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  1. bus kid

    1970 Skipjack Open

    Oh my F#@K that is going to be a badass Skippy.
  2. bus kid

    For Sale Boys 20 inch Diamondback bike

    My son outgrew his Bike. its a 20 inch tire 7 speed mountain bike, like new paid 225 its yours for $175. located near the 605 and 405 freeway intersection Orange County Ca PM or email me with contact info for response. [email protected]
  3. bus kid

    For Sale extra gear gotta go

    VHF, lures, and bilge pump all sold
  4. bus kid

    For Sale extra gear gotta go

    Cleaning out the garage for an early spring cleaning Standard Horizons HX290 includes the wall charger car charger and charging dock $60.00. Sold Kayak folding anchor Free come get it. Trolling lures range in size from 4 inches to 8 inches $5.00 each or all for $50 and you can take the cases for...
  5. bus kid

    Where can I find a Del Mar 13 skiff? 177 skiff
  6. bus kid

  7. bus kid

    WTB 20' Skipjack Open
  8. bus kid

    SOLD 1979 skipjack flybridge sold

    I will under undercut everybody,$75.00 to haul it away, and I will waive the usual disposal fee if you toss in a 6 pack of ballast point.
  9. bus kid

    Calstar,Shimano and Penn

    Calstar and torium sold
  10. bus kid

    Pierpoint landing 1/2 day

    Fastest hook up I have ever seen on a trolled iron. You sir are turly living up to your screen name.
  11. bus kid

    Skipjack 20' REFIT FUN
  12. bus kid

    Skipjack 20' REFIT FUN

    Armstrong for the bracket There is at least one skippy on here that has been converted to outboard maybe another. I cant recall the thread or the member who posted but it's here. Skipjack is still around.
  13. bus kid

    First Boat...Help Please

    Spending 30K on a boat you have not seen is financial suicide. Take your time and like others have said hit the Fred Hall show and go for a sea trial. Best bet is to hook up with guys that have a boat and "BOAT HO". Get in touch with the guy on here that has a Tahiti skiff, killer boat for the...
  14. bus kid

    Pierpoint landing 1/2 day

    Man all I can say is F$CK the So Cal, that boat has the best breakfast burritos, so much that I cant stand to eat bfast burritos from anywhere else, same shit for the burgers, they ruined that for me too. Oh my God dont get me started on the crew, last time I took my 9 year old son out I hooked...
  15. bus kid

    Need recommendations for bow pulpit/paint

    Awl grip has a color chart you can get from westmarine. or you can eyeball it here Have you contacted skipjack?
  16. bus kid

    Need recommendations for bow pulpit/paint

    Reading the description It comes in " white gelcoat " outside of just trying to match the color I see no need to paint it. Lots of info on the process out there on the interwebs on how to get it done. As for color try kiwigrip and awl grip. I have used both and prefer the kiwi grip.
  17. bus kid

    Trailer storage recommendations in South Orange County

    Ouch. Give Sunset marina a call. My dry storage is less than 1/2 of that for boat and trailer
  18. bus kid

    Calstar,Shimano and Penn

    Humpday bumpday
  19. bus kid

    Calstar,Shimano and Penn

    Calstar and Torium back up for grabs buyer never showed up.
  20. bus kid

    What do you think?

    I have a 20 skippy I pull with a Nissan Titan. I went from drums to disc on both of the trailers axles last season. As I was coming home after a day of fishing doing 30 in a 45, I was approaching an intersection with a gas station on the right side I was about 50 feet from the intersection when...
  21. bus kid

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    So if thats a negative comment then what are all of Bills post?
  22. bus kid

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    What does length of membership have to do with making a valid point?
  23. bus kid

    Calstar,Shimano and Penn

    back to the top
  24. bus kid

    My first Bloody Decks salute. . oops

    I only salute the "Bloodydecks" not wasting my time on the "bdoutdoors" unless she hot!
  25. bus kid

    Calstar,Shimano and Penn

    Bump Penn still available
  26. bus kid

    Calstar,Shimano and Penn

    Calstar and Torium back up for grabs buyer never showed up.
  27. bus kid

    Calstar,Shimano and Penn

    Cleaning out the garage. Located near the intersection of 605 and 405 freeways in Los Alamitos Ca Calstar 270-8 custom wrapped Deckhand with Shimano Torium 20 about 50 yards of 40 mono on top of 200 yards of Jerry brown 65# braid.reel cover included $150. Penn Senator 114H filled to the...
  28. bus kid

    Trailer Advice

    Not sure but I vaguely remember reading something to the effect of trailers over 10 feet in length need side markers at a certain point. May not be a calif. Thing as I have been looking at trailers a lot lately in different states.
  29. bus kid


    ETA on when you will be pulling it home?
  30. bus kid

    Fucking finally

    I love that fuckin new motor smell. I feel ya on droping that many G`s on a motor. Now get out there and post up a report, for all us internet fisherman to read.
  31. bus kid

    Are there any LA area private boater fishing clubs?

    they did...
  32. bus kid

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    Rattle can. Pull up as much carpet as you can and grind off whats left. I would avoid solvents and heat as the fumes might be dangerous. Be sure to wear proper protective equipment what ever route you go.
  33. bus kid

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    Are you talking about the bunks where the boat sits when on the trailer or the actual steps you use to get in and out of the boat when it is on the trailer? For the bunks what Gary said. For the trailer steps,sand prime and paint, then apply traction tape that is available at all home...
  34. bus kid

    Let the games begin.....

    Now that the chargers are gone this should get done in a few weeks.
  35. bus kid


    Not sure what your definition of small is but the parts that are EB and CFSW welded here are from 28 inches in diameter all the way up to 12 feet in diameter. 90% are structural, and yes lives depend on the welds. and our vehicle speed is measured in meters per second so the stress loads seen...
  36. bus kid


    Wait the whole problem you guys have with this is welding alumn. Google friction stir welding and electron beam welding. We use it everyday at work. Thanks for the post Leonard. Pm me who is building for you as im starting to consider a new trailer.
  37. bus kid


    Damit I just read this thinking 13 posts on a trailer thread should yeild an end but a few more days. Cant wait to see the finished product.
  38. bus kid

    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Has anyone considered this is the prototype for the Mag Bay 33 that alone deserves a free bump.
  39. bus kid

    Oil change drain tool

    #F&@k Greenpeace,best use of the environment I have seen
  40. bus kid

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Go thru the thread and take the time to look at all the "upset" comments. Look at the location of the poster of the Upset comment(s), no one south of Ventura is pissed that that there is a "new" kid on the block. How do you build your own original design, when the design was given to you?
  41. bus kid

    Any experience with non-skid?

    Holy Sheets Steve that is awesome KiwiGrip
  42. bus kid

    Trailer suspension question

    How old is the trailer? have ever seen the torsion move, seized?
  43. bus kid

    Fiberglass repair needed

    Go see Sal Sr and Jr. they have done great work on both of my boats.
  44. bus kid

    How many Rods do you need?

    you should always have 1 less, that way you always have an excuse to buy new gear.
  45. bus kid

    Map chips that contain MLPS closures?

    Despite what you may think Ca is not the only place that has MLPA. never the less there was thread in the MLPA section that had all of them in a format you could import into you FF for free
  46. bus kid

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    This has been a great read. I find it funny how the norcal guys get all upset. Next thing you know they will be mad at the french for copying wine. Great boat at a great price point. If I ever decided to look for a boat in the under 20 foot range, Tahiti will be on my radar.
  47. bus kid

    CAD, 3D printing and lure making

    Inconel and abs is all I have access to. I would rather turn the spool to control the runout and circularity to .0005. All the spools we have inspected are within.002 this includes avets,accurate shimano,daiwa and a truth reels. PM me if you have questions.
  48. bus kid

    Tow Rig Recommendations

    we need more info, What does the camper weight, what cab config. long bed, short bed, 2 or 4 wheel drive, gas or diesel,is this to be a daily driver? min you should be looking at is f250, 2500
  49. bus kid

    HB airshow

    The Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow will be occurring off of Huntington Beach, CA, from 20-23 Oct 16. The Coast Guard is establishing a temporary safety zone, encompassing all navigable waters from the surface to the sea floor within the following coordinates: 33-38-04.26N 117-58-20.64W...
  50. bus kid

    HB airshow

    Nope its the inaugural Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow.l have been checking the coast guard site about where to not anchor up but they have not posted anything yet.
  51. bus kid

    HB airshow

    Got an email today,anyone else going? I plan on fishing in the am then anchoring up to watch. WWW.HBAIRSHOW.COM
  52. bus kid

    Fudged Counts

    No sport boat is going to put up a skunk or low numbers its not good for buisness. I Have been on them when there was 25 anglers then I wake up the next day and see and 400 fish, they must be couting the bait too. Read the report and divide by 3
  53. bus kid

    BD dating site ads

    be careful
  54. bus kid

    Moral of the Story

    My kind of woman.
  55. bus kid

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    go see Sal Sr. and Jr.
  56. bus kid

    CAD, 3D printing and lure making

    I can take a point cloud and export it as an .IGS, Step,CAD, DWG. UG/NX CAT and STL.then heal the data to create solids been doing it for 7 years now its not that hard with the right tools.I can scan 4-40 screws to a whole surface 12 feet in diameter by 40 feet tall, depends on what is needed...
  57. bus kid

    CAD, 3D printing and lure making

    Yes I do.
  58. bus kid

    Parting out all new boat hardware!!! Never used! see pictures.

    Wheres that guy that polices the classifieds when we need him.
  59. bus kid

    BD SoCal Fishing Spots powered by Navionics

    is there a way to automatically load all of these into our FF's?
  60. bus kid

    Anyone seen this yet?

  61. bus kid

    looking for bait tank

    Kodiakmarine .com Proflow tanks
  62. bus kid

    Atriple axle auminum trailer

    Post up pics and prices of the tandems
  63. bus kid

    1984 SKIPJACK25

    Get a survey, if that is good,Contact Michigan motors to get a motor drop it in and go fish.
  64. bus kid

    Taylor Big B 10" x 26" Black Fender For Sale.

    how many amps does it pull at 12 volts? :D
  65. bus kid

    Skipjack 24 FB thru hull help.

    this is one of the best threads on the interweb
  66. bus kid

    Skipjack 24 FB thru hull help.

    can i practice on yours 1st, my torch is in my truck now.
  67. bus kid

    Skipjack 24 FB thru hull help.

