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    WTB yo zuri lil jacks, metallic sardines

    There are a bunch of metallic sardines on Ebay.
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    SOLD Shimano Flatfalls / coltsnipers

    I'll take them. I sent you a PM.
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    Price drop bump.
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    SOLD NOMAD DTX 200 MINNOW LURES and Maverick Roughwater 140g

    Sorry. These are all sold. The post has been updated.
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    SOLD NOMAD DTX 200 MINNOW LURES and Maverick Roughwater 140g

    Two lots of Nomad Lures - $50 per lot shipped to the USA. Paypal friends and family or add $5 SOLD From nomad - DTX Minnow 5.5oz. Dives to 40ft. Can be trolled from 4kn-12kn. Full wire construction. Can be cast or trolled. Autotune system from nomad - Maverick 4.5oz Trolling or casting, will...
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    For Sale Marlin star lures

    I'll take these and the KK ponos PM sent.
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    For Sale Coggins blue marlin lures

    PM sent regarding both lots of lures.
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    For Sale Big Game Trolling Lures - Black Bart, Amaral, Marlin Magic, Mold Craft - Hi-5, Crackhead Pete

    Each Lot of Lures $100 - includes shipping - payment via Paypal Friends and Family or Add $5 Lot A – From Left to Right 1.) Black Bart 13” 1656 Angle – Like New 2.) Hi-5 Cabo San Lucas – 10” Scoop / Cupped Face Swimmer – Like New 3.) Pro Soft Red Head Angle from Pacific Trolling Gear –...
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    For Sale Rods For Sale - Sting-o Fish G-Rod Series Jigging and Penn Battalion Surf Rod

    $100 Shipped each - Paypal Friends/Family or add $5. Item A - New - Sting-o Fish G-Rod Series 5’ 6” Jigging Rod 300 gram Casting - STG-562C-300 Item B - New - Sting-o Fish G-Rod Series 5’ 6” Jigging Rod 500 gram Csating - STG-562C-500 Item C - New - Penn-Battalion-Surf-Spinning-Rod-10' 2 Piece...
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    Heru Popper Tackle House Daiwa Slider Stickbaits Pencil Shimano Flat Fall Flitz PBJ Polu Kai JignPop

    Pricing is per lure. Free shipping on orders of $50 or more. $5 shipping on orders of less than $50, $20 minimum. Paypal gift or add 4% Group 1 - SOLD Group 2 - $10 each lure, from left to right 1.) SOLD 2.)SOLD 3.)SOLD 4.) Yo Zuri Diving Slider Sinking, new no package, 5.5" 5.) SOLD 6.)...
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    SOLD. 1.) Polu Kai Large Shaka Plunger - 10.5" Used but in good condition - From Hawaii 2.) 2" Headlock Jetted lure - interesting head design - used but in good condition 3.) 9" Antonio Amaral "Baby" - New, handmade in Brazil - hard to find in USA4 4.) 9" Antonio Amaral "Jararaca" - New...
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    Butterfly, Flat Fall, and Vertical Jigs - Shimano, Williamson, bomber, etc

    Lot of 20 used and new vertical jigs by Shimano, Braid, Williamson and unknown. What you see is what you get. $80 shipped to you - PayPal gift or add 3% Weights from left to right - top row - 140 grams (g), 112g, 120g, 120g, 200g, 200g, 150g, 60g, 160g, 190.5g, 125g, eel Weights from left to...
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    Wanted - Used or New Lures Moyes, Koya, Fathom, Legend, Marlin Magic, Polu Kai, etc.

    I am looking to buy the following big game lures. PM with what you have and pricing. Tight lines! Aloha Smash Bait Moyes Punisher Moyes BCK Bart Elk Hunt Crampton Medium Tube Fathom Bill Collector JB Marlin Koya 861 Koya Bullet Koya Poi Dog Koya Super Plunger Legend Dracula Legend...
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    SOLD zzz sold

    I'll take them. PM Sent.
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    New Price w.Shipping - Avet HX 4.2 Single Speed Fishing Reel - $225

    bump price reduction, plus shipping available.
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    New Price w.Shipping - Avet HX 4.2 Single Speed Fishing Reel - $225

