rated the #'s I think...
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    Excel made big bait at home.

    No. We paid for them inside the landing before we boarded.
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    Excel made big bait at home.

    Thanks buddy. Sure hope the live bait situation changes and we can get some nice grade sardines at the end of Sept.
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    SOA 4 Day Report - Short Version 8/21 - 8/25

    Nice fish man. Congrats all around. Fish of a lifetime. WOW. Tex
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    Excel made big bait at home.

    what brand, size, colors are you picking up? Thanks. Tex.
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    Excel made big bait at home.

    I have 3 packs of Owner 5524-074. Size 4 hooks. 20# drop line. 30# main line...and 3 packs of 5536-097. Same everything just different color feathers. Are these what I need for the mac's? If not, what do I need. I don't like to be sucking hind tit.
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    If you had one reel

    Very nice. I'm sure the 470 nitro express will let you know its there. I have a 375 Ruger and 458 Win Mag. Not doubles. Bolt actions. I drool over double rifles. Maybe one day.
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    Penn Torque 40LD2 wins the battle

    Great job sir. Penn reels rock.
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    If you had one reel

    Year. 2005. Country. Namibia. Plains game safari. I told the PH when I got there I am not a trophy hunter. I came to Africa to take some nice animals and see what another country is like. I took 6 animals. In my mind all were trophy's, but 3 actually made the record books. Same difference...
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    What are we doing with the SkipJacks???

    I have a friend who's mom is Hawaiian. He tells us they take spam and make sushi out of it.
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    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    I knew this was going to turn into a shit storm when I read the thread title. Carry on. Beat this fucking horse to death one more time.
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    If you had one reel

    It's joining my collection of Penn 50's. I could not pass it up. For now I'll just stuff it away in my safe. Tex
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    SOLD Penn 50TW 2-Speed Cal Sheets BNIB

    Thank you Mr. Pappas. I know the reel will be pristine shape coming from you. Tex.
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    If you had one reel

    The Penn 50TW just got sold. I couldn't pass it up. Brand new with a work over by Cal. WOW. Cal does good work. Tex.
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    So Cal northern BFT heavy rig help?

    I got mine from Amazon. 3 packs of 2 each for $52. Owner 7/0 Monster Assist Hooks.
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    WOW. That's a big bitch. Congrats. I hope they stay there for another month. Tex.
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    Topgun80 - Historic 17 Cow BFTs 3.5 day report

    With not having a top shot and only having a 3' leader of mono/floro cuts down on any saw offs.
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    Sometimes you must take the FAT GIRLS home from the ranch, this big girl has not skipped a meal. #To

    Holy shit a brick. What a fish. I'll be some asses were puckering when the rod guides started failing. Congrats all around. Tex.
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    Bloodiest deck ever! What species tuna is this?

    Yes. I've caught tons of black fin tuna. Their finlets are black. Go out to the floaters. Use a diamond jig. Stay up all night and tear them a new ass...or at my age their tearing me a new ass catching them. Been years since I've been out in the GOM. I save all my money now to go on the Excel...
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    Aztec & Mustang, 2 Brothers, 8-14 & 8-16

    Great write up man. Congrats on the great fishing. Tex
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    How to quote and multi quote

    This don't work for me. I highlight part of a paragraph I want to reply to. I hit quote. I go down to where I write my reply and "load quotes" is not there. My computer is telling me I'm using and out of date browser. What the hell is a browser? Could that be my issue?
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    Red Rooster 7 day short notes

    Thanks man. I'll look into it.
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    JRI 3 Day Trip 19

    Great God them are some big fish. Congrats to all. Tex.
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    Portable Solder Kit

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. Tex.
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    Red Rooster 7 day short notes

    Do you think they would be pissed if I were to ask them to attach my own Jobu hooks to my flat falls? Also, I wont have much time when I get to SD. You think I could drop them off one day and pick them up the next? Tex.
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    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    I don't know what it was but I bout shit myself to death. I think I shit 25 times in one day. I was so miserable that I skipped dinner and supper at least 2, maybe 3 days in a row. I brought some cookies with me and ate a few of them for supper. Note to self. Bring trail mix. I have 2 big bags...
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    Red Rooster 7 day short notes

    I have been using the Owner solid rings. Where do you get solid brazed rings? Does Squidco or the other tackle store that is about 7 blocks from the landing carry them?
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    Big fish / maybe cow capable rods

    Hay Laurens. Great to hear from you. Didn't know if you were still around or not. I've taken the rods I've bought from you on every trip I've been on. Always had them ready with a reel on each one. So far they are still virgins in my hands. Maybe this year will change. I'm going to use the 7460H...
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    Ok so not the 40 Fathom 2spd in a pinch how bout the Fathom 60 for the big tuna?

    The 40 and 60 are the same reel. It's just the 60 is fatter and holds more line. They are both good 60# reels. If you already have a 40 don't buy the 60. It's just going to hold more line that the blue fin will pull off in a heartbeat. I would be afraid to use either one on the huge blue fin. Tex
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    Big fish / maybe cow capable rods

    Thank yawl for the replies. I talked to him before I bought the rods and he came across as a gent. I knew the rods were going to be in great shape and they were and still are. I'm going to use the 7460H paired up with a 50 VSX as my trolling set up with a cow bell. Moooooooo. Watch out Hoo's. Tex.
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    Big fish / maybe cow capable rods

    I bought a couple of Calstar rods 760H-AR-6 rated 50-130, and a 7460H-AR-6 rated 50-130 a few years ago from a gent named Laurens Rinhold (sp). Nice guy. Seems like he told me he had caught a cow on these rods. I cant remember. Old age kicking in. Are either of these rods cow capable. I would...
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    Leader sleeve size

    I see this is your first post. Welcome to BD's. I'm in Texas as well about 50 miles west of Wichita Falls.
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    Leader sleeve size

    I don't use leaders for halibut. I just use a dropper loop with mono.
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    Need Braid in Sacramento, Any Suggestions?

    Since you have a month before you go fishing send it to Ken's or Cal's. They both do very good work. Tex
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    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    Thanks bud. I appreciate it.
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    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    Which ultraviolet "flashlight" is best to make the flat falls glow? Amazon has shit loads of them. Thanks
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    That's great to hear John. Been concerned about you. Port A is where I fell in love with salt water fishing. Horace Caldwell pier is where I caught my first shark. I bout shit my pants. It will be great to see you again, share the rail, and hopefully catch a bunch of fishes. Tex
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    First long range trip advice

    Tim I see you live in Houston. I live 50 miles west of Wichita Falls. When I was deciding how long of a trip I wanted for my first one I looked at the distance to San Diego and knew I could only do one a year. 1 picked a 10 day. Plenty of time of fish, kick back rest, and meet new friends. After...
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    I will be great to be able to share the rail with you again Ed. Don't forget the long rod.
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    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    I bring my body pillow from home. Got to have something to hang onto. Can't do without it. I also bring a hospital blanket with me. I sleep good.
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    I'm chomping at the bits. Reports coming back from the ridge and rocks looking good. Hope they hold until we can get down there. Starting to rig up some artificials. I believe you said the swap meet is this weekend. Maybe you can find us some deals. Tex.
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    Polaris Supreme 7 day 8-1 thru 8-8 report

    Great report. Thanks for the write up. 10 days on the Excel leaving 9-23. Can hardly wait. Tex.
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    Wahoo trollers

    I believe I remember that.
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    Wahoo trollers

    Ballyhood now has 8 ounce cow bells if you want to chunk um. I thought about buying one when I bought my Jr. But 8 ozs? That would kill my back and shoulder. I guess I could drop it straight down and reel it back up. Thoughts?
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    Wahoo trollers

    Yeah I was there...but I seem to remember I wasn't in too good of shape that boat ride. I spent a lot of time in the room on the port side just outside the back door. Thanks buddy. I will be ordering one for myself. Wish you were back on the boat this year. Take care. Tex.
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    Wahoo trollers

    What color Jim?
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    FTH 60: Can I trust the pop up harness lugs?

    The lugs are not spring loaded. They stay in the down position. I bought a 60 in hopes of using it for a trolling reel. Unless there is someway to make the lugs stay up I haven't found it. Scenario. We all use finger tape to lay the line back on the reel. If your right handed like I am I tape up...
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    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    Well you peckerwood. Ok. I signed up for 2019 a few months ago. As soon as I get off the boat I will sign up for 2020. That is how much I love the boat. She is the first one I road when I started long range fishing and I will not change. See you soon my friend. I would comment on some of the...
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    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    Got a question...are you on the same trip this year???
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    Cow Bell

    My cow bell came in with too long of a leader. I need to shorten it. The steel cable leader measures 1.45 mm. What size barrel crimp do I need and it needs to be a steel. What crimping/swaging tool do I need to make the crimp? Thanks Tex.
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    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    Excel has 4 heads. 2 on top and 1 each forward and aft. The 2 heads downstairs has a shower also, plus there is an extra shower aft. That's where your getting 5 heads. Plus add in the heads in the private rooms. I know all too well how the Excel keeps their heads. Last year I caught a bug. Bout...
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    I think we almost plugged the boat with wahoo in 2016. Lots of hub bub about flat falls. I have a few. May try them this year.
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    You're going to turn into a tackle whore like the rest of us. Dam long range fishing. I hate it.
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    Hay Mike great to have you back with us on the boat. Maybe the hoo bite will be better than last year. I think I only wound up with 2 or 3. Tex.
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    Seems like Gerry (correct spelling) had another engagement that was going to prevent him from being on the boat this year. Last year after that keg of Modelo sit outside basically hot for a few days it had to have tasted like shit. Even cold Modelo taste's like shit to me.
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    Guadalupe Permit fees ?

    A shit pot load more than I ever will.
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    Do you shit on your boat???

    It don't matter to me. I can shit with 100 people watching.
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    Do you shit on your boat???

    I'm like you. When I got to go I got to go NOW. Not tomorrow.
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    Bring an interpreter. Not for me I aint got not accent. Bart does. He's from Jersey.
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    Is Port A still a tore up mess?
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    Actually I have. There is one in Phoenix that I stopped at. Pretty good doins. I wish they had those in Texas.
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    Aint that the place we drove by and saw 500 people in line outside?
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    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    Oh shit you're coming back...wonderful. You just keep your long legged ass up at the pointy end of the boat throwing your poppers while me and the rest of the guys are at the ass end catching um all with bait. How ya doing Mark? Looking forward to sharing the rail again. I would throw poppers...
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    Do you shit on your boat???

    Why is this dude sitting on a bucket with his britches down and wearing blue bikini drawers? That's just wrong!
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    Best online purchases while buzzed..aka one to many

    I'm part Irish myself. I am pretty fond of Jameson whisky. If I get to drinking I stay off the computer. If I didn't I'd have $500 worth of shit ordered.
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    Mike Morris Update

    That's great news sir. The Great God above us is a wonderful Man. Take care. Tex.
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    How best to spool braid.

    Back in my earlier years I used a 1/2" ratchet extension and my feet sitting on the floor. I adjusted the tension by pushing down on the floor. I used a leather glove to keep from cutting my hand. That was years ago. Fuck that. Anymore I send all my reels out to either Kens or Cals.
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    Flat Fall Rigging

    Thank you sir. have a good weekend. Tex.
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    Flat Fall Rigging

    I have some 300, 550, and 750# Kevlar string. I assume the 300 is heavy enough to prevent chew-offs? Also what kind of knots are you using to make your loops? Thanks Tex
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    How Many adding a #100 or a #130 rig this year.

    West Marine had a Penn 50VSX $100 off regular price. Came in last week. Getting ready to send to Kens to have rope put on it. Tex.
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    Hay Fishy. This is Tex. I just purchased a 50 VSX that I will use as my trolling rig whereas I...

    Hay Fishy. This is Tex. I just purchased a 50 VSX that I will use as my trolling rig whereas I will need a long top shot of mono. Probably go with 130# braid and maybe 200' of 100# mono. Question is should I go with hollow and use the Sato system or go with solid and use some type of knot? Will...
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    FTH 60LD2 Harness Lugs

    I'm going to be using this reel for trolling on my Excel 10 dayer in the fall. The lugs don't seem very robust. Are they robust enough to be hooked up to harness snaps on the back of the Excel dragging around a 2 pound Banshee Cowbell?
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    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV

    Thanks for sharing. The write up had me on the boat the entire time. Tex
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    FTH 60LD2 Line Capacity

    Thanks. The FTH60 is in the same pound class as a FTH40. Its just bigger. I'm using the 60 as my trolling rig on the Excel and wanted the 100# abrasion resistance of the line. I wouldn't push the 40 or 60 past a 60 pound class reel. They are great reels. I have a slew of the Fathoms. Thanks...
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    FTH 60LD2 Line Capacity

    Using it for my trolling rig this year. Reckon how much Izor 100# solid I can get on the bottom with 100 yards of Izor 100# mono first string on top? Tex
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    Say Whaaat!?? I heard some things.......

    Nice butt. Congrats. Tex.
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    Favorite Hook Knot

    Same thing here but I'm also going to add in smoking a cigar. San Diego for me.
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    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    I never wear any drawers. They're overrated. Maybe I ought to rethink my ensemble for my 10 dayer just in case.
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    Mike Morris Update

    Keep your chin up Mike. Keeping you in my daily prayers along with a lot of other folks dealing with issues. God bless the good Lord and the healing power of prayers. Tex.
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    Physical Training Ideas

    oh shit. here we go.
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    What trips are you on this year?

    Missed you last year. Looking forward to sharing the rail with you. I sure with Bill and Herman could make it back. Tex.
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    What trips are you on this year?

    Thanks Mark. Doing fair. Still run out of steam too fast. Hopefully I'll be up to snuff come Sept. Me and Bart talk every Sunday. He keeps giving me pep talks. New rod? Not yet. But I'm planning on it. I'm already booked for 2019.
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    What trips are you on this year?

    Stay away from Mark. He's a peckerwood.
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    Mike Morris Update

    Prayers still with you sir. Tex
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    Ok thanks

    Ok thanks
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    What rod do you recommend for bombs and raiders? I know you favor Phenix rods. No problem. I do...

