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    cross wrapping tips/ critique

    after seeing arts of work I finally figured out and dove into my 1st attempt at cross wrap. used a dowel, laid out the necessary/ unnecessary marks and started. I need remember to stop and pack threads every 5 or so to keep the line straight. didn’t quite come out straight, 1st time i’ll take...
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    SOLD navionics+ west chip

    i have a 16gb micro sd card with the navionics + west charts. was in my lowrance hds gen 3, would work simrad as well. retails $150 from navionics. 80 shipped. priority mail with insurance. 75 pick up in irvine area. pms are best thanks
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    6/27 left shoe

    went out with the wife and daughter for a mid morning sesh. launched at 8 am and hit a few areas in 70ft ish. i’m casting my daughter is winding. we put on a quick 11 fish. wife gets a decent 3 # sandy. we went out to deeper water and nothing much, my little 6 yr turns quiet... hmmm start...
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    2nd tiger

    first thanks to all the builders putting info on for tiger wraps. after many months of reading and research I made 2 small tiger wraps. here is the second one: fuji thread all size d. bottom wrap black, metallic silver and metallic red. top wrap is 3 threads 2 sacraficials all size d. in the pic...
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    SOLD icom 402 vhf

    I just removed this unit from my rocket sled, Icom 402 with dcs. has nmea 0183 capability, everything in good working order. it is a bit discolored from all the fishing days. this is a great skiff boat is garaged when not fishing comes with power connection, bracket, bracket knobs and...
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    1st dragon scale

    well a year after starting to build my own rods and lots of lurking thru the old threads here on BD and other rod forums I finally attempted my first dragon scale. i’m not sure who originated this but thank you and to everyone that has shared their info on the inter webs. I tried to make my...
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    looking to contact old crew members and others

    i am trying to get in touch with a few of the guys I use to work with on thebes rooster. time frame is 96-2002 spike from the q105 jiro (5150) from the q mat buy from the star fernando from rr3 mark aka peaches rr3 1998 also any of these guys glenn from glenn’s alignment ralph cox rolf...
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    alps guide line rating

    after searching I have found mixed results... maybe this is a preference thing MXN rated 12-30 XN 25-50 can I get away with the MXN for 40#?
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    2007 etec 90 leaky trim fix

    hey everyone that has an etec. if your tilt and trim unit is leaking the following is what I did to fix mine. 2007 tnt units are so caked in repairable from what I am told by advance marine and another etec dealer in torrance ( forgot the name) new trim units are 1-1/2 boat ( 1500) evinrude...
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    shoe laces

    kman and I got back at again today with the plan to sniff izors, some other bitch slap rocks, protein farm, 1fidy, and west shoe izors was typical, a handful of fish and then we moved on. seemed like there was no current/wind therefore very slow drift. from here we moved to some other spots...
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    Ma! where’s the protein 5/3

    after seeing some info about jurel popping up I got the measles today so I went fishing with kman. loaded up at 430 and at the super secret mussel farm. we were there at grey light. soon boat after boat arrived. everyone playing nice. nothing going on start seeing some leave. we headed to some...
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    okuma service center

    I just got a new tesoro 5 and could not use the hardware supplied. I search BD and there are some work arounds. I reached out to Okuma and opened a ticket for loner hardware. pretty coool everything done electronically. I then was sent an email from a rep stating they will send out longer...
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    For Sale Hand wrapped Calcutta Gaffs

    2 Calcutta gaffs hand wrapped as I used to make them on long range boat. Tarred seine cord, 2/0 mustad gaff hook. Calcutta has the knots sanded down. The long one is 70” and the shorter 58” or so. Pick up only in cypress area, or Irvine. Will trade for cash. 70” for $80 58” for $70 Pm is...
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    SOLD moeller 28 gallon fuel tank