    Avet HX 4.2 Single Speed Fishing Reel in great condition w/box and clamp - $225 Shipped to you, pay pal gift or add 3% PM me and I'll respond quickly.
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    For Sale: Marlin Lures & Hook Rigs

    PM sent on lots 1,2,4, and 5
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    The Maximus

    Glad they are ok. Brief story about rescue below.
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    Price drop.
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    Price Drop - St. Croix Triump Surf Travel Spinning Rod - New with Case - TSRS90M4

    Here is a new in original packaging - 4 piece - 9 foot - St. Croix surf spinning rod. This is a great travel rod for Baja all the way to Alaska. The case is bombproof and at 34" in length you can carry it on almost any plane. $175 - shipped to the lower 48, paypal gift or add 3% Here are the...
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    Costa says that they are XL. For whatever it is worth, I am 6'3 about 240 and they are a little small on me. Let me know if you are interested. Matt
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    New pair of Costa Hammerhead Polarized Sunglasses in Blue Mirror 400G lenses. White frames. What you see is what you get. $110 paypal gift (or add 3%) shipped to the lower 48% Info from Costa - Dare to swim with the sharks! Costa Del Mar's Hammerhead sunglasses have aggressive styling and...
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    This is a new in box Okuma Cedros Star Drag - CSD12S, with clamp, tools, and lube. The 3 year warranty has not been registered. This reel is all spooled up and ready to fish with new #25 Izorline Clear monofilament line. I decided to go with a different size. It has never been mounted and...
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    Pakula Sprockets -Mouse - Lumo- New - Big Game Lures - One of the Top 10 Marlin Lures of All Time

    I found some more Paukla Lures in my stash - Sprockets and Mouse. They are all new. The Sprocket type has been voted as a Top 10 Marlin lure of all time by Marlin Magazine. These Australian classics are becoming hard to find in the USA these days! $30 each shipped to you, payment by paypal...
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    PM responded to.
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    Price Drop.
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    Daiwa Emblem Pro-A EMP6000A Surf Spinning Reel - New - Emblem Pro A - Max Drag 22 lb

    A great new Daiwa Emblem Pro-A EMP6000A surf Spinning reel. No box, what you see is what you get. I decided to go a different size. $120 shipped to you, paypal gift preferred Here are the specs - With a reliable manual bail trip and large diameter, tapered spool, these reels were designed...
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    8-17-15 YFT 10 miles off Torrey pines/del mar

    Awesome! Wish I was still in SOCAL!
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    Reduced Costa Del Mar Peninsula Sunglasses Polarized - New - $75 Shipped Retail @ $159

    Costa's new in box w/case and all paperwork - $75 Shipped to your door. Paypal gift or add 3% Peninsula Tortoise Shell frames with Amber 400P Lenses! Frame fit: Medium Lens coverage: Medium Temple to temple: 5-1/8" Tight lines!
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    Daiwa Lexa 4000SH Spinning Reel w/ Box Just Serviced! - Mint - Max Drag 17.6 LB

    Here is a great lightly used Daiwa Lexa 4000SH fishing reel. It was just serviced by Daiwa and has not been used since. It is a great saltwater or freshwater reel! It comes with the original box and instructions! $85 Shipped to you! Paypal gift or add 3% Condition Summary - Mechanically -...
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    These are great for Big Game trolling including Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, and Tuna. Really they catch just about anything that swims. I bought a few to many! They retail for $32 each. All are new in package! $20 each, shipped to you! First photo from left to right - 1.) 12" - Senior Super...
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    Reduced Black/Grey Costa Del Mar Peninsula 580P Sunglasses Polarized - New $85 Shipped Retail @ $169

    I still have a new in box pair of the Black/Grey Costa's available for $85 shipped to you!
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    Reduced - Ross Essence FS Fly Rod - NEW - 3 Weight 8'6" - W/ Case and Fabric Sleeve $80 Shipped

