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  1. rayancarter

    Reel suggestion for bluefin

    Mak 15, 15T or 16.
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    Quality Butterballs

    Nice work on some quality fish!
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    people were getting bit with anywhere between 1-6 ounces. I think I was using 4oz
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    Such an awesome trip. The crew worked so hard to help us all have fun and get on some fish. These guys really are as good as it gets! Everything seemed to work. I got mine on 50lb sinker rigs with size 2 hook. It was awesome fishing with you Greg!
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    Green light for San Diego Sportfishing!

    See you on board! So pumped!!!
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    5/31 BFT Report

    Congrats! Way to be persistent!
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    RP is now doing 1.5 days according to fisherman’s landing FYI
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    SOLD Delete thanks!

    yeah I get what you mean. I’m up in Oregon so I’m limited on options. The staff there were very knowledgeable if it helps. Aaron hooked me up with a 875xh and it feels sick! Can’t wait to get on some BFT!
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    SOLD Delete thanks!

    Bob Sands has 20% off a number of nice rods and shipping is reasonable. Just got a nice CalStar Graphfighter for a great price from them and it was very well packaged.
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    Slow 3 day on Pac Queen 10/29-11/1

    totally agree. Their counts are always the best and he is a passionate fishy dude. I look forward to fishing with him again.
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    Slow 3 day on Pac Queen 10/29-11/1

    I think the fish counts were low in general due to the weather, water temp dropped 1-2 degrees and there was a TON of squid around so I'm guessing the fish were filling up on it. Don't think that's the case but Im guessing you're just trolling for fun. I tipped the crew well and told a number...
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    Slow 3 day on Pac Queen 10/29-11/1

    Came down from Oregon to get a taste of that BFT fever and looks like I missed the bite by days. We saw some breezers on our last day with 1-2 short hook ups (both on 25lb fluorocarbon). We got into a few nice YT 25-35lbs mostly on Tadys/Salas yo-yoing. Total heart break to take a week of...
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    WTB Cousins 9’6” Salmon trolling rod

    I believe Outdoor Emporium still has a few Cousins rods left over as well that are like 30-50% off but can’t remember what sizes.
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    WTB Neah Bay Halibut Moorage

    Sadly my family’s boat tops out around 20 the trip from Seiku is a little less appealing.
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    WTB Neah Bay Halibut Moorage

    Hey everyone! Trying to get moorage for the second week of Halibut fishing at Big Salmon so the 8th-11th. Unfortunately I can’t afford to rent the whole month of May plus I can’t miss my graduation during the 3rd week of the season. Looking for a slip that can accommodate 30ft and has power...
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    Did ok

    Way to go on the fish and helping someone out!
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    Tuna jumpers (pics and video)

    Those are awesome!
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    Question about taking Squid from US to Mexico

    A few weeks ago I made a trip from Seattle to the East Cape with about 50 pounds of frozen Humboldt and it was no problem with customs whatsoever. Just make sure you freeze the squid solid before your trip and you should be fine then get them on ice whenever you can find it. And boy did it pay...
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    Epic report Tommy! I'll be up there in a little over a week so I hope it's still on fire!
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    Ahi action on the ski

    That is bada**!
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    Zeagle Ranger BCD For Trade or Sale

    That's is an awesome BCD which definitely means it isn't a rod or reel.... just sayin
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    NOT a weather thread

    Those are some nice looking bass and good eating size Lings!
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    Everyone was a newb at one point...

    Tommy has always been a lot of help and its great that there are still people willing to help others so that we the fishing community can grow and more can be invested into it. While I've still got some learning to do, I can't wait to help others learn to love and appreciate fishing like all of...
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    Would this =great fishing ?

    Cabo Pulmo! That place is the best! It's actually where my profile picture was taken. The diver is David Castro, he's a total bada** and his family runs a great fishing and diving operation.
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    Get Your Avet's While the Getting is Good

    I just got a sweet Avet Hx loaded with line from Charkbait. They are awesome and what a deal to get free braid!
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    Puget Sound Black Rockfish... A divers view.

    Hood Canal has a number of dive sites that have healthy populations of Black rockfish and some mighty big lings too! Cory if you can you should check out the pinnacle and the flagpole sites. There are hundreds of black rockfish at the flagpole. Last time I dove there I didn't have a gopro to film:/
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    A dad's gotta brag...

    Congrats! College swimming was the greatest! I just went to my second alumni meet last week, swimming was a huge part of my life but now rather than waking up at 5am to swim 5 miles I sit in a boat and put around catching fish and drinking beer at 5am :rofl:
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    MA 9: It's not over yet.

