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  1. heatmiser

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    Great meeting you too Mike. I hope you enjoy the boat. I am missing it already. Glad it went to a great new home and will get used.
  2. heatmiser

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. I have been out of commission the past month and am just now getting back to things. The boat is still for sale so let me know if you are still interested.
  3. heatmiser

    Seeker Blue Lighting Series 2 15-25lb

    BCSW 808-8' T 15(20)25 pound line rating. Asking for $100 firm. It's my sons rod text him at 858-602-8360
  4. heatmiser

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    Which motor? The original one from when he bought the boat? If so, I am not sure what Barrett did with it. The motor on the boat is the same one Barrett put on it after the full restoration.
  5. heatmiser

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    Which motor? The original one from when he bought the boat? If so, I am not sure what Barrett did with it. The motor on the boat is the same one Barrett put on it after the full restoration.
  6. heatmiser

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    Thanks Ron. It is truly an amazing boat. Barrett did an incredible job and everything is so well thought out.
  7. heatmiser

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Thanks Jim. Sad to let it go.
  8. heatmiser

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    These are the most current pics I have which was from maybe 6 months ago outside of Robby's shop. Looks the same now. Been serviced by Robby every 100 hours since I have owned the boat (have all the records). Trailer has just been gone over entirely and bearing buddies filled with fresh grease.
  9. heatmiser

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    This boat is up for sale. Let me know if you are interested. Here is the link:
  10. heatmiser

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    Here is the thread on Barrett's complete rebuild and customization of this killer boat: This boat is set up perfectly for fishing SoCal and has all the bells & whistles (to many to list - see...
  11. heatmiser

    Calstar 100jc PERFECT CONDITION

    My son is selling his Calstar 100jc 20-50 line rating. On the water once caught 1 bonito. Perfect Condition $150 contact him at [email protected]
  12. heatmiser

    Seeker Blue Lighting Inshore Series 2

    My son is selling these contact him at [email protected] There are 3 rods $100 a piece 1. BCSW 807-8' T Line rating 10 (12) 17 (Good/Great condition) 2. BCSW 858-8 1/2' T Line rating 15 (20) 25 (Good/Great condition) 3. BCSW 808-8' T Line rating 15...
  13. heatmiser

    Seeker Blue Lighting Inshore Series 2

    My son is selling these contact him at [email protected] There are 3 rods $100 a piece 1. BCSW 807-8' T Line rating 10 (12) 17 (Good/Great condition) 2. BCSW 858-8 1/2' T Line rating 15 (20) 25 (Good/Great condition) 3. BCSW 808-8' T Line rating 15...
  14. heatmiser

    Phenix Black Diamond & Black Diamond Hybrid Rods For Sale!

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW866L-ISA / 8' 6" long / 8lb - 25lb line rating Phenix Black Diamond PSW867ML-ISA / 8' 6" long / 10lb - 30lb line rating Phenix Black Diamond PSW868MH / 8' 6" long / 15lb - 40lb line rating Phenix Black Diamond PSW869H-XF / 8' 6" long / 20lb - 50lb line rating Phenix Black...
  15. heatmiser

    Shimano Teramar TMC-100XH Deckhand Rod For Sale!

    It is a 10' rod that will launch surface irons a country mile
  16. heatmiser

    Shimano Saragosa 10000F

    Price reduced to $215 with the braid!
  17. heatmiser

    Shimano Teramar TMC-100XH Deckhand Rod For Sale!

    I am selling a Shimano Teramar TMC-100XH Deckhand Rod that could pass as brand new and was only used once. $200 Firm.
  18. heatmiser

    Calstar Grafighter 800XLH, GG690J & BWC100J Rods For Sale!

    All rods are factory wrapped and in excellent condition: Calstar Grafighter 800XLH: $190 Sale Pending Calstar GG690J: SOLD Calstar Black 100J: $150 (used once)
  19. heatmiser

    Super Seeker 6470 & 6465XH For Sale!

    Both rods are factory wrapped and in excellent condition: Seeker "Super Seeker" 6470: $230 Seeker "Super Seeker" 6465XH: $250
  20. heatmiser

    Phenix Black Diamond & Black Diamond Hybrid Rods For Sale!

    All rods are factory wrapped and in excellent condition: Phenix Black Diamond 866L-ISA: $180 Phenix Black Diamond 867ML-ISA: SOLD Phenix Black Diamond 868MH: $190 Phenix Black Diamond 869H-XF: $190 Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 886L-ISA: $230
  21. heatmiser

    United Composites Triple Threat

    Picked up the trio today and all I can say is they look fantastic! Thanks again Jim! More to come shortly. :)
  22. heatmiser

    United Composites Triple Threat

    Pure awesomeness Jim!!! Can't wait to fish 'em!!!
  23. heatmiser

    Huge Rod Sale!!! Phenix, Calstar, Seeker & Shimano!!!

    Nice meeting you too. Enjoy the rod!
  24. heatmiser

    Huge Rod Sale!!! Phenix, Calstar, Seeker & Shimano!!!

    Great meeting you too Max! Good luck cow hunting next month!
  25. heatmiser

    Shimano Saragosa 10000F

    No thanks. I am selling an 867ml on the board right now too.
  26. heatmiser

    Huge Rod Sale!!! Phenix, Calstar, Seeker & Shimano!!!

    Nice meeting you too Jim. Good luck with the rod!
  27. heatmiser

    Calstar Grafighter 765L Rods

    Just replied to your PM now
  28. heatmiser

    Huge Rod Sale!!! Phenix, Calstar, Seeker & Shimano!!!

    Great meeting you too Will. Enjoy the rod!!!
  29. heatmiser

    Huge Rod Sale!!! Phenix, Calstar, Seeker & Shimano!!!

    All rods are factory wrapped and in excellent condition: Calstar Grafighter 800XLH: $200 Calstar Grafighter 800L: SOLD Calstar Grafighter 800M: SOLD Calstar Grafighter 700MH: SOLD Calstar GG690J: $190 Calstar Black 100J: $150 (used once) Phenix Black Diamond 866L-ISA: $180 Phenix Black...
  30. heatmiser


    Bump for one bad ass rod. I have one (not spiral wrapped) and have caught many yellowtail and tuna on it. Extremely light with strong backbone. Kills fish quick!
  31. heatmiser

    Shimano Saragosa 10000F

    I have a practically brand new Shimano Saragosa 10000F filled with 240 yards of 65lb Izorline Spectra for sale. I used it on my boat twice the past 2 years. It is 10/10 cosmetically and mechanically. I had it serviced at Ken's Custom Reels in January 2015. New the 10000SW reel would run...
  32. heatmiser

    Accurate, Shimano & Daiwa Reels For Sale

    Nice meeting you Van. Good luck with the new reel!
  33. heatmiser

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Great write-up John! What braid did you load up on the reel? How much did it hold?
  34. heatmiser

    Accurate, Shimano & Daiwa Reels For Sale

    Updated reels that are still available
  35. heatmiser

    Accurate, Shimano & Daiwa Reels For Sale

    Updated status of sales on first post.
  36. heatmiser

    Accurate, Shimano & Daiwa Reels For Sale

    All PM's replied to and updated status on first post.
  37. heatmiser

    Accurate, Shimano & Daiwa Reels For Sale

    I will get back to everyone's PM's shortly.
  38. heatmiser

    will shimano make a 400 size curado?

    A 400 sized Curado would be AWESOME!!!! I have the Curado 300, Daiwa Lexa 400 and the Tranx. I sold the Tranx as it is just to big of a reel for what I was after in a "baitcaster" form factor. The Lexa 400 is the perfect size & capacity for fishing yellowtail, dorado, tuna (up to 40-50 lbs)...
  39. heatmiser

    Penn Baja Special

    I own 4 Baja Specials (2 older style & 2 newer style). I will not part with these reels. They are so reliable, easy to work on, built like tanks, provide plenty of drag, have the perfect gear ratio for "fighting" fish with plenty of spool diameter to reel jigs fast.
  40. heatmiser

    UC MONSTER 900

    What is the purpose of doubling up the guides like that? :smoking33:
  41. heatmiser

    Dx2-400n applications??

    Hey, I like taking my Ferrari to the grocery store.
  42. heatmiser

    Wide open yfin 8-18 and a boat off the trailer

    I always loosen the bow hook strap a few feet before backing it down the launch ramp. I may reconsider doing this and just keep it nice and snug until I am sure everything is okay (bilge, engine, etc)
  43. heatmiser

    WTB Calstar 765L - Factory Wrapped with Ringed Guides

    Thanks Mike. Unfortunately I need the 765L model. Thanks though!
  44. heatmiser

    WTB LEXA400 & SHIMANO TERAMAR westcoast & Terez

    I have a Shimano Teramar TMC-100XH rated 30lb-50lb in like new condition if you are interested...
  45. heatmiser

    WTB Calstar 765L - Factory Wrapped with Ringed Guides

    Let me know if you have one you would like to sell.
  46. heatmiser

    WTB Calstar 765L and/or 700H Rod

    Factory wrapped with ringed guides in good/great condition. Let me know if you have one...
  47. heatmiser

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Way to go Ali!!!! That is epic and something you will never forget.
  48. heatmiser

    SoCal Offshore Trolling on Private Boat - Ringed or Roller Guides?

    Cool. Thanks guys. Ringed it is!
  49. heatmiser

    SoCal Offshore Trolling on Private Boat - Ringed or Roller Guides?

    I am relatively new to boat ownership and am currently using 2 Calstar 765L rods with roller guides for trolling. My reels are Penn Baja Specials holding 400 yards of 80lb braid with enough 60lb mono topshot so the braid is not off the reel when trolling. When on a fish with the roller guides...
  50. heatmiser

    Trailer Ball Coupler

    Excellent. Thanks guys!!!!!
  51. heatmiser

    Trailer Ball Coupler

    OK. I think I found a direct replacement. Does this look correct?
  52. heatmiser

    Trailer Ball Coupler

    They are drum brakes. Is that all I need to know along with the measurements of the frame before ordering a replacement? Sorry for the rookie questions but this is my first trailer and it's a POS.
  53. heatmiser

    Trailer Ball Coupler

    This is my first boat/trailer and I hate it too. I am going to get a new trailer eventually but need to get this one fixed ASAP so I can get the boat back in the water. Any recommendations for trailer parts here in San Diego?
  54. heatmiser

    Chunks for big BFT

    X2 Would hurt to throw a hooked chunk out too
  55. heatmiser

    Trailer Ball Coupler

    Anyone know someone that can help me get this old school trailer ball coupler fixed/replaced quickly? The reverse lockout sliding pin I highlighted in red has completely fallen apart and the trailer ball coupler is just swinging. I am going to eventually buy a new trailer for my boat but in...
  56. heatmiser

    Best casting braid?

    I would fill it with 65lb or 80lb solid Izorline and be done with it.
  57. heatmiser

    WTB Calstar 765L and 700H Rods

    Thanks Drew. I will hold off for now. Looking more towards the $180-$200 mark.
  58. heatmiser

    WTB Calstar 765L and 700H Rods

    Factory wrapped in good/great condition. Let me know if you have one...
  59. heatmiser

    Phenix psw809h vs. United Composites US 80 HP

    The UC Tilefish rod is a BEAST!!! I just pulled on one of the blanks this past weekend and it is very stiff. I could see it handling up to 60lb no problem.
  60. heatmiser

    Which 8' Phenix Black Diamond for 30lb?

    None whatsoever, however it may depend on which reel you are putting on there. I have put Accurate 400's, Daiwa Saltiga 30T and Trinidad 14A's. All fit just fine. Great 30# - 40# stick.
  61. heatmiser

    BFT on the Lexa 400 and Phenix ultra swimbait classic throwing poppers

    Props for landing that beast on a Lexa 400!!! I have one and fished it all last year and caught many tuna up to about 40lbs. Handled fine for that grade tuna no problem. You have some solid skills landing that beast on that reel especially on a cattle boat. :daman:
  62. heatmiser

    What type and color lures do you troll for tuna

    I usually run 2 Halco's long on the outside and then 2 cedar plugs closer in the middle. Colors vary depending on lighting. Darker colors early in the morning or late afternoon and on overcast days. Brighter colors during the day when the sun is shining bright.
  63. heatmiser

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    First off, responses like this always make me laugh. Both Accurate and Shimano are great companies and make great products. I have way to many reels from many different brands including Shimano (Trinidad's & Talica's) and Accurate (Boss, BX, BX2 & Dawg) and have Ken service my reels every...
  64. heatmiser

    Frigate in king harbor

    I saw one last year around the corner.
  65. heatmiser

    Calling all bad backs, what rod profile is easiest to use ?

    Do yourself a favor and check out the new United Composites CE700 series of rods. I am transitioning all of my live bait rods over to these. I have used Calstar, Seeker and Phenix previously but these rods are something special.
  66. heatmiser

    Pliers Sheath - another plug for NeedleCrook!

    Bought 2 of these from Jed. Couldn't be happier!
  67. heatmiser

    Drain often?

    I take it out every time I take the boat out of the water. Flush with fresh water and put the drain plug back in next time before launching.
  68. heatmiser

    When do you use an all white surface Iron?

    Saw a guy fish an all white Tady45 on the Malihini last year and outfish everyone on the bow by 2-3x. They work when they swim well.
  69. heatmiser

    Local Socal BFT- What has worked for El Gato Dos

    Really appreciate the info. Thanks for the tips!
  70. heatmiser

    WTS: New Temple Reef STK H Popping Rod

    If you want to get into popping for these tuna and yellowtail with a spinning reel, you would be hard pressed to find a better rod for the money. I have this and the heavier version and love them!
  71. heatmiser

    Reel service in San Diego area

    Ken's Custom in Oceanside
  72. heatmiser

    Favorite yoyo or surface iron reels?

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T or 40
  73. heatmiser

    PENN "2015" 8-Day trip aboard the Shogun, June 13-21, 2015

    Can't make it this year Steve. Derek and I will be watching the report and wishing you guys the best. Have a great time!
  74. heatmiser

    Found those mysterious bluefin yesterday

    First off, congrats of getting into some nice grade fish! Second, thanks a ton for sharing the information!!!!
  75. heatmiser

    3 rod quiver for local, what's your go to ?