    A great new with tags, 3 weight rod w/warranty card, fabric sleeve, and rod case. A great small stream or starter fly rod from Ross! Retails for $135! $80 shipped to you - Retails for $135. I bought the wrong line size. Paypal gift preferred. From Ross - Offering excellent casting...
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    I found some more Sprockets. They are all new. This type of lure has been voted as a Top 10 Marlin lure of all time by Marlin Magazine. $30 each shipped to you, or all 4 for $115, payment by paypal gift preferred. From left to right - A.) 12.5" Original Hothead in Yakka Color w/ Lumo...
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    Reduced Black/Grey Costa Del Mar Peninsula 580P Sunglasses Polarized - New $85 Shipped Retail @ $169

    My understanding is that they are unisex. They don't say woman's on the box. They would look on anybody!
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    never made it to 181

    Killer. Way to go!
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    Introducing BD's newest website,

    Any plan to add data for PV and points south to Manzanillo? If so then, I'll purchase.
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    Reduced Black/Grey Costa Del Mar Peninsula 580P Sunglasses Polarized - New $85 Shipped Retail @ $169

    I found another Great Pair of Costa's new in box - $85 Shipped to your door. Paypal gift or add 3% Suggested Retail - $169 Frames are Black with Grey 580P Lenses From Costa about the Peninsula shades - Lightweight, impact-resistant 580P polycarbonate lenses block yellow light at 580nm for...
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    Mold Craft, Pakula, Sevenstrand, Prosoft, Boone, Eat Me Lures - Big Game Trolling

    I have two lots of lures for sale: Lot 1 - 9 lures and a lure case - $75 - shipped to your door Includes: from left top to bottom right in the 1st photo (all used) 1.) Mold Craft Senior Bobby Brown 2.) 12" Prosoft, aka Pacific Trolling Gear lure. Not sure of the model - but nice 3.5" long...
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    Still available. Now $75 out the door.
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    Costa Del Mar Peninsula Sunglasses Polarized New in Box - $85 Shipped - Retail @ $159

    Sounds good. I sent you a PM. PM me your paypal account and I will send the paypal payment request.
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    Price drop.
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    Set of 14 lures. Some used, some new, some Professionally rigged - Great for tuna! $60 Shipped to your door. Paypal (paypal gift preferred) See photo's for info, The first 4 retail for over $20 each. From top left: 1. Zuker ZTWF Feather with outer rubber skirt - 8" Professionally rigged...
  47. petersmt

    Zuker Big Game Lures - Professionally Rigged - $50 Shipped - ZM 5.5, ZM2, ZM1

    Set of 3 used Zukers in Good Condition Professionally Rigged and Ready to Go! $50 Shipped to your door. Paypal (paypal gift preferred) See photo's for info, from left to right Zuker ZM 5.5 - 12" with a professionally rigged double hook setup. The ZM 5.5 is a flat headed straight runner for...
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    Still available.
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    Here is a great set of lightly used Big game Lures - Great for Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi, and Tuna. $75 Shipped to your door, payment via paypal (paypal gift preferred) See photo's for colors, rigging, and condition From left to right: Black Bart Oz Prowler - 12" - Massive abalone shell inlay...
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    How about a USPS money order?
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    Colorado. That is why it is PayPal only. What are you interested in?
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    Costa Del Mar Peninsula Sunglasses Polarized New in Box - $85 Shipped - Retail @ $159

    Great Pair of Costa's new in box - $85 Shipped to your door. Paypal gift or add 3% Suggested Retail - $159 I have 1 pair left. Frames are Tortoise with Dark Amber Cr39 Lenses From Costa - When land is about to give way to sea, Costa Peninsula sunglasses help you keep the beach in sight...
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    Price drop.
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    Price dropped to $220 shipped to your door.
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    SOLD: Corey Perry Signed Hockey Stick

    Go Kings Go!
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    Brand New in Box with tools, bag, and lube! Price Dropped to $220 Shipped to your door, payment via paypal gift or add 3%
  60. petersmt

    Pakula Big Game Lures - Marlin - Dodo - Sailfish - Wahoo

    It's Marlin season! I'm selling a full set of authentic Pakula trolling lures from Australia, they are getting harder to get here in the USA each day. These are the real deal, not the crappy dojo peche versions. Each lure and color is a preferred lure for each of the main trolling positions...
  61. petersmt


    I have 2 lots of jigs/Iron for sale, 11 jigs in each lot and each has a great variety! $40 per lot shipped to your door or $70 for all 22 JIGS, payment by paypal gift or cover the fees to me for regular paypal. See photos's for condition. Lot 1 = 11 jigs - From left to right - Tady 45, Kicker...
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    Only the Pakula's left - 2 for $35
  63. petersmt


