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  1. PullinAhi

    Spirit Of Adventure 6 Day. Sept 2-8. Epic Fishing. JUMBOS INCLUDED

    Very nice! Glad we got to chat at the dock before and after. Nice grade. We filled the Islander on our 6 day. Our biggest bft was 85lb, mine was 70lbs Great job on the hogs!
  2. PullinAhi

    Phenomal Super Moon Tanker Seabass!

    Well done Spike and Tim! Congrats on the score. That is a day to remember!
  3. PullinAhi

    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    I'll figure it out after work.
  4. PullinAhi

    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    Nice write up Spike. It was a fun day with lots of laughts. Next time maybe i'll get one... Here is your fish, thanks for the chunk.
  5. PullinAhi

    2012 Seabass Review (video)

    Very cool! What program did you use to edit with?
  6. PullinAhi

    ISWAC 2-Day Charter

    Very nice! See you in a few weeks...:-)
  7. PullinAhi

    2012 BD Survivor Pool

    i'm in .....again
  8. PullinAhi

    th Coast Condition Report 7.9.12

    I was on the Clemente and saw you guys. I think we were the high boat in the fleet on birds, Had 6 going at one time. I got my share in too... We did hook and dump 1 yellow and a few splashed in the chum for a bit.
  9. PullinAhi

    Constitution at Dana Wharf

    First trip is tonight, limited to 19. $175
  10. PullinAhi

    Killed Calicos in Dana Point

    Calvin and Jordan work very hard to catch fish. Glad you had a fun time with them.
  11. PullinAhi

    71 Pound White Seabass - IB Kelp

    Holly shit. Nice one man! Fish of a lifetime for sure, I know your feeling....I got a 67lber. Good for you!
  12. PullinAhi

    Jerks on the water in SD Bay!

  13. PullinAhi


    Now thats a kick ass day!
  14. PullinAhi

    Constitution at Dana Wharf

    Yup, Got up here a few days early. Was supposed to be at Dana Wharf on the 4th. Cant wait to hop on an overnight on it.
  15. PullinAhi

    Pride 1.5 trip, SCI & La Jolla

    Nice dude! Thanks for the invite Spike. Hope I can make the next one.
  16. PullinAhi

    Gopro Super Tanker battle video from 5-27

    Bad ass! That's how stoked I was with my 67lb sea bass!
  17. PullinAhi

    6-22 First Salmon on the Rogue, with Jon Geyer

    My wife's parents moved to Brookings,OR earlier this year. After finally getting settled in Michelle and I went up to visit for a few days. Wow what a beautiful area! We were able to get one day of fishing in on our visit. My friend Brandon recommended his friend Jon Geyer...
  18. PullinAhi

    Pacific Quest Overnight Charter to Two Islands

    Birthday yellow! Congrats and Happy birthday Pam!!
  19. PullinAhi

    PullinAhi with a 67lb seabass aboard the Helena

    what a dick! Who does that? I've left my skiff in the parking lot many times and nothing has ever been taken from it. Sorry bud.
  20. PullinAhi

    PullinAhi with a 67lb seabass aboard the Helena

    Hey Brian whats up!! Thanks for the compliment. Thanks Pam! I know I'll see you in October for 6 days, hope we can do another trip between now and then. Thanks Travis!
  21. PullinAhi

    'nother seabass report

    Nice Job there!! Way to go andput your time in!
  22. PullinAhi

    PullinAhi with a 67lb seabass aboard the Helena

    Thanks Fred! Thanks Joe! LOL, I think i'm about to win in a few min Chris..... I was on a few of those trips Matt, I'm sure we crossed paths. I'll ask my dad. It was quite a few years ago. :rofl:
  23. PullinAhi

    PullinAhi with a 67lb seabass aboard the Helena

    Yeah thats his first! He tried so hard the fortune trip we were all on together but it just didnt happen. We are both so stoked right now!
  24. PullinAhi

    PullinAhi with a 67lb seabass aboard the Helena

    The Helena out of Dana Wharf has been doing some reverse 3/4 day seabass trips lately. Leaving at 5 or 6pm and returning at 2 or 3am. Calvin and Jordan are good friends of mine and I have been itching to get out on one of these trips with them. It finally worked with my schedule and my Dad and...
  25. PullinAhi

    Overnight on the Outrider - 6/9/2012

    Nice report Pam, Good bass fishing!
  26. PullinAhi

    Fortune to the Islands

    As always it's fun to fish with you Pam. This was a fun trip with some solid anglers. I really wish the big game cooperated because we would have really put the wood to them! But my dad caught the yellow and we had a family dinner last night so at least I got to eat some big game! Cristin it was...
  27. PullinAhi

    Coronados 4/22/12

    At least you didnt get the total fin. Few cod, flat seas looks nice to me Spike.
  28. PullinAhi

    4/22 - So Cal Islands Fishing on Ranger85

    Nice work there, great pictures! Thanks
  29. PullinAhi

    A very special picture...............

    Thanks for sharing dad! Very cool photo you found. The tuna obsession goes way back with our family.
  30. PullinAhi

    excel accurate 16 day 3/27 late report

    Yeah Buddy! What a fun trip.
  31. PullinAhi

    End of May Mirage/Erika's B-day charter!

    I cant get that much time away from work, You're getting a lot of water time in that week with the friday night 2 day trip we are on that leaves June 1st!
  32. PullinAhi

    Happy Birthday Don Hansen

    Happy birthday Don! I'll make sure Michelle says Happy Birthday when he comes into the Wharf next.
  33. PullinAhi

    Fortune 2 day WSB charter

    This is going to be a fun one! David has a good group for this trip. Some hard fishing guys.
  34. PullinAhi

    5-day trip to Guadalupe Island

    Sup bro! How you doing? Been waiting for you to chime back in on this thread.. We got two days of punk rock seabass fishing coming up!
  35. PullinAhi

    CHUBASCO II- Homeguards

    Thats a start. Good job! And thats why you ALWAYS have an iron tied up!
  36. PullinAhi

    5-day trip to Guadalupe Island

    There are some open spots on our 6 day late October/early November on the Islander. Always a fun trip. Been doing this same trip for 6 years. Great group.
  37. PullinAhi

    Fortune 2 day WSB charter

    I'm on it with my dad and a few friends. This will be fun.
  38. PullinAhi

    Stone brew response

    No politics envolved when you make it yourself....
  39. PullinAhi

    Epic Trip to the Sea of Cortez- 12/26-12/31

    Love it Travis! The videos you guys took were awesome to watch.
  40. PullinAhi

    I feel like a Donkey!1-10

    I did that one time, on one bug and realised it 2 seconds aftert i tossed it back. One sided lobster only guages on my boat now.
  41. PullinAhi

    4 Days at Catalina - 12/30 to 1/2 - Goats on Fire

    What a fun weekend. Little bit of everything, with some great fishing.
  42. PullinAhi

    What's going bump in the night in LJ?

    It's Spikes birthday tomorrow, everyone buy him a fancy CL :hali_olutta: so he can go hoggin on tankers. Go get em buddy. Thanks for the invite. Work has me land locked this weekend.
  43. PullinAhi

    Dana Cod 11.29.11

    Nice Joe. Thanks for sharing.
  44. PullinAhi

    Dana Point Bug Control

    Nice job. Some good dana buggin lately.
  45. PullinAhi

    Incredible winter-time fishing!!

    Great fishing there. That halibut is a pig!
  46. PullinAhi

    Sea Conditions That Impact Your Deep Sea Fishing Catches!

    Deep sea fishing. What a tourist noob term.
  47. PullinAhi


    Buddy sent this to me. Sure you guys will get a kick out of it. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  48. PullinAhi


    Buddy sent this to me. Sure you guys will get a kick out of it.
  49. PullinAhi

    Math Homework...

    Very clever bud. I thought there would be something like If my dad drinks a case of beer, and there are 24 beers in a case X 12 Oz = How much my dad drank last night.
  50. PullinAhi

    Freedom for Sheep

    Only cause there were no halibut caught..LOL
  51. PullinAhi

    Freedom for Sheep

    Nice day on the farm with the goats Spike. Glad the boat made it out for you.
  52. PullinAhi


    Keg stand!
  53. PullinAhi

    2011 BD NFL Survivor Pool

  54. PullinAhi

    Discounted fishing trip...

    This deal smells like it will be a boat packed with 40 rental rodders fishing for cod at the 'Nados with 2oz rubber core sinkers....
  55. PullinAhi

    Fishing on the Cortez with Club Fish 9/17-18/2011

    Nice report Pam! nice warm up for the Islander trip! Wish I was going on the 6 day with you, my dad, brother and the rest of the group this year. I'll meet you guys at the dock and run tuna delivery to
  56. PullinAhi

    Dana Pt Red Tide

    For over a week now..
  57. PullinAhi

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    If you would ever turn that cow around we could give her an Eiffel Tower, but if you're not into that I'll just rub one out on your back instead
  58. PullinAhi

    Red White and Poo

    Nice Joe. We got limits of turds last week too, they are biting in the deeper clean water. That red tide on the beach is nasty.
  59. PullinAhi

    power outage in SD county

    South Orange County out...
  60. PullinAhi

    NFL Opening Day - Packers VS. Saints

    Good morning! Saints 24 Pack 17
  61. PullinAhi

    2011 BD NFL Survivor Pool

    So as long as I never pick that purple team from the mid-west I will win right?
  62. PullinAhi

    2011 BD NFL Survivor Pool

    In for $20
  63. PullinAhi

    2011 BD NFL Survivor Pool

    I might as well just flush a 20 down the toilet.. But I'm in for it... Blind Squirrel thing
  64. PullinAhi

    2011 BD NFL Survivor Pool

    I'm in. Single pick, single elimination?
  65. PullinAhi

    Big Butts, Bass and Tail @ SCI

    HA! You were invited.. and we drank all the designer coors light the day before. Thanks Mark, She brings it on the skiff, not on the sportboats. :)
  66. PullinAhi

    Big Butts, Bass and Tail @ SCI

    Last Thursday My fishing club had a 2 day charter on the Amigo out of Newport Landing. With weather up and with the talk of a few O.C boats canceling overnight trips we decided it was best to do both days at SCI vs getting our buts kicked offshore. With a tank of fin bait and another tank...
  67. PullinAhi

    BFT go stupid 160mi down

    Nice Kris! Way to get em.
  68. PullinAhi

    Seahorse Wedding 1/2-day

    Thanks for sharing Spike.
  69. PullinAhi

    BG90 1.5

    I fished the BG90 once. I will never fish it again for the same reasons you mentioned. But of course if you want to ride a boat where you should lock your tackle box go right ahead. There are lots of boats in the fleet. ..
  70. PullinAhi

    "We got another kelp" Pacific Queen 1.5

    Nice report Spike... Now dont get in to much trouble in Vegas this week...
  71. PullinAhi

    Cozumel Mexico 2011

    Cool! I fished there with Manuel Mena and caught wahoo. Then went over to margaritaville and they bbq'd our fish right there on the spot for us.
  72. PullinAhi

    Dana Pride 1/2 Day 7/21

    Nice Travis. Courtney is so stoked!
  73. PullinAhi

    Gracias Islander! K&M

    They are a class act. I was on a 6 day charter on the islander 2 years ago. We were at cedros yo-yoing for yellows and there were lots of bonito in the mix. Shane had the whole boat fill up 3 trash cans of bonito then he called in the local panga lobster guys and gave it all to them. These guys...
  74. PullinAhi

    Jet Ski Fishing 30 Miles Offshore Cape Hatteras

    This is really neat. How fast can you cruise pulling that little fuel trailer.
  75. PullinAhi

    7 Day on the Spirit of Adventure Returned on 9 July

    That's great! I love fishing the SOA. Done a few 4 days on it.
  76. PullinAhi

    32 Big fat yellowtail

    Thanks Bob! They are mean fish! We served them raw and treated right they were great! The others will be used for lobster bait in a few months, and one of our guys is really into catfish fishing. So he got hooked up on bait too. The hardest fisherman I know, his rail dedication is tough to...
  77. PullinAhi

    not a bad day at the Nados7/10/11

    "but I landed that bastard ,so thats all the counts" Awesome!
  78. PullinAhi

    Coastal Tanker Pride!

    Did you read the first line in the write up...:waglleybooty: I fished aboard the Pride Saturday night till Sunday morning on their coastal seabass special trip out of Seaforth Sportfishing.
  79. PullinAhi

    32 Big fat yellowtail

    Last Thursday night my fishing club departed from Newport Landing on our 3rd of 8 charters of the year abord the "Amigo". This was a 1.5 day trip. With the talk of bluefin in U.S waters and the local Islands being a little dead on the big game we decided as a group to head offshore and check it...
  80. PullinAhi

    Coastal Tanker Pride!

    That was the best 5am text I've gotten in a long time! Congrats on the personal best.
  81. PullinAhi

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending July 14th, 2011 at 5pm

    better start thinking about that room addition..
  82. PullinAhi

    Biggy from surfboard!

    Nice turd.
  83. PullinAhi

    Sheephead Jackpot question

    Sheephead don't count on our charters, neither do halibut.
  84. PullinAhi

    The Tony Reyes June 3-17th 2011

    Very cool! I did a spring Tony Reyes trip in 2004. Had a blast. Need to do another one. Thanks for your report.
  85. PullinAhi

    Guess the weight - Typhoon Yellowtail Shootout

    37lbs 4oz La Jolla
  86. PullinAhi

    Selling your catch

    Yeah I worked a few times on a lobster boat down there. We would pick up trash cans of scraps from 5 star.
  87. PullinAhi

    Vagabond 5day

    Nice! I was wondering about that trip, when we were at cedros two weeks ago it was dead, I mean dead! No big game, and only half a dozen bass. Good job on getting them!
  88. PullinAhi

    Embarcadero in Dana Point?