    Phenix Black Diamond 808MH - Live Bait (20lb - 30lb) Calstar 700H - Yoyo Iron (40lb - 50lb) Calstar 90J - Surface Iron (40lb)
  76. heatmiser

    San Diego Boat Storage Options

    Big Toy Depot in San Ysidro is great too. Indoors and the wash down station is top notch
  77. heatmiser

    Rod care

    Wash with fresh water and dry with towel. Been doing this for many years and never had any issues with corrosion. I like the wax idea though as it might keep the scales from sticking.
  78. heatmiser

    wts Reels

    I will take the Newell!
  79. heatmiser

    Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Somebody grab it! Great price for a killer reel! I really like the gear ratio of this model Saltist compared to the high ratio on the newer ones.
  80. heatmiser

    Phenix Black Diamond Inshore PSW 807 ML 10-30lb

    Bump for a great rod at a great price!
  81. heatmiser

    Info Popping rod??

    You want a rod with a stiff tip and slow action. What fish & size are you targeting? I would check out the Saltywater Race Point and Temple Reef STK rods. Both are fantastic and less expensive than the exotics from Carpenter, Fisherman and MC Works.
  82. heatmiser

    Surface fishing yellows

    Rods: - Calstar 90J - Calstar 100J - Seeker Pinhead Ulua - Shimano Teramar 100XH - United Composites US90 Monster Reels: - Shimano Trinidad TN20 DC (2) - Daiwa Saltiga 30 - Daiwa Saltiga 40 - Daiwa Lexa 400 Iron: - Salas Baby 5X & 7X Lite - Tady C & 45 - Candybar - JRI...
  83. heatmiser

    Vertical Jigging Setup for Deepwater YT

    I love my Smith AMJ54H (5'4") and AMJ52EX (5'2") for vertical jigging. Weight of jig will determine which rod I use. I purchased a Valley Hill Exploder Death Early Driver last year and it is awesome for vertical jigging. For reels, I typically use my Saltiga 20 & 30T as well as my Accurate...
  84. heatmiser

    Dauntless 500 VS 600N for yo-yo

    Not sure if the Dauntless has the anti-reverse bearing + dogs. If so, yes. If not, I would get a reel that has an anti-reverse bearing. Much easier for jigging IMO.
  85. heatmiser

    Wtb: black diamond hybrid or...

    I have a like new factory wrapped Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD888MH. It is rated 15-40# and has the corded grip with turks head. I use it for 30lb - 40lb live bait & surface iron. Price is $280.
  86. heatmiser

    WTB shimano tranx hg!

    I have one for sale. Like new condition loaded to the top with 65lb Izorline braid (approx. 290 yards). Price is $380.
  87. heatmiser

    Lexa 400 durability

    I fished mine HARD last year for YT and tuna. Caught dozens and the reel is still like new. Just had it serviced and only needed to replace drags. Thumbs up!
  88. heatmiser

    Los Gaviotas?

    I used to fish down there a ton many years ago. LOVE that place!!!!! My buddy's dad had a few houses down there so we would go down all the time. He had a small row boat we would take out (beach launching them was hilarious). Caught tons of calicos off of the kelp. Nice ones too! Have a...
  89. heatmiser

    What rod length do you prefer for private boats?

    I just pulled on some 7' & 8' United Composite GUSA & Phenix BD blanks today. I am going with 7' for the live bait rods. My yoyo rods are already very short and I will pick up an 8' jig stick for surface iron. Thanks guys!
  90. heatmiser

    What rod length do you prefer for private boats?

    I used to solely fish on the cattle boats up until last year when I bought my first boat (23' center console). All of my live bait rods are 8.5' or longer (up to 40lb) which worked great fishing on the cattle boats but have found them to be a little excessive fishing off my skiff. I am...
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  92. heatmiser

    How was your Day At The Docks?

    Uh, Junky... it is an Okuma Nomad travel rod that retails for $180. It is a solid rod and would trust it to fish within it's stated range. I say one of the best deals of the show. Congrats Gil Marlin!!!!
  93. heatmiser

    Big Bluefin rod and reel combo?

    I brought in an 80lb Bluefin on my Calstar GG90J/Saltiga 30 with approx. 200 yards of 65lb Izorline braid backing with maybe a 60 yard 40lb test mono. Never came close to running out of line and used the rail to fight the fish when standing still (not very often). Running around the boat...
  94. heatmiser

    Non-Long range fishing related question: Maruader

    Halco's produced big time here in SoCal the last few seasons for me. They consistently outfished all the tuna feathers and cedar plugs we dragged.
  95. heatmiser

    Coronado Island Report (4/16) on the San Diego

    Were you guys really that close to the rocks or does it just closer than it was?
  96. heatmiser


    Please share who you bought it from. I am in the market for one. :)
  97. heatmiser

    Summer Fishing Destination

    Well last year I went to Loreto in July and almost got skunked. Meanwhile, the fishing back home (SoCal) was off the charts.
  98. heatmiser

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

    Phenix BD 868MH for 30#. I use the BD 869H for 40#
  99. heatmiser

    Gear Whore

    Gear Whore
  100. heatmiser

    Need mono to flouro knot

    Triple surgeons has never failed me. Never.
  101. heatmiser

    Looking to buy a Phenix black diamond blank for 30# jig stick

    Save your money and get a Seeker Pinhead Ulua. Fantastic 30lb rod. Loads up excellent!
  102. heatmiser

    Penn Saltist vs Shimano saragosa

    I will second this approach. When one arms dies, switch. Works great for me! Also, I will second the Saragosa's. I have 2 10K's for over 3 years and they have been flawless with yellowtail and Bluefin. I have not hooked any of the 100lb bluefin's but did catch a 60lb and the reel handled...
  103. heatmiser

    Dauntless 500 VS 600N for yo-yo

    BX2-500N for jigging/yoyo fishing all day long. I have 300 yards of 60lb hollow Izor and serve/tie a 10-20 foot mono topshot of 40-50lb. I have killed MANY yellows and bluefin with this setup and have never lost one due to line capacity (yellows up to 45lb and bluefin up to 50lb). I use...
  104. heatmiser

    Toro NaCl 50 vs 60 size

    I had both the 50 & 60. Sold the 60 as it was to wide for my tastes. The 50 with 40lb braid is quite sporty for schoolie tuna.
  105. heatmiser

    WTB - Phenix Classic Swimbait Rod - 711MH

    Let me know if you have one and want to part with it.
  106. heatmiser

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Damn Barrett. Looks amazing! All I need to do is win the lotto and I will be buying one. :)
  107. heatmiser

    Be Careful at Night - Junk in the Water

    Definitely be careful out there. We were out last weekend and came across at least 5-6 LARGE pilings. Major damage if you hit one of those so be extremely careful!
  108. heatmiser

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Damn Barrett! Absolutely amazing!
  109. heatmiser

    Selling some nice gear!!!

    Will get back to you guys either later tonight or tomorrw morning. Lots of PM's so I will start from the top. All gear is in top notch condition as I am fanatical about cleaning/servicing.
  110. heatmiser

    Selling some nice gear!!!

    Here is what I am looking to sell (for now): - Shimano Tranx 500HG: Like new condition / filled to the top with 65lb Izor solid / $350 - Shimano Trinidad 14A: Like new condition / filled to the top with 50lb Izor solid / $350 - Shimano Trinidad 20A: Like new condition / 200yds of 65lb...
  111. heatmiser

    Halco Max 130

    They all catch fish. This is not a magic lure. Having said that, it does catch fish. So do my cedar plugs, rapalas, tuna feathers, jet heads, etc...
  112. heatmiser

    MISC SURFACE IRONS - 25 for $75

    I did not receive a PM. Please resend. Thanks!
  113. heatmiser

    Butterfly jigs to fish the slide?

    For the slide I use a megabait, upgrade the hook and go kill 'em. This has worked for me extremely well. I don't see why a similar vertical jig wouldn't work however, I would put the hook at the tail end of the jig.
  114. heatmiser

    MISC SURFACE IRONS - 25 for $75

    Would you be willing to sell the Sea Strike surface irons separately?
  115. heatmiser


    Just got back from Loreto on Tuesday. We were down there for 5 days with a big group of guys for an annual dorado tournament. The weather was great, wind was down, water was warm, tequila was tastey and food was good. The biggest dorado caught on the 3 days we fished was 25lbs. Next biggest...
  116. heatmiser

    SoCal Coastal Weather Video Update 7/23

    Thanks again Chris!!!!
  117. heatmiser

    Dobyns 806 HSB Swimbait Rod

    This is an awesome rod and a great price! I haave caught yellowtail and tuna on mine. Very fun and light, light, light!!!
  118. heatmiser

    Yellowfin, Bluefin and Yellowtail 7-14 ( Video )

    Great video! Somebody please tell the guy in the black shirt to not swing to set the hook.
  119. heatmiser

    Advice to properly cleaning reels?

    I spray liberally with Salt Away mixed with water in spray bottle. Make sure to tighten drags whe spraying and then let off afterwards. Let air dry wth fan pointed at them. Has been working great for me for many years now.
  120. heatmiser

    Megabait replace the treble hook

    YES!!!! And the split rings too. I lost a fish this year on stock trebles. I would replace with heavy duty single or treble and owner split rings. Better safe than sorry.
  121. heatmiser

    Loreto Fishing was fair

    Heading down in a few weeks. What tackle should I be bringing? I have never been. Are the yellowtails biting yoyo or surface iron or just bait? Dodo's will bite most anything from my experience but anything artifical you recommend for dwn there?
  122. heatmiser

    Opinions Please

    Do it! Just make sure to be there with him in the hot bites so he is doing things right. The crew will help but they will have their hands full too. 2014 8 Day - 13 years old 2013 8 Day - 12 years old
  123. heatmiser

    Techniques for setting proper drag w/o scale

    I anchor a hook on something strong/solid and pull my rod. I can tell the drag is set properly by feeling the proper bend in the rod based on the line class it is best rated for.
  124. heatmiser

    Penn "2014" 8-Day aboard the Shogun, June 16-24, 2014

    Is it time yet??? I can't wait!!!
  125. heatmiser

    Question 1.5 day for 8yr old son?

    I took my son on his first 1.5 day trip when he was 8 years old. He had pretty good experience fishing the 1/2 and 3/4 day trips already. My plan was to keep my rods in the rack and spend the entire time getting him hooked up and teaching him about tuna fishing. Plan worked and we had a...
  126. heatmiser

    Shogun on the Bluefin 6/10

    Plan on making bait. Heard there is some sardines but mainly chovey for the long range boats.
  127. heatmiser

    Penn "2014" 8-Day aboard the Shogun, June 16-24, 2014

    Iam hoping we don't make the trek. Last year was great because we got to fis every day.
  128. heatmiser

    Penn "2014" 8-Day aboard the Shogun, June 16-24, 2014

    Hey Steve, is there a possibility we will be making the trek to Alijos on this trip? I know last year it was listed as an option.
  129. heatmiser

    Penn-sponsored 8-day aboard Shogun June 16-24

    I can't believe there are still spots available on this trip. Last year was epic and this year looks ever more so. JUMP ON THIS ONE GUYS!!!!
  130. heatmiser

    Looking for a Riffe Baja #4

    My son is looking a Riffe Baja #4. If anyone has one and wants to sell it please let me know.
  131. heatmiser

    Seeker 6485 8' 6" Deckhand Hand

    Excellent condition Seeker BSC6485CT 8' 6" rod for sale. Great surface iron rod for yellowtails in SoCal. $150 firm.
  132. heatmiser

    SOLD Brand New Seeker 6485 Deckhand Rod

    My son has this rod and it is killer for local yellowtail at the Islands.
  133. heatmiser

    What a day! Cab San Lucas 5 hour Panga trip! + video!

    I really hate it when people jump all over guys like this. If you want to change things, you need to educate people, not attack them. Congrats on the great day fishing! Next time you will do the right thing.
  134. heatmiser

    Indoor Boat Storage in San Diego

    Looking for affordable indoor boat storage in San Diego. Let me know if you have any recommendations. Thanks!
  135. heatmiser

    SoCal Coastal Weather Video Update 5/14

    Thanks Chris!!!!
  136. heatmiser

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    Seriously, all the ones mentioned are great. My go-to's are Squidco and Charkbait. Longfin in OC is great too.
  137. heatmiser

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    My 12 year old son won 2nd place jackpot on the Shogun 8 day last June. Captain Aaron handed him the cash (about $300) and my son handed it right back and told him to give it to the deckhands. I'm not saying that everyone should do that, but I was sure proud of him for doing what he did...
  138. heatmiser

    Loreto Trip in July - What Gear to Bring?

    Thanks guys. I have 6 rods I am looking to bring so I will go with that. Anyone use poppers or stickbaits fishing or mainly live bait?
  139. heatmiser

    Loreto Trip in July - What Gear to Bring?

    I posted this in the main Mexico forum and am hoping to get some additional feedback as this section looks more active. Will be heading down to Loreto in mid July for 4 days of fishing. A buddy of mine told me that I am limited to bring only 4 fishing rods & 4 reels when flying into Mexico...
  140. heatmiser

    Schooling Yellows were hard to catch 5/4 'Hini

    My son Derek and his buddy were on that trip. When I picked him up ;ast night he said they saw more yellows out there than he could ever remember. They just didn't want to bite. Said it was amazing to see so many large schools.
  141. heatmiser

    Loreto Trip in July - What Gear to Bring?

    Thanks guys. Any use for a yoyo rod this time of year? Maybe something HEAVY to bottom fish for grouper?
  142. heatmiser

    Loreto Trip in July - What Gear to Bring?

    Going to Loreto for the first time in July. Want to bring my own gear but am not sure what works best down there. Sounds like the main target is dorado this time of year but wanted to know if I will have a good shot at tuna and yellowtail as well. If so, I would imagine I would need some...
  143. heatmiser

    Jig stick recommendations?

