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    RODBUILDER 3M cold shrink 5 pieces BEST OFFER

    i have 5 pieces of coldshrink by 3M for rail rods, cow rods, anyone interested, im in Las Vegas, but can ship, im asking 20 plus ship.
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    Electric Trailer breaks on boat trailer? Done it? Recommend it? Discuss?

    im going to the boat today will check the GVWR, its a 17 Fisher Deep v Aluminum with 115 outboard. I think the brakes on the truck are shit, just bought the truck too and had pep boys do the brakes while i was in colorado where i bought the truck and boat. Going to have Mr Brake here is town...
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    Electric Trailer breaks on boat trailer? Done it? Recommend it? Discuss?

    thanks ShadBurke. that is the info i was looking for, unfortnately not what i wanted to hear. Dont want to spend 2k. I think the total weight is only about 2500 pounds 17 fisher deep v aluminum boat. was hoping i could get the elec drums, theyre cheap as shit and figured its so freaking dry in...
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    Electric Trailer breaks on boat trailer? Done it? Recommend it? Discuss?

    I just purchased boat and the trailer has no brakes, it is difficult to stop the trailer and it dangerous and sketchy. I need to add trailer brakes found some nice electric systems on etrailerCOM. They state that older elec brake systems were not good for boat trailers but now the wiring is...
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    Home made Wahoo Bombs (lots of pictures)

    looking good Gene. I've considered making another round of WMD Wahoo Bombs, might do that is 2017, unless you have it covered?
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    Feedback on Rainshadow JUDGE blanks for throwing big swimbaits

    Has anyone fished or built a JDGLB810M for throwing big trout type swimabits like deps 250? Anyone have any feedback?? The blanks are live bait blanks, but there is a lure weight rating of 2-8oz. Considering building a few for myself and prostaffer and wanted to get feedback before i buy...
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    Lot NEWELL SKIRTS... 47 pieces misc colors

    ok I need to clear stuff out so I'm going to dump these for $32 paypal, tyd.
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    Bluefin starting to get on the bite...

    New Lo-An my fav outer banks boat. Thx Markus. Best of luck out there.
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    Lot NEWELL SKIRTS... 47 pieces misc colors

    btt, if you cant see photos pm me your phone number or email I will text them
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    Lot NEWELL SKIRTS... 47 pieces misc colors

    bump, will take best offer, was asking $100 for the lot, price drop $ 60 shipped for all 47 pieces. First paypal $60 takes em.
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    anyone have a loner long rod set up for BIG BLUEFIN popper fishin??

    Update, Going to build a long rod, for surface iron, and also to use for surface poppers... What blank do you suggest, also what reel would you use, for 50/60, thanks
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    Large LOT of mono line and some braid and fluoro

    Las Vegas, but will be in traveling to San Diego Sunday night, fishing Monday.
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    NEW SKB Tackle Box w launchers

    bump, still available $225 tyd
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    NEW SKB Tackle Box w launchers

    Thanks Lynn, price drop $225.
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    NEW SKB Tackle Box w launchers

    well folks are free to make me an offer, also mine has no sales taps. I will give someone a good deal on it.
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    NEW SKB Tackle Box w launchers

    SKB TACKLE BOX Medium size (I think) has shoulder strap and rod launchers. Never used. I have had this box for several years but it never made it out on the water. No need for it so I am selling it. Dimensions W 17.5 inch wide (just the box), overall width including the launchers is 20.5" D...
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    Large LOT of mono line and some braid and fluoro

    ALL PARTIAL SPOOLS meaning some is already gone. LARGE spool IZOR BLUE 60lb MEDIUM spools IZOR XXX 40 & 50 SMALL SPOOLS 10lb ANDE clear 2 spools 12# Ande Pink 20# Pline Smoke, Ande Green 25# pink Ande 2 spools 30# and 40# offshore angler CLEAR 40# Izor blue just a little left for a few short...
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    Lot NEWELL SKIRTS... 47 pieces misc colors

    I'm selling this as a lot, there are 47 pieces of misc colors NEWELL SKIRTS and not sure if these are all made by Newell because I only see the marking on the black ones. There are Orange, Green, Black, Purple, blue, pink chartreuse, clear, and others. REDUCED, need to dump these skirts $32...
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    Foot pedal question

    hey voodoo or anyone else, i received the Foredom foot pedal and plugged it in and i am getting no juice. Since i am now plugging the wrapper power cable into the new foot pedal and bypassing the existing foot pedal cord if i need to jump the two wires together on the footpedal cord in order to...
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    Foot pedal question

    thanks voodoo, that looks like a fine pedal, decent price too. will report back how it works for me. yes i think i shall purchase one.
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    Foot pedal question

    hey, missed you guys, hope you're all well, yep i'm alive, and hoping you fine gents can give some advice on a new foot pedal. I use a pac bay rodsmith, at least i think that is the wrapper i have, i kinda forgot. I forgot all my connections too except uni to uni, lolz, i havn't caught a tuna...
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    Who is "That Guy"

    Don't worry brother, you are not that guy. I can tell. Tight lines.
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    Give No Fucks

    'Folks at home' seem astonished by this thread, they completely missed the point. They give a fuck about things that don't matter. This thread is for those people. Thank you so much OP. I just recently learned this and it feels so fucking good. I give all my fucks to what is important...
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    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    Hey btw did i revive a thread that was supposed to die? Ah shit. I'm slightly out of the loop. ha, lol at myself.
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    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    Hey Jeff i was thinking about your trip and was bummed i couldn't get those bombs for you but i'm thinking that possibly in the next few months after i get a couple other things handled i will do another production run. Man, you guys spanked em good w 228 skins, and yes you know i love that...
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    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    Hey Min, hope you're well. In regards to your statement the Long Range industry is extremely risky beyond belief and a sound investor would RUN from the business. Just as fishing is a hobby, something we do for fun that does not make financial sense, operating a fishing business is in some way...
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    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    That's what you call manning up. Nice work Dave. Prayers up. I gotta get back around this place.
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    We lost a good one

    Thanks Dave, i just read Billy Sr.'s bio on Wikipedia, he was surely a blessed man with a massive family including 71 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren. WOW, that is humbling and inspiring and makes me want to get out and work harder and be better.
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    Pinhead in JP

    All i know is if the kid did all the work they say he did, and coached and helped, and still had time to land the jp fish then someone should be buying the kid a beerski. ;)
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    Share your Grand Father fishing stories

    Hey Ron i remember Scott showing me those pictures. If i recall there were pics of your mom catching or holding albacore, nice. Hope you're well man. jason
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    It's what's great about fishing, and what makes us fishermen, or hunters of fish. You can always hang in there on a trip when there is good conditions and sign. We've all been on many tough trips but we hang in there glassing and soaking and shuffling feeling like it's going to happen any time...
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    PAIR of SHIMANO 50W LRS TIAGRA excellent condition tons much tackle

    I have a pair of orginal first edition Shimano Tiagra 50W LRS, in very good condition. One is full of Blue Izor 100Z mono, that will still catch fish but the line is old you may want to change it. Also have one loaded with newer Trilene braided line #150 full, line used on one trip for...
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    Bear 40# compound bow WOOD 5 colors, leather rifle scabbard quetzacoatl mayan calande

    bump, the bow is available again, the scabbard is SOLD, also have a ridiculous amount of tackle for sale.
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    WANT TO BUY Penn 9 levelwind or no levelwind

    i have a penn 209 levelwind with leadcore on it, in good condition, also have some Tokota 300 and 400 with spectra, also have some curados and some spinning rods, have tons of saltwater custom rods, jigs, wahoo bombs, im selling most of my tackle. PM me if interested.
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    The Rooster gets a super

    bunch of small ones ;)
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    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    I wonder how many skippies were in his belly, that fish was waaaay fat. Much congrats to the the angler and the crew of the EXCEL, not only for this catch but for the total load of cows. I was close to retirement, but i have to reconsider after reading Aarons on the water reports of the trip...
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    UFC Tonight Free.

    Great card. I only saw the main card. Swick V Brown Impressive agression and determination shown by Brown. Excellent combo of perfect shots KOs swick. Solid performance by Brown. Swick is entertaining but not truly a contender (yet) at 170 and i was not surprised by the outcome...
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    Kermit rod

    That is sweet Bill. I gotta ask, was the your favorite build ever or what ?
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    Stolen Deposit

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    410 YFT on EXCEL

    Wow that is the fattest one ever. EPIC
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    16 day Excel nov 23-dec 8 log

    Epic Trip. Sounds like the kind of trip you would want to be very disciplined on, sticking with chunk or skippies all damn day, watching guys cut off 150s waiting for the big one. You have to say, ok im going to chunk for 2 hours, or 3 hours, or whatever you pick, stick with it, don't change...
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    Vagabond 7.5 day Nov.13th -Any BD on the Trip

    Nice trip, good pics, looked like really consistent decent grade on the YFTs, those ones will give you all you want on the little gear.
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    Thank god tHe enviro-nazi's are there to save the bass world...

    As a former advocate of catch and kill I have changed my mind. I lost 50# since January, in the process I went raw vegan. Because I learned what foods are clean to us and which ones are not i would still consider eating fish, only fishes with fins and scales, no rock bass although they are...
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    Elections and friendships. (Not a political thread)

    Politics is our world and life views, not just our opinion of two parties or persons. Anything can kill a friendship or relationship. Only compassion, love, understanding and forgiveness can mend one though. It is more important to determine what a friend is. There are blood...
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    Wahoo painting is finished 11/8/12

    Wow Matt, that is a great piece. Not the psychedelic toothy eye buldging, i like those too, but i love this skinny, it is really great work, more true to form. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I really plan to paint some fish someday.
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    Avet Reels, New, Used Excellent condition pro 30, EX 4/0-2, SX6/4, MXL6/4

    ALL STILL AVAILABLE - Bump - raising cash to move to Hawaii or Costa Rica. Avet Pro 30 SILVER used on 2 long trips, condition is near MINT, as new, loaded with 135 Izor Hollow, line is good. $360 Avet EX4/0-2speed SILVER NEW IN BOX, no line, $300 Avet SX6/4 BLACK, NEW IN BOX no line $230...
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    Bear 40# compound bow WOOD 5 colors, leather rifle scabbard quetzacoatl mayan calande

    Jonny, Thanks for your interest. Photos posted. Not sure the terminology but you hold the bow with your left hand, and pull back with your right hand.
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    Bear 40# compound bow WOOD 5 colors, leather rifle scabbard quetzacoatl mayan calande

    Bow- hold with left hand, pull back with right hand, forgive me, i do not know the terminology, i bought it used at the swap meet because i could tell it was awesome. Asking $250 obo Scabbard - asking $100 obo SOLD EMAIL if interested at [email protected] you can pm me but it may be a...
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    Fishybuzz super cow!

    way to go on the 'super' fishy, atta boy.
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    AVET 50 SDS and 30 BLACK BLACK 2 speeds

    Thanks Don and Arnold, Kind words. bump....
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    Rethinking Wahoo Rig

    i would stay w 65# but switch to solid, it casts better and has less drag in the water when grinding and has less belly when sinking out. Top shot length is a matter of preference hopefully based on experience. I prefer about 25' so i can retie many times before i get down to 6-8' before i...
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    AVET 50 SDS and 30 BLACK BLACK 2 speeds

    Black JX6/3 sale pending SOLD to Don (TunaDouble), thanks Don.
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    AVET 50 SDS and 30 BLACK BLACK 2 speeds

    email reply sent Don. Will be posting pictures shortly on the Black JX6/3 asking $300. Thank you.
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    AVET 50 SDS and 30 BLACK BLACK 2 speeds

    Saturday Bump Avet 30 Silver NEAR MINT, still available.
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    AVET 50 SDS and 30 BLACK BLACK 2 speeds

    Pending Sale (SOLD-gone)on Silver Avet SDS to Greg (username unknown) thank you Greg (edit).
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    AVET 50 SDS and 30 BLACK BLACK 2 speeds

    Pending sale (SOLD) on Black 50 (SDS) and 30 Avet to bd user woodudoit, Thank you Arnold.
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    AVET 50 SDS and 30 BLACK BLACK 2 speeds

    bump, please make reasonable offer. also have Black JX6/3 mint/near mint Black SX6/4 new in box Silver EX4/0 2 speed (silver narrow) New in box Silver SDS mint near mint Silver Pro 30 mint near mint Rods OMG i have so much tackle my head hurts. lots of custom rods i built will sell those...
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    AVET PRO EX 4/02

    i have a silver one, new in box, reach my by email if interested [email protected] also have silver and black pro 30 (2speeds) in epic condition, and SDS in silver, and in black also mint/near mint. thanks
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    AVET 50 SDS and 30 BLACK BLACK 2 speeds

    UPDATE- Please keep checking back as i will be posting up more pictures and more tackle for sale. There is way too much to list all at once, but there will be quite a bit of it. Thank you. WILL EMAIL PHOTOS ON REQUEST. Im selling my Avets 50 and 30 both narrow TOPLESS 2speeds, used on one...
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    7 Avets 2SDS, 2 pro30 JX6/3,WMDcustoms Rainshadows, shimano

    im selling the following, and more not listed, i have way too much tackle and need to liquidate in the process of simplification (not desperate for money), will take cash or trade. The custom rods are all my own prototype WMDcustoms (Rainshadows) all in near mint condition as i baby my gear The...
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    Q105: As the screws Turn

    it is just so hard to see the insanity of this world and not say anything. i have seen it for a long time, it wasn't until i recently lifted to where i see that i was swimming in it for so long. it feels good to be free. i am not better than anyone here i just know what is going on. people...
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    Q105: As the screws Turn

    The world mind is evolving and the divide is getting wider, like they said middle class is gone. You will rise and lift up, or parish soon. Now is a great time to wipe the sleep out of your eyes, get with the program, remove ghetto thug speak from your vocabulary, and go learn about how to...
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    looking for a vet

    look into doggy vitamins, and also consider giving the dog fishy oils, just use a knife, tear a hole in fish oil gelcaps and squirt into his/her bowl or food, he will remind you ever day that its time for his fishies. there is a tremendous amount you can do for your dogs health by ceasing to...
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    Dumb Question

    flyline a plastic worm, 6 "
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    best Wahoo bombs

    Define best please?
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    Hercules for a Friend

    looks sweet, love the blue ab, and trims are subtle but pop, is that for Brian Baker of Bad Religion ?? edit) mono oxide 50-(80)130 means that the blank is designed to fish lines between 50-130# test breakage with 80# being the "sweet spot". It fishes 80# just right. its more likely about...
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    Wahoo Reels

    The spinners of new surely put out the right drag. My point is can you turn the handle on a stella and wind the fish in, or do you need to gain every inch of line by lifting, and if so should the whole boat switch to targeting cows on spinners?
  68. 1:11

    Wahoo Reels

    do whatever you want on whatever gear you want pelagic terminator. not sure about boat rules, but maybe you should call the captain of your boat and ask him if he thinks you should be fishing spinning gear on his boat, and also ask him if he thinks you are up to speed or if you still have a ton...
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    cleaning syringes

    easy, just pull the plungers out and wipe it down removing 99% of the gunk. For the syringe take some paper towel, use your imagination, roll up some little dealios and get in there was some twist and shout elbow grease. Or you can also shove a little ball of paper towel down there and give it...
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    king of the south and chick pics!!!

    that's good stuff Peter!
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    Any Special Wahoo Tricks?

