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    Loop to loop, leader into hollow or FG knot all work fine.
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    Charkbait store....

    Marilyn, Sorry to see this. I spoke with you and your father on the phone a while back. Really appreciate your support of the fishing community and the quality products you provide. Anyone buying JB line should buy from you when possible. Best of luck as you move past this. Also hope that you...
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    Seward 9/12

    This description is correct just not applicable in this case. Fish only showed the light stripes for a very short period of time when stressed. Turned completely orange just a few minutes later. Juveniles do not loose their white stripes after death. This picture is the same fish just before...
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    Whenever it turns into a tuna or shark or marlin.
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    I think a boat length or whatever length covers the distance to your trolling lure. I have used boat gear that had the right length so that all I had to do is let out the trolling lure until I got to the connection to the spectra. Worked fine.
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    Seward 9/12

    No. The stripes are common on juvenile yellow eye so I was surprised to see them on this big mature fish when it came up. Later when I went to fillet it, it had turned back to solid orange like the one above. To provide some perspective, the lingcod in the cooler with the yelloweye is over...
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    Seward 9/12

    We must have crossed at the dock. I think you were just pulling in when we finished cleaning fish. The run out to Montague is a long one especially if the seas are up. I used to live out on Evans Island and fished the Montague area in a wooden skiff back in the late 80's. No one else around...
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    Multicolored twine (85 lbs)

    In the few underwater scenes I have viewed all the spectra looks like mooring line from below in clear water. But I always think some sort of blue cammo scheme would get bit better. Makes sense to me but probably has no relationship to what the fish are seeing or react to.
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    How Long In Advance Do You Put Line On Reels?

    I spool all my reels with braid. Leaders go on as we are headed out on the boat. Keep a small spool of leader material in my pocket and attach with an FG knot. Can change out in a couple minutes if damaged or conditions change. If I were using mono top shots I would do as you describe and spool...
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    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    I guess I need to clarify. I only meant to say wrap it while fishing to keep slime etc.. out of it. Deffinelty a good idea to let it dry out at night when not aggravating it by tying knots and handling bait with wet hands.
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    Haven't you always had to order parts over the phone.
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    Float Tested My PCH Rod

    That is our bread and butter up here. Not fishing, catching. Must have released 100 rockfish. We fish in 10' - 80' of water. Rare that we get yellow eye that shallow.
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    Float Tested My PCH Rod

    Ya. I was not expecting that. Would have put a damper on the day's fun but turned out to provide a fun story instead.
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    Float Tested My PCH Rod

    Went for a home run cast with my Komodo, PCH setup and heavy lure. Big backlash that jerked the rod out of my hands. Whole rig went overboard. Looked down and it is floating next to the boat. Dropped down and grabbed it. Was nice to find out that the foam in the handle is buoyant enough to float...
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    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    That's a long wait on a 15 day trip.
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    Which Okuma rod compares to the Calstar 700XH?

    I own an SCT-C-701XH 30-50 rod. Landed10 wahoo on my last LR trip throwing bombs with it. Not under gunned in any way. Had an Avet SX Raptor mounted on it. I think the PCH verions would be just fine too. I have no idea how it compares to a Calstar 700XH though.
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    Mak SEA reel seat corrosion (new in the box)

    There is a good video on here showing recommended servicing of a new Makaira reel. I think OKUMA knows they have a weak spot in these reels with regard to corrosion of the reel seat. All my Makairas had some saltwater corrosion starting on the reel seat screws after one trip. If you do not...
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    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    No matter what you do keep it as clean as possible and soak in very hot soapy water every night. Clean and dry completely before you hit it with dermabond or any other sealer. And sometimes the only way it will heal is to completely wrap it with finger tape for several days to protect it.
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    De-gilling BFT

    Really depends on the size of the fish. Kill quickly, bleed, and chill fast. Big fish (over 50 lbs.) hold heat and are hard to cool. For them gill and gut and that usually takes care of the bleeding. smaller fish can just be gilled to bleed. In all cases you want to get them into slush ice or...
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    Mak 15t maximizing capacity

    Kenji, Looking at the Phenix web site they show the 80# Hydra 8 as a solid line and show the Feather 16 carrier hollow 80# at a smaller diameter. Solid 0.43 Hollow 0.34. Their hollow 100 is listed at 0.40. Looks like you would get more hollow 100 on there than solid 80. This is what is so...
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    Mak 15t maximizing capacity

    Jeff, Are you taking manufacturers published ABS and diameters at face value or measuring it yourself? With Paulus out of the picture I feel like I am flying blind trying to select a reasonably priced line that fits my needs. Seems like most folks are trying to get 500 - 600 yards of line on a...
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    Spots open on American Angler PENN-sponsored 8-day; October 3-11, 2020

    That work thing really puts a hurt on taking time off. 18 months and counting until I can even consider the last minute hop on. Love fishing the AA and would certainly enjoy fishing with you Steve. I am sure it will fill up. Would be great to have you join us on our January 15 day Gone Fishin...
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    Long Range and La Nina

    With the general ocean warming trend I doubt if you will see any measurable affect on fishing unless it is a very strong cycle. The early spring trips would likely be the most impacted. Every year someone finds a reason to think that the albacore will be back soon. Just remember that if the...
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    100# spectra for FG knot

    I agree. Several folks have said solid fishes better than hollow but have not provided any quantifiable evidence for that statement. There is such a wide range of diameters out there and often times hollow actually tests out well above its rating compared to solid. If the hollow does open/relax...
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    Leading tuna

    East Coast forums.
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    I prefer to let the wahoo remove the spinner. :-)
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    2008 Willy Wahoodad Early Summer 8-Day on the Rooster

    This one?
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    And a Couple of Cows

    Fish Report for 9-4-2020 Skinny Pirates Home 9-4-2020 American Angler Thanks to our Skinny Pirates for another memorable trip - we love you guys!! Congrats to JP...
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    Wahoo bomb colors

    Couple years back I watched one swim up to a hooked wahoo from the tail end and just opened his mouth and kept swimming. Wahoo went right down his throat and the shark bit it off at the back of the head and never slowed down. Pretty efficient. Lots of nice wahoo heads landed that year.
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    Wahoo bomb colors

    Steve, Just means that your next run south with be phenomenal!
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    Wahoo bomb colors

    Ya! That fish made mine look like a sardine. But I was still proud of it.
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    Wahoo bomb colors

    I have to say that some of the visuals will stay with me for a long time. Seeing the deck covered in wahoo and more coming over the rail. Landing my first nice hoo and then Steve K. drops his personal best on the deck next to my fish. Watching a shark chase a hooked hoo and then having a...
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    Any news on Guadalupe re-opening?

    Bummer for those who were on trips that would normally go there this year. My first shot at it won't be until 2022 after I quit my day job. Maybe by then some of those giant BFT will have moved in too.
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    Flurocarbon dose it really make a difference

    Some will say yes. I kind of think you are probably OK with any brand that has been around a while. There are so many out now that it is impossible to pick the perfect one. unless you have a lot of time, money and opportunity to test them. Again, I think John at TFT could provide some good...
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    Wahoo bomb colors

    Kub, Thanks again for keeping my one green bomb running. I do owe you. :-) Picture was after you rebuilt it. Apparently they wanted green that week at the rocks and Hurricane Bank. And it only needed to move as fast as an SX Raptor could make it go.
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    Back to back trips

    I believe that Bill Randal spent over 100 days back to back on the American Angler one season. He ended up marrying the bull cook.
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    Flurocarbon dose it really make a difference

    I would PM John from Trophy Tackle in NY. He probably has the most experience with what you will be doing. He is on here as Trophy Tackle or JohnTFT.
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    For fish up to 75 lbs or so. the SX or MXL G3 or Raptor. But I would take a hard look at the Penn FTH25NLD2.
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    Flurocarbon dose it really make a difference

    It cannot hurt to use it if only for the abrasion resistance. As for visibility, someone from the East Coast noted that they clean their FC leader to remove oil and anything else that might make it more visible. As far as diameter, it probably does not matter in a good bite but may make a...
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    I have asked Jamie in the past if he would do some instructional videos and he politely recommended that I just come by the shop. I live in Alaska so the trip is a little further for me but I may take him up on that at some time in the future. He is a sales man and business man so cannot give...
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    Pinion bearings

    My understanding it that when you have the preset knob turned up too high you start loosing free spool (putting pressure of the spool bearing). The spool should spin very freely with the lever disengaged. I spin the spool and slowly turn up the preset knob until the spool is affected. Then I...
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    I just want to be able to order the same stuff I can order if I call them. Parts, hats etc... The site lets me set up an account and put stuff in a cart. Just cannot place an order.
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    Would definitely be a good move to let them know. That is one part of their business that they have never really gotten up and fully running. It is a useful site but you still cannot order anything from it.
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    ITX release date

    Tackle Warehouse is showing a November 19 stock date.
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    Fun on the AA

    Fish Report for 8-25-2020 Perfect Conditions 8-25-2020 American Angler This family friendly group took the day but ended up knocking it out of the park. Limits of bft, 34 yt and stellar weather. It...
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    Makaira 16 Sea Decoration plate

    It is obvious that I have a lot to learn. I have two Mak16sea and never even noticed the notch.
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    It is all about current. That said it may make a difference when targeting the local BFT.
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    So your rigged your DTX 200 with 80# mono?
  49. FishRock

    Drag cam

    Not sure you will have much luck reducing the bottom end of the drag curve. Looks like that reel puts out 27# of drag at strike. Going from free spool to engagement with the drag washers probably creates every bit of 4-5 lbs. If you only need 4-5 lbs. You may be better off with a star drag reel...
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    Monster 353-pound bluefin on International 20VISX aboard Pacifica

    Dang. Will just make your next Super that much nicer. :-) I think landing any of these big fish has a large dose of luck attached.
  51. FishRock

    Monster 353-pound bluefin on International 20VISX aboard Pacifica

    rexor_rn, You going to tell us how it turned out or just leave us guessing?
  52. FishRock

    Ridge report

    Some slug YT and looks like the Hoo are biting just about everything. Seems like a good place to be.
  53. FishRock

    Very Strange sound from Makaira 20 SEA

    Seems like the only way the reel could have been making that sound would be if the grease in it were cooking and you would have smelled that. My vote is with OCFishie.
  54. FishRock

    HXW Raptor braid capacity?

    I have to point out that no matter how compact a LTL connection is it is still bulky compared to connecting leaders with an FG or similar knot. It also requires that you have already made up all the LTL leaders you need or may use ahead of time. And it is common for the leader material that is...
  55. FishRock

    Done buying any other rod other than Okuma.

    PCH custom and SCT rods are very good value for the money but not at all like the UC rods I have. Viper and Centaur. These are much heavier and have much different action than comparably rated Okuma rods. I am happy with both but would choose UC over Okuma if I had to only pick one. Luckily I...
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    Okuma PCH 74xxxxh

    I have no issues holds a Viper all day, everyday for a week of fishing. But I also enjoy fishing lighter gear. Just want to be sure it is up to the task.
  57. FishRock

    Okuma Makaira clicking

    Can you simply return it to the vendor for replacement since it was defective out of the box?
  58. FishRock

    Okuma PCH 74xxxxh

    Why did you prefer it over the Viper and did you land any decent fish on it?
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    Don't forget to video the whole thing and post for our amusement. :-)
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    First 7-Day

    Like Brad and Norcal have posted you will want a 30# outfit for bait and 50# for bombs and jigs for wahoo. Grouper is just heavy dropper loop fishing like for YT. Don't over think it. One or two bombs and a couple of jigs along with wired bait rigs. The boat can probably provide everything you...
  61. FishRock

    New okuma pch railrods

    I am still trying to decide why I don't have a lot of confidence in these rods at the upper end of their rating. With the blank bending clear into the reel seat I am uncomfortable railing this rod under heavy load like I can with a UC Centaur or Viper. That said I have not yet heard anyone...
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    Which reel next, Mak20ii or Mak16ii?

    Published numbers show them being close in retrieve rate but not the same. Penn just a little faster.
  63. FishRock

    Which reel next, Mak20ii or Mak16ii?

    Conventional wisdom will say if you are only getting one reel it should be the MAK 20. Fishing the 20 and 16 there is little noticeable difference but...…... The last 3 trips I have been on were very picky with only a bite a day at best and very few cows around. So a 16 would cover 95% of what...
  64. FishRock

    SS OSP 1X3 or PCH 7'4XXXH?

    Please report back once you get it setup.
  65. FishRock

    Sardine weight
  66. FishRock

    Penn Slammer III 6500 - tuna worthy?
  67. FishRock

    Fathom 15 vs. 15XN

    All the new models have me in analysis paralysis. I have always been a one trick pony for a variety of reasons. I don't see any reason whey an angler would need more than 3 rigs for any fishing situation. - Cannot afford to buy every new reel that comes out. - Have no where to store it. - Don't...
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    Best Masks?

    Not so much.
  69. FishRock

    Two years ago...

    For me the JP just takes away the fun of fishing. I am there to fish not gamble. I have only participated in the JP to be social and contribute winnings to the crew. always thought it was funny we give out prizes and gear to anglers based on who caught the most, biggest, first. I think the gear...
  70. FishRock

    Good Deal on MAK 15 SEA

    Still a few new ones around.
  71. FishRock

    Penn Slammer III 6500 - tuna worthy?

    I have owned spinning reels with automatic bail trip my whole life. Never had an issue in over 40 years.
  72. FishRock

    Penn Slammer III 6500 - tuna worthy?

    You do not have a lemon. Sizes 3500-5500 have automatic bail trip Sizes 6500-10500 have manual bail trip
  73. FishRock

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    Wow! I know I would be pissed to have a new reel with issues and not have the company correct it quickly but to write off the whole company this quickly is pretty harsh. Might as well tank Nomad for all the crappy DTX Minnows that never run or self destruct and every hook company that let a bad...
  74. FishRock

    Are masks a deal breaker?
  75. FishRock

    Good Deal on MAK 15 SEA

    I agree. I am quite happy with mine and don't have any issues with the width. Glad you got in on the deal.
  76. FishRock

    custom rod for avet 80w

    How are you fishing this setup? Deep drop in a holder for swards, standup from a harness for tuna, trolling.....?
  77. FishRock

    Good Deal on MAK 15 SEA

    Likely the Centaur if pushig the limits and the Predator for everything else.
  78. FishRock

    Good Deal on MAK 15 SEA

    All depends on budget and target fish. If works well on a UC Centaur or Raptor at the Lupe.
  79. FishRock


    Charkbait, Squidco, Bob Sands, Tackledirect, Meltontackle,
  80. FishRock

    Rod for AFB 65

    Sorry, no rod suggestions. Though I am curious if you think you might use this setup offshore at all why not spool it full with 30 lb. braid? Then you would have a fighting chance if a bigger model grabs on. And you will not have to replace it in a year or two like mono.
  81. FishRock

    Avet HX 5/2 versas JX6/3-MC Rator for 60#

    To find the max drag on most of my Avet reels I get up on a second story balcony or similar location about 6 feet above the ground and start letting line fall off of the reel in free spool. I then turn up the preset until the spool is no longer freely turning under the pull of line hanging off...
  82. FishRock

    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Agree that these folks are total dirt bags but. I am not sure I would hold up that sort of justice knowing all the other crap that goes with it. I think we have been fighting over in the sandbox for a generation to avoid it.
  83. FishRock

    Longer crank for MXL raptor 6.4? And
  84. FishRock

    Replacement Clicker Knob for Pro EXW 4/02

    You have to call them to order anyway so you can confirm then. The website is not live for online ordering. I wish it were. Been that way for a long time.
  85. FishRock

    Good Deal on MAK 15 SEA

    Hollow 60 or solid. What brand?
  86. FishRock

    Good Deal on MAK 15 SEA

    And you can actually cast the 15 since the spool is so light.
  87. FishRock

    Swap original drags for G2

    Easiest thing to do is upgrade to Raptors. Spendier but worth it.
  88. FishRock

    Wondering about Flying Fish

    LR words to live by. Well at least 99% of the time. :-)
  89. FishRock

    giant on standup on the East Coast

    Beautiful in every respect. Flat water, nice weather, great boat setup for the fight, skilled angler, beautiful fish, good gear, good crew and a perfect dart shot at the end. Can't think it gets much better than that. :-)
  90. FishRock

    Santa Cruz Bluefin

    I am ready for them is they show up here. Too bad the Albacore stopped in SE Alaska. They are all welcome further north.
  91. FishRock

    JX Raptor Line Capacity

    65, 80, ?
  92. FishRock

    Braid strength vs. drag rating

    With no consistent test data available how does anyone determine ABS of a line without spending a lot of time and money on gear. The one person (Paulus) who was doing the testing is now out of it and we are back to using what has worked for us in the past or taking someone's word. Maybe we can...
  93. FishRock

    Looking for advice on PCHP-S-761H 50 - 80#

    Kub, Thank you! I will let you know what I end up doing. Hauling another rig is not something I want to do unless I really think it is worth it.
  94. FishRock

    Looking for advice on PCHP-S-761H 50 - 80#

    No local shops carry these rods or I would simply test it out myself. I will have to order on line and was hoping someone on here had already done the testing or had fished them so that I would not have to guess which one to buy. Where are you finding these rods for $110?
  95. FishRock

    Looking for advice on PCHP-S-761H 50 - 80#

    I don't own the rod. I was looking for feedback on action and perceived ability. Most of the PCH rods fish the upper end of their line rating but the rail rods seem better at the lower end. Since I have on experience with the spinning rods I wanted to know where they fall with regard to their...
  96. FishRock

    Looking for advice on PCHP-S-761H 50 - 80#

    Is anyone fishing the PCH Custom Spinning rods. In particular the PCHP-S-761H 50-80#. Opinions on build. What reel do you have on it, line weight and how much drag are you fishing on it or how much drag do you think the rod can handle? Looking to fish wahoo and mid grade tuna on it.
  97. FishRock

    Is the 15TSea enough?