    My boat is there my only complaint is the hours like mentioned above. But it is convenient. If you hoop for lobster in the winter you will be leaving your boat in the parking lot every night.
  89. PullinAhi

    American Angler 8-day 6/5-6/13

    Thanks for the report, and nice chatting with you and Fred at the dock at our return/your departure.
  90. PullinAhi

    Quest to Perfection

    What was your beer tab, did you start at 3:41? Nice job bud.
  91. PullinAhi

    WSB Limits on the Pacific Quest - 6/11/11

    Nice Pam. This was the weekend to go. Lots of limits, glad you got em!
  92. PullinAhi

    First White Sea Bass 6/10/11

    I will have to congratulate John next time I see him! Nice going in the 50lb club.
  93. PullinAhi

    My first white sea bass on the Outrider

    Nice! Saw your post on FB. Congrats!
  94. PullinAhi

    Sports Chalet 8 Day Trip on the American Angler May 28th

    Great write up Dave! Words cant say how good the yellowtail fishing was... but a video can! Here is a head-cam video i took of 3 yellows in just a few minutes on the surface iron. And a bait fish yellow...
  95. PullinAhi

    Just in case you forgot what an Albacore and Bluefin look like

    Wrong. The albacore was a troll fish but it was caught on our gear. There was only one troller out at the time... ours. Everyone else was in the galley or still putting reels on rods. Not everyone was prepared for a bait stop. All the bluefin were bait fish. I got both of mine on 30lb test. My...
  96. PullinAhi

    Just in case you forgot what an Albacore and Bluefin look like

    Here are the pictures of the First Albacore and Bluefin tuna caught in 2011. My dad Luke caught the First Albacore on May 29th aboard the American Angler. We were 239 miles in route to Alijos rocks. I caught the first Bluefin north west of Benitos. There were 10 Bluefin caught, I had two. Its a...
  97. PullinAhi

    bft on the AA at 180 miles

    I was on the trip. I caught the first bluefin of the year (actually got 2 of the 10) and my dad got the first albacore on the way down(and a bluefin on the way up). It was hard. We were about 230-240 from S.D. in 8-10 foot seas with 30+mph winds. We metered lots of fish but with the conditions...
  98. PullinAhi

    Here We Go Maybe

    My dad caught the first albacore of the year, and I caught the first Bluefin of the year.. America Angler trip was good. Limit style yellowtail fishing at "the ridge". I'm sure Steve K or Pangamaster is going to do the write-up. When they do I will toss in a bunch of pictures.
  99. PullinAhi

    American Angler Sport Chalet Trip - 5/28-6/5

    See you guys at the dock! Either way, beats work. Maybe the long run down to the ridge and work back up? Gear is ready, bags are just about packed and Im stoked to spend 8 days at the rail with my dad.
  100. PullinAhi

    Students catching fish after school

    Cool report buddy. Those kids look stoked!
  101. PullinAhi

    surf fishing

    Now that's an ankle biter
  102. PullinAhi

    How can you help fight the MLPA???

    I was at the dinner last night. Very informative, good speaking and a great raffle. They collected a good amount of cash for the cause.
  103. PullinAhi

    San Diego Bay 5-19-2011

    That sir is a great day!
  104. PullinAhi

    NEW Dive spot off Dana/ San Clemente (Everingham wreck found)

    Sentimental value of the night he almost lost his life.
  105. PullinAhi

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    I'll use all 5 of those rods..
  106. PullinAhi

    NEW Dive spot off Dana/ San Clemente (Everingham wreck found)

    If any of you divers happen to explore it my buddy wants his wallet back. My best friend Drew was on the Ace when it sank. Says it was the scariest night of his life. He has done two seasons in Alaska doing commercial crab, done commercial swordfish, salmon, lobster and is currently running a...
  107. PullinAhi

    Bought a Garmin 76Cx handheld GPS

    Turn on Garmin. Then after the satellites render push the "page" button until you get to the map screen that shows you your position. Then press and hold the "enter" button. Instead of marking your current way point toggle up and change the coordinates to the lat and long that you want to input...
  108. PullinAhi

    Red Tuna Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends May 26th, 2011

    Anyone seen my bearded clam? It looked like this.
  109. PullinAhi


    You can also use a old milk crate. Zip tie a brick to it, flip it upside down and tie 100 feet of rope to the bottom of the middle. Place fish on water surface, put crate over fish, lower down 100 feet and pull crate back up.
  110. PullinAhi


    Nice. Maybe there will be a few caught in the tourney this weekend.
  111. PullinAhi

    Maui (Lahaina) Shore Fishing

    Take office road down to park. Walk through the golf course. There is an area called dragons teeth. You can fish off the end, maybe catch an ulua, or walk north to where the rocks hit the sand and maybe some smaller reef fish. Or just walk up and down the beach casting something small and shiny.
  112. PullinAhi

    050811 Seabass

    Wes that's awesome! When Tony sent me the cell picture over the weekend my dad and I were so stoked for you! Congrats!
  113. PullinAhi

    Dana Point 5-6-11

    Nice Travis! Looking forward to hear about your adventure when you get back!
  114. PullinAhi

    Holy Swordfish

  115. PullinAhi

    5/1/2011 Holo Holo Kauai Style

    Cool video! Thanks for sharing.
  116. PullinAhi

    Alijos heating up

    Me too! 90 tuna day at the rocks in April! All 25-60 LB fish with some yellows mixed in! It can only get better. May 28 th on the American Angler 8 day can't get here fast enough now!
  117. PullinAhi

    Post on this thread if you read it

    I'm wasting time at work trolling bloodydecks.
  118. PullinAhi

    The "Why I Hate Tues." thread...

    I hate Tues because he is always sending out epic BBQ pics and it always makes me hungry..:drool:
  119. PullinAhi

    The "Why I Hate Tues." thread...

    This could get interesting...
  120. PullinAhi

    3/4 San Diego out of Seaforth

    It's a 3/4 day fishing platform. Big nice local boat. Booger is very fishy and will run and gun all day for yellows. You won't be dissapointed in the operation.
  121. PullinAhi

    Rpt-Weekend Excursion to Rosarito, Ensenada, La Bufadora!

    Oh you got to love the gauntlet of salesmen on your walk to la bufadora! Nice weekend.
  122. PullinAhi

    BD Special Fishing 3/4 Day Trip and Potluck on the Point Loma

    That was a fun trip guys. Wish we would have stuck a few yellows and the cod were bigger but that's fishing. Michelle and I have fun fishing with friends and meeting new ones. Thanks Maggie for your hard work. I have never eaten so well on a local trip! I need both smoked fish recipes, and the...
  123. PullinAhi

    BD Special Fishing 3/4 Day Trip and Potluck on the Point Loma

    Oh that looks EPIC! Cant wait to try some. Michelle and I will see you guys bring and early!
  124. PullinAhi

    chubasco II

    You can wave to all the BDers that will be on the Point Loma on Sunday!
  125. PullinAhi

    Free GPS/sonar

    Worth about $100. Sweet deal.
  126. PullinAhi

    American Angler Sport Chalet Trip - 5/28-6/5

    Hey Steve! Was wondering when a thread would be started for this trip. Myself and my dad Luke are excited for it. Neither of us have fished the Angler before.
  127. PullinAhi

    panga with 740lbs. pot washes ashore in dana point

    Who said they were crushing them? You just have to know where to look.:p: See the water under the boat in the last picture.. That was today.
  128. PullinAhi

    American Angler/Catchy Tackle 8 day June 5th-13th

    Im on the AA 8 Day that returns the day you leave. See yah at the dock!
  129. PullinAhi

    My 35lb halibut In the San Diego Bay

    Nice butt! Did it sit on your boat deck for a few hours? Looks like halibut jerky.
  130. PullinAhi

    deep water rock cod

    I'm sorry, I meant Sunday the 10th. For the BD trip.
  131. PullinAhi

    deep water rock cod

    Is that what we will be targeting on Sunday as well?
  132. PullinAhi

    Needing Handheld GPS advice

    I have the Garmin 76Cx with bluecharts for California and Mexico. It a great set up. MillerLowLife was selling the same unit on here a while back. Send him a pm.
  133. PullinAhi

    BD Special Fishing 3/4 Day Trip and Potluck on the Point Loma

    Okay I'm officially back on the trip! I was paid in full for two but had to clear the third date change with work. So for the third time, Michelle and I are in!
  134. PullinAhi

    3/19 Thunderbird

    Thunderbird is out of Davies Locker, Not Dana Wharf. In Newort you can park on the streets for free. Left a vehicle there for 4 days once while doing back to back two days on the Amigo. No issues.
  135. PullinAhi


    Wes you know I'm game....
  136. PullinAhi

    BD Special Fishing 3/4 Day Trip and Potluck on the Point Loma

    I'm out for the 17 with day at the docks. Give me a few days to figure out the 10th. The landing did call me to inform me of the cancelation.
  137. PullinAhi

    What does your significant other think of fishing?

    My fiancé works for a sportfishing landing, she wants to go as much as she can, encouraged my to buy my boat, will fish before grey when it's freezing nuts cold for sea bass, and pull hoop nets all night from my skiff. And she can go toe to toe with me on drinking beer....
  138. PullinAhi

    Otto made me get this..

    That's a sweet rig Simon. The s.s reach-a-round has a catchy name to it....
  139. PullinAhi

    Yacht almost hits rocks in Dana Point Harbor

    Yacht battling the tsunami surges in the harbor yesterday... <iframe title="YouTube video player" src="" allowfullscreen="" width="640" frameborder="0" height="510"></iframe>
  140. PullinAhi

    My Bro is fighting cancer and needs FISH

    Simon the trip is march 20th..... I'll donate some cod at the dock as well..
  141. PullinAhi

    BD Special Fishing 3/4 Day Trip and Potluck on the Point Loma

    Has it seen any action yet....:rofl:
  142. PullinAhi

    American Angler (LATE) 7 day report

    Yup I can't wait. Never fished the boat, heard only the best of things about it. 2.5 months and counting till the 8 day....
  143. PullinAhi

    colnett on the Legend 1.5 trip

    Spike and froto share a bunk? Nice report. Spike- see you Thursday...
  144. PullinAhi

    BD Special Fishing 3/4 Day Trip and Potluck on the Point Loma

    Michelle and I will be bringing a big pasta salad. We are excited!
  145. PullinAhi

    NEW Garmin 76Cx W/Bluechart (handheld GPS)

    I have that chart on my hand held.... it's the best upgrade you could do to it! That's a sweet deal Tony.
  146. PullinAhi

    Bloodydecks to Launch Bigger and Badder Site

    More stuff to waist my mornings on........ Looking forward to it!!
  147. PullinAhi

    Sea Horse

    Boat is getting re- powered right now. Tyler and Todd will be running it till it's sold. Tyler getting married and enjoying the ranch life.
  148. PullinAhi

    Penn 6/0 With Accuplates and Frame Gear Ratio????

    Yes simple as that but you have it backwards. You count the number of times the spool goes around for one complete turn of the handle. 4:1 is four turns of the spool for one crank of the handle and so on..
  149. PullinAhi

    Calstar 800XLH

    It's my go to rod for 20 LB test. I use a torium or trinidad 14 with it. I use it for calico bass, halibut, tuna ect. It shuts off and the graphite lifts fish nice. I have caught up to a 39lb yellowfin and dozens of albacore on that rod with 20 LB test. My avatar picture is of that rod in...
  150. PullinAhi

    Skiing in "the OC"- yes, we did it!

    That's cool. Few years ago we took the trucks up there and a case of beer and had a snowball fight on the top of saddle back. Fun day for sure.
  151. PullinAhi

    Boat beached at Doheney

    Took this picture last night. Boat sitting on the sand about 200 yards south of Dana Point harbor. ...ooops
  152. PullinAhi

    Where's the money Tim?

    There is no Tim Doung that works at Dana Wharf, I think thats what you mean when you are saying Dana Point.
  153. PullinAhi

    Wow ....

    Dont have to wear it. Just have it in possession.
  154. PullinAhi

    Dana Point artificial reef/ship wreck proposed.

    That thing looks like it will eat hoop nets.. I hope they do it!
  155. PullinAhi

    fred hall in san diego question

    Long beach is much bigger, many more venders and companies. Well worth the drive up.
  156. PullinAhi

    US Customs Inspection at SI Ramp

    I know where one or two are...
  157. PullinAhi

    What a shame

    You should not have to pay with your life but those people were stupid for leaving the group, and stupid for being in those waters in the first place.
  158. PullinAhi

    I want to go fishing so bad.............

    Why? Boats are still running, and people are fishing every day. Go down to San Deigo get some cod in Mexican waters, if that's to far for u hit up the halibut drifts on the Dana wharf boats on Fridays and Sunday's. Two Fridays ago they had 6 legals and a a new leader board fish....42 lbs! Or go...
  159. PullinAhi

    2.5 day open spot this weekend $275.00

    Didn't know any boats were charging a fuel surcharge yet??
  160. PullinAhi

    The Sea Robin and a Giant Warsaw

    I hate it when dozens of bluefin keep you from catching yellowfin.
  161. PullinAhi

    The Pacific Quest

    Great boat and crew. They work really hard. Little tight between the rail and the house but 12 guys is still comfortable. I fished it last year on one of Spikes charters i'm sure Spike, Kevin and Chris will chime in on this thread.
  162. PullinAhi

    COLLECTOR Truline Octagon

    Socks with sandals? Really?
  163. PullinAhi

    halibut in the San Pedro area, standard...

    Nice butts! That's a great week of fishing!
  164. PullinAhi


    Good luck. Many people spend hundreds on fuel, and make a dozen+ trips before one hits the deck....if they are lucky. You will find here really quick there is one rule about seabass fishing... ..... You don't talk about seabass fishing...
  165. PullinAhi

    Wood Boat?

    Those are the pictures from craigslist. You didn't bring a camera or a phone camera when you went to see it?
  166. PullinAhi

    Moon Phase

    You are fishing a good moon phase. I picked the American Angler 8 day that leaves the day after you on the 28th. Dark moon phase with big tide swings. Also if the tuna and yellows are biting squid at the rocks it will be easier to make bait on a dark moon.
  167. PullinAhi

    Annual 99 cent store Valentines day add..

    Need a good cheap douche..
  168. PullinAhi

    Got My 2011 License

    I got in over 60 days on the ocean last year fishing and hooping combined and was checked 4 times for my fishing license by fish and game. I already have 6 days on the water this year and was checked 3 times already. Two times by fish and game, and once by the sheriff. I wonder if it's cause...
  169. PullinAhi

    FREE BOAT!!!! 31' Welcraft

    31ft Wellcraft suncruiser fishing boat, liveaboard, SELL TODAY!!
  170. PullinAhi

    Super Morning:

    Nice day, nice turd. Thanks for sharing Kevin.
  171. PullinAhi

    1-31 on the sum fun (late)

    All the Dana Wharf boats offer the bass in the bait tank for release later. They are extremely good about conservation. Congrats with the jackpot. Spike ......LOL
  172. PullinAhi

    Channel Islands 1/29-1/30

    Nice goats! Huge bugs! Great trip. Looks like the bass club has has teamed up with FFA on goat conservations now..
  173. PullinAhi


    800XLH is what I use. It's actually the rod in my current avatar, pulling on a 22 LB yellowfin tuna.
  174. PullinAhi

    Rpt-Sat-San Clemente Island.