    Marlin Magic Head Sold - All others still available! It is marlin time!
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    Payment info sent via PM.
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    Trolling Dredge - New 36" width, 1/4" SSBar- 2.2lb Center Weight - 11 pink/purple squids 1 w/hook

    New, never used, weighted, Charkbait Dredge - Ready to run! New 36" width, 1/4" Stainless Steel Bar- 2.2lb Center Weight - 11 pink/purple squids 1 w/hook - 9.5" long squids $85 Shipped to you, payment via paypal gift - Retails for $110 More info here -...
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    All prices below include USPS First Class shipping with Payment by paypal gift. Offers considered for entire lot or multiple purchases. Photo 1 - $20 Used Pakula Mouse Original Hothead - 9.5" Frigate Color Skirt 30 mm Head size Photo 2 - $20 Used Pakula Cockroach Original Hothead - 8" Hot...
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    A like new, used Avet MXJ 4.5:1 Single Speed Lever Drag Reel - in Blue $160 including shipping, paypal gift or add 3% Clicker, drag, all smooth! Condition Summary - Mechanically - 9.5 out of 10 Cosmetically - 8.5 out of 10 (only due to small chip on top side of the outside of the spool...
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    WTB: 30# Reel

    PM Sent.
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    Paypal info sent via PM.
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    It is still available.
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    New In Box, never spooled. Max Drag = #40! $130 via Paypal Gift - Includes Free Shipping Retails for $199! PM me Tight lines!
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    New In Box, never spooled, with clamp, Left Hand Retrieve, Lever Drag Reel $115 shipped, via paypal gift PM me Tight lines!
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    This prop is still available. Please PM me if interested. Yes, it should fit a 115 Honda 4-stroke.
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  79. petersmt

    Salas 6xjr

    I'm interested in 6 if they are still available and you are willing to ship on my dime. PM me.
  80. petersmt

    Shimano Talica, Trinidad, Toriums and TLDs

    PM Sent I will take both of the TLDs.
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  82. petersmt


    Stainless Steel Boat Propeller For Sale - Honda - Like new - only used a few hours - no dings or scratches A+ PM me! 3 blade, 13.5"x15 pitch, right spinning motor $195 includes ground shipping, paypal only as I live in Colorado, new over $275 Honda Part # 58133-ZW1-A15P 3X13 1/2X15 SS (R)
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    Now $195, including shipping.
  84. petersmt


    Stainless Steel Boat Propeller For Sale - Honda - Like new - only used a few hours - no dings or scratches A+ PM me! 3 blade, 13.5"x15 pitch, right spinning motor $230 includes ground shipping, paypal only as I live in Colorado, new over $275 Honda Part # 58133-ZW1-A15P 3X13 1/2X15 SS (R)...
  85. petersmt

    New Calcutta CT4010WC Rolling Tackle Bag with 5 Removable Trays $165

    New with tags! A great large roller tackle bag from the folks at Calcutta! - 5 removable Size 370 tackle trays/boxes - storage for reels or other larger items, and has adjustable dividers. - storage for sunglasses, cell phone, wallet, etc. in the top pockets Retails for over $200, yours for...
  86. petersmt

    Z Fish Report (1/22/15)

    Ed, love the reports. And congrats on the releases! Keep them coming! Up north here in Manzanillo the Jack Crevelle have been wide open on the beach some mornings. It is something catching a #20 toro on the fly from the beach!
  87. petersmt

    About fishing the Mexican Gold Coast

    Huxpat, the recent enforcement against the long liners here in Manzanillo and Barra De Navidad is based on the Mexican law that you mentioned that states that dorado, sailfish, and marlin within 50 miles of the coast are for recreational/sportfish rather than commercial. CONPESCA is enforcing...
  88. petersmt

    About fishing the Mexican Gold Coast

    I have spent the winters in the Mazanillo/Barra De Navidad area for the last few years and fished about 30 trips on our Panga each winter out of both towns. Historically the long liners have been a major problem within 25 miles of the coast from Barra down to ZLO. Over the last two months the...
  89. petersmt

