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  1. Hustler

    Jumbo's at the 43 9/9

    Way under-gunned to say the least... 5 miles NW of the 43 was something to see this morning. 200+ pound BFT chasing flying fish everywhere you looked. Bellyfloppin' like Shamu, putting on a great show! Wasn't geared up for this size fish, but tried trolling a couple large Nomad lures on 60# -...
  2. Hustler

    Offshore action 8/31

    Find the right kelp and it's game-on. Tag teamed this morning with Cody "the kelp magnet" for one stop shopping on micro-yellowtail and smaller grade dorado. Pretty much all you wanted... Closer to the bottom of the 302 found a dink paddy and got a couple nicer grade yellowtail and more small...
  3. Hustler

    Upper Hidden Bank 8/20

    SUCKED! Not much happening at the Islands this morning and bailed early. Found a kelp just outside the 101, in shit green water, and put two 10# yellowtail in the boat. Decided to keep heading out and found clean blue 74 degree water below the 425. I ended up at the UHB and found a tiny kelp...
  4. Hustler

    BFT at SKR 8/18

    Decent bluefin action at the Islands this morning. Quite a bit of 15-25 pound bluefin up crashing around early. Run and gun bird school fishing - kept things interesting. Unlike what's been the norm offshore lately, these fish were actually keyed in on the sardines. Also picked up a few 12...
  5. Hustler

    Sucks lately...

    Sure have been a lot of "no reports" lately in the counts at the SD landings. Don't think I've ever seen this... SUCKS!!!
  6. Hustler

    8/2 Humble Pie

    Terns everywhere, 30+ pound tuna up under them, outstanding 'dines for bait, tuna blowing up on the chum right behind the boat, 20# stick with #1 light wire hook, bait right in the middle of the boils - for NADA! Threw everything at 'em, flyline, sinker rig, poppers, stick bait, Tady 45's, Colt...
  7. Hustler

    7/23 @ the Corner

    Pretty much all show and no go until late in the day, managed to pick up one peanut. Beats getting skunked, but not by much... Super nice warm day offshore today.
  8. Hustler

    371 7/16 triple

    Just short of the 371 early morning kelp produced a triple header - bluefin, yellowtail, and dorado, all on bait. Lot's of tuna at the 371, but you need tons of bait to keep them at your boat. Watched Grom up-close on the Sauerfish annihilate the bluefin - they literally stayed right under his...
  9. Hustler

    Uncle Tom documentary

    Just finished watching this film and it really is thought provoking. Not much into politics, but damn, it kind of makes one think...
  10. Hustler

    BFT NW 230 6/25

    Lots of big tuna blowing up this morning at greylight. They were up top putting on a pretty good display when I slid into one at 22 over 48. The fishfinder lit up. Not paying attention, I grabbed a 30# stick and flylined a bait and stuck the rod in the rod holder. I pinned a dean on my 60#...
  11. Hustler

    Offshore 226/302 6/22

    Found a jumbo kelp first thing in the morning, in flat calm weather, at 27 over 36 for one stop shopping on good grade of yellowtail. We cruised around the high spots after that and it was pretty much dead. Ended up back at the same paddy and picked a few more yellows off it - catch and...
  12. Hustler

    San Sal 6/22

    Heading out Monday towards San Salvador on 72.
  13. Hustler

    Rockpile and SKR 6/18

    Was planning on running offshore, but had a quick change of plans once we got out of the bay. Bouncy and windy - no bueno at 4am... Plan B, hit the islands. Started at o'dark thirty at the middle grounds with very little signal. Shot down to the rockpile and put one on the boat pretty quick...
  14. Hustler

    Coronado's 6/15

    Started out early at the 178 heading down outside the 9. Found the ponies, bait, and a shit load of terns - thought it would be game on. Worked them for over an hour without any love. Finally had to bail on 'em - sucked. Ended up at Pukey Point, not much happening there. Worked down the weather...
  15. Hustler

    Coronados 6/15?

    Anyone hitting the islands tomorrow?
  16. Hustler

    YFT and YT 6/10

    Put a couple decent yellowfin in the boat early today on a nice size kelp at 05 over 29. I had them boiling in the corner on the chum and was able pick the two off on bait. There was a good amount of tuna around and under the boat, but getting them to eat anything with a hook in it proved a bit...
  17. Hustler

    Coronados 5/26

    Worked both Islands, Middle Grounds, SKR and never saw the right kind. Ton's of calicos on the lee of NI and plenty of bonito at Pukey to scratch the itch. Sounded pretty slow. Live to fight another day...
  18. Hustler

    Hydraulic steering bleed

    Anyone know of someone that has a Teleflex power purge machine (or something similar) in the San Diego area? I can't seem to bleed a bit of the air from the upper helm on my boat, doing it the "old school" way, and read the power purge machine is the ticket. Someone's gotta' know someone...
  19. Hustler

    EB's bait?

    Just curious if EB's is open in San Diego bay?
  20. Hustler

    For Sale Like new Firestone 285/60R20 tires and OEM Dodge wheels - $950

    I have a practically new (less than 300 miles) set of Firestone Transforce A/T all terrain tires and OEM upgraded 20" x 8" satin carbon/chrome insert wheels (with the full set of OEM chrome lug nuts). Tires/wheels came off a new Dodge Ram 2500 (8 lug). Retail price on this full set is over...
  21. Hustler

    For Sale Firestone 285/60R20 tires and OEM Dodge wheels - $1100

    I have a practically new (less than 300 miles) set of Firestone Transforce A/T all terrain tires and OEM upgraded 20" x 8" satin carbon/chrome insert wheels (with the full set of OEM chrome lug nuts). Tires/wheels came off a new Dodge Ram 2500 (8 lug). Retail price on this full set is over...
  22. Hustler

    For Sale 2008 BMW 750i Low Miles

  23. Hustler

    They're back 7-22

    Excellent yellowtail action at the Islands today - wide open Middle Grounds. Back in time for an early lunch.
  24. Hustler

    Wack-a-mole on the BFT 7/8 :)

    Tons of bluefin out there today, little butterballs and some bigger models… Started out solo above the 226, around 7 this morning playing wack-a-mole with the breezing bluefin (for whatever reason, they weren’t interested in the poppers or colt sniper). Around 8, they started foaming up pretty...
  25. Hustler

    Got 'em good today 10/11

    It's kind of nice when a plan comes together... Picked up a great scoop of mixed sized 'deans this morning from EB SD and blasted out to where Cody and I got them Tuesday. Right at grey light, I roll up on a school of porpoise, but no takers (I knew it wasn't going to be THAT easy). Ran...
  26. Hustler

    Who's fishing 10/11?

