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  1. FishPimpII

    Party @ 126?

    Not firsthand, but heard Secondhand... that one of the Westport 6 packs and one of the illwaco ones did really good work yesterday in the general area of 46x125
  2. FishPimpII

    Need a little ATV education

    2 bushel manure spreader? And we thought you just used your keyboard for that spreading!!! Just kidding... you have been spreading wisdom lately and it’s appreciated. Hope you’re killing some fish down there!
  3. FishPimpII

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    When I was a kid my dad did the compass only thing at sekiu a couple times and once we pulled into pillar point, and once we found the green can at neah bay instead of slip point. Thanks god for good electronics.
  4. FishPimpII

    Spotter aircraft this season???

    Great point about where albacore hang out... on days when they are jumping and boiling you don’t really need a spotter plane and on days they aren’t they are probably too deep for the plane to see.
  5. FishPimpII

    Post Feedback

    Of course if you can get some rich Silicon Valley billionaire Californians into coho fishing maybe sportsmen would have enough clout and deep enough pockets to restart some hatchery production and win some political battles. So maybe you are on to something.
  6. FishPimpII

    Post Feedback

    Why not? We have short seasons that are shorter every year due (amongst many factors) to more fisherman and more “encounters”. I get encouraging people to fish and participate but it’s a fine line. The more that play the less field there is for each of us to play on.
  7. FishPimpII

    Spotter aircraft this season???

    Great points. Sounds like @bradyl9 is looking hard and wide for a job. Let’s get him a Gumby suit and see if he can fly something.
  8. FishPimpII

    WP 7 day Salmon

    To me you are 75% right. Will be nice to target nearshore chinook if the local Grays harbor area fish stack up and mill about nearby for a bit this month. But yes. The kings feeding/migrating by have probably mostly moved on. Coho are the limiting factor on the quota so will be interesting to...
  9. FishPimpII

    Tuna per gallon

    I’m at about 44 Westport beers and no tuna but hope to fix that Friday.
  10. FishPimpII

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    Talked to sportcraft today. They recommended mechanical for single station so will follow up with them tomorrow. You’re right. Digital throttle shouldn’t affect autopilot.
  11. FishPimpII

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    But you know the hover mode that savage had is pretty damn cool!!!
  12. FishPimpII

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    Raymarine autopilot and electronics going on soon. Should be here any day. That auto should work with either as I’ve seen it in action on both mechanical and fbw systems. I was hoping to get @Walker Inc. ‘s opinion and it was not what I expected... but that certainly would save me a few bucks.
  13. FishPimpII

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    Seems to be about 2500-3k Difference. Fly by wire digital Suzuki’s 200’s it is. Gonna have this boat for awhile so might as well get what I want. Wife said it wasn’t worth the extra 1500 for white motors though. Said she prefers black. 🤷‍♂️
  14. FishPimpII

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    I have friends with 3-5k hours on a couple Suzuki’s and see very few complaints on anything other than the new 350’s. I have friends with similar stories about yammies. If price were equal I’d be interested in the yammies but digital Control 200’s are at least 5k more vs Suzuki from my pricing...
  15. FishPimpII

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    Anyone that’s run both a boat with mechanical and one with fly by wire Suzuki’s have an opinion on whether the fly by wire is worth it? I was all set to order a couple fly by wire but the dealer I talked to today said unless I’m running two stations (which I’m not) then it isn’t worth it and...
  16. FishPimpII

    Turning my rowboat back into a fishing boat

    Turning my rowboat back into a fishing boat
  17. FishPimpII

    Any one move from a 3/4-ton to 1/2-ton and regret it?

    Agree. My dads 3/4ton with airbags tows as smoothly as my 1ton without airbags and the airbags give him the option of changing the ride depending on load... (both trucks 6.7 king ranch fords so only real difference is 250 vs 350)
  18. FishPimpII

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    I love me some brother Dave and appreciate all he does! I called him a couple months ago when the boat first broke down and kitsap was quite a bit higher on price even before taxes were taken into account but I will certainly give him an opportunity before I head south.
  19. FishPimpII

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    What do you Oregon guys know about blackpoint marine In Hillsboro? They had what I think will be a pretty competitive price based on an email enquiry (34.6k all in for digital 200’s installed) but I will have to see lead times for all these places.
  20. FishPimpII

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    Haha. I had 1000 trouble free hours on an etec 150... But even I can see that my odds of a long engine life are much better with a modern 4 stroke.
  21. FishPimpII

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    Wife gave the green light for repower of the new boat, ideally to get it done right away and catch a few salmon before the season is over. Boat is a 255 whaler conquest which currently has original 2002 150hp optipops with one blown compressor. I’m leaning towards twin 200hp Suzuki with digital...
  22. FishPimpII

    Open truck: Portland to Seattle

    That’s a lot of hookers and blow.
  23. FishPimpII

    Hiring soon Fleet and Facilities coordinator

    I’ll put the word out and see if anyone I work with wants to get out of the corrections field.
  24. FishPimpII

    Hiring soon Fleet and Facilities coordinator

    That doesn’t suck! I’ve been on 4/10’s with S-S-M off and no competition for vacation time for the last 10 years so even though I’m not getting rich on my state employee pay I’m really spoiled too.
  25. FishPimpII

    Hiring soon Fleet and Facilities coordinator

    So true. I try to do all that kind of stuff myself. My wife keeps me around because I’m handy not because I’m handsome. But anyways unless you work for .com or own the company that employs people to do the work your describing Seattle has gotten too damn expensive. If I didn’t have a gravy...
  26. FishPimpII

    Tuna and such....

    Meh. The fish are bigger in area 2..
  27. FishPimpII

    I/O to Outboard conversion input

    True, conversions are always a risk, but that Albe 27 model is only made in outboard now (like the Carolina Classic 25) so assuming the conversion was well done and fuel tanks put in right place to balance things out the hull should perform well... anyways it isn’t exactly what the OP wants but...
  28. FishPimpII

    I/O to Outboard conversion input

    If I was still shopping I would buy this one. (Doesn’t have bulkhead but would be Killer platform and the conversion already done)
  29. FishPimpII

    Last week of September for Sekiu Coho?

    The fish tend to move through in waves that time of year but I’ve never been there in late Sept and not found fish. Also the later you go the bigger and angrier the hooknose are likely to be. I don’t see any reason to move your dates up if you already have a trip planned for the last weekend of...
  30. FishPimpII

    Another B-10 collision / sinking

    Just that spot. Everyone stacks up like its the Bristol bay of Washington. No thanks.
  31. FishPimpII

    Seigler Reels Anyone?

    Or if a righty hold rod in right hand and crank with left. Works for me.
  32. FishPimpII

    Well, T run Wednesday

    Honest question. That beautiful patch of warm blue water has been there for over a week with close to zero success and many people reporting that it’s practically barren of life. Is it likely that fish move into it or more likely that fish will move north as another pocket of good water moves...
  33. FishPimpII

    WTC weekend Hali

    Straight out. Tried a little while a variety of spots all the way out to 250fow and tried some of them on the way in too. Encountered a few silvers with too many fins but couldn’t wrangle a chinook at all. Heard some good chinook reports from way up north and deep but by that time didn’t feel...
  34. FishPimpII

    WTC weekend Hali

    Me and @Team Sency and @Cwillis have had some WTC adventures. From running in holding towels full of ice on @Cornfed power steering pump, to fishing with @DaKanati and having the side pot weight only to realize we hadn’t entered the side pot, two days of good times and good mackerel and black...
  35. FishPimpII

    Primo SST & Chloro Charts 8/15/2020

    Many, many boats have attacked and searched that perfect looking water due west over the last week and a total of about 1/2 dozen tuna that I’m aware of from hearing reports have came out of it. Hopefully some tuna find their way in there before next weekend.
  36. FishPimpII

    Dating in Westport

    Solid Westport 7...
  37. FishPimpII

    WTC package deal - tentative

    We may not agree on everything but I think think we are pretty much in exact agreement on this one.
  38. FishPimpII

    WTC package deal - tentative

    It’s a great cause that we all support. I think I can speak for a few friends that are in the organizations doghouse who also want to see accountability from the organization. Even those friends that are in the doghouse take vets fishing that week, or support things financially. It’s not fair to...
  39. FishPimpII

    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ?? Thom runs that website from maple valley. His contact info is on there. I’m hoping to upgrade to one of his machines soon.
  40. FishPimpII

    Canadian border closure extended

    He’s talking about the big albacore tuna tourney they have up there every year.
  41. FishPimpII

    Need help....

    I was thinking, “Need Help” Shit... If his bail call didn’t go through how the fuck did he get on the Internet. and then I thought. Who cares, let’s go bail him out... fish need to die!
  42. FishPimpII

    Downrigger Upgrade

    I bought 5 penn 825’s and have the extras stashed so I can keep running those slow old beauties for years to come.
  43. FishPimpII

    Bearing packing/trailer fenders/boat waxing

    We just did one of sency’s in the parking lot at Olson’s do he could do it but he tows so much he wants a “pro” to go through them.
  44. FishPimpII

    Bearing packing/trailer fenders/boat waxing

    Your kids are old enough to wax!
  45. FishPimpII

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Good pickup by Ace! whose driving you or Woody?
  46. FishPimpII

    New boat ho available

    The other important question. What’s next?!?
  47. FishPimpII

    Port Angeles Mooching: The 1970's

    Anybody run the goofy sideways heddon Winonas with the spot for the thumb drag for mooching? I bought one 15+ years ago because I saw some guy killing with it in south puget sound and it looked like a cool alternative to my knuckle busters but I’ve never fished it.
  48. FishPimpII

    When did the WDFW slip this shit in, or is it a misprint??

    @Happy Daze can you clarify this? I know you’ve put in a lot of work on this and can explain the area 3/4 Outside rules. Area 4 East and area 5 has been closed for bottomfish deeper than 120 for years.
  49. FishPimpII

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    Just my .02 😂😂😂 When they heard Carrie was going they probably just took 1/2 off the quota.
  50. FishPimpII

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    Hmnnnn. Wonder if the pressure on area 1 has anything to do with fri-sat area 2 closure. Also probably has something to do with the slapshot heading south and Carrie catching so many fish.
  51. FishPimpII

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    I love screens like that in shallow! Soooo fishy.
  52. FishPimpII

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    So your bait was within about 50 feet of the bottom at all times... seems to fit the theme.
  53. FishPimpII

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    I heard 35% off new Suzuki outboards! I’m getting 2!
  54. FishPimpII

    It’s official. TUNA TOWN IS SET UP

    Not the first time those guys have been offered 3-6” of wood. Will be interesting to see if they accept again. 👍😂
  55. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay Coho

    Good luck. Those neah numbers look way out of whack with reality. Fishing was good enough in 5 that there is no way that many people went west and only caught silvers! Going to be over far too soon no matter what.
  56. FishPimpII

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Poaching across the border like all the Canadians that come down and fish The American side of the “border” at swiftsure.
  57. FishPimpII

    Westport Accommodations

    Could probably do two of the cabins there near the marina side By side?
  58. FishPimpII

    Sekiu slump

    Two keeper chinook in a hatchery only zone might not be the red hot fishing of last week but it isnt exactly a terrible either. As others have said almost always a week two slowdown at CQ compared to week one. Waves of fresh fish will move in. Plus the tides should be better by this weekend.
  59. FishPimpII

    Channel your inner female..... For a dinner/wine/lodging experience here in WA this is a good option.
  60. FishPimpII

    Minus Tide - Everett & The Crab Opener

    Running back from Langley to shilshole blew an Opti-pop compressor off possession. Which meant 50 minute trip was 2.5hrs. Also meant missing tide window by 30-45minutes and now 2hrs into a 4 hour wait for enough water to put the boat on the trailer. Only question now will be is the repower...
  61. FishPimpII

    4th @ Sekiu

    True. Just please people don’t keep silvers in area 4 under any circumstance. The tiny silver quota will be what limits our seasons out there this year.
  62. FishPimpII

    Transport company

    Shouldn’t be too bad if you do that part at night or in the very early morning. Straight shot after that!
  63. FishPimpII

    Pair of 30hp suzukis

    There is a 14foot smokercraft Alaskan up in neah bay at my buddies house that one of those would be a perfect fit for! It had one on it for years and then I sold it to one of my makah buddies and he took it off and never put a motor on it. I may have to reach out to him to see if he wants to...
  64. FishPimpII

    Transport company

    How big of boat? Road trip?
  65. FishPimpII

    Condo on capital hill

    Not at all. Just a thought about how extremely far left Seattle is.
  66. FishPimpII

    Condo on capital hill

    You’d be insane to run as a Republican in Seattle! Even the amazon funded candidates couldn’t win.
  67. FishPimpII


    Alexa type, “Amazon doesn’t have enough money to change my ways either”
  68. FishPimpII

    Condo on capital hill

    Are my other options still Cary Moon and Nikkita Oliver? If so then I would be. Not that she’s doing great but better than the alternative!
  69. FishPimpII


    If Amazon buying the naming rights means maybe Bezos will Round up his pocket change buy an NBA team (thunder about to go bankrupt) and move them back to Seattle I don’t care if they name the arena the monkey dick center. It’s a win for Seattle.
  70. FishPimpII

    Crabbing in Area 10,11

    Thanks for all you do. And glad it’s open on the 2nd up north a little bit.
  71. FishPimpII

    Crabbing in Area 10,11

    Seriously? That must not be a committee that you work on. 😢
  72. FishPimpII

    Buying A New Chest Freezer Question

    Don’t trust your Freezer? Why risk wasting fish and meat? Freezer temp alarm!
  73. FishPimpII

    Condo on capital hill

    If you believe what you read on the Internet they are handing them out down there!
  74. FishPimpII

    New fishing opportunities begin!

    Sounds pretty awesome. My family comes down every year and I do the premium “day panga” thing with Danny Gomez... Doing a multi day big yellowfin trip with a couple buddies @Team Sency @Cwillis is on the list for the near future. With a boat this size/comfort we might even convince the wives...
  75. FishPimpII

    Shrimp info

    Have seen the “fuzz” on the bottom on the depth finder in the 200-300 foot range out off the edge of the shelf in front of makah bay headed down towards umatilla but have never brought shrimp pots up there to drop on them. Would love to hear someone try and succeed!
  76. FishPimpII

    12lb downrigger ball mold?

    Thanks guys. We made a mess of 12’s last night and will hit one of you guys up to borrow a bigger mold after Casey restocks our lead supply.
  77. FishPimpII

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Fascinating. Would be interested to hear more. Who makes or what is the best blend for keeping a good Razor sharp edge? (Don’t really care as much about rust resistance) and dexters sani-safes do seem to rust easier than just about anything else but hold at least a decent edge and are...
  78. FishPimpII

    Water is getting warmer.

    So back to the question... who’s going for the first run?
  79. FishPimpII

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Yeah. Carbon steel with a little saltwater splashed on it. Rub it down to get that surface rust off and cut some fish.
  80. FishPimpII

    12lb downrigger ball mold?

    It’s been located. If anyone has a 15lb they’d lend out sometime I’d still like some bigger balls.
  81. FishPimpII

    12lb downrigger ball mold?

    Somewhere over the last few years I lent out my 12lb downrigger ball mold and have no recollection who/where, but it is not in its usual spot incthe garage under the work bench. If there is anyone in the Bothell, Woodinville, Monroe general area I would appreciate borrowing one. And a 15lb if...
  82. FishPimpII

    Water is getting warmer.

    Anyone have a more recent temp shot or too much cloud cover this week? Anyone going exploring soon?
  83. FishPimpII

    Canal shrimpers beware

    And they’ll never do that since the big casino tribes bought the Washington politicians 15 or so years ago to keep casino’s tax free. They keep paying state level politicians in lieu of taxes so the state politicians do their best to keep them happy.
  84. FishPimpII

    GE Mini beer fridge ~

    I’ll take it. Can get it later this week.
  85. FishPimpII

    Anybody have a good skate recipe?

