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    How is the mac situation at nachos?

    wet cat food with the pop lid, use the lid to flick the cat food.
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    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

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    Acid Wrapped United Composites CX76 Deviant

    matte grey seat is awesome.
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    Sunday 9/6 PV to Horseshoe

    what are you using as a descending rig? upside down siwash hook?
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    Tranx 200 vs Curado 200? Which is better?

    I use my curado k in salt. it doesn’t have the same water resistance as the tranx, typical bearing under the shaft gets corroded. other than the one bearing it’s held up pretty good in the salt.
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    cross wrapping tips/ critique

    after seeing arts of work I finally figured out and dove into my 1st attempt at cross wrap. used a dowel, laid out the necessary/ unnecessary marks and started. I need remember to stop and pack threads every 5 or so to keep the line straight. didn’t quite come out straight, 1st time i’ll take...
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    Tiburon clamp issue...

    can grind/belt sander the shimano clamp in the contact areas... for the money you shouldn’t have too...
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    Small surface iron rod. What do you use?

    tranx 300 gusa us80mag slings snipers 35-80 well tranx 400/ ce 900 monster “light/small” jig. tady AA light, 4/0 light dw-1 trini 16/ ce 900 delmar larger surface 45’s.7x etc
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    if anyone is looking there are some dw-1s at fisherman’s access. I picked up a few for a pal and myself.
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    Rockfish Tag Report

    what was the “reward”? cool to have info
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    For Sale Uc gusa cousins blanks

    thanks for the gusa and cousin blanks! easy straight forward transaction
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    For Sale Uc gusa cousins blanks

    text sent for the gusa, and cousin 703
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    CX76 Viper for Fran

    love the matte grey ano real seat!! always coming out with nice color combos. thanks for all the inspiration!
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    ill take it where do i send paypal?? lol j/k
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    Rule vs Kodiak Transom Mount Pump

    fill the holes and use a “stern saver”
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    When you dont have crimpers for battery cables.

    I have the temco one and used it in a vice to crimp the connections!!! double clear adhesive heat shrink on top
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    8-9 Bass Spanking With Something New

    fun times once again! i’m going to call the glow... Chernobyl grateful that the weather cooperated unlike yesterday.
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    For Sale Fujinon 14 x 40 Service??

    a bit off topic, are you guys storing the stabis with the battery pack attached or detached. I typically detach post fishing clean up/ organization of gear
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    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    @rexor... how’s the gp tilefish jr bend? was thinking about that as my next personal build. I picked up a bunch of tady 4/0 lites
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    Late Report - Lingcod in Santa Monica Bay (Video)

    love the boys commentary. “it’s a vermillion......I got one!” also how he walks up to the rod after its bit all chill. awesome!
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    Barracuda at green bouy in Long Beach 8/2

    I do not eat the skin. i’m sure you can, though. if I could figure out how to make the crispy fish skin like at the sushi bars I would be all over it.
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    Barracuda at green bouy in Long Beach 8/2

    bleed, gut and put on ice immediately. i fillet and remove all blood line for ceviche. or fillet and smoke skin on.
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    Loose drag on Shimano Torium 30

    bevel washers flatten out over time. if they are of different thickness buy the thicker ones and replace that will help.
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    Braid line for jig reel.

    pro spec 65# trini 16 ce 900 delmar 50# tranx 400 ce 900 monster 4-5’ leader
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    dang it i missed.
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    SOLD navionics+ west chip

    i have a 16gb micro sd card with the navionics + west charts. was in my lowrance hds gen 3, would work simrad as well. retails $150 from navionics. 80 shipped. priority mail with insurance. 75 pick up in irvine area. pms are best thanks
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    SOLD 1989 Boston whaler 17’ montauk immaculate

    clean montauk.... I often think about posting mine to upgrade to a outrage. glws nice idea on the I beam risers for the seat. I am going to have to make some for myself....
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    what are the best bionocolars for working the tower?

    make sure to get polarizing and the light filter!
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    Difficulty w sardines on circle hooks

    when you belly hook, hook near the anal fins. there is bone structure to help keep the bait on the hook vs more towards the tail. another tip is not to push the hook thru instantly. you may have noticed that a scale gets on the point of the hook and thus making a large hole in the bait. take a...
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    Tady 4/0 Light at Aloha Tackle

    double post
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    Tady 4/0 Light at Aloha Tackle

    just picked up a bunch from aloha!
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    Izors and Inside Fishing Report

    rhodan makes big boat trolling motors. motor guide can be interfaces with lowrance and simrad mfd units minnkota and hummingbird
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    Local bass 7-26 Spanked em good.

    the followers and biting at the boat was awesome to see! we tried the plain lead head with no luck, but they did eat the plastic with no tail.
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    Starting them young

    great times!! i’m taking my kid (6) out more. one day she will school me :)
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    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    wood hunter, is that rod wrapper brand new?? lol clean work station
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    Long Beach and surrounding

    thanks for the report I was out friday morning for 2 hours with my little girl, we went right instead of left out of davies. needed up with 7 bass and a rattler.
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    WTB boat seats XXX

    got a gaff. pm incoming
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    Butterball ranch fishing

    phillips head or slot screw driver??!! lol sick haul
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    Bobbin Mod

    so genius!! the damn end of the bobbin isn’t flared as much and at extrem angles it tends to fray the thread! thanks for sharing!!!!!
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    82 OutRage Rehab

    karlow, add a shelf to the consol next time your in there! if it’s not too late indoor/outdoor carpet on the consol floor board. makes for a nice touch I am still looking for a outrage
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    SOLD Rockfish candy ..News

    just received my order today!! thank you Jan. easy transaction and fast shipping!!!
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    Her First Catch!

    so awesome!! I got my 6 year old on a spotty several weeks ago and keeps asking when we are going next!
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    DW-1 Jigs

    I have to buy 2 versions now?? lol any places in the oc have them yet?
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    Live Flying Fish

    one guy to drive and the other to net. on LR boat capt would wake me up and we would idle around picking 2/3’s in the middle of the night on “bait” watch. always seemed like it was my night to make bait. we had long handled,large diameter, deep scoops. think there is a billyk vid somewhere on...
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    6/27 left shoe

    cheech boat traffic was a bit lighter than father’s day weekend.. only saw one guy blast thru the area. the ones moving about were going trolling speed. about 10 boats at izors doing the drifting thing. good luck
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    6/27 left shoe

    went out with the wife and daughter for a mid morning sesh. launched at 8 am and hit a few areas in 70ft ish. i’m casting my daughter is winding. we put on a quick 11 fish. wife gets a decent 3 # sandy. we went out to deeper water and nothing much, my little 6 yr turns quiet... hmmm start...
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    Bazillion barracuda:

    same here! hit me up on 72 “chinito”
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    BFT NW 230 6/25

    that jag on the meter....
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    sick detail, the single strand between the dragon.....
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    Sunday 6/21 Shoe and the Snot Stick Navy

    kurt good times once again, we will need to break in the new twigs!
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    Waterproof or Water Repellent Shorts

    fast dry shorts for sure.
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    Minn Kota, Motor Guide or Rhodan

    love the xi5. 12v holds my whaler and is steady.
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    How much for a custom wrap?

    @ hectorgarcia, color combo is sweet! metallic purp, purp, white and metallic silver?
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    TORIUM16 HG Spring washer upgrade

    did you happen to store the reel with the drag still set? I had once forgotten to back off the drag and flattened out the washers, bought proper part number per the reels and they were ok
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    now I have to buy more. 👍
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    All E-TECS discontinued, RIP

    bummer i love my ETEC.
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    5-21 PV and Shoe=Major Suckage

    a pus on the kman spesh....
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    UC900 Reaper Sarape(Mexican blanket)

    damn it’s clean. love the fade wrap under the guides!
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    5-17 Not a bad half day in Long Beach

    kurt hogged the starboard corner. j/k fun times
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    Static test pics - opinions please

    I have those rubber bands added to my amazon cart!
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    Looking at adding a trolling motor to my 17' BW Montauk

    motor guide xi5 interfaces with hds gen 3 and spot lock or what ever it’s called. spec wise 52lb thrust 55 shaft
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    Looking at adding a trolling motor to my 17' BW Montauk

    to deploy I push them out out and then dump into the water 2nd pic was one of those days we got blown off the water +15kts. was the only time I had the inside of my boots wet
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    Looking at adding a trolling motor to my 17' BW Montauk

    I made a small adapter and mounted my TM on the port side bow step. it’s super rigid. i’ll put some pics up. mine is a 12V and when the wind is +10kts it’s challenged to hold.
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    Inshore Corvina

    so sick, get a bone fish down there yet??
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    5/9 Shake down trip... BFT Report

    nice score for you and rich on the first trip out
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    2nd tiger

    first thanks to all the builders putting info on for tiger wraps. after many months of reading and research I made 2 small tiger wraps. here is the second one: fuji thread all size d. bottom wrap black, metallic silver and metallic red. top wrap is 3 threads 2 sacraficials all size d. in the pic...
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    Reel and braid information

    gold trinidad 16 regular, 300 yards 65#pro spec room for more
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    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    a bunch o jri jigs and a new OCT4 I picked up a few others via bd.... anyone have know what jig is in the pic?
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    What size boga grips

    i have a 30 lb boga, if it bottoms out the weight come up with a good story....
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    Reel and braid information

    tranx 400 ahg 250 yards 50# solid pro spec
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    Kite fishing on LR boats

    use the money on a more frequently usable reel(s).
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    Do you think a ce mega is too parabolic for a low pro baitcaster

    scrambler, have a pic by chance.... this is my current set up may replace with a tranx 400
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    Techno Stabi w/o Tower - Worth It?

    worth the money. b&h back in new york was best option. also get the polarizing and light filters.
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    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    seacrest damn that’s a sano setup
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    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    I wrap 2 layers of tarred seine core. starting at the butt end up and then double over on the way down.
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    Do you think a ce mega is too parabolic for a low pro baitcaster

    can’t wait to throw my ce 900 monster w/ tesoro 5 / tranx 400
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    Allowed on LR boats?

    thought it was the new 2020 blue fin popper
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    eBay 10% off coupon

    thanks for the coupon! needed an excused for a tranx 400
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    Trailer advice (bunk supports)

    I did this repair to my trailer years ago while it’s time consuming, if you have a die grinder with a few discs, pressure treated lumber from hd/lowe’s, bunk carpet from here/lowe’s, incomes staples and the parts it can be done in a day at a comfortable pace. it’s tricky part is getting the...
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    How many batteries on a small boat?

    I run 2 one dedicated for the trolling motor and everything else of the main. there is a combine feature and a charging relay as the posts above shows
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    Long Beach halibut hunting “0” big ol skonka

    the oiled teak look on your montauk is sick. next time I will remove the sikaflex and goes pure earl. at least you were on the water I was at the office at 6am
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    Winter Bass local

    kman you in Austrailia? lol good sandie!
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    SOLD icom 402 vhf

    I just removed this unit from my rocket sled, Icom 402 with dcs. has nmea 0183 capability, everything in good working order. it is a bit discolored from all the fishing days. this is a great skiff boat is garaged when not fishing comes with power connection, bracket, bracket knobs and...
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    New Complete Electronics Package

    ali, do you happen to have a HS35 wireless mic for your RS35? just trying to get some feedback on a HS35.
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    Davies Launch Ramp changes

    I have always wondered about the ramp caddy corner from davies. I know there is a pay station at the entrance and no one was ever there. does anyone on bd launch there? just found out it opens at 8am.
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    1-11 Long Beach Bassing. As good as it gets

    epic day of fishing! I lost another one which felt like the bottom when I set the hook but then there were tail strokes and line coming off the reel i’m spending the day servicing reels “alan tani” style and new top shots. thanks cory and lal for giving us a sitrep on the pipe!
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    Mexico Fishing License

    online. remember the date is day/month/year and not month/day/year like the USA
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    Wahoo are dangerous.

    that dude is way lucky yes in the LR boats the bat is the first thing applied to the head of all skin that come over the rail.
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    RPT-Thur.-12-19-19 Chilly WFO Winter Bass'n!

    one day i will be retired but until then ..... nice to hear they are still around in pv.
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    Red Rooster cup holder

