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    Quiet 9 mile

    Try to tow more than a the same time. But you know that... dark in the morning bright when the suns out
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    Oceanside to point Loma

    Wash down sucks, only one of them worked.
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    Oceanside to point Loma

    Left oceanside at 6:30 am and headed outside 10 to 12 miles, water glassy with a decent swell. Once outside we set our course for point Loma and searched for kelp paddies, water temps were 76.6 and found a nice temp break which dropped to 71.9 followed that for awhile still looking for the...
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    279/209/312 80 Mile Loop. Great boat ride

    Saturday trip to cat was 70.2 into the morning... saw Elvis 4 miles from the east end coming in... 71.8 in spots around the back side. Farnsworth at 71 green water all around...
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    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Takes all the fun out of fishing with family and friends, fishing is supposed to be fun for all of us. I understand that the sporties make a living at fishing and we have All made errors in judgment from time to time. Let's all try to do better.
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    8/22 Yellowfin (+ tips for success)

    I use my Dad's old Penn squidmaster occasionally on a old seeker rod.... still does the trick..
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    Catalina recon

    Left Davies at 5:30 am saturday and picked up a 1/2 scoop from Nacho, good solid diens about 5" long most lived the whole day. Flat calm conditions with a quick crossing 1 hr 10 to the east end of Catalina. Started trolling and noticed nobody fishing there, water green and 70.6 degrees all...
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    Ghost Town 8/17

    Go by your self why risk your daughter.... Some day she'll give you a grand child.. 40 out in a 14' is.... to far with your kid. get a bigger boat.
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    8.17 - 267, 209 277 152 not happening yet

    Thanks Man, Its gonna pop soon A lot of bait inshore..
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    8-17-19 Fun and lost favorite combo.

    Bummer about your rih I know the feeling, my son in law lost an 8' Californian Witherspoon a lexa 300 out at Angels gate...ruined the whole day.
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    Aztec 3 Day, July 25-27 with BD Swag and BFT

    Wow, That looks like the perfect trip. Thanks for sharing your story.Looked like you all had a blast and gained 5 pounds..
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    O'side to 181 7.30.19

    Thanks for the info it's gotta get better soon.
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    Enterprise 7-20 - My son’s first 3/4 day

    Right on Dad, you will never regret time spent with your boy. Keep it up always be a positive influence.... your raising a good young man.
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    T Shark 7/6/19

    Saw you guy's leaving Davies's yesterday, no no it was that waygreat job on the CPR
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    My sad report - Catalina Sunday 06/30

    Did you hey your truck back and your dog back, and mom just got out of prison? That's fishing... enjoy your friends and time on the water.. could be worse.
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    Kids first Yellow!!! Tough Sweet Day @ Cat

    That's awesome, keeping the tradition alive..
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    A LOT OF FISH only a couple biters

    Great job, looked like perfect weather.
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    Bassin on the Shoe Sat.

    Rail rod calicos,now I've heard everything. Welcome back cory.
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    Took my daughter on a half day. 6/22

    That's the way to do it, my daughter is also one of my best fishing partners. She's 30 now and a mom lots of memories.
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    Late run outta Dana

    Way to go pop's, your family's fishing future looks very bright.
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    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Way to go Cory, looking forward to all the reports to come.
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    YT South West of the 267

    Great report, I'm recovering from shoulder surgery otherwise I'd be out there also. Thanks again for the pictures that show how awesome southern California fishing is.
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    150 and beyond then south to 14 for nada

    Any day spent with family is a great day.
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    Pretty remarkable week of wintertime fishing / Yellows and Bluefin

    Gonna get my picture on the cover of western outdoor news☺
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    12/15 Izors reef

    Thanks for a good report all around, the logs and fence posts can ruin your day in a hurry...
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    12/9 PV/Redondo

    Great times with your family, That's why we fish...
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    Great read bro, and I fo believe that being kind reaps it's own rewards. Oh and can't imagine a life without my lovely wife of 35 years... didn't need a reminder but thanks..
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    Skipjack inside the 14

    Thanks Dan, great information.
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    10/12 San Pedro to PV and Personal Best Homeguard Yellows

    Awesome report Nick, good call on the warmer water getting pushed up the line. The secret is out won't be any room to fish there Sunday.
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    Long Beach Lobster 10/5 - Same-is day report

