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    At least Trump can put two words together and form a sentence. Sleepy Joe - not so...
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    Actually, the "dems" may not be for everything you mentioned, but Panderin' Slo' Joe and his flip-floppin' sidekick sure are.
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    La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    Just two more admirable 'Dreamers" from Cali. We need more of these fine young men...
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    Hard to disagree with the facts. If Trump were smart, he would have his people put together a short infomercial type ad showing all the shit the democrats have said and done over the last 4 years - and all the backpedaling afterwards... "Impeach the motherfucker" / "oh no one ever said that"...
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    So you're saying this shit didn't happen?
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    ding dong the witch is dead

    I, for one, believe every woman has the right to do whatever she wants to her body. But when it comes to taxpayers having to foot the bill, that's where the problem begins.
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    La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    You should have stomped the fucker's greasy head into the pavement or jumped into your truck and ran the piece of mierda over.
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    ding dong the witch is dead

    Time to cut back on the kool-aid.
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    The clock just started ticking. Trump needs to get his ass in gear and get someone nominated now! Just imagine when another conservative is appointed (for life) AND Trump wins re-election. You think the libtards heads will explode:hali_parkutuli: :Bawling_e:Exploding_Smiley:
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    Bogus fish counts

    My opinion, the OG sucks balls...
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    For Sale Farallon 2800 walk around

    Shouldn't last long at that price.
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    People aren't as gullible as the left seems to think, regardless of what all the (fake) polls show. Same deal as 2016, the silent majority will speak - and Trump will be re-elected. It can't happen soon enough in my opinion. I really want to watch all the Trump haters heads spin off their...
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    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    I think the off-white Suzuki's look the best on Parker's, they're almost a perfect match color-wise.
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    Even worse, protestors tried blocking the emergency entrance to the hospital where the two cops were being transported to, all the while yelling they hoped the cops died. Let's see if (shameless/pandering) Sleepy Joe or Kamala Harris visit the two shot cops in the hospital, like they did for...
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    Hard to argue with ShadowX - period.
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    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    I found out firsthand the hard way.
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    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    Nooooo..... You're back again!?!
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    Right, whatever you say...
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    Where did I say anything about "the black and white shit" It's funny how people like you just love to throw that out there. Never once did I bring up anything to do with race, douchebag.
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    The 976 tuna grande trip

    The skippies are almost as big as the yellowfin.
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    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    Smitty at JP Motorsports in Chula Vista.
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    09-13-20 surprise

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    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    I've never found a marine dealership/mechanic that was quick about anything - I think it's pretty common actually (that's why I don't rely on anyone when working on my boat(s). Otherwise, you just have to be persistent and patient unfortunately. The nature of the beast...
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    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    Never had to really deal with any customer service issues. As far as working on and maintaining them - pretty straightforward. Parts are readily available and plenty of video's online if you're handy with a wrench.
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    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    I used to be "all Yamaha", but after owing a few Suzuki's, would never go back. Price, warranty, winner Suzuki.
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    backside of SCI 9-9

    The big boys were at the 43 en masse Wednesday.
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    Jumbo's at the 43 9/9

    Was planning on locating/working paddies around the 182 and looking for yellowfin. Just happened to end up out at the 43. Yup, the heavy stuff was safe and sound in my garage (I only have so many rocket launchers on the boat and try to bring what I think I will need). Never fails :Beat_Them ...
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    Jumbo's at the 43 9/9

    Way under-gunned to say the least... 5 miles NW of the 43 was something to see this morning. 200+ pound BFT chasing flying fish everywhere you looked. Bellyfloppin' like Shamu, putting on a great show! Wasn't geared up for this size fish, but tried trolling a couple large Nomad lures on 60# -...
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    Political BS Boat Parade in San Diego Bay

    More interesting, similar to the fucking liars that tried to ruin Kavanaugh, why wait over two years to bring this bullshit (and that's EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS!) up? And just a couple months before an election? You have to be one dumb motherfucker to believe a word of it - "anonymous sources", MY...
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    This kid loves to fish

    He was in US waters... Dorado do not have a specific bag limit in California and so they fall under the general bag limit of 10 fish of any one species with no more than 20 finfish in combination of all species (California Code of Regulations, Title 14, section 27.60(a)).
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    This kid loves to fish

    Chip off the ol' block! Bet he outfished you :rofl:
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    Full speed yellowfin and dorado 9/4

    Seems like your new thing is eliminating the ocean of defective dorado, or did you get hungry and take a chomp out of that one's side :eyepoppin :D Gotta' love being back early - even though it's 190 degrees out. Oh and by the way, tell your uncle we need to bloody up that cute pink t-shirt...
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    For Sale 22.5’ Livesay Diesel 18k

    Had one before - they're bullet proof tanks!
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    WTB Parker carpet

    I've bought quite a bit of the stuff off eBay. Make a template out of Ram Board, a couple cans of 3M heavy duty spray adhesive, and a bit of patience - you should be good to go.
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    Bluefin backside 8-3

    Old fuckin' dude is ripped :hali_ruahahaha: Us old guys fuckin' RULE!!! Good job Tom...
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    9/2 - 425 - Limits of dorado & Afternoon YFT

    Finally a few YFT for the kill bag! It's only going to get better...
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    SCI 9/1/2020

    Or sell everything and take up a more relaxing hobby...
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    SCI 9/1/2020

    Or pay Billy K an ungodly sum of money to learn the tricks of the trade?
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    SCI 9/1/2020

    Relating to your story... My wife said "why do you keep beating your head against the wall?" My reply, "when I finally stop, it's going to feel sooooo good." That's what it's been like lately :nutkick:
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    SOLD 2011 Parker 2310 WA fishing boat For Sale San Diego

    Wow, another bitchen boat up for sale! Very nice...
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    1 and done 8/31

    Too cool!!! That was funny watching you finally nail that one dorado - he definitely had a death wish. By the way, who's that bad-ass long caster in the background of your pic :D
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    Not so lucky!!!8/30/20

    Lately, it's all about the "lucky paddy"!
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    SCI Bluefin Tuna Trip 8/30/2020

    Sure like the definition on the Simrad displays! By far, the best bang for your buck.
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    Offshore action 8/31

    Find the right kelp and it's game-on. Tag teamed this morning with Cody "the kelp magnet" for one stop shopping on micro-yellowtail and smaller grade dorado. Pretty much all you wanted... Closer to the bottom of the 302 found a dink paddy and got a couple nicer grade yellowtail and more small...
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    For Sale Boston Whaler Outrage 21

    Lot's of guys droolin' waiting for more pics...
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    bow riding high

    Try getting some lead shot and placing in bow. Had a 23' Parker that had the same issue.
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    Fishing South 8/29 (9, 226, 426)

    Sounds like the last few trips I've taken. I know what you mean by glassin' all day - hoping to find the "right kind"! I'm planning on heading south manana.
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    Where the heck are the YFT?

    I'll let you know Monday :D
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    SOLD 25 CC for sale

    Looks like a Sportcraft to me. Definitely not even close to being the same quality as a Seacraft - not by a long shot...
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    SOLD 25 CC for sale

    What he said...
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    For Sale 1989 Baja Bayrunner 22' 10K

    I like the "completely re-welded and braced 6 years ago, she does leak a little bit, a Catalina trip will run the bilge every 20 minutes for 2 minutes or so". At least you're honest... So it's probably good to go to Tanner then, right?
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    Upper Hidden Bank 8/20

    No sweat. I was just screwing with you. Ron
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    Upper Hidden Bank 8/20

    Who you callin' a weekend warrior :finger: bitch :D :D :D
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    Tuna and such....

  55. Hustler

    Amazing Coronado Island Fishing

    I like your vids. Keep 'em coming.
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    Yellows 8/20

    That's the reality these days, everyone has a phone and there's a pretty good chance you're being recorded - so chill...
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    Yellows 8/20

    I must have missed the part where he "demanded" you park on the other side of the receiver :nutkick:
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    Yellows 8/20

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner...
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    Royal Polaris 2.5 8/19-22

    Good job, and who needs any stinkin' masks:D
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    Yellows 8/20

    Kind of like the Shelter Island launch ramp follies from a few years back. We used to go out there as a family (yea I know, I'm boooring) on the weekends, sit out on the breakwater wall, and watch all the drunk rednecks yelling at each other and their wives. Had some pretty good times...
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    Yellows 8/20

    Other than the blond hair, you may be correct. Not sure about the picture though.
  62. Hustler

    Yellows 8/20

    It actually sounded like you were the aggressor to me. I was right in front of their boat and saw the entire thing - from the second they pulled up in front of you and you went ballistic. Not trying to be a dick, but like I told one of the guys working there on the receiver, it's a sure-fire way...
  63. Hustler

    Yellows 8/20

    We're you the guy that got in a yelling match with one of Jamie's guys, just curious?
  64. Hustler

    Islands trip 8-19-20

    Kind of a unique looking fish.
  65. Hustler

    East of Osborn Bank 8/20/20

    Yup, been there - done that. It's going to bust open soon (hopefully :imdumb:)
  66. Hustler

    Mission Belle 8/20

    Yup, it definitely changed for the worse today at the Islands.
  67. Hustler

    Yellows 8/20

    I second that!
  68. Hustler

    Upper Hidden Bank 8/20

    SUCKED! Not much happening at the Islands this morning and bailed early. Found a kelp just outside the 101, in shit green water, and put two 10# yellowtail in the boat. Decided to keep heading out and found clean blue 74 degree water below the 425. I ended up at the UHB and found a tiny kelp...
  69. Hustler

    Coronados 8/18 & 8/19

    Thanks for posting this up early. Headed that way again manana.
  70. Hustler

    Kelps holding

    Appreciate the fact you're offshore looking around.
  71. Hustler

    SOLD SOLD- skipjack with 300 supercharged mercury

    Now here's a perfect example of a guy that has taken extreme care of what would otherwise be just another boat up for sale. This pretty much holds true with anything, good times or bad, there will always be a buyer out there that is willing to pay for quality. Kudos...
  72. Hustler

    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    Good eats tonight for sure! Good fishing with you and Michael today.
  73. Hustler

    BFT at SKR 8/18

    Decent bluefin action at the Islands this morning. Quite a bit of 15-25 pound bluefin up crashing around early. Run and gun bird school fishing - kept things interesting. Unlike what's been the norm offshore lately, these fish were actually keyed in on the sardines. Also picked up a few 12...
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    On line Mexian Fishing license not working - anybody tried lately? Click on the link above and you should be good to go...
  75. Hustler

    Sucks lately...

    Going out tomorrow and plan on finding them!
  76. Hustler

    Sucks lately...

    Bring on the exotics!!!
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    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    We've poured two different concrete front entry walkways the last month, and even with yellow caution tape and safety cones blocking off the new fresh concrete, the dumbshit mailmen walked on both jobs. Two different locations, two different mailmen - really makes me wonder...
  78. Hustler

    Who handles uphill the best?