    I remember applying lemon oil to all of those.
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    FREE Propane Smoker

    hows that smoke tube? i just got a pellet maze for cold smoking. will try brisket jerky this weekend
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    pmd for the tranx
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    SOLD Sold

    pm incoming
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    WFO 11-18-19 done by 9 am

    i’m not retired yet
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    One stop limits 11/11

    water is so grease
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    Upgrading Electronics on Boston Whaler Montauk 190

    get the biggest screen you can afford. once you split up the screen for you chart, side scan and regular/ down imagining it gets crowded fast. I have hds 12 and looking for another one or a small 9 for the chart only
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    WTB Marine Battery

    got a blue top optima still good
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    Long Beach Bassing 11/9. More of the same.

    a dream in a dream now in 30 casts later...
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    Long Beach Bassing 11/9. More of the same.

    it was fun fishing on the TT again. need to reload my box with less heads and finish up that jig stick for next time
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    Costco Fuel Fill Up

    your cc goes that high?
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    11/2 Shoe Bassing and Rain?

    its always one or the other loosing all the hardware.
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    Ho hum, just a bass report 10-20

    right about 20 in fuel. said we burned 5 gallons on the electronics for izors, 108 spot, to the shoe and then back to HH.
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    Ho hum, just a bass report 10-20

    we can play this: or loops of blazing saddles and in living color that should buy me some time.... hahhahhaha it was a great day on the water with great company! so close to the century mark on my sled.
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    Free gaffing an airborne wahoo

    sweet video to see the skin swimming about like scad.
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    1st dragon scale

    I attempted doubling the density (finer) but I got lost in the number tic marks and then my eyes got all whacked out with alll the thread going which ever which way. it was fml. I re wound all the base layer and then decided to take a baby steps. the only issue I have now it I wished I did a...
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    1st dragon scale

    well a year after starting to build my own rods and lots of lurking thru the old threads here on BD and other rod forums I finally attempted my first dragon scale. i’m not sure who originated this but thank you and to everyone that has shared their info on the inter webs. I tried to make my...
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    Tranx 400 throwing surface iron

    I am looking at a future tranx 400 paired with uc monster that i am wrapping for the “lighter” jig. optimally 65mc 6’top shot or less.
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    For Sale 1990 Outrage 17'

    dang man that’s the sled i want but I have a montauk currently glws
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    10-6 Long Beach Bigish Calico Slugfest.

    I hope to enjoy the retired life one day..... thanks for coming fishing. it was fun!
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    Fishing jobs for a teen?

    there is a lot of good info here. go down to one of the boats and offer help if anything is needed. trash, galley loading, heads, etc. you will have to work your way up. visit and keep helping. ask if you can pin. once pinning enjoy the company of the people and keep working and not fishing or...
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    looking to contact old crew members and others

    bill yes sheenstra was a crack up! best one was at the end of every trip how we broke down the gear. he would tie string the mono from the reel to the rail and create a scene about how his set up wasn’t worth a crap. proceeding to huck the set up over the rail!!!! then one trip his knot failed...
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    Rigging Flyers for BFT

    that’s the way I rigged them on the LRboat back in the day
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    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

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    Dana to NP 9-27-19

    how do you release one of them? they are already pissed off.
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    Cedros Island info?

    my wife uses that pee thing and it’s a help.
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    looking to contact old crew members and others

    rolf played the red red running light oil trick on me one one of my first pinhead trips. never forget. oh does anyone know ed sheenstra? steve
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    WTB Hand wrapper

    i have a bnib batson hans wrapper
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    looking to contact old crew members and others

    sporting the og rr3 crew tee shirt! this was 2 weeks ago out of sd
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    looking to contact old crew members and others

    Rich, that is a good idea! mike, thanks any leads on the crew?
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    looking to contact old crew members and others

    i am trying to get in touch with a few of the guys I use to work with on thebes rooster. time frame is 96-2002 spike from the q105 jiro (5150) from the q mat buy from the star fernando from rr3 mark aka peaches rr3 1998 also any of these guys glenn from glenn’s alignment ralph cox rolf...
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    Sunday 9-15. 115 Mile Boatride!

    kurt, thanks for invite to fish. it was fun seeing the fish chasing the micro bait out of the water. i have a PTO in the bank if these fish want to get loco on a weekday...
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    9/15 Sunday - Who’s Going Offshore?

    we saw 6 different spots of YFT up on the top chasing micro bait, 1" bait being thrown in the air by YFT. also metered fish on one of the jumpers, threw 2 scoops of bait and then hung out for 5 minutes and then never to be seen. This was all in the morning. good luck
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    9/15 Sunday - Who’s Going Offshore?

    how did everyone do? we sucked helmet today
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    Curado 200 Spool Won't Engage

    I use 9 micro polishing paper and hit the pinion gear.
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    Useing lighter line than reel recommends?

    spectra to floro
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    302 Almost limits.

    scored! good haul
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    Reel and braid information

    can we sticky this thread?
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    New Seaforth - 9/8 Full Day Report - YFT

    weather in the pic looks totally do able. thanks for the report
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    Limits tuna monday 9-9-2019

    no sh*t i’m debating taking another day off to go slay good haul
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    PBers work together for good fishing below the 302 9/6

    kurt man that was fun! beats a day of office politics anytime. I need more pto so we can wedge the kill bag again! ryan fun times man! thanks for the waters and powerade. the rod belt.... lmao that’s a good one! more like the bourbon stouts!
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    First Long Range Trip!

    enjoy the group and have fun!
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    Dirty water limits

    cooler pics are sweet. both of them :)
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    Single hook/treble hook surface iron...

    you can crush the barb down and that will help with releasing fish. the barb doesn’t need to be absolutely flat but enough be backed out easily.
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    alps guide line rating

    don and einar thanks for the input. i could order a bunch of the mxn’s and be good for just about any inshore build. i am building a lighter jig stick. 30/40 lb. ( uc 900 monster) to compliment my del mar.
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    alps guide line rating

    after searching I have found mixed results... maybe this is a preference thing MXN rated 12-30 XN 25-50 can I get away with the MXN for 40#?
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    Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits

    andrew wk for the win! sick slaying and lots of fish to clean. I am debating on taking a day off to fish friday
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    Catalina Report and Lucky Rental Skiff 8/18

    ...”just tits fun...” just about pissed myself laughing. will have to add that to my list of sayings. good karma!
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    Long Beach Coastal 8/17

    some of the sandies has them in their mouths. and floating about.
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    Long Beach Coastal 8/17

    swami, took the curado k down to 1/3 spool of spectra. we decided to chase. thumbed spool and and everything. biggest yet for me on 15. little reel handled it like a champ! it reminded me of my old tuna days where the battle would be at a stalemate. gain a bunch of line thinking your winning...
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    Long Beach Coastal 8/17

    it was fun! kman spesh always pulling thru
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    Mount Baker Eye Cup Mask to Techo Stabils? How?

    you can see the face shield eye cup is not quite perfect. you will also need to tear out the divider in the carrying case so everything fits.
  142. S

    Mount Baker Eye Cup Mask to Techo Stabils? How?

    yes it wasn’t that bad.
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    Hook and Hand

    did this alot on the RR3. the best is once you hook and handed that person started hooking fish with no additional assistance.
  144. S

    Mount Baker Eye Cup Mask to Techo Stabils? How?

    have to open the face shield eye piece up to fit over the existing eye cup. i almost cut the existing eye cup off but then decided not too if i ever wanted to sell my tubes.
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    Mount Baker Eye Cup Mask to Techo Stabils? How?

    lll take a few shots of my set up
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    Dana Point 8-4 Report

    we have seen breezers of micro bait like this coming back from Catalina
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    Another shout out to Avanced Marine in Costa Mesa

    yes good people there!
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    7/27 Coronados BIT (Video)

    nice haul. what’s the isosceles triangle on the far right of your ff?
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    Catalina Friday tails

    awesome way to spend a Friday that’s a clean white t shirt in the first pic lmao, was it all bloody after the day?
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    150/Rocky point anyone??

    damn thats a jumbo red
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    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    watch out, the el toro marine base has been in development over the last 5 years or so...
  152. S

    Fish hook removal

    this method works with sabiki hooks if there is a big ass barb.... good luck
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    Random, Jumping Cursor on Lowrance HDS Gen3

    for the cursor there is a screen touch sensitivity reset.
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    Put trolling Motor on 19 foot BW Montauk

    when the wind is up 15kts + I have a hard time keeping the boat stationary with the trolling motor. I have a 54” and 12v motorguide xi5 55lbs thrust. I have complete classic bow rail but then again in a montauk when the wind is up you are going to slap all over the place anyways. not too...
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    For Sale Top side fuel tank

    how did you add/seal the extra fuel sender/ fuel port on the 1st tank?
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    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    2 screens i saw on youtube you can put individual side scans on each screen, and dedicate them for left and right only for lorance
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    2007 etec 90 leaky trim fix

    hey everyone that has an etec. if your tilt and trim unit is leaking the following is what I did to fix mine. 2007 tnt units are so caked in repairable from what I am told by advance marine and another etec dealer in torrance ( forgot the name) new trim units are 1-1/2 boat ( 1500) evinrude...
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    Cat 7/10 quick report

    sounds like our story too, but we didnt see any yellows, and lost the bait as soon as we arrived.
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    What is your Catalina YT set up?

    trinidad 12 50lb spectra and the small spool of 25 fc. drag is pretty tight
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    Tesoro hardware

    call or email and they will send longer hardware
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    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    awesome recovery and fish report the carpet matches the drapes! lol on the red you and lal shop at the same store? lmao... couldn’t help myself!
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    102 at the Shoe!

    cough cough ho cough cough.... lol
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    shoe laces

    Thanks will be calling a few places today
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    Catalina Report 6/23 Yellows and Barracudas

    awesome cutting board! way to get some fish away from the crowd!
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    shoe laces

    of course they are great! was thinking of this a diy thing
  166. S

    shoe laces

    kman and I got back at again today with the plan to sniff izors, some other bitch slap rocks, protein farm, 1fidy, and west shoe izors was typical, a handful of fish and then we moved on. seemed like there was no current/wind therefore very slow drift. from here we moved to some other spots...
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    Fathers Day Bass. We hit em good.

    Kurt, thanks again for the invite Fun as always!
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    Trailer Bunk Carpet

    use good staples. if the boat sticks buy some silicon spray or elephant shmeg from amazon to help move your tub from the bunks
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    Liberty Bluefin Tuna 5/29

    is that Andrew WK? slayer
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    Hawaii Fishing Tips?

    hit up chris and go peacock bass fishing for the day!
  171. S

    5-21-19 A.M. half day

    i can always count on the textbook flipflop. i need your job
  172. S

    OCT Lures

    i fished these a few weeks back, they swim awesom it would be cool if they made a slightly smaller version.
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    Sabiki PIA

    when untangling the sabiki it helps to keep tension on the line. most of the time it’s the hooks hooked to each other. if you feel up a full load of bait and it looks like chimes..... good luck. lol the pool noodle is an awesome idea
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    89 and counting...

    that sea urchin saying.... f’ing halarious
  175. S

    Ma! where’s the protein 5/3

    mysteriously the measles went away.
  176. S

    Ma! where’s the protein 5/3

    after seeing some info about jurel popping up I got the measles today so I went fishing with kman. loaded up at 430 and at the super secret mussel farm. we were there at grey light. soon boat after boat arrived. everyone playing nice. nothing going on start seeing some leave. we headed to some...
  177. S

    LBC 5/2

    damn nice report! 1130 and the wind picked up....
  178. S

    Need Recommendation on Best Charter in Cabo

    renegade mike is a blast!
  179. S

    okuma service center

    I just got a new tesoro 5 and could not use the hardware supplied. I search BD and there are some work arounds. I reached out to Okuma and opened a ticket for loner hardware. pretty coool everything done electronically. I then was sent an email from a rep stating they will send out longer...
  180. S

    Fishing in Honolulu?

    peacock bass in the middle of the island
  181. S

    New Thermostat Time?

    kurt did the screen shots blue tooth to the phone?
  182. S

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    Hint hint "AM"
  183. S

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    thanks for documenting this for all of the members! I may trailer my boat down and try
  184. S

    Tesoro experience?

    update: i finally wetted my Tesoro 5 yesterday. its on a old sabre 8'10" 20-40 jigstick. i didnt hook anything yet. i backlashed it on the first cast and the jig is 1/2 way to catalina.... after picking the backlash out, i retied another 3' top shot, same light Tady AA. biggest thing i noticed...
  185. S

    Long Beach 4/21. A few 3s a 4, a 5, a 6 and Big Moe

    I am using side/structure to find variances in the bottom. hard vs soft. hard areas in soft... it reads similar to your standard up and down but now it will help facilitate which side of the boat the “area” is on. I also upped my youtube screen time!
  186. S

