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  1. Gamefighter

    Indi 10 day: October 15--Flood report and Spectra Q

    Let me put it this way, I live in Boulder, CO. I'm still dealing with home damage due to the mid-September "biblical-scale" flood, and now its snowing. Yes. It's snowing. All I know is 11 more days until my 10-day on the Indi !!! Not only am I experiencing the "week-before-fishing-buy-more-shit"...
  2. Gamefighter

    Braid Excel 8 Day June 26-July 5

    We're having a kick ass trip! Our first fishing day led to 109 nice bluefin on the boat. The next day was spent traveling to the ridge and partying. Today we limited on yellowtail and now we're off to warmer waters for some bigger tuna!
  3. Gamefighter

    Indy 10-day Oct. 12-Oct.22

    After two 5-day trips this summer, I still needed more. I found a spot on Strike Force Tackle 10-day on the Indy, Trip 25. This was my second trip on the Indy, and once again, I was very satisfied with the vessel, the captain, the crew, and the cuisine. Also, the group of guys on this trip were...