    I have a used moeller 28 gallon above deck tank. it fits perfect under the helm seat on my montauk. in good condition. replaced the vent o ring. 50 bucks picked up. there is currently about 1 gallon of fuel left in it. I have more pics. need it gone pms best thanks for looking
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    Us vs the seals

    been a while since I had been fishing so I called up kman to go fishing. launched my sled at 5 from davies hoping that the santa ana’s would allow us to fish. we ran 25 kts up to the redondo area. whoops if that’s the new secret spot. a bit of wind chop as soon as we arrived before 7. wind...
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    local yellow tail helmet

    a birdy left word that there are some yellows local. got the day off and called kman. we headed to nachos and grabbed some carnada. (bait) and off to the 105. got a few bass, made some moves, looking and looking. eventually ended up at the 150 area. all local sporties there and a few private...
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    WTB lowrance Point 1

    Like the title says, i am looking for a Lowrance heading sensor, Point 1 with cables and NMEA T let me know what you have
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    WTB Lowrance HDS 12 bracket

    Looking for a spare HDS 12 gen3 bracket, need to get some dimensions to design a bracket that doesnt shake while at idle or low RPM. let me know what you have
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    local lbc waters

    went our with kman this morning on what he calls the rocket sled. launched at 5am and proceeded to the shoe in an effort to fish garr. while on the way we hit several stone for the usual suspects. go to the “area” and saw nothing happening. a few boats floating about. executive decision to...
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    straightening guides

    how does everyone assure guides are aligned? good old eye method? laser? I always move the same guide one way or another as it’s always looking skewed. i started with one at the seat and work myway to the last guide. I try not to switch eyes as that changes due to eye dominance. any pointers?
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    6/16 wind

    made plans with the old lady to go fishing. we left home 530 launched at 615 from davies. forecast said 5-10 kts of wind. 5 was correct made our way behind the breakwall and our angels gate. we hit a few rocks successfully caught about 25-30 mixed calico/ sandies. largest was 4 lb. we lost a...
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    racor clear fuel filter bowls

    if anyone is having issues with the clear racor bowl leaking verify the following: if there are molded letters in the bowl. it will say “pur” and or “z” I had my old fuel bowl go caput and leaked fuel all over. after about an hour of researching I found out that racor had a revision change due...
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    zapato de cabillo

    got to together with kman to scope the shoe. we left my place at 450 ish. 10 minutes arrived at the ramp and off we go. another shotgun approach taken today to go and scope the shoe for some new rocks. first spot of many got a double right off the bat. we had 10sandies and 2 by catch by 730...
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    calcutta 300d part assist

    to the shimano pros, I recently fished my new reel. I purchased this at the time of the sport chalet liquidation’s. yes I tend to hoard things.... anyways after fishing the reel which worked fantastic, should have been using it sooner. I opened the reel to see what it looked like and put a drop...
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    2-11 green sticks

    welp... been working my rear off at the office so I decided to get some time away and unwind. kman and I planned for sunday. left my house at 445 got fuel for the tow vehicle. arrived at the ramp at 5am. I had a fuel filter leak thru the seal... just about axed the trip but kurt to the rescue...
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    casting trigger grip reaming

    Well.... i have finally decided to take the big leap into wrapping my own rods. i will be wrapping a GUSA 80Mag for myself and my lady. Calcutta 300D cork handles, trigger grips and 10 alconite guides +tip. basic wrap pattern to match the existing collection. couple questions i have is how...
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    lowrance lms 332c 200hz

    SOLD I am selling my old gps/ff from my boat. this is a lowrance lms 332c. head unit, gps module with ss mount,and 200hz xdcr. comes with the older nmea 2000 network. unit works great I used it forever. was always stored indoors. all buttons and functionality work. great beginner unit...
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    optima blue top grp 34 starter

    i have my old optima battery up for sale. it’s 2 years old. optima blue top, “starter” group 34. works great always fully charged after each trip. only reason i’m selling is that I completely reworked the boat and now using larger batteries. 100...
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    pv test run

    got one more fishing session before the new year. kman showed up about 430ish loaded the boat got fuel and off we go. this was more of a test run of the new electronics and wiring. fishing was actually fishing and not catching. water was chilly about 60.8 on my gauge and clean. slight...
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    wtb blue nmea 2000 resistors