    Great job, we were out on Angeles gate watching the swell pile over the top of the wall on the same night, 10 ambush hoops dropped for 3 legal bugs. one was a monster.
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    10/1 Lobster Limits for Three Long Nite Catalina

    Which end where you on? Glad you and your buddies had a good nigbt
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    TL;DR 3.5 days of EPIC on the PAC VOY

    Awesome trip and great decision to fish local, our fishery is very resilient. Seems that the blue fin stay all year and get fat, sounds like a great group on the boat as well, it's more f um n when everyone gets along and loves fishing.
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    9/23 Catalina Report

    Love seeing young faces enjoying fishing
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    Dana Landing launch ramp lost wallet

    Young men are Raised, Bravo to there parents. Good job Men !!
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    Late Report 9/16 Dana Point Marlin with the teens

    Better to be lucky than good, those young men are tarnished forever now
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    09/08/18 The Salt shaker finds em early

    Wow, what a great day. Good on you for sharing.
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    Revenge is Short and Sweet: Catalina 9/9

    Nice effort, we went to the west end on Saturday he 8th in the fog. Full speed Calicos from the tiparoind to ribbon rock, then the bones took over with a yellow that shook of at the boat water topped at 73.3 on the backside where we fished. Smooth ride over a bitch late in the afternoon
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    I'm gonna need therapy

    Go big or stay on the couch, still better than working.
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    Father/Son Bloody Decks and Catalina Yellows 9/6/18

    Great Day with your Dad, they are always special, my pop is 85 and I take him out whenever he wants to go. The outdoors keeps us alive
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    TOADSTOADSONLY, Full On Send It!!!

    Great report, I agree that preparation is the key to success. The more information we can get all adds to a great experience on the water. Great read.
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    Oceanside Mahi Fun

    Great job on the Dorados, was thinking oceanside was next
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    Hit the wood

    Took my good friend Tom offshore again yesterday out of Dana Point, waited in the normal bait line and out of the harbor by gray light. Made a few quik mackerel and headed out to the 209 /181 area looking for paddies, the cloud cover made it difficult to spot anything. Found blue water at about...
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    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Like a dream. So jealous, out with the hoard this weekend...
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    Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Simply one of the best reports I have ever read on this board, thank you for all the info, It all helps us to do better on the water.
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    8/20 Strike out - DP to 181/209/267

    It's been a tough season so far, things are picking up. Keep heading out and fish hard you will be rewarded. I'm 0 for 5 so far,going out Saturday morning.
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    Dodos, 8-19-18

    Those smiles say it all, great job Dad.
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    Attn: Jumbo Guys!

    Great report, you paid your dues and will get them next time.
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    8/17 - Catalina Channel Dodo's!

    Wow,Ming great job coaching your Dad beautiful fish.
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    Catalina yellow on the bass jig

    I noticed that the Eye if the spinner bait is twisted "old school" a bigger fish will pull it to the Blades, speaking of blades Willow or Colorado?. Still a fun way to catch the good one's.
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    Ozborn to the West End SCI 8/5 out of Long Beach

    Excellent report, thanks for all the Intel on such a large area.
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    Catalina Frontside Report 8/8/18

    Great job, your perseverance paid off.
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    San Clemente Island Report Saturday 8/4/18

    Always a great and informative report, l love the detail, how long does it take o make the crossing? You guy's must be hauling ass to be having cocktails by 3.
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    Same day report Dana point paddies 7/30

    Thanks Roy, I'm heading out from oceanside over the next few days. 209 and inshore from there looks promising. Thanks for your report.
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    Catalina 1905

    I love the old school stuff, I have heard my great uncles "deceased about the tuna off of Avalon when they ferried booze and gamblers during prohibition
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    San Clemente Island Calicos and Appropriate Sized Tuna Report - Sunday 7/29

    Great report Thank you for providing so much information. Spending so.e time in oceanside this week and plan on fishing 3 days 209 182 any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
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    Catalina Front Side 7/26

    Great report, thanks for the update.
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    14 mike bank 7-20

    I heard you guy's on the radio, nice yo hear pilite fisherman waiting their turn. We fished the 209 for nada. No lige out there right now.
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    Prospecting mission

    Well gents, took one for the team and headed out to the 209, turned out to be wa hhh rougher than expected. Finally got out to the high spot and started looking around desert out there no birds no ponies no bait. Ended up working up the line to slide looking for paddies found one the whole famn...
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    PL Kelp 7/17

    Great to have the kids play with the checkers once in a while, they pull way harder than the green ones
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    Seeing Things out of Oceanside 7/15

    Thanks for the report on the fishing out of oceanside, going to be fishing from there in early August for a few days with friends .
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    7-14 Bassin up the line

    Thanks for the report on the PV area.
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    LBC Da Wall. 7.10. No Pics.