    I have a GG series 90J I am thinking about selling. Let me know if you are interested. It is practically brand new. One 5 day trip to Cedros.
  144. heatmiser

    Black Hole rod for Cow Tuna fishing

    Get a Saltywater OBX-500. That is a beast of a rod.
  145. heatmiser

    Penn "2014" 8-Day aboard the Shogun, June 16-24, 2014

    Derek and I just signed up today! We are both looking forward to fishing with you again Steve!
  146. heatmiser

    WTB Accurate BX-600NN (4:1 Ratio / Single Speed)

    Let me know if you have one you would like to sell.
  147. heatmiser

    Jig Stick/Reel.

    Go with the Calstar. My son has the 6485 and it loads up nicely. I have the Phenix 869H and do not like it for tossing jigs. As for the reel, go with the Trinidad 20. Mine holds 200 yards of 65lb Izor spectra with enough room for a 100 yard topshot of 40lb mono.
  148. heatmiser

    Reel for SS 6470H

    Accurate DX2-500 or DX2-600N
  149. heatmiser

    TN20DC & TN40

    Mailed payment today for the DC. Can't wait!!!!
  150. heatmiser

    Ocean Revolution Black Devil 200

    Damn! Great pick up there. If I didn't already have one i would be all over this! You may want to post this on another "popping" forum where people know what you are offering. Just my $.02
  151. heatmiser

    Spectra/Reel maintenance

    I have taken off my spectra on the Swifty spools but how do you get the line back on the reel tightly? Do you go from a Swifty spool to a standard spool and then back onto the reel? D you use a line winding system line Sato?
  152. heatmiser

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    This won't last long...
  153. heatmiser

    Trinidad 16a or 14a owners ?

    I fish 20#, 25# and 30# topshots on my 14a. It holds 300 yards of 50lb Izorline with enough room for a 15' topshot of your choice. Love it!
  154. heatmiser

    Trevor Rogers Accident

    Prayers from the family coming your way Trev!
  155. heatmiser

    Super Seeker Captain John Grabowski model New

    This is a GREAT live bait rod for fishing 40lb - 50lb test line. Bump for a great price on a great rod!
  156. heatmiser

    Dobyns 867 Swimbait Rod Brand New With Tags

    Bump for an awesome rod. I have about 12 of their rods mainly for freshwater bass fishing and a few for calico's. I took their 795 and 806 swimbait rods offshore and on an 8 day trip this past summer and had a blast catching smaller grade yellowtail, tuna and dorado. These rods are...
  157. heatmiser

    Heading to Maui in February. Shore Fishing?

    Thanks for the tips! I purchased some Mark White ceramic plugs my last trip to Kauai. Didn't get anything with them but not sure I was fishing them properly. I will pick up a few more poppers and try some of the swimbaits as well. I am really looking forward to getting out there and...
  158. heatmiser

    Heading to Maui in February. Shore Fishing?

    Heading to Maui with the family this coming February and would like to do some shore fishing while there with my son. We will be staying in Kaanapali but will have a car and can travel. Would be great to hook up a papio (or ulua) but will take any fish that will play. Would like to use...
  159. heatmiser

    G-Loomis Bucara Rods

    I have never fished the G-Loomis Bucara rods but their Bukkake line is pretty sweet!
  160. heatmiser

    "Chester's RocK"

    I just asked Capt Aaron on the Shogun this a few weeks back on our trip. He said no because the place had been called Chesters Rock long before the boat wreck.
  161. heatmiser

    Blue Fin Tuna.. Do you use Jigs? Your preferred method.

    Agree with stairman. I also like to drop 3-5oz megabaits down when they are metered deep and then reeling them back in quickly. Got plenty of Bluefin on those jigs on my 8 day a few weeks back.
  162. heatmiser

    Whats a good Jig stick reel

    A used Daiwa Saltist 30T if you can find it or a Saltist 35 BG.
  163. heatmiser

    Spectra to flouro getting through the guides

    x2 plus there is nothing to snag it when you trim the flouro tag end close to the spectra. The Tony Pena knot is good too but that flouro tag end can catch on guides.
  164. heatmiser

    Trinidad 14 with braid?

    I have mine spooled with 50lb Izor solid.
  165. heatmiser

    Spinning reels for offshore

    I was there. Javier brought those 3 Bluefin fast. Back-to-back. He put on a clinic with that setup.
  166. heatmiser

    Phenomal Super Moon Tanker Seabass!

    That is epic Spike! Aaron showed me the pictures while on the trip. Those are some slugs!
  167. heatmiser

    Smoking on a boat

    One of my favorite things to do is smoke a cigar when out fishing. I have had people come up to me both politely and rudely asking me to not smoke. For the people asking nicely I tell them I would be more than happy to move so they don't have to smell it. I respect that completely. For those...
  168. heatmiser

    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    Well hot damn!!!!
  169. heatmiser

    When Will the tuna start Coming in?

    I was on this trip. They were out about 160-200 miles in pretty good size numbers. Seiners were out there also in full force. Their planes/helicopters circling around all day.
  170. heatmiser

    Great results during 8-day Penn trip aboard Shogun!

    Javier landed 3 Bluefin on the Penn Torque TRQS7 spinning reel in about an hour when he tried out that setup. I was amazed at how much hurt he put on the fish with that Penn reel and rod combo. VERY impressed!!!
  171. heatmiser

    Spinning reels for offshore

    My son and I just fished a Shimano Saragosa 10K with a Black Hole 804S rod on our Shogun 8 day that got back today. We did very well with it on the 25-45lb Bluefin. It was a blast too! One of the guys on our trip used the Penn high end spinner and killed 3 bluefins in a matter of a few hours...
  172. heatmiser

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Great trip!!! Derek and I had a blast. Thanks Steve for bringing all the great Penn gear. You have sold both Derek and I on the Torque's for sure. Great reels!!!
  173. heatmiser

    Weather Forecast

    Heading out on the Shogun for an 8 day trip on Sunday. Just checked out the weather reports and looks like it is going to be a rough one this coming week. Hope the fish still bite...
  174. heatmiser

    BHP Tackle Serving Setup

    I have one and it is awesome. Will last you forever...
  175. heatmiser

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Excellent! Started getting my gear out tonight.
  176. heatmiser

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Hi everyone. I just booked the last two spots for this trip. It will be myself and my 13 year old son Derek. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and having a great time on the water. As for gear, here is what I am thinking about bringing so let me know if I am on the right track...
  177. heatmiser

    Past results are no guarantee of future results.

    Agreed. This is the only time when I feel jigs are more productive for Bluefin than live bait. During day time I go with live bait almost exclusively although if it goes wide open I usually grab my jigs again.
  178. heatmiser

    Mission Belle 6/7 on the water play by play

    Good luck! Always like your reports. Go get 'em!
  179. heatmiser

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 6/5

    Thanks again Chris!!!
  180. heatmiser

    Curado 300

    I load mine with JB Solid braid to the top and then fish short flouro/mono topshots in whatever ratings I need for the day.
  181. heatmiser

    ? Trinidad 12A or 14A

    14A for sure. I have two and love them for fishing anything from 15lb to 30lb (and even 40lb sometimes). I get 300 yards of 50lb JB solid on the reels and it has plenty of drag. Cast a mile too!
  182. heatmiser

    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    Oh come on Derek... I know you got more than that!!! :appl:
  183. heatmiser

    pre Nados report...

    Good luck! See you out there!
  184. heatmiser

    Seeker inshore pro v. Shimano teramar

    For inshore fishing, I would get the Seeker. Great rods!
  185. heatmiser

    Panama always on fire!!

    I would call that an epic day!
  186. heatmiser


  187. heatmiser

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro 60 - $200

    Bump for a killer reel. I have the Toro 50 & 60. I hooked into a striped marlin last year while flyling for dodo's. Chased him around for about 20-25 minutes before the 15lb flouro leader broke. :)
  188. heatmiser

    Okuma Makaira Rods???

    I pulled on them at the Fred Hall show. Pretty impressive for the price IMO.
  189. heatmiser

    What rods for trolling SoCal

    X2 although I would go with a rod that at least has a roller tip. No need for all roller guides IMO.
  190. heatmiser

    Wax Wing

    For yellowtails, the traditional surface irons are more consistent than the waxwings. I love the action of the waxwings and am amazed that they don't work as good or better than the Tady's, Candybars or Salas jigs. Every day is different so I always bring both. I also love them for fishing...
  191. heatmiser

    What rods for trolling SoCal

    I have a set of Calstar GF765L with rollers. Love 'em!
  192. heatmiser

    Daiwa Saltist 30T or BG35H Star Drag

    Looking for one in very good condition. Let me know...
  193. heatmiser

    Seeker 6480, 6485 or 270H-8

    Looking for one of these rods with deckhand grip in very good condition. Let me know...
  194. heatmiser

    Avet or accurate???

    This same thing happened to me. I have nothing to say but good things about Avet reels as they have never failed me. I have since passed the Avet's to my son and they have worked flawlessly for him as well. It is just once you have a fish on the line, the Accurate's are soooooo smooth. :)
  195. heatmiser

    pb surf report 5-13

    Nice one! Cut those toenails bro!
  196. heatmiser

    Mission Belle 5/12 with Capt Steve at the helm

    Was it that rough out there Bryan or were you in the middle of doing the splits when the pic was taken?
  197. heatmiser

    Best Phenix Hybrid for throwing IRONS

    928MH but personally I would get a United Composites Monster Mag. I have both the 928MH and UC Monster Mag rods and like the UC more for throwing iron.
  198. heatmiser

    Fishing Mission Bay Question????

    I would go to the Shelter Island boat launch area. On the right hand side of the launch is a really nice beach area for a picnic lunch and you can go up and down the beach and catch some decent bass. There are rocks as well to fish off of around the boat ramp.
  199. heatmiser

    Calstar GFDH 800H

    Thanks for letting us know...
  200. heatmiser

    Smallest 40# Reel You'd Use???

    Accurate BX-400N
  201. heatmiser

    mxj or mxl?

    Depends. If you are running straight braid to a short 30# topshot, I would definitely go with the MXJ. If you want a 100 yard topshot of 30# mono with 50# braid backing, go with the MXL.
  202. heatmiser

    Okuma Cruz popping rods

  203. heatmiser

    Jig stick rod and reel recommendations

    Calstar 90J and a Saltist 40BG
  204. heatmiser

    Best offshore foot ware?

  205. heatmiser

    FREEDOM Finishes with 8 Yellows! Trip Tonight

    Congrats Bryan! Glad you got 'em good! See you out there again soon.
  206. heatmiser

    Chubasco 2 nice day on the water

    Miss fishing with Ernie and Chad. Got to get back out on the Chubby!
  207. heatmiser

    FREEDOM Finishes with 8 Yellows! Trip Tonight

    I would rather the captain look around all day for yellowtail and come home with nothing than sit on anchor picking away at rockfish. If you aren't out looking for them, you will not find them. Most of the time you have to be at the right place at the right time and then, if you are lucky...
  208. heatmiser

    Best spinning reel for jigging tuna?

    The Best = Shimano Stella
  209. heatmiser

    Proud Dad!

    Thanks Spike! Derek and I hope to get back out with you sometime this season. :)
  210. heatmiser

    Proud Dad!

    My son and I are out on our favorite boats just about every weekend and we see how many people do not tip (or under tip) the crew. Whether it is ignorance or just forgeting, it sucks. I like to think that giving them the jackpot money covers those that stiffed or undertipped the crew. I like...
  211. heatmiser

    Proud Dad!

    Thanks guys! I love that he gets it and respects all the hard work the crew does on each and every trip we take.
  212. heatmiser

    Proud Dad!

    I just wanted to brag a little about my 12 year old son Derek. Derek and two of his buddies went fishing on the Point Loma last Sunday by themselves. I was on the Mission Belle that day and when I got back to the dock, Derek and his buddies were there waiting for me. They didn't land any...
  213. heatmiser

    Offshore/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 4/17

    Thanks again Chris!!! We really appreciate these reports and are always checking them. See you at the docks!
  214. heatmiser

    Inshore Fishin' Chicks

    That's it! I'm moving to Florida!!!
  215. heatmiser

    samurai braid

    I have tried the Samurai braid in 55lb and found it to dig in on itself unlike JB Solid or Izorline 50lb braid. Me no likey...
  216. heatmiser

    We found the yellows yesterday.

    We were out there on the Mission Belle Sunday and were metering them in pretty big schools. We couldn't get them to stick around our bait or bite outside of one that I yoyo'ed up on Tady 4/0 scrambled egg. They were there in numbers though...
  217. heatmiser

    Mission Belle 4/12 report

    Can't get them all the time. I have been out 4 times the last month and have not got any yet. Only once did we find them on these trips but my son and his buddy each landed one. Maybe next time for me. Maybe not. Either way, I always enjoy just being out there with the "chance" of getting...
  218. heatmiser

    BX2 30N Triple dawg

    Not to highjack the thread but... What reel would you recommend over the Accurate 30N dawg?
  219. heatmiser

    Okuma Cruz popping rods

    Anyone have any experience with these rods? I am interested in hearing how it compares "action-wise" to the Okuma Makaira popping rods.
  220. heatmiser

    Phenix PSW808MH or PHD838MH

    I would say your assessment is pretty accurate. If you want more of a 40lb rod in the regular Black Diamond series, go with the 809H. Otherwise get the 808MH which will work for 40lb but is indeed more of a 30lb rod. The Hybrid 838H is equally good for both 30lb & 40lb IMO so go that way if...
  221. heatmiser

    L.J. yellow

    And that is why you ALWAYS have the long rod ready with an iron tied on! Congrats!!!
  222. heatmiser

    Phenix PSW808MH or PHD838MH

    I have both and fish them both at 30lb and 40lb. Get the 838MH Hybrid if you like faster action rods otherwise get the 808MH. You can fish the high range on the Phenix blanks no problem.
  223. heatmiser

    halibut 3/4 day

    Capt Ron is the best! Good luck!
  224. heatmiser


    Great points John! Same thing on rod ratings. A rods rating should be based upon drag numbers, not line class.
  225. heatmiser


    Wow! Nice casa Curtis! Been a long haul but will be so worth it when relaxing with a few cocktails on that deck. Congrats!
  226. heatmiser

    yellows coming in

    Nobody knows if they will stay or not. Seems like we always have an early season run at the islands for a week or two and then they disappear for awhile until around May. As far as gear, I would bring a 40lb rig with mono for yoyo iron and a 25lb rig with flouro for live bait. Not sure if...
  227. heatmiser

    How big?