    Ahh. Nice fishing! Bill called me Thursday night to come with you guys. Work restrictions left me on land....
  175. PullinAhi

    another swap meet gem

    looks just like the fore grip on the saluki-clause fishing rod.....
  176. PullinAhi

    60lb rig on a 6 day?

    Yes! You can use it for a few things. Trolling, Dropper loop night fishing for big mean yellows at lupe or cedros or my favorite... Using it for the "slide" at lupe when the 50-80 LB tuna are off the island on black porpoise. Then after you get one on 60 quick you can drop down to 40 or 50 for...
  177. PullinAhi

    SD Bay gives it up 1/22

    Very nice fish. The bay produces some beauties!
  178. PullinAhi

    Hooping on the pier?

    I started out hooping on the San Clemente pier 4 years ago. Went about ten times my first season doing it. Never caught a legal. And got a total of 15 shorts or so. Mostly did it to spend time with friends and drink a few beers. Next 2 seasons got friends with boats into hooping, last year...
  179. PullinAhi

    Lupe trips

    The Islander has been doing this very thing for years on their shark diving trips. They also plan to do it this year on their fall 5 and 6 day trips. If you look at their web site they have committed that they will be fishing the LUPE this fall. Luke (Ryan's dad)
  180. PullinAhi

    Spinning rod for surface iron

    Agreed. My dad used to take me down to the harbor when I was around 8 years old and he taught me how to cast a conventional reel. If you don't live by a place for that go to a park with a bucket of water to wet the line and cast away. It will pay off big time when there is a plunker albacore...
  181. PullinAhi

    Xtreme Fuel Treatment Presents - Beat this Caption ending Jan. 26, 2011

    I said yummy "flyer".....not "fly her"
  182. PullinAhi

    Xtreme Fuel Treatment Presents - Beat this Caption ending Jan. 26, 2011

    The yummy flyer blew through the kite rotation by mid morning.
  183. PullinAhi

    BD Special Fishing 3/4 Day Trip and Potluck on the Point Loma

    Thanks Maggie. I was going either way :hali_olutta: The 20 th has way better tide movement anyways... Day after full moon
  184. PullinAhi

    BD Special Fishing 3/4 Day Trip and Potluck on the Point Loma

    It's also the last day of Fred Hall show in LB. Maggie, put Michelle and I down for a big salad for the pot luck. (I heard Simon likes it extra tossed with ranchers... I mean ranch dressing)
  185. PullinAhi

    1/17 Catalina, Tanner, Cortes

    Sheephead are nearshore rockfish and are closed for fishing from Jan 1 to Feb 29. Hope you let it go.
  186. PullinAhi

    LBC 1/15/11 Full Pots

    That sir is an epic night of exploring. Congrats!
  187. PullinAhi

    Many Thanks to Mark Wisch for the FF Seminar @ Pacific Edge Tackle

    Great seminar. I'm very glad I went. I learned a lot. Thanks for putting it together.
  188. PullinAhi

    Sum Fun Halibut Derby On The Water Report

    Ha! No when it's F- with Pica day the fake BD profiles come out of the woodworks! Either way I'm going on next Fridays halibut trip.
  189. PullinAhi

    Depthsounder/Fishfinder seminar Jan. 13th

    I learned a lot at the seminar last night. Thanks for putting it on.
  190. PullinAhi

    7/8 Day in June

    It will be nice to meat and fish with a few BDr's. My dad and I are on that one!
  191. PullinAhi

    Long range calendar?

    Yes they do. In the very back there is the schedule of the long range boats.
  192. PullinAhi

    Want to buy: USED Boat 20' or similar

    Lots of nice rides on craigslist right now for dirt cheap. Saw a few that need power. Click on boats, and use the key word "center". It will filter out everything else.
  193. PullinAhi

    LNL on 1-11-10 limit plus

    Epic! I got the skunk last week there, water was still dirty! Might go down there tomorrow for a few hours before that fish finder seminar...
  194. PullinAhi

    Whats up with the new format????

    X 100
  195. PullinAhi

    Cod fishing and dolphin release 01/06 (video)

    Good job man! That little guy will lead you to a school of Tuna in the future.
  196. PullinAhi

    Congrats Spike!

    Congrats Spike! Thanks for the picture text. Good looking kid! You have a beautiful family.
  197. PullinAhi

    Kickin' off the New Year - Dana Bassfest

    Very nice Dana report. Thanks for the 411.
  198. PullinAhi

    Depthsounder/Fishfinder seminar Jan. 13th

    I'll be there with my buddy Tony. Millerlowlife.
  199. PullinAhi

    1998 SS Striper 2600 WACC (Buonafortuna)

    Dang Jesse. Sorry man. That's a sweet ride too. I check out the boat every time I'm in Dana harbor.
  200. PullinAhi

    LNL 12-31-2010 big fish chewing

    I was thinking of going tomorrow too ....same question
  201. PullinAhi

    WSB rod and reel

    800ML. And a Trinidad 16n with 65lb braid to 40lb floro is the go to squid/kelp cutter rig in my opinion. I have never fished with the Phoenix rods though. I think Brandon Hayward says the Phoenix 909h is his favorite and he caught an unbelievable amount sea bass this last year... Or you can...
  202. PullinAhi

    halibut help for newbie

    Every Friday Dana Wharf Sportfishing does Halibut drift only trips. That's your best shot! Give them a call. They will tell you the details.. 949-496-5694 Orange County, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Charters, Cruises, Music Cruises, Fishing, Sportfishing, Deep Sea Fishing & Sport fishing...
  203. PullinAhi

    Bait Fisherman Suck

    Re-post..... But sill funny
  204. PullinAhi

    Stay away from the Structure

    I have one with a bend in it too.. Cleated it to the anchor cleat and threw it in reverse. Promar nets are really durable and the rope connections are very strong.
  205. PullinAhi

    Local limits on New Years

    Nice critters there! Your friends missed out!!
  206. PullinAhi

    one last time

    That is a sweet bucket of bugs! I got the skunk last night out of dana... only shorts
  207. PullinAhi

    Let the shit talking begin

    You wearing this when you swam in?....:rofl:
  208. PullinAhi

    Thanks American Angler Tiburon 12-8 / 12-19

    Right on. I can tell you what worked and what didn't at the dock.
  209. PullinAhi

    Thanks American Angler Tiburon 12-8 / 12-19

    Which one are you on. My dad and I just booked on the May 28th- June 5th. 8 day on the AA.
  210. PullinAhi

    25 Grumpy including two new top tens 12.23.10

    Wow big bass Joe! Congrats on the personal best.
  211. PullinAhi

    Dana Point Harbor

    Taken at 8am this morning
  212. PullinAhi

    Dana Point Harbor

    Yeah it's a mess. Yesterday Catalina express was help up leaving Dana. They had to wait for harbor patrol to remove the full grown palm tree that was blocking the harbor entrance...just an idea of the stuff that's floating around there
  213. PullinAhi

    Best surface iron reel?

    Why would you change? You are using the ideal reel now. IMO. If anything get the DC 20.
  214. PullinAhi

    New Lobster card pic....a little long, what do you think?

    Yeah the new license printers can't print front and back, only front so they are really long.
  215. PullinAhi

    Thanks for the hook up...Gargoyles Glasses

    Gargoyle my ass... Looks more like a Drunk mosquito.
  216. PullinAhi

    Garmin 162 GPSMAP

    Still for sale.
  217. PullinAhi

    Vessel Assist - comments

    Get it! I didn't have it when I broke down. They wanted $180 bucks an hour to come tow me in. That price starts when the captain turn his boat on to warm up the motors, and stops when he is back at the dock. It would have been around 250 bucks for a tow. I called a friend instead. Tony's tow...
  218. PullinAhi

    Ending the Year of 2010 Strong! - 30.4 pound Local Halibut

    Wow that's a big one! Nice job. The butts have been biting!
  219. PullinAhi

    It happened

    I just got this email...... Closing Waters to Sportfishing in Southern California Denies Public’s Right to Access Public Waters California Fish and Game Commission ignores numerous legal concerns by approving MPA regulations Sacramento, CA – December 15, 2010 – Despite ongoing...
  220. PullinAhi

    San Diego butt slapping bonanza!

    Thanks Spike! It was hard to get up in the morning from the schooners we were pounding Monday night :hali_olutta: Yeah sure did get it fixed. It was the lower unit. Let's fish your skiff for some cod before it closes..... Always Bro! Lol. Well Carmack knows right where it is. We...
  221. PullinAhi

    Tropic Star Lodge Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending Dec 16th, 2010

    You're going to have to come with us... You tested positive for steroid use.
  222. PullinAhi

    San Diego butt slapping bonanza!

    After 3 failed attempts to scratch up a Halibut out of Dana Point area my good friend Captain Tony (Millerlowlife) and I decided to trailer his 20 foot Grady White down to S.D and fish some of his secret Halibut honey holes that he discovered while running a charter boat down there this last...
  223. PullinAhi

    TravisT, Happy MF-ing B-day!

    Happy birthday Travis! You going to to the Dana Wharf x-mas party wends night? I'll buy you a few beers!
  224. PullinAhi

    Local Limits:

    Hey, fun either way!
  225. PullinAhi

    Help... resizing photos and shit

    With photobucket you can upload multiple pictures at a time but not files. Then copy the IMG code and paste it directly into your BD post.
  226. PullinAhi

    Help... resizing photos and shit

    If you upload them to they will automatically make them 600 x 800. You can use them for B.D from there. That's what I use for all my posts.. Or re save them for emailing.
  227. PullinAhi

    Western Outdoors News

    I read every issue. Well the fishing stuff. I don't care for the hunting section. Brandon has spend a lot of time on the water and is extremely knowledgeable.
  228. PullinAhi

    TSharks in Dana Point

    I have spend a lot of time in Dana Harbor over the years. I have never seen one or heard about one in there. Doesn't mean they don't come in and out. My grandfather used to participate in a "inside only" thresher tournament inside Long Beach harbor back in the 60-70's.
  229. PullinAhi

    Late season exploring- tuna @ Cortes and beyond

    Are you going to bring your PVC shark cage??
  230. PullinAhi

    Garmin 162 GPSMAP

    Pm sent. Still available.
  231. PullinAhi

    12/05/10 Stormy but Worth it.

    Very nice. Bug crawl has slowed out of Dana in the past 2 weeks. Glad you found them. I know a few friends that have gotten the Dana skunk lately.
  232. PullinAhi


    You looking for something like this? This is my really good friend Andy's rat rod.
  233. PullinAhi

    selling all my stuff

    Got any PL 68's?
  234. PullinAhi

    COWZILLA is 406 pounds

    Did you also read that it was a kamikazi fish that got disoriented in the lights and was gaffed on the other side of the boat in just a few min...
  235. PullinAhi

    New Potential World Record Yellowfin Tuna - 405.2#!!!!!

    Very nice! Think they will change out the mount in fishermans landing office?
  236. PullinAhi

    COWZILLA is 406 pounds

    That's a big fish! Congrats!
  237. PullinAhi

    Davey's Locker Newport... Terrible

    X 2 But I am a cattle boat pro! Can't go wrong with. Wooley, Pica, Jack and Cory. They run good 3/4 day trips. And very kid friendly. Want to go for 1/2 off. Try the two for Tuesday. This time of year even Tuesday's are going out with 20 people or so.
  238. PullinAhi

    Broke down, but got a big goat!

    It was the lower unit...getting fixed tomorrow. Be back on the water soon!
  239. PullinAhi

    Got a new toy.

    Hey cool little bassin, hoopin skiff. Make sure you get sea tow or vessel assist. . . I learned the hard way. Can't wait for some reports!
  240. PullinAhi

    Cows, Super Cows, and ?

    There is cow, super cow, why not call a 400 lbr a Bull? Makes sense.
  241. PullinAhi

    Surfdoc's NO Star fish processing service...

    Nice i'll bet you work for beer too! Sweet cutting boar view!
  242. PullinAhi

    Garmin 162 GPSMAP

    Hey Gang. I have a Garmin 162 chart plotter/GPS for sale. I purchased it a month and a half ago from a fellow BD'r but it is a little too complicated for me, So it's back up for sale. It works great, just not the right thing for me. I paid $175 for it, and I want to get $175 back. No trades. I...
  243. PullinAhi

    He's Back...

    Right on Tim!
  244. PullinAhi

    Rpt-SCI-12-02-10 Slow Start, good ending!

    Nice Cory! Once again lots of fun fishing with John and Ron! Nice reds you guys got there!
  245. PullinAhi

    Spike was born 14 years ago on this day....

    Happy birthday buddy! How is the foot?
  246. PullinAhi

    upgraded the lobster hauler to 18 stringari

    Nice Mark! What did you do with the Woodward? Still have it?
  247. PullinAhi

    What is your favorite...

    Private boat.... Subway or Togos sandwiches Local boats... Burritos, burgers. Long range..... Totally spoiled. But if the fish are biting I probably won't even taste the food cause I'll eat to fast and get back to the rail.
  248. PullinAhi

    To Cod or not to Cod

    In southern California cod is closed from Jan 1st till march 1st. And lingcod is closed from Jan 1st and opens April 1 st. So cod away till new years eve.
  249. PullinAhi

    Happy Birthday PullinAhi

    Thanks Spike. Your birthday is in a couple days too....:hali_olutta:
  250. PullinAhi

    Broke down, but got a big goat!

    :rofl: Yeah he was showing off.... Next week buddy. Thanks Spike. We had a fun night. Lots of laughing! Thanks Max. I sure will!
  251. PullinAhi

    Broke down, but got a big goat!

    Thank you everyone for the advise and recommendations. I will be looking into it next week. I have no time this week. I will post up what I find out. I will also post up in the boating discussion forum. Hopefully it's just a spun prop.....
  252. PullinAhi

    Broke down, but got a big goat!