    When I filleted it off it ended up in a kidney bean shaped piece with folds or wrinkles that separates when cooked and would not have passed for scallops but was delicious. Mr. Google has some recipes. Im sure if you can fillet it then it will be delicious...
  86. FishPimpII

    Super fun catch

    Awesome! What did you win? (Besides the smiles which was a pretty big win!)
  87. FishPimpII

    I need a new marine insurance policy.

    I am surprised @pauhana hasn’t chimed in. He’s the man. He has been super helpful, responsive, and takes the time to explain the why’s of what you need and what you are paying for.
  88. FishPimpII

    Anybody have a good skate recipe?

    I’ve got no fancy Recipe. I’ve just pan friend it with some Louisiana fish fry in hot oil in a skillet and it was bomb. Couldn’t believe it was as good as it was. Almost had to tell myself it wasn’t skate to wrap my mind around it. Just such a PIA to clean/fillet for a relatively small amount...
  89. FishPimpII

    I got railed in ballard

    #metoo Didn’t get railed as hard as DB... but railed just where I needed it. On top. (And added a couple new holes to put rods while it was in there)
  90. FishPimpII

    2X Scotty 1106B new in box

    That’s quite the sales pitch. I really like the green button when hugging the bottom. If only they put that green button on a cannon mag10stx instead of on a scotty.
  91. FishPimpII

    Old Girl Has New Power

    I got a couple 2002 opti-max’s with your name written all over them!!!
  92. FishPimpII

    Seattle on fire

    Yep. Exited delirium. Cop was waaaaaaaay out of line leaving knee on that long but lots of factors in the death besides the knee itself. The Training Around this that I give our new recruits (which is the same as the current Police academy training) to prevent in custody death (heart stopping...
  93. FishPimpII

    Anybody seen these halibut days starting June 18th?

    Not reporting this as “fact” but have heard from several places that the reason Westport is not open for Hali is that they won’t open it until the restrictions are such that charter boats can run with normal or at least profitable loads. so until then they won’t open it up for any recreational...
  94. FishPimpII

    Etec’s toast....

    I had a 1000 completely trouble free hours On an E-TEC 150 before I sold that boat. Add oil, spark plugs every couple hundred hours cuz I trolled on it a lot, two regular dealer services. I know I was in the minority, but it was a good powerful motor. But also agree with everyone that the...
  95. FishPimpII

    Canada going to be iffy this year

    Emailed back and forth with Nora at Dawsons landing. She said that even at best they may have to reduce capacity. But the store and gas dock is currently open and they intend to be open For regular fishing business as the season progresses.
  96. FishPimpII

    Canada going to be iffy this year

    Talked to the folks up at rivers inlet. They are open but waiting to hear about social distancing rules and border situation before confirming summer reservations. Keeping fingers crossed.
  97. FishPimpII

    Someone here NEEDS a project

    I already bought a boat so this project is not for me, but would be fascinated to hear what experienced people in the know think the ballpark numbers are to take this to completion. 50-75k plus cost of power a reasonable estimate?
  98. FishPimpII

    WTB - Pipe Jigs

    Where do you get the octopus plastics?
  99. FishPimpII

    Garage Sale-Ballard 2020

    Message sent on the free orange life jackets.
  100. FishPimpII

    Gov. Inslee Back-Pedals on Contract Tracing

    Yeah. You can’t get booked into jail for anything short of a serious felony so I’m sure criminals are taking advantage of that. but to G’s point above. It’s actually been a surprisingly low number of returns and reported crimes from the folks we have let out early. (Sure an occasional anecdote...
  101. FishPimpII

    Gov. Inslee Back-Pedals on Contract Tracing

    In some places like minimum security camps they are in barracks style housing. They couldn’t be socially distant in that setting and a bunch of them got sick. (Also an officer that worked there got sick and died last week) So we thinned out the numbers in those places And the outbreaks seemed to...
  102. FishPimpII

    Westport "receiving live bait instructions"

    Yep. Heard you get the covid 20 from anchovies.
  103. FishPimpII

    Westport "receiving live bait instructions"

    Seems pretty clear. 4x12.. main end of dock. Out of way. Ask permission.
  104. FishPimpII

    Sekiu halibut opening

    True. But I’ve fished Sekiu many times at both second half of September and middle of October (when it was open then) Fish are there at both times but so much more enjoyable to fish without all the people. (Unless you just want to sit across the way from the ramp and watch people being idiots...
  105. FishPimpII

    New style transom lights

    Heard a couple guys on here tried them in their transoms but said that they couldn’t get a tight seal. Leaked no matter how much “5200” their partner smeared in the hole.
  106. FishPimpII

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Dude. I was 100% kidding. Anchoring seems like the way to go on the banks. And if everyone doing right should work better. The places I fish out in area 4 anchoring is not really practical unless your crazy and your name is Todd girtz and he keeps to his own spots to sit on the hook.
  107. FishPimpII

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Nothing at all. I would just guess that there will be so many free drifters in a small area that you would make lots of new friends or at least collect gear on your anchor.
  108. FishPimpII

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Let’s all go pick a bank and anchor... should be fun.
  109. FishPimpII

    2 Diawa Seaborg 1000 MT

    About how much line on these? Pondering the deep drop possibilities.
  110. FishPimpII

    Neah bay reservations

    They are full shelter in place on the Rez. So they are non essential. They might have called a few but not all. An educated guess says you will be more likely to get a rain check (for whenever they open... maybe even next year?) than a refund but that is not official. Just an educated guess...
  111. FishPimpII

    Gov. Inslee Back-Pedals on Contract Tracing

    This was a bad idea no doubt. I was hoping to sign up as Eileen Ulick and Barry McCockner.. but I also wish more politicians and leaders when shown they have made a bad choice would acknowledge their mistake and be willing to eat the humble pie and change based on the law and the will of the...
  112. FishPimpII

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    No. We’ve seen enough of you playing with penises...(maybe a couple want to see more but they will PM you I’m sure) we don’t want to see pics of “your itchy uni cunt” or whatever you are trying to show off next.
  113. FishPimpII

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    I like it.. or “the usual symptoms” another possibility.
  114. FishPimpII

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    Haha. It’s going to stick either way. It’s so catchy it’s contagious. Come in Wuhan Tommy... Coronavirus where you at?
  115. FishPimpII

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    I thought we were going to keep the official renaming of his boat a surprise until the summer???
  116. FishPimpII

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    This person is a non fishing troll right? I mean I get a kick out of @gspot showing off his hard earned internet badge.. so that was worthwhile.. but cozone please go away. I am not saying don’t disagree with what some people say on here. (And that they don’t disagree with me) Just be a...
  117. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    Don’t feel too bad.. they may not have cancelled yet but I’d wager it’s not open in July either.
  118. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    Yeah. Agree. I’ve watched that and the videos from their health director. They aren’t even going to let their own people start easing internal restrictions until at least June 30... so no way they are letting us all come hang out right away... so can probably kiss at least July goodbye. That 4+...
  119. FishPimpII

    2020 halibut

    What you are saying is all true.. but don’t let wdfw hear it or they will shut it down.
  120. FishPimpII

    Free KC lights

    Swapped these out. They work. Don’t seem bright compared to LED. But if someone has an 80’s Jeep they’d look perfect. Free to a good home. Or any of you guys.
  121. FishPimpII

    2020 halibut

    Interesting. Which boats? Not sure what red tape is even possible for them, but the makahs I know have not even been allowed to go do a “C & S” fishery. 🤷‍♂️
  122. FishPimpII

    Shilshole Boat Ramp Unintentional Law Breakers

    There was a guy next to the shilshole launch today selling trump flags. Seemed friendly and was there all day so much not have had too many problems. I didn’t launch there but the fish and wildlife cop and the city parks workers didnt mind when I pulled out there after one of my motors broke...
  123. FishPimpII

    2020 halibut

    My understanding is that any of the inner tribes can fish the straights all the way to tatoosh. The makah usually fish outside. Not saying I know for a fact no one is fishing. But my Makah friends out there aren’t fishing and they are grumbling about it too.
  124. FishPimpII

    Shilshole Boat Ramp Unintentional Law Breakers

    Sounds to me like the launch is now free. I’ll be trying it out in the morning. If blocked will head up to Everett.
  125. FishPimpII

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    Having seen the recent video by the Makah medical director and hearing from other folks out there that they have had zero cases so far out there at all I am doubtful that the big slamon folk get there way and have it open by mid June. There are lots of other folks in neah bay that would like to...
  126. FishPimpII

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    Anyone hear if there are any changes or updates regarding the Seattle area launches? Seems like the state opening things up would force Seattle’s hand to allow access to the water once things got sorted out. Otherwise I guess it will be an early morning operation.
  127. FishPimpII

    GE Mini beer fridge ~

    Where are you located? My office could use this.
  128. FishPimpII

    To everyone getting on the water today...

    Got the kids out to the cabin for some trout. They were happy to fish and it’s what my soul needed. Maybe some lings and shrimp in a couple weekends.
  129. FishPimpII

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    Shhh. But I launched at 14th street in Ballard over the weekend. Could do that and go out through the locks.
  130. FishPimpII

    Winter boat projects...

    An R at the end maybe.. Or an I before the N...
  131. FishPimpII

    Panther T5 kicker steering with remote

    Sold to the salmon kicker pending meet up Sunday.
  132. FishPimpII

    Panther T5 kicker steering with remote

    Another goodie the boat came with is a panther T5 steering system. (Saltwater version) Includes the wireless remote (although I’m told this likely needs new batteries) I was told the previous owner attached it once and didn’t like it so it looks like new. I’m just going to steer from main helm...
  133. FishPimpII

    Metzler Leads

    Is there an advantage to that system over the slider rig and clipping on an appropriate little cannonball?
  134. FishPimpII

    Getting the boat set up...

    Great points. Boat goes to the rudnicks for some bling May 18th.. Inflatables will be for adults only. (And bought a couple extra neoprene for us too) the dude that sold it did leave spares of everything, and I’m reasonably handy so will have what I would consider a full complement of tools on...
  135. FishPimpII

    Outdoor Activity Requirements and Recommendations for Washington and Alaska

    Should work out ok. Many people on this website could look the Coastie that stopped them in the eye and tell them the only lover/life partner they could get was their current fishing partner. The coastie would shrug his or her shoulders, agree that love is obviously blind, and move on. Problem...
  136. FishPimpII

    Getting the boat set up...

    Yep. Good advice. Got them Yesterday. The kids were already wearing them in the front yard today. I guess they think they are pretty cool and pretty comfortable!
  137. FishPimpII

    No holds barred opinion

    All of the above are true. Just a reminder for all to be careful when asking for more federal government intervention. Doesn’t usually go well for free thinking citizens.
  138. FishPimpII

    Lake Washington Troll

    Yeah. Agree with the f5 flatfish recommendations above. Enough weight to get it down 15-25 feet. Maybe 2 oz. I liked the rainbow trout pattern. (Maybe smolt pattern is better description) Worm and wedding ring would be a good idea to mix it up too.
  139. FishPimpII

    No holds barred opinion

    Love how folks are all about “states rights” and “limiting federal government control” and “don’t tread on me” until they moment disagree with their state or local government and now begging for the federal government to come in and take over decision making power from local leadership...
  140. FishPimpII

    No holds barred opinion

    Wow. Thanks and for sharing. We’ve had about a dozen confirmed cases but protocol is only to test once symptoms are present. If 24/25 are asymptomatic at this point probably 1/2 the prison has it. Yikes.
  141. FishPimpII

    No holds barred opinion

    I work in the corrections field and we are the Facility in the state having covid issues. I would be interested to hear about what prisons are testing everyone.. and Yes. All sides using it for political ammo. Seems to be the case with everything these days. I can’t wait to fish.
  142. FishPimpII

    No holds barred opinion

    I agree that the death rate is not as high as is being reported but the above stat mash-up is just silly. How are you going to figure the death rate from a virus that been in the world less than 6 months and didn’t really start spreading wildly until 2 months ago? Makes no sense to try to get...
  143. FishPimpII

    6 man life raft

    No clue on repack cost. Came with boat I just bought. Sold pending pickup Sunday.
  144. FishPimpII

    6 man life raft

    Says manufactured 10/2005. Last packed feb 2006
  145. FishPimpII

    6 man life raft

    If it doesn’t sell before summer I’ll take it up to the cabin on deer lake and pull the cord just to see what happens. And if it all work out the kids will have a raft to play in!
  146. FishPimpII

    6 man life raft

    Bump. Price lowered to 250$ obo..
  147. FishPimpII

    Getting the boat set up...

    I am going to look into the seadeck option. Would be nice to have something more durable than vinyl but as someone that had a patella tendon explode and be rebuilt I need a little padding for the kneecap so pvc seems a little harsh. If the seadeck is crazy expensive I’ve gotten some folks that...
  148. FishPimpII

    Any help on where to Ling Cod fish in the puget sound areas that will open on the 4 May.

    They call it fishing not catching. Look at a chart. Find some areas you want to try. Go catch a couple sand dabs and then cruise around and Look for structure. When structure is found go fishing.
  149. FishPimpII

    Getting the boat set up...

    This is the bolster situation. Pretty ratty. Rear curtain is on its last legs too... but the bolsters have to get done first for me.
  150. FishPimpII

    Getting the boat set up...

    I don’t know the system well enough yet to know weak points but the only things I don’t have are a sea anchor and wax rings. I’ll add them to the list.
  151. FishPimpII

    Getting the boat set up...

    Is that a visual reminder of bait tank? Yes, It has a bait tank and that needs some work too... it’s a good sized round tank in a back corner but water flow not designed to circle well.. going to engineer a way to get it to swirl.
  152. FishPimpII

    Magma bait station

    Sounds good. Texted you.
  153. FishPimpII

    Getting the boat set up...

    Our kids are fairly well water trained. We have a cabin on a lake with a dock so they have done the survival swimming training and have continued swim lessons. Momma won’t let me toss them in for further training though. not doing inflatables for the kids. Just want to find something that works...
  154. FishPimpII

    Getting the boat set up...

    True. Not Irish so need that E!
  155. FishPimpII

    Magma bait station

    Is this the 31” model?
  156. FishPimpII

    Getting the boat set up...

    So I worked with sleepy Jay Inslee to delay the fishing season until I had my boat ready. Now that I’ve bought myself a couple extra weeks here my list of things to do/get for the new to me Whaler 255 conquest. I was a boat owner for about 15 years before taking the last 6 off to be a Ho but I...
  157. FishPimpII

    Best hali rod holder for burnewiin mounts?

    The 3740 is bulletproof or the 5710 is great if no reel clamp and can set the hook in one motion right out of the holder. Both have been great and durable for Hali fishing. I know other guys like them but I don’t trust the kind that can pop open especially if trying to stuff the cord from an...
  158. FishPimpII

    No holds barred opinion

    Given the unknowns it was worth it. Who knows how many lives were saved by flattening the curve. Likely a lot. But also Agree that it’s going to need to be Something like the “Sweden” model to be sustainable going forward. Quarantine the vulnerable and keep reasonable social distancing going...
  159. FishPimpII

    6 man life raft

    Boat I bought came with an 6 man raft in a plastic case. It’s expired and the case is cracked in the corner. Zodiac Costal model. No cradle. Was held on boat with a blue ratchet strap. How about 300$ or reasonable offer if the masses say that’s 300 is not reasonable. (Now $250)
  160. FishPimpII

    Scupper Source

    What does the back side of those look like? Fit of a hose or a rectangular slot in the fiberglass?
  161. FishPimpII

    Winter boat projects...

    I have a little simrad radar and 7” lowrance HDS I’m about to take off that could be had for a deal!!
  162. FishPimpII

    Winter boat projects...