    After you drill your pilot hole run the hole saw in reverse to score the gelcoat and fiberglass to keep it from chipping. Once you have a clean diameter drill it and post pics. I still dont have the nuts to drill a hole in mine.
  68. bus kid

    "Popping" sound?!?! Almost knocking skipjack I/O Volvo penta

    Gimbal. Mine made the same soind yofu are describing but only when the drive was not straight as soon as I turned the wheel it started to make the noise. call Ray at outdrive exchange in costa mesa.
  69. bus kid

    Huntington Beach boat storage

    Sunset has space there are 2 spots next to me that just opened up
  70. bus kid

    1928 Clarke Outboard

    Ask here
  71. bus kid

    Deal of the year

    wow I paid $5K for just the same outdrive for my boat. bump for the deal of a life time
  72. bus kid

    PARTING out Skipjack

    pm sent for floscan i will take it
  73. bus kid

    Blackman 20 for sale

    bump for a clean Blackman
  74. bus kid

    I need a new trailer...which do you recommend?

    I have had my fair share of trailer troubles over the years. Both while traveling and while just doing general repairs. I have been able to pick up parts my trailers at napa and kragen while on the road. Look at your trucks, there is a reason that the manufacturers use leaf springs. Torsion bars...
  75. bus kid

    I need a new trailer...which do you recommend?

    Nailed it. Having a VW background I can tell you when a torsion bar goes bad you dont go looking for parts. Maybe torsion bars have changed but if something lets go while your on the road, most automotive stores and trailer shops will have parts for a leaf spring trailer to get you back on the road.
  76. bus kid

    Tuna eats Seagull

    Tastes just like chicken
  77. bus kid

    Tuna eats Seagull

    anybody got a good gull rod?
  78. bus kid

    I need a new trailer...which do you recommend?

    My skippy is sitting on a 1993 trailrite galvi. Im considering an alumn. But what ever I go for it will be on leafsprings and not torsion bars.
  79. bus kid

    Long Beach to Catalina Buddy Boat

    Not to sound like an ass, but this is your 1st crossing and you are asking for a buddy boat and have plans to stay the night on the back side. I crossed 5 times 3 alone before I even thought about staying over night. +1 for vessel assist. I will be out on the water on the 14th all day if you...
  80. bus kid

    17.5' center console, Dana Point, Catalina, La Jolla, San Diego, Coronado. Later this month

    Call Rusty
  81. bus kid

    Props wanted!

    I have D6 on my 20 5.7 fuel injected.
  82. bus kid

    55' Convertible Sportfisher / Twin Outboards!

    Mag Bay on roids!
  83. bus kid

    Volvo Penta 5.7?

    Ive put 200 hours on my 1997 5.7 since it was rebuilt back in dec 2015.rebuilt at 2274 hours. It pushes my skippy just fine.
  84. bus kid

    Any Feed back on DP-S Drives

    Same here. Grease the prop shaft good. I just spent $1700 on mine last Nov for full service top to bottom, new bellows,gimbal,fluids seals pressured tested the whole nine.
  85. bus kid

    bait rain fs

  86. bus kid

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    Wow you stuffed that in there! Looks good
  87. bus kid

    Another Shitty Job

    That is a shitty job. I cant believe that hose was not doubled clamped.
  88. bus kid

    Build your own Skipjack 35

    Damn Erik, That 35 is bad ass.
  89. bus kid

    Anyone know what boat this is?

    Egg Harbor?
  90. bus kid

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    Can you post pics please.
  91. bus kid

    Mechanic Reccomandation needed for Volvo Penta

    Outdrive exchange in costa mesa. Ray, did greay work on my skippy.
  92. bus kid

    New Skipjack 20 open owner: does my truck tow?

    I dont know about the Tacoma but a skippy 20 weight is listed between 3200 and 3800 #s add your trailer weight. My 20 with a 65 gallons of gas weights 3720 trailer is 820 total weight 4540 #s I have not had a problem getting it out of Huntington harbor at low or high tide with my Nissan Titan...
  93. bus kid

    Shake down II time

    Yeah that was me. On the way in she was just eating up the swells at a steady 30 mph untill I passed a guy in a 15 foot CC whalerabout a mile from the channel markers , I slowed down so he could get in my wake. When we got into the harbor 2 kids popped up on the bow.they must have been laying...
  94. bus kid

    Shake down II time

    Karlow, I saw you guys at the bait barge, the rigs and then at the the flats. We got to the rigs and started to fish but swells got the better of my son after being there 30 mins we headed in, I dropped him off and headed back out I managed to pick some rockfish off the piles out there and came...
  95. bus kid

    Shake down II time

    Just read pzz665 Doesnt look to bad but we will see tomorrow am. Thanks for the info
  96. bus kid

    Shake down II time

    Karl no worries, hope to see you out there happy hooking. Jason, what Weather are you referring to, all the reports I have been watching all week call for this to be a pretty calm day. I have a person that has never been in the ocean with me so I have been extra vigilant about the conditions
  97. bus kid

    Shake down II time

    Where are you launching out of? Im going out sat Am about 7 from Huntington harbor heading to Nachos to get bait the off to then Rigs and maybe Cat depending on how my passenger is doing
  98. bus kid

    Shimano Reels and rods

    make an offer
  99. bus kid

    Need trailer help in OC

    yeah those guys, I keep hearing how good they are. They must be super busy because I cant get them to answer the phone or emails.
  100. bus kid

    Need trailer help in OC

    My trailer is in need of some help, bearings, leaf springs and possibly some welding . I have emailed the place in OC recommended above two weeks ago and got no response. I will be taking the boat to Havasu in July and want to be sure that the trailer can make it. who do you guys go to and what...
  101. bus kid

    Shimano Reels and rods

    corvalus and cardiff combos sold TLD still up for grabs
  102. bus kid

    Insurance comparisons.......who do you use?

    Holy dragonballs! I though mine was bad, but i was only missing half a piston. Putting ace on the top of my list now.
  103. bus kid

    Insurance comparisons.......who do you use?

    Went thru the same crap with them this year. Took 6 months to settle,I ended up paying for the repair out of pocket then they reimbursed me less the deprecation amount that they calculate. Looking at geico and a few others but I paid up front for a full year already so im taking my time to do...
  104. bus kid

    Kayak fishing Huntington Harbor

    Post up on
  105. bus kid

    Sun 3/13 - Long Beach

    Congrats on the new ride,welcome back it looks like you haven't missed a beat.
  106. bus kid


    I quadruple my asking price over what I list here and let the weirdos cut me down to half, they think they win a deal of a lifetime because they got 50% off and I still come out ahead.
  107. bus kid

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    I would contact him and go see it, to take pics and get info on how its set up.
  108. bus kid

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    there is on craigslist Orange county for $30 K. For some reason I cant post the link from my phone will try when im home
  109. bus kid

    Speedometer and tail lights

    YES! that's what im looking for worstmarine has them but they are anal rap artist, I refuse to even drive by that place. thanks for the info I can check MC Carr we have a corporate account so maybe I can get a discount if they have them. I Will accept beer for the tail lights and speedo as...
  110. bus kid

    Speedometer and tail lights

    Shes running great. Tops out at 52 on a calm day. A little porting and polishing and some work on the heads does wonders. All the electrical has been redone, still haven't put in the ACR yet, I cant seem to find 2 80 amp circut breakers to finish it. Hows yours I hear its got or getting a new motor.
  111. bus kid

    Shimano Reels and rods

    after Fred hall bump
  112. bus kid

    Shimano Reels and rods

    thinning out the gear a little Shimano TLD 20/40S about 200 yards of 20# mono on Shimano TRD-70MHB 7 foot 12-25 med heavy fast action rod Mechanically 9/10 $125 located in the OC near the 405 and 605 interchange
  113. bus kid

    Speedometer and tail lights

    Blazer tail lights $10. Never been submerged I upgraded to LED. 3 3/8 diameter 0-30 speedo $20. I Rebuilt the motor and I had to upgrade to a 50 mph. located in the OC near the 405 and 605 interchange
  114. bus kid

    Fiberglass Shop - OC/Long Beach

    OC boat repair Sal Sr and Jr do great work.
  115. bus kid

    West coast live aboard questions.
  116. bus kid

    Poor Shark

    looks like a Mako, or Thresher, Tail tool long to be a tiger
  117. bus kid

    Mayday need help Volvo Penta Kad 300

    Why is your mechanic not fixing something that he broke? Call Ray at outdrive express in Costa Mesa.
  118. bus kid

    Belly hoop on 20 foot skipjack

    Impressive work.
  119. bus kid

    Bump question in classified

  120. bus kid

    Need fiberglass/bait tank master...

    Pacific Edge Tackle, go see Mark
  121. bus kid

    Ever Done Business with Grandeagle on EBay?

    Nope I would buy from someone on ebay who is drop shipping or who does not physically have the item in hand, seems sketchy.
  122. bus kid

    How to get rid of a old hull

    post on Craigs for $100, get talked down to $20 and let them take it!
  123. bus kid

    How to get rid of a old hull

    post on Craigs for $100, get talked down to $20 and let them take it!
  124. bus kid

    NEEDED: Volvo Penta Mechanic

    Harrys marine in anaheim. Well worth the drive. Straight forward, no BS.
  125. bus kid

    24' Skipjack FB Steering Help

    This Surg
  126. bus kid

    Laser Sight on Bowfishing Bow

    Did you not read it. Answer: Yes, it legal to have a green 5mW visible laser on your bowfishing bow or crossbow. When bowfishing in freshwater, you need only follow the regulations in sections 1.23 and...
  127. bus kid

    Drone vs Drone

    Looks like the Chinese are sick of drones.
  128. bus kid

    Showing proper respect

  129. bus kid

    skipjack owners with duoprops

    I had mine on the port side mounted an a trim tab, worked fine I could keep the bottom at speed. Now i have a thru hull, best upgrade so far next to the cup holder and bottle opener.
  130. bus kid


    DAMNNNNNN where was this last week when I bought the exact same reel new bump for a killer deal.
  131. bus kid

    I know one of you has one of these and wants to sell it to me!
  132. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    7 or 8 inches cant remember for sure.
  133. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    outriggers are the only thing left bump
  134. bus kid

    Shimano, calstar and fenwick

    PM sent on calstar
  135. bus kid

    Bait bag 20 gal heavy duty

    is the bracket included?
  136. bus kid

    WTB 350 motor& outdrive outdrive exchange in costa mesa
  137. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    make me an offer and come get it
  138. bus kid

