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    Reel Hard 8/29/2020.....Dodo

    The plan was to get to the boat at 4 then head to the ramp...the plan rockfish then offshore looking for kelps. Everything went as planned. After 4 drifts we had limits of bottom dwellers. Some big vermillion in the mix. Now off to search for kelps. The first kelp we find produces very very...
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    Reel Hard 8/15/2020

    Well we decided to go fishing even though the reports were...not so good! The plan was hit the 9 for some meat and then go see what we could drum up. After last weekends trip....tons of paddies and zero caught. My expectations were low. Well to my surprise the kelps we found...were loaded with...
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    Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    We fished Saturday very close to home. Lots of fish busting on bait. Tossing the popper into the foamers proved deadly. At times we had 4 poppers at once sliding thru the foamers. We were able to land a bunch of tuna. We just kept after it school after school. The hot hand for the day was...
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    BFT July 3rd 2020

    Holiday....time to go fish! We got lucky and hooked up. A little bit of the action...this is how we did it! Enjoy
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    Yellowfin with a side of Yellowtail 6/20

    Used the tool in my tool belt to come up with a plan....only tool in the belt was fishdope....all the other tools in the belt were gonna fish the Nados. Came up with a plan based on where fish had been caught and pointed the boat north of that knowing I could go south if nothing was found...well...
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    Bluefin on Reel Hard

    Made it out to the tuna grounds Saturday. The weather was predicted to be the snottiest on Saturday for this long weekend. Well it was not the best in the morning but it mellowed out as the day went on. Fishing with a need the turn the conditions are not always ideal. We...
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    For Sale Mud River Kennel Cover and Kennel

    Just like picture. Barely used. $100 It is an XL.
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    November 2019 YFT Limits

    With all the good reports we decided last minute to hit the yellowfin tuna. Well they showed up! The best all year! Not a plunger bite...this was full speed. Numbers are on the video. Enjoy!
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    For Sale Total Trainer

    Cleaning out the garage. This is like the Chuck Noris Total Gym. Has a bunch of different attachments. Local San Diego pickup only. $40
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    SOLD Electric Boat Toilet

    This toilet was taken out for 1 reason. We put a full size toilet in. This is a compact. It is in excellent shape. Local SD pickup only. $150
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    Lobster...u tell me..

    Went hooping last night. Caught the bug pictured. Would you keep it or toss it back? It stuck in between the gauge so tight you could...see picture. We tossed him back!
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    Masked Lobster Bandits

    well anyone that catches lobster knows how bad they smell. I left the bag of tailed bugs out over night and found all but one in the drive way. Hmmmm what happened? Did some investigating and found the bandits.... As for where the one that I could not find, that's anyone's guess as to where the...
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    Lobster 2019

    Well the opener was just what I thought it would be....tons of boats all wanting a piece! We had 3 boats out all in the same area working it hard. Lots of great laughs with the boys!! Here is the evening. Would have been home by 11....but someone drove their car into the water at the ramp...
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    YFT Fishing

    We started our day late pulled away from the bait barge at 7am. We were called in by Madrugador to a good bite! We landed 5! Thanks for sharing Madrugador! The name on the video says it. When I first watched it all I could think it.
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    Limits 8/17/19 Madrugador - Video

    We fished today. We had a great day, with every yellowfin caught on bait. We also caught yellowtail! Some on kelps and others were open water jig strikes! Great day out on the water with the boys. I am glad I am able to share some of our times on the water with you all! Our goal for the day...
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    Bluefin fishing with the boys...Madrugador

    well this day was not Madrugador. We were cruising out of the harbor at 7am (gentleman start)! The day did not disappoint. The usually bitching paid off! No I am not superstitious or anything. The fish hammered the G-FLY flying fish! Enjoy!
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    Coronado Islands “Video”

    We hit the islands aboard Madrugador in search of yellowtail. We found some. What worked for us was 20lb fluorocarbon and a circle hook. Here is the day!
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    Fishing Mission Bay 7-20-19

    We wanted to take the 13 Whaler out to La Jolla to fish but once we got outside the jetty we realized we brought the wrong boat for that job. We knew the wind would be up but thought maybe the forecast was off. Well it wasn’t. We fished the bay and had a blast catching all sort of fish. None...
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    Watching big tuna..Video..Reel Hard