    Long Beach 4/21. A few 3s a 4, a 5, a 6 and Big Moe

    yes I debated about this before the purchase.... it was recommended to buy as much screen as possible. even contemplated buying a 7 or a 9 to put the chart on.
  187. S

    Long Beach 4/21. A few 3s a 4, a 5, a 6 and Big Moe

    fun fishing as always! i may bring a noodle rod next time....
  188. S

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    built for a pal. it was broken in nicely!
  189. S

    Tesoro experience?

    i just got a 5, got 300 yards of 65# pro spec with a small 30/40 topper for the “light” jigs
  190. S

    Saving waypoints and transferring: Lowrance to Lowrance

    there is the “.USR V # “ extension on the files. make sure the new unit can import the version of the extension if not then fps babel will convert
  191. S

    Bass Stacked up on the Shoe 4/6

    we called them "worms" during my LR days still hear Andy from the RR3 stating "we got worms" at 430 am.....
  192. S

    Reel and braid information

    Okuma Tesoro 5 300 yards of 65# prospec. about 1/8" from the top.
  193. S

    United Composites US85 Phantom

    sweet build and inspiration. thanks for posting, i was looking for a new UC blank as my next light jig slinger.
  194. S

    Bucket List Fishing Trips

    amazon peacock bass with top water gulf coast cobia, inshore for drum/ redfish
  195. S

    Fujinon Binos filter

    the face shield fits from baker. but you have to modify then. I just stretched them over mine, it’s slightlyaway from the eye piece but it hasnt been that big of a deal
  196. S

    Bass Stacked up on the Shoe 4/6

    90 etec. more than enough motor.
  197. S

    Bass Stacked up on the Shoe 4/6

    in the orange? no that’s me
  198. S

    Bass Stacked up on the Shoe 4/6

    kurt it was fun and glad the new rod was broken in today.
  199. S

    Image stab bino question

    see this post: i bought a some stabis last year and paid extra for the polarizing, and light filter to help stop kelps. I went the extra mile and got Baker face shields. well worth the investment. carry...
  200. S

    For Sale Hand wrapped Calcutta Gaffs

    2 Calcutta gaffs hand wrapped as I used to make them on long range boat. Tarred seine cord, 2/0 mustad gaff hook. Calcutta has the knots sanded down. The long one is 70” and the shorter 58” or so. Pick up only in cypress area, or Irvine. Will trade for cash. 70” for $80 58” for $70 Pm is...
  201. S

    82 OutRage Rehab

    hey karlow, looking good... I mounted my trolling motor off the port side of my montauk, I was able to have a fully supposed starboard plate screwed down. in the case of an outrage you maybe able to get more purchase (support) so the motor isn’t cantelevering around in the swells. my first...
  202. S Free for a week....

    dave, thank you for the trial! I like the videos, you leave the rest of the effort up to the angler/boater. I got a lot of info from it.
  203. S

    SD Bay Light Line Corbina Released ( Video )

    cool vid I have not seen corbina in the bay, I have only gotten corvina. I love the statement “it’s not your fault” if that my brother I would be giving him crap the rest of the day! lol
  204. S

    Light weight squish jigs

    ill buy the 80g and 100g from you
  205. S

    Trinidad A series drag problem

    I had an issue once when my reels were in storage as I had forgotten to back off on the star drag, therefore the beville washers flattened out. I bought new washers and good to go! on the old trinidad’s there is a thick and thin () washer. look on the schematic and buy 2 of the thicker ones and...
  206. S

    38lb Halibut Newport Kayak

    sweet catch! did that thing go ape when you stuck it or try to put in the bag? the ones I have landed either go crazy instantly or once they touch the deck.
  207. S

    WTB Fujinon Techno-Stabi binoculars - got 'em?

    don’t forget the polarizing filters, light spectrum filter for making paddies stick out, and your baker face shields!
  208. S

    SOLD Rod wrapper - OC

    i have a batson hand wrapper brand new in the box.
  209. S

    FREE EBAY 15% Off today

    didn’t work. I needed some pro spec too
  210. S

    What makes UC rods so special

    there was a picture once of a blank being able to support the weight of a car without collapsing.
  211. S

    Rockfish Opener at the Dirt Clod - 3/1/19 Report

    the island is so green, looks liked Clarion in the spring time.
  212. S

    82 Boston Whaler Montauk upgrades

    seal any deck holes with 4200 to help keep water out of the foam
  213. S

    Montauk bow eye

    the railing screws are annoying. i have yet to replace all the screws with SS rivets that will rid the rattling.
  214. S

    Shimano Curado K

    i have a K as well, mainly for inshore fishing, i have got many calicos, bsb and a 20 lb halibut.
  215. S

    Is Chartreuse ever thrown on the West Coast?

    anything south of the coronado bridge in san diego. specially the gulps! hot pink works too.
  216. S

    What do the Whaler guru’s think?

    I have a classic montauk with a 90 etec. like said in a previous post, the boat is a slapper. it bangs when going up the line to pv from long beach. I have seen high 30 knts but it has to be glass. the only time I have her at WOT is inside the harbor in the mornings or when i’m trying to get...
  217. S


    maybe those micro yt are the next yummie fliers
  218. S


    wait until you see kelp stringers. i have yet to see lobster pots and lines but then my unit is a HDS 3. interesting now that the NSS evo 3 are motorguide compatible, and can use the new Xdcr..... i think i know what i will be looking for next.
  219. S


    the 800k side scan is way crisp. my hds 3 is darker than 455k and deeper than 100ft. does it have a built in heading sensor?
  220. S

    Rooster reports

    Mr. Zamfir himself!!!
  221. S

    SOLD moeller 28 gallon fuel tank

    tank dims are 29x19x14 to the top of the outlet
  222. S

    SOLD moeller 28 gallon fuel tank

    I have a used moeller 28 gallon above deck tank. it fits perfect under the helm seat on my montauk. in good condition. replaced the vent o ring. 50 bucks picked up. there is currently about 1 gallon of fuel left in it. I have more pics. need it gone pms best thanks for looking
  223. S

    Redondo Bonito Fri 11/16 still there - videos

    this pick is sweet!! reminds me of the sea lion that has the swim bait in its ear lobe!
  224. S

    Us vs the seals

    yeah yeah seal or sea lion i dont like either. jim isbell, i read an article for non lethal deterrent was paint ball gun or wrist rocket. if i find the article i will post. *edit* i found the page...
  225. S

    Us vs the seals

    been a while since I had been fishing so I called up kman to go fishing. launched my sled at 5 from davies hoping that the santa ana’s would allow us to fish. we ran 25 kts up to the redondo area. whoops if that’s the new secret spot. a bit of wind chop as soon as we arrived before 7. wind...
  226. S

    10-30-18 a.m. half day

    sdrepairman do you own stock in the 1/2 fleet? sorry just hating a bit since im stuck at the keyboard writing this.... lol
  227. S

    Redondo Canyon/MDR - 10/28/18

    There is a "Boone" brand that use to make them. the ones that KMAN and I were using are link this but the head was chromed and not painted.
  228. S

    Horseshoe bonito on the troll 10/22

    how do you prep the bonito? cooked in a vege steamer?
  229. S

    Smoke 'em if you Caught 'em - LJ 10/20/18

    nice report. thanks for the brone recipe if the weekend works out I may try it
  230. S

    We Lost Jim Hernandez...

    big jim.... he taught me a lot on the rooster. rip chinito
  231. S

    Royal Star 7 Day "The Bight" 10/7-10/13

    sweet pic of the shogun with battleship behind I dig the pic with outer rock in the background while the one guy is bendo
  232. S

    Offshore 10/14

    watch out for boats ok?.... there is a kelp! so awesome
  233. S

    10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    i have the same cutting board at home! nice story! those nachos look tasty whats the recipe?
  234. S

    Red Rooster Oct 13 "Points South" Roll Call

    could someone tell andy and fernando that the chinito says hi!
  235. S

    Simrad EVo3 and Motorguide i5 Pinpoint GPS Problem

    you got the motorguide pinpoint connection right?
  236. S

    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    MA WHERE THE F*** IS THE PROTEIN!!!!!!!!!!
  237. S

    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    thanks for the info!
  238. S

    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    macs in the usual spot or did you have to hunt for them?
  239. S

    82 OutRage Rehab

    sweet project.
  240. S

    Love it When a Plan Comes Together - Solo Sesh 9/19

    sweet drop the kid off, get the boat dirty, make the kid wash! lol thanks for the report
  241. S

    Favorite Bay rod for bass and hali’s

    gusa 83L for 8lb, 83M for 10 lb anything orange for bone fish. so much fun south of the bridge
  242. S

    What should I re-power with?

    i have an '07 90 ETEC on my montauk. it hauls ass. it the water is flat i get nearly mid 30 kts on a 17 pitch al prop i never get to open it up because the boat slaps the crap out of the water and i like my kidneys. i get about 4-5 mpg depending on the trip. if you do get the ETEC get the...
  243. S

    Rigging the ultimate flat fall

    looks like a gypsy belly dancer.....
  244. S

    local yellow tail helmet

    there are stone scattered near the 105, green bouy, the inner red bouy
  245. S

    Tuna Redemption continued- 8/27

    that pic reminds me of how we rigged them on the LR boat
  246. S

    The 150 8/29

    nice! I was out there as well.
  247. S

    local yellow tail helmet

    a birdy left word that there are some yellows local. got the day off and called kman. we headed to nachos and grabbed some carnada. (bait) and off to the 105. got a few bass, made some moves, looking and looking. eventually ended up at the 150 area. all local sporties there and a few private...
  248. S

    Long Beach 8/28

    sweet haul you got.
  249. S

    The 150

    hmmmm maybe i will have to endure the afternoon wind......
  250. S

    The 150

    nacho sells 1/4 scoops?? does he hook it up if you want more?
  251. S

    Pt Loma Yellows, Bass, Barricuda and Bonefish!

    bone fish north of the bridge!!!! so sick! and you got it on something not orange. I miss those things
  252. S

    Need advice on serving bluefin tuna bellies

    you can cut off the skin and fat layer at the same time when you are prepping. i bit more challenging. or you can cut as you did and then cut off the skin and white layer...
  253. S

    Reel and braid information

    any one have a gold trinidad 12? 6/24/2020 update: 250 yards of 40# yozuri super braid
  254. S

    How do you catch flying fish?

    I am not sure how it’s still done but in my LR days capt drove the boat chasing them while a few of the crew would use 20’ scoops as in one of the pics above. for kite fishing the dead ones we staples the wings to a paper plate. and froze. before using carefully remove the staples to keep the...
  255. S

    17 montauk stripped center console screw fix

    here is a pic of my elec panel. I made extras
  256. S

    17 montauk stripped center console screw fix

    sweet repairs, i just did the same on my '83 montauk. the toughest was to align the new teak runners so that the console was straight the first time. I also use 4200 around the holes to prevent any water seepage. re wire the boat at this stage. I also reglassed the bottom my console as the...
  257. S

    FREE - RR3 - #200lb Jacket. XL. Never worn

    i still can hear Andy calling Jorge "Swegro" Bud that is awesome that you remembered that. makes me remember how Jorge used that to create a tripod. I also recall Jorge making cinnamon rolls in the middle of the night while making bait. Or putting the peanuts out on the deck for me to clean up...
  258. S

    1.5 day Pacific Dawn 8-14. Bluefin, Bluefin

    i used to staple the wings f the dead flyers to a paper plate and then freeze them. when you are ready to use you have to pluck the stacks otherwise it mangles the wings. and the fish will not eat. at least that’s what we did on he RR3
  259. S

    Lower 9 Bonito Bonanza...

    floated into the net!! I like that
  260. S

    Rpt-Cat/SCI 277, 289 and more! 08-09-18

    seiner can’t keep the bft... they are free... what weather forecast site do you use?
  261. S

    Looking to get into building rods

    power or manual? I have a brand new forecast/alps manual wrapper. let me know
  262. S

    Guadalupe's transformation from bluefin to yellowfin

    man all you guys surpass me in time but from my time on the rooster 96-03 I have never seen bft at the island. I do recall one trip off the island andy got a bunch of big eye to 90#. I have only seen yft and yt there. and whites.
  263. S

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing

    renegademike! he gets very excited! and gives you a great laugh. if I get to go to cabo again I would charter him
  264. S

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    damn havent heard about cooked drags since fishing wahoo on newell reels. thats a smell i will never forget
  265. S

    8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    hell needed one of those during all the hours spent chunking macks for YFT at the Islands
  266. S

    8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    I used to feed the sardines corn meal or yellow tail roe or blood from a small tuna while on the RR3 the bait would go nuts!
  267. S

    7/26 LB Wall to Catalina

    sweet report! I love your sled! props to your wife!! mine would crap her pants if we went to catalina.
  268. S

    7/18 Bluefin and Yellowfin. On the popper! AGAIN!!!

    is that andrew wk fishing with you??!! great report and pics
  269. S

    Good App for MPAs?

