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    14, Trash, Kicked Off the 279 and Miles

    God I hope so! I the Forests and Parks in Wyoming are swarming with idiots from every state camping/fishing/hiking for the first time. Shitting 10 feet from camp, as if they are the only people who will ever use that site. Building fires wherever, leaving piles of trash inside bear boxes. It...
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    Baja bytes?

    I thought the same a while back. It appears he has his own blog now....They should just link it here....
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    Mexico Travel Restrictions extended
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    Any Tips trolling Rapala X-Rap Mags

    X2. We have used the X-Rap's in Panama and Mexico, they always run true (unlike the metal lipped ones). Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado and especially Roosters love them....
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    Pleasant Valley Reservoir 6/6-6/7

    Brown trout. Browns and rainbows cannot hybridize....
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    Evinrude Outboards - RIP

    There is an article on the main page of BD. Here's another take....
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    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    Actually Carter got the hostages released in his last days as president. Reagan took credit....
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    East Cape surf/kayak fishing in late March

    I tried a few poppers, but the added wind resistance throwing those things got old fast, and I did not try them for long.....
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    East Cape surf/kayak fishing in late March

    My wife swears by a 1 oz Kastmaster, she has caught about everything in fresh and salt water on those things! But I think the topwaters work just as well or better sometimes. I would start with the Kastmasters. Reel them faster than you think you should. The cool thing about the topwater...
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    East Cape surf/kayak fishing in late March

    Like he said, if its windy, it can blow for days. But that time of year is nearing the end of the North wind season, you should have some calm days though.... really kind of a crapshoot. My wife and I have Fished a bunch off the beach at that time of year, be on the water at dawn. Clouser...
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    Cancun Charter near Playas del Carmen?

    There is a guy that vertical jigs for AJ's and BF tuna that fishes out of Playa Del Carmen. Has a ton of videos on YouTube, has a stellar reputation....
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    Mazatlan fishing recommendations

    We fished with the Bibi Fleet, a good operation. Mostly Dorado and some sailfish, don't do the bottomfishing (they are tiny fish). We had a very entertaining day fishing the FAD's (made of palm fronds) catching Dorado on fly gear. Also caught a bunch of big Jack Crevalle that they call...
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    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    Not sure if this is in any way helpful, but my Merc had intermittent issues with tilt/trim. New Relays solved the problem and was cheap and easy.....
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    Driver for day trip to La Paz

    Renting a car and driving out of Cabo is easy. My wife and I have done it a dozen or more times, never had any real issues. Driven to Cabo Pulmo, Todos Santos, La Paz, El Cardonal, East Cape etc., no issues. As stated above, most credit cards cover insurance, I have always declined all but...
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    Los Barriles fishing in March

    March is pretty early in the season, the wind will still be an issue then. If you have a flexible schedule, you will be more likely to get out when the north wind is not blowing. I have been down in early March a few times, it is kind of a crapshoot. We have caught Dorado, Yellowtail and...
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    How Important is Spiking or ikejime your fish?

    I started spiking and bleeding all fish after seeing the difference....trout, tuna, snapper, bass, walleye, whatever. Whatever fish you are processing, you will notice a big difference in the filets, and in the lack of messy blood in the flesh. IMHO it is also the most respectful way to treat...
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    Transporting Cummins diesel

    Any thread that this G-Spot Guy starts commenting on turns into a shitshow. He clearly knows everything about everything!
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    Beginner to Fly Fishing looking for some direction

    Fly gear is different than conventional, in that the line weight is geared towards the weight of the fly you are casting, not the size of the fish you are targeting. Trying to cast heavy or air resistant flies with lighter line weights is difficult and unpleasant. You can catch big fish with a...
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    Best and easiest knot for spectra to spectra

    Sport fishing magazine tested knots for spectra to spectra a few years back. There is no good knot that provides anything close to actual breaking strength....they recommended starting with all new....If your satisfied with 50-60%, why not fish 30 pound braid?
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    Still growing golden!

    Awesome. Never had chanterelle's. That is a lot mushrooms! My wife and I spent 20+ days this past June picking Morell's from a nearby fire that burned in fall 2018. It is addicting, like an easter egg hunt with a fantastic reward. Ate mushrooms about every day for a month, and We have a...
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    Help Reading FishFinder

    I don't know what a tuna looks like on the finder, but the shape of the return showing on the screen depends on the speed at which you or the fish is moving. When you or the fish are moving more quickly, the shape of the return on the finder has more of an arch shape. When you are moving...
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    Sat 9/14 South Tuna Solo

    You are correct. All sashimi must be frozen to be sold commercially, to kill potential parasites. That said, I have eaten a ton of fresh sashimi while fishing in MX and Panama, without any ill effects. Of course there is a risk, but it is one I am willing to take now and then! But none of...
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    Grande YFT / BFT 8.13.19

    That is some funny shit, as the Grande blows by about 50 feet away!
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    family friendly fishing boat advice needed

    Seems like a good buy for $6,500! I have the 90 Hp version of that motor, not the Offshore. Smoky yes. Rough idle, yep. But pretty much bulletproof. Change the lower unit oil once a year, run the gas out every time you pull it out of the water, add some seafoam to the gas. I have run mine...
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    Yozuri Video from Panama

    Damn. That looks amazing! I know it can change from year to year, but what time of year are you most likely to get into the yellowfin boils?
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    1985 Evinrude 130 wont idle in gear without key prime?

    Hope you get you issues squared away. When I bought my boat, the previous owner hardly used it, the worse thing for a 2 stroke. The Fuel was bad and the carburetors were gunked pretty badly. I drained the fuel and had the carbs cleaned, and have had no issues for 13 years. The guy at the...
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    For Sale 2012 Parker 2320 Yamaha 300

    True. But when the real estate market goes down, boats are cheap too!!!
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    Trolling motor- minnkota?

    Using the spot lock feature, the batteries will last several days, not hours. It really is a game changer for staying over structure or marked fish...
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    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    But when you are not towing, the ride will be painfull over the slightest bump in the road....
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    Cabo airport return - do reels need to be checked?

    Been over this a 100 times on this board and others. Its A crapshoot, but if they say no, you are usually screwed, because at that point you have already checked your bags. I can tell you this from personal experience. Carry them down, check them back home.
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    Fuck it I want a new truck

    Have you seen the new 2500 and 3500 Silverado's? They are hideous! I love my 2010 Silverado, but chevy really screwed this one up....
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    6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    HAHA thats funny! My wife is not afraid to bring in a 150 lb moose quarter... or elk, deer antelope for that matter, and break it down on the kitchen counter! One year we got 2 elk, a deer and an antelope and processed them all ourselves...I was seeing meat and separating cuts in my dreams!!!
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    East Cape Fishing Tactics Recommendations

    We were using the regular" flatside butterfly" style, actually bought them from Charkbait. You work them fast and with a rhythm that the fish dictate. Caught tons of fish in Baja and Panama on those things!! Don't think Charkbait sells them this...
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    Recommendations for WY Antelope Unit 15

    What he said. Most of the areas that have limited public access, will have an asterisk or some denotation telling potential applicants of this so they know what they are getting when they apply. Did you see anything like this when you applied? Wyoming has a lot of public land, but there are...
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    East Cape Fishing Tactics Recommendations

    You can slay with vertical jigs at times (150-250g butterfly style). Pargo, pomano, amberjack will eat, takes the right rhythm on the retrieve, but damn fun when fishing the 150-200 foot deep high spots....
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    New boat Hull failure

    That sucks. On the other hand, be glad the failure occurred so soon after your purchase. The manufacturer is admitting fault, and you will get a new boat, albeit in a few months. But they are standing behind their product. My lone experience with a lemon was a Nissan pickup truck, that fell...
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    Shotgun Advice

    I have owned and shot a lot of shotguns, upland, waterfowl, turkeys. When I first started, I wanted everything magnum, 3.5"!!! Got to say, I can't remember the last time I used or needed 3.5", including turkeys. There are plenty of loads that will kill geese, ducks turkeys and upland in 2 3/4...
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    Panama Rod Tubes on Copa Airlines

    I have several of the Okuma Nomad travel rods, for spin and conventional. Quality blanks, Alps components, they have great action for 3 piece rods (I can't really tell to be honest). I have caught grouper, Jacks, Snapper, big Dorado, 100# amberjacks and #100 YFT on these, they are pretty...
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    Tested for high Mercury

    I work for a toxicology lab, and methylmercury is one of the toxins of concern that we study (in wildlife, not humans). I caught a ~300 lb yellowfin in panama, and we ate filets from that fish off and on for a year. I had my blood mercury levels tested, and was at 12 ppb, a bit above the...
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    Amber Jack and Trigger Fish Edibility

    Pacific Amberjack do not have the worms like the ones you catch in the Atlantic. They are good eating....not as good as yellowtail however. As mentioned, triggerfish are great for ceviche or tacos fresh. They don't freeze well however....
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    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    Sportfishing magazine has done a bunch of knot test issues over the years. Uni-uni is nowhere near 100% when connecting braid to mono/flouro, and is never even close. People love the Uni-Uni because they have used it for years, and it is easy to tie. But it isn't very strong (compared to...
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    Clear those flat roofs

    Wouldn't work on a flat roof, but these things are pretty amazing. I have house in Victor, Idaho on the west side of the Teton's. Gets a lot of snow, every few years there is enough I worry about the roof and need to shovel. And it sucks. Just bought one of these things, and cleared all but...
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    Restrictions on lead ammo. It's for the children.

    The rational for this bill is clearly BS. But "scavengers", that is hawks, eagles etc. frequently die and or get rehabbed from lead poisoning associated with gut piles etc. They are literally begging people to come and shoot elk in Teton Park and the elk refuge. It is the only park that...
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    Restrictions on lead ammo. It's for the children.

    Tons of very good science documenting that lead is much more toxic than copper. It not a debate. Copper is an essential element, a micronutrient required for cellular processes. Lead is not. There is no "safe dose", It is exponentially more toxic than copper. Lead bullets also have a tendency...
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    Tony Pena: RIP

    Sad to hear, I was on one of his Cebaco Bay trips in 2017. He wasn't fishing much lately, but just enjoyed fishing and fisherman so much. RIP Tony.
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    Coasties get paid

    Actually.....Federal salaries for professional and scientific positions are considerably lower than the private sector. A major attraction was the stability and the benefits, which are degraded with each passing year. Something like 30% of federal employees, and a higher percentage of...
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    Best Heavy Spinning 2 piece under 300

    I have a couple of the Okuma Nomad MH and H travel rods, they are pretty impressive. I have caught 100# Amberjack and lots of 60-80 pound YFT, snapper and grouper, without issues. Three-piece, Packs down in a small padded case, includes an extra top section. $150-$200. Great rods.
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    Recreational Fishing Opportunities Maybe Threatened in Panama

    Sounds like the GOV is all over the place. The last time I was there (2017) I was interviewed by a gal from the department of tourism, and filled out an extensive survey related to how much I fished Panama, and how much I spent. It seemed they were very interested in how much money sport...
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    Recreational Fishing Opportunities Maybe Threatened in Panama

    I saw the post, it just made me depressed. Where should I go to send a comment to the Panamanian government?
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    Fishing and hunting license sales are not a tax. They are the reason the US has such great fishing and hunting available to everyone, not just rich landowners. Now, terrible implementation of license fees, political shenanigans and unequal partitioning of the resources between commercial...
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    Heading to Lake Havasu City

    Never fished it, but it has been in the news regarding record redeared sunfish. They are eating the zebra mussels and growing to ridiculous size, like 5-6 pounds!
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    That Guy Strikes Again

    An idiot?.....probably. But "Nearby residents said he was revving his engine for hours trying to free the vehicle"....and they just watched?
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    Got a little Sharkey today...

    what is streaming off the dorsal fin? tags?
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    Traveling with reels to Cabo

    I have had to go back and check equipment many times. This topic has been beaten to death, it really is a crapshoot as to whether they let them through or not. I always check on the return to avoid the hassle (since they have already taken my checked bags, you need to check extra bags, which...
  55. DH10

    Anyone ship a boat minus a trailer?

    Those Bertram's are cool. I did a trip down to Panama where 3 of the 6 days fishing were on one their 2 Bertram's. One thing to consider is with the Diesels, they are freaking loud! When we would troll, or especially when running, you pretty much had to shout to hear each other. It gets...
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    Looking for a guide for kings in Soldotna

    Boo Kandis (Tall Tales) is a really good, long time guide. He fishes the lighter tackle, and you do the casting/fishing. While other boats were anchoring, letting plugs out, and waiting for the fish to bite, we were moving, casting and catching salmon. 99% of the guides do the anchor and...
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    Looking for a guide for kings in Soldotna

    Tall Tales charters That is prime, combat season, you may have a hard time getting a guide that is not already booked....
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    Rod carrier on Alaska airline

    4 rods per person is the limit. Probably a crap shoot whether you get checked or not, but there have been many stories over the past few years of people being checked, and paying the import tax....
  59. DH10

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    Bristol and the improved/modified Albright/Bob Sands Knot....all easy...all considerably weaker than the FG knot. They never fare that well in the Sportfishing magazine knot challenges. I can tie the FG knot OK, but it really is all about getting the proper tension and seating of the braid on...
  60. DH10

    Ocean Cat jigs

    Absolute hogwash. How much of your gear, from your rods, reels to your boat, truck whatever would be around with this philosophy? Support what works!
  61. DH10

    Jigs for Panama?

    I have had better success with the wider, flatter "butterfly" style jigs as opposed to the longer, thinner "knife" style. 150-180g as I remember. I used Charkbait jigs that they no longer sell, caught the shit out of amberjack, grouper, and snapper. Color didn't seem to make much difference...
  62. DH10

    Thoughts on Late Season Fishing from Homer

    Probably booked, but try Boo Kandas. He specialized in lighter tackle drift fishing for halibut and bottomfish. Plan a few days offshore, if you just book one day, you have good chance of not getting out in September....
  63. DH10

    PV and bringing home fish......

    I have the AO 36 PVC, very easy to clean. As stated, loaded to the brim it will weigh just under the 50 pound limit, and will keep frozen filets solid for a couple days...
  64. DH10

    Boat Hurricane Prep

    The captains from Baja we fished with talked about bringing their boats up to their houses and filling them up with water prior to a hurricane landing. Good luck with the hurricane, looks like lots of rain and some wind at the least!
  65. DH10

    Headed to homer this week where to fish

    There are several Alaska F&G access points to creeks between Soldatna and Homer where you can flyfish. Not sure what is running now, kinda between the king and silver runs. We slayed silvers there during the first week of September, but I think the King runs are done and it is a bit early for...
  66. DH10

    Need advice on charter out of Homer in third week of August

    Another thing to consider is that fall storms start arriving by late August. We were there around the first of September last year, and it was pretty rainy/stormy. We had one day booked to fish on a six-pack and a big pacific storm blew in. A few days before and after that, it was fine, but...
  67. DH10

    Cancun Cuda

    Big Cuda's can have ciguatera toxin. No matter where you go, the locals will tell you they are fine, but they are wrong! Really a crapshoot, your odds are pretty low you will get it, but if you do, it is bad news. Which is too bad, they are pretty tasty, white, flakey flesh.....
  68. DH10

    4.5 meters or less

    I wish I heard more stories like this one!
  69. DH10


    I do not fish salt water in my boat, but I have had many, many times where the pee stream was weak or completely blocked after the boat has been sitting for a while. For some strange reason, bugs like to crawl in there and die! I have a piece of heavy mono handy to clear it out, but I often...
  70. DH10

    Coastguard Cocktail

    I have suffered from Menier's Disease for over 10 years. Horrible, debilitating vertigo out of nowhere that had the room spinning violently, and made me break a nearly 20 year-no puking streak. I have tried about every anti-emetic out there, and always end up with meclazine if I am going...
  71. DH10

    Boat Capsizing

    They were fishing below the dam, and their anchor got stuck. They were trying to free it, and got sucked into the standing wave behind the dam. Obviously, they should have just cut the rope, but they thought they could free it and got too close. They all came out OK, not so much for the boat...
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    Idaho in August/September

    I used to fish the St. Joe 25 years ago....and it was not a secret then. It is pretty close to Spokane and can really get pounded, so I would temper your expectations a bit in terms of isolation and crowds. It is a beautiful area, and The fishing is pretty fun, I found a parachute Adams in 14...
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    This is what heartache looks like - Ca. Delta 3.3.18

    Doh! At least it didn't get off due to netting error..... It is funny how you remember the ones that get away better than the ones you land!!!
  74. DH10

    Mazatlan fishing trip March 10-17, 2018

    Decent surf fishing, jacks and small roosters on kroks, small poppers clouser minnows if you fly fish. Offshore is pretty marginal. We had our guys go out to the FAD's, had some decent dorado action. They like to go after the jack crevalle, they called them yellowtail!!!
  75. DH10

    Shimano Flat Fall Red Color?