    Live bait and flat fall for BFT you would be fine with Mak 16 or take a look at a Penn Fathom II Speed 40N or 60 or an Avet HX, HXW Raptor. Wide variety in price, form and configuration. As for the rod I would stick with the Okuma PCH 7'4" XXXH 80-130lb Rod. I have both the XXH and XXXH PCH rail...
  98. FishRock

    What models do you recommend for slow pitch jigging?

    Walt, I believe he has the Raptor versions so the SX would have a high gear with 36" pc. Almost the 38" you reference.
  99. FishRock

    Searcher 3 day July 23, Foaming spot, Stupid Tunas

    I would love to fish run and gun on foamers but not while having to compete with 26 other anglers just to get a cast out. I guess if the bite is wide open then you could simply wait your turn. Otherwise it doesn't sound like much fun.
  100. FishRock

    What models do you recommend for slow pitch jigging?

    I would give them both a shot. Depending on water depth and species/size of fish, you may find a use for both.
  101. FishRock

    Nomad DRX Minow

    Only problem is they don't tell you at the shop which lures will get bit and which ones won't. The boat gear is free and has landed plenty of wahoo for me even with a DTX in the mix and I did not have to find space in my tackle box/luggage for it.
  102. FishRock


    His wife or her sister? Don't want him to get it wrong. :-)
  103. FishRock

    Alan Tani scores 93 pound bluefin on little Torque TRQ15LD2

    Gotta love having a big anchor like that in a fish. Lets you pull with confidence.
  104. FishRock

    Penn Slammer III 6500 - tuna worthy?

    Is there much difference in cranking power between the 6500 and 6500HS?
  105. FishRock

    Alan Tani scores 93 pound bluefin on little Torque TRQ15LD2

    What size/model hook were you using?
  106. FishRock

    Penn Slammer III 6500 - tuna worthy?

    What do you have the 6500 spooled up with and where your throwing lures or bait on the 150 YFT?
  107. FishRock

    Proper tipping

    Red Shirts are the landing staff who help load, unload and wash and take care of the carts.
  108. FishRock

    Avet SX Raptor Dorado

    Looks like you already posted in the Fishing Classifieds. Probably your best bet. Welcome and Good Luck!
  109. FishRock

    Mak 15 being replaced by 15T?

    Looks like the 15 will be phased out but you would have to get word directly from Okuma (Maybe Bennette can weigh in). Since the 15 is a wide 10 and most anglers prefer square reels for fly lining bait and a square reel gives a good mix of line capacity and drag the 15 was not all that popular...
  110. FishRock

    Gaffed in the leg?

    That is what I want to know. :-)
  111. FishRock


    Whoever told you they would not take anthing over 7' did not know what they were talking about. No one at AA has ever questioned my rod tube and it is just shy of 8' long. All my tuna rods or 7' 6". All that said, it is a pain in the ass to deal with and was much nicer when I just used loaner...
  112. FishRock

    Gaffed in the leg?

    All posted with today's date.
  113. FishRock

    Gaffed in the leg?

    Fishing 80 lb. Dacron?
  114. FishRock


    When did AK air quit taking anything over 7". Their current policy allows a rod tube to 8' from my calculations. Fishing One piece of fishing equipment is defined as two rods, two reels, and one tackle box. Fishing equipment may exceed 62" (linear) but no more than 115" (linear), without...
  115. FishRock

    OK. I'm going to be one of those... Reel question

    Penn has a slew of good spinners in a range of prices. Fierce, Battle Spinfisher. All very nice. I have 4000 size Fierce II and III along with Battles for slinging spinners at Coho and they all slay. Smooth drags and solid build.
  116. FishRock

    Good Deal on MAK 15 SEA

    I know they are a bit of a quirky reel and not everyone sees a use for one but Charkbait is currently selling the MAK 15 SEA for $399 with free shipping. That is $100 off MSRP.
  117. FishRock

    Proper tipping

  118. FishRock

    Mak 15T line capacity

    Ted, Was that hollow or solid 80 TT? Looks like their hollow is thinner than solid.
  119. FishRock


    Anyone know where to get the 6" white drain pipe. They make it but cannot find it for sale anywhere. Would hold a lot more rods.
  120. FishRock

    Rod & Reel configuration for a newbie

    Setting up your gear is pretty specific to your target fish and method of angling. Fishing live bait you are fine going with 6' - 15' of leader with a spool full of braid. Slinging lures you might want to put on a cast length and a half of mono.
  121. FishRock


    Tripple walled HDPE Drain pipe. Super light, Super strong and Super cheap. 4 trips so far and no damage. Wrap all your rods in a bundle like others have described. Then into the tube...
  122. FishRock

    Guadalupe island and cow tuna setups..

    Yup. A light rod can really make it tough to gain line. But she landed it!
  123. FishRock

    Best price tackle around fisherman landing?

    Just for reference Angler's Choice, M&M, Fisherman's Landing and West Marine are all within easy walking distance from Point Loma. Most anything else is a car or taxi ride away.
  124. FishRock

    SS OSP 1X3 or PCH 7'4XXXH?

    The XXXH would make a good 80# stick. Not ideal for 100. If you are considering a higher quality rod for 80 look at the UC Centaur.
  125. FishRock

    Guadalupe island and cow tuna setups..

    Ted, Stop buying sh!$! I know the feeling of wanting to put this gear in your hands and work with it but it is expensive and you will only be using it once or twice a year if your lucky. I went on 5 Long Range (8-14 day) trips using only loaner gear and buying hooks and leader from the boat...
  126. FishRock

    Guadalupe island and cow tuna setups..

    Nice fish. That a Mak 10 SEA? What Line was it spooled with?
  127. FishRock

    Makaira 20II SEa suprise while servicing.

    That was the exact same issue I had with all 4 of my SEA reels after fishing. If you watch the OKUMA service video they suggest running a few drops of oil between the reel foot and frame. I caught it early enough on my reels that I was able to remove the screws but was surprised to see the...
  128. FishRock

    New okuma pch railrods

    Sorry no real world experience. Though from the few live reports from anglers who have caught fish on these rods there don't seem to be any real complaints. I have continued bench testing my XXH and XXXH and they seem very capable at the bottom of their rating. So the XXXH should fish 80 just...
  129. FishRock

    SX g2 and MXL g2 line recommendations

    The only difference between those reels is line capacity as they only put out a max of 20 lbs. of drag. I would fill them both with 50 to max out the yardage on the MXL unless you think you need the added abrasion resistance of the 65. I fish 50 lb. hollow on my SX Raptor with a buttoned down...
  130. FishRock

    Proper tipping
  131. FishRock

    5 vs 3 day Fishing Nov 2020

    Looks like you are fine on gear. Longer trips provide more time on the water and range. Lets you get to wherever the fish are and have some time to figure them out. More relaxing that way.
  132. FishRock

    Vagabond July 15-19 Trip Report

    Great report! Thanks for sharing. :-)
  133. FishRock

    LX Raptor line weight

    Any idea how much 80 lb. braid you have on it?
  134. FishRock

    Avets 35% on Blems-Turners in Corona

    You can always try calling them.
  135. FishRock

    Avets 35% on Blems-Turners in Corona

    Dang! No indication of them on their web site.
  136. FishRock

    LX Raptor line weight

    LX Raptor is a fine 40 - 60 Reel. Should not be an issue fishing 60 on it assuming you have it on a rod that is rated for it. You might consider one of the Penn Fathom II speeds for your 40lb. setup. Good reel at a good price. The FTH30LD2 puts out 33 lbs. of drag and holds a ton of line. I...
  137. FishRock

    "A family affair"- 3 Days on the Royal Star

    I see some great memories and some good eats!
  138. FishRock

    Royal Polaris 3-Day

    That right there my friend is a feat to remember! What rod were you using? Any other details would be welcome too. I bet the two characters in your avatar had something to do with it whether they will admit it or not. :-)
  139. FishRock

    Cedros For BFT

  140. FishRock

    MXJ raptor question

    You have crushed bearings in an MXL Raptor?
  141. FishRock

    Cedros For BFT

    I am not completely familiar with the SCT RR series. It looks like they are priced around $350. If you are going to pay that much for a rail rod there is a huge selection out there to choose from. Not sure where you are located but going to a tackle shop and pulling on a few rods would really...
  142. FishRock

    Cedros For BFT

    Glass rods are fine for big fish but that rod is designed for jigging and why it is rated for 65 - 200 lb. braid. Not because it has the backbone to fish 200 lb braid at 25% of ABS. the reel is fine for 100 lb. work but you want a rod built at the some level. For a budget Rail rod the Okuma PCH...
  143. FishRock

    MXJ 65# braid capacity

    One issue with Avet is that they are notorious for over stating both line capacity and drag output. They make great reels but it would be very helpful for them to simply spool with a known diameter line and provide realistic capacity numbers. Or for someone on BD to compile the info into a...
  144. FishRock

    MXJ raptor question

    The MXJ Raptor is rated at 21lbs. Strike and 31 lbs. Full. The SX is 17 lbs. Strike and 26 Full. I would fill that reel with 60 lb. spectra and fish it with 30 - 60 lbs. leader. That reel can handle a nice fish but can easily get spooled by the fish that are around right now.
  145. FishRock

    5 Day on the AA

    Fish Report for 7-8-2020 Salas and TriArt 5 Day trip 7-8-2020 American Angler The grand finale consisted of several fish over 100# along with the 200#ers and a group of...
  146. FishRock

    Valiant 600 strength

    Sorry, but this is kind of all over the map here. You are asking about the ultimate small reel. I am sure that there are plenty of others from Penn and Shimano too. I think the ultimate small reel might be the SX Raptor. I have seen Pat "Peaches" Gallagher hooked up to a couple of nice fish on...
  147. FishRock

    “The Next Generation”

    Whenever I think about LR fishing the crew plays a big part in every memory. Who was my wingman on this fish or that one. Every fish has a crew member attached to it in some way. I remember something they said or a look they gave me during the battle. I also think about each one of them and...
  148. FishRock

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

  149. FishRock

    UC CENTAUR TO HEAVY FOR 60LB Steve K. just posted on anther thread 30-60 rod deal at M&M Tackle.
  150. FishRock

    Avet EX 30/2 verses Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor

    Heavy vs. light framed reels. The EX30 will be the one you want to be hooked up with since it holds more line but the HXW will be nicer to fish with all day long. Either reel will do the job. Use the one you like to fish with. Lots of cows have been boated with the HXW Raptor. I would fish...
  151. FishRock

    Rail Rod for LR trips

    Okuma PCH are a good value but seem to fish the bottom of their rating best. Another good value are the Graftech rail rods. Turners has them as well as some other stores.
  152. FishRock

    Remington Filing for Bankruptcy
  153. FishRock

    Intrepid Guadalupe Permits

    A bit off topic but do they have the active stabilization system up and running on the Intrepid?
  154. FishRock

    Help - After two months still waiting for my reel back from service dept,

    Scott, I am sure everyone appreciates you taking the time to post here. Hope it cuts back on the number of calls you are receiving. Best of luck with the catching up and hope you all stay healthy and get some rest soon.
  155. FishRock

    GT knot tutorial..

    I agree that the end result would be the same but think your illustration shows the leader forming the exterior of the knot while it is actually the spectra mainline that wraps the leader forming the exterior of the knot. Maybe I am just misinterpreting your illustration.
  156. FishRock

    Pinion Bearing

    So you going to share your method or make us guess? :-)
  157. FishRock

    GT knot tutorial..

    Jeff, The FG illustration makes it look like you end up with the mono/fluoro wrapped around the spectra when complete but I believe either way you end up with the spectra wrapping the mono/fluoro leader. Am I missing something?
  158. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    Fish Report for 6-23-2020 Nice trip 6-23-2020 American Angler The American Angler backed in early this am and unloaded a beautiful catch of quality yellowtail and bluefin. Thanks to our dear friend, Danny...
  159. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    I have family there but not sure I want to be that close to them. :-)
  160. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    Kub, You will never be TOO old to go fishing. You will have to be dead. And then your ashes will be on a boat to one or more of your favorite locations. But that will not be any time soon. :-)
  161. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    Would love to. For now it is just my one 14-15 day a year. Still trying to figure out how to retire, find a part time job that pays enough and provides enough time off and go LR 2 - 3 times a year.
  162. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    That's a hilarious mental image. :-)
  163. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    Fish Report for 6-22-2020 A few hanging 6-22-2020 Ray Lopez Yesterday was tough as we saw fish but they weren't up for playing. Today things are better and were getting a few...highlights are Walter Fujita with a #128, Chappy with a #144, Mike Wintjen with a...
  164. FishRock

    Makaira 50ii SEa too big?

    Put a Mak 16 II SEA on a Centaur with 100 lb. braid.
  165. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    Fish Report for 6-18-2020 Dream Come True 6-18-2020 Ray Lopez Afternoon a mellow travel day down yesterday, the boys weren’t messing around today and put in some serious...
  166. FishRock

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    Would not write them off quite yet. Several folks have reported similar issues with new reels and found that they just needed a little breaking in to fully seat the drags. Not sure that is the issue here but may well be. Good luck.
  167. FishRock

    Makaira 50ii SEa too big?

    Got space on your next BFT outing? :-)
  168. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    Fish Report for 6-17-2020 The Stars Align 6-17-2020 Ray Lopez In the midst of traveling, we decided to devote a day to bluefin searching. We investigated a new area and as luck would...
  169. FishRock

    Makaira 50ii SEa too big?

    Centaur Mac 16 Viper Mac 20 Invictus Mac 50
  170. FishRock

    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    Sashimi, Seared, Poke, Spicey Tuna, whatever is left before my next trip I can.
  171. FishRock

    What size reel for my rod?