    What rod do you recommend for bombs and raiders? I know you favor Phenix rods. No problem. I do not want to spring for a Shimano Tranx. I'm a Peen man. I'm thinking of a Fathom 25NLD2 or 30LD2 loaded with 40# braid and a 4' mono leader. What are your thoughts?
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    Mike Morris Update

    Agree with Bart. You have a lot of people that believe in Gods work. You will get better. You will have some struggles ahead of you, but you will make it. God Bless. Tex.
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    19 days...

    Have a good and safe trip my friend. One of these days I will be going with you on one of these cow trips. You can be my mentor and teach me how to use the rail for big fish. Break in all those new rods you got. Hope you catch some biguns. Good luck. Tex.
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    God knows I'd like to. I cant commit at the present time. I have to get past my health issues to feel good about myself. Hope that wont be too long now. I get so many weeks a year for vacation time. Altho I get 4 weeks a year and comp time for working weekends, that does not leave me enough...
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    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    I dont know you sir but that is irravelent. Their are a lot of good folks on this forum that has you in their prayers, including me. The great God above will carry you thru this. Keep praying my friend as we are praying with you. You will make it thru this. God Bless.
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Dam man! You paint a very vivid picture. Holding my breath for the next chapter. Tex.
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    EXCEL - WOW!

    I'm proud your wife is a citizen Jim. Now get that boat and tear um a new ass!!!!!!! Tex.
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    Thanks Ed. It's been a long haul...with several months to go. Gotta get my strength back up. Looking forward to fishing will all my buds on the Phenix Rods ten dayer on the Excel. Tex
  131. T


    The dam radiation machine went down yesterday. I couldn't get my treatment. Will have to get 5 cancer treatments this coming week. Will talk to you tomorrow. Tex
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    Man. 8 days of riding and 8 days of fishing. That's on my list of long range fishing trips to do...and it WILL be on the Excel. She is my boat.
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    I found someone's lost gear in Huntington harbour.

    Good karma coming your way
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    Fathom 40LD2

    I also have 2 of the 40NLD2's. Great reels. Peen knocked it out of the park with Fathom 2 speeds.
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    Dolphin Motel toast

    I stayed at the Dolphin before as well. Nothing bad to say about the place at all. Met the owner. Very nice guy. Hate to see it torn down. Tex
  136. T


    May we all give our condolences to Angus and his family for the passing of his brother Malcom. AC/DC. Black is Black. Rock on..........................
  137. T

    Reel bag

    I have a large Pelican case with rollers. It holds a LOT of my gear plus the kitchen sink. It always goes on the Excel's upper deck on the port side. It stays out of everyone's way. Tex.
  138. T

    2017 Excel Merritt 10 Day

    Congrats Mark. High 5's on the big fish. Tex.
  139. T

    donkey? is it the right term

    Shit far what a fish. That dam things a monster! Congrats to the lady big time. Her hubby stated they're going to have it mounted. He's going to have to brace up the wall to hang that big bastard on. Tex.
  140. T

    my daughters question

    Good one.
  141. T

    Rodless Again

    Jim. I apologize for being late to reply. When i got back to work/the plant i was swamped with issues. I am finally getting my gear cleaned and getting put to bed for next year. For all reading, Jim called me from Mexico City back in 2014 to give me advise on what a 10 day trip consisted of...
  142. T

    33 Days!

    I walked down to Anglers Choice yesterday morning while the wife was still sleeping. Went thru $250 quick. Colt Snipers, Flat Falls, Raiders, Super Mutu hooks, 40# floro, sinkers, Daho loop splicing needle. The hooks on the Colt Snipers are small. They are 3 way hooks. What should I change them...
  143. T

    33 Days!

    Worried about the disturbance that could form within 5 days. 90% chance. I hope Mother Nature smiles down on us. Wind, rain, and waves I can handle; might be a bitch for everyone to follow their bait.Oh well. Being out on the ocean is just great. Looking forward to seeing all my friends and...
  144. T

    Of All the Penn Reels you own which is your Favorite

    My favorite Peen reel is the one that has a fish on it at the time. As far as I can remember here in Texas fishing for catfish my uncles only used Peen Peer reels aka open faced reels. People talk trash about some of Peen reels being made oversseass. Look at the shit around your house and your...
  145. T

    33 Days!

    Finally got to SD. Traffic was a bitch all the way from Flagstaff to here. Never seen so many fucking idiots trying to drive a car. How in hell did they get a drivers license? Fixin to eat at Mitches, come back to the room, have me a whisky and probably crash. Danny and Bart see you tomorrow. Be...
  146. T

    Epic Big Bluefin Tuna Battles - Sea Adventure 80 1.5 day Sept. 5, 2017

    Looks like the blind gent is stoked and I'm stoked for him. Great great write up. Tex.
  147. T

    Old glory 9/15 wide open thanks to O95

    Great write up. Good times all around. Tex.
  148. T

    They went stupid 9-12-17

    Mother fucker look at the blood. Must be a hunerd gallons. Wish I would have been there. Looks like good times were had by all. Tex.
  149. T

    Wahoo moving in 13 days to go

    Watch Ryan when he is chunking bombs or raiders at hoos. He gets to reeling so fast his hole body moves. Looks like he has springs in his legs. I don't know how many he caught last year but it was a bunch.
  150. T

    Wahoo moving in 13 days to go

    Thanks man. What kind of troll rigs did they hit?
  151. T

    Wahoo moving in 13 days to go

    Hay Danny! Are you ready to go? I have to work this weekend but should get off at dinner on Sunday. I need to throw out 200# of corn for my deer and start packing my burb.
  152. T

    Scopace pills

    I love your attitude sir. Straight to the point. Have a good afternoon biach. Tex.
  153. T

    Some Crimp and New Hook Testing

    VERY impressive. Thanks for sharing. Tex
  154. T

    33 Days!

    Yes sir. I know all those areas. Paris is where we get our sawdust for smoking our product. Lots and lots of hickory and hardwoods in that area. You can rig for hoos in several different ways. My first year I didn't use any crimps at all. I just used single strand 40# Malin wire. Made a haywire...
  155. T

    33 Days!

    Hay bud. I got 4 shots in my upper left shoulder blade yesterday morning. I told the dr before he started giving me the shots to forgive my profanity. He said no problem. The 4th one made me say some BAD words. Hopefully some of those steroids will migrate over to my shoulder area and help that...
  156. T

    33 Days!

    Alright you asswipes aka Danny, Mark, and Bart. The time is getting closer. I will start loading up my burb on Sunday. I need to pick up some port wine, maybe some good vodka and a good Irish whisky. I like Jameson Irish whisky. Good smooth sipping whisky. I am not a boozer, but I have to walk a...
  157. T

    Travel Insurance

    Thank you sir. Tight lines , blue skies, and may the fish Gods welcome you a big Ass fish. Tex.
  158. T

    33 Days!

    Everyone's different. Some people dream of big BFT and YFT. I dream of a huge Grouper. Maybe because in some people's mind they are so ugly like me. LOL. I wanna catch a cow Grouper. The days are counting down my friend. Cant wait to meet you and share the rail. Tex.
  159. T

    Wahoo moving in 13 days to go

    Well I dont quite have that many jimmys bombs. Only 3. They are rigged with 200# floro leaders. Mike Loust made up a bunch last year for whoever wanted to buy them. He seemed so heart broken to be leaving the ocean life. Beat of luck to him still. I do however have a lot of other jigs and bombs...
  160. T

    33 Days!

    You already have mine and Danny's. We should be good to go. Cant wait to see my buds and make some new ones. I just wonder since Cedros and some other islands are closed for big boat fishing I'f we will haul ass nonstop to the rocks, the ridge, or a little further down south...of course...
  161. T

    33 Days!

    In my experience, which is minimal, as long as you get 15-20' away from the boat with a dean your ok. I like nose hooking my dean. Most of the time they will take off running away from the boat. Always cast with the wind in your face. If the dean gets stupid and runs back towards the boat, rip...
  162. T

    Travel Insurance

    I used Allianz last year. Anyone have any good/bad experience with them? Would you suggest another company? Thanks
  163. T

    33 Days!

    No problem man. Believe me we have all been in your shoes. It will be a great time .
  164. T

    33 Days!

    Yes. That is standard protocol. Jason handles that for all of us. You dont need to do a thing but pay the $120 at check in or before. The jackpot is your choice. The prior years its been $50.
  165. T

    33 Days!

    I'm sorry sir if I hit a nerve. Just a little bit of pre fun. Bart is a fucking yankee bastard from Jersey... Danny is a fat bastard...I am a Texas hillybilly...its all in fun. Dont worry about a thing. If you dont have something just ask. But to be serious. If you have your favorite alcohol...
  166. T

    33 Days!

    Well Ap I'm not too sure about your question here. Mark replied "a good attitude and a towel". I'm not too sure about his reply either. My reply is you better bring drawers, shorts, and shirts. Yes you could leave the drawers and shirts behind...but you better bring shorts. I am not sharing the...
  167. T

    33 Days!

    Would that be the same as being busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking?Been there done it.
  168. T

    33 Days!

    You bet I am. Did you find a good place? I'm off this weekend but have to work the I'm going thru all my gear one more last time...only problem is my cats are giving me too much help. LOL. I have a diary, if you will, of my trips that I read thru to see if I have missed something...
  169. T

    33 Days!

    When i was a teenager i got wasted on vodka and OJ aka screwdriver. Erped everywhere. Swore i would never drink one again. I'm 57 now. I kept my promise. I do like a good Bloody Mary tho. Tex.
  170. T

    Any good dad jokes?

    Scott. Your are one sick mother fucker. You still taking it up the ass?
  171. T

    33 Days!

    Yeeeeeeaaaahhhh. We have Tanqeray and Schweppes all the time here in Texas. We put umbrellas and shit like that in it and have it with our wild hawg and goat cook-offs. Its really good when you chase it with a shot of Old Crow.
  172. T

    33 Days!

    QUOTE="hucklongfin, post: 4418334, member: 428"]Actually, Canadian works for all three. Canadian?!?barf
  173. T

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    I edited and added to my list
  174. T


    Congrats on a big fish, winning the reel, and a great story. Tex
  175. T

    33 Days!

    I have my Punch Rare Corojo's, Punch Signatures, and Punch Punch cigar's packed. They are a great chewing cigar. Might light one up on the upper deck along with a cocktail. Cant wait to get out on the Pacific. Tex.
  176. T


    Can we phone ahead for a reservation, or is it first come first served at either location?
  177. T

    33 Days!

    Great! Setting the drags on my reels this morning. Chomping at the bits. 73's to you sir. AE5RG.
  178. T

    33 Days!

    So i take it your on this trip?
  179. T

    Prowler two day - Aug 25-27 - I hate bft

    Great write up man. Got my blood pumping! Better luck next time. Tex
  180. T

    33 Days!

    Ok. I have #2 to 4/0 Mustad Shagnastys; some 8/0 7691 J hooks; Owner live bait offset ringed hooks from #2 thru 7/0. Owner Gorilla ringed live bait straight J hooks from 1/0 to 5/0. An assortment of 4/0 super Mutu circle hooks to Gamagatsu 6/0 hooks up to 10/0. I will also have my Zebco 404...
  181. T

    33 Days!

    State Farm?? What is that?? All I get is 2 Chanel's on my tube.
  182. T

    33 Days!

    I just bought me some insurance. Years ago leaving out of Freeport on the Big E I almost went overboard when going to the shithouse. The sleeping bunks were down stairs. The shithouse was at the stern. I walked out of the galley going to the head when the boat took a roller. Everyone had been...
  183. T

    33 Days!

    You know Mark. Me and you shared the same room last year. You just called Jim a sweetheart. I'm not sure I want to bunk with you again. Just saying.
  184. T

    33 Days!

    That's good news. Thanks
  185. T

    33 Days!

    A few years ago I was in Tyler Texas on business trip. Got lost. Pulled out my I phone and asked Siri for some directions. That bitch could not understand what I was saying. I kept telling her where I wanted to go. I got so dam aggervated at her.
  186. T

    33 Days!

    Spot on sir. I'm ruined for life.
  187. T

    33 Days!

    You offered to let me use your rig and the cowbell last year and I didn't do it. If you offer again I will take you up on it. That thing kicked ass.
  188. T

    33 Days!

    Not only do I have a Texas drawl, I have also been accused of mutilating the English language as well as having my own language...and these are my own Texas brethren saying this. Can you believe it?
  189. T

    33 Days!

    Your fuckin up Eric. In the past this trip has been composed of people who didn't know each other, shared the rail with other, shared their triumph and heartbreaks with each other, enjoyed each other's company, sharing a drink and a story beit something about fishing or a personal issue. I...
  190. T

    33 Days!

    Looking forward to meeting you guys. Look out for Bart tho. He is from Jersey and reminds you of someone that is "connected".
  191. T

    33 Days!

    Hell yes!!!!!
  192. T

    33 Days!

    I will be bringing several bottles of port to share at supper time. Nothing like sharing a glass of spirits with old friends, new friends, telling of their triumph of a great day of fishing, or their horrible day of fishing. I have had both. We share what worked and didn't work. I love the pull...
  193. T

    33 Days!

    I made an announcement last year right before supper time about who ever left their big ass drawers hanging in the shithouse needs to get them. I have no doubt they were Danny's. I did not check them for skid marks because I witnessed Danny "picking his seat" all day. Mind you I'm straight. But...
  194. T

    33 Days!

    Last year the Phenix rep was Ryan. Real cool guy and a heck of a fisherman too. He really gets into slinging jigs and bombs for hoo's. Very knowledgeable about Phenix rods but I cannot see him ever getting sideways about someone not using his product. My rods are like Heinz 57. Most are Penn...
  195. T

    Big Tuna 150#

    congrats. nice fish. you must be stoked. Tex
  196. T

    Going one for 3 never felt better

    congrats sir. nice fishy. Tex
  197. T

    West Coast Wahoo

    Hay Bart. How is Herman doing? Is he and Bill booked for 18?
  198. T

    West Coast Wahoo

    No you wont. Mark is a peckerwood. See you guys on the boat. Tex
  199. T

    How often do you get this close?

