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  1. karlk1125

    What's the best braid going for a Makaira 15t.

    Have a 15t on the way and looking to spool it with 80lb braid. What are the best options to look into?
  2. karlk1125

    For Sale Accurate and Okuma reels for sale

    Hey guys! These reels up up for sale. I'll get some pictures up here soon. Makaira10: $350 Accurate bx2-500: $375 Andros 5: $150
  3. karlk1125

    8/7 Back of SCI

    Cordell is off Bodega Bay...CA. About 30-40 miles from where a school of 120-180lb BFT were.
  4. karlk1125

    8/7 Back of SCI

    I'm not sure they're there yet. I looked 10 days ago. Water is too cold. When the upwelling shuts down and 56+ degree water hangs out there, its game fucking on!! That'll be incredible if we get even more of these bigger bft coming up here, got knows we have the feed for them!
  5. karlk1125

    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    you must feel like a real bad ass don’t ya?
  6. karlk1125

    SOLD 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    yes we did get an insurance payout which was big for getting our new boat.
  7. karlk1125

    SOLD 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    The boat is sold and in Alabama now.
  8. karlk1125

    WTB World Cat wanted

    I had a 266sc for 8 years, awesome boats man!
  9. karlk1125

    WTB Boston Whaler Conquest

    I think this only makes a difference if you want the 4.2l engine. The nice thing of BW with Merc power is you could repower with the new v6-v8 line that’s the highest performing engine in its class right now.
  10. karlk1125

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Come take a ride in my 320 ec with new Merc v8 300’s and we’ll take that hateraid right out of you ;)
  11. karlk1125

    For Sale Farallon 25, refit

    Thats a nice looking boat!
  12. karlk1125

    Tuna water?

    No, the life is concentrated around the color/temp breaks. There should be bluefin out there this year, there was last season.
  13. karlk1125

    Trump to open Atlantic marine national monument to commercial fishing

    Hope they don’t start dragging it again. Dragging is gay!
  14. karlk1125

    For Sale Okuma Andros 5

    Loaded with 50lb braid. Wasn’t heavily used on our boat but performed great from albacore trolling to white seabass to a #100lb thresher $200 +$10 for shipping
  15. karlk1125

    For Sale Boston Whaler Seasquirt (not mine)

    I hear it’s a really...wet ride
  16. karlk1125

    4 stroke Mercury Pro Xs Line up

    I just put 2 new v8 300 verado's on our new to us sled. Everyone who has them or has experienced them is blown away. Incredible low/midrange torque and fuel effeciency. They're putting a big hurt on Yamaha right now, just a bigger, stronger engine.
  17. karlk1125

    Transducer decision B175 vs B275

    The new to me boat had 2 117 holes in it so we just got a 175hw and a 175l. I'll post performance pictures over the next few weeks after she gets out here! I love the wide cone angle on the 175l for the salmon fishing we do up here, however I imagine I'll have to put a 3kw r599 in if the sword...
  18. karlk1125

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    I completely agree. A 30-40kt bigger center console is perfect for the fishing in SoCal right now. You can cover a ton of ground and get home fast.
  19. karlk1125

    ETEC 300

    I hope he gets Mercury to sponsor, the new naturally aspirated v6 and v8’s are the best engines on the market right now.
  20. karlk1125

    SOLD Penn Torque,Fathom,Revo NACL

    I’ll take the penn torque if it falls through.
  21. karlk1125

    SOLD NIB Andros 5n& 5 2speeds. Price Drop

    I used the narrow this weekend on a friends boat, absolutely loved it! Naturally I had to order the Alijos 5n 🤣
  22. karlk1125

    WTB Phenix trifecta pro 8-17

    Looking for 8-17lb rated, length doesn’t matter.
  23. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Reels?

    Buy a used 50w. The swords up in Northern California or Oregon aren’t 150# fish, they’re brutes and they’ll tear you up on that light gear.
  24. karlk1125

    Sunday 5/24 Report

    A+ pic with the stogie!
  25. karlk1125

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    Brandon Nelson is going to be running charters on his new 36’ Yellowfin. Hard to find a better platform than that!
  26. karlk1125

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    It's perpetuated that paying all cash is the only way to buy a boat. For most people, it doesnt make sense to pay all cash. You lose money in the long run by removing your invested assets that are earning 6-9% compounding interest year over year average to buy a depreciating asset. If you're 65...
  27. karlk1125

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    You don’t need to pay cash. It’s an absurd assumption too many people make. What you do is finance, and pay it off fast. The rule we follow is to save 20% of our paycheck and use the remainder to pay off the boat loan each month. That way you keep your cash invested, continue saving each month...
  28. karlk1125

    Marla's Sportfishing Trips!

    I hope to god they allow the local operations to continue fishing there. I'd love to do some inshore fishing there as well. I'm sure there's some panama style top water fishing in tight.
  29. karlk1125

    Marla's Sportfishing Trips!

    Wait did they shut down fishing at the Islands?
  30. karlk1125

    For Sale JM PE3 lefty

    What’s the retrieve speed?
  31. karlk1125

    WTB WTB-Penn Torque 15N

    Let me know what you have!
  32. karlk1125

    WTB Lefty Reel-20lb size range

    Looking for a lefty reel in the 20lb size range! Lever drag is preferred.
  33. karlk1125

    Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    Yeah exactly. Yellowfin and jumbo bluefin are way more bad ass. I'll take a shot at a jumbo BFT over 20 15lb albacore any day of the week.
  34. karlk1125

    SOLD 2007 38’ Mediterranean

    All the boats I was looking on were on the east coast. I was working with a broker to be my buyers agent and he said he’s never sold so many boats. Same thing the broker we’re buying from said, he’s never been so busy. I think you can get a good boat for less than a year ago but I havnt seen any...
  35. karlk1125

    SOLD 2007 38’ Mediterranean

    They’re having record boat sales on the east coast right now. I was thinking the same thing but people are buying more boats than usual. Of course, buyers aren’t paying top dollar, but the boat market is surprisingly strong.
  36. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    I wouldn’t bother looking until July IMO. Swords aren’t here all year round, they’re highly migratory. SoCal will start catching them before we will. I don’t think water color matters, just like what Ty said. 58+ over structure is probably gonna be what we dial in on. I do think there will be...
  37. karlk1125

    Offshore report and FD vent

    I'd much rather be chasing trophy fish like giant BFT's than 15lb albacore. Granted WFO albacore bites are such a blast, but nothing compares to the chase of the trophy beast!
  38. karlk1125

    WTB 282 sailfish

    Post some pics we all love a little boat porn! 🤩
  39. karlk1125

    For Sale 2004 Intrepid 30 CC

    That’s a solid deal right there with the fresh engines!!!
  40. karlk1125

    SOLD 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    I’ll shoot you a call tomorrow
  41. karlk1125

    BET & Gorilla encounters

    That shit should be illegal. Such a bummer some countries are abusing the world wide fishery so hard.
  42. karlk1125

    Moll Fishing Adventures

    nice load of colorado snapper!
  43. karlk1125

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    One of my favorite days last year. We were trolling in shallow along Pt Reyes without a boat in sight. We released 3 8-12lb salmon in hopes for a monster and picked up 6 halibut to 36”. With the halibut population exploding here around SF Bay I’m excited for more days like this!
  44. karlk1125

    Early Halibut

    Hell yeah that’s great news!!
  45. karlk1125

    P.v. bound

    Fortuna Sportfishing on Facebook and Instagram. Shoot him a PM.
  46. karlk1125

    Boat Independence New Engines

    My grandfather was in Nazi concentration camps and was almost murdered by the Soviets in Czechlosvokia. He wouldn’t set foot on German soil and hated commie bastards. But the truth is, it’s the ideology from where the evil comes from, not the people themselves. The current people of the axis...
  47. karlk1125

    SOLD Price Reduction! Triumph 190 Custom Pilot House

    Why just yammy? Suzuki is every bit the engine that a yammy is.
  48. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    There’s tagging data and a scientific study from 2013. They got a number within sport boat range.
  49. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    That’s awesome please let us know! Our water seems to be warmer than 20-30 years ago so I’m guessing they’re more plentiful up here too!
  50. karlk1125

    Snowy Grouper Sandwich......

    Dude bad ass! Is Jamie dialing them in?
  51. karlk1125

    Black Hole USA jigging and popping rods/blanks at Long Beach Fred Hall Show

    ksong, I've heard of some sword guys using your blanks for deep dropping. The parabolic nature of the rod apparently helps greatly reducing pulled hooks. What blank would you recommend for 150-350lb swords in a very slow current and not a ton of lead?
  52. karlk1125

    Embarrassment of riches.....Broomtails in Cabo... 2/10 2020

    Wild! I've always wanted to get one of those. I get it killing em probably wasnt your call, it's always a bummer seeing huge grouper/BSB getting killed down there.
  53. karlk1125

    PV February 1-5

    Seems like fishing this time of year down there is always hit or miss due to the biomass of crab and micro bait. We did a 3.5 day on the Marla IV a few years ago in February in big weather (some swells were pushing 15ft with 25kt winds) and we had 1 tuna bite in 3 days. Glad to see you guys got...
  54. karlk1125

    Costa Rica swordfish?

    That map isn’t accurate. There’s been heavy drift net fishing for swords all the way to the Oregon border.
  55. karlk1125

    Repower options in socal

    Jeramy, that was very helpful!!! The new 300v8 Verados are probably at the top of my list! I heard there was trouble getting new engines shipped into California so that’s great to hear!
  56. karlk1125

    For Sale 27" Offshore Boston Whaler $50,000.00

    Ah man sad to see her go! We’ve fished next to each other plenty of times! I’m pretty sure back in 2012 you scooted in behind me and landed 2 big salmon while I was getting skunked! what’s next for you guys?
  57. karlk1125

    Repower options in socal

    You aren’t lying about that!! I appreciate the recommendations I’ll give them a call!
  58. karlk1125

    For Sale 2017 Tideline 235 Hybrid

    This boat is SICK! Glws!
  59. karlk1125

    Repower options in socal

    As I've been looking for a new to us boat and researching options I've been blown away by how cheap repowering is in south Florida compared to up here in the Bay Area. Are there any Suzuki or Mercury dealers in socal who offer at least somewhat competitive pricing to what's seen in S Florida? As...
  60. karlk1125

    Victoria super cow on lower banks.

    That’s a long, lean bad ass fish!!! Amazing story!
  61. karlk1125

    For Sale 1999-2019 Hydro Cat 300C

    What’s the beam of the boat?
  62. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    Spoke with a gentlemen who worked on sword boats for a few years. The fleet ended up in crescent city every year. They’re up there in numbers! Warm sea surface currents are a big deal since we’re at the edge of their range. Warm water over structure is key. If it’s too cold they’ll go way...
  63. karlk1125

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Prayers sent your way Cory.
  64. karlk1125

    Deep drop skunk report + a couple question

    Are you guys fishing right off the bottom down there? We’re gonna work on the sword population up here in off San Francisco and the studies we’ve looked at show the swords being 700-1200ft deep, which is way off the bottom where they were tagged (on the seamounts)
  65. karlk1125

    SOLD 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    She was loaded down with full fuel and #700 of ice for a tuna run the night before and the thru hulls were partially submerged. I believe there was a pipe in a thru hull that was broken. The bilge pumps worked until 2-3am and then drained the batteries. A commercial guy found the boat starting...
  66. karlk1125

    SOLD 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    Well, that was fast. It's in contract now.
  67. karlk1125

    SOLD 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    2002 Honda 225's. We fell out of contract on one boat but are getting all of our ducks in a row before offering on the next one.
  68. karlk1125

    SOLD 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    Hey all, we need to sell our 2002 266sc that partially sank last year. This is a project that needs new wiring (we re-wired the boat in 2017 and the systems Fred Fritz put in are as good as it gets, just copy the previous work), 1 or 2 new fuel tanks and a new starboard engine (probably easier...
  69. karlk1125

    For Sale 2012 Grady White 300 Marlin – 2016 Yamaha F300’s

    That’s a well priced boat! Those yammies should last a long time, someone will get a steal!
  70. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    the big humboldts Havnt been around in a long time, and that’s a great thing!
  71. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    You're killing me! The link below is to the norcal swordfishing group.
  72. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    Has anyone in SoCal had luck with traditional sonar with marking the DSL? Or just chirp? Regardless, a high powered sonar is a must.
  73. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    I love the enthusiasm!!! We’re gonna crack the code on this fishery! Why don’t we set up a Facebook group for everyone who’s interested?
  74. karlk1125

    2007 Fountain 32 For Sale In Transferrable LLC $69,000

    Woah! Solid price on this sled...and I don’t say that often. What a great boat for SoCal, shouldn’t last long!
  75. karlk1125

    DFW looking to regulate rec crabbing to protect whales

    The enviros are trying to make fishermen a scapegoat, its ridiculous. Shipping cannot be touched unfortuantely, its the lifeblood of our economy. So the fuckers are just going after the easiest target to make themselves feel better, even though commercial crabbing has no true effect on the...
  76. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    You know I’m in!! I’m figuring I need to run at least 10 trips over the next few years to have a chance of starting to figure it out. I’ve thought for awhile there should be some solid pac halibut fishing out 3-500 feet deep so regardless that’s a fishery I would love to try as well!!
  77. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    I dont really see it that way. This area is a lot different than socal in weather, water temps, etc and weather wont allow us the chance to really hit it hard, so the more of us that work together will help us all figure it out faster.
  78. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    Yup! The exact techniques that are starting to consistently produce in SoCal will work up here. It's just going to take a bunch of us to put in the time, money and effort to dial in what works or not. From everything I am seeing there's an untapped deep drop sword fishery around say...
  79. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    Haha true that!! From the look at it a 50w with #65-80 braid and a screw driver device to help reel the rigs up will work! I completely agree. It’ll probably take us while to get it, but we’ll get it! The trick is going to be figuring the where/when/what. It’ll be interesting to see how much...
  80. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    Thank you for the great info Ali! The drop off the continental shelf behind the farallons should be a great place to look. It’ll take us awhile to get it figured out but seems like there’s enough of it who want to try!
  81. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    A few of us up here are really beginning to believe that we can have the same opportunity for deep drop swordfish out of the Bay Area as in SoCal. A commercial boat in Santa Cruz was selling some they caught locally deep dropping, so it looks like some people have already beat us to the punch...
  82. karlk1125

    SOLD 2016 Boston Whaler Conquest 315

    Those 350's can also be tuned up to 450hp...such an insane west coast rig, she'll make someone very happy!
  83. karlk1125

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    The absurd wealth that's on the west coast negates that to a degree. I'm from the Bay Area and we have just as much or possibly more wealth than LA has. While it hurts most of us, there's plenty of people who can buy a 42 Freeman or a 36 Yellowfin without batting an eye. However, those people...
  84. karlk1125

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    Lots of 500k brand new fishing boats out there with quad engines that you don’t see here.
  85. karlk1125

    SOLD 2007 38’ Mediterranean

    That's wild we pay $7/foot up here north of San Francisco. Then again, it feels like hell has frozen over everytime I go fishing.
  86. karlk1125

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    As I'm looking for our next boat I can't help but look in awe of all the incredible boats that are ALL over the gulf and east coast. The 32' boat that we're looking for will be one of the nicest in our harbor, yet it wouldn't get a second look on the other side of the country. I have some...
  87. karlk1125

    For Sale 2003 Cabo 35 Express

    I was drooling over that boat a few months ago. Really a gorgeous boat!!!
  88. karlk1125

    San jaimie or gordo banks for tuna next week

    Tony that’s fucking bad ass man!!!
  89. karlk1125

    Did you hear that?