    Well the main winter boat project (buying a boat) is done... now the rest of the projects are about to get started.. 2002 whaler conquest 255 with 150 opti-maxes and a Honda kicker. Need to completely redo electronics so will have a pimped out raymarine package by summer. Motors will be run...
  163. FishPimpII

    Pop ups....

    Seems to be much better today! Keep up the good work!
  164. FishPimpII

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    Wow. Kicking myself I didn’t get in on the aged prime ribeyes this week. Maybe next week.
  165. FishPimpII

    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    I am not at all disagreeing with your feelings. I think it’s bs it closed at all. Just making a prediction. That they won’t open the season until they can spread folks out especially on to those area 3/4 launches.
  166. FishPimpII

    Winter boat projects...

    Decided tonight. Barring the unforeseen the Boat will be in my driveway this weekend.
  167. FishPimpII

    Let the games begin

    She does have some beautiful lines. (The boat I mean.. not judging your girlfriend that way... Will leave that to Miles)
  168. FishPimpII

    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    I bet we’re not hali fishing by then. Makah Rez closed until at least May 15th and probably a couple weeks longer than that. I bet Hali will wait until the coastal tribes open up access. (Plus the Training fish checker bullshit that’s been mentioned other places Will cause a delay) I wouldn't...
  169. FishPimpII

    Pop ups....

    Nope. Just bouncing back and forth between BD and other websites. Regular old safari for iPhone Xmax with normal updating.
  170. FishPimpII

    Pop ups....

    Ugh. Now healthcare Ads over and over... I’ve got good insurance... If we’re going to be bombarded by pop ups could we get ads for tackle stores, Fishing vacation locations, Trucks, boats, or other fishing related stuff? Or is advertising hard enough to come by right now that you gotta take...
  171. FishPimpII

    Pop ups....

    Even on an iPhone everytime I go look at anything else and come back to BD it’s a full screen ad... not the end of the world if it’s what you guys need to pay the bills but seems a little excessive compared to other websites. Plus it’s the same one every time. Full screen for PODS? I’m not...
  172. FishPimpII

    Winter boat projects...

    One of my winter boat projects was getting a truck to pull it with. Now that’s done just have to decide which of the two boats I am looking at (same model) I want to pull the trigger on.
  173. FishPimpII

    Cheapest fuel?

    Not with the taxes in this state!!! Still be 2.35$ a gallon.
  174. FishPimpII

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    Oh man. That’s awesome. I’d give an arm and a leg for a left handed 6501 abu with that conversion done.
  175. FishPimpII

    What can we do?

    Wasn’t this hashed out pretty well last year? Scientifically Accurate Or not the wild fish morons demanded we had a way of preventing hatchery fish from “tainting” the wild strains on the Columbia and the way that was approved to do that clean up was targeted gillnetting? So to keep hatchery...
  176. FishPimpII

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    I’ve seen pictures of those big tomohawk ribeyes? Any of those on the menu?
  177. FishPimpII

    Westport to anacortes 4/13

    Sounds like fun great boat ride and couldn’t have asked for much better conditions. I don’t see any way to pull Canadian fishing off. It’s a new license year and out of country purchases were shut down prior to the year changeover. :(
  178. FishPimpII

    2020 Ocean Salmon Season

    6inch plugs? We don’t usually fish any that small out there..
  179. FishPimpII

    2020 Ocean Salmon Season

    Not everyone has fishing for big fish dialed in like you do Casey. But I will agree with you. Nothing under 28” and no coho on my punchcard this year.
  180. FishPimpII

    Fishing closure statewide

    I’ve talked to them. They are in a stay at home order too. So no one has been on the office. My understanding is that they will handle refunds and sort the rest of things out when they get back in the office. (Specifically when Dawn gets back in the office as she handles the billing/paperwork end)
  181. FishPimpII

    More new applicants for crew

    But would you turn her down if she wanted to twerk as part of her just caught a fish celebration?
  182. FishPimpII

    Sunday Funday

    Fun day. 16hrs trying to keep covid out of the prison. Unsuccessfully. Gonna be a fun week. Or two.
  183. FishPimpII

    Fishing closure statewide

    They shouldn’t be able to say anything.. Especially if it’s equipped to be your shelter in place “home” like yours is.
  184. FishPimpII

    WTB Penn rod holder for manual DR

    I’m 99% sure I Have what you need. I bought a ton of penn downrigger stuff so pretty sure I have a few extra. I’ll look tonight.
  185. FishPimpII

    Seafood Sale Potential? Need feedback.

    Until this month we didn’t need local seafood. We could just go catch it ourselves! The freezer is starting to this out so this could be cool. Would be interested in scallops/prawns.
  186. FishPimpII

    Gotta love this place

    The gift that keep on giving if you have a ring video doorbell!
  187. FishPimpII

    Fish stories

    Never heard of a wiper either. (White rock bass - striper hybrid for all us ignorant northwesterners) Only time I ever catfished was in a small lake in Austria when I lived over there and all we ever caught all night multiple nights were a couple dinky little 12-16” catfish and some big ugly...
  188. FishPimpII

    Ilwaco Tuna Club Kick Off Extravaganza

    And everyone smells like tuna so social distancing is easy to maintain!
  189. FishPimpII

    Essential Travel...

    Need it immediately. Can use it to screen people with a fever so they can’t get on the boat!
  190. FishPimpII


    We called this day “steelhead carpet.” no monsters but steelhead everywhere. Every time Chris and I have tried to go steelhead fishing after this trip for the last ten years the rain gods have tried to flood us out.
  191. FishPimpII

    Fishing closure statewide

    Haha. It’s all good. Boat buying has been an adventure. I have a boat lined up to buy here in WA as soon as stay home restrictions are lifted and I can go test drive it and can confirm everything works as advertised. If we had been free through the weekend I’d likely be a boat owner again so the...
  192. FishPimpII

    Fishing closure statewide

    What recreational activities are open? Walking around your neighborhood? Walking your dog around the block? Local green spaces for walking? Parks and campgrounds are all closed. Heading up trailheads are discouraged at least. I get that we all had the idea that we could go fishing solo and...
  193. FishPimpII

    Fishing closure statewide

    The good news is that it appears that Washington is to some degree flattening our curve. So hopefully our measures (that started with schools closing over two weeks ago are working) source for the graph is the New York Times.
  194. FishPimpII

    Fishing closure statewide

    I’ve been going back to that website hourly today. It’s ugly and getting uglier. Im a skeptic on many things but this has me stressed. I’m an “essential” employee at a prison (training new officers as our current ones are starting to get sick and numbers are running thin) for the first time...
  195. FishPimpII

    Just thinking out loud

    Social distancing honey. We have to do it this way.
  196. FishPimpII

    WTB Parker 2520 DV open back or similar

    Bump to add Boston whaler conquest 255 and Steiger 23 to the possible list.
  197. FishPimpII

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Keep fighting and get well soon! Be back to kickin tires in no time!
  198. FishPimpII

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

    Nope. That fun will be squished as well.
  199. FishPimpII

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    you are right. You didn’t reference the flu. It was in the quote you were replying to. You Just used other examples to show that you minimize the risk/issue of covid. So perhaps based on the fact that none of us are epidemiologists we should defer to the folks at the WHO and the cdc who are and...
  200. FishPimpII

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    It’s exactly what you did.. No one thinks BASE jumping is safer than driving. He was mocking you and pointing out what an idiot you were being for citing the “flu” stat as evidence that the flu was worse than Covid-19. you get that right? You’re not wrong to be a skeptic. It takes many...
  201. FishPimpII

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Buuuuutttt. It’s only that good of survival rate if we “flatten the curve” enough that we have ventilators for the folks that need them. Once the ventilator supply is used up survival rates go down quite a bit. (See Italy) So keep calm, stay safe, try not to spread or get any germs, and enjoy...
  202. FishPimpII

    Gelcoat Restoration Question

    @Reel Hooker benjamin is your guy for that question.
  203. FishPimpII

    Holy crap.

    5tenths of a percent may be a reasonable number once all the unreported low symptom cases are taken into account. Of course if we don’t continue it take this seriously and infect 100 million or more Americans that is still a lot of dead Americans.
  204. FishPimpII

    LaPush closing..

    Sleepy Jay is well known for sleeping well into the morning and showing up sometime before lunch so maybe he doesn’t sleep well at night at all. 🤷‍♂️ And yes. In the short term our economy is Fu**ed..
  205. FishPimpII

    LaPush closing..

    Sekiu is the only place left open up that way.
  206. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    They have zero intensive care beds within 50 miles and lots of old people. It is a safe place to be but they don’t have the resources they need medically if it gets bad out there. So they made a good choice as long as they made it soon enough.
  207. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    I don’t claim to be an expert in whale killing and I don’t care about pig intelligence just how the pig is cooked.. Anyways... the one they killed with permission (using the .50 according to reports) died a lot quicker than the one they tried to kill in front of my house at bullman beach in...
  208. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    I know some would like to do it like that. But greenpeace nut jobs would never allow it. so finish with the 50 to minimize “Suffering” and tow it back to shore with motorboat to assure that no chance the carcass sinks. and like the decent captain pointed out. Our ancestors signed the treaty...
  209. FishPimpII

    Just thinking out loud

    How appropriate that “one leg” likes this post!
  210. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    Any idea if the Quillayute are following suit?
  211. FishPimpII

    Tribes win again

    Yep. The big casino tribes have owned the politicians in this state for awhile really starting to tighten that grip with Gregoire. I suppose “white” companies with lots of money (like Boeing) own the politicians in this state the same way but the influence the tribes use hits closest to home for...
  212. FishPimpII

    More stuff for sale....

    Come spit in my mouth. I want to be done with the Covid too.
  213. FishPimpII

    More stuff for sale....

    An offer... I got a full case of real charmin toilet paper. I could even throw in a bottle of hand sanitizer.
  214. FishPimpII

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    I don’t want anyone to die but if this coronavirus traffic can stick around for awhile that would be cool. Haven’t had a congestion free commute week like this since about 1995!
  215. FishPimpII

    Tuna cord spreader

    I want it to slide so the fish can pick up and begin eating the bait without feeling the weight and so that I can feel that happening without feeling the weight move.
  216. FishPimpII

    Nor-Vise Fly tying station and materials

    I haven’t had my nor-vise out in ages. This random bump my inspire me to go tie some flies.
  217. FishPimpII

    Ocean Salmon Season option’s

    Thanks for all your hard work Dave!
  218. FishPimpII

    SJI tour

    And all without putting any screens in front of the kids besides the fish finder! Impressive work!
  219. FishPimpII

    WTB 23-27 foot pilothouse or express boat

    Nope. Not me. Strange seating in the shamwow.
  220. FishPimpII

    WTB 23-27 foot pilothouse or express boat

    It sold last week. Literally the day I called him :(
  221. FishPimpII

    WTB 23-27 foot pilothouse or express boat

    After my attempted East coast boat buying adventure I have gotten quite a few friendly suggestions about boat options. None were exact matches for what I am looking for so I figured I could put on a detailed “wanted to buy” and see if anyone on here has any leads. I am looking for a 23-27 foot...
  222. FishPimpII

    First time making pipes

    I agree with this if using the big treble on the side. If you use the stinger hook off the top then can hook stinger swivel/ring off same swivel/ring and pressure goes directly to hook without worrying about the metal piece pulling out.
  223. FishPimpII

    First time making pipes

    This^^^ We’ve run a large single stinger off the top on tuna cord for almost ten years. Much easier than trebles and sure hookups as they can’t twist free.
  224. FishPimpII

    For all you Grady Pricks

    Or a picture of his wife in the shirt.
  225. FishPimpII

    2002 Rampage

    I’ve been playing nice (as has John!). And it’s a beautiful boat. Just a little bigger than what I am looking for.
  226. FishPimpII

    2002 Rampage

    Man. If this boat was just a little more easily trailerable. Sweet looking ride!
  227. FishPimpII

    Grady-White 265 Express For sale

    Noooo. I reached out to see it the day it sold! I’d been waiting to check it out until after the one back East. Bad plan on my part.
  228. FishPimpII

    WTB Parker 2520 DV open back or similar

    Bump. Had a line on a Carolina Classic 25 but it had some hurricane damage and some neglect which wasn’t reported before I flew out to see it in person so couldn’t agree on price. Still looking and ready to buy.
  229. FishPimpII

    Grady-White 265 Express For sale

    Thanks. I texted him as well.
  230. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    I played nice. I truly think the guy was in too poor of health to realize all the things that had been neglected on the boat but too proud of it being like his baby to let it go for what it’s worth based on current condition. I’d still buy it if he came down a couple thousand as I don’t mind...
  231. FishPimpII

    Honda BF250D’s for sale

    Oh man. I gotta find a boat that needs 250’s quick.
  232. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    It was a nice date weekend with the wife. And I learned a lot. And i just don’t think he was ready to sell. It will be interesting to see what happens as he is in such poor health that he can’t fix the stuff that needs to be fixed. (He literally couldn’t climb into boat without help) So I’ll...
  233. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Well turns out the pictures of the boat I had been sent were before hurricane Florence and owner didn’t disclose that the boat has some cosmetic hurricane damage and that he has been in too poor of health to do Maintenance the last couple years so many systems from washdown pumps to wipers to...
  234. FishPimpII

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    No the gearing and motor on that one not up or par.
  235. FishPimpII

    Your Go 2 Shallow Water Bass & Ling Rod.

    One after another with a fiesty greenling and never a hook in the lingcod. All nearshore in 60 feet of water or less. For sure the long soft rod helps them stay holding on long enough to bring them up and net them.
  236. FishPimpII

    Your Go 2 Shallow Water Bass & Ling Rod.

    There several ways to fish ling and bass inshore. And to me bass and Lings are different gear if fishing for sport/fun. For bass jigging any bass rod will do. 8’ Rod with 300-400 series reel of choice. Or if like spinning think a 9’ 8-17lb spinning set up (Think steelhead gear) Sensitive...
  237. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Got it. No Michael Jordan or any crazy chicks named Lindsey.
  238. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Still looking. Had an agreement with a shipper and it turned out the guy didn’t have any appropriate insurance so that got cancelled. And Pat has more derbies to win this month so no go for him. Turns out winning salmon derbies is addictive. Who knew?
  239. FishPimpII

    Thursday 27th area 7

    You can lead them to water. But can ya make em drink? That’s almost 45k of bait gobbling fish in that one picture!
  240. FishPimpII

    BC saltwater (MA121) license dealer?

    For some areas of halibut online is ok. But not the offshore area around swiftsure. That's been that way for awhile, but overall the Canadians seem to be working hard to get their regs as confusing as ours.
  241. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    If Pat can do it the job is his and we’ll work out the details. But while he sounds excited he hasn’t been sure he can do it and I am not pressuring him too much. Yet.
  242. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Fly out Saturday. Sea trail Sunday. Cashiers check is drawn and packed. This boat has a well documented history as it was the first one from the factory with outboards not converted.
  243. FishPimpII

    Elk Tenderloin

    That looks amazing!
  244. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    If I could get the time off work easily I would do this. And Norfolk is close enough to hampstead to make that work. But I just don’t think I’m going to be able to make the time away from work and family happen vs just paying someone. Genie eye Paul has been most helpful in filling me in on the...
  245. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    She wouldn’t normally fit in the truck? That’s a biiiigggg Bitch!!!
  246. FishPimpII


    Any pictures of the condition of the interior? Heated seats?
  247. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    After this weekend. Gotta close the sale first. 😉
  248. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Whatcha up to next weekend? Me, you and Pat around the clock!!!
  249. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    I’ve been told about 10,500 all in with trailer.
  250. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Thanks guys, I think this riddle may be getting solved by a BD brother with a truck and a crazy streak... but if that doesn’t work out I will be picking your brain Paul. Appreciate all the help and wisdom!!!
  251. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Good advise on walking away from sketchy transporters. Have one low bid that seems pretty sketch. As far as the boat the CC owners forum is where I found it. Posted a WTB and sent some emails. This is the first one from the factory with outboards. It wasn’t posted “for sale” but it was...
  252. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Only 8’6” beam. So uship offers this far have been High but not insane. Just be nice to find Someone with local references rather than the lowest bidder on the Internet.
  253. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    This is just a weee little Carolina. 25 footer with 8’6” beam. But 500hp should make it scoot. I Looked hard this winter but couldn’t find a world cat 255dc in my budget... so Carolina it is.
  254. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    You’ll be able to catch fish while I drive!
  255. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Anyone with good shipping contacts for towing a 25 Carolina Classic from hampstead NC back here to Seattle WA? Anytime after March 1st. New brakes, bearings, lights going on the trailer this week. Finally pulling the trigger after being a boat ho for 5 years. Heading back east Saturday to...
  256. FishPimpII

    Sea lion in the woods!?!?