    I was shittin in my pants just looking at the picture. Sure looked like the rocks to me. But after looking a second time I didn't see the antennas on the tallest one. Well played.
  200. T

    Fluorocarbon Leader for Live Bait

    No swivel. Albright knot. Tex.
  201. T

    Jig box in American black walnut for Jessie Lugo

    Very nice work. Beautiful craftsmanship.
  202. T

    8/9 - Wind Blows

    Great report. Funny shit there. Good looking kid.
  203. T

    Shogun 5 day-July 29-August 3.

    Great write up. Nothing like a father and son adventure. Your son will remember his first long range fishing trip the rest of his life. Kudos to you sir.
  204. T


    As always great report John. Be nice to see you and Ed back on the X next year. Tex
  205. T

    30 BELOW- 6 Days on the INDEPENDENCE 2017

    Nice write up. Great report. Looks live everyone had a hell of a time.
  206. T

    Any local cows caught without a kite?

    The fish looks like a toy you bough at "toys are us".
  207. T

    How do you guys fish Shimano Flat Fall?

    Why would you remove the assist hooks? A hook is a hook. Tex
  208. T

    PENN International VI series making debut at ICAST Show 2017

    I'm 57 years old. Been a Penn lover since i was old enough to know what reels were. Great job Penn on the new reels. Hi 5's all around. Tex.
  209. T

    Excel 8 Day, July 8th -16th quick recap

    Yes. Same question as Steve please. Much appreciate the info.
  210. T

    First Look: Penn International 50 VISX
  211. T

    October seeker/Malibu Tackle Excel 10 day

    Me and my buddies are on the trip right before you. If the weather is good you will more than likely hit the ridge and the rocks. If you have never seen the rocks they are amazing. Majestic stones out in the middle of nowhere. Have a great trip and take lots of pics. Tex.
  212. T

    Excel 3 day Poole Memorial Trip report.

    Thanks for the report. The Excel is one fine boat and crew.
  213. T

    Tanner's first butt.

    Man that's bitchin. Congrats to you and Tanner.
  214. T

    Trouble in NOLA invlolving Bloodydecks LLC

    You may not have blown them, but I bet you done the rusty trombone on them. Nasty bastard.
  215. T

    Baja Special 113N Best Use

    I have 2. Very versatile reels. I have used them for yo-yoing, throwing iron, and fly lining deans. They are my back up 40# rigs. Tex.
  216. T

    Excel father's day 5 day

    Thanks for posting up. Glad you had a good time. The Excel is my boat. I'm on a 10 dayer later on in the year. Cant wait. Tex.
  217. T

    Where to buy Fathoms?

    You just cant beat the Fathoms. I have 6 of um. Tex
  218. T

    Penn 12Ts drag replacement/repair

    Cal or Ken are both great guys and do excellent work. I have used them both. Good luck. Tex
  219. T

    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    Thanks for sharing man. Great report. Congrats on a great trip. Tex.
  220. T

    Excel update! June 3

    The Excel is a wonderful ship. This year will be my 3rd trip on her. Already booked for 2018. I'm sure all the other boats in the fleet are great fishing platforms but I would be hard pressed to fish on anther one tho. You will have a blast. I am 3 hours to your northeast also land locked...
  221. T

    Excel update! June 3

    Come on now. I didn't snore all that bad did I? Well maybe a little. I better bring Bart an extra large package of ear plugs, cotton balls, and muffs. Looking forward to our trip guys. The Excel 10 day Phenix Rod's trip is a great group of people to fish with. Tex
  222. T

    Guadalupe Memorial Day Trip Report

    Congrats man. Nice fish.
  223. T

    Excel update! June 3

    O Lord. I hope he don't leave his drawers hanging in the head like on our trip.
  224. T

    First trip of the year

    Enjoy your pop man. I lost mine back in 91 and I was only 31 years old.
  225. T

    Excel on Wahoo and Tuna in the lower zone

    Yessir. I think a cow trip is in the future. Just like you I am booked for 2018 on the 10 day Phenix Rods trip. We might look at 2019. Reckon we can get that Yankee bastard from Jersey to go along. Hay Bart you there? Tex.
  226. T

    Excel on Wahoo and Tuna in the lower zone

    Nice fish indeed. Congrats to all.
  227. T

    Just add white deck booties.......

    No but I get they could suck a dick.
  228. T

    Just add white deck booties.......

    The 2 on the left look like Carl and Gil Marlin (Scott) bunch a sperm guzzlers.
  229. T

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    Shit. Where is this split fin forum? I want to see some tits and ass!!!!!!!!!!!
  230. T

    Carcass Disposal?

    Kick it out on the side of the road. Buzzards gotta eat something.
  231. T

    Trout dough and lures you don't want anymore.

    Dam that's a big ass toe. Good on you for collecting and donating.
  232. T

    Sekiu Butt...

    Nice fishy. Tex
  233. T

    Paint and Colors on Troll Wahoo Lures What is your opinion?

    I don't know you sir but you will beat it. Fuck cancer. Tex.
  234. T

    Nuts to butts

    Dam those are nice fish. Do they fight hard?
  235. T

    Braid to mono top shot connection?

    Albright. Hands down.
  236. T

    Berkley Pro Spec and Fathom 40N

    I have 2 40LD2's. Ken's got 450 yards of 80# Izor solid on each one with enough room for a 30' top shot.
  237. T

    Catalina 5/2-5/3 - WSB & Calico

    Nice fish guys. them are some big fuckers.
  238. T

    Bay Halibut Bit!

    I wanna catch one...........
  239. T

    LB report 5/1/17

    Enjoyed the write up. I have a friend that would rather eat Sheepshead than eat pussy. Tex.
  240. T

    Would pipe jigs work in deep socal waters?

    Is Carl smoking pipe again? Oh that's right...he never stopped.
  241. T

    30T line capacity

    Don't know about 130# rope but Cal got 600 yards of 100# JB hollow on my 30VSX with enough space for a top shot. Tex.
  242. T


    Get level winds for the boys. At their age they want to catch fish and not worry about fingering the braid back on the reel. They will grow into non level winds. Tex
  243. T

    Penn Fanthom 40 2 Speed for 50lb

    I bought 2 of the 40NLD2's last year. I had Ken's reel load mine up to where I could get a long top shot of either 40, 50, or 60# floro/mono on it. He packed 80# Izor solid tight. He got 450 yards on each one of them. I'm sure they would hold another 100 yards of braid.
  244. T

    Fathom 30ld2 reel clamp modification?

    I had the same problem with 40NLD2's paring with Carnage 700H rods. I took my die grinder and took some of the meat off the reel clamp to make it fit like its supposed to. Didn't take much. Tex.
  245. T


    oh shit!
  246. T

    Are These Yellowtail Big Enough to Keep?

    There only big because these fuckers found them bloated and floating in the water. Nice fish.
  247. T

    The one thing you forgot to bring?

    Was 2 hours into the drive heading out to San Diego for a 10 dayer. Going thru my head making sure I didn't leave anything. Where's my passport????? At the fucking house locked up in my gun safe. Made a you-e and went back to get it. Tex
  248. T

    HEY SANTA! This is the new PENN reel I want under the tree!

    15LD2 for 25-30# live bait. 60LD2 for Wahoo trolling rig.
  249. T

    Up Coming 10 day Trips - Last of the year, Who's going?

    Dam. Cows on a 10 dayer. Wow. Go get um
  250. T

    Got my Christmas tree up

    Bitchin. Merry Christmas!
  251. T

    Looking for some info.

    I Don't know who One Man Charters is....but....if I was him and saw you coming, I wouldn't let you on my boat. You got some issues you need to work thru. Shit.
  252. T

    WFO Lobster all you wanted.......

    I don't know you sir...but your a fucker. Dam what a spread.
  253. T

    Gil Marlin Sucks

    Hell I doubt Scott could find it.
  254. T

    Starting 'em off

    That's bitchin!!!
  255. T

    Gil Marlin Sucks

    Scott that rod I bought from you didn't catch any fish on my 10 day trip. Its your fucking fault. You suck the big one. Tex
  256. T

    Nothing like a holiday dinner with friends!

    Dam right. Squirrel is good stuff.
  257. T

    BUGS WFO CAT IN 180FT 11-3-16

    Don't laugh. I'm landlocked here in Texas. Those lobsters that are in the boat. Are they still alive?
  258. T

    Excel Melton 10 day

    I guess Mark is calling me simple minded. He's probably right. Hell I'd find it difficult to run a rubber machine.
  259. T

    Excel Melton 10 day

    I am speaking English. Its you guys out there on the west coast that don't talk right.
  260. T

    SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    BD needs to pass a rule. No smoking crack while posting fishing reports. I couldn't understand a fucking bit of it. Man lay off the shit.
  261. T

    Too much!

    Hell no. Take everything! I took 14 rods and 15 reels with me on the same trip hucklongfin (Mark) was on. We were actually room mates. That was a bitchin trip wasn't it Mark?
  262. T

    New to Blood Decks forum. Hello!

    I miss the BOTD forum. :(
  263. T

    Excel Melton 10 day

    Holy shit. Cows on a 10 dayer mixed in with some hoos and yellers. Dam right!
  264. T

    Spectra color--white too visible?

    Yep. I knew every time I saw that reel with that green shit coming down the rail there was going to be another tangled up mess.
  265. T


    Hay Mark. What rod were you using for your trolling rig?
  266. T

    Rod for throwing iron and bombs

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Much appreciated. Tex
  267. T

    When Long Range and Life Collide

    So glad all turned out right for you. Live life to the fullest!
  268. T

    NIB WTF?

    I remember that guy also. Seems like he was from northern Cal. Maybe 2 years ago. He bought a ton of new shit. Some of which he was posting in the classifieds two to four weeks after he bought it. He musta had a gold mine or something.
  269. T


    Seeker G6455XH-AR Calstar 6460XH-AR Penn 50100C66 or Calstar 660XXH-AR
  270. T


    I think I will give him a ring and see how he's doing.
  271. T


    I'm not sure what Mr. Loust was trying to do to this octopus, but I snapped a pic none the less.
  272. T


    John are you sure you weren't stoned when I snapped this pic?
  273. T

    JRI Vagabond 8 day

    That is one big ass yellowtail. I bet he was a bitch pulling up out of the depts. Congrats.
  274. T


    I love um. They are my dropper loop rigs. I have 550 yards of 80# Izor solid on them. That gives me room for a long top shot of 60# mono.
  275. T


    Well.....2 years I met a couple of guys from New Jersey. They didn't seem all that bright. They had all this fishing gear and didn't know how to use it or what to do with it. So they gave it all to me.
  276. T


    Ed asked me if I had a pic of my gear that I took on the trip. Here is a pic of my rigs. 2 - 25N's 2 - STTLD50's 2 - 40NLD2's 3 - SQL16VS 1 - 16VSX, 30VSX, and 50VSX 2 - Baja's 1 - 30LD2 that I bought at the landing. They had it priced to sell. 6 - Penn 700H rods 1 - Penn 700M and 700ML rods 1 -...
  277. T

    Rod for throwing iron and bombs

    Yeah. Probably so. But I was having such good luck using bait I really didn't think about him having the rods on the boat.
  278. T

    Rod for throwing iron and bombs

    What would be a good rod(s) for throwing iron at yellowtail and wahoo. I have a bunch of 700H's but cannot get the distance I want. I'm thinking 800H. Will be strapping on either a Baja or 40NLD2. I have several of both reels. Thanks Tex
  279. T


    Great right up John. In 2014 when I picked the Phenix Rods 10 day trip aboard the Excel I basically reached into a hat and picked it. No rhyme or reason for it except for the fact I wanted to go on a minimum 10 day trip. I could not have picked a better trip with a great group of guys. I didn't...
  280. T


    Bruce caught it. Almost had it to the boat when Mr. Smilee came in and reaped the harvest.
  281. T


    When I was crossing the state line from Arizona to CA the border patrol asked me what I had in my suburban. Apparently my truck looked like I was bootlegging whisky with it riding on the overloads. I told them I was going fishing. With my Texan southern accent (which I dont have) they said go...
  282. T


    Correction. Bart is a fuckin yankee bastard. He likes sheepshead more than he likes pussy.
  283. T


    A couple of mine. Here ya go Bart. Now your a BD's star.
  284. T


    Yes in deed. Great friends. Great food. Great drinks. Great Crew. Great boat. Great catch. No drama. What more could you want?
  285. T

    Dude is lucky, but this could have been the start of a really bad day

    Wonder how many times that guy shit his self?
  286. T

    wheres the report

    How ya doing bud? He posted a short report yesterday. Scroll down a bit and you will find it. It sounds like he stayed a while out in CA after we all parted ways Wed morning. I think he has family out there. He stated he would try and type up a full report over the weekend. Your cardiologist was...
  287. T


    I'm rooting for you John. Get healed up buddy. You cant let Ed outdo you on the long rod.
  288. T

    Wahoo bait leader length?

    14 to 18 plenty long
  289. T

    Footwear recommendations

    Crocs day and nite.
  290. T


    Well I couldn't resist. I will have a 25NLD2 waiting for me when I get to SD.
  291. T

    Chicken man wins battle over toothy Wahoo

    Hell yes. Getting on the X 9-25. Mothernature. No hurricanes please.
  292. T

    Arm and hand cramps

    Filthy bastard.
  293. T

    First time my boat catalina

    What dam boat?!?!?
  294. T

    Fathom 40nld 2speed

    It don't get no better than that. I have 2 40NLD2's. Mine also spooled with 80# solid Izor. Fixing to get them wet on a 10 day.
  295. T

    PENN 209 Level Wind questions

    Good info there Steve. I have 2 9M's, a 209, 2 210's and 4 309's. In all my years I only had to replace one pawl. Keep them and the worm greased/lubed and they will last a long long time.
  296. T


    Hay buddy. I think Danny told me your buddy Pete wasn't going to make it, but you got some other guys coming with you. Looking forward to sharing the rail with you again. Fishing and friends. That's what it's all about. See you next week. Tex.
  297. T


    Why you dam Yankee son of a bitch. Welcome to BD. I'm ready to go. I've got shit scattered from my gun/fishing room, to my Africa room, and to the living room.
  298. T

    Looking for suggestions on LR Reel Lineup...