    Transducer Location

    using your drain plug as a light socket? :eyepoppin
  139. bus kid

    WTB 350 motor& outdrive

    Michigan motorz .com
  140. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    Box 6 sold all other still available.
  141. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    Price drop I need the space Outriggers $100. Downriggers $200 & I will toss in a tackle tray of the clips / accessories and some cannonballs and extra wire
  142. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    pick and choose what you want lures, lead, will ship at buyers expense,open to offers.
  143. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    bump, lots of hay i want that...
  144. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    bump lots of hay i want that...
  145. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    Happy troller gone everything else still available.
  146. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    check your in box, I sent you a PM.
  147. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    Still pending as we are trying to meet up conflicting schedules with us both having kids in sports.
  148. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    thanks for the help but the thought of taking 70 #s of lead to the post office makes my back hurt. If someone out there makes weedless lead heads I would be willing to work out a deal. Open to offers on everything saving up for a repower very soon.
  149. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    Outriggers pending pick up. Downriggers and happy troller still up for grabs.
  150. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    there is one in front of you but if it falls thru its yours pm me your info
  151. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    Will do I sent you my contact info
  152. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    Price drop need the space Outriggers $100. Downriggers $200 & I will toss in a tackle tray of the clips / accessories and some cannonballs and extra wire
  153. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    Make an offer I need the space in my garage.
  154. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    Make an offer I need the space in my garage.
  155. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    not shipping the lead too dang heavy everything else is possible what did you want
  156. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    located in Los Alamitos Ca 90720 near the 605 and 405 freeway interchange I will ship Usps flat rate buyer to pay. pick and choose what you want lures, lead, will ship at buyers expense,open to offers. the 2 largest cannon balls are gone. i still have 15-20 of the 24 oz lure box #1 plano...
  157. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    12 foot fiberglass outriggers $100 located in Los Alamitos ca 90720 near the 605 and 405 freeways.
  158. bus kid

    Coast Guard searching for missing boater off Catalina Island

    Kept hearing the description of the missing person on the radio all morning whlie fishing the rigs.prayers to the family.
  159. bus kid


    Do you have the switch,and circut breaker?
  160. bus kid

    need a boat??

    Divorce sale and sancho doesnt fish
  161. bus kid

    To sell or not to sell that is the question

    If you want to know what your boat is really worth and want to prove it to buyers get a survey. Then price it $5000 higher and when you get a buyer throw the if you take it today I will take 5k off. By the way its a buyers market right now.
  162. bus kid

    Leaches at the bait dock

    The joy of showing up at 5:00am to a mile long line of boats waiting to get bait and going to the front of the line because you made a reservation for 2 scoops the day before then and seeing a thread on BD about assholes cutting in line at the bait barge. EPIC PRICELESS.
  163. bus kid

    Leaches at the bait dock

    What you guys don't make reservations?
  164. bus kid

    another skipjack question

    Thanks for the replys
  165. bus kid

    another skipjack question

    I have a skipjack 20 and the bilge blower just went out. The previous owner had the blower installed low in the bilge on about equal height to the engine mounts. I'm going to be replacing it and wondering should I put the blower up higher in the engine bay on the transom or back in the same spot?
  166. bus kid

    Stainless vs Aluminum prop performance

    Stainless weighes more so more rotating mass, alumn. Will bend if you hit someting, stainless wont.I would rather replace a prop then an outdrive
  167. bus kid

    Frozen bait cases

    Local asian market
  168. bus kid

    Like to have a bow rail

    call Tom hes in Paramount, 562-533-2948 pretty reasonable.
  169. bus kid

    Boat storage

    Yes $175, no towing, this saves on gas on my truck as well as wear and tear on it and the trailer, The day I picked up the boat some jackwagon almost rear end the boat on the way to storage, now that its there dont got to worry about that either Yes she is not a people person,( but neither am...
  170. bus kid

    volvo mechanic near the OC

    need some recommendation's for a volvo mechanic for both engine and outdrive.
  171. bus kid

    Boat storage

    im in Los al as well my boat is stored down in sunset aquatic. its a 15 min drive max. 24 hour access and launch and they have security. here is the thread i started
  172. bus kid

    71 SkipJack 20 bait tank overflow/drain plumbing

    got pics? yes but i have a 65 gallon fuel tank under there, not sure about the OP's boat
  173. bus kid

    Seatow radio check?

    Try 16, I guarantee you will get a response.
  174. bus kid

    Boat Detailing in OC

    Looks good I saved their contact info thanks.
  175. bus kid

    Boat Detailing in OC

    got before and after pics?
  176. bus kid

    71 SkipJack 20 bait tank overflow/drain plumbing

    I have the same issue. Been looking at different options,but cant decide how I want to plumb it. I was thinking about exiting on the starboard side just behind the inboard piller next to the battery door but not sure the water will be able to flow out of the tank and up to that level. Trying to...
  177. bus kid

    fuel dock in Huntington harbor

    I was just noting that it was placed in the fishing chit chat forms and not the boating forums.
  178. bus kid

    fuel dock in Huntington harbor

    odd it seemed more of a boat related issue then a fishing issue. Thanks for the Link watching it now
  179. bus kid

    fuel dock in Huntington harbor

    Link please
  180. bus kid

    fuel dock in Huntington harbor

    It has been brought to my attention that October 1st Mariners point fuel dock in Huntington Harbor will close permanently for those of us that are slipped and storing in the harbor this means going to either Newport or Long Beach to fuel up
  181. bus kid

    On-water Diesel Price

    Your fuel weighs more than my boat.
  182. bus kid

    Boat parking in Long Beach

    I used to leave my hooked to my truck parked on the street at my parents house near eldorado park there are still a few parked on residential streets unattached. why are you looking not able to park on the street where your at?
  183. bus kid

    Boat parking in Long Beach

    like a storage place or street?
  184. bus kid

    Volvo Voltage Alarm

    Cut the wire to the voltage alarm and your problem is solved.:D
  185. bus kid

    Phenix & Calstar rods for sale

    got pics of the calstar? what are you looking for as far as trades
  186. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    life jackets gone
  187. bus kid

    boat storage in OC

    Yeah 175 a month. I thought it was weird that they they needed all that info too but, My boat is there now and I could not be happier.The wash down uses $2.00 in quarters for 8 mins, there is not a warning buzzer before it shuts off so I have been using a timer when I flush out at the end of the...
  188. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    GPS and rod holders sold.
  189. bus kid

    Lowrance Elite 5 HDI - sonar problem?

    I was out today and notice that I lost the bottom in 65 feet of water while drifting. I shut off the unit and noticed it was hot from being in the sun. I disconnected it and put in the cuddy and after about 30 mins it wasa cooled off and worked like a charm. Seems weird ans thats never happend...
  190. bus kid

    Bad ass skipjack radar arch

    i got cash how much you want to trade?
  191. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    willing to trade gps for a 20x30 kill bag, mine just got a massive tear.
  192. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    PFDs pending to 2strokepoke
  193. bus kid

    Where to Buy Bunk Style Guides
  194. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    Vfh sold Good to meet you too
  195. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    2 pfds both same size.
  196. bus kid

    How to Flush I/O with boat in the water (slipped)

    Contact the previous owner.
  197. bus kid

    project boat??

    $30 to $100k
  198. bus kid

    What are your best upgrades?

    i plan on fishing a lot the boat is set up pretty good already. just interested in what has made a difference. and I have a wife 2 girls so i may end up with such a device.
  199. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    Bimini sold
  200. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    Vhf is pendings to Jaws
  201. bus kid

    What are your best upgrades?

    I just ordered 5.
  202. bus kid

    What are your best upgrades?

    Boat has a plummed head and tank with discharge. Wash down is on the list. Keep em coming you guys rock
  203. bus kid

    What are your best upgrades?

    I have a list from the show me thread trying to prioritize my upgrades but my wallet is running scared. Already have a JRC radar.Thanks all for the info keep it coming.
  204. bus kid

    What are your best upgrades?

    We just bought a Skipjack 20 open and I have already installed a DSC VHF and new 8 foot antenna.Lowrance Elite 5HDI from our other boat is in but I have not mounted thr transducer not sure whats better. There are wide trim tabs so my options are on the outboard edge of the transom or about a...
  205. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    Sent you a message. Fish finder is sold.
  206. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    bolodawg is 1st for VHF and GPS Jaws is 2nd for VHF Mokahehteh Fishfinder is yours Fishandsnow 3rd for VHF
  207. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    Located in los alamitos ca near the 605 & 405 freeway interchange
  208. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    We just bought a boat and have replaced some stuff on it and have removed the below items so we have no need for them and no space to store them. pm me or call between 8:00 am and 11:00 am. I work nights from 11:00 am to midnight so if I don't answer leave a message and I will get back to you...
  209. bus kid

    1969 runabout $1200 or trade for a...

    1969 fiberglass runabout It has a one 12 and one 6 gallon fuel tank that I can fish all day on $40. 1977 2 stroke 50 HP. Runs great I have been as far out as the the tanker lines off Huntington Beach and always made it home. Top speed with 18 gallons of gas and a 32 gallon bait tank is 25mph but...
  210. bus kid

    Best Way To Use My Whaler As a Ski Boat?

    That is pure F#$king Genius. even with the floating rope my A$$hole tightens when ever there is slack in the line. setting this up when we get to the boat. Thanks
  211. bus kid

    Lowrance Elite 5 HDI - sonar problem?

    winner winner chicken dinner I had the same issue and thought there was something wrong too so to correct I set the keel offset to compensate then when we were in the water at the dock we measured with a line counter on our reel and it was off the exact amount of the offset. my conclusion was...
  212. bus kid

    Department of Fish and Game Surveys

    I always ask them to help me wash down the boat,and then when we are done I will be happy to answer all your questions. to this day I have not answered a single question.
  213. bus kid


    Eric I sent you a pm
  214. bus kid

    boat storage in OC

    I talked to Nancy and Darren, sunset is the best fit for us since we launch out of there any way. Having the boat already there saves on gas for the truck as well as wear and tear on it and the trailer. Not to mention the flat rate was less then the price per foot.Thanks to all for the advice.
  215. bus kid

    moeller bait tanks?

    One review states it does not come with a fill hole so im sure what that means. I would go look at it in person and see what it looks like and how solid it is. Fwiw I have the kodiak pf32 and its great. Keeps bait alive and well overnight in into the next day.
  216. bus kid

    boat storage in OC

    is that a flat rate or by length I have been calling but it just goes to voicemail.
  217. bus kid

    boat storage in OC

    I would like to know oponions on a boat storage facility either sunset marina or the storage facility in Seal Beach across from the Naval Weapons base. Since those two are between my house and the launch ramp that we frequently use
  218. bus kid

    Drain often?

    When I take my drain plug out I attach it to the boat keychain that way next time when it's time to go out I can't start the boat without seeing the drain plug and remembering to put it in
  219. bus kid

    looking for fiberglass/gelcoat repair in the OC

    OC boat repair did a great job, took a little longer then quoted but the work is good.
  220. bus kid

    SOLD 21 ft Bayliner trophy

    how much water gets into it, and how much is in there now? whats the range and speed with the current set up?
  221. bus kid

    looking for fiberglass/gelcoat repair in the OC

    My boat is at OC Boat Repair now I will update as soon as they are done.
  222. bus kid

    MLPA areas for your chart plotter.