    Very true, huge spots of bluefin showed up in Monterey bay this May in 56 degree water.
  90. karlk1125

    For Sale 1999 World Cat 266sf

    Perfect SoCal boat IMO! Put 1200 hours on our 266 hull and loved it!
  91. karlk1125

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    Yep I'm never going back! There's a reason why there's a huge catamaran revolution going on on the east coast. I think its really only a matter of time until the new hulls start showing up here in force.
  92. karlk1125

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    Our old World Cat 266 SC didnt pound. We also left those 23-28' Parkers in the dust when the wind rose above 10kts. IMO you're selling yourself short with a pilot house in socal. CC's are better suited for what the SoCal fishery has become in the past few years.
  93. karlk1125

    For Sale 2017 Center Console - Cape Horn - Price DROP

    I hope you're moving up! That's a bad ass sled, CC's are perfect in socal!
  94. karlk1125

    For Sale 2006 Glacier Bay Cat 2680 - $60k

    Cat's are absolutely fantastic in snotty weather. It'll be a cold day in hell when I go back to a mono. Check out what's going on on the east coast. There's a large CC catamaran revolution going on there. As we're slow to change out here in the marine world, people out here will take awhile to...
  95. karlk1125

    WTB World Cat 320 EC

    Fell out of escrow on one down in the FL keys, had our first douchebag broker experience trying to pull some shady shit on a boat that had a lot of small issues going on so we're back to looking!
  96. karlk1125

    Suzuki 200 4 stroke vs. Yamaha 200 4stroke?

    Zukes and yammies are the top 2 outboards out in terms of reliability. Can’t go wrong with either.
  97. karlk1125

    SOLD 2006 Parker 2820 Tower, Trailer, Twin 250's *Back up for Sale 6/2020*

    Erik you’re saying you wouldn’t catch more salmon with a pair of gyros in a tower looking for birds and whales? We’re most likely bringing a boat over to bodega with a tower, and I’ll be sitting up top quite often with a pair of gyros looking for signs!
  98. karlk1125

    3kw Cavity Mount Transducer in an Everglades 295CC

    Dude sick boat!!! That's something to think about when we get our new sled over here. What's the purpose of that massive transducer...gonna be focusing on deep dropping for daytime swords?
  99. karlk1125

    Every Time I Want to Fish, Damn Weather

    This has been the windiest year I have ever seen here up north. Fucked with our entire fishing cycle...we had nonstop upwellings going into November, just insane.
  100. karlk1125

    Whaler 315 Engine Options

    Zuke 300’s are tried and true superb engines. The 350’s look to be incredible with the dual prop but probably need another year or two to get the kinks out. Zukes are also far cheaper to maintain, many parts are 25% of the cost as merc parts.
  101. karlk1125

    For Sale 26 Osprey Pilothouse Outboard

    Basically brand new systems on a great hull! What a killer job!!!
  102. karlk1125

    Whaler 315 Engine Options

    Ask this on THT you’ll get more attention over there. Imo more is always better. Better fuel economy at cruise, etc. We’ll probably put zuke 350’s on our WC 32 ec in a few years.
  103. karlk1125

    Boat Shipping- Cross Country - Vendor request

    Does Drew have a flat bed for boats without a trailer? May need a haul from the keys to the Bay Area soon.
  104. karlk1125


    That’s some crazy shit! Wonder if they were doing counter narcotics operations this far north.
  105. karlk1125

    Marlas day trip 10/17/2019

    Holy shit!!!!! Those are the days I always miss down there! Congrats on a crazy good day! The Osuna’s are beasts!
  106. karlk1125

    SOLD 2011 Parker 1801 - 230 hours

    Gorgeous sled! Have a buddy looking at these right now. The pic in those big swells is gnarly!
  107. karlk1125

    SOLD 2016 Boston Whaler Conquest 315

    Man what an incredible sled!!!
  108. karlk1125

    How far North for BFT?

    They're all up and down the coast this year. A few guys saw some areas of them off Bodega bay. I would be surprised if there was a school of them on cordell.
  109. karlk1125

    For Sale 2010 37' Strike w/ Outboards

    such a sick sled! You did a killer job with the sea dek!
  110. karlk1125

    Yield on the big tuna processing

    I know this is old as shit but we got 110lbs back on a taped #200lb fish we caught in puerto vallarta a few years back.
  111. karlk1125

    Bodega..New Sea Angler 131 Albacore 45 miles west

    Yup 26 nice grade fish on the 35 line. Most were 20-25lbs.
  112. karlk1125

    Finally found some dodos

    Killer day there!!! Thats fucking rad!! Is there an article or something on these?
  113. karlk1125

    Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    Not sure yet, one of the 3 on the starboard side by the stern. I'm on the WC facebook group and the plastic thru hulls are an issue and a number of them are having big issues like mine. Get yours replaced asap.
  114. karlk1125

    WTB World Cat 320 EC

    We're not sure yet! The price to rewire and to put in new fuel tanks is worth more than our policy so we'll see what happens. I've been doing some research and we should probably be able to find a really good deal. Boats that were listed for 130k went for 105k, so down. We'll look to do...
  115. karlk1125

    WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    Ah the legendary Southern California shore tuna. All you need for a WFO bite is a boat with 3 outboards and a hollywood 'casting' company. Almost as easy as the legendary south florida shore tuna bite...the attractant needed down there is only 2 outboards and an 8 ball of cocaine.
  116. karlk1125

    Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    Yep! They’ve had big problems with the thru hulls on those older models from what I’ve read
  117. karlk1125

    Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    HOLY FUCK. This scares this shit out of me. We have the exact same boat. I had 200 gals of fuel in and put 500# of ice in on friday. I showed up on saturday at 545 am with the intention of running 35 miles off bodega bay. This is what I came to that morning. I wouldnt have been that lucky in the...
  118. karlk1125

    SOLD 2016 Thresher 21' CC

    dude sick sled!!! This would be perfect for my buddy!
  119. karlk1125

    WTB World Cat 320 EC

    Yeah man it was crazy to say the least!!!! Part of me wants to get a new boat immediately and another part wants to wait a year or more until the used boat market drops significantly.
  120. karlk1125

    WTB World Cat 320 EC

    Looks like a thru hull failed. Got to the boat yesterday morning and it was 1/2 sunk and listing 45 degrees. The cockpit and cabin were filled with water. So the starboard engine was submerged along with the new electrical system. We're in contact with the broker on that one. I think its...
  121. karlk1125

    WTB World Cat 320 EC

    Unfortunately, our boat had a catastrophic accident today and will be an insurance claim. We're looking to upgrade to a World Cat 320 EC...we're going to be patient and wait to the right opportunity, but I want to get the ball rolling for a replacement!
  122. karlk1125

    First Tuna fishing trip

    IMO when you're on the fish 4.5-5.5kts is ideal. When you're searching 6kts is solid. I think 7-8kts is overkill. Stick boats all troll at 4.5-5kts when they're hauling in fish, and their wakes are pretty clean (very little white water). With a slower speed you dont have to slow down so fast and...
  123. karlk1125

    Bodega..New Sea Angler 131 Albacore 45 miles west

    Noaa graphic and GFS on windy both support a fishable day out there. It's so close its worth the run, shit I've ran 25 miles for salmon!
  124. karlk1125

    Bodega..New Sea Angler 131 Albacore 45 miles west

    I'm heading out saturday. Wx is fishable, but a little bumpy. The water is 25-30 miles straight out right now. That straight west run will be a hell of a lot easier than running NW!
  125. karlk1125

    Sonar pics w/ questions

    Keep it on chirp, know what your bottom depth is, adjust your screen to the bottom depth and learn to read what you're looking at. Learning to adjust may help, but learning to read what you're seeing is much more important.
  126. karlk1125

    Marla’s PV Epic Combo Trip 9/30-today

    That is so wild!!! What a trip!!! Cant wait to get back out there with the brothers!
  127. karlk1125

    Saltiga 35 two speed or Makaira 10 (Mak 10)

    You dont need a $500 reel to get strippers! A roll of $1 bills will work just fine!
  128. karlk1125

    Half Moon Bay Salmon Destruction

    I know, one of those fucking guys!!! :720icon:
  129. karlk1125

    Half Moon Bay Salmon Destruction

    Yep I've seen it plenty of times. Came in 2 weeks ago someone told me they got a 35lber, then proceeded to pull out a 25lber out of their bag. Granted I called a fish I caught that day 33lbs when it was really about 30...fucking scale was off. :nopity:
  130. karlk1125

    For Sale 2012 Parker 2320 Yamaha 300

    Ahhh well good luck! Hope you get to keep the sled!
  131. karlk1125

    For Sale 2012 Parker 2320 Yamaha 300

    Dude, you don’t need 20% for a down payment that’s bad advice. I’m a mortgage lender and you can put 5-10% down with no mortgage insurance payments. Go find a great local lender and a great local realtor and get some highly qualified advice!
  132. karlk1125

    Half Moon Bay Salmon Destruction

    I would agree there! No one is catching 20-30 grade fish there. They're 10-15# grade with the occasional 20#. Quite the hyperbolic story!
  133. karlk1125

    Yankee Capt Pulley Ridge Lite 3.25.2019

    tugs read your last post on THT, you're a classy ass dude. Killer fish from that past trip man!!!! That black is a monster!
  134. karlk1125

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    Get the f250, forsure. More than anything, its far safer.
  135. karlk1125

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    We have a v8 f-150. It tows our 9-10k boat and trailer JUST okay. It's not suited for longer tows, but its just okay for our short 30 minute tow through some hills to our port. Dont expect to go over 55mph. It sways far too easily at higher speeds and feels super shitty. If you're going to do...
  136. karlk1125

    Puerto Vallarta Trip report July 4 and July 6

    so fucking epic!!!! I saw the pics on Danny's social media, so cool man!!!!!
  137. karlk1125

    Three species hidden bank 6/17

    Bft on the troll...good job!
  138. karlk1125

    Season 4 Episode 5 "Gatecrasher" FULL

    An albacore trip out of Ft Bragg or out of Washington is a must. My buddy Manny got 82 albacore outa FB by 11am one day last year...madness.
  139. karlk1125

    Good tuna day .,

    Way to get into em today!!!!
  140. karlk1125

    Catalina 6/05/19 on SlayDay Boat

    Sounds like a kick ass operation!!!
  141. karlk1125

    Weather report 6-2-19 Catalina crossing

    Holy crap! That’s brutal man! Thankfully you had a safe ending to your day, good luck with the repairs!
  142. karlk1125

    Weekend out deep dropping from Auckland NZ

    awesome! thank you for the report!
  143. karlk1125

    Cool Weather

    man, that pool of warm water in SE alaska is causing havoc for them. Hopefully it means us norcal guys get to smoke albacore within 40 miles.
  144. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Too bad tomorrow looks to be the only real day to get out there.
  145. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Shit, maybe they did move up the line. Cordell and behind the farallons have a good shot at holding them.
  146. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Reports of coastside had nothing south. I think they’re in on the north side.
  147. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    I think you’re too far out. Go in shallower. Remember these fish were busting on the salmon grounds in the hole, they won’t be where we catch albacore and they don’t care if the water is 55 degrees.
  148. karlk1125

    WTB Talica 16 or similar reel

    bump cuz this apparently got shoved into the 2010 threads
  149. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Yup floro leader is necessary with big tuna. They chew through mono too easily.
  150. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Jeff I think we'll have 6 months here of fishing for these beasts to get it dialed in.(knock on wood) I'm gonna buy some gear now. Something with 500 yds of 65lb test should do the trick. I wouldnt be surprised if flying a yummy flyer is more successful than cedar plugs and divers.
  151. karlk1125

    WTB Talica 16 or similar reel

    looking for a talica 16 or something very similar. Let me know what you have, thanks!
  152. karlk1125

    SOLD Penn Silver VISX 12 with JB80

    What part of NorCal are you in? Pretty interested!
  153. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Haha! another 70-80lber caught on a cedar yesterday too per coastside report.
  154. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    look at bayside marine's instagram. 80-100lber caught on a fucking cedar plug
  155. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    That's amazing! I've been thinking of halibut fishing around there as well. I'd definitely drive around the bank and see if you see any birds working!
  156. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Were they foaming or dropping on meter marks?
  157. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Frank they're feeding in 57 degree water. The water outside cordell was 57 yesterday at the buoy....just saying, its a possibility!
  158. karlk1125

    BFT 5/5

    This will be an interesting year. There's a big school WITHIN Monterey Bay right now foaming and blowing up on the salmon grounds, so I bet they'll be sticking around for you guys down there!
  159. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    It’s forsure 3 different boats, there were quite a few people fishing for them yesterday. I’m going to look for them further up north, wouldn’t surprise me if this isn’t the only school. The water is going to be WARM with no wind in the 10 day forecast.
  160. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Dude it’s fucking legit. I saw a video from a Monterey salmon commercial fishermen of bluefin busting on the surface. Multiple coastside members saw the schools of foamers and one hooked one and lost it after 40 minutes on salmon gear. Also, that picture has salmon rods and downriggers in it ‍♀️
  161. karlk1125

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Confirmed they’ve been caught and huge areas of foamers seen
  162. karlk1125

    TMI Success... Three P/B's.

    killer trip! Cant wait to get back with the Osunas
  163. karlk1125

    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    It's been going on for decades. It's Latin America, 'laws' are more of a subjective thing than they are in the states. For example, every year the huge seiners from Mazatlan will come in and wipe out the tuna around the islands. They're not supposed to come within 200 miles of the coast, but...
  164. karlk1125

    expected catch April 4-14 in Puerto Vallarta?

