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  1. dpflaumer

    26ft Bertram Sport Convertable For Sale

    1983 Bertram Sport Convertible. The only outboard model boat Bertram ever produced, a special order boat. This boat has a 10 foot beam, deep V hull and everything that goes along with the Bertram name. She has an open uncluttered deck, large cuddy cabin with marine head. Custom hardtop made by...
  2. dpflaumer

    Santa Cruz Marlin

    Probably going to be a lot of posts about the amazing blitz of marlin today. It is unbelievable to me the amount of quality fish we are seeing in our waters. It was hook-ups galore today all around us. We live lined mackerels and hooked up 5 times today, we were just outside of Yellow Banks...
  3. dpflaumer

    Personal Best Yellowtail

    On Saturday we got a scoop of anchovies and sardines and headed out to the islands. Stopped at the break wall and tried to make some mackerel, got one and added it to the bank tank. Found the spot after a bumpy ride out. My buddy tossed the mackerel out after nothing bit on the anchovies or...
  4. dpflaumer

    Yellowtail Santa Cruz

    Cleared the harbor at 5:30am last Saturday and headed to Santa Cruz. There were a few party boats and other guys fishing the area when we arrived. By 9am basically everyone cleared out. The tide changed and this happened.
  5. dpflaumer


    Cleared Channel Islands Harbor at 4:30pm last Friday and had these two in the boat by 7:00. Frozen dead squid that was not so fresh.
  6. dpflaumer


    Got my new motor set to go on my 26 Bertram.