    Michelle and I went to go do some halibut drifts on Saturday. We got the scoop on where a boat got 4 legals on friday. We did the sleep in (cause we drank too much wine the night before) trip. Launched from Dana Point a little before 11, got some mixed anchovies, sardines, and 2 Macs from Jeff...
  253. PullinAhi

    Offshore Halibut

    My best friend is a commercial fisherman. I have helped him out as crew. We commercially fished halibut in 180-220 feet of water in the winter and were very successful.
  254. PullinAhi

    Irvine Lake 11/22 with FKG on NoZilla.....Limits of big Rainbows

    Fun day! I got to get out there and give this trout thing a try!
  255. PullinAhi

    A Full-Sized Woody SCI 11.18.10

    Nice ling and reds. Funny report. Thanks Joe.
  256. PullinAhi

    Chilean Sea Bass Filets in San Diego

    Patagonian toothfish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  257. PullinAhi

    Lost my job and pretty stuck

    With his attitude he wont last through the first interview at Costco. Maybe Wal-mart is a better start...:rofl:
  258. PullinAhi

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    So is the bait pump as good as your flesh-light?
  259. PullinAhi

    Wheeler to Mateo 11.16.10

    Saw you out there Joe. Buddy and I were in the old school blue and white skiff that passed off your bow when you were anchored off mateo. We might have been the only 2 boats out there besides the commercial lobster guys. We were doing halibut drifts off the domes. Nothing to report. Just one...
  260. PullinAhi

    Our Daughters 1st fishing trip, Lake Irvine 11/17

    Nice job buddy! Do it the right way and she will be hooked for life. Michelle and I wish you and Jamie the best next month.
  261. PullinAhi

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    Now where did I place that dip net....
  262. PullinAhi

    Fishing for my Bachelor Party

    Was involved with a bachelor party for a buddy last year. It was fun on the water with a bunch of friends. That time of year you will probably be fishing cod, but there was an epic yellowtail bite off of Ensenada that time this last April..
  263. PullinAhi

    Best way to target the LingasaurusRex

    White PL68, big Mac, or sardines. I think it's like halibut fishing. The one that puts it in front of the ling's nose gets the bite.
  264. PullinAhi

    Best way to target the LingasaurusRex

    It limits their swimming. Macs on a dropper loop foul your line up from erratic circles. And on deep drops with macs they foul everyones around you up. Clip the tail you will have less tangles. Don't do it with sardines.
  265. PullinAhi

    That's Not A Shark! This Is A Shark

    Wow. :rofl:
  266. PullinAhi

    ***Pics & Report from the BD Holiday Party with Saluki Claus!***

    Michelle and I had a great time meeting and greeting with a handful of you guys. Super excited that I won the box of Ed's jigs in the raffle. Can't wait to use them. Thank you for putting together a fun event.
  267. PullinAhi

    Lobstering on Cod Rocks 11/11/10

    150 feet..... Ouch! But well rewarded.
  268. PullinAhi

    Catalina Fishing/Diving Report 11/5-7

    Very good report! Spooky on the GWS!
  269. PullinAhi

    wheres the bugs in OC?? anyone know?

    Took me 3 season and a lot of skunked freezing, wet nights for nothing to figure out this lobster thing. And I still have a skunk night every now and then. Are you serious? Man up, spend time on the water and figure it out. Your electronics are your friend sir.
  270. PullinAhi

    what 3/4 day boat is the best to take a trip on

    I prefer the San Diego out of seaforth. Always works hard, if there are game fish around he will run and gun to get on them. Ryan Bostian is just a very nice classy guy and runs a great 3/4 day operation. And the boat has rsw. Fish come out in perfect shape. The boat is a platform, very...
  271. PullinAhi

    Avalon with kids and bugs:

    That's the way to do it. Nice man. Envious of your weekend.
  272. PullinAhi

    Guadalupe and immigration issue

    I was at Lupe last year when the call came in and told us we needed to leave. Fishing was as good as it gets. Sad day. Apollo didn't find a way. That way has been know for years. Its required in order to do the great white shark research trips to lupe. It's just a touchy subject because sac...
  273. PullinAhi

    Avalon with kids and bugs:

    Now that is a fun weekend! How many bugs you end up with after 3 days and all the kids
  274. PullinAhi

    Dreamer November Seabass.............

    Very nice fishing there. Way to squeeze in a last seabass trip!
  275. PullinAhi

    Limits for 4 in 2.5 hours! That's 28 lobsters if you can't add. :)

    Nice job on the critters. That's a fun night when the nets are full. I was out last night. Dana wall was a mess with boats. Did some exploring. Got 4.
  276. PullinAhi

    Fishfinder and transducer

    Thanks guys. Bought a unit off of craigslist. I appreciate all the pm's I got.
  277. PullinAhi

    I think I have grown & matured.....

    Sorry about the leg Spike. I'll keep 2 rod holders open for your crutches when we go out.
  278. PullinAhi

    Man Quiz 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

    Yup. Lol
  279. PullinAhi

    1st time aboard the Freedom, 1st time fishing SBI

    Very cool spike. Great overnight trip! Good call on going north.
  280. PullinAhi

    Tailgating Competition

    Looks good! And sounds delicious!
  281. PullinAhi

    First time: Hooping tips

    Rowing? Please use lights. I've seen close encounters with kayakers at night with out lights.
  282. PullinAhi

    Sea Ray Laguna 25' WAC

    On F.B. Few pics.
  283. PullinAhi

    FKG's Halloween Costume...... He's Sushi.

    Sweet costume!!! Very creative. Bring band-aids while trick or treating. Socks and sandals might give blister.
  284. PullinAhi

    Sea Ray Laguna 25' WAC

    Sorry bro. I know how that is with selling vehicles on C.R. Crappy offers. Hold out. you will find that buyer.
  285. PullinAhi

    Facebook no on 21 page

    Well stated. I will send out a similar email. Thank you for sharing. We should all do the same.
  286. PullinAhi

    Facebook no on 21 page

    Not that many fans but they got me. Stop the Car Tax Scam - No on 21 | Facebook
  287. PullinAhi

    Dana Lobster report 10-24 10-25

    And when we were cleaning the boat we he was checking out his arms. I think he needs to switch hit for a few months..... Even them out a little. :rofl:
  288. PullinAhi

    Please stay away from me!

    Saw that picture...... Nice fish!
  289. PullinAhi

    Dana Lobster report 10-24 10-25

    And your little buddies arms are probably that sore on a daily basis...:rofl:
  290. PullinAhi

    Dana Lobster report 10-24 10-25

    That was a fun night. It's So easy when you have a system down with people who know what they are doing. Good times. I'm down to go again when you guys are! Thanks for driving Jesse. It would have been crowded on my skiff. The coffee and pizza hit the spot!
  291. PullinAhi

    What's your favorite video you've ever made?

    What did you do with the 15 carp you shot for the video?
  292. PullinAhi

    Monster Dana Bug!

    Nice local bug! Way to go!
  293. PullinAhi

    Lobster fishing help, please?

    Excelent advise here..
  294. PullinAhi

    Lobster Basics

    Very well said. Took 3 seasons with alot of long nights for nanda for me to figure out the lobster game. Your post answers lots of questions I see asked on here. Thanks!
  295. PullinAhi

    lobster wanted

    About 25 bucks a pound at the markets this season. The comercial guys are getting around 17.
  296. PullinAhi

    QUESTION! Best Hand Held GPS for SOCAL? (XMAS is coming...!)

    My buddy has The Garmin 76 too. Its bad ass! Its on my list of things to buy.
  297. PullinAhi

    San Diego Bay Buggin

    Well done man. Thats a nice night out!
  298. PullinAhi

    Your biggest fish/line size differential

    10 foot calcutta lift pole with rope tied to 200lb leader got me three 15lb yellowfin in about 2 minutes.
  299. PullinAhi

    Finally got a big one! Dana 10-22-10

    Long night, half in the bag after buccaneer days last year, was doing some hammered dingy hooping. lol Yes dick, and you were there too, dont make me bring out the pics of you wearing Michelles Bra! Saw those! You guys slayed them!
  300. PullinAhi

    Craigslist help/advice

    I sold a car on Craigslist and got 25+ emails, offers ect over 3 weeks. Out of those 25+ only one person came to see it. He was the one who ended up buying it. Lots of people requesting more pics, lots of poeple making lowball offers, and lots of people trying to trade..... wait this sounds...
  301. PullinAhi

    Finally got a big one! Dana 10-22-10

    What exactly defines a Bugzilla? Is this a Bugzilla? Went out with my 2 buddies Tony(millerlowlife) and Robby. Left Dana at 5 so to have our nets soaking for an hour before sundown. Worked the break wall, hard bottom, capo beach and surrounding areas for not much. Had a friend out there so...
  302. PullinAhi

    Hooping tonight 10.16.10

    My expierience with hooping is that I have 5+ friends that will go lobstering with me on a moments notice. And most of them call or text me to ask when are we going next. I never have an open spot. I'm sure it's the same for most people. Just letting you know.
  303. PullinAhi

    Fishfinder and transducer

    Hey guys I'm starting to pimp out the little skiff. Anyone have a fishfinder, transducer with the wires they want to sell. I'm on a tight budget so buying used will help me out. Maybe one of you guys have something laying around that you have replaced or upgraded and just haven't put it up...
  304. PullinAhi

    VOTE NO on Prop 21

    Can't say it enough. Sure there are people who missed this the first few times it was posted.
  305. PullinAhi

    Keeping Lobsters Now?

    The tails are frozen in my freezer. The only difference for me between this year and previous years is that I clean the bugs at home, not at the docks anymore.
  306. PullinAhi

    Flushing my boat Motor

    No hose hook ups at the launch ramp?
  307. PullinAhi

    Searcher 5 day Oct. 15-20th

    Nice croaker. Pays to be up early!
  308. PullinAhi

    GARMIN 162

    Thanks! Nice meeting you Pete. Going to hook it up tonight!
  309. PullinAhi

    Prop 21 Ads - Help!

    You see this crap.... Is this bribing for votes? “Yes on 21 for State Parks” Video Contest - Win $5,000! Create a video telling California voters why they should support Proposition 21 in the November 2010 election.
  310. PullinAhi

    NIB Promar 36" Eclipse Hoop Nets

    I think I'm going tonight and Friday. Shit maybe Sunday too. My. L/R trip got cancelled, so now I have 8 days off work. Looks like your boat is getting crowded with possible bringing your son and the buoy. What time you thinking Sunday. 2 boat team work could work.
  311. PullinAhi

    Dana bug hunting...don't bother

    Sweet one less hooper out of Dana. NLIDP
  312. PullinAhi

    Guadalupe Island 10/11 to 10/16 Epic Trip on Private Boat Scotty D

    Very very nice! If lupe wasn't so difficult to get there by sport boat my trip would be leaving in the morning.... Got to wait another year now
  313. PullinAhi


    Yup vote no on 21. Prop 21 increases every vehicle registration by $18 to go towards parks and recreation. The fine print says that 4% of that $18 goes straight to the mlpa. That's how they will be funding the pay checks of the rangers and the dfg who will be assigned to enforce the...
  314. PullinAhi

    NIB Promar 36" Eclipse Hoop Nets

    That's a really big nice boat. My little dinky skiff has been sitting by it in the parking lot this week. I'll be going out this weekend as well.
  315. PullinAhi

    canceled trips....

    Yup our trip on the islander that is supposed to leave this Thursday got cancelled. 6 day trip. Our trip was a direct result of Guadalupe island being closed.
  316. PullinAhi

    Dana Point Super Bug 10.17.10

    Released into Dana harbor huh........ J/k. Great job on your friends release. Was it male of female?
  317. PullinAhi

    Have You Ever.....

    Very nice! We were out Friday night too. Went north for one bug, came back in close to the harbor for 4 more. ..... You guys killed it! Nice job.
  318. PullinAhi

    Ridge Running....................

    Wow nice grouper! Fun trip. ....... Our 6 day on the islander leaving the 21st got cancelled. We need 4 or 5 more and that wont happen in 2 days....... Going to save the $$ and do a ridge trip next summer.
  319. PullinAhi

    Dana Point 'Wall' 10/14

    Nice going. I haven't seen fish and game at the Dana ramp this season yet. With the amount of shorts out of Dana I'm glad they are there.
  320. PullinAhi

    Still Some Big Yellow Roaming Catalina...

    Happy birthday Tim. Good work there bud. Glad you got them!
  321. PullinAhi


    Yup thats what I heard too. It is the talk of the docks. Only a few bucks put in the fillet jar. You guys get the epic WSB highlight trip of the season and cant even take care of the crew right...
  322. PullinAhi

    Hooping Dana 10-13-10. Good night on the water.

    Its all. Storage inside. There is one on the other side too. You can sit or stand on it.
  323. PullinAhi

    Hooping Dana 10-13-10. Good night on the water.

    Fog wasn't as bad as it looked. All night we could see everyone of our buoys from one end of the set to the other end. With enough lube anything can fit.....
  324. PullinAhi

    dexter's boat

    Bad ass show and bass ass boat.
  325. PullinAhi

    Hooping Dana 10-13-10. Good night on the water.

    Hooped with Michelle and My good buddy Andy last night out of Dana. Got hooked up on a gunny sack of macs from Rick on the Fury and a bucket of dead dines. Left the harbor at 5 and nets in the water by around 6. First pull of the night yeilded 17 shorts. 2 of wich were 1/20th of an inch short...
  326. PullinAhi

    Hot opportunity on the Islander

    Hey guys we are short a few anglers on this 6 day trip. Anyone have the time to do a last minute 6 day in style aboard the Islander? Leaves the 21st of October.
  327. PullinAhi

    Local 10/12/10 Big Bugs

    Just tossing this out there. What if I have only caught 6 legals all night. I'm pulling my last set and there are 3 keepers in the net. Now I have 6 in the tank and 3 in the net. Do I just work really fast to get them out? It hasn't happened yet. We always go with 3 people and we have never...
  328. PullinAhi

    Legend 10/9/10 1.5

    Nice report Spike. Thanks for the invite. Wish you guys slayer them. That is a classy act Spike... Handing off two fish before you caught one. That's just like you. Always wanting everyone to have a good time and catch fish!
  329. PullinAhi

    Lobzilla strikes LB

    That will be an awesome meal for the fam!
  330. PullinAhi


    Quite common. We usually get one or two a night. Got to be quick, they are pissed.
  331. PullinAhi

    Hoopin the Poona 10-7 D.P

    Yes it is. Its a great little skiff. Little wet ride but its was in my price range and great for hooping and bassin local. Yeah I wish... you know work and all that. Im on a 6 day On the Islander Oct 21st that looks like it might not go, few people short and an Island that is closed.
  332. PullinAhi

    Limits and a BIG roach SD 10-7

    Fuck! you will need a buzz saw to get that tail off!! Nice critter.
  333. PullinAhi

    Angler Center 5-day on the Red Rooster 3

    Doesnt beat yellows on the surface iron! Fun trip!
  334. PullinAhi

    Hoopin the Poona 10-7 D.P

    My fiance Michelle, Friend Tony (Millerlowlife)and his friend Laura took my skiff "2-stroke poona" of dana last night. Met up wit a cool BD'r Gary in the parking lot for some extra bait. Launched at 6:30. Crowded on the water 15 boats 10 kayakers, Most of the kayakers had no lights on. Everyone...
  335. PullinAhi

    10.02.10 Amigo Two Day - BFT/YFT!

    That's some VIP treatment there Bob! See you on the 16th?
  336. PullinAhi

    20' skipjack open for sale.