    This is the best time of year for inshore!
  165. karlk1125

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    True that...learn how to find the fish on your own or pay for #’s...or do both
  166. karlk1125

    2019 Salmon

    It's gonna blow for at least 9 days straight. Epic upwelling. Gonna make for some insane summer fishing!
  167. karlk1125

    Boat for Monterey

    All above are great boats. The model of my sled would fit the bill, but there's only a handful out here on the west coast
  168. karlk1125

    Yankee Capt Pulley Ridge Lite 3.25.2019

    OP now just sounds like a jackass. He's getting CRUSHED on THT, for good reason. There's a reason why I NEVER called anyone from the north east when I did inside sales.
  169. karlk1125

    For Sale 2006 Everglades Center Console $78,900

    That’s a lot of boat for the price and those Honda’s should have a lot of life left in em! She’ll make someone real happy!
  170. karlk1125

    Shogun Three Day

    I mean he is the Grumpiest One, should we be surprised?
  171. karlk1125


    Havnt heard anything recently. However you’re going at IMO the best time to do down. It’s hit and miss there but they should go off at Least one day!
  172. karlk1125

    2 boats for Bach Party

    I have $100 on Cabo
  173. karlk1125

    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    Nice! Bummer to hear the Navy is still out there. I want to troll cabbies in shallow on the third island when we're able to. Probably Panama-esque or better inshore fishing there.
  174. karlk1125

    For Sale 2003 60' Hatteras Convertible West Coast Rigged *Price Reduced*

    Holy shit!! We may be looking at a convertible in the 40ft range in a few years here...this one is just unreal!
  175. karlk1125

    Rockfish opener bodega

    45 miles...sounds like you were fishing saunders reef area! Good job! We're gonna splash our boat next week...cant wait to start the slaughter!
  176. karlk1125

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    PV has been pretty slow this year for sure. Bottom line for YFT is PV is the best shot for cows and super cows. No place cranks out 300lb+ fish consistently like the Tres Marias. However, due to the insane volume of micro bait there, the bite is hit and miss. IMO the best bet is to charter one...
  177. karlk1125

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    Haha! My mom and sister traumatized me as a kid about eating fish. It took me 2 years after we bought our boat of eating tiny portions of salmon cooked on a cedar plank to start eating normal portions. To this day-I’m still very picky about fish. If there’s any fishy flavor, it’s going the other...
  178. karlk1125

    Boat of the Day and a brand new listing!!!

    I definitely will when the time comes!
  179. karlk1125

    Boat of the Day and a brand new listing!!!

    Absolutely! Do yacht brokers ever work with buyers like realtors do? We may be in the market for a 40-43ft Flybridge in the next 2-3 years.
  180. karlk1125

    GT Fishing Australia

    thats awesome! I havent been down there...but that area is chalk full of bad ass guides and operations. 360tuna could be a good place to ask.
  181. karlk1125

    For Sale Edgewater 225 Express in San Diego

    great looking boat! Love how large the cockpit looks!
  182. karlk1125

    Tuna are overrated!

    Happens to the best of us!
  183. karlk1125

    PV-Late April charter

    No problem! Wish I was headed down there myself!
  184. karlk1125

    PV-Late April charter

    Lora is 'Fortuna sportfishing' on facebook Danny is 'Dhamar Sportfishing' and he has a website I've fished with both, their both incredible fishermen. Danny is more of a big bait, big fish guy while Lora is an expert in top water/popper/run and gun fishing.
  185. karlk1125

    PV-Late April charter

    Inshore fishing should be WFO then, it’s the best time for inshore down there. Do an inshore full day with Lora or Danny Gomez!
  186. karlk1125

    GT Fishing Australia

    There's none around Sydney, you need to fish the Great Barrier Reef for GT's. You should take the 2 hour flight to Cairns if GT is on the menu!
  187. karlk1125

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Such a bad ass rig Ali! I really think center consoles are the way to go in SoCal...especially with chasing busting BF schools.
  188. karlk1125

    Cow tuna trips

    PV is very hit and miss. When they chew it’s epic, when they’re keyed on micro bait it’s tough!
  189. karlk1125

    1 ling limit in 2019

    That's exactly what I do. We keep anything up to 32" or so and release the big girls. I wish we could keep 2 and have the slot limit. Imaine how kick ass our fishery would be with a good population of 30lb+ monster lings breeding tens of millions of eggs.
  190. karlk1125

    Apollo feb 16 to 20 and 20 to 24

    Thanks for the report!!! What a great attitude about the slower fishing. You just gotta pay your dues!
  191. karlk1125

    Charter recommendation in Puerto Vallarta

    Use the above mentioned guys! Also, don’t skimp on price. These guys are pricey but they’re some of the best charter captains you’ll ever fish with!
  192. karlk1125

    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    The islands already get hammered by commercial tuna fishermen...the seiners who legally aren’t allowed anywhere near the islands wrap them up a few times a year as well. I don’t think much will change...except no prison tours and more inshore fishing on relatively prestine reefs.
  193. karlk1125

    Best time to fish puerto Vallarta yft

    IMO may is the best time! Seems like a lot of the mirco bait leaves the area and the bite is super consistent. Check out Marla's reports from the past May's
  194. karlk1125

    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    I'm sure Hardcore and Bogii agree
  195. karlk1125

    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    ahhhh!!! This could be huge!!!! Does anyone have an idea what this means for the future fishing of the islands?
  196. karlk1125

    Tuna are overrated!

    Seems like there’s been more wahoo in PV the past few years than ever before...hopefully this keeps up!
  197. karlk1125

    Inshore fishing on Danny Gs DHAMAR

    Nice donkeys!!!
  198. karlk1125

    Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo

    I did a bachelor party in Cabo in 2017. It was epic haha. I mean you won’t have a problem getting to the boat on time if you don’t go to sleep! In all the first day, then let it loose. You won’t make it to the boat after partying down there. Do Cabo, not SJdC. And make sure...
  199. karlk1125

    PV 11/17-21

    Ahhh good ol masterbaiter Sportfishing Glad you had a good trip! Jacks off the beach are a blast!
  200. karlk1125

    360Tuna dysfunction

    I just made a post on there...have no idea whats going on for you!
  201. karlk1125

    Marla's Sportishing, February 7-11th. Ultra Cow and Super Cow Landed

    Keith, congrats on the tuna of a lifetime!!! That fish looked every bit of 450...just incredible! What the ultra caught up at the last island in close?
  202. karlk1125

    450lbs yellow fin landing on Marlasportfishig

    not just over 4....WAYYYY over 4! That fish looks every bit of 450# too...just incredible! That makes the #200lber I caught with them a few years ago look small! Congrats to Roberto as well! Sure being the youngest brother in that family of stud captains wasnt he's topped them all!
  203. karlk1125

    Nice one landed at PV

    What a monster! The additional pics are unreal!
  204. karlk1125

    Nice one landed at PV

    Holy shit tits! Hopefully they get it to the dock in one piece...those guys deserve the world record!
  205. karlk1125

    Albacore Research Results

    Yeah buddy that was fucking fun!!!!!! We’ll get on em again this year!!!
  206. karlk1125

    Loreto Nowadays

    Mag bay no question
  207. karlk1125

    Fishing san bruno Dec21 thru Dec31

    Thats epic fishing! Congrats on the great trip!
  208. karlk1125

    More fun times with songydongy

    Very nice Dennis! They really are the best!
  209. karlk1125

    481 YFT Casa De Campo

    Exactly what I thought. It looks EXACTLY like an east coast bluefin with yellowfin sicle's
  210. karlk1125

    todays fish

    He’s being sarcastic. There’s dorado and wahoo lined up between the marietas and el morro
  211. karlk1125

    El Matador fishing report 12/20/2018

    bomber wahoo!!! thank you for the report!
  212. karlk1125

    Need PV Charter Fishing Recommendations

    Take a quick look through the forum. There are a handful of captains down there that are superb and are highly recommended. Capt Manny, Marlas and Danny Gomez are where you should start!
  213. karlk1125

    PV or Cabo for inshore fishing

    I'd love to go to PV in April, however I'm going with my dad and he has a company trip that month, so we have to push it back, making memorial day weekend the time to go. My understanding is, once the water warms in May in PV, the big Roosters disappear and the inshore fishing slows...
  214. karlk1125

    PV Report - 12/7 - 1.5 day trip with Danny Gomez

    Danny is the man! That’s a wild 1.5 day, congrats on the cows!!
  215. karlk1125

    Tips on boat and captain

    Lora, Danny Gomez or the Osuna bro's are the best of the best! Lora is out of Punta de Mita, Danny and the Osuna's are out of La Cruz. The tuna bite can vary, could be epic, or could be dead. They will put you on whatever is biting!
  216. karlk1125

    El Salvador Fishing Recommendations

    Man, El Salvador makes me very careful down there!
  217. karlk1125

    PV or Cabo for inshore fishing

    We're planning on doing an inshore trip and would like some information with someone with experience fishing inshore in both Cabo and PV! Is inshore in Cabo in late may/june comparable to PV in April? We'd be looking to target big roosters, snappers, amberjack...aka the more prestigious of the...
  218. karlk1125

    PQ Offshore 11/29 - Anyone Onboard?

    I mean, if you see some of the conditions we salmon fish in, then see what you guys complain about in the bight...yes, you’re wussies haha :hali_olutta:
  219. karlk1125


    That inshore fishing has me hot and bothered!
  220. karlk1125

    Mex a car/FOX rent a car Los Cabos Scam

    Shitty to hear about all the bad experiences in Cabo. We've had no trouble renting cars in PV, hopefully the problem doesnt spread there.
  221. karlk1125

    For Sale 2016 Freeman 37VH (Only One On West Coast) - Twin Seven Marine 70+ MPH, Warranty, Simrad Electronics

    Excuse me while I sit here at my desk a little longer waiting for this hard on to pass. Next time, title this *NSFW* so I dont run into this situation again. My lord!
  222. karlk1125

    For Sale 2017 Yellowfin 26' Hybrid

    Looking forward to seeing what you get next! Make sure to post on THT...I could see this going fast on the east coast.
  223. karlk1125

    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    My dad also caught a raider on Saturday...they were rockfishing in 130ft of water, miles away from any reefs as a cover, just waiting for boats to leave so they could raid. And of course we had 4/8 pots that were raided!
  224. karlk1125

    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    These assholes were caught raiding pots out of bodega. If you see them, let it rip.
  225. karlk1125

    No Crab Reports?

    Crabbing is good...lots of raiding going on though. We had 3/8 pots raided last night up north of Bodega. So much for taking pictures of CF numbers, I hope some of these guys get their asses kicked at the launch ramp here soon.
  226. karlk1125

    PV 11/17-21

    Rory, go on the longer trip that can get you into tuna and billfish. This is the best time of year for offshore in PV...take advantage of it! My dad caught a 170lb tuna on a day trip last thanksgiving week!
  227. karlk1125

    Great fishing Nov 8th

    Thanks for the report!
  228. karlk1125

    Tips for surf casting at Punta Negra near Conchas Chinas

    Are you talking about north of Punta de Mita or south of PV?
  229. karlk1125

    17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    HOOOOLYYYYY SHIT!!!! 17 cows in one freaking day?! That must be a SD record!!! Fucking unreal!!!!
  230. karlk1125

    End December Vallarta fishing, 10hrs super panga/overnight el banco

    Danny Gomez has a smaller cabin boat, could be the best of both worlds. It's definitely worth it to be out there for the dusk bite, sometimes thats the only time when they're going off!
  231. karlk1125

    Looking for panga recommendations in PV

    Go with Danny if you're in PV...he is an awesome guy, a better fishermen and the hardest working captain you'll ever fish with!
  232. karlk1125

    Punta Mita or Cabo in November?