    Thats awsome that it worked maybe a mod can move the file to the top of the thread. Its been so long that I dont remember what I did to convert it.
  223. bus kid

    1996 Custom Livingston 14ft Power Cat

    30 miles offshore in a 14 footer, its a wonder it didnt sink from the weight of your testies alone. Free bump
  224. bus kid

    Fiberglass Repair

    Go to Oc boat repair and get a second opinion.
  225. bus kid

    Is this a scam or a good deal?

    I wonder if they will accept my credit card from the national bank of Nigeria?
  226. bus kid

    20-40# rod and Sealine $150

    bump for price drop to $100
  227. bus kid

    20-40# rod and Sealine $150

    price drop $100 takes it. Turners Californian deckhand rod 8 foot, 20-40# 8 out of 10 cosmetically and Daiwa Sealine older model 30 size with 200 maybe 250 yards of 40# braid and 50 yards of 30 mono . Reel has upgraded carton tex drags. this set up is great for firing off the Tady 45 and salas...
  228. bus kid

    Where do you post your resume when looking at a career move?

    Thanks, it was trade off for me. I went from a manager position to lowest guy on the totem pole but no more 16 hour days 6 days a week so I'm content!The more places you can get your resume out to the better, its like fishing, you got to have bait in the water.
  229. bus kid

    Where do you post your resume when looking at a career move?

    yes and linkedin. I just got hired with a new company in my same field, but i sent them my resume directly. when on linkedin message the head hunters and recuiters of the dozen or so i talked to 8 took my resume reformatted it and 1 was actually the one that i sent and got hired on.
  230. bus kid

    Makes sence to me !

    Ive been pissing away my investments for years.
  231. bus kid

    Frank -Cosumate- Gave up on fixing your boat?

    I hope Frank cut the HN's out of both.
  232. bus kid

    Big tuna caught off of or around H.B pier.

    I wonder if its the same guy that caught the 18 lb lobster off of the pier?
  233. bus kid

    Early Valentine's Day Pay Back!

    Stalker, hes laying low to avoid the sniper.
  234. bus kid

    Is it too early?

    Beer and walk around looking at the titties
  235. bus kid

    Upgraded Forum Software -List Bugs, Problems, Questions

    when switching between forums I get redirected every now and then. happens on both windows based desktop and surface tablet...
  236. bus kid

    Bad Ads Thread

    when switching between forums I get redirected every now and then. happens on both windows based desktop and surface tablet...
  237. bus kid

    Not a rap fan, but this so right in many ways

    Getting old sucks! I will play with Cocos XBOX while Ice is playing with his XBOX! :D
  238. bus kid

    Horizon off San Diego tonight 1/15/15

    if they stay on "their own island are they illegal?"
  239. bus kid

    Florida cc's

    we all know what they say about BS and Pics.:D
  240. bus kid

    Interesting Video - Whale hunting

    have a beer to go with it too. :D
  241. bus kid

    Looking 4 aluminum welder

    call Tom, he has a Small shop In LB but he may come to you. (562) 533-2948
  242. bus kid

    Florida cc's

    If you don't understand why Florida has so many go fast boats then you must have been living under a rock since the 60's.
  243. bus kid

    Looking for a boat. Need opinions

    Best advice.
  244. bus kid

    Check out my new webpage

    holy shit, I have never seen a cast bait get bit before it hit the water! bravo sir bravo. :worship:
  245. bus kid

    You might be a redneck if-----Reel backing???

    you should just buy smaller reels.:D
  246. bus kid

    Who Carries these?

  247. bus kid

    Who Carries these?

    post up where you got it from as I have been looking too. "you know that boot thing that the cables come out of the boat thru to the motor" he kept showing me cable clams. I actually had the guy from WM in LB come to my boat in the parking lot to see just what I was talking about.
  248. bus kid

    Check out my new webpage

    some good help on the link below
  249. bus kid

    Waypoint Management

    GPS Babel
  250. bus kid

    Check out my new webpage

    You should have Gil moderate your jokes forum, and start a BOTD on your site.
  251. bus kid

    Calling All BD Brothers And Sisters. I Need A Skiff

  252. bus kid

    looking for fiberglass/gelcoat repair in the OC

    I dont know, but right now I have more money then time, as Im working 7 days a week.if it was a small patch I would give it a try, but for me I need about 10 feet of the keel done and there are a few dings and straches that I mind as well have done as well.
  253. bus kid

    Need Boat Trailer
  254. bus kid

    I found this...

    yeah Reality hurts I hear,
  255. bus kid

    I found this...

    Natural born charger fan. Are you smiling because of the inflatable in your hand or the fact that Santa has a firm grip on your ass?
  256. bus kid

    How Many......

    You forgot the Camel.
  257. bus kid

    looking for fiberglass/gelcoat repair in the OC

    Then how do you know? Seriously thanks to all for the insight, Mike I have been told by about 3 or 4 others to go see the Sal Sr. and Jr. but I would like to get at least 4 estimates before I have the work done.
  258. bus kid

    looking for fiberglass/gelcoat repair in the OC

    I'm in need of someone who has 1st hand knowledge for fiberglass and gelcoat repair shops or Person in the OC / LA areas. Boat has gouges on the keel from beaching as well as some chips in the gelcoat. I want the work done correctly and do not want to do it myself. Thanks in advance.
  259. bus kid

    Fishing Gear as Family Heirlooms...???

  260. bus kid

    New Ride- IMP rebuild

    Wow impressive. nice work you should have no problem being out on the water next season.
  261. bus kid

    A little decorating while wifey is out!

    must be the road to Qualcomm Stadium.
  262. bus kid

    I was arrested for

    did it taste like tuna or chicken?
  263. bus kid

    Adding a hydrofoil or whale tail

    I have a 17 foot fiberglass runabout with a 1977 Merc 50hp. 3 blade prop, 40 gal bait tank and 20 gallons of fuel 1 adult. Before I added the hydrofoil it took about 2 mins at full throttle to get on plane @ 20 mph. once there I could throttle down to 15 to maintain the plane. After foil about...
  264. bus kid

    Embarcadero Marina Rats

    showing up uninvited and shitting everywhere,chewing on shit causing damage, only to get stuck in a glue trap and die a slow painful death, sounds like karma showed up with a vengeance.
  265. bus kid

    Pros vs. Cons: moving batteries to the bow?

    longer wire to the starter, more resistance.
  266. bus kid

    Hate your nasty I/O exhaust housing? Delete it!!!!

    hot exhaust + ABS/PVC doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
  267. bus kid

    LB to Catalina in 15 minutes?

    Fast, reliable, or cheap, you only get 2.
  268. bus kid

    oyster in LB

    or a girl that wipes back to front.
  269. bus kid


    hope this wasn't you kid.
  270. bus kid

    Lowrance SD card

    Depends on how old the charts are and if it can be updated. That one came with a finder in a package deal. I would plug it into your computer and go to the link below. and I had some issues with mine. I bought it at the FHS in march of 2014 went to update to the latest data and Navionics wanted...
  271. bus kid

    Free youth fishing derby at El Dorado Park in Long Beach, CA 11/22

    Thanks Dan and to all that helped out great event and glad to see it back. My kids enjoyed it.
  272. bus kid

    Which one of you was it?

    I'm sure whoever was tossing rocks was throwing aiming at the water to repel the sharks, Cover fire you know.
  273. bus kid

    Seal Beach Naval Station Fishing

    Not sure about the night missions but you can fish the beach off down in the Rec area. watch out for the sting rays they are thick in there. You can also fish in the bay from the rocks across the street for the rec area.just be careful of where you park and remember you cant spell Wimp without...
  274. bus kid

    2014 Gregor 17' center console..

    Remind her two boats are better then two wives... free bump.
  275. bus kid

    When Does Fish and Game Become Just Food?

    I got the rest of your post the 1st time but this is the answer I'm in search of. Thank you again
  276. bus kid

    When Does Fish and Game Become Just Food?

    Gary thank you for you input and I'm with Randall on the Thanks for your service. I was pretty clear on the question " I understand that you can’t have multiple limits in your freezer ... My question is when exactly does your catch become just food?" That was answered in the article, "that you...
  277. bus kid

    When Does Fish and Game Become Just Food?

    Wardens need a warrant, when did that change? You mentioned your very 1st day was that as a Game warden or other type of enforcement? "Remember, if a warden...
  278. bus kid

    Absolute Newbie living in Paradise

    my point was that the fishing in CR is different then here in Ca where he will be doing the majority of his fishing. I guess it was not as clear on the post as it was in my head.Getting older sucks. No doubt he will get lots of help and info here in Ca.
  279. bus kid

    Absolute Newbie living in Paradise

    lots of great tips and info but the OP is in Coasta Rica.
  280. bus kid

    Free Asstroglide

    This sounds like a cry for help, so I sent Jason a few bottles. 3954 Murphy Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA 92123
  281. bus kid


    ok this is my 1 good deed for 2015 glad I got it out of the way now. check you pm box kid.
  282. bus kid

    Anahiem bay jetty

    Stay out of the red and if you launch inside at the harbor you can't kayak / SUP pass the PCH bridge.
  283. bus kid

    Anahiem bay jetty

    yes just don't go inside and stay out of the channel as the Navy, HP or LG will run up on you.
  284. bus kid


    Yes I do. Thank you for reminding me I almost forgot. Yes there are lots of special rocks and loaded structure in between PV and the boo. I cant say about the jetty/reef thing off the San Monica pier.
  285. bus kid

    Let the games begin.....

    any minute now there is going to be another free boat thread.
  286. bus kid

    Where is "The Shoe"?

    damn there goes the neighborhood...
  287. bus kid

    Optical Illusions..... Things aren't always as they seem???

    Mike, you guys hiring? I could use a job that lets me go on the ol' interweby thingy and dig up stuff that is well see below,
  288. bus kid

    Where to get live bait if launching at Davies?

    X2. Davies is ok but my trailer has been hit twice there while we were out OTW broke the tail lights and bent a fender. That would be South Shore, Sunset is in Huntington Harbor as Oilager mentioned above. we used to go there as well until my buddies truck was broken into this summer.
  289. bus kid

    Raider Question

    they sucked less when they were in LA
  290. bus kid

    SKB 7100 - Gone

    Hey how you doin Sir,im really interested on buying it,can you text me @2012733331 whenever you get a chance..thank you!
  291. bus kid

    California Scorpionfish Fishery to Close Nov. 15 2014

    sand dabs, until it closes....
  292. bus kid

    TIP OF THIS WEEK-dont tell me what to tip on bloody decks

    Dont worry, I F#$king got this...
  293. bus kid

    TIP OF THIS WEEK-dont tell me what to tip on bloody decks

    Isn't tipping a city in China?
  294. bus kid

    cell phone GPS to the fishin spots ?