    We decided we would go offshore and look for tuna even though there are many spots to catch yellowtail right now. Well all we did was look at em flying out of the water! Easier for me to make a video of our trip....enjoy! Make sure to subscribe to my channel as I put up trip reports on YouTube...
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    Foamers...Reel Hard

    we hit the water and we were rewarded. Fish galore are out there. They are on micro bait but the popper has been teasing em into bending your rod. See the birds see the fish under em! Enjoy
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    Yellowtail Shootout 2019 "Reel Hard"

    We entered the shootout this year! Initially we planned on fishing the we were driving to the ramp the plan changed to fish for tuna..well even though we were on the tuna grounds we scored more yellowtail than tuna. Score 12 yellowtail and 3 yft. Video pretty much sums it up. Thank...
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    Boston Whaler Restoration

    Well I had the time so this is where I spent some of it....very rewarding to see the finished product. Enjoy!
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    San Diego Bay 5-19-19

    Saturday we took Reel Hard out to try our luck at some halibut and anything else that would give us a fight. It was almost like a little tournament between Reel Hard and the boat I have been HOing on Madrugador! Well we both got one legal halibut for dinner but Madrugador kicked our butts on...
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    Cinco de Mayo Reds on Madrugador

    The plan was to go looking for BFT on Sunday (Cinco de Mayo). We fished the Southwestern Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament on Saturday and donated all of our rockfish to the event. We were extremely tired and knew we needed to get some rest. Got home from the awards after taking 1st for the team...
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    Southwestern Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament 1st Place

    We fished the Southwestern Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament this past Saturday (Chad, Mikey, and Ronson). We signed up early and were ready to get some bottom critters. We arrived at Southwestern at 5am for check-in and breakfast. The shotgun start was at 6:30 right out in front of the club. We...
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    BFT on Madrugador

    well it was time to switch from the bottom critters to chasing the finicky blue fin tunas! We were rewarded. Definitely skill involved. And some luck like always. Video shows it all. The jelly beans are special BFT treats:D...that’s a secret.
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    Catching the fish on the bottom

    Been good fishing for rockfish, halibut, and lings. The video shows it off. This day was Reel fishing on Madrugador. The reds ate the Eds jigs extremely well.
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    SOLD 2002 Ford F-250 7.3

    2002 Ford F-250 2-wheel drive. $6500OBO Salvage Title - Theft recovery Airlift airbags rear axle 5000 pounds. B and W gooseneck fifth wheel hitch. Drilled and slotted brake rotors good condition. Brand new Michelin STX tires discount tire warranty. New transmission 200,000 miles. Viper alarm...
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    SOLD Looking for transom mount bait pump

    Looking for a transom mount bait pump for an aluminum skiff. Anyone have one laying around in their garage? Thanks
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    SOLD SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

    Standup Paddle board for sale. It is 12 foot and fiberglass. It comes with a cover and a paddle and a leash. $600
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    SOLD 2 Person sit on top Kayak

    2 person kayak. Great shape, perfect for La Jolla. $300 619-204-613five
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    Meat Wagon Friday 9/28/18

    Fished on the Meat Wagon Friday. We left the dock a little bit too late and arrived to the tuna grounds after the bite. We ended up at the Nados picking away at the Bonita. The baits from mission bay were huge and made it difficult to hook the fish. Great day on the water!!
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    Who carries these on their boat?

    Bolt cutters! Because of this.. I was asked why do you have those on the boat...why do you have that stuck in your leg? Also keep a bottle of peroxide on the boat. I have seen this twice. Once I had the right tools. Whenever you hear on the radio....does anyone have some bolt cutters you...
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    Got far

    Pulled the boat out of the water to find green spectra in the props. Took to the shop and no water in the oil and the way the line was in the drive it did not compromise the seals. The line is not from my gear. Can only speculate on where it came from. Hopefully when I check the oil the next...
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    YT Shootout 2018 / Nados

    Well it was almost a usual day at the Nados. Everything that was usual (sea lions stealing your hooked yellowtail, catching yellowtail, bonita, and barracuda). The unusual was the stiff wind blowing out of the south. It made it difficult to get away from the wind. We had a good time pulling on...
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    Bluefin What We Saw 6/15/18