    This is how you sell a boat.
  337. PullinAhi

    1992 Gregor Seahawk IV 18'-5" CC

    Now that's how you sell a boat! Very detailed and the pictures are great. I enjoyed reading all your upgrades. Good luck.
  338. PullinAhi

    first bugzilla of the season

    Nice way to start the season. I haven't gotten a bugzilla in 3 years of hooping. Maybe this year is the year!
  339. PullinAhi

    10.02.10 Amigo Two Day - BFT/YFT!

    Very very nice report! I love the amigo. Our club charters it 8 times a year. Glad you found some tuna!!!
  340. PullinAhi


    The last picture is priceless with that huge grin! Nice bugs.
  341. PullinAhi

    spanked um!

    Sweet guys! How much boat traffic on the D P wall?
  342. PullinAhi

    Anybody not get all their caught fish on open party boats?

    When it gets a little crazy I tag my own fish. Why have the crew do something I can do when they should be in the corner untangling lines and gaffing tuna. It only takes 10 seconds to grab the stapler off the tank and do it.
  343. PullinAhi

    looking for a 5 day

    Only problem with that trip is that there is only 1 reservation on it.....
  344. PullinAhi

    looking for a 5 day

    Shogun just did the stones on a 6 day, had great tuna fishing with a few wahoo. Then swung by the closer islands and got some yellows to eat iron as a trip top off.
  345. PullinAhi

    waterproof back pack at Costco $35

    Costco off of Crown Valley and 5 freeway in Laguna Niguel still has about 60 left and they marked them down to $14.97. I bought one yesterday.
  346. PullinAhi

    Lobstering request for 2010-2011

    Lol over limit, I'll take 7!
  347. PullinAhi

    looking for a 5 day

    Been promoting this trip for a while.
  348. PullinAhi

    how many bloodydeckers...

    ARRRGGG!!! First rule of lightbulb fishing is that you don't talk about lightbulb fishing! It's going to be a parking lot of boats tomorrow!
  349. PullinAhi

    how many bloodydeckers...

    BULBSTOMPER YOU'RE GOING TO SHUT OFF THE "LIGHT" Remember to use small plugs and switches, and light wire, it's a touchy light!
  350. PullinAhi

    how many bloodydeckers...

  351. PullinAhi

    ProTackle Presents - Show Me Your Sunset

    Wow there are some very amazing shots guy! I have quite a few pictures but I have to pick one so here is my choice for my sunset picture
  352. PullinAhi

    September 2010 Avet Reels Photo Contest!!

    Here are a few! Picture/Pictures Name: Ryan Burson Location of fish caught: Hidden Bank Gear used: Date: AVET JX Here is my trip report link:
  353. PullinAhi

    Sand Bass

    He would know!
  354. PullinAhi

    Holy Hali

    Man you know how many times I've fail at the request of..... Could you please bring home a halibut? Nice fish there. Way to keep the lady happy! Hope she deosnt request white sea bass next time.....
  355. PullinAhi

    Any news on the bite, say at Guadalupe?

    We have open spots on a 6 day aboard the Islander. It's a month away. Leaves October. 21st and returns October 27 th.
  356. PullinAhi

    Yellowtail in the surf.

    WFO yellows on breadcrumbs! Nice!
  357. PullinAhi

    SeaHorse 10/17

    Nice job Travis! Michelle and I might do a horse trip soon.
  358. PullinAhi

    Pacific Voyager 2-day, slim pickens but rewarding

    Thanks for the report Spike. Congrats Kevin for jp. Tough trip but you each came home with something. What was the beer tab Spike?
  359. PullinAhi

    catalina lobster?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: People work years and years with countless hours/ days finding lobster spots. Good luck buddy. Put in your time. You will be rewarded.
  360. PullinAhi


    We would dig those up as kids. Find a good volume of sand crabs then dig really deep under them. Usually find one.
  361. PullinAhi

    Seeing Red Again 9.17.10 video

    7 hours is patience.... And it pays!!! Very nice job.
  362. PullinAhi

    2.5 day on the Pac Star 9/17-18

    Very nice! You had a great trip!
  363. PullinAhi

    Rancho Leonero Resort vacation Sept 9-16 2010

    That's a great vacation. My fiancé and I are thinking of going there and this write up might have just sold me! Thanks for sharing.
  364. PullinAhi

    Anyone fish the Islander 5 day that returned 9/17???

    I was on the trip that returned yesterday. John Conniff decided to drive straight to Benitos as the San Diego offshore scene went from good to bad due to small boat traffic. Remember there was a tuna tournament last weekend. The water going down the line was cold, we trolled but that did not...
  365. PullinAhi

    Wahoo in LA Harbor

    Wow no shit?!?!?!
  366. PullinAhi


    On my hit list of fishing trips! Panga style at cedros.
  367. PullinAhi

    Check this out

    Well that sucked for him.
  368. PullinAhi

    Sea Adventure 80

    Well done. Your freezer is happy!
  369. PullinAhi


    Yeah I saw that Travis. Good stuff there!
  370. PullinAhi


    Nice fishing there! But how do you have a farming sesh with only 14 anglers???
  371. PullinAhi

    The Season is upon us...

    Yup been collecting some bait scraps this summer and ready to get em!
  372. PullinAhi

    looking to hop on someones boat to hit the tuna

    So now you want a charter for you and your friend?
  373. PullinAhi

    9/12 371 SONS FIRST YFT!!!

    Very nice! I was 10 when I caught my first tuna. Caught a bunch of them! My dad, and Grandpa took me on a 5 day on the RR3.... if they only new then what they were starting.. Good Job Dad!
  374. PullinAhi

    Shimano Waxwings

    been talked about in many forums here. Use the search feature and you will find them.
  375. PullinAhi

    Tuna TRI-FECTA onboard the OUTER LIMITS

    Nice trifecta! And there is always "that guy" when fishing open party. Its just part of the sport.
  376. PullinAhi

    Bass to Bluefin 9.10 and 9.12

    Thanks Joe! Tuna dinner!
  377. PullinAhi

    Dominator YFT Slay

    A family that fishes together... well you know! You guys rock!
  378. PullinAhi

    100 Tuna On The Amigo @ Hidden Bank. BAM!

    Thanks! But we book our charters a year in advance. Try to pick them around moon phases and big tide swings. And I paid for this trip in March. Just good timing on our part.
  379. PullinAhi

    Ranger 85 on the Hidden Rescue/Report...

    I have been on a 6 day where one of my fishing buddies was air lifted to scripts. The coast guard came down almost 200 miles. And boy do they have the boarding and rescue down quick. Very glad to hear that everything is okay!
  380. PullinAhi

    brew your own beer?

    I have done a few batches as well. Got a little co2 tank and the corney keg that I keep in my extra fridge. Its fun. Haven't done a batch since last winter. I think I got to bust it out again soon!
  381. PullinAhi

    100 Tuna On The Amigo @ Hidden Bank. BAM!

    Yeah we were right there. The little Amigo fishing with the RR3 and the fleet. Mike was on his game, we had Tom Shanohan as our 2nd ticket and the right group of anglers who knew how to fish tuna..... and we were rewarded! Yes Sir.
  382. PullinAhi

    SEASONS YFT * BFT REPORT 9/10 - 9/12

    Very nice guys! Last friday they were biting 40lb right before sunset..
  383. PullinAhi

    Yellowfin on 11Setp2010

    Nice fish there bud!
  384. PullinAhi

    100 Tuna On The Amigo @ Hidden Bank. BAM!

    We caught all our fish Friday. It was nice out. :finger::rofl:
  385. PullinAhi

    100 Tuna On The Amigo @ Hidden Bank. BAM!

    Crew member got 2 bites and 1 fish on a mega bait style jig. Purple color. One of our guys was using a plastic on the slide and another was using the mega bait that the crew got it on but they didnt have any bites.
  386. PullinAhi

    130 lb. ulua from beach!!

    100 lb ulua from the rocks or the beach is a trophy! Congrats Man.
  387. PullinAhi

    100 Tuna On The Amigo @ Hidden Bank. BAM!

    Yup thats right! 83 Bluefin and 17 Yellowfin on the Amigo From Newport. Sep 9th-11th We had this DWRRC charter in the books and as the trip got closer and the tuna bit better Captain Mike wanted to get out of the dock at 6pm to be at the hidden bank before sun up. All the guys couldn"t be...
  388. PullinAhi

    Crew Position aboard a LongRanger

    Bob we are going to get em tonight! See you at the dock at 6.
  389. PullinAhi


    That's the way to do it!! Very very nice!
  390. PullinAhi

    Just in time for Make a Wish Tuna Challenge

    Sweet! Thanks for the info. I'm leaving tonight.
  391. PullinAhi

    Weds 9/8 Hidden Bank yft albie report

    Nice trip! I'll be out there Friday. Getting excited!
  392. PullinAhi

    Cat YT

    Well done guys!
  393. PullinAhi

    San Diego 3/4day offshore

    Booger has Mondays and Tuesdays off.
  394. PullinAhi

    Family trip to Bridgeport - Fish, Bears, & Deer. (Picture Heavy)

    That was a great read and a fun family vacation. Reminds me of camping and fishing vacations with my family when I was that little booger eater...
  395. PullinAhi

    What do you use to combat sea sickness

    I use Bonine. If you are easily subject to motion sickness you might also want to get a prescription for Scopase. That stuff is the best. It will cure you if you are sick.
  396. PullinAhi

    Do Your Balls Need Cleaning?

    Funny stuff right there!!
  397. PullinAhi

    09/05/10 Catalina

    Sounds like a fun day!
  398. PullinAhi

    Short trip with BBHC and the old man...

    You fell over? With out pictures it's BS! :rofl::rofl: That's a nice turd roller!
  399. PullinAhi

    Guadalupe Island?

    Search the forums. There is lots of talk about what's going on. Word on the street is that they are close to resolving it....shhhh
  400. PullinAhi


    Good stuff! Those are bigger than the football sized ones.
  401. PullinAhi

    3 day on Islander report 9/2

    The crew of the islander works their butts off for every trip. Wish fishing was better this year. I'm on a 6 day on the islander in October.
  402. PullinAhi

    Skiff T-Boned in the Kelp 1 Confirmed Dead

    Nice job Joe! Really fun day of fishing there.
  403. PullinAhi

    Hoop Net

    Yes you can use them. About 2 weeks ago the dfg finally made a definition of what a hoop net is and the ambush and eclipse are allowed. There is a thread somewhere on here and an article in WON.
  404. PullinAhi

    9/2 Yellowfin on the San Diego.. :)

    Good stuff there. I got 4 yellowfin with booger 2 years ago. I love how he will run 30-40 miles for tuna on a 3/4 day!
  405. PullinAhi

    Shogun 4 Day 08.29 - 09.02

    Str8 up good fishing there. Str8 congrats!
  406. PullinAhi

    Calstar Grafighter 700H

    I use it for 40# as well. I use a 765L for 50# and a 765ML for 60#
  407. PullinAhi

    Red flags for a used boat buyer?

    You still full time Ramona or are up in the L.B often?
  408. PullinAhi

    Red flags for a used boat buyer?

    Did you trailer it back yourself or did you have it shipped.
  409. PullinAhi

    Red flags for a used boat buyer?

    Just a side thought.... why are awesome cheap CC's a dime a dozen in Florida? WTF.
  410. PullinAhi

    Red flags for a used boat buyer?

    Howie, Excellent advise. Thank you. Rich Im looking from La to SD. Im in OC. I will Deffinatly take you up on that if it's in your neck of the woods. Thanks guys.
  411. PullinAhi

    Red flags for a used boat buyer?

    I got a captain friend that is going to go with me to check out whatever I find. He has a Whaler CC, ran sport boats for years and currently runs a sportfisher yacht. I've been emailing a few people with adds up on the internet. The sea trial is a great idea. One thing if it runs in the...
  412. PullinAhi

    Red flags for a used boat buyer?

    Hey Gang. I have started the process of looking for a Skiff/ Center Console to purchase. I personally have never owned a boat before but grew up with friends and family that have. I don't have much cash but at the same time want to make sure I make a wise purchase. I know some of you guys are...
  413. PullinAhi

    Hooops, Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday man! Is it lobster season yet...
  414. PullinAhi


    That one has been floating around the Internet for years.
  415. PullinAhi

    08.29.10 Tradition with Ricky-Ray and 976-Tuna

    Nice local report. Where is heathers big rockfish?
  416. PullinAhi

    August 2010 Avet Reels Photo Contest

    Picture: Boiler Bass Name: Ryan Burson Location of fish caught: SCI Boiler rocks Gear used: AVET MXL 6/4 and Calstar 800H Date: August 28th 2010 Caught and released a limit of Calico Bass from 3-7+lbs This Bass was 22 inches with a girth of 15.5 inches.(about 6.5#'s) Avet MXL 6/4 on a Calstar...
  417. PullinAhi

    Has Anyone Fished the "Islander"

    Yeah forgot to mention that. Every deckhand and the cook has their captains license. Makes you feel pretty good when you have 6 or 7 guys on the boat with their ticket.
  418. PullinAhi

    Epic Day - On the Mardiosa

    Ahh you guys suck! Great fishing right there! Way to get em Tim!
  419. PullinAhi

    Has Anyone Fished the "Islander"

    I have done four 5 day trips one 6 day trip and doing another 6 day trip this October on it. Very top notch operation. Crew has been the same for years and they work great together. 4 bait tanks up top and a slammer in the back so on a 2.5 bait won't be an issue. Very comfortable staterooms and...
  420. PullinAhi

    Any Word on the LUPE?

    You are restricted to only fishing lupe right now. For example: you check in and leave from Ensenada mx. Go the 24 hours to lupe and the fishing sucks, water is cold and there is no life you are not allowed to go anywhere else until re checking back in in Ensenada. So you cant jump from lupe...
  421. PullinAhi

    2 spots, limited load charter leaving Thursday 8/26

    Thatnks for taking the spot Greg. Looking forward to fishing with you!
  422. PullinAhi

    Huntington Pandoras BOX.

    Oh the 909 won't like this at all......:rofl:
  423. PullinAhi

    Bongos Scores Seabass at SCI! Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Nice work Pam! Way to out fish the guys again! I'll be at sci for two days this weekend. Maybe they will still be around if the navy is nice....
  424. PullinAhi

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : ! ! ! M I S F I T S ! ! !