    All depends on what you are targeting and how you plan to fish it. If you want to push the upper limits of the rod then get a slightly larger reel (5500). If you want to fish the rod well within its rating then don't over reel it (4000 is good) anything over a 5500 and you will have an...
  172. FishRock

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    All the LR boats have WIFI. Just some works better than others. Seems like the Excel and Intrepid might have the most reliable setups. But everyone has it. I think the biggest difference between the local/day boats and the LR boats is the passenger load. Fishing with much more than 20 anglers...
  173. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    Tom, This is a cut and past from the American Angler website. Just glad to see some fresh fish pictures after the dry spell.
  174. FishRock

    AA Trip Report

    American Angler Fish Report for 6-14-2020 Ben's Bday Bash 6-14-2020 Brian Kiyohara Despite choppy weather, everyone had a good time and returned just shy of limits. A huge thanks to our...
  175. FishRock


    The Centaur handles 20-25 lbs of drag very well and it can work with 30 - 35 lbs. So it is certainly on the upper end of fishing 60. It is also a relatively heavy rod and feels stiff until you load it up. So as Jamie says, it is not an ideal match but will work well if you plan to pull as hard...
  176. FishRock

    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    Been doing that for the past 6 years on the AA.
  177. FishRock

    Evinrude oops

    They plan to continue servicing and supplying parts for their engines but not sure for how long. I would be a bit disappointed if I had just purchased a new motor.
  178. FishRock

    Evinrude Closing Down

    Guess I had my head in the sand.
  179. FishRock

    Evinrude Closing Down

    Hard to believe that Evinrude is shutting down. Why is this not bigger news?
  180. FishRock

    Evinrude oops

    Why is this not bigger news? Evinrude was pushing hard in the market. They just disappear?
  181. FishRock

    Avet Pro EXW 30 Free spool issues

    That reel full of line should spin a long time once you get it going. Probably just needs a good servicing.
  182. FishRock

    REVIEW COMPARE AVET REELS HX 2-speed HXW 3-speed RAPTOR Gear Shift Button Stick Out Line Capacity

    The Centaur loads up so well and has so much lift it is almost unfair to use it on fish under 100 lbs. Just put it on the rail and crank when you can.
  183. FishRock

    Advice on fishing small circle hooks

    One thing not well illustrated in the photos is the eye of the hook. On a CB it is almost non-existent as the shank is hammered flat and a hole is made rather than bending the wire into an eye. This along with the relatively small diameter ring should let it slide into the corner of the mouth...
  184. FishRock

    REVIEW COMPARE AVET REELS HX 2-speed HXW 3-speed RAPTOR Gear Shift Button Stick Out Line Capacity

    Lots of cow YFT landed with the HXW and 100 lb. But like Bill stated not usually an anglers first choice if targeting cows. These a medium frame reels that can get over worked on a longer fight with a big fish. But that also makes them nicer to fish since they are not so big and heavy. All...
  185. FishRock

    Avet lefties

    Excellent! Keep a good attitude and an open mind and you will have a good trip no matter what.
  186. FishRock

    Avet lefties

    Good luck!
  187. FishRock

    Avet lefties

    Chark Bait, Bob Sands and Squid Co would likely be able to get one fairly quickly too. I have an SX Raptor and love that little reel. Killed 8 nice wahoo tossing a bomb with it on my last LR trip...
  188. FishRock

    Avet lefties

    Yes. I believe that they will make pretty much any reel in left hand as a special order but cannot find the official reference. Most stores do not stock a lot of them but Tackle Direct lists several from the SX, JX and HX series. Is there a specific model you are looking for...
  189. FishRock

    Advice on fishing small circle hooks Size, 8 more rows Non-offset, hand forged, very low profile, strong and light. I have not seen anyone flaming them for any reason...
  190. FishRock

    Burned on offer up need help

    To your original question. "Was wondering how strong it would be with only 3 of the bolts holding the reel seat foot plus the clamp." If you had 3 good bolts properly seated holding the reel foot on and also installed the reel clamp you would be good to go fishing it. Not ideal but it should...
  191. FishRock

    Okuma PCH custom trolling rod bent butt

    Looks rarin' to go! Let us know how it handles your next fish.
  192. FishRock

    Videographer's ????

    These folks have put together sites for the Shogun and other boats.
  193. FishRock

    Long Range Reopening Plan
  194. FishRock

    Help me find a new GPS fishfinder

    I was in the same situation last year. Seems like the features on any given model can change quickly. Almost have to read the box to say what any given unit does even if the have the same or similar names. Good luck.
  195. FishRock

    Help me find a new GPS fishfinder

    Might also want to take a look at this. Lowrance HOOK2 5 - 5-inch Fish Finder with TripleShot Transducer and US / Canada Navionics+ Map Card …
  196. FishRock

    Okuma custom PCH bent butt

    Charkbait lists them on their website just not one rated at 150-200.
  197. FishRock

    Okuma custom PCH bent butt

    Good luck. I have PCH Custom Rail Rods and a couple PCH Custom casting rods but nothing like these trolling rods. The PCH rods I do have are well built.
  198. FishRock

    Okuma custom PCH bent butt

    Logan, Just curious. What would you be targeting with this rod and where did you see these rods at. Cannot seem to find them on the Okuma USA website and the Charkbait site does have them but not one rated at 150-200 though that could be a typo.
  199. FishRock

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Something everyone needs to remember.
  200. FishRock

    First time fishing Alaska

    Alaska just reported the highest single day new case counts for Anchorage, MatSu and the Kenai on Saturday, May 30th.
  201. FishRock

    2020 Alaska Reports

    Octopus is as good as shrimp or crab. Hope you ate it.
  202. FishRock

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    John, I looked up Hypocapnia and it is defined as a low level of CO2 in the blood stream. I believe Hypercapnia is what you were referring to. What is hypercapnia? Hypercapnia, or hypercarbia, is when you have too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in your bloodstream. It usually happens as a result...
  203. FishRock

    Cavalla 1 5 11

    Kimbo, Thanks for correcting my specs. I made the mistake of looking at the Okuma site for England and did not realize the drag rating was listed in kilograms and not pounds. So yes this is a very capable reel.
  204. FishRock

    Cavalla 1 5 11

    I would put it on an Okuma PCH 7' M or H rod depending on how deep you plan to fish and how heavy your terminal gear will be. Jigging in 100' of water with 3 oz. of lead the M action would work great. Dropping heavy dropper loop rig you probably want a stiffer rod like the H. These rods are...
  205. FishRock

    United composites rod

    All depends on your method of fishing bombs and what else you might fish with it. Unless you just have to have a nice UC rod I would look at an Okuma PCH Custom 7', 7'6" or 8' XH. If you might also use this rig for fly lining bait to tuna than a more refined UC rod would be in order. Definitely...
  206. FishRock

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    If we reduce the speed limit to to 5mph virtually all deaths from automobile accidents would be eliminated, yet we don't. Pollution from cars likely kills more than accidents. Cannot make much progress on reducing that with the recent roll back in Federal emission standards. And so many folks...
  207. FishRock

    Okuma makaira 16 sea blue question

    Same drag, gearing and line capacity numbers so it should.
  208. FishRock

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    Been very slim pickings the past 5 or so trips to the Bank for me. I guess I should drop some small baited hooks down on the reef and try to scare up some live local fair to put out for YFT.
  209. FishRock

    Yamaha outboard problem

    Out of curiosity what motor is this and how old is it?
  210. FishRock

    pulling shrimp pots?

    Used to pull my post with something very similar. Only time I had issues was when an ice shelf drug my posts and filled them full of rocks. Had to pull them by hand and no 12 volt line hauler would have worked either. You do need space to work with as Blindpig noted.
  211. FishRock

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    I have seen plenty of rainbow runners chunked. I guess I have never seen a small one caught though. Makes sense that size would be a significant consideration in choosing to fly line one.
  212. FishRock

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Soapy water is kryptonite to bees and wasps. Soap breaks the surface tension of the water and soaks the critter. Smothers and weighs it down. A Super Soaker full of soapy water is all you need to deal with them and their nests. Hire the 6 year old neighbor kid to be your body guard. Having...
  213. FishRock

    Local support here on BD

    Not one that posts consistently. Though you might start here. Okuma Service Rep Advertiser
  214. FishRock

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    What is the right size? Where at? Time of day.
  215. FishRock

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    Hagridfish, Have you actually fished live rainbow runners with success (caught a tuna on one)? If so, please relate the story.
  216. FishRock

    Red Rooster 111

    Nice to see something positive and normal for a change. Hope she is out fishing soon. Did my first LR trip on her.
  217. FishRock

    Okuma Azores Blue 9000

    Good luck and let us know how it works out for you.
  218. FishRock

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    I know buying stuff is very fun but for first timers it can be a big waste of money.
  219. FishRock

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    8 year old thread getting resurrected cause none of us are out fishing. To the origin of the thread. A new angler headed out for the first time should not buy a bunch of hooks they should just get what they need from the boat.
  220. FishRock

    All corona news is not Bad

    You are obviously looking at the wrong sites. Not that I would know anything about that. :-)
  221. FishRock

    Screeching Masks

    I still cannot find a link to the actual published study. Lots of stories but not the published study.
  222. FishRock

    Screeching Masks

    This study?
  223. FishRock

    Screeching Masks

    Searched but could not find any that looked like what you were referring to. If it is so easy, please post a link.
  224. FishRock

    Screeching Masks

    What study?
  225. FishRock

    Who Pointed You to the Blue?

    My father got me fishing at an early age. He managed to get me and my three brothers out fishing no matter where on the planet we were living at the time. Japan, Okinawa, California, Guam, Louisiana, Germany, England...… My dad taught us an appreciation for all wildlife and the environment that...
  226. FishRock

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Jake, I am just looking forward to following whatever you or the crew tells me to do to get bit next January! :-)
  227. FishRock

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    That's because they don't get it from boats. They get if from other anglers. :-) Sorry, just can't resist a high, slow pitch like that one.
  228. FishRock

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    Look at the numbers i posted above. The Fluoro-Stretch had about 3% elongation after being put under load. It is definitely different than other Fluorocarbon leader material.
  229. FishRock

    Found a picture of a 1857 chart of San Diego and Mission Bay

    Would have been heaven on hearth to have grown up there at that time. Would have only needed a shack, a small skiff and a line with a hook.
  230. FishRock

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    The risk goes up the longer the trip. I still think 5-7 day trips are possible so long as the boat is within 24 hours of SD. Until things get fully sorted out anyone getting on a LR boat is accepting the risk that the trip will be cut short if someone becomes ill. No refund, you knew the risk...
  231. FishRock

    Vagabond Closing!

    Guess I will go ahead and book my room. Gotta pretend that we will be fishing this winter.
  232. FishRock

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Making bait is mandatory during on the water quarantine.
  233. FishRock

    Vagabond Closing!

    Mark, Their web site lets me get right up to entering my credit card info for a reservation there in January of 2021. I guess I just need to call to confirm for sure.
  234. FishRock

    Long Range Sea Lion

    I think a lot of traditional foods were discovered in the same manner that the Donner party ended. Out of necessity. Not sure I would intentionally burry a fish in the muskeg and then dig it out 6 months later after it had rotted unless I was starving. Now it is called Stink Fish and is a...
  235. FishRock

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Lou, Sorry to hear things are not quite going to plan. My dad died 2 years after retiring from the Air Force. He was only 52. I told myself that I would not wait and at 50 took my first long range trip. Been going for 7 years. Missed last winter to take my wife to London for our 30th...
  236. FishRock

    Vagabond Closing!

    So they are remodeling and not demolishing? That would be great.
  237. FishRock

    Vagabond Closing!

    Looks like it from their website. "To encourage social distancing, all guests are welcome to have food delivered to the hotel via restaurants or your favorite food delivery app. "
  238. FishRock

    Vagabond Closing!

    Vagabond Inn site is allowing reservations into next year (2021)? Did they change their plans? Any first hand updates would be appreciated. Looking to book a room for my January 19th, 2021 trip.
  239. FishRock

    Long Range Sea Lion

    Like a lot of traditional foods they take some getting used to. Seal, whale, walrus and beluga are preferred over sealion. From what I have been told.
  240. FishRock

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    The main difference between COVID-19 and the flu or pneumonia is its virility. This graph shows the increase in deaths from flu and pneumonia like disesases due to COVID-19. And remember that this graph shows what happened with all the protection measures in place. And yes, if you are under 60...
  241. FishRock

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    Group charters in Florida have been running for a week or so. Good test case to follow. Just check out the Florida fishing reports on BD.
  242. FishRock

    Long Range Sea Lion

    Used to be bounties on wolves, bald eagles and dolly varden in Alaska. An older friend of mine grew up shooting them. He stopped one day after his daughter asked why he was about to shoot the symbol of our nation from his truck window along a salmon spawning stream. Wish they would allow...
  243. FishRock

    Long Range Sea Lion

    Looks like there is a mechanism for California to petition NOAA to take over management of the California Sealion. The MMPA calls those levels the Optimum Sustainable Population (OSP), and provides options for states to take over management of species that have reached their OSP. California...
  244. FishRock


    Do you re-rig them or is the stock hardware good to go for big fish?
  245. FishRock

    Long Range Sea Lion

    "Adult male California sea lions like 9039 average about 800 pounds. That’s a bit larger than an adult female Steller sea lion, but half the size of a full-grown adult male Steller."
  246. FishRock

    Long Range Sea Lion

    California Sea Lion in Alaska...
  247. FishRock

    When will we get grander BFT in SoCal?

    There are small 6 pack charter operators who specialize in chasing big BFT off of SoCal. They would llkely be the first let back on the water with clients. But you probably know this.
  248. FishRock

    Update from the American Angler

    Fish Report for 5-4-2020 Checking in again 5-4-2020 American Angler Hi to all of our wonderful American Angler passengers. Our journey of uncertainty continues and at this time, we have decided...
  249. FishRock

    When will we get grander BFT in SoCal?

    Yes. Pacific Bluefin Tuna - Thunnus orientalis Atlantic Bluefin Tuna - Thunnus thynnus Southern Bluefin Tuna - Thunnus maccoyii...
  250. FishRock

    PCH rod report

    A picture is worth a thousand words and a video explains it even better. :)
  251. FishRock

    PCH rod report

  252. FishRock

    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    This is something we all know but can never hear it enough. I think I need to say it to myself in the mirror every morning. Nothing worse than fishing what worked last trip to the exclusion of what is obviously working on this trip. I think that is why I try to have outfits that can be fished up...
  253. FishRock

    Rod for Penn FTH40NLD2

    Since you are wanting a versatile setup, I would suggest you go for the 7' 6" or 8' PCH-XH. The PCH non-rail rods fish the upper end of their rating well and are light weight. They also have a dense foam fore grip that can be railed without tearing it up right away. Very good rods for the money...
  254. FishRock

    Jacking a Jack Fish

    I wonder how he got on the dock in the first place. Catch and release, leave fish in the water.
  255. FishRock

    Picking My 1st LR Boat For a 3-Day

    Lots of good boats listed. I would factor in the passanger load. Even big boats start to get crowed.
  256. FishRock

    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    Basil, Looks like you do have braid down to 10#. Do you fill many reels with 30# for folks intending to target pelagics?
  257. FishRock

    Jacking a Jack Fish

    Released none-the-worse for his experience? I think not.
  258. FishRock

    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    Sounds like the best argument to go below 50# is to gain adequate capacity on a small reel and take advantage of the smaller/lighter spool and possibly better casting capabilities. I may try a reel with 30# on it when the mid grade fish are being shy. Just have to be very careful when putting...
  259. FishRock

    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    So do you feel that you experience a significant improvement in flylining bait with the smaller diameter mainline.
  260. FishRock

    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    I have no issues with 50# and higher. Hell 60# JB Hollow is just light gauge 100#. My question is focused on braid lighter than 50#. Will be interested to hear how SouthBayKiller likes fishing that 40#.
  261. FishRock

    Long Range shutdown?

    Along with taking your temperature it is another way to keep tabs on status that could easily save your life. No reason to rely on the nonexistent test kits. Cheap, easy and effective. What is not to like. We have two of them..
  262. FishRock

    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    Up until now I have always felt that there is no reason to spool a reel with braid smaller than 50#. But folks are always looking for an edge and I was looking at trying 40# or even 30# braid on my smaller reels targeting bigger fish pulling 15 - 20# of drag. Trouble is I think it is a bit...
  263. FishRock

    To tie or crimp titanium leader wire

    Gary, So are you using knots? If so, what knots?
  264. FishRock

    Single Speed Reels Only Charter

    Saltwater showers only and you scrub your chest with steel wool. No high fives just firm hand shakes after landing a good one.
  265. FishRock

    Spool/ Handle Binding

    Nothing called a pinion or anything like it. There appears to be one bearing seated directing inside the right hand side plate called the Drive Shaft Bearing Part #80. But it seems like the Preset Nut Bearing would be what gets damaged Part #70. As a last resort a quick call to Avet would...
  266. FishRock

    Long Range shutdown?
  267. FishRock

    Long Range shutdown?