    Great report, thanks for the detailed information. The wall is one of my favorite fishing spots.
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    Inshore San onofre

    Had a gentleman's start at 5:45am out of Dana Point, Decided to go down the beach and out 5 miles in search of the ever elusive kelp paddies... it was a desert. Found our selves outside the domes and worked in until we reached the first anchored kelp a mile offshore. Ballistic Calicos with...
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    Catalina Report 6-14-18

    What a report, having the opportunity to fish your dad is the best, tight lines for years to come.
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    DP Lake 5.29.18

    My daughter and I tried the same thing on the long beach breakwater on Saturday the 26th water was cold at 57* green and devoid of bait fish, also noticed very few seals and not many birds.. tough morning only two solid bites on the usual big hammers. Still fun with my best fishing partner...
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    Izor 5/22/2018

    Thanks for the report,going to try memorial day weekend... I'll post our trip..
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    Great day on the Victory!

    Great way to build another fisherman, did the same with my kids, one's salt the other fresh.
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    Rpt.-Wed.-02-21-18 Deep Freeze Local Bass fishing.

    Cory, you guy's rock. I can only hope to fish as often as you guy's do.
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    2/28 - Washing machine with no fish

    Great effort, Thanks for giving us the heads up.
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    Little bit windy...

    Mylar balloons are always in season and there is no limit.Your right if we all pitch in we can make a difference.
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    Point Loma and Cornados - PB Calico 02/02/18

    Sign up Landry as the official BD chef...
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    LJ 10feb wide open night bite

    Good job bro, there gonna be full speed here real quick
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    Tough Day in the LBC, Sat. 02-10-18

    Mylar is always in season, good karma coming your way. Shake down trips are part of early season boating, better to find issues now than offshore.
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    2-11 green sticks

    Sounds like a great day, way to go on the MacGyver fix to save the day
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    2-1- 18 Thursday

    Sounds like a fun day, Props to you for giving the other guy the heads up, we have to look out for each other.. I would really like to buddy boat with you some time, you are like Yoda on all the local spots
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    quick hollow core question

    Back in the day at the finish annual trout invitational, I was taught by Stan Van Mecklenburg, put the line up the core a few inches and tie a figure 8 knot. Light tackle works good. Works good on heavy line if you put a knot in the mono before you push it up the hollowcore.
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    palos verdes 11/8/17

    Funny how they roll up on you when your busy, I've had them roll up in pitch black wearing night vision at Catalina. I still think they so a great job.
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    Sunday 12/10 fishing report Horseshoe Kelp, Bolsa Chica Reefs and Green Buoy.

    Looks like you had a great day with awesome conditions, any day on the water beats a day doing chores. Pod times with folks you want to be with.
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    My kids first halibut 12-3

    Awesome family day, your boys will never forget that day with there uncle and Dad. Great Times.
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    Black Friday at SCI / 2nd best day of calico fishing ever...

    Wow, totally worth the long ride over and back. Great job guy's.
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    Family fishing day report

    Spent the morning at Izors with my kids and son's girlfriend, fished the reef with frozen squid and shrimp and caught several calico and a sculpin, and finally a nice keeper goat, beautiful weather in the morning until the fog rolled in and had a fun day with my family
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    Family fishing Saturday

    Going out Saturday morning with out of town family, looking for some info to show them a good time, any advice would be helpful. Thanks
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    WFO YFT 9/26. Limits by 730AM

    Great job Tex... jealousy is bitch.
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    Rpt.-09-27&28 Day 1 Catalina Tails, Day 2 YFT Limits.