    Everyone on this website would be good with that Or giving it lead therapy. but the tree huggers in WA will want to pay to hand feed it for a year then release it back into the river to eat more springers.
  257. FishPimpII

    Sea lion in the woods!?!?

    How many tax dollars is this gonna cost us to rehabilitate this fur bag so it can go eat more salmon. They Shoulda let it be.
  258. FishPimpII

    Furuno 1st Watch Wireless Radar or Garmin GMR18 HD +

    Agree that iPad isn’t a great solution but in sketchy radar necessitating situation there shouldnt be much glare.
  259. FishPimpII

    Pomroy launch

    Apparently you spelled Manchester wrong.
  260. FishPimpII

    Misc. rod holders for barter

    Message sent on rail mount holders.
  261. FishPimpII

    Video of Running into a Gale in the Straits of June De Fuca

    Your rain-x game looks A+ in that video!
  262. FishPimpII

    Coworkers. Somedays.. OT.

    Hopefully you got the overtime to rescue them and it paid you well!
  263. FishPimpII

    Canopy for long bed Chevy

    That current canopy is a classic!
  264. FishPimpII

    Fish death

    I know a guy that pokes the brain of big halibut with a .357 and that seems to work for him. Don’t know anyone that uses a little metal pokey thing though.
  265. FishPimpII

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    This looks really cool, but have the same question as above about short strikes. Seemed like with some setups that it takes very little force to pull pin, or break magnet on short Strikes that don’t hook the fish. (Without cramming pin in so tight that it won’t release at all.) Do you have a...
  266. FishPimpII

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    And there is a little summer event called “calm waters” in early August down at sekiu if you want to take vets fishing in a much more chill environment.
  267. FishPimpII

    Downrigger Upgrade

    There is exactly one feature I like on scotty downriggers and that is the momentary up option which worked great for getting just off the bottom when you are dragging. I like Cannons but unless you install a custom switch they don’t do that. Interested to hear how this other brand works and...
  268. FishPimpII

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Again. I hope all this works out for the best but i defer to what runoff quoted. Perhaps board members is the wrong word but the individual on the previous thread that claimed to be speaking for the WTC doesn’t match with what you are saying, nor does it match with the requests for funds posted...
  269. FishPimpII

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Agree with gspot on this one. Tommy, something doesn’t add up with the Facebook posts asking for money to cover processing and conflicting claims by their board member about whether MO has the money. We all enjoy the event and value the opportunity to give back to veterans but a little more...
  270. FishPimpII

    Over a Week Without a Fishing Report???

    Fishing was good last weekend but there are no fish left in area 7...
  271. FishPimpII

    Fish death

    Which pliers? Looks like some titanium in there.
  272. FishPimpII

    Effects of high water on salmon runs?

    Yes it did! Same day pay! Even in the rain!
  273. FishPimpII

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    Is there a separate bd sidepot? if so who is running it?
  274. FishPimpII


    Not even the “tournament” winnings. a cash side pot. The crazy part of this is that the tourney folks should never have touched the money besides giving the 1/2 to charity and rolling the rest over year to year. So it should have zero to do with registration money or any tourney funds. That’s...
  275. FishPimpII

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    It seemed like a reasonable question to me (to figure out what it would take to replace or update common “wear” type items back to new) Apparently big G has a different interpretation than I do that you wanted it to be a new boat. None of us pondering your statement are the seller so please...
  276. FishPimpII

    Only turn 40 once…

    I vote PV too. Caught a 300lb black marlin last week and lost a 500+. Danny is fishy and I’ve had great times with him without even getting into a big tuna. Yet. Cant go wrong with any of the choices though.
  277. FishPimpII

    Plastic Anyone...

    You didn’t realize that your cop car spoon imitated part of a black plastic garbage bag stuck on some styrofoam?
  278. FishPimpII

    Arizona fishing?

    My dad lives in Phoenix but drives up to the lakes and streams to the north (around flagstaff more or less) and trout fishes quite a bit. I can put you in touch with him if you are interested.
  279. FishPimpII

    PV offshore 1/23 with Danny Gomez

    Got my offshore fishing day with Danny Gomez as part of the annual family fishing vacation. This year my dad flew down to go out with me and as it turns out Danny has his son Daniel deckhanding for the day. It was a pretty special father son experience as Daniel hooked his first Black Marlin and...
  280. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay

    I have only fished there for 30 years or so and I wouldn’t say that it was “quiet” 20-30 years ago but the fishing pressure, especially for bottom fish, was spread out over a much larger timeframe rather than just a couple/few crazy weekends.
  281. FishPimpII

    BD brotha in PV?

    Cool. I come down every year and stay quite a ways away from the marina(s) on the south side of the bay so it’s the first I’d seen down here in conchas chinas.
  282. FishPimpII

    BD brotha in PV?

    I am down in PV with the family in conchas chinas and saw a car parked outside lindo mar restaurant with a BD sticker. Who is it??? tight lines!!
  283. FishPimpII

    WTB Chainsaw

    So true. I run a 460 with 24” bar. I also have a 36” with skip tooth chain for it that I mostly just used for downed wood so I don’t have it bend over to cut it up. But with that 24” it’s a monster. I really need to get a 28”-32” as it would be best of both worlds but now that I’m a city...
  284. FishPimpII

    Viking life raft

    Your powers of deduction are incredible! Love that there is argument about it when it is written on the package!
  285. FishPimpII

    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    Great recommendation. We stay at a private residence very near the Lindo Mar. the drinks and food there are good and the location seems perfect to me!
  286. FishPimpII

    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    I don’t think you’d get an hourly discount but in my experience they appreciate the tackle as part of the tip.
  287. FishPimpII

    Downrigger weight styles

    I used them for a long time. I liked them. If you tuned them right you can get them to swim out a little bit which gives your head a little better spread. but if you screwed up and put them on the wrong side they would get way close together.
  288. FishPimpII

    WTB Parker 2520 DV open back or similar

    Looking for Parker 2520 with open back/drop curtain or a similar open back pilothouse boat such as Steigercraft 25/26, northcoast 23 hardtop... Also interested in a Carolina Classic 25 but only if I can find one with outboards. Open to other ideas but needs of be open back pilothouse or...
  289. FishPimpII

    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    Charter with Danny Gomez out of La Cruz. As for shore fishing I’m not an expert but I go down every winter for a week as we have relatives that live down there so I have a rod stashed down there. Casting kastmasters or buzz bombs from shore catches some fun little needle fish or some little...
  290. FishPimpII

    Salmon/ling jig reel

    I fish Lings and throw tuna iron with a daiwa lexa 401. I found it online for right about 200 bucks. Don’t let other people tell you that reeling lefty is wrong.
  291. FishPimpII

    Tuna Dreams

    No. It didn’t get moved. It’s in the saltwater reports section and should be on the main page or in the classifieds.
  292. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay Moorage

    Until next year. As folks get squeezed out of neah the price will go up everywhere...
  293. FishPimpII

    2015 Yamaha 6hp 4 stroke

    Good deal. My uncle is looking for a little kicker like this. He’s gonna check if short shaft will work. I’ll text you when I hear from him if this fits.
  294. FishPimpII

    Grady-White 265 Express For sale

    Yeah. Perfect trolling position. It’s a sweet boat. I’ve been trying to talk myself into optimax’s for the last two days.
  295. FishPimpII

    Grady-White 265 Express For sale

    Wow. That really is pimped out. Love the custom fillet table.. who did that?
  296. FishPimpII


    50# Braid to a top shot of 30# mono covers most everything up here.
  297. FishPimpII


    This is an intriguing idea. Regular Chamber sealer to Get the air out plus 100$ or so for a hand sealer to give bags a good solid seal after vacuuming seems like a winning proposition that would negate the need to buy the multi thousand dollar sealer. Any of the other local experts have thoughts...
  298. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay Moorage

    650 a month doesn’t sound so bad now.
  299. FishPimpII

    Sportco/Outdoor Emporium Membership - What's up?

    Your wife is right. She pays for the membership so you, not her, should have to go over to the desk and pay the 2.50...
  300. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay Moorage

    Steelhead are biting the tsoo-yess might have to make a drive and get in line.
  301. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay Moorage

    All of the above is true. Last few years I’ve been able to sublease a weekend or two towards the end of the month. Also if it’s split between 3-4 fishing buddies it makes it sting less.
  302. FishPimpII

    Any teak hardwood or white formica laying around?

    I have a couple left over 1x6x8’ or so Ipe (ironwood) boards from our deck. Could rip them lengthwise into strips and end up with something pretty close to the dimensions you are looking for. Not “teak” but pretty close and I would think it would hold up to the marine environment. yours if you...
  303. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay

    There may be some “comanagers” that have actively tried to undermine recreational fishing but to the best of my knowledge the Makah are not among them. They make as much or more money off tourists than off commercial salmon fishing so besides that one winter a decade or more ago that they went...
  304. FishPimpII

    MC “BIGZ” and Duck/Goose Sticks

    Cooking all the squid I’ve been catching since not much else is open. Gonna go pour some lead sometime soon to get that project done too.
  305. FishPimpII

    Looking to Share a charter in PV Jan 27-30

    Shoot. Just after I leave. I’ll be going with Danny Gomez on the 23rd. Can’t say enough good things about him so look him up. He catches big fish on either his panga or his cruiser so if just you and one buddy I believe his panga for a full day offshore would be as good of chance as you could...
  306. FishPimpII

    Heart attacks and bigger boats

    Like g-spots custom rampage you have a very cool purpose built boat that is worth a lot to the right buyer because it is fairly rare and does some things very well. Like others have said if you have patience price it high, I’d you are in a rush this is a bad time of year for that. good luck and...
  307. FishPimpII

    ATL 500 gallon fuel bladder

    @Team Sency @Cwillis we could do a group buy on this for neah trips and fill up in PA and probably save 250 a trip or more over neah bay fuel prices.
  308. FishPimpII

    30-378 ammo

    I am guessing he was joking. Like none of us “need” a bigger boat... or “need” a new fishing rod... those are some seriously impressive specs on that cartridge. Glws
  309. FishPimpII

    Boats fsbo website

    I’m shopping here, Craigslist, boat trader, yacthworld, and the hull truth. If you are on all those your casting a pretty wide net. your boat is pretty damn cool but also unique enough that it obviously needs a specific buyer so probably have to continue be patient or cut the price below what...
  310. FishPimpII

    Penn Downriggers and Parts

    Thanks. Should be able to meet up this next weekend. This is making the upcoming boat purchase feel more real! Can’t wait!
  311. FishPimpII


    In your little boat the pizza tab in Westport is probably almost the same as the fuel tab!
  312. FishPimpII

    Squidding Open Seat(s)

    Basic bait ones. We only get the Humboldts up here every few years (or less) in the late summer/early fall.
  313. FishPimpII


    A good fg knot should not get caught in guides. I like to run 15 or so feet of top shot to start the day and if chaffed or issues can cut off as needed and still make most days on one top shot. Also 10 feet or so of 25lb flouro with braid behind it seems to be less drag on weak chovies once...
  314. FishPimpII

    Humboldt Squid

    Got a bunch in 2009 at neah and sekiu in late August and early September. We cleaned them and peeled the membrane/skin off and cut them into strips and fried them up. They were delicious.
  315. FishPimpII


    Those purple and gold colors are hard on your coug eyes!! and get some readers old man.
  316. FishPimpII

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    Let us know if you do some retorts please.
  317. FishPimpII

    Custom gaffs

    Beautiful work!
  318. FishPimpII

    Best tool for the job?

    C’mom rusty. He’s just relocating them.
  319. FishPimpII

    Charter recommendation - Seattle in November

    In early November there may be some slivers still in area ten and some chum.
  320. FishPimpII

    PV fishing

    So fun. Shopping for tickets for January or February. Can’t wait.
  321. FishPimpII

    Need some help in Port of Edmonds

    Only salmon fishing that appears open from my reading of the regs (anywhere near Edmonds) is coho in area ten. Otherwise it’s sand dab city. Hopefully enough hooknose still hanging around by then for them to make into a show.
  322. FishPimpII

    Parker 2520

    Nice deal! If I wanted a outboard conversion project I’d want something like the north coast 24 for 13k.
  323. FishPimpII

    Smoking Albacore bellies?

    I just do normal salmon brine 3/1 brown sugar to salt but for a much shorter time. Only needs a few hours. Peel skin off halfway through smoking and Brush some sweet Thai chili sauce on that side. the yellowfin bellies @Cwillis gave me needed even less brine time. PS I am not responsible for...
  324. FishPimpII

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    could go have an iron workers party? Get jiggy with it!!
  325. FishPimpII

    Osprey 28

    Thanks. That’s helpful info and good point to just check for foam if unsure.
  326. FishPimpII

    Osprey 28

    As a non owner but interested shopper in ospreys my understanding is that it was primarily a problem in models from ‘02 and before.
  327. FishPimpII

    Cruising to Sitka, Ketchikan and Juneau in late September. Interested in shore fishing. Suggestion

    This report makes me want to take a cruise. Wife has wanted to do an Alaska cruise but I was skeptical about fishing possibilities and didn’t want to just be stuck with cruise boat tourist traps at the dock. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  328. FishPimpII

    Trip to Leavenworth for October fest.

    If looking for romantic getaway “run of the river” is a really nice inn. Spendy but really peaceful.
  329. FishPimpII

    R.I.P. 007...

    Does it have to be his pee or will any of his buddies piss help with his gout??? Such a bummer about 007... but would be cool if you could make a new one of the same!
  330. FishPimpII

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    And outboards on it! You win!
  331. FishPimpII

    Last seen shopping at the Shopping Kart in Westport

    Not me. My knotty chasing days have been over for awhile.
  332. FishPimpII

    Group fishing opportunity, end of October?

    Ling cod and rockfish out of Lapush if the weather is fishable. Salmon will be in the rivers then so can fish that too if you want.
  333. FishPimpII

    Last seen shopping at the Shopping Kart in Westport

    There’s more than a couple guys on this website that would try to take “her” home from the knotty pine after a long day of fishin and drinkin.
  334. FishPimpII

    Anyone got an open seat for tuna?

    I think he was checking to see if you picked up on his style of sarcasm. Apparently not.
  335. FishPimpII

    Selling Tuna

    Using fingers in the Anus? This started out about ice and turned into the most Cali thread ever. :supergay: We’re gonna need @T2shortB and his signature to turn this abomination around.
  336. FishPimpII

    First Plugging

    What happens on the ride in stays on ride in. You know that. :indabutt:
  337. FishPimpII

    10 bomber jigs

    I’ll take them. I’ll pm you to figure out shipping.
  338. FishPimpII

    Ice failure

  339. FishPimpII

    Ice failure

    10%??!?! Wow that’s way more salt than I would have guessed. I thought the commercial flake ice was something like 7lbs of “salt” per ton of water. Maybe I’m off by a factor of ten or 20? I bet 10% salt ice bath is liquid at a crazy low temp. Will have to give it a extra salty shot next time...
  340. FishPimpII

    New blob..