    I need a lowrance net/nmea 2000 blue 120ohm resistor anyone have both or a male one kicking around? the ones I have are 60 ohm and the new electronics are 120. thanks
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    etec mechanic

    looking for an OC etec mechanic. looking for the 300hr service. any recommendations??
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    Gel coat paste

    looking for some insight here. I just yanked my consol, all the wiring and existing electronics and compass’s day old teak trim. I am now left with several holes in the top of the console from 1” to 4”. I plan to fill with glass but I would like to gel coat/ paint the areas where it’s been...
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    PV saturday 10/7

    sorry for the late post. Kman and myself headed up the line again to see if the checkers wanted to play. launch at 515 ish made our way out Angels gate into fog. nervous driving by me not to hit a lobster pot, drive a somewhat straight course and watching out for larger vessels. got to the...
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    Green sticks not so green

    no really plan but to go fishing. Kman arrived a bit before our normal 430 time. Launched and got to pt Fermin before 6. Tried a few spots for a few bass and by catch. Continued various spots for a few bass here and there. The coolest thing of the day was when I decided to huck the jig. Had...
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    Wtb nmea 2000 extension

    Need a NMEA 2000 extension 10-15 ft. Let me know what you guys have or where I can get one cheap
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    Motorguide white quick release mount

    I bought this along with my new trolling motor. I dont need i was able to mount the motor just like my old motor. Was only taken out of the box to take the picture This is for a motorguide xi5. Not sure if it fits the other brand. 60 firm picked up...
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    Achilles lex 290

    Cleaning the garage, I got this with plans for Baja just never got the chance to go. I have used this in Los al bay putting around. Never stored outside always in the garage out of the sun. Perfect for spearos!! All pics in the Dropbox link...
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    Sticks of green

    Went out this morning with kman on my water slapping whaler. Kman, showed up about 415am. Loaded his gear and off to Davies launch ramp. The quick 10 minute drive pay our 12 bucks, boat's in the water and off we go by 430. We decided to fish pv today, driving thru the harbor in the dark was a...
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    Dual pro extreme 2 bank battery charger

    I have a brand new Dual pro extreme 2 bank on board battery charger. I bought this but never installed or used. just sat. specs are 15 amp banks, 30 amps total can handle 24V systems, 100% rebuildable. Never figured out what the 3rd set of wires are on charger. almost like it was set up for 3...
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    26 gallon Moeller fuel tank

    I bought this last year for a buddy Boston Whaler owner. Since then they have moved on.... Used 26 gallon fuel tank for a Boston Whaler. it fits under the Montauk style driving seat. If you have anything else you will need to check dimensions. dimensions are 12.25"H x 19"W x 29.25"L Tank is...
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    7/15 Izors, pipe, 150

    Started at Izors about 6am, 5 or so boats around. Stopped on a few small marks. 1oz head and good old 4" swim bait. (Kman spesh ) got lots of bites but real takers. Worked the area till about 730 or 8. Hooked one good one that jumped off the hook about half way up. And landed 2 smaller sandies...
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    8-20 pv et al

    The previous 4 boat rides have been just that. After Lal's report last night I thought I was going to go 0-5. Me and the wife ended up with 4 sandies Launched at 630 from Davies. Pretty busy. Typical people standing on the ramp and others not giving a damn... Passed on bait (thanks lal for...
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    7/28 helmet

    plan was to use my last vaca day and fish oside since this was where all the nuked bft were. Well this is where they were. Got 1/2 scoop of dines. And made mini macs at the bouy and outside the pier. Once loaded up went 10 out and started looking. 5 up and then 10 down for nada. We did see...
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    4-16 wash cycle

    The wife and I planned our first trip of the year, besides would be great to get the boat out on the water. Forecast was ok but I was wrong. The plan was to head out to the 150 ish looking for reds and other bottom critters. But the swell and the cross wind kept us from reaching the target...
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    Xd 50 oil

    I have about 1 gallon of xd50 in a 2.5 gallon jug. hows 20 bucks sound pm is best contact need it gone
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    Northern pv

    an agreed day to take my good luck charm fishing with me. Decided to make the trek around the bend. Launched at 550 ish. Got bait from nachos (horse dines) got up to the area about 7. Only a few others in the area. My wife and I fished plastics and then I switched to the "songy". She got a few...
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    Bass fishing