    Found this on the internet: The California Yellowtail is a member of the jack family and may grow up to 5 ft in length. The largest recorded fish off California weighed 80 lbs, while the largest recorded fish off Mexico weighed 92.1 lbs. Growth of the California Yellowtail is relatively slow...
  228. heatmiser

    How big?

    The rat yellows were off the paddy's offshore
  229. heatmiser

    Salitist Spinnng Reels

    Ahhhhh. I love Charger Jersey Koozies! :waglleybooty:
  230. heatmiser

    Salitist Spinnng Reels

    Let's see more pictures of your best catch ever Derek! :)
  231. heatmiser

    Crazy Footage - Bluefin at PEI

    Check this out: Aquarium Day Raw Clip on Vimeo
  232. heatmiser

    Calstar GFGR 765L Brand New $180.00

    Hmmm. I said I would take it at your asking price and pay for shipping to San Diego in my PM to you earlier today but have not heard back yet. Is it still available?
  233. heatmiser

    Rod recommendation for Tranx HG

    I have mine on a custom 9' United Composites GUSA Monster. :D :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
  234. heatmiser

    Calstar GFGR 765L Brand New $180.00

    Sent you a PM now. Thanks!
  235. heatmiser

    Spooling up my new reel

    Not meaning to hijack this thread but, why do some people step up the braids to heavier ratings closest to the leader? I understand that it increases line capacity and that you can tighten the drag down when you are close to the end of the fight and horse them in. My only thought is the...
  236. heatmiser

    Tuna Boil Deluxe

    It sure looked like one. That is insane!!!
  237. heatmiser

    Reel recommendations

    I have the SS 6470H and it is truly a BEAST of a rod. I believe it is rated 40lb-60lb but it is definitely more of a 50lb-80lb rod IMO. Pull on it next to the Calstar 700H which many consider the ideal 50# rod. You will see what I mean... As for reels, I use the Accurate BX2-600N or BX2-600...
  238. heatmiser

    Northern Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

    I love Playa Guiones! Surfed there many times. Know nothing about fishing there but enjoy the waves!!!
  239. heatmiser

    Daiwa Saltiga versus new Shimano Trinidad A ?

    I have both and like both equally. I really like the reduced weight of the Trinidad's and ridiculous ease of casting. However, I think the Saltiga is pretty much bulletproof. It is very solid and have the utmost confidence in it. You really can't go wrong either way.
  240. heatmiser

    Phenix rods vs Calstar GFGR

    I have both Phenix, Calstar and Super Seeker rods. If you want a rod that shuts off quick, get yourself some Super Seekers. Very fast action. They are all great rods but if you already own Grafighters I would just stay with them. I think they are better at fighting the fish when hooked than...
  241. heatmiser

    Anybody use this rod carrying straps

    I have used a few different kinds but now use regular double sided velcro for 5-6 rods with no straps. I put the reels on the rods when I get on the boat.
  242. heatmiser

    looking for 60# to 80# set up

    I second the Super Seeker rods. They weigh more than the Calstar Graphiter rods but they have more balls. I fish the upper side of their ratings no problem.
  243. heatmiser

    how do you wash spectra?

    Hi Sam! I got the two Swifty sets from you last week. Any recommendations on clamps (or jigs) to hold the cordless drill in place?
  244. heatmiser

    Conventional reel for popping?

    You certainly can. I have but my main issue is keeping the braid tight on the spool. It usually has loose wrappings that can cause backlashes pretty easy. I usually use spinning reels for popping (ie. Shimano Saragosa or Stella).
  245. heatmiser

    Ken did all the legwork

    Just picked up my 20 reels from Ken's yesterday. All serviced and ready for the upcoming season!
  246. heatmiser

    JIGNPOP 9/15 days trip on the Excel is around the corner

    Good luck guys! I will be following your trip online!
  247. heatmiser

    how do you wash spectra?

    Any input/ideas on how to make an inexpensive rig for removing the braid from my reels and then putting it back on using my cordless drill & the swifty kit?
  248. heatmiser

    how do you wash spectra?

    Hi Sam - thanks for letting me know. I just bought 2 complete kits! :)
  249. heatmiser

    swivels or knots?

    I use swivels in the surf. Just about the only time I do unless I am trolling. Not sure if there are any advantages over maybe reducing line twist a little.
  250. heatmiser

    30lb Reel?

    I would get the Accurate Fury 400. I have not fished it yet but have handled it and am extremely impressed. Price-wise they are on par with Avet's (which are good reels) but do not have the side loading issues. Back the Fury 400 with 400 yards of 50lb braid and it will fish 30# and 40#...
  251. heatmiser


    I am looking to buy one of these rods. I would use it for throwing wahoo bombs and raiders. You can also use it as a 50# live bait rod if you are into fishing 8' rods like that.
  252. heatmiser

    Looking to buy a versatile outfit for local waters

    If you were talking about the Chubasco trip on Sunday, that was me that caught the first YT. I got it on my Accurate BX-500N/Calstar 700MH yoyo'ing a Salas 6X iron. This reel/rod combo works great for yoyo fishing locally but is to heavy for shore fishing and most 1/2 day fishing unless...
  253. heatmiser

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    IMO 590 yards in not enough for cow fishing. You may want to consider respooling. I am not saying it isn't good braid. I have it on a few of my reels but nothing for long range. I like it so far but I would be really concerned about only having 590 yards on a cow trip.
  254. heatmiser

    Volunteers Needed Feb 9, 2013 Lake Poway Kids Fishing Derby w Captain Ron

    Hi Maggie, My son Derek and I can help out but he has Lacrosse from 2pm - 4pm. What time should we show up? -Jeff
  255. heatmiser

    Best Rack

    This is what I have: Very well made!
  256. heatmiser

    cow gear

    You will be fine with 2 cow outfits in my opinion. Use wind-on leaders so you can set them up with 100lb & 130lb flouro topshots. Forget bringing a kite rig as all the boats have them already rigged and ready to go. I would then bring at least 1 50lb outfit for wahoo but 2 would be ideal.
  257. heatmiser

    Considering taking my 5 yr old son on half day...

    No life vest required. The cattle boats are required to have sufficient life vests for all passengers. I would give him Bonine about an hour before you guys get on the boat. He should be fine. Definitely take him out and let us know how it goes. Took my son out on his first 1/2 day around 6...
  258. heatmiser

    Bone Fish???

    Seriously? I would never have known. :rofl:
  259. heatmiser


    Anybody know if the Fury will be available in a 400N or 500N in the near future?
  260. heatmiser

    Opinion Revo 50&60/

    I have a Toro 60 and hooked up to a solid sized marlin this year while fishing for dorado's locally here in San Diego. The reel performed flawlessly and give him a decent fight but my 15lb flouro snapped after about 25 minutes. Of course we were chasing him down in my buddies boat. Still, the...
  261. heatmiser

    Do you guys double up your 50lb live bait rigs?

    I have a (2) Calstar 700H's and (1) Super Seeker 6470H for my 50# rods. I also have a Calstar GG90J that can fish 50# for surface iron.
  262. heatmiser

    Do you guys double up your 50lb live bait rigs?

    Thanks guys! I will bring a few 50# rigs but keep only one rigged to go for live bait.
  263. heatmiser

    Make your own Wind On Leaders

    This is great info guys! Anyone have a video on how to make the connection from solid braid to hollow braid?
  264. heatmiser

    Will Accurate offer the Dawg's in single speeds?

    You can thank me for giving them that idea. LOL!!!
  265. heatmiser

    Do you guys double up your 50lb live bait rigs?

    I already have all of my jigging (yoyo & surface iron) setups for trips up to 10 days covered. When it comes to live bait rigs, I have (2) 30lb, (2) 40lb, (1) 50lb, (1) 60lb and (1) 80lb/100lb rig in the racks and ready to roll. My question to you guys is how important do you think it is to have...
  266. heatmiser

    Shimano TranX 500 PG

    Picture is of a 500HG...
  267. heatmiser

    Is there a need for a 60lb set-up?

    OK. I will keep my 60# rig. Thanks guys!
  268. heatmiser

    How much line needed for fishing 80# dropper loop?

    Can I get away with fishing my Accurate BX2-30N for dropper loop? It certainly has the drags to be able to lock it down for grouper and big yellowtails off the bottom but am concerned about the line capacity. I have not done any dropper loop fishing for groupers (have for yellows in shallow...
  269. heatmiser

    Is there a need for a 60lb set-up?

    I have brought a 60lb outfit on most of my long range trips and have never used it. I would just jump up from 50lb to an 80lb rig if big ones were around or it was a wide open bite. So my question is, is there really a need for a 60lb rig? If so, when/where would you use it?
  270. heatmiser

    Saltiga 40 star drag for surface iron?

    I fish both the Saltiga 30 (local) & 40 (long range) for surface iron. I back them with 50lb (Saltiga 30) and 65lb (Saltiga 40) braid and leave room for a 100 yard topshot of 30lb (Saltiga 30) and 40lb (Saltiga 40) mono. They are awesome!!!
  271. heatmiser

    Storming The Beach

    That was so cool!!! Thanks for sharing!
  272. heatmiser

    Fenwick Elite Tech River Runner 6'2 SL for sale

    These are great rods for trout. I would buy it if I didn't already own 4 of them.
  273. heatmiser

    Jig Stick

    X2. I bought this as an impulse buy when down at Squidco and couldn't be more pleased fishing local surface iron with it. An incredible value at it's price.
  274. heatmiser

    Super Seeker 270H-8 Rod

    Sale pending with DAN K
  275. heatmiser

    Shimano Tranx 500HG

    Sales pending with jeffzou
  276. heatmiser

    Shimano Tranx 500HG

    Why yes it is Mr C...
  277. heatmiser

    Will Accurate offer the Dawg's in single speeds?

    Just wondering as I am in the market for a jigging reel and don't want a 2 speed.
  278. heatmiser

    Rods-How many is too many?

    Do you really need a 60# live bait outfit? I have taken one along with me on a few trips and never used it. When I bumped up from 50# I always grabbed my 80# live bait rig. Anyone share the same opinion?
  279. heatmiser

    Vertical jigging rod good for SoCal yoyo iron too?

    Thanks a ton for the help you guys!
  280. heatmiser

    Vertical jigging rod good for SoCal yoyo iron too?

    Thanks John! What are your thoughts on the length or rods and the rails on the boats out of SD. Ever run into any issues with the more parabolic rods being to short? Would a 250 gram rod be sufficient to yoyo our local west coast irons too?
  281. heatmiser

    Vertical jigging rod good for SoCal yoyo iron too?

    Thanks Brice! It is definitely a steady fast grind technique that I use when I yoyo with the Tady & Salas irons I mentioned above. Which of the OTI rods would you recommend for me to use as a vertical jigging & yoyo iron (Tady & Salas) rod for trips out of San Diego up to 8 days (Alijos) on...
  282. heatmiser

    Vertical jigging rod good for SoCal yoyo iron too?

    Wondering if anyone uses vertical jigging rods with traditional SoCal yoyo irons (Tady, Salas, etc). The jigs are typically 5-8oz's (140g to 220g) and the technique is straight grind so I would imagine it would be fine. Just trying to limit the amount of gear I would bring on a long range trip...
  283. heatmiser

    Super Seeker 270H-8 Rod

    SALE PENDING WITH DAN K Factory wrapped with titanium turbo guides. Fished only a handful of times. Looks brand new. Perfect 25lb & 30lb rod for live bait. New rod will cost $340 at Charkbait. I will sell for $190 firm!
  284. heatmiser

    Shimano Tranx 500HG

    I actually had purchased 2 of the HG's and 1 PG. I am going to keep just one of the HG's. I have it on a Phenix 869H now but am going to probably build a GUSA Monster 10' rod for next year.
  285. heatmiser

    Shimano Tranx 500HG

    Shimano Tranx 500HG: $400 (sale pending with jeffzou) Cosmetics - 10/10 Mechanical - 10/10 Filled to the top with 65lb Izorline Spectra Fished 2 days Could pass for brand new reel
  286. heatmiser

    this years impulse buy:daiwa saltiga 30

    You mean you only made one impulse buy this year??? :)
  287. heatmiser

    Phenix Hybrid 888MH Rod

    I have an excellent condition factory wrapped Phenix Hybrid 888MH rod with woven deckhand grip. I do not have pictures but assure you this is in "like new" condition. $325
  288. heatmiser

    How many "dead-heads"....

    I think it is BS if they go over the stated number of limited anglers. I would talk to the owner and let him know your thoughts. Very valid in my opinion.
  289. heatmiser

    Daiwa RYOGA 2020H

    Bump for this one. That is one hell of a reel and a good price too. It is not the same as the Pluton (which is a damn good reel too).
  290. heatmiser

    Do you use the Palomar Knot?

    I have been using it almost exclusively on all hooks, swimbaits and jigs. My only issue is making sure I do not cross the two loops around the hook. I seemed to have a big problem with this all year long. I would have to cut and retie at least 1/2 of the time. When tied right, I have 100%...
  291. heatmiser

    is the bx2400n a waste of $

    I have 2 of the single speed BX-400N's and absolutely love them. I wouldn't consider a 2 speed for this reel since the most I will ever fish with is 30lb topshots with live bait. Your needs may vary. Regardless, the reel is awesome single or two speed.
  292. heatmiser

    Super Seeker 270H-8 Rod

    Rancho Bernardo area. Can meet in Del Mar too.
  293. heatmiser

    50lb flouro to 50lb braid???

    Perfect. Thanks guys!
  294. heatmiser

    Super Seeker 270H-8 Rod

    Factory wrapped with titanium turbo guides. Fished only a handful of times. Looks brand new. Perfect 25lb & 30lb rod for live bait. New rod will cost $340 at Charkbait. I will sell for $190 firm!
  295. heatmiser

    50lb flouro to 50lb braid???

    Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on running the same line rating flouro as braid backing. Good idea? Bad idea? Why?
  296. heatmiser

    Fishermen vs. Surfers/paddle boarders

    I fish and surf. Stay away from good breaks and you should be fine. There is lots of room out there and if someone is being an asshole, just move down. Not worth the drama IMO. Oh, and by the way, asking nicely and politely usually goes a long way in whatever the issues are. Just my $.02
  297. heatmiser

    ?Catapult for lures?

    That is badass!!!
  298. heatmiser

    Rubber boots

    Heard from a few deckhands recently that the new Xtra Tuffs (which are no longer made in USA) are not lasting very long before falling apart.
  299. heatmiser

    10/5/2012 - a double anti-reverse roller bearing upgrade for the accurate boss extrem

    Nice! What is the estimated cost to upgrade this Alan?
  300. heatmiser

    Found: My rods & reels

    Many karma points going Mark's way for sure!!!
  301. heatmiser

    Any Saltiga Surf 30 users here?

    J&H Tackle
  302. heatmiser

    Rod for Trinidad 12A

    OMG!!! That video in your signature is fricking crazy!!!!
  303. heatmiser

    Pinhead rods

    If it is anything like their Ulua, it will be awesome. The Pinhead Ulua has become one of my favorite surface iron rods for local yellowtails. Love it!
  304. heatmiser

    Rods-How many is too many?

    It's better to have 'em and not need 'em then to need 'em and not have 'em... I take more than I need on just about any trip but only keep a reasonable amount in the holders. The rest go up top out of the way just in case...
  305. heatmiser

    Calstar 800H with reel seat

    Let me know if you have one to sell...
  306. heatmiser

    How many yards of line for 40# & 50#?

    Thanks for the input. I always thought 400 yards was enough but am thinking about upgrading things to 500yds to cover my ass if I hook on a larger grade or a real pissed off tuna. I will be moving my Accurate BX2-600 down to a 50# reel (instead of a 60# reel) and redo the braid backing with...
  307. heatmiser

    How many yards of line for 40# & 50#?

    For long range fishing with live bait for tuna (Alijos, Lupe, etc). How many yards of line do you want spooled on for 40# & 50# reels?
  308. heatmiser

    Another kudos to Squidco.

    And the tootsie pops...
  309. heatmiser

    Daiwa Saltist

    I have seen 2 Daiwa Saltist lever drags fail over the past few years. I am not sold on them. They feel cheap and having seen what I did, I will not purchase one. I truly think there are much better options in the price range... Now if you want a fantastic star drag reel, the Daiwa Saltist...
  310. heatmiser

    White Shark spotted on a Patty

    I can't stop laughing!!! :rofl:
  311. heatmiser

    Weather Forecast for the Holiday Weekend

    HOLY Balls!!!! Let's definitely mark this one down as a curve ball from Mother Nature!!!
  312. heatmiser

    20-25 LB Reel

    Want a Star Drag? Then get a Daiwa Saltist BG20 or BG30 Want a Lever Drag? Then get an Avet SX or MXJ I have not had a chance to check out the Penn Fathom's yet but they seem to be getting good reviews here on BD. May want to check those out too...
  313. heatmiser

    Tackle choices for a 2 day trip

    Hi Mitch! Welcome to BD! You should be fine with the outfits you have right now unless you get into some bigger models which has already happened a few weeks ago. For those you would want around 50# ratings. As it stands with what you have, I would run 25lb on the Penn Powerstick / Daiwa...
  314. heatmiser

    Weather Forecast for the Holiday Weekend

    Thanks a ton for the info Chris!!!
  315. heatmiser

    Anyone from BD going out on the Condor 1/5 day this Saturday?

    See you out there Tako. I'll be with my 12 year old son with way to much gear. : )
  316. heatmiser

    Anyone from BD going out on the Condor 1/5 day this Saturday?

    My son Derek and I will be on it. Already getting my gear set up...
  317. heatmiser

    97 Bigeye Tuna on 2 Day Apollo???

    Anyone see the 8/28 Fishermans Landing report for the Apollo 2 day trip? Said they caught 97 Bigeye tuna. Is this true???
  318. heatmiser

    new jigstick

    I really like the Shimano Teramar 100xh I just recently purchased. The only issue I have are the guides are single wrapped. Great surface iron stick though...
  319. heatmiser

    8/25/12 - Steady pick on dodo's all day

    Here is a pic of my sons first dodo ever from this trip. He caught 3 more throughout the day.
  320. heatmiser

    8/25/12 - Steady pick on dodo's all day

    Headed out from Dana Landing at 5am on Saturday. Bait line was long but the sardines were in very good shape. Hightailed it out to the 182 and found a few paddies with nothing on them. Continued to the 43 where my buddy had some coordinates on a kelp paddy that produced big time the day...
  321. heatmiser

    Calstar 700M, 700MH, 700H and 800H Rods

    Let me know if you have one of these Calstar rods and are willing to part with it. These will be gifts so they must be in good condition without rust around guides.
  322. heatmiser

    Dawg upgrade

    I called Accurate yesterday and they are putting together a list of people who are interested in the Dawg upgrade. I was the 15th person to put my name on the list. The customer service rep (Terry) said that they will use this list to convince manufacturing to make more upgrade kits. I recommend...
  323. heatmiser

    Whats your choice of filet knife?

    Calicos, rockfish to tuna already cut by deckhands. I am sure a few different sizes would be best but what would be a good compromise style and size of forschner?
  324. heatmiser

    Whats your choice of filet knife?

    I always have the deckhands filet my fish on the boat but want to remove the skin from the filets when I get home before vacation packing. What knife (boning, filet, etc) from Victorinox/Forschner should I get? How long?
  325. heatmiser

    What knot for a waxwing

    Give them to me! I've caught tons of fish with them. Expensive? Relatively but nothing compared to some of the freshwater lures from Megabait...
  326. heatmiser

    "Why am I not getting bit" What NOT to do.

    Agreed 100%. If you don't know or are unsure, ask the crew. They will not lead you wrong. I always learn new stuff while on the boat listening to the crew (and other anglers) give out tips. They want you to be as successful as possible. You win, they win!
  327. heatmiser

    Dawg upgrade

    I have waited long enough. I sent him a PM as well.
  328. heatmiser

    Shimano TLD 2speed Reels

    What condition? Pictures?
  329. heatmiser

    black steel 6480H

    Cork tape or reel seat?
  330. heatmiser

    Trolling Reel Question...

    Would you go with the TLD's over the Avet HX's? I also want to have my son use them for his 40# and 50# live bait reels on longer range trips when we will be using the boat's trolling gear.
  331. heatmiser

    Trolling Reel Question...

    I am looking to get 2 trolling reels for my all-roller Calstar 765L rods (rated 30-80lb) for offshore trolling out of San Diego on private boats with 50# mono. I also would like my son to be able to use these same reels on longer range trips for 40# and 50# live bait duties. I am thinking...
  332. heatmiser

    MACKS! Oceanside Pier

    My son, daughter and cousin went to the Oceanside Pier this evening and caught nada. They said there were quite a few people fishing on the pier but nobody was catching anything. The "big bite" must have ended...
  333. heatmiser

    Intrepid San Bernardino Sheriff's Charter

    You will have a blast Daniel! The Intrepid is first class from the boat itself, the staterooms and the crew. Top notch IMO!
  334. heatmiser

    Surface Jig Casting Reel Question

    Saltist or Saltiga 40 on a Calstar 90J or 100J is an awesome setup IMO. However, I just got a used Shimano Teramar 100XH and it takes the cake for me. The only thing I do not like about the rod are the guides being single wrapped. Other than that, for the way I cast, the Teramar loads up...
  335. heatmiser

    Dawg upgrade

    Let's all wait for Ben to respond...
  336. heatmiser

    Spirit of Adventure 5 day August 12th-17th

    I called Ken and he said they filled it earlier today. Bummer because my son and I would have loved to be on this one.
  337. heatmiser

    Dawg upgrade

    Seriously???? There was a time limit on this? I have been waiting to hear when it was going to be available. I have 3 reels I need to get upgraded! Not happy about this one at all!
  338. heatmiser

    Uni Vs Modified Albright

    I have been doing 8 down and 8 back up. I am sure the braid goes in and out the same way and I cinched it down very very hard. Maybe I am not cinching it down properly. After tying the know, what lines do you initially pull to tighten it down? I start pulling (slowly) with the braid/flouro...
  339. heatmiser

    Uni Vs Modified Albright

    I have recently been tying the modified albright and have had good success with it so far. However, I tied one recently for my son (65# braid to 40# mono) and cut the tag end of the braid leaving about a 1/4 inch tag. I noticed after my son caught a yellowtail (20#) and bluefin (30#) this past...
  340. heatmiser

    Offshore on 7/28 on the Point Loma

    Elmo is having an awesome summer for sure! This is one summer he will never forget (nor will I)...
  341. heatmiser

    302 Yellowtail Report 7/29

    Nice!!! Glad you guys got on it!!!
  342. heatmiser

    Offshore on 7/28 on the Point Loma

    With Coronado Islands being out of the questions due to the Mex Visa situation, the crew decided to head offshore to go paddy hopping. It was a limited load boat of 20 people and all but 2 of the passengers were willing to make the trip offshore. The 2 people were given refunds and went on their...
  343. heatmiser

    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food

    Our new pup Grady. Got him from the pound a few months ago. He is such a good dog. The first picture was when we first got him and approximately 2 months old. The second picture was when we were at Del Mar Dog Beach (6 months old) and he dug a hole in the sand and then laid in it. We started...
  344. heatmiser


    Hi Ben, Any of the 3/4 day boats that go to Coronado Islands are great (Chubasco II, San Diego, Mission Belle, Malihini, etc) and will most likely give you a chance at them. No guarantees though. Been out 6 times to the islands this year and connected only twice. We had at least one chance at...
  345. heatmiser

    shimano teremar 10'

    Thanks for the rod Darrin! Looking forward to using it this weekend for some yellows!
  346. heatmiser

    Preserving your catch

    Do you guys rinse the filets before packaging them in the food saver bags? Why shouldn't you use freshwater to rinse the fish? Most of my fish is fileted on the sportboats and put into ziplocks. Should I rinse it when I get home in a salt water mixture or just put it in a vacuum sealed bag as is?
  347. heatmiser

    More yellows on an iron

    LOL! He already is. He actually got 3 of those 4 fish. He was using a 8.5' Seeker 6485 and a Daiwa Saltist 30T filled with 65lb braid and a 6' 40lb mono topshot.
  348. heatmiser

    shimano teremar 10'

    I will take it!
  349. heatmiser


    I landed one of these and Derek caught the other 3 on the iron (2 hooked & landed by himself and the other one Captain Steve hooked & handed to Derek)
  350. heatmiser


    And to add to that, Derek and I went out on the Mission Belle today out to the islands and he hooked and landed two more yellows on the iron. He is on fire!!!
  351. heatmiser

    Favorite Reel for a Overnighter - Southern Ca

    Accurate BX-400N & Shimano Trinidad 14A
  352. heatmiser

    Tady jigs

    I have bought a few of the newer Tady 45's with the "sickle-bend" trebles and they all swim extremely well. In fact, I think they swim better than most of my Salas irons. Maybe I got lucky on the few I bought.
  353. heatmiser

    Bluefin on 1.5 day trips

    Thanks for the input! The last thing I want to do is get spooled.
  354. heatmiser

    Spinning Outfit

    Would this be a good setup for a newbie 12 year old kid to throw surface iron for yellows? He doesn't want a conventional reel as he sees my son and I picking out bachlashes often. Oops!
  355. heatmiser

    Bluefin on 1.5 day trips

    Probably going out early next week for some of the bluefin on a 1.5 day trip. Read an recent article on the board about tips for gear and fishing for bluefin. It said to bring 30-60lb outfits. I went out last year and had to go down to 15lb flouro to get bit. Is the bite now much less picky? I...
  356. heatmiser

    Shimano Calcutta 300D or Trinidad 10A/12A

    That is a wide range of what you are looking to do (freshwater, inshore and offshore) with one reel. Not saying it can't be done but you will have to make a few compromises. If you will mainly be swimbait fishing I would buy the new Calcutta 300D (or better yet the Calcutta 400D). If you will...
  357. heatmiser

    20 lb reel setup

    Lots of good choices in the 20 pound range. For around $100 used I would get an Avet SX single speed. May run a little over $100 but a great 20lb reel for what you are looking for IMO.
  358. heatmiser

    Cork puppy nuts

    Do what I did and glue the little steel slivers on the cork puppy.
  359. heatmiser

    Saltwater Bass Options

    X2 but then again I am mostly catching and releasing bass nowadays so it won't affect me. I will keep the occasional one here and there. Always throw back the big girls though...
  360. heatmiser

    mono with flouro leader???

    I no longer run mono to flouro connections as all my setups are straight braid to flouro. When I was running mono, I would tie a flouro leader via triple surgeons knot with the same rating as the mono or less.
  361. heatmiser

    Perch'n 8/16/12

    Screw that! Tell me the winning lottery numbers from now until 8/16/12!
  362. heatmiser


    This is an excellent rod as are all of Gary Dobyns rods. I have pretty much moved to his rods for everything bass (fresh and salt).
  363. heatmiser

    Seeker inshore 808 rod

    You will love this rod jbeezy!!! My son and I have a few and they are awesome.
  364. heatmiser

    Lead weight on tuna rig

    I have been using the EZ Weights for the past year and absolutely love them. Gordon Hudson is the guy that makes these and is a real great guy too.
  365. heatmiser

    Fishing shorts

  366. heatmiser

    Question on stores with good phenix selection

    Dana Landing in San Diego is good. The Longfin in Anaheim is even better. They have tons of Phenix rods!!!
  367. heatmiser

    You don't fuck with a mans livelihood

    And with this attitude things will never change..
  368. heatmiser

    You don't fuck with a mans livelihood

    I was on the Mission Belle that day. It was a Baja Bayrunner probably about 18' - 21' with three jackholes on it. We were on the fish and they set up almost right on our stern. Definitely within jig throwing distance. The sad part was the fish they wrapped, pulled in and gaffed (stole) was a...
  369. heatmiser

    Nados YT - 07/06/12

    I have a feeling G Ride was the captain of the boat she was on and was being facetious
  370. heatmiser

    Lost alot of Spectra

    Is it easy to serve the ends as well?
  371. heatmiser

    Lost alot of Spectra

    Great idea! I wish I knew how to splice lines...
  372. heatmiser

    Carpet and Gulp Alive don't Mix. Good tip.