    Last tune I saw humbolts was 2009... wasn’t tuna fishing yet back then so can’t really compare.. big coho That year though.
  341. FishPimpII

    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    100% this^^^ GSpot for the win!
  342. FishPimpII

    OT Fleet management software/app

    @Team Sency or @Cwillis ?
  343. FishPimpII

    WTB GL2 946c 8' rod

    For about 50 bucks plus shipping gloomis will usually replace the broken parts.
  344. FishPimpII

    Shimano Tackle keepers

    I’d buy this but @Team Sency prefers when I just bring giant ziplocks of crap on his boat! These look really cool. You have some items that are very tempting.
  345. FishPimpII

    2019 PNW Lake Pacific Big Fish & Exotic Pics

    Is she also a barista? Pics? :D
  346. FishPimpII

    Why modify a Tomic plug?

    Weird. Not even an effort to blend the colors. Do they have teeth marks? (Top on looks well fished) If so I would fish it at least once... If not would be interesting to at least see how they swim.
  347. FishPimpII

    Fishing Gaffs for sale

    Did the blue one sell? If not I would like it. Jeff
  348. FishPimpII

    CR and WP fishing is red hot.

    They’ve been getting them pretty good up there out of lapush this week! Not 50’s but heard of some 15-25 fish days.
  349. FishPimpII

    Great weekend in Westport

    Beautiful boat! Glad you got into them there! What’s the new boats name?
  350. FishPimpII


    He choked the hotdog or he showed how the hotdog choked him?
  351. FishPimpII

    Bloody Beaches: 2014 salt beach thread

    In. I worked spots up whidbey from south lagoon point to deception pass Friday and couldn’t touch a salmon but landed two flounder and a lingcod so at least felt a nibble. Super low tide messed with some spots but saw a few fish rolling. Will wait a couple weeks and try again on a better tide.
  352. FishPimpII


    Hopefully there’s some ladies on your boat with that motto....
  353. FishPimpII

    Fish ID needed!

    If they taste like what they eat then sure... give it a shot.o_O:eek:
  354. FishPimpII

    Weight Distribution?

    Who makes those cages now that uglyBayliner retired?
  355. FishPimpII

    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    Looked like just three trailers with one boat launching at mukeltio ramp just now as I got on the ferry. would have expected more craziness. Good luck guys.. I’m headed to try area 9 from the beach.
  356. FishPimpII

    Wheeled 128

    His kids are gonna be mad that when he said he got them a sweet ride that he doesn’t mean a car!
  357. FishPimpII

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Especially lulu sweats. Have to work Thursday but hope team sency and I make it down in a timely fashion. I’ll figure out what he can contribute.
  358. FishPimpII

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    I’m lucky to be a boat ho to a buddy with a chamber sealer. The nice thing about it is that bags are soooo much cheaper than rolls. Figure if it last ten years we as a group will have saved as much in bags as the unit costs.
  359. FishPimpII

    Just need albacore

    Apparently you can walk on water in those...
  360. FishPimpII

    FS: Aluminum “cedar” plugs

    The little silver one looks very well loved! (By tuna)
  361. FishPimpII

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    Subscribed. At this price I could get into the chamber sealer game if consensus is this one is good. (Birthday is in a week so could point the wife this direction!!)
  362. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay lingcod

    Lings might not be all you catch with that technique!! The bycatch would be pretty fun too.
  363. FishPimpII

    Sekiu 7/18-7/21

    Any chanterelles popping this early with all the rain this summer?
  364. FishPimpII

    Yamaha T8

    Wow. That’s a great deal for a non-stolen kicker. Hope a deal like this comes along next year when I’m kicked shopping.
  365. FishPimpII

    Shit flavored seafood

    The leftover meds get flushed into Puget Sound too so we should be good.
  366. FishPimpII

    Shit flavored seafood

    Crabbing. In.
  367. FishPimpII


    Caught???? That’s awesome! How’d it taste? Recipes?
  368. FishPimpII

    NB 21-27 Roll Call....Anyone?

    Kings are closed unless you run to area 3... and haven’t heard any great reports down there. And Canada just closed down harvest of any king over 80cm (12lbs) so go massacre those coho! Should still be fun. Fishing is better than sitting at home!
  369. FishPimpII

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    I don’t know if he’s the cheapest panga but look up Danny Gomez. He’s one of the best down there and has been getting big fish out of his bigger Panay lately. Well worth the money.
  370. FishPimpII

    For those who enjoy and Edge of Craftsmanship

    Some guys on this site old enough that they salted their fish in barrel in the barn like my great grandparents did back in Sweden.
  371. FishPimpII

    This is killin’ Me

    Yeah. MR3’s are awesome. (This popped up on Facebook from 5 years ago today... reel still going strong)
  372. FishPimpII

    For those who enjoy and Edge of Craftsmanship

    That’s a fine looking blade. I have access to 1/2 off at cold steel which has some cool blades and machetes and stuff. But the quality doesn’t compare to this so may need to redirect some funds...
  373. FishPimpII

    Ocean Chinook

    Shhhh. The popular spot west of Renfrew is going to have about 500 boats in it on Monday. Guess it serves the canucks right for fishing hard the last two weeks way down on the American side of swiftsure.
  374. FishPimpII

    Ocean Chinook

    Thanks for sharing. The creel census looked bad but Monday it didn’t look like we would be near 5200 chinook by this weekend with 1 fish per angler. I guess when @Cornfed brings his whole team up there two weekends in a row it pretty much mops up that last 1000 fish or so.
  375. FishPimpII


    That’s what she said.
  376. FishPimpII

    This is killin’ Me

    Very cool reel. Those handles are cooler than the rounds. But alas do not cost extra when ordered from islander initially. But do cost as an aftermarket upgrade. GLWS
  377. FishPimpII

    Pro-Troll Prochip 8" Flasher Lure Kit @ Costco

    Good colors, but does anyone fish those little flashers?
  378. FishPimpII

    Neah m4

    Usually it’s the other way around right?
  379. FishPimpII

    Deer lake July report

    Fish are still biting off the “bloody docks” at deer lake... hoping to turn these ones in to crab instead of halibut though.
  380. FishPimpII

    2009 Honda BF150

    @Sockeye71 this would look great on the back of that Livingston Viking!!!
  381. FishPimpII

    WTB ASAP Chest Freezer

    Done. Highly rated Frigidaire 14.8 cu ft. from Home Depot. Didn’t show it as in stock but drove by one on a whim that said it had a display model before buying the crappy one from lowes and they had one on the shelf in the box. Very happy.
  382. FishPimpII

    WTB ASAP Chest Freezer

    Just got home, dropped off kids. Now my first stop heading back north will be sears outlet then Best Buy outlet. The one available at Lowe’s listed above (and its whirlpool twin from Home Depot) are the lowest rated of any freezer tested by consumer reports. Scores just 14/100... think I’ll be...
  383. FishPimpII

    WTB ASAP Chest Freezer

    I am supposed to be going out of town to the family cabin for the week starting tomorrow morning. As of now the freezer is fluctuating between 15-20 degrees but seems to be rising slowly steadily so would probably work as a ice chest for a couple days if needed (Out of town is just whidbey...
  384. FishPimpII

    WTB ASAP Chest Freezer

    Thanks. That should work perfect.
  385. FishPimpII

    WTB ASAP Chest Freezer

    Great deal but as far as I can tell not in stock anywhere in the greater Puget sound area?
  386. FishPimpII

    WTB ASAP Chest Freezer

    After a productive weekend of harvesting my chest freezer now seems to be having trouble holding temp even after I moved things around. So I am looking for a 15 cu ft +/- chest freezer. If no one has one their looking to sell I’m open to buying a new one (today) so would like recommendations...
  387. FishPimpII

    For Sale 2002 Osprey 30' Long Cabin

    Bump for a very cool osprey...
  388. FishPimpII

    Ocean Salmon opens June 22

    I remember seeing you made one or two “special” friends other there last year.
  389. FishPimpII

    New HALI DAYS!!!

    Catch your limit early then Catch Hali. I know your punchcard isn’t full.
  390. FishPimpII

    Ocean Salmon opens June 22

    See ya next Thursday. Find em for us!
  391. FishPimpII

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    You can play the mountain.
  392. FishPimpII

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    In area 3/4 will be going for Hali, king, ling, bass but I’ve never caught dungies up there. Any advice on that would be awesome.
  393. FishPimpII

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    I knew I saved that 4th Hali punch for a reason!
  394. FishPimpII

    23’ north river

    Congrats and good luck on the hunt for the next juice!!!
  395. FishPimpII

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    Yeah. Agreed. That’s why that press release is soooo ridiculous!
  396. FishPimpII

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    “For decades, we’ve made strides in habitat restoration, hydropower policy, hatchery production...” Made strides in hatchery production? I guess if you take ten steps back it’s still “strides” just didn’t mention which direction.
  397. FishPimpII

    2019-2020 WDFW Regs Are Out

    The flexibility the wdfw expects from us is the ability to bend over and grab our ankles. >:(:mad::(:imdumb:
  398. FishPimpII

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    Part of it depends on what brand of downriggers you are running. I believe the cannons need wire for their electrical auto stop feature to work. For everything else I think there is advantages braid, especially of the thinness of braid. I like less blowback and did not lose a downrigger ball for...
  399. FishPimpII

    Bait sticks for BFT

    Check out thrasher rods. Several that would fit the bill all the way around in that weight class. Small builder from up here in the pnw. Good luck and tight lines.
  400. FishPimpII

    Swinomish crabbing 8-1

    That’s a great point. All of my fishing is ceremonial and subsistence. Maybe we need to forget about expanding “recreational” seasons and just focus on getting more ceremonial and subsistence fisheries for all of us!
  401. FishPimpII

    5-25 and 5-26 Neah Bay Halibut, Lings and Rock Fish

    I like all the fish listed on this post. (But have never tried wolf eel) but if you don’t like Hali Im guessing you might be overcooking it. Nothing goes from moist and delicious to dryer than cardboard and gross faster than Hali.
  402. FishPimpII

    New to marine areas near Whidbey, need guidance please.

    Good shore fishing from whidbey from August 1 on.. Good luck.
  403. FishPimpII

    Anyone looking for a fun charter?

    Yep. If they caught fish they need to stop being little bitches.:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  404. FishPimpII

    F'ing chipmunk

    Do share
  405. FishPimpII

    Looking for a Navy recruiter

    Thanks for your service. If nothing else it helped you on a path to a couple really cool boats!
  406. FishPimpII

    F'ing chipmunk

    Squirrels are now open with a possession limit of 7 thanks to brother Dave. The descending device is for endangered possums. But no. Apparently you don’t have to use it.
  407. FishPimpII

    questions for engaged experts: Struggling with 4-halibut annual limit

    So if I lose my wallet I can’t fish halibut anymore? I get it I can’t tell them my card is full but how can they not reprint a lost license or punchcard? That would be a loser in court.
  408. FishPimpII

    questions for engaged experts: Struggling with 4-halibut annual limit

    Allegedly they were going to track reprints and if you consistently reprinted they’d come to your house and check your freezer or some such nonsense
  409. FishPimpII

    Looking for a Navy recruiter

    Yep. Unless serving his country is his calling then this is the route to a career.
  410. FishPimpII

    F'ing chipmunk

    I call them rocky and bullwinkle... and clearly Natasha the Russian has assisted them in getting into your big White House.
  411. FishPimpII

    26 osprey repower

    That reminds me. Did you and your dad end up rebuilding that little kicker boat?
  412. FishPimpII

    F'ing chipmunk

    The thing is already living the socialist dream. Sneaking in through a tunnel. Taking up residence under the roof of a hardworking American! What you need to trap it with is some methadone!
  413. FishPimpII

    26 osprey repower

    Incredible... a like new repowered osprey 26 for 60k. That’s some serious skills and sweat equity. Good work. This one is pretty cool too. And as a guy that put 1000 trouble free hours on an etec I hope they get lucky too and they work for them as well as they worked for me.
  414. FishPimpII

    Anger Management......kinda long but good!

    How about this: They’re actually secret gay lovers and republican senators. Oops. That wouldn’t surprise anyone either. We’ll keep coming up with ideas.
  415. FishPimpII

    Using decent devises while halibut or bottom fishing

    True. Apparently not everyone can get 12/12 on that bottomfish test from last week!
  416. FishPimpII

    New to Pacific Northwest. Looking for tips, suggestions, & recommendations

    I know I’m getting old and forgetful but didn’t there used to be requirements about pics of wife and/or girlfriend in this kind of newbie situation?
  417. FishPimpII

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    While I agree titanium pliers would be a splurge I can’t afford I hope that titanium doesn’t really turn to shit in saltwater? That’s would make it much harder to get the hooks out of the halibut and tuna when Chris leaves these new pliers in the side bags of his yeti buckets.
  418. FishPimpII

    5-25 and 5-26 Neah Bay Halibut, Lings and Rock Fish

    We released a good sized one on the second opener. Not sure I’d want to tangle with a big live octopus on the boat! Would be an interesting story to hear. They made great Hali bait when we used to find them washed up on the beach in the winter but I don’t have the heart to kill one myself.
  419. FishPimpII


    You should make nick/Steve/Kevin wear those so we don’t end up being the only unhookers.
  420. FishPimpII

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    Chris I was about to text you!!! Good find.
  421. FishPimpII

    Not fishing but, is a Roomba worth the money?

    The roomba dogshit stories are epic. If you try it please share your results!!!
  422. FishPimpII

    oops! fuzzy math, honest mistake or ???

    No way 26k lbs was caught Mother’s Day weekend. Neah was a ghost town compared to years past. Not a single launch line at any point and lots of boats staying inshore due to weather.
  423. FishPimpII

    oops! fuzzy math, honest mistake or ???

    Yeah. I was thinking this. But seems like the checkers just check a few and then extrapolate that out to all boats that leave the marina. Probably not much to PDR but worth seeing if they add in any funny math beyond that.
  424. FishPimpII

    oops! fuzzy math, honest mistake or ???

    I’m not buying that success rate for the 9th & 11th. Lots of folks fished close to home with the offshore small craft advisory and came back to the dock empty handed... We didn’t get our last fish until 6pm. So it was a grind for many even if you went offshore. But what do you do? Lots of quota...
  425. FishPimpII

    Maui Jim’s

    Only scratches on chris’s stuff are caused by his friends like me and I haven’t touched his sunglasses.
  426. FishPimpII

    No floaters!

    #metoo but only because I saw some really dark yelloweyes (that I thought were Boccaccio but was corrected by the volunteer lady) at the aquarium.
  427. FishPimpII

    No floaters!

    Also helps that we can keep everything but yelloweye. I know I didn’t keep any orange fish for years (even when it might have been legal) for fear of misidentifying so had to send lots back down. If it’s an orange fish legally in the boat it’s not floating.
  428. FishPimpII

    Neah Bean Bag?