    So you know, red is the first color that is lost as light penetrates the water? Below 15 feet or so, red appears black....
  76. DH10

    Connecting Maxcuarto

    Sorry, the test I read was connecting solid to solid.....
  77. DH10

    Connecting Maxcuarto

    Sportfishing magazine does their knot tests every few years, and this was their conclusion as well. There really are no good knots for tying braid to braid. People really love this knot. Never understood why, it is not particularly strong, and is harder to tie, and more bulky than stronger...
  78. DH10

    Perfection loop for our albacore?

    That is a non-slip loop knot, used in fly fishing forever. Near 100%. The heavier the line, the less wraps you need to complete the knot.....
  79. DH10

    Nicaragua Tarpon Fishing Caribbean

    Hmm, interesting google translation. I am guessing the Admin folks are not going to be pleased with the shameless promotion/link......
  80. DH10

    2014 Mercury 8 H.P. 4 stroke

    Tohastu makes all the small 4 stroke Mercury outboards.....
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    There is term (that I forget right now) for a standard procedure used by pretty much every insurance company to increase your rates over time, FOR NO REASON! In most industries, they reward customer loyalty, but not insurance. I have my insurance agent check my rates every few years, and...
  82. DH10

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Just read on another fishing board that the owner of a fly fishing lodge near Tulum was murdered because he refused to pay the extortion protection $$ To a crime syndicate. Manuel Chac, the owner of Casa Veiejo Chac in Punta Allen. I love Mexico, but the rot of corruption is really blossoming...
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    Slow pitch jig hooks

    Seems one assist hook actually hooks up better than 2. I would switch out to have only one hook front, one hook in the rear
  84. DH10

    That'll buff right out!!

    Link from another board.....shows the bayliner running over the fishing boat at Buoy 10 last year.....
  85. DH10

    Vinegar for corrosion

    Vinegar is acetic acid....not sure soaking metal in acid is a great idea!
  86. DH10

    Breaking off jigging line question ?

    Or grab a towel and wrap the line around a few times and pull till it comes loose or breaks.
  87. DH10

    For Sale: Rancho Buena Vista ($21M)

    Seems unlikely to be re-opened as a fishing resort. Down at the lighthouse, Punta Colorada sits unused, with a prime fishing location and spectacular setting. A bummer, I loved that place. Between the decline of the fishing (or at least increasing unpredictability), and the general issues...
  88. DH10

    Why has Shimano not pushed slow jigging here in USA?

    For the same reason people here on this board call $1000 dollar spinning reels, that folks have been landing giant fish all over the world for the past 15 years, "coffee grinders."
  89. DH10


    By mild do mean on fire? The dry west/cold northeast have been caused by the big blocking ridge that is sending the storms up the west coast, then back down the eastern US. It has nothing to do with La Nina. Last year was also a mild La Nina, and we know how that turned out!
  90. DH10

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    I have 2 freezers full tuna, salmon, elk, pheasant grouse, bighorn sheep and other assorted game and fish that my wife and I have killed. So I am not some enviro/greenie/vegan type. But I have got say, the photos from long range trips with literally tons of dead fish stacked up on the deck...
  91. DH10

    Great Barrier Reef Savagery!!

    Those are narrow barred Spanish mackerel. Sportfishing Magazine did a similar trip years ago, and the writer went on about what a cool fish these are, I guess they jump quite a bit and will shoot 15 feet out of the water when attacking a popper!! Or Dogtooth Tuna?
  92. DH10

    Slow jigging ( important )

    I am certainly no expert, but as I understand it the biggest difference between the slow pitch rods and regular jigging rods is the "spring back" that gives the jigs their action. By definition, you need the rod matched to the jig weight, since the rod is imparting the there cannot...
  93. DH10

    Great Barrier Reef Savagery!!

    Wow! Such a badass place, where there are still predators trying eat a 1000 pound fish! That is a dream trip for sure....
  94. DH10

    Who hates their side by side UTV?

    ATV's and UTV's equipped with plows are pretty much the standard for smaller jobs like driveways and sidewalks these days. I have never heard of issues with the frame. Transmissions, transaxles, clutches are another story..... My neighbor has an Arctic Cat Prowler. He uses it to plow our...
  95. DH10

    Rpt.-Thur.-10-26-17 SCI Tails!

    The string pull method does work, usually better than pushing it through and cutting it. I have used it a couple of times. As long as you do it by pulling fast and pull hard, it comes out a lot easier than you think (the hook follows the pathway it went in, and the barb does not hang up s bad...
  96. DH10

    Coyote's and Pets

    The more you kill coyotes (shoot, poison, trap, whatever) the more babies they produce (bigger litters) and it does not dent their numbers. We have spent billions over the last century trying to eradicate them....there are more now than ever. Wherever there are lots of groceries (kitties...
  97. DH10

    14' Mini Jet boat build 200hp

    So is this a fishing boat? It would sure suck to be fishing a remote river and have some guy come blasting up in one of those things like that guy in in NZ is doing! Especially in AK where the fish are spawning on those gravel bars.....
  98. DH10

    Get Hooked On Taka Flies & LineDancer!

    Ummm, this is not flyfishing!
  99. DH10

    Need East Cape Recommendations and Info

    Lots of good places--Rancho Leonero, Palmas, Buenavista to name a few. You can also rent a house and hire great captains--Victor Garciglia, Trino Tripp--Google them for contact info.... Be aware that the wind starts coming up in November. I would go earlier rather than later...
  100. DH10

    MOOSE Hunt

    Very nice, that is a hell of a donation, and kudos to the ranchers! Congrats. Big Piney had to have been named by someone with an ironic sense of humor, since there isn't a pine tree for miles!!! If you are still around, take the time to make the drive up to Elkheart Park, just north of...
  101. DH10

    Surf fishing at sjd

    Roberts Rangers
  102. DH10

    help with ak fishing next week or two

    I just got back from the Kenai, fishing for silvers was very good. They have been getting a ton of rain, all the rivers are super high, and the halibut fishing trips are hit and miss with the storms that start coming through this time of year. The bonus is that there are hardly any tourists...
  103. DH10

    Going to Rancho Leonero Sept 18-23

    My wife and I have fished the east cape many times in September after hurricanes. It only takes a few days to get back to normal, and is often really good a week or so after the storm passes. The species and locations may be different than before the storm, but something will be on the chew!
  104. DH10

    Mag Bay or Cabo San Lucas?

    Mag Bay without a doubt!
  105. DH10

    East Cape Boat Recommendations

    Victor Garciglia in La Ribera Trinos fishing Tripps
  106. DH10

    East Cape Boat Recommendations

    Sounds like the fishing has been good recently--seems like it is wide open one week, then crappy the next!! Captain Victor and his son in La Ribera are fantastic, they may be booked already, but it is worth a shot.
  107. DH10

    Los Cabos trip in November. Does the lunar phase matter much?

    Weather, water conditions are way more important IMHO…
  108. DH10

    Northern Utah

    Bear lake is a great fishery, probably too hot right now though, unless you have a boat and fish finder... Better to go up high and stay cool in the Uinta's.
  109. DH10

    Bringing frozen fish from cabo to US as a carry on.

    I had too much fish one time (cooler just over 50 lbs). I put a few pounds of filets in my carry on, but was inspected just before you go through the x-ray machine, and they told me I could not bring anything frozen as a carry on. I have also been told I cannot bring a dull aluminum knot tying...
  110. DH10

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    It really does not make economic sense. The recreational fishery generates something like 10X more $$ to the economy, even though the catch is much smaller than the commercial take. Imagine how much money would be poured into the SOCAL economy if the fishery was not continually over-harvested...
  111. DH10

    Rancho Leonero Update.....

    My first trip we had the same issue with oversized we always bring down a cheap rapala scale, but if you have a 40 quart cooler it will hold 50lbs of frozen filets (including the cooler) The 36 can AO soft coolers hold about 45 pounds, and are easy to pack. TSA rules only apply...
  112. DH10

    Travel with line on reels

    There is no logical rationale....this has been going on for many years, but it is a crapshoot as to what the people at the security will decide to let on. Never had any issues carrying things down. Just check reels, lures, tools etc on the way back.
  113. DH10

    Headed to Montana

    There is a ton of great water around Bozeman. Since you are going there, I really would not bother with going all the way to Missoula. There are some great rivers around Missoula for sure, but they all get pretty crowded (maybe not by California standards). In early August, they will be...
  114. DH10

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Well this ode to BOLA thread took a strange turn. Why is the original poster logging on over and over again to state that he's too busy to explain? Something is fishy.......
  115. DH10

    East Cape was rocking over the weekend!!

    Good to see action at the East Cape, been pretty weird down there the past few years. Are there any sardinas around? I never plan on carrying any rods (including pack rods) back from Mexico or any central American countries. I does not matter which airline or what their policy says, you never...
  116. DH10

    What's Fishing Loreto in August look like?

    Used to be a sure thing for Dorado in the summer, the past few years have been pretty bad sardina, no Dorado. There have been some reports that the sardinas may be back this year, and if that is the case, it will probably be good fishing.....
  117. DH10

    Life of Starter batteries on boats

    My batteries sit a lot, and endure very long, very cold winters in WY, including a few weeks per year of -30 or colder. The starting batteries are usually fine for many years, as long as they are kept on the charger. The only time I had to replace them in 10 years was when they get drained...
  118. DH10

    Stella vs Twin Power

    Alan Hawk, the spinning reel Guru who extensively tests and takes apart reels, goes through the good/bad features of all of the saltwater reels. He gave a big thumbs down to the Twin Power, describes it as basically an expensive Spheros or Saragosa with no reason to spend more $$....
  119. DH10

    Cooler Size?

    The first time I went to Baja years ago, we brought a 60 quart cooler. It held something like 80 lbs of filets, and we spent a ton on overweight charges. It is cheaper to check an extra cooler than pay the overweight charges. A 40 quart hard cooler will hold slightly more than 50 pounds of...
  120. DH10

    How often do you change your Braid fishing line?

    As noted, braid will not deteriorate or rot, but needs to be replaced based on how worn/nicked up it is. There are no truly strong connections for tying braid to braid (talking solid braid, not hollow splicing). Better off replacing the whole thing if the section of line in good condition is...
  121. DH10

    Surf fishing Cabo

    1-2 OZ Kroks, Kastmaster, Roberts Rangers, light tackle, 20 pound braid and 30 lb fluorocarbon leader. Been covered a zillion times here, do a search.....
  122. DH10

    In La Ribera 4/25 to 5/1, any panga captains to recommend?

    X2 on Victor, have heard nothing but great things about Trino.....
  123. DH10

    Cooler Size?

    I was with Tony, brought back 48lbs of YFT filets in the AO 36. It was a tight, but settled once packed. We left the boat on Saturday morning, and I put the cooler in the hotel freezer. I flew to Salt Lake City, spent the night in a hotel, an was home by 11 am Monday. The Filets were still...
  124. DH10

    The 31 Bertram Build

    Joe, your boat looks amazing. I followed your re-build, and quality and attention to detail are first rate. I have to wonder, where did "MIKE" go off to when he ragged on you after you requested the haters keep it to themselves? His prediction of a "sad, sad result" are laughable now!
  125. DH10

    Lure question

    There was a guy from the Netherlands I met about 15 years ago on the East Cape, who fished light tackle off the beach. He would stay at Punta Colorada for the entire summer, and really had it dialed in. Over the years, he had landed tuna, dorado, snapper and huge list of species, all on tiny...
  126. DH10

    Pull the Trigger? Or not...

    One rod is not going to cover both applications very well. A rod long and stiff enough in the mid-section for casting heavy lures is going to kill you trying to jig. A short, parabolic jigging rod is going to suck at casting. Not that you can't do both with one rod, but you will not have the...
  127. DH10

    New to me 2010 Century 2200 WACC

    Super nice boat. Should get 5500 rpm at WOT and a light load. I assume your test run lake was near sea level? You lose bout 3% of your horsepower for ever 1000 feet of elevation....
  128. DH10

    Knots for big game

    You can get away with a nail knot connection on and 8 WT, but it is very prone to failure when truly tested with saltwater fish. It is too easy for the fly line coating to separate from the core. Grab the line and leader in your gloved hands and pull as hard as you can. It should not break...
  129. DH10

    BAJA bound from Oregon- reports?

    That is a huge area, kind of like asking where on the Pacific Coast of the US the fishing will be good in a few weeks. I think if you did a bit of research into some specific locations to determine what is typically a good early spring location, then asked about that, you might have better luck...
  130. DH10

    2017 Season underway

    If bait is available, there will be someone near the marina in a panga selling it. Seems it has been hit and miss the last few years....
  131. DH10

    Cancun fishing

    Be sure to ask before you go out whether you get to keep your catch. I have heard many stories from people fishing out of Cancun and Peurto Morelos where they learned, after returning to shore, that the fish were going to be kept by the crew. They were given a filet to take to a restaurant...
  132. DH10


    Chad runs a great operation. A good opportunity to fish at a discount....
  133. DH10

    18 Foot Gregor Built Thread!

    I pretty much never comment when someone is clearly a knob on BD. But this guy is all over this section, referring totally unrelated threads back to himself and his boat/project,. Sometimes the internet wrath is deserved....
  134. DH10

    Cancun April 23-29th

    The flats fishing can be good, but Cancun is not a great place for pelagics. There is some good AJ jigging out of Play Del Carmen.
  135. DH10

    Lure question

    Have you tried Lucky Craft? They are about 2x the expense of Rapala's, but I know people catch hundreds and hundreds of stripers on them at Lake Powell, and they still hold up and run true without tuning. Replace the hooks with VMC 4X saltwater....
  136. DH10


    I wonder if they are all doing well enough (booked up) that they no longer feel the need posts to pump up there business? And 28 degrees would be a freakin' heat wave here! We have about 3' of snow on the ground, and have had 4 different cold spells, temps down to -40. A few days the HIGH was...
  137. DH10

    Trailer Advice

    Looks like an 18' boat on a 14' trailer! The end of the boat should be near the end of the trailer, it looks like a good 2-3 feet of the boat are unsupported....
  138. DH10

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    There is some risk, but there is in everything worthwhile:) Myself, and many of my friends have eaten sashimi from YFT caught the same day while staying at lodges and resorts in Baja and in Panama. You give the chef the fish and eat the sashimi within a few hours. N=500+, never heard of anyone...
  139. DH10

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    We drove that road in a 2 wheel drive Nissan Platina rental about 10 years ago. We got about 10 miles out of El Cardinal and saw the road going up along that face and turned around. We were fishing out of El Cardinal, up around Punta Perico and asked the captain about that road we were on. He...
  140. DH10

    mexico gas prices increased & highway 1 closed

    Mexico was subsidizing the gas in Mexico, that is why it was so cheap. Considering the price of oil is still very low, the prices for gas are much more likely to go up. Unless they subsidize gas for Mexicans, it will never be cheap relative to the US again. Oil is priced in dollars, so the...
  141. DH10

    mexico gas prices increased & highway 1 closed

    considering the current 20 x 1 exchange rate, that has got to be a killer for the locals
  142. DH10

    Belep Island New Caledonia, December 2016

    Wow. Jeesh, too bad you guys didn't catch any fish!!!
  143. DH10

    Knots for big game

    I have had the factory loop connections on fly lines break. I cut off the factory loop. Loop the fly line back on itself, then using a nail knot tool and 10 pound mono, make your own loop. You can also do this with a whip finishing tool. For the braid backing, slip a section of Dacron over...
  144. DH10

    Does anyone have any info on bringing bait into mexico?