    This basically says it all...
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    Madrugador 6/2/18

    Thanks Chad! (Madrugador) not so much of an early riser...left the dock at 8am. What a great way to spend Saturday morning. Catching halibut, spotties, mantis shrimp, and calicos. To top it all of the butts was a keeper! Dinner!! Everything else was released. Many raked baits..but...
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    Thresher Fishing 2017

    Last year in May we boated our first Thresher shark. The shark pulled hard and in the end we won the fight. Put this together. See the video.
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    YFT on the Popper 10/14/17 Video

    Our last trip for yellowfin last year we limited out with 20 YFT. We then started tossing the popper. These little YFT were slamming the popper half their size. Enjoy the short video.
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    Rockfish...270 5/27/18

    Went out for some rockfish on Sunday. The wind was blowing at 4am as I prepared the boat. All I could think is man usually earlier in the morning it's not blowing and it picks up later in the morning. We proceeded to head out to the 270 at 6:00am. It was windy and not the best conditions but we...
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    For Sale Costco Generator

    Saw these today 5/6/18. Morena one.
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    FREE Anyone...

    No need for this...
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    Outdrive Bag

    I really hated hooking up the earmuffs and seeing puffs of water going thru the strainer. Little searching and I found this. I like the way it works. Check it out.
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    For Sale Todd Gas Caddy 28 gal

    Used this to take my boat further than my boats fuel tank could take me. See pictures. $150. These retail for $500 without the pump. I would tip the tank up on the bow and gravity would fill my tank with 28 fresh gallons of fuel. My boat now holds 160 gallons...plenty to get me further than I...
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    Garmin 7610 Maps

    the maps on my garmin were cutting off below the 371 425. It was just white. I purchased the BlueChart map from west marine and it filled in what was missing. See photos. Another interesting deal is the price for the map at west marine is $259 and on the Garmin website it is $349. I called and...
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    Why we fish!

    We had an awesome day out on the pond 9/24/17.
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    Seadeck Cooler Topper

    Had a couple cooler toppers made over at Blue Seas for my yeties. They look awesome! Ken and his team do great work! The price ranges depending on the artwork and the size of the cooler. I could not be happier! Thanks Ken and team! Ronson
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    YFT on the Iron and Popper

    We decided to go look for the jumbos on Saturday. We arrived at the numbers at 7am. We see jumbos in the distance under terns. We slide up and they go down. They were massive! One cast of the popper and that was it. We wait, scanning the skyline looking for turns, we see some in the distance...
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    Toyota Tacoma 4x4 2014

    A sad day!!! My 2014 Toyota Tacoma is for sale. This truck has everything. Off-road package Short bed Rear locker Icon suspension (icon upper arms, icon coilovers, icon remote res shocks in rear, front diff drop, and rear add-a-leafs) Stock suspension goes with truck. (In a box) Body mount mod...
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    1999 Ford F-250 7.3

    SOLD 1999 Ford F-250 7.3 Diesel XLT Super Duty 2 wheel drive 145000 miles Extended Cab Long Bed Gray Cloth Seats (Buckets) Spray in Bed Liner 2 Costco Batteries New Belt (Installed 4/1/16) Always used Rotella Synthetic oil Hate to sell the 7.3! (Awesome Motor!) $9500 619-204-6135
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    Sea Bass…White & Black Release

    Decided to hit the sea bass grounds hoping the ghosts would show! With all the great reports on dope I decided it was time. We got to the grounds metered around very little and found a good spot to anchor. We tried to make daytime squid with no luck. Once it got dark we put the lights out and...
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    Bloody Ducks puts out Again!! 1/4/14

    Hit up the club only to get my second limit ever. Started the day with a little mishap, someone put a real looking rattler in my blind! Knew there was a reason they kept insisting I sit that blind! I happened to be in the right spot and hit most of what I shot at today. I also followed a little...
  53. downtime

    There is a first for everything

    My first duck limit today December 14 2013!! Hit the club with a great crew. Ali smoked a bad ass brisket for dinner, we also had all the fixings! We had all the corners covered in the club and the ducks decided to fly! All the guys in the club could tell ya if I could score limits there had...
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    Bloody Ducks Vid

    Hit the club to hunt some ducks. I got my first pintail hen! Enjoy the vid!
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    Reel Hard 5/23/2013 Nados