    Awesome to see it still solid out there!
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    Area 8-2/Shipwreck Hot this morning!

    Way to go! Today was amazing easy limits and it was T-shirt weather for awhile which is hard to beat.
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    Looks like you had two great trips! If you love JD you might wanna hit up Costco...their selling it by the barrel now.
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    My 9 Year Old Son is an Addict.

    Nice job spreading it on to the next generation!
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    Unreal East Cape Trip

    Looks like my kinda trip! Way to get em!
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    BD Pipe Jig Believer

    Those pipe jigs are amazing!
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    Sekiu 08/01 - 08/11

    Looks like you guys managed to have fun :)
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    Great story bummer about losing that fish. Reminds me of a 5 and a half hour fight I had with a 100+ pound yellowfin on 30 pound test that ended when we had to try and ream it up cause it was getting dark. Sounds like you had a bluefin or a mako.
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    Ilwaco Tuna with 2 Wounded Warriors...afternoon bite

    Way to show those guys a good time!
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    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    What an amazing catch and an awesome thing to release her.
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    Ilwaco Tuna/Dorado 8/1

    That's so awesome!
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    MA7 camping with kids

    Awesome trip looks like fun!
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    NEAH BAY roll call - 7/12-13-14 NOAA forecast looks good!

    Heading up tomorrow morning looking forward to meeting some of you and getting some bloody decks!
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    7-8-13 Dark Side of the Moon.

    As always you share an awesome report and make me wish I lived on the islands! Looks like an unforgettable day.
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    Area 4 and 5 Kings w/ bonus Ling

    That's one awesome ling!
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    Neah Bay 7/4-7/8

    Nice report Steve! Looks like you guys had some fun! I know its constantly changing but what do you mean by shallow? You talking less than 100 feet? Last year when we ran out there we couldnt find any kings until the last half and hour when we decided to fish about 200' (way deeper than any...
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    Looks like a solid trip and man thank god you didn't have problems with any nails on the way home.
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    NEAH BAY 7/5-7/7

    That is one nice hatchery fish!
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    Area 7 7-6, Nice Day and Nice Fishing

    Looks like a great day of fishing!
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    Another day 7/5

    Nice fish man.
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    A7 7/3

    Nice fish!
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    7/3 A7

    Nice work!
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    Nice report Tommy! I hope we can have as much success next week!
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    Way to go Bruce! Nice report.
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    200 Y O rockfish caught off sitka

    Just read the story on the Huffington Post page. An awesome story but man some of the shit people say pisses me off! Its no wonder most of the BD crew hates tree huggers(just dont hate me lol)! Henry Liebman Catches Giant Fish That May Be 200 Years Old
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    Why I'm NOT fishing.(not for the weak of heart)

    Damn that looks bad! Glad to hear you'll still be able to fish soon!
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    Hood canal crabbing?

    Im with Greg there are no crab in hood canal :rofl: But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna do it.
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    Well it's Official!

    Congrats Larry! Thank you for your service! You've earned some serious fishing time!
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    First Ahi Ever!

    That's pretty sweet getting a cow for your first ahi!
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    On a Tuna Roll

    That's some nice looking meat!
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    Special Thanks to Tailhunter International and the WTC-a LaPaz report

    Those are some nice dorado! South of the border is my favorite fishing in the world!
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    Way to go Tommy! Looks like you and your crew had a blast! Sorry to hear about your losses and other troubles, family comes first and I'm sure your loved ones are all proud of you and chearing you on as you do what you do a great job of doing, catching fishing, making memories and spreading the...
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    Great pic way to go dad!
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    Westport King(s)dom come!!! 6/15/13 Report w/ Pics

    Great report! Looks like you two had a great fathers day filled with fun! My dads wish was for us to clean the garage so we missed out lol.
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    Way to go!
  63. rayancarter

    Here we go again!!

    Sweet ride! I hope the trouble goes away and all you have to worry about is how you wanna cook all the fish your gonna catch.
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    Possible Record Mako 13235# - Boooooyeaaaah

    That thing is a beast! Imagine that thing jumping!
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    Ted Nugent Vs Piers Morgan

    Battle of the obnoxious talking heads...both are idiots.
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    Stryker and Melbie Save the Day!