    Just wrap the bait in some towels or clothes, and put it in your cooler. I was told that the import ban only applies to meat, fruits and vegetables, so don't declare it on the customs form. Some tightass may confiscate it but I have brought squid down without issue before, don't see how frozen...
  145. DH10

    Average Shot Distance?

    The only way to shoot well is to shoot a lot of rounds. Heavy recoiling calibers are no fun to shoot, and will quickly induce flinching. As mentioned, a 30-06, .270, .308, and 7mm-08 will kill deer, antelope and elk out to 300 yards, which is pretty damned far!
  146. DH10

    Mid-April 2017 Trip with Son?

    Sounds like you are aware of La Paz and Muertos fishing. I have had good experiences, and Punta Perrico will provide some escape from the wind. You can always book 3-4 days fishing, and just go when the wind is down. I did this in March a few years back and we got pargo, a pile of dorado...
  147. DH10

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    Snow is the #1 best thing that can happen on an elk hunt (unless your bow hunting and it totally screws up their patterns). Many of the last 20 years here, October has been T-shirt weather. Pleasant, but terrible for hunting. I had never killed an Elk until moving out here in 1997. I killed...
  148. DH10

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    Great story. My wife was hunting bighorn sheep for most of September and October in the Wind Rivers, and the weather was atrocious (she got a nice ram on the last day of a 61 day season). October was the wettest, snowiest on record in Western Wyoming. Now that the hunting seasons are winding...
  149. DH10

    Best Charter Operations in Cabo?

    Try posting this in the Mexico/Baja section of the forum......
  150. DH10

    WY deer down

    You are hunting in my backyard....looks like you missed the epic dump of snow. 15" in Pinedale on Monday the 17th of October. Elk and deer are pouring out of the high country, and the hunter success this year is going to be very high. Deer seasons here are almost a month long, and Elk seasons...
  151. DH10

    Incredible fishing tales in Costa Rica

    Amazing how fast nature will recover when we stop killing everything that swims on a commercial scale! Awesome report.....
  152. DH10

    Tuna watching

    Modified Albright. Faster to tie and stronger than uni to uni. Tiny knot that will not hang up on the guides too....
  153. DH10

    Cabo Charter Suggestions?

    You are correct, this question has been asked many times. You would get a better response posting in the Baja section. Try searching for old posts. Renegade Mike, Extraction seem to be boats recommended here.....
  154. DH10

    bye bye Cabela's?

    Cabelas was great when they were a smaller catalog/internet company. I still shop there online, and they always have had good customer service (at least for me). But going public, and their need to compete with Bass Pro and their giant box stores were bad moves.
  155. DH10

    Lake Powell tent camping -- and trip fish report

    Looks like fun, the wind can sure be bitch on LP! Sounds like there was some boats that were sunk last week during one of those big wind storms. I hope you had those stripers on ice!!! I am a fanatic about bleeding and icing fish on LP, the difference in the quality of the filets is pretty...
  156. DH10

    Panama opinions

    Fished both as well, in the gulf of chiriqui there are more islands to get behind. Much, more $$$ to fish. The tuna coast has less relief, and when it blows you are kind of out of luck. Cambutal gets you out of the wind, but not sure who all can take you fishing there these days. Pedasi is...
  157. DH10

    Panama opinions

    December-March is often very windy. Their best season is after their "summer" when the prevailing winds switch.
  158. DH10

    Air Travel with an 8ft. Popping Rod?

    I have the several of the Okuma Nomad travel rods (the offshore models). I have used them extensively in Panama and Baja, for vertical jigging and popping. They are 7', so not perfect for popping, but I have landed 100 lb AJ's and YFT on them. They are 3 piece, with an extra top section, so...
  159. DH10

    Zihuatinejo area advice needed

    My brother and his friends stayed in Troncones a few years back. He's not much of an angler, but had a blast catching jacks and pargo off the beach in the mornings and evenings on smallish rapalas as I recall....
  160. DH10

    Heisenberg is up and running again!!

    Love the name. Uncertainty as to whether it is going to run or not?
  161. DH10

    Lake Powell tent camping -- and trip fish report

    Love LP in the spring, always too busy hunting and fishing the local waters to make a trip in the fall. Summer there is just nuts, 110 degrees and packed with jetskis and water skiers/wakeboarders. I understand it can be fantastic once it cools off and the party crowd thins out. My wife and I...
  162. DH10

    Hurricane Newton and Cabo San Lucas

    I have not seen any overblown reports, most stated heavy rain, minimal damage. I did read that prior to landing, the Mexican GOV had police and army stationed at the big stores, just in case after what happened with Odile. They make every story about hurricanes and tropical storms negative for...
  163. DH10

    Anyone eat gafftopsail pompano?

    They are tasty. Since they are not big, we just gut them and grill them whole. Make some slits on the side and stuff with garlic and peppers. Great fun on fly tackle from the beach!
  164. DH10

    Where are big dodos

    As I understand it, the really big dodos are not found in schools, but are more solitary hunters......
  165. DH10

    bait and food???

    We have gone into SJD and hit the Soriana, but you do not need to. Los Barriles has good stores, and you will support the smaller businesses that way... The drive is a piece of cake these days.
  166. DH10

    Any one want to do this trip surf fishing Mexico?

    The guy who's Tunda was swamped posted a link to that video, not sure he's still a member?
  167. DH10

    The News has broke. Kieth and family have a new ride.

    Maximus....sank off of Baja returning from PV not that long ago....
  168. DH10

    Loreto Fishing

    Look in the Baja fishing reports, there is a recent thread regarding Loreto fishing. Does not sound promising.....
  169. DH10

    Spoiling spectra onto spinner

    Make sure you get good tension on the line. I hold a towel, and wrap the line through my fingers (wearing gloves) to keep the line snug between my hand and the spool. Like mentioned above, make sure the line comes off the line spool and goes on your reel the same way. You will notice if you...
  170. DH10

    Popper Rigging

    No doubt the hookup % will be higher with trebles, but more of the fish you do hook will stay on with inline or assist hooks. Not sure the actual number brought to boat is any better with trebles IMHO, and the danger to the anlger and fish is definitely lower with singles!!!
  171. DH10

    Late report - 6/28 on the 43 with flat falls

    Double line knots are always the strongest in the knot tests in Sportfishing magazine......San Diego jam w/doubled line is not going to break, but I have seldom had knots fail before knicks in the line or leader w/the regular knot. Another knot that works with metal jigs is the non-slip loop...
  172. DH10

    Rapala CD14 popper mod

    Aren't the countdown's sinking lures? Not that it would be a bad thing, more like a stick bait.....
  173. DH10

    Trailer Woes

    I could barely get mine off the first time I re-packed my wheel bearings. Every time I do it now I smear a small amount of marine bearing grease on the inside of the lugnuts before I tighten them. I find I get more even tension when cranking down the lugnuts and they always break loose without...
  174. DH10

    Flylining with a Spinner

    Caught many, many fish (including sailfish, marlin and 80+lb yft) on spinning gear in Mexico and Panama. Like Marcus said, set your drag, and leave the bail open with your line between your fingers, letting the bait swim away naturally if it wants to. I always used the "uno, dos tres" method...
  175. DH10

    Montana fly fishing river/float guides?

    The Bighorn is pretty close, great tailwater that will be clear. We are in full blown runoff right now, so anything out of Livingston (besides the pay to play spring creeks) is going to be high and muddy. I have fished with Bob Krumm, he is super knowledgeable and quite the character...
  176. DH10

    Powerful fight !! Not table fare !!

    They are sure strong. Caught a mess around that size off of the beach in Baja on poppers. One could not be released and we tried to eat it---the grainy, alkaline flesh was nasty cooked or raw! Small jacks are another story but those big ones are nearly inedible!!!
  177. DH10

    Beer, Fishing and doing the right thing.

    Developing and using plastic that decays would be huge. My wife and I spent time a few years back on a remote island way off the coast of Belize. Since there was no one to pick up all the plastic trash that washes in, there was a 10 foot wide, 3 foot deep layer of plastic bottles, flip-flops...
  178. DH10

    MAy 10th CSL with Jaime on "Jessica"

    CSL = Cabo San Lucas...... And damn, I have never landed a wahoo in CSL or the East Cape in more than a few dozen trips!
  179. DH10

    Best Boat to fish In East Cape?

    Nope. They were just lazy, and I was clueless. The guys who hired captains that were willing to fish hard, did way better than we did. These were on the same trip, so it was all about who your captain was. Our captains would not bottom fish, they came back with nice pargo, day after day. I...
  180. DH10

    Capt Martin BOLA

    Didn't somebody here on BD bring him that boat recently?
  181. DH10


    Definitely possible, although Yellowtail are usually a winter caught fish in CSL and seem to be hit and miss. Seems the species timing has been pretty whacky lately. On the East Cape, we caught Huachinango (red snapper) roosterfish, dorado, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, amberjack, fortune jack...
  182. DH10

    Best Boat to fish In East Cape?

    I agree you are better with a panga for inshore. But In my experience, most of the hotel panga captains are very reluctant to bottom fish for pargo, grouper, AJ's etc. Many commercial fish during the off season, and want only to catch pelagic species. It is a lot easier to troll around or get...
  183. DH10

    October 2.5 day

    Thanks guys!
  184. DH10

    October 2.5 day

    My Niece is getting married in SoCal on October 15. I am thinking of doing a 1.5 or 2.5 day trip with my wife, any recommendations on which boat? We have fished Mexico, Panama and Belize and caught lots of tuna and dorado, but never done an overnight trip. Thanks--Dave
  185. DH10

    How Long A Rod Can I Bring On Plane ?

    If you are talking about carrying the rod on the plane, I would not count on it, regardless of airline. I have found bringing rods on the plane is totally up to what the person at the gate thinks. They made me check a 2-piece jigging rod in a rod bag that was only 35" long....and then smashed...
  186. DH10

    Great fishing out of LaPaz

    Looks like Punta Perico, by Muertos Bay? I went 0 for 5 on pargo there!!!
  187. DH10

    Cancun Fishing?

    AJ's out of Playa del Carmen on vertical jigs. Of course the flats fishing is world class as you head south toward Belize.....
  188. DH10


    Looks like a shitload of fun. It is never too early to bust out the pink shorts........
  189. DH10

    Ponce inlet high speed wahoo video

    In the rod holder? WTF
  190. DH10

    Ponce inlet high speed wahoo video

    In the rod holder? WTF
  191. DH10

    Want to snell your hooks perfectly every time?

    I find one big drawback of snelled hooks is the ease at which the leader can be damaged when unhooking fish. You have to be very careful when using pliers to remove hooks that you do not knick the snelled area around the shank of the hook. If you intend to release the fish, trying to do this...
  192. DH10

    Recarpet Crestliner bass boat

    Check out Youtube, The re-carpeting looks pretty straightforward, but you have to strip everything out first
  193. DH10

    47 days smoke free!

    Keep it up. I quit chewing almost 30 years ago, but have had several short lived relapses. However, after you realize you really can do without it, it is much easier to stop. Nicotine is insidious! The times I fell off the wagon I could take or leave a dip, or so I thought. But the urges will...
  194. DH10

    Wicked Adjudication

    Same types that rail against the federal GOV....while they get subsidized. I always wonder how people can be so stupid and not think maybe someone will notice their transgressions while they publish themselves on TV. But these guys think everyone is stupid, but themselves...
  195. DH10

    Rancho Leonero Surf / Shore Fishing ?

    Be sure to bring some 30-40 pound fluorocarbon leader to attach to the braid. You will catch more fish and wont get cutoff by needlefish. October is good. FYI you can catch tons of fish (mostly small models) on an 8 weight fly rod and a small clouser or sardina pattern. I think you actually...
  196. DH10

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    I always bring my cheap electronic fish scale to weigh my can be sure when you are packing them up, and high grade the stuff you really want if you are over. I have found the staff at hotels, rental car agencies and airports love fresh fish:D One time, before I brought the scale, I...
  197. DH10

    Magbay Report

    Snook are among the best eating fish, way better than walleye! They are great grilled or any way you like, just be sure not to over cook. Which is too bad because they are a blast to catch and grow slowly…
  198. DH10


    Pretty sure he was banned from BD 5-6 years ago? I ran into him at Paradise Lodge down in Panama in 2010. He was with his wife and kids, and was really down to earth, but I understand things got pretty wild in PV before that......
  199. DH10

    Baja Summer of 2016

    July during El Nino years is too hot, and poor fishing generally on the Cortez side. Just look at the last 2 years fishing reports, better in spring and fall than summer......
  200. DH10

    What's the real deal with rental car insurance?

    It is all a question of how much risk are you willing to bear. I never buy anything but the mandatory liability coverage. I have done a couple dozen trips to Baja, Panama and Belize, and if I would have opted for the full coverage, this would have added up to $10,000 or so! Your CC will...
  201. DH10

    Who is the best Dorado Fishermen in Los Barriles?

    There are lots of great captains on the east cape. Dorado are probably the easiest species to find and catch, but they have to be around to catch them. The past few years have been poor, so you really can't say a captain is going to be able to find them at any given time. When they are there...
  202. DH10

    Yes we are changing over the theme of the forums

    This, I suspect, is the main driver for the changes. Only old farts like me use computers anymore. Nothing like looking at high resolution photos on a 4" screen.
  203. DH10


    I live in Western Wyoming at 7200, feet and it gets freaking cold (already had -13 this year. I have a 2003 carbureted Mercury 90 with oil injection. I have never done anything to winterize, other than add fuel stabilizer and Seafoam with most every tank. I run the fuel line dry every time I...
  204. DH10

    Does anyone in utah remember this boat?

    Looks kind of like the boats they use at Lake Powell? Other than the Great Salt Lake, not many water bodies in UT that require a boat that size.
  205. DH10

    Honeymoon ideas on the Central America Pacific coast - Help Please

    Chads place is great, probably booked up for this April though. There are lots of great lodges on the Pacific side of Panama that would be great for a fishing couple....
  206. DH10

    Florocarbon Leaders

    I switched to fluorocarbon for live baiting tuna in super clear water. It seems to help but how much of that is just confidence, who knows. I cannot believe it really makes any difference trolling for salmon in green water. Cracks me up that a fish can supposedly see the difference in the...
  207. DH10


    Great stuff, want to go down there someday. Sure looks green!
  208. DH10

    Mexcelente Jigging!

    Most of the "vertical jigs" "knife jigs" "speed jigs" "butterfly jigs", whatever you wan to call them come unrigged, and the hooks assist hooks are attached to a solid ring, which is attached to the jig with a split ring. Better hook up rate, less tangles, snags etc.
  209. DH10

    La Ventana in December

    Yes. The north wind does not blow all the time however. If you are flexible you should be able to get out on the non-windy days. On the south side of Punta Arena, you can get out of the north wind for some beach fishing..... Hire Captain Victor Garciglia out of La Ribera. If you can get...
  210. DH10

    Heading to Barataria, LA to Redfish and Trout need help..

    Dan Blantons fly fishing forum is a good resource......
  211. DH10

    La Ventana in December

    WINDY! La Ventana is known as THE windsurfing destination of Baja during winter for a reason..... Lots of threads here on what to bring for surf gear. Spool up with 20-30 pound braid with a short 30 pound fluorocarbon leader. 1-2 OZ crocks, Roberts Rangers, poppers will catch fish off the...
  212. DH10

    Cost of a cab from San Jose del Cabo to East Cape?

