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    Okuma SEA 8 on Amazon

    Amazon is testing Okuma SEA pricing again, like they did with the 10 a few months ago. The 8 is bouncing around $335-339 right now (>$140 off) if anyone is looking.
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    Okuma Makaira SEA 10ii on Amazon for less than $350.

    I was pretty surprised to see a Makaira SEA 10ii available for $367 yesterday on Amazon; but today it's $349. Somebody buy these things (there are six available) before I have to.
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    Slow 7-Day in the RP, 9/8-9/15

    Quick version: Hit the Rocks for ~28 Wahoo & similar # of nice YT; upper Ridge for all you can catch small tuna, 2 long, painfully slow days at San Pablo for not much, finished up at Colonet for ~56 decent YT. Long version: Left Friday, 9/8 on the Accurate 7-day on the RP, with Bob Peterson...
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    If you never check out Facebook . . .

    You may want to start by looking at the Red Rooster III Facebook posts for today.