    Nice jellow! And a pretty cool version of "skulls"
  425. PullinAhi

    Producer has 3 albacore

    Joel was driving and they were south. Just FYI
  426. PullinAhi

    2 spots, limited load charter leaving Thursday 8/26

    The fishing club that I belong to, Dana Wharf Rod and Reel Club, has two openings on our 2-day charter fishing Friday and Saturday, 8/27 and 8/28. We leave Thursday night at 9 PM from Newport Landing. The cost is $385,it does not include food. Steaks are BBBQ'd on Friday night for dinner. The...
  427. PullinAhi

    Unbelievable... brother saves sister from rapist

    1:10. Hide your kids hide your wife 'cause they rapping everyone out here That's funny.
  428. PullinAhi

    Accurates reels

    Guess it was to good to be true. New accurates with spectra for 300 bucks. Ha. How do you not know if your reels have 2 speeds or not...... Sounds Fishy
  429. PullinAhi

    Good day on plastics 8/14/10

    He said he C&R it. That's catch and release. FYI: read this Calico Bass current world record fish at 14.5 lbs and was 27 years old, while a 9.5 lb bass was 34 years old. So it's hard to say how old they are. Either way big bass are really old! good job on the release.
  430. PullinAhi

    Good day on plastics 8/14/10

    Nice bass there! Huge local one! You happen to measure the length and get pics of it in inches. There is a monthly bass contest on B D and that is deffinatly a contender!
  431. PullinAhi

    Sitka Ak-A Huge Halibut

    Wow that is a big ass fish!
  432. PullinAhi

    Accurates reels

    The add started out as the reels were two speeds. What happened after I pm'd you.
  433. PullinAhi

    8-18 Dana Wharf 3/4 with J.P

    No matter how empty my freezer is I catch and release all local calicos unless they are bleeding from a deep hook. Might just take one or two from clemente island every now and then. Personal choice. Let em go
  434. PullinAhi

    Anyone have a trip going late October...spots?

    You can join us again on the islander..... Not quite your dates but oct 21 to 27. It would be fun to fish with you again Brian.
  435. PullinAhi

    8-18 Dana Wharf 3/4 with J.P

    LOL It was 3 people not just you.... :) Next time!
  436. PullinAhi

    8-18 Dana Wharf 3/4 with J.P

    Tried to rally some troops for some local fishing this week but none of my private boater buddies could do it. And my local fishing buddies said “F” that have you seen the counts they suck I’m not wasting 60 buck to go on a boat ride. Well I did! <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =...
  437. PullinAhi

    Attack on Shimano -- MLPA Dirty Tricks

    Going from bicycle shop to bicycle spreading this. B.S. lame!
  438. PullinAhi

    5 Day on the Top Gun 80

    Nice haul and great quality. Thanks for sharing.
  439. PullinAhi

    Spectra Problem

    After fishing and de rigging my gear or when re spooling with new line for the next time I always tie a loop in the end of the line so an under wrap doesn't happen. Or if it's a short kelp cutter rig I will use a rubber band and wrap it around the reel handle.
  440. PullinAhi

    San Clemente island 8/13-8/15 w/pics

    Nice yellow. Never sleep in at clemente. As soon as the anchor is dropped you should be fishing.
  441. PullinAhi

    8/9 to 8/14/2010 - intrepid 5 day to cedros island, baja california

    Thanks Alan. Getting me excited for my 6 day in October. You do very detailed write-ups. Great pictures.
  442. PullinAhi

    Spectra Problem

    And if you were fishing at night, I would guess that you rigged at night and possibly didn't see an under wrap.
  443. PullinAhi

    Spectra Problem

    Yeah sounds like it was spooled on loose and you might have possibly had an under wrap too.
  444. PullinAhi

    Where's the waxwing?

    And they have everyone in stock. At least they did on Saturday.
  445. PullinAhi

    Senor Tuna two Day Rock Cod fun on the Pacific Voyager.

    Ah it sucks when you're fishing cod at 90 miles in august. Well the freezer is happy.
  446. PullinAhi


    Never a short bite, they will swallow the whole thing.
  447. PullinAhi

    What to bring to fish san clemente

    No squid = no yellows. The boats that get yellows yesterday in the cove had live squid. Some boats didn't and didn't get a sniff from a yellow.
  448. PullinAhi


    Where do the batteries go?
  449. PullinAhi


    Sounds like the same thing that's going on here.
  450. PullinAhi

    How do you fish the Shimano Wax Wings?

    I have a few of them too. Fished them at clemente and caught some bass, had lots of followers every cast. Even had a yellowtail chase it to the corner of the boat. The jigs have the perfect surface iron action. Straight tie spectra to the jig. It helps with the kelp. If you are using mono and...
  451. PullinAhi

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing just called

    My dad is there on an amigo charter right now. Hopefully they are getting em too!
  452. PullinAhi

    Rpt. Wed. 08-11-10 SCI Calicos

    Melton has em in stock. I was told that the Long Fin in Orange has them as well. I have a couple. they swim great.
  453. PullinAhi

    Rpt. Wed. 08-11-10 SCI Calicos

    Hey I know that bass spot! Ron and John are good guys. I fish with them alot. Sorry about your yellow. We lost a few of them 3 weeks ago to the dogs there. And yes it is sad the the S.D boats are fishing Clemente and not offshore.
  454. PullinAhi

    Dana Point: Gulped Again 8.12.10

    Very nice Joe. Last Monday that scum was all over the place too. Going out again out of Dana this Monday for some bass and maybe a few halibut drifts.
  455. PullinAhi

    Friday the 13th Spanked a Couple Butts

    Nice butts. I'm going out Monday for some.
  456. PullinAhi

    Outer Limits 2 Day Report 8/6 - 8/8

    Boy does the outer limits know rockfish. That's all they do on the winter is rockfish research. Nice yellow. Beautiful reds.
  457. PullinAhi

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    He never came clean about the cock under his skirt:rofl: and :cheers: to Ali and Jason.
  458. PullinAhi

    Dropper Loop vs Dropshot?

    The dropper loop is better cause your bait can float more freely and have better presentation. The drop shot also has a weak tag end (where you tie your weight) and if snags on the bottom will break your knot pretty easily. If your using a palomar drop shot knot. Dropper loop is stronger.
  459. PullinAhi

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    If your into a bunch of filthy fishermen and one. He/she , I guess so??? :rofl::rofl:
  460. PullinAhi

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    My brother works for a travel agency. They have a corporate office in Maui. He actually worked there on property for 3 years. Back on main land now. His job was to refer tourists out on fun adventures, and work as a concierge. I will email this to him and have him forward it to his replacement...
  461. PullinAhi

    Possible $20,000. 364Lb halibut

    This was emailed to me today. Alaska angler wins epic struggle with monster halibut
  462. PullinAhi

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    We don't fish on Wednesdays. This is more entertaining then trolling for 1 albacore every 3 hours 16 min.
  463. PullinAhi

    Great White San Onofre

    Glad someone knows how to video them. What happened to the other video that never came up.....
  464. PullinAhi

    Don't dare asking for advice about Maui

    If it can be found, popcorn and magnifying glass please.
  465. PullinAhi

    Don't dare asking for advice about Maui

    You also only gave it 24 hours then posted again. Maybe everyone was out catching marlin got in late, cleaned the boat and went to bed to do it again today. I know gold diggers want want want now now now........ Patience.
  466. PullinAhi

    Hot opportunity on the Islander

    Got a little interest from some BDers. Bump. See if anyone else is interested. It's a light load right now. I think 8 or 10 signed up and the boat will probably go with about 14 at the minimum.
  467. PullinAhi

    TEAM BASSTIC - Return to San Clemente Island - New Video!

    Good stuff right there. Thanks for sharing.
  468. PullinAhi

    Reds Vs. Cardinals Brawl

    :argue::finger::slap: Awesome
  469. PullinAhi

    Playing Captain with great Bass'n 8-9-10

    Figured you would be running a charter like you have been the last 3 Lets get together soon for a :hali_olutta: with the ladies.
  470. PullinAhi


    Holy shit. That's the way to do it! Great job boys. Glad someone is getting some tuna to bite!
  471. PullinAhi

    Playing Captain with great Bass'n 8-9-10

    On Saturday I was talking with my buddy Erik Carmack about a wedding we were going too on Sunday. I also told him I was thinking of going on a ¾ day on Monday. He said screw that idea I’ll give you the keys to my boat. Go out and find some fish. I have fished the boat (18 foot Whaler outrage)...
  472. PullinAhi


    Bent @ 'Lupe 81lbs of YFT Last fish of the trip on an Islander overnight and Jackpot My future wife Michelle and a slime stick on the Iron on the Dana Pride.
  473. PullinAhi

    Dana Point: Freight Trained 8.5.10

    That's great! Good local Fishing there.
  474. PullinAhi

    Guadalupe Permits

    We were at the island as well when it got closed. We had excellent fishing up until then. We had two full days days there before we got the plug pulled on us, We had 160 yellowfin to 98lbs. Fishing was as good as it gets there.
  475. PullinAhi

    SoCal Poor Fishing

    :rofl: I already have way to many rods in the garage. Thats all I need is another sport to buy a bunch of stuff for.
  476. PullinAhi

    best knots

    Palomar works great and easy to tie. As long as the line runs parallel through the eye of the hook it has never failed me on fish up to 100lbs.
  477. PullinAhi

    Hot opportunity on the Islander

    This trip is short a few anglers. Anyone have the time to do a last minute 6 day? Leaves October 21st. First time ever that we have booked a long range trip that might not go due to last of anglers. Need about 4 more guys to get off the dock! If you have ever wanted to fish The Islander or...
  478. PullinAhi

    Recommended PV charters (cruise ship)

    I brought fishing gear on a cruise once. What a bitch to deal with.the rooms are small so you always trip over it, the elevators always have 5 or 6 people in them to that's awkward. And all 1500 people on the boat want to know what you caught. I will never do it again. If I'm going to fish I...
  479. PullinAhi

    Guadalupe Permits

    John Connif from the islander will be on let's talk hook Sunday talking about it and the latest info.
  480. PullinAhi

    1994 Impala SS Mild Project car

    Dropped price to $4,000 obo. need sold fast.
  481. PullinAhi

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Ding Dong, doorbell just rang and it was fedex dropping off the couple waxwings I pre ordered 2 weeks ago. Thanks guys. I have already fished with them and had to buy a few for myself. They work.
  482. PullinAhi

    Trininda DC, should I or no?

    Only worth it if you are throwing iron........ Lots of iron. And they sound like a rocket taking off when you cats it. So if you throw lots of iron and like the sounds of rockets get one.
  483. PullinAhi

    when you're having a bad day, catch tuna!

    When I'm having a bad day getting some tuna always makes me feel better. :)
  484. PullinAhi

    SeaHorse San Clemente Island 8/04

    Way to big for him. :rofl: Nice job Travis. Last weekend at sci we had one of biggest floats I have ever seen. It's time for that island to get with it. The bait is there bring on the big game!
  485. PullinAhi


    HAHAHA. :rofl::rofl:
  486. PullinAhi

    Monster Great White at the 279 today

    Hey I work with Jose and Nacho, they were on your boat. Jose was pretty excited to tell me about it. He will show me the video on his camera this weekend.
  487. PullinAhi

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    I fished with them last weekend at Clemente. Marc Mills gave me a few to try out. Cool lures. The calicos liked them. They are great in the stringers. Had a yellowtail chase it practically to the boat but didn't eat it :(
  488. PullinAhi

    3-Day Islander 8/1-3 ... I got some!

    Nice I love the islander. Fished it 6 times. Shane always works hard, and the crew is top notch. I cant wait for our annual 6 day in October on it.
  489. PullinAhi

    Big Calico on a slow day of fishing

    Thats a biggie, nice fish!
  490. PullinAhi

    Why didn't I think of this?

    What are you googling to find that? So I know not to type it in the browser.
  491. PullinAhi

    Loop to Loop Connection

    We use the empty spools from blackwater florocarbon. Put 4-5 wind-ons around each one.
  492. PullinAhi

    Great 1.5 day trip at SCI

    Geoff we got to get out there together, wether on your extra yak or boat. Wish you could have joined us on this trip but I understand the invite was way last minute. Courtney took the spot.
  493. PullinAhi

    Ivory Coast, West Africa?

    Bob has it down. He makes kick ass spreader bars and markets them all over the world. He has info and reports from places most people would never think of fishing. Good info bob and great pictures. Keep em coming!
  494. PullinAhi

    Don't need no stinkn' YT

    That's the way to do it!!!
  495. PullinAhi

    Searcher 5 day- Strictly Fish Open July 25-30th

    Nothing like topping off an awesome L/R trip with some fat reds. Good work guys.
  496. PullinAhi

    Loop to Loop Connection

    I keep an ice pick handy sometimes the knot is really clinched down good and will break the toothpick, they also work great for pulling down on other knots you might be tying
  497. PullinAhi

    Great 1.5 day trip at SCI

    Simon she is picking it up quick and enjoys it.
  498. PullinAhi

    Great 1.5 day trip at SCI

    Spike I'll get you a pair what's your size?
  499. PullinAhi

    dont bring these aboard

    Yeah they around dana, will get them while halibut drifting. Have you tried a heavy kelp cutter outfit. You increase your odds substantially while fishing in the kelp withs mac. 50-65lb braid to 25-50lb floro.
  500. PullinAhi

    Great 1.5 day trip at SCI

    Fishing with DWRRC on the Amigo 7-29/7-31 ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comAnother charter on the Amigo with my fishing club. This trip we were a little light with members and had some friends and family to fill some last minute spots. Thursday night left...
  501. PullinAhi


    That's a seal devouring machine. Sad to see it dead on the dock.
  502. PullinAhi

    Comment by 'PullinAhi' in media 'Black arowana'

    Pulling on an 80+ lb YFT at Guadalupe island in 2008.
  503. PullinAhi

    NEW fighting chair for sportboats!

    Better than a segway.
  504. PullinAhi

    One spot left on the Amigo 1.5 day charter tonight.

    Call newport landing. One spot left. Some guys in my club and friends need to fill one last min spot. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 600px" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=600><TBODY><TR><TD width="100%" align=left><TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD...
  505. PullinAhi

    San Clemente Island on the SeaHorse 07/27

    Hey Travis nice job! I'm leaving tonight on a 1.5 hope we go to the Island.
  506. PullinAhi

    2nd Annual Battle of the Sexes

    Had to have been some snuggling down below cause that bunk room is a meat locker!! Great write up and fun trip.
  507. PullinAhi

    Comment by 'PullinAhi' in media 'Black arowana'

  508. PullinAhi

    Tony Reyes Report + Jose Andres Detained by Mex. Navy

    Wow that's scetchy. Did a Tony Reyes trip years ago with my dad brother and 5 other family friends. Deffinatly fun trips. I got to get back down there and do it again...
  509. PullinAhi

    7/25/2010- Wide open Sand Bass at the Bullring

    Turd tacos for dinner! Way to get em Amanda.
  510. PullinAhi

    Adding to the fleet, what do you think??