    I understand that buddy. Take care and enjoy the adventure. But beware......long range fishing is very addictive. Tex.
  299. T


    I might do that. Its a bitch parking at the San Diego Charkbait store because of the shopping center...and i'll be in my suburban to boot.
  300. T


    Thanks Steve. Yeah. When I go into a tackle store I start getting weak at the knees and slobbering.
  301. T

    Excel or Intrepid??

    i booked early. dam great bunch of fisher people.
  302. T

    Long range is not just fishing

    hay bud. left you a message on your thread about our trip on the big X.
  303. T


    alright suns a bitches. the trip is almost upon us. i need to pick up some spirits. already have my cigars. i have 14 rigs ready to go. just need to set my drags. may pick up one or two more reels. Thinking of Penn FTH 30LD2. they can go 20, 30, and 40 live bait rigs. any place around the Excel...
  304. T

    Looking for suggestions on LR Reel Lineup...

    You live in PA. I live in TX. We are both than just a few miles from SD. I have fished numerous 36 to 56 hour trips out in the GOM. These do not come close to a long range trip out of SD. Do yourself a big favor and do not go on anything less than a 10 dayer.
  305. T

    Top Gun 3.5 day report

    Congrats. Looks like you had a swell time, caught some great fish, and made some new friends. That's what long range fishing is all about. Tex
  306. T

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Great report sir. Sounded like a bitchin trip. Tex.
  307. T

    Intrepid 8 day, Anglers Choice Tackle trip results

    Congrats on a great trip. Looking forward to my 10 dayer on the Excel starting the end of Sept. Stoked to say the least.
  308. T

    Sato Crimp Loose Spectra

    This will be my first year using the Sato system. I crimped 100# mono to 100 JB hollow and 100# mono to 130# JB hollow. Will try to hang me a grouper at night. Following Wahoodads advise I tac glued the last 6" for insurance. That tac glue is some sticky shit. Tex.
  309. T

    Full fish holds on the Voyager!

    Dam she is my kind of girl. Good looking and can talk trash.
  310. T

    Another Angler Ruined At The Start

    Man that is too cool. Great job. Bitchin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  311. T

    PENN 209 Level Wind questions

    The 209 is eeeeeeasy to cast. It is what I cut my teeth on learning to cast back in the day about 35 years ago. I still have it and I still use it. I have it on like a 6' rod. With a 2 ounce weight and bait, I can chunk it a mile. I caught many a black tip shark on it off piers at the Texas...
  312. T

    Another reason to hate Carl...

    Oh. I dragged you into this. What are friends for? That rod I bought from you back in 2014 killed the yellow tail. Planning on using it again this year as one of my dropper loop rigs.
  313. T

    How full with spectra?

    I've got 450 yards each on my 2 40NLD2's of 80 solid Izor. I had Ken's put it on for me. But I don't have but about 25-30' of room for a top shot...which is what I instructed Ken to do for me. Probably a difference in the diameters of the 80 hollow and 80 solid. Nevertheless I'm happy. Fixin to...
  314. T

    Another reason to hate Carl...

    AKA carp here in Texas.
  315. T

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Glad all are safe and going home to their love ones.
  316. T

    How full with spectra?

    I got 600 yards of 100 JBH on my 30VSX and 600 of 130 JBH on my 50VSX. All the way to the top with enough room for a 25-30' top shot.
  317. T


    Its nice to have buddies. In times of need we must all pull together. I have other medical issues i have to address soon, but we must all have faith in The Lord Jesus Christ. Whether in our personal lives or otherwise. Tex
  318. T

    Another reason to hate Carl...

    You should have told them Scott "Gil Marlin" gave you the hooks and told you they were top of the line. Everybody knows that Scott tells the truth.........................
  319. T


    I have 14 rigs I'm toting with me. I told myself if I got good news from my prostate biopsy I would spring for a new reel. My doctor told me this morning NO cancer.
  320. T


    Well I guess there is some miscommunication somewhere. A couple of Sundays ago when me and you were talking on the phone and about that time Bart called my soon as me and you hung up I called Bart. He was all smiles telling me that you were actually buying him rigs for his own use...
  321. T

    Trophy Grouper..... Intrepid with a nice grouper

    I want one! Nice fish there brother.
  322. T


    Ok. Lets have a count. This is a 10 day trip. How many rigs are you taking? How many tackle whores are going to be on this trip? The Excel is the biggest boat in the fleet. I dont think we can over load her. Speak up fisher people!!!
  323. T

    79# Yellowtail from the Shogun

    :worship: WOW. You are D man. Great fish.
  324. T

    Travel Insurance

    Going on a 10 dayer the last of Sept 2016. Who do you guys recommend?
  325. T


    I got my snoopy pole ready along with a Zebco 404. Tex.
  326. T


    OH My God. You been talking to Bart?? Why that east coast yankee bastard don't know shit about west coast fishing. Hell he's from New Jersey. You cant even understand what he says...but he says the same thing about me so I guess that makes us even. Me and Bart are buds like most of the other...
  327. T

    Huge 269-pound bluefin tuna on PENN 50VSW at the 43

    Man that's bitchin. Great going Ken. Tex
  328. T

    Smoking On Sportboats

    Fuck. Lite up. Enjoy.
  329. T

    Wire for Wahoo?

    Thank you sir. Good information there.
  330. T

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    I just got my crimps in today. Havent tried to crimp yet.
  331. T

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Per the instructions I received with my Nicopress crimpers when using a 17-B4B with 3/64 crimps you crimp 3 times. But using a 33V-CGB4 only 1 crimp. I presume this works for fishing line as well.
  332. T

    Newbie question about Bonitas/Mauraders?

    Knowing my rotten ass luck I'd saw every sumbitch off. My luck ain't the greatest.
  333. T

    Newbie question about Bonitas/Mauraders?

    Please be sure and ask if its ok to fish the slide after a troll hook up. Some boats do not allow it. I know the Excel doesn't. Good luck on your trip. Tex
  334. T

    Wahoo hooks

    Thanks. I've always been a professional masterbaiter. I tried throwing some jigs and bombs at hoos before but I didn't have much luck. Not that I didn't put the effort in it I just had better luck with bait. I've always read that single hooks are better, was just curious about 3 ways. Have a...
  335. T

    Wahoo hooks

    Stupid question I know. Most all the jigs we use in the GOM for tuna have 3 way aka treble hooks on them. Can I use the same jigs for Wahoo or will I have to change them out to one way aka single hooks?
  336. T

    Went Fishing ... Caught 4 Deer

    God is Great!
  337. T

    Ken's and Cal's

    Back in 2014 I called up Cal and talked about what the reels I had and what I planned on doing with them. I told him I was on a 10 day variety trip. I wanted to get my 16VSX blueprinted but I asked him about doing the same thing to my 30 and 50VSX. Those are my heavy heavy dropper loop rigs. He...
  338. T

    Ken's and Cal's

    In 2014 I had Cal and his gang hotrod and blueprint my 16VSX, and put line on my 30 and 50VSX. All 3 reels came back home as expected. Excellent work. This year I thought about checking Ken's out. Sent him 5 reels to put line on. All Penn reels needless to say. Fathom 25N, 2 each 40NLD2's, and...
  339. T

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    I measured the holes in my Nicopress crimper using new drill bits. If the holes in yours are close I bet the crimps will work ok. B4 crimps for 130-250 lb line = 1/8" or 3.2MM C1 crimps for 250-400 lb line = between 5/32" and 11/64". I would call it 4MM G1 crimps for 500-600 lb line = 15/64" or...
  340. T

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    I got to work this morning and found an email from Mr. Pappas. A transaction receipt for a refund of the shipping charges just like he said he was going to do. Thank you sir.
  341. T

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    No. I'm not all knowing by any means of the word. I'm sure you have forgotten more info about long range fishing than I will ever know. I depend on you veterans of the sport to teach me. Please accept my apology. Maybe i can buy you a beer one of these days and shake your hand. Tex. Opinions...
  342. T

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Don't be a shit head Steve which you are right now.
  343. T

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Thank you Jeff for telling me about BHP tackle. I immediately ordered 6 packages of crimps after I got your reply. Mr. Pappas saw my post on BD's and replied to me via email. He stated he was not going to charge me for the shipping fee. Basil has my business for life. Tex
  344. T

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Not being a smart ass Steve in any way. The Nicopress crimps have been developed for use with the Nicopress tools. I have the 17-BA and 33V-CGB4 crimping tools. Cost about $250 together. Why would I cheat myself by going cheap when my trip cost $K of dollars?
  345. T

    Catfish Ceviche

    3' long worm. son of a fuckin bitch. LOL
  346. T

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Excellent. I appreciate it Jeff.
  347. T

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Ok. On the Nicopress website I see copper, zinc plated copper, tin plated copper, but no nickel plated copper. Which one do I need or does it make a rats ass? I want some B1, B4, and C crimps. Tex
  348. T

    Shogun at the Lupe on a 4 day

    Tear um a new ass!
  349. T

    Ringed Eagle Claw Trokars?

    I've been sold for years on the Owner ringed Mutu, ringed Gorilla, and ringed Offshore hooks. Dam strong and sharp. Tex
  350. T

    Old Newbie

    Welcome to BD sir. I live up here in North Texas but try to make it to the coast every chance I get. Was down at Port A last week. Hot son of a bitch all week. Hotter than usual. I have fished the Capt John out of Galveston numerous times, the Scat Cat out of Port A, and The Big E when she was...
  351. T

    List of reels with live spindle design?

    Hell I thought Penn reels were built that way from the start. Way back in the 80's my first reel was a 309. That's the way I started fishing it. Pull back on the spool a bit and then disengage it. From my little 9M's to 209's, 210's, 320's, 4/0 up to my 14/0, and now my Fathoms, Squalls, Baja's...
  352. T

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    For everyone's info. Mustad changed the 94150 to a 94151. Same hook. Different number. I just bought a bunch from Charkbait.
  353. T

    75 lb Yellowtail

    wow bitchin
  354. T

    First Aid Kits

    lying MF'er :finger:
  355. T

    First Aid Kits

    lying MF'er :finger:LOL
  356. T

    First Aid Kits

    You know i'm 56 years old. If you ask anybody around my age if they have ever had any problem getting it up...or if they have shit or pissed their pants...and they tell you no...they are a lying son of a fucking bitch. Your on a rocking boat...having fun...away from "life" have a few...
  357. T

    First Aid Kits

    Are these over the counter
  358. T

    Spectra recommendation for saltist 50

    mine are filled almost to the top. i use them for 40# rigs along with 2 Fth40NLD2's. I put about 25-30' of floro on them.
  359. T

    Spectra recommendation for saltist 50

    I have 2 of these reels. Load um up with 65# Izor
  360. T

    kids & seasickness prevention, what do you use???

    Get a Seaband and some Dramamine. Have him put the band on the day before the trip and give him the Dramamine the day before. Tell him if you do this you will not get sick then don't mention the "sick" word again. Then the day of the trip give him 1/2 pill of Dramamine. Then another half about...
  361. T

    65 lb vs 80 lb braid

    i have 2. getting 80# Izor put on them with enough room for about a 25' leader.
  362. T

    Reliable, economical 50lb class 2-speed reel?

    Fathom 40NLD2. I have 2. Got um on sale for $200 each. I'm having them loaded with 80# Izor.
  363. T

    30# Rig

    FTH25N and 700M. FTH25N and 700ML. Tex.
  364. T

    Monster 242-pound bluefin off Oceanside on a PENN Fathom FTH30LD2

    Way cool. I just recently bought 2 FTH40NLD2's. Putting 80# Izor on them
  365. T

    Website issues???

    Mine is still screwed up as well. it hangs up when I try to back out of a thread. It asks me do I want to leave this page.
  366. T

    Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris Trip Report

    Good report kid. Welcome to LR fishing. You will turn into a tackle whore before you know it.
  367. T

    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    I can only dream. Wow what a fish. I just shit my pants.
  368. T

    Beginner learning to use penn reels

    Make sure you have a fairly blunt pointy device to dig out the birdsnests. Your going to need it. I'm 56 years young. i still do it from time to time. Good luck young man. Practice is the key.
  369. T

    Swordfish RAW

    Holy motherfucker what a fish. Big congrats Ali.
  370. T

    newbie shark fishing

    and they get up on the beach like that...and they bite as well?
  371. T

    Reds and Groupers

    good mess of fish right there.
  372. T

    newbie shark fishing

    What the fuck is that thing in the bottom picture?
  373. T

    My latest capture 100 plus

    Way to go man! Good fish and you helped someone in need. Good job sir!! Tex
  374. T

    Handle length settings

    Don't be embarrassed about asking questions. That's what this forum is for. Learning. You want the most leverage and cranking power you can get. I have all mine on the outside hole. Good fishing. Tex
  375. T

    Little girl, big bluefin!

    Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  376. T

    AC DC or it doesn't matter

    thank god for that little blue pill...................dam this thread is going down the shit shoot in a hurry...........ok back to fishing
  377. T

    AC DC or it doesn't matter

    The only time for me is when i'm dropper looping. I thread the hook back to front. I want my live bait facing away and out from my main line. Kind of like holding your palm up
  378. T

    Braid cutters / scissors

    thanks guys
  379. T

    Braid cutters / scissors

    Other than using a knife, what kind of cutters / scissors are pretty decent for cutting 50 - 130# braid? I use both solid and hollow core. Thank ya.
  380. T

    Top Shot Vs. Leader?? Please Educate this Noob...

    Top shot. Leader. Wind on's. All about the same but can be subjective depending who is talking about them. To me a top shot is a mono/floro length of about 30-50' attached to your braid. Leader 3-15'. Wind on. Depends on who made it and wants to call it a wind on.
  381. T

    New to the forum but not to Tuna and Wahoo

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people on here and lots of bullshit sometimes.
  382. T

    Wire for Wahoo?

    Wahoo are so unpredictable. They are a cross between a toddler, a bullet, and a drug fiend. You don't know what they are going to do...they do it very fast...and always looking for a fix be it either live bait or artificial. I hooked one at the rocks on live bait. I was on the ass end of the...
  383. T

    Tackle Question For First Time Long Range Trip.

    i have 2 of the 25N SD reels. i use them for 30# live bait altho they can fish heavier. Good luck on your trip. San Diego Long Range fishing is very addictive. You'll be buying shit behind your partners back. Where'd that come from?? Oh i picked it up at a garage sale. it was cheap. Lying son...
  384. T

    Wahoo. What length......