    You’ll get some shots at cow tuna in November. We found a big spot of big fish north of el Banco and got a 170lb fish last year. I’d go PV since you just get more shots at much bigger fish.
  233. karlk1125

    Puerto Vallarta....end of February

    Inshore fishing is very good in February too! Danny Gomez or Lora could put you on some epic inshore fishing
  234. karlk1125

    Bluefin off of Santa Cruz

    197 from cordell is BS....I've been keeping my eye out there the water on cordell has been 53-55 degrees with all this upwelling
  235. karlk1125

    For Sale 2018 Andros 32' Offshore - Local Knowledge

    Bad ass ride...that thing is an EPIC socal boat! With how nice the weather is down there, a fast CC like this is a way better choice than a slower cabin model (unless you do a serious amount of overnighting, a cabin is pretty useless IMO)
  236. karlk1125

    Heading to Fort Bragg for Fridays Tuna

    It's a long run right now! But there was a 110lb bluefin caught on the cold side of the break
  237. karlk1125

    Cows landed on the Freedom

    I feel like I just got back from the dentist with that music
  238. karlk1125

    Cows!! with Cap. Scott Osuna

    West of San Juanito from what I understand
  239. karlk1125

    Purse Seiners Suck

    I hate the line that they're making a living. Seining and dragging is by far the most destructive form of fishing in the world. American seiners arent the worst, but it's an archaic form of fishing that needs to be banned.
  240. karlk1125

    Contact info for Captain Lora

    post a report!! I love fishing with Lora. We caught a 160-170lber with him in November!
  241. karlk1125

    For Sale 06 DAVIS CORTEZ 1/2 CABIN D4 DIESEL $57K

    Bad ass fishing machine!!!! That's the one thing that always freaks me out about running for tuna in the dark. Like the last albacore trip I ran 2 weeks ago, we ran through an area of thick krill and whales 8-15 miles from the harbor. I'm surprised we dont hear about whale collisions more often.
  242. karlk1125

    Big Eye Tuna on the Tomahawk

    Fucking EPIC!!!! Cant remember if I've seen a report of BET being caught in the 10 or so years I've been on BloodyDecks...hopefully they make a comeback!
  243. karlk1125

    SOLD 2009 68' Little Hoquiam Long Range Yachtfisher - Sold in Just 53 Days

    What a spectacular fishing yacht! This definitely just became my dream boat...stunning!
  244. karlk1125

    Bodega tuna run Thursday

    I was running all 6 shooters with triple skirts in zucchini color...which is why it was super weird we got so many singles
  245. karlk1125

    Bodega Tuna...we found em!!!!!!

    Launch out of Bodega. It's so much less effort than Bragg. You're saving yourself about 5 hours of total time by launching out of bodega.
  246. karlk1125

    Bodega Tuna...we found em!!!!!!

    Go this week! Weather looks great Wednesday and Thursday
  247. karlk1125

    Bodega Tuna...we found em!!!!!!

    Pushed off at 430 followed by Napa Mike and Deadly Dave and headed towards 27/20. We stopped short at 27/13 on the warm side of a break and within a half hour put in 3. I circled south and east to try to hit the break again, and found a much better grade fish on the inside at 23/9. I kept trying...
  248. karlk1125

    Bodega tuna run Thursday

    Have you learned about the weak buffalo theory for tuna fishing? The numbers come from the triples and quads, not the singles. I got way too many singles yesterday for some reason, odd for what we normally do.
  249. karlk1125

    Bodega tuna run Thursday

    congrats on the baby!!! Next week there could be a window as well. Right now there's a commercial boat hammering the area we were going to run to and confirmed they are in the tuna. Things are shaping up well for tomorrow!
  250. karlk1125

    Bodega tuna run Thursday

    Make the run with us we have the same hull! There's about 3 of us coordinating a run together. There's a boat out there currently who POUNDED 38.27' by 124.20' for 6 hours on AIS. 60nm from Bodega. Hit me up if you want some pointers...outdoor pro shop has EVERYTHING you could ever dream of...
  251. karlk1125

    Fort bragg albies wednesday

    There will be a lot of reports on coastside and humboldt tuna club’ll get on em! Don’t be surprised if the best bite is south by point arena
  252. karlk1125

    Fort bragg albies wednesday

    There are a ton of boats out today
  253. karlk1125

    Bodega tuna run Thursday

    a handful of us are going to make the 50nm run west to the southern edge of the water that’s connected to what’s off of Bragg. The past 2 days SST’s have a really fantastic edge running all the way up to pt arena...should be loaded! If anyone wants to run with let me know!
  254. karlk1125

    Anyone know of a good salmon trolling rod?

    Phenix Abyss has been a great rod for us. 10-25lb class is money.
  255. karlk1125

    Warm water on

    Don’t pay attention to the water temp. Pay attention to the offshore blue water push. If you just focus on that blue water push, you’ll catch far more tuna and waste far less fuel
  256. karlk1125

    Bodega 7/21

    That’s a fucking hell of a day! Love mooching, it’s the most rewarding way to catch salmon and gives you a great shot at halibut too! What sized sabiki were you using? I saw a massive school of chovies out yesterday and would love to do the same thing
  257. karlk1125

    Hook Up In Huatulco

    Man checked out some pictures...absolutely gorgeous down there!!!
  258. karlk1125

    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV

    Jim, you are so on point about the Marla's. I did a 3.5 day trip with them which had insanely tough conditions, but they worked their asses off 24/7 to get us on fish!
  259. karlk1125

    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV

    What an EPIC trip!!! You're right, the Osuna's are first class all way around...can't wait to go fish with them again!
  260. karlk1125

    Bodega Salmon Opener

    Dropped in today at 12/8 and finished the day up at 16/8. We got 1 17lber 75ft OTW on a ph hoochie/hot spot, but the fleet got up to 8 mostly centered around 15/8 anywhere from 50 to 125OTW. It was a pick bite but some boats were just hotter than others today. There was only very spotty spots of...
  261. karlk1125

    Trolling speeds for salmon

    Yep you’re spot on. 95% of the time speed doesn’t matter. Only reason we all troll at idle is so we can get our gear deep enough to where the fish are
  262. karlk1125

    2018 Albacore Aspirations

    yep that was probably on the cold side of the break. My point is the albacore are always around the blue water. They can be on the green, cool side of the color break, but theyre not gonna randomly show up 30-60miles away from a blue water push.
  263. karlk1125

    Go to rig for trolling for salmon.

    I have a high trolling speed and I catch 90% of my fish on hoochies and spoons and can’t even catch a cold with an apex!
  264. karlk1125

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - May 2018

    thats a nice tarpon holy shit!!! congrats on the great fishing!
  265. karlk1125

    2018 Albacore Aspirations

    Its very early but it looks epic up there. With this weather we're getting next week there forsure will be boats scouting that water.
  266. karlk1125

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Man that looks like salmon water! Nice trip regardless!
  267. karlk1125

    For Sale *Price Drop* 2010 Pursuit 345 Offshore Fully Loaded

    Boat porn holy shit!! One of the few boats that would make me consider buying a monohull
  268. karlk1125

    2018 Albacore Aspirations

    Gregg I think thats a good plan. We rarely get good enough weather until late July anyways! I do think the whole ecosystem is back to its typical pattern so hopefully we see that beautiful push coming from Davidson soon. I am going to take the earliest chance I can get and hit that water off of...
  269. karlk1125

    2018 Albacore Aspirations

    Honestly I really dont think the water temp matters up here...its all about that connected blue water. Think about it. Albacore spend most of their time 300ft+ deep. The water down there is probably in the low 50's. The reason people think of water temp is because that 's what the temperature of...
  270. karlk1125

    2018 Albacore Aspirations

    They'll first go off Brag...look at the chloro shot of GORGEOUS blue water up there. Our wind machine has been on big time, we'll get a push when the upwellings subside a bit. I do think we'll see a good bite this year below Pt Arena.
  271. karlk1125

    Go to rig for trolling for salmon.

    Your boat is going to have a different idle speed than other boats and you’ll get different results. A general rule of thumb is if you troll fast at idle (2.5-3.5kts) commercial gear will be your best bet. If your idle is slow (1.5-2.5) apex, brads cut plugs and other rec gear will fish best.
  272. karlk1125

    Raymarine axiom ?

    Show off some pictures! Got to play with our new system last week and it looks incredible...really excited to pair CHIRP with the side scan and 3D...should be deadly for inshore salmon fishing!
  273. karlk1125

    Marla 11 3.5

    what a sick fucking trip!!!!!!!
  274. karlk1125

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Yep scared about this Chavez asshole getting elected. My dad is from Venezuela and we have some close family friends in Caracas. It’s unbelievable how bad Venezuela has become, it’s worse than what you see in the news. I’m afraid the same could happen to Mexico.
  275. karlk1125

    Trophy Roosterfish have in Cabo area

    Holy fucking fuck that’s a killer freaking day!!!
  276. karlk1125

    Fun Fishing at PSFL(Panama Sportfishing Lodge)

    That’s a ton of catching in a short amount of time!
  277. karlk1125

    La Jolla 5/28 One YT

    That’s a great fish, congrats!!!
  278. karlk1125

    Baja Adventure Co. Fishing Reports

    Great introduction! Welcome to bd and look forward to some good reports!
  279. karlk1125

    PV mid June surf and offshore ?'s

    John, I always see boats fishing that spot. Very interesting!
  280. karlk1125

    Trolling speeds for salmon

    My boat trolls fast so I go 2.7-3.5 normally. I've found at higher speeds, commercial gear works far better for me than rec gear. Apex's and brad's cut plugs skunk up my boat but commercial spoons and hoochies/hot spot's catch 90% of my fish. So if you have a slow troll speed...use rec gear...
  281. karlk1125

    PV mid June surf and offshore ?'s

    It depends where the Pelagics are, but you should have a shot at dorado, small (15-30lb) yellowfin and maybe even a sailfish.
  282. karlk1125

    For Sale 2003 Henriques 28 twin 200hp yanmar diesels

    These are my favorite monohull I've seen in this class...perfect for socal!
  283. karlk1125

    PV mid June surf and offshore ?'s

    Castmasters and little poppers...I had great luck with the little 3.5in yo zuri popper down there. I love that big beach there...go to punta negra where there's some decent structure!
  284. karlk1125

    Snookmafia 31/2 in Jurassic park

    Carlos, How long is the season? I’ll be down in November and would love some crazy good inshore fishing
  285. karlk1125

    Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Yup ICE them the fuck up! Awesome to hear you got all your stuff back. Very curious to see how this case settles.
  286. karlk1125

    PV - Recommendations

    They'd be quite happy in Manny's 35ft cabo!
  287. karlk1125

    600 miles PV to La Paz

    That video was unreal!
  288. karlk1125

    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    I think yellowtail is a species that could really benefit from a slot limit. Guys wouldnt like having to release 35lbers but man, how fun would it be to have a population of 35-50lb homeguards?
  289. karlk1125

    Snookmafia 31/2 in Jurassic park

    Carlos holy shit bro!!! You're killing it!! Is this out as the islands or down south?
  290. karlk1125

    Sayulita in July

    Lora, Danny Gomez or the Osuna's are the way to go!
  291. karlk1125

    Boat drives up in Newport....nobody onboard.

    Would the kill switch work when you're fighting a fish on deck? I couldnt see it working on a boat like mine while fishing.
  292. karlk1125

    Boat drives up in Newport....nobody onboard.

    Whooops yeah I meant a PLB.
  293. karlk1125

    Monterey Salmon reports???

    That big school moved on and hasnt been relocated. This big blow should push the brown water into MB so conditions could easily change when this blow dies down.
  294. karlk1125

    Boat drives up in Newport....nobody onboard.

    I do a lot of salmon trolling up here, and the only time I went out by myself (just a 1.5nm out of the harbor) I was adjusting the downrigger line and my boot slipped and I almost took a drink. That scared the living shit out of me. If someone is fishing by themselves, they HAVE to wear a PDF...
  295. karlk1125

    PV and bringing home fish......

    bring 2 imo. You want to take home 100lbs of fish. Use one as your check in baggage and pay the extra $50-$75 for the second cooler. Its well worth bringing the extra fish home.
  296. karlk1125

    Fintastic Fishing Puerto Vallarta

    If they’re advertising pictures of dead jack cravelles then you’re probably wasting your money.
  297. karlk1125

    Pesca Panama 04/13-04/19 Report

  298. karlk1125

    Coronado Island 4/20

    Looks like you guys have gotten quite a bit of upwelling down there. Good effort!
  299. karlk1125

    San Juanito Isla fishing

    Thats fucking idiotic by the captain. Not even the locals get close to the third island. The captain was basically begging for his boat to be impounded, very lucky he didnt.
  300. karlk1125

    San Juanito Isla fishing

    Was the captain fishing close in to San Juanito or the 3rd island?
  301. karlk1125

    San Juanito Isla fishing

    Very interested to know which boat this is. This could have a long term impact on the fishery
  302. karlk1125

    Looking for information on fishing in Mexico

    Or rent a VRBO condo in punta mita. You can get a pretty spectacular place for $200 a night and the views in mita are incredible.
  303. karlk1125

    WSB tackle tips

    20-30lb tackle is perfect. I use my salmon rigs just with #30 fluoro and havnt had a problem up to #60. I dont necessarily agree that they have soft mouths, you can really hammer the drag down if you want. If you do hammer the drag down you want to have a big mono top shot to handle their...
  304. karlk1125

    How to fish the Yummy

    I wasnt expecting to have this much fun when I logged onto BD this morning :D
  305. karlk1125

    Looking for information on fishing in Mexico

    I love Puerto Vallarta. The fishing seems to be more consistent, the fish are bigger, and it doesnt feel like you're in Newport Beach.
  306. karlk1125

    White Seabass hatchery a failure

    They need to just ban the fuckers. Gill netting is gay :gay:
  307. karlk1125


    fucking epic 1 day bite!!!!!
  308. karlk1125

    Our friends on the Apollo nailing them

    Haha dude I know that all too well. Was with the Osuna's on presidents day weekend last year for a 3.5 day. We got 1 bite in 3 days, luckily turned out to be a 200lber. The Apollo had one of the most epic 3 day stretches in west coast sportfishing history last month (8 super cows in 3 days for...
  309. karlk1125

    Las Cruces/Cerralvo 3/31-4/7

    epic report!!! I'd so love to do that type of mixed back bottom/reef fishing
  310. karlk1125

    Our friends on the Apollo nailing them

    PV has been on fire this year
  311. karlk1125

    Any salmon reports from port conception to ventura?

    the blob the past few years completely fucked up the normal salmon cycle. The main school that normally starts the season in monterey was up in oregon. Either this year or next year you'll see a much more typical cycle.
  312. karlk1125

    Valiant BV-300 vs Trinidad 12 A?

    Trini for live bait fishing. I have 2 BV’s but I much prefer lever drags for the trolling we do up here.
  313. karlk1125

    Quick Quepos Report

    that is 2 insane days of fishing!!!!
  314. karlk1125

    Shallow water Swordfish

    I suck! Haha that bill looks super small for a swordie...tripped me up.
  315. karlk1125

    Shallow water Swordfish

    is it just me or is that blue marlin?
  316. karlk1125

    San Juanito Isla fishing

    What manny said. It’s not legal to fish there but the locals still do. I was with the osunas and got boarded by the prison guards and we just had to give them some ‘gifts’. American boats can’t take the same risks that the locals can.
  317. karlk1125

    Is it ok to post this here?

