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  1. Hij

    Best day yet!

    On Sunday, we went out to try our luck for the Ahi that have been biting on the westside. We left Campbell boat harbor at 5:30am and headed out to the 1000 where I heard boats were picking up Ahi. We ran from Kahe to the Pocket to the pinnacle, but nothing!! People told me the bite was very...
  2. Hij

    Shimano Saragossa SW 20000

    I have two brand new Shimano Saragossa Reels SW 20000. Selling for $365each. Let me know! Everyone seems to be out of stock. Awesome reels for Jigging, Live bait and bottom fishing!
  3. Hij

    Double Marlin

    Work was a bit slow and I heard the fish were biting so went to see what we could find on Thursday. Found a crew and it was game on! My little cousin was still on Summer break so he got to come fishing with us. Michael is 9 and he's gone fishing on my 14" Livingston before for aku and kona...
  4. Hij

    Calm before the storm

    Weather reports were calling for bad weather but I figured there would an opening before the storm came where the ocean would be nice. Jessica (my wife) and Jason Luke. small crew for me usually got four guys, we headed out at 6am and got to the 1000 around 6:30. We started trolling and didn't...
  5. Hij

    Can I come?

    “Can I come if there’s room for me?” was what my wife asked me. She has been on the boat a few times and we never caught anything. She thought she was the jinx on the boat. I told her there’s always room for you! Our initial plans were to go out east, but heard there...
  6. Hij

    Mission Impossible

    The Mission: Go fish, catch an Ahi and be in by 9am. The Plan: Meet at my house at 3am and head out to the buoy and be in the area before 5:30am. If no joy, start heading in by 8am to be in the harbor by 9am. I wasn't going to fish on Sunday due to a Baby Shower at 11:30 at Koolina. My...
  7. Hij

    4th of July Fireworks!

    After getting poked in the eye at least four times last Sunday, we tried again on Independence Day. Heard the fish were biting and thanks to Justin and Jaren, I knew where to start looking. They had caught 4 Ahi in two days up north! Good going guys! Headed out to the 1000 outside Haleiwa at...
  8. Hij

    On a Tuna Roll

    After going white wash for a while, we finally broke that streak and now have been on new Tuna Roll! We headed out on Thursday to the same spot we caught our Ahi on Sunday to find a bird pile with Ahi bustin out of the water! We take a pass and take a double knock down, but no screaming reels...
  9. Hij


    After months of trying to figure out my new boat, we got the decks bloody with a Yellow guy! We entered the Hanapa'a Jackpot and white washed. Lots of fish came up but we didn't get any. Went out again Sunday and finally figured out the right trolling speed for my boat. I was getting white...
  10. Hij

    Hanapa'a Shootout

    Anyone interested in a fun day of fishing a tournament? There's the Hanapa'a Shootout which is a winner takes all tournament. (CASH Prize) There's a lot of other prizes too! Penn 130VSW, Shimano 80W, Go Pro Sivler Camera, Custom Rod worth $875 and some other prizes. June 1st out of Keehi Boat...
  11. Hij

    Auto Pilot Systems

    Hi guys any recommendations on auto pilot systems? I have D3 Volvo Motor. Also are they easy to install? Thanks!
  12. Hij


    So we finally broke the one fish curse! We've been going out and managing to catch one good fish and then we're done. This past Sunday was no epic fishing day with strong winds, rain and bumpy seas. We made it out to the 1000 and was looking for birds. We made a pass by the buoy and got a...
  13. Hij

    Long day!

    Sun comes up a little earlier nowadays and it felt like we got a late start on Sunday but we were on the water by 6:30am. Ran out to the 1000 where the swells were big and winds were blowing a little stronger than 5-10 mph forecasted. Ran into a bird pile and never get any knock downs. After a...
  14. Hij

    Bad weather

    Today wasn't the prettiest days to be on the water. North shore was rough and west side was nuts too. Leaving the harbor, there were 50lb Shibi's jumping all over the place but couldn't get any bites. We trolled the area and got a 30lb Ono. We missed two more strikes that were Ono's. came in...
  15. Hij

    Back fishing again!

    After not fishing for 4-5 months we were able to finally get out on the water again. I sold my Livingston and got a Force 21. Took me a while to rig the boat and my first trip out, I had engine problems and got towed in. Now we are back in business and our first trip out we got a 12-15 Mahi...
  16. Hij

    Diawa reels/Shimano Poles

    Nice set of poles and reels Caught lots of fish on this set up; Ahi, Shibi, Aku, Ono, and Mahi Diawa Saltist Reel LD30T two speed with 60lb mono and backed with spectra. Over 600 yards of Line. Price new: Reel $349 Line $50 Shimano Tallus Blue Water Series 6ft poles. Price new $129 Over...
  17. Hij

    14ft Livingston

    Hi guys selling my boat. Upgraded and got me a bigger one! 40hp e-tec motor Still under warranty Burns low gas Two gallons oil Two 6 gallon gas tanks Forward center console Two shotguns 200ft anchor line Ez loader trailer Garmin 300 fish finder Two bilges and one extra for a bait well Asking...
  18. Hij

    Close but no cigar

    Heard about the bite and was excited to get out there today. Heard the same thing as Pat and Randy and headed straight out for the Otaru school and got lucky first thing in the morning with nice one about 15lbs. Then back up chasing the birds and get right along side the bird pile and next...
  19. Hij


    Well, we finally did it! After losing two at the boat on different occasions due to inexperience, the donkey is off our back! We went out two other times after losing the two Ahi and came in with nothing thinking it was just beginners luck. Yesterday was our day, the seas were rough and we have...
  20. Hij

    Deja Vu

    Day two in the chase of an Ahi was another learning experience. We started the day out exactly as Friday 13th. Hooked two akus in the bird pile and then ran into the same school of Ahi and lost it due to a bad swivel knot! Line came back curly tailed! This Ahi didn't fight like a normal one...
  21. Hij

    Friday 13th

    <SPAN style="LINE-HEIGHT: 115%; FONT-SIZE: 12pt"><FONT face=Calibri>This is my first post of my fishing adventures! I never really posted anything on BD because I never caught anything worth writing about. I normally spear fish, but always had a knack for trolling. I fish in a 14ft Livingston...
  22. Hij

    Mercury Motors

    What your opinion on these motors? I noticed lots of boats come with Mercury Motors, but then I hear horror stories about servicing and diagnostics. I'm looking to buy a new boat , but don't want to be stuck with a motor nobody works on. Thanks for your input!