    You guy's are rock stars, the weather is good right now,Way to hunt them down.
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    Fished the Thunderbird

    Looks like a great day of catching, good on you. Tight lines
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    Narrowly avoided a skunk - 9/18

    GI Joe is the man when it comes to life size yellowtail. So funny
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    Spank Bank Inshore/Offshore/Hunting

    Great report Cody, what color Rapalas were you pullng?
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    Above the border YFT

    Looks really fishy... just think that the upper banks are missing a warm water link to come into the channel...missing link
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    Above the border YFT

    Left Dana point this morning odark thirty, started towards the 209 and started to see porpoises working the bank heading downhill towards oceanside. Never metered any fish with the group of porpoise. Changed directions and started working back towards Catalina ridge still more porpoise... water...
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    The Reel Brothers fishing Yellowfin Dorado & Skipjack 9/[email protected]

    These video's are inspiring me to keep at it, no love this season so far, have seen them and had them chase but still no love... I still dig the ocean though...
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    14 mile bank - 9/6

    I agree on the poor quality of the bait from Newport receiver. My wife and I went out for free fishing day last Saturday the 2nd, the bait was all beat to hell but still had a few for the ride home from the isthmus, used them up on a couple paddies on the way back to NP. Found a great paddie...
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    14 mile bank - 9/6

    Great report Matt, what color daisy chain were you pulling, we've been trying no luck yet. I usually pull a natural cedar plug and a couple Rapalas in purple and the other blue.
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    Making Makerel

    All you can catch mackerel on the breakwater points in long beach
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    8/18 Catalina Dodo and Yellows

    Way to go Ming, I drive a Sea Hunt 202. Great boats
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    Same day report 8/19/

    We did kind of the same thing except we headed out and down towards oceanside, water temp reached 71.8 outside of the domes with lots of porpoise working the bait balls. Looked fishy everywhere in that area, the water cooled off a lot down into oceanside, we fished the paddies we found hard...
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    What's hiding in the warm water off the West end

    Checking the temp charts and can't help but notice the rather large spot of warm water off of the West end of Catalina, kind of wondering what might be there?
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    The Skunk is off!!! Dorado in my backyard.

    Stephen, from your excellent report It sounds like you fished the warm water pocket trapped on the inside of the West end of Catalina ? Great job. Way to stay after them.
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    8/15 close you wont believe me..

    Thanks for the Intel, heading out of Dana Saturday morning with my daughter and son in law, this will help if only we could keep it a secret.
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    8-13 dorado at the 181/182

    Those are your lucky fishing shorts from now on, nice fish
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    8/13/17 DP to 209, 181, 279 70 miles RT Skunk#5

    Keep at it, your day will come.i usually have a busy standing on the funnel and holding the T top, gives a better vantage point.
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    Excellent dorado fishing in U.S. Waters

    That right there is the reason we all love to fish, great job with your son's. This trip will be the subject of many stories for a long time.
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    Wednesday Paddy Hopin' - 8/9

    Kim, thanks for a great post. This was one of the most informative that I have read. What weight fly rod are you using offshore, sounds like fun.
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    YT and Dorado, finally flew the flags 8-8

    Nice job, I'm jealous. Been trying to get them to go but we haven't had medium anchovies for bait lately.
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    Best intentions

    Tried again for inshore paddy Dorado, bounced out of DP at 5:45 had to wait for the sporties to get their bait. Got a half scoop of mixed sardine and some small macks, Headed straight south for 5 miles and then zig zagged towards oceanside. Started finding paddies just above the domes at San o...
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    Late report from Yesterday (Knot On Call)

    Great first post, soundsl like your plan worked out,Great job.
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    SCI Sunday 7/30

    You mean we have to pay attention while fishing, huh who knew
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    Big bull dorado

    Sounds like the paddy we fished on Saturday morning, good tip on upswell fishing, and staying outside on light tackle. Thanks
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    Oceanside inshore

    stayed within 20 miles of the coast hopping paddies. Thanks for all the advice guy's I will be out again next Saturday
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    Oceanside inshore

    Been reading BD for a couple years, not as successful as some but did get a 90# blue in last August and a local Wahoo that went 80 in October
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    Oceanside inshore

    Started from oceanside toward the 209, water was flat and greasy in the morning, started seeing life 6 to 8 outside, big paddies everywhere. Started to jump from one paddies to another found one absolutely loaded with Dorados to 24" or better, diens from the barge were like stocker trout si...