    Hands down, 26' Blackman Outerbanks with I/O Volvo diesel. I've had plenty of boats, but Robert's (IRob2) Blackman is a tank!
  79. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Like Mike Tyson said, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth". My prediction, there will be a lot of bawling crybabies when Trump's re-elected - there's the punch in the mouth! Maybe shut 'em up once and for all! :hali_parkutuli: :hali_parkutuli: :hali_parkutuli:
  80. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    elreytut can suck on my nutsack, and so can you, fool.
  81. Hustler

    Sucks lately...

    Sure have been a lot of "no reports" lately in the counts at the SD landings. Don't think I've ever seen this... SUCKS!!!
  82. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    And elreytut's an idiot.
  83. Hustler

    San Diego Bay restaurants with docks?

    I second that! On a funny note, we were there last summer eating lunch, and afterwards when heading back to the boat, noticed some little fat kid and his dopey sister next to the bridge - with a small spool of leader material fishing. He had just gotten bit by one of the small bass but it...
  84. Hustler

    SOLD SOLD- skipjack with 300 supercharged mercury

    That's undoubtedly the CLEANEST Skipjack I've ever seen. And I thought I was OCD about my boats. Damn!
  85. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    You make me laugh. Do you really think any politician gives a shit about the middle class - republican, independent or democrat? They are all the same, they promise everything and give nothing - always have, always will. Time to open your eyes, pops...
  86. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    I say the same thing every time the democrats come up with a new scam - it's like they never stop. Think they'll stop when Trumps re-elected?
  87. Hustler

    Political BS The Coming Civil War

    I was watching (the fake news) MSNBC last night and happened to hear Katie Hill pitching her new book "She will rise: becoming a warrior in the battle for true equality". It blows my mind how the commentator was talking about how she had her promising political career cut short due to her...
  88. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Time to wake up old man.
  89. Hustler

    267-277 and gasoline

    I think Aaron, who used to run the Shogun, found one floating down in Mex and towed it back home. From what I recall, he said the Coast Guard did their thing inspecting it, and then it was his to keep. It sat down at the dock by Fisherman's for a while. It wasn't like a regular panga, it was...
  90. Hustler

    SCI august 7

    Just heard the Ocean Odyssey got into the bluefin up around Santa Barbara Island.
  91. Hustler

    For Sale Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    You're right. I give up. Time for another Capt. Morgan...
  92. Hustler

    For Sale Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    I dunno, maybe tells you something about the boat. Just saying...
  93. Hustler

    For Sale Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    There wasn't another bait tank mounted on top of the access hatch to the bilge. The fucktards at Camborac started cutting corners building the last few Cabo boats before they went bankrupt. This particular boat had been wired completely with automotive wiring throughout - and if you know...
  94. Hustler

    SCI august 7

    Time to get the stripe off the boat, pack it up and scoot down and pay Oso a visit. There's gotta be fish down outside Muertos. Sux lately offshore.
  95. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Got it, you don't like the guy... Now go fuck yourself :finger:
  96. Hustler

    For Sale 2017 EdgeWater 320CC $205,000

    Just curious, how does that tandem axle trailer handle on the road with a (OUTSTANDING!) boat this size?
  97. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Let me see, what's the best way to put this? Oh yea, how about you GO FUCK YOURSELF!
  98. Hustler

    Rinse and Repeat 8/7

    Cool pic. You missed your calling!
  99. Hustler

    How dope is fish dope?

    I like it for the SST and Cloro info. Terrafin's around $100 per year, so for not much more, you get the whole enchilada with Fishdope. I'm able to log on from both my office computer and the other one at home - no issues.
  100. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Again, how about you GO FUCK YOURSELF!
  101. Hustler

    Origin of the palomar knot?

    I too have lost many a fish to an improperly tied (usually in hurry with shitty eyesight) Palomar knot. The best knot I've ever found is the San Diego jam knot. Easy to tie and never seems to fail me. My 2 cents...
  102. Hustler

    8-3 report toward the corner

    Another attaboy! Good work fellas...
  103. Hustler

    8/3 302 and beyond!

    Patience grasshopper - we'll get 'em soon :lux::lux::lux:
  104. Hustler

    8/3 302 and beyond!

    Even better, like hearing there are yellowtail at the islands!!!
  105. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Just curious, are you a fisherman or are you only on this site to cause trouble (looking at all your past posts, I didn't see a single fish report). Seriously, if you don't have something positive to contribute to a "fishing" website, how about you GO FUCK YOURSELF!
  106. Hustler

    8/2 Humble Pie

    My wife asked me if you guys are all in the fifth grade still :-)
  107. Hustler

    8/2 Humble Pie

    Well that didn't take long...
  108. Hustler

    SOLD 1991 Cabo 256 Cuddy Con - Pending

    Another fishing expedition...
  109. Hustler

    School is back in

    Great job Pops...
  110. Hustler

    Monday 8/2- 302/226 causalities

    Not only does your wife go on the boat, but she is willing to hold up the fish? You're one lucky hombre!
  111. Hustler

    8/2 Humble Pie

    One scoop. Really thought about not taking any live bait and working the jigs. I'm sure if we'd done that, they would have only wanted the bait. The only good thing about the day, the boat was a breeze to clean :hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli:
  112. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    This guy is smooth, not taking the bait. Wish more were like him...
  113. Hustler

    SOLD 1991 Cabo 256 Cuddy Con - Pending

    It's a bit of a drive from San Diego, but not bad. I towed a 23' Whaler from there a few years ago.
  114. Hustler

    8/2 Humble Pie

    Interesting. I haven't seen or heard him on the water once yet this season?
  115. Hustler

    Inside the 226 8/2/20

    Damn, another "you should have been there yesterday" story for us.
  116. Hustler

    Inside the 226 8/2/20

    The bait out of SD was excellent, but it didn't seem to make a difference on our end. Glad you got a couple.
  117. Hustler

    SOLD 1991 Cabo 256 Cuddy Con - Pending

    Pretty good deal. Bet this one doesn't last long on the market.
  118. Hustler

    8/2 Humble Pie

    Terns everywhere, 30+ pound tuna up under them, outstanding 'dines for bait, tuna blowing up on the chum right behind the boat, 20# stick with #1 light wire hook, bait right in the middle of the boils - for NADA! Threw everything at 'em, flyline, sinker rig, poppers, stick bait, Tady 45's, Colt...
  119. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    You know what word I'm tired of hearing, rhetoric.
  120. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Ha, that's what you fucking think... My retirement account is well into the seven figures thanks to Trump! If you're a broke fucktard, you have to blame someone. Fuck us all if Sleepy Joe somehow becomes prez....
  121. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    I do believe you hit the nail on the head with your statement - well said indeed!
  122. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Uhh, okay :rolleyes:
  123. Hustler

    Coronado Island Sea Lions (what to do?)

    My go-to sea lion deterrent. Supposedly legal in Mexico (I doubt shooting them is though).
  124. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Think about it, the best thing that could happen to Quid Pro Joe - we all have to wear these ridiculous (but necessary) masks. With his mouth covered, the fake news could dub over whatever he's trying to spit out, and voila - he's a master linguist!
  125. Hustler

    SOLD 27’ Custom Aluminum Offshore Fishing Boat “ ALUMINATOR “

    NO WAY! Don't do it Dennis! That boat is a fish killin' machine. Don't do it... On a different note, where you been Mark? I haven't seen you on the water (or Dennis for that matter) in years.
  126. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Trump may not be the 'sharpest tool in the shed', but at least he's able to put two words together and form a sentence. Now stammering Biden on the other hand - there's no denying the Old Fart is loosing his marbles, truly cringe-worthy listening to him try and speak.
  127. Hustler

    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    I asked my buddy Dave, who is a democrat (like everyone else in his family - and has always been) who he's voting for... His reply, NOT TRUMP! Okay, I get it, you don't like the guy, but that must mean you're voting for (sleepy, creepy, old dementia) Joe then, correct? He says "fuck no", the guy...
  128. Hustler

    Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    Check that one off the bucket list!
  129. Hustler

    Videos from around the 43 the last few days.

    Sure wish my wife liked to go out fishing with me - wait, what the hell am I saying? That's why I go out, to get away from her :D Just kidding, we had the best times back in the day when she actually did like going out (probably just to humor me). You're a pretty fortunate guy...
  130. Hustler

    Check out this guy!

    I think that's the same old guy that fishes around Coronado Islands - seen him there a lot.
  131. Hustler

    For Sale Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    Made a pretty good dime being a "best judge of boats". Like I said, roll the dice and find out...
  132. Hustler

    Lock jaw, therapist needed!!! 7/25/20

    Here you go...
  133. Hustler

    Late 7/24 paddy saves the day

    Imagine if they had teeth, you'd never land 'em.
  134. Hustler

    Lock jaw, therapist needed!!! 7/25/20

    Like that custom wrapped rod/set-up your buddy has.
  135. Hustler

    7/24 BFT and Classy Sport Boat Interaction

    All the McDaniels are good guys!
  136. Hustler

    Cluster at Bait barge and offshore today

    Friday's are the new Saturday's - actually every day lately seems like a Saturday... Yesterday, when we motored through the parking lot at the Corner, my buddy (who is kind of a noob), asked me why everyone was sitting around the sport boats (and when he said everyone - it was like 20 private...
  137. Hustler

    7/23 @ the Corner

    Pretty much all show and no go until late in the day, managed to pick up one peanut. Beats getting skunked, but not by much... Super nice warm day offshore today.
  138. Hustler

    Fishing (226 zone)23rd 24th 25th

    Will be out thurs aiming at the corner on 72 drop down to 21 (secret channel :) ).
  139. Hustler

    Producer 7/16/20

    Thanks for the timely report.
  140. Hustler

    Reading Birds Offshore: when are they over tuna?