    8 super cows in one trip...that’s un freaking real!
  318. karlk1125

    Santa Cruz Salmon fishing

    book quick, it's gonna be insane down there with north being closed. I also expect the bite to be really good this year down there. Look at the wind patterns, we're back to a normal pattern this year.
  319. karlk1125

    PV, 4 guys need a good referral

    Or the Osuna’s. All bad ass guys!!
  320. karlk1125

    Albacore this year?

    I've seen this and I really want to see more concrete evidence to this. For example...commercial boats start fishing albacore way out north of Hawaii and follow them in. If there were two different biomasses...wouldnt those commercial vessels follow some big schools to offshore of the socal bight?
  321. karlk1125

    Ronz Lures for Bluefin

    Yep exactly
  322. karlk1125

    Albacore this year?

    Nah I doubt you'll see them in force down there this year. We didnt see them south of Ft Bragg this year so I doubt the biomass will shift that far south in a year. Maybe the Bay area will see good numbers but I doubt it'll go further south than that.
  323. karlk1125

    Heavily impacted salmon season.

    I do as well! The only plus for us Bodega guys is if we have a july opening, most of the salmon will have made it past the GG and HMB fleets. We'll probably see some epic fishing out of bodega!
  324. karlk1125

    Offshore,Inshore,? How about a lil of both!

    seems like PV has been choked full of life the past few months. Great to see!!!
  325. karlk1125

    Lingcod and rockfish migration

    IMO they move around. There’s some that hang out super deep (on the shelf) that come into shallow water in October to spawn, and some that stay shallow year round. In the Bay Area...I’ll go for reefs in the 150ft range in the spring/summer, then go for 30-50ft in the fall.
  326. karlk1125

    PV at its best... Marla's 3/9-3/13 Short version

    What an epic freaking trip!! That pic of 10 tuna on deck is legendary! That’s a trip that’ll be hard to top!
  327. karlk1125

    Heavily impacted salmon season.

    Here's the options on the table: Alternative one – achieve 151,000 Sacramento adult escapees CA Klamath – open 6/20 – 7/31, 8/20 – 9/3, with a 20 inch size limit Fort Bragg – open 7/15 -- 10/31, with a 20 inch size limit San Francisco – open 6/9 -- 10/31, with a 20 inch size limit...
  328. karlk1125

    Restoration of my 1998 Worldcat 266SC

    You did a hell of a job of turning that into a socal killing machine!! I completely agree with you on the hull...I'll never go back to a mono. So much fun blasting past other boats while watching them get their asses kicked!! Do some research on these's a learning curve to know how...
  329. karlk1125

    I need the works and have no idea what to get

    You'll be more than happy with the Axiom. The 3d transducer does have high chirp as well I believe.
  330. karlk1125

    First 3.5 Day on the Apollo fishing Puerto Vallarta (PV)

    Check out the Marla's last FB went freaking off up there. They got 10 fish on one stop.
  331. karlk1125

    Heavily impacted salmon season.

    Monterey will get the 7th of April through May-early June. But you know it’ll be an absolute cluster f%#$ with the rest of the region being shut down. I do think we’ll see tuna this year...the cycle looks normal again finally. I’m hoping the squid spawn big again this year...I have sea bass...
  332. karlk1125

    Heavily impacted salmon season.

    Looks like we’ll have a limited season this year. June 11th is the earliest opening date for the SF area. They have 3 proposals on the table now...and all are cutting off the first half of the season. Luckily, we’ll get a season. I have a feeling their numbers are way off and fishing will be...
  333. karlk1125

    First 3.5 Day on the Apollo fishing Puerto Vallarta (PV)

    Those both sound like solid trips!!! I had the most dead 3.5 you can imagine last Presidents’ Day. Very few fish seen and only 1 #200 on the deck. Thank god it was a nice fish! The whole island chain was so dead we couldn’t even get the bottom fish going. I wanna get on one of those bites at...
  334. karlk1125

    West Coast Sardine Fishery

    Exactly. We're having some very experienced skippers up this way saying they are seeing more anchovies along the coast than they've seen in the past 30-40 years.
  335. karlk1125

    First 3.5 Day on the Apollo fishing Puerto Vallarta (PV)

    I do agree with you on leaving that volume of seems like on an average 3 day you’ll get 1 day that they'll go off and bite pretty good. And with that volume of fish, chances were good that last day would be great. (thats why you fish with the Osuna's or Danny get to choose...
  336. karlk1125

    January, February Papua New Guinea.

    That is amazing!!! Definitely a bucket list trip forsure!!!
  337. karlk1125

    White Seabass Head Drop-off Locations with Freezers

    2015 was our last good year north of Pt Conception...they were caught as far north as Bodega Bay but we havnt seen any good concentration of squid spawns since 2015. Praying to the squid gods that changes this year!
  338. karlk1125

    And it begins...Drones!

    It's definitely the best call there.
  339. karlk1125

    closure of fishing grounds in mexico ??

    Seiners aren’t allowed within like 200km of the tres Maria’s, and they come in from mazatlan and wipe everything the fuck out a few times a year. Mexico unfortunately is very corrupt, and the seiners with the right relationships in the Mexican government will be able to do whatever they want.
  340. karlk1125

    27' Northriver OS Twin 200's or 250's?

    More HP is ALWAYS better.
  341. karlk1125

    Successful but rough seas day out with Danny Gomez

    Been there done that in those pangas! Looks like you guys had a fun day, Danny is the man!!
  342. karlk1125

    Dog Tooth Snapper

    That’s a monster John!
  343. karlk1125

    FG Knot – Braid to Mono Line Tests

    fantastic testing. Confirms how fantastic the FG knot is!
  344. karlk1125

    California White Seabass NEWS!!!!

    also remember when you guys had very little seabass in 2014-2015 we were smoking them up in Norcal on huge squid spawns, and they've been very thin up here the past 2 years. It's all cyclical, but having more seabass in the water is not a bad thing. As in the god damn fuck is there...
  345. karlk1125

    Constitution Feb 9th-12th wrap up

    legendary pic with the stogies and cleophus in the back...awesome report man!!!!
  346. karlk1125

    Hooping at Cat 2-13-18

    man no seabass with all that squid???
  347. karlk1125

    Bringing the candy to PV

    Just dont declare it. I dont declare my cigars when I bring them down because decent cigars cost like $20-30 a stick down there and I've had no problems.
  348. karlk1125

    Awesome tuna trip ,

    congrats on the super cow!!! epic trip!
  349. karlk1125

    ALBACORE ! Limits ( VIDEO )

    Tell us how you really feel
  350. karlk1125

    Osprey 24 Fisherman DIESEL for sale

    Great boat Dave...sure they'll be more salmon swimming into my net this year cuz she'll be gone! GLWS
  351. karlk1125

    Raymarine axiom ?

    Our TM-265 holds bottom really well at speed on a solid, fishable day weatherwise. The skill of the installer on the transom mount is key IMO. I'm just getting 2 of the 12" so I'm VERY excited to see how the axiom perform. Everything I've seen from the system is top notch.
  352. karlk1125


    Holy shit that's an unreal trip! Bucket List trip forsure!!! Its amazing how temperamental the big cows at the Islands can be
  353. karlk1125

    Looking for a couple of West Coast boats

    Wish I woulda saw this a year ago before our boat just went through a complete electronics overhaul!!
  354. karlk1125

    Buying a 295 CC World Cat in Florida

    I have the 27’’ll love that boat!! There is a learning curve with a world cat, but once you learn how to trim the hull for different conditions you’ll never want to own a mono again!
  355. karlk1125

    Our good friend and customer, and baseball player ..

    Very cool!!!! Even though he played for the dodgers ;)
  356. karlk1125

    Deep Dropping in PV

    Ha I’m talking about actual deep 350-1000ft deep.
  357. karlk1125

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    This exactly. My buddy got kidnapped in Cabo at a club we were all at (Squid Row) during a bachelor party. He was being a drunk idiot...but that would of never happened at any party/club settings here in the states. Mexico/Latin America has a different set of rules and you have to play by them.
  358. karlk1125

    Deep Dropping in PV

    Has anyone tried deep dropping around PV? I'd imagine there should be some insanely productive fishing down deep.
  359. karlk1125

    Canary islands or Azores

    They get killer big eye tuna fishing around the azores
  360. karlk1125

    Florida where's the best spot to Fish/live?

    That makes me wanna move to FL damn!!!
  361. karlk1125

    Moving to SC... Myrtle Beach or Charleston Area... help!

    They call it dirty myrtle for a reason, do Charleston!
  362. karlk1125

    Viva Mexico!!

    Dude. Fucking epic!!!
  363. karlk1125

    PV Report - 01/14

    30?!?! Danny is the man!!!
  364. karlk1125

    Punta Mita recommendations

    Fish with captain Lora!
  365. karlk1125

    PV in early Feb - Surf and Inshore Fishing

    There should be some stellar beach fishing in feb! I'm jealous!
  366. karlk1125

    424lb YFT caught in Loreto....

    What the hell is going on down there? I imagine they're running 50+ miles to get to these fish? Are they on a high spot or in the canyon? It seems strange that the only place in the sea of cortez that 100lb + YFT are popping up is in Loreto. Not to mention...using 50# gear for cow tuna???
  367. karlk1125

    Fishing Pv with Danny Osuna on Dec. 28

    Nice!!! I have done a bunch of offshore day trips out of PV and honestly it’s super hit and miss for the bigger tuna. But when the inshore fishing gets’s insane!
  368. karlk1125

    2012 Davis Rock Harbor 25 Short Cabin SOLD

    Hope you guys are getting a freeman 34vh
  369. karlk1125

    2012 Davis Rock Harbor 25 Short Cabin SOLD

    Ha! We’re getting our sled back finally. She’s gonna be fucking bad ass with the upgrades we put on her. However, we’re gonna move up in the next year or two. Gonna buy a world cat 320ec and refit her.
  370. karlk1125

    2012 Davis Rock Harbor 25 Short Cabin SOLD

    Brandon, I remember when you got this sled man, she's as well equipped as a boat can possibly be!!! Are you guys gonna go to the yellowfin full time or look at picking up another sled?
  371. karlk1125

    Capt. Lora rocks

    His brother who’s deckhanding for him now is an awesome kid. We had no idea he spoke perfect English until the end of our last day fishing with them.
  372. karlk1125

    puerto vallarta with the osuna brothers

    347 holy shit!!!!!!!!
  373. karlk1125


    great trip Alan!!! Cant wait to get back out there with the Osuna's...they fish their asses off!
  374. karlk1125

    Best time for cubera/rooster

    Jan-April are best for inshore. Cubera’s are good all year down there actually.
  375. karlk1125

    2006 61' Viking $995,000 - SOLD!

    This type of yacht is one of my BHAG's (big hairy audacious goal). I want to have a boat to keep in PV and fish the islands for 7-8 months a year, and SD for the other few. That would be the fucking life.
  376. karlk1125

    Snookmafia surfishing!!

    Nice!!! I was looking at some pictures, looks absolutely gorgeous down there!
  377. karlk1125

    Snookmafia surfishing!!

    dude this is nuts!! I so want to do this with you! Are you running way north of Sayulita or south of Cabo Corrientes?
  378. karlk1125


    Now that montezuma's revenge has left my body and I have stable internet, its time to report on last week's fishing in PV during our family's annual Thanksgiving vacation. My dad and I fished last Sunday and Tuesday with Lora offshore on his 30' Catamaran. Sunday we got to el banco and found...
  379. karlk1125

    Marlas 2.5

    nice!!! I think its a HUGE benefit that you guys can fish San Juanito while the bigger boats cant. That can be the difference between a mediocre or an EPIC trip!
  380. karlk1125

    Constituion getting it done...

    Good job man. We were with Lora on that catamaran around you guys on sunday and tuesday. Got a nice 165-175 class fish. Definitely a frustrating bite, but there's a lot of fish around!
  381. karlk1125

    Today was a good day ..

    gah I'm dying right now without any reports! I'll be offshore on Sunday!
  382. karlk1125

    Bisbee's Black and Blue 2017 Photos + 5th Place Overall

    Fuck yeah!!! Love the young guns fucking shit up!
  383. karlk1125

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Dude you probably havnt learned the proper way how to run a WC then. You gotta trim the bow way up in rougher conditions. It’s a HUGE difference. Plus 250’s on the 32 is underpowered. That big girl needs to have 300’s. I’ve been in some gnarly shit on my 27 with the bow trimmed way up and it...
  384. karlk1125

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    You sounded like you knew what you were talking about until you said this. Maybe you're thinking of Glacier Bay?
  385. karlk1125

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Were gonna be looking to sell ours next year, completely retrofitted and new electronics.
  386. karlk1125

    charter share

    I'm fishing with Lora this sunday and next tuesday. I'm so excited its ridiculous. I'm also super excited to do some inshore fishing between puta mita and Litibu. Anyone have some tips on shore fishing that area?
  387. karlk1125

    2017 Excel Merritt 10 Day

    I mean, this is really 2 super cows on the same trip. Just ridiculous!!!
  388. karlk1125

    Cow cow!!

    Nice! Did Alonso just get a big cow at El Banco?
  389. karlk1125

    Intrepid weights in....

    Thats just epic!!!
  390. karlk1125

    2007 Parker 2320 SL with F250

    Very well equipped boat!! someone is getting a heck of a fish killing machine!
  391. karlk1125

    Looking to share an offshore trip In Puerto Vallarta Nov 17-23

    Good info man. How's the tuna bite been between el banco and the first island?
  392. karlk1125

    Lingcod: is it just me or do they seem less common this year?

    They’re as thick as rockfish up here in the Bay Area
  393. karlk1125

    Any word on the lower banks?