    Way to go guys, its nice to see all these reports about how upstanding the BD community is! :hali_olutta:
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    Way to go BV for being a true brother! These are the kind of stories that I wanna see more of (minus the boat/gear not working cause thats no fun).
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    First attempt at Sequim halibut

    Well my dad, buddy and I trailered the boat up to John Wayne for the weekend to take our first attempt at Halibut. We didn't see much being brought back in and it seems like the dogfish came in waves. I caught two of them in less than a minute of each other those dumb dogs. Despite it being a...
  69. rayancarter

    Renegade Mike a stand-up guy

    Despite the fact that I don't get to visit Mexico as much as I would like to, I still like to read about trips and get excited about future adventures. Because of my ridiculous love for fishing alot of my friends and family come asking me about fishing when they go on vacation. Well recently my...
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    Ling Fishing Vid

    Sweet! Gotta love the gopro!
  71. rayancarter

    Eastern Straits Halibut

    Way to go! Was out all weekend with nothing but dogfish :/
  72. rayancarter

    Sequim/banks first halibut trip!

    Packing up and getting ready for our first halibut trip, hopefully gonna hit up some of the banks (hoping to get to hein, dungeness and Dallas) hope to see some of you guys out there! Were hoping to snag a spot at John Wayne so if you see Habibi's Absolute (Cutwater 26) swing by and say hi! Good...
  73. rayancarter

    Neah Bay halibut video...

    Doesn't look like the weather or the fish cooperated very well lol!
  74. rayancarter

    best openner ever in PA

    Way to go! Sounds like everyone had fun!
  75. rayancarter

    Solo Lingin

    Nice going!
  76. rayancarter

    MA6 opening weekend

    Nice catch! Halibut with shrimp as an appetizer sounds like a win!
  77. rayancarter


    Good luck everyone have fun and be safe I know historically there's always some kind of accident this weekend so be careful!
  78. rayancarter

    Bad day for someone

    Dang that sucks!
  79. rayancarter

    Are you for real

    So in the end that fish is gonna be fine and probably could have handled a photoshoot (im saying this as a kid who plays with alot of fish and i am a biology major lol) but I gotta agree with some of the vets on here. Fish and game keeps tabs on tuna counts so why not monitor a lingcod opener...
  80. rayancarter

    Opening day, Area 10 lings

    Nice fish! I bet it was tasty!
  81. rayancarter

    My First Report!

    Alright so I finally get to contribute a little porn and what a good feeling to be back out fishing. This was my first ling opener (since I've been in school for all of them) and I'm glad I got to do it :) I hope everyone else has a good one! I cant wait to actually fish from the boat in a...
  82. rayancarter

    Youtube Vid of 7yr Old Catching Marlin On Pink Kids Rod

    That girl kicks butt can't wait to have kids of my own and take them fishing!
  83. rayancarter

    Wear the fucking life jacket

    Sorry for you loss Laurence. My condolences to you and your family. This is another sad reason as to why saftey should always be our number one concern when out on the water.
  84. rayancarter

    Hooked on Halibut

    Way to go out there! I hope we can do half that good over here lol
  85. rayancarter

    Defiance Marine Spring Kickoff Event! Come Hungry!!!

    Excited for tomorrow me and the old man will be attending!
  86. rayancarter

    Area 3 Lings

    Nice big uglies!
  87. rayancarter

    Canadian halibut....

    Way to go! Of course getting some nice butts is worth it all!
  88. rayancarter


    That Ono is a pig!
  89. rayancarter

    Ding, Ding Ding, more Lings

    Looks like you had some fun!
  90. rayancarter


    Steve the problem with your comparison is that fishing maps/reports are to give you a general idea of where a shit ton of fish will likely swim the cove two map and advice from divers in the area is to help you find specific animals that live there for people to visit like you visit a sanctuary...
  91. rayancarter

    Neah Bay Ling Opener April 16th

    Good luck this weekend guys! I'm expecting some serious ugly ling porn reports!
  92. rayancarter


    As another stuck in the middle guy I'm with Cory. I don't wanna see fishing rights go away like crazy I'd just like to respect the wishes of the hardcore divers who have put time and money( out of pocket and via taxes) to protect the dive sites they have been developing for years. These spots...
  93. rayancarter

    Well the scuba folks might end up getting areas shut down or worse now...

    Honestly I don't have a problem with the current regulation and I wouldn't have one if there was more regulation. My only concern would be people making a hay day outta this whole dumb fiasco and getting riled up so they could get some extra bait but that's not really a concern to be honest...
  94. rayancarter

    Well the scuba folks might end up getting areas shut down or worse now...

    As a diver and angler I'm gonna say there's no NEED to keep them. Yeah you can eat them but it's not like their that great and their such a unique animal (kinda like eating Marlin). But anyways I don't think to many people target them out here anyways so if they close it it's not that big of a...
  95. rayancarter

    The yellowfin bite was Great Today!