    Whether using single strand, multi strand, or K2K...what is the ideal length of your live bait wire leader? For hoo's i use Owner live bait or gorilla hooks. Thanks. God Bless the USA.
  385. T

    Cool Underwear

    Fuck drawers. Ain't wore um in years. Free ballin is the only way to go. I wonder who my room mate is going to be on the Excel this year?
  386. T

    Penn 12 VSX

    I know what one looks like! I have a 16, 30 and 50. I want to see the one that is for sale. Do you mind guys.
  387. T

    Penn 12 VSX

    Pictures please
  388. T

    Still rolling on dry land.

    Normally after a 10 dayer i will roll and wobble after getting out of the bed for 2 or 3 days but i enjoy it. It gives me the the feeling that I am still on the water just me, myself, and I, with my fishing buddies and just enjoying life. Fuck the world.
  389. T

    1st trip on the Excell ..things to know

    If you noticed I didn't state AM or PM. LOL. I'll see you on the boat. Have a good 4th.
  390. T

    1st trip on the Excell ..things to know

    Bring plenty of cran and vodka. no drinking until after 10.
  391. T

    Telephone Poles...

    Dam Scott you suck
  392. T

    Crew treats?

    okee doke. Thanks Steve.
  393. T

    Smokin great spring 8-day on the Rooster

    Holy macarolles Jeff. Them are some big yellers. Congrats. Looks like you had a bitchin time. Good write up. Looks like some fine eating.
  394. T

    Best drag setting and how to do it

    On my LD's i let the crew set the drags. When fishing I start off with the drag set light maybe at 2 or 3. When i get a bite i let the fish run just a bit and then start pushing the lever to strike. Works for me. On my star drags i go by feel. I will have my drag backed off a bit. When i...
  395. T

    Wire for Wahoo?

    Hi Jim. I bought 2 each rolls of 35 and 45# K2K more for use as bait rigs. I used the perfection knot for my 2/0 hook connection. Seems loose but the package says its ok. I want to use a ring at the other end so i can use a SD jam knot to my leader. I can tie the SD jam fast and in a hot bite i...
  396. T

    Crew treats?

    i tip 15% at the end of the trip. Thats me. If you want to bring the crew something at the first of the trip (whatever it may be) how do you get it to them? Wait till you get on the boat and give it to a deckie? Give it to the capt to distribute around? When is the appropriate time to give it...
  397. T

    Hoping they come back...

  398. T

    Roll Call: Trip 6 Vagabond Leaving July 1

    Have a good trip Jason. Give us a report after the trip. Tex
  399. T

    Gear checklist for 8 day trip?

    Eye glass savers. If you wear prescription lenses like i do (trifocals) you cant afford them to go swimming.
  400. T

    Fathom LD2

    oops sorry my bad. thought we were talking about the 40. my apologizes.
  401. T

    Fathom LD2

    That's not correct. The FTH40LD2 will hold (braid) 785 yds 50#, 655 of 65, and 565 of 80#.
  402. T

    Fathom LD2

    I just bought 2 of the 40NLD2's. They are adding to my 40# live bait rigs. I use the 25N's for 30#. I have 6 of the Penn Carnage 700H rods. 4 I use for 40# rigs. The other 2 get used for throwing iron and bombs using Penn Baja's.
  403. T

    1st trip on the Excell ..things to know

    We got to watch Big Al's bunch unload back in 14 before we got on. I got to meet Al (part owner of the Excel) he seemed like a really good guy. The Excel owners and crew run a really good operation. You will not be disappointed.
  404. T

    Stringing up

    ok thanks guys
  405. T

    Stringing up

    no problem man.
  406. T

    Stringing up

    Texas is a big ass state. I live in north central Texas. Home of big ass deer, hawgs, mountain lions, bob cats, quail, and dove. And yes, i have the guns and ammo to take them all. Life member of the NRA...but we aint got no salt water up here much less someone that can string up saltwater...
  407. T

    Stringing up

    I have 5 reels maybe 6 to get line put on them prior to my late Sept 2016 10 dayer on the XL. I dont wont to be rushed for time when i get to SD. Who do yawl recommend i ship them to and get them back to my house prior to me leaving Texas?
  408. T

    1st trip on the Excell ..things to know

    When you see the rocks, your gonna shit. 480 miles SSW of SD and about 160 miles off the Mex coast. Its worth the time and money just to see them. They are majestic. What nature created out in the middle if nowhere. I was on this same trip in 14 and going back this year. Great group of guys and...
  409. T

    New Reel Help For BFT Brutes Please

    i just picked up two 40's for $200 each from Tackle Direct. Check it out.
  410. T

    100, 130, 150, what knot or crimp

    thanks guys.
  411. T

    100, 130, 150, what knot or crimp

    ok. thanks
  412. T

    100, 130, 150, what knot or crimp

    10 day Excel trip late Sept. unless I'm too tired of fighting all the YT, YFT, Dodos, Hoo's, and all the other fish i hope to catch (God willing) i want to do some Grouper fishing at night. I will be toting my 30 and 50 VSX rigs with me. The leaders will be either 100, 130, or 150# , mono or...
  413. T

    Tac Glue, Sato, or both

    Thank you Steve for offering to send a sample. But because of all the responses i gave gotten from you and everyone else, i feel i have the info i need. Again, thanks for the offer. Have a good weekend.
  414. T

    Tac Glue, Sato, or both

    Very good sir. Thank you
  415. T

    Tac Glue, Sato, or both

    Hoodad. Do you follow the Sato method inserting the leader 4-5' inside the hollow; crimping at the connection; then using the Tac glue?
  416. T

    Tac Glue, Sato, or both

    I figured I'd match the same # mono with the same # hollow. Would you do something different? If so please advise.
  417. T

    Tac Glue, Sato, or both

    I want to try and get in some Grouper fishing at night on my 10 dayer in September. I have 100# JB hollow on one reel and 130 on another that I'm taking. I already have a Sato kit. Should I use the Sato method by itself? Or the Tacglue by itself? Or for insurance use both when splicing in my...
  418. T

    What is it about 40lb set ups?

    Were all a bunch of dam whores. I'm taking 4 dedicated 40# rigs on my 10 day Excel trip in Sept plus 4 more than could be fished 40# by just changing leader size.
  419. T

    booked a trip ?? fish cleaning?? my own where??

    Holy shit. I takes me 2 days to drive to SD from Texas. He must be flying low haulin ass or he's driving thru the night.
  420. T

    What do you use or could I make/attach to stabilize the SKB 7200?

    I don't bother trying to get a spot on the racks/shelf for my SKB. I need room. I take all my crap upstairs. I don't even think about putting rods in my rocket launchers on my SKB. I can just look at the box and it wants to turn over. If the boat allows it get you a milk crate and some PVC pipe.
  421. T

    Good 30 lb setup

    Fathoms are the way to go. I have 2 Fathom 25N's (alto not 2 speed) I use for 30# live bait rigs and I just ordered 2 Fathom 40NLD2's that will show up here Wednesday that I will add to my 40# live bait rigs. (Looking forward to our 10 dayer in September Mark. Chomping at the bits) Tex.
  422. T

    An Unexpected Turn of Fate

    Sorry about you and your wife's loss Jim. You have called me several times asking about issues in my life and it was very much appreciated. You take care buddy. Tex.
  423. T

    Floro or Mono for yellow tail

    Thanks guys for all the replies. I appreciate it. Tex.
  424. T

    Floro or Mono for yellow tail

    Hi guys. I'm on the X again this year on a ten dayer leaving 9-25. I was using 40# floro on my fly lined rigs and 60# mono on my dropper loop rigs. I caught a lot of yellow tail using both setups. Do i need floro on my fly lined rigs with the understanding there could be some YFT around also...
  425. T


    looking forward to fishing with you Mike. My first trip on the X i was apprehensive not knowing anyone on the trip. yes i had been conversing with them via bloodydecks, fone, and emails...but still i was by myself...but after a couple of days we all just bleended together. great group of guys...
  426. T


    good luck on the Shogun Ed. Be sure and take the long rod. looking forward to sharing the rail with you again.
  427. T

    A Perfectly good question

    good one!!!!!!!!!!
  428. T


    hi guys. sorry i couldn't make it last year. but im going this year. i missed all you guys. including that yankee bastard Bart from Jersey. Bart called me the other day. It was glad to hear from him. im gearing up with my Peen rod and reels to kick ass.
  429. T


    Going on the Big X again, 10 dayer, late Sept-Early Oct this year (cant wait). Trying to lighten up my load of terminal tackle. What is the heaviest wire you need to pack?
  430. T

    Condolences to Mikey Likes It

    i dont know you sir, but im sorry for your loss. i lost my dad in 91. i tried to revive him with CPR. i failed. it took me years to get over it. take care sir
  431. T

    Lower Banks 2015 - Get Down Here!

    go get um guys. my dream is to catch a cow. you guys are so lucky to be going on the big XL. she is a beautiful girl. tight lines
  432. T

    Took My 4 Year Old Fishing (but not Catching) for Wahoo - 10/25/15

    bitchin man. great report with your son!!!!!!!!!!
  433. T

    Shogun offload.....sick

  434. T

    Too Many set ups for Lupe.

    thats right. fuck it. bring it all. you'll be happier knowing you have it. my first 10 day trip i took 11 rigs. 1 ea 30# bait 2 ea 40# bait 2 ea drooper loop rigs that could have doubled for 50/60# live bait rigs 1 ea yoyo rig 1 ea lite iron 1 ea heavy iron 1 ea 80# live bait 1 ea 100# live bait...
  435. T

    Cocktail/Wine Glasses

    shit. none what so ever. an alcoholic has to go to meetings...a drunk don't
  436. T

    Hurricane Season came early.....

    Be safe guys and gals to the south.
  437. T

    Cocktail/Wine Glasses

    bunch of dam drunks.
  438. T

    Jason caught a Wahoo!

    enjoy the time with your dad. mine went up to heaven when i was 31 years old back in 1991. congrats on the hoo
  439. T

    Ono dos

    thanks for the report! congrats
  440. T

    Solo run 10/13...What was I thinking!

    Congrats man. WOW. Great job.
  441. T

    Massive failure of Fin Nor Lethal 100

    That's what I call stepping up to the plate.
  442. T

    Holy shit Carl has stepped up to the 21st century

    iphone simple smart phone my ass
  443. T

    Holy shit Carl has stepped up to the 21st century

    I have to agree Carl. My old cell had a rotary dial. Wife said lets get new fones. Upgrade. I said ok I guess. iPhone 5. fucker has got more buttons (icons is guess is what you call them) than a space ship. My dam fingers are so big I have to carry around a rubber tipped pen. Dam thing makes...
  444. T

    Osborn Bank 10-9-15

    Nice report. Great fishes.
  445. T

    Overnight/ One Day - What To Bring ?

    Bring it all.
  446. T

    Historic flooding in Columbia, South Carolina

    Hopeing for the best also. Lots of water. Tex
  447. T

    Avery got one!

    VERY COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  448. T

    SQL16VS or FTH60LD2

    Having a hard time finding physical sizes of these 2 reels on the net. Are they about the same size or no?
  449. T


    i dont think the OP can get it up
  450. T

    Scored!!! Yay!!!

    Went into Roy's tackle shop here in Corpus Christi and they made me a deal on Penn Carnage rods. 25% off. I paid $134.99 for 3 each for 700H rods. Yay!! I also got a FTH25N for 15% off...$$186.99...but by the time i got out of there i blew a grand...dam San Diego long range fishing
  451. T


    One can never have too many shoes...eer fishing shit. have a good trip.
  452. T

    Cool Underwear

    Just a tee shirt at the rail. you'll have plenty of breathing room.
  453. T

    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    So your ass and nut areas swet profucily...and you want to know what other fisherpeople do...and what kind of sleeping ensemble other people use. Thay aint nothing right about that question. Next thing your going to ask is what type of butt butter other people use for hemorids. DAMM!!!!!!!!!
  454. T

    3 guys need help

    Shannon. Do not waste time and money on anything less than a 10 day trip. I live in Texas, a few miles closer to SD but still a long dam way. i have been fishing the GOM for years. About the longest trip out of the TX gulf is 56 hours, sometimes a little longer. I told myself the first LR trip...
  455. T

    Cool Underwear

    Drawers??? Who this day and age wears drawers???
  456. T

    Penn Fathom 30 LD two speed

    How much JB 80# did you get on it? How much 100# leader did you get on it also? Did you use a knot to make the connection, or did you slip the leader up into the hollow? Did you use a Sato crimp?
  457. T

    best time of year for LR fishing

    Oh and Josh. You made a hell of a good choice going with the X. I was very impressed with her.
  458. T

    best time of year for LR fishing

    The rocks are amazing to see. They are majestic. Protecting their part of the ocean. Something for me that's hard to figger out tho is, there are antennas on top of one of the rocks, has to be a transmitter, so how does the equipment get serviced? You can see the waves breaking on the submerged...
  459. T

    Lake Havasu

    what catfish????
  460. T

    In Memory Of My Brother

    i dont know you sir...but my deepest prayers are sent.
  461. T

    SQL16VS or FTH60LD2

    ok. so unless you over load a 2 speed squall with line sizes over its rated specs, it will do great as a drooper loop rig? I used a top shot of 60# mono and had a blast catching yellow tails on a SQL16. then the decision is between metal or graphite frames? No? Yes? for drooper looping?
  462. T

    strike pro tuna hunter poppers

    thanks for the info Jim. I love conventional reels...but i do have to say i own a couple of coffee grinders.
  463. T

    SQL16VS or FTH60LD2

    hello? anybody home??
  464. T

    Hay Steve about those new 2016 rods

    You quoted "If you can wait until the new 2016 models start to arrive in late September-early October, the new PENN CARBWII80200C70 is a nice match with that reel too". So will any of the 2016 rods be labeled 700, 700H, 700MH, etc? If not, can you provide a "crossover" list so we can match up...
  465. T

    SQL16VS or FTH60LD2

    I used a SQL16VS for one of my dropper loop rigs on a 10 dayer. Loved it. Looking at another 1 or 2 more reels for the same job. Cant have too many backups. Price wise they are close together. The SQL weights more. The FTH is metal. Which do yawl recommend and why for dropper looping?
  466. T

    Tackle Recommendations?

    bring everything you got
  467. T

    Caught this on 50lb rig!!!!!

