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  1. mike a.

    Kite fishing for bluefin

    Screw that boat if they gonna charge for that.. Name the boat so I don't ever book a trip on it.!
  2. mike a.

    hey Dale I was on the last 8 day recently. was thinking of reupping for next year BUT.. just...

    hey Dale I was on the last 8 day recently. was thinking of reupping for next year BUT.. just talked to the office! Have you guys talked to them and heard about the half moon bay charter?
  3. mike a.

    RR3 Trip #21 Oct 4-12

    awesome..3grand for an 8 day to go Bob around with 3/4 day boats catching 12 to 20 lbs yft. hope my 8day coming up heads south.
  4. mike a.

    Roll Call RR3 10/12-10-20 Pts South

    HahahHahaha Steve k. Got 6 them suckers between my bro and i.. hope we can drop I'm in the water in Wahoo country.
  5. mike a.

    Carnes brothers 8day on rp

    Has any fellow bders done this trip befor?how was it?
  6. mike a.

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Any chance there will be tony the tigers available?
  7. mike a.

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    It's all good.. I'm sure yours and mine will do damage.. I hope to get out on a 8 day this year in Wahoo water to send them out in troll..
  8. mike a.

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    My brother and I have one each we bought at day of the docks from blue Pacific tackle we have yet to use them yours is not the first..
  9. mike a.

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    Yeah all I could do was thumb the spool and hope for the best.. luckily I was able to get line back little by little. Still smh at how big your fish is. Biggest I've seen caught.. Plus my fish biggest I've landed. Awesome trip.
  10. mike a.

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    I too was on this that slob thumped the deck when it came over the rail.. the crew are badass while the 2 jumbo were hooked up I hooked into a 165, 170 ish Iber on a flyline sardeen boy was it intense fishing on the bow in the dark in totally shit wearther with these 3 fish going at...
  11. mike a.

    Guadalupe Clarity

    Haha...hey I got a secret.. but won't tell no one.. lol. Whoo I hope we head there instead of Lupe
  12. mike a.

    Guadalupe Clarity

    Gin clear good thing I don't drink I'd want to jump in..
  13. mike a.

    Guadalupe Clarity

    Hey Steve k what's happening buddy...haha
  14. mike a.

    Guadalupe Clarity

    Small tuna, few yt, the sharks and the money it cost to fish long range boats I sure hope my 8day next week don't go there. To get 35lb yft would suck.
  15. mike a.

    NorCal 8 day - RP trip report

    Was I not suppose to ask? My bad..
  16. mike a.

    NorCal 8 day - RP trip report

    Are those black seabass or grouper?
  17. mike a.

    New Lo-An Report Aug. 4-5th. 2 Day

    New crew? What happened to the other crew.
  18. mike a.

    lupe reports please?

    I was watching your trip.. thanx soda pop..
  19. mike a.

    lupe reports please?

    Wasnt worried so much as the numbers just a general info.. the rocks either..
  20. mike a.

    lupe reports please?

    got an 8day trip coming up on the shogun. looks like a def run to the lupe cant find much from other trips that been fishing there just want to know how its going there,
  21. mike a.

    Comparing Trips

    top gun 80
  22. mike a.

    Nomad Madscad Lures

    Check angler choice in san diego.
  23. mike a.

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    These are original body intruders not remakes.
  24. mike a.

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Yep we bought two of them. My brother is a wuss wuss may not fish his but I will if in Wahoo zone. But my line will be heavy duty.. if there as good as they say won't need to worried about getting sawed off nobody else should be hooking up.
  25. mike a.

    New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    was supposed to head out on nla this weekend but the trip was called do to weather off shore must be damn bad out there for them to cancle, been on that boat in some real storms bad bad but we fished our butts off got a 87lbr in a storm with them.. bummed but will gettum next time.
  26. mike a.

    your go to trolling lures

    if you could only take one trolling lure to fish dorados down in the east cape what would you take?
  27. mike a.

    Upcoming Intrepid trip-Question

    doesn't matter youll never get primo rooms all the long time riders of the boat and trip get first dibbs just be happy to get on board and fishing..
  28. mike a.

    dorado shootout in 2018

    We were able to get the super pangs rude baby.. suppose to be really good capitan.
  29. mike a.

    dorado shootout in 2018

    we just signed up at the fred hall show was wondering how you felt about safety issues down there? first trip fishing in mexico
  30. mike a.

    Prowler sold

    I heard that marcus from new lo ann and the guy from the pacific queen bought it it was on lets talk hook up.
  31. mike a.

    mexicos dorado shootout

    were looking for a some good fishing and a great time not too serious and def not pros just talked to the men at fred hall looks like we might be in. besides the tourney hows the fishing that time of year?
  32. mike a.

    mexicos dorado shootout

    last years winner was a 61 pound dodo.
  33. mike a.

    mexicos dorado shootout

    has any one done the darado shoot out in july? do you bring own gear hows the boats and fishing? seem like a good time but for a one day tourney seems far to go.any input helpfull
  34. mike a.

    dorado shootout in 2018

    been looking at the dorado shootout tourney in july down in the east cape of mexico. has any bders taken part in this tourney and what is it like and how are the boats and captains, whats the best way for travel down. thanks buddys.
  35. mike a.


    I'm in.. pats 31 phily 17
  36. mike a.

    8day shogun ricebowl trip

    my brother, a buddy, and I just signed up for the beginning of sept 8 day ricebowl trip. we've been on a few other 8 and 6 day runs but in mid oct. has any bders gone on this trip lately and what are your input. I was down at the docks and stepped on the boat its really big with lots fishing...
  37. mike a.