    I like that - no loafing around when there's work to be done...
  141. Hustler

    For Sale Edgewater 175cc Doghouse Edition

    Nice skiff. Good luck on the Maritime 20' you bought!
  142. Hustler

    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    It sure seems like the bait from EB SD bay has been kind of hit or miss lately?
  143. Hustler

    San Diego Full Day Foamers 7/18/2020

    I was obviously being facetious. 10 knots average speed x 2 hours probably put them just west of North Island - how about that? Better yet, do your homework...
  144. Hustler

    San Diego Full Day Foamers 7/18/2020

    30+ knots, puts them outside the 60 mile bank, maybe as far as this side of the dumping grounds... Whadayathink!
  145. Hustler

    Foamers and the Pegasus

    Combat bluefin fishing at it's finest - every man for himself these days...
  146. Hustler

    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    Highly doubt it was all filmed in one day...
  147. Hustler

    Butterball ranch fishing

    That's how it's DONE!!!
  148. Hustler

    Tuna 7/16

  149. Hustler

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Ah, not really... He's probably saying "do your homework" and don't assume. And I appreciate him not being a rat.
  150. Hustler

    371 7/16 triple

    Just short of the 371 early morning kelp produced a triple header - bluefin, yellowtail, and dorado, all on bait. Lot's of tuna at the 371, but you need tons of bait to keep them at your boat. Watched Grom up-close on the Sauerfish annihilate the bluefin - they literally stayed right under his...
  151. Hustler

    Birthday bluefin 7/14

    Good call - not following the crowd paid off! Great day for sure...
  152. Hustler

    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    To clairify, he's a Tool...
  153. Hustler

    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    Seriously, this guy can't be for real?
  154. Hustler

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Ah ha, but not being told about having to pay to use a (beat-up) boat rod when everything is supposed to be included - as in "all included" - hummm... I'm sure the guy was happy to get off the boat, but getting strong-armed "or else" in the end must have really stung.
  155. Hustler

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    There was a guy on the PV trip with us that was pretty much sick from the moment he got on the boat, and stayed in his bunk almost the entire trip (I don't think I actually ever saw the guy wet a line). At the end of the trip, when they were collecting for the galley, the guy ended up owing a...
  156. Hustler

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    I too had a pretty crappy experience in PV on a boat we shall leave nameless. Was told prior to booking the trip by the owner's wife, everything was included in the trip (besides beer/tip). When I (and others on the trip) went to pay the galley tab at the end of the trip, the owner tacked on...
  157. Hustler

    Political BS George Floyd Arrest Transcripts > Fentanyl

    Wow, do you guys have any time in your lives to fish? Back away from the keyboard and get some fresh air...
  158. Hustler

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Or if the guy already has a bait fish, the skipper should ask him if he wants the kite rod or pass it off to someone who doesn't have a fish yet.
  159. Hustler

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Kind of sounds like how our country is today, you work hard - you kind of get shit on. :shithappens::shithappens::shithappens: You lay around and do as little as possible, you get everything given to you. :finger:
  160. Hustler

    437 casts, 1. Cherry poppin fish! 7/11/20

    Better than we did Thursday by one. Beats a skunk for sure!
  161. Hustler

    7/5 BFT

    That's a butterball!
  162. Hustler

    Bookends by 11

    You guys are having a pretty good start to the season!
  163. Hustler

    SOLD Feeler : 2019 39ft walkaround cabin with twin Yamaha 300

    Now there's a boat you've probably never seen...
  164. Hustler

    Southshore launch ramp 7/3 who is this cool kid?

    I remember a few years back when Boilermaker did the same thing with his Bayrunner. Kind of funny :) BTW, what ever happened to Jerry aka Boilermaker???
  165. Hustler

    Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    Time for another cocktail! :drunk:drunk:drunk
  166. Hustler

    Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    It seems to always be the same ol' story...
  167. Hustler

    Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    Wow, this is probably a first on BD's. Good for you for setting the record straight. Props...
  168. Hustler

    Great Trip on New LoAnn

    NLA slays fish. WTG!
  169. Hustler

    Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    Joe Crisci is a fish stud!
  170. Hustler

    Uncle Tom documentary

    Just finished watching this film and it really is thought provoking. Not much into politics, but damn, it kind of makes one think...
  171. Hustler

    Coulda been worse 7/1

    You didn't miss much - you actually (from the sounds of it) did better than most today. That is, except for Billy K!
  172. Hustler

    For Sale Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    It's a sickness we have, that's for sure :)
  173. Hustler

    Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    Thanks for this info! I just went on the Navionics website and updated my card. Didn't cost a thing and the color detail of the bottom contour is soooo cool!
  174. Hustler

    For Sale Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    Yup, I kind of miss mine too...
  175. Hustler

    Big Bluefin San Clemente Ridge

    Don't think I could confidentially throw a spinning rod on these fish. Just looks painful...
  176. Hustler


    Lots of pulling, huffin and puffin, then more pulling - about straightened the hook. Two speed, but don't know if it helped much.
  177. Hustler


    Atta' boy Todd. Like the "huffin and puffin part"! Was this today Monday?
  178. Hustler

    Coronados Saturday 6/27

    Decent day. Beat's working.
  179. Hustler

    For Sale Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    :confused: Nov 21, 2019 Add bookmark #85 Not saying all Cabo's are crap, but I know the lemon I had surely was.
  180. Hustler

    For Sale Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    Hummm, don't think I've ever heard of so many "rules" when buying a (30+ year old) boat. Talk about rolling the dice. KISS...
  181. Hustler

    BFT Foamers ???

    Or get on the fish before anyone else...
  182. Hustler

    PQ 6/23

    Yup, those bluefin are hard on the gear!
  183. Hustler

    6-26-20- 302 just watched them

    Gotta' go, go, go... It's all about the time on water. The more you're on it, the better the odds.
  184. Hustler

    BFT 6/26

    Way to stick with it. Bet the little guy was excited.
  185. Hustler

    BFT NW 230 6/25

    Bet the adrenaline was pumping overtime! Great work.
  186. Hustler

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Be patient and pick the best bait in the handwell. Cast that bait farther than anyone else (practice, practice, practice). If the bait doesn't swim, bring it in and repeat steps one and two. Once you're hooked up, never lay off on the fish, pull until your arms fall off - and then pull some...
  187. Hustler

    Four Pack Run & Gun

    That's one bad ass boat!
  188. Hustler

    BFT NW 230 6/25

    Yes. The hooks are cool because they are pretty light and have an open throat. The downside is they are kind of weak. Last summer on my buddy's Robert's boat, I hooked a BFT that was about the same size as the one yesterday - on the same exact rod/setup, and finally after about an hour got the...
  189. Hustler

    BFT NW 230 6/25

    Definitely an unlucky fish x 2. First SNAFU was when I had the fish at color the first time and he was tail wrapped. It started thrashing around and righted itself - I can't tell you how many fish I've lost when that's happened. Second SNAFU, after I finally got the fish into the boat, the...
  190. Hustler

    6/25/20 on GAMETIME

    How'd you guys do today?
  191. Hustler

    BFT NW 230 6/25

    Lots of big tuna blowing up this morning at greylight. They were up top putting on a pretty good display when I slid into one at 22 over 48. The fishfinder lit up. Not paying attention, I grabbed a 30# stick and flylined a bait and stuck the rod in the rod holder. I pinned a dean on my 60#...
  192. Hustler

    3/4 Day; San Diego

    I knew the "gotta' wear masks" thing wouldn't last long... Nice fish by the way.
  193. Hustler

    Offshore 226/302 6/22

    Pretty shallow considering the size - it was actually better that way, easier pulling them through it on the 20# and 25# gear.
  194. Hustler

    For Sale 88 Blackfin 32 FB

    Looks like a great deal on a classic! If I didn't already have one, I would be all over this.
  195. Hustler

    Offshore 226/302 6/22

    There seems to be some jumbos for sure. We found a couple other decent sized ones, but no one home.
  196. Hustler

    Offshore 226/302 6/22

    Found a jumbo kelp first thing in the morning, in flat calm weather, at 27 over 36 for one stop shopping on good grade of yellowtail. We cruised around the high spots after that and it was pretty much dead. Ended up back at the same paddy and picked a few more yellows off it - catch and...
  197. Hustler

    San Sal 6/22

    Heading out Monday towards San Salvador on 72.
  198. Hustler

    BFT at the San Salvador Knoll 6/20

    Now that's a slab right there!
  199. Hustler

    6/20 San Salvador

    Like the Simrad shot.
  200. Hustler

    Islands yellows 6/19

    Close though :imdumb:
  201. Hustler

    For Sale 2006 Parker SE CC

    I've had a few Parker's in my time and looking at the deadrise on your boat, seems to be a mod v. (looks like a SE model). I could be wrong...
  202. Hustler

    Rockpile and SKR 6/18

    About the same 10-20 lbs.
  203. Hustler

    Rockpile and SKR 6/18

    A All on bait. 1 slow troll and the others drifting flyline.
  204. Hustler

    Rockpile and SKR 6/18

    Was planning on running offshore, but had a quick change of plans once we got out of the bay. Bouncy and windy - no bueno at 4am... Plan B, hit the islands. Started at o'dark thirty at the middle grounds with very little signal. Shot down to the rockpile and put one on the boat pretty quick...
  205. Hustler

    Coronado's 6/15

    25# and 20#. You would think the heavier stuff would get bit slow trolling, but it didn't - just the light stuff.
  206. Hustler

    Coronado's 6/15

    Started out early at the 178 heading down outside the 9. Found the ponies, bait, and a shit load of terns - thought it would be game on. Worked them for over an hour without any love. Finally had to bail on 'em - sucked. Ended up at Pukey Point, not much happening there. Worked down the weather...
  207. Hustler

    Coronados 6/15?

    Anyone hitting the islands tomorrow?
  208. Hustler

    6/12 BFT

    That's a loooong day. Wore me out just reading about it... Nice fish.
  209. Hustler

    Big bluefin first try

    The heading for your post should have been "things to not do when (attempting to) flying the kite". Sounded like wayyyy to much work to me - I'm a lazy fisherman... Gotta' keep at it though, it will pay off eventually.
  210. Hustler

    Catalina Report 6/10

    C'mon now, there's no way you guys wore those masks all day ;););)
  211. Hustler

    SOLD 6” Flying Gaff - $150> $140 > $130 > $100

    Damn, I just spent $350 for an Aftco flying gaff set-up. I wish I would have seen this a few days ago - it would have been long gone. Smokin' price!
  212. Hustler

    YFT and YT 6/10

    The weather was wayyy nicer heading out than I though it would be - couldn't resist...
  213. Hustler

    YFT and YT 6/10

    I tried call you when I boated the yellowfin but didn't hear back. Were you fishing below the 425 around 12/22? I heard someone calling out the numbers for a wide open kelp.
  214. Hustler

    6/10/2020 BF

    Had to get pretty lucky yesterday by the sounds of it. Sure beat's working though!
  215. Hustler

    YFT and YT 6/10

    25/20# #1 J hook.
  216. Hustler

    Boat Limits of Yellowtail - Mission Belle 6/10/20

    I think your white mask is riding a bit high LOL How'd those yellows do in the gunnysacks in the 90 degree heat?
  217. Hustler

    YFT and YT 6/10

    Put a couple decent yellowfin in the boat early today on a nice size kelp at 05 over 29. I had them boiling in the corner on the chum and was able pick the two off on bait. There was a good amount of tuna around and under the boat, but getting them to eat anything with a hook in it proved a bit...
  218. Hustler

    Coronados Sick Wide! Mission Belle with 60+ yellows

    The San Diego got their yellowtail out paddy hunting yesterday (so I am told). Are you sure the MB isn't offshore? Just asking...
  219. Hustler

    Political BS Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    Man, you guys need to spend more time on the water, you're all getting a bit too fired up :cheers:
  220. Hustler

    I need kites!!!

    Good luck tomorrow.
  221. Hustler

    I need kites!!!