    Man you’d hope these crazy hippies would do something useful and sink those rusty rape machines.
  394. karlk1125

    Another Good day for El Matador 10/30/17

    Good to hear! I'll be fishing in 2 and a half weeks down there...sounds like conditions are solid!
  395. karlk1125

    Another Good day for El Matador 10/30/17

    What are the conditions like down there right now in terms of water temps?
  396. karlk1125

    Looking to share an offshore trip In Puerto Vallarta Nov 17-23

    Scott...I'll be in mita fishing 2 days with lora that week. If the inshore fishing is on fire, I would definitely be interested in doing another morning!
  397. karlk1125

    Fitness for cow trips

    Deadlifts forsure. Strenghtens your posterior chain, including back and core muscles you use during a fight. Grip strength exercises for grip on the rail. As well, I'd say you'd want to get some HIIT training in to get your metabolism higher. Higher metabolism-more stamina. Obviously...
  398. karlk1125

    SOLD Price drop.... $69k Yamaha Warranty....Smoking deal....

    Buuuut you’re being a lil bitch. Shut your mouth and enjoy looking at a sexy ass boat.
  399. karlk1125

    2 Glacier Bay boats for Sale In Los Angeles

    Awesome boats! Love the 30. Were probably gonna upgrade to a 32ft cat next year, that’s a year early for us!
  400. karlk1125

    Punta de Mita 9/23/17

    You're right about that! We have 2 days with him over thanksgiving and it'll be interesting to see how it plays out. I REALLY want to make it to Cleophus for topwater, but its a family vacation so I dont think we'll be able to go overnight. November typically is not good for inshore around Mita...
  401. karlk1125

    Osuna's backyard

    Close to the same distance.
  402. karlk1125

    Punta de Mita 9/23/17

    thats a sick day!!! congrats!!!
  403. karlk1125

    Snotty Ocean ... is it just me?

    It’s been an insane wind year up north of point conception, looks like y’all have been getting the south end of it. But, if you think what you’re getting is rough, come check out Bodega bay in June
  404. karlk1125

    Prayers to all in Las Vegas

    This is so fucking shitty its unbelievable. Today isnt a day to point fingers or direct blame. Breaks my heart.
  405. karlk1125

    Bluefin or yellowfin cows?

    Ha! I got a #200 in PV last year and that fucker kicked my ass for 2 hours, gave me everything I could handle. At the time I was 26, 6'2" and 225lbs just coming out of bulking season so I believe every bit of that statement!
  406. karlk1125

    53' Elliott $150,000

    Imagine the damage this boat would do in puerto Vallarta holy tits
  407. karlk1125

    Phenix Axis 8' Rod Suggestion

    You should be fine man. I’ve gotten 60lb seabass on the abyss 10-25lb so you should be able to hammer some toads with that rod.
  408. karlk1125

    Fall white seabass

    Some of the past few years Nocal has seen big schools of ghosts in the fall. This year has been almost non existent so I venture to bet they didn’t migrate as far north as they have.
  409. karlk1125

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    Haha. I think its been a thing down there for a time. As long as you're not acting like my buddy (half blacked out and alone) you should be fine. He basically had a target on his back saying 'pick this gringo!'
  410. karlk1125

    San juanito on fire!!

    fucking insanity!!!!! You guys proved there's no 'tuna season' at the islands...its always a tuna party with the Marias sisters!!!!
  411. karlk1125

    2001 Albin 28 TE SOLD

    If i ever went monohull Albin would be top on my list...incredible boat!
  412. karlk1125

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    It was right on the strip. According to him, he went to the bathroom, and when he came out 2 guys were waiting for him.
  413. karlk1125

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    also forgot to of our buddies got kidnapped after he got drunkenly separated from the group. All they did was drive him to multiple ATM's to clean out his checking account but careful partying down there and dont be that stupid gringo.
  414. karlk1125

    Cows on fire!!

    you guys have been killing it all summer holy shit!!!
  415. karlk1125

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    Nice. There was a 50/50 chance of that happening or all of southern cabo getting fucked. Thank god the eye rotated west instead of east.
  416. karlk1125

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    Yeah, it moved just enough to the west to mostly miss Cabo.
  417. karlk1125

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    Thank you everyone for your feedback. Of my group, I'm the only one who tracks weather like this so I'm getting the fuck out on Saturday while they're gonna try to party it out.
  418. karlk1125

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    Ahhh fuck, they had it going straight fucking west yesterday. Would the airlines work to help people get out early if landfall does look imminent?
  419. karlk1125

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    Looking at the windyty forecast it looks like cabo is going to get hit again on sunday. I'm supposed to be down there thurs-sunday. Should i think about cancelling this trip if the forecast holds?
  420. karlk1125

    SM surf fishing #LMV

    Carlos, tried to send you a PM, would love to go with you!
  421. karlk1125

    Albacore Ft Bragg Sunday?

    yup looks great
  422. karlk1125

    Santa Cruz 8/6

    Exactly!! You'll get a feel what to look for pretty quickly. Also during the day you can get into some pretty sensational halibut bites on the squid spawn. I've limited on both halibut and seabass on the same day (with 3 of the halibut over 30lbs) Also the birds are very indicative of whats...
  423. karlk1125

    Santa Cruz 8/6

    I did very well out on seabass a few years ago. I used a mooching sliding swivel, then a 4-6' 40# fluoro leader with a 6/0 circle hook. They do come up here thick IMO pretty much every year. The key, like guys have been saying, is to get right on that squid bed. If there's no squid beds, you're...
  424. karlk1125

    Sons first dorado..and then some

    this report put such a smile to my face....awesome!!!!!
  425. karlk1125

    Snookmafia pics

    I'm fucking game!!! When's the time to go for these fish?
  426. karlk1125

    Electronics Upgrade Build Thread

    Doing some similar things with my boat. The 2 12"s is something to droll over!
  427. karlk1125

    2006 TWIN VEE EXPRESS 26'

    Wow! Great boat for socal. GLWS.
  428. karlk1125

    Fishing inside bodega bay

    catch live bait and drift doran beach. Too much grass to troll but there can be a pretty good halibut bite right outside the jetty
  429. karlk1125

    Tuna out of Bodega Bay

    No way thats awesome! How old is your kid?
  430. karlk1125

    Tuna out of Bodega Bay

    Go to outdoor pro shop, ask for the manager Mike, and tell him Karl sent you to get outfitted for albacore. He'll take care of you. I dont run cedars, I run six shooters with triple skirts or brooms. They key is to run all of the same thing so you get more triples and quads.
  431. karlk1125

    Tuna out of Bodega Bay

    I'll be running when ever we get a chance! Right now, the only real water within striking distance is off of Pt Arena. That area is historically fantastic when the conditions are there, and that break looks amazing. If we get any flat water i'll definitely be making that run.
  432. karlk1125

    Late report 7/22 trophy

    wow killer fish!!!!! We ran 15 miles past that on Friday gahhh
  433. karlk1125

    Yummy Bites 7/22

    That's bad ass!!! We were out there Friday trolling over gnarly meter marks till almost 8pm and didn't get bit. That's the dream day right there!
  434. karlk1125

    Snookmafia pics

    Where the heck are you fishing?! That's insane! Take me there!
  435. karlk1125

    2 1/2 COW and a record breaking 285lbs BFT!

    I'll be out tomorrow trying to match that day!
  436. karlk1125

    2 1/2 COW and a record breaking 285lbs BFT!

    That has to be one of the most epic days of fishing of all time on the west coast. Unbelieveable.
  437. karlk1125

    Looking for bft but found yft on 07/18

    Great job!!! Too bad the BFT bite died
  438. karlk1125

    Success of Flatfall Jig

    Like chris said, it's a slow pitch jig. There's manh variations, and some solidly outperform the flat fall. Difference is, shimano's massive marketing power so most fishermen has no idea what slow pitch jigging was until shimano released the flat fall.
  439. karlk1125

    Snowflakes are among us

    These fuckers are everywhere!
  440. karlk1125

    Skip... Skip... They bite - SD Offshore BFT - 7.16.17 guess you want a super heavy leader for 2 reasons. First the BFT seem to swallow the hell out of the flyer, so the heavier leader helps protect from abrasion from the teeth. Second, the line is never in the water, therefore you can fish super heavy gear and not spend hours trying to...
  441. karlk1125

    Anyone running out of Monterey Bay area for albacore?

    look at the wind broski...been fucking howling for the past month. Weather is too warm right now, creating a crazy thermal trough that's producing these ridiculous winds.
  442. karlk1125

    Nonsmoking Party Boats?

    smoking inside on a party boat is a little bs. If you ever smell cigar smoke fishing out of bodega, good chance you'll see me ;)
  443. karlk1125


  444. karlk1125

    only rods left

    Lucas! I think I sold you that Tiburon. Are you getting out of the game or getting a new line up?
  445. karlk1125


    Ouuuuuch!!!! LOL
  446. karlk1125

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    I've been known to be wrong once or twice before ;) I know the seiners out of Mazatlan that wrap the tres maria's a few times a year catch as much on a single trip as the commercial panga fleet catches there in 10 years.
  447. karlk1125

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Agree with all the statements on here. There is ZERO sustainability in wrapping up entire populations of tuna. What the rec fleet catches in a year is a drop in the bucket compared to what these guys seine in 2 weeks. It's bullshit the rec guys can only keep 2 bft while they can wrap up entire...
  448. karlk1125

    Valiant 300 clicker version available?

    I talked with a rep this morning, the clicker version is apparently available!
  449. karlk1125


    I'm looking for either an Accurate BX 400n or 400 (preferably in 6:1 ratio) or 2 speed, or a Valiant 300 (only if it's the new clicker model) or 400. send me a pm please
  450. karlk1125

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    I fucking hate sieners. Fucking archaic style of fishing that has no place north of the border. Do it like the albacore commercial guys do it with hook and line. Shit like this pisses me off. And the argument that 'it's how they make money' is bullshit. If they cant figure out a way to fish...
  451. karlk1125

    Monterey Salmon 7/2 & 7/3

    hell yeah fantastic day and footage!!!
  452. karlk1125

    6/24 Seabass New Hustler

    We use a salmon mooching rig for fishing the squid beds beds that works fantastic. Use a sliding swivel on your main line and attach to a barrel swivel. Then tie a 4-6' 40lb leader to a 5/0-6/0 offset circle hook.
  453. karlk1125

    6/26/17 insane afternoon halibut bite

    heck yeah! It's fun when they school up on the squid grounds. Have seen some days where its one after the other on the anchor. My best day we got 3 over 30, including one pushing 40.
  454. karlk1125

    Is this a record Seabass on Pole and Line ?

    Wow, thats an insanely thick seabass. One of the one's in my avatar was 54" and the other was 52", however they were both in the 58-62 range. Cant believe how fat yours is!
  455. karlk1125

    Panama Sport-Fishing Lodge Report

    Killer trip!!! That american flag face shield is epic! where'd you get it?
  456. karlk1125

    Water off of Ft. Bragg

    Meh. Oregon and Washington on average are FAR calmer than norcal is during the summer. Given, their ports are tougher, but they do not get the powerful, localized NW's that NorCal gets frequently throughout the summer months. The further north you go, the better it gets actually. Southernly's...
  457. karlk1125

    Fred Hall Crew 2017 Rancho Leonero Trip

    holy shit thats some killer fishing you guys had!!! Epic roosters!!!
  458. karlk1125

    Dana PT 6/16/17

    Good to see BSB making a comeback. Great job on the halibuts!
  459. karlk1125

    WTB - Raymarine C97

    I'll have one for sale in a few weeks. Still need one?
  460. karlk1125

    Which one Simdar, Raymarine or Lowrance 12" touch screen

    We're getting the Raymarine Axiom 12 and 9 as we speak. Very excited to get the 3d sonar on the water here for salmon and seabass. I'll post a review after a few trips.
  461. karlk1125

    Raymarine Radar for finding birds

    Has anyone had success using the 4kw Radome for finding birds? We're deciding between going with the dome and an open array. Most of the time we'd be looking for flocks of birds, as we're mostly fishing for salmon or seabass. So I don't need to be looking for a single bird at 5 miles, however...
  462. karlk1125

    Foamers Everywhere - Triple Digit Fish

  463. karlk1125

    San Carlos, Sonora

    There was a cow caught that far north?! holy shit!
  464. karlk1125

    Fish pictures

    Holy crap those are some phenomenal catches!
  465. karlk1125

    Belyounech Morocco May 2017

    That picture across the straight of Gibraltar is awe inspiring!!! What an incredible report and an incredible destination!!!
  466. karlk1125

    yesterdays report

    that sounds like way too much fun!!!
  467. karlk1125

    Another 2.5 day trip danny osuna

    Ahh!!!! Crazy seems like May has had the best bite the past few years.
  468. karlk1125

    Wsb and lots of them

    Why the hell would he give his spots to the peanut gallery that hasnt given him shit? Seabass fishing is a contact sport. The more a spot gets hit the more it dies. I have NEVER posted about catching seabass on any type of fishing forum. I dont want anyone in my area to know there's seabass...
  469. karlk1125

    From Washington To The Bay...

    Paul, Definitely join coastside, being apart of that club has helped me tremendously. Some big differences: It is WAY more windy during the summer. We get strong NW winds that create massive upwellings through June, and intermediately throughout the summer. We dont get that consistent calm...
  470. karlk1125

    Catalina 5/4

    Do you guys get squid balls that float to the surface? (its when a school of squid gets attacked, they all attach to themselves and float to the surface and slowly rotate. You can find them by seeing about 100 birds sitting in a 5x5 area with a few making short dives) We get them up in the bay...
  471. karlk1125

    Hunting Big Bluefin on the Prowler 4/30

    Hopefully the fish get into US waters and get past that death trap. Great report!!!
  472. karlk1125

    Hannibal bank 4-15-2017

    Just the idea of spearfishing is idiotic for an area like Panama. From everything you guys are saying, sounds like spero's need to be banned, as well as the take of all shallow water reef species. It's very sad to read that Panama, the last 'untouched' fishery in the western hemisphere, is being...
  473. karlk1125

    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    How do you like those evinrudes? We're thinking of upgrading to those in a year or two.
  474. karlk1125

    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    That year was unfreaking real. They were in so thick at times it was stupid. Praying we get albacore and ghosts this year!
  475. karlk1125

    Worst salmon season in eight years projected in California

    Looks like this is going to be a real solid salmon season!
  476. karlk1125

    Spring Break 3/4 Day TUNA Trip on the San Diego 3/29

    hell yeah!!! Hit that gym and get beefy swole for when the big girls show up!!!! Curls for the Girls baby!!!! Ohhhhh yeah!!!!!!
  477. karlk1125

    Puerto Vallarta offshore deep drop spots.