    RR3 Sonny Jones/ Anglers Center 8 Day 9/28-10/6

    my brother and I were on the 6 day just before this 8day last year. we road to the ridge to fish 2days down 2days back long way to go to fish 2days but the wahoo fishing was amazing so we opted for an 8 day and picked the sonny jones trip cant wait to see the rocks sticking up out of the water...
  38. mike a.

    Selling everything

    hi dan my name is mike and I live in san diego I seen you mentioned over 300 jigs might there be any wahoo trollers available like hooker intruders? would love to get my hands on a couple if poss! thanks you mike 858 568 3925
  39. mike a.

    Condor Sportfishing

    I was on the prowler for the tourney and we didn't see 1 bite all day long. was a long ass day but that's how it goes when fishing is slow..
  40. mike a.

    Japanese Tackle Porn

    what out wahoo trolling lures..... hooker intruders?
  41. mike a.

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    steve I was on the rr 3 6 day that hit the ridge with you last year, had to park in the over flow lot across the way made for hard to get to truck. lots of commotion and people coming and going having to watch gear and help with fish was an added stress.
  42. mike a.

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    funny thing reading this post! I see it go back and fourth as to why or why not, about the cost but I have yet to read about who is suppose to watch your gear and bags and every other thing brought on a trip. I for one don't want to leave my gear that I spent thousands on unatteneded up on the...
  43. mike a.

    Guadalupe permits

    I'm on an 8 day trip in sept the red rooster, they now has permits in hand but my trip is to the rocks,,
  44. mike a.

    Guadalupe was very slow

    your saying 3 new boats have permits to fish the lupe? vag, condor, ps, where is this info posted?
  45. mike a.

    info needed

    looking to do a 8 day trip to alijos rocks .when is the best time of year to choose from?
  46. mike a.

    alittle info needed

    I'm looking to book a long range trip in 2017. my bro wants to do the lupe I want to hit alios rocks what trip does both and whens the best time of year to do alios?
  47. mike a.

    For those of you going on the tuna trips out to Tanner Bank...

    I'm thinkin of going this weekend but there live squid then that prob what makes my choise.
  48. mike a.

    For those of you going on the tuna trips out to Tanner Bank...

    are the sport boat from san diego getting live squid?
  49. mike a.

    Overnight on Pacific Queen

    been on two other boats prowler and new lo ann both hand kite rods two you so you truely, hook, fight, and land your own fish.. thats real fishing!! fished the queen and had to fight deck hands on the bow just to sling irons 3 deck hands throwing irons blocking customers.. if your into in by...
  50. mike a.

    Overnight on Pacific Queen

    still havent seen the guy answer the question on HOW LONG DID THE CREW FIGHT THE FISH? BEFORE YOU LAME DICKS POST CRAP let the dude answer. i bet your the first one two except handed off fish caught on paddies..
  51. mike a.

    Overnight on Pacific Queen

    was it a personal fishing trip for the crew? how long did they fight the fish on kite before handing it off? who would want a handed off fish and not hook it them self? thats why we pay good money no?
  52. mike a.

    6 day calstar trip on red rooster 3 sept 23 -29.

    that would be awesome im hoping the wahoo are out and up.. not its not just a yellowtail calico trip..
  53. mike a.

    6 day calstar trip on red rooster 3 sept 23 -29.

    After looking at trying to find trips fishing the lupe this year which all boats allowed were sold out! we picked the 6 day calstar trip. is anyone else on this trip? it will be our first trip of this lenght! any suggestions ! or input that would help! done 3.5 day before thanks!
  54. mike a.

    Overnight New Lo-An 7/16

    i was standing on the docks waiting for the boat to return for i was on the trip leaving sat night.. we didnt leave till like 11pm.. the next day we did the same routine .. but it was total skunk for the whole boat all day.. now one nibble. we made a move slightly north and found crashing birds...
  55. mike a.

    Top Gun

    ive just had good luck with these guys..
  56. mike a.

    Top Gun

    id fish the top gun 80 in a hot second!! ive fished them 6 times in last two years and allways seem to top the trip before..bob , scotty jimmy always find the fish.. never had a bad run with them guys!! if sarra is cookin the food is off the hook good.. def give them a shot..
  57. mike a.

    6/10 bluefin hunt on the DOMINATOR..

    not at all but i put my trust in the captains that my safety and freedom wont be put at risk.. and i for one dont want to end up in a mexican jail because of fishing illegally next to there land!!
  58. mike a.

    6-10 Friday on Old Glory chasing bft

    dont trip i was on the domintor same night same story except we circled the nado islands illegally no where near the tuna grounds captain tim is a total lame DO NOT fish the dominator people..
  59. mike a.

    6/10 bluefin hunt on the DOMINATOR..

    was out on sat 6/5 on a 1.5 day bluefin trip and had an epic time caught a 65 pounder, but the real treat was watching all the life on the water must a been a dozen huge foamers blowing up the water all at once, thousands of birds crashing, whales, it was a great day on the water fun times. so i...
  60. mike a.

    Voyager Overnight Charter 6/2-6/3

    what the price tag of the trip?
  61. mike a.

    Voyager Overnight Charter 6/2-6/3

    hey bud whats the price tag on the trip?
  62. mike a.

    How can I stop my backlash problems? Mono topshot over Spectra

    i have a few mxls and my do the same thing even when flylining live bait gets real furstrating is there any thing i can do to stop it ive tried braid, changing line, short topshots even asking the deck hands what they think.
  63. mike a.

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    Been on 7 trips this year 6 out of h and m, one on the new lo ann. 2 out of the 7 were good the rest wanted to go into mexican waters chasing paddies looking for dinky yellowfin. this makes me really mad. just went on a 2.5 day trip on the chief and guess what back down to mexican waters. they...