    Mr. Marlin...I bet your eyes are brown arent they
  468. T

    Caught this on 50lb rig!!!!!

    And these things know how to get back home? I guess they are solar powered?
  469. T

    why are there so many one uppers

    You fuckers dont make a bit of since. Put down the crack pipe.
  470. T

    Caught this on 50lb rig!!!!!

    For a land locked Texan, what is it?
  471. T

    The Steel Breeze (7 Days on the INDY July 2015)

    Nice report. Thanks for posting. Land locked sucks.
  472. T

    Lake Livingston Texas !!!

    Way to go!!!!!!! Nice catch. When's the beer drink and fish fry?
  473. T

    bust a move

    run that by me again????????????????????????
  474. T

    Advice on Long Range Trip

    Seriously tho. When you get to the docks on that first morning your going to be nervous. Will I fit in? I dont want to be "that guy". Dont worry. You will have the best time. When you get out on the water, nothing else matters. The ocean is soooooo relaxing. Have a wonderful time. You will catch...
  475. T

    Advice on Long Range Trip

    Your fucking up Dan. Do not go on any long range trips. There addicting like dope. You'll become a tackle whore. You'll buy shit behind your GF/wifes back. You'll stay awake at night wondering if you have enough fishing shit. Do i need this. Do i need that. DONT do it.
  476. T

    7/28 Blind squirrel gets nut

    nice report. congrats
  477. T

    Going deep paid off

    wow. land locked in Texas 11 hours from the GOM and several hundred miles from the left coast. i envy you guys. Nice fishes. Congrats. Tex.
  478. T

    Smoking Section on Sport Boats

    Enjoy. Lite up. God I love a good cigar.
  479. T

    Penn Fathom 2 speeds Any Reviews?

    I used a Fathom 25 star drag for my 30# rig. Caught 5 dodo's with it. Casts great. Will be adding a 25LD 2 speed for another 30# bait rig, plus 2 each 40LD 2 speeds to go with my other 2 - 40# bait rigs. I learned on my first 10 day trip that you better have numerous 30 and 40# live bait set...
  480. T

    wish penn would made a phantom

    Yeah. Its called a Fathom 40LD2 speed. No???????
  481. T

    Raw yellow tail

  482. T

    NEW for 2016; PENN International reels in SILVER!

    I have a 16, 30, and 50 VSX. I want to finish out MY set with a 12 VSX in gold. Then i might think about a silver model. Everybody rolls their own. Penn Rocks.
  483. T

    Heavy spectra to mono connections

    Thats a dam good looking knot
  484. T

    40# reel Penn Fathom 25nld 2 speed what else?

    Yes sir. But its in 2016. Hope your on the same trip again.
  485. T

    40# reel Penn Fathom 25nld 2 speed what else?

    I used a 25N star drag on my Excel trip for my 30# live bait rig. Loved it. Caught numerous dodo's on it. Will be adding the 2 speed 25N to my quiver for my next trip.
  486. T

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/11-7/18 - Official Report

    Very good write up sir. I went on my first 10 day trip on the Excel the end of Sept into Oct of last year. Im booked again for 2016. Cant wait. And you are right, the rocks are majestic. Tex.
  487. T

    American Angler 5 day, Salas Trip, 7/5-10

    thank you for the nice report. great goin giving to the church. God bless
  488. T

    Brave Man Jokes for a Friday

  489. T

    Ride The Lightning 07-18-15

    motherfucker thats a big fish
  490. T

    Need some up to date advice on Tackle Storage.

    First Rick, the Excel is a wonderful boat. You will not be disappointed. I have another 10 dayer booked for 2016. Could not get here soon enough. There is adequate space for your tackle box on the main deck, but with all the fisher people on board it gets some what crowded. The upper deck is...
  491. T

    Eyebrow Witness News....

    Motherfucker. This fucker has to be from the west coast. Down here in Texas a sumbitch like that be drug out behind the bar and a bunch of red necks whoop the dawg shit outta him.
  492. T

    fs: custom calstar 6460xh 40-100lb trolling rod

    Can you not use this as a stand up rod
  493. T

    wts calstar Baja boomer full roller rod (so cal)

    Pardon my ignorance. Would this rod be ok for dropper looping on a 10 day trip?
  494. T

    Deep dropper loop fishing : mono or fluoro?

    On a 10 day trip i was using a 60 # mono top shot about 20' long, 20 oz sinker, and a 2/0 live bait hook fishing sardines. I would drop to the bottom then reel up several cranks. i left the drag fairly light till i knew the YT was hooked then push it on up. God them things fight hard. I caught...
  495. T

    I Love Pudding.........

    you know that fuckers guilty as sin
  496. T

    what the ????

    hell since my goat died i been doin without. anybody tried one of these?
  497. T

    Fathom 25NLD2

    Any issues with casting a sardine away from the boat to get away from the skipjacks? I like short topshots.
  498. T

    Which boat has the best skipper?

    Its all subjective. Which girl / woman have you seen lately who has the best ass / tits / camel toe / face who'd you like to fuck her brains out. Most all you fuckers would have to take a hand full of Viagra to try and even do the job. The hot woman is subjective as well as who is the best...
  499. T

    Fathom 25N

    Tore up the dorado with it on my 10 day Excel trip.
  500. T

    Question for the Wahoo experienced?

    For a newbie to LR fishing to the west coast coast this is good advise. I was on the Excel 10 day Phenix Rods trip a few weeks ago. Fishing the Texas GOM on cattle boats we use mostly diamond jigs for fishing black and yellow fin tuna. So I was not used to using the jigs and bombs to catch hoo...
  501. T

    Question for the Wahoo experienced?

    I just came off an Excel 10 dayer. The Captain did not allow fishing the slide. We had plenty of tanglements without fishing the slide. The crew of the Excel rocks when undoing spiders webs. Tex
  502. T

    Penn 16 VSX Price Reduced

    sent u a pm. Tex
  503. T

    My Penn's Rocked on the X

    I was on the Excel Phenix Rods 10 day trip and my Penn gear rocked. I took 11 rigs, with 9 reels being Penn’s, 2 Daiwa Saltists, 6 Penn rods, 1 Seeker, and 4 Calstars. I matched a Penn 700ML with a FTH25N. Dorado catching machine. Fly lined bait. Casts like a dream. 2 Penn 700H’s matched with...
  504. T

    10 day in 10 days on the Big X

    Current forcast has Rachel turning back to the south. Lets go to the rocks!!! Its nice here in SD. Just ate at Mitch's. See yawl soon. Tex
  505. T

    Anyone ever bring a VHF radio on a long range trip?

    I have numerous high band VHF radios which includes the marine band. Most all I have are programmable via computer software. I'm very seldom without one. Emergencies do happen. Ham radio operator here. Extra class. Call sign AE5RG.
  506. T


    Looking forward to it. I hope Flemings understands medium. I like my steak mooing. LoL. I have stuff strowed from my gun/fishing room to my front room to my Africa room. Yes. I'm one of those guys that carries everything plus the kitchen sink. Cant help it. I want to be prepared.
  507. T

    Which ties do u use to secure your rods?

    are those not ben wal balls? no? yes? maybe?
  508. T

    Pressure Cooker

    My mom always pressure cooked carp because it disintegrated the bones. Are you guys doing this for that reason...or because you dont have to vac pack your fish and put it in the you get longer life from fish that is canned?
  509. T


    Adelberto's on Rosecrans. Okee doke.
  510. T


    ok guys. one more time. I'm staying at the dolphin. can you please give me the address of the place that serves the menudo? i will have my own truck.
  511. T

    Today's Exercise Routine

    I got a $100 says she's a virgin
  512. T

    Is this Carl?It might be a bit disturbing

    Oh hell. Its Carl in his mask doing Scott in the ...................
  513. T


    Oh my God I love Menudo. Native born Texan with a whole lot of Mexican friends. Throw in a pig foot, and I'm in hog heaven. Where is this place? I'm staying at the Dolphin prior to my trip. You give me red beans n cornbread / menudo...I'm good.
  514. T


    My gun / fishing tackle room is not big enough to lay all my cloths out for my trip. yesterday morm before anyone else woke up, i started packing my stuff in the guest room. shorts - check t shirts - check 2 long sleeve shirts - check 12 pair socks - check crocks - check muck boots - check la...
  515. T


    I'm on it too guys. Nickname is Tex. This is my first time to the left coast. I'm laid back. I want to make some new friends...and I am not afraid to ask for help...which I will need. I am on the ass end of the booked list. I think I'm #31. I do snore...however I've never heard myself snore. I...
  516. T

    Replacing hooks on jigs

    Ok. So. My trip isn't till the latter part of Sept. I have been told by many people not to buy lures till the time of the trip. Reason being. Cost of lures plus what the fish are biting. I am a po boy. I'd rather not spend mucho $$ plus a right leg and left nut. I'm kinda fond of my nuts. Altho...
  517. T

    Replacing hooks on jigs

    Help me out here guys. Lures = all artificial baits. I would think all lure mfg's put the most useful hooks on their product. Mind you i live in Texas 11 hours away driving like a bat outta hell to get to salt water. I'm not near as educated as you west coasters. Why do you guys cut off the...
  518. T

    Damn, I love fishing. Back from 7 days on Indy.

    nice report. looking forward to my 10 days out there
  519. T

    Boat Crash on El Capitan Reservoir, 1 dead, 1 missing

    Prayers to all involved. No one knows what really happened except the people involved and the man upstairs. God please be their families.
  520. T

    Opah! in my dreams...very nice work fisher people. I would be shitting in my drawers!!!!!!
  521. T

    Fishing with the Granddaughters

    Took my 2 oldest granddaughters (a 6 yo Lizzy and 11 yo Shorty) fishing yesterday. Prior to the fishing trip, I hooked them up with some kiddy poles and let them practice casting. I tied several rubber worms on for weights. Numerous trees in the front yard were caught as was the ceiling fan in...
  522. T


    I've never seen a live grouper, much less caught one!! We dont have many of those here in north TX. i'm on a 10 dayer on the X the latter part of Sept. I'm taking 11 rigs up to and including a 50 vsx with 130# rope on it. Any other pointers anyone can give me would be very much appreciated for...
  523. T

    Transporting fish home by plane?

    Hay Jon. How ya doin? Do you provide Sarah the insulated shipping containers, or does she?
  524. T

    What Are They Going TO Do

    Thank you for your service sir.
  525. T


    i would call you a prick...but that's part of a man...which you aint. By by.
  526. T


    No Max. Your not easy. Your a typical smart ass who wants to think they know more than anyone else. People ask questions. Could they google the info? Yes. But people ask questions on this forum to get others opinions and answers because they feel (just like me) that the people on this forum will...
  527. T


    Y Your a good man Jon. I would like very much to buy you a scotch and smoke a stogie with you. Altho I'd rather drink brake fluid than drink scotch. nasty shit. but my father in law loved it. I'm more of a whisky and coke guy. I've been on this forum maybe 2 years...i loose track of time...
  528. T

    Tackle boxes and the kitchen sink.

    That's what i needed to hear. thank you Jon. Tex.
  529. T


    Well said Jon. Is Jon short for Jonathan? My youngest son is named Jonathan...but I have called him Bubba all his life. Back to the post. Not referring to you Jon at all...It just floors me how people can be complete fucking assholes when someone is just wanting to carry on a conversation...
  530. T

    Tackle boxes and the kitchen sink.

    I have a very bad habit. When I go hunting or fishing I take way too much shit. Quick examples. Used to go deer hunting 6 hours south of me. Took 4 rifles. Gotta have backups you know. If I need 2 rod and reels…I take 6…and the boat is listing to one side because of all the tackle I take. Yes. I...
  531. T

    Baja Brothers

    Alright!! Thats the way it should be.
  532. T

    Gil Marlin is too old to smoke fish, Happy Birthday

    O should have not shown Scott this pic of the cods hanging out...Scott's a sperm guzzler you know.........
  533. T

    Happy Birthday Gil Marlin....

    Happy birthday you dirty bastard...mother fucker...sumbitch...ass wipe. Have a good one buddy. Tex.
  534. T

    Storing boat on home driveway in San Diego....why not in front of house?

    Oh hell. I got to chime in. I have 2 vehicles in the front yard that dont run. 2 in the back that dont run. Careless weeds 5' high in the back yard. A broke down lawnmower on the west side of the house. My house has more antennas on it than NASA. I'm also a ham operator. Extra class. My...
  535. T

    anchovy set up whats working and whats not?

    Ok. I'm not educated using chovies for bait. So if I understand it right...there is a bone just behind the gill where you hook the this correct?
  536. T

    Fishing/Tackle shops close to the Excel.

    I will man. Thanks. And I'm counting on the rod that I bought from you catches me some fishes. big grin
  537. T

    Carl goes both ways...

    Oh and yeah. Happy birthday Carl. Now that we know you go both ways...did you get your asshole augered out for your birthday aka boned?
  538. T

    Carl goes both ways...

    He said so. Check out the thread under Fishing Chit Chat. Thread "How do you pronounce "Tady". Post # 2. Carl your a nasty bastard.
  539. T

    Fishing/Tackle shops close to the Excel.

    Well thank you Scott...I dont care what Carl said about you!
  540. T

    Fishing/Tackle shops close to the Excel.

    Thank you gents for all the replies. Very much appreciated.
  541. T

    Fishing/Tackle shops close to the Excel.

    Thank you very much guys. That is what I will do then.
  542. T


    Alright guys. I been reading your posts about the jigs, feathers, and Mexican flags. Would one of you fine gents please posts pics of what these look like or give me a website I can look at. This is very interesting stuff. Thanks.
  543. T

    Fishing/Tackle shops close to the Excel.

    Thank you gents. I speak 3 different languages. English, Spanish, and Profanity...with English and Profanity being primary and Spanish being secondary. I have that covered. I plan on leaving my gear with the X landing when I get there so I dont have to worry about it the morning when I get on...
  544. T

    How many #'s?

    I'm 54 years young. Been fishing since I could remember. I understand you can catch fish one day, and the next it sucks the big one. I've been out in the GOM on a 1.5 dayer and tore um up. Been on a 2.5 dayer and it sucked. And I'm not a hog. That being said...I'm on the X, a 10 dayer leaving...
  545. T

    Fishing/Tackle shops close to the Excel.

