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    Penn Fathom FTH40NLD2 on sale at Walmart.

    I just ordered a FTH40NLD2 from Walmart for $219.99.
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    3.5 Day on the SA 80 on Wednesday

    I'm out of Chicago going on the 3.5 day. I have all the gear, but I have one question, are big Bluefin still around? Should I still bring the heavy out fit? I believe do in, "better to have and not need...", but it seems as they have moved on. Hell, I could troll with it. Thanks all.
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    Gear for a 3.5 day on the SA 80.

    I just booked a spot on the Sea Adventure 80 for a 3.5 day trip. And I see this on the landing website; "The bigger fish are coming in! Bring 30, 50 and 80 pound setups if you’re on a 1 day trip or longer!" I don't have any 2 speed reels, but I do have a Penn 6/0 and a 6/0 Wide, both have 50lb...
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    Gear advice...

    Hey All. I'm going out a 2.5 day on the Sea Adventure.Sept. 10th. I'm flying out from Chicago so weight and bulk is a factor. I have 20, 30 and 40lb outfits along with a speed jigging outfit. I just keep hearing of bigger fish in the area. I do have a couple of Penn 6/0/s spooled with 50lb...
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    November Info

    I flew from Chicago for an overnight on The Old Glory. Broke a hydraulic line. We didn't fish. My next time off is the Thanksgiving week. How is the fishing during that time frame. Hell, anything will be better than working in Chicago that week... Thanks.
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    Another rental gear question.

    I'll be in San Diego the end of July and doing an overnight on Producer. I'll only be in town for four days. How is the rental gear there? I have enough gear but I'd rather not hump a 7 foot rod case if I can help it. I'm bringing a couple of jigging rods but they aren't the same hassle as...