    Getting off topic here, but you do not need the extra insurance, most credit cards will cover you. All you need is the required liability insurance which is around $15 a day......
  213. DH10

    Off to Wyoming

    Hope your sticking around for through the first weekend of October, it has been near 80 here most days for the past week.....
  214. DH10

    East Cape; Rancho Leonero; Los Barriles

    I would bet the turtles were caught on baited setlines and released---to die. They string baited hooks between 2 milk jugs and catch and kill anything that will eat dead bait. They are illegal, but I have seen many (mostly around Mazatlan) and off of the shark buoys near Muertos bay. I was...
  215. DH10

    Hotel Panama City

    If your fish is solidly frozen, it will be fine if you have your cooler totally full of fish. I have done this many times from panama and baja, with fish placed in the cooler when we leave the lodge/hotel. It has stayed frozen after 48 hrs every time when packed in a 40 qt cooler full to the...
  216. DH10

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    The problem with that is you don't know what bacteria is causing the infection. Different bugs require different antibiotics. Most infections are from bacteria that is always present on your skin, they just thrive under moist warm conditions. I got a staph infection last year from a mosquito...
  217. DH10

    Bigger yellowfin 30th Aug 2015

    Down in Baja the our captain would hook a piece of chunked sardina and throw it in the water. With the rod tip hanging over the water and the reel in free spool with the clicker on he would pull a huge pile of line (mono) into the water, then throw a pile of chunked baits right next to the...
  218. DH10

    East Cape_September

    X2 on Victor! They have Biminis for shade that they put up as the sun gets higher. Usually great fishing then, just super humid. Generally pretty deserted, I really like trips in September on the East Cape!
  219. DH10

    Pedasi tuna bite

    That looks like fun!
  220. DH10

    Patty Hopping the Ridge for limits of Dorado (video)

    Poor Steve :) Awesome video again, keep it up--I want to go fishing!!!
  221. DH10

    Western WY muley tags

    Snow can fall from the end of August, we had a dusting the last week of August last year above 10k. Unfortunately, the last few hunting seasons have been super warm, all the way through mid-November, so be prepared for all kinds of weather. Every so often, we get a big cold front in early...
  222. DH10

    Help me pick out a hunting pack

    I hunt elk and deer in WY. I often hunt far from roads, and try to be prepared just in case I end up having to spend the night out, and it can get pretty cold at night during hunting season here;) During early season I have a "hunting pack" a Black Creek Outfitter little bone collector. Kind...
  223. DH10

    Tuna on the fly

    Never fished for albacore, but YFT, bonita and skipjack are a kick on the long rod. Temple fork makes some great, affordable "blue water" rods up to 15-16 weight. The 10 weight should be good for albacore, it has a foregrip which you will need! Lots of baitfish/sardine patterns available that...
  224. DH10

    HDS 7 Question

    Try messing with a heavy jig under the boat to see how level your transduces is, and how it is functioning. I thought my transducer was set properly, but found that beyond 50 feet or so, my lures would disappear off of the screen on one side. I have an HDS 5, and can see the swivel above the...
  225. DH10

    Newbie needs advise for Cabo trip this fall.

    Depending on your experience and independence you can also rent a house/bungalow on the east cape and hire a boat. Renting a car and driving to the East Cape is very easy. My wife and I prefer this to staying at the resorts, but having everything done for you is also pretty nice! Here's 2...
  226. DH10

    Cabo San Lucas Surf Fishing or Panga: HELP

    You can almost always catch some roosters off the beach using artificials. They are usually not big, but the opportunity is always there, and I usually catch a ton of them, small jacks and ladyfish on the fly rod. Be sure to fish from just before dawn and a few hours after, the fish will be in...
  227. DH10

    Sambit Island, Indonesia July 2015 ( Dogtooth Tuna ) sure do get to fish some amazing places...frequently.....
  228. DH10

    Question about traveling with reels in carry-on

    This question seems to get asked about once a week on BD ;) I usually check most of my gear on the way down, but carry on a few travel rods and reels in case my luggage gets lost. There is never an issue bringing it out of the US, only bringing it back. I check it all on the way back to the...
  229. DH10

    Heavy Leader for Tuna

    Never fished a flatfall jig. but in my experience jigging for tuna, AJ's, grouper, pargo etc., heavy leader has no effect on the action of the jig or the willingness of fish to bite. I have used short sections of 100#tied to braid without any problems getting bit. Getting fish to bite on a jig...
  230. DH10

    Inshore fishing East Cape Middle of November

    Both can be good fishing, you take your chances that the north wind will be blowing in November. With the El Nino, you may still have a good chance for a Hurricane in October this year.....
  231. DH10

    Panama/Chiriqui Surf Report

    What is that fish in the 5th pic down that inhaled your plug?
  232. DH10

    East Cape help needed Questions

    Things seem pretty whacky the last few years, but the first few weeks of October are usually great for tuna, dorado and Marlin. You may have to run south or north to find the tuna, but sometimes they are right close by. Your wife should like Palmas. If you plan on a cruiser, contact Mark...
  233. DH10

    Hawaiian Glaspar re-build

    Might be a stupid question, but doesn't having the console so far forward beat you up? I see the logistical advantage having the space in the back of the boat, but I know that's where I want be running in rough water.
  234. DH10

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    Very nice, a huge YFT for the East Cape (or anywhere)!
  235. DH10

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    Getting off topic, but how do you service anti reverse bearings? I have had several reels where they started to fail or generally feel like they were in need of servicing. When I took them apart, The ARB's I have seen are pretty cheap looking, stamped steel (from a $150 dollar Penn Spinfisher...
  236. DH10

    Columbia River Sturgeon!

    Nice fish! You look cold....
  237. DH10

    Cedros Island Weather this week

    Looks like your OK after Tuesday.....
  238. DH10

    Scorpion Sportfishing featuring El Regalo - Hurricane Blanca and a Wahoo

    Looks like Blanca is going spare the east cape and nearby. Everyone seems much more cautious after Odile. We were there last year the day before it landed, and everyone was pretty sure it would veer away from Cabo like all the other hurricanes that came near last summer, and they were pretty...
  239. DH10

    Stella 20,000 SA for GT and YFT Popping

    When I have popped for tuna, roosters, big pargo etc. in Panama, we used 5' 100 pound leaders. The fish are not leader shy when they are chasing poppers/jigs. Learn to tie knots like the improved Albright (Bob Sands) or similar. You can easily cast with a 5' leader, and will not have to...
  240. DH10

    American cel phone in Mexico

    I used my iphone in La Ribera and SJD last fall. The place we stayed had wireless and I could use the internet to monitor the weather without charge (good thing, we left the day before Odile landed). Just to be sure, I always check with my cell provider before I travel internationally to make...
  241. DH10

    Baja this Saturday ? Think twice ! "Cane" comin !

    Category 4 hurricane now, if it reaches Cat 5 it will be the first ever this early. Going to be a crazy year in Baja!
  242. DH10

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    How's Victor? Last I saw him was the day before Odile landed. We railed the bottomfish (pargo and amberjacks etc) on Charkbait 5 ounce knife jigs. We were using spinning rods with braid, Victor kept looking at it, shaking his head "Spectra no good!" After we had were constantly hooked up...
  243. DH10

    Coronado Islands Trip on the New Boat 5/17 Popped our BD Cherry!

    They call them langostino in Baja, which loosely translates to little lobster.
  244. DH10

    spectra to mono splice help

    The same knot, it seems most of these knots have tiny variations and multiple names. Very strong and easy to tie.
  245. DH10

    Barriles or La Paz in July?

    I prefer La Paz in the spring, East Cape in the summer/fall, but both are great places. Very different atmosphere, City vs more rustic. Kind of wonder about the water temperatures. Last year at this time the fishing was very good on the East Cape, but was too warm during the summer until the...
  246. DH10

    Robalo WA winter projects

    Bunker are an east coast baitfish (ATlantic Menhaden). Peanut bunker are small, herring sized juveniles.....
  247. DH10

    Yam. 115 Not Peeing Even After Impeller Change

    I have a Mercury 90 that pisses like a racehorse. The outlet hose seems to be a magnet for bugs that crawl in there and die (weird but true). I carry a piece of 200 lb mono to run into the hose--don't even have to take the cover off and it is good to go......
  248. DH10

    Tuna-Tuna-Tuna; Cebaco Bay, Panama April 20-24, 2015

    Wow, Tony great pics and that sounds like fun! Going to have to get the wife onboard for one of your trips!!!
  249. DH10

    Rancho Leonero in late June

    This topic has been covered a ton here, do a search... But it sounds like you have what you will need. Get up early, first light and an hour or so after are prime. I like to bring a sunshade and hang out, watching for boils or birds. Most of what you catch will be small, but you never know...
  250. DH10

    Leaking hubs (will Bearing Buddies help?)

    I have found that if you add grease too often it will blow out the rear seal, and make a mess. It is supposed to come out the little hole when full, but it still seems to over fill if you are not careful. I repack my bearings every year or so, and find it does not take much grease to keep them...
  251. DH10

    Spooling a spinner

    Until it slips. Easiest method is to tie a short piece of mono on first, then tie the braid to the mono.....
  252. DH10

    Oil injected 2 stroke; good or bad?

    I have a 2003 Mercury 90 hp, carbureted, oil injection. Runs rough cold, smokes at idle, and always starts and runs strong with minimal maintenance. Pretty much bullet-proof, I just change the lower unit oil and water pump impeller every season (or 2) and it always starts and runs strong. I...
  253. DH10

    Surf and Kayak fishing last week near Los Barriles

    Very cool. I think those barred pargo are some the best eating fish anywhere, and they fight HARD!
  254. DH10

    Gregor 17 - new to me. Suggestions welcome.

    I had a 16 Lowe with a 30 hp tiller. When I took my chukar hunting friends (around 230-250) and 2 bird dogs, I had a hard time getting on plane.
  255. DH10

    24ft skipjack rebirth

    I had the same thought, my old Toyota pickup could barely tow itself up to freeway speeds!!!
  256. DH10

    Do trolling motors create interference with transducers?

    I have a Lowrance HDS and a Minn Kota I pilot trolling motor. I notice a slight bit of interference when the motor kicks on, but if it is running constantly, I do not get interference.
  257. DH10

    Fishing in Cabo for First time~ Gordo Banks Pangas

    Truth is, there is no way to know whether you will be allowed to bring spooled reels on the carry on back home. More than likely nothing will happen, but it is really just up to the guy working the security line. I always pack my gear in checked bags on the way back. My stuff always gets...
  258. DH10

    I need a saltwater fly fishing setup.......

    Good advice here. I have several TFO rods, they are a good bargain and have a great warrantee. I have several mid-range Lamson Reels that have held up to many trips, and they have all the drag you need. If I lived near the ocean and planned on doing lots of salt water fishing I would go with...
  259. DH10


    I always bring a filet down in my checked luggage, and it is in my car when we are driving from the airport to the hotel or driving to go fishing. it is always packed away in a backpack or cooler, but this thread makes me wonder. I have never thought twice about having it, I am sure the...
  260. DH10

    The Prairie....

    Mary Ann lives near my place in Teton County, ID. She WAS busted for smoking dope a few years ago!!!
  261. DH10

    East Cape Guide

    He may be willing to pick you up, he does work on request for the hotels in Los Barriles. He is the best guide I have ever had in Baja, may be worth taking a drive to La Ribera. Here is his Cell # (52) 624-182-2661 He is partners with Don from California, they co-own the panga and some other...
  262. DH10

    East Cape Guide

    I have fished Baja Sur quite a bit over the years, and never had as good a captain as Victor. I have heard great things about his son as well, Victor is know for his inshore, Jr. offshore, but both will get you where the fish are biting and work their butts off. We fished with Victor for 4...
  263. DH10

    How to surf cast unweighted Rapala-like lures?

    There was a Dutch guy that used to spend months surf fishing the East Cape every year, who specialized in light tackle fishing. He has landed a ton of species and has caught, tuna, dorado and everything you can imagine using small (as in 1/4 oz or less) floating Rapalas. He used very light...
  264. DH10

    17 trophy. new rail upgrade

    Your dad has 26 strippers?:boobies:
  265. DH10


    Damn that's some great fishing, I want to fish with Juan!!! Those guys must have some big coolers......
  266. DH10

    Surf fishing in cabo?

    I bring a 7 foot 4-piece musky rod that works pretty well with a spinning reel loaded with 30 pound braid. I can carry it on without paying any baggage fees...Okuma makes some decent travel rods as well...
  267. DH10

    Spectra to Spectra Knot...need advice

    There is no good spectra to spectra knot. You will lose 50% or more of the line strength. Braid is so strong, that might not really matter, but if you are testing the limits of your gear at all it will fail.... I usually just fill the bottom of the spool with mono (use a modified Albright...
  268. DH10

    Surf fishing in cabo?

    I have fucked up too many rod tips with swivels (breaking the ceramic ring) to ever use again. The modified Albright (Bob Sands, Albertos etc.) knot is stronger, faster, easier to tie and less bulky than Uni-Uni..
  269. DH10

    Advice for Cabo

    I have rented cars out of the airport a dozen times or so, never spent more than $325 for a week, sometimes $350 for 2 weeks with a Jetta (they call it a "classico" or somesuch). If they try to make you pay more, just go elsewhere, there are lots of rental places there. Where they try and...
  270. DH10

    I tried eating Jack Crevalle....

    When they are small, they are pretty good. Over a few pounds they are red, gritty and nasty! Damn fun to catch.
  271. DH10

    Surf fishing in cabo?

    Tons of threads about this topic.... I use a 4 piece musky/pike travel rod, with a spinning reel rigged with 30 pound braid and 40 pound fluorocarbon leader. Much easier/cheaper to pack around than a big surf rod. Bring some wire leaders in case you get into sierra. For lures, 1-2 oz...
  272. DH10

    Been watching last season's tuna GoPro videos

    There's no elk south of Jackson ;)
  273. DH10

    East Cape Jigging Reel Recomendation

    Are you asking about vertical jigging with lead "butterfly style" jigs? This is not "yo yoing iron" in the So Cal style. We railed the yellowtail, amberjack, and especially the huachinango last fall using 5 OZ knife jigs. Using Okuma Raw and Shimano Saragosa spinning reels and short jigging...
  274. DH10

    Which Poppers for large Tuna?

    Never fished LR, but have caught good #s of big tuna on poppers in Panama. Of course it depends on what bait the fish are feeding on, but generally the smaller sized lures worked the best (5" 2-3 OZ). I have had good luck with the Strike Pro tuna hunter and tuna hunter Jr.wooden poppers. They...
  275. DH10


    Just speculating here, but part of the reason for the difference could be the characteristics of braid vs. mono. Braid has practically no stretch, mono will stretch quite a bit, which takes some of the shock out of head shakes, runs etc. The softer, more parabolic action may help avoid break...
  276. DH10

    Okuma nomad travel series

    I have 2 of the offshore Nomads, and they are fantastic rods. Big tuna, groupers and Aj's without fail, they are really a bargain, considering the action, durability and packability....
  277. DH10

    Fishing reels not allowed as carry on anymore

    The problem is that your analysis implies that there is some sort of logic to this policy! We are allowed to carry many other Items that are more "potentially dangerous" than fishing line. IMHO, once they have decided that you cannot carry an item on the plane you are screwed. I have only...
  278. DH10


    YFT can and do live longer than 4 years, up to at least 7 (3 YO fish average 75 lbs, 4 YO fish average 130 pounds, with lots of variability). That said most don't live that long.....
  279. DH10

    Poll Question; Do you butcher your big game yourself or pay a butcher to do so?

    Always do it ourselves. Some years between my wife and I we have processed 2 elk, 2 deer and 2 antelope. Spent many a weekend staring at meat from an elk quarter, looking out at indian summer days wondering if I was better off sticking to fishing! But 2 full freezers of quality meat is pretty...
  280. DH10

    Beginner Spinning Jig Outfit

    I have several Okuma Raw II reels, Andros Jigging rods. I have caught quite a few huge AJ's and Tuna to 80# without a hitch. They can be found on Amazon or other sites for less than $300 for both. You can really put the wood to the fish with a jigging setup, really just a question of how much...
  281. DH10

    Cow Tuna

    I can speak from experience, and as a biologist who deals with metal contamination in fish. The selenium/mercury relationship is still not been put to rest, or even close unfortunately. Most mercury entering the food chain comes from the burning of fossil fuels. Many studies that push the...
  282. DH10

    Popping Yellowtail

    Wow, that looks fun!
  283. DH10

    Long range winter forecast [to ski or fish]

    Powder, on Baker? I think they call that fresh snow. It is a bit of stretch to call that Cascade concrete powder!
  284. DH10

    Bisbees news?

