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  1. mike a.

    Carnes brothers 8day on rp

    Has any fellow bders done this trip befor?how was it?
  2. mike a.

    lupe reports please?

    got an 8day trip coming up on the shogun. looks like a def run to the lupe cant find much from other trips that been fishing there just want to know how its going there,
  3. mike a.

    your go to trolling lures

    if you could only take one trolling lure to fish dorados down in the east cape what would you take?
  4. mike a.

    mexicos dorado shootout

    has any one done the darado shoot out in july? do you bring own gear hows the boats and fishing? seem like a good time but for a one day tourney seems far to go.any input helpfull
  5. mike a.

    dorado shootout in 2018

    been looking at the dorado shootout tourney in july down in the east cape of mexico. has any bders taken part in this tourney and what is it like and how are the boats and captains, whats the best way for travel down. thanks buddys.
  6. mike a.

    8day shogun ricebowl trip

    my brother, a buddy, and I just signed up for the beginning of sept 8 day ricebowl trip. we've been on a few other 8 and 6 day runs but in mid oct. has any bders gone on this trip lately and what are your input. I was down at the docks and stepped on the boat its really big with lots fishing...
  7. mike a.

    info needed

    looking to do a 8 day trip to alijos rocks .when is the best time of year to choose from?
  8. mike a.

    alittle info needed

    I'm looking to book a long range trip in 2017. my bro wants to do the lupe I want to hit alios rocks what trip does both and whens the best time of year to do alios?
  9. mike a.

    6 day calstar trip on red rooster 3 sept 23 -29.

    After looking at trying to find trips fishing the lupe this year which all boats allowed were sold out! we picked the 6 day calstar trip. is anyone else on this trip? it will be our first trip of this lenght! any suggestions ! or input that would help! done 3.5 day before thanks!
  10. mike a.

    6/10 bluefin hunt on the DOMINATOR..

    was out on sat 6/5 on a 1.5 day bluefin trip and had an epic time caught a 65 pounder, but the real treat was watching all the life on the water must a been a dozen huge foamers blowing up the water all at once, thousands of birds crashing, whales, it was a great day on the water fun times. so i...
  11. mike a.

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    Been on 7 trips this year 6 out of h and m, one on the new lo ann. 2 out of the 7 were good the rest wanted to go into mexican waters chasing paddies looking for dinky yellowfin. this makes me really mad. just went on a 2.5 day trip on the chief and guess what back down to mexican waters. they...