    Each file is named after the NOAA (chart # is in the lower left corner) so find the ones you need and only load them save the rest in case someone else needs them. heres the list
  295. bus kid

    cell phone GPS to the fishin spots ?

    oops sent you all of the files before I read your post sorry. Check your PM and inbox maybe your spam folder.
  296. bus kid

    cell phone GPS to the fishin spots ?

    where ever you fish I have from the channel islands to Mexico it took a while but its worth it. file name is socal rnc i have a zipped copy if you want it PM me.
  297. bus kid

    cell phone GPS to the fishin spots ?

    marine navigator
  298. bus kid

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question maybe someone should ask this guy, or go for a sea trial.
  299. bus kid

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Damn, Does that come with a Certificate of Conformance too?
  300. bus kid

    *Wanted* 200 Gallon Split Bait Tank

    not mine came across it looking for something else.
  301. bus kid

    Marlin caught on Patriot, WHY?

    I read somewhere that "You cant BBQ catch and release"
  302. bus kid

    wtb 5 gallon fiberglass bait tank

    5 Gallons? never seen a bait tank that small.
  303. bus kid


    dam it check your CL inbox I hear CR fish is pretty tasty.!
  304. bus kid


    I will do it. pay no attention to all the jokers. I live 90 miles away though so there will be a mileage charge on top of the fuel surcharge.
  305. bus kid

    Bad Ads Thread

    this one has popped up on 3 different computers on 3 different occasions...
  306. bus kid

    Pizza and Pussy...

    please dont bump Gils "jokes" enough people have already suffered.
  307. bus kid

    Long Beach Area.

    the flats have been kicking out some monster turds the last few weekends, the ones I have kept have all been 17 inches. bait has been sardines chovies and san pedro bait squid.
  308. bus kid

    182 - 181 desert

    Thanks for that one now there is coffee all over my screen.
  309. bus kid

    Fish report

    It was a zoo out there last sat, at least 20-30 PBer's and 3 sporties, passed them all up on my way out trolled from the 152 to the 209 back to potters and the 14 mile.
  310. bus kid

    'unatttractive to men'

    hahaaaa winner not to mentioned she's cock-eyed... at least that's what killed it for me
  311. bus kid

    Software Bugs Thread

  312. bus kid

    Saluki. I'll buy you a nice asian boy. Come on back brother.

    wow that was so enlightening... Hay Bud thanks for the try we all miss Saluki.
  313. bus kid


  314. bus kid

  315. bus kid


    Most importaintly, and Im sorry I forgot but I should have mentioned it 1st, but still no one knows what happened to Saluki. Hes the Hoffa of 2014.
  316. bus kid


    Read this then google this.
  317. bus kid


    1st all coast, now BOTD...
  318. bus kid

    Fish report

    I did consider going out further however this was a shake down run after having some work done by a new mechanic. I only went there for some rockfish to go with the bass. however next trip will be a paddy hopper Thanks.
  319. bus kid

    Fish report

    thanks but for a 17 foot run about boat the diameter eats up too much deck space. I have bait survive all day in it.
  320. bus kid

    Fish report

    I gutted and bled them as soon as I landed them tossed them in a cooler with ocean water and some frozen 2 liters, soaked them in some olive oil lemon and grilled them up. neighbors all thought it was WSB. Both my boat is powered buy the energy the bait creates by swimming in a circle. just...
  321. bus kid

    Fish report

    launched out of Hunt Harbor at 6:00 am fished around here. caught a few of these on squid and chovies, really didn't matter. and one of these(released) Back on the trailer at 2 pm. Total count for the day was 4 turds kept 3 released, and 1 smoothie.
  322. bus kid

    Nice Bait Tank for Sale!

    I will take it PM sent
  323. bus kid

    Washinton State

    NSA has you as a target. If I were you I would not even think about getting on a plane. after 11 years it changes.
  324. bus kid

    Blue caven MPA busted

    Dean did all the work for us, if you want to pay then PM him and give him the profit.
  325. bus kid

    Blue caven MPA busted

    This is why I have the mlpas marked on my GPS with a alarm when we get w/ 100 yards. keep us posted.
  326. bus kid

    Mobile Outboard Mechanic Recommendation?

    Call Tom, he is off the 91 fwy in Paramount. He just finished up a tune up on my 77 merc. and replaced the wheel bearings on my trailer. Boat sound good going out for a run tomorrow, but just sitting on the trailer running it I could see and hear the difference. (562) 533-2948
  327. bus kid

    Free Bimini-Long Beach

    X2 Bump for a cool offer.
  328. bus kid

    Fiberglass refinishing needed

    Call Steve @562-415-8687 .He will come to you. hes in Seal beach not signal hill sorry.
  329. bus kid

    mlpa gps #s? Boundary: This area is bounded by the mean high tide line and straight lines connecting the following points in the order listed: 32° 49.573' N. lat. 117° 16.781' W. long.; 32° 49.573' N. lat. 117° 19.000' W. long.; 32° 47.945' N. lat. 117°...
  330. bus kid

    Fiberglass refinishing needed

    There is a shop in signal hill I cant remember the contact info but I will look and see if I can find it for you.
  331. bus kid

    Few will understand

    Golden and Emerald here that's good stuff but Kraken is better.
  332. bus kid

    Where to buy drag upgrades

    contact Dawn at Carbontex and deal direct.
  333. bus kid

    White trash Florida BOTE paddle boarding

    Aint nuthin wrong wit a lil Wiskey Tango! I like the set up on the SUP
  334. bus kid


    Gil + good joke = oxymoron.
  335. bus kid

    Tony Stewart guilty of murder??? What say you.

    no you sharted this mess.
  336. bus kid

    Got to love grandma

    I have heard it before but that was the best delivery because I believe she is telling a true story.
  337. bus kid


    if this thread makes it to 2 pages I will be surprised...
  338. bus kid

    Tony Stewart guilty of murder??? What say you.

    Who farted this mess?
  339. bus kid

    Pizza and Pussy...

    Your supposed to pick them off so the puss will keep it wet.
  340. bus kid

    Pizza and Pussy...

    Its the cheese you got to watch-out for!
  341. bus kid

    Has this happen to you?????

    I have a 17 foot fiberglass with a 50 hp merc. I have 47 mile range with 24 gals. I have been back and forth to Cat all summer long, However I only go when the weather is good. leave LBC at 4 am at Cat by 5:30 - 6:00 leave Cat. by 11:30 and on the trailer by 2:30. There is something fishy about...
  342. bus kid

    Rewiring 17ft seapro

    Do it yourself. pull the Battery(s) 1st and just go one wire at a time. did mine over 2 weekends solder all connections and added a new breaker/switch panel. I got the schematic online and as I replaced a wire I lined it out with a sharpe.
  343. bus kid

    Another fillet / bait table question.
  344. bus kid

    Canadian Bloodydecker?

    "Hold my beer eh"
  345. bus kid

    Navionics for your phone/tablet

    yup but this one is free
  346. bus kid

    Spineless Cousinstackle2

  347. bus kid

    new boat out of lb berth 55

    those cup holders are cool. looks like the boat provides buckets for everyone to sit on, best of all it looks like the boat will power your electric reels
  348. bus kid

    Who Makes This?

    better idea,news-9044.html
  349. bus kid

    before you throw out all your tuna gear.....

    Do I bring the chovie rod or the roller guides?
  350. bus kid

    Navionics and the DFG Regs, School me please....

    I posted a Raymarine format below post #54
  351. bus kid

    MLPA areas for your chart plotter.

    I have been messing around with different converters for Raymarine here is all of Deans points in .RWF someone who has a Raymarine try it out let me know if it works.
  352. bus kid

    20' Wilson Hull with Trailer, etc. $6000

    Now wait a minute Hoss YOU posted the challenge, I just called you on it. Perhaps for the right buyer its a great investment, good luck with the sale.
  353. bus kid

    20' Wilson Hull with Trailer, etc. $6000

    If i was in the market for a boat, Id spend the extra $1500 and get this one below or $1050 less
  354. bus kid

    Navionics and the DFG Regs, School me please....

    Check your PM / conversation thingy...
  355. bus kid

    Navionics and the DFG Regs, School me please....

    have you tried any of the converters below? from the Raymarine Technical Support Forum. voyager planner Unfortunately, Raymarine considers the .fsh file format to be proprietary. Should a customer have a GPX or KML file, then it may be imported into...
  356. bus kid

    Lcx 28-c color sounder

    Gentlemen here you go
  357. bus kid

    Manhattan Beach Shark fisherman "Assault with a deadly weapon"

    Didnt they catch the shark?
  358. bus kid

    Guy in aluminum Catches tuna out side north island.

    X2 on the Saluki. {font sarcastic start} Anybody can go offshore in a 25 + footer, It takes a Real capt to go out that far in a "Tin can" {font sarcastic end}
  359. bus kid

    Navionics and the DFG Regs, School me please....

    I have a lowrance, but didnt Dean do this or Raymarine? If I read his 1st post correctly he said something about routes or trails. What have you done / tried so far
  360. bus kid

    Check your Death Bolt

    Maybe because a 26 foot cat is more stable then a vee hull.
  361. bus kid

    Navionics and the DFG Regs, School me please....

    if you are using the navico sd card, don't, use a blank sd card. i used the card that came with mine and it would not take the data. as soon as i took the sd card out of my phone loaded Deans data on it and put it into the Ff it took. hope that helps.
  362. bus kid

    Check your Death Bolt

    Nice avatar. mine has a lock nut and red thread lock.
  363. bus kid

    Navionics and the DFG Regs, School me please....

    Dean posted them a while back,
  364. bus kid

    merc mechanic/ dealer near San Pedro

    dick sherrer
  365. bus kid

    The infestation

    best part was when he put his tip on her lips
  366. bus kid

    New Lethal Injection Alternative...

    Gil is my ignore list, every time I read one of his jokes I lose a year of education.
  367. bus kid

    One very rare and cool marlin - with pics

    I think Ali posted this a while back but its still bad ass
  368. bus kid

    Anyone Heard the Joke About the Guy Who Walks Into a Bar Wearing a Stolen Chicken Suit?