    Bill, They are paying people to buy oil futures. I think Alaska is in for a very rough ride since oil and tourism are getting kicked in the nuts. Commercial fishing will only benefit a relatively small portion of the economy and that will be limited to communities that can figure out the...
  268. FishRock

    Avet Reel comparison To okuma and penn

    One point of clarification is that the Mak 15 is not a good 80 lb. reel. it is a 60 lb. reel. You would want the Mak 15T to fish 80. I have all three brands of reels in two speed lever drag. My favorite reel is the Avet SX Raptor with 50# braid on it. Use it for everything from catching bait to...
  269. FishRock

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    Mike, I would if anyone up here sold it. Cabela's quit carrying it so I am SOL. You have some 80# laying around you would like to contribute?
  270. FishRock

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    OK so I finally got a set of calipers and some weights out and did some testing. I tested the Soft Steel Flouro Stretch 80#, YoZuri Pink HD Carbon 100#, and Berkeley Big Game Mono 100#. I chose these lines because they were similar in diameter and rating and that's what I had available to me...
  271. FishRock

    Okuma makaira 16 sea blue question

    Rexor_rn, You might want to tighten up your reel seat locking knuts before you get on the water with that purdy rig. : )
  272. FishRock

    Is Avet open?

    Are folks able to actually order items from the Avet website or are they calling/e-mailing their orders? I thought they were trying to get it up and running so you could order off of it like a normal site.
  273. FishRock

    Power Handle (T-Bar from HXW Raptor)?? $10 that is a bargain? But it looks like you need the bearings too...
  274. FishRock

    Long Range shutdown?

    18 passengers and 7 crew still means 25 soles on board. With no reliable rapid results test to see if someone has COVID-19 the only way to avoid catching it on a LR boat is to only let passengers and crew who have recovered from it board the vessel. So a rapid result anti-body test would work...
  275. FishRock

    Lets see your favorite landscape photo from a trip

    Very scratchy for tuna, limits of wahoo!
  276. FishRock

    Lets see your favorite landscape photo from a trip

    The sky had some crazy colors every morning and evening. Different in every direction. Never seen anything like it before.
  277. FishRock

    Lets see your favorite landscape photo from a trip

    Taken with an iPhone (no editing). End of second travel day on the way to HB. Ocean was glass for 3 days.
  278. FishRock

    Makaira clickers

    Since I don't troll or dead stick bait very often with my reels I prefer the slider button. If I were trolling with it then the level might be preferable.
  279. FishRock


    FWW. Charkbait is selling Avet's at 10% off with 300 yards of free line (solid or hollow) and free shipping. I am sure that there are equal or better deals out there too. You might also consider the Penn Fathom II reels too depending on your planned usage. They are lighter weight and offer a...
  280. FishRock


    No. They are two different reels even though they look similar. There is not enough room inside to accommodate a thicker drag stack and anything else that needs to change. I assume you could get more drag out of a non-raptor version by having someone like Cal Sheets work it over but by the time...
  281. FishRock


    Kevin, Avet makes three distinct lines of the same reel. The basic one or two speed version with a single drag washer, the G2 version with improved design and slightly higher drag and the Raptor versions with dual drag that greatly increase the available drag allowing you to fish much heavying...
  282. FishRock

    Long Range shutdown?

    I don't think it would bring any new folks into the game. You can already do just what was described by booking on a LR boat and asking to use loaner gear and tell them you only want to pay once so they should calculate that for you up front. Hell, I will make that deal for you right now. Tell...
  283. FishRock

    Surface iron?

    Funny how we all look at things a little differently. I see hooking the fish as a lot of fun but just the start as fighting and landing it are the truly satisfying part of it for me. If all I wanted was a bite I would just use light gear all the time and pull long enough to say I got a good hook...
  284. FishRock

    Surface iron?

    I totally get what you are saying Fishy but as a private boat captain I will grab a rod if fishing is slow and try to figure out the bite. Once I get it figured and pass on the info to my guests I rack the rod and get back to dealing with fish coming over the rail. I have no problem with the...
  285. FishRock

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    One problem solved. Hell ya!
  286. FishRock

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    One variable that makes this disease more deadly in addition to impacting all those places we fished as kids and enjoyed free access to for so long is population density. Population growth will be what either kills this planet or sends us to the stars looking for more room. Until we can all...
  287. FishRock

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    UtahTuna, I would assume there are three phases to this. Some initial relaxation that would allow the line to elongate a little but not fully recover after being put under light load. Then true stretch/elongation with full recovery. This would occur under safe working loads. Then elongation...
  288. FishRock

    PCH rod report

    Just be aware that the 741 Rail Rods are a bit over rated while the rest of the series easily fishes the upper end of their rating.
  289. FishRock

    Support long range fishing now

    Recreational Fishing Alliance PO Box 250 New Gretna, NJ 08224 888 564-6732 [email protected] For Immediate Release April 2, 2020 Just about every business in the recreational fishing industry has been impacted by COVID-19 and actions taken by federal, state and local governments to slow the...
  290. FishRock

    "Boat Length of Mono"

    Has worked for me on many occasions. Only thing I would add is to do what they say immediately if they repeat themselves. Usually results in a hookup within the next bait or two.
  291. FishRock

    Trip Roomate from Hell...

    There are a whole lot of things in life we are better off never knowing about.
  292. FishRock

    Targetting opah

    Got numbers on those spots. I am sure there are a few anglers who would hop on a LR boat targeting them.
  293. FishRock

    Targetting opah

    Opah fish are hauled onto a dock for sale Friday, March 20, 2020, in San Diego. Fishermen coming home to California after weeks at sea are find a state all but shuttered due to coronavirus measures, and nowhere to sell their catch. A handful of boats filled with tens of thousands of pounds of...
  294. FishRock

    A way to pass time. What did you get new??

    It was also possible that you got 2 Makaira 15 T's. :) Following that calculation I have a Mak SEA 61 and it fishes 50 - 130 very well.
  295. FishRock

    Targetting opah

    Biggest lingcod I have been around was right at 80 lbs.
  296. FishRock

    A way to pass time. What did you get new??

    When did they come out with a Mak 30 T?
  297. FishRock

    Targetting opah

    Bycatch for the most part. Wish there were a dependable method to target them. Very interesting and unusual fish. (Like the toad ling you are holding in your avatar.)
  298. FishRock

    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    I would skip the flex wrap.
  299. FishRock

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    The Covid-19 stuff is putting a kink in my free time. Not self isolating due to work demands so it will likely be a while before I have some time to give it a more rigors test run. Does not seem to have nearly as much coil memory as many of the other FC leaders I have used.
  300. FishRock

    FG vs RP

    Both of those knots look solid. I will stick with the FG though. If the bite is so quick that I cannot afford another minute to insure i have the best knot then I probably just need to rack the rod and grab my backup.
  301. FishRock

    Long Range shutdown?

    I have already paid half the cost of my 15 day next January. I will not be asking for my deposit back as that cash may just be what keeps some operators a float. If you need the money back now then you need it but if it is not a pressing need you may be well advised to let the boats hang onto...
  302. FishRock

    Any news on the stardrag
  303. FishRock

    This just in, Bluefin Fans...

    Oh, you can always ask for more. May not get the answer you wanted but you can always ask for more. :) Sounds like a great trip. Especially this time of year.
  304. FishRock

    Fading drag on Raptors

    Like Mike says it was probably heat buildup. Those Avets are medium framed reels so they don't have the mass to dissipate the heat as well. Would be interesting to have someone pour ice water over the reel to see if it made a difference. Probably not right away as the drag system is not in full...
  305. FishRock

    Anybody know any retailers with Mak 15T's in stock?

    I am pretty sure that the OP has one by now. Most every retailer has them.
  306. FishRock

    EDGE rods by Gary Loomis

    That rod should have broken way sooner than it did with all that high sticking. Pretty impressive.
  307. FishRock

    Out of State Gun Sales

    Double post.
  308. FishRock

    Out of State Gun Sales

    What do you mean by out of state sales. I have never heard of a gun shop that will sell a firearm to someone who is not a resident of the state. They will sell you a gun and ship it to a registered FFL holder in your home state. Most gunsmiths have FFLs and will receive firearms on your behalf...
  309. FishRock

    Looking for an underhand casting video

    I found the solution to all of our casting issues. Just have to hack the tech and install in larger reels. The hell with practicing! :) It’s rare that tech developments in the world of fishing reels are substantial enough to change the way we fish. But when Shimano introduced the I-DC4...
  310. FishRock

    Okuma mk-10iisea

    I would also take a hard look at the Okuma PCH Custom rods, PCH-C-761XH. Well built and affordable. The 7'6" or 8' XH will work well with that reel. Not as refined as the Calstar or UC rods but solid sticks.
  311. FishRock

    Diamond plate aluminum flooring

    Diamond plate is very durable and is the main reason for choosing it. Downside is that it gets slippery once it gets wet and slimy. I would never put bright aluminum on the floor as it will get damaged quickly and blind you on a sunny day. If you go with diamond plate get the matt finish and...
  312. FishRock

    Looking for an underhand casting video

    So the inside sport fishing vid shows the basics but he is using a relatively small reel. I have been fishing LR on the Angler for 6 years watching Ray and the rest of the crew get those cases out with a 30 sized reel. I still have not gotten it down though I am getting better. Their 100 plus...
  313. FishRock

    Feel question

    As usual the answer depends on your planned usage and preferences if any. For bait fishing the HXW for jigs and other vertical fishing the HX would probably work fine. HXW gives you more versatility.
  314. FishRock

    Okuma Fishing Fred Hall 2020 SPECIALS??

    Charkbait in Huntington Beach is apparently running some great pricing on Okuma products at their store instead of at the FHS. Looks like 20% of Makaire SEA reels!
  315. FishRock

    A few observations on wahoo...

    It is pretty much still the 30% rule. Heavy line, big hooks, bombs and jigs, casting and tolling >20# and up. Live bait, light line with small hook 10-12#
  316. FishRock

    2020 Fred Hall LB

    Hell of a price on those Makaira SEAs!
  317. FishRock

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    Mike, Got the spool of 80# you sent yesterday. Thank you! First impression was that it looked and felt like 100# or even 130#. Felt very stiff. After connecting it to some 80# braid with the FG knot and tying on a hook with a 3 Turn Uni I have to say it seemed to relax a little and was quite...
  318. FishRock

    avet mxj non MC backlash issue

    I think you are starting with one of the hardest reels to learn on since it has no spool tension adjustment. Go slow and smooth and keep the line wet. A little pressure from your thumb is all that keeps the spool from over running the line when casting. Practice is key. Good luck.
  319. FishRock

    Boat Independence New Engines

    New tech is great if it is reliable. All the digital gauges gauges on my outboard died after a couple of winters up here. Very nervous about buying a new 4 stroke with all that the ECU does.
  320. FishRock

    Good rod for New Cavalla.

    I agree with birdie800. One of the Okuma PCH rods 30-60 PCH-C-761XH But it really demponds on how you plan to fish it and what you are targeting. The PCH rods are a very good value and fish well at the top of their rating.
  321. FishRock

    Job Opportunity at Avet

    I would PM Finadict.
  322. FishRock

  323. FishRock

    Trolling for Wahoo with Spectra

    If my count is right I think Cubeye usually has a minimum of 8 wahoo rods rigged at a time. 2 - troll, 2 - bomb, 2 - jig and 2 - bait and that is just while we are moving from the dock to the bait barge. Once we start catching fish all bets are off. If there is a wahoo within 100 miles he will...
  324. FishRock

    cow tuna sardine hooks

    Buck, I think tokar uses the "whatever man" or possibly the "chill out dude" system. Really just depends on their mood that day.:-)
  325. FishRock


    Not according to their website. At least not from what I could tell.
  326. FishRock


    There is always a fine line between being aggressive in persuing fish and being "that guy". I am sure that the anglers who boated those supers are fine with it.
  327. FishRock

    02 Feb - 18 Feb Excel Ultra 16 Day

    One thing I catch myself doing too often is chasing something even better than what I have already honed to near 100% just because I got bored with it. I forget that just because I am bored with it that does not mean it is not the best solution. "If it ain't broke don't fix it!!!" Now I let...
  328. FishRock

    CAPTAIN'S SUMMIT: Pre-Show seminar at Fred Hall Long Beach

    I think I have the striping line part down pretty well. It is the underhand lob 30'-40' past everlyone else I cannot seem to get right. :-) Think I am going to have to actually take some video of him next time so I can slow it down and try to figure it out.
  329. FishRock

    Cold shrink tubing source

    So what do you consider a decent price for a piece of 8428-18 or -12? Just trying to calibrate my expectation.
  330. FishRock

    CAPTAIN'S SUMMIT: Pre-Show seminar at Fred Hall Long Beach

    Dan, Which method are you refereeing to? I think Ray has a dozen reaction bite methods that he employs as conditions warrant. I have even seen him grab someone's Boss off the rack with 60# in cow country and hook up a nice fish on the first cast to get the skunk off of an unlucky angler. That...
  331. FishRock

    02 Feb - 18 Feb Excel Ultra 16 Day

    Peaches told me I was his BFF! That scoundrel! Sounds like you have the right perspective on what you enjoy and how to take full advantage of it. That flyer landing on deck with a free swimming cow was certainly a sign. You did the exact right thing. Must have just been one click off on timing...
  332. FishRock

    Boat Independence New Engines

    Carry a grudge much?
  333. FishRock

    Boat Independence New Engines

    Sounds like totally old school design but built using modern methods. Optimizing the performance with better materials and tighter tolerances.
  334. FishRock

    Alabama Rig/Jig combo

    Worth a try.
  335. FishRock

    Boat Independence New Engines

    They are repowering with twin 630 hp, mechanical Mitsubishi engines. Old engines are already out and new ones being set. No more detail than that.
  336. FishRock


    Fish destroyed it. A fellow angler (Cubeye) actually rebuilt it once with new wire and skirt after about 6 fish. Somewhere around fish 9 or 10 the blade disappeared. This photo was after the rebuild and last fish.
  337. FishRock


    Naw. But I had to toss that picture out and apparently it got a bite. :-)
  338. FishRock


    Not a Mag Trak but this one still swims straight and looks new after landing 10 nice wahoo on my last trip. I call it "Bill The Cat".
  339. FishRock

    Penn 6/0 (114H) for wahoo trolling?

    It is inexpensive, holds up well to being abused as a wahoo troll reel and kills fish just fine. No need to put a $500 reel through that kind of abuse when a $100 reel will do just as well. I always smile when I am cranking in a wahoo on a boat rod with an old Penn 6/0 bolted to it. Just have to...
  340. FishRock

    Reel covers for Cortez 5 and 10

    Post deleted.
  341. FishRock

    EDGE rods by Gary Loomis

    A firm possibility of a definite maybe? :)
  342. FishRock

    Mercury V6 200HP 4 Stroke

    No one running the newer Merc. V6?
  343. FishRock

    Job Opportunity at Avet

    Thank you for the intel. Is there a realistic max drag rating on these? 20 lbs.?
  344. FishRock

    Avet Stardrag

    Just posted on the Avet Reels Support Forum by finadict "Im waiting for our East Coast/International distributors to press release before I do an official release, but the basics are here: MXL Star 5.8 Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Precision machined stainless...
  345. FishRock

    Any news on the stardrag

    Been talk about that for years but no traction yet. Maybe if the new stardrags are successful.
  346. FishRock

    Any news on the stardrag

    Quote from finadict, "Right now, the entire factory floor is doubling down on getting the star drags ready for FH. First model off the line is the MXL Star, and will immediately be followed by the MXJ Star. Then we will re tool for the SX and SXJ."
  347. FishRock

    Vagabond Closing!

    Ramada should just rig a zip line from one of the upper balconies. No cart needed! INCOMING!!!!
  348. FishRock

    Vagabond Closing!