    That's why you slay the fish Robert!
  222. Hustler

    Coronados 5/26

    up to maybe 8lbs.
  223. Hustler

    Coronados 5/26

    Worked both Islands, Middle Grounds, SKR and never saw the right kind. Ton's of calicos on the lee of NI and plenty of bonito at Pukey to scratch the itch. Sounded pretty slow. Live to fight another day...
  224. Hustler

    Starboard parts for your Parker

    I like the bait tank lid storage cut-out, smart.
  225. Hustler

    While California’s Economy is Crashing, Newsom is on Vacation

    I like how he has the reel upside down - dope!
  226. Hustler

    SOLD 2002 22’ Shamrock Cuddy Cabin

    Great little boat! Built like a big boy and rock solid.
  227. Hustler

    The Day of Reckoning is Here................ Payback's a Bitch!

    For a guy that doesn't pray much, that would be a day I pray I would live to see - DRAIN THE SWAMP! BTW, they're all crooks...
  228. Hustler

    Coronado Islands Casino?

    Another little known fact L. Ron Hubbard- I think we used the island for target practice back in the day.
  229. Hustler

    Coronado Islands Casino?

    The hotel was back in the cove where the Mexican Navy parks their big boat (if I recall correctly).
  230. Hustler

    For Sale cabo marine 216

    The Cabo Marlins were made after Cabo went belly-up, somtime after 1991. This boat doesn't look like a Marlin (piece of crap IMHO). Probably pre-1990 manufactured by Camborac Marine.
  231. Hustler

    For Sale cabo marine 216

    Just curious what the twin binnacle is for, and how does that 150 push the boat?
  232. Hustler

    For Sale Grady -white repowered

    Damn, this went south fast...
  233. Hustler

    Coronados 5/9 Quick Report

    Stirrin' the pot... Roommate, brother-in-law, gay lover - whatever it takes to get out on the boat, the rest of you stay home where it's "safe".
  234. Hustler

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    As far as stable genius, it's actually spelled you're - not your :) Fuck, I'm really tired of this shit...
  235. Hustler

    Coronados 5/9 Quick Report

    With 10 fish, I would guess not...
  236. Hustler

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    Didn't know Parker made a 29' boat...
  237. Hustler

    Marine electrician needed.

    Call Dan at 858-232-2400. He was referred to me by another guy here on BD's and does excellent work at fair prices. I'm sure other guys will vouch for him too.
  238. Hustler

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Sure is nice having your own boat...
  239. Hustler

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Gotta' say, you and your brother tell some seriously hilarious Keystone cop tales - great entertainment on the long range trips I've been fortunate enough to fish on with you guys! See, not all cops are bad :picknose:
  240. Hustler

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    DCtalk523 got kind of quite all the sudden....
  241. Hustler

    Commercial hacks

    A little off the subject... Yup, not too long ago I was calling the CSLB Swift Unit here in Kearny Mesa and (attempting to) rat off some of the unlicensed hacks working around Scripps and Poway... The fucknuts at the CSLB acted like I was was inconveniencing them, and asked me to please stop...
  242. Hustler

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    If it's a quick flip, saves you on all the paperwork and sales tax.
  243. Hustler

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    No operator error on my part when my 216 turtled down in the East Cape in 1991. Nearing the end, prior to filing bankruptcy, Camborac Marine (owned by John Winterling) started cutting corners in the construction of their boats - and boats were being sold with known deficiencies. I've owned a few...
  244. Hustler

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    And more importantly, when you're done spending a fortune, basically building a new boat, you will have a salvaged title boat (which not many people would want and you would have a hell of a time trying to sell it). My two cents...
  245. Hustler

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    I like the "What works and what doesn’t work: I don’t know. I would be shocked if anything electrical worked as the fuse holders are the old glass style and badly corroded". I guess that would probably have something to do with the boat capsizing in the ocean? Some people aren't too bright!
  246. Hustler

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    "I am trained in boat inspections and I have done it on a professional level many times in the past. However the electrical system does make me curious because it is badly corroded. If this boat sunk someone took great care in cleaning it up to make it appear as if it hadn’t been sunk and if...
  247. Hustler

    For Sale 1984 Farallon 25

    Smokin' deal there...
  248. Hustler

    let’s see your personal best

    275# yellowfin on 50#, a beat-up TLD 20, and back-up rig...
  249. Hustler

    1998 Bounty 293 Pilothouse – Kraken

    Whole lotta' bang for your buck there - wow!
  250. Hustler

    Hydraulic steering bleed

    Anyone know of someone that has a Teleflex power purge machine (or something similar) in the San Diego area? I can't seem to bleed a bit of the air from the upper helm on my boat, doing it the "old school" way, and read the power purge machine is the ticket. Someone's gotta' know someone...
  251. Hustler

    Southern Baja Virus / Shore Fishing Report - Todos Santos / Pescadero

    Don't think I've ever seen a sierra mackerel that big. Cool!
  252. Hustler

    San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    Ocean enhancement stamp for white seabass, however commercial white seabass is closed from March 15th through June 15th.
  253. Hustler

    San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    And the best part is, after you spend all that money, you can't fish Mexican waters - no 302, no 371, no 425, nada...
  254. Hustler

    A throwback to a super fun day on the water with wide open yfin just 5 miles off the beach.

    How about when your buddy, who isn't particularly skilled with the gaff, mis-gaffs your fish, but manages to put a 3" gouge in the gelcoat of your boat - I love that...
  255. Hustler

    San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    And about the time you shell out all that hard earned cash, they will reopen the launch ramps and you'll be SOL...
  256. Hustler

    SOLD 23 CC Parker Yamaha 250

    Right now, I wouldn't say any price is "firm" on anything...
  257. Hustler

    let’s see your personal best

    Cerralvo Island a few years back.
  258. Hustler

    SOLD 2007 Parker 2120 DVSC

    Not suprised it sold - great boat at a fair price.
  259. Hustler

    CoronaVirus "stay at home" Movie lineup for today........

    "The scoops are coming!", classic! Kind of reminds me of the shit-show at the local CVS the morning they got a shipment of TP in :)
  260. Hustler

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    Ha, more fake news :shake::shake::shake:
  261. Hustler

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    :Bawling_e:Bawling_e:Bawling_e Beach launch?
  262. Hustler

    SOLD 2007 Parker 2120 DVSC

    Any other time, this would already be gone in my opinion. Nice boat and good luck with the sale.
  263. Hustler

    EB's bait?

    Just curious if EB's is open in San Diego bay?
  264. Hustler

    Avet missing part

    Just curious, were you ever able to locate the ball and spring? I am having the same issue. Thanks.
  265. Hustler

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

  266. Hustler

    SOLD 25' Anderson Custom w/ Yamaha Outboard (SOLD)

    Just curious, what year is the hull?
  267. Hustler

    Don't vote Democrat.

  268. Hustler

    2020 crew

    Can I go, pleeezeeee :High_Five
  269. Hustler

    For Sale 1988 Blackfin 29' FB

    Great looking boat and a smokin' deal as well! Just wanted to double-check though, the Volvo's were both replaced in 2004 (?) and only have 300 (?) hours on them?
  270. Hustler

    For Sale Like new Firestone 285/60R20 tires and OEM Dodge wheels - $950

    I have a practically new (less than 300 miles) set of Firestone Transforce A/T all terrain tires and OEM upgraded 20" x 8" satin carbon/chrome insert wheels (with the full set of OEM chrome lug nuts). Tires/wheels came off a new Dodge Ram 2500 (8 lug). Retail price on this full set is over...
  271. Hustler

    For Sale Firestone 285/60R20 tires and OEM Dodge wheels - $1100

    2019 2500 4x4 eight lug 8x6.5 bolt pattern (fits most 3/4 and 1 ton trucks).
  272. Hustler

    For Sale Firestone 285/60R20 tires and OEM Dodge wheels - $1100

    I have a practically new (less than 300 miles) set of Firestone Transforce A/T all terrain tires and OEM upgraded 20" x 8" satin carbon/chrome insert wheels (with the full set of OEM chrome lug nuts). Tires/wheels came off a new Dodge Ram 2500 (8 lug). Retail price on this full set is over...
  273. Hustler

    For Sale 2008 BMW 750i Low Miles

    If the price is right...
  274. Hustler

    Albacore reminiscence

    A legend in his own mind...
  275. Hustler

    For Sale 2008 BMW 750i Low Miles

  276. Hustler

    For Sale Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Kind of the same deal. I bought the boat new in '91 (just prior to Cabo going out of business). The built-in bait tanks in the transom both had cracks in them, which Cabo repaired (with of all things Permatex). We had the boat anchored up in front of Playa Del Sol on the East Cape on ground...
  277. Hustler

    For Sale Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Had a similar situation with mine back in 1991.
  278. Hustler

    Deep Drop Swords

    I think you have the wrong guy, me begging for fish on the radio? Think not...
  279. Hustler

    Deep Drop Swords

    :confused: Why the hate?
  280. Hustler

    Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    Crybaby. Get your own boat...
  281. Hustler

    Grande YFT / BFT 8.13.19

    That's PERFECT!!! The sporties are as guilty as any PB'er (or worse sometimes). But I'm no angel either. Sometimes ya' gotta' do what ya' gotta' do...
  282. Hustler

    Grande YFT / BFT 8.13.19

    Hey, who you callin' a dick :)
  283. Hustler

    For Sale Carver 26

    Like the bait bags...
  284. Hustler

    Fishing Etiquette ( video )

    NEVER fish the weekends.
  285. Hustler

    Dorado 7/30

    What's a dolfin :)
  286. Hustler

    Did you end up going?

    Did you end up going?
  287. Hustler

    7/27 Coronados BIT (Video)

    I've always found a straight grind in, as fast as possible, as a huge deterrent to the dogs. That's me though...
  288. Hustler

    Coronados Full day 7/25

    That story was painful :imdumb:
  289. Hustler

    They're back 7-22

    Excellent yellowtail action at the Islands today - wide open Middle Grounds. Back in time for an early lunch.
  290. Hustler

    1/4 day Islands trip July 12 WFO Yellowtail

    Same report as Doug. No need to create a new thread for this :food-smiley-014: Yea Josh, the water was down to 64.5 outside today and very little life. We did find a paddy on top of the 9 (68.5 degree clean water) coming home though that had yellowtail on it (like we needed more...) which...
  291. Hustler

    7/7 Nice one on the popper

    Now that doesn't suck! WTG.
  292. Hustler

    Wack-a-mole on the BFT 7/8 :)

    Tons of bluefin out there today, little butterballs and some bigger models… Started out solo above the 226, around 7 this morning playing wack-a-mole with the breezing bluefin (for whatever reason, they weren’t interested in the poppers or colt sniper). Around 8, they started foaming up pretty...
  293. Hustler

    Wounded warrior strikes again

    Guess I should'a went. Good job Robert - as usual!
  294. Hustler

    Boat flipped at SCI

    Noooooooooooooooo, not a Maritime. Hope it wasn't my old one...
  295. Hustler

    Rubber Jesus

    Good job grasshopper!
  296. Hustler

    Bft fishing- why wait to go?