    THIS IS A FACT, as it is easy to limit out on wahoo, try limiting out on cows. My Score MANY WAHOO, zero cows. SO this is clearly a factual statement and opinion.
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    Wahoo Reels

    Trinidad 40, 30 size ok too. i use a Torium 20 with no issues, Baja Special is really nice for wahoo fishing. Tranx, bitchin little real, WOULD NOT fish wahoo on it. My take on spinners and big game, only use them if you are proficient in conventional gear, and are broadening the spectrum or...
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    Any Special Wahoo Tricks?

    Mostly great advice here. Although there are not always easy to bring in imo wahoo fight much better than they taste. You get a 60# pounder on 40-50# and they can beat you up real bad. They cant sustain this for very long but the energy they put into the fight for a few minutes and in several...
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    Vagabond 5day short report

    Nice job Johnny Utah or is it Johnny Zoni now??
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    First build results in failure!!!

    i do not use any hot glue for tips, that stuff is garbage imo. i always epoxy my tip at the same time a epoxy up the seat, use the long cure stuff (u40). i leave my mixed batch on cardboard piece with the stir stick (a used flex coat brush) buried under the epoxy. When the stick is stuck and...
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    Phenix vertical jigger

    nice one
  77. 1:11

    Super Seeker 100F

    nice gurush G
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    Vagabond 5day short report

    Nice trip John, Good report, looking forward to hearing the detailed, photo version, did Brian go ?
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    With a heavy heart!

    R.I.P Larry. He was always kind when i used to go hang out at phenix and do rod stuff and pick up components. Heart goes out to Pat, she was always sweet too.
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    Casting Fail!!! Cost me 400 bux

    i mean this in a nice way, but slow down, and learn how to fish. Don't be cool, be great. two hands on the rig , you also have a trigger, no reason for your rig to fly out of your hands. if you lose a rig over the side, you stop the boat and drag jigs on the bottom, or when much line is out...
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    When do WSB limits change?

    June, July, doesn't matter, i live in vegas and i must be truthful and i admit that i have never caught a legal size, only couple shorts, WSB.... but i did gaff a few and had some steaks, they were very tasty and can see why everyone is so crazy about them.
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    When do WSB limits change?

    absolutely, 100%, that is implied when you understand how to read word problems in 9th grade, between includes the end ranges. Limit would change after those dates. The 16th would be when you could have more fish, not on the 15th.
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    Is this worth it

    he will probably take less than 160, regardless of what his posture says, since as Bill stated you can get a new one for not too much more.
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    Bad Religion 1X3

    great build, and really excellent thread-work, nice job.
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    For those who have chartered and or sponsored a trip....

    Sometimes you just have to go for it. I know you can make it happen. Maybe set up a short trip for starters because CM can be a costly learning lesson bordering on devastating if you are not financially stable you could lose BIG money even on a short trip. That is just a fact not an angle of...
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    How wide should the grip of my 30 lb deckhand rod be?

    there is a big difference in the way ""X"" over cork tape feels than X over foam. i would take the reel you plan to use and put the clamp on it, makes sure the screws get a good bite on the nuts, then measure the inside diameter or distance from reel foot to the clamp. Make sure your friend...
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    leaving early

    Ralph fished so many trips i wouldnt be surprised if he came in early totaling 42 days. I cant imagine him keeping track of just the days leaving cow grounds for variety, that would probably be much higher than 42. im guessing here.
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    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    that was funny Mike. yep sounds right, except i wouldn't drink the bait water, maybe add a few ounces to desal, if you are having symptoms only, unless you want to go straight for the defib, your choice. our affiliations can bite us. it's our clients and or our governing associations of...
  89. 1:11

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    you went and looked. like an Avet 50 SDS is the best and only cow reel because it is the most common on here (maybe i dont know). many of our big dogs on here are not fishing those, but you could research that those are the best in a few minutes. You gotta dig deep, keep looking. you just...
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    Back in Black

    clean build, nice job on the ""X"", can be tough to work with at times.
  91. 1:11

    Calstar 270-8

    nice rod. looks like the old seeker wraps. are those plumerias or related?
  92. 1:11

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    im trying to help you jimal not trying to sell you snake oil. Himalayan pink salt is 300 million years old in the earth and has 85 minerals and tastes delicious. Look it up, everybody in the know knows it, now you do, go to trader joes and buy some for $1.99 and take it on your trip, start...
  93. 1:11

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    The jury has spoken, so i guess there is nothing more to talk about. salt water ph is about 8, btw but hey, whatever floats your boat. We all have to float our own boats, that is true. and truth always goes in circles. circling back to the title of this thread. AU TO MA TIC EX TER NAL DE...
  94. 1:11

    Rainshadow or not

    loud and clear captain.
  95. 1:11

    Rainshadow or not

    Gotcha. Why do they flatline with spinners?
  96. 1:11

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: have fun on your trip, be safe, if you feel a heart attack coming on i would take a full glass of water outta the bait tank. 85 minerals, everything you need. Vitamin E is good too. by the way if you go into the hospital for symptoms of heart issues the first thing they...
  97. 1:11

    Matching Set

    those look really nice, i really like the mixed cork colors.
  98. 1:11

    Rainshadow or not

    i got to test out my RCJB84XH on a Long trip a couple years ago, caught a bunch of wahoo on it using a borrowed Penn Baja Special, that thing was a joy to fish. The rod really did a good job of sending the lure out, its got the right tip for casting bombs (or jigs). The 7'10" spinning rod...
  99. 1:11

    All good things must come to pass

    congrats on the RR gig skindad
  100. 1:11

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    Hey Scott, i understand what you mean here. I don't fish long range anymore for financial reasons. I do want to get out on a Long trip again, maybe even a short trip but i would have to give strong consideration to this point, especially considering how many folks have admitted and even...
  101. 1:11

    Royal Star First Albacore 2012

    We should see good numbers in about 5-8 days, my sources tell me, seems early, im leaning towards before the 4th though.
  102. 1:11

    New builder/New builds

    Nice brother, im leaning towards cork, from now on. on da stremph
  103. 1:11

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    im glad this thread got revived and i think everyone should relax because this is a good thread. I want to apologize for the way in which i presented my post regarding those who generally have heart attacks. I didn't mean to offend, and if i did i believe i was coming out of level orange and...
  104. 1:11

    what happened here?

    That makes sense, kinda takes the human error and nerves factor out, and keeps the sea vessel out of the trough, and syncing-up the speeds would be mega super easy with mil gps and whatever other program(s) you, we, they have to compensate for the push of the seas and wind wash, why use a period?
  105. 1:11

    Great green gobs of greasy grimey gopher guts

    the colors please me. green is good, blue better, indigo mo betta, violet most High.
  106. 1:11

    Rainshadow "Calico Special"

    nice rod
  107. 1:11

    White Trash Trimar Throop

  108. 1:11

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    Jim, i edited it 30 seconds after i posted it, you totally boiled on it insta-matically, in general, take a pill, you need one. edit) and yes you do have mineral deficiency.
  109. 1:11

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    edit) heart attack is simple mineral deficiency and generally combined with being a fat (edit) or someone that eats and drinks wrecklessly.
  110. 1:11

    Sad day

    sorry to hear this loss, but it just keeps proving how God takes the GOOD ones asap, must be a special "place" we are going to. (ps, you might want to edit typo on Friends of Rollo, so that folks not knowing can properly look into it, if they are interested. Think about a person that takes...
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    Blank Straightness?

    Hey Nemo seems like the blanks are ok. i would do two load tests. first do some good pullage and loadage so if we have break happening it should happen NOW, before you build and wrap on it. Then do tip integrity test. Similar to load test but just loading up the last few inches of tip...
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    Seeker 6470 & 6480 for a customer

    nice job, you did good, +1 more for purple.
  113. 1:11

    Rainshadow XMB844

    nice looking rod, super clean, nice single wrap.
  114. 1:11

    Catalina Vergin

    be careful, have fun
  115. 1:11


    I know David. There is also a tackle board, (fishing chit chat). Seems crazy that......... nevermind, i just got it, why have a tackle board when tackle needs to be pimped on every board. Carrry on. :)
  116. 1:11


    We really need a short range board, because we are talking about when albacore will be here in short range. It is very interesting to me that there is no short trips board, and there is still no tackle board either.
  117. 1:11

    Bad Day at the Lake...

    getting skunked doesn't seem too bad after that. that is about terrible.
  118. 1:11

    Japan's radiation found in San Diego bluefin tuna

    unequivocal = 5 syllables = automatic bullshit
  119. 1:11


    crazy fights, again.
  120. 1:11


    Concur Mike. i just watched the weigh-ins, Mir looks like shit. He has fought at this weight, but looked way better. Tough to ever count Mir out as he is tough and crafty and has scary ground game, but i gotta take the Brazilian that is beaming with light and energy. Edson Barbosa on the...
  121. 1:11

    Modifying a Seeker Hercules 60h - Moving reel seat???

    concur with Randy, it just makes more sense to build or have built a rod with everything you want, jig stick is too important to spend too much more money swagging up a rod that way. maybe keep that as an extra bait rod, or fit it in some other way. im not a fan of retro-fitting rod grips and...
  122. 1:11

    Roger Clemens

    edit) concur highly with Carl, for once. The biggest bunch of liars in the world is prosecuting Clemens for "LIEING". What does this tell you? You don't lie to the liars.
  123. 1:11

    Drag Question?

    yes 25-33% of the line rating in drag # is accurate, although you can push it on 20# and fish 8# maybe more. If you are in an area where the yellows are over 25# you should be fishing with 40# topshots, NOT 20#, that is a major NO NO. If you are fishing big monster yellows over 40# and 50#...
  124. 1:11

    Getting Started Questions

    an 80 will rarely fit any 24 seat. good news is you can use the 24 for another build later, as it is a very common seat, or maybe trade or sell locally, or include in a lot type deal on ebay or CL. Dont ask the manufacturer, better to come to the boards and ask the guys that use the reels and...
  125. 1:11

    This was a fun build

    Nice job Bill.
  126. 1:11

    Seeker and Calstar warranty

    you bought a used calstar, in used condition... How much could you have possibly paid for it and why are you worried about it? Im only asking because it is obviously an old proven rod and will probably last forever. If it breaks deal with it then. I would say if and when that rod were to ever...
  127. 1:11

    Want to make rod rack like this

    Dont know about the PVC, consider cardboard. :) on a serious note, that design is OK for a shop or in a permanent location but it is quite a cluster-fuck, literally. The footprint that it takes up is also quite large. I would instead make a Milk-crate type rod rack. That way you can make...
  128. 1:11

    Q105 MIA?

    wow, tough crowd. make a phone call.
  129. 1:11

    THANK YOU DOC SKI for tips tricks and tools

    Since the whole world is in here peeping about some other topic i figured now is a good time to say THANK YOU Doc. From someone who has been building rods for quite a long time and has really benefited from seeing your videos and pictures and your posts. I will post some pictures soon of...
  130. 1:11

    Advise on thinning flex coat

    i personally would not "thin" your final coat. Thinning first coat or earlier coats maybe but top coat needs better integrity in the mixture. Instead to get a very thin coat, make sure to get complete coverage, then use your brush to act like a squeegie and knock down or off most of the...
  131. 1:11

    G Urushi Gaff

    Gorgeous Bill
  132. 1:11

    Hodges 5.19

    Those first two look like spotties, i think there are some spots in Hodges. Nice , pigs.
  133. 1:11

    get well Evan

    Hey ERIC, maybe relax a little bit here buddy. First of all, lets note that what you say here about multiple mishaps does seem to be true... Consider this.. Every time you go out on a boat or in a truck rig pulling a boat, with someone else driving the truck or the boat, you ARE putting your...
  134. 1:11

    Jah bless da Lion of Zion.

    please do, teach us how to twist three threads, you are such an innovator. :) let me guess, a jig or a drill ?? What do i win? :)
  135. 1:11

    Boycott Sleazy dealers (MUDHOLE)

    another thing i will say is that there appears to be a group of folks that think this shit is all funny. They are messing with a unified contingent of folks here that are amongst other things good people of right, mostly. Taking legality out of it, and of course i have no dog in the race...
  136. 1:11

    Boycott Sleazy dealers (MUDHOLE)

    hey Keith, are you an attorney? Do you believe that if Jim sent sample pictures to mudhole in contemplation of accepting an offer to carry his products in their store, that gives them the legal rights to use those photographs for any purpose they choose, including for falsely advertising a...
  137. 1:11

    Jah bless da Lion of Zion.