    Out of San Diego YFT Thursday? Throwing it out there... PM me if you want to work it. Teamwork pays off. Ron
  27. Hustler

    YFT 10/9 (ain't to proud to beg)

    Thanks for the call-in Cody, you 'da man! Took a bit longer than you to finally limit, but who's complaining :) About as good as it gets - and close to home! I'll let Cody post the numbers. Thanks again!
  28. Hustler

    Offshore/Islands report 9/12

    Plenty of macs in SD bay and some better sized sardines from the receiver was a good start to the morning. Flat calm, zero wind pretty much all day, with the sun beaming through early - sweet. About 7 miles west of North Island, found the right kelp loaded with dorado. Took my fill, called...
  29. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 9/9

    Slow day today for me. A bit tougher making macs in the morning, and downhill from there. Heavy fog and the water at the Islands dropped to a chilly 68 degrees at SKR, was a bit warmer at North Island, and off colored everywhere. A big difference from earlier this week for sure! Had the...
  30. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 9/3

    Made macs pretty quick and was sitting at 5 minute kelp at grey light. Started slow trolling and metering fish right out of the gate. Five minutes later, hook-up... While I'm fighting what ended up being a decent yellow, the other rod in the rod holder goes off. Sweet, double... Got the...
  31. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8/31

    Good fishing at the Islands today. Started early at SKR with a double on smaller grade bluefin. Ended up putting a few good grade yellows on over the next couple hours. Kind of died off, not much life and blank screen on the fish finder. Bolted up to the Middle Grounds to the parking lot...
  32. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8/28

    Loaded up the bait tank with macs pretty quick this morning and made the Islands at grey light. Not much happening for the first hour up around the ribbon kelp, so I did a little reconnaissance down around 5 minute kelp /SKR. Right between the two areas, the fish finder lights up with the...
  33. Hustler

    8/14 Coronado Islands report

    SKR/5 minute kelp, kind of dead. Excellent yellowtailing at Pukey Point. Slow trolled macs around 140' of water paid off big-time. Flat calm seas throughout the morning, made the day...
  34. Hustler

    For Sale Suzuki 14" 18 pitch RH stainless propeller - like new

    I have a like new (no dings or scratches) Suzuki 14 1/4" x 18 pitch RH three blade stainless propeller up for sale. Suzuki part number 99105-0020-18P. Fits DF90/115/140hp outboards. $250 OBO. PM me or text 858-243-5576. Ron
  35. Hustler

    Got a fat one 7/19

    Lost a big one early and a few hours later pulled this slug over the side. No real secret where all the boats and fish are. Pretty fun day, lots of breezing fish and a few foamers early in the morning, and pretty much heavy meter marks all day long - kept things interesting.
  36. Hustler

    Another Island report 6/25

    Pretty much one stop shopping on 8-15 pound yellowtail early at SKR this morning. There's a TON of yellowtail roaming all around below South Island, as well as log barries and grumpy calicos. Damn nice morning for sure...
  37. Hustler

    Lotsa fish at the Islands today 6/12

    Flat calm weather this morning. First guys on the spot down below south island early paid off. We had limits by the time the crowd showed up. Ended up catching around twenty yellowtail, only loosing two to the dogs - doing the catch and release thing after we limited. There were a lot of hungry...
  38. Hustler

    Where'd the fish go 6/5?

    Thought it was going to be a stellar day today... Got a double hook-up right out of the gate this morning in the middle grounds drifting on some nice meter marks. As usual, we had to pay our dues to the dogs, but was fortunate enough to get one of the two yellowtail through the...
  39. Hustler

    Good YT fishing at the Islands today 6/3

    Did the (very) rare weekend thing - man there were a TON of boats at the islands today! Stopped on some good meter marks in about 80' of water, threw out some chum, and had 'em boiling up behind the boat in short order - pretty cool to see! Pretty much full speed with all the fish coming on...
  40. Hustler

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    Headed offshore with nothing much to show for it. Decided to head to the Islands and take a looksee. Hit up SKR with the right kind of meter marks. Drop back a hot 'dine on 20# and was on instantly. Good news, no seals anywhere to be seen - perfect... Get the solid 20 pound YT up and my buddy...
  41. Hustler

    3 B's Coronados

    Tonnage of 'cuda under the birds at the rockpile, Tonnage of big bonito under the birds in the middle grounds, And a few chunky calicos at SKR. The yellowtail were nowhere to be found :shake:
  42. Hustler

    Cherry breakin' 5/8...

    First trip out on the new 23′ Maritime went smoothly today. Started at the 371 and ended down below the 425 on a decent sized paddy that had a ton of small 8-10 pound yellowtail on it. Didn’t take long to limit out on these little suckers – but it did take quite a bit of searching to find a...
  43. Hustler

    WTB Fujinon Techno-Stabi binoculars...

    Looking for a new (or lightly used) set of Fujinon TECHNO-STABI 14X40 binoculars. If you have a set to sell, or know of someone that may, shoot me a PM or text me at 858-243-5576. Thanks, Ron
  44. Hustler

    WTB Fujinon Techno-Stabi binoculars - got 'em?

    Looking for a new (or lightly used) set of Fujinon TECHNO-STABI 14X40 binoculars. If you have a set to sell, or know of someone that may, shoot me a PM or text me at 858-243-5576. Thanks, Ron
  45. Hustler

    Boot stripe?

    Anyone have a guy around San Diego that can paint an Awlgrip boot stripe on my Maritime? Any help would be appreciated! Ron
  46. Hustler

    Gelcoat repair SD?

    Anyone know of a top-notch gelcoat guy close by San Diego? I've got a few spots I need fixing on the new boat. Thanks, Ron
  47. Hustler

    It begins again...

    My wife just doesn't understand me...
  48. Hustler

    Looking for boat transportation.

    Got it handled. Thanks!
  49. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    I know it's a long shot, especially on the left coast, but the search is on for a 23' Maritime Patriot... Any leads would be appreciated!
  50. Hustler

    WTB tandem trailer

    Looking for a used tandem axle galvanized or aluminum trailer for a 20' boat. PM me if you have one or know of one. Thanks.
  51. Hustler

    WTB Seeker 6480

    Looking for a Seeker Black Steel 6480 cork handle factory wrap. Got one?
  52. Hustler

    BFT @ 60 Mile Bank 12/14

    Took my skiff out to the 60 mile bank this morning, in flat calm seas, arriving at greylight. 5 sporties and a few PB's anchored up and drifting. It didn't take long slow trolling 'deans wayyyy back behind the boat on the 20 pound. Had a single hook-up, while the boat was drifting, rod in...
  53. Hustler

    3/4 day boat San Diego?

    Anyone know where they've been fishing the last few days? PM me if you think you know. Thanks!
  54. Hustler

    Good bluefin 10/17

    Easy limits below south island early. Super nice day with hardly any swell or wind. Gotta' love San Diego fall fishing!
  55. Hustler

    Decent day offshore 10/5

    Between the 101 and the 425 - tons of nice kelps with one MONSTER that had tuna and dorado under it. But tuna being tuna, couldn't get them to take a hooked bait - which wasn't a problem with the dorado that charged the boat. Ended up limiting pretty quickly on better grade fish. Pointed the...
  56. Hustler

    Plan B - 9/14

    Plan A was to load the boat at the 371 this morning - which was a bust. Plan B was to head to the Islands and boat some yellowtail - mission accomplished. Four better grade fish at Keyhole in 80' of water, slow trolled baits did the job.
  57. Hustler

    BFT @ SKR 9/1

    Great yellowtail fishing and a few bluefin to add to the mix at the islands this morning. No need to run offshore and sit in a parking lot to catch tuna.
  58. Hustler

    32°38 x 117°46

  59. Hustler

    Islas Coronado 6/15

    Summer fun...
  60. Hustler

    Looking for a used boat lift

    Like a Hydrohoist or similar for a 21' boat. Anyone?
  61. Hustler

    Armored hull boat liner?

    Anyone know of where to possibly pick up a new or (preferred) used bottom liner - something 25' or less?
  62. Hustler

    $33K this weekend...

  63. Hustler

    W/O @ 209 10/22

    Great morning up above the 209. Wide open yellowfin from 15-30 pounds, eating everything that hit the water. Outstanding weather and fishing! Done by 10am. Damn...
  64. Hustler

    YT @ MG's 10/1

    Good yellowtail fishing at the islands today!
  65. Hustler

    182 9/8

    Morning bite was off the charts!
  66. Hustler

    425 dorado

    Loads of paddies at the 425 with dorado under most of them - also run and gunned on some fast moving yellowfin for no love. The water has really cleaned up at the 425. Won't be long...
  67. Hustler

    Any ideas?