    Hire one of the commonly recommended captains on this forum. Gotta pay to play buddy.
  478. karlk1125

    puerto vallarta with the osuna brothers, 3/20-3/22/2017

    Alan, we wore the new low top boots down there and they worked brilliantly.
  479. karlk1125


    ha great old school thread to read through!
  480. karlk1125

    Puerto Vallarta Inshore - March 2017

    hell yeah! Awesome trip of catching!
  481. karlk1125

    Recent Tres Marias Report

    100lb is all the Osuna's used during the daytime when I was down there.
  482. karlk1125

    Yellowfin Journeyman

    some killer surface action in that video there! Love it!
  483. karlk1125

    Recent Tres Marias Report

    Good to hear! Any size to them?
  484. karlk1125

    4.5 on the Constitution, Feb 22-27, 2017

    Hell yeah!!!! looks like a killer trip!!! Great to see the fishing looks like it picked back up.
  485. karlk1125

    Marlas epic cow trip!

    They show up in day range, however there hasnt been any real consistency with the cows showing up on el banco or la corbetena for quite a few years. If you want cows, go to the islands. If you want medium sized tuna, sailfish, marlin, dorado and cubera snapper, the day trips will get em.
  486. karlk1125

    Spring break fishing

    The water is really cold right now, therefore your best bet is going to be an inshore trip, which should be very good. Look no further than Danny Gomez with Dhamar sportfishing in La Cruz for the inshore trip under $650. Top of the line gear and you cant find a better captain!
  487. karlk1125

    Recent Tres Marias Report

    No....the big tuna stay at the islands all year round. They get thunderstorms during the summer so they don't book the multi night trips until October. The osuna's go commercial fishing on their pangas all summer between the storms and do real well.
  488. karlk1125

    Marlas 3.5 Day February 17-21st...dead cow and a wild ride

    Oh it will...that area is too productive to be dead for long. Of course it'll be kicking out 300lbers in a month!
  489. karlk1125

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    Kil, If you do that trip next year I will be VERY interested.
  490. karlk1125

    Marlas 3.5 Day February 17-21st...dead cow and a wild ride

    The unreal conditions of a few weeks ago have disappeared. We fished from Cleophus to the high spot on San Juanito for 1 bite, a 200lber outside of Maria Magdalena (2nd island). The fish bit in the late morning on a fly lined cabby and kicked my fucking ass for 2 hours. Pinche devil fish...
  491. karlk1125

    Recent Tres Marias Report

    What boat were you on?
  492. karlk1125

    Recent Tres Marias Report

    I'll post a report soon. Long story short the zone is dead. 1 fish caught in 3 days for us, 2 fish in 3 days for the constitution. I'd wait 2 weeks or so. Mexican navy was fine.
  493. karlk1125

    Constitution: just got home from my trip, thanks for the advice

    Damn that sounds great compared to what we saw! Haha I think the storm rolling through fucked everything up too. Luckily you guys had killer weather! that's
  494. karlk1125

    Constitution: just got home from my trip, thanks for the advice

    Bottom fish, but it was so fucking windy and rough after the storm the bottom fish were lockjaw for us. I think Keith went to beaner banks, the only spot we didn't look, so maybe they are there. It was surprising, San Juanito was holding fucking nothing. No bottom fish, no birds, no tuna. It...
  495. karlk1125

    4.5 day in February Open Spots (COWS)

    Good luck, hopefully conditions change for you guys. We looked from cleophus to San Juanito for 1 bite in 3 days. Only place we didn't look was beaner banks. Hopefully things change for you guys.
  496. karlk1125

    Constitution: just got home from my trip, thanks for the advice

    Just got back from my 3 day. The fish disappeared for the most part. We got 1 200lber but the volume of fish wasn't like it was before. Even Keith wasn't seeing shit on his sidescan. We saw a few schools but it wasn't much and they were super skiddish. Most likely the seiners got em good last week.
  497. karlk1125

    Constitution: just got home from my trip, thanks for the advice

    Thank you for the report!!! I'm in LAX waiting for our flight to our 3.5 day.
  498. karlk1125

    4.5 day in February Open Spots (COWS)

    Post before 1030 that's when I take off from LAX!!!
  499. karlk1125

    Best Day Boat in Quepos

    I have a friend looking to do either inshore or offshore at the end of march for a day. Who would I send him to? Most likely a large center console would be better than a large sportfisher.
  500. karlk1125

    MLPA....Will Trump do away with it and bring back our sport fisheries?

    There could easily be a system so we could fish Cordell without negatively impacting the fishery. Do it like Washington. Open it a few weekends per year and restrict take of certain species. Boom. Fun for all.
  501. karlk1125


    not me, the seabass just head north where there's plenty of squidies ;)
  502. karlk1125

    Constitution reports a 413# Ultra cow

    I'm leaving with the Osuna's on a 3.5 day leaving la Cruz on friday. i hope these conditions hold!!!
  503. karlk1125

    Looking for current reports in Vallarta

    It's all a crap shoot honestly. My BEST white seabass bites were during shit tides and moon phases. Timing the moon phase can increase your chances, but its just one of the many factors that comes into play.
  504. karlk1125

    Seiners fishin BFT at Tanner?

    That's a brutally high number of seiner's....hopefully they dont wipe out the biomass.
  505. karlk1125

    Constitution reports a 413# Ultra cow

    I LEAVE IN A WEEK!!!! HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  506. karlk1125

    4.5 day in February Open Spots (COWS)

    My goodness. My trip leaves in 10 days with the Osunas. I'm giddy.
  507. karlk1125

    2 Questions - Raymarine & CHIRP

    It depends on #2. Its indespensible fishing for salmon because most sonars cannot pick up salmon, however CHIRP can. I've been trying to convince all the locals up here that yes, those marks I am looking at on my screen are indeed salmon.
  508. karlk1125

    Squid with CHIRP (high ferqunecy, wide angle)....Screenshots???

    This is a squid ball being demolished by a swarm of seabass
  509. karlk1125

    Squid with CHIRP (high ferqunecy, wide angle)....Screenshots???

    This is a huge suspended ball not quite settled on a nest yet
  510. karlk1125

    Loreto B.C.S fish report 1/23/2017

    really impressive boat you guys have there!
  511. karlk1125

    Loreto B.C.S fish report 1/23/2017

    really impressive boat you guys have there!
  512. karlk1125

    2017 Winter Harbour trip questions

    That's pretty vague...what reasons do you have to say that? I've fished with them before and they're top notch. They worked as hard as any captains I've ever fished with. David nailed the halibut fishery there and routinely catches monster halibut. If you're going to shit on someone that has a...
  513. karlk1125

    Marlas Super cow!!!

    way excited for my 3.5 day with you!!!!
  514. karlk1125

    San Carlos Mexico MLK weekend

    my lord those are incredible pictures!!! congrats on the killer trip!
  515. karlk1125

    How to end the year-Welcome 2017!!!

    holy shit!!!! This was all on a single 2.5-3.5 day trip?
  516. karlk1125

    Video - Age's Recent Trip to Punta Mita

    Jealous!!!! You going inshore or offshore?
  517. karlk1125

    Booking our 2017 Thanksgiving vacation...Punta Negra-Litibu

    That is awesome thank you guys! Especially hearing how good the fishing is on that beach, I'm definitely leaning towards booking there. we get closer I definitely will! I'm going to send you a PM shortly about some jigs and a jigging rod for my 2.5 day trip.
  518. karlk1125

    So, what happens next year in SoCal Offshore/Islands?

    I bet we'll see another very good bluefin year. I think the Mexican quota is taking effect which was one of the reasons why bluefin fishing was so good the past few years. While who knows if the cows will come back, I think the bluefin run will be strong. I also highly doubt socal will see...
  519. karlk1125

    Booking our 2017 Thanksgiving vacation...Punta Negra-Litibu

    Has anyone stayed at this long beach during the late fall/winter months? The area and houses look amazing, but I'm worried the north winds that are prevalent that time of year will make the stay there far less comfortable than the southern facing condo's next to Punta Mita's harbor. Some input...
  520. karlk1125

    Video - Age's Recent Trip to Punta Mita

    Do it! Lora is the best! There's some awesome condo's in Punta Mita that are really pretty cheap considering how great the condos are.
  521. karlk1125

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Well...this thread made me happy we booked with the Osuna's for our 2.5 day. Danny Gomez also got a nice 35ft boat that could be taken to the upper zone as well.
  522. karlk1125

    Thank you Erasmo 4 nice tuna

    Erasmo is out of Punta Mita
  523. karlk1125

    Video - Age's Recent Trip to Punta Mita

    That jigging for AJ's was unreal! I gotta do that next time I fish with Lora!
  524. karlk1125

    Belep Island New Caledonia, December 2016

    freaking incredible report!!!!!
  525. karlk1125


    Amen to that. Even US seiners take a drop in the bucket compared to Mexico and Asia.
  526. karlk1125

    Heading to El Banco/Marias 12/2-8

    Great report! Agreed, they have to do something about those long liners asap. The west coast dorado fishing is collapsing because of them.
  527. karlk1125

    Final run of the year Tanner 12/7-9/16

    They've done that up here on salmon bites. I was on an EPIC salmon mooching bite on a huge spawn and the seiners pushed about 20-30 boats off this bite by circling us multiple times, cutting very close between boats then deploying their nets. Brutal.
  528. karlk1125

    SeaDek in SO CAL

    Gahh if only you guys had an office here in the Bay Area!
  529. karlk1125


    Boom! I'm sold. We're refurbishing our boat this winter and that will forsure be on our long list of bad ass items.
  530. karlk1125

    3 1/2 trip with Capt Danny Osuna out of PV starts from Dec 3

    Great trip Kil!! Were they biting cabbies or just squid for you guys too?
  531. karlk1125

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about that ;)
  532. karlk1125

    3 1/2 trip with Capt Danny Osuna out of PV starts from Dec 3

    Man I'm looking forward to your report kil!
  533. karlk1125

    Sayulita Fishing over the 2016/17 Holidays

    Chris...I know its far more pricey than the rest of Mexico but the quality of the captains, gear and effort they give you is incredible! Go with Danny and he'll spare no expense for you to get on some great fishing!
  534. karlk1125

    Dorado have arrived

    Cut those long lines!
  535. karlk1125

    3 1/2 trip with Capt Danny Osuna out of PV starts from Dec 3

    very exciting!! I'm looking forward to your report! We have a 2.5 day trip with them this year so I'm excited to see how you guys do. From the sound of it there's a lot of cows this year!
  536. karlk1125

    Limits of bluefin in the dark. 11-25-16

    Dude...your season has been stupid. Every report you post out-does the previous one. Just ridiculous man my jealously is unreal!
  537. karlk1125

    Cabo 11/25

    Ha thats some great inshore fishing!!!
  538. karlk1125

    Big cows are biting

    Of course fishing is off the hook the thanksgiving we decide not to come down!
  539. karlk1125

    One spot is open for 3 1/2 days with Capt Danny Osuna out fo PV

    Wow i could fly round trip out of my regional airport RT for $600. Wish I was a year further into my young career or I'd be in!
  540. karlk1125

    Addathon Iron Man Sturgeon Derby

    heck yeah man I was following you guys on Mike's instagram. Killer fishing guys crushed it!
  541. karlk1125

    Ending the season with a bang.

    Holy cant get better than that! Congrats on a killer trip!!!
  542. karlk1125


    Sea Sheppard is down there going after poachers. Fucking bladders sell for 10k a piece in china.
  543. karlk1125


    Would be amazing to see a major comeback for such an incredible species! Love whats going on with the seabass hatchery program. We've seen the benefits way up here in the Bay Area. Had a banner seabass year last year north of san francisco.
  544. karlk1125

    Groms killed some yesterday

    PV is on fire right now!!! Epic job on the cow!
  545. karlk1125

    PV 11-13&14

    Big roosters, big cubera, and a cow tuna...are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! Epic beyond words man! I've fished PV 7 days and got only the big cubera, still waiting for my big rooster and cow tuna! Danny es el hombre!
  546. karlk1125

    Stacked some clips for my wife...

    holy shit man she's a better fisherman than most guys on this board! Killer!
  547. karlk1125

    big tunas just moved inn to el banco area

    Perfect right in time for my buddies to come down and slay with with you!
  548. karlk1125

    where are the dorado?

    Yep Baja is a shell of its former self. PV hasn't seen that decline nearly as much (fishing is much further offshore) so I'm praying the Mexican govt does something before PV suffers the same fate
  549. karlk1125

    Snook season is on!!!

    Might want to fish a half day with you in February...I'll let you know!
  550. karlk1125

    where are the dorado?

    Good to hear! Danny I got a big group of guys that I fish with up here coming down to fish with you this month. One of them is the manager of the biggest fishing shop here in the San Francisco area. So please, make sure they only catch skipjack and Toro's so I dont have to hear about them...
  551. karlk1125

    Gearing up for next year Albacore

    We like to troll all the same lure throughout our spread. Its the weak buffalo theory so instead of the tuna targeting the 'weak' lure, there's no choice and they'll hit more of the lures in the spread, enticing more multiple hook ups. I like to troll six shooters with triple skirts, but they...
  552. karlk1125


    Yup I LOVE their blanks but am having rust around the base of the eyes on almost all of my rods. Definitely a bummer.
  553. karlk1125

    Outstanding tuna trip

    Way too epic!! Looks like some killer bottom fishing as well. I'm pumped for my trip!!!
  554. karlk1125

    Santa Cruz Offshore

    They'll never open it. Just put the radar on and drop a few quick lines down when coming back from the tuna grounds ;)
  555. karlk1125

    4.5 day in February Open Spots (COWS)

    I'll be getting off a 2.5 day right before you guys. Good luck!
  556. karlk1125

    Santa Cruz Offshore

    hahaha can't chastise him...itd make me a hypocrite ;)
  557. karlk1125

    Looking for best family vacation/fishing resort?

