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    extended choke for 10 ga. BPS

    Does anyone have an idea of where I could find a Heavi- Shot extended choke tube for a Browning BPS 10 Guage

    Prayers needed for Wounded Warrior

    Unbelievable!!! Prayers for you and your Family Oscar Canon

    First dead thing on new bd!!!!

    NICE Dbar way to start


    kinda funny how I was actually checking every hour.

    Honker having a bad day...

    so fricken funny. first an ass beatin then OMG look out (honk , honk)

    little help with a idea i have :)

    I think Bry would probably be all over this at falling feathers. I know the guy's that set up the wounded warrior phaesant hunt in I.V. last year so I might be able to put you in touch with them as far as who to contact. I know I would like to help out any way I can extra guns, camo, waders...

    Fishing in Lake Dixon

    South side of the boat dock there is a fishing dock cast straight out or to the right into the cove. I would use a nightcrawler or chartruse and orange lip ripper. good luck

    Well shit...

    Sorry to hear that sluester, what about taking some orders for boat building? their seemed to be quite a bit of interest

    charter fishing in Kauai

    a few years back I had a great trip with Stand Up sportfishing not sure if they are still around
  10. WACH ISS

    My Daughter has...............

    Zoe you are one lucky kid (to have a Dad that takes you out as much as yours does)! great job. Jim I think you're up for Father of the year.
  11. WACH ISS

    Fall western Elk hunt advice please.

    C-Bar Z outfitters out of Trinidad Colorado. Larry Zappanti Jr. runs a pretty good show. Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bear, Turkey. PM me if you're interested
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    Live Catfish

    Thanks for everyones input
  13. WACH ISS

    Live Catfish

    looking to purchase live Catfish and Crawdads to stock a fishing pond in Imperial County anyone have any leads or contacts Thanks in advance
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    oh man you kinda forget about them chewing up everything in sight and the hours that are going to be involved. 7 more weeks and the'll be ready for school.
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    This passed Season's Video Clip.

    Always cool to see someone take one local thanks for sharing
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    Beatdown in the IV

    cant wait to see what happens
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    Danner Boots made USA

    IMHO the best all round boot on the market Iv'e owned two pair in the last 15 years. I also think before you buy you need to check out the air bob sole.
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    Extended Goose

    very few people hunting anywhere around us (only heard a few shots and nobody else at our club). however Friday at around 4:00 we had a ton of birds flying well within range and right over the club. If it weren't for other plans we would have defintely stayed and played for the afternoon
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    Extended Goose

    Headed out to Falling Feathers Ranch Friday afternoon to hit the extended Goose opener on Saturday morning. The Clubs surrounding us were holding geese by the hundreds. first fly off everything headed East, but then slowly we had them trickling in two and three at a time. Wish we were shooting...
  20. WACH ISS

    little video from this weekends airboat run

    Bill, that is insane. you are going to have so much fun
  21. Falling Feathers Ranch 055

    Falling Feathers Ranch 055

  22. Falling Feathers Ranch 051

    Falling Feathers Ranch 051

  23. Falling Feathers Ranch 048

    Falling Feathers Ranch 048

  24. Falling Feathers 2-12-11

    Falling Feathers 2-12-11

  25. WACH ISS

    The list

    what spoonies, coot, and Ruddy are you talking about Drew those were purely RED FOOT GREENHEADS
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    Shed Hunting

    I would usually wait until the meltdown of the snow but any excuse to get out there is a good one "early bird gets the worm"
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    Meet the new gun ship

    Nice!! that is a sweet ride just dont fire it up near shoot time (LMAO)
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    Falling Feathers Youth Hunt

    Wow, I guess we need to introduce a few more Juniors to hunting this next season. Two takers to hunt a private club free of charge, that's just wrong. I'll see you out there Friday Dr. Fowl, Dbar and Sluester
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    Elk deadline is FEB 8

    Thanks for the heads up. almost forgot
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    Imperial Valley Duck Lease

    does anyone know of any Duck leases in Imperial Valley with a couple of open spots?
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    Wister 12-16-09

    Thanks you guys
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    Wister 12-16-09

    did anyone hunt Wister NWR on Wed. Dec. 16, I'm looking for counts. Trying to decide whether or not to head out on Sat.
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    Thanks again for the info Tommy
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    La Paz Manana!

    I do feel your pain. Leaving for Palmas de Cortez on Sunday. Going through the same exact thing
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    Dream season... So Far

    Sept. has been good too you. Where did you take the Hogs
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    Top Ten - 1st Annual Yellowtail Shootout

    did not realize how close 5th through 3rd was. Nice job everyone and thanks BD for the great tournament
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    Dana Landing Weigh In Photos

    does anyone know how many anglers were fishing the tourney