    Where the Malihini and San Diego 3/4 day boats have been getting the yellowtail over the last few days? Just curious...
  68. Hustler

    Used Optima Blue Top Marine Battery

    I have a used Optima Blue Top D34M Marine dual purpose starting/deep cycle group 27 battery for sale. I bought the battery at AutoZone for over $250 around the end of summer last year and have used...
  69. Hustler

    Used Optima Blue Top Marine Battery

    I have a used Optima Blue Top D34M Marine dual purpose starting/deep cycle group 27 battery for sale. I bought the battery at AutoZone for over $250 around the end of summer last year and have used...
  70. Hustler

    Car or small truck needed...

    I'm looking for a small truck or car for my son's first set of wheels. Anyone have a good deal on a reliable ride? Let me know. Thanks.
  71. Hustler

    WTB used four stroke outboard 175-225 hp.

    I'm looking for a used outboard that's in good shape (lower hours the better). Anyone? Call or text 858-243-5576 or email [email protected] Thanks!
  72. Hustler

    Sometimes you just know...

    Had a feeling it was going to be a good day when I got in the truck this morning and Van Morrison - into the mystic, was playing on the radio. Sure enough, found the porpoise early at 32.30 over 117.38 (around the 226), with no one around. Proceeded to load the boat until there was no more bait...
  73. Hustler

    A skinny that wasn't so...

    Skinny! Landed it on the Chief on their 2 1/2 day trip that returned this morning 9/27. Pig's gotta' be pushing 80 pounds. Hit a purple and black marauder about 30 miles from PL. Thanks Cap'n Chris, you da' man!
  74. Hustler


    Looks like the Top Gun 80 got the first local wahoo within one day range. Gentlemen, start you engines...
  75. Hustler

    Question about Miramar Lake?

    Anyone know if there is a size limit to personal boats launched at Miramar Lake (I have a 20'er), and is the lake open to privately launched boats now? Anyone...
  76. Hustler


    Anyone know what the San Diego bay receiver had for bait today Tues. 7/7?
  77. Hustler

    4th of July celebration aboard the Chief - who's in?

    Looks like it will be a pretty light load 2 1/2 day trip aboard the Chief over the 4th of July (departs this coming Thursday 7/2 at 8:00pm and returns Sunday 7/5 at 6:00am). Who's in? Let go slay some tuna and tails!
  78. Hustler

    Look what MikesOcean's getting!

  79. Hustler

    Nikon StabilEyes 14x40 stabilized gyro binoculars for sale

    I have a pair of Nikon StabilEyes 14x40 stabilized waterproof gyro binoculars for sale. They are a little over a year old and in absolutely "as new" condition with no signs of wear or use whatsoever - guaranteed. I've only used them twice and they have always been stored in protective case...
  80. Hustler

    YFT and YT 6/12

    Decided to run offshore a bit today and it paid off (but hardly). After a couple hours of running, finally found a micro paddy at 32.22 / 117.35. It looked pretty weak until a few of the dines we threw in for chum got exploded on. The first to die were a pair of 15 pound yellowtail. Then the...
  81. Hustler

    Fri. 6/12 BFT or bust...

    Heading west to the 43 Friday and points south. Anyone else heading that direction? Will be on 72. Out...
  82. Hustler

    Lowrance 3G Broadband Radar Dome w/10M Cable

    I have a brand new Lowrance 3G radar dome (part number 000-10418-001) for sale in unopened box with all accessories and full warranty. Unit cost $1299 plus tax new - looking for at least $1000 plus shipping (or local pick up in San Diego). You can email me at [email protected] or text...
  83. Hustler

    8 day trip the first week of June?

    Looks like the Shogun has a "DEFINITE GO!" 8 day trip the end of this month - with a pretty light load. Normally, we are on these trips in October/November - heading to the rocks or the ridge. Not much guesswork there. But I've never been on an 8 day trip this early in the season, and just...
  84. Hustler

    Yellowfin at 70 miles

    Sounds like the Eclipse picked up two yellowfin around 70 miles from SD (one was reported as 42 pounds) - in US waters. Time to dust off the gear and get out there...
  85. Hustler

    Upcoming Chief trips...

    Looks like the Chief out of HM Landing has a pretty smoking deal going. If you book a trip before the end of this month (for fishing Apr/May/June), they're offering 20% off the ticket price. I was told all you have to do when booking the...
  86. Hustler

    San Diego bay bait question?

    Anyone go out today (Weds. 3/11) and happen to know if the receiver had any sardines? Everingham's website says "3"-4" anchovies" at the SD receiver. Hummm...
  87. Hustler

    WTB aluminum t-top

    Looking for an aluminum t-top for a 20' center console. I can be contacted at [email protected] Thanks!
  88. Hustler

    WTB 20' tandem axle trailer

    Looking for a galvanized or aluminum tandem axle trailer for a 20' +/- boat. If you have one or know of one, drop me a line at [email protected] Thanks!
  89. Hustler

    YT at the Islands 3/6

    But the best news is four of the five fish came from flylined deans. The weather side of North Island seemed the most productive, but the dogs were relentless! Beautiful weather, warm, and flats seas... And just think, the East Coasters are having the coldest winter on record :) Sure is great...
  90. Hustler

    Looking for a 22' Farallon

    Got the itch... Anyone have a lead on a 22' Farallon (diesel preferred)? Let me know. Thanks!
  91. Hustler

    Custom wrapped Seeker 6480 for sale

    I have a custom wrapped (Ken Bush/Bushman) Seeker 6480 Black Steel graphite rod in good shape for sale. Rod has black guides, new cork handle with X-wrap cover, and wrapped in Calstar teal colors with matching turkshead. $150 or best offer. Prefer local pick up in San Diego. Contact Ron at...
  92. Hustler

    Sabre Stroker rod and Penn level wind - great kid's set up...

    I've got a (real) Sabre Stroker Pro-Lite PL195-CT trigger stick (6' 8-20#) and Penn Level Wind 9 reel for sale. The rod is in ok shape (excellent guides, that were replaced a couple years ago) and the reel is in good condition. I have a ring built into the butt of the rod so you can clip a...
  93. Hustler

    Viking deck boots size 7

    Like new (worn once) Viking Mariner Kadett deck boots in men's size 7 (women's size 10). $50 or best offer. I accept Paypal if you cover the fee and will ship. Contact Ron at 858-243-5576 or email [email protected] Thanks.
  94. Hustler

    Pac (Pacific) Bay rod wrapper for sale

    I have a like new Pac Bay rod wrap/dryer machine that has been used to wrap one rod and is in like new condition. $220 or best offer. I accept Paypal if you cover the fee and will ship. Contact Ron at 858-243-5576 or email [email protected] Thanks
  95. Hustler

    Tons of rods for sale Calstars and Seekers...

    Two Calstar 800-H 30-60# deckhand style rods (black and gold wrap with chrome perfection guides - not factory teal colors) in excellent shape $130 each obo (sold - thanks Todd) One Calstar DHS-6480 30-60# deckhand style rod in ok shape $60 obo (sale pending - thanks Chris) One Calstar GFGR-700M...
  96. Hustler

    A bunch of cool stuff for sale - take a look...

    I have one stainless steel adjustable heavy duty antenna mounts for $25 left. Will take Paypal if you cover the fee and will ship. Contact Ron at 858-243-5576 or email [email protected] Thanks.
  97. Hustler

    Goodyear 15" trailer tire and rim for sale.

    sold thanks chad
  98. Hustler

    Raymarine DS600X color fishfinder for sale.

    I have a Raymarine DS600X color fishfinder for sale. Includes transom mount transducer, mounting base, all wiring, and sun cover. Unit functions flawlessly with perfect screen. $275 obo. I take Paypal if you cover the fee and will ship. Contact Ron at 858-243-5576 or email [email protected] Thanks.
  99. Hustler

    Standard Horizon VHF and 8' antenna for sale.