    Dan, i will say those tiger rasta wraps turned out cool, gives me an idea. black top wraps on a rasta tiger base would look great.
  138. 1:11


    MUDHOLE, YOU GUYS SUCK, marble up a rod that looks decent and take a fucking picture instead of using someones pics that are not yours. total slap in the face. Put some videos up on youtube for the worlds consumption, put lots of keywords, it will get 100,000 views. Scum needs to be exposed.
  139. 1:11

    Jah bless da Lion of Zion.

    the urushi section looks pretty neat, good effect. finishing that off with some good looking threadwork would have been a good idea, maybe next time.
  140. 1:11

    beefing up my rod

    not really.... yes you can cut the tip, and change the action, but the butt end of rod rated up to 40 you wont make heavier by cutting tip off. I mean you wont turn it into anything more than a funky rod. I would leave it, just buy something else, you will void the warranty and ruin the rod.
  141. 1:11

    Grip Installation

    im looking forward to trying it. can anyone including JT, articulate the difference in performance of the technique by cutting the ring of foam out, to help the squeegie affect. In the distant past the way i was taught was to load the blank with contact cement or stabond and coat with acetone...
  142. 1:11

    3 and 4 day Calico Bass

    Thank YOU VERY MUCH, Mr 5 posts, Mr GURU, thanks for deciding what is the RIGHT THING TO DO and that WE SHOULD RELEASE all but 2 fish, YOU'RE LIMIT that you have now put into place. NO THANKS, I will keep 5 CALICO BASS if i want to. It is legal and it is the right thing to do for an angler to...
  143. 1:11

    Clean reel bearings?

    is there a trip? I am in serious need of dead tuna in freezer. Please keep me in the loop gentlemen. email preferred. :) Also, are you sure you want to pack your bearings with Cal's grease ? You need some MX3 in there, that cals is too thick for the bearings. INOX is what you want in your...
  144. 1:11

    Trinidad 16A/Terez Rod

    Hey Michael, it is apparent that everyone in this forum is clearly brain-damaged and can not clearly atriculate a thought. It is evidenced by the dazed and confused demeanor you see as a common response here on bloodydecks. Yes to confirm the location of your post, fishing chit chat, and 5 day...
  145. 1:11

    "55" rod with rope a dope weave

    clean job, that is one for the collection.
  146. 1:11

    Lake Mead February fishing

    No worries, keeps the info in the same thread... We use live shad which we get with throw net, sure is fun and they eat it full speed. But you wont get any live bait in feb (probably). Whenever there is no live bait, cut bait would be next alternative (from shore), because they are on...
  147. 1:11

    cheap shot coyotes

    The Kings will win the cup, which is great for Kings fans. This is the year. Yep i said it. Ducks fan saying, GO KINGS GO As for this thread and all the cheap shot stuff, LOL, slightly comical, that shit better be happening in the playoffs.
  148. 1:11

    What is the new catch limit for sea bass

    They should add a SPORTFISH 1-4 days or 1-3 days. Otherwise you have to go to Calfornia sportfishing and weed through a whole bunch of PB and yak stuff mixed in. The short trip forum would be a good place for discussion on shorter trip topics. Also, There still is no TACKLE BOARD LOL makes...
  149. 1:11

    More purple

    nice rod sweet purple haze cover on ukelele, great timing.
  150. 1:11

    Flexcoat on rollers

    NO, get a razor blade, take your time, problem solved.
  151. 1:11

    Guy said we cant fish the walkway in dana

    If the person identifies himself as a person having NO authority, just say "I'm legal, i believe you are incorrect, THANK YOU", and then nothing else, or nothing at all. You do not have to engage in a conversation. Now that you know you are legal next time just keep casting. Kudos on the...
  152. 1:11

    Solid bite in SD bay. 05-13-2012

    What brand and size drift sock? i need one. want one that works awesome for my 18.5 Fisher.
  153. 1:11

    What guides would you recommend

    Im not a fan of the Amtak's because i had one pop out on a trip. Upon further inspection of the desing it is just not a great design at all. After i glued the ring back in after proper cleaning and prep, it popped out again and rod was shelfed for the trip. I figured it was just a freak...
  154. 1:11

    Excess fish

    Im the first person to say CATCH and KILL, because you can and you should eat your catch. But a person can only eat so much fish. You can be talleying your weight of catch and easily knowing when you have more than enough fish. If you don't have people that are expecting fish, or folks on...
  155. 1:11

    Lake Mead February fishing

    Find some shore line where can you see a good decline so you will know the water you are casting into is "deep". If you fish from the boulder beach or somewhere shallow, in this heat, you wont catch any. Use 10-12# leader or top shot. You can use the old river set up, which mean mainline thru...
  156. 1:11

    A Few Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    Nice job, those are sano.
  157. 1:11

    calcutta 200b Rod for bass

    You may want to exchange it for a 400, although i never like to exchange a gift, unless its just a must. if you hook a medium yellow on the 200 you will probably get spooled. You can fish the 200 in salt and yes i would go with 30-40 power pro, those light spectra cast great, and strong...
  158. 1:11

    fresno/millerton lake. First fish for my boy!!

    for a first fish that kid is getting all in on the hold. nice.
  159. 1:11

    PAC bay rod wrapper shocking me.

    Concur that you need a new foot pedal. I'm about due for my third. turning foam will wear out your foot pedal. Don't really see how you can chance "seeing" if the ground my fix it. What if you get electrocuted? You need a new sewing machine pedal, you can buy them for about $20-30. local...
  160. 1:11

    Best bass fishing conditions

    If you are casting a reaction bait to spawning bass in a creek it will be tough to get a bite. Id switch to a small plastic bait like a grub or 4" worm, putting in their face and leave it there. They don't like that. Make long cast, away from you, and be aware of the sun, and shadows, and...
  161. 1:11

    King Salmon caught @ San Clemente??

    Bet that was a trip? Whoa
  162. 1:11

    Snell a Hook with Heavy Leader

    Snells while no longer very popular on the west coast are a very sano and amazingly strong knot. You can use a piece of broken rod blank, to fabricate snelling tool, similar to the tool fly fisherman use, but you can make larger ones for larger lines. You can also use this same tool for making...
  163. 1:11

    First Fishy, MUST SEE, priceless.

    Cutest Fishing Vid EVER...
  164. 1:11

    Flawed by Michael Fowlkes

    FISH ON! :) Hey Michael, nice to see you on BD.
  165. 1:11

    Ok, I give. I am stuck.

    YELLOW is weak, lose the yellow, problem solved. :)
  166. 1:11

    King Salmon caught @ San Clemente??

    Ive seen two caught from Newport Area, and a silver salmon too. Not all that uncommon. Just think of all the fish that are "unusual to an area" that we don't see or catch. The water is colder down deep.
  167. 1:11

    Eat my fish on my Boat?

    proves how insane this country and its laws have become. Question, is it legal for me to catch a fish and feed myself, so i can sustain life. NO SCUM, YOU CAN NOT EAT, YOU MUST DIE. SCUM. GOD HELP US.
  168. 1:11

    whats the best way to cast a conventional reel?

    birdsnest, you need more thumb buddy, its all there is to it, technique probably needs some work too.
  169. 1:11

    DFG and Orange County Successfully Prosecute First MPA Violation

    The Psy-Op is that if in fact this is the first prosecution of MLPA then it was obviously their intent to associate said first prosecution with a lowly poacher. Surely there could have been plenty of other prosecutions, and there will be. My point is, this thread is now all about how everyone...
  170. 1:11

    My new rod building digs

    Fun place to hang out and build. I could easily live in there. :)
  171. 1:11

    Synit SZBFT70 Popping Rod

    that is a really nice looking rod there btw
  172. 1:11

    Synit SZBFT70 Popping Rod

    He said HAHA SUCKA, you da one dat bought da rodz with backward guides. HAHAHAHAH I trick you Mr. Captain G. I play good trick on the biggest G in rodbuilding..... sorry sounds more like a cross between vietnamese and filipino, not japanese. just having fun guys, all my asian brothers and...
  173. 1:11

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    great pics, good times.
  174. 1:11

    GF 700M

    nice job
  175. 1:11

    United Composites Raptor & Viper

    those turned out great, what metallic red is that?
  176. 1:11


    sorry to hear about your back Kenny, hope it doesn't come to surgery. there may be be supplements and things that you can take to help yourself, and or your healing. pm if i can help or point you in the right direction. get well soon brother.
  177. 1:11

    The RP is slaying them....

    :eyepoppin great trip. awesome
  178. 1:11

    Thanks Indy!

    very classy of the Indy ownership. Can someone please post a pic of Paul Burrows, sounds familiar.
  179. 1:11

    200# cutoff for the RP....

    good problem to have. ;)
  180. 1:11

    Bright Thread Color

    depends on what you have in mind. you can use whatever kind of thread you want. If using either of those colors on top of black thread in your wraps i would coat the underwrap of black so you can pack the colored thread tighter to give it a brighter look. On my Rasta build i laid down a Rasta...
  181. 1:11

    new protootype wahoo jigs

    me too fishy. Seems like the hinging mechanism (jointed body), and then running the inline hook aft the body would/could run wierd, or will end up getting drilled at some point. unless its titanium in there. I would re-engineer that jig and it would (could) sell full speed. Make it one...
  182. 1:11

    new protootype wahoo jigs

    i bet the BFT and YFT would be on the small one locally. Damn they kill the small marauder.
  183. 1:11

    new protootype wahoo jigs

    it is David, seriously, mezmerizing, how much are they (steve) ??? im not diggin the siwash on the back. I hesitate every time i crimp one onto a wahoo bomb, no way id install a siwash on a trolling jig. Id most def redesign that to braising a welded ring to cadmium welded 9/0 7691...
  184. 1:11

    new protootype wahoo jigs

    id buy a custom green with orange and purp accents and purple or red faceted eyez. i just want the lure, i wont fish it.
  185. 1:11

    Can it be too long?

    i don't know, but whatever you do don't ship it in cardboard. ;) ROFL
  186. 1:11

    new protootype wahoo jigs

    those guppy (trolling jig) are sweet looking.
  187. 1:11

    R.I.P MCA

    Thanks for fighting for our rights. :)
  188. 1:11

    R.I.P MCA

    R.I.P MCA, Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys PAUL REVERE
  189. 1:11


    certain colors mix right and give a pop, this is one of those, looks really great.
  190. 1:11

    picking guides

    ditto Randy said. also, the way to progress in rodbuilding or any other hobby or subject matter is to understand the language. If someone handed you a guide and asked, "What size is this guide?", would you know? you should... The size is the number of mm across the ID of the guide, but be...
  191. 1:11

    Wahoo Wire Harness

    i believe whoever was manufacturing those rigs had that plastic material, which i have never seen. Might try fishermans landing. Otherwise you can easily make up your own rigs by acquiring the same materials and i would just get ahold of some small ID shrink tubing. It probably wont slide...
  192. 1:11

    Mayweather vs Cotto - LARGEST payday ever for a fighter!!

    i wonder if the promoters of the boxing event know that this thread exists on a message forum of mostly men into physical activities and sports including MMA, and nobody cares about the highest paid in boxing match ever. Nobody cares about boxing anymore.... Most MMA fans love boxing, i...
  193. 1:11

    EVA size help

    my buddy Paul that taught me to build says the same thing. And i say, "Yeah but my little ass cant push that grip down before it STOPS and wont move again.".... i guess i better get the lead out. on JTs method, does cutting the little bit off the grip make a big difference in the method?? I...
  194. 1:11

    picking guides

    sizing use a micrometer. choosing use care and thought. for knowing use experience and "knowledge"
  195. 1:11

    rod components

    You don't know what you don't know. The SWB line of e-glass blanks are very capable and it will perform for you. They are very good blanks. To continue to keep costs down why not run some black perfection (reinforced) and deckie style cork grip, with ""X"" over the top optional. The black...
  196. 1:11

    EVA size help

    i like to microwave the EVA for a lil bit. It makes it way softer and stretches better.
  197. 1:11

    seeker cjb80

    that is a preference thing but before you order the reel seat make that determination and make sure to buy a seat that will go down that far. Otherwise you may have to cut it down. I prefer the 7.0 myself. The guide configuration i mentioned is just a guestimate of what i might use. If you...
  198. 1:11

    Another Urushi completed

    looks neat, might have to try some. guru shi
  199. 1:11

    Playing With Colors

    wow, that's really nice one.
  200. 1:11

    seeker cjb80

    May as well grab a Rainshadow RCLB80L (or 80M) and use the guide spacing on the website, which sure makes it easy. ALPS XN guides probably something like 20 16 12 10 10 8 8 8 8 8 +tip good luck w the build.
  201. 1:11

    The Purple Nirple

    nice rod Bill
  202. 1:11

    Fenwick 4-12 lb

    true joe, a tight little elongated diamond right over the blank can look nice
  203. 1:11

    Fenwick 4-12 lb

    shawn if you havent coated it yet why not redo it, take your time. Try using Black as the base wrap, use white and red in the diamond wrap, it will look great. go slow, keep constant pressure and keep the wrap tight. you can stop at any time by tightly taping the thread to the blank if you...
  204. 1:11

    Fenwick 4-12 lb

    Just redo it. Get some better white thread or change the config around. It will be worth it if you do it, and yes, go slow and take your time. whats the hurry. you cant fake a basewrap.
  205. 1:11

    Fenwick 4-12 lb

    LOL just razzing you but looks like you wrapped that base-wrap over the top of an unsanded layer of g-urushi. step 1, master laying down a base wrap before attempting diamond wrap. first learn crawl, then learn walk, i think mr miyagi said that. way to get after it though.
  206. 1:11

    A 53 year old Random spectator jumps in and wins MMA bout

    that was good stuff right there. totally awesome.
  207. 1:11

    Uni 50lb

    that black on top of red (burgandy) with the silver is a nice looking color combo
  208. 1:11

    Junior Seau RIP

    fine, but if a gun shot to the chest sounds like a reasonable way to take your life, ok. I havnt seen anything yet that leads me to believe or accept that its suicide. The man was way too much of a giver and had way too much going for him. I dont believe for a second that it is a suicide...
  209. 1:11

    How do i set the hook when fishing for batrays and Small sharks ?

    use a bigger hook and dont set the hook, let them eat eat and Take it, then put the reel in gear and let it come tight, you are on. if you set the hook after that you are probably pulling the hook out. hook set is more important on things like fishing plastic worms and getting a hook to...
  210. 1:11

    Junior Seau RIP

    Found by girlfriend, shot in the chest. And the news says suicide. Hey news, FUCK YOU. Sucks big time. I will be following this case. I want to see and hear what the coroner says. This is the reason why i think "murdered out" is a thuggish thing to say and i don't want that said about any...
  211. 1:11

    Junior Seau shot and killed?

  212. 1:11

    Junior Seau shot and killed?

    terrible news
  213. 1:11

    Robber vs. Rottweiler and Ricardo Video and Story

    i just watched the video. Good outcome. That Rotty didnt do a very good job though. The guy is fighting for his life and the damn dog was only pulling on the guys clothes. Too bad the dog didnt clamp down on a thigh or ankle, it would have been over immediately. Guy was lucky. and you have...
  214. 1:11

    Who makes the best metallic thread? Because

    I've been having good success with Bullards. The thread is priced well, and metallic comes in small workable spools that contain a large amount of thread (packed for miles). Great color selection available including several nice precious metals colors. Pick up a couple and give it a try you...
  215. 1:11

    Stealthy Invictus

    nice rod Bill
  216. 1:11

    Seeker 6463xxxh

    Brian you might take a look at the ALPS or Forecast, they make a guide (SU) that is similar to a Fuji USG, its very-heavy duty, but cheap in price compared to a USG. They also make a heavy duty turbo type guide (ST) that would work well with that blank and is a bit lighter. They have some nice...
  217. 1:11

    Cod Jigging Blanks

    please explain the difference ? :)
  218. 1:11

    Looking for carpenter or cabinet maker

    eric do you have an approximate weight of the pews?
  219. 1:11

    Fish Club Raffle Rod

    that weave is so old skool, looks awesome, perfect....
  220. 1:11

    G-Urushi with a "Twist"

    turned out cool, the urushi is quite pleasant.
  221. 1:11

    Going down to Mexico

    Please tell us you are not driving down there ? edit) well if you are be careful, more important, aware of the risks.
  222. 1:11

    stolen fishing rod

    now that is a happy ending right there. :)
  223. 1:11

    Rod Repair Thoughts

    or just glue a tip on and call it good, you might relocate that last guide.
  224. 1:11

    Rod Repair Thoughts

    take it to fenwick, explain what happened, they may replace. they used to do stuff like that. Although some people think its cheezy, companies like fenwick actually jump at the chance to do it, in exchange for some good press on the boards. You would be surprised, fenwick doesnt mind giving...
  225. 1:11

    Calstar 700M w/ a big assist from Saltydog Rods!!!

    nice work looks great
  226. 1:11

    Pictures: Why i do NOT prefer downlocking seat install

    That is a fair question Conrad. The way we fish on head boats in San Diego we are always standing and generally working a live bait or a jig. There are many types of situations happening and you need to have good dexterity with your rigs if you want to get the job done and be a killer. I...
  227. 1:11


    have both, like them both, prefer the revo if i had to choose. i still use my curados too, fishing freshwater im lucky, maintaining gear is easy, especially with some MX3 by INOX.
  228. 1:11

    New Lo-An

    New Lo~An is arguably "the BEST" open party in the fleet. Book it.
  229. 1:11

    can't take it anymore!