    And lap flounder. Nice rig.
  511. PullinAhi

    The Sea Horse out of Dana Wharf needs a Second Captain

    Todd is a fishy guy that knows his stuff.
  512. PullinAhi

    Sunday aboard the Seabiscuit

    Great read Spike. Wish you guys had gotten them.
  513. PullinAhi

    Good day at SCI. 7-24-10

    Nice we had 22 on a charter on the Amigo a week and a half ago... but ours were all fin bait fish. Going out thursday night on another 1.5 day charter on the Amigo. Jello on the menu!
  514. PullinAhi

    Dana Wharf

    Hey that a great deal guys. I know many people here will use that coupon code.
  515. PullinAhi

    Dana Point: Inside The Code Group 7.24.10

    I fished. On Saturday on the clement out of dana wharf. We had full speed bass and macs at mateo kelp. Caught and released over 20 bass and my fiancé caught and released about 15 with 5 legals.
  516. PullinAhi

    Crew gifts at the start of a trip

    One of the guys I fish with pre tips. He gives the captain half and the lead deckhand half of what he would have tipped at the end of the trip. He is very generous too.
  517. PullinAhi

    Mike Hart caught cheating WON BASS tournament

    You handled it in a professional way.
  518. PullinAhi

    craigslist fail

  519. PullinAhi


    There are lots of a avets for sale on this site right now. Spend 5 min in the classifieds and you will se them all.
  520. PullinAhi

    Amigo 2 day 7-15/7-17 Reds, Bass and Tail.

    Haha. Just a bait that went straight down.
  521. PullinAhi

    SWEET TERESA SCI report for 7/20-7/21

    The sea lions and flying fish put on a show there almost every night. We have had one fly right into our BBQ one time.. Lol That island should turn on soon with the amigo getting 22 yellows there last week (I was on that trip) :). Should start seeing some good counts on them.
  522. PullinAhi

    New Shimano Cardiff 300

    Free trial on your extra yak? Just kidding.
  523. PullinAhi

    Best Calico Bass Setup

    Fishing plastics or live bait? That was not specified in his original question. I'm not a plastics guy but I fish Clemente alot for bass deep in the weeds using macs and or squid. For what I do I prefer a calstar 800 ML, torium 14 with 50 lb braid and using a 3 foot top shot of 25-40 lb test...
  524. PullinAhi

    Big WSB off La Jolla

    That fish just gave me a half stack. Nice going. And way to slay the albies too!!
  525. PullinAhi

    2 day trip tackle

    If it's a touchy bite you will wish you had 20lb test and floro. If you have a 2nd 25 and 30 lb set ups bring them. Don't know how many times I've gotten a nic from a tangle down deep in a good bit. No time to re do your whole spool. Just throw it in the rack and grab your back up. Deal with...
  526. PullinAhi

    Dodgers Giants

    Kemp should have. :slap: that little hippie
  527. PullinAhi

    1994 Impala SS Mild Project car

    Going on craigslist tomorrow.
  528. PullinAhi


    Oink Oink. Huge fish. Congrats.
  529. PullinAhi

    Three Rules in Negotiating Long Range Trips

    Here is a better idea. Take her with you and you will have a fishing partner for life!! This is my Fiance Michelle. She never touched a fishing rod before we stated dating 4.5 years years ago. Now my future wife asks me when are we going next...
  530. PullinAhi

    Accurate Pink Reels

    I hope my fiancé doesn't see these.....
  531. PullinAhi


    Beautiful bluefin. Waynto save the fuel and find the tuna!
  532. PullinAhi

    Outer Limits 2-day Report

    That's awesome! I have fished the Outer Limits 4 times on charters. Good little boat. How did you like the screwy bunk room. Is it still ice cold?
  533. PullinAhi

    Amigo 2 day 7-15/7-17 Reds, Bass and Tail.

    That Island needs to finally busts loose. Hope this was the start.
  534. PullinAhi

    1994 Impala SS Mild Project car

    If your talking about cheerleaders.... about half the squad. :boobies:
  535. PullinAhi

    Catchy Tackle 15 day

    Oh man I would be all about it but I have this "little" 6 day trip in october. :) That should be a really good trip. Hope the cows bite like last year for you long range guys!
  536. PullinAhi

    Amigo 2 day 7-15/7-17 Reds, Bass and Tail.

    No signs of the ghosts, and I didn't check the temp. When the bite started it got pretty intense. Then when we were leaving we were taking pictures. Then it was beer time followed shortly by nap time :)
  537. PullinAhi

    Amigo 2 day 7-15/7-17 Reds, Bass and Tail.

    Yeah first time for me. In 60+ feet of water too...
  538. PullinAhi

    1994 Impala SS Mild Project car

    The videos didn't work. Here are the direct links to them. Impala ss :: P7192062.mp4 video by Bamkat - Photobucket Impala ss :: P7192084.mp4 video by Bamkat - Photobucket Impala ss :: P7192083.mp4 video by Bamkat - Photobucket
  539. PullinAhi

    1994 Impala SS Mild Project car

    got lots of interest on craigslist but still no takers. Dropped the price to $4,000 obo need this car sold. Thanks. Figured I would give you BDers first shot at my Impala SS It will go on craigslist in a few days. 1994 Impala SS. $4,000 obo. Cash Talks. I have title in hand...
  540. PullinAhi

    Question: Mexico Cruise Fishing

    Dont know about cabo but my fiance` and I did a caribbean cruise earlier this year with a day in cozumel that we wanted to fish. They cruise ship offered a similar deal as your describing. We did some internet resaerch and with that and using trip advisor we found a good honest company in...
  541. PullinAhi

    The New Trojan Anglers Club

    :rofl: You guys fish the rubber alot? Or put some strip squid on your rubber tip?
  542. PullinAhi

    Tony Reyes Trip

    I need to do another TR trip. Did one in 2004. Lots of fun. Did they make triggerfish ceveche? Oh so so good. Thanks for the read!
  543. PullinAhi

    Amigo 2 day 7-15/7-17 Reds, Bass and Tail.

    The fishing club I'm in (dwrrc) had a 2 day charter aboard the Amigo last Thursday. Fishing had been slow all around and we ended up deciding on going offshore day one for some 'core and going back to sci day two. Woke up to wind and lumpy seas. Put out the trollers. We found out that we were...
  544. PullinAhi

    Reel Fun outta Dana

    Nice! Was Dusty running the boat? I love fishing the Reel Fun. Old, dumpy, slow boat..... but boy do fish come to it! Thanks for the read.
  545. PullinAhi

    Temp Boat Partnership offered San Diego

    I vote for Travis as well cause I know he will take me fishing! :) I have been to Travis home in S.D. It is quite secure with an electric gate that you need a swiper pass thing to get in. And if someone happens to get in the gate they will have to do battle with 3 weener dogs before they get...
  546. PullinAhi

    Ford F250 Super Douchebag Cummins Turbo Deisel FX4

    You gave up your Truck hunt in 7 hours? :rofl::rofl:
  547. PullinAhi

    Dana Point Mako

    Nice job Kris. BIG Mako!
  548. PullinAhi

    Dana Point White Sea Bass Sum Fun

    Lol. I'll show you where he lives. That's better than a phone number....
  549. PullinAhi

    Post your Best Kids Fishing Pic

    Me in 1992 at Guadalupe Island. I was 12 years old. Learned really quick that you got to pull hard there..
  550. PullinAhi


    What gear did you hook the sword on? Were you gettin corn-holed for the 20 min or were you winning?
  551. PullinAhi

    Photophix your fishing shots

    Hey Armando you do awesome work. How about these?
  552. PullinAhi

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : Best served, Chilled.

    Great clip guys! Fun stuff to watch.
  553. PullinAhi

    Alb's gave us the FIN (ger), boat & crew were solid

    Thanks for that Spike. I'm on a 2 day charter that leaves tomorrow night. Day one offshore, day two.... SCI maybe. Both places are tough right now. Hopefully we can have a tuna bbq next weekend.
  554. PullinAhi

    Grunion...... RUN!

    I keep a mini hand made gaff with me while surf fishing and harbor fishing... you never know.
  555. PullinAhi

    White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, 20lb Sheepshead, and 10.4lb Calico on the Spectra

    Yup. What Island has a breakwall in the background. Unless it was released on the wall in LB. Impressive catch guys! Huge goats. Looks like you found quite the farm.
  556. PullinAhi

    Best yoyo reel?

    I have used the 40n for yoyo the last 6/7 years. Great reel and winds at the perfect speed with the tall spool. Caught everything up to 80lb tuna on it. It flylines great and if you disengage the clicker it REALLY flylines good!
  557. PullinAhi

    Saturday at the V's (Pictures)

    Hope next time they swim accross the big gear and you could have seen what they were. Fun day on the big pond either way. Nice report.
  558. PullinAhi

    Saturday at the V's (Pictures)

    Just out of curiosity why were you fishing 15lb test in a place that has cranked out some seabass pushing 60 lbs? I would say 30lb minimum. And idealy be fishing 65 lb braid to 50lb floro.
  559. PullinAhi

    card charges

    Yeah I had a charge attempt to go through on a $900 camera being purchased from Europe and being shipped to Australia to an address with my own name as the recipient. The bank caught it and called me before I even knew. That would have been a pain to get back... Now I have it set up where if...
  560. PullinAhi

    Fishing is stupid - A week in review.

    Looks like a fun time Chris. Thanks for the read.
  561. PullinAhi

    Cat WSB limits w/my daughter

    Thats is a great experience!!!
  562. PullinAhi

    Got A Big One

    Very nice John. Beautiful seabass.
  563. PullinAhi

    Baby on the way

    I think you're selfish and if they are predicting an early birth you should be there readily available. I think your wife would appriciate that too. Or the 2nd child might be from your buddy....
  564. PullinAhi

    1.5 day on the grande

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Thanks for the tips on the small baits and the egg sinker. I'm on a 2 day trip this thursday.
  565. PullinAhi

    freedom on a 1.5 got 30 albies

    Great report. How was the food? Did you have anchovies?
  566. PullinAhi

    Islander Sportfishing: 2.5 Day: 7/6 - 7/9

    Islander great boat great crew. I have fished the boat many times and took my girlfriend at the time (now fiance) on an over night last year and she had a blast on the yellowfin. We had limits by 11 am.
  567. PullinAhi


    Bonine the night before.
  568. PullinAhi

    What's This ?

    Now if you were fishing solo...... :)
  569. PullinAhi

    How to start a fight

    I got in a car accident the other day. When the driver of the other car got out I saw he was a dwarf. He came up to me and said "I'm not happy" So I asked him which one he was... and thats when the fight started....
  570. PullinAhi

    I have never been so mad at BD!!!!

    HAHAHAHA! Do you get to slam Coors lights at work too?
  571. PullinAhi

    Finally, I got my first....

    Hey Wes congrats man!!!!!!! I know how many long nights you spend out on the big pond trying for one. Stoked that you did it. Now as soon as the albies are within reasonable fuel range for the parker........
  572. PullinAhi

    I must be GAYER THEN GAY..NO WSB! Help/Advice Wanted

    Oh and rule #1 of the seabass bite is that you don't talk about the seabass bite......
  573. PullinAhi

    I must be GAYER THEN GAY..NO WSB! Help/Advice Wanted

    Some anglers go out 20 times before they ever catch one, and some have never caught one. I feel i'm lucky to have caught 3 in my life. Your best shot is to go up to long beach and get on a boat like the Mardiosa or the Spectra. They seam to have this seabass thing dialed in. But what it comes...
  574. PullinAhi

    177 pound OPAH

    Nice catch. Trophy for sure. Personal opinion- the meat is wierd and has a wierd texture. Didn't care for it one bit and neither did my friends. Guess they are just spoiled with the tuna and yellowtail I give them.
  575. PullinAhi

    1.5 Day On Vagabond

    Nice light load on a beautiful boat. Nice job guys!
  576. PullinAhi

    Stuck Sword Video

    Thats a big Sword. Is that how you gulf guys really catch em? :)
  577. PullinAhi


    Absolutly a good idea. I bring mine on anything over 3 days. Figure on 3 days or more there is a good chance you will be at an island, San Martin, Guadalupe, Cedros. Better chances there of being borded then in open ocean. If the Mexicans require the "excursion permit" for 3 days or longer I...
  578. PullinAhi

    Red Rooster III 8 day Report

    Great fish counts there guys. You put the wood to them.
  579. PullinAhi

    The Success Rocks!

    <TABLE class=MojText border=0 cellSpacing=1 borderColor=red cellPadding=3 width=626 bgColor=#000000 align=center><TBODY><TR bgColor=#dddddd><TD bgColor=white colSpan=2 align=middle><TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=3 width="100%" bgColor=#000000 align=center><TBODY><TR bgColor=#252525><TD...
  580. PullinAhi

    Albies elude PB fleet for now

    Traditionally the Albacore didn't show until early July. Looks to me that things are right on time.
  581. PullinAhi

    7/3 Dana

    I fish out of dana wharf on avarage once a week. I have never kept a local bass. The crew has NEVER questioned me catching and releasing. I keep track and let the crew or capt know how many legal bass I released. I don't know what boat you were on but keep it to yourself and be more vocal to the...
  582. PullinAhi

    Seabass and yellows 7/3

    Very cool! Nice catch on light gear.
  583. PullinAhi

    Local King Crab

    They are tasty. My buddy has worked crew on a blackcod boat and gave me one a few years ago. Along with a few cod. Very good eating.
  584. PullinAhi

    Zuker 7 Day - 2010

    Great trip guys. Thank you for the good report.
  585. PullinAhi

    Screw fishing, boats,...

    Congrats man!!! Gavin is going to be a little fishing stud! I'm sure Michell is so happy to have him out!
  586. PullinAhi

    Team photo's from Harbor fuel dock weigh in.

    Way to go team Shannon Rose!
  587. PullinAhi

    Tony Reyes June 13-18th Report

    I did a Tony Reyes trip back in 2004. Boy was that fun. Catching cabrilla on the surface iron is a real kick! I would sure like to do another one some day.
  588. PullinAhi

    Boats in Catalina

    If it's a nice crossing with no lump on 4 th weekend.. If it floats it will be out there
  589. PullinAhi

    Salt Creek The Barn to the 279 6.25.10

    I always enjoy reading your posts Joe. Thanks for the write up.
  590. PullinAhi

    S.D. to ban consumption of alcohol in ocean 3 miles from shoreline.