    Buying Mexican Permits

    You can order by mail from the USA through the Mexican office in San Diego using the form below, it took me no more than 10 days to get my license from them in Colorado this fall. You can also order online and print from home...
  90. petersmt

    Striped Marlin Down South

    Congrats on the catch and release! Great job!
  91. petersmt

    Great Offshore and Inshore Fishing with Capt. Lora

    Nice Report. How did you guys catch the skip jacks that you used for bait?
  92. petersmt

    Long Lining

    You pay your bills by catching sailfish and marlin via long-line in Mexico? I would prefer something sustainable and managed, with much lower by-catch. A small boat hook and line caught commercial fishery like those in California, the northeast (Wicked Tuna comes to mind) and Alaska would be...
  93. petersmt

    Sailfish Catch and Release Go-Pro - Barra De Navidad

    We enjoyed a nice day fishing with friends in our panga off of Barra early this week. There is nothing like catching and releasing a billfish from your own boat. It can be done safely and effectively from even the smallest of boats. The video link below is to my first go around with the Go...
  94. petersmt

    Long Lining

    Sure, I'm the ignorant one, right...... My family has lived in Mexico for the last 40 years so I know what I am talking about. Before the long line syndicate moved in here you could catch and release 20 sailfish per day here, now your are lucky to catch one. Do you want the shallow water...
  95. petersmt

    Just Fishermen??

    We have a panga and fish out of Barra de Navidad twice per week late fall through spring. Our panga is not fancy but we can get offshore up to 25 miles if we need to and with the Honda 4-stroke 90HP the fuel bill is only about 500 pesos a trip. We do okay with Dodo's, sails (released), wahoo...
  96. petersmt

    Long Lining

    Same here in the Barra de Navidad - Manzanillo region. These guys need to be stamped out big time!
  97. petersmt

    Maximus finale..MY SUPER...Trip 4 of 5

    Great report and congrats. What happens to all the meat from these trips?
  98. petersmt

    Z Fish Report (1/21/14)

    Great report. Thanks. What technique/approach/rigging do you use to catch sailfish on spinning and fly tackle. Really sounds like fun!! If you are raising them on the troll with teasers, etc. Do you stop the boat to cast to them with spin or fly gear or do you keep at trolling speed and...
  99. petersmt

    16 day Zihua trip...bill fish city!

    Thanks for the report and I am glad to see you guys released your billfish, hopefully this will become the norm in southwestern Mexico as it has in Cabo and PV. One thing to keep in mind is that when you boat or remove a billfish from the water (as pictured) the odds of the fish surviving are...
  100. petersmt

    Z Fish Report (1/3/14)

    Interesting info Ed, a great read. I have not noticed schooling Roosters like that here off Manzanillo! Tight lines
  101. petersmt

    Manzanillo 2.5 day?

    I am not aware of anyone doing overnight or multi-day charters here in Manzanillo. Mario (TeamTexMex) mentioned above would know if someone is running these here. If you end up trying to book something once you are here in town, the best boats seem to be docked in the Las Hadas Hotel marina...
  102. petersmt

    Just returned from 2 weeks in Zihuatanejo

    Thanks for the report. Glad to hear that they are pushing out the long liners. How are they going about it and is there a reason other then it is "illegal" (i.e. mobilization of local charter operations, a new development, common sense) ? I wish that they would clear them out of our area here...
  103. petersmt

    Update from Manzanillo,MX (Team Tex-Mex)

    It is great to see a ZLO post. We live near Miramar and fish out out of Barra so it is nice to see some local reports. Late November has been slow for us on the water. Hope things turn around soon! Glad to see you guys releasing sailfish, we always do as well, hope more of the locals start...
  104. petersmt

    Fish Finde/GPS Recommendation for Southern Mexico Pacific Coast Super Panga

    We are looking at options for a new fish finder/GPS/transducer combos for our 25' Super Panga here south of PV (Barra De Navidad). Any recommendations? We mostly target Dorado, Sails, and Marlin on the troll (up to 20 miles off-shore) but want to get into more bottom fishing and inshore stuff...
  105. petersmt