    A juicebox to juicebox rescue! Thanks Rodney!!!
  429. FishPimpII

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    Was crazy. No lines to launch at neah either Halibut day. Haven’t seen that is years.
  430. FishPimpII

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    Bump... trying to get above these zombie threads. Otherwise we’ll be pulling the boat Sunday.
  431. FishPimpII

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    This was supposed to be a wife trip. Our wives will take a hard pass on tent camping in neah.
  432. FishPimpII

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    Bump. Couple more days to find someplace before we tow the boat home.
  433. FishPimpII

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    For a man that loves sweats you should be all about the lulu!!! We were both planning on bringing our wives. So that would be a little cozy!!!
  434. FishPimpII

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    Also worth noting we (team juicebox) have cape cabin reservations for the next weekend that we would be happy to swap with someone for the 17th/18th weekend.
  435. FishPimpII

    Large Jig head molds

    Seamar in Ballard has the hooks for those big jig molds. But usually I just buy them online.
  436. FishPimpII

    LaPush opener/report

    Sometimes if you are on the water enough to know what a usual “forecast” often looks like in person and you piece together the forecasts from various areas and sites you can come up with a better picture than any one site/area. Also have a seaworthy boat and a seasoned crew. Shit can get bad in...
  437. FishPimpII

    Ocean hali/ling report

    I don’t think it helped that again this year the native commercial opener was literally the 4 days directly before the sport opener. Seems like years in which there is a little break between the two of a couple weeks or more the fishing is much better. And the inner tribes like the tulalip...
  438. FishPimpII

    Last minute neah moorage?

    Anyone have neah moorage they aren’t using this weekend? Have a buddy that decided to come out spur of the moment that is looking for moorage for 28 duckworth. They’re happy to pay their share if your not using it. If not they’ll wait in the launch line. Thanks! Jeff If so please call/text Steve...
  439. FishPimpII

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    Fillet knives have a rounded tip that the worksharp won’t hurt. His pocket knife has a pointy tip. He doesn’t want to make it a rounded tip. Just the tip.
  440. FishPimpII

    Salmon Bellies for halibut bait

    Farm raised. So best left to catch more fish. But if they were local they would get devoured by me. I got 20 lbs which I think will last 5 days.
  441. FishPimpII

    Canadian Swiftsure Bank Open for Halibut?

    One of the proposals was to have that diamond to be a no go zone to all recreational fishing traffic. Another had the whole area closed. Not sure what the final update is. Looks like it’s probably just closed to fishing in the diamond but can traverse across it.
  442. FishPimpII

    Deer lake carnage volume 4

    Got together with @Team Sency and family for the 4th annual “bloody docks” trout slaughter. Boys had a great time, moms caught a great buzz, and we are now stocked up for halibut bait. As usual Cado max got the biggest trout but there were quite a few holdovers mixed in with the hatchery...
  443. FishPimpII

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    I didn’t say that. I’m saying influence the things we can for now to make it better for everyone. I can be unhappy about something and realize I don’t Have much control over it so put my effort elsewhere at this time. Especially when for now we have some goals in common with those other folks...
  444. FishPimpII

    LaPush Friday

    In a week I will be looking farther west. :)
  445. FishPimpII

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    Let’s work together to create a surplus of fish and then argue over how to split them up. I’m willing to pay a lot to make that happen. And thank you to all those that work at the lobbying/meeting level or help that happen.
  446. FishPimpII

    Boccaccio rock fish

    I was told the same story... come to think of it I have some neighbors that might need a little slime cod.
  447. FishPimpII

    Boccaccio rock fish

    We kept a few back in the day. Not terrible but definitely the lowest quality “rockfish”. I wouldn’t keep them again.
  448. FishPimpII

    How do we win?

    All of the above so true. Just a slight tweak at the end. When Armageddon arrives, it won't be from climate change. It will be from civil war instigated by Crusaders of the Church.
  449. FishPimpII

    Fill an ice tote in Everett area???

    That’s s great question. I was wondering the same thing out of Seattle. Would be nice to have the ice squared away before heading to neah. But if not we’ll take care of it out there next Wednesday.
  450. FishPimpII

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    Clorox bottle or aluminum? Team juicebox could help build a plastic one. (For just the cost of materials) but if you want aluminum you need a professional.
  451. FishPimpII

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    The c closure is what prevents some people from fishing on mother’s day weekend.
  452. FishPimpII

    FS: 18' Fiberform 115 hp Merc Outboard

    Very cool. We could recreate some black and white photos from my childhood with that boat and motor! Very fishy machine! Good luck with sale!
  453. FishPimpII

    North of Falcon Updates

    In the mean time we better work with the tribes to fight cca and wfc lawsuits, work together to get pinnipeds culled, and work together to produce more hatchery fish. If there are lots of fish then 50% isn't as bad as 50% of zero.
  454. FishPimpII

    North of Falcon Updates

    This official?
  455. FishPimpII

    North of Falcon Updates

    Even the salmon in this state are headed to the left...:rofl:
  456. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay Fuel Octane Rating Concern...

    Yes. It’s all cards. Have fun out there!
  457. FishPimpII

    North of Falcon Updates

    It’s too close to area 12. Fish have to pass through 11 to get to 12 right? :mad::mad::mad:
  458. FishPimpII

    Highway 101 closure

    You get to avoid the insanity because your freezer is probably already filled with Ling Cod!
  459. FishPimpII

    Highway 101 closure

    Probably better if everyone just heads to Westport and avoids 101 and 112.. No fish in area 3 or 4...
  460. FishPimpII

    Eatin’ good part 2

    I agree... They were hiding in the side of chest freezer. Gone now!
  461. FishPimpII

    Eatin’ good part 2

    Cleaning out the freezer to get ready! Hali cheeks and rockfish.
  462. FishPimpII

    House for Sale in Sekiu

    No “high speed” obviously but really good cell service at that spot... problem for aging people is health care is a long way from sekiu.
  463. FishPimpII

    Went Fishing PV last week

    Good honest report. The guys that are the “fishiest” down there aren’t always the most polished yacht captains! (Or up here either) Just cause you’re a dick doesn’t make you wrong. Thanks for sharing. :720icon:
  464. FishPimpII

    Saltwater or freshwater

    Well I will thank you for keeping secrets but the 25 year old sleeping alone tonight because he just got skunked bass fishing in lake sammamish might blame you.
  465. FishPimpII

    New earrings for your significant other !!

    Pretty cool! Might want to pinch the barbs so you can practice catch and release!
  466. FishPimpII

    Charter next week: Neah vs Westport?

    There should be both at neah. (Well at least open there will be open cabins at the cape or open rooms above the pizza place) and seats on one of the boats. (Lingcod todd, Ling daddy, or windsong/k’oo)
  467. FishPimpII

    Charter next week: Neah vs Westport?

    Neah. Prettier scenery and generally seems to be bigger lings.
  468. FishPimpII

    Outboard input

    Love the use of space on those! If that came down 75k I’d be a buyer too!
  469. FishPimpII

    Saltwater or freshwater

    It’s cuz @Salmonmoocher and @Nosecrets are keeping the great saltwater fishing of this state secret. The young guys today don’t know how great lapush or area 7 are so they fish lake Washington and go to bed alone. Blame Billy Bob and Travis!
  470. FishPimpII

    La Push Sublease?

    I’d stop at neah.
  471. FishPimpII

    Free Fish Tank

    But it’s not left handed. o_O
  472. FishPimpII

    Guess where Billy bob

    Somewhere so flat it looks like a lake!
  473. FishPimpII

    LaPush Friday

    The “secret” Rockpile for early season bottom fish? Pretty sure that cat is out of the bag. See you up in Neah soon!
  474. FishPimpII

    Anyone ever book a fishing trip while on a cruise? Lots of pv guys or guys with pv experience on there regularly.
  475. FishPimpII

    For Sale 31 Bertram - TOTAL restoration March 2019 Those Bertram 31’s make beautiful resto projects!
  476. FishPimpII

    Anyone ever book a fishing trip while on a cruise?

    Post on the mainland Mexico site. The guys there should be able to point you in the right direction for a 1/2 day trip that works with the cruise ship schedule. Likely if you want a real fishing trip and not a tourist trap you would book the boat (panga) not just one seat so hopefully you have a...
  477. FishPimpII

    Shimano Torium 20 HGLH for sale

    @Reel Hooker should be all over this to add to his lefty collection in 3,2,1...
  478. FishPimpII

    24’ allied

    Yeah... I’m being patient. Wife wants a 275 scout dorado dual console (or similar) so that has pushed the budget back a few months.. and moved me away from pure fishing machines like this... this is a sweet boat for sure though!
  479. FishPimpII

    24’ allied

    That boat went from a good deal to an amazing deal once the last week! GLWS!
  480. FishPimpII

    Bob Double Stroller

    Where was this 5 years ago when my twins were born??? Now us old guys need an adult size one of those for when @Team Sency has his gout acting up!
  481. FishPimpII

    Maui surf fishin

    Just play nice and share your wisdom. If you keep butting heads with people to the point that you are making veiled or not so veiled threats at them I’ll keep calling you out and making fun of you. Until fishing season anyway. And then do whatever you want. I’ll be fishing. Tight lines
  482. FishPimpII

    Maui surf fishin

    John, below is what you said earlier this week... and the invite to genie aye “Paul” was either a pass at him or an invitation to fight too. “Lick Balls.... I’ve heard little roosters like you crow before and you are quite likely wrong about how you think it would go.... Since I don’t feel like...
  483. FishPimpII

    Maui surf fishin

    Now keep in mind some of this advice is coming from the guy who has just this month invited multiple people from this website to come fight him at his house so if you aren’t wired that way your experience may vary.
  484. FishPimpII


    Wow. Surprised. Thanks for updating. The boat ownership ban is probably the most meaningful part of it!
  485. FishPimpII

    Ocean report

    Oh man. I love early ocean fishing! Fun times with the kids and filling the freezer! Nice work!
  486. FishPimpII


    Yep. But the tribes do produce a ton of fish as well. They might not be paying much into the state hatchery system but with (I assume the help of federal $$$’s) some of the best hatcheries in this state are run by the tribes.
  487. FishPimpII

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    Just when this adult diaper/granny panty thread was disturbing enough... If you’ve got pictures like that on your computer and you’re asking him to “fuck me” I don’t think you (or the rest of us) really want to talk about what’s next. :eek::supergay:
  488. FishPimpII


    Chris channeling his inner Xhibit with his custom “pimp my rod” creations! Nice work! Summer can’t get here fast enough!!!
  489. FishPimpII


    I don’t like “gillnets” but I like hatcheries producing more fish. So if there was an option to ban all netting including tribal, and produce more and bigger fish I’d choose that. But from what I can tell that option is not on the table. So from the options available I’ll choose focusing on...
  490. FishPimpII

    One beacon

    And has good burgers!!!
  491. FishPimpII

    FYI new NR OS. Layout

    Aren’t those shower drain looking things self bailing drains in the corners? (On the back deck)
  492. FishPimpII

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    Do you have statistics to back that second part about killing the ESA fish at a high rate and its impact on season setting? It seems like the people who profess to be in the “know” about such things say that contrary to historical norms and conventional wisdom that is no longer true. They are...
  493. FishPimpII

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    The way it was explained to me (and what I infer from his statement and others I have heard on this issue) is that we will only be allowed per ESA rules to produce more hatchery fish if we can prevent them from spawning freely and the “approved” way of assuring that is netting whether we like it...
  494. FishPimpII

    What is this I found on beach

    Sure looks like it. Have you seen these out there before or just matching google images?
  495. FishPimpII

    Ace line hauler for sale 350 obo

    Play ya HORSE for it Tuesday!
  496. FishPimpII

    Westport thieves

    That blows Ryan. I thought that the mosquitoes the size of birds that you had specially bred on your property would help keep the thieves away!
  497. FishPimpII

    Would you turn them in?

    It’s possible to convince a liberal but it won’t be easy. I’m not the average liberal but I’ve been doing everything I can to spread the word on the reasons why it’s needed and sharing the scientific articles related to it.
  498. FishPimpII

    Get em while they last!

    We do our best to eliminate them, but we only get a few days in May and they keep coming back.
  499. FishPimpII

    4 year Halibut management plan

    It has been discussed and I initially was for it.. but the problem is with the #’s we are allotted relative to the amount of license holders in wa state it would probably be more like two or three week season with two tagged halibut per angler. At best.. probably going to one per person or a...
  500. FishPimpII

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    If we are in area without a likelihood of yelloweye or Boccaccio sometimes we put on a little bit of meat. But if just targeting ling structure no.
  501. FishPimpII

    Truck Questions

    Wow. Sorry John, Paul is straight but that was a nice offer to meet up for more!!! I’m sure there are some guys from Cali that will take you up on the offer though!!
  502. FishPimpII

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    So it’s your fault? Nice boat but take the snow back with you!
  503. FishPimpII

    Another moving to Washington thread

    I’m a pro-gun “liberal” and I have an agreement with my “anti-gun” liberal friends. They can shelter at my house as long as they bring all their supplies and they don’t mind the guns. Otherwise I’ll just come get their stuff since I have the guns. Either way... bring on the zombies. Seattle...
  504. FishPimpII

    Another moving to Washington thread

    Enumclaw... google search “Enumclaw horse lover” Just not from your work computer. The boat will be fine to start but you’ll probably get 2 foot-itis if you stick around long. Good luck!
  505. FishPimpII

    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    My .02 was that I think it would sell better without the personalization on the side. Maybe it distracts people from how solid of a boat this is. But what do I know, the last boat I sold had a giant bald eagle sticker on each side.
  506. FishPimpII

    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    And you even got a free “g-spot giving his opinion” on something bump... I’m sure we’ll hear from him more since people pointed out that he didn’t really know what he was talking about in regards to the status of this boat for sale and he’s never been one to leave a conversation on that note...
  507. FishPimpII

    A9 Magic

    Looks delicious!
  508. FishPimpII

    The boat show, the boat show, the Great Miami Intl Boat Show

    Me too. 295dc would be perfect!!!
  509. FishPimpII

    Get em while they last!

    They hold a lot of 65lb braid so that would be a great deal! What are the specs on the rod (not that I’m buying but someone in the market for a new Hali combo might want to know)
  510. FishPimpII

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    That’s a great point. I’m sure many will say that it’s a fish feed in the ocean issue but I say that’s BS. The tribes that run hatcheries on the peninsula work hard hard to make/breed big fish and guess what returns to those hatcheries? Big fish! Duh.... The guys that used to run the hatchery...
  511. FishPimpII

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    I make lighter ones, Usually about 24oz, rigged with a single stinger hook on a couple inches of tuna cord off the top. Seems to make handling at the boat easier than big trebles. Weve been running them that way for ten years or so and they seem to hook up as well as the trebles too with no...
  512. FishPimpII

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    We’ve already cut back on hatcheries because of this... a lawsuit about this is what got tons of steelhead hatcheries shut down and the smolt dumped into lakes a few years ago. I don’t like gill nets but hatchery fish escapement is a successful lawsuit avenue to shut down hatcheries so we do...
  513. FishPimpII

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    True. Good analogy. And imagine if we shut down the market hunters and a parallel user group still got to come shoot them at will.
  514. FishPimpII

    Loomis BBR 965C GL3 $155.00 EA

    Been a lot of snow. People getting a bit crazy. Good rods. Be patient. They’ll sell.
  515. FishPimpII

    Cool Old Charts

    these are cool... Maybe try the B.C./Alaska forum? Or maybe @Captain Chrome knows someone who would want these?
  516. FishPimpII

    Would you turn them in?

    Theoretically a tribal member could probably get away with shooting a pinniped who was threatening his fishing.. not saying that is for sure what is happening but seems likely.
  517. FishPimpII

    Would you turn them in?

    Not “state” but you’re getting warmer...
  518. FishPimpII

    Would you turn them in?

    I get your logic about a lawless society but I think the better analogy would be would you turn your neighbor in for shooting a giant rat or a raccoon if it was a no shooting area... No one is “poaching” sea lions like one would an elk. They are finally killing them like a giant rats of the sea...
  519. FishPimpII

    New reel for Alaska Salmon fishing, cant decide!

    Islander mr3... salmon fishing is more fun with a knuckle buster!!!
  520. FishPimpII

    Good Price on DR balls..

    Of all the things I hoard a chunk of lead probably takes up the least space! You must run a tight ship!
  521. FishPimpII

    SOLD 21' Trophy

    Wow. That extra tank is pretty cool. Wish my old trophy had that extra fuel capacity!
  522. FishPimpII

    New boat at show?