    I have a used perfectly working Standard Horizon Quest VHF radio with sun cover (radio was flush mounted in console) and a Shakespeare Mariner 8700 VHF 8' antenna for sale. $40 for the radio and antenna each obo. I'll take Paypal if you cover the fee and will ship. Contact Ron 858-243-5576 or...
  100. Hustler

    Offshore type 1 life jackets for sale.

    I have four offshore type 1 life jackets for sale. All four have never seen the water. Two of them are set up with C-Strobe lights and whistles for $45 each obo and look brand new. The other two are life jackets only for $20 each obo. I take Paypal if you cover the fee and will ship. Contact Ron...
  101. Hustler

    Pacific (Pac) Bay rod wrapper for sale

    I have a like new Pac Bay rod wrap/dryer machine that has been used to wrap one rod and is in like new condition. $220 or best offer. I accept Paypal if you cover the fee and will ship. Contact Ron at 858-243-5576 or email [email protected] Thanks
  102. Hustler

    Gaffs and nets for sale

    I have three gaffs for sale. A Precision Marine 6' fiberglass with cork handle (like new), two Pompanette anodized gaffs (4' and 3'), a new Promar collapsible landing net, and a really cool custom made bait tank net with bamboo handle. $40 for the 6' gaff, $20 each for the Pomanette's, (sold)...
  103. Hustler

    Lowrance Elite-7x CHIRP fishfinder w/ transducer for sale

    I have an almost new Lowrance Elite-7x CHIRP fishfinder for sale. I bought it about three months ago and had it installed on my skiff. The unit has been used two time since new and looks brand new. The screen and body of the unit as well as the transducer are in perfect condition. The unit...
  104. Hustler

    Two Accurate reels for sale

    I have two Accurate Boss 270 Twin Drag reels for sale. Both reels are 50% filled with Izor 65# Spectra and have the optional Accurate power handles (wayyyyy better that the old stock handles) and clamps. Both reels were serviced last season and are in excellent mechanical condition with a bit of...
  105. Hustler

    Kodiak ProFlow bait tanks for sale

    both tanks sold.
  106. Hustler

    Raymarine A78 vs. Garmin 741XS questions...

    Looking for feedback on the two units. The Garmin 741XS with the TM150 transducer versus the Raymarine A78 with the CPT-100 transducer. Really wondering which unit will have the best resolution and fishfinding capabilities (WiFi, chartplotter, expandability are not a factor for me when...
  107. Hustler

    Raymarine A78 vs. Garmin 741XS

    Looking for feedback on the two units. The Garmin 741XS with the TM150 transducer versus the Raymarine A78 with the CPT-100 transducer. Really wondering which unit will have the best resolution and fishfinding capabilities (WiFi, chartplotter, expandability are not a factor for me when...
  108. Hustler

    Questions on Lowrance Elite 9x, 7x, or 5x CHIRP

    Just wondering if anyone is running a Lowrance Elite X unit with the CHIRP feature? I'm really looking to get some feedback on the optimal settings for the fishfinder/sonar operations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron
  109. Hustler


    Leaving tomorrow on an 8 day and noticed the weather is coming up. Anyone got an idea of what we will be dealing with down south?
  110. Hustler

    Wahoo on the Malahini?

    Bet that's never happened before...
  111. Hustler

    Chief 3 1/2 day trip

    Leaving Thursday, July 24th. Anyone else in? Looks like a pretty light load...
  112. Hustler

    YT @ NI

    Outstanding fishing today...
  113. Hustler

    Best place to make bait out of SD bay?

    Looks like Everingham's only has anchovy for bait right now. Anyone know of a recent good spot for making mackerel outside SD bay?
  114. Hustler

    Sounds like a great day to head offshore...

  115. Hustler

    Toad yellows at the Islands 1/16

    January 16th? What??? Can't tell you the last time (if ever) I've heard of the yellows going off at the islands in the middle of winter. It was an absolutely bitchin' day today - flat, warm, flip-flops, shorts, and an ice chest full of Corona (and fish!) - East Cape type shit. All the action was...
  116. Hustler

    Rod maintenance question...

    Just curious to see what most guys think the best way is to keep the corrosion off the guides? I wash and dry my rods after every use - but pretty much ready to shelf them for the winter after my next long range trip. I've used WD40 on the guides in the past, but was told there are other...
  117. Hustler

    Endeavor gets a (what?) albie...

    Endeavor 1.5 Day 17 anglers 63 Yellowtail, 57 Bluefin Tuna, 1 Albacore 57 BFT sounds like a pretty good score.
  118. Hustler

    Accurate 270's, 870, and handles

    I have two Accurate 270's (one is the newer style). Both 3/4 filled with fresh Spectra and upgraded Accurate handles. 9/10 mechanically - 7/10 cosmetically. Serviced and new drags last season with Accurate. Looking for $225 each (the handles and service were over $100 on each reel). I also...
  119. Hustler

    Power broom for synthetic lawn installation

    Looking for a new or used Stihl MM55 power broom (the kind used for synthetic lawn installation). Got the cash, looking for the deal. Let me know. Thanks, Ron
  120. Hustler

    Avet sx/mx reel clamps - old style

    Looking to trade or buy. I have 6 of the new style narrow sx/mx clamps that came with the new reels and want to swap them out for the old style (silver color), wider clamps (like the clamp shown on the left in the pic below). I need them for the deckhand style rods I fish. I know Predator1...
  121. Hustler

    Calstar 800 Grafighters

    Looking for a couple factory wrapped 800L's, one 800ML, and a 800H. Anyone looking to sell (or trade), let me know. My email address is [email protected] Thanks, Ron
  122. Hustler

    Calstar GF 800 L or ML

    Looking for a few Calstar Grafighter factory wrapped rods: GFDH-800L and GFDH-800ML, and a GFDH-800H - with cork handles. Got any?
  123. Hustler

    Avet sx/mx old style reel clamps

    Looking for a couple of the older style Avet sx/mx reel clamps in silver. Have the newer narrower ones to trade. Got any?
  124. Hustler

    Avet MXL 6/4 two speed

    Looking for an Avet MXL 6/4 two speed right handed reel without the Magic Cast. Prefer silver or blue. Got one?
  125. Hustler

    Seeker or Calstar 6480 rod

    Looking for a Seeker Black Steel or Calstar 6480 (or similar) 8' graphite rod with cork handle. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  126. Hustler

    Accurate 270

    Got one? Let me know. Thanks.
  127. Hustler

    Coronado Island YT 8/17

    Great day at the Islands today. 7 to 11 for limits - plus a few c&r's. Middle grounds over to the north end of south island. Slow trolled 'deans. No seals, flat calm, and beautiful weather = one outstanding day on the pond! BTW, what Mexican navy?
  128. Hustler

    1984 Blackman Billfisher w/ Volvo Turbo Diesel - $27,500 - Giiving it away! SOLD

    SOLD! 1984 26' Blackman FishMachine w/ 2001 Volvo AD41 turbo diesel (2500 hours) and new Volvo 290 Duoprop outdrive (less than 1 year old). Boat has: Furuno FCV-582L fishfinder, Furuno 2400 24 mile radar (old school), Furuno GP-30 GPS/plotter, Icom IC-M602 VHF radio (second back-up VHF in...
  129. Hustler

    Looking for a multi-day trip in Aug/Sept...

    Looking for a 2 1/2 day plus trip in August or September (up to 8 days). Whatchagot? Thanks, Ron
  130. Hustler

    10,000 pound HydroHoist

    Looking for a 10,000 pound cap. HydroHoist for a 26' boat. Prefer something in and around San Diego/Mission bay. Got anything?
  131. Hustler

    Galvanized boat trailer.

    Looking for galvanized trailer with 10,000 pound capacity, tandem or triple axle, for a 26' Blackman fishing boat. Got something?
  132. Hustler

    Rod repair in Scripps/Poway area?