    Black Bart Lure Pack-75$

    I'll take them, PM sent.
  106. petersmt

    WTB - Marlin/Big Game Trolling Lures - Zuker,

    Looking to buy: Keaton and mold craft soft head lures - dorado Tuna clone - mex flag, 6" grass straw Pink Zuker 3.5 Pink and blue Zuker 3.5 - flat line 7strand 1200c makeral clone Zuker 2.0 purple-black Black Barts
  107. petersmt

    Any Recommendations for Freshwater Bass Fishing in Jalisco, Colima, or Michoac

    Looking to spend a couple days bass fishing while we are in Mexico through March. Looking for recommendations on lakes, hotels, lodges, charters/guides, etc. in Jalisco, Colima, or Michoacán states? We are still on fence on if we will use our own boat and gear or if we will get a...
  108. petersmt

    End of the Year Sail and Dorado - Barra

    We ended 2012 with a nice sailfish (released) and a quality dorado for our and friends dinner tables. The nice blue water is still up to the the beach! Hopefully the quality action will continue into 2013. Thanks to all on BD for the info and tips, we continue to try to dial things in down...
  109. petersmt

    Merry Christmas to all,and to all a good bite!

    Epic report. Your work is magazine quality! Cheers!
  110. petersmt

    PV Trolling Speeds

    Hola Everyone, I recently have had more time to spend in Mexico and have been fishing the Barra De Navidad area south of PV a couple times per week and plan to do so until March. I am wondering what the "typical" range of trolling speeds are in PV, especially for stripped and blue marlin...
  111. petersmt

    Cows on the Maximus + a SUPER!!!

    Wow, great fishing! Thanks for sharing. Do you fly all of that high quality meat back with you or are their other options locally? Cheers!
  112. petersmt

    Skipjack Tuna

    Does Black Skipjack (aka barriliete negro/negra, Mexican little tunny, euthynnus lineatus) make quality poke or sashimi as well, or is the Skipjack tuna (barrilette, katsuwonus pelamis) far superior?
  113. petersmt

    Nice Sail In Barra de Navidad

    We have our panga in Barra until March and it looks like a few fish are starting to show up. On 12/8/12 we released a nice #80 sail and had a good pitch bait shot at a marlin but it would not take the bait. It's not Cabo or PV but still a good time! Anyway we are going to be on the water...
  114. petersmt

    Channel Islands Fishing, Boating, Maps and Books - Point Conception to Catalina

    Item 1 - Large Print Waterproof Map Book with GPS data for Point Conception to Catalina, including all the Channel Islands, Great Condition - Sold Item 2 - "Cruising Guide to the Channel Islands" by Brian Hagan - 1983 Edition, a great read for any lover of the Channel Islands, great guide to...
  115. petersmt

    Squid Light - 5 foot long underwater model

    5 foot long green squid light, also works for fin bait $75 Make your own bait for fishing Call 805-455-5064 Pickup in Santa Barbara or Delivery from Carp to Goleta
  116. petersmt

    Hoop Nets - Lobster - Crab - Fish*SOLD*

    7 rigged hoop nets for sale 4 conical style, 3 lay flat style, each with up to 100' of rope, most have bait cages and floats $120 total for all 7, other wise $20 each for the conical and $15 for the flat style Will deliver from Goleta to Carp, or pickup in Santa Barbara Call 805-455-5064
  117. petersmt

    For Sale - Boston Whaler Outrage - 22 foot

    Posting this for a friend. Contact Peter using the info below. 1974 Boston Whaler Outrage 22ft center console. 90 HP Johnson outboard (1994) with power trim. 1993 dual axle Caulkins trailer. Hummingbird color fishfinder, GPS, and VHS radio. New electrical wiring and 44-gallon capacity below...
  118. petersmt

    Information Request - Used Boat Sales Puerto Vallarta - Web sites - Brokers, Info?

    I am looking to purchase a used fishing boat in Puerto Vallarta in the $8 to $13K USD price range. If you can pass on any advice regarding used boat websites for this area, honest/hardworking brokers, or other information I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.... Cheers
  119. petersmt

    Los Angeles Kings Tickets - Most Games

    BD Crew, I have 2 season tickets to the Kings but can't make many games as I live in Santa Barbara. Let ms know if you are interested in tickets to any games. They range from $15 to $30 per ticket depending on the match up which is at or below face value. This price includes shipping...
  120. petersmt

    Bringing beer into Mex.