    I'm driving out. I'll have my surburban with me. Darren, what is a short jaunt considered in CA? Yes, I have driven in mucho large cities. I hate it. Keep in mind that my idea of a traffic jam is waiting for a herd of turkeys to get out of my way. Yes, I live in the sticks. Yes, we have lots of...
  546. T

    Fishing/Tackle shops close to the Excel.

    I'm on a 10 dayer the latter part of Sept. I'm driving out. I'll stay in close proximity to the X. I understand there is a Holiday Inn and Best Western nearby. Is there any close fishing stores where I'll be staying? I know the boat has stuff to buy, but I'm getting there 2 days prior to the...
  547. T

    AC/DC on flaming bagpipes

  548. T

    Fathom 15 levelwind question

    Thanks guys. Appreciate the input. I'm also taking my 16, 30 and 50 VSX mounted on a 660XXH, 760H, and 7460H respectively. The 16 is getting worked over by Cal. I could not afford to have the 30 and 50 worked over now. Cal said I should be good for leaving the 30 and 50 stock for now. He is...
  549. T

    Fathom 15 levelwind question

    Steve, any issues with using the 60LW on my 10 dayer as stated?
  550. T

    Greenpeace just left my house...

    A few years ago when I was in my 20's, I had 2 Jehovas (spelling...fuck it) witness knock on my door. I grabbed my model 29, 8 3/8" barreled Smith and Wesson 44 magnum and a half drank bottle of Jack Daniels and proceeded to open the door. I said "can i help ya?" They hauled ass. Cant imagine why???
  551. T

    cliff jump at the quarry???

    You boys had a drug screen lately?????
  552. T

    Transporting fish from So Cal to Texas

    Thanks guys. Appreciate the info.
  553. T

    Transporting fish from So Cal to Texas

    You know Bill, thats exactly what I done numerous time in New Mexico while hunting Antelope (Goats). It was about 8 hours from the place we hunted from where I live, so we didnt have to get a room. Good suggestion, Thanks
  554. T

    Transporting fish from So Cal to Texas

    Thank you sir. Yes, I plan on "recouperating" for 2 days after I get back on dry land before heading to Texas.
  555. T

    Fathom 15 levelwind question

    I love level winds. To me its makes fishing that much more enjoyable. You aint got to thumb your line back on the reel. I have the 60 version of the Fathom level wind. Last year out in the Gulf I caught 11 black fin tuna and about 10 Vermillion Snapper. I got a lot of comments about my reel. One...
  556. T

    Transporting fish from So Cal to Texas

    I'm on a 10 dayer on the X the latter part of Sept into Oct. With the help of the long range vets and the crew helping out a newbie to So Cal long range fishing, I hope to bring some fish back to Texas. I plan on using the processing business that has the girls. How do you guys suggest I...
  557. T

    New Lethal Injection Alternative...

    Can i be the one who pushes the button to squash all the fuckers here in Texas. O please, please, please with sugar on top? I'm with Spike...bring old Sparky back...lite them motherfuckers up. CanI be part of the lynch mob???
  558. T

    Best knot to tie straight to hook for 20-50

    Not yours fucker. The girl with the tattoos. I hope her husband is taking care of her...cause i'm like this...If you dont eat your wifes/gf's pussy or jack your dog off...I'll show you a man that will steal your wife/gf and your dog will follow me home.
  559. T

    Best knot to tie straight to hook for 20-50

    Good God I love your avatar. Dam she's hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  560. T

    Fishing the slide on jig strikes

    Well I sure dont want to be that guy on the boat. I'm going to try and make friends with you west coast yankee bastards.
  561. T

    Fishing the slide on jig strikes

    Thanks buddy. Appreciate the info.
  562. T

    Fishing the slide on jig strikes

    Sooooooooo...if i understand this right...the trolling jigs when bit "draws" the school of fish to the boat when reeling in. Then after the boat stops, you put your live bait into the water and fish. If a person fishing the slide fucks up and gets tangled, the school runs off. Soooo if the...
  563. T

    Dropper loop setup

    For 10 day trip late Sept into October. Big X. 80# braid. no leader / top shot 80# braid. mono leader / top shot. how long? 80# braid. floro leader / top shot. how long? Tell me something. Thanks Tex.
  564. T

    For your consideration...

    When do you get out Scott?
  565. T

    For the Halibut/Ling fisherman - 11" Grubs if needed

    Good God. Them things are 1.5" in diameter across the head and 11" long?? What are they supposed to mimic to make the ling and halibut eat them?
  566. T

    FTH 25N and Carn 700ML

    Thank you sir.
  567. T

    FTH 25N and Carn 700ML

    Mighty good doc t, apprectiate both replies.
  568. T

    FTH 25N and Carn 700ML

    JT, what oz of sinkers and what type of spinners? Some of the posts are recommending megabaits. Never been out in the me.
  569. T

    FTH 25N and Carn 700ML

    So Steve you would recommend a 2nd Fathom 25N along with an 800L with 50# solid and a short piece (4') of floro for the chovies as my go to rig...and also have the 25N and 700ML for a "back up" just in case I birdsnests the go to rig?
  570. T

    Opinions Please

    Do it. do it. do it. Just do it. My dad and mom married late in life. My mom called my house at 2am on 8-13-1991. She said daddy was sick. i got there within 2 minutes...lived just right around the corner. I performed CPR on my dad. I failed. He passed away. No one has any idea how hard it is to...
  571. T

    Yuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm YUM!

    nasty basturd
  572. T

    Techniques for setting proper drag w/o scale

    I'm beating my meat on the toilet seat...doo...daa...doo...daa...I'm beating my meat on the toilet you fuckers need some anger management....
  573. T

    What kind of underwear do you use on Hot Sunny days fishing?

    Carls a fag. He wants to sniff your peter holder.....
  574. T

    What kind of underwear do you use on Hot Sunny days fishing?

    Shit...down here in The Great State of Texas everything is huge. They dont make draws big enough for us Texans to keep our willy tame.
  575. T

    He took our chum bag

    Haha nope. Dam you stopped. I wanted to see how far you would try and blow smoke up my ass. Them fucking seals are protected out there...but I would like to see a GW tear one a new ass. Nice to meet you sir.
  576. T

    sealion in my boat

    No worries here Matt. I'm a native born Texan and other Texans accuse me of mutilating the English language and having an accent. I call bullshit. I agree. A sealion gets in your boat, its just like an intruder coming into your house. Whoop the dawg shit out of him.
  577. T

    He took our chum bag

    What do you guys use for bait to catch seals? Size of hooks, line, etc.
  578. T

    He took our chum bag guys acutally have them things out there? Ill be out there in Sept...will they still be around?
  579. T

    5 Day leaving July 5th, too many rods

    Dam. Your worried about taking 10 rods on a 5 dayer taking too much shit, and I think taking 11 rods on a 10 dayer is too much...I need more shit!!! Don't worry about it bud...take um all.
  580. T

    FTH 25N and Carn 700ML

    My 30# bait rig is a Fathom FTH 25N and Carnage 700 ML. I go on a 10 dayer the latter part of Sept. It's looking like the live bait will be mostly anchovies unless something changes. I'm not sure i can toss an anchovie without sending him to the wild blue younder. Should I think about a FTH 12...
  581. T


    Hay John, how are you? If you google mega bait, its a jigging yoyoing type of lure...I think. I have your other questions also.
  582. T

    Makaira 50SEa... I am so shocked

    Congrats on the reel Dave. While in England try the Apple Cider. Its yummy.
  583. T

    What do you tell your Grandson...

    yep. and i got a bad case of the dumass. I had to hard head on and look up "dirty sanchez and rusty trombone".
  584. T

    What do you tell your Grandson...

    I heard Scott and Carl took turns going down on it.
  585. T

    World Record Yellowtail on Penn Fathom FTH12

    Congrats to Bob!! I have a FTH25N that will be my 30# live bait rig and for chunking light iron on my 10 dayer on the X the end of Sept. Cant wait to try it!
  586. T

    finger / hand injuries when fighting fish

    Bub have insulted my families honor sir...i demand satisfaction...your vulgarities are not say fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit...what kind of beer do you drink? I'd like to fish with ya.
  587. T

    What do you tell your Grandson...

    I just couldnt leave it be. I had to look it up. Carl, your a nasty bastard just like Scott. I've know several women if you done that to you'd get an ass whoopin.
  588. T


    I'm not hijacking the thread. When I meet someone in THE uniform, I shake their hand. Ray, since I cant shake your hand, I will tell you verbally...Thank you for your service sir...God bless you.
  589. T


    Good job their hoss. Serious question. What kind of fish is it? It looks like a huge ass croaker.
  590. T

    Splitting costs

    Holy smokes. 11 yo, 5-8", and 160#'s. What kind of fertilizer are they feeding that kid. lol
  591. T


    Hay Mel, I sent you another Pm with some more questions regarding the trip if you dont mind helping me out. Thank you sir. Tex.
  592. T


    I'm chomping at the bits Mel. I'm ready to make new friends and share the rail!!
  593. T

    SEPT 28, 10 DAY ABOARD THE EXCEL guys are some kind of something....I was just adding to 'egarratt's" full of a shit post. i'm not that dam stupid!!!!!
  594. T

    Tattoos, shoes and more work

    Hay Charles. How are you? I have a number of tattoos and was thinking about getting another while on the west coast. I am taking a boat ride the latter part of September on the Excel. Was thinking about getting one after getting off the boat. Where are you located?
  595. T


    A valet huh? Do you tip um or no?
  596. T


    This is a sincere question. Not by any means being a smart ass. I'm green. Mel, I'm on that trip also. My first time. I will ask a lot of questions of you LR vets as well as the Excel crew. What does a charter master do?
  597. T

    San Diego Bait Barge ever move?

    1. No. I'm not "that guy"...laid back Texan here...buts it's amazing how many "other people" on this forum could be one..."very high strung"...nuff said. 2. I don't talk religion or politics on dry land or on and God we be mates...and the prez sucks the big other...
  598. T

    San Diego Bait Barge ever move?

    Yes he did Fishy, the secret message came out to "Drink your Ovalteen".......not's a secret between me and Soda
  599. T

    San Diego Bait Barge ever move?

    Thank you Soda Pop for exchanging Pm's. The information is very much appreciated.
  600. T

    San Diego Bait Barge ever move?

    Too cool...that's the boat i'll be on in Sept. The big X. So how do the guys get the bait out of the place where they are putting them when your out fishing?
  601. T

    No luck today

    Kudos on the good wife here hoss...but Scotch? Mercy? I'd rather drink brake fluid. LOL. Everybody rolls their own.
  602. T

    Heading to Coffman cove

    What will a halibut do to your boat if its brought aboard alive? How can a fish tear your boat up?
  603. T

    4 days of Shrimping in the Sound! Lots of pics

    Oh, and i love your boat. that's cool. You can put down the flaps and stay warm.
  604. T

    4 days of Shrimping in the Sound! Lots of pics

    Thanks for sharing. BTY. What's that orange looking thang with all the arms and suction cups? Is that an octapus? You didnt eat that nasty thang did ya?
  605. T


    Hell i wear tri's. I jacked off too much when I was young..... shit I still jack off...any you sumbitches say you dont are lying.Seriously tho...what am I supposed to do?
  606. T

    sealion in my boat

    Mind you I live in Texas. We aint got them thangs here. You cant whoop their ass with a bat or a boat ore?
  607. T

    four letter f word

    bunch a crazy motherfuckers.
  608. T

    Shotgun Slug advice?

    Wow. I find it interesting how different states have different laws. Here the only time you have to have the plug in is for migratory birds. Other than that, you can stuff as many shells as you can in a shotgun for hunting. Turkey, deer, hogs... no limit on shell capacity. I've been looking for...
  609. T

    Shotgun Slug advice?

    Curious. Why is your shotgun only limited to 3 rounds? Take the plug out...or is that a CA state law?
  610. T

    Goin on the "X". Deck boots

    Thanks guys for all the replies. Ready to get away and catch some fish. Dont really care how big they are. I'm not a trophy hunter. Tight lines and blue skies. Any more replies...very much welcomed. Tex
  611. T

    Goin on the "X". Deck boots

    That's the way I feel about it too. If I get scupper fucked, which I know I will, I want everyone to get a good laugh...including myself. I'm a good sport. It's all about getting away and thinking about nothing but fishing.
  612. T

    Goin on the "X". Deck boots

    Thanks Steve. I wear a size 11 Redwing boot. Does a person have to order up or down for a good fit with Keens?
  613. T

    Goin on the "X". Deck boots

    Somebody help me out with the type/model of keens you wear.
  614. T

    Goin on the "X". Deck boots

    Hay Fishybuzz. What style/model of Keens do you wear. I looked on the Keen's website and they have a shit pile load of sandles.
  615. T

    Goin on the "X". Deck boots

    I'm on the Excel for a 10 dayer the latter part of Sept. I have 2 pair of deck boots. Muck's and LaCross. Both are ankle hi. Are these hi enough to keep my feet dry...unless I get drownded by a scupper. Thanks, Tex.
  616. T

    Looking For A Longboard For A Marine

    Tim, i dont know you from Adam...but thank you for helping out a person who wears the USA uniform. Tex
  617. T

    And hot off the presses

    Ya think she swallowed too??
  618. T

    How best to spool braid.

    Gotcha. Thanks
  619. T

    How best to spool braid.

    Hay Mike, how ya doin? Looks like you have the spool sandwiched between 2 tennis balls all on a piece of allthread rod. What holds your allthread rod stationary while your reeling your reel?
  620. T

    Guy who gave me fresh dead squid in Oside? 8am 5/31

    O hell. What are you bitchin about? Dead squid is the only type of squid we have here in Texas to fish with. Enjoy being next to the water.
  621. T


    To see if i can upload a picture
  622. T

    "Dude, don't over think it, just go fish"

    I'm taking 11 rigs on my 10 dayer in Sept...maybe 12 in case I birdsnest the shit out of my throwing iron rigs which is very very possible. I'm taking 30#-130# rigs. Probably wont need the heavy rigs, but fuck it, I have um, I'm gonna take um.
  623. T

    The Modern Lever Drag Reel and You.