    Kerry have fun working on the $6 grand. You will be surprised how fast you can make the money when you are 'motivated'. You are sure to have a great time. I agree with other guys i like a big boat for comfort. do some looking at reports as time of year can matter and certain trips seem to...
  230. 1:11

    epoxy not drying

    Any time i ever "add" heat im only doing so for the purpose of getting to a workable viscosity. Im not trying to thin it out to some runny consistency, although i have made that mistake in the past. It seems to structurally change the finish. In the hot time of the year in vegas, which has...
  231. 1:11

    Rasta FL75

    Another thing you could do Scold is make a sample color palette on a dowel using your nylons. Put cp on half of each color to see the results of each thread with and without color preserver then apply finish. Since nylon thread generally "darkens" with CP, you may find that some lighter color...
  232. 1:11

    Smooth epoxy coat

    moving forward, as Kerry stated you want to apply very thin layers of finish. This will eliminate bumpiness in the future.
  233. 1:11

    Pictures: Why i do NOT prefer downlocking seat install

    Teal, you are talking about little gear. Im not. yes, i did use little and less little gear in my pics because its what i grabbed.
  234. 1:11


    you will probably have to fabricate a mounting platform. The only bit of advice as far as mounting the TM mounting bracket (quick release), remember the TM needs to hang over the edge of the gunnel, if you don't give it proper clearance the shaft wont drop down straight. So put the TM in the...
  235. 1:11

    Pictures: Why i do NOT prefer downlocking seat install

    Agreed, it's preference. But i prefer standard as down-lock sucks, in my opinion. :)
  236. 1:11

    Rasta FL75

    nice rasta build!
  237. 1:11

    Pictures: Why i do NOT prefer downlocking seat install

    teal you missed the point.... i want my hand on a grip when fighting a fish, not a on a hard reel seat. ALSO, i am not speaking of trigger grips and light rods as those are all downlocking and only go one way.
  238. 1:11

    Pictures: Why i do NOT prefer downlocking seat install

    The subject of installing reel-seats the standard way or down-locking has been a topic thrown around lately. This is just my personal opinion of the downlocking reel-seat install. It is just how i think, and i not necessarily right or correct. I actually went with down-locking install on 5...
  239. 1:11

    a few shark fishing rods!!!

    looks fun and rewarding, those are great pics.
  240. 1:11

    Bomber Saltwater

    Calico Bass will eat them, but not San Diego Calicos. The Calicos in San Diego are classy and smart like the citizens and have been schooled on the bombers, and so they don't work in SD. :)
  241. 1:11


    "we had the fish boiling all around the boat, but nobody knew how to cast, bunch of googins from Philly. Yersterday we had casters, we pounded em. Shoulda been here yesterday" - un named an un-named captain friend says this all the time. I got some great laughs out of googin the first time i...
  242. 1:11


    i think you spelled it wrong, please edit, its Googan. urban dictionary is mis-spelled. yes, that is the east coast version or way of calling someone a spoon. There are a lot of Googans on BD, and you will find a trememdous collection of googan vehicles parked at the lot at point loma.
  243. 1:11

    how to handle a bait?

    i bet half the people razzing the guy for wearing gloves on the first two pages of threads have never been on a trip longer than 3 days. I own some gloves i bought from Guyster, they are tight and snug and cozy, still i rarely ever wear them as i prefer to go bareback. Sometimes ive worn them...
  244. 1:11

    Reel Seat Backwards???

    i tried some down-locking installs on a few rods for myself, i hate it because i like my hand on the grip just directly above the seat and if the seat is installed down-locking then there is a bout a 2" space between your hand and the reel-seat and it is too wide a gap for me. i would never...
  245. 1:11

    Phenix 838L

    Awesome build Bill.
  246. 1:11

    Arkansas Striper action

    Wholly SHIT, that is an amazing trip of straight up pigs. Wholly crap, im with markis, i need some new drawers because i think i just shat myself.
  247. 1:11

    Ready to rock

    nice build there Larry.
  248. 1:11

    United Composites Zeus 5 Jigger

    bullards gunmetal is awesome. its just one of those thread you must have. Great mix of textures. The black (im guessing belly of a coal mine from bullards), with metallic, and gunmetal together really give depth to the build. The textures of the thread and blending them right can really...
  249. 1:11

    United Composites Zeus 5 Jigger

    Bill, that one is poppin. Looks awesome. And i know that grip build took some hourage.
  250. 1:11

    USPS Strikes again!

    oh you packaged your fishing in cardboard and it broke? Really? Im very surprised. This thread should be closed NOW.
  251. 1:11

    Little Pistol

    looks nice. im wanting to build a pistol grip myself.
  252. 1:11

    barretts east coast reel brace tutorial

    Peter, that's a sano job.
  253. 1:11

    Star or LD for WSB?

    Glad to see you still alive Willy
  254. 1:11

    Check this out Capt. G

    Cool note John, how much you want for it, PM me. i will buy it.
  255. 1:11

    Things I'd love to see on TV

    That was funny kyle. On the clickers, they do that only for TV purposes. Somewhere in the chain of command someone decided it was more exciting for TV to leave the clicker on while fighting fish. Yes, the east coast fishery is amazing. We have a little slot of water over here compared to the...
  256. 1:11

    Jose Wejebe RIP

    Super Sad, sorry to hear this bad news.
  257. 1:11

    When the joke's over

    cover it with a slightly larger USA flag and coat it.
  258. 1:11

    Spinal 150gram question

    Dude, that was what i said from the start, Spinal is just a brand name. If they manufacture and sell blanks fine. There is no such class of rods as "Spinal", its just a brand. Those in the images and videos bending past the forgrip and into the seat are noodles, sorry.
  259. 1:11

    couple tigers

    Those are nice looking tigers, and cool cork grips. If you have not seen DocSki tutorials on tiger on youtube channel you should check that out. Using three or more thread on bottom and several sacrificials, and a "proper" or effective burnishing pattern will improve your results for depth and...
  260. 1:11

    Spinal 150gram question

    Not sure where you are going with all this. im personally not a fan of long rods. I prefer rods for 6-7', except for swimbait rods. doesnt make any sense to fish a long rod for verticle jigging. 6 foot is great. Still not sure why you want to fish a silly noodle rod that bends into the...
  261. 1:11

    Border Town Brawl....Team Skaka's Day

    way to go, congrats.
  262. 1:11

    LowBudgets day in SD bay. SWBA rd.2

    Nice matching shirts. congrats.
  263. 1:11

    San Diego Bay 3/31

    cool vid, toad spotties.
  264. 1:11

    Spinal 150gram question

    If Spinal is a manufacturer of blanks, and if in fact the OP intended to mean that he is building a Spinal rod, then in fact this statement would make sense. My understanding is that Spinal is just a small shop, just as i have a name WMDcustoms, or others like Saltydawg, or the webspinner have...
  265. 1:11

    New Guides

    Pre-spray the heck out of all your guides, and reel seats, and reels and all your tackle with INOX MX3 to pre-treat your corrosion prone gear, you will be glad you did.
  266. 1:11

    Serious Hand-line Advice Needed

    you need a shock rubber or 2 in there somewhere, anybody have a pic of an SD style boat line?
  267. 1:11

    Spinal 150gram question

    Spinal is a brand name, and aside from sounding cool, there is nothing more to it. There is no such thing as a spinal rod, its just a gimmick. If someone wants to elaborate on how they have created or invented some other sort of application specific rod, or new creation called the spinal...
  268. 1:11

    Change of venue

    nice pic Jan, you got a cutie, good for you.
  269. 1:11

    Looking for Property Manager and a Real Estate Lawyer

    contact a property manager first, they will handle the eviction. I would contact a few and see what they say. If they sound like they want to be a bulldog and evict the people fast and fix the problem then hire them. If they talk about a bunch of other BS keep looking. A good pm will take...
  270. 1:11

    Change of venue

    good news Jan, congrats.
  271. 1:11


    those blank would look great with the old school meets new school, similar color wraps to your rainshadow. But the blank needs some love, a light sanding, and maybe a coat or two of permagloss. Could be gorgeous fish killers. i need some LANOX and some MX2 and MX3 and some other goodies, lets...
  272. 1:11


    they sure look like trulines
  273. 1:11

    need help now!

    just fish small plastic baits on the bottom chucked right into pilings and boat docs and along walls for spotted bay bass might get some sand bass too, you just have to put the time in. he only asked for basic info, why don't you give one piece of info. that's how it works. Nobody will dump...
  274. 1:11


    Hey Jeff, busy working, doing rentals kinda fun, busy busy, havnt felt like fishin. but i fancy some rsw grade tuna, please bring some if you make it to vegas. Lets go fishing. Its all good Wilsy, you know i love you. you're correct, nothing uncool about it, just had a chance to mess with...
  275. 1:11


    it is when its wils and he comes walking back with a lizard fish for hook removal while the crew is "busy" of course it's good to utilize bait receiver time, as there are a crap load of fish around but i think leaving for a long trip im going to wait to fish until the captain says so. what do...
  276. 1:11


    Wils are you the guy that fishes while the boat is at the bait receiver ? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: i knew it.
  277. 1:11

    So I'm a copycat, with thanks

    thats a good looking stick
  278. 1:11

    Marine themed rods

    nice rods
  279. 1:11

    Found this baby on my door step

    That shit aint funny dude. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::shithappens:
  280. 1:11

    Rod/reel for BIG baits?

    i was given that blank by Bill Batson. Its awesome for casting big baits. Its a beast. for throwing big wood for more than a minute you need the right blank, or else you will get tired fast. it will be worth it to have someone build one up for you. big baits is serious business. i fish...
  281. 1:11

    Bumble Bee blanks

    those are interesting looking blanks Bill.
  282. 1:11

    New Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine - A who's who of BD Builders!

    Love is way more important than money, just remember that and make sure you school your wife on that. She needs her man to remind her what you've probably both forgotten. Cool idea Capt, i want to see the article.
  283. 1:11

    Reaching My Dream.

    turn the handle when you drop the rod. you are giving the fish slack, you can see the slack in your line. better yet, don't drop the rod tip, just turn the handle... nice skip - good sashimi there.
  284. 1:11

    Seeker Pinhead

    The rod will work just fine for fishing chovies and sardines on 25# , i have an mxl and i think the mxl will be just fine on that rod. I dont see how you can call an mxl too big because the thing is freakin tiny, smaller than my revo 60. You should be set just right. I have not see the...
  285. 1:11

    Fed Ex, Lazy and Could Care Less

    bump (edited)
  286. 1:11

    Entry level finance position

    If you're in finance you need to write paper. Get your license, and orginate mortgage loans. You can be very successful and responsible for your own success. If you got a degree in finance to analyze companies books and files that seems sorta strange. The money is in the paper. Go write the...
  287. 1:11

    What do you do when?

    im very picky with regard to trims and trying to only use inlays where they really look tight, and not as a filler on a guide foot out of obligation, it's not honest an im bored with any standard looking old school inlays, unless its an old school build. I usually have the colors figured out...
  288. 1:11

    How Many Jigs?

    straight mono and wahoo, it's funny every time i watch. LOL
  289. 1:11

    Reel and Rod for Wahoo bombs and Cedros YT?

    i don't like that combo at all for wahoo bombs. don't want to fish the skin on that big two speed lever drag w back slop, and don't want an 8' rod. that's a very good bait reel, just wouldn't be my go to skin reel.
  290. 1:11

    Old Style

    those look sweet. nice clean work.
  291. 1:11

    calico/sand bass rod

    yeah that ISWB904 is really sweet. I built one for Bryan and he has done damage w it. For an all around swimbait rod for your needs, if i were only building one, i would go with the ISWB945. Its not too stiff, its a perfect swimbait blank for smallish swimbaits, and will handle some...
  292. 1:11

    Shikari Chick Bass Rod

    cute rod, i like the butterflies, nice touch, she'll be stoked, just be careful she doesn't start schooling you with the custom gear. ;)
  293. 1:11

    calico/sand bass rod

    id go with ISWB945 you will throw those little baits plenty far on the 8 footer (7'11"), and i dont think you will throw them further on those longer glass and composites you're considering. You wan't all graphite for this application. Those other blanks wont quite match up right with curado...
  294. 1:11

    Trolling Motor Help

    you might try a wire brush on the pins on the plugs and make sure you are getting a proper connection.
  295. 1:11

    Sabre Question

    edit) good score John
  296. 1:11

    rainshadow rcjb106mh

    nice builds Kerry.
  297. 1:11

    swim baits

    The older i get the more i gotta say i just love fishing live bait. Ain't nothing like fishing live bait. And if you are a fisherman and you don't fish any live bait, you ain't really a fisherman. Just because you aren't turning the handle when you get bit doesn't make it any less fun. And...
  298. 1:11

    Fed Ex, Lazy and Could Care Less

    So Calstar sends out a new blank and the builder who already donated his time on the first special build has to rebuild a new rod. Sounds great right ? I pray the rod isn't broken because the JT shouldn't have this bad luck a second time. If i had to rebuild the rod i built for the TCRBS...
  299. 1:11

    ATC and Fuji

    guys its FUJI with J
  300. 1:11

    ATC and Fuji

    I think we are all pretty intense folks here. We run businesses, we love our people, we take our game seriously. I have been in enough verbal confrontations on the boards and am embarrassed by past things i have said. If there is one thing i have learned in the quest for truth, knowledge and...
  301. 1:11

    Fed Ex, Lazy and Could Care Less

    NEVER EVER use cardboard. So many things happen in large shipping and sorting facilities. They have conveyer belts and sometime the load of a glut of packages can trap a tube at a turn and crush it if it is only cardboard. Tubes also don't stand true, so they often fall and wind up out of...
  302. 1:11