    Hit up the Nados yesterday to play with some Yellow Tail. We got 2 tails in the boat and lost 1 to a seal and also lost a cuda to a seal. It was a slow but fun day. The seas were like a washing machine getting to the islands but laid down in the afternoon. The fish were 26lbs and 23lbs.
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    Nados 5/19/2013 Reel Hard

    Well my brother talked me into going out for some yellow tail. We left the house a little after 6am and were at the launch ramp within minutes. On the water by 6:45. We had a friend back out last minute so there were three of us. We loaded up with a full scoop of dines and blasted down to...
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    Volvo Penta DPE C4 Duo Props

    I have a set of C4 props. These props are too much for my boat. I am unable to reach full RPM. I thought the hub may have been spun, so I had the hub replaced on the front prop. I use C2 props to get full performance on my boat. If your interested give me a call. I will not ship. $1000...
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    Make a Wish 2012 Video on Reel Hard

    Here is the video of us fools out there catching tuna, dodo, and a yellow for the Make a Wish Tuna Challenge 2012. We took Top Small Boat! Enjoy my amateur video producing, directing, and editing!:rofl: Ronson
  59. downtime

    MAW 2012 on Reel Hard

    Boat: Reel Hard First thank you fish dope!!! Thank you Make a Wish, this is our third year in a row fishing this event. This year my brother, dad and friend Jeremy hit it up and went tuna fishing for the MAW event. We loaded up and hit the ramp at 10 pm on Friday. We headed to the bait barge...
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    Reel Hard Video 8/11/12

    Here is a video I put together from our fishing adventure last weekend 8/11/12. We look like a bunch of beginners out there, forgot what to do when the fishing goes frickin stupid! Awesome day of fishing! Thanks Fish Dope for putting us on the fish!!! Enjoy...
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    Deckadence Flooring

    Just recently added some deckadence flooring to the Skippy. I did not wat the mildew smell from carpet so i searched for the right option. I decided to take the plunge on a product i had never seen in person. I am very happy with the product it gives the interior the finished look it needed...
  62. downtime

    Fishing Reel Hard 105 miles south! "Video"

    Ok gonna make it short and sweet! We fished Saturday from sun up to sun down at 105 miles south (lower 500 & southwest) for 13 rat YT and 2 dorado. Lost many! Water temp 66.3. Paddys galore! Free swimming arial show dorado! Did not take photos but did do a video! Enjoy...
  63. downtime

    Yellow Tail in the Chum Line at Nados

    Last Saturday while fishing the Nados we were chumming cut up squid. We look down into the chum line and see yellow tail eating the chum. We tried very hard to get the fish to bite a piece of squid with a hook in it, but no luck. We ended up getting a cool video of the fish. This was...
  64. downtime

    Video of Catching a BFT

    This is a video I recorded on a gopro 1080p in the 720p mode. I mounted the gopro on the gaff and also on the radar dome. The HD quality of the gopro is sweet. This video was posted to fishdope the day after I fished. This was Sunday 7/24/2011. Enjoy...
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    What not to do with a Blue Fin

    I thought i would show everyone how a BFT tuna kicked my butt!!
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    Relentless 1 day trip. Clemente 9-17

    Went out on the Relentless (1st class operation) for a 1 day trip. We went to Clemente to look for yellows. We managed 3 YT first thing in the morning around 6:30. We watched all the other big boats around us pulling on YT as well. The yellows were 25 pound plus. After the bite died down we...
  67. downtime

    SALTYDAWG Custom Rod for Reel Hard

    Here is a rod that Bill from SaltyDawg custom rods wrapped for me. Bill this is a sweet rod definitely my go to rod out of my arsenal. Thanks again Bill!!! Enjoy the picts! Ronson
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    53lb Yellowtail La Jolla 7/3 on Reel Hard

    We decided to hit up the bite on Friday night even though the fishing has slowed down. The whole crew has never caught a legal WSB so now was our chance, right in our backyard. We got to the grounds around 10pm and tried for a short time to make squid and then decided to got buy it from 3...
  69. downtime

    Anyone Heading to 295 Dub 220 6/5

    Just reaching out to see if anyone is gonna be heading south searching for the tuna fishing for tuna Saturday. I need to get down south and drag some feathers and ride around in the boat before the doc takes some of my guts out on Tuesday. Ronson
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    La Jolla YT 5/31/10