    I took the coordinates from the fish and game site and put them into gpsbabel. from there I created trails between the points and labeled as mpa. then uploaded to the mfd
  270. S

    7-16 PV and Shoe Bass and a Butt. Things are Coming Together.

    yeah yeah..... man that calico bite was fun, cant wait to really test out my tranx 300 set up. after you left it was full speed dad mode. dinner cooked, gear cleaned, daughter fed, bathed.... your past this portion. I am prepping mango ceviche! with some of the Butt. I ended up cutting the...
  271. S

    Trickle charger

    sueno do you get outgassing from your blue tops? I have noticed a bit of an acidy smell on my blue tops after charging. I am using a battery tender brand trickle/ charger. my batteries are mounted sitting on 3 2” strips of starboard. during charging my electronics show 13.6/13.7V
  272. S

    WTB Lowrance HDS 12 bracket

    i saw a less expensive solution I am going to use some aluminum angle iron to reinforce the sides of the oe bracket. doesn’t look super bling but it’s only 20 bucks worth the material. eric if this doesn’t work i will contact you thanks! steve
  273. S

    WTB lowrance Point 1

    thanks for the insight derby. i’ll see what the configurations is like.
  274. S

    WTB Lowrance HDS 12 bracket

    it looks strong it even has the gussets in the corners... found it.... 160 bucks... I may bite the bullet
  275. S

    WTB lowrance Point 1

    Like the title says, i am looking for a Lowrance heading sensor, Point 1 with cables and NMEA T let me know what you have
  276. S

    WTB Lowrance HDS 12 bracket

    Looking for a spare HDS 12 gen3 bracket, need to get some dimensions to design a bracket that doesnt shake while at idle or low RPM. let me know what you have
  277. S

    Lowrance HDS12 GEN3 depth is not working

    does your hds 12 vibrate on the ram/lowrance mount? I have my 12 installed on the console and it shakes at low rpm.
  278. S

    straightening guides

    im working on getting myself down to the san diego rod building class.
  279. S

    WTB leadheads and plastics

    get a hold of kman on these forums
  280. S

    local lbc waters

    went our with kman this morning on what he calls the rocket sled. launched at 5am and proceeded to the shoe in an effort to fish garr. while on the way we hit several stone for the usual suspects. go to the “area” and saw nothing happening. a few boats floating about. executive decision to...
  281. S

    Bass and Cuda in Long Beach 6/28

    Fun times Kurt! thanks for taking me fishing.
  282. S

    United Composites blank for 25-30lb

    i’m using an 80 mag. I have only used it on bass and garr. it’s mated to a tranx 300 65 lb spectra and 4 ft 30# topshot. I have yet to pull on anything that really pulls back. it slings the waxwing and other projectiles pretty good.
  283. S

    Kids and Cuda

    good job uncle!! garr is good if you can bleed and get on ice right away.
  284. S

    straightening guides

    good idea bill!
  285. S

    straightening guides

    how does everyone assure guides are aligned? good old eye method? laser? I always move the same guide one way or another as it’s always looking skewed. i started with one at the seat and work myway to the last guide. I try not to switch eyes as that changes due to eye dominance. any pointers?
  286. S

    Comment on Get Bit Outdoors

    yes to the get bit crew and the crew at acid rods too
  287. S

    Dash Panel

    i made these here.
  288. S

    Dash Panel

    I was going to use that site too however the I decided against it because the material selection. I ended up drafting my own and bought some from a local machine shop
  289. S

    WTB 8'6" Dingy

  290. S

    Offshore IS Binoculars

    are those JR "IS" tubes that good?? i was about to buy some Baker 7x50's as i have read the 3° and center focus are lower end....i still regret selling my fuji 7x50
  291. S

    6/16 wind

    made plans with the old lady to go fishing. we left home 530 launched at 615 from davies. forecast said 5-10 kts of wind. 5 was correct made our way behind the breakwall and our angels gate. we hit a few rocks successfully caught about 25-30 mixed calico/ sandies. largest was 4 lb. we lost a...
  292. S

    Breakwall Bassin - The Final Chapter (15JUN18)

    your an animal! great reports. after a few bass my iphone stops reading my thumb. hope your not locked out... lol
  293. S

    6/15 Cuddas at the shoe

    thanks for the report looked fun!
  294. S

    Liberty-Nados-6/7. Limits and SLUGS eatn PLUGS

    what iron is that? i like the nose and how its chiseled.
  295. S

    So I finally attempted to make a custom Calstar

    what engine block is that under the bench?? looks like there are some slugs still in there...
  296. S

    How to clean/ take care of leather plier holster?

    no, I have had mine since the last season I worked LR in 2004. I still have it. and it on my boat at all times
  297. S

    Ebay 20% off coupon valid today 6/6

    damn son always on it!!!
  298. S

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    I saw a couple of pics where the last wrap was not epoxied while the guide and under wrap was epoxied. how is this being accomplished?
  299. S

    Finally found a good gell coat polish!

    what gelcoat restoring product did you use?
  300. S

    WTB king starboard manf

    kevin is a good! call him and go visit.he made my trolling motor bracket. I will use his service again.
  301. S

    4/8/18 horseshoe

    how did you gaff fish without it going bat sh!t crazy? the times i’ve stuck butts they going f’ing nuts
  302. S

    2 trips, 3 fish. Horseshoe and Izors

    christmas trees on the finder = sand bass.
  303. S

    Catalina WSB none report

    lol your boat name is classic!
  304. S

    Lowrance FishReveal - Anyone Try it Yet?

    I haven’t downloaded it yet. I am going to wait a bit more to make sure it’s not an iphone type upgrade.... are you downloading directly to the unit thru wifi? any updates I do I download to the chip then to the mfd
  305. S

    Red Rooster June Heat... I just got on...

    does ralph cox, tom reynolds, eric and charlie still fish this trip? tell andy, fernando that “the chinito” says hi
  306. S

    SOLD 24 g moeller fuel tank

    thanks for the tank eric
  307. S

    Trolling Motor Thrust Questions

    chula juana.... lol calico pro you have pm
  308. S

    SOLD 24 g moeller fuel tank

    what’s the height to the top of the gas cap?
  309. S

    ebay 20% off site wide

    what was the woodbury coupon??
  310. S

    Trolling Motor Thrust Questions

    i have a 55 on my whaler. if it’s blowing 15+ spot lock is not holding. besides if it’s blowing 15+ it’s probably time to head in anyhow on the montauk. aka da slapper my whaler is the exact set up that you have.
  311. S

    ebay 20% off site wide

    damn it!
  312. S

    MB 2/28

    great color. mc brown bait and the ghost shrimp are my top 3
  313. S

    West Marine Price Matching

    also if the advertised price is different than the check out price they will discount the product. I bought 15’ of 8ga wire, price was different than at the spool I ended up getting it for 20 bucks vs the 2.50/ft price.
  314. S

    Please keep up on your maintenance..... pic included

    if you have a clear filter bowl make sure it has “pur” and/or “z” imprinted on it. if it doesn’t it will react with the ethanol and the threaded section will fold in this leaking fuel or the bowl falling off.
  315. S

    Recommendations for Oahu sportfishing charters?

    go peacock bass fishing!
  316. S

    SD Bay flatties 3/5/2018

    nice report. that part of the bay holds....
  317. S

    Stern Saver?

    I bought one of these for my new set up. one thing is that I wish it were slightly larger. thanks for a cool product.
  318. S

    Put trolling Motor on 19 foot BW Montauk

    I have a 12v on my classic montauk. like willy mentioned if it’s blowing 10+ it has a hard time holding position. i was out in 20+ and was slowly drifting off with position hold. I made a custom plate and don’t take off my trolling motor. boat is garaged. brand wise... both are good. I went...
  319. S

    Curado 200XG K = Calicos on the Coast

    triple post.
  320. S

    Curado 200XG K = Calicos on the Coast

    double post.
  321. S

    Curado 200XG K = Calicos on the Coast

    it’s a great reel. it’s so smooth and effortless in casting and winching fish thru the guides.
  322. S

    racor clear fuel filter bowls

    yes the threaded portion of the bowl pulls inward making the threads and the material behind the threads tapered.
  323. S

    racor clear fuel filter bowls

    if anyone is having issues with the clear racor bowl leaking verify the following: if there are molded letters in the bowl. it will say “pur” and or “z” I had my old fuel bowl go caput and leaked fuel all over. after about an hour of researching I found out that racor had a revision change due...
  324. S

    zapato de cabillo

    damn half hitches. lets see if i get any more failures. thanks
  325. S

    zapato de cabillo

    are you fishing shot top shot? I cast the connection every time.
  326. S

    zapato de cabillo

    got to together with kman to scope the shoe. we left my place at 450 ish. 10 minutes arrived at the ramp and off we go. another shotgun approach taken today to go and scope the shoe for some new rocks. first spot of many got a double right off the bat. we had 10sandies and 2 by catch by 730...
  327. S

    Slay day in Long Beach.

    I was at the ‘tet’ vietnamese new year festival. i feel you, but I had plans and fished today as well.
  328. S

    Calico on the chew = happy kids! Sat 2/17/18

    sweet man! they are even lipping the sport coats! can’t wait to get my litttle girl out there
  329. S

    Slay day in Long Beach.

    thanks for the report! I’m heading out there in 6 hours
  330. S

    2/15 - Lots of Bass at the Horseshoe

    1st world problems. measure 4 times. then 3 more then poke the first hole...
  331. S

    Best meal on a LR boat

    RRIII Jorge Nicofore's whole roasted albie
  332. S

    calcutta 300d part assist

    dan, thanks for the reaasurance. I have the reel back together and will continue to fish it!
  333. S

    calcutta 300d part assist

    dan thanks for the reply i’ll put the reel back together and fish the crap out of it. however on tackle tour link below the dissassembled reel shows a spool with the pin sticking out of both sides of the shaft. looks like the reel is a 301d
  334. S

    calcutta 300d part assist

    to the shimano pros, I recently fished my new reel. I purchased this at the time of the sport chalet liquidation’s. yes I tend to hoard things.... anyways after fishing the reel which worked fantastic, should have been using it sooner. I opened the reel to see what it looked like and put a drop...
  335. S

    Little bit windy...

    same on the whale we saw one sunday up the coast
  336. S

    2-11 green sticks

    so i fugured out how to look at my sonar log without my MFD. here are the suspicious marks
  337. S

    2-11 green sticks

    I am reading up on the “ethanoled” racor plastic bowls. the newer ones have a “pur” or a “z” imprinted in the plastic. if it doesn’t then it’s not one of the newer ethanol comapatable ones. good times
  338. S

    2-11 green sticks

    welp... been working my rear off at the office so I decided to get some time away and unwind. kman and I planned for sunday. left my house at 445 got fuel for the tow vehicle. arrived at the ramp at 5am. I had a fuel filter leak thru the seal... just about axed the trip but kurt to the rescue...
  339. S

    Tough Day in the LBC, Sat. 02-10-18

    nice on the mylar balloons. too bad this is the hurricane bank you could use the mylar for wahoo bombs.
  340. S

    Drop Shot Spotted Bay Bass Light Line (video)

    the lower section of the bay is so much fun! are you near the cays??
  341. S

    Seal beach Naval weapons jetty 2-3-18

    thats been a fun spot for me recently as well.
  342. S

    Navionics USA West chip

    fyi navionics makes a chip so you can convey from old style memory card to the new micro sd. I bought one and it actually allows you to customize the chart size and comes with 1 year full access to the site
  343. S

    Bugging tonight out of Long Beach? Stay home.

    lol genius on the stem from a mtb. it’s no problem getting it up and down. I have yet try to leave it on and let it power it’s way up to the lock position.
  344. S

    Bugging tonight out of Long Beach? Stay home.

    kurt what an adventure. took me another hour or so cleaning the helm and electronics with di water. roddies are now installed. here is a pic of izors we saw a hand full of suspicious spots
  345. S