    The more I fish with Gulp the more I hate it. It is such a pain in the butt. The bags always reek once you open them. I put them into ziploc bags but keeping the juice in there and not spilling it or getting it all over everything is next to impossible. If you leave it out of the juice, they...
  373. heatmiser

    Good tackle shop near H and M Landing

    How close do you need to H&M? Walking distance? If so, Fishermans Landing is right there. Great selection of stuff (but very expensive) and will know what is working or not. Squidco and Charkbait are both a few miles down the road and are excellent tackle shops. Their prices are much more...
  374. heatmiser

    C-rig vs. lead head

    LOL! That is what I usually fish with for the surf.
  375. heatmiser

    Lost alot of Spectra

    Depending on what you are using the reel for (bait or casting iron). For bait I would just add more braid via knot. If you want, you can spool the short section of braid first so the only time it would come into play is when on a fish. If casting iron, just fill with mono.
  376. heatmiser

    C-rig vs. lead head

    What is GCSW?
  377. heatmiser

    Thoughts From The Tuna Experts

    Neither of them looks to be tangled with any other anglers lines. Good enough for me!
  378. heatmiser

    Dawg Upgrades - Come with Accuport Too?

    Thanks Matt! When can we drop off our BX30's and BX600's for the dawg/accuport upgrades? Also, will the BX500's be upgradeable to the dawgs?
  379. heatmiser

    Shimano Teramar 100XH

    I fisged the 100J before. Great rod indeed!
  380. heatmiser

    San Diego yellows.

    The 1.5 day boats are getting them. They were getting them at the Coronado Islands awhile ago but that has cooled down considerably. Should pick back up.
  381. heatmiser

    Shimano Teramar 100XH

    Let me know if you have one you would like to sell...
  382. heatmiser

    Catalina shore

    Rent a kayak and fish the Avalon harbor. My sister has a mooring out there and we always kill it fishing off her boat in the harbor (sheephead, white fish, calicos, sand bass, sharks, white sea bass, black sea bass, etc). Have fun and let us know how you do...
  383. heatmiser

    Revo Toro 60hs power handle

    Just for the 60
  384. heatmiser

    Revo Toro 60hs power handle

    I do. I have the Revo Toro 50 and 60. Love them!
  385. heatmiser

    Revo Toro 60hs power handle

    Looks great Mike! What tackle shop did you get it from?
  386. heatmiser

    Revo Toro 60hs power handle

    Looks great. What handle is that?
  387. heatmiser


    I use a Calstar 700H rod. Yoyo is my least favorite way to fish but is very effective.
  388. heatmiser

    Installing a reel seat on deckhand rod

    Hey Ken - you guys are probably going to give me crap for this but I purchased a Tranx reel and they don't come with clamps. I looked at the aftermarket clamps (Tiburon/Shimano) and they don't work. The Daiwa Saltiga clamp supposedly fits but you have to limit the amount of line on the reel to...
  389. heatmiser

    Installing a reel seat on deckhand rod

    This is looking like a pretty good idea so far. Has anyone done this on a cord grip before? I will be fishing 30lb-40lb with the rod. Is the seat sturdy enough? Never seen these before...
  390. heatmiser

    Installing a reel seat on deckhand rod

    Hey guys. Thanks for the info. Frankly I wouldn't mind getting rid of the cord grip all together. I like the cork grips better anyways. Would I need to do the cork grip or cork tape since we would be coming up from the butt end?
  391. heatmiser

    Installing a reel seat on deckhand rod

    I have a factory Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD888MH with the cord grip and would like to have a reel seat installed. Is this possible without taking off the guides? What am I looking at cost-wise to do this?
  392. heatmiser

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    I feel terrible for those that lost their money with the Q105. I have been in similar situations in the past and it flat out SUCKS!
  393. heatmiser

    Phenix Rods & Surface Irons

    I just purchased a Shimano Tranx and want to throw surface iron with it. I spooled it with 65lb braid to the top. Now I need to get a 9' rod wrapped with a reel seat that will handle Tady 45's, Candybars & Salas 7X's. Was thinking about the Phenix Abyss 909 but it seems to soft to throw...
  394. heatmiser

    Shimano,Shimano, and Shimano

    Agreed 100%. I think the original prices you listed were more than fair for the Trinidad's and would have bought one of them if I could have met you in person and traded right there.
  395. heatmiser

    Daiwa Lexa

    I haven't seen it in person but everything I have read about it online looks quite promising. It is nice that Daiwa has finally addressed this segment of reels. I am in the market for another 300 size baitcasting reel and am holding off from buying until I can check the Lexa out. Sounds like...
  396. heatmiser

    Proud Dad...

    Hey Matt! Great fishing with you. See you out there again soon.
  397. heatmiser

    Proud Dad...

    A pinhead is a young kid who helps the captain, deckhands and passengers with whatever they need (cleaning, spraying down, scrubbing, rigging, untangling, unhooking, etc). Whatever they need, the pinhead helps with including cleaning the can. The kids don't get paid but they get to fish for...
  398. heatmiser

    Opinions, Mammoth Twin Lakes.

    My buddy was up there last year with his two kids and they killed it at Twin Lakes right off the road looking at the waterfall. They used 4lb test and Berkley Powerbait and also these little worms (1 inch long) with a powerbait head. I can't recall the name but he said that was the ticket...
  399. heatmiser

    Opinions, Mammoth Twin Lakes.

    Must... Eat... Breakfast... At... The... Stove...
  400. heatmiser

    Proud Dad...

    We do and I would be thankful if he cleaned it once a month or at least turned the damn lights off when leaving. LOL!
  401. heatmiser

    Proud Dad...

    Hopefully he will get good at getting backlashes out. God knows his dad gets plenty of them and I could use his help.
  402. heatmiser

    Proud Dad...

    My son Derek (12 years old) got a job as a pinhead on the Point Loma this summer. We have been fishing with Captain Ron, TJ, Cory and Jen for the past 12 months and the whole crew has got to know him well. The other day Captain Ron asked if he would be interested in being a pinhead. Needless...
  403. heatmiser

    Need some advice...

    I just purchased a Shimano Tranx and want to throw surface iron with it. I spooled it with 65lb braid to the top. Now I need to get a 9' rod wrapped with a reel seat that will handle Tady 45's, Candybars & Salas 7X's. Was thinking about the Phenix Abyss 909 but it seems to soft to throw...
  404. heatmiser

    Chubasco 2 Sportfishing?

    Ernie and Chad are top notch. You can't go wrong with the the Chubb.
  405. heatmiser


    Test them out and see for yourself. Hopefully they will be fine. Mine wasn't so I went out and bought new flouro and learned my lesson the hard way.
  406. heatmiser


    I have had issues with flouro becoming brittle and losing fish when using it a few days after it had been in saltwater. Even though I had rinsed my reels with freshwater, it become brittle and broke much lower than its rated strength. I now replace all flourcarbon topshots at the end of each day...
  407. heatmiser


    I have been very happy with JP solid braid. I have also had good success with Izorline braid except for one spooling that was very brittle and broke way below the rated strength. I went back to the tackle shop and they respooled at no charge with a different Izorline spool. I have also used...
  408. heatmiser

    Phenix 809H & 909XH Rods

    Let me know if you have one that you would like to sell...
  409. heatmiser

    Which Shimano Trinidad A for 25# to 30# Live Bait - 14A or 16A?

    Thanks for the link to that article John! It looks like the 14a is the one after reading that. :)
  410. heatmiser

    Which Shimano Trinidad A for 25# to 30# Live Bait - 14A or 16A?

    I will be loading it to the top with 50lb braid (short flouro leader) and using it for just for local SD islands and offshore live bait fishing. Been looking at the Trindad A reels and can't decide between the 14A and 16A. I like the small compact size of the 14A and it has plenty enough drag...
  411. heatmiser

    Tuna Lures

    Caught a few bluefin yoyoing with megabaits
  412. heatmiser

    Ib surf fishing

    Very nice! Thinking about getting out later today but up in North County. :)
  413. heatmiser

    Shimano waxwing leader or no leader?

    Straight braid. I usually take a black waterproof marker and run it down the first 3-4 feet of braid if it is any color other than green.
  414. heatmiser


    Even though we did not land any yellows yesterday, Little Man and I always enjoy time on the water. Derek's 12th birthday is next month and when asked what he would like to have on his 12th birthday, a cell phone or an overnight fishing trip, guess what he chose? Love it! @ Spike - Let me know...
  415. heatmiser

    Drag Question?

    Have you seen some of these yellows thay are being pulled up at the islands? They are bruisers for sure. I could see someone getting spooled on 20# test with some of these beasts. Agree 100% on trying to stop the run when running low on line by lifting the rod (not by tightening drag).
  416. heatmiser

    Which Phenix rod is a better fit with Curado 300e?

    300e is not overkill on the 806 by any means. It is a small reel and will be nice to have (over the 200e) if you happen to hook into a YT or WSB in the kelp. Run straight 30# or 50# braid (maybe short topshot) and you are good to go on either rod. The 807 is probably a little more versatile...
  417. heatmiser

    Which Phenix rod is a better fit with Curado 300e?

    Depends what you want to do with it? I have the 866 and 867 and use my Curado 200's, 300's, Avet SX and Saltiga 20 depending what/where I am fishing.
  418. heatmiser

    Torrey Pines - May 15th & 16th

    Most were very small but there were some bigger ones. Gulp sandworms worked great though!
  419. heatmiser

    Torrey Pines - May 15th & 16th

    Went down to Torrey Pines with my son (Little Man) and we killed the perch and yellowfin croaker. Good numbers to be had once you found the right spots. Tons of small sand crabs but we resorted to the gulp worms. First cast on the 16th I landed a nice size bean. First one of the season for...
  420. heatmiser


    What about plastics?
  421. heatmiser

    Favorite surface iron rod

    Love my gg690J and gg90j from Calstar
  422. heatmiser

    big spotfin

    Nice one!!!
  423. heatmiser


    So true! He already outfishes me. I love it!
  424. heatmiser

    Chubasco - 4/22/12

    Little Man (Derek) is my son. He has been fishing with me for about 7 years now. It is his favorite thing to do in the world. I took him on a 3 day trip last year and he was at the rail more than anyone else and won the jackpot. He has wanted to join BD for a long time now so I finally gave...
  425. heatmiser

    Fave fish to catch?

    Yellows on the surface iron. Love to see them crash on it and then fight em with the long stick. Second would be cow tuna hunting.
  426. heatmiser

    Saltiga 2 speed reviews?

    I own several of the Saltiga star drag reels and absolutely love them. I have not fished the 2 speed lever drag reels but have checked them out. One thing I did notice is that it seems like it would be easy to push the reel past Strike to Full. I did not like that at all. I am sure it is a...
  427. heatmiser

    CHUBASCO II- More Yellows

    Awesome job Ernie! Gotsta get out there soon!
  428. heatmiser

    The Dawg Reels - All the info you've been waiting for

    Great news! I will be upgrading my 600's and 30's!
  429. heatmiser


    Do yourself a favor and purchase the Seaguar Premier flouro. They come in 25yd spools and are very strong, thin and flexible.
  430. heatmiser

    Which 7' Calstar GFTR for 80# - 770H or 770XH?

    I just found Calstar website and it does say 60-120 for the 770XH. I was looking at the Charkbait website where both the H & XH were listed as 60-100. I am going to go with the 770XH then. Thanks!
  431. heatmiser

    Which 7' Calstar GFTR for 80# - 770H or 770XH?

    Both are rated at 60-100 so am not sure which would be best for 80#. I have a 60# outfit so this will be a straight 80# and maybe jumped to 100#. Let me know your thoughts...
  432. heatmiser


    Hey Kevin! I fish the Curado 200 & 300 series often. I would load it all the way up with 50 pound Izorline or Jerry Brown solid braid and use short 3ft flouro topshots with a Tony Pena knot for either live bait or plastics. I absolutely love this rig for fishing bass.
  433. heatmiser

    Perch bonanza

    That would be a great idea!
  434. heatmiser

    Perch bonanza

    Only problem with a kite to take bait out from shore is that here in SoCal we mainly have onshore winds so...
  435. heatmiser

    Press Release Mexican Fishing Visa Procedures

    So are they saying that anytime I want to go fish the Coronado Islands I must go check in at Ensenada first????
  436. heatmiser

    Yellowtail in the surf!

    Nice! I was down in Cabo last week and there were a few yellows we saw caught from shore at Playa Grande.
  437. heatmiser

    Cabo Surf Fishing In February

    I am actually going down on a boat so transporting the rods aren't an issue.
  438. heatmiser

    Cabo Surf Fishing In February

    I will be heading down to Cabo in a week and have done some research on what to target this time of year fishing from shore. Sounds like this will be prime time for Sierra and Kroc's, Kastmasters and surface plugs are the top choices to throw. My question is what rods & reels would be best...
  439. heatmiser

    Surf fishing rod

    I am heading down to Cabo in a week and want to do some surf fishing for Sierras. Looking for a surf rod that will throw spoons a mile from shore. Let me know what you got and how much you want.
  440. heatmiser

    Canyon Lake

    That is great Will! Building some great memories there. Reminds me of similar times with my grandpa.
  441. heatmiser

    Shimano Tranx

    Those are some tiny hands. Must be a dentist...
  442. heatmiser

    Best One Liners Before Casting

    Excuse me while I whip this out...
  443. heatmiser

    Calstar 700H Factory Wrapped

    I am in the $175 range
  444. heatmiser

    Your Favorite Set-up

    My favorite would have to be a light weight rig but figured I would throw in a couple more that I really like too Light = Shimano Curado 200e7 with Dobyns Champion Extreme DX744C with a close second to Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 with Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD886L Medium = Accurate BX2-400...
  445. heatmiser

    Calstar 700H Factory Wrapped

    Let me know if you have one in good condition you would like to sell...
  446. heatmiser


    That sounds a little fishy...
  447. heatmiser

    UT reports Visa's WILL be required in Mex.