    And what's wrong with that? If you truly are a hardcore fisherman - out to slay fish, you're not sitting in the galley snoozing waiting for the boat to throttle back (and bitching at the end of the trip because you didn't catch a thing - must be the boats fault, or the deckhands, or the other...
  297. Hustler

    Hit or miss 6-8

    Well at least the bathrooms were clean :rolleyes:
  298. Hustler

    For Sale 22ft Aquasport Center Console - Long Island

    If you pay me $500, I'll haul it to the landfill for you...
  299. Hustler

    For Sale Radoncraft Cortez

    Oldie but goodie...
  300. Hustler

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Long gone...
  301. Hustler

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Bought the boat new in '91, spent a few months getting it rigged out, and decided to take it south where it belonged. Ended up at Playa Del Sol in the East Cape. Launched the boat and set up ground tackle off the beach. Spent the next few days having a great time fishing. Get up one morning...
  302. Hustler

    Cabo Boat Owners

    The good, the bad, and the ugly...
  303. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    Loaded up, the sweet spot is around 24 mph, burning about 6.25 gph, which is a bit under 4 mpg. Wide open, the boat tops out around 38 mph, getting just over 2 mpg. And yes, in pretty smooth seas (I'm not ashamed to admit, I only go out when it's nice - I'm definetly a "fair weather"...
  304. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    Definitely a major pain in the ass to route hoses for the bait tank below deck, and hardly any room inside the bilge to work with. Maritime provides a 3" sleeve to run electrical, which helps. That being said, it just takes a little patience and ingenuity - but it's not impossible. BTW, I...
  305. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    So far, so good. No real downside to these boats - other than the cost. The pilothouse is adequate and the fuel economy is excellent. One of the better boats I've owned.
  306. Hustler

    WTB Looking for Boat Hauling Services From MA to CA

    He delivered my Maritime this year from Boston and was by far the best price and very professional. 100% recommend!
  307. Hustler

    What happened to the Prowler?

    I was down in SD bay today and saw the bow of the yacht. Crazy how high it is, and how there was hardly any damage whatsoever - just some large scratches. I couldn't imagine what it must have looked like, that monster bow coming down on you.
  308. Hustler

    SOLD 1987 Cabo 216 w/ 2017 Yamaha F150

    Who was "price bashing"? Just asking a question. Take a breath...
  309. Hustler

    Hustler & Longboard85

    Just got back in town. Is it still going down? If so, gotta' go!
  310. Hustler

    Got 'em good today 10/11

    Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles: They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that...
  311. Hustler

    2.75 Trip on New Lo-An / 10-10-18

    Great trip right there! Markus is the bluefin whisperer...
  312. Hustler

    Got 'em good today 10/11

    It's kind of nice when a plan comes together... Picked up a great scoop of mixed sized 'deans this morning from EB SD and blasted out to where Cody and I got them Tuesday. Right at grey light, I roll up on a school of porpoise, but no takers (I knew it wasn't going to be THAT easy). Ran...
  313. Hustler

    Who's fishing 10/11?

    Out of San Diego YFT Thursday? Throwing it out there... PM me if you want to work it. Teamwork pays off. Ron
  314. Hustler

    Easy limit 10/9

    Yes, the guys in the Steigercraft (bad ass boats!) that came in after, seemed to do pretty good as well. The key was having hot, small, 'deans. Half the ones I had rolled pretty early. Yours? What did your bigger fish end up weighing?
  315. Hustler

    Easy limit 10/9

    Thanks again for the call-in!!! Bitchen' day!!!
  316. Hustler

    YFT 10/9 (ain't to proud to beg)

    Thanks for the call-in Cody, you 'da man! Took a bit longer than you to finally limit, but who's complaining :) About as good as it gets - and close to home! I'll let Cody post the numbers. Thanks again!
  317. Hustler

    Mexico Biosphere yearly passport

    Worked for me. Pretty simple. Hopefully I never need to present it though.
  318. Hustler

    Mexico Biosphere yearly passport

    So no need to purchase bracelets?
  319. Hustler

    For Sale Custom 1985 outrage Pilot House

    What's the length? Cool skiff.
  320. Hustler

    Yft u.s waters

    Fishdope has the numbers... Better yet, do your homework and get on the water.
  321. Hustler

    Upper Hidden non stop action

    On a side note, just curious what you did with all the skipjack you caught? Same deal with all the skipjack the sportboats are keeping... I can't remember in the past, when the sportboats ever made a point of posting "limits' of skipjack - skipjack, really?
  322. Hustler

    Constitution 9/20/18 Bittersweet 1.5 Day Trip

    On a more positive note, I think Jake is a great skipper and actually knows how to fish! If you crybabies had went to SCI and blanked, you would still be whining about it. That's fishing on a sportboat - if that doesn't work for you, then go out and buy your own boat (recommended) and learn...
  323. Hustler

    Upper Hidden non stop action

    Glad you got 'em. The numbers for that paddy were 04 over 29, in case anyone was wondering. The yft we got off it were all around five pound midgets. It didn't take long for half the fleet to show up...
  324. Hustler

    For Sale Price Reduced $99,500 26' Skipjack Yanmar Diesel 315HP

    $119,500 and only a 1991 - great deal there! Just curious, are the "optional" items included in the smokin' price of $119,500? 3-axle trailer Fujinon stabilized binoculars Go-Pro Hero & Clamps Custom Rods all color matched etc...
  325. Hustler

    Offshore/Islands report 9/12

    Plenty of macs in SD bay and some better sized sardines from the receiver was a good start to the morning. Flat calm, zero wind pretty much all day, with the sun beaming through early - sweet. About 7 miles west of North Island, found the right kelp loaded with dorado. Took my fill, called...
  326. Hustler

    SOLD 1984 Boston whaler -22-Outrage with Honda 225 *Price reduced $14,000 great deal

    Add a Pacific Pilothouse to that rig and you would have one bad ass boat! Looks like a hell of a deal...
  327. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 9/9

    Lately, above 5 minute kelp (below the pens) seems to be the better bet.
  328. Hustler

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Well yelling and screaming, regardless of who's right or wrong, just does nothing but bring negative karma. That being said, keep the fuck away from "MY" paddy! :_smack_:
  329. Hustler

    For Sale Parker 2820 Loaded

    Sounds like Trump :)
  330. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 9/9

    Slow day today for me. A bit tougher making macs in the morning, and downhill from there. Heavy fog and the water at the Islands dropped to a chilly 68 degrees at SKR, was a bit warmer at North Island, and off colored everywhere. A big difference from earlier this week for sure! Had the...
  331. Hustler

    San Diego launching help??

    There's also Ski Beach, DeAnza Cove, and (heaven forbid) Campland.
  332. Hustler

    Cornados 9-7

    So here's the deal, all it takes is time and patience... You just gotta' go. You will find spots and find fish. Also, it really pays to have a good set of binoculars (or better yet, stabilized ones if you can afford it), and a fishfinder and know how to use it. There are a lot of great...
  333. Hustler

    1 lonely bluefin

    I always say, all that matters is it's in the boat! Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good :) I take it however I can get it.
  334. Hustler

    Last Saturday @ the Coronado’s and Beyond

    Just goofing with you. Your video was cool.
  335. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 9/3

    Made macs pretty quick and was sitting at 5 minute kelp at grey light. Started slow trolling and metering fish right out of the gate. Five minutes later, hook-up... While I'm fighting what ended up being a decent yellow, the other rod in the rod holder goes off. Sweet, double... Got the...
  336. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8/31

    Like the Zukes. Great fuel economy and priced right. Talk to Smitty at JP Motorsports in Chula Vista 619-564-4935
  337. Hustler

    SOLD 2015 2520 XLD PARKER ***SOLD***

    I like the tuna door. No more breaking your back hauling cow BFT over the side of your boat.
  338. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8/31

    I've only seen the Navy there twice this season. Last week, they were out for a while in their go-fast boat (looks like the old PT-109 boats we used to run), but were only checking on that overturned Mexican commercial boat (that was leaking a ton of diesel all over the place) that one of the...
  339. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8/31

    Good fishing at the Islands today. Started early at SKR with a double on smaller grade bluefin. Ended up putting a few good grade yellows on over the next couple hours. Kind of died off, not much life and blank screen on the fish finder. Bolted up to the Middle Grounds to the parking lot...
  340. Hustler

    SOLD 2015 2520 XLD PARKER ***SOLD***

    I like the fact he can park it inside his garage. If I didn't already own my Maritime, I'd be hauling ass East!
  341. Hustler

    For Sale 06 DAVIS CORTEZ 1/2 CABIN D4 DIESEL $57K

    I remember this. The boat survived the incident, and was said to have had whale blubber in the rocket launchers (it must have impaled itself on the tops of the launchers). Talk about bad luck - crazy...
  342. Hustler

    For Sale Parker 2820 Loaded

    Nice boat for sure!
  343. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8/28

    Dude, I have no idea who you are. You need to chill...
  344. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8/28

    Actually, here's your post before you edited it: "The hot shot watched his mom who is battling stage 4 breast cancer. Thanks for asking what a fucking kook u are. U slay and still have to talk shit. No skippers huh". Who was "talking shit" you dope? Why are you even on this website...
  345. Hustler

    Looking for boat transportation.

    I (reluctantly) bought it new from the Maritime dealer in Massachusetts. I tried looking for a used one for a while, but proved impossible to find. You only live once...
  346. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8/28

    I usually fish 20# which has been sufficient for the size yellowtail roaming around the Islands this season. With the larger macs, a 2/0 or 3/0 light wire J hook seems to work best. As far as the dogs, keep a junk fish or two in the back of your boat, and if a dog shows up while you're hooked to...
  347. Hustler

    Anchoring at Coronados?

