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  1. fijianfish_king

    17 foot Boston whaler Build for my dad

    What’s up guys so my dad picked up this whaler and it needs some love Things it’s going to need *new engine * gelcoat the whole boat * all new wiring * Electronics So far have the old engine removed center Consol Removed rails removed started sanding and filling holes and redoing...
  2. fijianfish_king

    Looking for a gelcoat guy !!

    Does anyone know a good gelcoat guy that can spray My 17 foot Boston whaler ?
  3. fijianfish_king

    SOLD Johnson 90 hp outboard $500

    I’m repowering my Boston whaler running engine comes with full steering and full rigging the engine is running and still on the boat Willing to trade for fishing kayak
  4. fijianfish_king

    advice for a newbie

    So I have been wanting to get in to kayak fishing need to know where to start what kayak to buy and what to stay away from mostly going to be doing bay type fishing
  5. fijianfish_king

    WTB 90hp outboard engine

    Hey guys looking for a outbound engine for my Boston Whaler its 17ft Let me know what you guys have thanks
  6. fijianfish_king

    WTB Anyone got a radar arch or a tower for sale

    Look rader tower or arch for a skipjack
  7. fijianfish_king

    For Sale Volvo Penta A3 propellers set

    Selling a set of a3s that where on my skipjack jack went out a size Asking 450 these are in really good condition
  8. fijianfish_king

    Bait tank help on a skipjack 24

    Hi guys need some help on how to hook up on my skipjack I’m trying to hook up the tank in front of the engine cover and run the lines under the deck but there is only 1 1/2 inches of Clearance between the fuel tank and the deck does any one have pics on how they did this Thanks
  9. fijianfish_king

    SOLD sold sold sold !!!!

    Helping my dad sell his boat we ended up getting a skipjack with a Diesel So a little about the boat The boat is a 1969 Boat was repowed with a Yamaha f150 2005 Seastar hydraulic steering Hummingbird fishfinder VHF radio Yamaha fuel management system Power winch windless...
  10. fijianfish_king

    WTB Radar tower or arch

    Hi guys I’m looking for a radar arch. For my skip jack 24 fb. Or some Close that I can cut and weld back up to fit
  11. fijianfish_king

    WTB Furuno mb1100

    Anyone have a furuno mb1100 box for sale
  12. fijianfish_king

    WTB Transom mounted bait bag!!!

    Anyone have a transom mounted bait bag for sale ?
  13. fijianfish_king

    Looking for Transom mounted bait bag

    Does any one have a transom mounted bait bag for sale or know of where I can get one
  14. fijianfish_king

    SOLD Any one selling a vhf Radio

    Looking for a vhf radio ?
  15. fijianfish_king

    Anybody using raidersonics transducers ?

    Anyone using or has used raidersonics transducers ?
  16. fijianfish_king

    Diesel skipjack propeller size ?

    what size propeller should I run on my 200hp Volvo diesel With a 280 dp Outdrive ?
  17. fijianfish_king

    Pictures and ideas needed skipjack

    Hey guys I’m want to put a fresh water tank on my 24 fb skipjack The previous owner took the sink cabinet out along with all the plumbing Does any have any pics for where the original water tank goes and how the plumbing was ?
  18. fijianfish_king

    Where to buy fiberglass mat

    Hi guys I’m looking to buy fiberglass mat to cover up some plywood where’s a good place to buy fiberglass mat from ?
  19. fijianfish_king

    WTB Seats for skipjack

    Looking for seats for a 24ft fb
  20. fijianfish_king

    WTB skipjack parts

    hi guys I’m rebuilding a skip jack 24 with a fb looking for flybridge parts , cabin Parts , and battery box covers and things along the lines any thing helps Thanks
  21. fijianfish_king

    Furuno gp7000nt

    hey guys so I just happen to get my hands on a gp7000nt without an transducers looking for some help on finding a right one I’m leaning more towards a transom Mount Any help would be appreciated
  22. fijianfish_king

    Anyone doing any local rock fishing

    anyone going out Locally for rockfish out of Long Beach? On Saturday
  23. fijianfish_king

    WTB Windless

    hey guys I’m looking for a windless for my boat it’s a 23 pursuit Cc
  24. fijianfish_king

    Wtb fish finder

    Hi guys I'm looking for a good used fish finder or a new one for a good $$
  25. fijianfish_king

    Wtb a kicker motor

    Looking for a kicker motor for my boat
  26. fijianfish_king

    Need some help with 9.9 yamaha parts

    Need some help finding a bucket that the tilter handle goes to Call kris 6268482577