    Team Basstic TV - Going the Distance - San Clemente Island Calico Bass Fishing

    Max estep - damn great job on the production. Skiilz
  303. 1:11

    underwrap/guide placement question

    You're right Tim, i never tried the method.
  304. 1:11

    underwrap/guide placement question

    Rod finish and color preservers are intended to saturate the guide wraps and fill the thread fiber channels. The finish is fairly viscous and should flow through the thread. If there was a reaction with the glue it would or could tend to flow back up and could cause dimpling. But then many...
  305. 1:11


    nice job, looks great
  306. 1:11

    bass fishing buddy

    great post.
  307. 1:11

    underwrap/guide placement question

    i use blue painters tape, not masking tape. Never heard of anyone using any kind of glue, that is a not a good idea for mixing another chemical in with the finish. Glue holding guide is a no-no, and not necessary.
  308. 1:11

    Team Basstic TV - Going the Distance - San Clemente Island Calico Bass Fishing

    Wow Evan! The production was stellar. Versus channel would have trouble cutting a better show, and they would have stretched that material into two programs. That was off the hook. Really, that was a fine production, and so very professional. You're a great writer too. Kudos.
  309. 1:11

    Desperate Housewives

    nice dinks
  310. 1:11

    The Spanish Inquisition

    nice looking rod there, sweet drips, great job.
  311. 1:11

    Butter Bread Knife Jigs

    pretty cool. there are lots of guys making all kinds of gorgeous impeccably made custom knife jigs. You generally hack of the blade when making knife jigs, and some of the guys make some trick looking blade jigs. The whole knife does work. the handle of the knife is the heavy end, in this...
  312. 1:11

    latest wrap

    Wow! that looks stellar. makes me want to try one. cross-wraps i never got into doing, but they sure look fantastic on a rod. really sweet looking wrap you made there.
  313. 1:11

    First build. Chevrons taught by the master himself

    oh crap i thought this was a Doc Ski thread ! :) Good job, keep it up!
  314. 1:11

    I finally finished these two

    that marbled urushi may be the coolest thing i ever seen, which is good because the rubber gimbals are way gay, in 2012 acceptable kind of whey protein shakes, are very good.
  315. 1:11

    Do Rainshadow blanks have warrantee

    i believe the word that ends with ee is guarantee. I guarantee you will catch fish on Rainshadow rods. Uh oh, im not sure if i can say that. ;)
  316. 1:11

    black and yellow shark stick for the 412!!

    i was going to say two sqaures over there is a big ray, looks sweet. cool build.
  317. 1:11

    2 day LMV Trout Compilation

    way to catch and kill those trout. Good JOB! thanks for posting.
  318. 1:11

    El Cap 3-1-12

    great pics, nice to see some guys making time to fish. I need to do that.
  319. 1:11

    Fished for trout, snagged a bass

    gotta love the Bass Brian. did you get oohs and ahhs for having a bass. Im telling you guys, we really need to start a very robust program of catch and kill !!! Im going to do a kill trip soon, and its gonna be a bloodbath. Die fishies !! , get in my belly. lets fish Mead in the spring...
  320. 1:11

    Glow in the dark G-Urushi

    Not bad for a Japanese guy.
  321. 1:11

    A very touching story

    Threads like this are good for encouraging people to get off the couch and go to where the good info is, online. Find out why EVERYONE is sick, and go fix your problems. You don't have to be sick, and being sick can be reversed. Pro sports and Hollywood isn't that exciting. Go get you some...
  322. 1:11


    Yes, CATCH AND KILL, i like the sound of that.
  323. 1:11


    strange, something about going out and catching trout thru the ice then releasing them seems wierd to me. Maybe it's the awakening, not sure. If im fishing in snow, thru the ice, those fish are dinner.
  324. 1:11

    Whale Bone Jigs

    way before, im guessing
  325. 1:11

    Whale Bone Jigs

    oh! got ya. i re-read your post and did get that. Money is an interesting concept. It's an idea. Its whatever you decide it should be. That probably went over some heads.
  326. 1:11

    Whale Bone Jigs

    a single fixed hook jig like that will have a completely different action than a wax wing, and those jigs are way "cooler" than wax wings.
  327. 1:11

    Whale Bone Jigs

    i will trade you for 3 of my wahoo bombs if you are interested. i like the jig, those are cool.
  328. 1:11

    Zero "rest" since Texas.............

    pretty set of rods.
  329. 1:11

    thats more like it...

    guys go watch doc ski videos on youtube. your tigers will improve immediately by watching the man in action. priceless info, free-source, thanks Doc. yes it is very sweet seeing it come alive when removing the sacrificial thread(s).
  330. 1:11

    thats more like it...

    looks good, i like the way you left the pink caps and same size purple ends as caps into the tiger, good choice.
  331. 1:11

    Epic Rant

    im ok with being the only one to applaud this man for speaking out against being arrested for saying a word. In the land of the free you can now be arrested for your words.. The whole crowd applauded. If you were there you pussies would have all applauded too. have a nice day.
  332. 1:11

    First Tiger, thanks to Doc

    Doc Kudos on your great youtube videos for showing us how to properly burnish a tiger to get a good effect, and also by having multiple colors in the base wraps, and multiple sacrificial threads you get these wild effects. I have done several tigers but got my best result after watching your...
  333. 1:11

    Photos of the presentation at the TCRBS

    Nice Pants Doc :)
  334. 1:11


    cool build
  335. 1:11

    AR751T By United Composites

    that is purple kush, the green is just right, you nailed the orange fibers.
  336. 1:11

    some detailed info on JTDS wrap

    i get pretty large gappage in my JTDS. You have to use the plastic burnishing tool or other the do a lot of pushing and close up the gaps. Metallic thread, at least the Bullards, and GBrods are pretty durable and will take a fair amount of pushing on. my .02.
  337. 1:11

    JT has got him a website

    looks real good
  338. 1:11

    Texas Rod Show Day 1 BIG Success

    The only mention of RFS was in the title of my thread, it was sent to the right address so not sure why the confusion, but doesn't really matter i guess, and that it was donated to a Vietnam Vet soldier is very great to me. Hope you guys had a great time.
  339. 1:11

    Wedding Present Spinners

    nice Grant. Good looking rods.
  340. 1:11

    Credit where credit is due

    Nice builds, those are very nicely done.
  341. 1:11

    Winner of the RFS raffle rod

    who built the rod Pat ?
  342. 1:11

    Winner of the RFS raffle rod

    Pat, We've all said things on here we shouldn't of. Nobody is perfect. We are all are own biggest critic. Don't sweat the small stuff. Generally the folks we butt heads with have more in common with us than not. That's a great photo. Someone looks happy.
  343. 1:11

    gear help

    check reviews of the reels you are considering on sites like basspro and cabelas. There are many brands and models of bait casters, but not many will hold up fishing inshore in salt, shimano curado is good, abu revo is better. 7' all around graphite rod with stiff tip works well for most baits...
  344. 1:11

    Swimbait Striper Trip To Arkansas

    sick vid. monster mash.
  345. 1:11

    Texas Rod Show Day 1 BIG Success

    Hey Bill, I didnt see my build in the mix with the others for the contest. Did you see the rod, did it make it out there? Hope you guys are having fun.
  346. 1:11

    Texas Rod Show Rod build off contestants

    Yes Pat please give Jims rod to the contest organizers, the contest wont be the same without JTs build in there.
  347. 1:11

    A documentary on molluscs.

    that looks clean, and im guessing you got a good price on the cali pier muscles.
  348. 1:11

    Couple Different questions

    I also use u-40, it's a great product. I like epoxy that go off slowly. I like being able to leave my rod to set up and cure, all the while my stirring stick is becoming bonded to my mix, i know i have a good perfect bond going, which is critical. Fast epoxy dont hold up as well long term...
  349. 1:11

    Phenix MF711-1 trout rod w/burlwood handle

    dude that grip looks sweet, really great build.
  350. 1:11

    RFS build for TCRBS -

    Contest Bill, I shipped it to the address on the first thread. Havnt gotten a message or anything regarding receipt. I was hoping they could clean up my package before presentation. I overdid it for shipping purposes, but most of that should be removed before its handed over. If someone...
  351. 1:11

    RFS build for TCRBS -

    Steven the blank is a Rainshadow RCLB70L. Im sure there would be more precise blank choices for many of those application specifically. This is a donation where the recipient is to use and enjoy the rod. This will be a good all around rig to have in the boat. You know the rod you have on...
  352. 1:11

    RFS build for TCRBS -

    Those are good ideas John. I think it wouldn't be too much work to identify which soldier was given which rod built by which builder. I had very good intentions with this build. The rod actually did not end up anything like the original concept. i intended to do a camo theme, with a red...
  353. 1:11

    RFS build for TCRBS -

    Guys its for the build-off and contest and im sorry if i improperly identified the program or players. I appreciate nice words about my builds. Its unfortunate that any battle had to start over this thread but hopefully everyone gets back on track. Salty are you able to help me edit the title...
  354. 1:11

    Salty one

    i thought you meant the Dawg
  355. 1:11

    RFS build for TCRBS -

    Thanks to the soldiers that enlist in our military to keep us safe from bad guys. Thanks to Bill Batson for donating all the components and Adam Hansen for pulling the components together and dealing with me. The rod was built on all Rainshadow and ALPS components. The blank is a Rainshadow...
  356. 1:11

    Tiger wrap

    i also suggest doing a search for the thread by DocSki, video tutorial on youtube, that is a very valuable gem, you need to see that, awesome vid Doc.
  357. 1:11

    She picked the colors.

    i think someone is going to be happy with her colors, nice job, that thing is sweet.
  358. 1:11

    My Soldiers Contribution to the TCRBS....

    Nice rod Jim, turned out sweet. Im becoming a bigger fan of gold thread these days. Nice job salty on the wrappy wrap.
  359. 1:11

    Single Thread Inlay Tutorial

    i do same way, fastest way to inlay a thread. also makes for keeping the start and stop angles of the inlay looking right. nice job on the tutorial Randy, good colors your chose for the demo.
  360. 1:11

    "Big or Small...Save em' All"

    it really pretty Jim, nice work as always.
  361. 1:11

    And the bullshit continues

    you guys are over the target, you must be doing something right,,, dont sweat the small stuff.
  362. 1:11

    Calstar 770XXH

    why do you want to fish a 6' rod? 6 foot rod is ok but 6'6-7.o is good too especially for fishing 80#
  363. 1:11

    You'd better move over...

    that looks very custom. would look neat to do some urushi section for base wraps, under guides, like using ab or marbling but urushi style. came out very pretty. nice.
  364. 1:11

    Wrapping Q?

    me three
  365. 1:11

    Wrapping Q?

    i do single inlays without anchoring the thread, i learned this after many years of wrapping, its faster and easier. Im sure many do it this way. I may have to put up a vid of how to do it, simple. YES it can be done.
  366. 1:11

    Phenix rod choice for Curado 300E

    Rainshadow ISWB945 - Abu 50
  367. 1:11

    Another TCRBS Hero rod

    Sweet rod Larry. I had finish issues too and my real job had me super busy. I was able to get mine out FedEx ground today. Will post pics soon...
  368. 1:11

    TCRBS rod.

    nice Doc.
  369. 1:11

    2000 Chevy Silverado WHITE w SnugTop Tonneau w 4.8L V8

    Im selling my 2000 chevy truck. Its LS silverado white with snugtop tonneau, stock rims, tires have most of the tread left, has original 4.8L small V8 hauls ass and gets great mileage, has 192,000 miles on original motor and trans. Motor is strong, and truck drives tight not sloppy. Has...
  370. 1:11

    Intrepid 14 day trip

    Captain ain't in the code group. Went to El banco and got all big ones, including a 332. Again.:rofl:
  371. 1:11

    I'm Back

    yes, that is fishing. Losing bass or yellows is no biggie. Big tuna losses are heart-breakers. nice unit in the photo!
  372. 1:11

    Fluro Loomis

    nice wrap, cool execution of threads.
  373. 1:11

    Still Geauxing

    nice build
  374. 1:11

    Ink Pen

    Ive had very good luck recently with Silver Marvy Gel Excel at MICHAELS its a gelly roll type pen (900M-S #SLV silver) Also got a white Gelly Roll pen med point. They work better than anything else i've tried over the last 20 years of writing on rods, cheap, easy to find.
  375. 1:11

    The New Journal is not a hit, it is a GRAND SLAM

    JT I will send you $10 for a black and white photocopy of the issue with your JTOB explanation. Im you write a short note and autograph i will make it $25, and pay the shipping. Bring one with you next time you come to Vegas, i will buy you a beer when i pick it up. A reel beer.
  376. 1:11

    Batson spg781

    Thats a tight build, i like it, nice throop wrap.
  377. 1:11

    I want to punch the inventer of ProWrap Metallics....

    i thought the Bullard spools of metallic were going to be very large and not fit my thread carriage, but the spool isnt much bigger than a large size regular spool of gudebrod and the hole is about the same too. Fore some reason (because of the shape in the illustration) i thought the spool...
  378. 1:11

    a little purple and white

    neat rod
  379. 1:11

    so what do you do?

    belly hook your dines, give em a good lob off the bow if you can. They swim under the boat all the time as it is structure and safer for them that blue open water. It happens, pain in the butt. Tuna will come up and take baits right under the boat too. If your bait swims under the boat full...
  380. 1:11

    Makaira disappointment... desperate for input...

    Be very very careful with your lever drag reels, especially your high dollar lever drag reels.. SOUND LIKE USER ERROR TO ME.. 2 reasons, first because you just said you have very limited knowledge and experience with lever drags and 2nd because the manufacturer is saying its possible user...
  381. 1:11

    Latest Build and last vids

    Awesome job on the build and the video Doc. Kudos on figuring out the camera and the videos, the editing, and the proper unloading to your channel and then here to BD. Not that it's rocket science but there are simply many folks that don't attempt to be digital because they think it is...
  382. 1:11

    Best Mex food near landings

    We had Miguels for a wedding rehearsal dinner and pre-party. The food was awesome and it's a nice place to take people from out of town. There are quite a few other taco shops in walking distance but they aren't nice to be in for a real true dinner party. Miguel's would be my choice.
  383. 1:11

    Bad time to be an angler.