    Polygraghs are BS. Honest people can fail, sociopaths breese through...
  285. DH10

    Inadvertent Shot

    That would be a could shoot them on the ground but that would defeat the purpose of the whole exercise. Those are pen raised birds, planted out to shoot. Wild chukar live in steep, rugged country and don't give you the option of ground sluicing, since you won't get within 30 yards...
  286. DH10

    Cabo Killer in East Cape

    Nice Rooster! The heavy leader will protect against nicks in the line that are inevitable when chucking lures all day, especially topwaters with multiple trebles. East Cape beach Dorado, 8 1/2' 10-25 pound 2-piece steelhead rod, 30 lb braid w/40 pound flouro leader. It ate a 1 oz Zara Super...
  287. DH10

    TUNA TUNA TUNA in Bahia Asuncion...FINALLY!!!

    Good luck with the storm, looks like it is supposed to die down a bit and swing a bit to the north! Co-ops and locals looking out for the resource and he's complaining? I for one am always willing to buy licenses and follow the rules that support the locals, especially when it means good fishing!
  288. DH10

    Salmon caught in San Quintin?

    What a whacky year in Baja! We were catching YT and AJ's on the east cape just before Odile, which as I understand are normally caught in the winter....
  289. DH10

    soft-sided cooler

    Not surprisingly, YETI wants $300 for a smallish soft side cooler. I have a 120 Qt YETI to take elk hunting in Grizzly country and to fill up with stripers and walleye at Lake Powell, but if I did not get a good deal at Costco (oh, the shame) I can't really see how to recoup the expense of...
  290. DH10

    Albacore by fly?

    That is really silly. As JFK states, much bigger, stronger fish are caught all the time. I have caught YFT, big dorado and big Jack Crevalle many times, and people catch 100+ pound tarpon on flies. You will spend more time trying to hook fish, and land fish for sure, but with the right gear...
  291. DH10

    PV or Mazatlan in Nov? Trip relocate from Cabo disaster, need help

    I almost always take a bonine BEFORE I head out on a boat---just in case, sometimes 2 if I expect it to be rough. I have never chummed, but have been nauseous when bottom fishing or trying to cast off of a drifting boat that is pitching side to side. I only seem to get queasy if I try and...
  292. DH10

    Cabo Udate

    Reports from Baja Nomads that things have improved remarkably in the past few days;
  293. DH10

    DP towards the 209 9/19/14. Yft and world record yt

    I have never had a problem tying a blood knot for mono to braid, but uni-uni should not fail. I have had problems with certain knots and mono that is strong, but won't tie knots for shit. Here's one to try: Try testing the knot wearing...
  294. DH10

    San Jose del Cabo Monday 9/15/2014

    I love that place, hard to believe there is a river running through the pool. I always felt like the people there were a class act, your experience proves it.
  295. DH10

    WP 9-18-14

    Warm water, baking soda, dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Let soak, repeat. Really works. The dog will still smell, but is tolerable....
  296. DH10

    San Jose del Cabo Monday 9/15/2014

    Wow. Is that the Tropicana?
  297. DH10

    110 Miles & They were just 9 Out!?

    For braid to mono or flouro, Improved Albright is much stronger and easier to tie.....
  298. DH10

    La Paz

    Try this...
  299. DH10

    La Paz

    Sounds like things are not so bad compared to Cabo according to Jonathan Roldan...
  300. DH10

    landlines are up/video of downtown cabo

    Sounds like they are bringing in more cops, lets hope they can get things under control....
  301. DH10

    Cabo Airport After Odile

    Huh? I just returned from there on Saturday. It is 3 days after the hurricane went through. As I said, the road are not passable now, and the infrastructure around Cabo is a mess. But the whole region should not be written off "until Christmas" until the true extent of the damage is known...
  302. DH10

    Cabo Airport After Odile

    Maybe for Cabo, but it seems that the east cape was less affected (as far as we can know now). As the roads are passable, the people who make a living off of us fisherman are going to REALLY want your business, especially now. From what I have heard from the east cape, the main issues are...
  303. DH10

    La Ribera fishing just before Odile

    It seems kind of trivial with all that has happened since we left, but it is at least some good news about the area. My wife and I went down September 5-13. We arrived the evening after Norbert passed by, and left the day before Odile showed up. Freakin' lucky we bought the tickets in May...
  304. DH10

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    I just got back on Saturday from La Ribera. The guy that we rented our bungalow from mentioned how they were predicting an active season, and that they were hoping to avoid "the big one". Looks like they may have gotten it with Odile. The low off of mainland mexico is forecast to become...
  305. DH10

    Shootout in Los Barriles

    I get your point, but one on incident does not make a trend. I live in a small tourist town in WY. There have been occasional murders, and violent assaults over the years. I still leave my house unlocked…
  306. DH10

    East Cape shore fishing questions...

    Barred pargo. Great beach catch! The reports were pretty negative, but my wife and I have been killing it here In La Ribera this week. Maybe Norbert stirred things up?
  307. DH10

    Shootout in Los Barriles

    My wife and I are in la Ribera now, all is fine. If you are fishing, hanging out on the beach--no worries. Fishing has been good getting better each day.…
  308. DH10

    East Cape shore fishing questions...

    We are going down tomorrow, renting a bungalo in La Ribera and fishing with Captain Victor for 4 days. Hoping the seas settle down quickly after norbert moves past..... We always do at least 3-4 days off the beach. Be sure and get out and fish at first light, the first hour or so of daylight...
  309. DH10

    Shootout in Los Barriles

    Awful, sad news for sure, but these over the top comments are a bit much. Its not like there have not been many violent episodes all over the US, yet we don't predict doom.....
  310. DH10

    Nav hazard east of the 51 + nice Dodo 8-30

    In Panama, that would hold a pile baitfish, tuna, dorado, AJ's and all kinds of surprises like triple tail, rainbow runner and pargo. Probably would in So Cal if it was not pounded by a boat every 15 minutes!
  311. DH10

    okuma raw ii

    I have 3. They are great reels for the $, I have caught 80# yft and 100# amberjack on them, the drags are powerful. I only use them (hard) for a few weeks out of the year, and they are still smooth. But in my experience all the low-mid priced reels eventually fail when saltwater enters the...
  312. DH10

    Fishing with lightning

    Good call. More people are killed by lightning fishing than any other activity by far!
  313. DH10

    Naming the Defiance

    At least your not bitter.....
  314. DH10

    First trip ever to Cabo San Lucas, lots of newbie questions

    Fishing is fishing, nowhere is 24/7 wide open. That said, spending the effort to secure a good captain (most are booked well in advance) gives you much better odds of turning a bust into a decent day. Late summer is usually very good, but this is not a usual year. Having a captain that will...
  315. DH10

    Current fuel price in Baja

    Mexico's nationalized oil monopoly has been subsidizing cheap gas forever. Their oil production is faltering and to get caught up with the rest of the world they are going to have to charge a realistic price.....
  316. DH10

    The Short Eastside Season

    Nice Pics. Here in Wy, runoff is just ending, and the Wind River Mountains are just recently accessible due to the big snow year. Hope we all get a nice dose of moisture next year...
  317. DH10

    New here. New to Saltwater.

    La Paz is a beautiful city, with lots to do. Personally, I like the East Cape, it has a less urban feel and you are right on the beach. In La Paz you will have to drive to go to beaches or surf fish. Cabo is too built up with mega resorts and gringos IMHO. August and September are humid and...
  318. DH10

    Weather calms, huge roosters return followed by a 62 pound dorado

    Great to hear about the sardinas, hope they show back up in numbers......
  319. DH10

    Albacore 2014

    An excellent troll! The radiation level did triple....from barely measurable to infinitesimal. Here's what the researcher said: "A year of eating albacore with these cesium traces is about the same dose of radiation as you get from spending 23 seconds in a stuffy basement from radon gas"
  320. DH10


    Great pics as usual, those are the biggest giant hawkfish I have ever seen!
  321. DH10

    Surf fishing tips/advice needed

    Been discussed many times here, do a search and you will find a bunch of threads. You will want braided line, and some 30-40 pound flouro leader. Kroks, Kastmasters, spooks, Roberts rangers will all catch fish off the beach. First and last light are the best times......
  322. DH10

    Surf fishing tips/advice needed

    Been discussed many times here, do a search and you will find a bunch of threads. You will want braided line, and some 30-40 pound flouro leader. Kroks, Kastmasters, spooks, Roberts rangers will all catch fish off the beach. First and last light are the best times......
  323. DH10

    Enough to Scare you Away from Fishing on a Kayak

    I like how his first reaction, when the tuna gets off, is to move like he is going to reach in and grab it....Than he catches himself!
  324. DH10

    Epic Father/Son Louisiana Fishing Adventure

    Great report....the kid is ruined for fishing in the Midwest now!!!
  325. DH10

    Full Moon

    Moon phase can really affect the fishing......unless it doesn't. Some people never fish the full moon, which is pretty much self fulfilling. I think the weather, particularly wind have more of an effect.........
  326. DH10

    Solid Power Pro bimini twist to wind on connection ???

    I do 20-30 twists. The Bimini forms a loop, no need for a perfection knot. Some people use a cat's paw to reduce the chance of the braid cutting into the mono/flouro......
  327. DH10

    Gordo Banks Panga

    The worst Baja fishing experience I ever had was with Gordo Banks Pangas about 9-10 years ago. The captain acted as if he REALLY did not want to be there, just smoked cigarettes, acted bored and grunted when we tried to talk with him. Would not make eye contact. I got the feeling we were...
  328. DH10

    Buying Rods In Cabo?

    I don't doubt it. I on the other hand, I have had a few interesting experiences flying out of Mexico. Most of the time there are no problems. But you really just never know what the guy is going to tell you AFTER you have already checked your bags. Flying out of Mazatlan last month, some...
  329. DH10

    Buying Rods In Cabo?

    Sorry, but it does happen. Not sayin' every time, but just search a bit here and you will find many examples. TSA is for the USA. Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica it happens all the time flying back to the US. Bring the gear in your carry on on the way down, check it in on the way back. X2 on...
  330. DH10

    How do you properly bleed a fish in a panga boat in Baja?

    I have never understood why the hotels on the East Cape don't load the fish boxes with ice when you fishing on Pangas. If you are lucky, they put in one block of ice to chill a pile of fish all day when it is 95 degrees outside! We started loading up our personal coolers full of ice which we...
  331. DH10

    What a day! Cab San Lucas 5 hour Panga trip! + video!

    Getting off topic a bit here, but the baited set lines off the "shark buoys" are illegal in MX. I have fished with many Mexican captains that get really pissed when they find them and pull them out (they usually take ANY fish they find hooked up which are usually stone dead). I was fishing...
  332. DH10


    Ahh, I see. So when the SFA reacts with the water and precipitates into the ocean it becomes recombinant refisheration? OPAH!!!
  333. DH10

    Belize Charter Share – Ambergris Caye 5/27,28,29…also need advice!

    I have fished other areas in Belize, and they are not geared for "meat fisherman" that want to bring home their catch (i.e. Baja). They will gladly take you out for snapper and grouper (they also love cudas') but are not set up with deep freezes and generally are not excited about loading you up...
  334. DH10

    Intro & Questions on Punta Colorada

    I have been wondering the same thing. They originally said it was closed for re-modeling and/or to acquire a reliable source of water. But it was supposed to be back open for the spring of 2013, now they just say "until further notice." Kind of makes you wonder if it will ever open back up...
  335. DH10

    Intro & Questions on Punta Colorada

    Why did this thread come back to life? Punta Colorada has been closed for the past few years....
  336. DH10

    Which Knot to use

    There is no strong knot tying braid to braid (not including spliced hollow)......
  337. DH10

    TSA (equivalent) of Mexico

    X3. I had to check a small box of flies that I had forgotten to take out of my pack. They are totally inconsistent and have some weird ass rules that make no common sense. You can bring stuff down, but I always load all my gear in the checked bags for the flight back to the USA. Panama is...
  338. DH10

    Fast moving storm in a small boat

    I grew up in the Seattle area and T-storms are pretty uncommon. Here in the Rockies (and lots of the tropics) you there is a good chance of T-storms every day during certain times of the year. If I stayed home every time it was in the forecast, I would never get out!
  339. DH10

    Cabo vs. San Jose Del Cabo vs. East Cape?

    SJDC is not as touristy as Cabo, but it is a good sized town with a lot more people all over the place, including the beach. Really depends on whether you want the amenities of a city or the peace and quiet of a small beach town. The fishing can be good at both, really depends on the season...
  340. DH10

    Panama 2/24-2/28 - Angler West Television and the Paradise Fishing Lodge.

    You need to contact Chad, the price depends on how many in your group, time of year, transportation needs etc.
  341. DH10

    Another Wahoo Beat Down

    What a pile of Hoos'! How far offshore do you have to go to get them?
  342. DH10

    Panama 2/24-2/28 - Angler West Television and the Paradise Fishing Lodge.

    Where's Chad? Is it not pronounced Cheer-EE-kee?
  343. DH10

    Spinning reels for tuna

    I have several of the old Penn spinfishers, and the drags really were pathetic on YFT but would be adequate for albies. I have not tried the new style. All of the newer reels in the $150 range have plenty of drag in my experience. I have several of the Okuma Raw 80 and 65 size that have...
  344. DH10

    What is your worst guide story?

    I have not really ever had a "bad" experience, but have been on lots of mediocre efforts from the captain and several that could have gone south quickly. I booked a week at a private island off the coast of Belize staying at what turned out to be a personal residence. The price was really...
  345. DH10

    15 Yellowtail on the mechanical Jig

    The Japanese started the technique, but there are a bunch of different names for the same thing. Shimano tried to package it with their own brand. As mentioned, it is a lot of work but man it is fun to have that rod nearly ripped out of your hand when a fish hits a jig moving full speed! We...
  346. DH10

    Braid to Mono Question

    Unit to uni is very weak. The FG knot is small and strong but I cannot tie it reliably. Bimini loop and improved Bristol knot is foolproof and easy (once you practice the Bimini's a bit). 30 pound mono to 50 pound braid broke at almost 50 pounds, over and over. Uni to uni broke at 25...
  347. DH10

    Heading to San Jose looking for a panga to hop on

    No license needed from the beach. Eric at Gordo Banks Pangas....
  348. DH10

    South CR Feb 2014

    Cute helpers. You eat those jacks? That dog looks like he is about to go psycho on that guy using him as a pillow!
  349. DH10

    Snowmobiler VS Moose

    He was on a freakin' snowmobile, why did he not just drive away? Pretty sure you would get a citation for poaching if you did that in Wyoming... I have been charged by moose, cows are usually protecting their young or stressed out by predators or people. I carry pepper spray now to keep them...
  350. DH10

    Your store bought "Wild" salmon was processed in... wait for it...