    Anyone know anyone who can wrap/repair a few rods for me, around the Scripps Ranch/Poway area? Thanks...
  133. Hustler

    Owner Gorilla Light 1/0 hooks - 28 packs up for grabs

    I've got 28 packs (7 ea.) of brand new, never opened Owner Gorilla Light 1/0 hooks. Paid $4.50 each for them last summer. Been using ring hooks, so these just sat in the garage. Asking $100 for all of them, including free shipping. Thanks, Ron
  134. Hustler

    Accurate Boss 870 Reel

    I'm selling an Accurate Boss 870 (4.6:1) TwinDrag single speed reel (or trade for an Accurate 270 if you have one). The reel is in good shape, a little boat rash, but not much. I have an Avet handle on it now, but also have the original one with the ball. The reel probably needs a lube job...
  135. Hustler

    Accurate 270

    Looking for an Accurate 270 without cast control. Let me know if you have one (or more) to sell. BTW, I have a few Avet SX 5.3's I would also be willing to trade, with a few bucks thrown into the deal... Thanks, Ron
  136. Hustler

    2011 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 17" OEM wheels and tires

    Dodge 17" OEM chromed alloy wheels for 2500/3500 Dodge Ram trucks (8 lug / 8-6.5 bolt pattern) with LT265/70R17 BF Goodrich Rugged Trail TA tires. Wheels are in perfect condition with no marks whatsoever. Tires are in excellent shape also, with less than 5000 miles on them. Wheels come...
  137. Hustler

    RP YT 9/28

    Great yellowtail fishing today at the rockpile. Slow trolled 'deans were the ticket. Flat seas and hardly any wind - make for an outstanding day of fishing! Go get 'em...
  138. Hustler

    Looking to kill some tuna mon. 8/29?

    Heading down around the 238 - south 60 miles (or so). Will be on 72. Anyone else chasing the tuna tomorrow?
  139. Hustler

    Middle Grounds 8/9

    Flat calm, breezing yellows, marlin on the chew... 3 yellows - 20-25 lbs. and 15 minutes of pure fun hooked up to a 120# striped marlin = a great way to start the day! Get off the keyboard and get out and fish!
  140. Hustler

    Sea Adventure 80 1 1/2 day trip - you in?

    The Sea Adventure 80 has a 1 1/2 day trip scheduled for Tues. Aug. 2nd leaving at 8:00pm. Should be a super light load and the weather's coming down. Let's go kill some fish!
  141. Hustler

    BFT, YT @ SKR 7/28

    21/24# YT and 18# BFT on soaked 'deans at the SKR today. Late start, early finish, and without a doubt - beats workin' anyday :) Out again manana...
  142. Hustler

    Sea Adventure 80 2 1/2 day trip...

    The SA 80 did really good on their last trip down to San Martin island. Scott has another 2 1/2 day trip scheduled this weekend, leaving Sat. 7/23 for only $439 - which includes food/beverages (sounds like a pretty light load too). Now that's a smokin' deal! Anyone else feel like...
  143. Hustler

    Sea Adventure 80 2 1/2 day trip...

    Looks like the Sea Adventure 80 has a 2 1/2 day trip leaving 7/4 in the evening and returning 7/7 - for only $425. Seems like a damn good deal considering it will probably be a light load and the bluefin are right around the corner. Any other Bloodydecker's planning on going...
  144. Hustler

    Seeker 6480H or Calstar 800H

    Looking for a Seeker 6480H or Calstar 800H cork handle rod. Got one or two to sell? Let me know. Thanks, Ron
  145. Hustler

    Looking for electric line winder

    I'm looking to buy a Triangle Osprey Line Winder, Berkley Pro, or similar. Have cash - will travel... Let me know. Thanks, Ron
  146. Hustler

    Avet LX 6/3 Two Speed Reel

    Looking for a silver or blue Avet LX 6/3 two speed reel. If you have one, shoot me an email to [email protected] Thanks, Ron
  147. Hustler

    Local YT 8/17

    Three for five (toads) at the MG's today before noon. 70 degree water. Sweet!
  148. Hustler

    14" spare tire/wheel

    Looking for a spare ST215/75R14 tire and 5 lug galvanized spoke rim. Anyone have one to sell? Email me at [email protected] Ron
  149. Hustler

    Day and a half + openings anyone?

    We're looking to get out (2 spots+) on a 1 1/2 day or longer charter trip within the next week or so. Anyone have an opening (last minute's fine also), PM, email [email protected], or give me a call on my cell at 858-243-5576. Thanks, Ron
  150. Hustler

    Coronado YT 7/19 - Scratchy at Best!

    Managed to get two, slow trolling 'deans around the middle grounds. My son Ryan took the JP :) Hit the south end of the islands and south kelp for nada. Didn't seem like much was happening anywhere today. Nice day on the pond, not much swell or wind, and killer bait from EB (never fails, great...
  151. Hustler

    WTB 40-45 gallon bait tank...

    I'm looking for a used 40-45 gallon bait tank - Offshore or Pacific Edge type. PM me or email [email protected] if you have one or know of one. Thanks, Ron
  152. Hustler

    Outer Banks Boat Club

    Anyone know of someone that wants to sell their membership? Let me know. Thanks, Ron [email protected] 858-243-5576
  153. Hustler

    Fiberglass Pilot House?

    There was a guy here locally (CA) that built fiberglass pilot houses a year or so ago. I remember Mike (unknown fisherman) installed one on a Whaler a while back. Anyone remember or know of the guy??? Thanks
  154. Hustler

    GMC 20" chrome wheels and tires OEM

  155. Hustler

    2003 Land Rover Range Rover HSE

  156. Hustler

    1.5 day trip on the Constitution

    The Constitution has a day and a half trip leaving this Sunday night for $250 - that's a smokin' deal and the best part is it will be a super light load (around 12 guys). The fishing's pretty good down about 100 miles - and we'll be in 'em. Call Joe at 951-660-4130 or shoot me an email at...
  157. Hustler

    $250 1-1/2 day trip leaving 9/20

    The Constitution has a day and a half trip leaving this Sunday night for $250 - that's a smokin' deal and the best part is it will be a super light load (around 12 guys). The fishing's pretty good down about 100 miles - and we'll be in 'em. Call Joe at 951-660-4130 or shoot me an email at...
  158. Hustler

    Tony Rocks (SDTone) - Thanks!!!

    Just picked up one of my rods from Tony (SDTone), and was blown away with the custom job he did for me. I'm planning on having him re-wrap all my rods this winter. He does GREAT work at a fair price (and is FAST!). I would highly recommend him! Thanks again Tony!!!
  159. Hustler

    YFT, YT, Dorado, Albies 1010 9/3

    Tagged team with Eric / Cartero and Ron Sees today. Early grey bite on the albies at the 1010 - nice grade. Wide open limits of yellowfin and yellowtail below the Hidden Bank with a few dorado to go with the mix - pretty small stuff though - almost to the point of cutting them free to let 'em...
  160. Hustler

    Coronados 8/26 YT, Boners, and Logs

    Hit it late - left it early. Three hours on Rick's boat for 5 nicer grade yellowtail, a handful of boners, and a few log cuda. Middle grounds and leeward of So. Island. Xlnt bait = fish in the boat. Not a bad way to spend the morning...
  161. Hustler

    YFT and YT 8/21 Fish Seeker Style

    Went out with Rick on his boat today. Hit the 302 early for a single 20 pound yellowfin on the cedar plug, Trolled for what seemed like forever, down to the 425. Wierd weather kind of day - it felt like we should have been rock coddin'. Damn, I've never heard of so many blabbermouths on...
  162. Hustler

    Yellowfin /Dorado 238 8/19

    Fished around the 238 today. Best stop was 30 over 14. Ended up with 7 yellowfin (two baitfish) to 22 pounds and two dorado. Zuker Abortion was the hot jig for the day. Flat calm and sunny most of the day. Excellent bait from EB's. Tons of giant paddys - with no one home :confused: A bit...
  163. Hustler

    Heading South 295 and beyond...