    Now is the BEST time to be an angler.
  384. 1:11

    Rod Build Off Contest check in

    i guess i better finalize component choices and get started.
  385. 1:11


    urushi in progress!
  386. 1:11

    When the internet was free and FISHING WAS LEGAL

    oh i think i feel an MLPA jam coming on.
  387. 1:11

    When the internet was free and FISHING WAS LEGAL

    Tell us what it was like when we could go fishing DAD? Tell us what it was like when we had freedom on the internet DAD? Rap does suck, but this is a wonderful creation by a man with skills and courage. Truth is Freedom. Get with Truth....
  388. 1:11


    if you drive down there in car, you are NUTS. way too much danger in doing that. This isnt 1985. Mexico is almost entirely a failed state. You are taking your life into your own hands going down there is a US car.
  389. 1:11


    Now that is the kind of humor that makes me laugh!
  390. 1:11

    "Smok'n it"

    What is what TK does with 12" poles ALEX, for $1000?
  391. 1:11


    i think you better put some lenses back in your safety goggles before you turn that one up... just leave it, looks butter smoooth, like butta.
  392. 1:11

    I D this fish please?

    im sure they are tasty, as with most fish. We are spoiled by are pelagics and tasty rockfish so some of these lesser species are frowned upon. properly prepared, and if you were hungry im sure they would taste great.
  393. 1:11


    came out nice, good job.
  394. 1:11

    Swimbait Striper Trip To Arkansas

    whoa those are big ones
  395. 1:11

    Do you wax your rod?

    Mike, the battery conditioner will solve your battery problems. its like permanent battery crack. My trolling motor would zap my fully charged 29 batt in a couple hours..... Since adding the INOX Mx-2 i can run on the trolling motor more than 3X as long an when i check the battery indicator i...
  396. 1:11

    "Gold Member" Too far outside the box?

    the irridescent look is awesome, im thinking as basewraps with that same material would look stellar. looks like swirling jet fuel or "boat gas".
  397. 1:11

    "Gold Member" Too far outside the box?

    Bill it looks sick. I have a bullion rod coming up, but i know it wont look that bad ass. the blank guilding whatever you did is off the hook.
  398. 1:11

    Now Showing - Tiger Wrap Tricks by Cecil B. DocSki

    thanks Doc, you did a great job on the videos. Not only was the explanation and technique informative but the production of the videos is excellent.
  399. 1:11

    Phenix Snow Flake

    i almost built myself some rods that color combo, that's a great combo. black and silver "snowflake", is a very cool geometric pattern. looks really good. As with so many rods, photos never doing justice, i'm saying that thing must look great in ones hands at the rail in the Sun.
  400. 1:11


  401. 1:11

    Do you wax your rod?

    O M G. STOP WITH THE PLEDGE. INOX MX3 - for all your anti-corrosive needs. LANOX mx4 Shhhhhh don't tell. G A M E O V E R ------> GET U SOME ! edit) whatever you do, dont put Inox MX2 battery conditioner in all your batteries for about $10-20 per battery...
  402. 1:11

    Need some help/opinions

    look like sparkling christmas decorations, which is cool, put some tinsel on it and call it good.
  403. 1:11

    Vintage Sabre Re-build

  404. 1:11

    Freebie for Christmas

    Merry Christmas Doc, the reason for the season.
  405. 1:11


    Mike, UFC 140 wins hands down in terms of seeing beat-downs and being shocked several times. You will need to see this one.
  406. 1:11


    It can't be described. One can only see the event to understand it. Whoa!
  407. 1:11

    One for the Batson Collection.....

    double post. uh-oh not those again.
  408. 1:11

    One for the Batson Collection.....

    what blank is it Jim?
  409. 1:11

    One for the Batson Collection.....

    that thing is over the top! The gorgeous wraps and finish really help to accentuate the beauty of the ALPS seat and guides. The finish on the guides looks so nice. That's way too nice to fish with, but i'm sure Bill can't wait to put a bend in it.
  410. 1:11

    Disgusting Swordfish Video

    That is not true. We are an intelligent species that chooses to regulate, and minimize our take, while implementing reasonable size limits and prohibiting the take of juveniles. The fact is that all the proper and reasonable regs for sport-fishing are already in place and reasonable people...
  411. 1:11

    GF765ML Marlin Caster

    cool, diggin it.
  412. 1:11

    2 Day Pac Voyager

    We believe you Dave. You're always a gamer for going fishing. Im wishin i was fishin. Have fun.
  413. 1:11


    people that hang out at the landing hoping to "get" a fish somehow. can i have a fish? Can i buy a fish? Will you turn your back so i can steal a fish ? Pelicans.
  414. 1:11

    Out To Sea.

    Justin, excellent production, you are great.
  415. 1:11

    Its been almost 5yrs...

    Looks like the other one Chris from yt, but blue this time, sweet blending the colors within the crosswrap. Look forward to seeing it finished.
  416. 1:11

    his/hers panfish combo

    Nice job! those came out really clean.
  417. 1:11

    Soldier Bass Rod

    nice job, i gotta "finish" mine too.
  418. 1:11

    commerical spray booth - paint cars limos buses

    Pretty sure its a sprayline brand cross flow, truck booth. We are going to get you the specs of the booth and some pictures. It is currently located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA pm me your phone number if you would like a call or want to take this to text. Thanks for the interest. Taking highest...
  419. 1:11

    commerical spray booth - paint cars limos buses

    One of our tenants abandoned a PRACTICALLY BRAND NEW huge commercial spray booth. Its about 50' long and will fit buses and motor-homes. We want it out of the building. You can buy it really cheap. However much you want to give us for it we will take, you remove. It was over $25k for the...
  420. 1:11

    He Come Groovin' up slowly, He got Juju Eyeballs

    that's a great looking build there. Inca?? is awesome. Its a bold gold. ooops that not inca. Those wind check are like Inca. Again, sweet build.
  421. 1:11

    Lord Ceezar, or "Ceez"

    that's dope! serious strenf. NICE GKW, came out just right size mono. Is the 3rd color the blank from removing a sacraficial thread ? you aren't kidding about the grouper size calico. It the first Nano-second i saw it i was thinking wholly shiz that looks like a 50# Black. That thing is WR...
  422. 1:11

    Don't let this happen to you

    yep, pain goes away once you remove the object. If you fish long enough you will get a hook in your hand or elsewhere. That's paying your dues buddy. That's actually a pinner hook. Let's see some 10-16/0 7691s and some iron and marauders. Let's see some bloodydecks.
  423. 1:11

    "GUD" reeL seat ??

    never heard of em, but they sound bad ass (the rods). post some pics up Opee. What's the owners name? Good chance somebody on BD knew the man.
  424. 1:11

    One for my cuz.....

    damn that one came out dyno. lets see the build?
  425. 1:11

    Sage 2wt. fly rod, for the future.

    ok if you insist. whats wrong with you man? Why are you always picking on me and everyone else. can you just leave me be? What did i do? EDIT) hey Greg, if a package does come this way please confirm my mailing as it may be different and please include FW propaganda and that thing we talked...
  426. 1:11

    Sage 2wt. fly rod, for the future.

    Whoa, i didnt even know such an animal existed, never new Ole Henry made surface lure, that thing must be a terror. I will give you $3 million for it.
  427. 1:11

    I hate you Capt. G.....

    Japanese people work in metrics. How many grams is that? Yeah as for the grips, that capt guy is really a dick helping people out all the time sharing all his secrets. Just don't piss him off or he might send you a whole bunch of tackle in the mail. What a jerk.
  428. 1:11

    Don't let this happen to you

    50 # mono, double over hand knot, yank out, game over, co-pay $0 LOL
  429. 1:11

    Sage 2wt. fly rod, for the future.

    the AHw? abalone homo wrap ? with a SouthBend twist, a tk shuffle, and a jByrd dunk for good measure? What do i win? ;)
  430. 1:11

    Rail fishing history?

    i was aware that Butch Green was one of the first "hall-of-famers" that refined the technique. I have the Clipperton odyssey video filmed as a series of trip on the Royal (Clipperton Atoll) the best fishing vedio EVER, by far. Butch Green sits on the rod, the way he goes about it and with no...
  431. 1:11


  432. 1:11

    Rail fishing history?

    my take is that harnesses were always regarded as necessary for landing big fish. Over the past 30 years various deckhands have taken hand-offs wearing no harness and after a few minutes of getting owned pulling on those big fish the crews started to learn that you dont need to lift the rod off...
  433. 1:11

    Swing and a miss........

    good execution as always Jim, but i was feeling it either. Im sure what you come up with will blow it away. Rumor has it Bill Batson likes purple.
  434. 1:11

    Happy Thanksgiving

    well said Doc.
  435. 1:11

    wahoo bombs

    I use a stainless hook on my bombs because it's an open eye siwash that is only available in SS which easily allows me to slip my spinner blade split ring swivels rig on the hook as well as easily clamping onto the back eye of the jig (sinker). And i copied the design from others so i can't...
  436. 1:11


    cool set!
  437. 1:11

    Looks like its on at the lower banks

    would you say that 50 good ones in a day is a solid steady pick... 50 X 150 average= 7500 pounds 7500 pounds in a day / 25# schoolies (decent ones) = 300 FISH I would say 50 fish a day is OFF THE HOOK on good ones. Im jealous. Im not going this year. Game over. :(
  438. 1:11

    Grips without glue/epoxy

    Yes you can do it dry... I watched Ty at OLD phenix install Thousands of grips that way. You can get really small IDs onto really big OD with just air. I sold my compressor a couple years ago. mistake. Once a really small ID is set onto a clear smooth surface, it aint moving. Its the glues...
  439. 1:11

    Grips without glue/epoxy

    People listen to Capt G. because he knows what he is talking about. We that are listening know what WE are talking about. We have same or similar experiences and this isnt rocket science. The number of posts he has is a side benefit to us, its entertaining dude. JByrd, did you really "Tried...
  440. 1:11

    Congrats Jim Trelikes

    Knowing not much about tattoos, having zero, but being fascinated by them i watched the tattoo shows that used to be on. There were a very few artist that you KNEW the piece would ALWAYS be AMAZING. JT is like that. He has never built me a rod but i would imagine many a return customer has...
  441. 1:11

    Guadelupe on the Vagabond 11/8-11/13

    Wow, insane trip, huge yellows, incredible grade of tuna. Darrel wins JP to top it off :)
  442. 1:11

    Sphinx's left foot for sale on ebay

    nice threadwork
  443. 1:11

    Pinhooker rod

    Nice color combo, i like it when they come out great like that. cool rod. cool name for a rock band - "PURPLE SPIDERS"
  444. 1:11

    Best way to shorten the 3x5

    if you are going to take 12" or more off of that blank you just need to select a different blank, and there are plenty of options.
  445. 1:11

    Calstar wahoo rod w/photo wrap

    Nice job Brent! could we call it the SDPW - Salty Dawg Picto Wrap ?? threadwork looks nice. what kind of thread did you use?
  446. 1:11


    Same as garrett i couldnt get it to lay out the way i like with 9 guides so i went with 10. I don't think my guide lay out is great but i could give it to you. I would have to go measure up may rod, later tho. Erik, Matts down-wrapped 946 with 7 guides is sano, it's very hard to argue with...
  447. 1:11

    crystal lake ?

    Even if it is open its kinda long drive, and hike down to a puny pond for small fish, if any. I think you could look around and find some way better options. Even big bear would be a good choice. or green valley lake are fun trips. Could get a decent fish. you will probably find much better...
  448. 1:11

    Sun protection clothing

    regarding the XPS bass pro shop stuff, i have tried it and some of it doesnt fit great, meaning the cut isnt comfy. The columbia and some of the better brands give you the comfort, and look better too, which technically isnt important but why not look good too. :) I would make sure to buy the...
  449. 1:11

    SRL Tailwalker

    probably just a typo
  450. 1:11

    My Latest attempts

    nice tiger wrap and good job on the JTDS, always looks good in gold.
  451. 1:11

    Pussy-footin' a GF875H!

    nice, looking forward to using some inca gold, i have some standing by.
  452. 1:11


    Hey Oscar, its going to be a nice rod. Both the Rainshadow ISWB945 and ISWB946 are excellent and you will probably want both, eventually, as well as an ISWB947 which is a monster. The guide layout can go many ways but i've built several with 10 guides. Id suggest 16, 12, 10, 10, 10, 10, 8, 8...
  453. 1:11

    I'm gonna be tapping Lindsay Lohan

    Thanks Brandon, i just got stuck on the TMZ site for an hour watching vids, not working, so thanks. :) not my cup of tea, but it was entertaining.
  454. 1:11

    SCI - Halloween Weekend

    Gorgeous Fish! Awesome Photos.
  455. 1:11

    Still learning suggestions when to set hook fresh bait

    Dont set the hook. When you get a bite, put the reel in gear and turn the handle and dont stop turning the handle until it comes tight. Dont need to set the hook, you will pull the hook out of their mouth. Setting the hook technique is extremely important for catching largemouth bass on...
  456. 1:11


  457. 1:11


    first you think its a joke, then comes the four-banger so you know its a joke. then the guy actually casts the rig and then catches a big catfish on it. that was classic.
  458. 1:11

    Prayers needed for Silvia Davis

    Get well soon Silvia, just saw this, prayers sent, will keep them coming.
  459. 1:11

    One going to the land down unda

    Nice job Bill, good job on the raildawg, but im going to have to agree with you that its gay. Im sure you thought it if you didnt say it.
  460. 1:11

    Jaws 81230

    man that thing is way too nice for kayak fishing, he better have a lanyard for sure. great looking guide wraps. i could have never thought up that combo. Im the worst at picking good combos. Looks awesome. Grips and seat are nice, that is a bad ass rod.
  461. 1:11


    Diggin the red abalone, with simple diamond, and the builds in general. those are some solids pier sticks. That was very nice of you and the others that donated for your friend.
  462. 1:11

    Most offensive restaurant names

    whiskey dick's in vegas
  463. 1:11

    BILLFISH BEWARE.........