    Thanks for the heads up. I have never stayed anywhere else. Guess now I have to. Is the New Portuguese hotel that was replacing the Dolphin open yet. :-)
  349. FishRock

    Favorite Moon Phases

    Yes. Just my experience. Mature tuna spawn on or very near the full moon so they are not focused on feeding as much. But most captains say just go fishing when you can because the best time to fish is when you can keep a hook in the water. A few years back I found a long article buried deep on...
  350. FishRock

    Favorite Moon Phases

    Leave the dock on either the full or new moon to avoid fishing through them. Or any time when there are a bunch of biting fish around.
  351. FishRock

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    The apparent ABS of the line seems to be in line with the stated diameters compared to other brands. As usual it is hard to make an apples to apples comparison since there is no published industry standard for rating or testing lines. The Soft Steel 16X Cyclone Hollow braid looks interesting...
  352. FishRock

    Mercury V6 200HP 4 Stroke

    Anyone on here been running one of the newer Mercury V6 4 Strokes (The ugly ones)? How is the performance,? Power, Fuel economy, Maintenance -Convenience/Cost? Other observations? I am looking for a light 200 HP for a repower but have not found much real world info on this newer offering.
  353. FishRock

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    Again, it sounds like there is merit to the product but you may want to call it High Stretch which is a more accurate description of why it is unique and does not imply that it is the only flouro that stretches. So I guess I should have more accurately said the term stretchable flourocaron...
  354. FishRock

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    Sounds like the usual marketing BS. Unfortunate that the marketing folks feel the need to make shit up to sell product. This looks like something worth trying based on braking strength not based on some claim of stretch. Though Seaguar is actually pretty inexpensive now on Amazon.
  355. FishRock

    Any news on the stardrag

    Sorry I don't have details. RickO was the one who posted the info on the thread I linked to. Might want to PM him or respond on that thread. He did say that they would have some for sale but not sure who the vendor would be if not Avet.
  356. FishRock

    American Angler 14 Day 1/19 thru 2/2

    Been there, done that!
  357. FishRock

    aluminum pilothouse offshore boats

    Tesoro, I think your observations regarding Aluminum boats have a lot of merit but I bought one of those one off built ocean boats from a river boat builder in Oregon 30 years ago. Not ideal but I am about to put the third motor it and so far have had no issues with it holding together. If I...
  358. FishRock

    And then I woke up...

    Kind of funny that everyone seems worried about forgetting their gear when all you really need is your passport and everything else is optional. I constantly see anglers pull out the goofiest shit to add to the challenge of angling. Trolling with a corn cob, casting fake rats to wahoo. Fishing...
  359. FishRock

    American Angler 14 Day 1/19 thru 2/2

    This trip is limited to 18 anglers. Always room somewhere on the rail. Part of the fun is when we have 4 - 6 100+ lb. fish all hanging in the same corner and manage to land them all. And before you start saying that the crew should not let a corner get that croweded, it is because everyone...
  360. FishRock

    Question about IGFA rod rating

    Just for the record there is no official IGFA standard method for determining the action or rating for rods. D. Rod 1. Rods must comply with sporting ethics and customs. Considerable latitude is allowed in the choice of a rod, but rods giving the...
  361. FishRock

    And then I woke up...

    I have missed the boat from sleeping in. Arrived a day late and missed the boat. Forgot all my gear and clothes and got on the boat with only what I was wearing for 14 days...…... Luckily this was all in my dreams. so far I have only forgot to pack my sun screen and I left some nice shirts in...
  362. FishRock

    American Angler 14 Day 1/19 thru 2/2

    Thanks for the writeup Jake. Just signed up for 2021. Only 11 months and change to go! I have fished this trip since 2014 and only missed this year to take my wife to London for our 30th anniversary. Like Jake said, anyone on the fence about this sort of trip should fall off the fence and sign...
  363. FishRock

    Good starter rod/reel set up for guests and kids?

    Been through this myself dealing with guests that have limited or no fishing experience. Go with spinning gear unless all you will be doing is dropping bait. I take folks out salmon fishing and ended up getting Fierce Spinning reels and 4'9" 8-20# Ugly Sticks. Affordable, easy to handle and...
  364. FishRock

    Is a Calstar GF 700xh strong enough for cows?

    It will still feel like a 6ft with a bit more length? Not a good tool for big fish.
  365. FishRock

    What fish finder is right for me?

    Thank you. My 94sv Plus with a GT51 should be GTG for SW fishing up here down to 300' or so. Just have to wait for the ice and snow to melt.
  366. FishRock

    Patriot reels

    They look even better hooked up to a big fish! Glad it finally arrived.
  367. FishRock

    Looking for a halibut charter out of Seward, July 2020

    Getting late in the year to book a charger for July. that is prime time for everything. ProFishNSea has a good rep too.
  368. FishRock

    Elfin Cove question

    Regulations are not final yet but this is worth a read.
  369. FishRock

    Patriot reels

    So a vendor issue, not an Avet issue. Sorry the reel did not make the trip. Always a bummer when you are looking forward to testing out some new gear and it does not happen.
  370. FishRock

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    While I am actually fishing I always wish i had a lighter setup. Once I am hooked up I always wish I had a heavier outfit. Go figure!
  371. FishRock

    PCH rod report

    The PCH 741 XXH, PCH 741 XXXH are rail rods. The PCH 801 XH is not but can be laid on the rail to good effect.
  372. FishRock

    Patriot reels

    Not sure who you ordered it from. If it was not in stock then it could take a while before they make another run. Avet does not make to order unless you are ordering a custom reel directly from them.
  373. FishRock

    Shout out to Jamie at Bob Sands

    Looks like some good eats there!
  374. FishRock

    Gearing Up for December 11 Day

    I think options #2 and #3 would be worth the investment. Good for local, Guadalupe and Lower Banks. Okuma, Penn and Avet are all good products. Just comes down to your preferences on size and feel. UC rods are my first choice. For heavy work I just borrow a boat rig (kite, troll, big bait) and...
  375. FishRock

    $1000.00 discount on Excel/Gallagher 10 day

    Someone please kill this thread before if is completely out of control!
  376. FishRock

    What fish finder is right for me?

    So is the new transducer the only upgrade associated with the EchoMAP UHD 94sv with the GT54-UHD transducer. Or is the Head unit different from the EchoMap 94sv too?
  377. FishRock

    Shout out to Jamie at Bob Sands

    Jamie is a wealth of knowledge and willing to share it! Good luck on your trip. Just know that a 1.5 day is barely scratching the surface of San Diego Long Range Fishing. Book a fall 7-10 day as soon as you can!
  378. FishRock

    general tuna set up questions (60-80lb gear)

    What AKSalmon said above. Solid 8 strand 100# with a good knot connection to your leader or Hollow 100# with an inserted leader. As for the exact braid, I think any name brand, quality braid is fine. I am not stuck on any single brand. JB, Tuf-Line, Prospec, Threadlock. I have JB 100# on my...
  379. FishRock


    Depends on what bearings you are looking to upgrade. Also worth while posting on the Alan Tani site or PMing him here.
  380. FishRock

    Which 100lb Pink Fluorocarbon?

    For whatever reason I have not caught a single fish on Yozuri Pink. I bought a bunch a couple of years back and simply have not been able to buy a bight with it. Have no idea why.
  381. FishRock

    general tuna set up questions (60-80lb gear)

    I think the reel is fine so long as you don't plan to fish the kite with it. Just does not hold enough line. Either 80 or 100 lb. solid or hollow. I would go with solid 100 and use the FG knot to connect my leader. If your entire focus is targeting fish over 200 then you might want to consider...
  382. FishRock

    Any news on the stardrag

    Just posted on the SD LR forum. Avet apparently plans to have the MX sized star drag reels available for sale at the Fred Hall show.
  383. FishRock

    Trip Selection Priorities

    Fish handling is number one for me. Shows respect for the resource and interest in the fish. Have never heard of a bad boat that handles fish well.
  384. FishRock

    Yamaha F200XB to Nmea 2K network?

    I assume you are aware that you cannot connect the Lowrance cable directly to the Garmin unit. You need a NMEA 2K network backbone to connect the Lowrance Cable, power and the Garmin cable so they can communicate. No one has a proprietary NMEA 2K system. NMEA 2K is the industry standard.
  385. FishRock

    Lithium battery

    Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries are multi cell and require added electronics in either the battery or boat to properly maintain charge. They like to operate in the middle of their charge capacity. They are expensive and the only time they make sense is when you need to minimize weight...
  386. FishRock

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Not sure I like the new look. For me it no longer indicates threads I have already looked at so I don't know if there have been any new posts without opening the thread again. The navigation link back to the forum is only at the top of the page now so when I finish reading through a thread I...
  387. FishRock

    Yamaha In Line 4's

    Thank you! That is exactly the real world feedback I was hoping for. John, When you say the difference was night & day, do you have any performance data (better fuel economy, noticeably lower RPM @ cruise) or was it just a feel thing. More response when throttling up or pushing through a...
  388. FishRock

    Yamaha In Line 4's

    So I have had a 2 Stroke, Yamaha 200HP V-Max for 20 years on my 22' Aluminum hardtop. I cruise at 32 knots at 4,500 rpm and top out just under 50 knots at 6,000 rpm. I get about 2 mpg at cruise. Thinking hard at re-powering with a Yamaha In-Line 4 cylinder (150-175-200). Mainly because Yamaha...
  389. FishRock

    Lx g2 rod option

    Might want to post this in the rod building forum.
  390. FishRock

    Initial Long Range Setups

    I think the Fathom 25N is a very good choice. The Okuma PCH 801XH might be a little long for traveling with. I have a the 7' version of that rod and it can pull an honest 20#s of drag, is relatively light, can be laid on the rail and is a very good all around rod. If you are OK traveling with an...
  391. FishRock

    Last Trip of the Season

    Green grass? What the heck? And a dry place to store the boat. You are spoiled. I really do miss crabbing in Oregon. Lost of fun if they are around.
  392. FishRock

    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    "Then I see Andy fall overboard into the water. Andy’s still has the gaff in his hands with the fish going ballistic, yelling to the crew to get more gaffs in fish. The crew gets the fish onboard, meanwhile Andy’s still treading water with his boots filling up with water. Good thing Andy’s a...
  393. FishRock

    American Angler 12/1 10 Day report

    Making bait is fun if you are actually making bait. It totally sucks if all you are doing is missing out on sleep to get wet and cold with nothing to show for it.
  394. FishRock


    Ray and most of the AA crew can cast a 30 better than some can cast a spinner.
  395. FishRock

    Any news on the stardrag

    No spool, No handle, No foot, No open top and No star. Not sure that reel will even work. :-) No matter what, it will be hell for stout!
  396. FishRock


    Ya. Who would be dumb enough to skip this year? :-)
  397. FishRock


    Halibut harvest limits are set by the Feds based on available biomass. The split between commercial and sport is based on the historical harvest by both groups. The reason some areas of Alaska have such restrictive harvest limits is due to 2 things. 1. The current biomass of Pacific Halibut is...
  398. FishRock

    100lb+ fish?

    Looks like this would have been the trip to be on to accomplish your goal. Fish Report for 12-10-2019 ETA 12-10-2019 American Angler Gang 0530 tomorrow - everyone gets a 100# shirt in the morning and the coffee will be on!
  399. FishRock

    Non MC Raptors - Status?

    From the CB website. They are still on 10% sale. 2019- Avet announced a non MC (no magnetic cast control) less expensive version of the Raptor series. These are only available in silver finish. They are the same reel as the other Raptors, same build, same specs and capacities. The only...
  400. FishRock

    372 Super Cow caught on lower banks.

    Heading out on the AA, January of 2021. Sure hope they hold until then. :-) Beautiful fish, would like to know the story behind it.
  401. FishRock

    SX on 700L

  402. FishRock

    Royal Star Nov 30-Dec 7 at the Lupe

    Spectra will get sticky even after it has been wetted and fished for a while, if it dries out much. And it can dry out quickly. Sometimes you have to hand feed the line to minimize pull on the bait. Just have to be sure your are not dumping line so fast that you no longer have contact with the...
  403. FishRock

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Fish Report for 12-6-2019 Straight Cows 12-6-2019 Bill Cavanaugh Hi Gang, Yesterday was one of those days you always hope you get to experience on a long range trip. We had flat clam, warm weather. The water temp was 80 degrees and the air temp was about the same. From shortly after first...
  404. FishRock


  405. FishRock


    What do you have them spooled with?
  406. FishRock

    Monitoring Yamaha Through Garmin and NMEA 2000 Cable

    Thank you all for your time, patients and info. Really appreciate it.
  407. FishRock

    AA jackpot

    Seems like the Jackpot just leads to someone getting pissed for no good reason. Only reason I enter is to add some cash to the pot for the crew. I did keep my winnings the first time I won it with a cow to cover processing costs but have donated everything else since then. If you DQ'd anyone...
  408. FishRock

    Monitoring Yamaha Through Garmin and NMEA 2000 Cable

    Now you have me thinking too much. I was asking all this in preparation for a future re-power with a new Yamaha F-200. I currently have a 1998 Yamaha 200 V-Max that came with digital gages for the tach and voltage using a fairly crowded wiring harness. Both gages died after a few sub zero...
  409. FishRock

    Monitoring Yamaha Through Garmin and NMEA 2000 Cable

    The fuel usage is very helpful.What other engine data can you monitor? Tach, Voltage, Run Hours?
  410. FishRock

    Monitoring Yamaha Through Garmin and NMEA 2000 Cable

    Just purchased a Garmin 94SV and found that some folks have had success connecting units to monitor their Yamaha outboard engines through the NMEA 2000 network using a Lowrance Yamaha cable. Anyone have experience with this? If so how is it working for you?
  411. FishRock

    Mak 15T Questions

    I would have mentioned the PCH-C-701XXH rated 40-80lbs but had not laid my hands on it. If it is built like the rest of the non-rail PCH rods it will probably handle up to 30 lbs. of drag. Please let us know how it performs when you get it on the water. What is the red tape you are using...
  412. FishRock

    Makaira 16sea: What should I spool with?

    Wahoodad has posted that he does just this, fills reel with 80 hollow and treats it like 100 lb. I kind of think it is a coin toss. Second post on the following liked page.
  413. FishRock

    100lb+ fish?

    Arrived on Scene 12-2-2019 Ray Lopez American Angler @ the Loop Today we arrived on scene and were able to get everyone’s feet a little wet, even though the amount of fish we saw weren't all that eager. We're hoping that today was just a sample for what is in store tomorrow and oh boy is...
  414. FishRock

    Mak 15T Questions

    I would strongly recommend that you consider the PCH-C-761XH Rated 30-60 if you want to go with a PCH rod and fish 40-50 lbs. line on that reel. The non-rail rod versions of the PCH rods seem to have more backend lift, better grip material and fish the upper end of their rating much better. The...
  415. FishRock

    Mak 15T Questions

    Mark, Trying to visualize what was going on that made the PCHXXXH-Rail Rod too stiff, aside from the fact that it is rated 80-130 lbs. Even with 10 lbs. of drag that rod will flex and even if it doesn't flex much it seems like that would not impair you gaining line unless the fish was high and...
  416. FishRock


    I think the main difference between the Maks and other reels in that size category is that the Mak will likely have a bit heavier spool since the entire reel is built on the heavy side. So even though the spool spins freely it will take a little more effort to get it moving and a bit more skill...
  417. FishRock

    OC Tuna report - 6 day Island aboard the Royal Polaris

    Neat to see the variety of gear on the trip. Avet, Penn, Accurate, Okuma ...…...
  418. FishRock

    100lb+ fish?

    Seems like the most productive time for the larger fish is October-November. Bluefin finally start biting and the YFT are around. Short, Long or Medium you should speak with the owner/captain to see what their general plan is and what they recommend. If your main objective is to kill a big fish...
  419. FishRock

    Best Puget Sound chartplotter/FF under $1100-help

    Cabela's/BassPro and West Marine have the 94SV on sale (Black Friday) for $699!
  420. FishRock


    Ron, You probably want to ask this in one of the boating forums. But I have never heard of a prop preventing roll.
  421. FishRock

    a shout out for the pch rod.......

    I have the 7' version in 12-25# and can lift 20# of dead weight with it. Certainly maxes out the rod. These particular rods have some very interesting character. Definitely not the best choice for fighting 100 lb. fish but not completely out gunned. I have the 7'6" version on the way to see if...
  422. FishRock

    Red Rooster

    Dan, Good call. I was on that same trip in 2012. Actually a week later so I missed all the election BS. Was my first ever Long Range experience. You will have a blast!
  423. FishRock

    Red Rooster, Nov. 2019 Accurate 11/8 day video

    Great video! Thanks for sharing it. Who is the A-Hole at minute 7- 8 boot stomping a skippie and hucking it back into the water? I want his permission to use that as an example of what not to do when fishing.
  424. FishRock

    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Basil, I know this has been covered but cannot find the reference. Tuf-Line Guides Choice and JB Line One are sourced from the same place? The 60# and 100# are 12 carrier and the 80# is 16 carrier? The 80# and 100# are close to being the same diameter and breaking strength? 80# has the...
  425. FishRock

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    How about a Thermos cup. They keep hot things hot and cold things cold! I have no idea how it works.:-)
  426. FishRock

    Fish 3 times the line test

    Mark, For those still chasing their first Cow, please remind us what your largest fish was prior to the trip you caught your Super Cows on. :-)
  427. FishRock

    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    The main reason anglers were asking for it and why Okuma built it was to go with the "Square Reel" concept that has been so popular with the Mak 10, 16 and 20. I really like my 15 but would go with a 15T now. And for folks wanting a narrow just get an Avet Raptor Narrow in the size of your...
  428. FishRock

    Ideal kite set up

    I would guess less than half of the anglers on a typical cow trip bring/fish their own kite rod.
  429. FishRock

    a shout out for the pch rod.......