    Dads in town so were going fishing. We went looking for Mr T and could not find him. The plan now is to go into the beach and fish Halibut. I am in the process of rigging a drop looper and a huge school of YT pops at the stern, YT all over what a sight "I get wood over seeing that". I grab a...
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    Todos Santos / Rock Pile Sat 4/10

    We left SI at 2 and headed down to Todos Santos. Got a nice half scoop (that would later pay off) from EB. Got to Todos Santos at 5:30 and started looking around. We finally ended up in tight to the island with a fleet of boats. We were yoyoing and yoyoing and yoyoing and then started to...
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    72 Gallon Bow Front Saltwater Tank

    72 Gallon Bow Front fish tank, Stand, Top, Filter, Protein Skimmer, Power Compact Lighting, Eel, 70lb of live rock. Call 619-204-6135 $500
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    My 1st Yellow Tail for The Year 2/15/10 NADOS

    We wanted to take advantage of the day off. Went to La Jolla in the new boat, (26 Skipjack REEL HARD) we then decided that we needed to hit up the islands (Cornados), so we went to get some fuel and some live bait back at Dana Market. Made it to the Nados and started fishing Pukey. I was...
  74. downtime

    Grady White 208 Adventure

    Price Reduced (SOLD) 1998 Grady White 208 Adventure $22,500 OBO Powered by a Yamaha 200HP Saltwater Series II engine, fresh service done in January, (professionally maintained), Hydraulic Steering, Stainless...
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    Squid Fishing The Upper 9 (Video)

    Went out to get some big squid. All you want! Made a video. YouTube - Squid Fishing on Reel Hard
  76. downtime

    Tembreak SST's 10/15 The SST's look great for the 15th. Must be clear out there. It has been a long time since the whole map has shown temps. Good info for the weekend. Later Ronson
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    10/10/09 East Butterfly

    Just got home. Make this short. 2- 20lb YFT 6 Skippies Kept. Area that produced was right inbetween the fly and the San Knoll. Fish (YFT) were on paddys about 60 feet deep. Skippies were blind jig strikes. Picts will follow. Out to clean.
  78. downtime

    230 9-26-09 Sweet Vid of Suprise on 9 Mile Bank

    We hit up the 230 sat morning. We worked 5 miles west of the 230 and made a loop and returned to the 230 to find workin terns and breaking fish 2 on jigs 2 on bait. Stayed in the area and worked the paddys in the area for slow picins of YFT. Ended with 8. On the way home on the outer ridge of...
  79. downtime

    425 10miles South & 371. Fish At 9 mile Bank

    We hit it up today hoping the 425 would produce. We had 2 knockdowns that did not stick in the 425 & 371 area. We were not hearing too much good chatter on the radio. We decided to troll to the lower 9. This is where everything started to come together for us. We see a jumper (marlin) strut his...
  80. downtime

    9-5-09 Hidden Bank And North

    Left SI at 1:30 AM. Great Scoop. Made it to hidden by 5 am. Instantly a double on YFT and one on bait. Trolled around for some skippies. Then a single on a DODO. We are now workin our way toward the 425. We then get a double on nice sized YFT. All in all we did great below the 425. We got 8...
  81. downtime

    8/8/09 302, 230, 371 No Love NADOS Tons of Love!

    We left SI at 3:00 am. Got a great scoop and headed to the 302. The ride out was fine. Started trolling at 5:15 and it was like a washin machine. Worked our way south to the 230 then on to the 371 for no love. There were many Seiners out workin all the areas. We decided to go hit up the bite at...
  82. downtime

    East Fly, 230, San Salvador

    Short Version: 7 albies. 3 at the east fly. 1knockdown 2 on bait. In between the 230 and San Salvador quad knockdown all landed. Long Version: Left SI at 12 AM. Picked up a great scoop of bait not to big. Set a heading for the East Butterfly. We arrive at the fly at 6 am to breaking fish that...
  83. downtime

    Fishin Sunday 7-19

    Plan is to leave SI at 5:00am and head toward the 371 425 area. Some good reports the past few days. Glad to see their gettin closer. Will be on 72 Boat name is REEL HARD. By the sounds of it there will be quite a few boats workin that area. Later Ronson
  84. downtime