    Leaving tonight around 2:30am - to fish Weds. 8/19. Leaving from SD Bay - for the 238/295 and points South. Gotta' kill some fish. Anyone else? Will be on 72...
  164. Hustler

    2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie truck- Low Miles!

    "Turn key" 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 heavy duty Laramie automatic v-8 5.9 quad-cab truck with only 66,300 original miles (Carfax available). Clean white exterior and tan leather interior. Has every available option including tow package, dual heated electric seats, trip computer, dual airbags...
  165. Hustler

    302/371/425 Report 8/11

    Ran out with my son and worked the banks down to the 425 (just outside the highspot) where the right paddy just happened to be - you know the kind, big, deep, and a tern/seagull rest stop. One paddy produced 6 yellows (12-28 lbs.) and two small dorado. Popped a couple off, but who's counting...
  166. Hustler

    Heard there are some BIG tuna...

    About 50-60 miles outside Muertos/Cerralvo under the porpoise. Heading down South tomorrow to see if we can murder a few :2gunsfiring_v1:. Will try and give an update from the beach. Oh yea, here's a picture of Randy with a decent 'hoo from our last trip a week ago - great eats!
  167. Hustler

    Pre-made Turk's Head...

    Anyone know where I can pick-up a few pre-made Turk's Head's for my cork handled jig sticks (the kind you can slip on and epoxy in place)? Lemme' know if there is such a thing... Thanks, Ron
  168. Hustler

    Accurate 870 Boss Twin Drag Reel...

    Accurate 870 Boss Twin Drag Reel w/ New Spectra Backing - eBay (item 130321893998 end time Aug-06-09 09:10:39 PDT) Up for auction is my lightly used Accurate Boss 870 twin-drag reel with new 65 pound Spectra backing and 40 pound Trilene Big Game topshot. Reel is in excellent mechanical...
  169. Hustler

    BFT East Fly 7/29

    Tons of crashing bluefin... Scratched up five 15-20 lb. bluefin at 32.18 / 118.02 - on the edge of the East Butterfly this morning. Jigstrike on a Zuker Abortion to start it off - and four baitfish followed their buddy into the fishhold. Also farmed a toad yellow in the same area on a nice...
  170. Hustler

    Accurate 270 reel handle problems - anyone else?

    I just returned from a 7 day trip on the Q105. Both of the handles on my Accurate 270's broke (again), always when I'm in the middle of reeling in a fish! I swear, in the last 4 years since owning my three 270's (the other one I ended up leaving behind because the anti-reverse bearing went...
  171. Hustler

    Cerralvo/Los Muertos 6/13-6/18

    Spent the last few days with Robert fishing the 88 and South end of the island for a mixed bag. The weather was pretty decent, with warming days and very little wind. Thanks goes out to Mike (Oso), for once again allowing us to shack up at his bitchin' place down there. Onto fishing, the...
  172. Hustler

    Muertos/Cerralvo 6/13-6/18 - Anyone?

    Heading down to fish the 'hoo and squareheads this Sat-Thurs. Launching out of Muertos. Stop by if you're around (or square) - Patron's on us! :drunk:drunk:drunk
  173. Hustler

    Need Mike's (Oso) cellphone #

    Anyone have Mike's (Oso's) cell number down at Muertos or Juan Diablo's cell (the guy who has the small 4 room place he rents rooms) in San Pedro up the street from Mike's?
  174. Hustler

    La Paz roadtrip end of May

    Taking the boat/truck down to it's new home in La Paz around the end of this month. Plan on staying down for a week and putting a few hours on the boat fishing out of Muertos/Cerralvo. Anyone else planning on heading South about that time - wanna' caravan it... Give me a shout, Ron
  175. Hustler

    Yamaha 2005 F200 for sale or trade

    I have an '05 Yamaha F200 four stroke outboard with only 380 hours on it - runs excellent. Looking to either sell it outright or trade for a Yamaha F150. We just bought the boat and the boat's overpowered with a 200hp. Shoot me an email if you're interested. Ron [email protected] Located in...
  176. Hustler

    2 1/2 dayer on the Constitution...

    Just got off the phone with Joe, and he's trying to put together a 2 1/2 day trip leaving at 6:00pm this Fri. Oct. 17th returning Mon. morning. He said they did really good about 150+ miles down below a few days back, and he's planning on going the distance again. He said he needs at least 12...
  177. Hustler

    Looking for a 1 1/2 - 3 day trip...

    Anyone have a 1 1/2 - 3 day charter they need a spot filled on in the next week or so? Shit's slow workwise, so the time's right... I live about 15 minutes from the SD landing and good to go within a days notice - let's kill some fish! Email me if you have something [email protected] Thanks...
  178. Hustler

    US Limits YFT + @ 43 8/27

    Went out with Fish Seeker again today and really laid the wood to 'em good! Got a quad albie hookup after spotting a single tern dipping at 7:00 this morning. Troll fish in - baits out at 43 over 02... After drifting 3+ hours, we ended up with 19 yellowfin on bait. Had 3-4 hanging at times...
  179. Hustler

    Same Ol' Same Ol' 8/21 @ 425

    Back early for my sons football practice, but not before he boated his first offshore yellowtail and dodo (makes me proud-a chip off the ol' block). Nice day on the water. Hardly any wind or swell. Went the opposite way of the crowd and it paid off. Paddies were kind of hard to find except at...
  180. Hustler

    Enough's enough...

    edit reason: to many martinis...
  181. Hustler

    Albies, Yellows, and Dorado 7/31 @ 425

    Went out with Rick today and put the wood to a few fish. The 425 was loaded with paddies and fish - and guess what, no seiners. We found the fish early. The first paddy at 13 over 22 produced some nice dorado. About a 1/4 mile down the line, found some yellowtail looking to die. Just about...
  182. Hustler

    Heading out to fish thurs. 24th

    7/24. Going long, double 220/1010 or wherever need be. Anyone else going hunting?
  183. Hustler

    Limit+ albies and a few yellows 7/9

    Best bet, find the 67 degree break, stop on the bustin' longfin, throw a few scoops of bait, and sit and soak. We ended up with 10 baitfish off of one long stop and two jigfish earlier. The baitfish came at 31.30 117.26 - just below the 295. Nice grade of albies, with the biggest topping out...
  184. Hustler

    When Will Mexico Learn?

    Just got back from Cabo. Flew down on Volaris Airlines out of TJ. Now don't get me wrong - the price was unbeatable (and the planes/service are normally first class), but the bullshit at the airport almost makes it not worth it! We get to the airport and head towards the ticket counter (as...
  185. Hustler

    371 to 213 for two yellows 6/19 $$$

    Ran out at 3:00am with FishSeeker this morning in the pea soup fog. Hit the first paddy at 14 over 35 in 65.8 degree water for two fat yellows - and that was it for the day! Headed to the 390 and the fog lifted to some sweet seas. Run and Gunned down to the 213. Plenty of dry paddies - suprise...
  186. Hustler

    Paddy Yellows @ 390 - 6/11

    So many paddies - so few fish! Ran to the 425, Hidden Bank, across to the 390, up to the 371, and home. 150 miles for 3 yellows - biggest going about 25 lbs. Did I mention lots of dry paddies? Anyways, all three fish came in the 63 degree water - a bit North of the 390 at 07 over 47. Water...
  187. Hustler

    Red Dye Diesel?

