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  1. Marc S

    At San Clemente Island, and this happened...

    The fishing was wide open... if you like rock fishing. No biters on this trip from the Yellows or White Sea Bass, but we got lots or big Reds, Chuckleheads, Johnny Bass and I got one nice big Ling Cod on my last drop of the day. So no game fish on this trip but we had lots of fun anyways.
  2. Marc S

    At San Clemente Island, and this happened...

    I was fishing at San Clemente Island this week on a private charter, and my friend shows me a brand new Phenix rod he’d just bought, along with a brand new Tranx 500 reel. We were trying for Yellowtail that were breezing by, and my friend quickly ties on a surface iron and let’s it fly...
  3. Marc S

    Pulled some hooks on big Yellowtail at San Clemente

    We fished the Outrider out of 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro. I think they take Charter’s up to 12 people, but we went with 10. Good boat, good, hardworking captain and crew, and very comfortable bunks. We also like The Options (6 pack) out of the same landing. I got a 40 lb. Yellow on her a...
  4. Marc S

    Pulled some hooks on big Yellowtail at San Clemente

    Hi Dan (Fishacquisition): In hindsight, I think you have the answer. We had great, large racehorse sardines for bait. I do think I was setting the hook too fast, and not letting these Yellows enough time to really swallow the big baits. We were all concerned about turning the fish and putting...
  5. Marc S

    Pulled some hooks on big Yellowtail at San Clemente

    Thanks guys, I like all the suggestions. I’ll re-post after my next trip and let you know how it goes if we get into these fish again.
  6. Marc S

    Pulled some hooks on big Yellowtail at San Clemente

    Thanks for the responses. I was fishing a new Phenix 809H with a Lexa 400HD, filled with 50lb. braid, and alternating between 30lb. and 40lb. top shots depending on how they were biting. One fish nearly spooled me on the 30 lb., and when I thumbed the drag to try to slow down the fish, I pulled...
  7. Marc S

    Pulled some hooks on big Yellowtail at San Clemente

    Hi all: I fished a charter with some friends on The Outrider a couple of weeks ago (a good boat and nice, hard working crew). The weather was great and we fished the lee side of San Clemente Island. For bait we had big sardines and small live squid. All of the bait fish were taken on sardines...
  8. Marc S

    Pulled hooks on big Yellwtalil

    Posted by mistake. Please see revised post above.
  9. Marc S

    Fishing reel covers

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the responses. I’ll start at Bob Sands and go from there.
  10. Marc S

    Fishing reel covers

    Hi all: Here’s a question I’ve never seen asked on BD before... I have a variety of reels from different manufacturers (Okuma, Shimano, Diawa, Penn, Accurate, etc.) and I’d like to buy some reel covers. Instead of buying individually from all the different brands, is there one brand you would...
  11. Marc S

    4 pack/6 pack recommendations

    The Options out of Long Beach. Good boat, good crew, very knowledgeable about fishing the local islands. Lots of fun.
  12. Marc S

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    I went to the show today. It was absolutely packed! Bought two Phenix Rods and got 10% off both, wasn’t charged sales tax, and was given a free $150 jacket. Also bought two reels at Turners (a Lexa 400HD and a Tranx 500). Got 10% off both, plus a free fill of braid on both (65 lb. J-Braid on the...
  13. Marc S

    DIY knot Pulling dowels.

    I use PVC pipe, glue or screw a PVC cap on each end, and then wrap with tennis racquet grip. The grip has a sticky side so it won’t slip on the pipe, the line doesn’t cut through it, it feels good on your hands, it’s easy to replace the grip if needed, and it comes in different colors so you can...
  14. Marc S

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    Sabre Stroker, 7 foot, 10-25 lb. rated rod (honey colored blank with blue Hypalon grip), paired with a Newell 229. Used it to fish for bonito at the boil, by the mouth of King Harbor at the Redondo Beach Piers. That was a perfect Chovy outfit with a soft tip for flylining bait. I still have that...
  15. Marc S

    Hi, I’ve been reading various posts about the Lexa 400 series reel and want to purchase one...