    This is a great point. Thousands of these people come across our borders every day. Would be quite a bit different if we made them have Visa's. This whole MLPA and Mex Visa things blows so much!!!
  448. heatmiser

    Rod for Talica 12 II - Terez or Phenix?

    If you are going back to 20-30 yard mono topshots, why are you unloading the Phenix 700H. Should work fine with that extra layer of shock absorbtion now. I fish cows with spectra to 25 yards of flouro topshots and it works fine. Just my $.02...
  449. heatmiser

    Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Thanks Scott!!! : )
  450. heatmiser

    Shimano Tranx

  451. heatmiser

    Calstar 690J -or- Seeker 670-8 Deckhand Rod

    Let me know if you have one and are willing to sell...
  452. heatmiser

    Calstar or Seeker 870 Fiberglass Rod

    Thanks Brian but I already got one. Charkbait had a blowout on the Seekers and grabbed one the other day. Great deal on a 970 though!!!
  453. heatmiser

    Calstar or Seeker 870 Fiberglass Rod

    Looking for a christmas present for my son
  454. heatmiser

    Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Looking for a Christmas present for my son
  455. heatmiser


    Great prices!!!
  456. heatmiser

    Shimano Curado 50e

    Thank you! :)
  457. heatmiser

    Shimano Curado 50e

    I will take it. PM sent.
  458. heatmiser


    Congrats Tom!!!!
  459. heatmiser

    Super Seeker 270H-8 Rod

    Factory wrapped Super Seeker 270H-8 in excellent condition. It is 8' Long and will fish 20lb-30lb line no problem. This rod sells for $340 at Charkbait. I'm asking only $210 and it could pass as a new rod.
  460. heatmiser

    Calstar 6480 Deckhand Rod

    Thanks guys. Tim - I am going to pass. Sounds really nice but more than I want to spend. Brian - I will reach out to the guy to see if he will part with the 6480 seperately.
  461. heatmiser

    Calstar 6480 Deckhand Rod

    Got the reel!!! Now I need to get a rod to cast surface irons for my son. Thanks...<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  462. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    Calstar 6460XXH & United Rods URC60HP both sold
  463. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    Seeker Black Steel 6470 has been sold
  464. heatmiser

    wats ur fav fish and how to catch it

    Yellowtail on the surface iron... :jig:
  465. heatmiser

    Saltist 30T Reel & Calstar 6480 Deckhand Rod

    He is using his Saltist 30T with my Calstar 800M right now for practice. He is a pretty stout 11 year old and can throw that setup about 50 yards on this setup. Making his daddy proud... : )
  466. heatmiser

    Saltist 30T Reel & Calstar 6480 Deckhand Rod

    Need to get a local surface iron rig for my 11 year old son. Thanks...
  467. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    Calstar 800M - Sold Pending Payment
  468. heatmiser

    Avet Pro EX 50 Topless Reel + (2) New 100lb Seaguar Premier Flouro Wind-Ons - $375

    Sold Pending Payment I am selling a Silver Avet Pro EX 50 Topless reel. It is loaded to the top with 130lb braid. This reel has been with me on a few long range trips and is in great condition. I had it serviced last winter at Ken's Custom Reels and it has not been used since. Willing to let...
  469. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    Updated with lower prices
  470. heatmiser

    LR rod recommendation

    Either a Super Seeker 6470 or Calstar 700H would be ideal.
  471. heatmiser

    Avet HX 5/2 2-Speed Reel

    Reel has been sold
  472. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    Super Seeker 6480 and Calstar Grafighter 765L have been sold
  473. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    Seeker Black Steel 6463XXXH Sold
  474. heatmiser

    Avet HX 5/2 2-Speed Reel

    Sold - pending payment
  475. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    Calstar 765L sold pending payment
  476. heatmiser

    Avet Pro EX 50 Topless Reel + (2) New 100lb Seaguar Premier Flouro Wind-Ons - $400

    I am selling a Silver Avet Pro EX 50 Topless reel. It is loaded to the top with 130lb braid. This reel has been with me on a few long range trips and is in great condition. I had it serviced last winter at Ken's Custom Reels and it has not been used since. Willing to sell it for $400. I will...
  477. heatmiser

    Calstar GG690J - Like new

    Somebody pick this up! This is an incredible rod to fish surface iron yellows at the islands. I used it at Benitos/Cedros last year and if performed flawless.
  478. heatmiser

    Yellowfin Tuna Handline Fishing

    Hot damn! That is a toad on the hand line Spike! Nice work!
  479. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    Super Seeker 6480 has been sold pending payment.
  480. heatmiser

    Avet Pro EX 50 Topless Reel

    I am selling a Silver Avet Pro EX 50 Topless reel. It is loaded to the top with 130lb braid. This reel has been with me on a few long range trips and is in great condition. I had it serviced last winter at Ken's Custom Reels and it has not been used since. Willing to sell it for $400. I will...
  481. heatmiser

    Avet HX 5/2 2-Speed Reel

    I am selling a blue Avet HX 5/2 2-speed reel. It is backed with 80lb Jerry Brown hollow spectra. I have used this reel maybe twice and it could pass as brand new. I had it serviced last winter at Ken's Custom Reels and it has not been used since. SOLD
  482. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    PM's replied to
  483. heatmiser

    Avet 50SDS & Avet 30W

    Avet 30W Sold
  484. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    Hey Lance! It is indeed a Challenger series and has Turbo guides as well. Awesome rod for yoyo if you like short rods - very light weight. I do not like yoyo fishing so I am selling off my yoyo specific rig(including my HXJ - see other post of mine)
  485. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    All the rods are factory wrapped. The 765L has the Turbo guides.
  486. heatmiser

    Avet & Daiwa Saltiga & Shimano Curado Reels

    All reels have been serviced by Ken's Custom Reels and have not been used since. All reels include original reel clamps (except Curado) Avet MXL 2 Speed / Silver / 50lb Izorline Braid / (Like New!) - SOLD Avet HXJ 2 Speed / Silver / 65lb Momoi Diamond Braid / (Like New!) - SOLD Avet HX 2 Speed...
  487. heatmiser

    Seeker & Calstar Rods

    All Rods are Factory Wrapped: Super Seeker 270H-8 / 8' Long / 20lb-30lb - This rod sells for $340 at Charkbait. I'm asking only $220 and it could pass as a new rod. Seeker Black Steel 6470 Grabowski - Sold Calstar 6460XXH All Rollers - Sold Calstar 800M / 8' Long / 20lb - 40lb - Sold...
  488. heatmiser

    Avet 50SDS & Avet 30W

    I have two reels in excellent condition. 30W looks brand new. Both have been serviced by Ken's Customer reels and not used since. Avet ProEX 50SDS - Silver - Loaded to the top with 130lb braid - $400 Avet ProEX 30W - Black - Loaded to the top with 130lb braid - SOLD!
  489. heatmiser

    ULUA and (fill in the blank reel)

    x2... That's what I use on mine and love it!
  490. heatmiser

    80lb class All Roller Trolling / Stand Up Rod

    I have a Calstar Classic 6460XXH (Rollers) rated 60lb - 100lb. Perfect 80lb rod. Took only on two trips and used only a handful of time. Looks like new. PM if you are interested in checking it out.
  491. heatmiser

    super seekers

    Somebody got a killer rod for only $160!!!!!!
  492. heatmiser

    100lb versus 200lb YFT?

    I had the pleasure to watch Dave Choate pull in a 350# YFT two years ago on an ATD30. Don't remember how long it took but it wasn't close to being a 4 hour ordeal. The fish took many many runs on him. Helped me immensely watching how he handled things when I pulled up my 287# personal best later...
  493. heatmiser

    izor spectra on bass reel

    I use Izor Spectra 30# and 50# on my Shimano Curado 200's and 300's. Love it!!!
  494. heatmiser

    Calstar 800m in good condition.

    I have one I would sell you but live in San Diego. Ever make it down this way?
  495. heatmiser

    Phenix Hybrid phd 836 L 10-25lb new

    This is a great stick! I bought one earlier this year with the sames cork/eva grip and absolutely love it. Caught a 15lb Bluefin on it a few weeks back and it worked awesome!
  496. heatmiser

    1st Cow Trip - Questions

    Went on my first 10+ day trip two years ago. We were not 100% sure we were going to go cow hunting so I brought one 30, two 40's, two 50's, one 60, one 80, one 100 and one 130 lb setups. I only used my 100 and 130 lb outfits the entire trip.
  497. heatmiser

    best reel for yo-yo'ing heavy iron for yellowtail?

    Saltiga 30T or 40 is what I use and love it. Used to use the Avet HX5/3 but really liked jigging with the Saltiga better.
  498. heatmiser

    Overnighter on the Holiday

    Fished 20lb flouro with small hooks yesterday by the pens and only got one BFT on the Condor. I fished hard all day. Some people got their limits but were fishing with 15lb flouro and one was even using 12lb flouro. Small hooks and light line were key yesterday. Unfortunately I only had 20lb...
  499. heatmiser


    Squidco has plenty of green as well as green/red flake which is my favorite. My son and I KILLED the calico's with the green/red flake this summer.
  500. heatmiser

    Have you ever seen this? :)

    Much better bro... :rofl:
  501. heatmiser

    Have you ever seen this? :)

    Nice 'do Barrett!
  502. heatmiser

    Daiwas Sealine vs Saltist vs Saltiga

    The Saltist is one of the best bargains out there for high quality star drag reels IMO. My son has a few and loves them (so do I). I have a few Saltiga's which are very nice but not 2.5x nicer. If I were to drop that kind of coin now on a star drag reel it would definitely be the new Shimano...
  503. heatmiser

    Tying Floro to Solid Spectra

    I like the Tony Pena knot. Very easy to tie once you get the hang of it. Zero failures for me.
  504. heatmiser


    Isn't the standard retail price $39.95?
  505. heatmiser

    Four rigs for the 'Lupe

    With spectra filled up to the rim on each you should go with 30,40,40,50 and definitely get/rent an 80lb rig for dropper loop yellows. Other than that , you should be good to go...
  506. heatmiser

    Curado 200e7 Setup

    I've loaded mine up with anything from 30lb, 50lb or 65lb braid with short 20-25lb flouro topshots for bass. 50lb would be a good start. You get about 125-130 yrds of 50lb Izorline on a 200e reel. Plenty for the 3B's...
  507. heatmiser

    Accurate Xtreme 500 and 2 Super Seekers

    Bump for some great deals!!! Willy's rods are top notch!!!
  508. heatmiser

    FL Pac Dawn-Escobar 7/30/11

    I certainly woulndn't be eating any Escobar
  509. heatmiser

    Spooling up

    400 yards is plenty of line for those line classes. Go with the heavier braid IMO.
  510. heatmiser

    Phenix inshore assassin 867

    GREAT price & GREAT rod. I have one and LOVE it!
  511. heatmiser

    **Need Help! Best rod for a Curado 200E7**

    X2 Bought a few from Jigslinger. Check with him and he will hook you UP!
  512. heatmiser

    Knot ???

    This is the one for me. Never had a problem with it and can tie it in seconds. If you are only using 4-5 ft of flouro than you don't have to worry about it going through the guides.
  513. heatmiser

    Best "bang for my buck" light action casting reel

    For fishing sand/calico bass, why not get a nice Curado 300e or Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50? These are what I use almost exclusively for kelp beds unless there are yellows around (have landed a few on my Curado's), am targeting white sea bass or bottom fishing. If you are just going to throw...
  514. heatmiser

    ICAST Photo Update

    The new 200 series Curado reels offer 7.1:1 , 6.5:1 and 5.5:1 gear ratios instead of just 7:1 and 5:1. A little lighter weighing 7.2 oz instead of 7.6 oz. Oh, and different colored spools for different line retrievals rates. Oh goodie!!! Let's hope there are more changes than that...
  515. heatmiser

    Sport Chalet shimano trinidads on sale

    I just ordered a Curado 200e7 online for $116 including tax & shipping (free shipping on orders over $75). Thanks for the heads up!
  516. heatmiser


    I almost spit up my soda when I read this one. Seriously??? Blaming the lack of whales for climate changes.
  517. heatmiser

    Open spot for WSB in San Diego tonight?

    I just called the landing and their next trip isn't until Tuesday night. If anyone is going out tonight and has space, let me know.
  518. heatmiser

    Open spot for WSB in San Diego tonight?

    Let me know if you are going out and have an open spot. Thanks, Jeff
  519. heatmiser

    Fished the Point Loma Last 2 Days

    Make that 3 nights in a row. Full load boat this time. Tonight was crazy for the first 2 hours. It was almost every chovie out was getting bit (we had a nice load of bait). Then the current went slack and it slowed down quite a bit but there were still fish being pulled up. Trace got the...
  520. heatmiser

    Fished the Point Loma Last 2 Days

    Great captain and crew on the Point Loma. Fished it the last two evenings and had great calico bites. Last night was full limit style fishing. Tonight was a little tougher due to a light load of chovies. If we had more it would have been another crazy night. Still caught plenty of fish and...
  521. heatmiser

    Avet Pro EX or Okuma Makaira

    Thanks guys for all the responses. I really wanted to get the Accurate ATD's but they are just outside my price range. Sound like the Makaira is very much up to the task.
  522. heatmiser

    Avet Pro EX or Okuma Makaira

    Which would you get? I keep hearing alot about the Makaira but are they as good (and reliable) as the Avet Pro EX30/2 and Pro EX50/2 SDS for cows? Pricewise they are about the same...
  523. heatmiser

    Searcher 1.5 Day July 9-11

    This is why I will probably save my cash and do a late season long range trip. I went out three times last year on overnight trips chasing the BFT and got skunked. To much pressure from the seiners makes them skitish IMO. However, it does make it more rewarding when you do catch one.
  524. heatmiser

    Funny how life works sometimes...

    That's funny. I was just asking this guy who is a good friend of one of my buddies that used to rep tackle in the area if he knew what ever happened to you once you left Noah's. He told me this yesterday. Congrat's on the new gig!!!
  525. heatmiser

    Which Trinidad A reel would you use for live bait fishing for albacore?