    I don't think he was after Whores, most likely trying to pick up some chicks.
  369. bus kid

    Nice Bait Tank for Sale!

    what are the diminsions length width height and gallons? what city are located in?
  370. bus kid

    What size motor for my boat?

    send me his info would you, as Im considering a re-power now.
  371. bus kid

    wtb a hobie pro angler

    check out for better results
  372. bus kid

    Vessel assist or seatow?

    I have VA/boat us only because i always see their boats out on the water, never seen a boat with the words sea tow on the water here in so cal
  373. bus kid

    Bait Hotel

    too rich for my blood. I think I will stick with the motel!
  374. bus kid

    What size motor for my boat?

    I have a similar size boat and had the same question a while back. The general consensus was the 50 it currently has is underpowered, 120 is the max but 85 to 90 would be ideal. check out the site below as its directed more towards older / vintage boats.
  375. bus kid

    looking for Merc. outboard mechanic in the LA/OC areas

    Tthe tanks are both brand new non-vented, I disconnect the fuel line at days end to prevent fuel being forced into the motor with the pressure build up of the tank. The bulb however was kind of damp when I launched, but my sense of smell is gone so I dont know if it was gas or water. I planned...
  376. bus kid

    looking for Merc. outboard mechanic in the LA/OC areas

    called them and they dont work on Mercs. I messaged Ray (aquahunter) But hes in SD, so will see. I got some advice from a couple of shops on how to trouble shoot, both seem to think that its not the reeds but the carbs. going to pull them both off this weekend and inspect and soak in carb...
  377. bus kid

    looking for Merc. outboard mechanic in the LA/OC areas

    Thanks I will call them today.
  378. bus kid

    looking for Merc. outboard mechanic in the LA/OC areas

    No worries. Thanks for the help
  379. bus kid

    looking for Merc. outboard mechanic in the LA/OC areas

    They are too busy. too busy as well booked until July. keep them comming. So far Dick Scheer, and Johns Custom seem to be the only shops willing to look at it.
  380. bus kid

    looking for Merc. outboard mechanic in the LA/OC areas

    Got a little free time today and called them both but Neither will work on it as its too old or they are too busy, however B&J did recommended Dick Sheer Marine so I will be calling them ASAP.
  381. bus kid

    looking for Merc. outboard mechanic in the LA/OC areas

    Paying the man is the plan, problem I keep running into is I cant find anyone who will work on a 35 year old motor. still have yet to call B&J as i work from 530 am to 700 pm. going to sit down this sat and make some calls. Thanks will call them Sat as well.
  382. bus kid

    looking for Merc. outboard mechanic in the LA/OC areas

    thank you,is there a way to troubleshoot a broken reed before I take to be looked at by a Mech.?
  383. bus kid

    To the Asshole driver...

    ROTFLMAO this is the best joke you have ever posted! im forwarding it to all my friends.
  384. bus kid

    looking for Merc. outboard mechanic in the LA/OC areas

    Went out yesterday and could not get the boat over 9 mph. at WOT, We came in put it on the trailer and checked fuel lines and pulled the bowls off the carbs for blockage and changed all 4 plugs. Took a block of wood and wedged the prop to see if it was slipping , felt solid. Back out and same...
  385. bus kid

    Bird cage w/birds

    When does the owner of said house return from vacation? :D
  386. bus kid

    Need a band

    Elm Street band Local LBC guys pretty damn good
  387. bus kid

    Who solders rings to upgrade hooks in OC?

    DIY its not that hard scroll to post #8
  388. bus kid

    Boating License - SB941

    How do I apply? have you seen what Seattle is paying min wage now!
  389. bus kid

    WTS Saltist 40 and sealine 20

    got pics of both?
  390. bus kid

    Senior Moments ~ The Song

    I booked marked it and will check back in 30 years...
  391. bus kid

    SALUKI 2

    Saluki has passed. Sorry you guys didnt make it to the Funeral. see post #21
  392. bus kid

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    judging by the guides that looks like a fake phenix!
  393. bus kid


    so you like your bitches hairy? :D
  394. bus kid

    Gold for Newells!

    my Newells all say made in Nigeria on them, so that makes them extra rare right?
  395. bus kid

    Boat fire, Avalon

    that's probably why the FD put it into the rocks. Bummer, but glad no one was injured.
  396. bus kid

    How do you bleed your fish?

    I'm truly sorry you couldn't make it to the funeral. Heres a pic of his headstone
  397. bus kid

    How do you bleed your fish?

    May he rest in peace
  398. bus kid

    Joke Button...

    Busy with research I think, keep hearing rumors about this "phantom" gray boat off the coast.
  399. bus kid

    How long is Saluki banned for?

    BS without Pics. I was going to click on the "lame" thumbs down but didn't because I was afraid I would get "Salukied":D
  400. bus kid

    Some freeway fireworks

    It was the bus drivers fault, he never should have never been it the far left lane!
  401. bus kid

    How long is Saluki banned for?

    WTF is with all the crap at the bottom of each post, Saluki would not approve. God rest his soul. PS rainbows are for ghay post not "optimistic" :supergay:
  402. bus kid

    How long is Saluki banned for?

    I don't think Hes coming back. Even his history has been deleted. RIP man. Almost made it 11 years.
  403. bus kid

    Joke Button...

    Looks like spell check got you Gil. Here I fixed it for you.
  404. bus kid

    That was a close call:

    never get out of the boat!
  405. bus kid

    Walmart has an airline????

    I wonder if TSA did a cavity search?
  406. bus kid

    Some freeway fireworks

    In mother Russia rockets fire you!
  407. bus kid

    if one of these hasnt happened to you.....

    I wonder of any of those were counterfit phenix rods! :D
  408. bus kid

    Battery Recommendations

    Optima Blue top for starting. X2 for everything else.
  409. bus kid

    Daiwa saltist 2speed question

    I have had mine for 3 years now, I have used it on my kayak and boat its a great reel. loaded it with 65 # jerry brown about 300 yards. I usually take it and my Revo inshore and that's it, no need for multiply set ups any more. just maintain it and upgrade the dog check out Alan tani's website...
  410. bus kid

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    Our Boats green, it moves, I'm white, Green Goes.
  411. bus kid

    moving my boat

    That's a nice boat. Looks like you came out ahead in my book. Congrats
  412. bus kid

    if you had 250K to spend on a wet-slipped fishing vessel in San Diego..

    Pick one. All are well under 200k,
  413. bus kid

    Ever get Busted?

    US Coast Guard 1001 S Seaside Ave #20 San Pedro, CA 90731 Open today 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (310) 521-3801 Yes. All of the above.
  414. bus kid

    Ever get Busted?

    The USCG hp regulation only applies to outboards under 20 feet in length, not inboards. The formula is different for different types of boats. Flat bottom hard chine boats with transoms under 20 inches and that have tiller steering have the lowest. Boats with 20 inch transoms and remote steering...
  415. bus kid

    MLPA areas for your chart plotter.

    Thanks Dean, all I did was save the files from the start of this thread to a micro SD card, not the Navionics card, but a blank card. It took about 5 mins to load all the data and then it shows up as trails.
  416. bus kid

    Worlds Best Wife...

    I knew your funny joke streak was going to end, but I didn't expect it to be only 1 joke long.
  417. bus kid

    1976 magnum
  418. bus kid

    Calif. utility will close troubled nuclear plant

    [font sarcastic start here] Load the waste into Rockets and shoot it to the sun. That will create jobs in the aerospace industry to build the rockets, construction to build the launch sites, allow for more nuke plants to be built, as there will be no more "not in my back yard" excuse, cheaper...
  419. bus kid

    Results: Glow Paints for Sinkers and Jigs – Free Samples

    They were "weighting" for me when I got home last night Thanks again.looking forward to dropping them down and seeing the results.
  420. bus kid

    Did you know a permanent trailer Reg. expires every five years?

    WTF I gotta pay a fee for my PTI what a PITA. just bought a boat and trailer at the end of Jan 2014 Registered it in Feb of 2014 transfer date is 11/30/13 so what date do I go by? my expiration date is perm too!
  421. bus kid

    Fish stories...

    funniest thing you have posted to date. :D
  422. bus kid

    Fish stories...

    thats my 1 good deed for the year. X2
  423. bus kid

    MLPA areas for your chart plotter.

    I just bought a HDI 5 with the gold card updated the FF and the card and it still has no MLPA data, is there a setting I'm missing? Tried to use the links Dean posted, I saved them and tried to install but get a error, downloaded the gpx to usr files from Lowrance and tried to install and still...
  424. bus kid

    Fish stories...

    f*cking metric system.
  425. bus kid

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    never mind me, just bumping my post count.
  426. bus kid

    Rods for sale

    Where In the OC are you located (city) ?
  427. bus kid

    Need advice/help with new Tachs that don't work with Thunderbolt Ignitions

    maybe upgrade your switch box if its cheaper then 2 new alts.
  428. bus kid

    Results: Glow Paints for Sinkers and Jigs – Free Samples

    I'll try a 3/4 in white pm sent
  429. bus kid

    The saltwaterguide Log for April

    I F#$king hate you, people are paying you to fish and play with their toys! :D good stuff thanks for the ongoing report
  430. bus kid

    360 degree knockdown test

    from what I was told the company director was the guy inside. "Never before was more time and money invested in the production of only one model motorboat. The boat, just under 15 metre, was designed according the prestigious CE- design category A: Ocean going...
  431. bus kid

    NEW-Orion Alert/Signaling Kit #544

    Buying expired flares $65.00 Fine for having only expired flares on board $1000 being towed back to port by USGC because you got boarder and They found no flares that are not expired $3000 Deleting your BD account and never posting again because another BD'er took a photo of your boat being...
  432. bus kid

    Marine Electrcian

    Pm saluki, he posted about a guy name Surg or something similar lots of good feed back for the guy.
  433. bus kid

    Check out this new app from #Navionics

    I have the gold on my hdi, why would I pay another $54.99 to get it on my phone. now if there is a way to link the 2 I'm all for it. check out marine navigator lite on android.
  434. bus kid

    NEW-Orion Alert/Signaling Kit #544
  435. bus kid

    Cello Playing at its Finest!

    pretty impressive. a little soft for my style. google "apocalyptica"
  436. bus kid

    Fishing Chick - Abbey Wagley

    It was worth reading twice.
  437. bus kid

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    F#%k I knew that was you at the lake last weekend, nice boat you got too!
  438. bus kid

    Enormous tuna could shatter world record

    That's odd she looks nothing like the girl on my sweater.
  439. bus kid

    RayMarine Dragon Fly VS??

    The chirp was about a tiny bit better in water up to 200 feet as far as seeing the targets but the HDI seems better in the deeper water 200+. Never put the boat into fresh so all my info is based on salt.
  440. bus kid

    RayMarine Dragon Fly VS??