    Yeah. Would have loved to see s World cat 255dc in person too... if one falls into my budget it’s on the short list. That 2540 is great too. Just not too many used ones since that model is so new.
  523. FishPimpII

    New boat at show?

    Narrowed down the search but boat prices are so crazy hot still (especially used) that I’m still 8-12 months out so I can be a cash buyer. (C’mon stock market!) I liked the cutwater 240 and the whaler vantage 270 and the wife liked the scout boats and wants a scout dorado 275 dual console (not...
  524. FishPimpII

    Halibut Rod holder for Scotty mounts

    Plus the cost of the stainless mount!
  525. FishPimpII

    Shorelines of Stone

    Low hanging fruit? You’ve been to the knotty pine haven’t you? As far as the volcano thing. It’s thought a big volcano would cool down the earth quite a bit by blocking out the suns radiation for awhile. Historically this was thought to have happened in about the 14th century. I’m not counting...
  526. FishPimpII

    Shorelines of Stone

    So salmon should adapt to not having healthy rivers and estuaries? What’s the plan there... grow legs? I agree that big hatchery supplementation is a must have, and things will never go back to the olden days but seems like a little ecosystem work would be helpful as well. As far as climate...
  527. FishPimpII

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    Gave you a finger up huh? I’d ask “up where?” but I don’t think we want to have that visual.... But whatever it takes to get spring rolls to the preparty. Probably worth it.
  528. FishPimpII

    Can I fix my Broken Kenai Kwik Fishing Rod?

    It couldn’t be any worse than it was ten years ago!!! Was hoping to hear it had gotten better.
  529. FishPimpII

    Can I fix my Broken Kenai Kwik Fishing Rod?

    Am interested to hear what lami charges you for a new tip section. Should be much less than a whole new rod.
  530. FishPimpII

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    The trash talking is what makes it better mostly.
  531. FishPimpII

    Anyone missing 2100 series Scotty DR?

    Super sketchy but says it was posted 5 months ago :(
  532. FishPimpII

    More Illegal Fishing Charters

    Sounds like you need a new booking app!!!
  533. FishPimpII

    Coho Killer RIP OFF

    I know nothing about Patent law but other than both being spoons the Kingslayers are not really the same shape or bend (especially the “fatboys”) as a coho killer and not the same material (titanium) Also all custom painted so not really copying there either. Now those ones from China. They...
  534. FishPimpII

    They are Real!!

    I have a couple old penn 209 Lefty’s and this would be a nice upgrade from that for running the diver out the middle. Thanks for the info Benjamin.
  535. FishPimpII

    Wandering poles

    I thought we were going to get @Cornfed Tommy riled up about only calling them fishing rods not poles.
  536. FishPimpII

    moorage neah bay

    Haha. I only crank on a knuckle buster or a tuna reel. Hali come up due to the magic of electricity and the backbone of thrasher rods!
  537. FishPimpII

    Danny Westneat, Sea Times Columnist - Very slanted save the orcas article

    I often agree with Danny on things social and Seattle but it was a nearsighted swing and a miss on this one.
  538. FishPimpII

    Avet MC vs non MC

    G loomis 965 imx
  539. FishPimpII

    Avet MC vs non MC

    I have a Lexa 400hd for the same things you are doing. I have been happy with it. I am competent chucking with a conventional but can just bomb it with the lexa and it has plenty of grunt for inshore Lings the style I fish.
  540. FishPimpII

    Triple Homicide PA

    With all the tweakers down there you won’t even need to feed him dog food!
  541. FishPimpII

    2019 is starting out pretty good!

    That’s a toad! I was going to try to head there before the rain but just couldn’t pull it off. My mistake!
  542. FishPimpII

    Sortimo boxes

    A: you love the rainbow and you know it. B: You’ve seen him wrap rods right? Would you expect different?
  543. FishPimpII

    best saltwater fishing pliers?

    Van Staal’s are probably the best but out of my and most normal peoples budget.
  544. FishPimpII

    Tanacom 750

    Where does one find an appropriate fire alarm panel battery?
  545. FishPimpII

    Boat Upgrade Options

    100% agree. Team Sency’s 232 gulfstream is a fishing beast but only 2 people ride out of the weather. As I shop I want something that gets 4 out of the weather when running and all 4 still close to the action when trolling. That’s hard to find unless I find a Parker 2520xld open back like the...
  546. FishPimpII

    Tanacom 750

    The 750 is perfect. And it seems there are some sales around the time of the boat/sportsman shows that put it into the mid 400 range usually.
  547. FishPimpII

    Best X-mas gift ever

    Jack crevalle? very cool work!
  548. FishPimpII

    Halibut 2019

    I somehow didn’t “lose” my punch card last year so If i get more tha 4 days this year and none of the dates “overlap” I’ll probably lose my punch card but won’t yet be on the double probation list.
  549. FishPimpII

    Merry Christmas Wa

    Merry Christmas. Hope it was good to everyone! Anyone get boat keys for Christmas? That’s already on my Christmas list for next year!
  550. FishPimpII

    New tires OEM Ram 2500/3500

    No. But if you had a pipe that need worked rumor has it theres another thread that says he’s your guy....
  551. FishPimpII

    For Sale 2003 Henriques 28 twin 200hp yanmar diesels

    You looking to expand the walker inc. fleet? This would be pretty cool and efficient up here!
  552. FishPimpII

    Halibut 2019

    Good work Dave! Thanks for all your effort on this. I know halibut seasons can’t make everyone happy but with your help the overall options (especially bottomfish related) are much better than they otherwise would be!
  553. FishPimpII

    Sad day for BC Coastal communities

    Great idea... Except we won’t be allowed to water the garden as we’ll be told that we’re saving that water for orcas.
  554. FishPimpII

    Sad day for BC Coastal communities

    That’s the danger of a pinniped season in Washington. Could just be a girls of the Olympic peninsula calendar photo shoot so target ID would be critical! In all seriousness the Canadian closures look pretty extreme and I can’t imagine this state is far behind. Especially after we killed...
  555. FishPimpII

    Sad day for BC Coastal communities

    Yep. Those are the folks. I share their Facebook posts as often as possible. Hope it catches on! I’ll be the guy in Neah with a sea lion hat!
  556. FishPimpII

    Sad day for BC Coastal communities

    Some folks in BC pushing pretty hard for commercial pinniped Harvest by First Nation peoples. Things looking bleak for fisheries but if possible let’s throw some support behind that pinniped harvest that’s proposed up there too.
  557. FishPimpII


    Well I do usually fish said greenling on a 4-6oz bullet jig hooked through his nose. Doesn’t that count?
  558. FishPimpII

    Boat Upgrade Options

    His north river is a fishing machine and under your budget!
  559. FishPimpII


    Nose hooked kelp greenling or yellowtail rockfish just big enough wedge in a large Lings mouth so they can’t let go. Reel in slow and net before the head gets out of the water.
  560. FishPimpII

    Osprey Northwind 22

    Yeah. I’ve been doing this math. But could likely fish it for five years or so as is until outdrive gives up before conversion needed. So assuming 35k for new power/conversion in 500+ hours means you have 500 hours of boating and new power for 65k which is pretty good. But. Showed this to wife...
  561. FishPimpII

    Worst boat names

    So lots of guys at Neah have seen your butthole? Then you sold your butthole to a guy in gig harbor to get a new boat? I feel like we needed that info last year on a couple threads. Would have made them way more fun!! :)
  562. FishPimpII

    Osprey Northwind 22

    Ouch. The wife wants a big dual console like a pursuit 265 or a world cat 255 dc so I would have a little convincing work to do even if we were ready to pull the trigger.
  563. FishPimpII

    Osprey Northwind 22

    The more I look at it the more I love this boat. If this was a year or even 6 months from now I’d be telling the wife to get out the checkbook. (New boat when the kids turn 5 is the agreement and this is a boatI want well under the proposed budget which is rare) Run it with that motor set up as...
  564. FishPimpII

    8-2 Fishies

    Ketchup on fish? No thanks! That combo might be good on a burger though.
  565. FishPimpII

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Funny. That targeted ad didn’t pop up for me... I keep getting “fish costs rica” in its place. But then again maybe our web browser histories are not the same?
  566. FishPimpII

    Wohoo salmon lovers!

    Only for orcas. Which is why the Puget Sound residents aren’t making any new orca babies.
  567. FishPimpII

    For Sale Small Boat my friends wife says $450.00 come get it

    How is this not sold? The trailer and the motor are both worth 450 each! If this was in Washington I’d be all over it and then have the spray paint can out and going immediately!
  568. FishPimpII

    Boat Upgrade Options

    They are saying you could for sure do that with the right precautions. And one of the guys on here Omakase (Bob) is great at it. It’s just expensive to get good work like he does done and you probably would want to add more sacrificial anodes in addition to the painting so that’s more...
  569. FishPimpII

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Yeah. Peanut butter was a new all time low. Then i kept scrolling and boom... Madrugador wins the day.
  570. FishPimpII

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Also for the things you are describing wanting to do a used 205 or 225 dual console Grady seems like it would do all that and stay within your budget. And agree with others about this too... none of us have an exact idea of your financial picture but if eating a little loss on the current boat...
  571. FishPimpII

    Wohoo salmon lovers!

    Awesome! Now just need to expand to Puget Sound and the “Salish sea” and we’ll be making some progress!
  572. FishPimpII

    Load question with lumber

    Couldn’t you run hangars/supports down from the truss joint above by the roof which is meant to carry a load and then run your beam off those hangars/supports. Maybe that’s what other people are explaining in more technical terms but it seems like it should be easy to tie into the weight bearing...
  573. FishPimpII

    5th wheel adapter........

    That’s as alive as that Ford Taurus has ever felt.
  574. FishPimpII

    What’s your porn name

    Jay Inslee, “oh yeah? hold my beer...”
  575. FishPimpII

    Winter Derbies

    Not everything that is fun is good. And not everything that is good is fun. Applies to boats and the marrraige advice thread right?
  576. FishPimpII

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Needs a needle or two in that picture.
  577. FishPimpII

    Winter Derbies

    Only need to go that fast every once in awhile... but I can’t afford a new 2820 anyways so looking down at those gauges is just a dream for now.
  578. FishPimpII

    Winter Derbies

    I’d like to see it while looking down at the gauges of a 2820 after a day of tuna fishing.
  579. FishPimpII

    Boat Sinks

    Interesting point. Thanks for chiming in. Did you experience many/any quality control issues like this guy did?
  580. FishPimpII

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    We are “finesse” light line Hali fishers.. and they work great for everything! And the halibut don’t pull nearly as hard as your bucket!
  581. FishPimpII

    Pacific Skiff Ride

    @Cwillis has the 2325 dialed in. We were 55+ out for tuna this year in it and was comfortable. For sure wet and bumpy in close chop but an Awesome fishing platform.
  582. FishPimpII

    Visiting a Foreign Country - Quick Question

    Funny you say that. The kid that I have become friends with that runs a panga in boca be tomatlan (south of pv) has said that tons of cartel money has come to there (about 40 newer pangas just in the little bay at boca in the last year) and he said those guys don’t really care about “making” any...
  583. FishPimpII

    Visiting a Foreign Country - Quick Question

    Uber... about 1/2 the cost of taxi to get to and from town from there.
  584. FishPimpII

    Puerto Vallarta Charter Recommendation

    That sounds fun but a lot colder than pv.
  585. FishPimpII

    Puerto Vallarta Charter Recommendation

    The big guys (from out of town) that got abducted were at a nice restaurant called la leche. The rivals (locals) walked in took them out at gunpoint and left the tourists alone to eat their dinner. Sounds like the new president has some things sorted out down there recently too so the cartels...
  586. FishPimpII

    Puerto Vallarta Charter Recommendation

    Pm sent. Good luck!!!
  587. FishPimpII

    Puerto Vallarta Charter Recommendation

    Danny fished his ass of for us from before dawn until after dark today. We caught a bunch of dorado and had a takedown from a billfish but the Tuna weren’t willing despite serious efforts. (Had some beers while and after fishing. Accidentally posted this in the wrong spot before. Anyways...
  588. FishPimpII

    Recommendations, nuckle buster rod

    Oops. Wrong recommendation post.
  589. FishPimpII

    PV Fishing Report 11/19-23 w/ Danny Gomez - no turkey just big baits and cows

    Simply Awesome! You guys have it dialed! Headed out with Danny in the morning. Only get to do one day but it’s still great knowing that im lucky enough to go fishing with the best in the business!
  590. FishPimpII

    PV Resturaunts

    Didn’t go all the way back through to see if anyone mentioned it but “Barcelona” is pretty cool. They’ve done and continue to do some remodeling (putting in an elevator amongst other projects) but irregardless the food and the views are incredible. Check out the rooftop or get a reservation for...
  591. FishPimpII

    Osprey Northwind 22

    Thanks for the detailed answer even though I totally missed the obvious about the second slider! Very fishy setup!
  592. FishPimpII

    Osprey Northwind 22

    Is there a slider on the passenger side and what does the seating in the cabin look like?
  593. FishPimpII


    The regs were obviously written with the intent of one limit per trip but if you froze or “processed” the limit from before midnight before you caught the after midnight limit you’d meet the letter of the law as I read it.
  594. FishPimpII

    Recommendations, nuckle buster rod

    I don’t know why. But it just feels better constructed/machined and much smoother on both drag and retrieve than the mr3 or even the TR3. @Team Sency and @Captain Chrome have them so they are the experts in my circle but if and when I can afford one I would choose that over the tr3 for sure...
  595. FishPimpII

    Recommendations, nuckle buster rod

    The Okumas are worth a shot. In the crew I fish with we have mr2’s mr3’s a tr3 and an Abel. I don’t like the tr3 better than the mr3... heavier and not worth the extra $ to me. The Abel on the other hand. Wow. If you have the $$$ it’s amazing.
  596. FishPimpII

    Recommendations, nuckle buster rod

    Great deal! I don’t need any more knuckle buster rods. (I think I have 6 now after selling one) but if anyone is looking to try out Canadian mooching style fishing those rods paired with something like a Diawa m one plus would get you started for a pretty reasonable price. Of course like any...
  597. FishPimpII

    Puerto Vallarta Charter Recommendation

    I’ll be going with Danny Monday. I’ll have a report after that. He just got a 302lb yellowfin on an overnight trip but I’m just a day tripper.
  598. FishPimpII

    Tips for surf casting at Punta Negra near Conchas Chinas

    I beleive so. I believe that point is on the stretch of beach just south of the gran fiesta Americana a mile or two south of Conchas Chinas. Although the best shore fishing I’ve seen so far was right off beach north of the pier off the malecon in town folks were catching small jacks (crevalle I...
  599. FishPimpII

    Looking for a Grays Harbor Real estate agent

    Didn’t seem like a Negative post, seemed like a legit question asking if people realized that by supporting their business you could be undermining sport fishermen. If they are good enough real estate agents might be worth it. Up to the reader I guess. And I didn’t see your name in it unless...
  600. FishPimpII

    Tips for surf casting at Punta Negra near Conchas Chinas

    Tried from shore a little this morning by the condo. (Just north of lindo mar resort) Tide was up and a little more swell than last couple days so couldn’t get to my fishing rock without swimming and not as much life on the water as last couple days. But man what a beautiful sunrise! Later this...
  601. FishPimpII

    Recommendations, nuckle buster rod

    Agreed. If you can find/afford a sage 3106 that’s “the one”. If not the loomis or lamiglas mentioned above would be quality choices as well. I’ve enjoyed my little shimano convergence knuckle buster rod for blackmouth but it’s not anywhere near the class of the other rods and I’ve heard the...
  602. FishPimpII

    Share 2.5 day with Danny Gomez 11-15-18

    Unbelievable! That’s a monster!
  603. FishPimpII

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    8 knots from Edmonds to shilshole is definitely better with that bottle of knob creek in hand!
  604. FishPimpII

    Fisheries Supply

    Says the guy in Olympia???? :eek:
  605. FishPimpII

    Bleach Bottle Waxing

    Sounds like these guys have suggested some good wax, but if you really want it done right talk to Benjamin @Reel Hooker for the next level stuff.
  606. FishPimpII

    Split a day charter PV November 18-26?