    Hi, I’ve been reading various posts about the Lexa 400 series reel and want to purchase one. They come in several different retrieve speeds (5.1, 6.1, 7.1). Can you tell me which model (speed) you prefer and why? I would likely be using it for a bait reel and likely a medium weight jig reel as...
  16. Marc S

    Shogun Sportfishing credit, 1/2 price

    Hi Gerry: I just PM’d you. All good. It’s yours. Thanks all, Marc
  17. Marc S

    Shogun Sportfishing credit, 1/2 price

    Hi Gerry: I just PM’d you. All good. It’s yours. Thanks all, Marc
  18. Marc S

    Shogun Sportfishing credit, 1/2 price

    Hi all: I have a credit for the Shogun in the amount of $470. This credit can be used in 2019, or 2020 and is transferable. I will not be using this credit and will sell it for 1/2 price, or $235. I have the credit voucher. It's as simple as that. Thanks, Marc S.
  19. Marc S

    I'm in love....with my new Calstar...

    I had the same rod built and I love it too. It has a nice tip, perfect for throwing light to medium weight jigs, and it has a nice bottom end. It’s a very versatile rod and lots of fun to fish.
  20. Marc S

    Tranx 400 vs Lexa HD 400

    Thanks Fred! That sounds like a winner. I’m going to get one.
  21. Marc S

    Tranx 400 vs Lexa HD 400

    Hi guys. I was just on the Melton’s website and I see that the Lexa 400HD comes in 4 different speed retrieves: Those are 5.1, 6.3, 7.1, and 8.1. Which one are you buying and why? I think my use would be for yellowtail, schoolie tuna, White Sea bass, and medium sized jigs. I want to get the best...
  22. Marc S

    Captain Kevin

    I only got to fish with Captain Kevin once (an 8 day on the Intrepid). He was so enthusiastic, so approachable, so friendly, and so eager for you to have fun, he made a great trip even more memorable (I caught my first Bluefin on that trip and he took the photo). Does anyone know what he is...
  23. Marc S


    Calstar GF 7400H. One of my favorite rods. Softer tip for flylining a bait, fast action, good lifting power, a very versatile rod that can also be used for throwing bombs to Wahoo.
  24. Marc S

    Reel Case (Okuma Nomad Reel Bag vs Shimano Bhaltair Reel Bag) recommendations

    I have three of the Nomad bags and love them (got them at the Fred Hall show). They are well built, nicely padded, have very handy front and side storage pockets, and adjustable inner tubes. I think these are great reel cases and I also like the blue color. I highly recommend them.
  25. Marc S

    Best meal on a LR boat

    I had a perfectly cooked prime rib, with a baked potato and side of broccoli, on the Intrepid this past season that was absolutely delicious.
  26. Marc S

    Any recommendations for a 6-Pack to fish Catalina/SanClemente?

    We left messages for the 'Bongos', and are wating to hear back. Interestingly, we also contacted the 'Limitless' and got the following response: "No longer accepting new customers at this time". I guess all the good boats are busy. How is the fishing room on the Bongos? Thank you, Marc
  27. Marc S

    Any recommendations for a 6-Pack to fish Catalina/SanClemente?

    Thanks guys. Love the input. I'll follow through and check out all of the recommendations. I'll report back after we try a charter.
  28. Marc S

    Any recommendations for a 6-Pack to fish Catalina/SanClemente?

    Thanks for the input! I'll follow up on both recommendations. I appreciate the info.!
  29. Marc S

    Any recommendations for a 6-Pack to fish Catalina/SanClemente?

    Our small group is looking for a good 6-Pack to charter. We love The Options, and fish them, but they are booked up a long way in advance. We don't really care for The Dreamer. Any other good choices? Any input would be appreciated.
  30. Marc S

    Rod Clamps? Yes or No.