    That's pretty funny. Years ago, we were driving back from the East Cape and got stopped in Santa Rosalia by a couple local cops. They got into our boat and started snooping around for "contraband". When they found my Forschner fillet knife, you would think they struck gold. The one cop said the...
  348. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8/28

    Funny, huh. Wonder what that hot-shot did today?
  349. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8/28

    Loaded up the bait tank with macs pretty quick this morning and made the Islands at grey light. Not much happening for the first hour up around the ribbon kelp, so I did a little reconnaissance down around 5 minute kelp /SKR. Right between the two areas, the fish finder lights up with the...
  350. Hustler

    Excalibur 8/21-24 Slayed And Marauded

    It's more about showing a little respect for the ocean. Couldn't have said it better myself. That's the point.
  351. Hustler

    Excalibur 8/21-24 Slayed And Marauded

    I quit at this point. Carry on...
  352. Hustler

    Excalibur 8/21-24 Slayed And Marauded

    Where did I say he took over his limits? It's got nothing to do with limits, it's the amount of fish that he killed. 85, are you serious! Would you keep 85 bass? What would you think if you saw a guy that kept 85 Bass? Put it in simple terms you might understand.
  353. Hustler

    Excalibur 8/21-24 Slayed And Marauded

    The reason I am heckling this guy is because why would anybody keep that many fish (and be ignorant enough to take pictures and brag about it)? I understand going out and having a good time but to have to kill every single thing that swims by the boat is out of control! Brethren, I think not...
  354. Hustler

    Excalibur 8/21-24 Slayed And Marauded

    Ha, you're absolutely right, I never fish - you?
  355. Hustler

    Excalibur 8/21-24 Slayed And Marauded

    I like the guy flipping him off (conveniently edited out) as he's having (another) pic taken on his bestest trip ever... "Hey, can you take a pic of me throwing my popper!!!" "Hey everyone, I'm on again!!!"
  356. Hustler

    8/14 Coronado Islands report

    SKR/5 minute kelp, kind of dead. Excellent yellowtailing at Pukey Point. Slow trolled macs around 140' of water paid off big-time. Flat calm seas throughout the morning, made the day...
  357. Hustler

    For Sale Suzuki 14" 18 pitch RH stainless propeller - like new

    I bought it new two years ago when I repowered my Maritime 20 with a new Suzuki 140. I ended up with (I think) a 19 or 20 pitch prop. I only had it on the motor for a very short time.
  358. Hustler

    For Sale Suzuki 14" 18 pitch RH stainless propeller - like new

    I have a like new (no dings or scratches) Suzuki 14 1/4" x 18 pitch RH three blade stainless propeller up for sale. Suzuki part number 99105-0020-18P. Fits DF90/115/140hp outboards. $250 OBO. PM me or text 858-243-5576. Ron
  359. Hustler

    For Sale 21 Maritime

    Me thinks yes...
  360. Hustler

    For Sale 21 Maritime

    Hey Mike, The deck in the 20 I had was completely glassed in - nothing but foam below. It had a 29 gallon plastic gas tank that was installed on top of the deck under the forward part (seat) of the console. I think all of the older 20's were set up like this. The new 23 I have now has a 75...
  361. Hustler

    Got a fat one 7/19

    Better? On the yummy baloon/kite rig.
  362. Hustler

    Got a fat one 7/19

    Lost a big one early and a few hours later pulled this slug over the side. No real secret where all the boats and fish are. Pretty fun day, lots of breezing fish and a few foamers early in the morning, and pretty much heavy meter marks all day long - kept things interesting.
  363. Hustler

    California Steigercraft 31

    Digging that boat - very nice!
  364. Hustler

    Another Island report 6/25

    Thanks! Sounds like you got it done pretty early too. Like your skiff :cheers:
  365. Hustler

    Another Island report 6/25

    Pretty much one stop shopping on 8-15 pound yellowtail early at SKR this morning. There's a TON of yellowtail roaming all around below South Island, as well as log barries and grumpy calicos. Damn nice morning for sure...
  366. Hustler

    Tomahawk/187 Jigs 1.5 day late report

    And a BD salute from Bendo Babe, Lori! Luvin' it!!!
  367. Hustler

    Lotsa fish at the Islands today 6/12

    Pretty much any and all... The yellowtail were up top breaking on bait. Maybe four sportboats and around 15 pb's - not bad. Advice: it pays to get up early...
  368. Hustler

    Lotsa fish at the Islands today 6/12

    Flat calm weather this morning. First guys on the spot down below south island early paid off. We had limits by the time the crowd showed up. Ended up catching around twenty yellowtail, only loosing two to the dogs - doing the catch and release thing after we limited. There were a lot of hungry...
  369. Hustler

    Where'd the fish go 6/5?

    I haven't seen the navy there recently, but you're better safe than sorry when it comes to paperwork in Mex.
  370. Hustler

    Where'd the fish go 6/5?

    Yea, the fish were definitely there...
  371. Hustler

    Where'd the fish go 6/5?

    Thought it was going to be a stellar day today... Got a double hook-up right out of the gate this morning in the middle grounds drifting on some nice meter marks. As usual, we had to pay our dues to the dogs, but was fortunate enough to get one of the two yellowtail through the...
  372. Hustler

    SOLD Custom 23' Aluminum Pilothouse -Honda 225 <100 hrs

    Just curious what the deadrise is on your boat?
  373. Hustler

    Rpt.-06-03-15 Run & Gun Tails at the 150!

    As usual, you're on 'em Cory. That's a damn nice Pacific Skiff in your pics. You know those guys?
  374. Hustler

    Good YT fishing at the Islands today 6/3

    You're right, it was a complete circus out there yesterday! I've been on both sides of the deck on this one, and try to be respectful and keep my cool. There's nothing worse than screaming your head off or getting screamed at - all it does is neg you out and attitude is everything when it...
  375. Hustler

    Good YT fishing at the Islands today 6/3

    Ha, you're funny. I was the first boat on the fish up next to the middle ground islands and the San Diego came up and set up next to me. You guys came later in the game. No love lost. Again, the "reason" I don't fish the weekends... BTW, buy yourself a boat and find your own fish - then...
  376. Hustler

    Good YT fishing at the Islands today 6/3

    No blood when you're bouncing them. I lost my first two to the furbags trying to get a gaff in them. The dogs were, as usual, a nightmare...
  377. Hustler

    Good YT fishing at the Islands today 6/3

    Did the (very) rare weekend thing - man there were a TON of boats at the islands today! Stopped on some good meter marks in about 80' of water, threw out some chum, and had 'em boiling up behind the boat in short order - pretty cool to see! Pretty much full speed with all the fish coming on...
  378. Hustler

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    QUOTE="sueno, post: 4591867, member: 350"]Okay Ron. Time for the picture! If we were in your boat we would have had a GoPro vid from three different angles. Pretty hard to take pictures as I'm trying to keep my buddy from drowning - just sayin'... It was pretty funny afterwards, although...
  379. Hustler

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    Ha, the gaff actually floated up, unlike my buddy LOL
  380. Hustler

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    Headed offshore with nothing much to show for it. Decided to head to the Islands and take a looksee. Hit up SKR with the right kind of meter marks. Drop back a hot 'dine on 20# and was on instantly. Good news, no seals anywhere to be seen - perfect... Get the solid 20 pound YT up and my buddy...
  381. Hustler

    3 B's Coronados

    Tonnage of 'cuda under the birds at the rockpile, Tonnage of big bonito under the birds in the middle grounds, And a few chunky calicos at SKR. The yellowtail were nowhere to be found :shake:
  382. Hustler

    1.5 Day Charkbait trip 5/19 - Tomahawk Sportfishing

    At least the food was good... Where's Jake?
  383. Hustler

    For Sale 1989 Hydra-Sports 3300 VSF CC Reduced to $25K

    The "Frank", the "WaaToSee", I think I remember you from the old Buddy Boater days - where the heck ya' been Frank?
  384. Hustler

    Cherry breakin' 5/8...

    While the size of the fish weren't too impressive... Getting over 4 mpg while running at 25 mph sure is :drunk
  385. Hustler

    Cherry breakin' 5/8...

    First trip out on the new 23′ Maritime went smoothly today. Started at the 371 and ended down below the 425 on a decent sized paddy that had a ton of small 8-10 pound yellowtail on it. Didn’t take long to limit out on these little suckers – but it did take quite a bit of searching to find a...
  386. Hustler

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    What part of the Islands were you fishing?
  387. Hustler

    WTB Fujinon Techno-Stabi binoculars...

    Looking for a new (or lightly used) set of Fujinon TECHNO-STABI 14X40 binoculars. If you have a set to sell, or know of someone that may, shoot me a PM or text me at 858-243-5576. Thanks, Ron
  388. Hustler

    WTB Fujinon Techno-Stabi binoculars - got 'em?

    Looking for a new (or lightly used) set of Fujinon TECHNO-STABI 14X40 binoculars. If you have a set to sell, or know of someone that may, shoot me a PM or text me at 858-243-5576. Thanks, Ron
  389. Hustler

    It begins again...

    Ha, I blew past that number a while back...
  390. Hustler

    It begins again...

    All done. No more wires hanging from the cabin roof - everything mean and clean. Sweet...
  391. Hustler

    Boot stripe?

  392. Hustler

    Boot stripe?

    Anyone have a guy around San Diego that can paint an Awlgrip boot stripe on my Maritime? Any help would be appreciated! Ron
  393. Hustler

    It begins again...

    Hey Mike, I was thinking "Blood, Sweat and Tears" because this boat has been the biggest pain in the ass to rig - NOTHING was simple! Well like my wife said, I paid my dues on this one, everything else should come easy at this point...
  394. Hustler

    It begins again...

    Gettin' there...
  395. Hustler

    For Sale 5 HONDA 225'S 3 ARE BRAND NEW 0 HOURS

    Damn, if you would have had these last month... Smokin' deals for sure!
  396. Hustler

    Gelcoat repair SD?

    Anyone know of a top-notch gelcoat guy close by San Diego? I've got a few spots I need fixing on the new boat. Thanks, Ron
  397. Hustler

    It begins again...

    Gettin' close :drool:
  398. Hustler

    WTB Maritime 20 Defiant

    That's going to be next to impossible to find used. Better off calling Maritime and ordering one direct.
  399. Hustler

    It begins again...

    Mike working his magic...
  400. Hustler

    For Sale 2007 Striper 2601 Pilothouse

    Well that's kind of unique...
  401. Hustler

    It begins again...

  402. Hustler

    It begins again...

    By the way, Cory (the guy I used to haul the boat, that came highly recommended here on BD's), got the boat out here from MA in only three days! And it showed up in perfect condition. He called and texted pictures every day. The dude was SUPER cool! Anyone thinking of hauling a boat (or anything...
  403. Hustler

    It begins again...

    The neighbor's are like, WHAT THE HELL does he think he's doing now - hasn't he read the HOA's!?! It's a tight fit, but it fits :)
  404. Hustler

    It begins again...

    Home sweet home... Now the fun begins!
  405. Hustler

    It begins again...

    On the road...
  406. Hustler

    Osprey 24 Fisherman DIESEL for sale

    Great boat at a good price. What's your bottom line on the truck?
  407. Hustler

    It begins again...

    Out with the old, in with the new - sold it within the first day. DF200 fly-by-wire...
  408. Hustler

    It begins again...

    My wife just doesn't understand me...
  409. Hustler

    Maritime 20D skiff with 2016 Suzuki 200 four stroke for sale...

    25 plumbed and 20 onboard. 1500 lbs appx. dry hull.
  410. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    Don't think it's blown now.
  411. Hustler

    Looking for boat transportation.

    Just went on the MLS. It was listed for $1,149,000 - $1,249,000. That's a great price considering where it's at. We just landscaped a guys place fours down, and he paid 1.8 mil for his place last year. The house looks like it had pretty good bones, just needed updating. You watch and see if...
  412. Hustler

    Looking for boat transportation.

    Damn, that was quick! I wonder what they were asking for it?
  413. Hustler

    Looking for boat transportation.

    Just spoke with Cory and he made me a deal I couldn't say no to...
  414. Hustler

    Looking for boat transportation.

    Where's the fun in that?
  415. Hustler

    Looking for boat transportation.

    I saw that place up on Birch Bluff Ave. last week also ($$$). Pretty cool to be able to park your boat in the garage. I'm too old and it's too cold to sleep in the back of that uhaul!
  416. Hustler

    Looking for boat transportation.