    Time for some sashimi!
  96. rayancarter

    Ilwaco Lings, Cathlamet Kings

    Way to go that looks like an awesome trip!
  97. rayancarter

    Shut UP and FISH

    Nice work! That's one lucky kid!
  98. rayancarter

    Cabo Pulmo Fishing

    I also vote talk to paco. I went out to cabo pulmo in October and it was the trip of a lifetime. All the guides out of pacos outfit are awesome hardworkers who will get you onto fish. The fishing is great and the boats are safe. When we went we got Tuna up to 80 pounds less than a mile from...
  99. rayancarter

    East Cape Spring Break

    Nice dorado. Cabo pulmo is my favorite!
  100. rayancarter


    The best meat for fish and chips! Way to go!
  101. rayancarter

    Decent day in 7

    Nice fish! I wouldn't go bashing on A7 guys, thats a tough fishery filled with some tough guys.
  102. rayancarter

    Honey do? Nope!

    Solid day Im jealous.
  103. rayancarter

    Super Strait

    Nice report like the video.
  104. rayancarter

    Super Strait

    Way to go!
  105. rayancarter

    Neah or Discovery?

    Brad, yeah it's a great boat and fits the needs of everyone in the family :) so far no blood on the leather but if that's what it takes that's ok lol. After talking it over with my dad some more it sounds like Neahs gonna be our choice. I know he wants to fill the freezer as well :)
  106. rayancarter

    Neah or Discovery?

    Rob it's a Cutwater 26 so it'll be four us tightly packed. I'd love to go along the west coast of Vancouver island but unfortunately that isn't an option. If we do this trip it'll be along the east coast of Vancouver island up into the discovery islands because we'll be doing a large group...
  107. rayancarter

    Subtle message.

  108. rayancarter

    Neah or Discovery?

    Unfortunately prs is a bit to far. My mom definitely couldnt handle that long on the boat lol.
  109. rayancarter

    Neah or Discovery?

    Hey guys so as many of you probably know my fishing opportunities are pretty rare because my time on the boat depends on dads availability. This summer I basically have two options and I'd like your input. Should I either do a 4 day trip out to Neah in mid July or go up into the Canadian...
  110. rayancarter

    Cabo in October?

    It's awesome down there! Yft galore! Hit up renegade mike if you really wanna get into the cows.
  111. rayancarter

    Cambell river/discovery islands?

    Hey gang so I know I wrote a post earlier about Stuart and dent island but I also just found out that my folks are ok with swinging by the cambell river or pretty much any of the discovery islands. Any thoughts on those places in late July/early August? I'd really appreciate any feedback!
  112. rayancarter

    Stuart/Dent island fishing?

    Hey everyone so my family is now planning on doing a trip on our boat from Seattle up to Gorge harbor at the end of July. In order to do so I'm gonna be giving up my annual fishing trip in Neah bay (which hopefully is a good idea), so I was wondering if anybody had any input on fishing up in...
  113. rayancarter

    San Juans

    Way to go! Sounds like its heating up.
  114. rayancarter

    MA7's Secrets Unveiled

    This is the place I checkout like every day so I promise when I get to finally go fishing catch or no catch I will report it with pics and video :) I promise and I forgot it'll be in may for butts and lings for the first time!
  115. rayancarter

    MA7's Secrets Unveiled

    Thrasher I'm a college grad (meaning I'm poor and have no way to go blackmouth fishing, and I'm still studying for my mcat) who gets to go fishing with his dad maybe like 5 times I year I just like fishing, i don't think I've got to much info now but wait till I go to neah in a couple of months...
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    MA7's Secrets Unveiled

    You guys please fight over pm's I wanna come to this report to see porn not arguing.
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    A7 For My Little Boy

    Awesome fish and what an awesome dad! When I watch my fishing shows my parents just laugh at me.
  118. rayancarter

    Islas Secas, Panama

    Awesome trip!
  119. rayancarter

    Stick and stay make it pay

    That's a nice fish with a sweet bonus!
  120. rayancarter

    Westport with a side of awesome

    That is some quality porn. I can't wait for this summer to make some of my own!
  121. rayancarter

    10/7 MA9 - My Sons' First Salmon

    Awesome! I can't wait to do the same thing...when I have like 10 years lol.
  122. rayancarter

    San Jauns on fire

    Magnumb and bbordeau for the win!
  123. rayancarter

    San Jauns on fire

    Wow, now common guys it's called sportfishing and it's for sportsman. You know how you get people to love a sport and get it to introduce it to others, you get them excited about the chance of catching a fish, they learn a few tricks and then a few years later guess what, they come up...
  124. rayancarter

    Alaska rod carry on size

    I got a 61 inch rod tube on an Alaska flight 2 weeks ago.