    YT Tournament Payout ?? 2009

    How are the place payouts based? Are the payout set? Will they get bigger as more people enter? The amounts are alot smaller than last year and it is $25 more entry fee this year.
  85. downtime

    Baha YT "Sweet Video"

    A friend sailed down around Baha a month ago. He had a great time spearin this great fish. He ended up trading the locals there for some lobster. The locals could not believe he shot the fish in the area they were in. The whole trip sounded like a blast. Wish i could have gone. Trollin down...
  86. downtime

    Dodos & YFT North 9 Late Report 8/17

    Left the house at 12 in the afternoon to hit up the nine. The wind was rippin so it was difficult to see the patties at first. The wind layed down and we could see patties all around. Started to work the patties and got some dodos. We kept movin all around and found a nice set of patties that...
  87. downtime

    2 Chickens @ 302 6/29/2008

    Decided to hit the 302 with dad and brother. When we got to the ramp we could tell it was going to be rough with the way the wind was blowin. Well we were right, in the 18 footer we had spray comin over the rail all day. We worked the 302 for about an hour and then ZZZZZZZ double, zucchini and...
  88. downtime

    Albies 302 6/27

    Well my report is not much different from the others out there today. We ended up eith 3 for the day. All the fish were caught just east of the 302 high spot. The jigs were all different. Daisy chain blue, silver, black. Zuccchini, And the o so famous Black and purple. Tight lines!! Later...
  89. downtime

    3rd Place Yellowtail Shootout 2008 32.4lb

    Great day on the water. Fished down near the 371. Tons of patties, loaded with bait. Caught both of these yellows on the same patty. The smaller one weighed in at 17.9lbs, large one 32.4lbs. Thanks to Bloody Decks for puttin on a great tourney (my first ever). Also landed a smaller model albie...
  90. downtime

    Naming a Boat

    ? When naming a boat do you just slap the name on the boat? Is there some place you need to register the name? Any help would be graet. Just want to do it right. Thanks Ronson
  91. downtime

    Moon Phase (Full Moon June 18th)

    Well not sure how this really affects the bite but here we go. Tha San Diego last month May 18th, two days before full moon boated 23 yellows "The San Diego is always an awesome boat for catchin Yellows" Then on the 19th one day before full moon they boat 16 yellows then from there on it has...
  92. downtime

    PL Kelp 5-25-08

    Left the dock 8 am. Picked up bait. As we cleared the jetty the answer of what direction was answered, the fleet was fishin the PL kelp. Headed that way then put in the Rapalas. Five minutes later a nice sized bonnie. Trolled around for a total of five. Only used 2 baits all day. Great day on...
  93. downtime

    "9 mile" With friend and 4yr old

    Launched 8 headed to the nine mile bank. All of us did not have Mex licences so we worked the border. We were able to get William his first ocean catch. He suprised the shit out of us when he looked at the jig and said "its a squid". It was great to see the look on his face when the fish hit the...
  94. downtime

    Nados 4-27

    Headed down to the nados. Hit the water at 5 made it to the nados about 6. The water temp in the morning was 55 deg. The water was puke green at the middle grounds. As the day wore on the water temp started goin up. The highest i saw was 61 deg. Th water color around pukey point was a nice...
  95. downtime

    SD Bay Buggin 2/18/08

    Decided to hit up the bay to see if things have changed. This year has been slow. On the water by 6. First pull of eight nets ended with 1 keeper 20 shorts. We ended the night with 4 keepers and 52 shorts. Home by 11. The seals made it very difficult later in the evening. They have figured...
  96. downtime

    10-5 Hoopin The Big Bay SD

    Went out to do some hoopin left the house at 7 got home at 1. The buggs were crawlin. The problem is that most of them were shorts. We ended the night with 9 buggs. Two were monsters that were in the same net. The big one tasted great at 1 in the mornin, it took forever to cook. Will be out next...
  97. downtime

    Fished "Bite Me" 9-5 No Love

    The family headed to Kona to celabrate parents 35 anaversary. One thing I had to do was get on the water. Looked on the net and found Bite Me, the boat looked nice and the capt. sounded cool on the phone; Capt Brian. Lets book it. I had no idea what I was in for. We show up at 6 get on the nice...
  98. downtime