    Mr. Spangler, are you making fun of the way I talk? YAWL on this thread could only be me. Hell, that's ok. I dont give a shit. I'm a native born Texan, and even other Texans accuse me of mutilating the English language with the way I talk...and they even say I have an accent...i beg to differ...
  624. T

    The Modern Lever Drag Reel and You.

    I find it so different the way Texans fish and the way west coasters fish. You guys out there have it down to a science. Maybe its because we dont have the long trips that yawl have out there. I've been fishing the GOM since i was about 22 years old. Now I'm 54. So I have some knowledge about...
  625. T

    Knot. Braid to mono/floro

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the replys.
  626. T

    Knot. Braid to mono/floro

    Thank you Fishy, that cleared some things up. I'm sticking with the improved Albright for my braid to mono/floro connection. For my second question. What knot do you guys like for the mono to floro connection? Looks like the Seaguar knot looks good.
  627. T

    Knot. Braid to mono/floro

    Hi guys. I'm coming to SD in Sept for the Excel Phenix Rods trip. I've been using the improved Albright knot for connecting my braid to mono/floro for GOM fishing. I've had good luck with it, however the largest fish i've caught may have been 30#'s. So from a 30-80# rig; jigging and throwing...
  628. T

    Coming home!!!!!!

    Hay Clayton, how ya doin? There is no place like Texas. I'm 54 years young. Born and raised a Texan. I'm just to dam far from salt water. It takes me 11 hours hard driving to get to the Texas coast. Check out Port Aransas. Been going there for almost 30 years. You have Horace Caldwell pier, Bob...
  629. T


    Well hell...someone can have mine to...but be forwarned...she's retired...dont cook...dont clean house...and dont put out. i've given up on least with someone else. i was even eyeballing my goat...but that bitch went and died on me.
  630. T

    Big Cat rod finished

    Good God man that's too beautiful to fish with. Great job!!!!!!!!!
  631. T

    Saudi drift fails

    If any you boys have a cast iron stomach and want to play around on youtube...there are some of the wrecks in the video posted on this thread that are shown by themselves. At :34 seconds...that is an arm. One of the guys on the left side of the screen is less one. At 3:43 you see somethign...
  632. T

    do you see it ???

    All I see are big juicy titties. DAM!!! Mouse?? What fuckin mouse?
  633. T

    Carl got a new dog...

    Scott, your one sick mother fucker.
  634. T

    Crimp Set - Sato

    I very much appreciate everyones responses. Good info here. Tex
  635. T

    Crimp Set - Sato

    Garry, I will try to call you back either this morning, Wed or Thurs morning. I will be tied up both afternoons. Sorry I didnt get your message yesterday via this web site. I was tied up with some engineers. Tex.
  636. T

    Wahoo bombs and jigs

    Thanks guys for all the info. From what i have been reading, most people dont use wire at all for their leaders. They either use mono or floro. Do you guys not carry any wire with you at all?
  637. T

    Wahoo bombs and jigs

    How long are your floro leaders?
  638. T

    Wahoo bombs and jigs

    okee dook. What size in the siwash Donna?
  639. T

    Crimp Set - Sato

    Ok. So please tell me and educate me on what type(s) of leaders to make. Length, mono or floro, type of hook.
  640. T

    Crimp Set - Sato

    Thanks Steve. As far as the wahoo gear, i'm only going to make up 4 or 5. I'm going to purchase what is recommended. If i catch something on a home made lure, i can say i made it myself.
  641. T

    Crimp Set - Sato

    Go ahead and shoot me. I know practice, practice, practice...but in my case I dont have a lot of time to practice. I've been out in the GOM many a time...but i've never really had a reason to tie knots above 60#. I am on a 10 day trip this year on the Excel late Sept-Oct. I plan on crimping all...
  642. T

    Wahoo bombs and jigs

    I'm going to make my up some bombs and jigs for a Sept - Oct 10 dayer on the Excel this year. What type of hooks are the best / least expensive to use. Thanks
  643. T

    Info needed on Sept-Oct 10 dayer

    The following is part of a list off the Excel website for a late Sept – Oct 10 day trip. I am on the Phenix Rods trip. Is this list a good start on what I need to bring? 10-20 each 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1/0 Mustad 3X Ringed Sea Demo circle hooks or Owner Ringed Mutu. 10-20 each 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and...
  644. T

    Terminal tackle for Sept - Oct 10 dayer

    The following is part of a list off the Excel website for a late Sept – Oct 10 day trip. I am on the Phenix Rods trip. Is this list a good start on what I need to bring? 10-20 each 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1/0 Mustad 3X Ringed Sea Demo circle hooks or Owner Ringed Mutu. 10-20 each 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and...
  645. T

    Texting the Wife...

    That aint what my old lady would say. "Paula??? Whos that bitch?"
  646. T

    getting along with neighbors

    Thats good
  647. T


    Hay Mel. I'm on that trip also. I am bringing 1 - 30# rig for light iron and small bait 2 - 40# rig 1 maybe 2 - 50# rigs 1 - 60# rig 1 - 80# rig 1 - 100# rig 1 - 130# rig. 1 rig for jigging/yoyoing 1 rig for heavy iron/bombs Still need terminal tackle. Is the recommended list on the Excel...
  648. T

    One Less White Tail In Sinaloa

    Sumbitch is small. It was still nursing. You dont see the milk dripping of its lips
  649. T

    One Less White Tail In Sinaloa

    Just kidding Jim. Congrats. A few years ago my wife hit one with her car. She made the game warden cut his head off so she could show me her trophy.
  650. T

    One Less White Tail In Sinaloa

    I'm calling bull shit. I see a vague imprint of Michelin on his ass end.
  651. T

    senator 113h2lw

    Stainless steel is non ferrous. It wont magnetize. Take a magnet and see if it attracts to the stainless. If it does, it containes some carbon which a lot of lower grades of stainless does. If it contains carbon, it wont stop corroding/rusting.
  652. T

    SO, need ideas for Gil's avatar for a week

    Hay Scott. Tex here. Thanks for sending the rod in the tube. It came in unharmed. By the way. I sure like you new avatar. Is that a golden dick he is holding? I bet you got a life size pic of him on the inside of your walk in closet door with white spots on it dont cha? Come on. You can tell me...
  653. T

    WOW......Looks GREAT.... I like the new look...:)

    somebody needs to put the crack pipe down. Dam what a mess
  654. T

    help with vhf antenna wire

    Call sign AE5RG. You need 2 each PL259 connectors and a barrel connector. If you havent ever put PL259's on, you need to have someone do it for you. Its real easy to short the PL259 out.
  655. T

    Merry Xmas...

    Thank you Mr. Marlin for that wonderful bit of Christmas joy for all us Texans. That really touched my heart. Scott, your so full of shit your eyes are turning brown.
  656. T

    Merry Xmas...

    Merry Christmas you west coast yankee bastards.
  657. T

    Tackle boxes

    Thank you for all the input. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Tex
  658. T

    epa federal policing agent!!

    Good one!!!
  659. T

    Tackle boxes

    Comparing prices from a store in the Huntington Beach area, the cost of the 7100 with launchers is $230. The 7200 dont come with launchers. To add the launchers to the 7200, the cost is $290. The ID of the 7100 is 20x10x15. The 7200 is 23x10x15. Is it worth $60 for 3"? Couse if it was a personal...
  660. T

    Tackle boxes

    I have a 10 day trip Sept 28 - Oct 8 on the Excel next year. Thinking about making a run to Houston after the first of the year to pick up some more shit. One of which is a SKB 7100 with launchers. Do I need to glue a piece of 3/4 plywood on the bottom so I can open the front door without...
  661. T

    Shimano TLD 30 2-Speed Reel Like New $115

    Everybody rolls their own. But that's how i do my transactions. I've bought 5 rods the last 2 weeks with 4 USPS m.o.'s between $175 and $470. Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year. Good luck with the sale. Tex
  662. T

    Back to Back 300's

    That's just plain bitchin. Big congrats to both ladies.
  663. T

    Need tips or a walkthrough on how to preserve a tuna tail

    Why would you want to preserve the tail of a fish?
  664. T

    Jigging for big yft

    So Fishy, what do you do in the case where you hook something and it never slows down? Button your drag all the way and hope to God your line breaks before you get spooled or what? and Yeah...this thread is pop corn eating and beer drinking fun...except i'm at work and cant do that.
  665. T

    Donks vs Bolts ~~~~ Fish keep Donks in first place

    Fuck me...21 pages and still dont do much football...what is a donk and a bolt...nicknames for teams yeah...but which ones?
  666. T

    Stand up Tuna rods for sale...

    Thanks Scott. Tex.
  667. T

    Stand up Tuna rods for sale...

    May be interested in Calstar rod. Tex
  668. T

    10 day trip heavy rigs 30&50VSX

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Tex
  669. T

    10 day trip heavy rigs 30&50VSX

    I'm on the Phenix rods 10 day trip Sept 28 - Oct 8, 2014. From what I've read for that time of year, a boat could run into some bigger size fish compared to a summer time trip. My two largest rigs are a 30VSX and 50VSX on Calstar's 760H and 7460H. If I was going on a cow trip I wouldn't...
  670. T

    Calstar 760H & 7460H

    I'm going to stick my 30VSX on one and my 50 VSX on the other. May not need them, but I'm taking them on my 10 dayer sept 28 - Oct 8 on the Excel Phenix rods trip.
  671. T

    Calstar 760H & 7460H

    PM sent...I think...If I screwed up, please PM me. Thanks, Tex.
  672. T

    Scary Black Friday In The Emergency Room...

    I can only imagine how you felt trying to find him. Dam glad things turned out alright. God Bless.
  673. T

    Relocated to the Great State of Texas!

    We have sardines here...their just froze solid and in boxes.
  674. T

    Final report.. Intrepid 13 day jackpot fish

    That's in my bucket list to do...catch a cow. WOW. Great goin guys.
  675. T

    Underwater video of Wahoo I caught last week on the Intrepid

    Man that's bitchin. Thanks for sharing.
  676. T

    Stella 20000SW '08 model, absolutely immaculate condition

    Your better off trying to sell it on the 360tuna forum. They live and breathe Stellas over there.
  677. T

    the Pope and the crossword puzzle

    Shit, I would never of thought of aunt either. Good one !!!!!!!
  678. T


    No sir. I dont have them yet. Still looking to pick them up. I'm hearing lots of good stuff about them being 3" longer than the "standard" 1x3, 2x4, and 3x5's.
  679. T


    Hi John. If you remember, I'm on that trip also Sept 28 - Oct 8, 2014. I'm going to use my 16VSX for 80# work, 30VSX for 100#, and 50VSX for 130#. I haven't made my mind up yet on a stick for the 16, but I'm pretty much set on a Wahoodad 2x4 for the 30 and a Wahoodad 3x5 for the 50.
  680. T

    Local Cod on Sunken Pirate Ship

    Must be nice to get on a boat out of your back yard and go fishing. I'm up here in the northern part of Texas. We are in a stage 4 water alert. We are drying up big time. Nice fish guys. WTG!!!
  681. T

    Carnage CARBW765L

    Has anyone had any experience with this rod? 6'6". 30-80#. Big fish caught? Pros cons. What reel did you stick on it? Thanks
  682. T

    Can you read this?

    If you can read this you have a strong mind: 7H15 M3554G3 53RV35 7O PR0V3 H0W 0UR M1ND5 C4N D0 4M4Z1NG 7H1NG5! 1MPR3551V3 7H1NG5! 1N 7H3 B3G1NN1NG 17 WA5 H4RD BU7 N0W, 0N 7H15 LIN3 Y0UR M1ND 1S R34D1NG 17 4U70M471C4LLY W17H 0U7 3V3N 7H1NK1NG 4B0U7 17, B3 PROUD! 0NLY C3R741N P30PL3 C4N R3AD...
  683. T

    Pink panties got me a bunch of firsts on the Eclipse!!!!

    I bet them pink drawers didnt smell flowery after wearing them the whole weekend. Peter smell, nut smell, ass smell, fish smell...DAM! I hope you threw them stinking bastards away and didnt give them back to your GF. It sounded like you guys had a hell of a lot of fun. Wish I was closer to SD. Tex.
  684. T

    Pulled The Trigger - Seaguar/Hightower 2014

    I leave out on the bix X on Sept 28 and back to dry land Oct 8 on the Phenix Rods trip.
  685. T

    Pulled The Trigger - Seaguar/Hightower 2014

    I did the same thing. I'm going out on a 10 dayer in Sept 2014 on the Excel. I'm still getting my ammo pouch together for the different fishes we might encounter. Hope you and your bud have good luck on your trip. Tex.
  686. T

    Relocated to the Great State of Texas!

    I agree with yawl on the Scat Cat trips. I've done the Capt John as well as the Scat Cat numerous times. I also done the Big E when it was at Freeport. Both the Scat Cat and Capt John are both class acts...but you do get more fishing time on the Scat Cat. The only draw back to the Scat Cat is...
  687. T

    Relocated to the Great State of Texas!

    Do you have a trip out of Galveston allready booked? If not, go out on the Capt John. For the tuna trips he does a 36 hour trip. We fish around the floaters for tuna. The floaters area about 130 miles out. The boat normally stops 2 times on the way out and the way in for some bottom fishing. You...
  688. T

    Diamond bars for wahoo??

    I'm going to bring back numerous jigs from my trip next year on my Excel 10 day trip. I'm going to try them in the GOM. If fish bite Iron out there, they might bit it here in the GOM. Cheers, Tex.
  689. T

    Diamond bars for wahoo??

    Should have said "wahoo might want a taste of GOM bait". But hell, try it for tuna also. Shit it works here.
  690. T

    Diamond bars for wahoo??

    For what its worth...Fishing in the GOM, from what I have read, is different from Pacific fishing. But in the GOM there have been more black and yellow fin tuna caught on diamond jigs than any other jig. Drop down a few 100', then start pumping your rod. Give it a try man. Maybe the tuna in the...
  691. T

    Rpt-10-28-13-Once upon a 10 day Long Range Trip aboard the Royal Polaris!

    Fantastic read. Thanks for taking the time to post it. I'm on my first 10 dayer next Sept on the Excel. Your report made me want to go NOW!!!!!!
  692. T

    Set em up Joe.....

    nasty baaaasssturd