    Next week, police and lifeguards are going to recommend an amendment to the ordinance that bans alcohol on the beach to include "bathers" -- floaters, swimmers, waders and body surfers with or without the use of floatation devices. Fishermen and boaters are not the target here. It's the rowdy...
  591. PullinAhi

    S.D. to ban consumption of alcohol in ocean 3 miles from shoreline.

    There are alcohol and boating accidents every year. This ban is because the residents are pissed and the city obviously screwed up when they wrote the ban for drinking on the beach and left a loop hole that didn't include " floating". It says nothing about drinking on your boat. You are just...
  592. PullinAhi

    S.D. to ban consumption of alcohol in ocean 3 miles from shoreline.

    Next week, police and lifeguards are going to recommend an amendment to the ordinance that bans alcohol on the beach to include "bathers" -- floaters, swimmers, waders and body surfers with or without the use of floatation devices. They will also extend the alcohol ban one marine league, or...
  593. PullinAhi

    Shark diving at Guadalupe...

    Yeah Im staying on the boat. Seen enough of them at Guadalupe from behind the rail. No need to go swimming with them.
  594. PullinAhi

    Amazing 3 day Trip to Catalina Island

    Wow you guys layed the smackdown for sure. Great fishing trip!!
  595. PullinAhi

    Why is everybody so brainwashed on flouro?

    I always fish floro for offshore, my kelp cutter and ESPECIALLY at places like Guadalupe Island. But not on my dropper loop. I'm just going to throw out a personal experience that happened today 6/23/10. I was fishing macs on the local kelp line out of dana. After a few macs twisting and tying...
  596. PullinAhi

    Kids N Dads on the SeaHorse part 2

    Hey gang it was a lot of fun seeing all the youngsters fishing together. I was very impressed with how all the dads were dads first and fishermen second on this trip. ( im sure if it busted wide open that might have changed) :) Every one of the kids had a great time fishing, being on the...
  597. PullinAhi

    Shark Fishing Dana Point This Week

    And this is one of the reasons there is an MLPA going on. I wonder why the tree huggers think there is over fishing on our coast. Cause you got guys like this.:finger: Thanks for making us look good. As for the shark fishing, only take what you can handle, bring a flying gaff. And it is your...
  598. PullinAhi

    Shark Fishing Dana Point This Week

    I got some fillets of a 9 lb calico in my freezer. Who wants to BBQ?
  599. PullinAhi

    Shark Fishing Dana Point This Week

    Dont be a baby killer. Good luck have fun.
  600. PullinAhi

    Sea Adventure II on the rocks?

    Uh oh. Sure we will have some first hand storys in a few hours.
  601. PullinAhi

    The dreaded "Dad can I borrow your....

    WOW! LOL!!!!
  602. PullinAhi

    6 day trip 50 lb reel ?

    Accurate 665N
  603. PullinAhi

    Shogun 8 Day June 5-13... Dos Cranks = Sea Kitten Slaughter

    My favotire kind of fishing is doing multi day trips with my dad. We have done a 4 day up to a 7 day trip every year since I was 10 years old. Definatly my favorite memories! Good job way to get em!
  604. PullinAhi


    Thank you for the update Tim. We will be thinking of you and Cory.
  605. PullinAhi

    My first legal WSB

    Very interesting, you should have started this as a new thread so more could read it.
  606. PullinAhi


    Its mostly the fans who were not at the game, and could never afford those tickets who just walked out of the barrio to come kick shit around and cause trouble. It is a disgrace and classless
  607. PullinAhi

    Hey Laker Fans.................

    And boy did they fans show how classy they are.
  608. PullinAhi

    Fastest boats?

  609. PullinAhi


    Lakers win.... lets burn shit.
  610. PullinAhi


  611. PullinAhi

    WSB 06-16-10 YES WSB!!!!

    I think the calico is bigger.
  612. PullinAhi

    2.5 dayer should get us to the tuna,right?

    Fish move from day to day. Multiple boats cover different boddies of water. On a 1.5 you have time to cover water but not that much time. On a 2.5 day you have a full next day to adjust and travel a little at night to a whole new area. I dont know the indian but i'm sure hes has some contacts...
  613. PullinAhi


    I know where they went! Going out tomorrow night locally with squid, 36 pack good buddy, no reach arounds, and we just may get one. If not it will be a fun night with two straight guys trying to kill a gay fish :gayfight::gay::supergay: Does that make seabass fishing a hate crime? Stupid gay...
  614. PullinAhi


    Oh no thats terrible. I was talking with Tim on Spikes Pacific Quest trip about how crazy his son was getting on the jumps. What a terrible accident.
  615. PullinAhi

    WSB 06-16-10 YES WSB!!!!

    I thought my seabass two weeks ago was barely legal at 32 inches.
  616. PullinAhi

    megabait help

    I swap out the factory treble hook for an owner single hook. You can pull harder on the fish.
  617. PullinAhi

    2.5 dayer should get us to the tuna,right?

    Oh shit Kris is on your trip? The two times Kris and I have fished together were two amazing wide open trips both times we got limits. Yellowtail and yellowfin. Maybe Kris is good luck. If the trip stinks blame him.... Lol. Have a good time guys.
  618. PullinAhi

    2.5 dayer should get us to the tuna,right?

    You don't sound to confident. The 1.5 day boats are getting them so why wouldn't the 2.5 ... Right? Fish hard from sun up to sun down. You will have a good shot at what's out there.
  619. PullinAhi

    Finally got out on the Mardiosa - Sunday 6/13/10

    Nice birthday seabass Pam!!!! Congrats!!
  620. PullinAhi

    lots of popper action here in paradise

    Hey Chad I just sent you an email through your website.
  621. PullinAhi


    You do child care in that voodoo shop?
  622. PullinAhi

    "Fishing" for Seabass, "Catching" Calico Bazz

    Nice spike. I might be going out Friday night with a friend. Can you tell me where not to go?
  623. PullinAhi

    hook size

    6/0 to 8/0. Aki twist hook or same size in the Gamakatsu octopus se
  624. PullinAhi

    Shore fishing at Napili Bay?

    I'm sure some of the locals will chime in... Or maybe not. There is a spot past the ritz carlton that I always see people fishing at. From where you will be take the Hanoapiilani highway north only a mile or so, make a left at ritz carlton drive. Park anywhere. Walk through the gold course and...
  625. PullinAhi

    Fuckin Quake Again!

    You guys are quick on it.
  626. PullinAhi

    Middle Oct. 5 or 6 day trip

    I fish Lupe every October on the Islander the last 4 years, and have fished lupe a total of 8 or 9 times. We actually have open spots on our charter this year. Leaves Oct 21st. I bring 20 for making bait at ngiht 25 and 30 for patty fishing on the way down or up, or calicos at cedros if you go...
  627. PullinAhi

    white seabass stones

    My grandfather made my grandmother a necklace with matching earings with the stones from his biggest seabass. This was back in the 70's. In the 80's there was a home burglary and the necklace and earings were stolen along with a bunch of other stuff. :( He had caught enough seabass in his life...
  628. PullinAhi

    Sea Horse overnighter to San Clemente Island on June 19 to 20 cost $100

    40lb test set up and a bass stick would be the minimum. Big game and bass would be the target.
  629. PullinAhi

    BLUE FIN TUNA ON THE ISLANDER 6/12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great Job guys. I fish the Islander every October. Love the boat, captains and crew. Very good operation.
  630. PullinAhi

    Sea Horse overnighter to San Clemente Island on June 19 to 20 cost $100

    Can't do it. There are already 21 people signed up. Some have no affiliation with bloody decks and have already paid $100 through zerve. If it was a charter we could have done it but it's an open party trip in the books that everyone is signing up for. 4 spots left.
  631. PullinAhi


    Did the baby "trophy" threshers move south off of Mexico or something? :frehya2:
  632. PullinAhi


    Where is the bait tank? This makes no sence.
  633. PullinAhi

    Barracuda Irons

    Color doesn't really matter but I think blue and white is the best. Smaller jigs are better, classic hacker #3 and christy #1 and #2 are what I use. My dad had a commercial license in the 60s and 70s. They sold cuda to the market. I got all those old jigs laying around. And the feathers rigged...
  634. PullinAhi

    Sea Horse overnighter to San Clemente Island on June 19 to 20 cost $100

    I signed up with my dad and brother when it was a father son trip. I don't care if you change it, it's still going to be a father son trip for me. see you at the dock with my calico, seabass, yellowtail, bat Ray, rock fish, perch and leopard shark gear. I always bring to much stuff. :)
  635. PullinAhi

    Another seabass attempt w/bycatch

    Way to put in the hard effort Wes. It's so frustrating. It will happen one day man and it will be wfo!
  636. PullinAhi

    Another reason why soccer sux assss!

    I got a couple that aren't on that list...
  637. PullinAhi

    Dodgers Sweep the Cards

    I made a $50 bet preseason in Vegas that dodgers win world series. Pays 8 to 1.
  638. PullinAhi

    MarDiosa Seabass, Yellowtail & Halibut

    And watching her get corn holed in the bow by that yellow gave her a +2
  639. PullinAhi

    Outer Limits Bunkroom Question

    I have an nod stateroom map of the outer limits. They must have re- numbered them sometime, if you are talking about the only double I think it used to be #22&23. If that's the case you couldn't possible be further form the stair well. Bring extra blanket. The bunk room gets really really cold.
  640. PullinAhi

    2 day Pacific Quest to Catalina.

    Spike this was a fun trip. Conditions didn't work for us but we fished out asses off both days from 3 am till we were done. With the talent on this trip and the dedication of the crew of the Pacific Quest we should have killed them. But the island thought differently. As chartermaster you were...
  641. PullinAhi

    o6 o5 10

    Very nice catch for your son!!!! I'm still looking for one that big, maybe this week on the quest..
  642. PullinAhi

    Pacific Quest seabass over 50 lbs..

    Well that would be day one limit! Can't wait to fish with you guys, see you at the dock tomorrow evening.
  643. PullinAhi

    Angling For Dream @Dana Point Boat Show: Friday $1 admission, $1 BEER, $1 Hod Dog, $

    Michelle is working there too at the Dana Wharf booth Saturday. I'm going to swing by. You going to be there Tony?
  644. PullinAhi

    Asians Love White Sexy Bitches...

    Nice quick trip. Way to get it done!
  645. PullinAhi

    Rpt Wed 06-02-10 Insane Calico Bass fishing at SCI!

    Very cool! Isn't John Wilson the nicest guy to fish with? We are in the same fishing club. Way to get on the bass and congrats on a p.b.
  646. PullinAhi

    Catalina Seabass.

    We had to buy it. Few days after the full moon was kind of hard.
  647. PullinAhi

    Bass contest winner for May is...

    Oink oink! Congrats. That is a huge bass!! Might be bigger than that kids thresher caught the other day. :
  648. PullinAhi

    Catalina Seabass.

    Lol! Good running into you there Travis. Yeah those fish are tankers!! When's the due date? Your little lady is showing pretty good.
  649. PullinAhi

    Catalina Seabass.

    Fished Catalina sun/mon with my friends Keith on his 24 skipjack. Left Dana at 7:30 sunday night with high hopes of tanker seabass at Catalina. Arived on the grounds around around 10 or so and were greated by about 40 boats. Got squid and set the clickers. Nada all night. 6:30am started sniffing...
  650. PullinAhi

    Sunday night Amigo overnight

    Yeah parking at Newport on memorial day will end will really be hard. I'm not going anymore. Got invited to fish for some gay seabass at cat on friends skipjack. I'll report back
  651. PullinAhi

    Sunday night Amigo overnight

    Just talked with Newport landing. I was reservation # 5
  652. PullinAhi

    Sunday night Amigo overnight

    I just got off the phone with Dan (amigo captain) he really wants to run the boat this weekend. It's chartered fir and sat, He wants to do an overnight open party leaving Sunday night fishing Monday. It will be limited to 18 and there will be a bloodydecks price of $105. With the boat already...
  653. PullinAhi

    Tony Pena Knot

    Geoff swing by one day, I'll show you a good kelp cutter knot. I'm not sure how it tests to the Tony Pena knot cause I don't use that knot. but it's better and easier than a back to back uni. We can test the breaking strengths.
  654. PullinAhi

    Stop losing the big ones to the kelp?

    Fishing the kelp line I usually use about 5 feet of 40 or 50 lb backwater floro. The rod is personal opinion. Usually an 8 foot rod rated for about 25-30 lb test test is good. On my kelp cutter rig I use a torium 14 or 16 on a calstar 800 ml.
  655. PullinAhi

    White Seabass - Catalina Island.

    Yeah Carmack! Way to get on the fish! I fished with Eric on satuday on his whaler for sea bass off of salt creek for no love. Just 2 bat rays and half limit of sand bass.
  656. PullinAhi

    World record tuna in 2 minutes?

    And did you also know that Jean tolson the previous record holder was on that trip. Jean is a friend of the family. My dad met the boat that day. How would you feel that you caught the first yellowfin over 300 fought it for hours on old school gear then your record is broken by a kamikaze fish...
  657. PullinAhi

    Seaswirl Striper 182 CC 90hp Nissan *ONLY* $3000!!!!!!

    I really wish this add was one month from now cause I'd be driving to San Diego to pick it up. I'm dealing with a car I'm trying to sell and you skiff is just what I'm looking for. Oh well timing is everything. Someone will get an awesome deal.
  658. PullinAhi

    Corvina or WSB?

    Looks longer than 28". Did it taste like sea bass?
  659. PullinAhi

    Ever caught a fish with a jig in its mouth already?

    We got a yellowtail at clemente a few years ago with a fresh gaff hole in it that was still bleeding, with a hook and a few feet of mono hanging out of it's mouth. Rough week for that fish.
  660. PullinAhi

    Took my wifes, cousins, husband fishing..... what does that make us?

    3 hours in the ER sucks. Especially when you there with a whiney d.b. Hope you had your jello on ice. Great read spike.
  661. PullinAhi

    Can't fish outside, do it off the docks 5.23.10

    Big bug! What docks were you at? Looks like a fun day.
  662. PullinAhi

    From 0 to 60

    Beast! Well done sir.
  663. PullinAhi

    perfect wsb rod

    800 ml. And a torium or Trinidad 14 is a great kelp cutter set up.
  664. PullinAhi

    SWBA Dana Point Pictures

    Huge local bass! Biggest local bass i have ever seen was 8.5.You would have though those came from clemente. Great job guys. Super jealous.
  665. PullinAhi

    The next up and coming pro surfer

    YouTube - RCSURF MADNESS-Southern California Surf