    Took the day off to fish long beach me and the wife it up the rigs to do some bass fishing. We did ok. We both lost a good calico to the rig. I was on fire with 6 sculpins. One about 3 lbs. Kept one 16" sandy. Other than that the weather is a bit choppy. And wet this morning.
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    Shimano Calcutta 400te w/ clamp

    hardly used 400te. Fished maybe 6 times. Has 1/2 spool of white pp spectra. 20 lb pline top shot. Carbontex drags I also have the clamp but no screws. Easy replacement. Hardly any rash some of the print is coming off but Still 9/10 cosmetic 9/10 on function as well. Free spools good. Drags are...
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    Lbs jurel 8-14

    Cough cough got a sick day from work maybe I shouldn't post! Ha! Outside the shoe was the area. Launched at 445 am 20th boat inline at nachos! Got my half scoop of songy. Not the best but.... I landed 4 and my wife got her first 2! So stoked. We had enough fish handed the rest of the bait...
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    dana point bait sit-rep

    anyone have a bait report from here? the "bait report" thread says they have songy, but the people reported otherwise.
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    Dual pro extreme on board battery charger

    i have a brand new no box dual pro extreme battery charger never installed. Charges 2 banks of batteries. 15 amps per bank. Completely rebuild able unit and not a throw away! I was going the dual battery route but changed my plans. They are 300 on cabelas. I prefer local sale but will ship for...
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    buddy boat for this friday 7-17

    my chick and i are heading out friday morning from Davies, if anyone else want to team up for offshore PM me. or get me on channel 72. My handle is pork chop steve
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    Ulua/ Peacock

    I am headed to Oahu this week for 8 days, my girl and I want to go and get some Ulua. Any one have any leads of inshore/reef charters. If that doesnt pan out I may opt for Peacock bass fishing on the reservior. Thanks
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    war baits

    where do i get some of these? i was at performance tackle this morning. also what about the heads with the weed gaurd on them??
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    Discovery Channel's "Wild Pacific"

    Any one see Discoveory channels documentary on the Pacific Ocean? it had lots of good info, the best was when they showed underwater footage of a seiner with 100+ton school tuna wrapped up. crazy death net action. 100+ tons could fill 5-6 sd long range boats. Discovery said that with this type...
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    getting rear ended while tow my boat

    well after having all my hockey crap stolen last week now an accident. WFT has any one been rear ended while towing their boat?? I was on my way home, 2 blocks away and a kid rear ends my whaler and 2 year old ETEC. Prop is toast though. Everything sounds fine while shifting into fwd and...
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    Boat Pix

    Anyone ever get any pictures from Home Page of The helicopter was flying low on my way in last saturday and think they got a shot of my girl and I on the way back in. I checked out the site, pretty costly but for a bitchin pic its worth it. I just want to know if there is anyone...
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    fishing in greece athens

    I will be going to Greece 4 times over the next year or so. anyone fish there or off the coast? spill the beans. -steve
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    spectra slippage?

    has anyone encountered power pro or any brand of spectra slipping while tied dierectly to the spool? this is on smaller reels, curado 300, citica and calcutta 200. I have spectra on every reel and I cant seem to figure out my drag issue. shimano rep claims that you must put tie the spectra to a...
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    PV or oil rigs this weekend

    anyone going up or out there this saturday? i am watching the weather, hopefully it lays down
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    Trailer rebuild

    I remember some members posting where they bought most of their trailer supplies. I am looking to either buy a rebuilt or rebuild the existing trailer later this year. looking for bunk with carpets and brackets, rollers, leafs, hubs, bearings, and axle. basically a new trailer. steve
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    PV tomorrow?

    anyone going to PV tomorrow morning?? I will be out there if the wind stays down. i will be in a small whaler. get me on 72 -steve
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    bug card for '08

