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  1. palella09

    WTB Penn Fathom II 12 Star Drag

    Whats up BD, I'm looking to buy a Penn Fathom II 12 Star Drag. Preferably new or mint condition. If it's used please send some pics! I'm located in LB area but willing to make the drive for the right price. Thanks for your time.
  2. palella09

    Pacifica 1.75, 11/6-11/8

    Boat needs 10 to go, let's gooooo!!! Anyone planning on going on this trip?
  3. palella09

    Lone Pine Lake via Whitney Portal

    TLDR: Attempted this hike early May but there was too much snow without crampons. Hiked the trail on Saturday 8/10 and fished the lake with a fly & bubble and a roostertail. 16 brookies between 2 of us within an hour. Long: I've been wanting to dabble in backpacking/fishing to hit some honey...
  4. palella09

    WTB Looking for a few Ambush hoop nets

    Looking for a few ambush hoop nets to help my buddy fill his boat. We are located in the Cerritos/Norwalk area. Text Tony 562-569-3nine53 Thanks.
  5. palella09

    DOVE OPENER: Imperial County Roll Call!

    Hey gang, I used to do the dove opener every year when my step dad was still alive and now that I'm older I want to make it a case to start going every year (assuming my work schedule allows). I know we hunted the open fields in Niland but I can't remember exactly where for the life of me...
  6. palella09

    1.5 on which? Prowler, Condor, Sea Adventure 80

    I have a few days off between 8/7-8/10 and am looking to get on a 1.5 or 2 day to maximize my chances of the usuals plus a bft. My initial choice was NLA but it is pretty packed so I'll be taking my chances with the Prowler, Condor or Sea Adventure 80 (or any other boat that I missed and...
  7. palella09

    Salmon charter for Puget Sound?

    Hey gang, I'm not even sure if this is the right place to be posting this but heck I'll give it a shot. Heading up from LA to Seattle first weekend of December and interested in trying to get lucky on some salmon (if they're even in at that time) or any other fish that may be worth shipping...
  8. palella09

    Aboard the Pacific Queen 2017.10.04

    Got into the YFT where the rest of fleet is, limits for passengers and crew after noon. When the bite was WFO they ate any bait, any size line. Bigger baits got the bigger grade YFT, smaller baits got the skippies. When the bite was slower you had to drop to 20lb flouro and a #1 hook. Great...
  9. palella09

    1.5 out of SD tomorrow?

    My options look like Pac Queen, Outer Limits, or Relentless. Haven't been on any.. Any suggestions? Opinions on crew/food/bunks are appreciated!
  10. palella09

    Late report - New Lo-An 8/15

    Made the drive from LA to SD around 2:30pm with no problems. A few hours later I find parking, check in and grab a few cold ones at Mitch's Seafood (good selection of craft beers and their seafood looked awesome). At 8:30 I board the boat with 16 of my newest friends. We left the slip right at...
  11. palella09

    Hali on the grunion run

    Anyone ever have much luck with hali during grunion runs? Going to hit Seal Beach tonight in hopes for something good.. Will report back later.
  12. palella09

    Has anyone seen my GF Karma?! - 6/28 Late report

    Hopped on the Eldorado on Tuesday night along with 16 other anglers. Got squid and dines from Nacho and were on the way to San Clemente. Woke up and we were on the front side sitting on the anchor. At that point it was a wide open blue perch bite or calico bite with an occasional legal with...
  13. palella09

    Late post - 5/19 abord the El Dorado

    Late post and first post... So bare with me. I've had the itch to get on the water and luckily for me, my work schedule changed up last minute. Let me start by saying the El Dorado is a first class operation. From TJ to the crew, everyone on the boat is on point. We left the dock right on...