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    SOLD New Custom wrap gp predator

    custom wrap uc gp80 predator 8'. Rated 50-100.fugi alconite guides.Alps aluminum reel seat. $460.Located in seal beach
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    SOLD New uc gp90 reaper Custom wrap

    new gp 90 reaper. Custom wrap. 9'.rated 30-60.split grip eva.fugi kwag alconite guides.Alps aluminum reel seat.located in oc.$460
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    SOLD New uc gp80 terminator custom wrap, seal beach

    New uc gp80 terminator custom wrap.8' rated 30-80.Fugi alconite k guides.Alps aluminum reel seat.Batson aluminum winding check.Butt section is 14". Foregrip 11 1/2".This is the bottom section of a predator and top section of a monster, giving it a softer tip. Great versatile 40 lb stick.will...
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    SOLD New custom seeker white tiger 7x

    Brand new seeker White tiger7X custom rod limited edition blue Blank not produced anymore 9'. Beautiful tiger wrap with Fuji concept K guides. Lots of detail. I usually just build them for myself and friends but covid has kept me indoors and busy wrapping. Was going to keep but have moved on to...
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    SOLD Brand new seeker white tiger 7X custom rod

    Brand new seeker limited edition 9' white tiger 7X in blue blank. Not produced anymore .beautiful tiger wrap with Fuji concept K guides. Lots of detail. I usually just build them for myself and friends but covid has kept me indoors And busy wrapping. Was going to keep but have moved on to a...
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    SOLD Phenix hybrid phd 809xh

    factory wrap phenix black diamond hybrid phd 809 xh. 30- 80lb. 8' . I but it used as a combo mainly for the reel but never used it Built a terminator to replace it.$275.
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    SOLD Brand new rainshadow rcjb106xh

    Brand new custom wrapped rainshadow rcjb106xh.40-80lb.rating.8'10". Great heavy iron jig stick.$150
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    SOLD Pelagic sunglass and shield combo

    New in box pelagic glass lens sunglasses.these are the razerfish model.Will throw in a sun shield w/purchase. $95.retail on these are $240.also have polycarbonate glasses for 65.
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    SOLD New pelagic glasses

    I have new in box pelagic sunglasses.these are the fish hook style frames.polycarbonate lens in different colors. These retail for 189 from pelagic. Selling for 65
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    San quintin seabass

    Went out with jaime today and went 4 for 6 on white seabass up to 55lbs.water was 65,clean and lots of bait.
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    For Sale New pelagic regulator sunglasses

    I have brand new pelagic regulator glasses in 2 different styles. Comes with hard case and soft pouch.$65. These list at $180 from pelagic
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    For Sale Pelagic sunglasses

    New pelagic sunglasses.these are the fish hook model.have a couple of different colored lenses and frame.$65. These are 180. Glasses from pelagic. Comes with soft pouch and hard case.
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    SOLD Bnib shimano tld 30a

    Bnib shimano tld 30a 2speed $185.
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    For Sale New seeker white tiger 7x and jx4 reel

    Brand new w/tags seeker 7x white tiger and used but in great condition avet jx reel.loaded with almost new 65lb spectra. Rod is 9' 30-50lb.$425.firm on price
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    For Sale Calstar 800m/ avet jx

    Calstar gf800m and avet jx4.1 combo.rod is used but still in good shape.does have a bent guide as shown in pic.Reel is in very good shape other than the light scratches on the plate.Filled with 65lb. braid about a month old. $265.
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    San quintin yellowtail limits

    Jaime took a group out this morning and managed to land limits of yellowtail. He was out last week also and got into some Dorado and tuna. But it's been hit in miss.
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    SOLD Tiagra 30 lrs

    Tiagra 30 lrs loaded with 120 Spectra and 120 flouro topshot.Reel is 10/10 functionally but does have scratches. $250. Sold
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    For Sale Shimano told 30a 2 speed bnib

    Brand new shimano tld 30a 2 speed in box. $195. .
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    For Sale Brand new seeker 7x white tiger

    Brand new seeker 7x white tiger 9' with tags.$300.sold
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    For Sale Shimano tiagra 30wlrs 295

    Shimano tiagra 30wlrs.mechanically 10/10. Does have slight rash on side but still looks good.$295 pending
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    San quintin yellowfin

    Captain Jaime and his wife went out this morning looking for yellowfin and loaded up by 10.He was 12 miles out from the point of the bay. Dorado and yellowtail are also there if you can find a kelp patty. He's still got some dates available between now and the 11th if your looking to get in...
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    Bola tournament and sq stop

    Invited my friend Stevo from Pelagic on a trip to sq and bola. He managed to round up 3 duffle bags full of wear to give to the locals. If your ever wondering why the locals in Sq and Bola are always wearing Pelagic this is probably the reason. Took the boat out with Jaime on the 20th to look...
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    Bahia de los. Angeles fish report. May 23 and 24.

    Headed down to la Bay from Sq. With captain Jaime and a couple of friends Road condition were good up to Catalina. A few potholes before and after. The worst was between chapala and the turn off to la bay.Saw a few vehicles pulled over with trailer problems. Weather was beautiful. Fished with...
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    Bola trip March 18

    Internet showed that the weather was good in Bola, so I called up captain Jaime in San quintin and told him I would be by to pick him up for a quick trip.Drove down on Thursday to a Beautiful blooming desert from the current rains. Stayed at my friends house in daggets and woke up to a...
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    T-mobile service in baja

    Checking to see if anyone has used T- mobile as their service while in baja and how good it is.They offer a share plan that offers free data and phone within baja and to the US.Looking for service mainly around the San Quintin area. I'm with att right now on a viva mex plan but it only offers...
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    tankers in Sq with jaimes pangas

    Jaime just came in this afternoon with 4 white sea bass up to 60 lbs.It was an early bite and he had to come back early because there was no way to put them in the cooler to keep them fresh.hopefully it will stay consistent because it's been off and on