    Reel will be loaded with 40-50lb spectra and short topshot of 25lb flouro.
  526. heatmiser

    Pacific Queen 2 Day to Catalina - June 25 & 26

    He was smiling all weekend. He is just happy to be out on a boat fishing the entire time. I hope his passion for it holds as he grows up.
  527. heatmiser

    Pacific Queen 2 Day to Catalina - June 25 & 26

    We did have a great time. Josh and Butch make a great team for sure. Those guys are hilarious. Thanks again for the recommendation Spike!
  528. heatmiser

    Pacific Queen 2 Day to Catalina - June 25 & 26

    LOL! Yes it was the Pacific Quest. My bad. Anyone know how to edit the thread title?
  529. heatmiser

    Seeker blue lightning inshore

    How much will you sell it for?
  530. heatmiser

    Pacific Queen 2 Day to Catalina - June 25 & 26

    For my sons (Derek) 11th birthday I decided to surprise him and take him on a 2 day trip to Catalina looking for some WSB on the Pacific Quest (thanks for the boat recommendation Spike!). The longest trip he had been on before was an overnight tuna trip last year where the entire boat got...
  531. heatmiser

    Who makes the best hooks?

    I think all the hooks you listed are great and will work fine. I mainly use Owner (with ring) for live bait and Mustad (without ring) for dead bait.
  532. heatmiser

    50% off revo toro 50

    Picked up one in San Marcos store this morning. It was me and 3 other guys. We each bought one reel. There were only 2 left at that point. Probably gone by now. Thanks for the heads up on this one!!!
  533. heatmiser

    Staying in Catalina on July 4th Weekend - Want to FISH!!!

    My son and I are staying in Catalina on July 4th weekend and want to try catching some of the white sea bass. Anyone know of a boat that would pick us up in Catalina? I saw a few private charters out of Avalon but they run $175 - $250 per hour. Way too much money for me. Would be willing to...
  534. heatmiser

    brand new skb tackle boxes for sale or trade

    Has anyone heard back from this guy? I PM'ed him twice and heard nothing back.
  535. heatmiser

    Phenix vs. United Composites??

    Yes. I believe they are made in China.
  536. heatmiser

    Line Size?

    x2 Let then know what line your topshots are and they will be able to tell. If in San Diego, go to see Joey at Squidco...
  537. heatmiser

    RIP PsychoClown (ROCK)

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Rock but after reading all the posts on this thread I really wish I did. No doubt he was one of "those guys" that lightened up everyones day. Rest in peace...
  538. heatmiser

    Great Tip For Fishing The Plastics...

    That's some funny shit there!!! My wife would have my balls for sure. Oh wait, she already does...
  539. heatmiser

    brand new skb tackle boxes for sale or trade

    I'll take the backpack! PM sent!
  540. heatmiser

    San Jose Del Cabo Report 6-3-11

    That dodo had to have weighed more than 38 pounds.
  541. heatmiser

    Phenix Black Diamond 808MH or 868MH

    Let me know if you want to part with one of these...
  542. heatmiser

    trinidad's reel up for sale

    Better do some research before posting prices like these and your Calstar rods...
  543. heatmiser

    Kids ride free on San Diego Sportboats

    Going Sunday with my 8 year old daughter. Her first trip on a boat. Hopefully she will find the same love of fishing my 10 year old son and I have. It will be easier to convince the wifey to get a fishing boat that way. : )
  544. heatmiser

    Phenix 807ML Inshore Assassin

    Thanks for hooking me up Bryan!
  545. heatmiser

    Chubasco2 Weds the 27th 3/4 Yellows!

    I am planning to go if I can get enough work done early this week.
  546. heatmiser

    Rods for sale at the Bloodydecks Booth - Day at the Docks 2011

    Hey Barrett - I'll take the 800H if it is still available.
  547. heatmiser

    Strike Drag for Cow Fishing

    I set my strike drag for cow reels at 25lb drag and fish 130lb braid to 100lb/130lb flouro topshot no longer than 25'. I know some set their drags higher but this has worked for me...
  548. heatmiser

    seeker 858

    BUMP for a great rod at a great price! I have two already otherwise I would buy this!
  549. heatmiser

    Reel for fishing the waxwing

  550. heatmiser

    Reel for fishing the waxwing

    I would think the Abu Garcia Revo Toro 60 would be ideal for this application. I plan on running one of these reels for local SD yellows this year.
  551. heatmiser

    Diawa Saltiga 20

    Is that a scratch in the first picture to the left of one of the screws?
  552. heatmiser

    Looking to get a quiver of Phenix rods

    Do the hybrids shut off quicker than the standard black diamonds?
  553. heatmiser

    Looking to get a quiver of Phenix rods

    Looking for a change and am impressed with what I have seen from them. I have also heard great praise from many on this board and am looking for something lighter and thinner than my current rods with as much backbone. Open to other suggestions as well...
  554. heatmiser

    Looking to get a quiver of Phenix rods

    Want to get your input on which rods for my applications/line ratings. All will be used for fishing yellowtails and tuna with live bait (except Calico rod) wth all reels loaded with braid to the top with a short flouro topshot. I fish the drag on my reels at about 25% of line rating to help...
  555. heatmiser

    Calico Killer

    Is this the best Phenix blank for Calico fishing with braid and short topshots of flouro? By the specs it looks like it's a 30lb rod. Isn't that too much for calico's?
  556. heatmiser

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 or 60 for yellows?

    Should I go with the "Winch" model with 4.6 gears or the Toro with 5.4 or 6.4 gears. Again, fishing with artificials (waxwings, poppers, etc) targeting yellows and maybe albacore and YFT locally here in SD.
  557. heatmiser

    Accurate BX 400 Brand New in Box

    Also, any line on reel?
  558. heatmiser

    Accurate BX 400 Brand New in Box

    PM sent. What gear ratio? Still have the registration form?
  559. heatmiser

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 or 60 for yellows?

    Want to get a light set-up this year for cast straight braid on the new larger size Waxwings for yellows and am wondering whether or not you think I should go with the 50 or 60 size reel? Also, should I go with the "Winch" model with 4.6 gears or the standard Toro with 5.4 or 6.4 gears.
  560. heatmiser

    Deciding new rod for calicos

    Love my Seeker Inshore 858. You can get them used for around $100 or less.
  561. heatmiser

    Fred Hall Show 2011

    Bought three of your t-shirts yesterday. Great finally meeting you Ben!
  562. heatmiser

    Thinnest diameter high quality 50# braid?

    Went to Basil's website but he only listed a few and all were 60# and higher.
  563. heatmiser

    Thinnest diameter high quality 50# braid?

    Want to spool up a few of my reels with 50# braid and want to maximize the capacity on them. Anyone know what the thinnest diameter high-quality braid would be? Will be running it to a short piece of flouro for live bait...
  564. heatmiser

    Yo-Yo Gear

    Necro post. FWIW, I find yoyo fishing the least enjoyable form of fishing for yellows. However, it can be extremely effective...
  565. heatmiser

    Shimano Trinidad 40 Come And Get It!!!

    Silent clicker... Classic!
  566. heatmiser

    Iron Storage

    And they rock! Got three of them!!!
  567. heatmiser

    Calstar 800H Factory Wrapped

    Let me know...
  568. heatmiser

    Avet JX MC frame & Diawa Clamp

    I'll take the Daiwa reel clamp. PM Sent.
  569. heatmiser

    Best place in San Diego area to have reels serviced?

    Called Ken's and got pricing at $15 for single speeds and $25 for two speeds. Is that pretty reasonable?
  570. heatmiser

    Best place in San Diego area to have reels serviced?

    Have a bunch of reels (Avet's, Saltiga's and Curado's) that need to get serviced. Who would you recommend in the San Diego area to service them at reasonable prices?
  571. heatmiser

    Rod Knobie

    I have used this on my last few trips and loved it. Great at eliminating bruises on the hip region...
  572. heatmiser

    How undersized is this tackle???

    I've seen plenty of cows at Denny's. What the hell are you talking about?!?!?
  573. heatmiser

    tuna question

    So he doesn't get discouraged
  574. heatmiser

    Daiwa Saltiga 2spd Lever drag reels

    I was checking one out last week at a local tackle shop. I had two complaints after playing around with it for a few minutes. It is sooooo easy to push the lever past "strike" all the way to "full". I have no idea why they didn't put some kind of notch there. The other issue was free spool...
  575. heatmiser

    The Mainstay Reel for Longrange Arsenal

    But the Accurates are soooo purty
  576. heatmiser

    Kona Mike Update

    Fished with Mike last year on the Intrepid and can honestly say he is one of the hardest working deckhands I have ever met. My prayers are with you Mike...
  577. heatmiser

    (new) Calstar gg 90j

    Fished a GG90J rod at Cedros/Benitos this year and killed the YT on the surface iron. Love this stick! Whoever get's it will love it for sure!
  578. heatmiser

    How many yards of line for 30#, 40# & 50# reels fishing live bait?

    I'm talking about flylining sardines at Alijos or Guadalupe. I think I have about 350 yards on them now with spectra to the top and short top shots. I definitely won't be fishing for 100# tuna on my 30# reel. I will fish them in their classes based on what the captain recommends I use for the...
  579. heatmiser

    How many yards of line for 30#, 40# & 50# reels fishing live bait?

    What is the ideal amount of line (in yards) that I should have spooled on my reels for each of these line classes while fishing live bait on long range trips for tuna?
  580. heatmiser

    what calico bass set up to get???

    Great advice from Matt! I bought a Citica 200D (old version) and a 7.5' Shimano Clarus rod and killed the bass with plastics for a few years. Then I upgraded to a Curado 300D and a Seeker Inshore 858. My Citica/Clarus combo did just as well and was significantly less and still an absolute...
  581. heatmiser

    Lower Banks

    I think the long range fleet starts checking out the Lower Banks in mid to late October. I don't think the cows typically show up until November but I could be wrong...
  582. heatmiser

    Legend 10/9/10 1.5

    Great report Spike!!!
  583. heatmiser

    Best Star Drag Reels

  584. heatmiser

    Angler Center 5-day on the Red Rooster 3

    Great fishing with you Charlie! It was nice hanging with you and D on the ride down. We sure had fun tossing the surface iron on the bow, huh? What a rush!!!
  585. heatmiser

    REST IN PEACE SDANGLER (Mark Fretwell)

    We have lost one of the best for sure. Mark was one of the funniest, nicest and most kind-hearted people I have ever met. It is an honor to have known him. My condolences go out to Annie and Molly. This is a very very sad day...
  586. heatmiser

    Outer Banks Boat Club

    Almost joined last year but decided last minute to hold tight. Glad I did! Sorry to hear about your losses guys. Karma will catch up with him for sure...
  587. heatmiser

    Kelp bed report

    This is about where I am at now. Just when it looks like the fish want to play, I jump on a boat and nobody catches anything. Was going to take my two kids out for some kelp bed fishing this coming Wednesday but am thinking I might just take them to K1 Speed Circuit instead. At least we know...
  588. heatmiser

    Calstar 870 or Seeker 970 Rod (Conventional)

    Quick bump as my son and I are leaving tonight and would like to get him his own 7' rod for the trip. If you have a Calstar 870 you would like to sell today and will be down in San Diego today let me know...
  589. heatmiser

    avet sx mc rod ????

    My favorite 20lb rod that I own is the Seeker Inshore 808 (8') and 858 (8.5'). I like it better than my Calstar 800L (great rod too) for fishing inshore. Very light, reasonably priced (go to Squidco) and great tip action for flipping small baits. Plenty of backbone for 20lb. You may want to...
  590. heatmiser

    I need a new set of trolling rigs. What should I get?

    Trolling offshore here in San Diego I use an Avet HX 2 speed loaded with 80lb braid backing and 50-60lb mono topshot on a Calstar 765L (thanks Barrett!). Plenty for around here plus it works great as a 50lb reel on longrange trips...
  591. heatmiser

    Saltiga 30T & Shimano Calcutta 90MH Rod

    Thanks Don!!! Can't wait to try it out this weekend!
  592. heatmiser

    Casting Straight Spectra/Braid... Few Questions

    Thanks for the input. I ended up getting 65lb Jerry Brown solid. Looking forward to trying it out this weekend!
  593. heatmiser

    Casting Straight Spectra/Braid... Few Questions

    I am going to set up one of my Saltigas to cast straight braid and was wondering whether to use 50lb, 65lb or 80lb braid. Should I use solid or hollow? What about brands? Do some cast better than others? I use JB Hollow and Momoi Hollow on most of my reels now but all have longer topshots so...
  594. heatmiser

    Shimano Curado's & Waxwings for Yellowtails

    I have a few Curado's that I use mainly for bassing and an occasional yellowtail. The drags seem to fade rather quickly when connected to a moderate size YT. I have bought some of the Waxwing jigs and want to throw them at boiling yellowtails. I would ideally like to use my Curado but am open...
  595. heatmiser

    Calstar 870 or Seeker 970 Rod (Conventional)

    Thanks Ernie. Looking for the Calstar 870 though...
  596. heatmiser

    Calstar 870 or Seeker 970 Rod (Conventional)

    For my 10 year old son...
  597. heatmiser

    Best Live Bait Casting Outfit Ever

    Agree unless I need to cast a sardine onto a boil and it is out 10' further than the rest of the boat can cast...
  598. heatmiser

    Curado 300E

    PM sent
  599. heatmiser

    What do you use to combat sea sickness

    The patch works best for me. Try it out as I get sea sick on harbor cruises. Locally, if the seas are relatively calm, I will use Bonine. Anything long range or relatively rough and it is the patch for sure. I was on an 11 day trip last November and the patch saved the trip for me. They...
  600. heatmiser

    Spectra Knot Break Strength

    Decided to practice my mono to spectra knots last night and test their break strength. I was using 50lb Izor Sectra with 40lb PLine CXX mono. Knots I used were the Albright, Reverse Albright and Tona Pena. After tying the knots I would take them to my scale and do straight pulls (no fishing...
  601. heatmiser

    Just placed a nice fat order this weekend

    Well hot damn! You are set up quite nicely!!!