    I know this is the wrong forum... Just wondering if anyone knows the best place to buy red dye diesel for my boat (besides on the water) in San Diego area. I live in Poway-so... Any help?
  188. Hustler

    Need help on trim switch

    I bought a pair of these trim switches for my last Parker when I retrofitted the stock controls with the thumb switch (for trimming the engine) to Morse electronic controls. I'm doing the same thing to the Davis I just bought and can't remember where I bought the new switches or who made them...
  189. Hustler

    Fiberglass Pilot House Work...

    Just picked up a Davis 22' Cortez with the pilothouse and looking at building a back wall on it with a couple windows and a door. I know Harold Davis can do it, but Paso Robles is a looong haul from San Diego. Trying to find someone a bit closer. Any leads? Thanks, Ron
  190. Hustler

    Dorado and Skippies 10/26

    Fished with Rick (Fishseeker) and Ron (rsees) on Rick's boat today. Found an oustanding paddy at 24/29 (that should have been LOADED with fish) that produced a single 12# dorado (on bait) for yours truly. We also got a single jig strike on a skippy, with another one on bait. Kind of a slow day...
  191. Hustler

    Anyone know of a good boat detailer?

    That doesn't charge an arm and a leg? Let me know. Looking to get a 23' boat hull detailed. Thanks, Ron [email protected]
  192. Hustler

    On The Water Mexican Boat Insurance Question...

    Anyone know of an insurance company that will cover a boat on AND off the trailer in Baja? I'm looking for liability AND comprehenson coverage-so if the boat is damaged or suffers a loss while at sea, it would be covered. I'm planning on leaving a 23' boat in Cabo on a trailer and looking for...
  193. Hustler

    Anyone fly out of TJ?

    We're flying out of Tijuana to Cabo on Volaris and wondering the easiest/quickest way of getting there from San Diego. We usually fly out of San Diego, but Volares fares are cheaper than driving - so... Any advice on driving and parking at the airport in TJ or catching a cab at the border...
  194. Hustler

    FYI look for the whales...

    Just got off a four day on the Spirt of Adventure (great crew/boat). We were fishing a few miles below the 60 mile bank. Robert and I got 62 albies from 28 to 37 pounds for two days of hard fishing. The boat had near limits in the first two days and went paddy hopping down to Colonet and back on...
  195. Hustler

    So good to be back - YT at the Cross 8/1

    Finally back on the water after a long time off. Damn, what a bitchin' day! Hardly a ripple on the water and some jumbo paddies holding some jumbo yellowtail! Spent most of the day (along with most of the sporties) working around the 390 / Cross area. Best paddy was at 01/57. Got a couple that...
  196. Hustler

    Boat LP and Glasswork...

    Looking for someone to LP a boat - entire boat plus do some fiberglass work on the hull. Anyone have any connections that do good work for a decent price in the San Diego (hopefully) area? Let me know. Thanks, Ron
  197. Hustler

    Dirt Biking In SD?

    Used to ride in Nor Cal when I was younger and recently got the itch to get another bike. I picked up a CRF450 last month and looking for places to ride in So Cal / SD area. Any of you BD'ers out there into ripping up the dirt when the fishin's slow, shoot me a PM and lets hookup. I live in...
  198. Hustler


    Mark's the MAN! Needed an electrican on short notice. Spoke to him last night, and today the jobs done - and done right. Thanks again Mark. Ron
  199. Hustler

    Electrican Needed

    Looking for an electrican for a project In Scripps Ranch to install about 140' of 220v for a portable spa hookup. Conduits are in place and permits pulled. Need 50 amp breaker installed and spa disconnect box as well (final hook-up by spa company). Also have another project with extensive...
  200. Hustler

    Cabinet Refinishers in SD?

    Looking to refinish our oak kitchen cabinets and possibly stair rails and balastrades. We live in the Poway area. Any leads? [email protected] Thanks, Ron
  201. Hustler

    Rojodiablo Does Some Bitchin' Work...

    Thanks Paul for taking care of all the crown moulding and baseboards in my new place!!! Anyone looking for an outstanding finish guy - he's the man! Believe me, I'm super particular - and this dude's a PRO :daman: Thanks again for an outstanding job.
  202. Hustler

    crown molding

    Any good crown molding and base molding guys out there? I need an entire house of the stuff done - cash. Let me know if you know of anyone in the San Diego/Poway area. Thanks, Ron 858-693-3844 or 858-243-5576
  203. Hustler

    Expert Drywall and Texture Guy Needed

    I'm looking for an outstanding texture and drywall guy for a room addition on my place. I'm talking about someone that, when the jobs done, I won't be able to tell where the old and new stuff came together. Anyone out there know of the 'right' guy? Any leads would be appreciated!!! I live in...
  204. Hustler

    Diesel prices?

    Anyone know what a gallon of diesel's going for at Pemex these days?
  205. Hustler

    Big Bear condo rental?

    Anyone have a connection on a condo/home rental in Big Bear for 4+ people from March 3rd-5th? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Ron
  206. Hustler

    Stolen rod on the Q-105...

    Now I'm not calling anyone a thief, but I'm out a new Calstar GF760H rod ($400 :( ). After returning home from the Qualifier 105 trip last week and unwrapping my rods, I come to find one missing. Now I know it's my fault for not "counting" my rods after breaking everything down on the two day...
  207. Hustler

    Q105 Hustler-Fish Seeker Style (for those of you that don't have a 60" monitor) :)

    Thought I would resize a few of Rick's pics so it wouldn't take ten years to load them up :) And while I'm at it, I guess I'll toot my own horn and throw a few more bendo shots of the 255 pounder I got on the 50# string - as well as Robert's trophy fish he nailed. Thanks again to Brian and...
  208. Hustler

    Independence 11/19 report

    "11-19-2005 - Good evening, Another EPIC day on the BIG yellowfin tuna, we had 42 fish for the day from 140lbs to 270 lbs. with about 15 going over the 200 lb. mark. Just FANTASTIC fishing to say the least. We did lose some big fish due to the nature of this type of fishing. At times we had as...
  209. Hustler


    <div style="position:absolute; top:5; left:15; overflow: auto; width:25; height:23; scrollbar:false; "> <marquee><img src=""></marquee> </div>
  210. Hustler

    Independence trip from Dec 5th-15th

    Paul and Mark have decided to open up a new 10 day trip from Dec 5th-15th. As of now, they only have a few guys (Paul said they need at least 16 to go). They are only asking $2400 (which is $300 less than normal). I'm seriously thinking about heading back down again. Any of you BD guy's...
  211. Hustler

    Independence trip 11/3 -11/13 INCREDIBLE!!!

    "11-08-2005 - Hello, you know there comes a time in a persons life when one comes to realization that they have waited their entire life for something, and finally it is here. I am talking about today. In all truthful accounts, today was by far the best fishing I have ever experienced in all my...
  212. Hustler

    Also, I need a reel handle for an Accurate 270 reel

    Know of anyone with a stock or upgraded speed handle? I need one...
  213. Hustler

    Penn two speed 30's

    I need to get four of my two speeds serviced (cleaned, greased, etc). Anyone know of a good reel mechanic in San Diego (Poway area hopefully)?
  214. Hustler

    East Cape 9/14 - 9/18

    Ended up with Robert and a group of ten other guy's killing the tuna. Pretty wide open chunking giant squid. The last day being the best, with 5 tuna to 70+ pounds (man, can these guy's PULL!). All fish on 40lb - oh, my aching back! The tuna were 25 miles straight out with the dolphin. Good...
  215. Hustler

    BFT, Albies, and a few YT's on 8/10

    Super slow day at the Mushroom (the 50+ sportboats probably didn't help). Scratched 4 15-20lb yellows off a couple paddies around 58 over 22. Finally couldn't take trolling around any longer and set off searching. Went to the Cross for zip, then headed up to the 390. A couple miles short at 01...
  216. Hustler


    <img src="" alt="Image Hosted at"/>
  217. Hustler

    Need 6 guys to go...

