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  1. PullinAhi

    6-22 First Salmon on the Rogue, with Jon Geyer

    My wife's parents moved to Brookings,OR earlier this year. After finally getting settled in Michelle and I went up to visit for a few days. Wow what a beautiful area! We were able to get one day of fishing in on our visit. My friend Brandon recommended his friend Jon Geyer...
  2. PullinAhi

    PullinAhi with a 67lb seabass aboard the Helena

    The Helena out of Dana Wharf has been doing some reverse 3/4 day seabass trips lately. Leaving at 5 or 6pm and returning at 2 or 3am. Calvin and Jordan are good friends of mine and I have been itching to get out on one of these trips with them. It finally worked with my schedule and my Dad and...
  3. PullinAhi

    Big Butts, Bass and Tail @ SCI

    Last Thursday My fishing club had a 2 day charter on the Amigo out of Newport Landing. With weather up and with the talk of a few O.C boats canceling overnight trips we decided it was best to do both days at SCI vs getting our buts kicked offshore. With a tank of fin bait and another tank...
  4. PullinAhi

    32 Big fat yellowtail

    Last Thursday night my fishing club departed from Newport Landing on our 3rd of 8 charters of the year abord the "Amigo". This was a 1.5 day trip. With the talk of bluefin in U.S waters and the local Islands being a little dead on the big game we decided as a group to head offshore and check it...
  5. PullinAhi

    Just in case you forgot what an Albacore and Bluefin look like

    Here are the pictures of the First Albacore and Bluefin tuna caught in 2011. My dad Luke caught the First Albacore on May 29th aboard the American Angler. We were 239 miles in route to Alijos rocks. I caught the first Bluefin north west of Benitos. There were 10 Bluefin caught, I had two. Its a...
  6. PullinAhi

    Yacht almost hits rocks in Dana Point Harbor

    Yacht battling the tsunami surges in the harbor yesterday... <iframe title="YouTube video player" src="" allowfullscreen="" width="640" frameborder="0" height="510"></iframe>
  7. PullinAhi

    Boat beached at Doheney

    Took this picture last night. Boat sitting on the sand about 200 yards south of Dana Point harbor. ...ooops
  8. PullinAhi

    Annual 99 cent store Valentines day add..

    Need a good cheap douche..
  9. PullinAhi

    San Diego butt slapping bonanza!

    After 3 failed attempts to scratch up a Halibut out of Dana Point area my good friend Captain Tony (Millerlowlife) and I decided to trailer his 20 foot Grady White down to S.D and fish some of his secret Halibut honey holes that he discovered while running a charter boat down there this last...
  10. PullinAhi

    Garmin 162 GPSMAP

    Hey Gang. I have a Garmin 162 chart plotter/GPS for sale. I purchased it a month and a half ago from a fellow BD'r but it is a little too complicated for me, So it's back up for sale. It works great, just not the right thing for me. I paid $175 for it, and I want to get $175 back. No trades. I...
  11. PullinAhi

    Broke down, but got a big goat!

    Michelle and I went to go do some halibut drifts on Saturday. We got the scoop on where a boat got 4 legals on friday. We did the sleep in (cause we drank too much wine the night before) trip. Launched from Dana Point a little before 11, got some mixed anchovies, sardines, and 2 Macs from Jeff...
  12. PullinAhi

    Facebook no on 21 page

    Not that many fans but they got me. Stop the Car Tax Scam - No on 21 | Facebook
  13. PullinAhi

    Finally got a big one! Dana 10-22-10

    What exactly defines a Bugzilla? Is this a Bugzilla? Went out with my 2 buddies Tony(millerlowlife) and Robby. Left Dana at 5 so to have our nets soaking for an hour before sundown. Worked the break wall, hard bottom, capo beach and surrounding areas for not much. Had a friend out there so...
  14. PullinAhi

    Fishfinder and transducer

    Hey guys I'm starting to pimp out the little skiff. Anyone have a fishfinder, transducer with the wires they want to sell. I'm on a tight budget so buying used will help me out. Maybe one of you guys have something laying around that you have replaced or upgraded and just haven't put it up...
  15. PullinAhi

    Hooping Dana 10-13-10. Good night on the water.

    Hooped with Michelle and My good buddy Andy last night out of Dana. Got hooked up on a gunny sack of macs from Rick on the Fury and a bucket of dead dines. Left the harbor at 5 and nets in the water by around 6. First pull of the night yeilded 17 shorts. 2 of wich were 1/20th of an inch short...
  16. PullinAhi

    Hoopin the Poona 10-7 D.P

    My fiance Michelle, Friend Tony (Millerlowlife)and his friend Laura took my skiff "2-stroke poona" of dana last night. Met up wit a cool BD'r Gary in the parking lot for some extra bait. Launched at 6:30. Crowded on the water 15 boats 10 kayakers, Most of the kayakers had no lights on. Everyone...
  17. PullinAhi

    100 Tuna On The Amigo @ Hidden Bank. BAM!

    Yup thats right! 83 Bluefin and 17 Yellowfin on the Amigo From Newport. Sep 9th-11th We had this DWRRC charter in the books and as the trip got closer and the tuna bit better Captain Mike wanted to get out of the dock at 6pm to be at the hidden bank before sun up. All the guys couldn"t be...
  18. PullinAhi

    Red flags for a used boat buyer?