    1/26 slow day in th LBC

    to be able to liberate an animal like that.... so sweet
  346. S

    87 whaler Montauk bait tank help

    cago is that a whaler deck?? I mounted mine tank with the brackets and a piece anodized aluminum from mcmasrer carr. I cut the pieces and tapped them to secure he tank to the deck. screwed anodized pieces to the deck with lots of 4200.
  347. S

    Dana Point 1/21

    the guys at advanced marine are awesome!
  348. S

    Are anodes that important?

    the harmonic balancer needs attention
  349. S

    Are anodes that important?

    lightweight aerospace version
  350. S

    Bay Spotties and Halibut

    nice I miss those spotties and sure love me some bay butts
  351. S

    87 whaler Montauk bait tank help

    i have mine mounted to the deck around the sump area.the starboard idea is sweet but you still need to fix to the deck in some fashion. leaving any thing loose on the deck to slide is pretty ballzy. you will need a transom mounted pump. let me see if I can find some pics of my set up. sweet...
  352. S

    So, I’m Buying an Ulterra. Buy the Link or Not?

    no link save the extra cash for the mfd
  353. S

    Horseshoe 1/12 in the fog - better technique

    100% with the roddy fishing technique! learned that one from kman. if you don’t have a 2nd rod holder just make sure your rod butt is up against something so it can’t fly off if you get bit or snagged.
  354. S

    Advanced Marine shout out

    A+ double thumbs up for these guys! these are nice, straight to the point no BS. I called and spoke to them a bit before scheduling an appt. a week later mad an appointment to drop the boat off at 9am. 4 hours later i got a call saying the sled is done and come and get her. one day turn around!
  355. S

    16'7" Whaler Fuel Tank Question

    i have a 26 gallon under the seat. it’s never topped off. typically carry 15-20 gallons. I make the 50 mile round trip trek to rocky point from lb on about 10 gallons via fuel flow sensor. I have 16 gal bait tank, and 2 batteries in the consol. with bait sometimes water comes into the splash well.
  356. S

    Mr. Calico doesn't mind the rain

    is that a Tranx you are fishing?
  357. S

    2 Curado 200 DSHV

    bringing it back to the top text sent
  358. S

    Aborted Cat Trip Saved by the Bass

    have to ask now.... who has right of way onthe water if you’re trolling motor is out in “anchor” mode?? the person poaching the spot or the person that is at “anchor”?
  359. S

    Aborted Cat Trip Saved by the Bass

    kurt, fun times! I got bitch slapped 3 times. oddly enough I wound like hell set the hook and then tail thump thump...AMF. (adios mf) trolling motor??!! what!:)
  360. S

    casting trigger grip reaming

    thanks for the input. I am thinking about the alps reamers there is a kit and drying motor for 80 bucks... thought that was a decent deal. live in learn, its only money
  361. S

    casting trigger grip reaming

    Well.... i have finally decided to take the big leap into wrapping my own rods. i will be wrapping a GUSA 80Mag for myself and my lady. Calcutta 300D cork handles, trigger grips and 10 alconite guides +tip. basic wrap pattern to match the existing collection. couple questions i have is how...
  362. S

    80mags and 80h - Blanks

    thanks for the blanks paul
  363. S

    Took the Kids FOG Fishing LB to PV 12/30

    sounds better than my weekend with a cold.
  364. S

    pv test run

    the “n” shaped figures are the bridge pylons. with shadowing. that’s how I intrepret it at least the “box” in the sea floor is some sort is “structure” you get the idea
  365. S

    pv test run

    yes to anchor mode/ spot lock. it was over whelming of all the stuff on the first trip out. how to interpret the bottom structure. how to/ try to manipulate the waypoint to waypoint using the trolling motor. trying to fish. making sure all electrical and new charging system works. all settings...
  366. S

    Advanced Marine shout out

    sweet was looking for an evinrude service ce center
  367. S

    lowrance lms 332c 200hz

    SOLD I am selling my old gps/ff from my boat. this is a lowrance lms 332c. head unit, gps module with ss mount,and 200hz xdcr. comes with the older nmea 2000 network. unit works great I used it forever. was always stored indoors. all buttons and functionality work. great beginner unit...
  368. S

    optima blue top grp 34 starter

    i have my old optima battery up for sale. it’s 2 years old. optima blue top, “starter” group 34. works great always fully charged after each trip. only reason i’m selling is that I completely reworked the boat and now using larger batteries. 100...
  369. S

    pv test run

    got one more fishing session before the new year. kman showed up about 430ish loaded the boat got fuel and off we go. this was more of a test run of the new electronics and wiring. fishing was actually fishing and not catching. water was chilly about 60.8 on my gauge and clean. slight...
  370. S

    Izor’s to Newport 12-16 Limits of Wind!

    kurt thanks for letting me tag along with you on the windy adventure yesterday. i’m itching to paint the bottom of the ocean.
  371. S

    Maiden at PV, Shoe 12-12

    thanks again for kurt for the invite to go fishing/deck. weather was perfect.
  372. S

    wtb blue nmea 2000 resistors

    yes modetators please delete or lock
  373. S

    Quick Cheap Dual USB Charger install

    sweet I think i’m ordering one of these since the stupid new ios is hosing my phone battery
  374. S

    wtb blue nmea 2000 resistors

    I need a lowrance net/nmea 2000 blue 120ohm resistor anyone have both or a male one kicking around? the ones I have are 60 ohm and the new electronics are 120. thanks
  375. S

    etec mechanic

    looking for an OC etec mechanic. looking for the 300hr service. any recommendations??
  376. S

    Sea lions everywhere off newport

    priceless pic wrist rockets are still legal right?
  377. S

    Old Gold Trinidad 30 for Surface Iron?

    Trinidad 30 and a grafighter 700h, 65lb spectra and 50lb mono. At least that is how i use to fish it.
  378. S

    HH WSB

    i got a new spot! sick pics
  379. S

    WTB Starboard. I just don't want to buy a full sheet at paragon plastics and they don't have any rem

    There is a member kevin that makes and sells boat items made of starboard. Super cool dude I had him make me a custom trolling motor mount.
  380. S

    Barrett lake bluegill on the popper

    Is that place still on a lottery entry?
  381. S

    Black Marlin...?

    Nice didn’t need an explanation. It just brought back memories of my RR3 days.
  382. S

    Black Marlin...?

    “Spit the hook” Never quite understood that saying
  383. S

    Gel coat paste

    thought about the teak does look nice
  384. S

    Gel coat paste

  385. S

    The new 2018 Boston Whaler Montauk 170

    hopefully this will bring the 18’ outrage prices down.... Guess my montauk is vintage now
  386. S

    Gel coat paste

    looking for some insight here. I just yanked my consol, all the wiring and existing electronics and compass’s day old teak trim. I am now left with several holes in the top of the console from 1” to 4”. I plan to fill with glass but I would like to gel coat/ paint the areas where it’s been...
  387. S

    Where to mount that big 12 inch MFD

    That card board on the helm looks snazzy.
  388. S

    WTB: Made in the USA Xtratuf boots

    My China xtuff have the liner pealing. This is the first set from China wil probably not but xtuff any longer. I used to buy a pair every season while working long range. Usa all the way
  389. S

    PV saturday 10/7

    i had a key chain sport coat while kman had the properly sized version
  390. S

    PV saturday 10/7

    67 in the morning 69 favorite number.... mid day
  391. S

    PV saturday 10/7

    sorry for the late post. Kman and myself headed up the line again to see if the checkers wanted to play. launch at 515 ish made our way out Angels gate into fog. nervous driving by me not to hit a lobster pot, drive a somewhat straight course and watching out for larger vessels. got to the...
  392. S

    Air Show and "what is this?"

    At first it I thought I kind of looked like a flier with no fins, or some jacked up smelt.... But then I recall snagging mullet as a kid.
  393. S

    The Longfin Tackle Customer Appreciation Day Is Coming! Mark Your Calendars!

    Is this set for October 14?? Or nov 14??
  394. S

    2005 Parker 1801cc

    the 43 on your montauk?? holy crap
  395. S

    Rocky Point 9-16

    Good tail makes a man do odd things...
  396. S

    Achilles lex 290

    price lowered need this gone
  397. S

    Side Mount Rod Holders. Tell me the good ones

    Damn I can see the reflection of the rod from the console!
  398. S

    Rocky Point 9-16

    Sweet. I was up there early but nothing to show. Nice yellow. What grafighter do you have there??
  399. S

    Green sticks not so green

    What smoked yt?? Yes Helen says thank you very much
  400. S

    Green sticks not so green

    no really plan but to go fishing. Kman arrived a bit before our normal 430 time. Launched and got to pt Fermin before 6. Tried a few spots for a few bass and by catch. Continued various spots for a few bass here and there. The coolest thing of the day was when I decided to huck the jig. Had...
  401. S

    WTB Reliable kill bag

    Try here: This is the next thing I'm buying
  402. S

    Wtb nmea 2000 extension

    Anyone have a blue to black adapter??
  403. S

    Wtb nmea 2000 extension

    Mike. Pm'd you
  404. S

    Wtb nmea 2000 extension

    Don't know what color, red probably. I do t get my new stuff till next week
  405. S

    Wtb nmea 2000 extension

    Need a NMEA 2000 extension 10-15 ft. Let me know what you guys have or where I can get one cheap
  406. S

    Dual pro extreme 2 bank battery charger

    Still up for sale Will trade for a 20x48 reliable kill bag
  407. S

    LowranceHDS 8 gen 2 /(non touch) SOLD

    How's that hds 12 gen 3? Thinking about that as the next upgrade
  408. S

    Motorguide white quick release mount

    I bought this along with my new trolling motor. I dont need i was able to mount the motor just like my old motor. Was only taken out of the box to take the picture This is for a motorguide xi5. Not sure if it fits the other brand. 60 firm picked up...
  409. S

    Back To Back In The Backyard

    Is your boat a rabolo 18? Great haul
  410. S

    What is the best brand of Trailer Bunk Carpet?

    home depot/ lowes for the carpet SS or monel Staples. Longer the better
  411. S

    Catalina 8/22 - The Tradition-the good and the bad

    the Tradition, I was invited on a Private charter a few years ago, my memory is bad but i thought they were one of the few local boats that have a refrigerated hold and not sacks
  412. S

    Dana Point - 267-14 and inside

    Way to go, can't wait to be able to take my little girl out. Sonar shots are cool.... "Worms!!!" Lol
  413. S

    Deckhand or Pin Head?

    Ryan, Not to knock you down , but not 100% if your legally old enough for payroll, therefore you may have to pin head a few more years. I did the pinhead gig on a local 3/4 boat in sd for a summer and the the following summer I was lucky enough to pinhead on a long range boat the following...
  414. S

    King Starboard

    text sent
  415. S

    8/21 Aggressor at San Clemente

    couldnt help myself good fish you got there
  416. S

    Monday Eclipse and YT Day

    Only a matter of time till everyone is skipping yummies with the drone. Or even live macks on top of breaking fish
  417. S

    Achilles lex 290

    Cleaning the garage, I got this with plans for Baja just never got the chance to go. I have used this in Los al bay putting around. Never stored outside always in the garage out of the sun. Perfect for spearos!! All pics in the Dropbox link...
  418. S

    Oside to 209, 181, 182 report

    Thanks for the Intel I guess the Striper owners are now moving to Whalers...awesome I never had a Striper.
  419. S

    Catalina - 8/18

    Nice dinner! Man maybe I need to grow a set and make that crossing in my montauk.... how much did you use?
  420. S

    08-16-2017 Catalina

    2 gal of hd100?? What etec drinks that much?
  421. S

    Sticks of green

    Went out this morning with kman on my water slapping whaler. Kman, showed up about 415am. Loaded his gear and off to Davies launch ramp. The quick 10 minute drive pay our 12 bucks, boat's in the water and off we go by 430. We decided to fish pv today, driving thru the harbor in the dark was a...
  422. S

    Looking for trailer help

    Liquid penetrant.... pb blaster. Works great. New stainless lug nuts open end so they don't trap water. Oreily's I think... grease the lug before with something similar to copaslip or copper based anti seize. Take your time and if a bolt is seize cut it off with an angle grinder. It's just...
  423. S

    Red Rooster 5-day report.

    Zamfir hahahahaha
  424. S

    Red Rooster 5-day report.