    Yeah man, that set it over the top. the ice blue under the guides makes it. great work there.
  464. 1:11

    Phenix & United Composite

    nice threadwork!
  465. 1:11

    BILLFISH BEWARE.........

    i think somebody said it before, F YOU! that is just fucking ridiculous.
  466. 1:11

    Rainshadow ISJ782

    that gkw is off the hook. how did you finish it off? i don't see any finish or thread tie downs at the ends, that's pretty much the cleanest gkw i have seen.
  467. 1:11


    Rainshadow (Batson) id go with an RCLB80L. It's an excellent bait rod, a great value. and you can throw the light small jigs on it. You want a separate jig stick for throwing iron the right way, but i will do double duty for you.
  468. 1:11

    Little themed rod.

    nice two-tone tiger. cool rod.
  469. 1:11

    The Green Hornet

    i dig those grips. Nice job.
  470. 1:11


    Regarding dropping squid chovies or dines to the bottom for he doesnt say that, he says he is new but getting into the sport but had the intel to get to BD so he isnt totally new. I like to suggest the right tackle the first time. I personally wouldnt suggest a new generation Newell to a...
  471. 1:11


    change your cut bait to Anchovy and you will catch more fish. Everything in the canal will eat the cut chovy. My trick, especially in the hot weather is cut the chovy bait at home and put it in plastic container in the freezer, keep on block ice ir dry ice in your cooler. Chovy and dines will...
  472. 1:11

    Hold down the fort

    Have fun. Im jealous. Don't forget the mealworm and marshmallow combo for the tough pick.
  473. 1:11

    30 minute Rope a Dope weave

    those look awesome, great work.
  474. 1:11

    Fish Killa

    Is that Bullard Pigment? Looks cool.
  475. 1:11

    Which new Trinidad A for 20 - 25# line

    Concur on the star, id take the Trini 14 ( i have the original old one), i fish one. 16 is a good reel but now you are into the 20 or 30 body. In terms of Newell sizing, which is the benchmark for casting/livebait reels, NEWELL, THE REEL, i want a 229 for fishing chovies or dines on 25#, not a...
  476. 1:11

    June 7/8 day

    Yes you should have a heavy dropper loop outfit, but you don't have to "buy" one, but why not. :) It's nice to have a good 60# outfit that you can cast very well. If fish over 50# are biting 60# steady you should fish it, IMO. Yes you should buy a rig for 60#, terrible i know ;) . Look on...
  477. 1:11


    the finish on the blank is negligible. You need the next size seat, most likely. Don't mess with the blank, just get another seat.
  478. 1:11

    One for the soldiers

    nice looking rod.
  479. 1:11


    i don't think this is good advice. Steering the guy away from buying good gear, into sealines and newells. You say dont get an Avet because the need too much maintainence but then you say get a newell, and sealines are not good quality IMO. I love my Newells but not sure its a better choice...
  480. 1:11

    RFS Bass Stick

    Wow that thing is sweet, the grips are sano. I'm diggin the cork butt cap too.
  481. 1:11


    you don't fish anyway! I'm waiting for the deposit. :)
  482. 1:11

    2x4 Raill Dawg

    Nice! you could call those Sashimi Specials
  483. 1:11

    Age limit

    oooooh, spill the beans, this could be good. :)
  484. 1:11

    Your favorite rods/blanks

    Old Phenix rods were the BEST bass rods. The Japan market completely changed Phenix business model to Japan only (mostly) at one point. Ty was awesome and people took advantage of the lifetime warranty. QC went down on the blanks and there was a problem. Ty finally said "FISHING RODS ARE...
  485. 1:11

    Solo trip to Lake Biwa

    cool story, except for the un-bottoned good fish, and the key fumbling.
  486. 1:11


    I am happy to announce that WMDcustoms and Batson Enterprises will be teaming up on this donation for the CUSTOM ROD BUILD-OFF and we will be bringing our A-GAME, Big Time, so we hope everybody else will do the same. As Doc says, progress not perfection. But if you do your best, then you will...
  487. 1:11

    Age limit

    That could be the best post of all time. LOL
  488. 1:11


    the software re-sizes the photo to AVATAR size, no action required.
  489. 1:11

    Old Sabre 640?

    i would just hold on to it for a while. No reason to build it yet !
  490. 1:11

    hypalon or EVA?

    Both can be tricky to install, especially if you have never done it. Both tend to not want to get moving once they stop. EVA can tend to get bubbles or dimples if the ID is too small it will often get mis-shapen. Heat both in the microwave until they soften considerably. I recently made one...
  491. 1:11

    The Ocelot Wrap, Revisited.

    wow that was fast, thanks G. specifically it was the rod with the two tone red and silver ocelot, the silver was kinda like a bullion silver, slightly goldish. i tried a red white and blue ocelot on my ISWB946 but it didnt turn out right. In retrospect i did that on before i figured out using...
  492. 1:11

    Some Recent Wraps

    Nice rods.
  493. 1:11


    could be the action maybe? With the long mono topshot there could tend to be a ticking of recoils or darting motions with the longer mono. Cant imagine it had anything to do with the line being seen. What say you Dave? I've used the Penn Baja Special for wahoo bombs with very good success...
  494. 1:11

    S.W. A. T Shore Striper Slay Fest DD 9 Times Over

    wholly crap, great day.
  495. 1:11

    It is about time

    Was that George Noory ?
  496. 1:11

    Our Help is SERIOUSLY needed.

    Hey Silvia, I've been so happy since my Bullard metallic threads came today, but now im sad. But you are strong and have tons of support, and i will be sending prayers for you too. You got this thing ! The Bullard Metallic threads are Gorgeous, and the black sure is black. Thanks for being so...
  497. 1:11

    25# bait rod

    check the blank diameter specs at im saying butt OD should be very similar to the calstar.
  498. 1:11

    25# bait rod

    Take a look and RCLB80XL or RCLB80L pull on both. The Rainshadows are by far the best value out there, i fish them almost exclusively, and Ive paid for almost all of them. Im affiliated because i like the people and the product.
  499. 1:11

    Spiral Wrapped query

    Mark, that explanation can not be correct because bassmandan just guaranteed that his explanation for acid wrapping a rod is to keep the line from rubbing on the blank. I thought Dan was right. I think you are wrong. Besides have you ever even rapped an acid rod? My sources say no!
  500. 1:11

    FAT Stripers!

    Those look like FRIDAY fish fo sho. Willow beach fatties.
  501. 1:11

    FAT Stripers!

  502. 1:11

    Seeker 908's

    those look sweet. I cant wait to get my metallic bullard threads including several tones of gold. I need to start using more gold, it looks really good mixed in there but i rarely use it. With gold close $2000 an ounce i really have a new appreciation for the color gold.
  503. 1:11

    Report Tagged Lobsters

    So i guess this means that corporate interests will or have co-opted the study and will give data in favor of shutting down Lobster fishing in 3 years. How bout they are the cockroaches of the sea floor, been here for eons, and will always be. Tagged 5,000 lobsters, what a huge waste of time...
  504. 1:11


    I'LL BE BACK !
  505. 1:11


    I know way too much! Does that make me Crazy?
  506. 1:11

    Team Cheesypoof Bookend completed!

    that's a great looking rod.
  507. 1:11

    10 Days In The Coral Sea. HEAVY WATER

    the GTs on the big spin gear looks fun, cool neat fish at 2:31, fish out of the water covers 15 foot gap was epic, epic.
  508. 1:11

    Castaic Stripers

    Cool Vid, inspired to go wrap some thread on my knife jig rod to be used any day now when i stop working so much.
  509. 1:11

    The RAIIIDERS!!!

    Nice rod. What silver thread is that?
  510. 1:11

    SPAWN-MAN stick....

    nice rod.
  511. 1:11

    Faded johnson

    clean built
  512. 1:11

    AM 1090 "Let's Talk Hook Up"

    I have a friend with this last name, he says the proper Irish pronunciation looks like this. Lock-er-ee but he pronounces his Lauw er ee I believe they call that restriction of first amendment.
  513. 1:11

    LA Times + Sand Bass Decline Report = Their .02 Cents

    That fact that most anglers, myself and yourself included, catch and release almost all of our bass proves that we are conserving our resource.
  514. 1:11

    LA Times + Sand Bass Decline Report = Their .02 Cents

    Captain, i agree that was a completely ass tool written heap of trash by a punk ass fool. They want to take away your rights to fish plain and simple. There is not a problem with the fishery. There will never be a problem with the sand bass or calico bass fishery because the numbers in the...
  515. 1:11

    Am I doing this right?

    Good Job Teal. Is your hook keep on backwards though ?
  516. 1:11

    Las Vegas

    Hey Tim, Welcome to Vegas. We put a pretty good pounding on the striped bass at Lake Mead, and down at Lake Mojave below the Hoover Dam. Those are your best option for solid fishing, and always a shot at a monster. You might visit or join the striper club to get up to speed. or pay attention...
  517. 1:11

    80-100lbs class rod that I rebuilt for myself

    Nice rod man, looks awesome.
  518. 1:11

    Sad news (Sushi Grade RIP)

    Very sad news. Prayers sent.
  519. 1:11

    Where do long rods go at bow of Royal Polaris

    I've fished with plenty of guys, wahoodad as one, that keep (almost) all of their gear up top. It's like the valet lot for nice cars, or you can park in the lot where anything goes. You have to admit, our rigs are exposed just sitting their on deck with our eyes not seeing any damage they may...
  520. 1:11

    Another bright one

    Nice Rod Bill !
  521. 1:11

    how does this look

    mudhole sucks donkey balls, acidrod is the place to go, get ya an RCLB kit. e-glass is for tools. LOL
  522. 1:11

    Intrepid Rescue Vid

    wow, that was awesome.
  523. 1:11


    Looks to smooth to be a GKW, therefore me thinks it's a very pretty throop wrap, In Japan i believe they say Vewy pwetty thwoop wap.
  524. 1:11

    There's a new Rail Rod in town

    Looks great Bill, the RailDawg install looks sano, is the finish process set in stone or are you refining it? I havn't seen one in person, being in Vegas and since i don't fish too much out there anymore.
  525. 1:11


    That's a cool color combo, i think you need a better camera.
  526. 1:11


    strong as new rope
  527. 1:11

    Stolen tackle

    Hey Kyle, bait the trap with more rods, watch from the window and have someone help you.
  528. 1:11

    Amtak Titans

    x4 because titanium isn't soft.
  529. 1:11

    Guadalupe weather

    Mike, Always bring a variety of sweatshirts, and a jacket and raingear on a trip. Bring shoes, flip flops, and boots. Be prepared and dont worry about it being wet on the water. The weather will only bother you if you dont bring the right gear for it. Never go offshore without jackets and...
  530. 1:11

    Rpt-8 day on the Excel ending 09-23-11

    Nice Job Cory! Nice grade. Fun to read too!
  531. 1:11

    how much would you charge?

    whatever you do you probably wont get what you deserve for your time so make sure some fresh Ahi fillets from a later trip are included. :)
  532. 1:11

    Team Redondo/Shogun 2011

    Nice grade of tunas, sounded like a fun time.
  533. 1:11

    rail dawg 2x4

    ditto. i bet the pics don't do the throop-tiger justice, they never really do.
  534. 1:11


    Im in but only if i can supply my own components and kit my own rod.
  535. 1:11

    Wire Leader Help

    Rigging 49strand for trolling harnesses, make sure you double crimp it and make sure those crimps are sano. I fucked up a couple years ago and lost a large Dodo YoZuri marauder. I was standing at the rail holding my rig when i got bit...... GONE....... Shit. Learned a tough Lesson there.
  536. 1:11

    Wire Leader Help

    You don't want to fish seven strand for wahoo (except for trolling YoZuris), get yourself some single-strand. You might want various sizes, i usually use 58-90# because they will eat it just fine and they can sometimes bite through wire so i like heavy wire. 7strand doesnt fish great. You...
  537. 1:11

    Interesting discussions on slaughtering fish (Ike Jime)

    yes we brain spike our tuna, AND/or piano wire. slaughtering tuna, makes it sound so bad. Yes we kill them, alot of them, people eat them and they are sustainable. The ocean is large.
  538. 1:11

    SS CJBF 100 Jigstick

    Nice work there Bill, that's clean rappin.
  539. 1:11

    guide size selectin

    16 12 10 10 10 8 8 8 TIP or 16 12 10 10 10 8 8 8 8 tip there are many ways to lay it out.
  540. 1:11

    Catalina Classic 2011

    you are the man dude.
  541. 1:11

    Catalina Classic 2011

    im going back to page 1 so i can stare some more.
  542. 1:11

    7 wt. fliz rod

    that gkw is sweet man. how yu do dat ?
  543. 1:11

    [email protected] Mayweather!!!!!

    wholly crap, i just watched that knock-out on youtube. You would never EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER see an MMA fighter in a UFC card do that, EVER. Disrespectful to everyone and everything! You dont throw until you square up and put up your dukes first. Fighter...
  544. 1:11

    [email protected] Mayweather!!!!!

    Put em both in the ring against Anderson Silva and watch him knock them both out.
  545. 1:11

    Just a thought about Wahoo jigs

    Concur with both. Bomb is mostly tape and hook in the aft of the bait, and wahoo do bite the motor off first. I don't think the rings matter, except that they do add an additional buffer for the wahoos jaw to stay away from the hook. (edit) which is why i opted not to put a ring on my bombs...
  546. 1:11

    My 3rd Offshore Trip and still SKUNKED!

    it matters what boat you go on man.
  547. 1:11

    Marbling DVD and Sap disclaimer

    of course it is Bill. :)
  548. 1:11

    Twisty, swirly, lacey, Super seekers

    That's a great build! super clean. Nice job Bill.
  549. 1:11

    Marbling DVD and Sap disclaimer

    Shit, that sucks. i went to Seaforth and they didnt even have the video or the SAP. I want my money back. :)
  550. 1:11

    Internet at sea

    Interestingly Internet/No Internet will create niche's on different boats. Excel has internet, those who want and need internet may gravitate to that boat. Others who prefer to get away may specifically avoid boats with internet. I would avoid internet. Its a web we are stuck in 24/7 like it...
  551. 1:11

    Internet at sea

    Marcus, something we agree on. I agree sir.
  552. 1:11

    Alps Guides

    I'm sure he will Kerry, probably in the works already.
  553. 1:11

    Your bass it fast?

    Classic! If you see a slob largemouth laying in the black, its probably Capt. G.
  554. 1:11

    seeker vs. calstar

    WHAT A TOOL. :shithappens:
  555. 1:11

    Alps Guides

    Ive got them on my RCLB70M and RCJB78H, No problem, they look and fish great.
  556. 1:11

    cpw machine for sale.

    I sold a very good condition CPW (the $500 model) along with about 50 spools of gudebrod thread for $75 or so at a garage sale in old-towne Orange about 12 years ago. Wow, i was really burnt out at the time. Is anybody on here the guy that bought it ??
  557. 1:11

    Install Hypalon

  558. 1:11

    Eclipse did some damage 9/5/11

    Hey Brian, Glad to see you got some revenge on those pesky bluefin, way to get it done. Looks like good timing and fun times.
  559. 1:11

    Two of six

    Nice to see you!
  560. 1:11

    It's time for a change

    David could kill cows on a 6/0, probably has, several.
  561. 1:11

    2 1/2 or 4 day trip

    The fish are being caught in day to day and half range. 2.5 days give you all the time you need two solid ful days of fishing footballs will get you all you want. based on the current offshore conditions and patterns i would take the 2.5 because a 4 day on the Rooster is likely to be an...
  562. 1:11

    It's time for a change

    WOW! that's a big change!
  563. 1:11

    Church Mouse Disqualification?

    Concur. Also.... OMG a Marlin died in a tournament. It happens. Send a bunch of hunters out to hunt and some fish might die, oh well. A couple fish die...... Hundreds of teams out there will choose to release properly and consequently more fish will live over the course of tournaments...
  564. 1:11

    Shogun 4 Day EPIC 4 DAY!

    awesome trip!
  565. 1:11

    New Shirts for you Long Rangers

    what is below the Tuna and above the word Fighting, being hidden from the view ?
  566. 1:11

    Super Seeker

  567. 1:11

    Do Big Swells mess up the Fishing?