    I have been messing with my other PCH rods. Will say that the non- rail rod versions seem to handle the full range of their rating much better than the Rail Rod versions do. They appear to have a newer model out rated at 40-80. Okuma PCH-C-701XXH 7 feet 40-80 lb. Would think that a 7'6" or 8'...
  430. FishRock

    To Grease or Not to Grease?

    This thread is in regard to greasing the drag washers. Avet says leave them dry. Most anglers find it better to grease them and remove excess to smooth them out, protect them from SW and prolong their life.
  431. FishRock

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Not the year you put two super cows on deck!
  432. FishRock

    a shout out for the pch rod.......

    Alan, Thanks for the info and congrats on a memorable catch. Just ordered one on Amazon for $154 delivered and the price immediately shot up to $171. Love the two others I have in this series so the decision was easy.
  433. FishRock

    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Charkbait, West Marine, Anglers Choice, Fisherman's Landing and TFT and others.
  434. FishRock

    a shout out for the pch rod.......

    Alan, Any way you could confirm whether or not the rod was: Okuma PCH-C-761M 7 1/2 feet 12-25 lb
  435. FishRock

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Looks like a BigAzzz YFT to me.:-)
  436. FishRock


    The Rail Rods are built a bit deferent and don't seem to have the same relative back bone as the lighter PCH rods. I think the lighter rods like Alan is fishing in the vid are some great rods for WC fishing as they have real backbone for their rating. The Rail rods have a bit slower action and...
  437. FishRock

    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    As Scresmingreel notes in the OP it is the little brother/sister to the MAK 20 and 16 (square reels). Just a little smaller, lighter and less drag. The big brother to the MAK 10. Kind of funny that they don't show up on Okuma USA website and are not carried by many distributers yet...
  438. FishRock

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Which boats would those be?
  439. FishRock

    Red Rooster

    Seems like a lot of guessing going on. The Rooster did that on my trip and it was not mostly empty, in fact it was mostly full. My guess based on the sound, feel and timing was as you state, "just the reverberation of the aluminum hull" after dropping off a wave.
  440. FishRock

    Oregon crew on the Shogun, 7 day, 11-8. Great fishing, great trip. Super cow BFTs

    Definitely a great trip. Could not have asked for more. Thanks for sharing.
  441. FishRock

    Best On board fish handling??

    That fella is gonna cut his own wrist handling the knife like that.
  442. FishRock

    313-pound bluefin on PENN International 16VISX

    Gorgeous Fish!
  443. FishRock

    RP 11/1-11/11 part 3

    "Please, if you’re not going to help at least don’t hinder." Totally agree! Sounds like you had a couple of "That Guy(s)" back at the dock. Thanks for the detailed report.
  444. FishRock

    Best On board fish handling??

    My first trip out of San Diego was an 8 day on the Rooster in 2012. Andy was not running the boat which was my first disappointment. We caught plenty of fish including YFT, YT, Wahoo and Dorado. None of the fish were even completely bled, just tossed into the RSW. By the time we returned to the...
  445. FishRock

    RP 11/1-11/11 Part two

    Just makes cashing the bonus check all that more fun!
  446. FishRock

    shears to cut braid?

    I don't have a tackle box on deck. I keep everything in my pockets and don't need another vasectomy. I use a small pair of cheap lineman's pliers. They have lasted 7 years cutting mono, flouro and braid but need to be replaced now. I will probably get another pair as they fit my use profile well.
  447. FishRock

    105 FOOT BOATS

    QUALIFIER 105 (528583) USCG ID 528583 Year 1970 Length 99.9 feet / 30.4 meters Depth 4.5 feet / 1.4 meters Breadth 27.4 feet / 8.4 meters Gross Tonnage 95 Net Tonnage 65 Name QUALIFIER 105 Service PASSENGER (INSPECTED) Trade Coastwise Unrestricted, Registry Hull Material ALUMINUM Builder Rohr...
  448. FishRock

    Mak 15T Questions

    Take a look at the UC Centaur. Has back bone when you need it.
  449. FishRock

    Mak 15T Questions

    Fisherman's Landing Anglers Choice West Marine I would call ahead and to be sure they have one in stock and will hold it for you.
  450. FishRock

    New To Crimping

    That a BFT?
  451. FishRock

    105 FOOT BOATS

    Apparently not.
  452. FishRock

    United Composites GP80's, there has been a sighting..

    Seems like the intended application is for BFT and Guadalupe where casting a small bait a country mile in a pick bite and then being able to put some wood to the fish to land it or get it past the sharks.
  453. FishRock

    Is it possible to Convert a MXJ g2 single speed RH to LH

    No can do. (Update, Apparently I was wrong.)
  454. FishRock

    New To Crimping

    Nothing wrong with fishing 60# or even 50# at the Bank as long as it is for wahoo or bait.
  455. FishRock

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    You get longer than an inch with this knot and you start loosing some of its advantage. I have been tying it with 17 total wraps with no failures. Total length of knot is less than 1". Pretty much like Fishybuzz.
  456. FishRock

    14 Day What Do I Need

    One profound difference between a 10 day and a 14+ day trip is the travel days. The 4 days heading down are manageable especially if they include a quick stop at the rocks for wahoo. But the 4 solid days back can be like groundhog day, a soul crushing experience. Be prepared with a few books...
  457. FishRock

    Great Wahoo fishing at the ridge

    Tom, Some folks report that they use pliers to lock down their star drag reels for wahoo. I think anything over 20# with a sharp hook will work with lures. Bait is totally different.
  458. FishRock

    Short SOA report

    I think wahoo makes for very good sashimi due to its mild flavor and texture. However there are lots of fish I enjoy eating as much if not more. As for catching them, wahoo are the crack cocaine of SD LR fishing, very intense, short fight with lots of action, then it is over so quick that you...
  459. FishRock

    Upcoming Cow Trips - 16 & 18 day trips

    Soda, Down from 5-7 Long trips each year? One of those years equals most of our life time totals. Glad someone is living the dream. :-)
  460. FishRock

    Looking for a new heavy rod and reel

    Older thread but worth a read. Jamie has anther post up somewhere in which he recommends that your first big fish outfit be a Mak 20 UC Viper setup and then your second should be a Mak 20 UC Viper...
  461. FishRock

    Looking for a new heavy rod and reel

    The Centaur is a great rod with the Mak 16 or an HXW Raptor.
  462. FishRock

    14 Day What Do I Need

    Joseph, You pretty much have everything you need and you can borrow what you don't from the boat and the Accurate Sponsor. If you are still in doubt then talk with the crew when you are on your 10 day. They will take care of you. Remember to relax and have fun!
  463. FishRock

    Mak 20ii sea rod question

    The SEA version is specifically modified for fishing live bait to big tuna. So they have removed the bearing shields on the spool bearings and oiled them to reduce resistance. This gives great free spool but requires a bit more attention to maintenance since the shields have been removed. The...
  464. FishRock


    John, Great report! Thanks for taking the time to write it up and provide the pics. Loved the ebay, new hobby image. Been there too, glad you worked through it.
  465. FishRock

    American Angler 12/1 10 Day

    Steve, When I first read your post I missed the comma, had a good chuckle.:)
  466. FishRock

    DTX hook experiments and Halco 220 trial

    Since Nomad has essentially been selling lures for beta testing in this fishery they should just send new hooks to anyone with the old ones who wants to upgrade. Maybe limit it to two sets. Or make them available through their normal vendors at a significant discount for a while.
  467. FishRock

    How many set ups?

    First time all you need is your passport, money, clothes, small pair of side cutters and a good attitude. borrow all the gear you need from the boat and buy any terminal tackle you need from them too. Maybe $50 or a $100 if you use a lot of their stuff. Usually nothing because folks will offer...
  468. FishRock

    Rigging Colt Snipers

    AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Bummer!
  469. FishRock

    Mag Bay Lures Mag Track - report

    Apparently Ben Fraser approved. Must be GTG!
  470. FishRock

    How many set ups?

    You will be fine. Others have set a much higher bar than that. Just don't lean them all against the bait tank and expect them to stay there long.
  471. FishRock

    Okuma PCH rod report

    I think the only thing the plastic washers do is keep from having aluminum wear on aluminum when tightening the two lock nuts. Are you using pliers to lock the two nuts?
  472. FishRock

    Fluorocarbon for wind-ons for Cow fishing

    John (TFT) and Basil both have as much if not more experience fishing SDLR as most folks on this board. So if you want a reasonable answer to your original question just go to them. Some do believe that the direct tie Specta to Flouro is a better method than a Loop to Loop wind-on for fishing...
  473. FishRock

    Okuma Komodo

    The 400 series are big reels. If you are mainly casting into kelp and fishing less than 200' of water I would get the 300 series. I use my 364 for this. If you might get into YT and mid or better grade tuna then the 463 is your best bet.
  474. FishRock

    What Accurate reel is the equivalent to an avet HX/HXW raptor

    You have been treating these reels like star drag level winds used for bass fishing where you adjust spindle tension to limit cast overrun. You simply have to get better at casting because these reels are all about free spool for live bait fishing. The Magic cast feature that comes on Raptors...
  475. FishRock


    Jamie, Thanks for the detailed description (as usual). Knowing little to nothing about fishing wahoo I ended up tying about 30' of 60 lb. mono to my 50 lb. spectra with an FG knot before attaching it to a through wired JRI Hooicide bomb last winter. I was batting 1000 for strike to hook up...
  476. FishRock

    American Angler 8-day report, October 5-13, 2019

    Great picture of Gordo!
  477. FishRock

    Sport boats and trash

    Or rinse and store in a milk crate for recycling back on land. Better yet bring a keg.
  478. FishRock


    Jamie, Thanks for the great report! Now for the questions. What were folks tying to their JRI direct tie bombs? Wire, flouro etc??? When you talk about "short bite" on a bomb are you saying these fish were just not very aggressive/not committing? Cheers!!!
  479. FishRock

    Rodless 4.5 dayer on the Marla's El Pescador PV

    Sign me up! I need to charter these guys for my family who don't think they can stand 2 weeks on a boat to get to the lower zone.
  480. FishRock

    Drone Video of Tuna Following Guadalupe Great White

    THAT IS AWSOME!!!!! Thanks for pasting it.
  481. FishRock

    Sport boats and trash

    Darn it John! There you go again trying to bring facts to a "discussion" on the LR forum when you know that all it will do is confuse us. :-) Not allowed for discharge: All other garbage including plastics, synthetic ropes, fishing gear, plastic garbage bags, incinerator ashes, clinkers...
  482. FishRock

    Rod for MXL 6/4 2 speed

    Okuma PCH-C-761XH 30 - 60 lb. Can go with a 7', 7'6" or 8' versions depending on your preference. I have the 7' version and it is not a refined rod but it is a very nice and capable rod for the money. Amazon commonly has them offered for less than MSRP. I have an SX Raptor on my 7' version.
  483. FishRock

    Another connection

    Just tied it up using 80# Yo Zuri Flouro. and 80# Tuff-Line. Looks cool with that tight leader barrel around the spectra. But it was a pain in the a$$ to tie since the flouro is so stiff. It is also about twice the diameter and half as long as an FG knot. Any videos of the way you tie it?
  484. FishRock

    Red Rooster 10/20-10/28

    Not on it but that should be a good trip timing wise. Good luck!
  485. FishRock

    Okuma pch custom rail rods
  486. FishRock

    American Angler Ken's Custom Guadalupe Island Report Version 2

    Garry, I had not seen that article. Thanks for the link. As the article implies, maybe I just don't want to believe that fish have emotions. And I will start wearing my sunglasses all the time on deck so no fish can identify me.
  487. FishRock

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    Brian, I believe that his Avatar is a photo of the rig.
  488. FishRock

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    Aaron, I have to ask. How many fish have you caught on this type of rigging? Size of fish? You obviously have confidence in it. A little performance data would help us. I really like the concept. Very simple. Like me.
  489. FishRock

    American Angler Ken's Custom Guadalupe Island Report Version 2

    Garry, If you are right then we are screwed. PETA will get all forms of fishing banned based on this. How can anyone justify putting a tuna through an hour of torture before we release it or kill it? Not to mention the plight of a bait fish. I agree that fish react to negative stimuli but I...
  490. FishRock

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    Wow! Glad that is not how I was introduced to fishing. Thanks,
  491. FishRock

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    John, Where did the term Head Boat come from?
  492. FishRock

    American Angler Ken's Custom Guadalupe Island Report Version 2

    Some great pixs and excellent write up! Thanks for sharing. Even with Brad and Rocco pulling on that fish there is only so much you can do with light gear. Brian is an excellent skipper. keeps folks informed and works with his crew and passengers. He is always thinking.
  493. FishRock

    Searcher Tackle Tip Thursday: October 3, chunking with the PENN International 16VISX

    Unless the entire boat it chunking, then throw a live bait.
  494. FishRock

    Sinker Fish

    Very cool. Just confirms that the most important thing to do to catch a fish is put a hook and line in the water. Doesn't matter if it is the wrong size, color, shape etc... just put something out there. So far i have not seen an angler sulking in the galley hook up. Unless someone gives him...
  495. FishRock

    RR3 Trip #21 Oct 4-12

    Richard, Glad you got work. Send money when you get paid.
  496. FishRock

    New Makaira Black

    Unfortunately no.
  497. FishRock

    New Makaira Black

    Please let me know what you see that happen next time.
  498. FishRock

    New Makaira Black

    Funny how we all have our preferences. If these reels only came in matt black I may not have ever purchased my 20, 16 and 15. Really looking forward to finding a good deal on a gunmetal 15T.
  499. FishRock

    Mike nail

    I was going to say you were getting a bit personal there but he did post the picture and report so he should expect a few follow up questions.
  500. FishRock

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    Not sure where you heard that. I made a smart a$$ comment at the beginning of this thread about stopping your jig or tuna head at the side of the boat so a shark would not follow it over the rail like a wahoo. Was a joke. "That is why you are supposed to stop reeling your bait, jig or bloody...
  501. FishRock

    For Sale Makaira 15T SEA Gunmetal NIB

    It is $70 less than MSRP (Charkbait price) and even though you get some free line through Charkbait you only get 300 yards free. You pay for the rest and it might not be your first choice of line. If I were looking for a 15T and lived near Chris I would be all other this. And spool it my way...
  502. FishRock


    Jake, The 2021 schedule just got posted on the AA site and Dan signed up for the 2021 trip. Apparently the Accurate Trip in 2021 carries a load of 1 passenger and returns in 1969. So for anyone longing for the good old days of fishing this is the trip for you. :-) Trip Info 2139 Accurate Open...
  503. FishRock

    Mike nail

    Congratulations! That last picture is pure gold!!!
  504. FishRock

    AA Ken's Custom Reel 7-Day

    Jay, Thanks for the write up. Good on you and the others for handing off so many fish. I am sure that it made the trip for some. Brian is certainly a cool guy. He has been around the LR scene for quite a long time and is very friendly. He is a thinker that does not get worked up unless it is...
  505. FishRock

    Avet HX 5/2 for 150# yft?

    The Raptor would certainly be a better choice for bigger fish but you would need a new rod as well to fish the higher drag. Fish what you have and be happy with it. If you go out chasing big fish just borrow a bigger outfit.
  506. FishRock

    Difference between Avet HX 5/2 and HX raptor?