    I bought a Dragonfly a few months back. It's bad ass when it works. It kept freezing up on me and I would have to unplug it let it sit and plug it back in from time to time. It is also a stand alone unit meaning no nmea output. so you cant network it or connect it to a DSC radio, something that...
  441. bus kid

    bait tank advice

    Pacific Edge, take your boat and tank and ask Mark to take a look at it. Check out his post form not too long ago.
  442. bus kid

    Sunk Boat, suggestions?

    I'm thinking Viking Funeral. sorry man but that sucks, at the min the guy who put it in the water should be fired, and the dry dock / yard should be held responsible.
  443. bus kid

    Lake Skinner - Know Before You Go

    ahhhh just put some windex on it and it will be fine!
  444. bus kid


    Will do, Thanks.
  445. bus kid

    Octopus jigs..... Any good??

    PM sent.
  446. bus kid


    I googled melting Pot and this is what I got.
  447. bus kid

    2013 Mercury 115HP SOLD

    you can store it on the back of my boat for free, hell I will even to you the favor of breaking it in. :D free bump
  448. bus kid

    In reference to the photo, like I said in the thread, I didn't take it Tony "ful rac" on here...

    In reference to the photo, like I said in the thread, I didn't take it Tony "ful rac" on here and on took it I just linked his photo from his post on another forum to this on. I will be at the show Sunday, If your there I will stop by and shake you're hand. Free publicity and...
  449. bus kid


    Wait Ali is Japanese, that explains the star wars fetish!
  450. bus kid

    Fish Hard, Party Hard...

    Is that Frank and the warp drive?
  451. bus kid


    pm me you cell #, every time I call to report they so ok we will send someone out, never happens
  452. bus kid


    ROTFLMAO Winner so far! Boat should be donated By the DFW to either The Friends of Rollo of The Daniel Hernandez youth foundation
  453. bus kid

    need help with DSC.

    thanks but its too big to flush mount on my console.
  454. bus kid

    Fishing Tackle Photo

    My neighbor posted photos of his garage, he had a 67 Camaro and a $100k sand rail in his garage and was showing them off on a car forum two weeks later on a Sunday morning I go out to get the paper and his garage is wide open and empty. Someone liked what they saw and ripped him off in the...
  455. bus kid

    From the San Diego UT

    No..... It brings up the question of respecting Mexicos regs, and the sportboats stewardship of their passengers. It brings up the question of should Ca. wardens be checking a boat that didn't fish in Ca. waters apparently... It brings up the question of should Dunn stfu and say "no comment"...
  456. bus kid

    Finally had a chance to give the new sonar a try

    Wow that pretty cool to see down to app 1150 feet, not that I would ever drop that deep
  457. bus kid

    New electric panel design: Opinions

    You can come lay mine out 1st, and if I like it then you can do yours. :D seriously It looks like you got it all right. I would advise putting a small LED light in there just in case you need to see at night, and / or and get a rubber rod holder the kind thats shaped like a "C" and put a small...
  458. bus kid

    need help with DSC.

    Thanks, that's kinda of where I was heading next I guess I will sit down and get in touch with Lowrance, this weekend.
  459. bus kid

    need help with DSC.

    After Reading thru Todd 's thread on DSC, I bought a DSC VHF and found out that the Raymarine Dragon fly does not have the NMEA output (WTF Raymarine) so I sold the 2 month old unit and bought a Lowrance HDI 5. Now I'm not the smartest guy but I got some skills, but not 100% sure as these two...
  460. bus kid

    Bad service caught on tape, outback Western Australia

    Did you see the legs on that chick!
  461. bus kid

    any PB got their shit together for fishing Mexico?

    From what I've been told the Mexican authorities are following a rule book that has not been published yet.
  462. bus kid

    Albino Blue Marlin

    Capt. Ahab was right, Sort of!
  463. bus kid

    Dragonfly gps & fish finder

    I had one up until last week. The screen would freeze and lock up. I would have to completely unplug it and plug it back in. Last I read there was a update but I had already uninstalled it, add to that not having a nema output to plug into a dsc radio When it did work it was pretty good though...
  464. bus kid

    VW Bus:

    lol thats me in the blue shirt! just kidding that guys wife is going to kill him! google "Hot dog Freds vw bus"...
  465. bus kid

    12' custom welded duck boat and 12hp mud-buddy

    Maybe if you trimmed the bushes, and people could see the boat it would sell. :D free bump. GLWS
  466. bus kid

    VW Bus:

    Dont get screwed? If I had that bus and someone offered me 15k I'd be signing the pink! as far as "the skyrocketing" I was referring to the north American market, My 66 went to Japan, cash sale, and I had the money in the bank same day. The market here is for restored vehicles. The OP's has...
  467. bus kid

    64 chevy super sport

    ROTFLMAO good advice though because it apparently worked!
  468. bus kid

    VW Bus:

    sounds like a stock 1600,0 to 40 eventually! Yes they are, baby boomers all want their toys back. I have sold 2 buses, newest was a 69 it went for 15k 6 years ago, my 66 went for 17k about 7 or 8 years ago. just sold a 68 bug with a 2332 turbo for 12k a few years back as well but they were all...
  469. bus kid

    VW Bus:

    Year, motor size, any rust under der battery tray or front windshield? Post it up on
  470. bus kid

    Penn Reels-GS 535s,GS545s,Penn Rods too

    Too slow this time... I missed en too dam it!
  471. bus kid

    new thread idea

    upper right, hover over your screen name, move mouse down to "people you ignore", click add user name " Ebay_Feed "
  472. bus kid

    the motivated Corporal Kozar

    God bless the Marine Corps. "If you F#ck with me, I will kill you" Gen. James Mattis
  473. bus kid

    Pacific Trailer Bunk Board Replacement

    $50.00 from etrailer
  474. bus kid

    ATTENTION ALL FISHERMEN Port of Long Beach Lifts Fishing Restrictions posted: 2/13/2014 By: Shane Scott LONG BEACH – Anglers looking to drop a hook in Long Beach waters can now do so due to the recent Board of Harbor Commissioners decision to lift a...
  475. bus kid

    shittin pencil lead.....or soon will be.

    both are Idoits, 1 for trying to pass a plow with oncoming traffic, the other shooting the vid, WTF are you doing hauling A$$ on a winding snow covered road in a semi. Darwin missed a opportunity.
  476. bus kid

    Stripers in Southern CA...???

    That was hysterical, to say the least....
  477. bus kid

    Kids Fishin'

    Nice work Dads!
  478. bus kid

    King harbor bait closed for maintenance

    any word yet?
  479. bus kid

    Crab trap angle 2

    Greg, have you posted pics of your camera set up ?
  480. bus kid

    Lobster bait

  481. bus kid

    bait 4 sell in LB?

    Thanks going out this weekend.
  482. bus kid

    Swords on hook and line.

    Thank Bud, I enjoy your post.
  483. bus kid

    San Diego Bay - Saturday 1/24/14

    Nice work and thanks for the report
  484. bus kid


    Thank you Dave for the great info as usual.
  485. bus kid

    Rockfish closures

  486. bus kid

    Quality Sand Bass Izors Saturday

    10 guys on the SO Cal that's a good trip.
  487. bus kid

    Check you private messages please.

    Check you private messages please.
  488. bus kid

    Two Harbors Catalina Boat Crash

    There will be no discussion as I stated before in post #7 but thank you for the advice. "no word as to what exactly went wrong but as info flows I will do my best to update with their family's approval"
  489. bus kid

    Two Harbors Catalina Boat Crash

    One underwent Surgery and is doing well. Asking all to pray for a speedy recovery and comfort them and their families during this time.
  490. bus kid

    Two Harbors Catalina Boat Crash

    I know the 3 people on board, They are all seasoned boaters fishermen and divers and very stand up Guys. no word as to what exactly went wrong but as info flows I will do my best to update with their family's approval
  491. bus kid

    Bait Tank

    dam if you were closer to LBC! bump for good deals
  492. bus kid

    Fuck Salmon...Make the Desert GREEN!!!!

    big question is why isn't Tues bidding on the job!
  493. bus kid


  494. bus kid

    Drone seen off of Venice and need help Identifying

    I just took the foil off the jiffy pop and put it on my head.
  495. bus kid

    BDOutdoors 3.0 is Live!!

    at the rate this thread is grow it should surpass Franks free boat thread in no time.
  496. bus kid


    best reply this year. too bad its only jan.
  497. bus kid


    best reply this year. too bad its only Jan.
  498. bus kid

    Drone seen off of Venice and need help Identifying

    since it has no CF #'s lights or a safety flag I say run it over and call the CG. Tell them you found what appears to be a "terrorist device" on the water near a harbour. Im sure someone will show up. just be sure to do a radio check on ch 16 before you call
  499. bus kid

    BDOutdoors 3.0 is Live!!

    HAY WHERE DID MY INFRACTION GO,( yeah that's right I typed in caps....):frehya2::hali_ruahahaha:
  500. bus kid

    BDOutdoors 3.0 is Live!!

    are you delinquent on your membership dues?
  501. bus kid

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet 2/9/14

    location?, the pics you posted are not working on mobile. and its asking for a username and password for the club?
  502. bus kid

    Rockfish Opener ?

    why wait until march, mexico is open year round. call up seasons sportfishing.what you will spend on a overnighter will be about the same to go with seasons. and no im not affilated.
  503. bus kid

    Standard Horizon VHF Marine Radio

    done deal see you next weekend thanks!
  504. bus kid

    friday night warning

    she can eat my 72 oz steak anytime
  505. bus kid

    Halibut Fishermans Bible
  506. bus kid

    Rare Sriracha

    BS without pics of your mom!
  507. bus kid

    29' Dyer diesel sportfisher|0&sm=3&currencyid=100&luom=126
  508. bus kid

    Rare Sriracha

    Texas, the soon to be new home of Sriracha.
  509. bus kid

    boat storage long beach

    sunset marina in hunt harbour has dry storage.
  510. bus kid

    I found some of Gilly's old school work

    Hands down #4
  511. bus kid

    Marine Surveyor needed near Huntington Harbor

    Have you called sunset marina in the harbour there?
  512. bus kid

    Dishonest Boat Sellers

    perhaps it wasnt him but you, maybe he had a feeling that you may not be the right person for his boat...did you sea trial the boat, have it survayed? be glad you got the deposit back. In business deals fall through all the time that does not make someone 'dishonest' if he did sell it for a...
  513. bus kid


    X2 thats one of the best jokes ever!
  514. bus kid

    It's official, the Long Beach fishing ban has been eliminated.