    I was on a recent 3 day trip out of San Diego, and I had two different sizes of the small tool that come in the box with your reels, that I was using to take my reels off my rods on the way in. I had them on top of my tackle box, went to put my reels in my room, and when I came back, both tools...
  31. Marc S

    What is your favorite 80-100# set up?

    Sorry about the thread jack, but a related question for Jeff (Screamingreel). Why the Takica 20 for Guadalupe and the Makaira 16SEa for elsewhere, on the same size fish? Is it the gearing ratio? If you were to buy one of the two reels for that size fish, which would be more versatile and why...
  32. Marc S

    How do you pair up your Makaira 10?

    700H Calstar, 65# spectra, with 40# topshot. My favorite 40# bait setup.
  33. Marc S

    Intrepid's Kevin Osborne

    While I don't post often, I enjoy reading everyone else's posts every day. I didn't want to miss this opportunity to add my good wishes to Kevin and his family. I only got to fish with him on one trip, but it was a memorable one. It was an 8 day, on the first Ray Jarvis Memorial trip. Kevin was...
  34. Marc S

    Looking for a 60 lb Rod

    Delete - Duplicate.
  35. Marc S

    Looking for a 60 lb Rod

    I have a Calstar 7400XH I had built just for that purpose. I think it's an excellent 60 lb. stick and a versatile rod as well.
  36. Marc S


    Jaime: I always love reading your posts. They are detailed, informative, interesting and helpful. Particularly for someone like me who loves the sport, but hasn't been at it as long, it eases the learning curve, encourages me to try new new things, and broadens the longe range experience. Thank...
  37. Marc S

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    I got a hold of Sal at Bob Sands today. He put aside a 7400H blank for me that he's going to wrap. He's got the 700XH on order as well. Apparently the rods are on back order and are coming in slowly, but they are coming. Glad things are still moving ahead with Calstar. I'll check out some of the...
  38. Marc S

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    Thanks guys. I'll check in with Bob Sands tomorrow (great store). I'll also check out the other brands mentioned. I've loved my Calstsrs and hope they stay in business, even with new owners. I appreciate the feedback.
  39. Marc S

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    Hi all: I've been primarily a Calstar guy, and about two months ago, I ordered 2 blanks through my local tackle shop (a 700XH and 7400H). I'm still waiting and it seems as if there's no timeline as to when they might actually come in. Any info. on what's up? Also, is there another quality...
  40. Marc S

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Great report. Super entertaining to read. Excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  41. Marc S

    need a small reel for rock cods

    I have two levelwind reels I use just for rock fishing. One is a Diawa Saltist 20HA, the other a 30HA. High speed 6.1:1 retrieve, and fairly light weight at 18.4 and 19.5 ounces respectively. I have one spooled with 40 lb, braid, the other with 50 lb. braid. Each holds over 300 yards which is...
  42. Marc S

    Hard question???? One rod for an 8.

    I don't mean to jack this thread, but it's along the same line so here goes... What is the best, 8' heavy rod for San Diego based, 5-10 day, long range trips? It would be primarily a bait rod, but would be nice if it were somewhat multi purpose for Wahoo, etc. I've been partial to Calstar, but...
  43. Marc S

    what's with the new look??

    Personally, I don't like it. Way to bright and monochromatic. Hurts my eyes and not relaxing to read. I can't just chill while scrolling through and find it to be annoying. However, I love this site.
  44. Marc S

    Online fishing license purchase

    Yes, you can print it immediately upon purchase and the real license arrives in the mail shortly thereafter. A very simple process.
  45. Marc S

    Okuma Andros 16iia

    Great info. guys. Now I understand. I think the Mak 16 will be my long soak, big bait and/or dropper loop reel. I appreciate the responses. Very helpful. Love this site.
  46. Marc S

    Okuma Andros 16iia

    Thanks Surfer Ed for the info. So the Andros would be (for example) a good Wahoo reel, and the Mak. 16 a better, bigger tuna, bait reel? What would be your primary use, or best intended us for the Andros 16? Again, appreciate the input.
  47. Marc S