    5 Yellows @ Nados 8/7

    Left SI at 5am this morning with a friend Jeremy. Headed to Pukey where we landed 3 for the day and the other 2 came from shit rock. Wind was blowin like crazy got drenched on the way in "felt great". Heard some great reports cominin from the 302 on patties. O how can I forget we farmed 5. Just...
  99. downtime

    Albies 7/22 302

    Had a great day out on the water today. We had to work extreemly hard for the 2 albies we landed. Both were taken on a daisy chain far back. The 302 reminded me of the rockpile when the yellow showed up. There were 20 boats sitting around soaking bait. Sounded like it worked for many. When we...
  100. downtime

    182 7/14 No Chickens but This

    Went out saturday looking for those chickens. Arived at the 182 with the fleet. Trolled around for nada. Just south of the 182 the purp/blk small jet head goes off we think sweet were going to get that chicken were looking for. This thing is pulling like crazy then straight out of the water 5...
  101. downtime

    Fishin @302

    Another great day on the water. We found the fish with a handful of other boats. We decided to head south and try our luck and stay away from the crowd at the 182. It payed off. On the way out we saw the birds working, thought it was to close but did it. Giant squid hit our trollers. Had knock...
  102. downtime

    8 Miles North of 371 7/5 "1st Chickens"

    Headed out of SI at 6:00 AM with my dad. We were lookin for those albies. We were 8 miles short of the 371 when we decided to drop in the trollers. The plan was to troll to the 371. The lines were not in the water but 30 seconds and that beautiful sound ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! We worked the area for...
  103. downtime

    Tail @ Nados

    Great day at the nados. Started slow and then picked up around 11. The company out there is the best. Thanks pike. We landed 3 quality tails and the other boat with us landed 2. To top it all off we had a great friend of mine that was with us from AZ that cleaned the fish professionally. I mean...
  104. downtime

    Nados 6/16/07

    Went out solo today. Landed these nice tails, one on the slowtroll at puckey and the other fly-lined on the east side of south island. Was not in the tourney but should of. Oh well wanted to get in to late. Water was flat as a lake today. Later
  105. downtime

    Nados 6/9/2007

    Worked the islands for this nice 24lber, fly-lined a dine. Overall it was very slow out there. We did not see many of the sporties out there. Goin out next Tuesday. All I want is a bloody deck!!!!
  106. downtime


    Put some blood on the deck!!!!! Great day on the water. Got the 14lber on the fly lined dine. Double hookup on the two 18lbers, slow trolling dines.
  107. downtime

    La Jolla 3/30/07

    [/ATTACH]Nice day on the water. Found the spot that produced all these fish for the party tomarrow. Fishin deep. Had a blast.
  108. downtime

    1st Time Limit "Bugs"

    Went out tonight expecting rain. It was perfect out. The bugs were crawling. Had to release 8 legal bugs by 8:15pm. This is what I always expected hoopin to be. Every net had bugs. The eclipse nets had very long soaks and had bugs. What a bitchin night on the water. Now have work in 4hours. The...
  109. downtime

    SD BAY BUGS 2/9

    Went buggin both yesterday and today. Ended up with 2 thursday an 6 tonight. It sounded like it was very slow for all that were out there. Pulled one net with 6 total and 3 were legal. Tons of shorts. Still tryin to figure out the soak time for the two eclipse nets I have. It seems the longer...
  110. downtime

    LJ 2/5/2007

    Caught this nice Calico on a big green dine. Was fishing the bottom in 80' for butts. The dine was able to keep the 2oz weight off the bottom and then slam this babby. Also landed the ling in the same depth of water. Great day on the water with my German Shepherd. Seas were flat all day. Only...
  111. downtime

    SD Bay Bugs

    It was slow tonight. We ended up with two legals and tonws of shorts. Seemed to be the same with all the other boaters at the ramp. The small one barely made it. The big one is the biggest I have pulled from the bay. Most of the bay bugs seem to be shorts or barely legal. Later
  112. downtime

    Fishin the Producer Representing

    Alright day. The boat did well. We landed two LF tuna, one dodo, and one skippy. Sashimi tomarrow!!!! We were out near San Celemente Island the area called the Butterfly. Good luck to all. Getem!!!