    A friend of mine owns a "sustainable" fish market. I was going down to Baja in the winter, and wanted some bait in case the sardinas were not around. He gave me some squid that was caught in US waters, shipped to China for cleaning, then shipped back to the USA. It was selling for $1 a pound...
  351. DH10


    Cast nets are only illegal for non-residents, as far as I have seen. They just want you to buy your bait when you are in their country..... Some pangeros still do it, but it is easier for them if you buy it, plus it spreads a bit more $$ around the village! Not sayin' that a bad thing....
  352. DH10

    Tuna Coast

    I fished with a few local captains working for Ron last spring. We caught a few dozen roosterfish, all were released. Like any operation, most tuna and dorado went in the box..... When we went out Ron asked that we release any cubera that we catch....
  353. DH10

    Andaman Island, India Feb 2014

    Wow. Again. You need your own TV show or something, the trips you go on are unreal!
  354. DH10

    La Paz 7/16-20 photo report

    Capt. Jorge is the man!
  355. DH10

    Travel Rod Nomad NT-S-703M-MH

    I have this rod, it is fantastic for big, hard pulling fish like tuna, AJ's and big dorado. This rod will handle AJs and tuna up to 100# without feeling undergunned, but it is pretty heavy duty. If you want something for light action, inshore fishing this rod will seem overkill. They make the...
  356. DH10

    La Paz in early April?

    x2 for Jonathan Roldan (Tailhunters). You will fish out of Los Muertos most likely, the wind can still be an issue in April, as mentioned above. Yellowtail, cabrilla, sierra and dorado are likely. The best carne asada tacos I have ever had was in La Paz, for 20 pesos at an open air...
  357. DH10

    First time in Panama looking to fish offshore for a couple days

    Captain Negro out of Pedasi is Great. Look in the archives, you can find his contact info. Good chance of being really windy in February.....
  358. DH10

    Baja in March - recommendations for first timer

    The east cape can be fine in March, but is just as likely to be windy. The islands provide shelter, but you would have to get out there first! Los Muertos bay provides a sheltered area away from the north wind and there is good yellowtail and cabrilla fishing near the beach. Not a secret...
  359. DH10

    Baja in March - recommendations for first timer

    La Ventana between the East Cape and La Paz. She can windsurf, you can hire a panga and fish out of Bahia de los Muertos. It is a few hours drive from Cabo. No matter where you go in Baja, it will be too cold to snorkel without a wetsuit in March! I have done it at Cabo Pulmo in March with a...
  360. DH10

    Where to fish in Manual Antonio Quepos

    You should! I fished out by Halfmoon Key in Belize on a 23' Panga with a 10 (!) HP antique motor that had no pull starter. Every time we moved, the Bob Marley T-shirt wearing "guide" would have to remove the cowling....and pull...and pull... and pull, as we slowly drifted away from the island...
  361. DH10

    Los Barriles : Wide Open Dorado bite

    An hour or so north of Cabo.....A ton of hotels, guides, lodges there....
  362. DH10

    Boeing vote today

    Except that Boeing is rolling in $$ and has order stacked up for years to come. Building airplanes ain't exactly filling twinkies:waglleybooty: I do not have dog in this fight either, but I find it weird that people are angry that workers make a decent living and have decent benefits, but...
  363. DH10

    Smoker in the $300-500 range

    I have the Bradley, and seldom use the pucks. I had a bunch of old big chief smoking chips and found that if I just throw chips on the burner element every now and then, and it works just fine. Hardly needs any chips to get a good smoky flavor. The heat level is really easy to control with...
  364. DH10

    Santa Rosalia Info

    When they can get in the rocks they are brutal! The first time I fished for yellowtail, we were hooking yt and big pargo lisa near Muertos Bay. I managed to farm almost every hookup using 40 pound when they would power for the rocks. When I would hook up the guide would yell "REEL REEL REEL!"...
  365. DH10

    Tuna corrals

    They don't do it because they don't have to. It would cost more, and since they are allowed to just catch the sardinas for free that is what they do. Catching wild fish, to feed farmed fish, is never going to be sustainable.......
  366. DH10

    Skipjack 28 Dirty Girl

    Wow, just read the thread from beginning to end, super nice looking boat! You are one hard working dude, no wonder you had heart attack working full time and putting all that work into the boat(s) et al. I have a feeling "retired" is a relative term for you, hopefully you will get that...
  367. DH10

    Need some help with this one.....

    I have never heard of issues with fish. They are most concerned with agricultural products for disease prevention reasons and to prevent the spread of exotic species. Dead fish filets never get a second look. However, you never know with the TSA guys, it seems to come down to who goes through...
  368. DH10

    Zancudo Lodge Tuna Frenzy is Understatement

    Is that Panama????
  369. DH10

    east cape 1st week Dec Wahoo and dorado

    Very nice! The only times I have been to the East Cape in December the north wind was relentless. Still managed to catch lots of fish from the beach and enjoy the warm weather. By the way, you picked a good time to not be in Wyoming, it was -24 in Pinedale last week!
  370. DH10

    Mazatlan fishing guides

    Thanks for the replies guys. Scott, for sure let me know how you do. What are the "Sea of Cortez Circuit Finals"?
  371. DH10

    Mazatlan fishing guides

    I am going to be in Mazatlan for a meeting in April (destination is set). I was hoping to squeeze in a few days on the water, does anyone have any recomendations for guides or boats?
  372. DH10

    Another great trip on El Regalo out of the East Cape

    Sounds very fun....and warm. Snowing here in Pinedale WY! It looks like the desert is nice and green from all the rain, I love Baja in the fall!
  373. DH10

    Flagstaff Kids Killing Tuna again! 9/21-9/22 Pac. Queen 2 Day

    Nice first post Ishootfish, what makes you think these kids are going to waste their fish? Those fish yield about 1/3 filet meat out of the total weight, so I am sure they will be able to eat what they caught. Hater troll.....
  374. DH10


    HA! Twice random people have walked up to me asked if I was a doctor (?) or if I knew how to get a hook out. Pretty funny cause one of them was a clueless boy scout leader in the Wind River Mountains who pretty much made me remove a fly from a kids finger cause he thought I looked like a...
  375. DH10


    I had an X-20 attatched to a 30 pound roosterfish and my hand briefly--thank god it was not buried that deep! I have never needed it on such big hooks, but I have used a method that will pull the hook out with the least amount of damage. I did this trick to remove a treble hook off of a Rapala...
  376. DH10

    Mexican customs in (SJD) Los Cabos Airport

    At the Panama City Airport, they absolutely would not let any reel loaded with line on the plane. I had checked all my reels for the return trip, but wondered if anyone could explain the rational for this rule. I was told you could use the line as garrot! Pretty silly, considering any piece...
  377. DH10

    Lake Chelan WORLD / State record!!!

    Ahh Lake Chelan in the summer. Brings back memories from a college trip back in the mid 1980's: The people in town were so tired of tourists and the shit they try and pull they were just waiting to pounce on any transgression, A completely sober buddy of mine was arrested for shoplifting...
  378. DH10

    Playa Del Sol - 7/11/13 to 7/15/13

    It seems like every one of the charter captains from the all inclusive type resorts in Baja Sur seem to start "trolling" back toward the lodge not too long after noon! $700 for a 3/4 day fishing on a cruiser is still pretty cheap compared to just about anywere else though. From the reports...
  379. DH10

    La Paz Report

    Great adventure and fishing. You sure those werent pargo lisa (mullet snapper)? I have seen them many times in Baja and Panama in huge schools right on the surface, turned the sea red for acres. Much better odds of landing when you hook them on the surface and they can't just dive into their...
  380. DH10

    Pan-Tex Invitational - Day 1 Results

    I am guessing you are shooting with a high end DSLR? I have found the water proof models of mid-range digitals shoot pretty good photos for wet conditions. The Huge drawback IMHO is that you have to rely on the screen and cannot see (with my 50 year old eyes) any water spots or other smudges...
  381. DH10

    rod recommendation needed

    The SOCAL guys hate spinning rods. I guess from all the clusterfucks they have seen on long range boats. Anglers on the east coast are using spin gear for monster BFT all the time. The newer models (Shimano Saragosa, Penn Spingisher, Okuma Raw) have great drags and can handle big fish (if...
  382. DH10

    Rancho Leonero question

    Their heavy stuff is OK, I like to bring my own 20-40 pound setups. They are spooled with 50-65 pound braid, but sometime the fish can get picky about leaders if you are fishing with small bait like the sardinas. For sure bring some 20, 30 and 40 pound fluorocarbon leader material. The last time...
  383. DH10

    Propiedad de Paradise; May 10-13, 2013: "Top Cat" & Top Capt.

    Once again a great write up with fantastic photos. You are living right for sure! Sure looks sunny for the rainy season....
  384. DH10

    AKC Chocolate Pointing Labs

    I love labs. If you want a pointing dog, get a pointing breed.
  385. DH10

    Fish Report for Doha, Qatar

    Looks like fun. I think the one with the spots in the first picture is what they call a Queenfish in Australia.....
  386. DH10

    CONAPESCA- under 18'd do NOT need a fishing permit in M

    It says nationals or foreign individuals.....
  387. DH10

    Fly Guide - Baja Recommendation

    Try posting here: Dan Blanton?s Fly Fishing Forum and Bulletin/Message Board lots experienced saltwater guys on this site
  388. DH10

    Fishing Playa Del Carmen.

    Jigging for amberjack, so come prepared for a totally different fishing than the typical Baja trolling and flylining sardinas. I too have heard nothing but good things about Roberto Navarro. Vertical jigging is addictive!
  389. DH10

    Poachers busted!

    Probably not illegals, I bet they came here as "refugees". They lived under a corrupt system and brought there shitty lack of values with them. I used to fish that lake back in the 80's and kept my one legal fish once. They taste like muddy algae. What a waste. What a bunch of idiots to...
  390. DH10

    Transiting the Canal and Fishing Hannibal on the Chiron - Pic Heavy

    Wow, I need some friends like that, that is one amazing looking boat! Seeing the canal, you cannot help but feel a sense of pride in what an amazing feat of engineering and grit went in to creating such an amazing structure that still functions after 100 years. Those tuna boils are a thing...
  391. DH10

    Pedasi Windy Fishing 4/6

    I agree they are good eating. They have big serrated teeth, and look very differnt than bonito. Were you fishing with Negro? Cant tell with the hat....
  392. DH10

    East Cape Vacation

    I am not sure Rancho Leonero runs off of a generator. It is not THAT remote, there are big fancy beach houses all around, you just cant see them from the resort. Regardless, power (and AC) is available round the clock. My wife and I spent 4 nights/3 days fishing there a few years back, we...
  393. DH10

    Question about PE lines

    Most mono breaking strength is also way above the rated strength as well. In this test by sportfishing magazine, some 20# broke at nearly 40.....,2
  394. DH10

    when the waters nice and the trolling is slow...

    AJ's are fun. I notice in the video you are grabbing the spool, could you not just crank down the drag?
  395. DH10

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rod

    He bought the inshore rod, which is much lighter than the rods we are talking about. The offshore rods really are heavy duty, quality rods. I caught this AJ on a Charkbait 250g wedge speed jig, using the M/MH offshore rod with the MH tip section. No problems.
  396. DH10

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rod

    I have caught some huge AJ's (over 100#) and lots of grouper and tuna up to 50#. They are great rods, really excellent quality. The MH one I have is wicked stiff, not much sport for anything under 30#. A 10 pound smallmouth would barely put a bend in it. Thinking maybe the inshore rod?
  397. DH10

    Popper recommendations

    Strike Pro Jr. I have used the full sized ones and they are made out of a basically indestructable hardwood; they cast a mile. Caught probably 100 tuna, pargo, jacks, dorado etc, and the hooks never bend. The finish does not look like it did when it was new, but it looks pretty good...
  398. DH10

    A maybe IGFA record Mahi???

    Total lenght and fork length big difference....
  399. DH10

    San Jose del Cabo, marina, question

    Another thing to consider are the fishing seasons. I love the east cape, but the fishing water temperatures and weather (especially the wind) are the best during the summer and fall months. As a guy from Wyoming, I know that summer and fall in the rockies is when you want to be here. During...
  400. DH10


    Fantastic looking place Curtis. Are you selling lots? What ever happened to that marina that they were planning?
  401. DH10

    Volaris Rod length?

    So, like all this airline shit, the correct answer is; you probably can, unless you can't!
  402. DH10

    Cabo Pulmo Fishing

    I love Cabo Pulmo, and have stayed there a half dozen times or so. The water will still be cold in April for snorkeling..... From what I have seen, there is limited fishing out of Cabo Pulmo itself (the area is a marine park with a designated no fishing zone, and is geared primarily toward...
  403. DH10

    Cambutal-Los Buzos

    I would recommend it without hesitation. Very clean, layed back and safe. Great surfing as well. All the fishing is done off pangas, three people can easily fish out of one. We fished 6 days, some days were fantastic, other days lots of trolling. I think one reason we did well was that we are...
  404. DH10

    Big Okuma Spinners

    My wife and I used the Raw 65 and 80 to catch tuna, pargo and amberjack in Panama. That drag is impressive. The Amberjack about took me over the boat but even buttoned down, it was smooth.....
  405. DH10

    Cambutal-Los Buzos

    Ron guessed it was over 100, and he was pretty accurate with the tuna. It was caught not too far from the lodge, on a "bueno roca" lips are sealed LOL
  406. DH10

    Cambutal-Los Buzos

    My wife and I spent March 4-13 in Cambutal at Los Buzos, fishing 6 days on pangas. The fishing was pretty darned good. I had two wishes for the trip-to catch tuna on poppers and to get rocked by some behemoths speed jigging. My wishes were fulfilled--there were some slow periods, but also some...
  407. DH10

    Panama Big Game Fishing Club Mar 1-7, 2013: Small Tackle-Big Fish

    Wow Tony, you have had a busy, long trip to Panama. Great pics as usual....
  408. DH10

    PSFL Feb 20-26, 2013: Any Fish You Wish!

    Some great fishing and photos. I don't see you in any of them! I just got back from Cambutal. We caught a ton of fish with lots of variety but our photos are not nearly as good! Seemed when the action is hot, taking pictures was secondary. Throwing poppers on boiling tuna is about as...
  409. DH10

    when to fish CSL march-july?

    Every year is different. Really just pick a time between May and July and hope the gods smile on you. In Baja they usually do. I have done really well on dodos, yellowtail, marlin, pargo and roosterfish in Feb-April, and struggled in early July, when it is supposed to be good. Completetly...
  410. DH10

    hot around the banco

    Wow, nice first post. I think you are about to get cornholed:rofl:
  411. DH10

    Best popping rod under $250

    Have you fished the Raw II reels from Okuma? I have had them out a few times jigging and they have a fantastic drag and not too fast a retrieve for jigging. No idea how they will hold up over time....
  412. DH10

    Rancho Leonero Report by John Ireland 2/9/13

    That is what I thought too. They now have a webcam showing the beach at RL, it has been HUGE whitecaps and surf every time I look at it!
  413. DH10

    East Cape Tails??

    When you fish out Muertos, are you hiring a local panguero? I have always wondered how to do some fishing out of there without making rhe haul from La Paz with outfitters and sub-contracted panga captains....
  414. DH10

    paradise lodge.

    Nice pics Chad. That beautiful beach on the lee side of Coiba is called Hermosa? Whenever it was sketchy out by Montuosa, it was placid back in there. That place is heaven.....
  415. DH10

    Panama Fishing Report- Come Fish Panama

    Wow. All the reports are showing more dodo's and less tuna it seems this year?
  416. DH10

    Big Okuma Spinners

    I have several of the Raw II (65 and 80). Great drag, so far no problems w/ YF tuna, groupers and dorado in Panama. We will see how they hold up in the long run, but they seem pretty solid for hte $$. I picked them up on Amazon for around $130.....
  417. DH10

    Islas Secas - Shark Week

    Cool stuff. Chumming seems like a change up from the usual poppers, Rapalas and big live baits in Panama. By the way, how does your chef cook the mullet snapper? I have had a few and they were a bit fishy compared to the other snappers I have eaten.....
  418. DH10

    January Islamorada Fishing Report Backcountry/Gulf

    Looks fun. Either you have really big hands or you are seriously long arming those fish!!!!
  419. DH10

    US Airways & rod tubes

    A good Idea, but outside the US this will mean nothing. It really is a crapshoot, most likely you will be OK....
  420. DH10

    need info for panama self guided

    X2 Besides, hiring a pangero for day is pretty cheap in Panama. It will be way more relaxing to just show up and fish every morning!
  421. DH10

    Los Barriles, early April

    Expect it to be windy. I have not kayaked much, but I have been to the East Cape in the spring quite a few times, and the odds are about even that it will be rough and windy during that time of year. I would use caution in a kayak! Hit the beaches at first light and cast or troll shiny...
  422. DH10

    Unsafe Mercury Levels

    Probably. But the general trend is correct. The amount of mercury in the surface of the ocean is 2X what it was less than 100 years ago. Atmospheric deposition from burning fossil fuels all around the globe, even in remote, generally pristine areas. Top of the food chain predators like tuna...
  423. DH10

    Gatun Lake

    I fished with Negro last May, I would definitely recommend him if you are going to Pedasi. His boat was in fine shape, he knew everyone and got the scoop on where the fish were biting for the next day. And he is a pleasure to fish with....
  424. DH10

    Los Buzos Resort

    2 months can't wait!!!! -22 in Jackson Hole this week.....
  425. DH10

    Fishing help San Juan Del Sur, Nica

    The fishing guides from Chads place and from Pedasi called them "albacore". They are definitely tasty!
  426. DH10

    Black Hole 2 piece rods

    I got the bug for jigging down in Panama last year. I was using a 7' rod and had some success, but it was a lot of work keeping that jig moving at the speed the fish wanted. I also got rocked several times (thinking I could have turned them a bit faster with a shorter rod). Anyhow, I do not...
  427. DH10

    Lowrance Fish Finder?