    Thanks. This is fairly close to where I am staying. (Next to the oxxo in concha chinas) Should be able to heard there for a little while a few mornings before the rest of the family is up and active. The stretch south of the big hotel there is the best public access in that area right?
  607. FishPimpII

    11-9-18 BM

    Not quite like black mouth fishing with Yamahas.
  608. FishPimpII

    Split a day charter PV November 18-26?

    Booked with Danny Gomez on the 26th. Will try to use the beach advice in the mean time. Thanks for all the advice and will post a report when we get back.
  609. FishPimpII

    A whale of a story...

    The ones living in rvs in Ballard are transients
  610. FishPimpII

    Tips for surf casting at Punta Negra near Conchas Chinas

    Sounds like he’s describing south by the the gran fiesta? At least I hope thats what he means since it’s 10 minutes from where I’ll be staying this month!
  611. FishPimpII

    Penn Downriggers & extras

    Wish this was a year from now! I know the new cannons and scorty’s are probably faster and more powerful but I’ll take the smooth consistency of a penn 800 any day!
  612. FishPimpII

    PV Resturaunts

    Tre Piatti is first class! Don Chava looks good too so will have to try it while we’re down this month.
  613. FishPimpII

    Anyone ship a boat minus a trailer?

    Those old Bertrams are cool. Id want one of the rare ones with the inside the cabin 2nd station for those cold/rough days. Or if I win the lottery create a sister ship to one that was restored/converted to a walk around that Darrell fishes.
  614. FishPimpII

    Theft at Dagmars last night

    That’s only one piece of 940 and most in law enforcement already get far more than the training mandated in 940. So often things that seem good in theory aren’t so clean when picked apart more thoroughly.
  615. FishPimpII

    Going to Try This Next Halibut Season

    So I agree with the frustration but what’s more important minor Fishing violations or property crime? Or should we spend more tax dollars on that vs other stuff like schools? Or just raise more taxes? Tough decisions that leave some frustrated no matter what is decided.
  616. FishPimpII

    Good Squidding During the Monsoon Sat.

    Thanks for the report. Haven’t heard many good reports but my kids are excited to get out and do it so looks like it may be slowly improving enough to make it worthwhile so thanks for sharing!
  617. FishPimpII

    lots of new fishing gear

    I thought I was trying to be humorously helpful so that you weren’t thinking you were being picked on or at for the comments before mine. Everyone who cross posts gets similar razzing and it’s nothing personal. If you took that or anything else as an insult or negative I’m not sure what to say...
  618. FishPimpII

    lots of new fishing gear

    Probably just on the general washington page not in the saltwater fishing reports. It’s standard practice to give people shit who cross post non reports in this section so hopefully you don’t feel special or offended :)
  619. FishPimpII

    lots of new fishing gear

    Relax... He’s just saying you put this useful news in the wrong section on BD..
  620. FishPimpII

    Split a day charter PV November 18-26?

    Wow! Great info! Will give it a shot. Thanks!
  621. FishPimpII

    Good tuna action aboard El Matador .,

    Within one day range? @Finnedfanatic
  622. FishPimpII

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    But when it does fail even once it’s a mess.
  623. FishPimpII

    Split a day charter PV November 18-26?

    I'm headed down or PV in a few weeks with the family from the 17th-27th but the kids aren’t big enough to fish offshore yet so would be game of split a charter for a day if anyone is interested since I’ll be fishing solo. I’ve fished with Danny Gomez in the past and he was awesome and would go...
  624. FishPimpII

    Night clamming tips

    I was going to suggest a lantern hanging from a camera tripod. But that sir, is genius!!!
  625. FishPimpII

    SOLD 1986 Bayliner Trophy Cuddy. 4 stroke. $7500. Price lowered by $1000

    That’s original. I had this exact model for years and it’s a solid fishing platform!
  626. FishPimpII

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    You’re right. Only I had to make the plaque myself.
  627. FishPimpII

    Boat Pictures

    No way! Your boat is perfect for what you do!
  628. FishPimpII

    100 Lb Lead ingot in Seabeck

    I’m down to under 100lbs (maybe 50 of clean stuff) so always looking for a good deal especially when it’s nice and clean like that!
  629. FishPimpII

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Thanks for coming back and explaining it this way. Your initial posts about pitch poling the boat to see if anyone was in it and looking for bodies when it was on the beach didn’t make sense to me and others. (If that was a real concern I’m sure you would have called the coast guard) Now this...
  630. FishPimpII

    100 Lb Lead ingot in Seabeck

    Good deal. Wish I wasn’t so far from seabeck.
  631. FishPimpII

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    I’m wrong all the time. Just ask my wife and kids!!!
  632. FishPimpII

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    I’m not saying it doesn’t work to you.. and since you are never wrong you probably shouldnt watch from 2:25 on in that video so you can still say that in that knot the mono isn’t doubled backed over itself... Not a terrible knot. Just not nearly as thin through the guides as an FG since even...
  633. FishPimpII

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    Have tied it for fun but didn’t stick with it because no matter how strong it is a knot where the mono doubles back andd wrsps around is thicker than I like especially if Fishing heavier mono. If you don’t mind the knot size then good on you. Thunk thunk thunk... :fighting0061:
  634. FishPimpII

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    It does have good strength but to go with that as your go to you must like the clunk clunk clunk sound that big ole knot makes going through the guides!!!
  635. FishPimpII

    Cost of New Outboards?

    Agreed. I put 1000 trouble free hours on an etec 150 and liked the torque but if I needed a bigger hp engine (250+) and I was planning on putting 2k+ hours on it I would probably go Yamaha or Suzuki and would take the advice of those (like Pat) in the know. Of course I have a force 120 still...
  636. FishPimpII

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    That strykr stormed is really cool stuff and it looks super warm but my friends that have it say it doesn’t exactly repel Tuna blood. I’m hoping to get a jacket by steelhead season but I’ll stuck with regular pvc type rain gear for tuna blood.
  637. FishPimpII

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    He didn’t drag it to port. He drug it to a beach in a quiet cove in the middle of nowhere until locals noticed...
  638. FishPimpII

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    But the old lady down the street and the family on the corner say he is a nice guy so no way that he wasn’t 100% good samaratin. :D
  639. FishPimpII

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Yeah I was wondering if they ever explained the “why” of not feeling it is necessary to call the coastguard when discovering an overturned boat in the dark. Seems idiotic beyond comprehension actually for anyone with more than about three days driving a boat to make that choice.
  640. FishPimpII

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Bump. Did the “salvage crew” ever say why they didn’t call the coastguard immediately? In all the bullshit I must have missed that?
  641. FishPimpII

    phoenix, AZ

    My dad lives down there. He’s in Ecuador this week but he’s retired so I’m sure he could help when he gets back.
  642. FishPimpII

    Cost of New Outboards?

    That’s funny. The power on the driftboat I use is demanding and expensive. Plus I demand er I mean it demands only premium fuel like crown royal or grey goose.
  643. FishPimpII

    Cleaning Out

    I’ll take that 6501. Will send pm.
  644. FishPimpII

    WorkSharp sharpener

    I love my work sharp for it’s ease of use but I can’t get them that sharp!
  645. FishPimpII

    Live Bait ilwaco?

    They count extra if you mix that barrel of straws up with a couple buckets of clear plastic 6 pack holders.
  646. FishPimpII

    Mukilteo 9-16

    The area he described in his post is area 8-2 I think so unless I missed something im pretty sure he can keep wilds on that side of whidbey right?
  647. FishPimpII

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Yeah. That white squid getting eaten they kept showing was a cool shot no doubt. But it wasn’t an anchovy getting sucked down which is what you guys do and what I love imagining right at the end of my line before I yell, “fresheeeee!!!” Hope they show that shot in season 2. Probably need to...
  648. FishPimpII

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Yep. But they showed the same hootchie when opportunaty and the other boat was jack poling with live bait too.
  649. FishPimpII

    Battlefish on Netflix

    My biggest editing beef is that every single time they show people jack poling with live bait the underwater shot that follows is of a tuna coming up and eating the slow trolled white jig. They filmed all summer and didn’t get a good underwater shot of a tuna eating live bait on the end of a...
  650. FishPimpII

    Offshore 4G coverage from Newport to Catalina Islands and beyond....

    I’ve been on a boat with a cell booster. It was amazing. From intermittent signal to multiple bars of 4g 35+ miles off the coast of Washington.
  651. FishPimpII

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Oh I watched it... it was great... The battlefish show too. I just have a couple fishing crazy little dudes so maybe we’ll watch the albacore action on mute.
  652. FishPimpII

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Just finished watching. Fun show. Would be interesting to see what the “slow days” looked like. Especially on the Oppor-tuna-ty.. how many 1-20 fish days vs 100+ fish days and how many days a week are you actually fishing. Gave me some ideas to try and made me want to get a jack pole or two...
  653. FishPimpII

    G Loomis BBR 965 New

    Still want it. Consider it sold unless someone beat me to it.
  654. FishPimpII

    Port Angeles Coho

    Knuckle busting coho are the best!!! And Nice fillet job as well!
  655. FishPimpII

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Show was good but my boys are only 4 so mama wouldnt like the new words they would try on after watching.
  656. FishPimpII

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Yeah. Pros and cons to that R rating. Suppose the profanity is “reality” on most boats. The bummer about the R rating means I’m not watching it with my kids so that sucks.
  657. FishPimpII

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Yeah. 5-10 times a year see something a lot like it. We even used to net our tuna. Now just gaff in head.
  658. FishPimpII

    Battlefish on Netflix

    C’mon. Someone you know in forks has a Netflix password that they will share!!!
  659. FishPimpII

    Apollo Puerto Vallarta Feb 2019

    Jesus.. Is there a thinner skinned guy on the site than g-spot? Someone get him on some meds... or some weed.. or give him a hug.. he has a lot of knowledge which is nice on this site but good gawd he could use a chill pill. Thanks for sharing the trip. I’d like to go but it’s not in the...
  660. FishPimpII

    2007 Suzuki DF250 30” Sale for parts

    I was gonna say I didn’t think you’d had it very long. I though I saw this go by me traveling south last year after purchase. Pointed it out to the wife and nearly crashed my car staring at it. What a kick to the nuts. Hope you can get back on the water without breaking the bank.
  661. FishPimpII

    Lami 10' 6" Mooching rod w/Daiwa Knucklebuster

    Thanks. those old soft lami’s are my thing so if you do get rid of it let me know.
  662. FishPimpII

    Lami 10' 6" Mooching rod w/Daiwa Knucklebuster

    Wow. Steal for that classic rod. Great find. If you ever want to get rid of the other one let me know! I’d pay that for it without the reel.
  663. FishPimpII

    Parker 2310 Walkaround For Sale

    Nice upgrade! This will be a hali killer for sure!
  664. FishPimpII

    Guess what fish

    Ratfish? Lingcod?
  665. FishPimpII

    Neah bay sorta

    No it was some police guys on a zodiac launched off a bigger boat. They didn’t seem to know the local Fishing regs but they wanted to see safety gear, ID, fishing licenses, and that we had filed the report. They were happy with us so no need to argue or ask them anything.
  666. FishPimpII

    Neah bay sorta

    Yeah. They wanted to see it. In a foreign country I don’t tend to argue with law enforcement and I had filed it so I showed them. They were happy and we caught nice fish. Win for everyone.
  667. FishPimpII

    Neah bay sorta

    Yep. Took two minutes and when we got checked by the Canucks this spring they wanted to see proof that we had done it.
  668. FishPimpII

    Sekiu Angler Busted

    Crazy to think that if that asshole had stuck with one rigger and marked his catch he probably would have gotten away with it. Have never had a warden ask me to bring up my rigger. Of course I’ve never had anything hooked to it besides a cannon ball so probably brought it up most times without...
  669. FishPimpII

    '93 Grady Gulfstream twin 2015 150's

    Price a bit padded? Haha. More like doubled market value price. I don’t always agree with G-spot but on this one he’s right.
  670. FishPimpII

    If you need to fill a seat(s) for tuna, I'm interested

    What real nice ones can you find for 200???? I need to shop there!!!
  671. FishPimpII

    Whidbey Island Hot Spots?

    I always assumed we got our crazy fish and game regulations from all the cali expats that moved up here??? Are you saying that you don’t need a law degree, a marine biology degree, and maybe some luck to understand the fish laws down there? And you’ll need a Wa license up here. Including...
  672. FishPimpII

    Freezer alarms - It's that time of year...

    That’s a great solution for the power right? But what if the freezer fails or in my case had a contractor blow a breaker while I wasn’t home to notice? I bought a cheap temp alarm off amazon a couple years ago. It’s failed. Thankfully freezer still running.
  673. FishPimpII

    Whidbey Island Hot Spots?

    Cool man I appreciate it. So no salmon or just not allowed right now? Coho.. aka silver salmon. Off the beach for the month plus. Go get em.
  674. FishPimpII

    Scotty Line Puller Model 2500 New

    That’s gotta be a interesting day at work for Ben.
  675. FishPimpII

    Scotty Line Puller Model 2500 New

    Funny. The other day my sister sent me the same message about the last Scotty puller on sale at A different Costco. I had to point out that while it was a good deal I don’t currently own a boat so wouldn’t get much use.
  676. FishPimpII

    New electronics advice needed

    I’ll second this... garmin is nice and solid and intuitive to use but you wouldn’t regret a package built around the axiom pro and matching raymarine stuff.
  677. FishPimpII

    Social Security help

    He may be old enough that the blue pill thread is probably in the archives from 10 years ago:eek:
  678. FishPimpII

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    Makes no sense to fight two kings if staying 5 days a week. Only three weeks left no matter what right?
  679. FishPimpII

    Washdown pump replacement

    Let’s see if I can reach it.. I have a screwdriver with a fancy screw retainer too so we might be able to get it without sending children in there.
  680. FishPimpII


    If it’s in your budget the raymarine axiom pro is pretty much the pimp shit! With matching autopilot and 1kw Ducer and wireless radar it makes quite a nice package. (Team sency switched to that after being a Garmin guy and not that the garmin stuff was bad at all but it’s been a pretty...
  681. FishPimpII

    Leftover Salmon Bowl

    It’s what people who fish for salmon in the ocean instead of the one week Puget Sound season have. o_O
  682. FishPimpII

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    I hear ya on enjoying Fishing coho (especially in the fall when they are big angry hooknose) but I think that very few recreational guy would chase coho instead of Kigs knowing that it will shut the season down way early. But the charters do it every day once the silvers are in. That’s what us...
  683. FishPimpII

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    I like that logic. I live in Ballard too. So I’m taking the native share, the commie share, and my ancestral scandanavian commercial fishing share. Shit. I’ve also worked enough in mental health that I’ll take the confused and developmentally disabled orcas share too.
  684. FishPimpII

    Sage Rod with Islander MR 2 Reel

    Thanks! I’ll put it to good use!
  685. FishPimpII

    Spending the night offshore

    I don’t know much about overnighting, but you, woody, and Ace spending the night on the boat together would be awesome and would have to be videotaped!
  686. FishPimpII

    WTB tuna jig rod

    Wife got me a Daiwa Lexa 400wn for my 40th bday.. now I need a rod to pair with it to throw some iron at the tuna. Whatcha got for sale? @Thrasherrods?
  687. FishPimpII

    Anybody want smoked tuna belly

    You going to be down at WTC? Let’s talk.