    Hey Gang. I have started the process of looking for a Skiff/ Center Console to purchase. I personally have never owned a boat before but grew up with friends and family that have. I don't have much cash but at the same time want to make sure I make a wise purchase. I know some of you guys are...
  19. PullinAhi

    2 spots, limited load charter leaving Thursday 8/26

    The fishing club that I belong to, Dana Wharf Rod and Reel Club, has two openings on our 2-day charter fishing Friday and Saturday, 8/27 and 8/28. We leave Thursday night at 9 PM from Newport Landing. The cost is $385,it does not include food. Steaks are BBBQ'd on Friday night for dinner. The...
  20. PullinAhi

    8-18 Dana Wharf 3/4 with J.P

    Tried to rally some troops for some local fishing this week but none of my private boater buddies could do it. And my local fishing buddies said “F” that have you seen the counts they suck I’m not wasting 60 buck to go on a boat ride. Well I did! <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =...
  21. PullinAhi

    Possible $20,000. 364Lb halibut

    This was emailed to me today. Alaska angler wins epic struggle with monster halibut
  22. PullinAhi

    Playing Captain with great Bass'n 8-9-10

    On Saturday I was talking with my buddy Erik Carmack about a wedding we were going too on Sunday. I also told him I was thinking of going on a ¾ day on Monday. He said screw that idea I’ll give you the keys to my boat. Go out and find some fish. I have fished the boat (18 foot Whaler outrage)...
  23. PullinAhi

    Hot opportunity on the Islander

    This trip is short a few anglers. Anyone have the time to do a last minute 6 day? Leaves October 21st. First time ever that we have booked a long range trip that might not go due to last of anglers. Need about 4 more guys to get off the dock! If you have ever wanted to fish The Islander or...
  24. PullinAhi

    Great 1.5 day trip at SCI

    Fishing with DWRRC on the Amigo 7-29/7-31 ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comAnother charter on the Amigo with my fishing club. This trip we were a little light with members and had some friends and family to fill some last minute spots. Thursday night left...
  25. PullinAhi

    One spot left on the Amigo 1.5 day charter tonight.

    Call newport landing. One spot left. Some guys in my club and friends need to fill one last min spot. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 600px" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=600><TBODY><TR><TD width="100%" align=left><TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD...
  26. PullinAhi

    Dodgers Giants

    Kemp should have. :slap: that little hippie
  27. PullinAhi

    1994 Impala SS Mild Project car

    got lots of interest on craigslist but still no takers. Dropped the price to $4,000 obo need this car sold. Thanks. Figured I would give you BDers first shot at my Impala SS It will go on craigslist in a few days. 1994 Impala SS. $4,000 obo. Cash Talks. I have title in hand...
  28. PullinAhi

    Amigo 2 day 7-15/7-17 Reds, Bass and Tail.

    The fishing club I'm in (dwrrc) had a 2 day charter aboard the Amigo last Thursday. Fishing had been slow all around and we ended up deciding on going offshore day one for some 'core and going back to sci day two. Woke up to wind and lumpy seas. Put out the trollers. We found out that we were...
  29. PullinAhi

    Catalina Seabass.

    Fished Catalina sun/mon with my friends Keith on his 24 skipjack. Left Dana at 7:30 sunday night with high hopes of tanker seabass at Catalina. Arived on the grounds around around 10 or so and were greated by about 40 boats. Got squid and set the clickers. Nada all night. 6:30am started sniffing...
  30. PullinAhi

    Sunday night Amigo overnight

    I just got off the phone with Dan (amigo captain) he really wants to run the boat this weekend. It's chartered fir and sat, He wants to do an overnight open party leaving Sunday night fishing Monday. It will be limited to 18 and there will be a bloodydecks price of $105. With the boat already...
  31. PullinAhi

    The next up and coming pro surfer

    YouTube - RCSURF MADNESS-Southern California Surf
  32. PullinAhi

    Is pre season hooping legal?

    Hey gang. I'm sure someone will know the answer to this. And it's just out of curiosity for me. Are you allowed to pre season hoop net catch and release? Every year throught the year my buddy marks new lobster spots on his gps that he wants to try during the season, like i'm sure most of you...
  33. PullinAhi

    GRANDE smackdown! Limits for 40!

    Courtney, Myself and Travis I'll just keep this short and sweet. Fished the Grande overnight yesterday with 2 friends. We fished down the line off ensenada with the Legend and SeaAdventure 2. Run and gun fishing 90% of fish on yo-yo iron. Some times wide open stops for 20-50 fish most stops...
  34. PullinAhi

    Classic Harnell 724

    Hey gang, I want to buy the classic Harnell 724 jig stick. Anyone have one laying around and could use a couple bucks? I have seen a few up here for sale and either i'm to late on it or it's not quite in the best shape. I would prefer a factory wrapped one but a custon wrapped one will work too...
  35. PullinAhi

    Fishing recomendations in Cozumel

    Hey gang. My fiance and I are doing a cruise out of New Orleans next month and when we port in Cozumel we wanted to charter a fishing boat. I have looked at almost a dozen companys online. They all have competitive rates. About 400-600 bucks for a 6-8 hour offshore trip targeting tuna, wahoo...
  36. PullinAhi

    Legend 1.5 day Feb12th-Feb14th

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com7 of us left O.C at 5 pm Friday night to fish the Legend out of Seaforth Landing. Myself, my fiance Michelle, My dad, Brother, friend Andy, Tom and Roy. We knew going into it we were not going to colonet (found out later that I wish we...