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  1. Marc S

    At San Clemente Island, and this happened...

    I was fishing at San Clemente Island this week on a private charter, and my friend shows me a brand new Phenix rod he’d just bought, along with a brand new Tranx 500 reel. We were trying for Yellowtail that were breezing by, and my friend quickly ties on a surface iron and let’s it fly...
  2. Marc S

    Pulled some hooks on big Yellowtail at San Clemente

    Hi all: I fished a charter with some friends on The Outrider a couple of weeks ago (a good boat and nice, hard working crew). The weather was great and we fished the lee side of San Clemente Island. For bait we had big sardines and small live squid. All of the bait fish were taken on sardines...
  3. Marc S

    Pulled hooks on big Yellwtalil

    Posted by mistake. Please see revised post above.
  4. Marc S

    Fishing reel covers

    Hi all: Here’s a question I’ve never seen asked on BD before... I have a variety of reels from different manufacturers (Okuma, Shimano, Diawa, Penn, Accurate, etc.) and I’d like to buy some reel covers. Instead of buying individually from all the different brands, is there one brand you would...
  5. Marc S

    Shogun Sportfishing credit, 1/2 price

    Hi all: I have a credit for the Shogun in the amount of $470. This credit can be used in 2019, or 2020 and is transferable. I will not be using this credit and will sell it for 1/2 price, or $235. I have the credit voucher. It's as simple as that. Thanks, Marc S.
  6. Marc S

    Any recommendations for a 6-Pack to fish Catalina/SanClemente?

    Our small group is looking for a good 6-Pack to charter. We love The Options, and fish them, but they are booked up a long way in advance. We don't really care for The Dreamer. Any other good choices? Any input would be appreciated.
  7. Marc S

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    Hi all: I've been primarily a Calstar guy, and about two months ago, I ordered 2 blanks through my local tackle shop (a 700XH and 7400H). I'm still waiting and it seems as if there's no timeline as to when they might actually come in. Any info. on what's up? Also, is there another quality...
  8. Marc S

    The perfect size Makaira for big local Bluefin

    Which Makaira would you choose if you were going after the big Bluefin running out of the San Diego area right now (140-200 lbs.) and how would you set it up? I've read several reports that many of the hooked fish are being lost with anglers using the wrong size tackle.
  9. Marc S

    Choice of levelwinds for Rockfishing

    Hi all: I like to rockfish off the Channel Islands and I'd like to get one or even two new levelwinds. I'll fish with braid and a short mono top shot. I'm looking at the Daiwa Saltist 20HA or 30HA (6.1 retrieves) and the Penn Fathoms 15LW or 20LW (4.31 retrieves). Can anybody give me some...
  10. Marc S

    Which Talica II for 40lb (long soak)

    Hi all: Going on an 8 day in July. I have three 40lb Calstar rods. All will be fished with Spectra and short top shots. I had planned to set them up as follows: 865XL with TrinidadA 16 (65lb Spectra, 40lb top shot). 800H with Torium 20 for surface iron (50lb Spectra, 40lb top shot). 700M...
  11. Marc S

    Advice on rod to match to Curado 300E

    I just purchased my first low profile reel, a Curado 300E (spectra spooled). I'll primarily be using this to throw swimbaits along our local coast and at Catalina Island. I may occasionally fish bait with this reel as well. I'd like to get some rod recommendations to match to this reel. I...