    True.... But..... When its blowing and bumpy offshore it makes the fish less comfortable near the upper water column. They go deep below the bathtub, and they can find food down deep too. Bad weather offshore can absolutely adversely affect the "biting". People do eat when its blowing...
  568. 1:11

    PacBay Eliminators

    That will go thru a regular roller, sorta. yeah, it'll go. Check out the Batson Rollers though they also have a 50# roller
  569. 1:11

    The Capt G??

    You aint kidding Mark, that was funny. Gotta love the beat-box and Ike doing headspins on the bass boat, that is worth watching. They had fun.
  570. 1:11

    Calstar GFX700H

    Damn, that thing came out nice.
  571. 1:11

    us airways to cabo?

    im a gear ho, and make my own rods and tackle. Id still leave my gear at home, too much money, too many factors for damage or theft. They have plenty of gear in cabo, the gear the have on their boats catches fish everyday. Then you walk off the boat and leave the tackle. JMO, hope you have a...
  572. 1:11


    I find that dust is most often in the form of lint fibers that float through the air and land on your rod, either before starting the process or during the curing process. Compared to round particulate of dust or other gunk on the wraps which are usually desolved and or removed by a coffee...
  573. 1:11

    STR8 100LB

    im tempted to use some of that abalone veneer, its really cool. nice job on the rod.
  574. 1:11

    Metallic THREAD ??

    do you know if those are available anywhere and does it mount to your machine or you just place it behind your machine or in front. Thanks Bill.
  575. 1:11

    do you know anything about Mercury outboards?

    i have a Merc 125 with 2 stroke that always runs like a champ for me and does well on gas too, even though i run it hard, when im not working.
  576. 1:11

    Metallic THREAD ??

    that's cool Bill, did you make that ?
  577. 1:11


    Dude that thing is so NICE. Awesome. Loving that brown too, is that madeira? if so what number, i may have that color
  578. 1:11

    Metallic THREAD ??

    I think some all metallic rods, with a little black would be really nice.
  579. 1:11

    Metallic THREAD ??

    Thanks for all the input, and keep it coming. Im liking the Bullards, plus i need to get me some of that inca gold. ;) For me, its not totally about the expenditure, i dont have a good system for holding those big spools. I can always load some on to an empty spool and work of of that, not...
  580. 1:11

    Been a while...Lady builds

    nice threadwork with the single black inlays. cool.
  581. 1:11

    Metallic THREAD ??

    Nice! im excited about thread, been a while since that happened. Know what i mean?
  582. 1:11

    Rod Building Supplies

    Not sure but the "Dreamreamer" system from Batson is well worth the money. I just bought one and was very happy with the total product, and how well it performs and how the sandpaper doesnt absord EVA but rather the dust goes into the groove around the spiral of sandpaper, and vaccums right off...
  583. 1:11

    Metallic THREAD ??

    Jim, the poly metallic looks like similar to madeira supertwist, which is metallic twisted around poly.
  584. 1:11

    Metallic THREAD ??

    right now im leaning towards the Bullards, the colors are pleasing. Please keep your experiences coming and thank you.
  585. 1:11

    Metallic THREAD ??

    Hey all, I need some metallic thread. Been looking at the Fish Hawk on as well as Rodsmith metallic thread. What brand of Metallic thread do you suggest? Will the Bullard metallic be available in smaller spools? Is it available yet? Thanks.
  586. 1:11

    first 2 attempts on marbling/ latest build

    Some shit JT "makes"
  587. 1:11

    first 2 attempts on marbling/ latest build

    that's a good result on the marbling, did you use the sap or other proteins ?
  588. 1:11

    Interesting video of Commercial Albacore Fishing...

    That was awesome, those guys have their system down. That is hard work! The way they have done it for long time.
  589. 1:11


    Dude, You have to experience it. Ain't nothin like a WFO bite on New Lo~An, they want to die for that boat, they come to it like bugs to a zapper.
  590. 1:11

    Penn torque or shimano trinidad???

    Thanks guys, good to know.
  591. 1:11

    Penn torque or shimano trinidad???

    Are you sure about that ?
  592. 1:11

    Question on marbling

    yes, i agree, and as for the thread, i have very minimal experience with marbling but i probably would still want one clean layer of epoxy to coat my wraps, not introducing pigments or solvents, but maybe it makes no difference.
  593. 1:11

    Green Eggs and Ham

    ok thanks, yeah for manyth time i will be getting the vid in a minute. I have some pretty interesting ideas for marbling.
  594. 1:11

    Question on marbling

    i asked that question to Bill or Jim in a post recently, i forgot to look if they replied.
  595. 1:11

    302 tues aug 23

    SUCCESS nice job.
  596. 1:11

    Question on marbling

    you need to first add a base layer of clear finish, to protect the threads, then marbling can be done at any other stage of finishing you wish.
  597. 1:11

    handles and grips

    sweet grips with the different corks and foams, look top notch!
  598. 1:11

    Blue Horizon

    Of the charter operations i like fishing with Pat Cavanaugh on Pacific Dawn too, another of my favs
  599. 1:11

    Blue Horizon

    On that note i recommend New Lo~An, one of my favs ;)
  600. 1:11

    770XXH Rail Dawg

    Nice. Again.
  601. 1:11

    Fishing with a hyateal hernia

    Hyateal hernia or not, im using the rail. Call me a wimp im not pulling in my gutt on small fish anymore, they hurt. Rail those little bitches, on 40#.
  602. 1:11

    Braid For Tuna??

    Here is some advice. Step to the right, or to the left, get around the corner. Yes, they are talking to you!
  603. 1:11

    Drew Ford Charter 2 Day Fish Report on the New Lo-An

    OMG ROB, now that is the bloodiest stern i've ever seen, that's sick. i'm jealous. Markus is still da man.
  604. 1:11

    Intro - New Member

    nice work there, welcome
  605. 1:11

    Securing FC Threaded Into Hollow Core

    wow, thanks for that !
  606. 1:11

    Helium balloon question

    Humans do things that make marine life die, including intentionally killing them for food and sport. Some folks prefer GREEN , which means humans DIE instead of other life dies. GREEN = DEAD HUMANS So a bird or porpoise eats a balloon and after about an hour or less, he regurgitates it. If...
  607. 1:11

    Favorite 25lb Grip Assembly

    The ALPS 22 is actually relatively compact OD, would be fine, but EVA or Hyp with shrink will be super FAT, so the cork tape under ""X"" will be better in that application. Maybe single thin layer on rear grip, and single thick layer on fore-grip. Please have your retailer mock up the 22 seat...
  608. 1:11

    Batson out of stock?

    Rainshadows are in high demand. Fish one, you will see why!
  609. 1:11

    Packing and burnishing suggestion

    I use the lime green burnishing tool (plastic), before that i most burnished only minimally and used the back of a razor blade. Thanks BOB!
  610. 1:11


    It's not like they ask for ID or money to create a new user, and many people have created a new account after being banned. You gotta get back in there and learn from your mistakes. Only reason he wont come back is if he feel like a DB for being pushy about trying to acquire knowledge on the...
  611. 1:11

    Scales, marble and crackle

    sweet marbles
  612. 1:11

    Favorite 25lb Grip Assembly

    That CKW looks sweet. and its quiet around here without Capt G. Only thing about those poodle grips is you have no padding on the part of the rod sticking into your armpit. You are going to get bruised regardless, but that exposed blank could be painful. Be prepared to use an ALPS 22 to fit...
  613. 1:11

    2011 PENN TORQUE 30

    Looks like a super nice reel. I would change out the line, put 65# on it, consider running 50# topshot and fish the crap out of it on your 7 day. 50# top-shot is better for wahoo fishing, also better when you hook a good tuna. I would fish 40# top shot for live bait for wahoo.
  614. 1:11

    Green Bay rod 1 of 2

    the INOX is not slippery.
  615. 1:11

    Old school fenwick

  616. 1:11

    Green Bay rod 1 of 2

    Wow, that is a great build there. I would try pre-treating the grips with INOX MX-3. John (INOXicated) can direct you to where to get it, as well as other different viscosity lubricants and protectants from INOX, it's da bomb. Great rod.
  617. 1:11

    My first rod...permanently addicted.

    Great job, my first was nowhere near that clean. BD helps quite a bit, so much info here.
  618. 1:11

    Niffty new gadget

    pretty cool Bill
  619. 1:11

    Be aware (or rather beware) of Calstar (I'm "That Guy")

    Yeah F&%# PHENIX, their damn blanks are too long. Should have been 9.0 why were they 9.2 ?? Conspiracy. :)
  620. 1:11


    Dave is ok, little different, engineer type. I like his builds, just thought the graphs are a little much, because he is the only one that reads them. He is probably busy working and needed a break from this place. Can you blame him? OH YEAH, DID I MISS SOMETHING ??
  621. 1:11

    Am I missing something

    put it all in perspective. This board is about the people. If you just want to use it for information use the advanced search feature.
  622. 1:11

    Some of my best work by far

    Nice job on the build, the special sauced worked.
  623. 1:11

    NASA warns of attack.......

    NONSENSE ! NASA :shithappens:
  624. 1:11

    "Big Bass Specialist"-Chris Lilis

    Thats SMART. Some say stupid, but that is stupid. SO IM SAYING THATS SMART. 2 10s?? Yawn! :)
  625. 1:11


    Hey Jeff, just fished two day, SLooooooooooooowWW!! tuff stuff. Lake Mead supposed to be wide, cooling down soon. For Mead trip think about FALL time, weather is perfect then. Im open for one more short trip this summer, same number, not sure i have yours, call me or pm me yours. Nice to...
  626. 1:11

    GF765M w/ Rail-Dawg

    i saw that today, was checking out the site. That is a nice gold, and so is gold bullion. And the pigment looks really great. I have some ideas in my mind... uh oh :)
  627. 1:11

    Green Eggs and Ham

    hey Bill, what about laying the marble down, then the guides, no base-wraps? Like Doc said, couldnt you blow off the base-wraps when marbling since you could cap the end, saves time. The marbled base would/should pad the blank from the pressure of the guides. Just thinking mark off base-wraps...
  628. 1:11

    a few rods out this week

    Dude those are Nice ! silly question, you made the groovy grips right ? Pretty neat builds as per usual.
  629. 1:11


    Good to hear it was wide, and YELLOW.... BLUE SUCKS Hey do you guys remember those T-shirts that say FUCK WHITEFISH ??? Someone should make a shirt that says FUCK BLUEFIN would be funny. :)
  630. 1:11

    Gudebrod, on a come back?

    yes it is, and i need some !
  631. 1:11

    First post

    that's a good looking stick
  632. 1:11

    GF765M w/ Rail-Dawg

    the way you capped off the raildawg is clean. sweet ride.
  633. 1:11

    What guides for my new Rod

    the right answer isnt right. Those that fish rollers think you should go with rollers. The guys that fish rings think rings are better or more popular. You could put a black Hardloy tip and Black WCGR Stainless and go old school. Grind the feat down regardless. Getting a new rod eh? Nice!
  634. 1:11

    The JTDS

    yeah, it is pretty great looking technique. Im looking forward to playing with it a little more soon.
  635. 1:11

    Alps Guides Question...

    i say go for it. I agree with Mark about the conditions but still say go for it. In the unlikely event you have a guide failure at least you know a guy that can fix it for you for nothin and on your time frame ;) I have used AmTak Titans, which is what many will often suggest and had a...
  636. 1:11

    BLUE JTDS with blue and purple - RCLB80L INOXicated Yo rod is done

    Thanks for the all the kudos!!! It did look pretty on the trip, unfortunately stayed straight the whole trip, along with most of the other rods on the boat. Nice fishing with you John, and thanks to Panic for the line rating stickers, that was a pretty great idea making those...
  637. 1:11


    Nice red JTDS!
  638. 1:11

    Calstar BTG6480 Spinner....

    Awesome. Again.
  639. 1:11

    BT 670-8 Marlin Caster

    Clean. two tone builds make me think of the few teams in the NHL with two colors only. RedWings, Maple Leafs, and in NFL Jets. Is that Madeira 1733 ?
  640. 1:11

    Dragonscale variation.....

    Wow that is awesome. Is that a tiger over the JTDS? and that variation is really nice touch with the simple diamond kinda tartan diamond. edit -
  641. 1:11

    BLUE JTDS with blue and purple - RCLB80L INOXicated Yo rod is done

    Glad you like it John, i'm happy now. Blue or Silver MX would be money, or black, or purple, or red, or even gold.
  642. 1:11

    BLUE JTDS with blue and purple - RCLB80L INOXicated Yo rod is done

    Thanks JT that's awesome. One thing i have learned recently is how good you feel when you do your best and give your best. Yes your builds are way inspiring. I see you John!
  643. 1:11

    BLUE JTDS with blue and purple - RCLB80L INOXicated Yo rod is done

    I was really proud of the end result of this rod so i thought i would post up pics. Its just came out really great looking and i love it a lot. It's a Rainshadow RCLB80L with ALPS centra-lock reel seat and ALPS XN guides and tip, with ""X"" over cork tape (it makes for a great comfy grip)...
  644. 1:11

    Congrats-Jim Trelikes

    What an honor, congrats to two great builders.
  645. 1:11

    How about Tim's Reports?

    You both said exactly what I was thinking.
  646. 1:11

    Calstar 800ML

    cool JTDS! fun aren't they? i just did my first (blue), will post pics in a while. nice combo. that grip must have taken some serious hourage? ps, i almost did silver (JTDS) but i didn't have enough thread.
  647. 1:11

    AA 5 day 7/26 thru 7/31

    I know we are spoiled by the larger grade down below, but damn those Lupe models are gorgeous fish. Looks like she has the rail technique down. AWESOME TRIP. Not sure if you are a lucky man, or a smart man, or both.
  648. 1:11

    How do you prepare bellies and collars??

    Ive heard they are excellent, and id prefer not to waste fish this year. Please let us know how you do tuna bellies and or collars ? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FROM MANY OF US WANTING TO KNOW
  649. 1:11

    BFT asd YFT showing up in todays counts!

    Pac Voy killed it, i saw that too. Thats what im talking about.
  650. 1:11

    At what point do you call it limits?

    Yeah sounds like it! who would want to be there? Id much rather run around on 20-30 BFT with every other yahoo in San Diego. Yes im a yahoo too.
  651. 1:11

    Marbling DVDs are here

    ok, im in. sounds like a bargain (and sap) to figure out the swirly method without 40 hrs of time for R&D i don't have. Will pick one up at Fishermans if they are sure to have them, or should i buy it a different way Bill. Im probably really going to sound out of it here, but,,,,,, WHAT IS...
  652. 1:11

    zac brown band rod

    Cool ROD, Gorgeous. Zac Brown Band - LOVE THEM, they are some groovin dudes.