    Is Andy still saying zamphear master of the pan flute?? Who ever is going next tell him steve h aka chinto says hi. Thanks
  425. S

    LA Harbor 7/29/17 pm... not as good

    I taught my wife how to catch spotties in sd bay. When she got good enough for a bait caster I then introduced "there are bigger fish out of the bay" Now most of the time she has the most numbers between us. Wind sucks.
  426. S

    Fished PV with Some New Friends 7-22

    Kurt, We had a great time fishing with you. Speaking about trolling motors.... the replacement parts showed up yesterday, I know what I'm doing today!!!! Wife says "we got good quality!!" Steve
  427. S

    Thursday 7/20/17 at 43, to Clemente island.

    but california wants it was said above where are the tree huggers now? regulating the private/rec
  428. S

    Catalina Boiler Rock Checkerboards 7.13

    You crossed the channel in a 15' whaler???
  429. S

    26 gallon Moeller fuel tank

    Sold Please delete
  430. S

    Dual pro extreme 2 bank battery charger

    I have a brand new Dual pro extreme 2 bank on board battery charger. I bought this but never installed or used. just sat. specs are 15 amp banks, 30 amps total can handle 24V systems, 100% rebuildable. Never figured out what the 3rd set of wires are on charger. almost like it was set up for 3...
  431. S

    26 gallon Moeller fuel tank

    I bought this last year for a buddy Boston Whaler owner. Since then they have moved on.... Used 26 gallon fuel tank for a Boston Whaler. it fits under the Montauk style driving seat. If you have anything else you will need to check dimensions. dimensions are 12.25"H x 19"W x 29.25"L Tank is...
  432. S

    7/15 Izors, pipe, 150

    Started at Izors about 6am, 5 or so boats around. Stopped on a few small marks. 1oz head and good old 4" swim bait. (Kman spesh ) got lots of bites but real takers. Worked the area till about 730 or 8. Hooked one good one that jumped off the hook about half way up. And landed 2 smaller sandies...
  433. S

    6/13 @ El Zapato.

    Thanks for the report. I may have to play hookie Friday from work.
  434. S

    LB 6/11/17

    2015 was awesome locally. Used all my sick leave to catch jurel
  435. S

    LB 6/11/17

    of course. just a chance for me and the ol lady to get out fishing
  436. S

    LB 6/11/17

    Thanks for the update. I'm headed to the same area this weekend
  437. S

    Bassing on the Ducky Again 5-24 This Time PV and the Shoe

    Thanks for the report. If you have a smartphone get the go pro app. You can easily cut splice cut video o
  438. S

    yellowtail size????

    IS that a shun knife?
  439. S

    8/23 Success at the grounds

    45 miles in a montauk? Way to get some
  440. S

    8-20 pv et al

    The previous 4 boat rides have been just that. After Lal's report last night I thought I was going to go 0-5. Me and the wife ended up with 4 sandies Launched at 630 from Davies. Pretty busy. Typical people standing on the ramp and others not giving a damn... Passed on bait (thanks lal for...
  441. S

    huntington harbor

    Wow! Didn't know whales can use a ghost shrimp pump! Or even scoop up the sand and filter the ghosties out.
  442. S

    Bluefin Everywhere!!! Wide Open

    Damn it I don't have any more sick days or vacation days left!!!!! Way to get sum!
  443. S

    7/28 helmet

    plan was to use my last vaca day and fish oside since this was where all the nuked bft were. Well this is where they were. Got 1/2 scoop of dines. And made mini macs at the bouy and outside the pier. Once loaded up went 10 out and started looking. 5 up and then 10 down for nada. We did see...
  444. S

    Nice Dorado....BFT still out there

    nice thanks for the report. hopefully they want to bite tomorrow
  445. S

    7/25 209 O-side 14

    I would only need 2 150lbs....
  446. S

    7/25 Oceanside Launch

    Where's bucaneer pipe?
  447. S

    My dick hurts

    My dick would hurt too with balls that big tugging on it all the time.
  448. S

    7-24 INSANE BFT off Carlsbad!

    That's the same thing I wondered.... Limit of bft seiners are allowed? Or quota? If they wrap a beefer, that would last us fisher people awhile.
  449. S


    Thanks for the report. I'm headed straight out of oside thursday
  450. S

    7/24 Oceanside

    Pm'd I'll be there thursday
  451. S

    Holy Jumpin Sardines

    It's 40 for 1/2 scoop here in long beach
  452. S

    Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    What she weigh? 120 ish?
  453. S

    Rubber Ducky goes Long !! 18th Monday

    Lal, i made it out there about 930. Saw the same thing lots of ponies. And a small pod of whales. Looked for kelps for nada then the wind came up and headed to Newport and called it a day Maybe we will see some more skin his year.
  454. S

    Baffling Breezing Bruiser Bluefin 7/16

    Sweet whaler. That's a sick jag of tuna!
  455. S

    150/Shoe report today - Wednesday

    Thanks for the report. Planning to ditch work Monday with my woman to fish. Hopefully the garr cooperate. She has kicked my arse fishing the last 2 times out. I love it but hate it at the same time. If anyone is out there I'll be on ch 72 Steve
  456. S

    CA fishing licenses 2016

    I was looking to fork out the money for a life time this year. I should have bought one 20 years ago Stupid quote function
  457. S

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    If I went fishing for 2 weeks the locks would be changed on my house. Lol specially if I went without her! BUMMER To hear about tom Reynolds. RIP Joe, your in the hvac industry? Or is that another joe?
  458. S

    Reel Suggestions for Calstar GFDH-800XLH

    Just got a 800l for my Trinidad 12. 50 lb spectra 25 fc.
  459. S

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    That's me. Long time! Call me a datasaur but I don't use social media. Anyone have his email, please pm. Is ralph cox still around? What about tom Reynolds.... I think thats his last name I remeber him hooking a chunk fish at the boat... Then saying " that's how it's done son..." Lol
  460. S

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    anyone have Julios contact?? i used to work on the rooster in the summers 96-2004. please give andy, fernando, and if luis is still on there my hello. PM me with julios contact bob cherry still on this trip? steve h. aka chinito
  461. S


    I'll take them. Check your pm
  462. S

    4-16 wash cycle

    Yeah launching solo is not difficult but its a bonus when my chick is there. Plus is fun to watch her catch fish
  463. S

    4-16 wash cycle

    Thanks for the report.
  464. S

    4-16 wash cycle

    No way! Easier for me to go fishing if she comes with. Besides I need someone to back the trailer in to launch the boat. Haven't seen too many ladies helping at the ramp at 530 am...
  465. S

    4-16 wash cycle

    The wife and I planned our first trip of the year, besides would be great to get the boat out on the water. Forecast was ok but I was wrong. The plan was to head out to the 150 ish looking for reds and other bottom critters. But the swell and the cross wind kept us from reaching the target...
  466. S

    Xd 50 oil

    I have about 1 gallon of xd50 in a 2.5 gallon jug. hows 20 bucks sound pm is best contact need it gone
  467. S

    Northern pv

    Kman. Or should I call you bobby flay. Dam the recipe is tasty. I had all the ingredients except fennel seeds. I didn't have anise seed either. Next time. The result is Thanks.
  468. S

    Northern pv

    To bad you can't use a wrist rocket on them. They ate about 5 dollars worth the fc and 4 dollars worth the circle hooks.
  469. S

    Northern pv

    Sweet thanks for the recipe. Plastics yeah are no problem.... We had some bait today and I couldn't get one to stick. She caught hers on plastics
  470. S

    Northern pv

    Thanks for the clarification. Not a first on the black skippies.
  471. S

    Northern pv

    yeah people just don't give a rats ass anymore. I'm still stuck on those damn bass.... Jerks lol
  472. S

    Northern pv

    an agreed day to take my good luck charm fishing with me. Decided to make the trek around the bend. Launched at 550 ish. Got bait from nachos (horse dines) got up to the area about 7. Only a few others in the area. My wife and I fished plastics and then I switched to the "songy". She got a few...
  473. S

    long beach yellows 10-31-15

    nice in by 10 am!! I'm headed out tomorroe morning hopefully everyone is hung over tomorrow
  474. S

    Any Whaler Owners With Trolling Motors?

    Where did you guys find your outrages?? I am really thinking about selling my montauk for
  475. S

    10/27 Wahoo near the 14

    Good fish. I'm planning saturday... I have seen many mauraders rigged this way. Just a single pass. While on the boats we always rigged looping the tag end 3 times. Similar to a surgeons knot. Then work the loop down. And then double crimp with space in between like you have.
  476. S

    How to get rid of seals and fishing report

    Tell me the location and then the seals will be attracted to my baits lol
  477. S

    looking for a who

    At least you got to fish this weekend. I had to clean sludge from my kitchen sink p trap to the main line. To make thing worse I got the mauraders I have been waiting for.
  478. S

    Diving with GIANT Lobsters

    I love the "holy sh*t" with the regulator! At the one minute mark. So sick!
  479. S

    Coronado Island Wahoo video on the Legend

    Disgusting season Crazy that they would have allowed flip flops/ open toe on deck while fishing skin.
  480. S

    Bass fishing

    i think we got whacked. The pup seals and cormorants were pests. I tried to feed the seal a rattler but he would take off every time I hooked one.
  481. S

    Bass fishing

    Took the day off to fish long beach me and the wife it up the rigs to do some bass fishing. We did ok. We both lost a good calico to the rig. I was on fire with 6 sculpins. One about 3 lbs. Kept one 16" sandy. Other than that the weather is a bit choppy. And wet this morning.
  482. S

    Tour of the ocean, close but not prize Sunday

    the rubber hook condoms removed?? seen that plenty of times where the customer forgets to remove the protector on the long range boat
  483. S

    Long Beach Long & Skinny

    they are both just as slimy. good skin
  484. S

    Boston Whaler 17' Montauk or 17' Outrage

    Karlow Lol. Yeah 3 on occasion but most of the time it's me and my chick. If i take 3 then I don't have to buy bait. Lol
  485. S

    What would you Repower with , Suzuki 70, Mercury 75, Evinrude 75

    i love my etec. I don't troll but I do have it idling a lot in the years I owned it I have put in plugs and a water pump. I will have someone do the lower and all that type of maintenance in the winter. ROI is key.
  486. S

    Deck refinish advise

    Sweet whaler. One day I will get around to repainting the boat
  487. S

    Rocky Point Aquarium fishing

    #8... First person I have seen not say " use a butter knife" Coat hanger works. Or any large gauge wire that will stay bent. I have a 1/8" ss one from back in the day doubles as the head spike.
  488. S

    Wahoo inside L9 (10/3/15)

    sweet velcro dog you got there.
  489. S


  490. S

    Boston Whaler 17' Montauk or 17' Outrage

    I have a 83 montauk restored. I oringially purchased for inshore local type fishing. It could make it to the islands but it would be a rough return crossing the lb channel. I repowered with a 90 etec and couldn't be happier. The only this with the montauk is the lack of storage and it fishes 3...
  491. S

    What would you Repower with , Suzuki 70, Mercury 75, Evinrude 75

    I have a 90 etec on my 17 foot whaler. It's nice to have the extra power but I only had the motor at WOT maybe 3 times ever. I Usually travel about 15 kts or so and if it's flat and no bait then maybe 25ish. I could have gone with the 75 hp Make sure you have a reasonable idea of how fast you...
  492. S

    Epic Season

    Skin will come back and eat the other half. Seen that alot while on the Rooster. Epic skin! too bad the pressure is on them. Some would be able to scratch up a sweet day
  493. S

    Trailer Winch

    I'll take it!!
  494. S

    WTB TWO Pairs of Xtra Tuf boots size 9-10 and 13-14

    Call squid co in San diego and talk to Joey. I just bought 2 pair they are the cheapest around and they ship as well.
  495. S

    9-4 report

    How did you get Google earth and the plot to over lay?
  496. S

    La Jolla Canyun WFO - 9/4/15 - YFT, Dodo, marlin (blue???)

    Sick!the only great problem of slaying is scrubbing the boat and fish processing!
  497. S

    150 DODO it's true. Skipjack to boot!

    Nice aku! Sweet flat! Now the crowd will be at the 150 while I chase yellows inside! Perfect!
  498. S

    Lots o Bones and one good Tail!