    Thank you to Gerald Hokstad and all those who help.
  515. bus kid

    Easy2Hook hooks? Looking for reviews

    The Trout we caught at Irvine and El Dorado park didn't put up much of a fight. I had the kids set up with 10 lb test on drop shot 1/2 oz weight. the only reason the hooks were lost were due to snags on the rocks, bottom or weeds. search "Knotless" over at BWE and Im sure you will find tons of...
  516. bus kid

    Bait tank

    what are the diminsions length width and height where are you located at?
  517. bus kid

    Easy2Hook hooks? Looking for reviews

    go over to search for member "Yakin" I have used them in fresh water for my 3 kids ages 5-12 as I got tired of tying knots every time they snagged and broke off in the weeds. We never used them in the salt but from what I understand they are made from Mustad hooks. hes here...
  518. bus kid

    Asian Girls Sell Fertilizer

    nice adams apple on everyone in the video!
  519. bus kid

    Los alamitos race track "ninja fishing"

    Thanks for the heads up we will be waiting.
  520. bus kid

    Roll Call

    seems like something a pissed off fisherman who lost the boat in a divorce would do.
  521. bus kid

    Roll Call!contact-us
  522. bus kid

    WTB Kayak ? I doubt your going to find something for $200. maybe a pelican.
  523. bus kid

    "BUBBA BLADE'S" at Turners !
  524. bus kid

    Opening day for sea lion hunting

    That's a insult to Airports, this place is more like AMARC.
  525. bus kid

    1988 Scorpion CC LEVIATHAN

    Does it come with the Props, Do have any current pics of the boat or is it still at MCRD?
  526. bus kid


    take the time to read the following links It was a sad day: Newport - Kayak Fishing Adventures on Big Water’s Edge Support your local Kayak shop - Kayak Fishing Adventures on Big Water’s Edge X2 Feeling "comfortable in my kayaks" have you jumped off in what you wear to fish in and learned...
  527. bus kid

    Super moon and seabass

    your a day too early moon is supposed to be the closest on Sun @ 7:30 am Best of luck and happy hunting, looking forward to the report!
  528. bus kid

    Smoking on a boat

  529. bus kid


    Kayak fishing off PV can be good but watch out for the wind, X2 on the bay or harbor. Try inside LB harbor, launch at cherry beach and fish the oil islands, just watch out for the boat traffic.
  530. bus kid

    Kayak Interest

    go over to OEX Sunset Beach and see Andy ( iceman ) and demo a few pick his brain he has alot to offer both new and used.
  531. bus kid

    For All The Real Men Who Troll On This Website........

    If you had to ask once, your doing something wrong.
  532. bus kid

    Want to buy Hobie Electric Motor System

    Go see Andy at OEX Sunset Beach.
  533. bus kid

    What kind of plastics should I buy?

    MC in brown and gold slathered in unibutter.
  534. bus kid

    bait tank

    lots of good info here, building my very first bait tank need help - Kayak Fishing Adventures on Big Water’s Edge and here Hobie Bait Tank Vs. Thresher Tank. - Kayak Fishing Adventures on Big Water’s Edge a little more here My Kayak Livewell for my Hobie PA12 - Kayak Fishing...
  535. bus kid

    14' ALUMINUM 1995 GREGOR

    Are you looking only to trade up, I didn't see a price?
  536. bus kid

    DFG Measuring Sticker

    looks you got the metric version.
  537. bus kid

    Springfield Armory XD

    Looking for a Springfield XD(s) 9mm 4 inch service. Pm me if you have one. located in Southern California.
  538. bus kid

    Cleaning up Our Image

    No $hit, wheres the Daisy Dukes!
  539. bus kid

    Fred Hall 2013 What is on your list?

    :cheers: :boobies:
  540. bus kid

  541. bus kid

    GS 545

    x2. I have 2 525's, still one of my favorite and most dependable reels.
  542. bus kid

    Penn Fathom LW Failure

    Wow now that is a commitment to customer service. :notworthy :lux:
  543. bus kid


  544. bus kid

    Saltist level wind

    Looking for a Saltist level wind. PM me what you got.
  545. bus kid

    The sandwich game.

    I think Gil has two profiles.:finger:
  546. bus kid

    Fishing in winter?

    X2 thats a long paddle
  547. bus kid

    View from Camera on Space Shuttle's booster

    E Perhaps your unaware of our current space program.
  548. bus kid

    Fishing Tip: How To Hold a Fishing Rod

    What about when using a bait caster? <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  549. bus kid

    Hey Carl, that's a nice haircut. My friend has a date for you.

    Didn't Carl take up spear fishing.
  550. bus kid

    New member saying Hi

    Is Frank still giving away a free boat?
  551. bus kid

    Maylasian Shimanos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where did you hear bad things?
  552. bus kid

    Need help

    I was going to go with the PA but stuck with my Revo. Lighter and launches thru and comes back thru the surf pretty good.
  553. bus kid

    My new , used, tarpon 140!

    Nice set up. Check out bigwatersedge, lots more kayakers there.
  554. bus kid

    24' SKIPJACK, 1978

    For those of you having trouble seeing the posting, you have to hit the "like" button I cannot believe this is still available. Thats the cleanest skippy I have seen here in a long while.
  555. bus kid

    When Ali lived in Michigan.........

    Ali also has a bad ass ping pong table. and we wont even begin to talk about the views from his back yard.
  556. bus kid


    WTF is this WTF post about? and WTF is a gas monkey, :shakin:
  557. bus kid

    When Ali lived in Michigan.........

    Ali does have a nice pool
  558. bus kid

    Da Bears

  559. bus kid

    Considering taking my 5 yr old son on half day...

    I might take my 3 up there after Christmas! Speed Twin Sportfishing The Speed Twin departs from Channel Islands Sportfishing in the Channel Islands Harbor. We specialize in 1/2 day charters and open party trips. We have a...
  560. bus kid

    POV downhill bike course

    Oh... that kind of downhill POV.
  561. bus kid


    Please, NO POLITICAL JOKES <hr style="color:transparent; background-color:transparent" size="1"> Please refrain from posting political jokes on BD, no matter how funny they are. They will be deleted and you may or may not get a nastygram. Thanx!
  562. bus kid


    Revenge is best served cold.
  563. bus kid

    Amazing close call on a sailboat

    try this for recovery. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  564. bus kid

    Migraine Treatment

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  565. bus kid


  566. bus kid

    Favorite Sushi places in So. Cal ?

    Gas station on the corner of Edinger and Bolsa Chica rd.
  567. bus kid

    The RIGHT side in Huntington Harbor

    Forget it, no kayaks allowed under the PCH bridge.
  568. bus kid

    Lingcod Roe poisonous?

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  569. bus kid

    Orcas eat dog!!!

    That dog would not have made it if that was at Sea World!
  570. bus kid

    Report From Today's Free Kids Fishing Event in Long Beach

    Dan puts on great events and is helping to keep the sport alive, and to get Today was a blast, all 4 kids scored prizes and new gear. My nephew hit the raffle and as the 1st one picked he Got to choose a bike.
  571. bus kid

    WTB Hobie Outback Kayak
  572. bus kid

    Slow day at the Oside pier

    you should hook up with Lowprofile he has been slaying halibuts! check him out here.
  573. bus kid

    Officially SCREWED by F&G Commission

    BAAAWWWHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAA. If or when fishing is outlawed, 1st I better I get a refund for my lifetime license! 2nd only outlaws will fish, when caught go to jail because we cant pay the fine so the tax payers will have to step up and foot the bill, if that becomes the case I'm quitting my job...
  574. bus kid

    Who says girls cant play football.......

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  575. bus kid

    New Christmas Video

    there is something wrong with her eyes, they are round!
  576. bus kid

    8 Hoop Nets

    No way thats Los Al, his grass is too green, gotta be Rossmoor!
  577. bus kid

    Hoopers in the channel...

    Oh $hit is 40 feet too close together? I will stretch them out next time how does 65 feet sound? Thanks in advance for the advice! :hali_olutta:
  578. bus kid

    Anyone know of good bottom rock fish spots outside of newport?
  579. bus kid

    ***SOLD*** 18' Grady White Center Console

    [email protected]$k that was fast! congrats on the sale.
  580. bus kid

    Paypal Gift, Dont Do it!

    Send me $1000.00 as a gift then tell paypal you input the wrong info and see what happens. I pmed you my info.
  581. bus kid

    Bass Nazi Gone Rouge???

    Are they sure it wasn't the stock truck for Irvine lake? :rofl:
  582. bus kid

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    Or Or X2 I know a "guy" thats cheaper, wait forgettaboutit.
  583. bus kid

    Dead Heads: A response to a readers inquest

    bawahhhh X2 Dead Head, WTF I thought Jerry Garcia died?
  584. bus kid

    The Dogs and The Bees..

    not a bulldog eating mayo, A Arbys roast beef sandwich with extra mayo and cheese.
  585. bus kid

    What the Hell?

    San Digay hoo
  586. bus kid

    Two Rod License?

    Did you get the Ocean Enhancement stamp? What about the Wardens stamp? its like a 1199 badge or so I hear.
  587. bus kid

    Yak storage ----- need ideas
  588. bus kid

    if you're gonna go to war

  589. bus kid

    Let's go Hand-Grenade fishing...

    In mother Russia grenade fish for you!
  590. bus kid

    Inflatable Kayak set-up?

    Really, you dont get out much do you.
  591. bus kid

    Stingray photo bomb

    I think that posting that photo violates a BD rule somehow
  592. bus kid

    killer whales off loretto

    I think its hungry.
  593. bus kid


    football is more gayer then Tues gay list!
  594. bus kid

    Carl, here's your chance. Consult Saluki first.

    which one is the Gay Daughter?
  595. bus kid

    Ocean Star NO. 36 thats all I could find. maybe message Alan Tani he may know more.
  596. bus kid

    Inflatable Kayak set-up?

    Its good to know that if sharks start carrying hammers or driving jeeps you will be safe.
  597. bus kid

    kayak fishing in Newport

    you might want to wait a few more weeks. California Emergency Management Agency Hazardous Materials Spill Report DATE: 08/16/2012 City of Newport Beach 1. Sewage = 2800 Gal(s) SEWAGE g. DESCRIPTION: RP states that a dredging company hit a sewer force main in Newport Bay...
  598. bus kid

    Wtf with the audio ads?

    Please stop copying my cookies.
  599. bus kid

    BD needs to add 1 more topic thread

    your a few years behind now a good section would be "Locked section" for everything that gets locked but not deleted! :ashamed::supergay:
  600. bus kid

    Never again will I fish on the Southwestern

    or is a mod and keeps unlocking it?
  601. bus kid

    New Xtra tuff boots

    see post #31
  602. bus kid

    Et tu Xtratuf?