    U-Haul :) $1300 plus fuel. I'm a CHEAP bitch.
  417. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    BAMMM! Plunked down the money on a new one - what the hell - you're right Sueno, you only live once! Flying out next week and trailering back to the left coast.
  418. Hustler

    Looking for boat transportation.

    Got it handled. Thanks!
  419. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    I would rather find a used one, if not - either way, I figure it's probably a good time to take a few bucks out of the market and put it to better use.
  420. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    If I'm not able to find something pretty quick, here's what will be sitting on the side of my house in short order...
  421. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    I'll put some pictures up in a while of the boat (if I end up pulling the trigger on a 23').
  422. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    It has a (I think) 40 gallon Pacific Edge fiberglass bait tank I installed a few years ago. I've had two scoops of 'deans in it before and they did ok (probably a 1 1/2 scoop tank though). Unlike most other Maritimes, I fiberglassed in a small bilge area in the back of the boat with a waterproof...
  423. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    29 gallons of fuel gets me over 120 miles, plus I have an additional 20 gallons that I carry below the built-in leaning post, which added to the 29 gallons above, gives me a safe range of around 200 miles. The new 23' Patriot has the 73 gallon fuel tank built into the boat.
  424. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    The main difference, other than the size, is the Patriot model has a small pilothouse - my Maritime is a center console.
  425. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    Hey Mike, I saw that one. Kind of interesting with the bracket. I really want a 23' with a single ob though, way better fuel economy. My 20' gets almost 5 miles a gallon. I went to the 60 last month, driving all over the place, and running pretty much full throttle home, and only burned 38...
  426. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    A bit over 20'.
  427. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    I sent them a message but no reply. Looks good though.
  428. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    Here's the boat.
  429. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    Close. I think that's a Challenger model. The Patriot has a small pilothouse.
  430. Hustler

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    I know it's a long shot, especially on the left coast, but the search is on for a 23' Maritime Patriot... Any leads would be appreciated!
  431. Hustler

    WTB Seeker 6480

    have a picture of it? what are you asking for it? thanks, ron
  432. Hustler

    WTB tandem trailer

    Looking for a used tandem axle galvanized or aluminum trailer for a 20' boat. PM me if you have one or know of one. Thanks.
  433. Hustler

    Parker 2100 DV Center Console

    Pretty sure I've seen that boat somewhere, not too long ago, up for sale.
  434. Hustler

    Parker 2100 DV Center Console

    Just curious, did you just buy this boat recently?
  435. Hustler

    Parker 2100 DV Center Console

    Just curious, did you just buy this boat recently?
  436. Hustler

    WTB... 28'-30' Express layout (Luhrs, Pursuit, Shamrock, Cabo, Topaz, Phoenix, Blackfin, etc...)

    The cabin's really nice that's for sure and the price is smokin'.
  437. Hustler

    WTB... 28'-30' Express layout (Luhrs, Pursuit, Shamrock, Cabo, Topaz, Phoenix, Blackfin, etc...)

    Is it me, or does there not seem to be much room in the cockpit of that Cabo - for a 31' boat?
  438. Hustler

    WTB Seeker 6480

    Looking for a Seeker Black Steel 6480 cork handle factory wrap. Got one?
  439. Hustler

    1997 Albin 28 TE

    Just curious, have you not used the boat in almost three years - same engine hours as when you had it listed in early 2015?
  440. Hustler

    BFT @ 60 Mile Bank 12/14

    40 gallons total, launched from Pepper Park.
  441. Hustler

    BFT @ 60 Mile Bank 12/14

    Looks like the SD boats got the yellowtail to go off those paddies out that way yesterday. Wow, it's the middle of December!!!
  442. Hustler

    BFT @ 60 Mile Bank 12/14

    Took my skiff out to the 60 mile bank this morning, in flat calm seas, arriving at greylight. 5 sporties and a few PB's anchored up and drifting. It didn't take long slow trolling 'deans wayyyy back behind the boat on the 20 pound. Had a single hook-up, while the boat was drifting, rod in...
  443. Hustler

    Saturday 1.5 Day New Lo-An

    We were out there with you and the other 40+ boats - on my skiff - no love whatsoever. There were definitely fish there, they just didn't seem to have any interest in taking a hooked bait. Funny, we never saw one fish gaffed on any of the party boats (a few hook-ups, but the seals were pretty...
  444. Hustler

    Rpt.-11-15-17 1.5 Day on the Toronado.

    Cory, it's not the same without all your pictures. Did you forget your camera :) You sure fish a lot!
  445. Hustler

    1980 searay 22.5

    Nice bait tank placement.
  446. Hustler

    For Sale 2002 Osprey 30' Long Cabin

    The Volvo's are gassers correct?
  447. Hustler

    SOLD Price drop.... $69k Yamaha Warranty....Smoking deal....

    ok Karrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll......................
  448. Hustler

    3/4 day boat San Diego?

    Yup, they sucked balls though the last couple days. The fat lady's singing...
  449. Hustler

    3/4 day boat San Diego?

    Anyone know where they've been fishing the last few days? PM me if you think you know. Thanks!
  450. Hustler

    Good bluefin 10/17

    Heading that way again tomorrow. You going?
  451. Hustler

    Good bluefin 10/17

    Slow out there today. The water temp dropped to 65° and was puke green. No signs of the bluefin - or anything for that matter. Good luck though.
  452. Hustler

    Good bluefin 10/17

    Going tomorrow. Sounds like the 3/4 day boats did good there the last couple days. Beats roasting to death on land!
  453. Hustler

    Good bluefin 10/17

    All on slow trolled sardines at the Rockpile.
  454. Hustler

    2009 mako center console

    Dang, you lost me at the "2 strokes", bummer...
  455. Hustler

    3/4 day Mission Belle 10/17

    I am assuming they did, but did the yellowtail come from the rockpile area?
  456. Hustler

    (Sold) Cabo 226

    Did I miss something? Are you selling the entire boat, and if so, what's the total price?
  457. Hustler

    Good bluefin 10/17

    Easy limits below south island early. Super nice day with hardly any swell or wind. Gotta' love San Diego fall fishing!
  458. Hustler

    Shitty day off shore 10/5

    Yup, it seemed like it was either feast or famine out there. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good...
  459. Hustler

    Giddy up ponies....

    Dang Lee, there sure were some nice paddies out there today huh! Glad you guys got on the fish. I gotta' get me one of those Simrad's - very nice! Fun stuff for sure...
  460. Hustler

    Decent day offshore 10/5

    Between the 101 and the 425 - tons of nice kelps with one MONSTER that had tuna and dorado under it. But tuna being tuna, couldn't get them to take a hooked bait - which wasn't a problem with the dorado that charged the boat. Ended up limiting pretty quickly on better grade fish. Pointed the...
  461. Hustler

    Better Grade Yellowfin - 9/29

    One thing I notice about all of your posts, other than you always seem to catch fish, is the quality of your pictures. Outstanding!
  462. Hustler

    SOLD 2008 Robalo R240 with Yamaha F350

    Any pictures of the interior of the boat / cockpit?
  463. Hustler

    SOLD Price drop.... $69k Yamaha Warranty....Smoking deal....

    [/QUOTE Great question, I heard about bloody decks through a friend down in Dana Point that bloody decks has a section that sells boats and I should look to purchase a boat and post my boat for sale on it. So I became a member and right away found the boat I was looking for and bought it last...
  464. Hustler

    SOLD Price drop.... $69k Yamaha Warranty....Smoking deal....

    Not to be a little bitch, but why is it you contribute nothing to Bloodydecks, other than to list and sell your boats? This isn't fucking Craigslist. Maybe become a paid advertiser - that would suit the situation better... Nice boat by the way :_smack_:
  465. Hustler

    9/13: 371 Report - Yellowfin & Dorado

    Hey, that's my building inspector! Your rebuild turned out pretty nice Derek!
  466. Hustler


    Here's one of the decoys ready for deployment!
  467. Hustler

    Plan B - 9/14

    Plan A was to load the boat at the 371 this morning - which was a bust. Plan B was to head to the Islands and boat some yellowtail - mission accomplished. Four better grade fish at Keyhole in 80' of water, slow trolled baits did the job.
  468. Hustler

    1990 17ft Boston Whaler Outrage

    Cool little boat. I especially like the choice of power...
  469. Hustler

    FYI- Shelter Island Ramp Closed until February

    Good and bad... I put my boat in a slip a couple months back anticipating this problem. Turned out to be a sweet deal - never a line at the receiver and EXCELLENT bait! Just a lot of work keeping my boat bottom clean, not having bottom paint...
  470. Hustler


    Except when they take you into the rocks, especially anything over 15 pounds. A wayyyyy better idea is to stock up on a few bonies and when the seals get on you, throw one out as a decoy - problem solved.
  471. Hustler

    2007 Osprey Pilothouse FOR SALE

    :rofl: Now THAT'S a smokin' deal!
  472. Hustler


    Actually, the boat would ride worse. I've had both 23's, one with a bracket and one without. The bracket places the engine too far out from the transom and makes the boat "porpoise". To remedy this issue, I needed to add about 150 pounds of lead shot to the anchor locker in the bow of the boat...
  473. Hustler

    Sea Adventure 80 Capt.

    I don't know about Shawn, but Scott can be an asswipe sometimes!!!
  474. Hustler

    BFT @ SKR 9/1

    Great yellowtail fishing and a few bluefin to add to the mix at the islands this morning. No need to run offshore and sit in a parking lot to catch tuna.
  475. Hustler

    32°38 x 117°46

  476. Hustler

    Rpt.-Sun-08-27-17 Farnsworth or Bust!

    I've caught some nice homeguard yellows at Farnsworth back in the day. Always worth a shot!
  477. Hustler

    Coronado's 8/21/17

    Yup, good fishing yesterday at the islands. FYI, they were bonito we were catching - pretty close to the Mustang.
  478. Hustler

    Diesel PilotHouse Deal of the Century???

    Kind of got the waterline paint a bit off :)
  479. Hustler

    Last sunday 302

    Thanks for letting us poach your paddy Sunday. Pretty fun chit!
  480. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8-15-17 BFT blood on the deck!

    Here you go - I know how you like pics of your gastronomic creations :)
  481. Hustler

    Coronado Islands 8-15-17 BFT blood on the deck!

    Thanks for passing off the bait to us - instant bluefin and yellowtail hookups with that killer bait (ours was shit - mostly rolled by 9am) = GOOD KARMA! Just curious, what do you think you had on that had you pegged to the rail for what seemed like a loooong time - black sea bass possibly...
  482. Hustler

    1999 Parker 2520

    Deep V? Bottom paint?
  483. Hustler

    SOLD 23 CC Parker Yamaha 250

    Is the boat a SE model or deep V?
  484. Hustler

    8-2-17 offshore 1 stop shopping!