    The best gage is your beater! Lol.
  499. S

    Trailer Winch

    pm sent
  500. S

    Fished LJ today (8/31)

    NW corner? Funniest thing all summer
  501. S

    SHOE SLUG 8-26

    Those "Garr" hats are sweet! good catch
  502. S

    XD100 oil in bulk

    Sweet I need to re up
  503. S

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    Damn dude that crazy.... suprised your board is in one piece
  504. S

    8/24- Done by 1- Tails and more Tails - Huntington to 105 and GB

    Damn you had good bait from nachos. 1/2 mine rolled. We ended up with 4, one in the upper 20's. One drift
  505. S

    Dodged a 10K bullet thanks to E TEC SAFE mode

    Winterizing an etec is not that loud. Harley's blasting up and down the streets are more annoying.takes 5 minutes if that
  506. S

    8-17-15 YFT 10 miles off Torrey pines/del mar

    How was the weather? Did it get windy?
  507. S

    Shimano Calcutta 400te w/ clamp

    hardly used 400te. Fished maybe 6 times. Has 1/2 spool of white pp spectra. 20 lb pline top shot. Carbontex drags I also have the clamp but no screws. Easy replacement. Hardly any rash some of the print is coming off but Still 9/10 cosmetic 9/10 on function as well. Free spools good. Drags are...
  508. S

    8/14 Went Dana Point Then Hightailed It To The Shoe..

    Yeah there was a large 30' cabo that pulled the same crap on me. Yesterday. I was hoping it would spool my reel loaded with spinctra
  509. S

    Lbs jurel 8-14

    Cough cough got a sick day from work maybe I shouldn't post! Ha! Outside the shoe was the area. Launched at 445 am 20th boat inline at nachos! Got my half scoop of songy. Not the best but.... I landed 4 and my wife got her first 2! So stoked. We had enough fish handed the rest of the bait...
  510. S

    dana point bait sit-rep

    thanks for the songy report want to make sure there were no chovies
  511. S

    dana point bait sit-rep

    anyone have a bait report from here? the "bait report" thread says they have songy, but the people reported otherwise.
  512. S

    267 Picked Up The Twins 8/11/15

    I am headed out of Dana thursday if there's bait or oside.
  513. S

    Dual pro extreme on board battery charger

    i have a brand new no box dual pro extreme battery charger never installed. Charges 2 banks of batteries. 15 amps per bank. Completely rebuild able unit and not a throw away! I was going the dual battery route but changed my plans. They are 300 on cabelas. I prefer local sale but will ship for...
  514. S

    buddy boat for this friday 7-17

    my chick and i are heading out friday morning from Davies, if anyone else want to team up for offshore PM me. or get me on channel 72. My handle is pork chop steve
  515. S

    Ulua/ Peacock

    I am headed to Oahu this week for 8 days, my girl and I want to go and get some Ulua. Any one have any leads of inshore/reef charters. If that doesnt pan out I may opt for Peacock bass fishing on the reservior. Thanks
  516. S

    Pending World Record YT

    ballz what fish is that on the stringer?? looks like cabrilla?
  517. S

    war baits

    where do i get some of these? i was at performance tackle this morning. also what about the heads with the weed gaurd on them??
  518. S

    Wide Open Cuda!

    i did a bunch of driving this morning. fricken gar.
  519. S

    Discovery Channel's "Wild Pacific"

    Any one see Discoveory channels documentary on the Pacific Ocean? it had lots of good info, the best was when they showed underwater footage of a seiner with 100+ton school tuna wrapped up. crazy death net action. 100+ tons could fill 5-6 sd long range boats. Discovery said that with this type...
  520. S


    sling it on the kelp!
  521. S

    4/1 H.Harbor before work

    its the fertility doctor mesauring fucking Octo-moms gut to a cow cod fucking leeching bitch.
  522. S

    MLPA oversight hearing

    we need to do the same with the gov't spending. and stop rewarding those who are ir-responsible. there is a nation wide tax day tea party, just like the 1773 Nobama
  523. S

    Casitas 3/23 pics

  524. S

    Boats dead...

    try some of these online parts places: Genuine Evinrude BRP Boat Engine Parts - ETec, Johnson... OMC Parts / OMC Cobra Stern Drive Tech Drawings Evinrude/Johnson Motors: BBC Boards the last one is another message board of just Evinrude OMC guys. 600 bucks, some kid rear ended my boat...
  525. S


    did anyone else email the MLPA?? i emailed them a kind letter and i got an "out of the office" reply first take our tax money, and then use that tax money to close off the coast? policitans. we need jack bauer
  526. S

    Boats dead...

    try mason marine in pasadena. a co-worker of mine takes his 1970's ish boat and motor there all the time, he just got a new power head.
  527. S

    getting rear ended while tow my boat

    update: waiting for the insurance to call me back, they are bastards taking their time. i have already received a quote for removing the lower unit and checking all specs. -steve
  528. S

    getting rear ended while tow my boat

    just got off the phone with my ins. co. bad news... even though the boat is a part of the vehicle, the auto ins. will not get involved. If i had boat insurance which i just got quoted on friday night would have gotten involved. i called the co. of the guy that hit me and that company is...
  529. S

    getting rear ended while tow my boat

    bigT, was there any internal damage?? is your bot still running like it was prior to the mexican hitting you? thanks everyone. by the way i got my ass kicked fishing again by my girl. LOL fished the oil rig and izors reef. score 14-2 she wins, large fish was 3 lb sandie (hers as well) on...
  530. S

    getting rear ended while tow my boat

    yeah i am going to call the marine mechanic tomorrow and see how many hours its going to be to tear it apart and repair it. the 20 yr old said that he wanted to pay for it rather than going through his insurance. he only has basic. thanks guys
  531. S

    getting rear ended while tow my boat

    well after having all my hockey crap stolen last week now an accident. WFT has any one been rear ended while towing their boat?? I was on my way home, 2 blocks away and a kid rear ends my whaler and 2 year old ETEC. Prop is toast though. Everything sounds fine while shifting into fwd and...
  532. S

    Mexicio fish brought back to US

    unless its dorado or baby giant black sea bass (2)
  533. S

    Boat orders..

    has a bunch of haji crap written all over it. I dont want it any more
  534. S

    Anyone else got HPP ??

    the polypropylene will cut up the hands. if you use braided line (similar to sampson braid) it will be alot softer on your beaters. but then there is the price....
  535. S


    tricks, are you using a small nc table top machine?? or are you using a full on cnc?
  536. S

    Boat Pix

    Anyone ever get any pictures from Home Page of The helicopter was flying low on my way in last saturday and think they got a shot of my girl and I on the way back in. I checked out the site, pretty costly but for a bitchin pic its worth it. I just want to know if there is anyone...
  537. S


    when did this happen?? i was on my way back in from PV (wind) at 10:30 AM or so. I passed the mid and east wall on the inside, didnt see any small boat. My boss told this to me today at lunch.
  538. S

    Happy to have our daughter home!!!!

    Spike, thats great news that you 3 are home, was starting to miss some of your posts. My pops passed due to CHF. Luckily the technology is there and your daughter has her entire life yet to see.
  539. S

    Random pictures from the past

    nice pictures there spike. I need to dig some of mine out from the RR3. I like that one of jam in rear orifice. where and the hell is he. -steve
  540. S

    Huntington Flats 8/2/08 (SLOW)

    I was a bit north of the crowd by a few miles and the sandies were going WFO. everything on plastic, they bit as long as there was a piece of plastic on the hook. At one point it looked like my girl, her friend and I out fished a boat with live bait. 3 keepers lots released.
  541. S

    Evinrude E-Tech 250 with 23' WAC Striper

    your going to love it. If you have Lowrance electronics, then you can monitor the motor off of the GPS. you can get oil res level, engine temp, fuel flow, rpms, hell just about everything. besides you are going to love the MPG you get on the H20. I get about 6 on my boston whaler with a 90 hp.
  542. S

    Spectra Connection with Worm Knot?

    this is a quick,easy strong knot. when cinching the knot, you need to wet the line, and pull slowly. the tough part is when using FC line.
  543. S

    K&M Offshore, San Quintin Blufin!

    was that calico off the paddy? LOL
  544. S

    Not a fish report

    also heard on the news that there was a 16000 gal sewage spill in long beach, closed the beach west of belmont peir.
  545. S

    June Heat Report

    i like fernado's "iron sheik" impression. lol
  546. S

    Harnells/Uluas - R.I.P.:

    yeah i was planning to, then work got in the way, sucks becuase i really wanted to be there.
  547. S

    Harnells/Uluas - R.I.P.:

    spoke, whats GUSA did you get? i am looking for a new jig stick.
  548. S


    not just that but guys are cutting catylitic convertors from lifted trucks.
  549. S

    5.9 & 5.12

    thats why that smile is in you sig.
  550. S

    5.9 & 5.12

    martha, to help with that bass thumb, if you fish barbless hooks you will no longer need to lip the bass with your thumb. just grab ahold of the lead head, take picture, invert over water for a sucessfull release. if you are worried about loosing fish, file the barb down a little bit instead.
  551. S

    Making own plastics

    its pretty fun to play mad scientist in the garage. i highly suggest tackle underground. there is ALOT of info on there. If you need any glitter or power pearls let me know i bought WAY to fucking much when i ordered all my crap.
  552. S

    PL KELP BASSIN' - 5/6/08 - REPORT

    Fucker, juanito. remember that day he got in my face for telling him "at least you should lysol"
  553. S

    Boat Binoculars?

    those are really good. or for a bit more you can have the fujinon's 7x 50 make sure you get the blinders as well, they help out so much. i regret selling my set to julio
  554. S

    PL KELP BASSIN' - 5/6/08 - REPORT

    not to bust your balls but you state: but then seem to kick the crap out of the calico's?? there was huge swell in PV this weekend but fishing was good.
  555. S

    spectra slippage?

    did that. makes the line smell like bacon masking the stench of the human on the line to the fish. they can sense that... used a piece of tape.
  556. S

    SD Bay tomorrow w/kids

    its a bit late, or next time get some 4" "swimming mullet" gulps chart or pink. fish them on 1/4 or 3/8 oz lead heads. south of the bridge there is great spotty fishing. if you are going that far south launch from glorietta, its a 5 minute ride and they have a fresh water spiget, just bring your...
  557. S

    Puerto Rico Tarpon

    i am going on the 10th of may. going to give them a try. will report when i get back
  558. S

    fishing in greece athens

  559. S

    Puerto Rico

    i am going to San Juan in 2 weeks. dont know if i want to do the 2 hour drive to cabo rojo... i want to do the inshore thing.
  560. S

    fishing in greece athens

    I will be going to Greece 4 times over the next year or so. anyone fish there or off the coast? spill the beans. -steve
  561. S

    spectra slippage?

    you know i never did this on the larger reels on the rooster. on my trini 12, calcutta 400 te, 3 curado 100's never had a problem. i wind tight of course, im not that big of a herm! lol anyways going to respool them tonight. steve
  562. S

    Red Rooster 3 Chef Jorge Passes Away

    RIP Jorge. remember gaffing him 55 lb scooter like it was yesterday. I will miss him. I loved his balsalmic vingerette which i still use
  563. S

    spectra slippage?

    has anyone encountered power pro or any brand of spectra slipping while tied dierectly to the spool? this is on smaller reels, curado 300, citica and calcutta 200. I have spectra on every reel and I cant seem to figure out my drag issue. shimano rep claims that you must put tie the spectra to a...
  564. S

    200 hp etec

    there is a self fogging procedure that can be done. using a combination of fast idle and neutral.
  565. S

    Small Boats (Why does size matter)

    i bought a 17 boston whaler montauk. fits in the garage with a folding tongue, protected from all the f'ing thieves. this was a big concern of mine. i only fish inshore local stuff. its a bit rough on the ride but also its safe plus my girl likes it so much better than the yak. If i had a bigger...
  566. S

    MB 3 days

    did the seabass or corVina have a zipper on the belly? zipper= biscuit no-zipper=corVina i will have to try MB this year
  567. S

    Trailer rebuild

    i will try them thanks
  568. S

    PV or oil rigs this weekend

    anyone going up or out there this saturday? i am watching the weather, hopefully it lays down
  569. S

    Trailer rebuild

    called pacific a while ago, they didnt help me any. looking to rebuild my old trailer or buy a decent used trailer
  570. S

    Trailer rebuild

    thats about 100 miles away....
  571. S

    Trailer rebuild

    I remember some members posting where they bought most of their trailer supplies. I am looking to either buy a rebuilt or rebuild the existing trailer later this year. looking for bunk with carpets and brackets, rollers, leafs, hubs, bearings, and axle. basically a new trailer. steve
  572. S

    What is your No. 1 top choice for Wahoo rod

    700H with Trini 30 with 50# and spectra and swegro's bomb
  573. S

    Lead Head Jigs

    what were they scad? lol
  574. S

    stellar day

    jimdog, thats a rad avatar
  575. S

    evinrude mechanic in los angeles

    try mason marine. there is a place in signal hill. they did the final check on my etec. good friendly, and priced right.
  576. S

    Full Moon Bugs.....1/22

    thanks about the punch card
  577. S

    Full Moon Bugs.....1/22

    what about the lobster punch card??
  578. S

    Red Rooster 3 - NEW YEARS SPECIAL 07-08

    LOL he still does that?? next time you see sheenstra ask him about the pro-gear that he tried that trick with. LOL -steve
  579. S

    Adventure To SCI in a 15' Boston Whaler

    Next time you guys go i would love to join in on the armada to SCI or Cat. 28 gallons nice. I would shit making that crossing though on my 17' whaler wtg
  580. S

    South SD Bay 12/28

    Larry, that is a tough day for there. but beats work.
  581. S

    PV tomorrow?