    I was just on the F&G site looking at licenses for next year and saw this: <TABLE cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=1><TBODY><TR><TD>New for 2008 Spiny Lobster Report Card </TD><TD colSpan=2>$ 7.90 </TD><TD>Required for all anglers taking spiny lobster, including persons who are not required...
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    tuna wranglers

    Did anyone catch the Tuna Wranglers episode on discovery channel? i saw it last week. Thought there was good footage about BFT, spotter planes, and pen boats, and transfering the tuna from the mesh to the pen. anyways
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    7/9 and 7/10

    anyone fishing the HH flats or PV?? i will be on 72 hail "chinito" and i will get back to you. i wil be fishing bass
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    red tide?

    Is the schnide still around Pt loma? planning to head to the kelp this weekend, so my girl can get her first Gar and some bass. -steve
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    FISH id

    can anyone ID this fish?? I didnt hook it here, i just got back from mexico. it had the pect fins like a jack, but the fore head of a pompano... got it on 8lb lol -steve
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    giant BSB shot in LA jolla

    I got a call from my old man while driving home... says it was on the news that some dumb ass shot a BSB in the protected area of LJ. JUst wanted a confirm on this?? anyone?? news reported that it died shortly after. thanks
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    shimano high speed gears conversion

    I have skipped steps that showed removing the side plate and handle and etc etc. You can either buy a new set of curado 200b gears with pinion or find someone to trade straight up. i have traded 3 sets now. here are the gears: 5:1 on the top and 6:1 on the bottom. visually the 6:1 gear is...
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    driving to mex

    I will be going to mexico by car... is the manditory passort in effect yet? I just mailed in my old one to get it renewed.
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    east breakwall 4/1

    I fished this morning 7-1130 at the breakwall and one of the inside islands. the break wall was good. not bad for my first time fishing LBC. i usually fish SD. anyways 2 nice 2-4# Calicos with a couple smaller ones, 4-5 sandies one 18"er, a rock fish and what i think is a cab. what ever it...
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    transom mounted bait pump

    Does anyone have a lead on where i can purchase a transom mounted bait pump? I have seen the ones on just wondering where else i could purchase them. I have a 14 gallon kodiak tank -steve
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    missing fishermen

    anyone hear about this? i heard it briefly during the chargers slap: of the broncos 1 Fisherman Dead, 1 Missing - Local News supposedly hooping for bugs, one guy is still missing. if you guys are thinking the same thing i am, what are they doing out in a small boat with big swell...
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    setting up ETEC

    does anyone set up etec's? i have everything that is needed, i only need someone to set up the EMM and check that eveything is legit for warentee. steve
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    casting the small sx5:1

    i have an avet sx5:1 its the real small on. amounst the great free-spool comes great back lashes when casting plastics for bass. I have tried to firm up the "bait" position but then the drag at the strike is just too tight. and if i adjust the drag to be correct at the strike position the...
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    san quintin reports??

    Any one been to san quintin lately?? didnt see that much on reports from there. i think 6 or 7 of us are going for the 4 day weekend! diving and fishing is the name of the game here. hopefully it will be un-eventful trip there and back gunz
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    for the people that are tired of dogs taking good fish check out the links:gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz<!-- / message --><!-- sig --> its about time.Death_To_ :cwmdie:
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    really small avet

    When I was at the Fred Hall show i saw a small avet reel at the avet booth. it was tiny, the size of a calcutta 200, open frame, lever drag. any dope on this?? thanks steve
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    naming boats

    I see that there are tons of boat owners here and some have named their boats. I am wondering how everyone went about naming their boat? Did you have it "documented" with the coast guard? Or was the baot just named and you are still running the registraion numbers on the front half of the boat...
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    measunring fish

    does anyone know where i can get a measuring tape/stick like on the local 1/2 day boats? would like to get one so i can measure the small ones that I catch! LOL thanks
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    light weight spectra

    Does anyone use light line spectra?? thinking about putting spectra on some of my inshore stuff and bay stuff and then add that with a top shot of what ever. I am using smal fresh water bass gear, old school shimano bantams. any one have spectra with a Floro top shot for bass?? thanks steve