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  1. rayancarter

    Slow 3 day on Pac Queen 10/29-11/1

    Came down from Oregon to get a taste of that BFT fever and looks like I missed the bite by days. We saw some breezers on our last day with 1-2 short hook ups (both on 25lb fluorocarbon). We got into a few nice YT 25-35lbs mostly on Tadys/Salas yo-yoing. Total heart break to take a week of...
  2. rayancarter

    WTB Neah Bay Halibut Moorage

    Hey everyone! Trying to get moorage for the second week of Halibut fishing at Big Salmon so the 8th-11th. Unfortunately I can’t afford to rent the whole month of May plus I can’t miss my graduation during the 3rd week of the season. Looking for a slip that can accommodate 30ft and has power...
  3. rayancarter

    First attempt at Sequim halibut

    Well my dad, buddy and I trailered the boat up to John Wayne for the weekend to take our first attempt at Halibut. We didn't see much being brought back in and it seems like the dogfish came in waves. I caught two of them in less than a minute of each other those dumb dogs. Despite it being a...
  4. rayancarter

    Renegade Mike a stand-up guy

    Despite the fact that I don't get to visit Mexico as much as I would like to, I still like to read about trips and get excited about future adventures. Because of my ridiculous love for fishing alot of my friends and family come asking me about fishing when they go on vacation. Well recently my...
  5. rayancarter

    Sequim/banks first halibut trip!

    Packing up and getting ready for our first halibut trip, hopefully gonna hit up some of the banks (hoping to get to hein, dungeness and Dallas) hope to see some of you guys out there! Were hoping to snag a spot at John Wayne so if you see Habibi's Absolute (Cutwater 26) swing by and say hi! Good...
  6. rayancarter

    My First Report!

    Alright so I finally get to contribute a little porn and what a good feeling to be back out fishing. This was my first ling opener (since I've been in school for all of them) and I'm glad I got to do it :) I hope everyone else has a good one! I cant wait to actually fish from the boat in a...
  7. rayancarter

    Neah or Discovery?

    Hey guys so as many of you probably know my fishing opportunities are pretty rare because my time on the boat depends on dads availability. This summer I basically have two options and I'd like your input. Should I either do a 4 day trip out to Neah in mid July or go up into the Canadian...
  8. rayancarter

    Cambell river/discovery islands?

    Hey gang so I know I wrote a post earlier about Stuart and dent island but I also just found out that my folks are ok with swinging by the cambell river or pretty much any of the discovery islands. Any thoughts on those places in late July/early August? I'd really appreciate any feedback!
  9. rayancarter

    Stuart/Dent island fishing?

    Hey everyone so my family is now planning on doing a trip on our boat from Seattle up to Gorge harbor at the end of July. In order to do so I'm gonna be giving up my annual fishing trip in Neah bay (which hopefully is a good idea), so I was wondering if anybody had any input on fishing up in...