    We have a super light load (7 guys) booked on the Constitution on a 3 day trip leaving Fri. July 1st out of H&M at 9:00pm and returning Mon. July 4th around 6:00pm. 2+ days of fishing, all meals included for $545 + Mex. permits and small fuel surcharge (depending on load). The boat is wide and...
  218. Hustler


  219. Hustler

    I need a drink...

    The new black format on BD's gives me a headache :) KISS
  220. Hustler

    Here's a dumb question...

    What color lenses on a pair of sunglasses is the best for spotting paddies on the water - grey, rose, blue, black...??? Up until now, I have never really needed a pair of sunglasses on the water, but it seems like it's starting to take a toll on my eyes. Getting older sucks! I'm looking at...
  221. Hustler

    Yellows @ 302 5/25

    Made the run solo this morning. Outside MB jetty it looked like a lake. What the hell, run out and check out the 302/371, who knows. Plenty of paddies. Half with yellows. Most wouldn't even look at the JUMBO sardines courtesy of EB. On the run back up, finally found a couple micro paddies that...
  222. Hustler

    Boat Ramp in Las Arenas/Bahia De Los Muertos?

    Launch Ramp in Muertos Bay Area? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been a year since I've been to Muertos Bay/Las Arenas (now Bahia De Los Suenos-what a joke!). I'm wondering if there is a boat launch ramp anywhere in the area or up in...
  223. Hustler

    Launch Ramp in Muertos Bay Area?

    It's been a year since I've been to Muertos Bay/Las Arenas (now Bahia De Los Suenos-what a joke!). I'm wondering if there is a boat launch ramp anywhere in the area or up in El Sargento. I saw they built a Giggeling Marlin by the old pier in Muertos, but was wondering if anyone has been smart...
  224. Hustler

    WSB LJ 5/12

    I lost mine after 20 minutes to a dawg (where's my shotgun), but Tony got a nice one!
  225. Hustler

    animated winds?

    there used to be a link on AMS that showed the animated winds through a 12 hour cycle. anyone have the link? let me know. thanks
  226. Hustler

    Albies and YT's - 4/26

    Got a late start around 6:00 and headed towards the 371. Never made it though. Stopped on a nice paddy at 3226 and 11730 and ended up sticking three decent longfins in short order. Drifted downswell past another paddy that produced two yellows (one little guy-released). All fish came on the...
  227. Hustler

    I need a laptop, HELP!!!

    need a laptop, HELP!!! I'm looking for a new or used laptop w/ Pentium Centrino processor, 40gig+ hd, dvd, and widescreen. Anyone got a deal? I would be willing to trade for high end Furuno, Raymarine, Garmin, Icom, JRC, radars/chartplotters/fishfinders/autopilots/charger-inverter units...
  228. Hustler

    I need a laptop, HELP!!!

    I need a laptop, HELP!!! I'm looking for a new or used laptop w/ Pentium Centrino processor, 40gig+ hd, dvd, and widescreen. Anyone got a deal? I would be willing to trade for high end Furuno, Raymarine, Garmin, Icom, JRC, radars/chartplotters/fishfinders/autopilots/charger-inverter units...
  229. Hustler

    I need a laptop, HELP!!!

    I need a laptop, HELP!!! I'm looking for a new or used laptop w/ Pentium Centrino processor, 40gig+ hd, dvd, and widescreen. Anyone got a deal? I would be willing to trade for high end Furuno, Raymarine, Garmin, Icom, JRC, radars/chartplotters/fishfinders/autopilots/charger-inverter units...
  230. Hustler

    Opinons on the "First String"...

    Any feedback either way would be appreciated.
  231. Hustler

    Limits+ Big Eye 9/17 Unbelievable!!!

    WOW! Probably the best morning of fishing we've ever had! Spot a paddy at the crack of dawn with NO ONE in sight (what are the odds of that?). As we're trolling up to it, bammm... all four rods go off and start peeling line. No doubt what it was. Sure enough, BIG EYE! We slam 3 of them to the...
  232. Hustler

    WO Dorado/Yellows 8/20

    Two excellent paddies at 32 11 x 117 25 and 32 16 x 117 30. The second one was LOADED, all the dodo's and yellows you wanted. The whole gang ended up on it. Dennis/Aluminator, Spanish MAx, Mots, Greg/Eye Problem, Jorel... Quality fish, excellent company. Ended up at the middle grounds for some...
  233. Hustler

    Rod repair in Poway area?

    I need to get a couple of eyes re-wrapped on a Seeker rod I have. Anyone close to Poway come to mind? Thanks, Ron
  234. Hustler

    8/12 Coronados/Rockpile Report

    Hit the pile early with Robert in the tin boat this morning. Pretty slow. Managed 8 medium yellows on the slow trolled 'dines. Watched Steve/Sheritta hang quite a few. Did I mention "slow"? Headed back up to the south kelp ridge but couldn't shake the dogs. Ended up at the middle grounds with...
  235. Hustler

    Chingon's #1

    Promised Ramon I'd post a couple of pics of the Excellent tower he built for me. This is the third boat I've had him work on and each time the jobs get better and better. He's pretty easy to deal with. As an example, I worked with him in his shop just about every day, showing him what I wanted...
  236. Hustler

    Bluefin at Coronados 7/29

    We had limits of yellers at the so. end of so. island by 11:00 today-old news! But wait... I shit you not! A few guys got bluefin today at the no. end of so. island. We actually went up to one of the guys that said they got into them and asked them to hold 'em up (sure, you got boneheads...
  237. Hustler

    Good yellow fishing at Coranado 7/22

    6 quality yellows (15-25lbs), all on bait (mostly slow trolled) at the islands again today w/ Tony on his Blackfin. Best spots were the north west end of the middle ground islands (the one with the white bird shit) in about 80' of water and also just around the corner (windward side) of Pukey...
  238. Hustler

    7/7 limits+ albies

    Sick. Easy limits by 8:00am at 50 over 45. Caught and released 30+ fish today-nice grade. 1 troll fish and the rest on bait. Huge meter marks throughout the area. No waiting. Doubles all morning. OUTSTANDING fishing. Nice weather. How sweeeeeet it is! Nice way to break my new Parker's cherry...
  239. Hustler

    Thanks Max-Boataholic's #1

    If you haven't figured it out yet, Max and Rich have a SWEET website and some pretty smokin' deals. They just set me up with a ton of new high end stuff for my new 23 Parker. The deals were excellent and their customer service is the best. Plus they can get just about anything the boat needs...
  240. Hustler

    Raymarine hsb2 Color Units for sale - Blowout Prices!

  241. Hustler

    Good for the ego...
  242. Hustler

    Some Big Yellowfin in Baja 8/10 - 8/15

    Big fish of the trip was a 91 pound yellowfin on 30 pound test. Now that's some serious pullin' That fished KICKED my ass - I gotta' be gettin' old or something :p
  243. Hustler

    Want to try something a little different?

    Read our post in the inshore report down below rockin
  244. Hustler

    Wide Open Limits of Seabass - 6/19!!!

    Did something a little different for a change. Went out on the Caliber at Davey's Locker up in Orange County. Limited load of 15 guys caught 45+ nice seabass and 6 FAT yellowtail. As soon as we anchored (along with about 1000 other boats) at 3:00am in West Cove, the bite erupted. And continued...
  245. Hustler

    So this is where everyone went!

    Great name...Bloody Decks - totally appropriate! I was wondering what was going on. I'm back on the old site (you can probably guess which one;) ), and I'm scratching my head-what gives:confused:? Where is everyone?. After talking with Jorel, he tells me about your site. ALRIGHT! It's nice to...