    Okuma Andros 16iia

    Hi Guys: What is the difference between the Andros 16ii and the Mak. 16or 16sea? Why one and not the other? Would one be more of a bait reel and the other a jigging reel? What would be the best application for each? Thanks for any input.
  48. Marc S

    Shogun/Bob Sands Tackle 8 day report

    Thanks Jaime: Great report. I loved the write up and in particular, how you share information. I really enjoy learning the specifics about different techniques, and what worked on the trip. Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion come through with every post. Thanks for sharing! Marc
  49. Marc S

    The perfect size Makaira for big local Bluefin

    I'm convinced. The Makaira 16 SEa it is! Thanks for all the great input and insight guys.
  50. Marc S

    The perfect size Makaira for big local Bluefin

    Hmmmm. Good point. I may have to step it up a bit. If they bite 80, that's what I'll use.
  51. Marc S

    The perfect size Makaira for big local Bluefin

    Thanks for all the posts guys. I was thinking either the 15 SEa or the 16 SEA, but I'm now leaning towards the 15 SEa as I think it may be more versatile and get more use on other trips. I think I'll spool it will 80lb braid and 50lb top shot. Thanks again.
  52. Marc S

    The perfect size Makaira for big local Bluefin

    Which Makaira would you choose if you were going after the big Bluefin running out of the San Diego area right now (140-200 lbs.) and how would you set it up? I've read several reports that many of the hooked fish are being lost with anglers using the wrong size tackle.
  53. Marc S

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    Water bottle with trigger spray for lubricating your fishing knots. Cushion inserts for your fishing boots (help keep your feet from getting sore). Headphones for your music player while in your bunk. Small clock or a watch with luminescent dial so you can see the time in the dark and not wake...
  54. Marc S

    Choice of levelwinds for Rockfishing

    Thanks guys for all the quick responses. I do have a Saltist 40, with a 4.9.1 retrieve, and while i like the reel a lot, I found it to be a bit too big for what I'm looking for now. That's why I wanted something a little smaller and sportier. I do think the Penn 975 is another good choice and...
  55. Marc S

    Choice of levelwinds for Rockfishing

    Hi all: I like to rockfish off the Channel Islands and I'd like to get one or even two new levelwinds. I'll fish with braid and a short mono top shot. I'm looking at the Daiwa Saltist 20HA or 30HA (6.1 retrieves) and the Penn Fathoms 15LW or 20LW (4.31 retrieves). Can anybody give me some...
  56. Marc S

    My new set

    It might be a pick for undoing Spectra tangles...
  57. Marc S

    Trinidad 16a or talica10 2speed

    I have a Trinidad 16a and love it. I use it for 30-40 lb. top shots. I also have a Talica12 2 speed and love that too for use with 40-60 lb top shots. I am also considering adding the Talica10 2 speed, but here's my question: Why do you need a two speed reel for fishing 30-40 lb. top shots? Is...
  58. Marc S

    Wahoo Chasers! Ken Bush Custom Rods/Tuna Chasers 8-Day on Intrepid

    Rodless Jim, there's no chronicler of a trip whose stories I enjoy reading more than yours. Interesting, entertaining, well written, and full of detail. I'm always left wanting to read the next installment. Keep up the good work.
  59. Marc S

    Long Range gear guide

    Hi Guys: Can someone put up a link to the article or post a PDF version here? I remember Wahoodad's last article on long range equipment in WON and it was the best general article on equipment I've read yet. As I have couple of rods and reels I still need to fill in for this fall season, I'd...
  60. Marc S

    Its Getting close!!!!