    I have the HDS 5 and it is sweet. I have tried The DI models, not sure it really shows much more than a good sonar. I have had huminbirds as well, don't rule them out. They are just as good when comparing models with similar features, and their customer service is better if you do have...
  428. DH10

    No need for a big boat

    Nice fish. We were fishing the bank once, using sardinas and catching 30-60 pound fish on light tackle. Every now and then a bruiser like that would roll right next to the boat--we just looked at each other and laughed, hoping we did NOT get bit! What sized leader were you using? It seems...
  429. DH10

    need help picking a surf reel

    I have wiggled those things at the stores, I bet they weigh about 5 pounds with the action of a club! JMO, but I would get something smaller, most of the fish you will catch off the beach will not be that big, 1-2 pounds. Those big cheap surf rods are ridiculous. I bought a 9' graphite 2-piece...
  430. DH10

    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    Quite the adventure. The way you guys kept your calm demeanor and everything in perspective really shines through. I could see how less seasoned travelers would have freaked out!
  431. DH10

    washington hunting/fishing

    Just take a look at the success rate for big game hunters in WA, that should make it pretty clear that the hunting sucks!
  432. DH10

    ID This Fish???

    Uhh, err, huh huh.... the small silvery thing looks like an African pompano
  433. DH10

    Storing for the Winter - to fill or not to fill

    Fill it. According to BoatUS: "More water, less absorption: The problem with leaving a tank mostly empty is that it increases the tank's "lung capacity" to breath in moist air (water) through the tank's vent. If the tank is mostly empty over the winter, there will also be less E-10 gas in...
  434. DH10

    Moose are not friendly

    That moose has a small but dense rack, but he looks old (gray mussle). I see them all the time, most of the time they just ignore you or run away scared, but you never know... Cows with calves are notoriously unpredictable, but again they usually run away. I was hunting elk, had a camp at...
  435. DH10

    Lost LC's

    I have a wierder story: My wife and I were fishing off of Punta Arena in Baja, casting poppers for huge jack crevalle (even caught a dorado). Well, the leader must have gotten knicked, cause it sailed a mile without the bail closing. As I watched, a seagull came down and picked up my lure...
  436. DH10

    More lowrance trouble.....

    I have had similar problems with different manufacturers, and do not deal directly with them anymore. You can bash the big stores like Westmarine and Cabelas, but when I have a problem with something I just return it to them. Never had a problem getting something repaired/replaced.....
  437. DH10

    youth elk rifle

    I agree, let the kid shoot smaller calibers and develop good habits before you buy him a gun. As far as effectiveness on elk, I think guys get pretty macho with overkill. My wife is 110 pounds, shoots a 270 and has killed a dozen elk since we moved from Washington to Wyoming 15 years ago. A...
  438. DH10


    How exactly would the boat anchor line act a ground when your boat is already sitting in the water? The conductivity of the boat hull is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to being struck by lightning. If the hull is metal it will conduct the electricity around you. Either way it is going...
  439. DH10

    Los Barriles September Weather?

    I have been down a bunch of times in late September, it is hot, humid and we always seem to just miss a hurricane. That said, it is uncrowded and the fishing is usually fantastic. If I did not have a fall season of elk, deer, moose and pheasant hunting trips planned I would go myself!
  440. DH10

    stripper in the surf

    Not a wiper. Lots of stripers have the broken stripes down the side, it is not uncommon at all. Besides, wipers are sterile hybrids produced in hatcheires to stock in freshwater.....
  441. DH10

    Shore fishing with 6yr old

    I just got back from there it is a cool place. The rainy season has started a bit early down there, and the fishing was a bit tough. Absolutely no one was catching tuna, and I talked with a bunch of people that fish there often that said the in between seasons can be tough. We fished all the...
  442. DH10

    Video: Recent Trip to Paradise Fishing Lodge

    No doubt, Chad does a great job, and the fishing is crazy good. I can't wait to get back down there, just have to save up the $$$$!
  443. DH10

    packing the gear...

    Sounds like you are having a great time, the first time down there is a real eye opener huh? I spent the next year day dreaming about tuna and dorado after my first trip! I also bring pretty light stuff for fishing the beach, and to toss on the boat under the right conditions. I actually bring...
  444. DH10

    Cabo in July-October

    X2 I have been down 4 times mid/late September, and it has been wide open for tuna and dorado with sailfish and marlin here and there every time. Super hot, humid and dead calm, the sea was like a lake. Hurricanes are of course a possiblity, but the lack of people and the outstanding beach...
  445. DH10

    Cabo in July-October

    All true. But the fishing is outstanding in September, and it is very uncrowded. October is the busiest month for fishing, many more people around.....
  446. DH10

    Loreto - Flyfishing for Dorado???

    I have done it many times and this is good advice. Except thje part about trolling the fly harming the rod. This is BS spread by purists that hate trolling. My wife and I have caught dozens of dorado and good sized tuna trolling sardina flies, and never broken a rod. We have actually...
  447. DH10

    Traveling with Reels

    TSA rules mean nothing to a foreign screener. More than likely that you will be fine coming back from Mexico, but you never really know, it is a crapshoot how the particular security person will enforce the rules. Logic does not apply. I was forced to check a bag that held flies in it after...
  448. DH10

    Flying with fillets?

    I have done it a bunch of times and I can tell you that a 48 qt will hold well over 50 lbs. The 40 quart wheeled coolers will weigh almost exactly 50 pounds when full. I bring a small cheap digital scale and check the weight at the hotel in the freezer, then I leave the cooler in the freezer...
  449. DH10

    East Cape shore fishing

    I agree, keep it simple. I have never needed bait when fishing off the shore. Spoons, topwater plugs and flies always catch fish, usually at first light and dusk, but you never know... If you are flying down, a 10' rod is probably a no-go. I have caught a lot of roosters, jacks, pargo...
  450. DH10

    How's Cabo end of June

    It should be good then, but I would keep your expectations realistic. I have several friends that have been going every year with a big group to Punta Colorada. They always went in June for over almost 20 years, but had 3 bad trips in a row (not all bad, but the fishing was pretty spotty, and...
  451. DH10

    Anyone trolling the east cape???

    I always bring a spinner with 50 or 65 pound braid and 12 weight and a bunch of sardina flies. Heavy action spinning rods with 65 pound braid and 40 or 50 pound flourcarbon leader and you can land tuna up to 60-70 pounds no problem. In Panama we were landing 100-150 pound yellowfin on spinning...
  452. DH10

    Surf fishing with Hotel Buena Vista

    Amazing off the beach! I know that spot, caught this just down the beach on Christmas eve a few years back....
  453. DH10

    East Cape Newbie- What to do?

    Don't forget Ranch Leonero, a great place with good panga captains. It has a more remote feel than the other resorts. I would mention Punta Colorada, but they are closed for the year to remodel... You will love Baja. I do not think you can deep sea fish for pelagic fish anywhere for the...
  454. DH10

    paradise fishing lodge, Panama

    That's some funny shit! Nice looking fleet of boats you have there.... How is that marina up the road progressing?
  455. DH10

    Cooler back from Cabo???

    A 40 quart igloo w/rollers completely full of filets will max out at 50 lbs. The cooler itself weighs about 8. I bring one of those digital scales and double check, you actually can end up with more than 50 lbs. Most airlines have a scale at the check in line, if you are over a bit, the...
  456. DH10

    Flying with your tackle

    That is usually the case, but not always. The reality is that it's a crap shoot, and totally up to the discretion of the securlty agents in another country. They made me run back and check reels and flies flying back from cabo. Coming back from Panama they searched our carry on bags and...
  457. DH10

    La Paz Hotel Choice

    Is El Arco Open? Last time I was in La Paz it was closed....
  458. DH10

    Sad News - Punta Colorada

    As I understand it they are closing for the year to connect with the new water line they put in in La Ribera, and do some remodeling. Supposed to be open in 2013. I did not START going to the East Cape until 2004. I have been a dozen times or so since and have never had any problems with...
  459. DH10

    Shore fishing in PV

    Throw them out as far as you can and reel them back as fast as you can! Everthing is eating something or trying to avoid being eaten. They lose interest when your lure slows down. Rapalas and topwater poppers work great--fast! Switch out that 5lb line, everything you hook will break that off...
  460. DH10

    Traveling To Panama To Fish

    You are planning on going to Panama, but have not looked in to it enough to get an idea where to fish? It is pretty easy to find that out, just read some of the old posts here. I suspect you may find that most of the lodges are booked up over that time frame, the dry season is their busy...
  461. DH10

    cabo surf fishing

    Total fluke, but not unheard of I guess. It ate a zara spook, right near the surf, and missed it. I cast back out and it came back and hammered it, tore off a pile of line and jumped about 10 times. That was Christmas eve, we caught a ton of 20+ lb jacks that day off the same beach. Needless...
  462. DH10

    cabo surf fishing

    I think if you search through the archives you will find this subject has been discussed several times. I bring a 4-piece musky rod that is rated for 25#, with a 4000 sized spinning reel. I load it with 20# fireline, with a 2-3 foot leader tied off of a swivel. If sierra are around you will...
  463. DH10

    Panama tackle?

    I too am hoping to make a trip down there this spring, either late April or early May. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> We fished with Chad at Paradise Lodge in 2010 and it was all I had hoped it would be. The one thing I was not prepared for...
  464. DH10

    no kill for me....

    I grew up in Washington, never hunted big game until college, basically unsuccessfully. After I moved to Wyoming I killed 11 elk in my first 11 seasons as a resident. The only years I have not punched my tag I had a moose tag or my wife had already filled the freezer. Elk are hard creatures...
  465. DH10

    Loreto - Dorado All Day (July 8-10, 2011)

    "We head out to troll for roosters for no luck. We did pull a triggerfish on a rapala and this guy on a chrome spoon that my friend Francisco pulled up which I still can&#8217;t identify." That is a giant hawkfish. Very cool looking to see them when snorkeling around the reefs. Sounds...
  466. DH10


    Your killing me here Chad!!! What did that big tuna eat? Did someone catch that on a popper?!
  467. DH10

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report April 2

    I see that now... I have caught a ton of them, nothing anywhere near that big however. Wonder why they kept it?
  468. DH10

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report April 2

    X2. Looks like bonefish? Milkfish? Mullet?
  469. DH10

    Model 70 or Browning x-bolt???

    I shoot a 30-06 Model 70 that I bought for $300 at a pawn shop more than 15 years ago. I have never had any issues, and I hunt almost all on foot in the wilderness areas in western Wyoming (I have been through a bunch of scopes however). It is a very accurate gun (I have killed whitetails at...
  470. DH10

    Which East Cape Resort for less boat ride?

    When I have been at Punta Colorada in October (4 times), all the boats from Los Barriles came south every day to fish off of Punta Arena and Cabo Pulmo. They even bought there bait in front of Punta Colorada. In July, it has been a crapshoot as to which way everyone goes to fish. Funny thing...
  471. DH10

    Reel in carry-on

    This is exactly right!! What the TSA website says means NOTHING when going through another countries security. It is a total crapshoot. I like to spit up my stuff and check some, carry some on flying out of the USA (they never care about reels or line). I always check everything on the...
  472. DH10

    Going to Rancho Leanaro

    The Ranch is great, you will have a good time. The East Cape is notoriously windy in the spring however, and when the wind comes out of the north (which it usually does in the spring/winter) there are not many places to escape it. I have done well for pargo out by Punta Pescadero, but that...
  473. DH10

    sea of cortez surf fishing

    Cabelas sells a knock off kastmaster that is frequently on sale for around $1 apeice. My wife swears this is the only lure you need for shore fishing Baja!! She has caught piles of roosters, jacks, sierra, needlefish, ladyfish, croakers, pompano and a bunch of other stuff I cannot remember on...
  474. DH10

    San Jose del Cabo surf fishing

    The only trouble I have had with swivels is if I real it into the guides by accident and and cast. I always use the tiny SPRO swivels that are super strong, but small. The advantage is you get easy, strong connections. Heavy flourocarbon of mono to braid is not that hard with practice, but...
  475. DH10

    great inshore fishing on the marla

    Man that's a haul of white & tasty meat! Wish those pargos and groupers did not take so long to get big, you can only eat so much ahi....
  476. DH10

    ice chests and airplanes

    Actually, a 40 quart cooler filled completly full will weigh around 50 pounds. I have several, and if they are packed too efficiently I have had to remove a few filets to get down to 50 lbs. A completly full 48 or 50 quart will for sure weigh more than 50 lbs. You can get a wheeled igloo ultra...
  477. DH10

    San Jose del Cabo surf fishing

    I have an Emcast, it is has been a great reel for me. I spool it up with 20 pound Fireline, which has a super small diameter but an actual breaking strength closer to 50 pounds. I will use either a 30 pound fluorocarbon (when the sierra are not around) or wire leader tied off with a small...
  478. DH10

    San Jose del Cabo surf fishing

    Los Cabos is "the capes" Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo.... Sierra should be there. Kastmasers, Krocodiles, shiny Rapalas will work. Use light enough tackle that you can cast way the hell out there!! Hit the beach early, fishing the east cape I always have the best luck the first few...
  479. DH10

    Cancun in July

    The area is not known for its deep sea fishing. I have also heard that the captains tend to keep your catch when you do get into the palagics. North of Cancun, off of Isla Holbox there is some good sailfishig, I believe the season is best in the summer? I do not know about the cost... The...
  480. DH10

    Adios Rancho Buena Vista

    More Golf courses? There are already several languishing 1/10 finished golf course/resorts down there. What idiot would put money into that right now?
  481. DH10

    La Paz Learning Curve

    I would guess (very roughly) that it was 10-15 miles E NE out to the bouys. There are a whole series of them, and when the dorado are around they are a good place to check. I have been there at the end of Feburary and in September, and the Sardinas were pretty thick all along the area around...
  482. DH10

    La Paz Learning Curve

    I have fished several times out of Muertos, you can usually buy some sardinas freshely netted in the bay between the launch and the point (near where everyone is fishing). There are yellowtail, cabrilla and sierra right off the beach (hell, I caught a 25 pound dorado about 50 feet off of the...
  483. DH10

    Camping and surf fishing southern Baja

    Sounds like great fun! As far as rods and reels, most of the fish you catch will be less than 5 pounds. You will certainly have a chance at some big roosters and jacks, but the majority of the fish will be the smaller models. I prefer an 8-9 foot rod rated for 15-25 pound line. Spool up...
  484. DH10

    report from paradise

    Try this: Paradise Fishing Lodge | World's Greatest Fishing I have fished Baja many times and will echo what Tony said--Panama will spoil you. Chad runs a great operation, you will not be disapointed....
  485. DH10

    Panama - Pedasi Mid-January?

    Tony, How are the winds during the dry season in that area? I seem to remember reading something about the dry season being windy along the tuna coast....
  486. DH10

    cabo fishing from shore

    Kastmasters, krocodiles, Zara spooks 1 oz of so. Gear up with 20-30 pound spectra and 30 pound flourocarbon leader. Fish at first light and expect jacks, lady fish, roosters, maybe sierra. Most fish will be small but will pull like hell. That said, you never know what can hit--I have...
  487. DH10

    Looking for current Mag Bay Report 10/30

    Bill, you are the wahoo king of Baja! I have fished quite a few places, but Mag Bay and the surroundings are starting to intrigue me..... As an aside, your reports lack hype and you never puff yourself up or slam others. Keep em' coming!
  488. DH10

    Thanksgiving week Loreto, East cape?