    Lal, thanks for the heads up, i have been watching the weather, having second thoughts about PV. maybe the wall or one of the platforms.
  582. S

    PV tomorrow?

    anyone going to PV tomorrow morning?? I will be out there if the wind stays down. i will be in a small whaler. get me on 72 -steve
  583. S

    what kind of line do you use for reef/bay bassin?

    just like an ober hand knot but loop the end through 3 times instead of once. if you go4 times that is the seaguar knot. and 5 times will make a spider hitch.
  584. S

    what kind of line do you use for reef/bay bassin?

    a g-string i use all line sizes on the poll. straight 6 lb on a spunner 30lb spinktra with 8lb floro 30lb spinktra with 10 lb reg 30lb spinktra with 12 floro 50 spinktra with 15lb 50 spinktra with 20 lb if i go outside the bay
  585. S

    bug card for '08

    I was just on the F&G site looking at licenses for next year and saw this: <TABLE cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=1><TBODY><TR><TD>New for 2008 Spiny Lobster Report Card </TD><TD colSpan=2>$ 7.90 </TD><TD>Required for all anglers taking spiny lobster, including persons who are not required...
  586. S

    Towing SUV Vs.Truck

    I love my tacoma for my little 17'er. its a bit tough going up the larger hills, but does ok with the OD off. I never launch a boat from a SUV, seems a bit harder and you have to get wet if you are by yourself. (cant climb into the bed and then across the trailer onto the boat. if you have 2...
  587. S

    Red rooster 10 day report

    the the name stool-lio is gone.... lol hoobs classic andy killer trip
  588. S

    2 stroke oil

    damn the xd-100 is cheap. is the xd-100 in gallon form or bulk where i need to supply my own 1 gallon jug?
  589. S

    Saw an old friend in the parking lot, went fishig

    ask him if he remembers leaning on the rails of the rooster! LOL he damn near went over when i smacked his arm out from under him! lol chinito
  590. S

    tuna wranglers

    Did anyone catch the Tuna Wranglers episode on discovery channel? i saw it last week. Thought there was good footage about BFT, spotter planes, and pen boats, and transfering the tuna from the mesh to the pen. anyways
  591. S

    A little concerned and frustrated.

    not a shit-sicle, but were you there?? I almost threw up. LOL
  592. S

    A little concerned and frustrated.

    OK Debuys Jr. LOL get ahold of julio, or brian. they will be able to make sure that you have a great time and you LEARN A BUNCH! tell them a "chinito" sent you. they will know who i am. relax, have fun and be open minded. if all else fails, at least you will have gained insane amounts of...
  593. S

    Dead Great White

    how did it whiff??
  594. S

    Report on Jorge, Red Rooster III Chef.....

    sucks to hear about swegro... he IS the best.
  595. S

    The Wall Is The Call Y'all.7/8/07

    is that south shores lauch ramp?
  596. S

    7/9 and 7/10

    anyone fishing the HH flats or PV?? i will be on 72 hail "chinito" and i will get back to you. i wil be fishing bass
  597. S

    Yamaha VS. E TEC

    i know that the ETECS have built in NMEA 2000 connections that will connect directly to Lowrance products to display ALL engine data. fuel consumption, low oil, temp, water psi, hours, etc etc. wait for the 7 year warentee from etec
  598. S

    red tide?

    damn... and i heard the weather is picking up.
  599. S

    red tide?

    Is the schnide still around Pt loma? planning to head to the kelp this weekend, so my girl can get her first Gar and some bass. -steve
  600. S

    My wife is a trooper (La Paz 6/9 thru 6/16)

    since when do you have hair spoke?? LOL
  601. S

    FISH id

    yeah pacific porgy thanks
  602. S

    FISH id

    mac attack, that might be it. looks very fucking close. no gnarly teeth.
  603. S

    FISH id

    thanks spoke. lol i guess it could be a chopa but didnt have the gnarly tail spikes like they do at the islands/HB.
  604. S

    FISH id

    can anyone ID this fish?? I didnt hook it here, i just got back from mexico. it had the pect fins like a jack, but the fore head of a pompano... got it on 8lb lol -steve
  605. S

    Grease For Steering Rod?

    try evinrude triple gaurd grease. its pretty damn thick. Where are you in SD?? i have a tube of it and can give you some if you drop by. pm me for details if you want. steve
  606. S

    Red Tide

    how far south is it stretching?? I am going to a spot just north of gerrerro negro for 5 days. .....
  607. S

    giant BSB shot in LA jolla

    I got a call from my old man while driving home... says it was on the news that some dumb ass shot a BSB in the protected area of LJ. JUst wanted a confirm on this?? anyone?? news reported that it died shortly after. thanks
  608. S

    Species to be ID'ed...

    what did you get it on??? salas 6x heavy? lol!
  609. S

    pl kelp, barracuda bonanza 5-28

    ok, i always used the scoop.
  610. S

    pl kelp, barracuda bonanza 5-28

    whats the hald bleach bottle for?? brailing?? throwing you dont get spined to hell? bilge.... i wont go there.
  611. S

    Outboard Service in SD

    sunset marine in lakeside, havent been but they have a good rep on here
  612. S

    calcuttas suck??!!

    if you search the internet there are curado 300's for 200 bucks, that is not on ebay either. i paid 204 shipped for my girls curado 300.
  613. S

    shimano high speed gears conversion

    I have skipped steps that showed removing the side plate and handle and etc etc. You can either buy a new set of curado 200b gears with pinion or find someone to trade straight up. i have traded 3 sets now. here are the gears: 5:1 on the top and 6:1 on the bottom. visually the 6:1 gear is...
  614. S

    First Blue Fin of The Year For Tunaman

    its a hybrid bluefin/wahoo you guys never heard of them?? LOL nice bonita though
  615. S

    Lowrance fish finder

    i have the external and no issues. on a lms 332C not to burst the bubble but when the FF/GPS combos are selling for that low of a price it may not include the transducer. the xducer cost is about 75-150 but if everything is included then get it. that is a great price.
  616. S

    Poor Imus!!!!!!

    he could have if he were on satellite radio. LOL
  617. S

    WTB: GUSA graphite bass rod

    all of my rods are GUSA. if you want to check them out let me know. im in cypress steve
  618. S

    (weather alert) looking grim for the weekend

    there is a picture the swell breaking over the LB break water on tues. calicos are safe this weekend
  619. S

    Calling all Whalers-Free Maitenance

    i'll be there next year for sure
  620. S

    driving to mex

    I will be going to mexico by car... is the manditory passort in effect yet? I just mailed in my old one to get it renewed.
  621. S

    OLD GAS?

    give it to a gardener
  622. S

    spectra/braid to reel?

    2 words if you see the bottom of the spool with spectra "BACK-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then a lil boat ride. sd knot or uni
  623. S

    CA. Gaoline Tax Refund

    how long has this been around?? </copy>
  624. S

    east breakwall 4/1

    the fucker coughed up a huge crab...
  625. S

    east breakwall 4/1

    I fished this morning 7-1130 at the breakwall and one of the inside islands. the break wall was good. not bad for my first time fishing LBC. i usually fish SD. anyways 2 nice 2-4# Calicos with a couple smaller ones, 4-5 sandies one 18"er, a rock fish and what i think is a cab. what ever it...
  626. S

    Etec Repowering has begun

    check out these sites here: Continuous Wave it is a boston whaler website but there is TONS of E-TEC info on there. also this one here. Lowrance net E-TEC connector: Evinrude/Johnson Motors: BBC Boards that link there has the connection that you need to hookup the FF and engine together...
  627. S

    Etec Repowering has begun

    I have a 2007 90 HP on my 17'er pushes the boat to 39 mph in SD bay. the bitchin thinig is that the motor can be hooked up to a Lowrance FF/GPS and display all your features, fuel consumption, engine temps, fuel level and oil level. You are going to need an oil res. gas milage... 25 miles...
  628. S

    question on sealing transom bolts

    use 4200 on the transom bolts.
  629. S

    How to Install an Outboard

    or you can find the correct fasteners and washers to bolt to the flywheel. use a piece of chain and attach it to the flywheel and lift. I used a piece of chain attached to the lifting hook and a fork lift. its a little tough to tilt the motor to the same angle of the transom. but with some...
  630. S

    Rookie Mistakes

    bass thumb... or you can go barbless on the hooks and jigs. the bass wont come off unless there is slack in the line. no more bass thumb. grab the jig and turn up side down. careful if you hook a butt though. they will sling the barbless hook out of their mouth once you net or if you slack up...
  631. S

    transom mounted bait pump

    Does anyone have a lead on where i can purchase a transom mounted bait pump? I have seen the ones on just wondering where else i could purchase them. I have a 14 gallon kodiak tank -steve
  632. S

    Whistler Buoy 3-4-07

    good sand bass must be a female
  633. S

    2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke

    ETEC's are made in Wisconsin
  634. S


    You will need to make sure the Garmin unit is NMEA 2000 compatible. Most of the gps are NMEA 0183 which is a different way to transfer data to and from the units. Different from NMEA 2000. I have a lowarnce FF/GPS unit and the ep-10. Lowrance recommends that there is a filter before the...
  635. S

    2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke

    Something that i took into consideration is the oil changes at various time intervals on the 4 strokes. 2 strokes no oil changes but there is oil to buy. buy something DI.
  636. S

    E-Tec 90 w/10 hrs for 4k on CL

    get the model number and the serial number and have a auth. dealer run it to see what and if anything has been done to it. make sure it runs too.
  637. S

    New Bearings

    make sure the calipers are in both units, metric and standard. vbx bearings they are in OC
  638. S

    San Diego Boat Storage

    there is a place off of L st and the 5 freeway, right at the trolley tracks. close to J st launch ramp. dont know the cost but i have seen several boats there while towing mine to shelter.
  639. S

    leaky stearing column

    Here is a link that sells the parts for sea-star. Hynautic / Teleflex SeaStar Marine Steering just need to look for the helm unit that you have. steve
  640. S

    were to buy they are doing maintainance on it right now, but there is everything you need on that site for lure making.
  641. S

    spectra to mono[local fishing] which knot?

    you are opening a heated debate on using what knot. Personally i use the worm, small and fast. Or an albright steve
  642. S

    missing fishermen

    I wonder what they were thinking going out in huge swell in that small aluminum. I didnt plan to fish last weekend due to the swell. also it appears that this weekend will be like last weeks. careful if you venture out. steve
  643. S

    Boston Whaler Owners***I Need Help***

    with the the tank in the corner, doesnt the boat list? you guys dont take on water? or scared with the thought? whalers are unsinkable but it would be uncomfortable to me. going to put mine over the sump in the center
  644. S

    Boston Whaler Owners***I Need Help***

    here ppuser/104452 i havent had the time to install mine yet. i have a small round 17 gal. if you use the cooler it may put too much weight in front and keep the bow down. making it harder to plane and less speed. steve
  645. S

    missing fishermen

    anyone hear about this? i heard it briefly during the chargers slap: of the broncos 1 Fisherman Dead, 1 Missing - Local News supposedly hooping for bugs, one guy is still missing. if you guys are thinking the same thing i am, what are they doing out in a small boat with big swell...
  646. S

    setting up ETEC

    does anyone set up etec's? i have everything that is needed, i only need someone to set up the EMM and check that eveything is legit for warentee. steve
  647. S

    casting the small sx5:1

    specially in SSBELL's situation! newells have cast control on side of the reel, so once its dialed in its good to go, like the shimanos. well i'll keep at it. thanks glad to know it happens to everyone with these reels. steve
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    casting the small sx5:1

    its not like i dont know how to cast. just more difficult when there is no cast control.