    In 2012 I was fortunate enough to fill a space on the Ray Jarvis trip. It was my first 8 day trip and I had a lot to learn. Lou, who I'd never met before, saw me on the upper deck of the Intrepid trying to properly set my drags. He came over, introduced himself, and spent the next hour helping...
  61. Marc S

    Need advise on 8 day

    Thanks for the input. I do have the 800M and I like it a lot. I don't have any 8' heavy rods, and I'll go pull on the Seeker Hercules as you suggested. I also have a 700H, but I think I'll also look at the 700XH for yo yo. I hear that's a versatile rod. Appreciate the response.
  62. Marc S

    Need advise on 8 day

    Hi guys: I don't mean to hijack the post, but... What would you recommend for a good 8' jig rod for an eight day trip, and what would be a good 8' bait rod for same? Is there one rod that can reasonably do both duties? Something like a Calstar 800H? Your input is appreciated. Going on an...
  63. Marc S

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    Nice tits! (I'm just trying to be Accurate)
  64. Marc S

    Catalina Two Day Report

    Great report on fishing at my favorite island. I always love your reports with lots of great photos, and information on the equipment you used. Made me want together back out there. Congrats also on the new addition too.
  65. Marc S

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending October 30th, 2013 - New 9" Tapered Blade

    Hey Tommy: I tell all my friends, my favorite 9 incher is called Bubba.
  66. Marc S

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Reel: Dauntless Line: "You look hot in that bikini." Bait: Fresh clam.
  67. Marc S

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Put a Dauntless on your rod, and you might see a Red Snapper catch a Guitarfish!
  68. Marc S

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    Black Lightning
  69. Marc S

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    The Inseminator
  70. Marc S

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    Black Magic
  71. Marc S

    Need help for 8-10 day trip

    Thanks guys! Great explanations. Now I need to go pull on a 765L and 765M and see which one I like better. I do have a 765XL that I use as a 40lb bait stick, so I am familiar with that action. What I don't have is a good yo yo rod, or a Wahoo bomb rod, and this gives me a good starting point...
  72. Marc S

    Need help for 8-10 day trip

    Great information in these posts. One question... Why a shorter, 6.5 foot rod for fishing bombs for Wahoo? You are not winching them off the bottom so why not a 7 foot rod? Also, are the bombs fished with a straight drop or do you still cast them? Thanks guys, love this thread! Marc
  73. Marc S

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Be a deadhead on a day trip to Catalina, then at the end of the day, pretend you entered the jackpot, and see if you can get away with it. Not!
  74. Marc S

    Ray Javis Memorial/Intrepid list of suspects

    Hi David: I've never tried chicken feet, but then I've never caught a wahoo yet either. If I catch one, I'll eat one! Marc
  75. Marc S

    Ray Javis Memorial/Intrepid list of suspects

    I'm stoked to be on this trip, which will be my first to Alijos, and my first on the Intrepid. Looking forwards to fishing with what I hear is a great bunch of guys too! The water is warming, the fish are filling in, the timing looks great. Just one more trip to the tackle store... Less than...
  76. Marc S

    Which Talica II for 40lb (long soak)

    Great responses guys! I also have a 700H and I think I'll go with the T12II (or maybe the 16II) on that for forty/fifty. So what reel matches up with the 700M? (A T10II with 40 for smaller grade fish?). Thanks for the input.
  77. Marc S

    Which Talica II for 40lb (long soak)

    Hi all: Going on an 8 day in July. I have three 40lb Calstar rods. All will be fished with Spectra and short top shots. I had planned to set them up as follows: 865XL with TrinidadA 16 (65lb Spectra, 40lb top shot). 800H with Torium 20 for surface iron (50lb Spectra, 40lb top shot). 700M...
  78. Marc S

    Advice on rod to match to Curado 300E

    Thanks for the quick responses guys. It's very helpful and I really appreciate it. I own a number of Calstars, some Sabre's and one Teramar, but I've never tried any of the Phenix Rods. I think I'll go pull on both the Teramar and Phenix models mentioned,, and even the Sabre blue lightning...
  79. Marc S

    Advice on rod to match to Curado 300E

    Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback. Are you generally using the 8' rods?
  80. Marc S

    Advice on rod to match to Curado 300E

    I just purchased my first low profile reel, a Curado 300E (spectra spooled). I'll primarily be using this to throw swimbaits along our local coast and at Catalina Island. I may occasionally fish bait with this reel as well. I'd like to get some rod recommendations to match to this reel. I...