    HX is a very capable reel. Has the drag and line capacity to fish 40 - 60 well. You state that you are not going on boats yet. So I would not purchase anything else. Just borrow gear for your first few trips out. The HX will cover 40 - 60. Maybe pick up a 20 - 30 lb. setup and call it good...
  507. FishRock

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    Sure looks like the OP got his moneys worth out of tossing this chunk of bait into the room.
  508. FishRock

    EX reel failure

    Bummer about the reel. hard to say what went wrong but it sounds like the drag stack was either missing something or it was not installed correctly. I have fished a 30 EX quite a bit and never had an issue. Glad you landed the fish.
  509. FishRock

    No harness Lugs let’s see what you do

    And Ralf still fishes that same gear today! All short glass rods with rollers. Pretty cool.
  510. FishRock

    FG knot tips

    I do no use any half hitches. Just the Rizzuto to lock it. Whatever works for you is the right way Whatever fails is the wrong way.
  511. FishRock

    SOLD 2- 7'6" Vipers new...SOLD

    Definitely good rods and a good deal.
  512. FishRock

    Fathom LD Size recommendation

    As Tunanorth and others are saying, it all depends on how you are fishing this setup and what you are targeting. Your initial post says you want to fish 40-60 and then you start adding wishes to the list with 80. I am all for multi-purposing gear so you are not schlepping a tone of gear for no...
  513. FishRock

    FG knot tips

    I see a very small twist in the leader near the finish end after tensioning, not an issue. Once locked this knot should not change shape ever. It should just get tighter and harder under heavy load. Should be (as Ray would put it) "cemento" after landing a big one.
  514. FishRock

    Rod sling for 100# setups

    Jim, OP is referring to folks who use a shoulder sling to hang their rig on while on the long soak or chunking. They don't use it during the fight. Just use it to take some strain off of themselves rather than holding the rig all day. Not everyone is just the right height to comfortably rest...
  515. FishRock

    FG knot tips

    You are way too kind.
  516. FishRock

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    Well I have been over the side at both Clarion and Hurricane. Don't think I will include the Lupe anytime soon. As for Ms. Ramsey, "mess with the bull long enough and you will eventually get the horns". Hope she never reaches the limit.
  517. FishRock

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    That is why you are supposed to stop reeling your bait, jig or bloody tuna head just before it reaches the boat so the GWS wont follow it over the rail and hurt someone. Or maybe that it for wahoo? Either way, probably a good idea. Glad no one was hurt aside from the boat damage and likely...
  518. FishRock

    Difference in Maks

    I had my reel set a 27# at strike so full was probably over 35# but my wing man (deck hand) kept lowering the setting when I would push it up. Since I don't have near as much experience as the crew I went with his thinking. With over half the line out I was probably at or over 35# even with the...
  519. FishRock

    Difference in Maks

    I hooked up a feisty 166# YFT last winter with my Mak 20 and 100# line. It took 3/4 of my line on two or three long runs. The 248# fish I killed a few years back did not even take half of my line. So I guess you never know if or when you need more line or drag until you need it.
  520. FishRock

    Difference in Maks

    What do you plan to target? The 2x4 is usually paired with a Mak 20. I have my 20 on a UC Viper (80 - 130) can fish up to 45 lbs. of drag without breaking a sweat. Unless you are using it as a Kite rod, no need to go up to a 50.
  521. FishRock

    Difference in Maks

    I still have no idea what reel James would need for fishing daytime sword fish. If they can reach 1,000 lbs. then maybe a Mak 80. I have a 15, 16 and 20. Anything bigger i borrow from the boat. I will get a 15T as soon as I can find a deal on one.
  522. FishRock

    What mono

    Any reason to change what you are already using?
  523. FishRock

    Long Range Give Aways

    Ben Frazier with Avet Reels always brought half a dozen HX, LX and SX Raptor reels along with a bunch of other items on our 14 day an the AA. Some reels were strait raffle giveaways and some were awarded to winners of the cribbage tournament or other events. Some anglers ended up winning so...
  524. FishRock

    Difference in Maks

    To get a bigger reel or because the 20 was too much for what you needed?
  525. FishRock

    Difference in Maks

    The Mak 20 puts out 55 lbs. of drag. Not sure how much more you need?
  526. FishRock

    coho at Icy Bay Lodge, Ak

    Just imagine what it would be like if there was a paved road leading to these fishing spots. The only thing protecting them is their remoteness. Glad you were able to experience the kind of fishing I came to Alaska over 30 years ago to find. Definitely not like this all the time but on some...
  527. FishRock

    Locking braid on Penn

  528. FishRock

    FG knot tips

    Confidence in your gear and rigging is key to having fun and catching fish. Use whatever works for you. I have confidence in the FG knot and it works for 30 to 200 just fine. I have been tying it like they are in these two videos. But finish with a 5 turn Rizutto or however it is spelled. When...
  529. FishRock

    Need a New Kite Reel?

    In my experience these are not scams or typos. I have purchased rods, reels and braid all at deep discounts that sometimes only last a few minutes. I have found this on both Amazon and Cabela's. I think on Amazon there is an automatic or nearly automatic price reduction on some items once their...
  530. FishRock

    Need a New Kite Reel?

    Save $300 right now. Probably won't be there very long.
  531. FishRock

    Opah On The AA!!!!

    Nice Sashimi platter!
  532. FishRock

    Difference in Maks

    The SEA version is specifically modified for fishing live bait to big tuna. So they have removed the bearing shields on the spool bearings and oiled them to reduce resistance. This gives great free spool but requires a bit more attention to maintenance since the shields have been removed. The...
  533. FishRock

    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    No issues with Raptors either. Love my SX Raptor for just this reason.
  534. FishRock

    Anyone fish the new Cavalla yet?

    Usually requires machining to make space for the new thrust bearing which ends up not being anywhere near cost effective. If the original design allowed for this it would only add a few dollars to the cost of the reel.
  535. FishRock

    Avet LX MC Raptor

    I don't see any issue with a member posting what they feel is helpful advice. He is not bashing Avet in any way and he is referring to spinning reels that Avet does not make. All in an attempt to help address the OP's needs.
  536. FishRock

    Komodo SS

    Doug, You can easily carry rods to 7' 6" on Alaska Airlines for free. I think you could even get away with 8' rods with the right rod case.
  537. FishRock

    AVET Tech Support

    You being from Cali, I believe that should be "smoov as budda". :-) Glad you were able to retrieve your rig and Avet got you fixed up.
  538. FishRock

    Avet HXW Raptor Drag Problems

    Good to know. Surprised Avet missed this.
  539. FishRock

    Opah On The AA!!!!

    Fish Report for 9-10-2019 Hello Beautiful... 9-10-2019 American Angler Gang All 112#s of it - Nice Job Craig Toda The Guys
  540. FishRock

    Season 4 Episode 9 " Midnight Sun" Part 1 FULL

    Good to see you expanding into some cold water fishing. I used to live on Evans Island across the bay from Port Ashton. Could fish those spots from a skiff. Caught halibut up to 160 lbs. on 12# test. And all the lings I could stand to reel in up to 80#s. Now I live in Los Anchorage and have to...
  541. FishRock

    New okuma pch railrods

    Amazon has these rods for around $200 delivered.
  542. FishRock

    Komodo SS

    50# is smaller diameter than 65# so it cuts better, kelp and fingers.
  543. FishRock

    Avet HXW Raptor Drag Problems

    Never really used the bait setting so cannot say. But the drag cams on these reels are very steep so I would not be surprised if this is normal.
  544. FishRock


    Be prepared to go either way and talk with crew once you are onboard.
  545. FishRock

    First Long Range Trip!

    The social aspect of a longer trip can be a blessing or a curse. I have mostly found it to be a blessing. Met a lot of very interesting folks. Generally the longer trips have lighter loads and carry more relaxed anglers so there are fewer problem children to deal with. Straight travel days can...
  546. FishRock


    Just to clarify one point. Automatic weapons are not banned. They do require a permit just like SBRs. So there are weapon types that have been regulated for a while and the world has not come crashing down.
  547. FishRock

    SOLD UC 7’6 GLOW VIPER $380

    Heck of a buy! Surprised it is not gone already.
  548. FishRock

    First Long Range Trip!

    Steve, What was it about the longer trip that did not sit well with you? What type of trip do you prefer and why? Just curiosity on my part.
  549. FishRock

    Sunline Flouro WTF $$$?

    The pricing appears to be very similar to Seaguar Premier so why would someone switch?
  550. FishRock

    Sunline Flouro WTF $$$?

    Sunline feels stiffer than Seaguar Premier but seems to fish a lot like it. Many of the hotsticks I fish with only use Premier and if I had to pick only one I would probably go with Premier in the appropriate size. (Buy it on sale.) Having stated that, I did purchase a fair amount of Sunline...
  551. FishRock

    Intrepid "Anglers Choice" 8 day Part 3

    That Hoo lineup makes me smile. Beautiful fish and I know how much fun you must have had putting them on deck. Thanks for sharing.
  552. FishRock

    Go to Reels for fishing Guadalupe island

    7'6" UC Centaur or 8' Raptor all depends on how you like to fish. and what you want to be able to handle.
  553. FishRock

    Avet SX Break Disc Grinding Against Dog Cover

    Connor, You planning to replace the bearing yourself? Just curious how it goes if you do. Cheers,
  554. FishRock

    Avet SX Break Disc Grinding Against Dog Cover

    Very likely a crushed bearing as Dan suggests. Common in non-raptor reels.
  555. FishRock

    First Long Range Trip!

    10 Day in October! Get it booked!
  556. FishRock

    Sad news, boat fire.

    Jesus guys, let it go! None of us knows what happened on that boat. Yes someone should have been on watch and caught this before it got out of hand. Whoever that was will have to live with it the rest of their lives (possibly in jail) but there is nothing that can be done to change the outcome...
  557. FishRock

    For Sale Mak 10 SEa on Amazon for $390

    I have purchased a bunch of stuff through Amazon and never had a problem. All, exactly and expected. 2 Komodo reels and 2 PCH Rods among them. All of this at a very good discount.
  558. FishRock

    Rod info wanted

    Talk with the rod builder. He/she will know what you need.
  559. FishRock

    Are these worms?

    Once you thaw it out you will know for sure. Blood will come out on a paper towel. Certainly looks like blood from the photo.
  560. FishRock

    Any news from Yakutat?

    Are you actually catching surf perch in Yakutat? Used to fish them all the time in Oregon but never even seen one in Alaska. Would love to catch some. Any details would be appreciated.
  561. FishRock

    For Sale Mak 10 SEa on Amazon for $390

    Back on offer for $393.48 with free shipping.
  562. FishRock

    the best reel for live bait ?

    Mak 10 or Avet SX Raptor. All depends on how hard you want to pull on them. MAK 10SE on Amazon for $393.48 right now! And all Avets are on a 10% off sales. So the SX Raptor is $355 and 9 oz. lighter.
  563. FishRock

    Penn Fathom 15ld2

    It is the 2-speed. But thanks for noting my error. Too many letters and numbers to remember. That is why I limit the number of rigs I have. Cannot keep them all straight. But I am looking forward to getting my hands on this reel, regardless of what it is called. :-)
  564. FishRock

    Penn Fathom 15ld2

    Just scored a Fathom FTH15LD2 lever drag on Amazon for $158! Now I own a Penn LD reel.
  565. FishRock

    New Makaira Black

    Charkbait has them on line.
  566. FishRock

    Sad news, boat fire.

    A complete nightmare for anyone, especially those trapped below. Every year on my 14 day trip I lay in my bunk on travel days and look at the escape hatch on the ceiling and wonder if I would have my shit together enough to find that thing and use it if the boat sank or capsized. Never thought...
  567. FishRock

    Hollow core braid

    Seems like every batch of line could be different. JB 100 has been considered a relatively small diameter 100. JB 80 is 16 carrier, larger diameter and in some testing higher ABS. The only source I have seen for real world or attempted real world numbers was from Paulus and he is no longer...
  568. FishRock

    Wahoonista Question

    It must just be me but I have tried all these suggestions to let the bomb sink out deep or just drop near the boat or cast to the side. Never worked for me. I had to start casting into where the fish were biting others lures to get bit on a bomb. Once I started doing that, game on. I was always...
  569. FishRock

    Metaloid 5nii drag

    I would tie the line off on something and pull out drag across the range of lever settings. Sometimes all this is dry grease somewhere in the system. If you work the drag and level for a while and it is still doing this then you may have an issue with something that needs to be looked at by Okuma.
  570. FishRock


    If you are cow hunting with vertical drop jigs why not just go with a VISX 16. More drag, lower low gear, beefier build and less expensive?
  571. FishRock

    Sunline Flouro WTF $$$?

    From their website. "Well, let me say this first and then go forward with discussion of a truly excellent product. Sunline came to the saltwater market offering a better product at a far better price. That helped build their brand acceptance and many took 'em up on their offer, and the...
  572. FishRock

    Reel decisions for a longer trip....

    Love those pictures. Jan is amazing. She knows her limits and fishes within them. Seen her kill cows on back to back mornings. Great lady to fish with! She is the reason I never complain about fighting a fish.
  573. FishRock


    Russ, John is with Tunafish or TrophyTackle in Babylon NY. He has several YouTube Videos up that may be of interest. Splicing hollow line is one. He is a good guy and you will learn a lot fishing with him. I am sure that he will make sure you have what you need...
  574. FishRock


    Most LR boats will provide the rod/reels free of charge. You provide or pay for the leader and other terminal gear. You should not have to pay for a rental. Just call the office and talk with them. Though I guess it is possible that they don't have dedicated jigging and popping gear.
  575. FishRock


    Russ, Great chance to get into some big YFT and wahoo. If this is your first cow hunt I definitely recommend just borrowing gear from the boat. I used loaner gear for 4 years before I dropped the money on my own. I am glad I did. Killed plenty of fish with the loaner gear and learned a lot...
  576. FishRock

    Vagabond Bluefin...another lesson learned

    Stop waiting and get to fishing!!!!! :-)
  577. FishRock


    I have a RCP70XH-C and while it is a good rod it is not my first or second choice for chasing cows. The UC Viper is the rod for that and the Centaur will get it done with some effort but the RCP70XH-C is best fished as a 60 lb rod in my opinion. Like Steve notes, it would be a good match for a...
  578. FishRock

    What I have learned at Guadalupe

    What size Owner Offshore ?
  579. FishRock

    Reel decisions for a longer trip....

    Garry, I am aware of at least one well seasoned angler who still fishes the harness on SD LR trips and never gives his rod to anyone. He unhooks it and crawls around on the bow on his own. but never gives up the rod. Different strokes for different folks and situations. All good.
  580. FishRock

    Okuma Spinning Reel Under $100 For Big Fish! No Need For a Conventional!

    Interesting reel. My be useful killing wahoo and mid grade tuna. Thanks for sharing.
  581. FishRock

    What is this for?

    Flat end is the Strike point. Push past Strike to Full.
  582. FishRock

    Penn Fathom 15ld2

    Not ideal I agree but it will fish a bomb fine. I killed 10 nice wahoo on a bomb with my SX Raptor last trip out and that doesn't move a lot more line. But Lew says he "needs" another reel so problem solved. Well maybe not. :-)
  583. FishRock

    What To Leave Home?

    I get by with 4 on a 14-16 day and could easily get everything done with these on any give trip. But I am fine multi-purposing my gear and not having backups. 100#, 80#, 60#, 50#-30#
  584. FishRock

    YFT schoolie chunking setup?

    The big advantage of using a medium length (20' to 50') piece of mono of flouro on the end of your spectra is the stretch factor in some situations. Like fishing wahoo. once bit you keep cranking and keep that line stretched so that when he shakes his head or starts running at you the line can...
  585. FishRock

    Penn Fathom 15ld2

    Now for a wahoo reel - thinking 25NLD2?? Maybe the 30? Unless you really want another outfit, nothing wrong with that 15II for wahoo bait or bombs. Just lock the drag down if you are tossing bombs with it.
  586. FishRock

    Penn Fathom 15ld2

    Coin toss. Which one feels better in your hands and appeals to you most. I would take the Fathom as I am pretty sure the spool is lighter and it likely casts better and I think it looks better. I don't own any Penn's other than half a dozen spinners but that Fathom 15II is on my list if I buy...
  587. FishRock

    Avet Labor Day 10% Off Sale

    Pretty sure Squidco would give you a full spool of line free with the 10% off.
  588. FishRock

    SOA 4 Day Report - 8/16 - 8/20

    He has no chance if he does not get out there and put a hook in the water. Go get some or at least give it a shot.
  589. FishRock

    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    Only if you consider Taiwan part of China.
  590. FishRock

    Just Booked Excel Trip

    No problem stepping up to a 16 day. Just bring a couple more books and movies and your set. The 4 day trip back up the line is the hardest part to get used to. Best of luck!
  591. FishRock

    5 STAR Makes it right

    Ouch! That would have been a bummer for sure.
  592. FishRock

    New Makaira Black

    Fox, I am guessing the no one here knows. I really want to come visit Australia sometime. Probably not for a couple of years though. I would be happy to bring a couple reels for you if you are still looking. Good Luck,
  593. FishRock

    Fish processing prices?