    Make sure that you drink it all as it is even harder to bring beer back to the States. Even if it is from the US. Enjoy the trip.
  121. petersmt

    For Sale - 17 Foot Fishing and Wake Board Boat and Trailer - $3,500

    Yeah, nothing says the 80's like this dash and steering wheel on this rig. It is almost vintage. Man I am getting old. Ha-Ha.
  122. petersmt

    For Sale - 17 Foot Fishing and Wake Board Boat and Trailer - $3,500

    17 Foot Fishing and Wake Board Boat and Trailer - $2,800 For Sale: Garage kept turn key 1983 17’ Sea Sprite open bow fish/wakeboard boat with a 120 Horsepower Merc inboard/outboard and single-axle Shore Lander trailer. Great older model boat in good shape, owned by one family, and very easy...
  123. petersmt

    Pinnacle Marine outfitters trolling rods

    I'm interested. What pound class and how much to ship to Santa Barbara? Cheers
  124. petersmt

    Going to Refugio (CA) Fishing

    The spear guys do well on WSB at Refugio as the water warms. With the yak, I would checkout Tajiagas Reef which is the next major gravel pull-off on the 101 west/north of Refugio. It is about 1.5 miles from the campground. You can't miss the reef system as you can see it from the gravel...
  125. petersmt

    2003 Davis Cortez 22' VP diesel

    I am sure I am to late for this but I saw my daugther in one of those pics. HA HA!!! Double down and haul that girl back from Bahia.
  126. petersmt

    US oil reserves and enviro's!

    Maybe the fisherman from Prince William Sound Alaska can weigh in on your article. Conservation is the key. And on second though, wait until some guys from <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:place>Colorado read this, I am sure that all they want is an oil shale...
  127. petersmt

    Nor Cal SHRIMP

    Cool Post. I love the variety.
  128. petersmt

    Los Angeles Kings Tickets Starting at $15

    I have up to 4 seats together for the Kings vs. Blue Jackets on 3/8/10 in Section 304 or 321 at Staples Center. The tickets are $15 each which includes first class mail shipping. Face Value = $60 Tickets to most of the other games home games are also available below face value. Pricing...
  129. petersmt

    Dana Point bait barge damaged. VIDEO

    Wow... Crazy. Thanks for sharing.
  130. petersmt

    DFG Ticket advise for 2 Stupid guys

    Really getting tired of these once a week cry baby I got busted by DFG posts but did not do it but really did, did not know I should not do it, thought I could sell it on Craigslist....blah blah blah. Pay up and don't go fishing again until you know the regs.
  131. petersmt

    How come no giant BFT on left coast?

    There all in a pen off of Ensenada. Just drive your vessel in and drop a line. Wait that actually happened. I just read in today's Western Outdoor news that in 1989 schools of #1,000 BFT were caught in CA at the Channel Islands, that is amazing. I had to read that twice. I hope that we...
  132. petersmt

    SD south to CSL via center console...

    That sounds like one hell of a vacation. Good luck with the planning, I am sure that it will be worth it.
  133. petersmt

    LT Released

    Sad to see old LT go. If he gets on a squad with a quality line he will continue to put up decent numbers...
  134. petersmt

    Olympic Hockey

    Huge Win for the good guys!!! I can't believe that the game was on MSNBC and not regular NBC, what a dumb programming move!!!!
  135. petersmt

    Olympic Hockey

    USA is looking like they should give Canada a run on Sunday. Go Kings.... I mean Go USA!!!!
  136. petersmt


    Dude that Sheepy looks like a huge Bull Dorado painted black and pink!!! Nice catch and release!!!
  137. petersmt

    Trolling Rods #50 to #80

    I am looking to bye 4 or so trolling rods in the #50 to #80 class and in the $25 to $50 price range. 6' foot max length and I am in Santa Barbara so if it is not local I will probably want to pick up more than one at a time to save on shipping. PM me if you have some rods available for sale...
  138. petersmt

    Lobster bait

    Good info. Thanks guys.
  139. petersmt

    Pre-Season Scouting at Santa Cruz/Anacapa

    Thanks for the report. We are still planning on heading out to Cruz the weekend of 2/27 for some recon. Cheers.
  140. petersmt