    Ha, my bluefin today could eat your dorado as a snack :) Did you end up going over to the islands?
  485. Hustler

    23' Maritime Pilothouse Center Console Yamaha 4 Stroke F200XB w/ Tower

    You're not implying they ran the shit out of it - correct?
  486. Hustler

    6/21 3/4 day san diego seaforth coronado 10yt rough am COLD!

    The pens are on the leeward side of so. island - not at no. island.
  487. Hustler

    Islas Coronado 6/15

    Summer fun...
  488. Hustler

    Looking for a used boat lift

    I sent him a message but haven't heard back - curious the length boat it's for?
  489. Hustler

    Looking for a used boat lift

    I saw that a couple days ago. A bit pricey for what it is - plus a bit more difficult to use compared to a Hydrohoist type of rig. The search goes on...
  490. Hustler

    Looking for a used boat lift

    Like a Hydrohoist or similar for a 21' boat. Anyone?
  491. Hustler

    NADA Guides Boat Valuation: Realistic?

    Nada numbers are good for buyers - bad for sellers. That being said, most guys know what their boat's worth. Can't say I've ever been able to convince someone their boat's worth selling to me for Nada numbers.
  492. Hustler

    Armored hull boat liner?

    Anyone know of where to possibly pick up a new or (preferred) used bottom liner - something 25' or less?
  493. Hustler

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    Bad azz skiff you have there, and the Davis ain't too shabby either!
  494. Hustler

    1998 Parker 2530 26,000!!!

    Just curious as to the placement of the bait tank?
  495. Hustler

    ***SOLD*** Wellcraft 248 Sportsman w/ 200 Suzuki 4 stroke

    I wonder if anyone has ever been dumb enough to fall for this scam?
  496. Hustler

    ***SOLD*** Wellcraft 248 Sportsman w/ 200 Suzuki 4 stroke

    Hey Mike, Try listing it in all the major cities on Craigslist - up the West Coast, from San Diego to Seattle. You might be surprised how fast it sells. I too am really surprised it's still for sale. It's really a nice looking boat, at a totally fair price.
  497. Hustler

    Volvo D4

    Nice, low hour engine. What a deal :Poop_and_Run:
  498. Hustler

    23' Maritime Pilothouse Center Console Yamaha 4 Stroke F200XB w/ Tower

    That's what my Maritime wants to be when it grows up...
  499. Hustler

    $33K this weekend...

  500. Hustler

    SOLD 2007 SEA PRO 206CC

    Nice boat. Surprised it hasn't sold yet!
  501. Hustler

    22' Whaler Guardian

    If someone is interested in only the boat and trailer, not the lift, I'm willing to buy it off you.
  502. Hustler

    Deal Over Gyros on sale $715

    You say tomato, I say tomahto...
  503. Hustler

    Deal Over Gyros on sale $715

    That's a great deal there.
  504. Hustler

    WTB Baja Bayrunner

    I've got a low hour 23' Pacific Skiff V2325 Super Top (very similar to the attached photo) that I may be interested in parting with. The boat has a new 2017 Venture tandem axle aluminum trailer, Honda 150 and 9.9 kicker, Furuno radar/fishfinder/chartplotter, and no bottom paint. It looks and...
  505. Hustler

    Yamaha F250 Pair/Price drop $14000 pair or $7000 each. Now in San Diego

    Sounds good. I would be interested to see the results.
  506. Hustler

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Sinking your boat and trying to scam the insurance company... Just plain stupid. They deserve to loose everything they have and sit behind bars for a while. Dirtbags...
  507. Hustler

    FOR SALE: SHAMROCK 246 Center Console Boat. Health Issues Force Sale.

    Wonder why the pictures aren't showing up? Is this the same boat
  508. Hustler

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Ha, good for them, greedy bitch scammers! Chris and his wife roped me into designing their landscape for their home up on the hill in La Jolla. I assumed I would be doing their job, so I spent a ton of time drawing up their plans and meeting with them (which I NEVER do, unless I'm paid a...
  509. Hustler

    2004 Striper 2601 Diesel

    Love the tower!
  510. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Especially if no one was getting hooked up. Better to hook one and loose it, than standing around all day long with your thumb up your ass.
  511. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Skinny one when you get off the boat :)
  512. Hustler

    25' Trophy Hard Top for sale

    Got a picture of the cockpit and helm?
  513. Hustler

    2008 Contender 36' Fisharound Triple 300 200 Hrs

    Wonder how far 420 gallons would get you?
  514. Hustler

    2008 Contender 36' Fisharound Triple 300 200 Hrs

    Just curious how large the fuel tank is and range?
  515. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Make sure you order some batteries for this light. They are special Battery type: 1x18650 li-ion battery (Not-included)
  516. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Yep. The UV light is wayyyy better. I got mine here...
  517. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Cary is a great guy and has the PERFECT boat IMHO.
  518. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Hey, waddayaknow - the bait was included (really?).
  519. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    That's actually pretty funny at this point :)
  520. Hustler

    Rubber caps for rod holders

    I've used these. They work great.
  521. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    I don't think it would make much of a difference IMHO. I gave the boat a try, and I for one won't be back. Just not a big fan of "the big print giveth and the small print taketh away"...
  522. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    If I remember correctly, it was explained as "up to" $130, the first day. I assumed we were going to be getting into some big fish and probably tearing up the gear, so I thought no big deal. I ended up boating six bait fish for three days worth of fishing (me and three other guys were about tied...
  523. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    That's actually quite funny... This dude Matt (good guy) that was on our trip, had just had surgery prior to coming down and fishing with the group on Keith's boat. Most guy's would have bailed, considering how under the weather he was, but he said he didn't want to screw Chris - my buddy...
  524. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Nope, you can't turn the lights off. Keith may be able to, but the switch didn't do a thing. The lights stayed on all night, the entire trip.
  525. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    BTW, other than all the little shit, Keith and his crew were good guys. The boat is pretty big when there's only 11 anglers. The food was really good. The bait situation was good. The bunks kind of suck (like the day boats here, however the lights stay on all night down below and the only way to...
  526. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    I relied on his website to be honest, and would have never thought to ask about a "balloon charge'. I would have assumed it was part of the (overpriced) tackle package. That's what you get for assuming. How many questions need to be asked? Apparently quite a few...
  527. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Trust me, nothin's free... Caught 6 baitfish, never lost a hook, and never had to re-tie the wind-on. Total tackle bill, $130. Plus the crappy $15 XL Constipation t-shirt I bought, shrunk up first wash and now I have a cute belly shirt!!! :supergay:
  528. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Yup, I guess that would have been a good idea beforehand... But now I know. That's one of the good things about this thread, it will answer a lot of questions and maybe prevent the issues that some of the guys experienced while we were there. No one likes feeling they were taken advantage of -...
  529. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    We actually stopped fishing the last day around 2pm. We were told we were around 100 miles from home and they had another trip leaving the evening we returned - and we needed to get back. We pulled into the bay around 3am and they killed the engines. I woke up thinking it was 6-7am (the time...
  530. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Just a minor thing, thought the coffee was included?
  531. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Yep, and that too... Bring plenty of cash!
  532. Hustler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    If I were you, I would take my own gear and make sure to include a 40 and 50 pound set-up. We just returned from a 3 1/2 day trip and all the fish were between 60 and 125 pounds (with a few 30 pounders and even fewer 100+ pound fish). It's pretty tough to get bit on the 80/130 pound outfits...
  533. Hustler


    Here's a dumb question, should you have your bait tank light on at night with squid in the tank - or is better to keep it shut off (so the squid don't spawn out their egg sacks)?
  534. Hustler

    Pacific Voyager 3.5 Day Coastal/Offshore Trip

    Thanks again Steve! Great trip and group of guys.
  535. Hustler

    11/3 Yellowfinned Tuna

    Any more info on where you were fishing. Would make a big diffrence for my weekend plans. Thanks in advance
  536. Hustler

    W/O @ 209 10/22

    Great morning up above the 209. Wide open yellowfin from 15-30 pounds, eating everything that hit the water. Outstanding weather and fishing! Done by 10am. Damn...
  537. Hustler

    Chargers the Worst 4th Quarter Team in NFL History

    OMG, what an embarrassing way to lose today! C'mon Kaser you snatch!
  538. Hustler

    10/6/16 Coronado Isl

    Thanks for the same day report.
  539. Hustler

    2002 Parker DV 2530 Pilothouse ($10K Price Drop 10/20)

    Just curious, why did you mount the bait tank like you did?
  540. Hustler

    10-2-16 Coronado Islands on the San Diego

    We limited yesterday on the SD. Not big, but a great time. Yep, Ryan is a stud!
  541. Hustler

    10-2-16 Coronado Islands on the San Diego

    Any idea what part of the islands you did the best at?
  542. Hustler

    YT @ MG's 10/1

    What, you again :)
  543. Hustler

    Bitch'n bug it legal?

    Thank you for the Sunday sermon.
  544. Hustler

    Bitch'n bug it legal?

    It's the legalized cannabis that makes life so good where you live :lux:
  545. Hustler

    Bitch'n bug it legal?

    This is exactly why I love BloodyDecks!:_smack_:
  546. Hustler

    Bitch'n bug it legal?

    Don't get your panties in a wad Mr. Gay. Do much hooping in OK by the way? I agree, cool pic.
  547. Hustler

    9-29 YFT

    Getting warmer...
  548. Hustler

    YT @ MG's 10/1

    Good yellowtail fishing at the islands today!
  549. Hustler

    9-29 YFT

    Close, but no cigar...
  550. Hustler

    9-29 YFT

    Here's where we found the fish, and plenty of it, last night 32°43'10 x 117°10'25 :)
  551. Hustler

    Sold: FS Honda 150 4 stroke

  552. Hustler

    Shamrock Pilothouse "SOLD"

    Just curious, how high are the gunnels in the back of the boat?
  553. Hustler

    2003 Gregor 20 Ocean --SOLD

    Another sweet boat at a good price. Man, there sure are a lot of guys looking to sell. Is the season over already - I didn't think so...
  554. Hustler

    Shamrock Pilothouse "SOLD"

    Looks like a mini party boat. Pretty sweet!
  555. Hustler

    Sloooooooow 9/19

    Seems like when the weather comes up, the fish go down. There's still plenty of time left, just gotta' keep the faith :drunk
  556. Hustler

    9/18 182-181 lots of tuna.

    Not really. The tuna were boiling all around the boat and all you had to do was get a bait into the middle of it and you were bit. Unfortunately, my bait pump went out as soon as we arrived on the numbers and we ended up having to dump a shitload of it out but we got bit pretty quick. It was...
  557. Hustler

    2015 Custom Built 21' Center Console Reduced to 15,000

    It actually looks like a pretty sweet older rebuilt boat. Just bustin' your chops :) What are we having by the way...
  558. Hustler

    9/18 182-181 lots of tuna.

    32.27 x 117.37 was really good today with lots of yellowfin willing to die. Just make sure you take PLENTY of bait to chum with - and chum heavy once you find the fish. It will definitely pay off if you do. And don't forget the 15# stick (that was the only stuff that got bit) with a short piece...