    Heck they charge a $1.20 a pound up here just to vacuum seal and freeze your fish. You have to fillet it yourself or pay someone to do it. I have processed thousands of pounds of rockfish, halibut and salmon because I have access to the facilities to do so. When I come down to SD to fish tuna I...
  594. FishRock

    United Composites 50-60 rod

    I agree in general with your views here but have to say that the UC Rail series is pretty impressive on how well they fish a broad range of drag loads. The Centaur and Viper can fish their entire rated range and do it well. Not overkill at the bottom end and not totally out gunned on the upper...
  595. FishRock

    Intrepid - Berutich 8 Day

    Come on Soda, you can do way better than calling it a log. As a long time California angler it is your duty to think up a more colorful nick name for a big hoo. It looks way more like a Bait Crushing Missile or "BCM". A beautiful fish no matter what you call it! So cool that he caught it on a...
  596. FishRock

    Just Booked Excel Trip

    Thanks for following through with a report. Glad you had a good time and got into some fish. Now you are hooked, already looking at a true long range trip! If you do change your mind about writing up a post on what you learned or would share with newbies I think it would be well received. Cheers!
  597. FishRock

    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    Gary, Your brother would be laughing at the term gyro or gyrocopter. He flies quad copters or multi rotor craft. But I agree, use a quad copter to pull a flying fish out 300 yards and slow swim that bugger back to the boat with its wings partially pinned out. Any self respecting tuna would have...
  598. FishRock

    Left handed reel question

    I am right handed and use both left and right handed reels. But I prefer right handed reels for big gear (100 lb.). It is all about how you like to fish.
  599. FishRock

    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    Not if it is the right place to stay away from others who are fly lining. All depends on conditions.
  600. FishRock

    How to Treat Seasickness

    I will take seasickness over a laundry list of stuff one has to endure. Migraine headaches, passing a kidney stone and destroying a sciatic nerve. I have wished for death for days with some of these but never due to seasickness.
  601. FishRock

    2019 OC Tuna - Royal Polaris Summer 8 day trip report

    Eric, How was fishing hollow any different than fishing solid with 60 and 80 flouro? Or are you saying it made no difference?
  602. FishRock

    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    Picture near the bottom of page #1 shows a dead flyer rigged to float. Looks like a slip float used for drifting bait to salmon.
  603. FishRock

    New Makaira Black

    Charkbait is advertising that they have a bunch of the matte black reels in stock.
  604. FishRock

    2019 OC Tuna - Royal Polaris Summer 8 day trip report

    So why was the hollow getting people in more tangles? Seems like it is more related to how closely the angler is tending his line and not the line itself. Or?
  605. FishRock

    New okuma pch railrods

    Paul, Not trying to be a tool about this but I think that setup is a bit out of balance. I have a 741 XXH and I think it is more of a 60 lb. rod than a 100 lb. With that reel and spooling profile I think you really want it on a XXXH or XXXXH. As for the mono top shot, it should be fine for...
  606. FishRock

    How to Treat Seasickness

    Lake, That was unusually kind of everyone to accommodate this angler. Props to you all for supporting him and not just making fun of him or ignoring him.
  607. FishRock

    Questions about future trip to Guadalupe Island

    So you picked this trick up "Peep Style" from the upper deck. Have to admit that I have spent some time up top just watching folks fish to see if there is something I have been missing. Great place to watch the action but not as good as being on the deck working a good fish.
  608. FishRock

    Searcher Guadalupe Report

    Most boats now gill, gut and put the tuna in RSW as soon as possible. Smaller fish are bled and not gutted before they go into the RSW tank.
  609. FishRock

    Secure gun storage now a law

    Something that cannot be quantified unfortunately.
  610. FishRock

    Question about tip

    You can always gift a fish or two to the crew as well. You would be surprised how many times they will accept and appreciate it. Steve K. woke me up to that.
  611. FishRock

    Secure gun storage now a law

    I agree that existing laws need to be enforced but don't agree with your analysis that strict gun laws correlate with higher murder rates. California is pretty restrictive and is not even in the top 10. Alaska is about as free as you can get and is at #6 and Louisiana and Missouri which are #2...
  612. FishRock

    Secure gun storage now a law

    The facts as I understand them and what I believe. 80% - 90% of all US Citizens support background checks on all firearms sales. Background checks are conducted through NICS. It is not mandatory (or at least not enforced) for all agencies to maintain timely and accurate reporting to NICS. As...
  613. FishRock

    Secure gun storage now a law

    I would have to agree with your observation. I will have to give it a bit more thought.
  614. FishRock

    Secure gun storage now a law

    I don't think I had the discipline required to train regularly and the judgment necessary to know when I should or should not carry and effectively deploy a firearm in an emergency/high stress situation. The more accidents I respond to and wierd situations I witness the better my ability to...
  615. FishRock

    Secure gun storage now a law

    Open carry age limit is 16 and concealed carry is 21. I probably wasn't responsible enough until I was in my 30s. I am not sure what the right answer is.
  616. FishRock

    Secure gun storage now a law

    Open carry is legal along with CC up here and it does not cut down on the stupid factor. I know a lot of very responsible EDC folks but see a lot of 20 something kids trying to CC without success. Gun sticking out of their shirt when they bend over and now everyone sees it and could easily...
  617. FishRock

    Secure gun storage now a law

    So frustration over the fact that the primary causes of gun deaths are suicide and accidental discharge (usually by a child or young adult) and that both of these can be dramatically reduced by limiting access to (mainly) hand guns and that many guns used in crimes are stolen from homes has...
  618. FishRock

    Mystery Fish ..

    I guess this counts as Long Range since you are still a ways away form SD. Way to go Jake! I will let you know when they get back up to Alaska and you can come show me how to catch them!
  619. FishRock


    Looks like a serious Wahoo reel. 40"+ per crank retrieve rate.
  620. FishRock

    Maintaining Maks

    Many folks report having their reels serviced every year so I don't think you are going overboard from that standpoint. I have 3 Makairas that have been out twice over 2 years and I finally did a little maint. on them. The factory does not always do the best job of greasing screws and other...
  621. FishRock


    OK Jamie, I have a lot of respect for you and your angling skill but you are starting to sound like a Time Share salesman. "Get yours now before they are gone." Oh, I have a time share in Vegas for sale. Won't last long so send me a check quickly....... Seriously, I have a time share in Vegas...
  622. FishRock

    Bent rod tip eye guide and thoughts how it can affect fighting a monster.

    Not a glowing recommendation of their repair skills. Top guides are almost always attached with hot melt glue and only require a lighter and some know how to do it right. They either did not use enough glue or did not get it hot enough or kept moving it around while it was cooling. At any rate...
  623. FishRock

    YFT schoolie chunking setup?

    I think you are spot on with this observation. If you like run and gun with quick casts you may be better off with a spinning outfit and Penn has a ton of choices in that line weight range. many of them have the live liner feature too so you can let the bait drift and then engage when picked up...
  624. FishRock

    Bent rod tip eye guide and thoughts how it can affect fighting a monster.

    If the quick repair at the landing does not match the rest of the guides who cares. This is not a custom wrap nor a high end rod. Well I guess it will be a custom rod after the new tip goes on. :-)
  625. FishRock

    Which tuna hooks for fly lining bait?

    Like many issues on these boats it seems like it would be pretty easy to let the anglers know on the way out what the game plan and objectives are. Should not be a question or surprise to any angler that the crew will let you know that it is go time. Get it in or bust it off cause the boat will...
  626. FishRock

    PENN VISX 20 vs 30

    Bottom line is capacity. For a dedicated kite reel you want the 30. 20 is more for fly linning and jigging.
  627. FishRock

    Alan Tani scores 93 pound bluefin on little Torque TRQ15LD2

    An SX Raptor fits right in there between the Torque and Fathom as an option with higher max drag. The Fathom can be had for less than $200 though. Great value.
  628. FishRock

    Bent rod tip eye guide and thoughts how it can affect fighting a monster.

    I can guarantee that the shops that rent out gear at the landing can fix it up really quick. They must have to deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis.
  629. FishRock


    Lots of Penn reels available that fit that description.
  630. FishRock

    Local Super Cow

    That blows. Kill it, take care of it!
  631. FishRock

    Good Luck Rituals

    Pin on another bait and get it swimming!
  632. FishRock

    How long do you keep fish in freezer - what does your freezer look like?

    Kill, bleed and ice your fish quickly on the boat. Process cold, seal quality in chamber vacuum sealer. Freeze quickly and keep frozen in a dedicated freezer. If you fish regularly consider canning or smoking older fish to make room for fresher fish. I try not to keep frozen fish over 1 year...
  633. FishRock

    Fishing the Intrepid San Diego

    That is a good plan. No need to spend a bunch of money on gear you may never use again. Their loaner stuff will serve you well. Just let them know in advance that you need to borrow gear and remind them when you check in at the office.
  634. FishRock

    Avet went overboard

    Still happens now and then. Get them into freshwater ASAP and Service them as soon as possible.
  635. FishRock

    Are older Avet’s generally smoother?

    Would be interesting to see what one of the "grindy" reels would be like after Cal blueprinted it. Not cheap ($100) but would answer a lot of questions.
  636. FishRock

    sticky raptor

    How are these bearings getting damaged? I thought the whole point with a thrust bearing was to deal with the side loading?
  637. FishRock


    They sound like serious Loop rods if they actually fish that wide a range when wrapped.(Like UC rail rods.) Too bad I already have more rods than I can travel with. If I lived anywhere near Bob Sands I would probably get divorced and go bankrupt buying gear every time Jamie brings something new...
  638. FishRock

    Newbie Questions and advice

    Tony, Welcome! I would pick the longest trip on the latest date that you can swing on most any of the LR fleet. Lots of opinions on which boat or trip is the best. I don't have a specific recommendation but there are plenty of folks on here that will share theirs. The gear you have will cover...
  639. FishRock

    Best Avet for 30-50 lbs Work

    Mark, If I had that much gear I would just stand there and look at it trying to decide what to fish with. Though I will have to admit that my 14 day 4 rod quiver has grown to 5 now courtesy of an LX Raptor that I won on my last LR trip. It has been said that the LX Raptor is the Rodney...
  640. FishRock

    Best Avet for 30-50 lbs Work

    I fish my SX Raptor 30-50 lbs. with 50lb. braid and appropriate leader. Have it on an Okuma 7' SCT 30-60 rod. Used it for making bait, catching schoolie skipjack and YFT and killed 10 nice wahoo with it on my last trip.
  641. FishRock

    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    Just a bigger knot.
  642. FishRock

    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    Will do. Thank you in advance. I have been saying NO to the Spangler knot too as I had 2 very unexpected failures with it last winter. No issues with the Uni or San Diego.
  643. FishRock

    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    John, Jeff's illustration is about as good as it gets for instruction along with the video at the bottom of the previous page. If you are still having issues you may need some hands on instruction to get the right perspective. Since you mentioned the Palomar knot, I tied it with some 80 lb...
  644. FishRock

    Just Booked Excel Trip

    Good call on the extra days in town. Lets you relax and decompress from the travel. Stop by the office sometime on the first day just to check in and get acquainted and take care of any last minute stuff that may crop up.
  645. FishRock

    How to test knots

    Man that guy is a talker! That is basically how I tie the main knot but, like you, I use a 5 turn Rizzuto for the finish.
  646. FishRock

    Just Booked Excel Trip

    Ben, Don't forget your passport, drivers license, credit card, some cash and a good attitude. Everything else is optional!
  647. FishRock

    Good for sportfishing?

    Yes, these must be commercial caught fish. It is illegal to sell sport caught fish in California and most any state.
  648. FishRock

    Super Seeker 1x3 vs. Seeker OSP 1x3

    You might want to ask this in the rod building forum. I doubt that you would want to cut more than a couple of inches off or it will significantly impact how the rod fishes.
  649. FishRock

    Metaloid Line Capacity

    Unless you are only fishing in shore for smaller grade fish I would not fill it with anything less than 50# braid. And depending on the diameter of the braid you should get somewhere around 400 yards on there.
  650. FishRock

    Ray Jarvis Memorial 8-day Trip - Quick Report

    Jeff, Thanks for posting. Do you have just one specific takeaway from this trip, angling wise?
  651. FishRock

    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Maybe the fact that you took a few days off to set up your gear. :-)
  652. FishRock

    Okuma Advice Australia wanted

    Only other suggestion would be to call these folks and ask them. Like others has noted most good dealers would help you get what you are looking for even if it is a special order for them. Good luck,
  653. FishRock

    Air Travel with rods - how do you do it?

    Each airline is different. Definitely a challenge to transport big items like rods without paying a fortune. I am lucky that Alaska Air still accommodates this stuff.
  654. FishRock

    Air Travel with rods - how do you do it?

    I was surprised too. Had wahoo bombs and a couple of big jigs with large J hooks. TSA inspected the bag and saw it was fishing gear and just told me to pack it on top next time so they could get to it easier.
  655. FishRock

    Air Travel with rods - how do you do it?

    I have had rods shipped to me in cardboard boxes and cardboard tubes. If they got damaged in shipping the seller or shipper would have to cover the cost of replacing it. I would not put one on a plane since I own it at that point and the airline is not likely to pay full replacement value. The...
  656. FishRock

    Air Travel with rods - how do you do it?

    Not quite sure which part you are asking about. I fly Alaska Airlines and they allow you to check a rod tube and tackle box as a single piece of luggage. The rod tube must not exceed a total length + girth measurement so I stick with an 8' rod tube and 7'6" rods max. My rod tube is a piece of 4"...
  657. FishRock

    Okuma Advice Australia wanted

    Geoff, I assume that you are looking for a local dealer to avoid massive shipping costs? Not sure how it works for you but Amazon has been having good prices on the PCH rods with free shipping in the US. I have no idea if that would work for you or not. Have you contacted Tackletactics...
  658. FishRock

    Smallest line for fg knot

    When chasing big tuna I have been putting a small drop on the tag end of the Spectra only. You do not want to glue the wraps or they will not continue to cinch under heavy load and may slip. I have been using this knot locally on 50 lb. without any glue and have not had any losses but I am not...
  659. FishRock

    Opinions on my 30lb setup for casting?

    Need to work on that pendulum motion rather than a hard swing. Accelerates the spool smoothly and avoids the over run that causes the backlash. Wet the line and practice and you will get there. You can also ask a deck hand to give you some pointers/instruction.
  660. FishRock

    Thoughts on Braid to braid?

    I would not use different sizes for this. All 100 or all 80. The tighter the fit the better. And a cheap doll needle from the fabric store is all you need. No special rigging needles needed.
  661. FishRock

    Tuna Newbie - Need gear advice

    D. All depends on what your future plans are. If you are pretty sure you are going to be doing these types of trip more in the future then an investment now is a good thing. If you are unsure then I would just borrow or rent what you don't have. I used loaner gear to good effect for 4 years...
  662. FishRock

    the accurate tern!

    Do you have an industry reference for this testing method. All of my lever drags (Avet Raptors and Okuma Makairas) achieve maximum stated drag pressure with full spools. Now my star drags are a different story.
  663. FishRock

    New Speedmaster Reels

    I may have missed it on another thread but if not I just saw that Shimano has come out with a new Speedmaster 2 Speed LD reel. Puts out 40 lbs. of drag in a pretty small package and a...
  664. FishRock

    Smallest line for fg knot

    Keith, Kind of hard to tell as the knot is a bit out of focus but it looks good mechanically. Just cannot tell if it is cinched tight enough. Should get a bit translucent.
  665. FishRock


    Jamie, The only problem with that trip is that Pat is always on it! :-) Good luck,
  666. FishRock

    Anybody know any retailers with Mak 15T's in stock?

    Glad it worked out. Last few orders I have placed with them have taken months to fill since one or more items ended up on back order. They did let me know though so it was not a surprise.
  667. FishRock

    getting ready

    Saved the best for last. "9. best of all my son and I are going fishing sunday " Good luck!!! Mike, Just between you and me can you PM me that schedule for the BFT push, would make my trip planning a whole lot easier.
  668. FishRock

    Anybody know any retailers with Mak 15T's in stock?

    Looks like Charkbait got a fairly large shipment.
  669. FishRock

    Avet Star Drag

    Not a rumor, just taking them a very long time to deliver.
  670. FishRock

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