    Pre-Season Scouting at Santa Cruz/Anacapa

    How did it go on the water guys?
  141. petersmt

    Big Lingcod Grubs

    Doughnut. Thanks for the tip. Cheers, pete
  142. petersmt

    Big Lingcod Grubs

    How do you maximize your catch to snag ratio on with these big boys?
  143. petersmt

    POLL: Net vs Gaff for Tuna

    What do you mean by yanking hand lines? Thanks.
  144. petersmt

    Pre-Season Scouting at Santa Cruz/Anacapa

    Thanks for the heads up and good luck. We are planning some scouting as well at Cruz and maybe Rosa the weekend of 2/27. Let us know how things turn out. Anybody have any candy-bait info for these islands?
  145. petersmt

    relocating to NC

    It has been years since I have lived back east but checkout the Outer Banks NC. Oregon Inlet has decent access to the Gulf Stream as well. And checkout the Bluefish run from the surf... Insane....
  146. petersmt

    San Migual is unreal

    Nice Haul. I gotta get out to San Miguel this year. What are the best conditions for the crossing from SB? I have heard that Santa Ana conditions are sometimes optimal to hit San Miguel?
  147. petersmt

    Lobster,,, an expensive lesson with the DFG

    Thanks for posting, I am sure there is at least one guy out there doing this thinking that they are legal or in a grey area of the law. Hopefully they will cut it out. Try giving excess catch to your neighboors and friends for FREE instead. I am sure that they will return the favor sometime...
  148. petersmt


    Holly Cow!!! How much for all of it?
  149. petersmt

    2006 Parker 2530 extended cabin

    I start the bidding at $20K for this "vehicle". HA
  150. petersmt

    Need experienced opinions!

    Trust us. Go with a quality used boat. Spend a fraction of the savings on the best Sea Tow option you can find and top of the line saftey gear. Watch out for the tuna pens!!!
  151. petersmt

    Ducks @ Kings Tonight..

    Huge Win Tonight. I say we start a new tradition and start throwing #50 Humbolts on the ice after each goal!!!!
  152. petersmt

    6 pack for a squid

    What do you want them for?
  153. petersmt

    Stoked on Tidelines too.

    Sweet. Thanks for the heads up on this service.
  154. petersmt

    Ducks @ Kings Tonight..

    Hell Yeah. Go Kings Go.
  155. petersmt

    Maximus "New boat @ Capt Hook Sportfishing

    Nice work. It is great to have a longer range option out of CIH. Lots of quality water to explore to the south and west!!!
  156. petersmt

    Donate squid

    What type of squid are calamari steaks cut from? They are tasty!! Poor mans Abalone.
  157. petersmt

    Dispose of old fuel

    Most counties in CA have FREE household hazardous waste drop-off facilities or pickup services where they accept old fuel and lots of other haz waste, usually no questions asked and for free or a nominal fee. Your tax dollars at work. Checkout the link below...
  158. petersmt

    Share some images of your pets

    Very Relaxed.....
  159. petersmt

    Poll-What's the best time to Bug Hunt?

    I bet the best time to lobster is any time that I am not on the water. Since I never catch any......
  160. petersmt

    !993 Wellcraft CC 200 HP Merc - Low Hours

    Can you post more pictures of the interior/deck of the vessel? Thanks.
  161. petersmt

    Lobster 1/29

    Where do you get the salmon heads?
  162. petersmt

    Where can I get a custom Aluminum diesel fuel tank

    I have heard good things about Vince in La Mesa as well.
  163. petersmt

    Lobster 1/29

    Nice Haul. The peppers might light them up on the way out.
  164. petersmt

    Plenty of Squid and Calico Bass

    Cool video. I was waiting for a toad WSB to charge through that float like a squirt crazed maniac.
  165. petersmt

    Rebar Rockcod Sinkers: No More Lead!

    What a great idea. Trying it this season for sure!! Thanks for the tip.
  166. petersmt

    shamrock 200se ***SOLD**** twice.

    I have had the pleasure of seeing this rig in the water a few times and it is even better in person than it looks in the photos. Good luck with the sale.