    Could be good, could be a wet boat ride. If the winds are not blowing, you should have lots of options. I have never fished Loreto, but the East Cape does not have many places to get out of the north wind--which often starts to blow by November. The best beach fishing I have ever...
  489. DH10

    Los Frailes bound have questions

    We fished right off of there in July, dorado were everywehere. Pink and Purple hoochies, jetheads, trolled sardina flies on fly rods all caught fish. If you don't have any bait, keep a spin rod rigged with a rapala to entice the fish that follow in your hooked dorado. Usually this time of year...
  490. DH10

    Rancho Leonero 9/23 - 9/29

    Looks like the fishing was great--as it always seems to be in September! I have been down 4 times in mid-late September and the fishing has always been better than at any other time of year--as long a chubasco is not moving through while you are trying to fish. I think the fear of hurricanes...
  491. DH10

    paradise in aug.

    Hi Chad, glad to see the fishing seems to be great no matter the time of year... RE your slips; I thought they were building a marina up the road, is that still happening?
  492. DH10

    1st time in San Jose del Cabo

    I love fishing from shore, you can walk the beach all around SJD and cast for whatever may bite (mostly small jacks, roosters, ladyfish and pomano at this time of year). I use a 4 piece 7' musky rod, with a 4000 sized spinning reel spooled with 20 pound fireline, a swivel and 30 pound...
  493. DH10

    Another Mass Boat Theft in Los Barilles

    Sorry to hear about that kind of shit going on down there, your attitude is commendable. I really noticed a differnce the last time I was down there (end of July). There were people subsistance fishing off the beach everywhere, in places I had never seen locals. I imagine all the people that...
  494. DH10

    Going to La Paz

    Another recommendation for Jonathan and tailhunter. His pangueros always work to find you fish, no BS trolling around aimlessly like the guys from the Van Wormer resorts will do when the tuna and dorado are not in the expected places. Also his guys will do what YOU want to do, even if that means...
  495. DH10

    Los Barriles, Verdugos

    Pargo ARE snapper, and there are lots of different species--some better eating than others. We fished Punta Colorada July 18-24, great dorado fishing, the tuna were around but spotty; tons of needlefish to contend with. Some of the guys in our party never left the area from Los Barilles down...
  496. DH10

    East Cape Weather?

    I just got back on Sunday from a week at Punta Colorada. The weather was great, water tempertures a bit low for late July. The fishing was good but spotty. There are lots of dorado around, and 4 of us caught 25 in 4 days of fishing--size ranged from dinks to 25 pounds or so. There was a...
  497. DH10

    East Cape/Rancho Leonero

    Very nice! I am heading down to Punta Colorada on Saturday, on a cruiser Mon-Thursday, beach and kayak fishing the other days. It sounds like the sardinas are starting to show up?
  498. DH10

    july and still going strong..

    I know that snook spot!! Crazy tuna fishing, is it common to keep on catching them like this?
  499. DH10

    Rancho Leonero 6/ 24 to 7\1

    Sounds like things are heating up down there. Were you able to get sardinas for bait?
  500. DH10

    Help me pick a Boat

    If you are going to Central America to fish, go to Panama....
  501. DH10

    Which reel bag for Carry-On?

    I have flown out of Cabo a dozen times or so and only had a problem once, but I have had issues out of Cancun and Panama. The problems with carrying on things like reels is new, basically in the past year, so what they allowed in the past does not really matter. I am not saying they WILL NOT...
  502. DH10

    Spectra in Baja??

    I have caught hundreds of tuna, dorado and pargo on 50-65# spectra tied to a swivel with a 6-8 foot flourocarbon leader. The only problems I have had is if the deck hand tries to dump a pile of line out when fishing cutbait or chunks of squid, which can result in a mounumental clusterfuck...
  503. DH10

    Which East Cape Resort for me and the spousal unit?

    My wife and I have been to Punta Colorada Rancho Leonero many times. Punta Colorado is more remote and has better beach fishing, Rancho Leonero has their pool right next to the bar (I don't go to hang out at the pool I go to fish). Both have decent food but I would not say that either place...
  504. DH10

    carry on reels

    You will be fine bringing them down, it can be a crapshoot as to whether they make you check them on the way back to the US. The airlines and TSA say it is OK, but that does not mean that the security people in Mexico will agree, and you don't have any choice if they say you have to check...
  505. DH10

    Roosters at the Ranch!!!!

    Very nice roosters, I have yet to land any that big and have fished the East Cape many times. The reports have been pretty bleak from down there, the lack of sardinas seems to have made the fishing pretty tough (except for you guys)! What lures/baits were you using?
  506. DH10

    Going on First trip to Cabo... Please Help

    Dorado 50 is right about the chubascos, but I have always had fantastic fishing in mid-late September. There are way less people, the fishing is as good as it gets down there, and you will not have a problem getting the best captains. The ocean is usually dead flat calm then as well. I think...
  507. DH10

    Carry on Reels with line

    Like explosive underwear or shoes.... As you can see from the experiences that others and myself have had, you just never know if they are going to let you bring them back to the US as carry on.
  508. DH10

    Carry on Reels with line

    No matter what TSA or the airlines say, the security people outside the US are the ones not allowing fishing related carry on items on flights back to the US. I have had them make me check stuff (of course after I already checked all my bags), and have heard of many people having problems with...
  509. DH10

    Rancho Leonero

    Sounds like you have good received good advice. A few more suggestions: We usually tip the panguero $50 and up, depending on how much effort they put out. Stay with your fish when they bring it in and be sure that it gets fileted and packed up quickly. The people drinking beer telling...
  510. DH10

    Carry on Reels with line

    You can take them out of the US as a carry on, but be sure to check them on your way home. Coming back to the US is where people are having problems, and they usually tell you AFTER you have already checked your bags and are going through the X-ray/metal detectors. Supposedly it is because...
  511. DH10

    Paradise April 25-29

    Good to meet you as well Curtis, hopefully we will see you again in Panama! I lost the girth measurement, but that fish was just short of 80" long, which puts it around 300 pounds or a little more...It was not skill on my part that allowed that catch, just a good captain and dumb luck. Dave
  512. DH10

    Paradise April 25-29

    Stayed at Chad's place 5 days with my wife—what a great trip! The place is gorgeous, the atmosphere is very mellow, and <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:country-region><st1:place w:st="on">Chad</st1:place> and his staff will get you whatever you want—not that...
  513. DH10

    2 days in paradise

    Hey Curtis, I thought that might have been you... The Brazilian Guys took a ton of pics and I have his email, so I am hoping their pics came out better than mine. The fishing there is crazy, I am still tired after 5 straight days of all day fishing!! It was snowing in Jackson this morning....
  514. DH10

    2 days in paradise

    I caught that fish and just got back home yesterday. Unfortunately my camera got wet and died as my wife was taking action shots of the fish coming up beside the boat and getting whacked by the bat! I have a few grainy pics that I took with the camcorder, but I am hoping to get some pictures...
  515. DH10

    Fishing, surfing on the Lost coast explorer Panama

    That is a great deal, all the rates I have seen quoted are about double that. I guess having a party that big reduced the per person cost?
  516. DH10

    How Big is this Yellowfin Tuna?????

    Internet fish calculator says 243 pounds... Hope I catch one like that when I am down there in less than 2 weeks!!!
  517. DH10

    Las Arenas hotel?

    That hotel always looks so appealing, I always wondered why it could not stay in business. Supposedly, the owner was busted for trafficking cocaine... I also heard that there is no water on that point, all the mansions and the hotel have to truck in there water, according to our pangero....
  518. DH10

    best inexpensive 8/9 wt. reel for slatwater?

    Lamson Guru. About $200, as cheap as I would go. Spend enough that you get a reel designed to handle the salt, the bearings on cheaper reels will get rusty pretty quickly, even if you rinse them down after every trip....
  519. DH10

    Need a lot of help!!!

    Wow, sounds like a kick in the ass! What are you going to be doing and where specifically? I would get some guidebooks on baja fishing, and talk to as many poeple that fish Baja as you can. The list of gear for that much time and potential fishing opportunities would get pretty long, but I...
  520. DH10

    Ulita Honduras Info?

    I can't tell you anything about the area, but can recoomend some bonefish/tarpon flies. Gotchas in tan olive and awhite, size 6-8, small crab and spawning shrimp and mantis shrimp patterns in size 4-8. Be sure to have variously weighted eyesm to cover really skinny water and the deeper...
  521. DH10

    Delta Airlines rod tube fees

    Not really limited to Baja, but.... As of now at least, Delta still allows 2 free check-in bags per person on international flights. Will a rod tube (6 feet long) count as one of the free bags or will I have to pay because it it "oversized"?
  522. DH10

    Hotel on arrival in Panama City

    Tony that sounds fantastic, just a few days away! We are going to Gamboa primarily for sight seeing, but are planning on fishing a day a at Lake Gatun. Any recomendations?
  523. DH10

    Hotel on arrival in Panama City

    Thanks for all the info, I will definately not be driving in Panama City at night! I have rented cars in Belize and all over Mexico, so I am not too worried other than the urban areas (which I plan to basically avoid). I am traveling with my wife (a die-hard angler not afraid of a little fish...
  524. DH10

    Hotel on arrival in Panama City

    My wife and I will arrive in Panama City on an evening flight in mid April. We are renting a car, and will be in Panama for 2 weeks, one week touring around and one week fishing. I have never been to Panama, and have heard that driving in Panama City can be kind of crazy, especially after...
  525. DH10

    Ideal Boat for Los Barriles

    Get a 16' aluminum with a 25 hp you can launch yourself off the beach. Then decide if you want hassles of a bigger boat. Or store your yacht at that new marina/resort in La Ribera.....
  526. DH10

    80 LB fluorocarbon

    You can use a clinch (not imroved) or a loop knot like this to allow the hook to move around more naturally when you are fishing live bait: Non Slip Loop Knot With heavy line like 80# you should only do 3 wraps....
  527. DH10

    Mono to Spectra

    Uni and blood knots are not very strong with spectra. I use a Bimini loop to reverse albright, a 100% connection. This video shows how to do it step by step: YouTube - Fishing Knot Video #1 I used this connection with 50# braid to 40# flourocarbon and have caught dozens of YFT up to 80#...
  528. DH10

    breaking point of spectra braid?????

    Sport fishing magazine did a test a few years back. The spectra lines were all rated under their actual breaking strength some were twice the listed breaking strength. Mono was generally not underated as much as the spectra. They tested knot strength, a 10 turn bimini in the spectra tied...
  529. DH10

    Poppers and Jigs for Panama

    I will be fishing around Coiba Island for 5 days toward the end of April, and was wondering about opinions on must have jigs and poppers--including sizes and colors? My experience with this type of fishing is limited to dorado, jacks and roosterfish off of the beach in Baja with 1-2 ounce...
  530. DH10

    Top saltwater patterns

    For tuna dorado and other pelagics I tie up a mostly white sardina fly with a light green back of synthetic bucktail and flashabou, big mylar eyes and an epoxy head. Size 2/0-4/0 3"-5". There are lots of variations on the internet. Obviously your fly should look like the baitfish in the area...
  531. DH10


    Punta Arena south of Punta Colorada, great spot to get out of the north wind. Buy a bunch of the Cabelas 1 0z casting spoon (Kastmaser knockoffs). My wife and I have caught dorado, sierra, roosters, ladyfish, etc. on those things off the beach. They are cheap and often on sale for less than...
  532. DH10

    back in the action..

    Man, can't wait to go in April... Did the tarpon get over to the Pacific through the Canal?
  533. DH10

    Where would you go in Mexico for ten days in early April?

    My wife and I have always checked two pieces of luggage each, but they were still free as of September (United now charges, I think Delta is still 2 free bags to Mexico). For the 2 of us we bring 2 coolers, a rod tube, and a backpack that holds the reels/lures/leader etc. We end up schlepping...
  534. DH10

    Where would you go in Mexico for ten days in early April?

    They usually have some decent but heavy gear, I always bring my own rods and reels. I usually bring my fly reels in my carry on, I have never had a problem, but it is kind of a crap shoot as to how the TSA person is going to interprete the regulations. I think you are better off checking a...
  535. DH10

    Where would you go in Mexico for ten days in early April?

    I don't think April generally the best time for big roosters, but you never know... East Cape could be good bould be windy. At least if you go to La Paz you can always escape the wind (if not the pelicans) at Los Muertos Bay. We fished there last March and caught Dorado out by the buoys...
  536. DH10

    San Jose Del Cabo - shore fishing and looking to share a charter 1/14/-1/16

    My wife and I have fished a ton off of the beach up by Los Frailes (north of San Jose). I bought a bunch of 1 oz casting spoons from Cabelas (a Kastmaster knockoff) and it is the only lure my wife uses. I like to mix it up with Yo-Zuri hydro pencils and Zara spooks, gotchas, and a bunch of...
  537. DH10

    Braided line

    Why would it make any difference if it was braid or mono? Does anyone have any idea bhind the rational for this regulation?
  538. DH10

    Braided line

    There have been several articles about this in Sportfishing Magazine recently, it seems to happern on the return flight to the US. Enforcement sounds pretty hit and miss, but I for one will be checking my reels just in case. What I find most annoying is the random nature of these rules and...
  539. DH10

    new years action

    Can't wait to head down to the tropics, won't need so many layers of clothing... we are catching these at home...
  540. DH10

    Cancun in January

    Be sure to ask if you get to keep the fish before you go. We did some inshore fishing out of Xcalak a few years back, and talked to some folks in the airport that had gone fishing out of Cancun and caught a bunch of yellowfin. They were appalled when the crew would not let them take the...
  541. DH10

    Carry on baggage to Mexico?

    The problem is you never know...... I have taken lures, flies and tackle on planes many times without issue. I have also had the TSA or the Mexican equivalent decide that I must check the bag to bring it on the plane, or lose it. One Mexican security guy made me throw my aluminum knot tying...
  542. DH10

    East Cape in Mid-February??

    I have had some great days when the north wind howls. My wife and I spent 8 days over Christmas and pretty much assumed that fishing was going to be non-existent since the wind was blowing hard by 0900 every day. However, we discovered a south facing beach we could fish with fly and spin...
  543. DH10

    need help "La Paz"

    I have gone with Tailhunter International on 3 trips, always had a great experience. Good, knowledgable, hardworking captains. Ask For Jorge if you fish out of Las Arenas/Muertos.
  544. DH10

    Panama March or April

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Panama sometime in March or April 2010. We have fished extensively in Baja, (and inshore in Xcalak Mexico and Belize). Our plan is to spend 2 weeks, with a week or so of sightseeing and week of fishing. I have been checking the web and it seems the fishing...
  545. DH10

    Cooler size for Cabo trip & carry on Reels?

    A 40 quart, wheeled cooler filled to the top will weigh 50 pounds. We had a scale at Rancho Leonero, and our 40 quart cooler filled with tuna packed in 2-4 pound chunks weighed 49.5 pounds! Anything bigger and you will risk being overweight. I have packed reels full of line about 10 times on...
  546. DH10

    bringing fish back from mexico

    Can't say about Canadian customs, but I have brought full coolers of fish back to the US without any issues. They seldom open the Mexican inspection seal. Get a quality 40 quart wheeled cooler, it will hold 45 pounds of fish and you won't be tempted to try and bring too much back.
  547. DH10

    Traveling to Cabo

    If you fly Delta, United or American (and maybe some others), you still get 2 check-ins for free on international flights--for now.....
  548. DH10


    My wife and I were at Rancho Leonero last week and the fishing was REALLY good. We ended up with way more tuna than we could bring home in 2 coolers, plus a bunch of pompano, pargo, and dorado. Even caught a ~30 pound yellowfin on my fly rod!!!
  549. DH10

    Traveling to Cabo

    You might get lucky and be able to get them on the plane, but you may not get them back on for the trip home! I always check my rods in a tube and carry my light tackle/fly travel rods on the plane; I have never seen anyone carrying heavy full sized rods onto a plane....
  550. DH10

    Hurricane Jimena

    My wife and I are flying down Friday to Cabo Pulmo, then heading to Rancho Leonero Tuesday-Saturday. I think we may luck out, it looks like the center of the storm is heading more westerly than the forecasts showed last night. Hopefully it will skirt the coast and drop some rain without too much...