    Paul, We gave up on Baja as well and found PV to be a perfect destination as well. Yes, the fishing in PV is far more expensive, but the captains in PV are incredibly talented and hard working, their gear is top of the line, and run much much nicer boats. And not to mention, the fishing is far...
  558. karlk1125

    Overnight trip aboar el Matador 10/20-21

    They do it every time they run out to el banco. It's about 50 from Nuevo Vallarta. And the PV captains fish 14 hour days pretty often when need be.
  559. karlk1125


    If they counterfeit tags as well as they counterfeit "Cuban" Cohiba's they'd be in trouble
  560. karlk1125

    Santa Cruz Offshore

    Did you bottom fish on Cordell?
  561. karlk1125

    Limits of Tuna. Wfo. 10-23-16

    You are on fucking fire brother! You're a freaking fishy dude!
  562. karlk1125

    Red Rooster III in PV

    Hell yeah I'll be right behind you!!! Hope yall find the fish and let us slide right in up on them when you leave. I think there's gonna be some killer fishing out there.
  563. karlk1125

    Red Rooster III in PV

    Were you fishing locally or at the Tres Marias? Booked a 2.5 day with the Osuna's over Presidents Day weekend. After some unlucky tuna trips out of PV I'm hoping the islands will finally give me some bad ass cow fishing.
  564. karlk1125

    Santa Cruz Offshore

    I'm hearing that a spotter plane south of Monterrey spotted a massive area of foamers and there's been a good bite going off around Morro Bay for a few weeks now.
  565. karlk1125

    where are the dorado?

    Sounds like the entire pacific coast is devoid of dorado this year. Only a matter of time until the long liners took their toll.
  566. karlk1125

    Cabo Charter Suggestions?

    Renegade Mike is a bad ass...go with him!
  567. karlk1125

    Santa Cruz Offshore

    Thanks for looking! Did you look in shallower off davenport? Most of the bluefin last year we're in shallower over structure. It's less of a water game and more of a structure game with bluefin, definitely different than albacore.
  568. karlk1125


    looks like the mexicans need to create a few more artificial reefs. Or, could they put some sort of fowling devices around the protected area's so the trawlers would get their nets tangled if they trawled in the protected zone?
  569. karlk1125

    Picudo Sportfishing Cabo San Lucas Report

    Wish the US Navy would come in and do a little target practice on the seiners
  570. karlk1125

    Rotten fishing in Lopez for Mark and Gary with Captain Chico.

    Holy shit that's pretty unreal! Killer catch right there.
  571. karlk1125

    no problem

    The cow tuna havnt set shop on the rock or el banco like they used to for a LONG time. Gotta go to the islands to get the cows consistently, while back in like 2005 they got consistently at the rock and el banco.
  572. karlk1125

    no problem

    I wonder why the big cows rarely visit the structure within day boat range anymore. We're doing a 2.5 day soon but man it'd be nice to get in on some of the big fish action on a day trip when we're on a family vacation.
  573. karlk1125

    Northern CA bluefin

    This big south wind should definitely help move the fish up north here. We still got 3-4 weeks so we could definitely see em move through.
  574. karlk1125

    Northern CA bluefin

    That warm water over the canyon edge by Davenport looks killer now. Carmel looks good as well.
  575. karlk1125

    Share charter

    Dude dont waste your money on an inshore charter that time of year. Inshore water is too warm and the fishing sucks. Offshore however is freaking prime time...go offshore with Manny.
  576. karlk1125

    Northern CA bluefin

    Bluefin are different from albacore in that they are far more structure oriented. I wouldnt be looking much further than the 100fa line. Last year most of the fish were caught off Cordell and Davenport along the drop offs. Last year they hung around because there were stable, good conditions...
  577. karlk1125

    Bluefin confirmed in NorCal

    Miss Anita put in 2 full days looking for them from the bodega canyon to the islands and saw nothing. Its just too fucking windy this year...everytime the conditions start shaping up we get an upwelling that blows up the water. A buddy today measured 51 degree water off of Elephant rock...thats...
  578. karlk1125

    Puerto Vallarta

    Keith...I believe Manny on the El Matador is in the PV Harbor. Although it's always worth it to make your way to La Cruz and go with Danny Gomez.
  579. karlk1125

    Gonzaga Bay gillnetters

    Sad to see how much the gillneters have devastated the sea of cortez.
  580. karlk1125

    Mexi mix bag

    Killer pictures man! That Cubera is massive...looks like you got that right off the point!
  581. karlk1125

    Advise Puerto Vallarta

    I believe there's just super panga's and cabin cruisers now. Danny's is quite heavy and does handle very well. I was out with him in some shit this year and it did quite well.
  582. karlk1125

    Bluefin confirmed in NorCal

    The big blow we got fucked up the conditions completely. If the wind stays down and things come back together we should be looking good for October (when most fish we caught last year)
  583. karlk1125

    Bluefin confirmed in NorCal

    I have a big network of local fishermen I get most of my info from. They're confirmed, I have my sources and I'm letting people know Do some research, they were caught around specific structure last year. Bluefin are more structure oriented than albacore are. I guarantee you you'll be hearing...
  584. karlk1125

    Bluefin confirmed in NorCal

    Theyve been spotted from Monterey to Bodega. Multiple were caught off Bodega the past week up to 110lbs around Cordell. There should be some off either Monterrey and Santa Cruz. If they're off Bodega.
  585. karlk1125

    Bluefin confirmed in NorCal

    Go get em boys :)
  586. karlk1125

    Video - Sami & Co. in Ascension Island

    Way too epic! Trip of a lifetime forsure!
  587. karlk1125

    WTB: World Cat or Glacier Bay

    Ha I agree with you forsure! I far prefer the World Cat and our new sled is gonna be 29' minimum. It'll be about a week until we find out about the wiring...fingers crossed!
  588. karlk1125

    WTB: World Cat or Glacier Bay

    Ohhh yeah thats a sweet baby. We're gonna find out in 2 weeks if we need to upgrade this winter or not. If we need to this winter that's gonna be towards the top of our list forsure.
  589. karlk1125

    WTB: World Cat or Glacier Bay

    Wiring is corroded and needs to be replaced. We're getting a marine surveyor to come out to do a full inspection to see what condition the hull is in and if its worth replacing. Ideally will like to get wiring replaced and sell for 45k or so.
  590. karlk1125

    WTB: World Cat or Glacier Bay

    We're looking to sell the boat here in a few months and looking for a 29-32ft World Cat or Glacier Bay. Center console is preferred but will consider cabin models. Not going to buy until we sell our current boat but am looking to be ahead of the market here.
  591. karlk1125

    MAG BAY REPORT - August 23, 2016

    It doesnt get better than that! Epic report!
  592. karlk1125

    Another Rooster Expeditio¡¡

    woahhh thats way too sick man! epic!!!
  593. karlk1125

    Port Hardy Vancouver Island BC Rerport/ Pics

    Heck yeah incredible trip! Pt Hardy is a special place. Looking forward to getting back there next year!
  594. karlk1125

    San Quintin locals ask San Diego party boats to leave high spots (240,the 6 )

    This all comes down to seiners absolutely wiping the fuck out of the entire coast of tuna. There would be no reason why the sport boats would be fishing YT like this in august if the massive biomass of tuna didn't just magically disappear.
  595. karlk1125

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    Are you serious?? Its cuz they fucking wipe out the tuna biomass and leave nothing left but the inshore species. Tuna seiners are fucking archaic and are fucking with our long term prospects of having half decent tuna fishing on this coast. The US of all places should of had tuna seiners banned...
  596. karlk1125

    Advise Puerto Vallarta

    Almost all of the recommended captains on BD use spinning gear. Are you looking for a super panga or a cruiser?
  597. karlk1125

    November in PV. What to expect

    Was there 2014 Thanksgiving week...there was a lot of big tuna, marlin and sailfish around offshore. It was windy as hell though...probably wouldnt do a panga trip that time of year again.
  598. karlk1125

    Get Out Those Downriggers - Bluefin

    There were a LOT of bluefin caught off Santa Cruz and Bodega on downriggers slow trolling macks. I'm anticipating we'll see them again up this way this year.
  599. karlk1125

    Amazing Grouper bite in MagBay

    That is incredible! Thank you for sharing!
  600. karlk1125

    2016 Season from South Central Alaska - Kayak angling

    That is way too awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  601. karlk1125

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Fuck leaving this state. This is our home. Leaving is surrendering. We'll do what we must and find a way to stop this socialist, totalitarian onslaught.
  602. karlk1125

    Icy Bay Lodge in AK in 2016

    Just an awesome report!!! I've always wanted to go bottom fishing in Yakutat. Definitely a bucket list trip?
  603. karlk1125

    capt Chichos Jurasic YFT big 400

    Ho leeeeee shit that is massive! That looks every bit of 400.
  604. karlk1125

    Moving to Bay Area, have some fishing questions.

    I wouldnt commit to a port for a year or two, just so you can get a feel for which one you like best. SC will have good april-may salmon and aug-sept tuna fishing on normal years. And if you know how to fish seabass, there's a great seabass fishery there that only those in the tight lipped info...
  605. karlk1125

    cheap Fishing gear on Craigslist

    dude just post this in the classifieds section. I've sold a TON of gear there.
  606. karlk1125

    PSL May 21 & 22 weekend report

    Great report! Awesome to hear there's a good spot of fish down south. Send them up to Bodega in a few weeks!
  607. karlk1125

    The Maximus

    Terrible to hear this :( Thank God everyone is safe.
  608. karlk1125

    Maximus down?

    I just heard the Maximus sunk last night...has anyone heard more? :(
  609. karlk1125

    crazy fishing 3.5 day trip with Marla's sport fishing

    Massive tuna, wahoo and pargo's! Did you guys run north of the 3rd prison island?
  610. karlk1125

    5/3 Salmon off Tomales Point.

    Heck yeah!!! Bodega is going to be on fire next month
  611. karlk1125

    My boat just got bigger!!!

    No we have the walk around. We have the year that they upgraded the transom to carry 225's.
  612. karlk1125

    My boat just got bigger!!!

    That's sick!!! I have the same boat and the stock railing is definitely not good for any sort of top water run and gun fishing
  613. karlk1125

    PSL Salmon May 1st

    Heck yeah great to see there's fish down there! Get those things nice and fat and send em up to Bodega Bay in a month :)
  614. karlk1125

    PV fishing in May-help/recommendations/shared trips?

    PM me if you need his number
  615. karlk1125

    1.5 returning 4/20...

    I thought it would of helped! The fish shoulda needed some extra munchies!
  616. karlk1125

    El Matador 3.5 day trip

    Absolutely insane!!! Cant wait to do a multi-day trip at the Marias!
  617. karlk1125

    I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    HELL FUCKING YES!!!!!! This pumped me up!!!! welcome back to the game!
  618. karlk1125

    GPS for MY panga

    51 322 111 4802
  619. karlk1125

    Puerto Vallarta Sunday and Wednesday report

    Spent Saturday-Thursday in Punta Mita and booked Sunday with Lora and Tuesday with Danny Gomez. Sunday Lora thought our best shot was inshore. We searched the coast all the way up to sayulita looking for sardinas. We were able to fill the tanks at Sayulita and ran back to Punta Mita to check...
  620. karlk1125

    El matador fishing report …..

    Thank you! Hope they show up for my offshore trip on tuesday with Danny G!
  621. karlk1125

    To CHIRP or not to CHIRP

    I've been chirping for 4 years. Once you go back, you never go back!
  622. karlk1125

    tough offshore fishing but great inshore!!!!

    Well if the tuna dont show this is still a hell of a consolation prize!!! Has there been any bigger roosterfish, amberjacks, african pompano or colorado snapper around?
  623. karlk1125

    testing my new OKUMA reels!!!!!!!

    I havnt seen pictures in a few days are the big tuna still around?
  624. karlk1125

    Offshore weather report for PV

    Is there any good sites I can look at? I did 2 trips last time in PV in 17-25kt winds offshore and I'd like to move days around if the weather allows. Thanks!
  625. karlk1125

    2 Spots Availible on The Journeyman April 6-10th!

    Push all the fish from the islands to el banco for me!!! I'm getting into PV on the 9th and am going out the 10th and 12th.
  626. karlk1125

    Cancun Fishing?

    I know there a speed jigging specialist down there a lot of the east coast guys use who crushes it doing deep water jigging off the reefs. I forget his name but he had a great reputation on
  627. karlk1125

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    Tomo I agree I hear a lot of crap about some wardens up here. Bodega hasnt gotten it bad at all but there was a real shit ass down in HMB for awhile harassing the crap out of the local boys.
  628. karlk1125

    bluefin in NC are biting now.

    Definitely report back to us! I'm fishing on the 10th and 12th of April, really want to know whats working and whats not!
  629. karlk1125

    Kodiak Island Advice - Whale Pass Lodge or Afognak Wilderness Lodge

    I had a great time fishing at Old Harbor on the other side of Kodiak. They get probably the biggest ocean run kings there in AK. However, it wasnt super rocky bottom so Afognak will have far better bottom fishing. Bottom line is Kodiak is an incredible place and you'll have a blast!
  630. karlk1125

    GPS for MY panga

    Boom! Great to hear. I'll bring her down for you Danny!
  631. karlk1125

    Trip of a Lifetime In PV

    2 weeks until I'm doing basically the exact same trip as you! VRBO in Punta de Mita is super cheap and you can get a huge flat for $250 a night. Hopefully I can finally get my first 100lb+ tuna this trip!
  632. karlk1125

    How mad IS she?

    haha!!! I love it. The flowers are certainly a veteran move! There is nothing quite like being the captain, doing the research, following reports, ssts, rips, ect, putting together a game plan, having the wheel in your hand, and finding/killing your own fish. It's my favorite part of fishing!